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  1. However, although Iemitsu's biological mother is officially known as the father Hidetada's legitimate wife, Ogo no Kata, but one theory suggests that his biological mother was Kasuga no Tsubone).
  2. However, although Jodo is the land of Buddha, the land of Buddha is not necessarily Jodo.
  3. However, although Kangaku-e resembled a Nenbutsu association, the group also had an aspect of a salon where "Hoke-kyo Sutra" (the Lotus Sutra) was chanted and poems were written.
  4. However, although Katsu retold these stories in his later years, Katsu was known to be of the habit of using the unique story telling style of embellishment, so the validity of the story contained an element of uncertainty.
  5. However, although according to nobles' diaries that told how evil he was and descriptions of him in the "Taiheiki," Moronao had allowed his samurai to usurp shoen (manors in medieval Japan), this was in fact a common act among samurai at that time.
  6. However, although aikido (the art of weaponless self-defense) is regarded as a budo by all, most of the schools of aikido do not hold games or competitions and so it is wrong to say that 'the budo without holding them cannot be a budo.'
  7. However, although both were very good actors, they lacked the skills to lead the industry.
  8. However, although having been attacked there by the detached 2nd brigade led by Major Matsuura, they managed to get rid of the attack, passed Murasho on August 26, and passed Suki and entered Kobayashi on August 28.
  9. However, although he ascended the throne, due to the wish of Empress Koken, he hadn't been admitted as an Emperor of Japan for a long time and called as Haitei (Dethroned Emperor) or Awaji Haitei (Deposed Emperor of Awaji).
  10. However, although he was the eldest son, he slipped out of the mainstream of the Minamoto clan.
  11. However, although he was the head of the Ouchi clan, in fact he was a puppet of Harukata.
  12. However, although issuing high-quality copper coins could lead to a fundamental solution of the problem, he could not do it because he didn't have a large mine in his territory.
  13. However, although it was written later, 'Shonai Jinki' (Shonai war chronicle) has an entry stating that Yoshihiro and Tadatsune had conspired together while Yoshihisa gave his consent to the plan.
  14. However, although markets are flooded with many liquors and food, people do not choose their favorite tastes with special feeling because of the above reasons.
  15. However, although no fatal accident have occurred, a few accidents that might have led to serious ones occurred in the past.
  16. However, although not true in all cases, it is recorded that the original form of seppuku was revived at the end of the Edo period.
  17. However, although participating in these activities as well, Gado devised his own flowing writing style based on the so-gana characters of the Heian period, and this style became so popular that almost all of kana calligraphy-learning women participated in his association.
  18. However, although second-generation Prius has a 1500-cc engine, it is treated as a medium-size car with a license plate whose number starts from 3 because its width is over 1.7 meter, and thus its demand is not as high as the first generation in areas where majority of the taxis are compact cars.
  19. However, although souls of deceased leave this world, they stay in Yukai that located next to people and from there they are looking at the land of the living.
  20. However, although the blade portion is hard, it can be damaged on impact, disabling gold leaf to be cut with.
  21. However, although the cost of the bakufu for this event was reduced, the domestic meaning of showing the prestige of the shogun was damaged.
  22. However, although the formal position of the post of Udaisho was high, compared to the rival KISO Yoshinaka, who was Seii Taishogun (or Seito Taishogun), as it was an officer of the central imperial guards, it was not a position for actively suppressing regional disturbances with military force.
  23. However, although the function of Dazaifu did not disappear, the trade decreased drastically.
  24. However, although the piece takes the form of a haru no monogurui (spring craze piece), it depicts the grief of a mother who has her only child, Umewakamaru, kidnapped by a human traficker and travels from Kyoto to Sumida-gara River in Musashi Province, only to discover the death of her beloved son.
  25. However, although the protective wall called the Murakami clan collapsed, he succeeded in preventing the following situation from occurring: Local samurai landowners went to the Takeda side en masse.
  26. However, although the section was specified as a provisional tramline, the grades of the roadbeds and rails used there were higher than those used for the Honkoku tramline, as the rails used there were borrowed from the Yuragawa-river dam construction office of Ministry of Interior (in Japan).
  27. However, although there were examples in which a long bow was used in places other than in Japan, they were usually simple bows which were hard and heavy, and used by specially disciplined foot soldiers that had power, instead of being used on horseback.
  28. However, although there were no limitations placed upon usage, freely using other family's Kamon caused friction or conflict.
  29. However, although to what extent Ieyasu was involved in the affairs of the temple is unknown, he resultantly made Hongan-ji Temple separated internally, weakening the power of the temple by inducing self-destruction.
  30. However, amid such difficulties, Kuniyoshi kept his spirits high and exerted his own Edokko nature (a typical personality of someone living in the Edo area) to overcome challenges facing him.
  31. However, among 14 documents with the name of Paulo in canonical books, it is agreed that only 8 books were written by Paulo.
  32. However, among Hikitsukeshu, particularly joshu (the head) or second-tier vassal, except regency and rensho (assistant to regents), were customarily appointed as ossotonin; for example, the first ossotonin were Sanetoki KANEZAWA and Yasumori ADACHI.
  33. However, among siblings, the ranking order is dependent on the order of their births.
  34. However, among small domains newly organized by the Tokugawa clan, some had separate territories which lay astride other domains and ruling the whole region was difficult for them.
  35. However, among the Ainu and the people of Ryukyu, who were not under the control of central Japanese authority such as the Yamato sovereignty until later periods, their own unique myths exist.
  36. However, among the Muslims, there is a difference depending on the sects, and it is said that the more secular and moderate sects show some signs of acceptance.
  37. However, among the above, only the 'Koki' can be referred to as being research on ritsuryo, while others were acts of publicly deciding on the interpretation of the text.
  38. However, among the differences in the adopted manuscripts, a few text differences which was not on "Koi Genji monogatari" were collected in each end of the book, and differences in Meiyurinmo-bon manuscript were also added.
  39. However, among the entities where Suica is introduced, the JR Bus Kanto doesn't accept ICOCA for its regular route buses.
  40. However, among the fude used for kana (the Japanese syllabary), all of the brush are often used in the case of a slightly larger menso fude.
  41. However, among the manuscripts which were not used for comparison and collation in making "Koi Genji monogatari," the text differences in Meiyu-bon (Meiyurinmo-bon) manuscript were supplementarily collected at the end of the book of comparison of "Genji monogatari taisei" due to its special importance.
  42. However, among the measures implemented by the Edo bakufu with the aim of jikata-naoshi, those carried out in 1633 and in 1697 were noteworthy for their scale.
  43. However, among the members of Karasumaru family, Mitsuhide was the only person who reached as high as the minister of the center.
  44. However, among the people who understood the situation in China there were those that gave words of sympathy toward the Boxer Rebellion, and some saw through to the significance of the Boxer Rebellion.
  45. However, among the records which gathered books existing in the Kamakura period, there is a record that 'Selected by Imperial Prince Toneri, one volume of imperial genealogy,' so that it can be thought that it had existed until this time.
  46. However, among the regional temples there were some that had been included in the 'ten great temples of Japan' but had eventually been deprived of their designation and therefore protested strongly, and subsequently these temples were added to the 'Jissetsu' as exceptions.
  47. However, among the swords for double-handed use, it is one of the lightest ones.
  48. However, among the vassals of both families there existed a strong grudge because Nobuhide ODA (father of Nobunaga) and Hirotada MATSUDAIRA (father of Ieyasu) fought and were old enemy relation for each other, thus the alliance was not formed easily.
  49. However, among them there are materials which indicate the corruption of some of the monks at the time, indulging in alcohol drinking and sodomy.
  50. However, among them, some shops prepare pepper (white peppers), cayenne pepper powder, shichimi togarashi (a mixture of red cayenne pepper and other aromatic spices) or garlic powder.
  51. However, among these villages, there were cases in which the village requested to testify was excluded from this iriaichi after having lost a Sanron (land dispute) in the past, and therefore, from rancor it rejected or even tried to interrupt to testify that the land in question was a common land.
  52. However, among warrior families that was not the case.
  53. However, amongst them, "Shu Moshuku Airen-zu" is a plain picture, which has a large blank space at the top, and the green color of the big willow tree in the foreground is impressive.
  54. However, an ability to bluff is required because he was a beggar before and says 'I'm ashamed of myself' when accused by Okaji.
  55. However, an advertisement for the sale of Nikuhitsu gajo, which was released before the great famine, is also known.
  56. However, an agronomist Kinshi SUMIE asserts in his book "Sake" (published by Nishigahara kankokai) that these two words have different origins and 'kamosu' derived from 'kabisu' (mold).
  57. However, an argument with Nagayori IKEDA, a younger brother of Nagayoshi, led to a sword fight, and in this fight, Yasutsune was killed and Yoshinobu also was seriously injured.
  58. However, an article in "Heihan-ki" dated August 27, 1156, says that TAIRA no Iesada, who had captured Tametomo, received a special reward; this indicates that Tametomo was probably considered a particularly important man among the warriors who had sided with Sutoku.
  59. However, an article in 1982 appeared in the Asahi Shinbun Newspaper that led to the rediscovery of a lot of different types of suikinkutsu.
  60. However, an end was coming near even to higher schools of the old system.
  61. However, an essential question was asked as to whether "The Tale of Genji" has a so-called 'theme' in the context of Western literary theory.
  62. However, an evening party was still held in the Rokumei-kan Pavilion on Tencho Settsu, even after his resignation, during the period between 1888 and 1890 and in 1893.
  63. However, an exception occurs when celebrating Kanreki (one's sixtieth birthday).
  64. However, an inbound train of the Nara Line uses Platform 1 once a day, seemingly for the purpose of removing the rust.
  65. However, an incident happened in March 1922, soon after the conclusion of the contract, that the promised 50,000 yen was not paid to the land-owning side and only 10,000 yen was paid in August of the same year as all of the profits that had been gained from cutting wood over the space of a year.
  66. However, an incident happened.
  67. However, an incident occurred in which Sosetsu KENDO killed Zuisa RANKO, pursued Sokei SO who had escaped to Shaoxing City and killed Ming government officials.
  68. However, an increase in power of the Taira resulted in an increase in friction between the Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa and In no Kinshin (the Retired Emperor's courtier), and in November 1179, Kiyomori carried out a coup d'etat and suspended the cloister government (Coup of the Third Year of Jisho).
  69. However, an increase in the number of visitors to the forest generated problems in overuse, with undergrowth being trampled, littering, and problems with lavatories and water contamination.
  70. However, an independent subject was formed at this time.
  71. However, an internal squabble over the headship right resulted in a later descendant being transferred and coming to serve as lord of the Tanba-Kaibara Domain in Temba Province, and such status was handed down until the days of the abolition of the feudal domains and establishment of prefectures.
  72. However, an iron sword with gold inscription, which was found from Inariyama-kofun Tumulus made in the fifth century, is older, and it has a possible name of the 21st Emperor Yuryaku, 'wa ka ta ke ru daio' (獲加多支鹵大王, the King Wakatakeru), on it.
  73. However, an opinion of a mere warrior like Yoshinaka could not be accepted, and in order to restrain Yoshinaka a few divinatory readings were performed; as a result the Imperial Court enthroned Shinomiya (Emperor Go-Toba), a son of Emperor Takakura and a brother of Emperor Antoku.
  74. However, anecdote says that, when OISHI was moving downwards to Edo from Yamashina, he begged Nagayuki for money, but Nagayuki refused.
  75. However, annual events are acknowledged by the general public, regardless of whether they are Christians, so Christianity is deeply accepted.
  76. However, another argument suggests that the Imperial Court intentionally appointed Yoshitada to a higher post than his older brothers in order to create conflicts within the house of Kawachi-Genji.
  77. However, another historical record states that Kayouin died of an illness in Sunpu in June 9, 1560.
  78. However, another historical source, "Sugawara-dera Kibun Ikaijo" (The Instructions Handed Down in Sugawara-dera Temple), records that the temple was founded on the order of Empress Genmei.
  79. However, another theory asserts that the edition of Choan, the center of Buddhism, had been reformed with each collection of manuscripts and became sophisticated as a text, so that the Shu edition of the local version has kept the original form adversely.
  80. However, another theory claims that this is not true, since there is a record indicating that the poem was created one year previously.
  81. However, another theory insists that the Yakushi Sanzonzo was newly produced after relocation to Heijo-kyo in terms of style and casting technique, etc. used in producing such statues.
  82. However, another theory presents a different version, in which the name is derived from an ancient event related to Okuninushi no mikoto.
  83. However, another theory suggests that kumiai-jutsu wasn't a striking art like karate but a type of jujutsu (a grappling and throwing art), and the picture of kumiai-jutsu remains a matter of speculation.
  84. However, another unit 'wari' was used to show the percentage of a 10th in Japan.
  85. However, anticipating trouble between Katsu and Kurosawa, Wakayama declined the offer to avoid incident, thus this casting was not realized.
  86. However, antique kimono is much lower prices than a new kimono made by using the same technique.
  87. However, any evidence of a village nor a village with a moat constructed around the territory from the Yayoi period has not been found throughout the remains.
  88. However, any item which is hardly considered as the object of beliefs, such as a Buddhist statue made of pure gold, is a taxable property.
  89. However, any maneki-neko sold in the precincts of Gotoku-ji Temple has its right paw (forepaw) raised and does not hold a koban (a former Japanese oval gold coin).
  90. However, anyway, the Kaizu-jo Castle gave Uesugi's forces an opportunity of making the war state advantageous to them.
  91. However, appointing civil officials to hanchin created dissatisfaction among the soldiers under them.
  92. However, approval for setting the Hatsunori fare for a full-size car at 350 yen was obtained on August 4, in 2008.
  93. However, approx. 10 percent of the yearly sandstorms occurred in autumn as well, showing that sandstorms occurred throughout the year.
  94. However, around 1595, when Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI committed seppuku due to the succession dispute, he left home and became a priest under the order of his father-in-law, Katsutoyo.
  95. However, around August 3, when they pitched a camp on the bank of Inukami-gawa River, Yamabe no Okimi was killed by Hatayasu and Hito.
  96. However, around June of 1864, he was captured by a shogunate official, and on being tattooed, he was banished from the capital Kyoto; at the same time, an official of the Tosa Domain captured him, and deported him to his hometown.
  97. However, around at the Heian period, the citation to the code (in the edict) was established as a rule, and it had been practiced until the Edo period.
  98. However, around his chest it is strangely warm.
  99. However, around noon, the army of Hideaki KOBAYAKAWA, which Ieyasu had tried to take into his side, decided to change its support to the eastern side from the western side, and rushed to attack Yoshitsugu Otani's troops on the western side, changing the fighting state to the advantage of the eastern side.
  100. However, around that time one other individual's power grew quickly as well: FUJIWARA no Shinzei, a vassal of Retired Emperor Goshirakawa.
  101. However, around the beginning of the Heian period during the middle and latter period of the 9th century, the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan began to assume as Sessho (regency) and Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor), which acted in place of the Emperor.
  102. However, around the end of 18th century in the end of the L? Dynasty, the historical view that regarded Lingnan as orthodox territory of the Vietnam dynasty came to be criticized.
  103. However, around the end of the Edo Period the basic system of technique for Kyujutsu among each school became similar and the Yumiire technique for using Wakyu is essentially the same with very minor differences.
  104. However, around this period, there was a strong cry among the imperial households for a reform of national administration centering on the emperor since the period of Prince Shotoku.
  105. However, around this time she came to have revelations in her dreams which told her 'to have faith.'
  106. However, around this time, it was moved to Edo.
  107. However, artificial incubation and aqua farming technologies immediately after hatching are still extremely costly and the success rate is low, and they are still being researched.
  108. However, artisans gathered in Nara, where the production had taken place since the ancient times.
  109. However, as 'natto' and 'natto jiru' (miso soup with natto) are the season words for winter for haiku (Japanese seventeen-syllable poem) and also as there is a proverb saying that 'in the natto season, there is no need for a doctor,' winter had been the season for natto.
  110. However, as 'u' haiku suggested, it is pointed out that while Basho wrote haiku based upon his broad view of things, Seigetsu wrote haiku based on his narrow view of things.
  111. However, as Akiko WADA mentioned "It is definitely a fake. It is nonsense.", its reputation was low in the mass media and in the society.
  112. However, as Balhae consolidated its national strength, it became unnecessary to follow Japan.
  113. However, as Buddhism gained popularity, the number of priests who ignored religious precepts increased, so that Jianzhen was invited during Emperor Shomu's reign.
  114. However, as Bunsei koban (which was to be issued the following year) was the same karat as nibukin and double ryome, advance notice of the upcoming issuing of the Bunsei koban was given.
  115. However, as Christianity continued to spread, some daimyo (notably Ukon TAKAYAMA) found themselves impressed with Christianity's doctrines as well as with the virtue and vigor of Christian daimyo, and chose to believe in the religion on their own initiative.
  116. However, as Emperor Godaigo was captured and confined by Takauji, he fled to Kii Province again.
  117. However, as Fuyu no ken (the right of tax exemption) and Funyu no ken (the right to keep the tax agents from entering the property) were established upon the formation of Shoen, the government officials and their legal authorities were excluded from the Shoen and the honjo acquired the judicial and administrative rights instead.
  118. However, as Gonaisho (an official document) adopted the style of Jikijo (a private document) and came to be more wildey used, Migyosho gradually fell into disuse.
  119. However, as Hiki no ama and Kamonnojo did not have a son, they had their nephew Yoshikazu HIKI succeed the Hiki's family estate.
  120. However, as Hisamitsu SHIMAZU's real intention was Kobu-gattai (reconciliation between the imperial court and the shogunate), FUJIMOTO was placed under house arrest in the residence of Satsuma Domain, and soon withdrew himself from the plan of raising the army and left.
  121. However, as INO considered the earth to be a sphere (actually it is not a complete sphere but rather a spheroid), the maps have some errors both in latitude and in longitude.
  122. However, as Iemitsu favored her, she was given special treatment and she was treated as an ojoro (maid with the highest rank in ooku).
  123. However, as Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who spent his childhood in Sunpu as a hostage for the Imagawa clan, decided in 1585 to make Sunpu as his stronghold and made efforts to develop the castle town, Sunpu recovered its vigor.
  124. However, as JNR established Rokkomichi Station along with electrification and tenaciously continued frequent operation, their effort led to the urbanization of the area along the line and an increase in passengers.
  125. However, as Japan did not have enough funds to realize the business, it confided in only the United Kingdom about the demand and asked it to join the business in partnership.
  126. However, as Japan westernized, obidome studded with jewels gained popularity among people in the upper class along with hair accessories since the prewar period, because Japan needed Japanese-style jewels that could match the western gorgeous jewels.
  127. However, as July 7 of the old calendar is the day of the waxing moon, the moon sets below the horizon early and the moonlight rarely hinders the view.
  128. However, as Kampaku, Tadamichi also had to deal with pride: the father-son relationship gradually deteriorated.
  129. However, as Kanezane and Jien often criticized upstart close aides of the In no kinshin, we cannot accept those descriptions at face value.
  130. However, as Katabu had assaulted the court lady before the Shinto ritual, the Emperor sent NANIWA no Hitaka to kill him, but Katabu ran away and disappeared.
  131. However, as Katayama pointed out, it was true that when they submitted the document of the Shakai minshuto's formation, the police had already learned about it, and thus the Ministry of Home Affairs had adopted a policy to ban the political party in advance.
  132. However, as Kondo had been already captured, Soma was also detained there as a Kondo's ally.
  133. However, as Masakado was making his triumphant return to camp, the wind suddenly changed direction; the south wind began to blow, giving the advantage to the allied forces as they launched a counter-attack.
  134. However, as Masamune did not respect such relationship and old authorities of bakufu, he promoted a territorial expansion of the Date clan by beating the Nihonmatsu clan, a branch family of the Hatakeyama clan (one of the Ashikaga clan), and fighting against the Ashina clan and the Osaki clan, a former Oshu Tandai.
  135. However, as Masayuki had no children, Niemon Nobumitsu, who was a grandson of the second head of kotsuzumi-kata Nobuyasu OKURA, inherited the position of the sixth head of school.
  136. However, as Matasaburo Nobuhide NOMURA, the eleventh suddenly died in a war, the group remained small in number.
  137. However, as Matsugo yoshi was an emergency measure, if the family head managed to recover miraculously, he was able to cancel the adoption.
  138. However, as Miki Castle, where the Bessho clan held up fighting, changed sides to the Amago clan in 1539, Masahiro fled to Sakai.
  139. However, as Mitai had been seized, the Satsuma army occupied the line of the Hikage-gawa River on June 1 and prevented advancement of the government army.
  140. However, as Moritomo was constrained to join the Western Camp, and also because he had a secret connection with Fujitaka HOSOKAWA who was his master in waka poetry, he was permitted to retain his territory by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA after the battle.
  141. However, as Nagashino-jo Castle where the Okudaira group was putting up a strong battle resisted the fierce attack of the Takeda forces, it took longer for Katsuyori to capture Nagashino-jo Castle than he had expected.
  142. However, as Nichizon was not allowed to enter the main hall, he secretly made his pilgrimage, sitting on a stone outside the gate.
  143. However, as Nobunaga ODA backing up Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA proceeded to the capital in October 1568, the Eiroku Incident and the ensuing turmoil ended.
  144. However, as Ryuko had still not arrived in Edo by the time the law was issued, the theory that denies his involvement is more convincing.
  145. However, as Sanenobu grew older, it was revealed that he took after his father and lacked his competence as a politician, and he also took to drink and often blundered at parties.
  146. However, as Seika FUJIWARA's father, Tamezumi REIZEI, was left in the lurch by Hideyoshi, the possibility cannot be denied that he dared criticize Hidetsugu severely as he was an adopted son of Hideyoshi.
  147. However, as Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period) started to rule the entire region, the autonomy of the soson was divested, and the autonomy of the so-okite thinned out or disappeared.
  148. However, as Shigenobu MATSURA had an extreme dislike of Christians, she suffered from discord with her father-in-law from the start of the marriage.
  149. However, as Shigetane did not return to Kamakura even after he had received Sanetomo's waka, Shigetane finally invoked the wrath of Sanetomo.
  150. However, as Shoraku died in 751, Konin, another disciple of Shoraku, built Shoten Shoraku-ji Temple (Hidaka City, Saitama Prefecture) of the Hosso sect of Buddhism (Japanese equivalent of the Chinese Faxiang sect) under the will of the deceased and buried him in the yard of the temple.
  151. However, as Tadasuke's legitimate child Tadakane OKUBO prematurely died, Tadasuke tried to adopt his younger brother Tadataka to let him inherit the family headship.
  152. However, as Tadatoshi's younger paternal half-brother was born, Tadahide was sent back to his parents' home later.
  153. However, as Takahime had no children, the Emperor Sanjo once offered Yorimichi to marry off his daughter Imperial Princess Teishi to Yorimichi.
  154. However, as Takanobu was killed in the Battle of Okitanawate, it lost its power quickly and then a senior vassal, Naoshige NABESHIMA took over.
  155. However, as Takanori could not give up recapturing the Emperor, he by himself broke through strict security of the Sakura-jinja Shrine in Innosho, where the group was resting, in the night.
  156. However, as Takefusa was not working under the command of the Shoni clan, Suenaga was able to become the first soldier to attack the Mongolian soldiers among the Shoni corps though suffering war wounds.
  157. However, as Tamonyama-jo Castle was a solid fortress and the troops of Matsunaga were high in morale, the battle fell into a two-year stalemate, accompanied by minor collisions here and there in the areas surrounding the capital and followed by a gradual calming-off process.
  158. However, as Tibetan Plateau is higher than the subtropical jet stream, the latter is divided by the former into two streams, northern and southern streams.
  159. However, as Uchitsugu was on the side of the Southern Court, Tsunemichi disinherited an heir from him and his second son Fusatsune became the heir.
  160. However, as Yasuyuki's family line was deprived of Mino no shugoshiki (provincial constable of Mino Province) by Yoritada's family line (the Nishiikeda clan), Yasuyuki's family line referred to itself as the Seho clan, and intermittently took over Ise no Shugoshiki (provincial constable of Ise Province).
  161. However, as Yoriie SHO (the sixth head of the head family of Kodama party), the legitimate child (elder brother of Ietsugu) of Ienaga was killed young in the Battle of Ichinotani, Ietsugu was adopted into the Yoriie family by Ienaga and ended up succeeding to the seventh head of the head family of Kodama party.
  162. However, as Yoshihiko HASHIMOTO pointed out, it is true that Tameyoshi approached Tadazane and Yorinaga, and Yoshitomo got close to Toba-in and Emperor Goshirakawa a few years before the Hogen Disturbance, so it is an indisputable fact that they did not have a close relationship.
  163. However, as Yoshimitsu died and Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA became a shogun, Mitsunori returned the family headship and Mitsuie became the family head (this was honored as 'admirable action in the world').
  164. However, as Yoshitsune left the residence in secret, Hidehira reluctantly gave up trying to restrain him and later soon dispatched the Sato brothers to help Yoshitsune.
  165. However, as Zenami served the shogun at that time, they were not segregated from people with other social statuses to the extent during the early-modern times.
  166. However, as a Makunouchi-bento was the typical and standard type of bento, people did not always call it 'Makunouchi-bento,' but just called it bento or obento, a boxed lunch.
  167. However, as a craze for old writings increased and the number of old writings became insufficient, some parts were cut off from them.
  168. However, as a large scale housing development was planned right in the center of Sakamoto-jo castle, a survey was conducted with the developing plan.
  169. However, as a lineage this family line failed in the early Muromachi period, and therefore the Sanjonishi family inherited this academic lineage.
  170. However, as a matter of course, the plot laid by the three came to light soon.
  171. However, as a national isolation policy was promoted, the necessity of ships sailing over long distances disappeared.
  172. However, as a place to meet others, exchange information and to continue congressional activities, some Innai groups were set up.
  173. However, as a result of becoming associated with various gods, folklores, ghost stories and religious values, and being generated and created, phenomena whose details were unknown were considered to have been caused by something that had a specific shape.
  174. However, as a result of confusion in Kyoto in and after the Onin War, it is thought that Junna-in Palace disappeared or was destroyed and Junnain Betto was just a nominal title.
  175. However, as a result of improvement of Geta by yukata manufacturers and footwear companies so as not to cause pain, and of by introducing workmen who adjust Hanao to fit the toes in many places, easy-to-walk Geta are increasing.
  176. However, as a result of research conducted in recent years, the Kojo-ichigo-fun Tumulus is widely viewed not to be a tumulus but the ruin of a medieval mountain castle.
  177. However, as a result of research, it is clear that it is not a fabric woven with lotus threads like the legend says, but a figured brocade with silk threads.
  178. However, as a result of search by the Tokugawa family, Kunimatsu was brought to Katsushige ITAKURA, Kyoto-shoshidai (the shogunate's military governor stationed in Kyoto), and, on May 23, after paraded through the city of Kyoto using a vehicle, he was beheaded together with his wet nurse and Rokurozaemon TANAKA in Rokujokawara.
  179. However, as a result of such redevelopment the space around the ticket gates was narrowed substantially and the problem of complicated pedestrian traffic lines emerged.
  180. However, as a result of this, the Kazusa Chiba clan came to extinction.
  181. However, as a result, Ieyasu had Nobuyasu commit Seppuku and killed Tsukiyama-dono - there is a rumor about this.
  182. However, as a result, Kanmotsu more than that decided in the Kokurei was collected.
  183. However, as a result, discussions and intercommunion among the three groups of this Shingi-ritsu promoted deepening and restored the Risshu sect, so that it was put to high value during medieval times, and called 'Zen-ritsu' combining the Zen sect and the Risshu sect.
  184. However, as a result, he was incorporated into the Goshirakawa's close retainers, and it became impossible to render services for the Kamakura bakufu, and that resulted in raising Yoritomo's anger.
  185. However, as a result, they came to disfavor and neglect their basic duties as bureaucrats.
  186. However, as a result, this accelerated jito's control over manors, which was contrary to the aim of the manor lords.
  187. However, as a samurai family, the clan has been very prosperous; for example, the Ko clan who has been the steward of the Ashikaga family for generations came from the Takashina clan.
  188. However, as a trade-off for Ieyasu's pledge to become Hideyoshi's vassal and go to the capital (Kyoto), Hideyoshi's real mother, Omandokoro, was taken as a hostage by Ieyasu.
  189. However, as all the Type DB10 diesel locomotives were scrapped and none of them currently exist, this explanation cannot be correct.
  190. However, as an exception, when Jingikan (officer of the institution for dedicating to religious ceremony) was to submit ge, they had to present it to Daijokan (Grand Council of State).
  191. However, as any of diseases mentioned above have not been firmly proved to be susceptible to radiation and therefore, research in this regard is expected.
  192. However, as before elevation, there are no automatic ticket gates.
  193. However, as civilization advanced, and people came to use simple and easy furnaces for cooking, such as small cooking ranges and gas ranges, that used other fuels as heat sources for cooking, kamado gradually completed their role and disappeared.
  194. However, as colloquial language is used often in daily life, different types of orthographies have begun to coexist.
  195. However, as commodity economy advanced, disparity in wealth had enlarged in each of the social classes, making the social status system fluid.
  196. However, as coumarin is hepatotoxic and not recognized as a food additive, care should be taken not to consume excess quantities of these salted leaves despite their delicious taste.
  197. However, as described above, around the 10th century a system was established for levying tax on myoden or, in other words, on land (this system was known as the myo taisei).
  198. However, as described above, even after this war, the Army in the Meiji period aimed at gaining fire superiority (the policy that the quality of the firepower of guns and artillery decides the war) as in other nations.
  199. However, as described before, Japan regarded the Ganghwa Island incident as just a stimulus towards conclusion of the treaty, and for them 'to conclude a peace treaty' was the main purpose.
  200. However, as described below, it should also be remembered that he also produced many Kyoto-style 'tegoto-mono' works and as well as pieces for the kokyu.
  201. However, as described in `Dazai-fu' (Wakyo) below that the capital of Wa in the seventh century was Dazai-fu, therefore, Dazai-fu (wakyo) is assumed to be the capital of Wa in Yamato, which is stated in "Suishu."
  202. However, as described later, although the forest was a research facility for the university, it was expected to derive a certain amount of profit as an income resource.
  203. However, as described later, it seems that he had a complicated feeling for Nobunaga, and Nobunaga's influence can be known from the fact that the two persons of Hideyoshi and Ieyasu, who became Tenkabito (the ruler of the nation), were once under Nobunaga.
  204. However, as described later, today there is no through-train to Nagoya Station, so it takes longer due to a transfer, etc.
  205. However, as early as from late 8th century, the regime of people-based governance started to fray at the edges as the case of peasants' false registration, vagrancy and escape increased.
  206. However, as earthenware was heavy and fragile, a small bottle with a translucent, thick vinyl made body and a yellowish green-colored plastic made cap (a screw type lid) were introduced instead of a ceramic bottle in the late 1950s to the early 1960s.
  207. However, as exceptions, kumon (kojo) was sometimes issued to Tofuku-ji Temple by the Kujo family or the Ichijo family, and as Inzen (a decree from the retired Emperor) or Rinji (the Emperor's command) it was issued to Tenryu-ji Temple, Daitoku-ji Temple, Nanzen-ji Temple and so on.
  208. However, as exemplified by 'the stone-roasted yuba (a soy bean-processed product), bonito bibimbap,' there have appeared many dishes that can not be identified clearly as Japanese dishes or Korean dishes.
  209. However, as expected it failed to persuade the Edo radicals led by Yasubei HORIBE, and he decided to come down to Kyoto in June to settle the matter with Oishi as they began searching for a way to have Soemon HARA as a leader instead of Kuranosuke to carry out the revenge.
  210. However, as expected, the sake shop owner flatly rejects saying he cannot give sake unless the last payment is finished.
  211. However, as explained later, there is an opinion that the purpose of the expeditionary force to Japan in Bunei no Eki was, from the beginning, a kind of reconnaissance of the fighting strength and this conversation also might have been held based upon a withdrawal plan already made.
  212. However, as far as the number of passengers is concerned, that of Hankyu Railway's Nagaokatenjin Station, which also is located in Nagaokakyo City, is greater than that of this station.
  213. However, as for "Shomangyo Gisho" and "Yuimagyo Gisho", there are only transcripts produced in later years.
  214. However, as for buke, family statuses were not considered except for the Tokugawa family, and only the amount of rice stipend they had been paid was counted as the criterion.
  215. However, as for chokusen wakashu (anthologies of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command), only one poem was selected for 'Kokin Wakashu' and two poems were selected for 'Gosen Wakashu' (Later selected collection of Japanese poetry).
  216. However, as for earthenware, a special Zakko did not belong to this.
  217. However, as for kakegoe, since there are shouts from the audience during performances and it sometimes might become annoying, there are unwritten rules as follows.
  218. However, as for minor offences, each government official had jurisdiction independently.
  219. However, as for population, extant records only reveal the number of townspeople, which was close to six-hundred thousand in the waning days of the Bakufu.
  220. However, as for the Takashina clan, because TAKASHINA no Morohisa, the eighth generation decedent of the Emperor Tenmu, was an adopted son, the line of Emperor Tenmu stopped there.
  221. However, as for the actual circumstances that occurred back then, the historical records are limited to those with a 'bansei ikkei' history view in later generations, like in the "Nihonshoki" and so on, so there are also objections to the theories mentioned above.
  222. However, as for the sequence of development, no conclusion has been reached about which of Borogata or Sotogata was first.
  223. However, as hayashi played in 'hetari' style was becoming established as music, fifes and shamisen were apparently used less and less because they were overcome by the heavy sound of the gongs.
  224. However, as he became gradually more disappointed with the disparity between his own image and the finished result, he established 'Koichi SAITO Production Co., Ltd.' using his own private funds in 1967.
  225. However, as he continued to take a defiant attitude against the bakufu (government by shogun), he was attacked by territorial lords including Koremura ASO under orders of Yoshimitsu; as a result, the Kikuchi clan started to go on a path of deterioration.
  226. However, as he could not perform sufficiently under the situation in which performance of kabuki in Kansai was drastically decreased, he often left Kansai and performed with Tokyo Kabuki.
  227. However, as he failed in his family business, the studies on the calendar system, he gave away the authority of the study to Tomokage KOTOKUI of the Kamo clan in 1616.
  228. However, as he felt dissatisfied, he immediately became a disciple of Aigai TAKAKU, called himself Aizan, and stayed as a disciple until the age of 25.
  229. However, as he gave up his master's family with internal trouble, he gradually started taking action independently.
  230. However, as he grew up, the mental state of Norihira was altered and he started to show signs of madness.
  231. However, as he lost his father before he reached a mature age and he had no political supporter, he eventually did not play an active role in politics and he died in 723 without a promotion from Jushiinoge.
  232. However, as he was admonished by his elder brother FUJIWARA no Mitsuyori who had a distrust of Nobuyori's capability, in the meantime, he decided to break away from Nobuyori.
  233. However, as he was ashamed of becoming a high-ranking priest among Hongan-ji Temple priests, thanks to the high status of his temple, irrespective of his talent and virtue, he converted to Zen Sect in 1655 while practicing Zen meditation under Ryuki INGEN and succeeded the teachings of Shoto MOKUAN, a disciple of INGEN.
  234. However, as he was not the first son, he went to Edo and entered into the Shokoku-ji Temple to be a Zen priest where he learned the Shushigaku (the teachings of Chu His).
  235. However, as he was vastly outnumbered, his mustachios was finally plucked out by big tweezers.
  236. However, as he won his grandmother Yomeimonin's favor, he became known as 'the virtuous man' and as a promising person.
  237. However, as his mother was a daughter of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, Tadasato's younger brother Tadatomo was allowed to succeed the head through the good offices of bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  238. However, as his own rank grew higher and he entered manhood, he appeared significantly less often.
  239. However, as his relatives including the prince left where they had lived and went to Kyoto in their later years, it is estimated that the Emperor Chokei did the same.
  240. However, as his song writing progressed, he sought succinct beauty with his final works, even to the exclusion of elegance, which made them difficult for general people to accept.
  241. However, as historic period begins, Satoyama in the Japanese archipelago underwent repeated cycles of destructive exploitation and protection.
  242. However, as in other areas, an increase in the population of these areas has caused excessive farming and the accumulation of salt due to irrigation.
  243. However, as in the case of other industries, the Washi paper industry also declined due to a decline in the lacquer industry, and it is almost impossible to see its tradition in places other than the limited facility such as the Washi Denshokan Museum.
  244. However, as in the case of the simultaneous explosives incident in London, installing security cameras alone cannot be effective for preventing terrorism.
  245. However, as in the case of the statue of Kuya in Rokuharamitsu-ji Temple located in Kyoto, a shoko is sometimes hung from a stand hung from the neck of a person.
  246. However, as indigo plants disappeared from production areas across the country due to the pervasion of imported goods and chemical dyes, indigo plants also disappeared from Fukuchiyama during the Taisho period, and was the last area producing indigo plants.
  247. However, as interest in the the heating effect of far-infrared rays has grown, hibachi have become popular with those who do not like heating by air conditioners.
  248. However, as is mentioned below, their divination is said to have the same origin as that of agriculture gods and ancestor gods.
  249. However, as is the case with Onmyodo, it is synthesized with the philosophies specific to Japan.
  250. However, as it has been found that standardized keyhole-shaped mounds first appeared during the Kofun period in the Nara basin and then spread to Kyushu and Tohoku, it is thought that the political power that had influence over those of other areas was established in the Nara basin.
  251. However, as it has no vertical plane, it is likely to be badly ventilated compared to kirizuma-zukuri or irimoya-zukuri.
  252. However, as it is considered important to roll a bass voice in Utai (the chanting of a Noh text) and Kakegoe (shouts) of Tsuzumi in Noh.
  253. However, as it is substantially impossible to sterilize by heat, control was maintained by adding "Emulsion (Emulsifier on label)."
  254. However, as it turned out, the promoter took control of the concert venue, and their management at the venue (a large number of security guards, no cameras, and no alcohol) were found here and there was far from what usually done in Seibu-Kodo Hall.
  255. However, as it was still a minority power, the members formed a new group, "Doyo-kai," by merging with Koshi-kai (renamed from Getsuyo-kai after its internal conflict) in 1901 in order to counter Kenkyu-kai (the House of Peers), targeting more strong solidarity.
  256. However, as its circulation rose even more in the Kamakura period, the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) changed their policies and allowed its use in 1226 and the Imperial Court, four years after that.
  257. However, as jokamachi developed in Japan, they increased in economic and political value and the necessity for their safeguard against war arose.
  258. However, as keeping concubines was a long-lasting practice, their petition was simply ignored and never adopted.
  259. However, as kyu-kaido (old road) fell into disuse and network of railroads developed in the Meiji period, transportation on foot or by cow or horse decreased and as a result hatago have been driven out of business or relocated in front of the station one after another.
  260. However, as long as it did not aim to be sold, home-brewing of liquors including genuine seishu had been allowed until 1886.
  261. However, as long as it is associated with Shijin-so-o topography it is likely that another interpretation would have been accepted during the Nara period.
  262. However, as many imperial princes and princes (members of Imperial family) were purged in a series of political changes, it is said that he pretended to be a mediocre person, spending most of the time drinking.
  263. However, as many of his students started believing in Christianity, Iguchi was ostracized by the principal and other teachers.
  264. However, as mentioned above, it's difficult to categorize them clearly.
  265. However, as mentioned above, the Minbu-Kyo was a responsible post for dealing with various affairs related to the title to an estate and land taxes, and therefore the Kugyo (the top court officials) with a rank equivalent to or higher than the Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) frequently held the post concurrently.
  266. However, as mentioned above, the articles on the Freedom and People's Rights Movement were often published on "Meiroku Zasshi," which evoked many responses on various newspapers and enthusiastic supporters such as Emori UEKI.
  267. However, as mentioned above, the shugo-ryogoku system did not always control strictly the kokujin stratum and the peasant stratum.
  268. However, as mentioned above, this anecdote is not supported by researchers.
  269. However, as mentioned before, jikata-meshiage was a measure that sometimes had a punitive meaning, and therefore, the transferring to the other form of provision might provoke a family dispute.
  270. However, as mentioned below, since the mercery lodged protests in succession by saying, 'it may cause the decline of the industry,' etc., the holding of Seijin-shiki ceremony has eventually continued in the form of drastically downsizing.
  271. However, as mentioned earlier, by the Edo period, yokai were actively invented by people such as Sekien TORIYAMA.
  272. However, as more than one person from the Fujiwara clan became Giseikan officers from about 730s, the number of Giseikan officers from other clans gradually diminished, corresponding to the increase in the number of Giseikan officers from the Fujiwara clan.
  273. However, as navigation technique developed, the mainstream navigation shifted from 'Jinori' to 'Okinori' (the offshore navigation), which resulted in less necessity for awaiting a favorable tide to come at Tomonoura.
  274. However, as negotiations with Masamoto resulted in failure, he changed his tactics and, in an attempt to return to Kyoto, launched a military attack in collaboration with Sadakage ASAKURA and Hisanobu (Naoyoshi) HATAKEYAMA but was defeated in the battle and fled to Yoshioki OUCHI's domain in Suo.
  275. However, as neither of the statues have a horn, they should be more appropriately called "Shishi pair".
  276. However, as no proof has survived in contemporary historical sources there is no other choice but to consider all of his background unknown.
  277. However, as nothing had been reported concerning the amount since then, some blog readers voiced discontent and many complaints were written in the comment column in August.
  278. However, as objection about Okuin (seal of approval on the end of a deed) from the citizens never ceased to stop, the magistrate office finally discontinued this.
  279. However, as of 2004 there were only five such companies involved.
  280. However, as of 2008, in many shops, even if the customer orders warmed sake, the shop will not accept the order and serves cooled sake instead.
  281. However, as of 2008, only a disciple of Kengyo MISHINA, certain IMAI, remains.
  282. However, as of 2008, the tomb hadn't been found.
  283. However, as old constructions of Kyoto University get remodeled and rebuilt, traces of the historic city fade out, and the school tradition of Kyoto University is on the same path, some Kyoto University people say.
  284. However, as one typical aspect of Japanese culture, the level of knowledge and technique of users of Furoshiki is directly related to the utilization level due to its high simplicity as a device.
  285. However, as opposition to this decision came from people in Hyuga a survey was conducted by the scholars of ancient Japanese literature and culture and the Imperial Household Agency.
  286. However, as other participants objected to it, saying that Jimoku fell under the authority of the emperor, Tsunemune retracted his statement.
  287. However, as previously described, because ryotei are making their prices more reasonable, there are a lot of plans or set menus which attract everyone.
  288. However, as previously stated, wooden swords and fans symbolizing the knife came to be used as the ritual developed).
  289. However, as pufferfish are poisonous, it is necessary to remove the poisonous parts before filleting.
  290. However, as pufferfish meat is originally elastic, it is said to be best eaten after 24 to 36 hours from death when their meat becomes softer after postmortem rigidity and umami components such as amino acid and inosinic acid increase.
  291. However, as recent research shows, in fact Saigo's ear wasn't the ears with big earlobes which earlobe is hanging down, his ears were the hiramimi (normal) ear.
  292. However, as reclamation of Hokkaido was progressing so slowly, Hirobumi ITO, Secretary of Interior, proposed to use prisoners as labors at a low cost for the reclamation, and determined the policy for constructing prisons in Hokkaido.
  293. However, as research about the kokuga system was advanced by Yoshimi TODA and Susumu ISHII (each of them a historian) in the 1960s, it became impossible to consider that samurai originated in armed farmers.
  294. However, as sake at that time was crude home-brewed sake, "kasu" (lees) may not have been strained lees but may have been precipitates that accumulated at the bottom of the sake container.
  295. However, as shosho's real purpose was a marriage of convenience in order to get closer to rich Hitachi no suke, he exchanged Ukifune for her sister with the same mother, a real daughter of Hitachi no suke, when he came to know that Ukifune was a stepdaughter of Hitachi no suke.
  296. However, as shown in the later-described relationships between the two bugyo-sho offices, it is said that bugyo officers were outsiders in the area and their relationship of mutual trust was not firm.
  297. However, as similar transference of the fief to enemy's territory was carried out for Hiromasa YANADA and Kazumasu TAKIGAWA and their former fiefs were guaranteed for a certain time period, there is a view that it was a custom at that time to guarantee the former fief until the new fief is in fact acquired.
  298. However, as some historical materials suggested the name, 'Kojimasan-dera', its original location seems to have been between mountains.
  299. However, as soon as Mitsuhide died in the Battle of Yamasaki, the entire ATSUJI family was hunted down and killed by Hideyoshi.
  300. However, as soon as he arrived to the hantei (residence maintained by a daimyo in Edo) in Mejirodai, Edo, he fell ill (Severe Febrile Diseases) and died a few days later.
  301. However, as stated above, there were ashigaru who were employed full-time and would serve the same master for several generations, and there were also ashigaru who were treated as samurai, so it can be said that ashigaru occupied a status intermediate between those of mercenaries and feudal soldiers.
  302. However, as stated below, the principal object of worship, a Shaka-sanzon, or Shakyamuni Buddha Triad, was not finished for a further nine years, meaning the temple did not have its principal images for nine years after it had been completed.
  303. However, as such an act was complained by local fishermen as polluting the sea surface around the dumping site, the meat became used as an industrial material successfully.
  304. However, as such blackmail-like funds collection disgraced the reputation of Aizu Clan, the Clan later provided allowances.
  305. However, as survey of mountain forests in other areas progressed, the mountain that was used by people in the nine Chii villages and the mountain used by people in Harihata-go Community came to be handled independently as Ashiu Oku-yama Mountain and Oroshi-yama Mountain, respectively.
  306. However, as that was a long time ago before IMAO no Sukune died, it is believed that IMAO no Sukune was enshrined after he died.
  307. However, as that was inefficient because of heat lost due to thermal radiation, smoke given off, and fire sputtering in the wind, and so on, kamado made from mud, stone or cement were invented.
  308. However, as the 'sale of Doburoku as a specialty', which is to take Doburoku out of the designated districts, is subject to the Liquor Tax Act, licenses to manufacture and sell alcoholic beverages are required.
  309. However, as the Amago clan had grown so big in the era of Tsunehisa without achieving fundamentals, i.e. seizing a full control over Kokunin-shu, Tsunehisa left a lot of 'negative legacy' to the family head of the next generation, Haruhisa, upon his death.
  310. However, as the Dojo Heishi to which Tokitada belonged was in a position independent from the Bumon Heishi (warrior Taira clan) to which Kiyomori belonged, this statement can also be understood as a message boasting of the rapid progress of the Dojo Heishi.
  311. However, as the Edo period drew to a close, each part of a tune became closely linked with another, and this was particularly true when Mitsuzaki Kengyo, Ikuyama Kengyo and Yoshizawa Kengyo (being the highest rank of Todo-za) were active, because in most cases they would create two or three parts for their own pieces.
  312. However, as the Emperor Buretsu is also described as the Evil Emperor, there is a theory that says these two emperors were the same person.
  313. However, as the Emperor Tenmu died in 686 before this temple was completed, Empress Jito and Emperor Monmu took over the construction work.
  314. However, as the Emperor detests being treated exclusively, he often uses a first-class car of ordinary train as an Imperial coach, instead of the official state car.
  315. However, as the Imperial Court losing its power after the Kamakura period, the political or financial support to maintain the events of the Imperial Court began to lessen, then, many kuji were downscaled or simplified and some of them were abolished.
  316. However, as the Japanese army further advanced southward, the Taiwan forces were defeated by the overwhelming military force and weapons of the Japanese army in the late June of the same year.
  317. However, as the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) fell into a decline and the local powerful clans, such as the Iyotachibana clan (the Ochi clan) represented by Masashige KUSUNOKI, emerged in the Southern area of Kawachi Province, it began to lose its power, being overwhelmed by such new forces.
  318. However, as the Miyoshi clan, which was an indirect vassal of the Hosokawa clan, was a mere gozoku in Awa-Muya, it could not normally obtain authority to control the administration.
  319. However, as the Nagoe family, with Tokiaki HOJO, a younger brother of Mitsutoki, as its center, remained as the anti-Tokuso power inside the Hojo clan, it stood against Tokuso in Nigatsu-sodo (February rebellion) after Tokiyori's death.
  320. However, as the Pacific War intensified, Kabuki performances became difficult owing to the authorities' regulations, such as the closure of theaters & the restriction on performance programs, and casualties & property damages in the Kabuki community, such as the theaters' burning down by air raids, piled up.
  321. However, as the Shogun Tsunayoshi was born in the year of the Dog, one of the twelve animals of the Oriental zodiac, dogs were treated with special care (he himself was especially fond of dogs and it is said that he owned 100 of them).
  322. However, as the So clan introduced these Korean delegates as 'tributary delegates' to Hideyoshi, he believed that the Joseon Dynasty had sent 'tributary delegates' to yield allegiance to him as he had demanded, and ordered them again to be the guide for conquest of the Ming (Seimin kyodo).
  323. However, as the Sorachi-gun County was located inland, which caused difficulty in transporting goods for example, Kuninao applied for permission to be relocated to a coastal area.
  324. However, as the Tang army was approaching them, they had to retreat to the Suru-jo Castle precipitately, which led to lose many of their soldiers.
  325. However, as the Toyotomi clan owned the major gold and silver mines, they financially overpowered the Tokugawa clan.
  326. However, as the U.S. Senate had adopted the Byrd-Hegel Resolution, the Senate had decided not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol in the case where any incident which holds true with the article 3 of the resolution takes place such as absence of developing countries.
  327. However, as the UK and the U.S.A. declared their neutrality, Japan was forced to accept the recommendation and received 45 million yen instead from Qing based on a newly-signed refund treaty.
  328. However, as the West squad lost in the Battle of Sekigahara, he was deprived of his territory and became a masterless samurai, and he was employed by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in 1606, then served the Tokugawa clan.
  329. However, as the aid was not effective compared to the costs incurred, the government stopped recruitment and preferential treatment for new immigrants and shifted its support to already settled immigrants.
  330. However, as the area under cultivation per farmer was small and the farmers were forced to manage small farms, the poverty of the farmers was never fundamentally improved.
  331. However, as the assertions by Tokuitsu were quoted by books from Saicho side critiquing the matter, they still remain in part and restoration has been possible to some degree.
  332. However, as the author Jien himself wrote that he had not been able to see it, it is questioned that the account really refers to "Hogen Monogatari."
  333. However, as the blood relationship with the Emperor became more important in appointment than the political discernment, the Shikibu no Taifu (Senior Assistant Minister) came to be recognized as the substantial Secretary instead of the Imperial Prince appointed to the Shikibu-Kyo.
  334. However, as the boat started to move, Shunkan was overwhelmed by a burst of loneliness, and went out of his mind.
  335. However, as the bone density has been in decline due to the side effect of hormonal therapy, the Emperor's bones may become so fragile as to be diagnosed as osteoporosis if being left as they are.'
  336. However, as the chigyo-koku system became recognized officially, some of the chigyo-kokushu were bestowed the right to acquire kanmotsu.
  337. However, as the concept of integral signs did not exist, they were rendered by what can be classified as an infinite series.
  338. However, as the construction of the castle didn't proceed very quickly, it was passed down to the next generation, Nobuhira TSUGARU.
  339. However, as the document includes many descriptions that contradict the situation of those days, most specialists consider it to be unauthentic.
  340. However, as the drinking situation is different between canned coffee and regular coffee, it would be unreasonable to compare the two types on the same level.
  341. However, as the efficiency of the 221 Series became utilized to its full extent, with the majority of passengers getting on and off at Tennoji and Oji with insufficient stop times, persistent delays of a few minutes became a daily occurrence.
  342. However, as the emperor broke the promise, Narukami locks up the dragon god of rainmaking in the waterfall basin using jujutsu (an occult act).
  343. However, as the evidence below shows, it is presumed that he was from the Shimotsuke area and had some connection to the Ashikaga Nagao clan.
  344. However, as the family's base had been in Kutsuki from the time of hatamoto (direct retainers of the bakufu, which is a form of Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), it is thought that the Kutsuki Domain of the Edo bakufu existed during the eleven-year period after Tanetsuna became daimyo and before he gained Kanuma.
  345. However, as the financial situation of the Sung dynasty fell to inflation and got into trouble, other coins such as to gosen (equivalent to five sen) and to jussen (equivalent to ten sen) were minted.
  346. However, as the friction between barbarians and the local society became fierce, they were sent back to the north-east.
  347. However, as the frying pan is thinner than an iron plate and closer to direct fire, if cooking it over high heat, it is likely to burn on the surface before the inside is cooked.
  348. However, as the game goes on and many cards have been taken away, these Kimariji will change.
  349. However, as the image of Shakyamuni gradually becomes vague among Buddhist disciples, they begin to pray to the Buddha purely as 'a principle.'
  350. However, as the late blooming brand has weaker female sterility, it sometimes bears seeds when sources of pollen such as 'Amanatsu' (a kind of Chinese citrus) are near.
  351. However, as the mausoleum was far from Mount Unebi and located not on a mountain but a flatland, another theory came forth.
  352. However, as the measures meant to dissolve the classes such as kokujin (local lord) and jizamurai who had had vested interests, it was after the unification of the whole country by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI that heinobunri was thoroughly accomplished.
  353. However, as the miyatsuguchi (opening under the sleeve) of the sacred costumes at Tsuruoka-hachimangu Shrine, which is one of Japan's heritage sites from the Kamakura period, have been sewn together, some historians believe that kimono worn in the Heian period (which was prior to the Kamakura period) also had large tsutsusode.
  354. However, as the modern Japanese-language dictionaries became miniaturized, the number of copies of the setsuyoshu dwindled.
  355. However, as the modernization of karate has progressed there have also emerged critics that voice concern over the introduction of Western body motions and exercise theories.
  356. However, as the ninth century began, interest in ritsuryo kokka weakened as we can see from sources such as, 'If there is no nation, there is no enemy and there is only loss but no profit.'
  357. However, as the occasions when a shogun became absent from the Edo castle diminished and power was transferred to lower-level posts due to the improvement of the bakufu system, the social status level of this post declined.
  358. However, as the power of daimyo became centralized from around the mid Sengoku Period, organization of various groups, including cavalrymen, took place, such as the separation of various military branches among the foot soldiers.
  359. However, as the production of commercial crops became widely spread during the mid-Edo period, baino-sei was carried out even in suburban villages where rice can be produced, to which the Edo bakufu virtually took an acquiescence policy.
  360. However, as the protection was insufficient, the members of the Japanese legation fought back against the attack of the mob on their own.
  361. However, as the relations between Japan and Yuan worsened, Japanese priests in Yuan were regarded as spies, and he was imprisoned in Huzhou.
  362. However, as the resource for the annual revenue, this system was quite uncertain.
  363. However, as the risk of putrefaction or acidification is large, the National Research Institute of Brewing (presently the National Research Institute of Brewing - NRIB) developed Yamahaimoto in 1909.
  364. However, as the road systems developed after the World War II, customers became attracted to other ski grounds, and the Yakunogahara Ski Ground closed down.
  365. However, as the sailors could not understand his words and muscled to cross the array, TAKI slightly injured them by tilting with the spear.
  366. However, as the second son passed away young, he was recorded as the second-born son in the family register.
  367. However, as the shogun at the time was Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA who was 13 years old, kanrei (shogunal deputy) Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA, the guardian of the Imperial Prince, repeatedly insisted that the Emperor make a decision over the matter, saying 'the Emperor should make a decision' and 'don't allow samurai intervention.'
  368. However, as the size of prefectures increased, various problems, including confrontation between regions and an increase in clerical jobs, came to light.
  369. However, as the space was too narrow, the plan returned to where it was at the beginning, and Koyano and Inamino were proposed as alternatives, but both plans came to nothing in July.
  370. However, as the term 'Edomae-zushi' became widespread, 'Edomae' was frequently omitted.
  371. However, as the territory of the Uesugi family was changed to Aizu-Yonezawa by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, the Kawanakajima area came under the control of the Tokugawa clan.
  372. However, as the text study of The Tale of Genji was rapidly advanced at that time, it was gradually revealed that the text of the Aobyoshi-bon line manuscript was better than that of the Kawachi-bon line.
  373. However, as the time of wars came to an end, they began to lose their jobs.
  374. However, as the trains of Katamachi Line ran to Yodogawa Train Depot, the line itself continued until the transfer of Yodogawa Train Depot.
  375. However, as the unique Ryukyu Sohkyoku (Okinawa Soh music) which originated from the Yatsuhashi school has been handed down in Okinawa as well as in other regions where Okinawa culture remains, Soh of the Ikuta school style is being used in these regions even today.
  376. However, as the version that was handed down to Japan emanated from the Song Dynasty, for a time Zen lost much of its substance and differs greatly from its heyday during the Tang Dynasty.
  377. However, as the war era was ending, tabi gradually became to be worn as peacetime clothing as well.
  378. However, as the warrior class of the former Toyotsu Domain decided not to rally at that time and Sugio and others were incarcerated, the Kitakyushu City Chindai Army, led by Maresuke NOGI, who had arrived on receiving the correspondence from the Toyotsu side, attacked the Akizuki-to party during the negotiation.
  379. However, as the wearer is not chosen by senjiki (占食), it is normally not called omigoromo but 'aozuri.'
  380. However, as the weight unit of a pearl, monme, along with kan, is still used as an international weight unit.
  381. However, as there are bumpy roads or roads with high inclination dotting the mountain, the hiking can be tough for people who do not usually do any exercises.
  382. However, as there are many riders on bicycles enjoying the moderate winding road and the fine view from Fukui Prefecture side, car drivers have to be careful of them.
  383. However, as there are various regulations based on the Firearm and Sword Control Law or the Explosives Control Law and so on, the population of players is very small.
  384. However, as there is a large difference in the way of using spices, they taste different from what is made with common 'curry powder.'
  385. However, as there is no evidence of the existence of 'Miraiki,' it is considered that it was just a fictitious book in a story or no more than hearsay.
  386. However, as there is no fixed proper name, several names such as 'Shoshu Jiin Hatto' (Acts Relating to the Temples of Each Sect) and 'Shoshu Sho-honzan Hatto' (Acts Relating to the Head Temple of Each Sect) have also been used formally.
  387. However, as there was a description on 'private fields' in Article 29 of "Tatsukai" in extant Yoro Ritsuryo Codes (a version of Ritsuryo Codes revised in the Yoro era), the Ritsuryo system was not necessarily founded only on "public lands."
  388. However, as there was no power in the enemies in the neighboring areas and the lineup of feudal lords did not change until the war to unify Shikoku by the Chosokabe clan occurred.
  389. However, as there were dressing rooms left in the building, live performances by singers were also regularly held.
  390. However, as there were influential families nearby, such as the Yuki clan, the Chiba clan, both of which had close relationship with Koga-kubo, the Mariya clan had no choice but to fall under the sway of their influence.
  391. However, as there were many calls from those who valued the superb scenery of the Hozukyo Gorge, a wholly-owned subsidiary of West Japan Railway Company (JR West) has run the line to make the best use of it since 1991.
  392. However, as there were no attacks from the Yuan dynasty, which had been expected, he resigned from the Chinzei tandai position on June 14, 1295, and returned to Kamakura.
  393. However, as there were no ministerial posts available at that time, his seat at the Imperial Court was located under the ministers but above the Dainagon, as ordained by an imperial order in 1005.
  394. However, as these enzymes are sensitive to heat, they cannot be effectively utilized if cooked.
  395. However, as these petitions did not have the desired effect, Shimada and others went down to the path to use of force.
  396. However, as they made much noise day and night and also acted disrespectfully to the shrine, they were sent to the Imperial Court by the order of Yamatohime no mikoto.
  397. However, as they were very dangerous and could be life threatening if hit, for example, on the head, they were replaced by shinai, which appeared later.
  398. However, as this is a Japanese-style posthumous title, it should originally be considered mistaken.
  399. However, as this was the first trial, the volume of these sound effects was lower than in 'TSUBAKI Sanjuro'.
  400. However, as this would cause confusion, 36 chori was fixed as the standard ri in the Edo period with accepting the existence of various ri.
  401. However, as this yokai does not do any other direct harm to anyone around, the degree of risk is low among supernatural beings.
  402. However, as ticket gates are of the simplified type, more than one J-Thru Card can't be processed.
  403. However, as time passed, the use of Ingo as a Kaimyo for Japanese feudal lords, their lawful wives and concubines, and even their vassals became increasingly common.
  404. However, as time went by and societies became richer and richer, it became harder to put people's consumption under control, resulting in a dilemma that many ineffective sumptuary laws were issued but not thoroughly observed.
  405. However, as time went by, Fushin was increasingly conducted by contracts made by merchants, and payment in cash became more and more common.
  406. However, as time went by, World War II ended, and Japan entered an age of economic growth, the aforementioned sericulture and other cultures such as indigo dyeing vanished almost completely.
  407. However, as time went by, they were treated as lower-ranked samurai who were the same as kachi.
  408. However, as times changed their number increased.
  409. However, as times went by, strife over authority arose among In no Kinshin, which was one of the causes of the Heiji War in 1159.
  410. However, as to sokutai worn by the Emperor and the princes, shitagasane and kyo were connected with each other.
  411. However, as tonkatsu is made of fibrous pork which takes time to be digested, and is then deep fried making it even harder to digest, it is not very suitable for eating just before sporting events or examinations.
  412. However, as trade with Sung became prosperous, lots of coins minted in Sung were gradually brought into Japan.
  413. However, as traditional communities collapsed, a scene where all roads in the district are moist with water is seldom seen.
  414. However, as travelers get used to using the Internet, and as making reservations on airline and business hotel websites is becoming more common, those relationships, in favor of travel agents, are working against onsen-ryokan.
  415. However, as various families within the clan including the head family Hino objected to Sukeie's adopting a child from the Karahashi family of the Sugawara lineage, this matter triggered heated arguments at the Imperial Palace and the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) subsequently intervened.
  416. However, as was mentioned before, the people of (Old) Maizuru City (Nishi-Maizuru) were proud of their history as an old castle town/town of commerce and a center of Kasa-gun.
  417. However, as well as the following mai dances which have been designated important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties, there are many mai dance traditions which have been handed down as folk performing arts (local performing arts), so we can see the remnants of mai dance traditions.
  418. However, as whale resources along the coasts became depleted and sites of whaling changed to off the coasts or in remote sea areas, it became difficult to bring back caught whales in the ages when no cold storage nor freezing technology was available, making it gradually impossible to eat the meat.
  419. However, as with general wine, underage drinking should be avoided and it is prohibited to drive a vehicle after drinking.
  420. However, as with hare and ke, the concept of the sacred and the profane are defined differently depending on the person making the argument.
  421. However, as with the diaries of his younger brothers, Norimichi and Yorimune, the records were lost.
  422. However, aside from the private and the official shaku, the shaku used particularly by carpenters did not change much for a long time.
  423. However, aside from the so-called chief of the Minamoto clan, while one can treat this concept as something that was created intentionally out of political reasons, it is not clear if the status of or justification for the concept of the direct descendant of the Minamoto clan actually existed.
  424. However, at Iwamura-jo Castle in Higashi Mino Province attacked by Nobutomo AKIYAMA, a busho of the Takeda army, Kageto TOYAMA, the castellan, died of disease.
  425. However, at Nigawa Station, where on the days the Hanshin Race Course opens, deadhead trains arrive and depart due to the operation of special trains, even the destination isn't mentioned in the announcement.
  426. However, at about that time he became ill and died at age 42 in Kensho-ji Temple, so he had no chance to go to Yamashina Hongan-ji Temple, which wasn't completed before 1483.
  427. However, at an incident which resulted in the Emperor Kazan being ordained, with his older brother FUJIWARA no Michitaka, he contributed to his father's Sessho inauguration by transporting the three sacred emblems of the imperial family from Seiryoden (Literally "Limpid Cool Hall," an imperial summer palace) to his father's residence.
  428. However, at first he did not look strong, so some wrestler, who had been boasting that he would cut his head off, ended up apologizing desperately, and Mitsuemon SHIRANUI, who had snubbed him, was never given even a slight chance to win.
  429. However, at first she had a hard time and financial difficulty as Otojiro was unsuccessful twice in an election of the House of Representatives.
  430. However, at first they had not assembled the same degree of strength as the Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan), and by the time of the first half of Retired Emperor Shirakawa's rule, they had barely managed to achieve the court rank of goi (fifth rank), at the time they were amongst the lowest ranking courtiers, the samurahihon (minor nobility).
  431. However, at last most of old road from Mt. Koya to Omata was lost permanently and only the name remains in the investigation report of 1987 by the Kumano Kinenkan Museum.
  432. However, at least in the reign of Shino (King of Jin), an example of Emperor Yodai of Sui Dynasty bestowing the Daishigo 'Chisha' to Zhi-yi when the Emperor had received Bosatsukai (Bodhisattva Precepts) from him can be seen, so actually, the origin of Daishigo can be thought to go back before that time.
  433. However, at one time after the Osaka no Jin (The Siege of Osaka), when Hidetada was watching a Noh play with his brother Yoshinao TOKUGAWA, an earthquake occurred and people were about to panic.
  434. However, at one time, when one vassal, who thought it would be okay to praise a pine tree in a garden, complimented beautiful foliage of the tree, Tsunehisa tried to dig it out for the vassal, for which other vassals scrambled to stop.
  435. However, at parliament, KONOE continued to maintain the 'nonexpansion of the incident.'
  436. However, at present there is no such oral tradition left in the Kishi family (according to the interview survey on the Kishi family in 2005).
  437. However, at present, early Sueki was not found at Kagamiyama ruins of old kilns in Ryuocho, Shiga Prefecture, which is closely-linked to this description, or either in Tajima region where Amenohiboko is said to have lived.
  438. However, at present, it is known as a typical punch line of The Drifters along with the tarai ochi.
  439. However, at present, it only remains in the Suwa-jinja Shrine at Notose, Horai-cho, Aichi Prefecture.
  440. However, at present, many people disagree with the theory of assassination by Shinsengumi.
  441. However, at present, the nominal distinction between 'Udon noodles' (Hoso-Udon) and 'Hiyamugi' has partly become vague, because such distinction is entrusted to the traders concerned as far as they observe the standard and codes.
  442. However, at that time foreign merchants had the initiative in pricing decisions in importing raw silk threads and they monopolized the profits.
  443. However, at that time it appears that monks who produced such Buddhist paintings were included in busshi (a sculptor of Buddhist statues); therefore, 定豊, 平慶, and 玄朝, who played an active part in the creation of Buddhist paintings in the 10th century, were all called 'busshi.'
  444. However, at that time it was considered as a coin used for incantation from the Edo period.
  445. However, at that time it was considered as a new school of the Risshu sect.
  446. However, at that time the bow had the length of about 160 cm at longest, and the complete bow is very hard to be excavated due to the material being the wood, and is not known completely.
  447. However, at that time the cause was unclear; and in Choya Shinbun, the newspaper that first reported the incident on August 12, reported ambiguously that Ashio copper mine may have caused it.
  448. However, at that time the group could not come into effect as a faction within the Diet due to the small number of members, and it was usually with the Sawa-kai (one of factions within the Diet) that had the similar points of view.
  449. However, at that time the phrase 経綸 (the administration of affairs of state) was not familiar to common people, in Daijokan nittshi of Edo version it was written wrongly as 経論 with wrong pronunciation 'keiron('keirin'is right pronunciation of the word).'
  450. However, at that time there was no official name for the collection, and the name "Ofuregaki-shusei" was given by Ryosuke ISHII and Shinzo TAKAYANAGI when they published the documents in 1934 from Iwanami Shoten (a publisher).
  451. However, at that time, it was ordinary to have a powerful retainer play the role of the 'messenger,' in negotiations with powerful local clans under control or with lords of other provinces, and therefore, it is pointed out as well that it would not be correct to consider him simply as an orderly officer.
  452. However, at that time, no other countries except western countries could adopt constitutional government.
  453. However, at that time, the Hitsukearatame post and the Tozokuaratame post were not integrated, and it is said that the person was Naofusa NAKAYAMA, who assumed the first Hitsukearatame post, or Naomori NAKAYAMA, who was his father and was appointed to the Tおzokuaratame post on the same day.
  454. However, at that time, the Tosa and Aki clans themselves tried to petition the Tokugawa Shogunate for the return of the Emperor's power; furthermore, Yodo YAMAUCHI still strongly felt indebted to the head of the Tokugawa family.
  455. However, at that time, the spirit introduced himself as 'Hitsuku no Kami' or 'Ame no Hitsuku no Kami,' not Kuninotoko Tachinokami.
  456. However, at the Battle of Sekigahara in September, in 1600, the Toyotomi-side (the western army) including Mitsunari was defeated, and the main leaders including Mitsunari were executed or punished by being deprived of their domain.
  457. However, at the Izumo-oyashiro Shrine building constructed in 1744, each pillar is placed on a base stone to increase its durability level.
  458. However, at the age of 20, he ended up starting to rear his three younger sisters after his father and step mother died successively.
  459. However, at the age of around 37, he met seals of Xu Sangeng and was astonished by his works, and was deeply devoted to his style later on.
  460. However, at the age of twelve, around the time when Yugiri celebrates his attainment of manhood, Genji moves him to the east pavilion at Nijo in order to put him in Daigaku-ryo (Bureau of Education under the ritsuryo system) and makes him study, so he cannot often visit the residence of Omiya.
  461. However, at the beginning of 2000's, the term "hiya (literally, cold sake)" is sometimes overinterpreted to mean sake that is cooled down below normal temperature.
  462. However, at the discretion of instructors (masters) the practitioners are sometimes allowed to roll up their sleeves, but only during lessons.
  463. However, at the end of the 15th century, it passed into the hands of Yoshimasa's Sado (tea ceremony) master, Juko MURATA.
  464. However, at the end of the eleventh century Kakuban (Kogyo Daishi) began to preach the thought of Himitsu Nenbutsu at Koyasan.
  465. However, at the end of the seventh century, Busokuten (Wu Zetian) created ingaikan (government officials outside of the Ritsuryo system) who were outside of the fixed number of regular government positions in order to control other nobilities and recruit competent Kakyo (also known as keju; examinations for Chinese state bureaucrats).
  466. However, at the end of the year he was attacked by a Kurodo and kajin (waka poet) FUJIWARA no Tsunehira in the court and it is said that it was a conflict between close aides to the Emperor Goichijo.
  467. However, at the job interview, he became angry with the vice minister' manner, and although he was admitted to the Ministry, he turned down the offer.
  468. However, at the present time this is all that remains of Uzagaku sheet music.
  469. However, at the same time an adverse effect--the so-called 'the problem of "hanadee" (flamboyant kata)'--is pointed out, whereby practitioners select high-level kata, or even if they select the same kata they demonstrate it in a flamboyant way in order to win competitions.
  470. However, at the same time this prevents the town of Kurama from flooding with people.
  471. However, at the same time, it aimed at thoroughly grasping situations in his territories, based on the lesson gained from the fights with Hideyoshi in which Ieyasu won but was forced to subjugate himself to Hideyoshi at last.
  472. However, at the same time, small-scale conventional stores collapsed.
  473. However, at the time of Ansei no Taigoku (suppression of extremists by the Shogunate), Taka became a spy who sent information about tobakuha (anti-Bakufu, crushing-the-Bakufu faction) in Kyoto to Edo and largely supported Ansei no Taigoku.
  474. However, at the time of Munekage URAGAMI they rebelled against their masters and eventually secured an independent position as feudal daimyo in Bizen Province.
  475. However, at the time of Reisai Festival (regular festival), there is a difference that Kanpeisha received heihaku from the imperial family (the Imperial Household Ministry), while Kokuheisha received it from the national treasury (both received hohei from the imperial family at Kinen-sai Festival and Niiname-sai Festival).
  476. However, at the time of Tensho great earthquake in November of the same year, he and his wife died together, while trying to save Yone, Katsutoyo's daughter.
  477. However, at the time of designation as tosho (islands) in 1889, Shimane Prefecture abolished the four counties and established the Oki island government, and "Toshi" (governor of the island government) took charge of public administration.
  478. However, at the time of the conclusion of Japan-Qing Treaty of Friendship in 1873, Taneomi SOEJIMA requested to have an audience with the Emperor on ground of "Bankoku Koho" and succeeded to have meeting without nine kowtows.
  479. However, at the time the real power of the bakufu was held in the hands of the Shogun's Regents, the Hojo clan.
  480. However, at the time, the field practice forests for Kyoto Imperial University were provided only in Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula and Sakhalin, all of which were overseas Japanese territories.
  481. However, at this current time in the early half of the seventh century, the Japanese people started 'Kofun' constructions in the Kinai region and that of western Japan.
  482. However, at this point Yoshihisa received an order from Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI forbidding further armed conflict in Kyushu.
  483. However, at this point the state of Edo was still not stable, and Osaka was recognized as being one of the main areas of concern.
  484. However, at this time various negative factors, such as the death of Shingen TAKEDA and the downfall of Muromachi bakufu, compelled Hisahide surrender to Nobunaga ODA at the end of 1573.
  485. However, at this time, he was opposed to Danjuro ICHIKAWA the ninth, who was the top star at the time, about the expressions on stage.
  486. However, at those stations through which the train passed nonstop, there was no train sorting system and the train had to move at speeds as low as 15 km/h due to the operating requirement of the crossings within the station yard.
  487. However, at time when this theory was related to the pro-Imperial thought, it led people to shift to the movement to overthrow the Shogunate.
  488. However, attention must be paid to management, such as by pruning immediately after the leaves change color and fall in order to change the C/N (carbon/nitrogen) ratio, and by promoting the growth of narrow roots by digging around them and modifying the soil.
  489. However, attention must be paid to the fact that the term of "double" in the above articles is used for "the dealer stock" totaling the amount of stock on the distribution routes and etc.
  490. However, attention should be paid to cheap imports.
  491. However, attention should be paid to the fact that 'Sosho' is not necessarily good simply because of it strengthens just as 'Sokoku' is not always bad simply because it weakens.
  492. However, attention should be paid to the fact that most of the historical materials showing Nobunaga's severe attitude against Buddhist were described by the Society of Jesus which opposed Buddhism.
  493. However, back from the Heian period, mounted warriors performed land battle when necessary; after land battle became common, they fought from horseback whenever occasion arose, and responded flexibly to the enemy's strategy.
  494. However, backlash within the administration against the birth of 'mega-government office, Okura-sho' was not settled.
  495. However, bacteria were found in the benthic feeder, which had the capability to ferment kelp without being influenced by the sulfate radical contained in kelp.
  496. However, bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) rejected his petition, and in December 1825 he solemnized a marriage between Naomasa NABESHIMA and Morihime in Edo as Ukeyaku accordingly.
  497. However, bakufu regarded the deed to have someone fix hairdo as luxury and often imposed the ban (still, little women listened).
  498. However, bakufu took a measure to allow only Genrokukin at currency conversion to Nishukin to encourage collection of Keicho koban.
  499. However, bakufu wanted to prevent people from sympathizing Tenguto and the extremists from raising an army again, and decided to execute them all.
  500. However, based on his later carrier, it is said that he came from monjosho (a student of literary studies) at Daigaku-ryo (Bureau of Education at that rime) where even youngsters of hakucho were allowed to enter.
  501. However, based on local investigation there is less possibility of its being a natural hybrid.
  502. However, based on the fact that the "Nihon Ryoiki" includes early accounts of adultery, it is clear that some were jealous of Genbo's fame.
  503. However, based on the method that it was made, it could be dated to around the late 10th century, and there is another opinion that it was newly made at Mii-dera Temple around 993.
  504. However, based upon the period when each Emperor was or is on his throne, the Meiji period, the Taisho period, the Showa period, and the Heisei period are used instead.
  505. However, basically there are only friends in a compartment of a karaoke box, and therefore one can fully enjoy singing.
  506. However, basically, kan is done only to brewage.
  507. However, bathing is done solely for the purpose of recuperation and unlike in Japan, the notion of "soaking leisurely and relieving fatigue" doesn't exist.
  508. However, be careful not to add too much sugar because it can spoil the overall taste of the daifuku.
  509. However, because 'Furo' is originally a term used to refer to a sauna bath and its original form was 'Muro,' which is a space filled with water vapor, the relationship between the cause and the result seems to have been reversed in this view.
  510. However, because China applied for the import quota in 2003, South Korea, which feared the reduction of its import quota, asked for the liberalization of the nori market in Japan, but in 2004 South Korea finally filed a complaint with World Trade Organization (WTO) for breach of agreement.
  511. However, because China started providing information concerned, lots of data in a wide eastern Asia area has been able to be shared since the spring of 2008.
  512. However, because Edomae-zushi was invented in the era when no refrigeration technology was available, there exist various techniques to process materials for the toppings such as sujime (marinating in vinegar) or shoyu-zuke (pickling in soy sauce).
  513. However, because Emperor Meiji was a youth at that time (in fact, direct Imperial rule was still just a theory), a system to assist the Emperor was needed immediately.
  514. However, because Former Imperial House Act did not permit Imperial families to adopt a child (article 42), Prince Kunihide was not allowed to succeed the Higashifushiminomiya family as a member of Miyake (house of an imperial prince).
  515. However, because Harunobu who had entrenched himself in Shioda-jo Castle, avoided a decisive fighting, Kagetora went back to Echigo Province on September 20, saying that he achieved certain results in the battle.
  516. However, because Hideyoshi became so powerful as to occupy the stipend gathered in Chikubushima Island, Sadahiro filed a complaint to one of Nobunaga's aids, Nagayori SUGAYA.
  517. However, because Hideyoshi sent his biological mother, Omandokoro (the honorary term for her), to Okazaki-jo Castle on October 18 (in the old calendar) as a hostage, Ieyasu made up his mind to become a vassal of Hideyoshi.
  518. However, because Ittetsu INABA, a military commander on the Oda side, and some others, who were on standby, rushed to rescue Nobunaga and Ieyasu TOKUGAWA's army which defeated the Asakura's army later joined the Oda's army, the Azai side was put to rout.
  519. However, because Japan became one of the powerful countries due to the Meiji Restoration it was one of few Asian countries which didn't become a colony.
  520. However, because Japan were castigated by the world due to the Edict of the Prohibition of Christianity when they visited Europe and the United States in December, 1871, the members of the Iwakura Mission reported that the prohibition of Christianity could be an obstacle to negotiating the revision of the unequal treaty.
  521. However, because KOMATSU became sick (suddenly died next year, at the age of 36), the man who KOMATSU recommended as his substitute was Shigenobu OKUMA from the Hizen Domain.
  522. However, because Kaoru ASANO, on patrol, was afraid of the battle royal and his report to the group of Kuwajiro OISHI was too late, the plan to surrender the Tosa retainers failed and consequently they secured their escape route.
  523. However, because Kinkuni SANJONISHI had died young, Yusai kept a promise that was made between Yusai and his master Saneki before he died, and Yusai passed it on to Saneeda SANJONISHI.
  524. However, because Masamoto had no biological child, he adopted three sons -Sumiyuki HOSOKAWA, Sumimoto HOSOKAWA, and Takakuni HOSOKAWA- who later disputed each other as successor.
  525. However, because Mototsuna's youngest son Tanetsuna procured confidence of Seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the eastern barbarians") Iemitsu TOKUGAWA and became daimyo under his patronage, a phenomenon that the territory of the branch line of the Kutsuki family was larger than that of the main line took place.
  526. However, because Mototsune's daughter entered Imperial Court as a Consort of the emperor after the incident, it was considered to be a scheme of the Fujiwara clan, who was wary of TACHIBANA becoming a maternal relative of the emperor by the accession of the imperial prince of Yoshiko, who was the daughter of Hiromi.
  527. However, because Nakayo, his legitimate son, was one of friends of Mitsunari ISHIDA after the Battle of Sekigahara, there was a growing suspicion that Junnyo (Nishi Hongan-ji Temple) sided with the Western army so he disinherited Nakayo and Nakataka also confined himself at home.
  528. However, because Nobunaga's body had disappeared, Mitsuhide, could not get Nobunaga's head.
  529. However, because Northern Chinese Zen was abandoned earlier, the version handed-down to Japan comes from the sect that aligns itself with the practice of Southern Chinese Zen that advocated sudden enlightenment.
  530. However, because Rensei was linked to Ecchu monto (followers of Ecchu Province), the province was practically governed by the 'Goryozan' system by the two temples other than Kokyo-ji Temple, and Rensei assumed the position of an assistant.
  531. However, because Saneeda's son, Kinkuni, was too young, the waka poetry tradition was carried on by Yusai HOSOKAWA, who was Saneeda's pupil.
  532. However, because Seikanron lost its momentum due to the occurrence of the Taiwan expedition and the downfall of Heungseon Daewongun in Korea, the Meiji Government decided to observe Korea's condition.
  533. However, because Shigeuji ASHIKAGA, the Koga kubo, took actions against Tsuneyori, the result had not been good.
  534. However, because Shingen TAKEDA's death from illness in the same year struck a fatal blow to the side opposed to Oda, all forces opposed to Oda in the Kinai, including the Miyoshi clan, soon fell apart also.
  535. However, because Shugendo affected the general public, the roles of Shugensha and yamabushi were important.
  536. However, because Shungaku quoted the family precept that 'the Aizu clan is an entity which should protect the Shogun family' by Masayuki HOSHINA, the founder of the Aizu clan and, the clan's followers finally accepted.
  537. However, because Soji was evaluating 'wabisuki,' it was evaluated that men of wabi tea were familiar with tea, and that before long 'wabi' was quietly brewed as a prop that supports the spirit of the tea ceremony.
  538. However, because Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA liked Hosho Style (Hosho-ryu), it is said that during the reign of Tsunayoshi, Kaga Domain and Owari Domain replaced the retained Noh musician from Komparu Style to Hosho Style.
  539. However, because Yamada was accepted as a backup candidate by Shochiku, he was able to be a backup for Nikkatsu as well, and he joined the company as an assistant director in 1954.
  540. However, because Yoshitada was reluctant to kill Yoshichika, as they were brothers, Masamori was given the mission of quelling uprising in his place, which he is said to have accomplished in 1108.
  541. However, because a conflict occurred between the provincial office of her native Katsushika and the province of her husband's, Tekona, suffering unjustified resentment, returned to Mama after a lot of hardships.
  542. However, because an (underground) access linking the ticket gate to the opposite side is available outside each ticket gate, it is possible to go to the opposite-side ticket gate without returning aboveground even after descending to a ticket gate on the wrong side.
  543. However, because at the time of Prince Sanehito it was called "Shimo no Gosho" in contrast to the Imperial Palace being called "Kami no Gosho," it is thought to have been located to the south of the Imperial Palace.
  544. However, because beer lost sales, the government revised the alcohol tax in the fall of 1996 so that the tax for low-malt beer containing 50% or higher malt was raised to match that of beer.
  545. However, because books were published, the current form of the so-called kappa became established.
  546. However, because ethanol may be included in its ingredients or may be produced during its production process, people who get drunk easily (particularly children) may get drunk if they consume a large amount of amazake.
  547. However, because four of them were promoted to Roju and consequently the meaning of the existence of the post was lost, the Rokuninshu post was abolished once, with its jobs were absorbed in Roju.
  548. However, because he and Tomiko were not blessed with an heir, he brought his younger brother, Gijin, back to the secular life, named him Yoshimi ASHIKAGA, and as his adopted son, he assigned him to be the next Shogun.
  549. However, because he appealed for the necessity of the military system reformation to carry out his original intention, he was selected as a Gunji torishirabe yaku (a person in charge of investigation of military affairs) and a Taiho todori (a leader of cannon) at the same time.
  550. However, because he composed an elegy mourning for the death of a minor court lady who served the court while the Imperial Palace in Omi Otsu no Miya was the capital ("Manyoshu" volume 2, 217-219), there is a theory that he served during the period from 667 to 672 as well (Shigeo KITAYAMA).
  551. However, because he did not change his intention of supporting Yoshitsune, he was exiled once again to Izu Province in March of 1189 (at the same time, his eldest son, Munenaga, was also dismissed from his government position).
  552. However, because he did not follow the designs proposed by authors, he was often in conflict with them.
  553. However, because he did not get along well with Kyonyo, in 1609 when his father passed away, he ran away to the mother-side uncle, Terumasa IKEDA's place.
  554. However, because he died in battle in 1336, his wish could not be fulfilled.
  555. However, because he died without notifying the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) of his successor, the inheritance did not come true.
  556. However, because he felt that he did not receive a fair amount of reward grants, Takatomo was dissatisfied, and in 1387, along with the rebellion of Wakainumaru OYAMA, he opposed against Ujimitsu.
  557. However, because he gave shelter to the monks of Mount Hiei (who had been burnt out by Nobunaga) and the exiled Shogun, Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, he earned the wrath of Nobunaga and from 1578, Nobunaga ordered his forces, comprised of Yusai HOSOKAWA and Mitsuhide AKECHI, to attack him.
  558. However, because he was French, the French Government did not allow Montblanc to take up the post of ambassador with a right to represent Japanese diplomacy so he was not able to become involved.
  559. However, because he was unsatisfied with the above stage he practiced kugyo (asceticism), and then, after abandoning kugyo, he pursued a new way of practice.
  560. However, because his father Mitsusada died in the same year followed by the death of Yorimoto half a year later, he succeeded the position of the fifth lord of the Kishu Domain at the age of 22.
  561. However, because his health did not seem to recover, the forces returned to Kai Province, abandoning the strategy.
  562. However, because his warship could not gain speed due to engine damage caused by a rainstorm on the way to mission, he was unable to participate in a surprise attack, the 'Mission to regain the warship Stonewall' (Stone wall was generally called Kotetsu-kan [ironclad]); and his warship was attacked.
  563. However, because his younger brother Prince Kunika, who was planned to succeed Fushiminomiya, was poor in health, he returned to Fushiminomiya.
  564. However, because in the latter half of the seventh century the Japanese army was defeated by the Allied Forces of Tang Dynasty and Silla Kingdom in Hakusukinoe (Baekgang jeontu) in the Korean peninsula, the castle may have been built as a militant stronghold against their attacks.
  565. However, because it insisted on poetic technique, and did not allow poems with extra syllables, it left behind the traces of artificial polishing, so that many poems failed to achieve true beauty.
  566. However, because it is described in 'Azuma Kagami,' it is not a total fiction.
  567. However, because it is not recorded that water wheels of this type were used in Yi Dynasty Korea, it is likely that such water wheels were not made in Korea.
  568. However, because it showed a critical stance against a family system of patriarchal authority in Japan, a view of marriage in Western style had been gradually spread.
  569. However, because it still lacks some nutritions, there is a need of adjusting and complementing the nutritional balance by eating side dishes, adding toppings described later, or adding fortified rice to the rice, as needed.
  570. However, because it was a battlefield, the miso (bean paste) was salted rice-bran paste and the leaves or stems of potatoes were used in the soup.
  571. However, because it was hand painting, the shunga was still for the upper class.
  572. However, because it was impossible to change the traditional shizoku (clan) system at once, there are seen portions which were significantly modified in a Japanese way.
  573. However, because it was impossible to place a local governor in every remote area, the system of Azukarichi was restored seven years later.
  574. However, because it was inappropriate to the real situation for the heavy imposition on people and so on, the order was repealed and replaced by Kyoikurei (the 1879 Education Order) in 1879.
  575. However, because it was not easy to test scales within lords' territories, the Edo bakufu tried to protect hakari-za by granting officers of hakari-za the privilege to impress tenma (post horse).
  576. However, because it's weak against lodging due to the high position of its ear, and because considerable labor is required in growing it, cultivation was discontinued after the war and it became extinct.
  577. However, because its earning came to less than 10,000 koku after generating branch families, it became a Hatamoto with kotaiyoriai-omoteoreishu status.
  578. However, because korei and happunrei coexisted in Kyoen Kankan in almost the same period, it was concluded that happunrei was originally one calligraphic style of reisho and it became the standard later in lieu of shoho (penmanship, calligraphy) of korei.
  579. However, because many Japanese commanders and soldiers who surrendered were executed, there is a question why he pretended to be a Japanese taking a risk of being executed rather than being treated well.
  580. However, because many of these private estates were located in places where the shogunate held sway, tax payments and so forth were frequently late, and the retired Emperor Gotoba, the overlord, or one of his vassals often became embroiled in disputes with the local overseers.
  581. However, because morticians usually prepare and set up the temporary altar and other fittings at actual funerals, a hanging scroll depicting Namu Daishi Henjo Kongo (Gohogo) is usually hung if the deceased is a secular individual.
  582. However, because most Shikinaisha are Kokushi Kenzaisha, the term of Kokushi Kenzaisha is used for Shikigesha.
  583. However, because most of them do not teach about the Gapsin Coup and the other historical background at that time that led to the 'Datsu-A Ron,' some say that this is not a proper understanding of the 'Datsu-A Ron' but just picking a part of it out of context.
  584. However, because no one else was provided to help, only FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa and HARUZUMI no Yoshitada remained as compilers in the end.
  585. However, because of Nobunaga ODA's rise, it lost its power.
  586. However, because of financial circumstances and so on, in April 1682, the yakuryo system itself was abolished and became included into the chigyo daka.
  587. However, because of many remaining systems which placed a heavier burden on the residents than in the mainland, people campaigned for the abolishment or improvement of the old systems in various areas in Okinawa, and the government gradually implemented the same systems as in the mainland.
  588. However, because of reliability of descriptions by Frois, rather many views overlook or neglect it.
  589. However, because of such attitudes, he was liked by his opponents, besides since he taught and took care of fellow wrestlers well, he was very popular.
  590. However, because of the Political Change of 1881 in which Shigenobu OKUMA was purged by the new government, he resigned from his post of Board of Audit in October the same year.
  591. However, because of the Satsuma-Choshu Alliance (Saccho Alliance), Satsuma-han Clan refused to send its army and consequently the Shogunate army had to retreat.
  592. However, because of the anti-Shogunate activists Toshimichi OKUBO and Tomomi IWAKURA's scheme, there was a command to revive the political power of the Imperial Court in December, and Yoshinobu was ordered "Jikan Nochi" (to resign from his position as Naidaijin and surrender the Tokugawa territory).
  593. However, because of the antique kimono boom in recent years, the haori coat appeared and stole the limelight again.
  594. However, because of the characteristics of the post, a person from a low social standing family was often appointed to the Sobayonin post when he was a competent close confidant trusted deeply by the lord, so the load of the post was invariably heavy.
  595. However, because of the complicated setting including the background of those characters and of many contradictions, it has been rarely fully performed since after the opening, and at present, usually only the second act's kaeshi "Nanzen-ji Sanmon-no-ba" is performed.
  596. However, because of the dangerous conditions, entering the site without being accompanied by an experienced hiker is not recommended.
  597. However, because of the death of FUJIWARA no Michitaka (also known as Nakanokanpaku), his maternal grandfather, as well as the downfall of FUJIWARA no Korechika, his uncle, the family into which his mother was born had already fallen into ruin and lost influence before he was born.
  598. However, because of the difference in how the wood is shaved, hard wood and soft wood cannot be combined.
  599. However, because of the fatigue caused by the long-term campaign, the midwinter coldness, and the stress from Yoshikage's decision, the chronic disease which Shingen had became significantly worse, and he died.
  600. However, because of the hard resistance with the uprising of the Ikko sect followers, Nobunaga who disliked extended battle began to withdraw on November 29.
  601. However, because of the later aggravation of labor-management issues their conservation operations were discontinued, and commercial steam locomotives disappeared.
  602. However, because of the origin of the word Tennosei, many people avoid the word and the expression Koshitsu (Imperial family) is quite often used; also there exist people who are still adamantly using the word kokutai (fundamental character of the nation).
  603. However, because of the prohibition on tobaku (gambling) issued during the Anei period, the prosperity of Tori no ichi declined.
  604. However, because of the property of the oven the inside of the roast beef is cooked.
  605. However, because of the resulting American oil embargo, Japan was placed in a very tight situation.
  606. However, because of the riots that started with the Onin War as a trigger, gakunin in Kyoto were scattered and the gagaku in the Imperial court declined to the extent that it was scarcely performed only by gakunin of Nanto and Tennoji.
  607. However, because of the success, many disciples gathered to study with Genpaku SUGITA, and with the need of a private school for their training, Rangakujuku, 'Tenshinro (天真楼)' was established.
  608. However, because of the sushi boom worldwide and the increased domestic demand in South Korea, today the actual export to Japan is below the quota.
  609. However, because of this he was disowned by his father, then he was forced to become a professional jester and he called himself 千九八 in Kyoto and Kanpachi in Horie, Osaka.
  610. However, because of this solution, the area using 0774-4x in Kumiyama-cho was included in the category of 'areas of 0774-4x and within Uji City,' when all areas using 0774-4x came to be covered by the flat-rate communication service, FLET'S ISDN, started by NTT West.
  611. However, because of this violent act, Paekche's revival army remarkably weakened and caused the Tang-Silla army to invade.
  612. However, because of this, GO was hated by Toshimichi OKUBO, who disliked former retainers of shogun.
  613. However, because passengers who would switch the train line at Karasuma Oike Station to Karasuma Line of Kyoto Municipal Subway had to change trains at the last stop before the station, complaints about the situation were sometimes heard.
  614. However, because providing information on the ryokan and local scenic spots via the Internet is essential today, if they do not have websites or don't update them, they are considered of low quality.
  615. However, because she loved Mitsunari who had straightforward character, and betrayed Tokugawa, she was killed by the Tokugawa side (this Kunoichi was said to truly exist, and some have claimed to be her descendents).
  616. However, because single-member constituencies remained and political parties were under development, large political parties dominated legislative seats even in the large constituency system.
  617. However, because some influential officials who were from the same clan (the NAKATOMI clan) as Kamatari in the Omi Imperial Court such as NAKATOMI no Kane were punished as important figures in the Court, people from the NAKATOMI (FUJIWARA) clan were driven out of the inner circle of the Tenmu Imperial Court.
  618. However, because such mail doesn't satisfy the requirement for the nenga tokubetsu yubinbutsu, i.e., posting within the handling period, it isn't guaranteed but is simply a goodwill gesture by the postal service to deliver it on January 1.
  619. However, because the 7th Shogun, Yoshikatsu ASHIKAGA, died young in 1443, Yoshimasa was chosen as the Shogun at the age of 8 under the guardianship of kanrei Mochikuni HATAKEYAMA.
  620. However, because the Daigokuden stood beyond the Ryubidan with Shuran (red painted guard railings) on the boundary, a step called 'Ryubi-do' was used for passage between the Daigokuden and the Chodoin.
  621. However, because the Hosokawa clan used the Shugo system, a county-by-county ruling system, as the governing system for its territory, it is uncertain whether the Naito clan ruled the whole of Tanba.
  622. However, because the Kadenokoji family, which was in charge of calendar making in the imperial court during the Sengoku period (the period of warring states), was cut off, the compilation of the calendar in Kyoto became disorganized.
  623. However, because the Kami Reizei family had Gobunko, a library at one time locked with Chokufu, the imperial seal, and located outside Kyoto Gyoen, their residence escaped demolition.
  624. However, because the Kiso Genji army was not used to naval battles and it suffered an utter defeat by the Heishi Suigun Navy at the Battle of Mizushima in Bicchu Province (Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture).
  625. However, because the Liberal Party entered into cooperative relationship with the Second Ito Cabinet about the First Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and the revision of unequal treaties, the Progressive Constitutional Party cooperated with Rito and attacked them and appeared in Minto.
  626. However, because the Ming army did not leave Hansong and showed a willingness to fight back, the Japanese army did not stay inland in winter but took up their position on the southern coast of Korea and stayed there over the winter.
  627. However, because the NDC was not convenient for storing an enormous collection of books in the bookshelves, the NDLC was invented and adopted in the 1960s.
  628. However, because the Oda army built the forts of Mt. Tora Gozen, Mt. Hasso, and Miyabe, military operations of the Asakura army were substantially limited thereafter.
  629. However, because the Oda army had power to spare--despite the defeat by Kenshin UESUGI in the Battle of the Tetori River--Hisahide was soon driven into a corner by the Oda army, which used the strategy of defeat one by one.
  630. However, because the Okudaira army fought well, the Takeda army took time to capture Nagashino-jo Castle.
  631. However, because the Ritsuryo system had already collapsed at the time and the technology to mint coins as well as the office in charge fell into disuse, Japan had to import copper coins from China to distribute domestically.
  632. However, because the Senmyo Calendar was used for quite a long period, the calendar began to be distributed among the general public, and also published.
  633. However, because the actual way of wearing hosonaga seen in "Genji Monogatari" (the Tale of Genji) might have been based on fact, it is reasonable to think hosonaga was worn by women including adults by layering with many garments including uchiki and sometimes with mo.
  634. However, because the compensation was not enough with the general expense on the university side, the forest operation side was therefore forced to conduct unsustainable management.
  635. However, because the custom of the time was that the name of a playwright was not credited with a play, Monzaemon's works were not identified.
  636. However, because the death of Iemitsu TOKUGAWA occurred on April 20, 1651 (by the lunar calendar), the holding of the kagamibiraki event on January 20 was avoided in the Kanto region in recognition of the anniversary; instead, it was later decided to be held on January 11 (by the lunar calendar) after Matsunouchi.
  637. However, because the death of Yoshitsura ISSHIKI was a plot of Yoshinori, the remnants (of a defeated party) of Isshiki fiercely resisted when Mochitsune and his successor Shigeyuki were establishing the authorization of Shugo in Mikawa Province, and they made a great sacrifice.
  638. However, because the defense of the government army was strong and Kyuzo KOSHIYAMA, Commander of Kajiki-tai, was seriously injured, the troops stopped the attack and retreated to Tooriyama.
  639. However, because the details of the secret proposal made by Okuma and the written opinions by Iwakura and Inoue were not disclosed to government leaders, Ito finally came to know the situation at the end of June.
  640. However, because the development of 'Type DJJ2 China National Railway trains,' China's own high-speed train-cars, met many troubles, China has introduced technologies from Japan, France, Germany, and Canada.
  641. However, because the development processes are respectively different, it is hoped that students of archery will pay respect to and understand well the cultural and historical backgrounds of the Heki school (busha group) and the Ogasawara school (reisha group).
  642. However, because the efforts of this advisory group ended in defeat at the battle of Hakodate during the Boshin War, and perhaps also because Prussia (Germany) won the Franco-Prussian War, the new Meiji government overturned its military system and decided to invite an advisory group from Germany.
  643. However, because the eldest son FUJIWARA no Ukai died young, he was substantially the eldest son of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan, and was promoted to important positions by Emperor Koken.
  644. However, because the electric/electronic devices to be installed on the train-cars increased, this system had a disadvantage in sales, compared to the concentrated traction system because of the high initial cost and the maintenance cost.
  645. However, because the extension of the line to the Sanyo area was assumed from the start, the use of 60 Hz throughout the line was decided to simplify the specially high pressure devices required on the train-car side.
  646. However, because the financial institutes and holding companies of these zaibatsu were relatively less effective than those of the existing zaibatsu, and because the technical strength and the linkages of their businesses were inferior to those of the emerging zaibatsu, these zaibatsu remained small or moderate in size.
  647. However, because the first real store (used to be in Fukakusa) closed due to bad business, and its existence was removed from the official record.
  648. However, because the government was taken over by Ieyasu, people in the Toyotomi clan began gradually to become cautious about what Ieyasu did.
  649. However, because the inoshishi appeared in Act Four, the scene of Hangan's seppuku, the play was thrown into chaos.
  650. However, because the institution ended up being used for controlling ordinary people's movements and political strife, and because dangerous substances such as mercury used in the formation of a sennin, were employed there, the institution was later abolished.
  651. However, because the interior of these specialized vehicles is so cheap that more companies have begun selecting high-grade taxis such as TOYOTA Crown Sedan or Nissan CEDRIC Sedan, which are more expensive.
  652. However, because the logs carry the heavy load of the roof there is no room for azeki (corner logs) to swell or contract, so this theory cannot be correct.
  653. However, because the method of making ink sticks until Ming period was primitive, the quality of the material (soot) was so good.
  654. However, because the number of passengers reached nearly 300% of train's capacity and the glass of the doors was often damaged due to overcrowding of passengers, it became impossible to deal with the transport during rush hours with three-door cars equipped with cross-seats
  655. However, because the original taste in the Edo period had already been lost, Kansai style Oden became mainstream.
  656. However, because the parking spaces are small and parking is prohibited in the area around the remains of the government office, using public transportation is recommended.
  657. However, because the reigns of the Kobun, Junnin, and Chukyo were not recognized at the time, and the Muromachi Shogunate naturally saw the Northern Court as legitimate, Emperor Go-Komatsu was considered to be the 99th.
  658. However, because the requirements to get the status of nyoin, which was originally the good treatment for real mother of emperor, gradually diversified as time passed, not all nyoins were able to receive the same treatment as that of Joko.
  659. However, because the route between Tokiwa and Narutaki is double-tracked, if a train heading for Kitano Hakubaicho is delayed, trains are likely to pass at a point between these stations if the timing is right.
  660. However, because the route of the Hakone-ji had steep slopes, the Ashigara-ji was repaired and reopened, and it continued as a major highway until the middle ages.
  661. However, because the shogun, Hidetada, was the father-in-law of Hideyori, Ieyasu requested Hideyori to come to Kyoto on the pretext that 'Hideyori comes to greet his father-in-law,' and at last succeeded in making Hideyori come to Kyoto, with persuasions by Kiyomasa KATO and others as well.
  662. However, because the tachikiri type is hard and cannot be handled easily, the entsuki type is used preferably.
  663. However, because the train-cars and facilities used are for Shinkansen, the trains running on these lines are handled as general 'limited express' and an extra ticket for the limited express must be purchased in addition to an ordinary ticket to ride them.
  664. However, because the types of foodstuffs used are many, the period of training to become a chef is longer.
  665. However, because the warlords at the front of Mori's army started fire without his order, he had to give up that strategy.
  666. However, because the word 'karate' wasn't printed in this notice, the MOE was persuaded to announce that karate wasn't banned, and karate was able to resume its activities earlier than other martial arts.
  667. However, because their efforts failed, they started protests, resorting to force.
  668. However, because there are uncertain aspects of its genealogy and the Takanashi clan fought in the Genpei War along with the Nishina clan of northern Azumi, not the Inoue clan, the Takanashi clan probably doesn't belong to the Inoue clan, considering the custom of the time.
  669. However, because there is no record for Rinsho taishi in ancient times, and because it is said that the Ouchi clan came to call itself a descendant of Rinsho taishi from and after the 14th century, this legend lacks credibility.
  670. However, because these seals are not included in kanin, it means that the genealogy of Japanese kanin had completely ended by the beginning of the medieval period.
  671. However, because these three stone monuments exist in a relatively small area in the same county and might have been built at about the same time, the relationship between the three monuments and the political situation at that time can be pointed out.
  672. However, because they are pentaploid the number of chromosomes is rarely the same as that of their parents, even if fertilization is made.
  673. However, because they needed securing tax and were also responsible for scandals in their territories, some hatamoto executed their right to manage their fief actively, even though they earned a 500 koku or less of rice crop.
  674. However, because thicker boards are used in these methods, they only worked on roofs with nearly straight lines.
  675. However, because this dish can only be made using tai and carp, the simpler sashimi became more widespread so that by the end of the Muromachi period, uchimi and sashimi had become almost the same thing.
  676. However, because trains made up of many cars used to run during the JNR era, the station platforms and facilities for waiting other trains are quite long.
  677. However, because various difficult problems existed and initial purposes were achieved, the announcement about dissolving the body was issued.
  678. However, because very little scientific analysis has been carried out in any period, the real conditions of the pollution cannot be explained.
  679. However, becoming aware that it would be disadvantageous to confront Toshiie and others, Ieyasu reconciled with them by exchanging reconciliation agreements on February 2 (in the old calendar), but Toshiie died on March 3 (in the old calendar).
  680. However, becoming dominant by winning the Jokyu war in 1221, the bakufu came to participate in the watch of the Imperial court as well as in deciding the person who would inherit the title of emperor, extending its control rights by advancing into the Saigoku region.
  681. However, becoming unable to move freely due to the rain that started falling, the Satsuma army withdrew although it was almost win.
  682. However, before a vertical-type rice-milling machine which was developed in 1930's, sake was produced with low level rice polishing technique, that is, with sakamai of high polishing ratio.
  683. However, before long, because each sect came to present its own exclusive posture, the exchange and co-starring between sects disappeared.
  684. However, before long, it became to be played in New Japanese Music (music using Japanese instruments), which were popular at that time, enabling it to be played together with various instruments.
  685. However, before long, microblades came to be used widely in western Japan as well, and knife-type stone tools had gone out of use rapidly around 15,000 years ago.
  686. However, before long, the wife's parents died, and they became poor.
  687. However, before the Heian period no record of such a matter was found.
  688. However, before the order reached him, he had already suppressed the enemy, killed than 90 remnants.
  689. However, beginning in around 1901, when schools and colleges in Okinawa adopted karate as a subject of gymnastics classes, the pronunciation was changed from 'toudee' to 'karate,' and karate came to represent Ryukyu kenpo in general, including 'te.'
  690. However, being afraid of Yoshinaka, the Imperial Court excluded the Hokurikudo from the decree.
  691. However, being afraid that independent political power existed to the north of the Kanto region, in August that year, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo dispatched his troops to the Oshu region, officially accusing the clan of having sheltered Yoshitsune for a long time.
  692. However, being concurrently appointed as a land steward gave the privilege of being promoted to the rank of hereditary guard in a single generation.
  693. However, being drunk as well, Omiyo treats him coldly and says spiteful things to him.
  694. However, being good natured he was deeply trusted by the Kamakura bakufu and worked hard at the difficult job of restoring relationships between the Imperial Court and the bakufu around the time of the Jokyu War.
  695. However, being met with strong opposition from Ikuzo OOKA, the chairman of the House of Representatives, KATSURA was not able to dissolve the Diet and all he was able to do was to order the suspension of the Diet for another three days.
  696. However, being ranked second among official Kyogen schools, the Okura school was subordinate to the Sagi school.
  697. However, being related to religious concepts like mujo (transience), wabi and sabi are considered difficult to understand.
  698. However, being struck by disease, he died at the age of 47.
  699. However, being unable to withstand the subsequent enveloping attack by the detached 1st, 2nd, and 3rd brigades from the west, south, and east sides, the troops retreated from Mifune.
  700. However, believers in Saika and Awaji, who fed their family with food supplied to Ishiyama, advised Kyonyo to continue to resist Nobunaga because they were worried that retreating from Ishiyama would force them into poverty which Kyonyo accepted.
  701. However, believers of other religions and sects as well as free thinkers are allowed to write 'goreizen' when they attend Jodo Shinshu Sect funerals, and so on.
  702. However, besides individual battles, there was no full-scale war between the Emishi/Ezo and Imperial armies.
  703. However, besides the Kira clan remained in Kyoto and served as a trusted vassal of the shogun family, the clan did not inherit the shugoshiki (post of provincial constable) in Mikawa Province, or Musashi Province, their substantial power was limited to that of a small feudal lord.
  704. However, besides the above 'Metsuki no kami,' the record of September 8, 859 carried in "Nihon sandai jitsuroku" about 'Yamashiro no kuni Tsukuyomi no kami (Tsukuyomi of Yamashiro Province)' indicates that 'Metsuki no kami' is a female god of the moon and is therefore different from Tsukuyomi.
  705. However, besides this, there is a view that: Hideyoshi had satisfied his craving for the limelight in one day and, other views that: the event was a typical whim of an autocrat. Either way the truth is not clear.
  706. However, besides, as already mentioned above, the board Sugoroku played by Emperor Shomu as an evidence, the historical record says that 'Sugoroku-betto (a head office for Sugoroku)' was placed in the provincial government in the Kaga Domain,.
  707. However, betrayed by the Tsu domain guarding Oyamazaki across the river (see below) and consequently subjected to unexpected heavy fire from the west, the Shogunate forces collapsed and fled to Osaka down the Yodo-gawa River.
  708. However, between 1990 and 1991 the trees were moved to Umekoji Park before the construction work of the Tozai Subway Line.
  709. However, between internal Hyogo Prefecture to internal Okayama Prefecture (between Takinoyashiro Interchange and Tsuyama Station) seats become non-reserved only when there are vacancies, and reservation is not available.
  710. However, beyond question, there remain few religious relics not only on such routes via Mt. Nikko but also on Kohechi.
  711. However, blamed for passing down the school's specialty to Kabuki actors, they were not allowed to return to the Nohgaku circles even after the failure.
  712. However, blood relatives are often permitted to inherit Myoseki name/titles even though the candidate has not attained set skill levels, in the expectation that the inheritance will spur the candidate on to further develop their artistic proficiency.
  713. However, blueprints are drawn up by using the metric system.
  714. However, board making has been mechanized recently, resulting in cutting of the wood fiber.
  715. However, both "Toshi Kaden" and "Konin Kyakushiki" were the documents compiled later (between the eighth and the ninth century) and there is no mention of the "Omi-Ryo" in the official history book "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan).
  716. However, both Isomura and Akiyama appealed the first trial, but both the Tokyo and the Sendai High Courts dismissed the appeals on March 29, 1912, thereby fixing the final conclusive judgment.
  717. However, both Kogakusho and Kangakusho strongly made an objection to the resolution.
  718. However, both Minoru NOGUCHI and Yasuo MOTOKI guess that he was a grandchild of TAIRA no Sadamichi (Sadamitsu USUI), a roto of MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu, who appeared in 'A story that Yorinobu asked TAIRA no Sadamichi to kill a person' in the tenth section of volume 25 of "Konjaku Monogatari Shu."
  719. However, both Takechi and Sakamoto had been gone to Tosa Domain in the previous months.
  720. However, both Tsunanori and Tsuruhime died before Tsunayoshi, and Tsunatoyo was assigned as an heir in the end.
  721. However, both Yasukuni-jinja Shrine and Gokoku-jinja Shrine honor the spirits of the fallen heroes and have a strong connection and exchanges.
  722. However, both are displayed.
  723. However, both attempts ended in failure.
  724. However, both his father Tsunenobu and his son Shune were good calligraphers, and there are many ancient pieces of Japanese calligraphy said to have been written by Toshiyori.
  725. However, both ministries officially remained.
  726. However, both mokudai and gandai were used by court nobles and the samurai in actual documents.
  727. However, both of his lawful wives died young; moreover, Iesada was without a biological child of his own with Sumiko (Tensho-in and his third legal wife), who was the adopted daughter of Tadahiro KONOE.
  728. However, both of them could not move after seeing the might of Shihei who made an appearance.
  729. However, both of them had no children and as a result, the family line of Goichijo and Ishi died out.
  730. However, both promoters and audiences pursued the illusion of Ganjiro NAKAMURA I and demanded Enjaku perform Ganjiro's star role, which had an poor result that did not take advantage of the actor's characteristics.
  731. However, both seasonings are often confused because they're similarly used as condiments for dishes such as udon (Japanese wheat noodle) and because the names "Ichimi" and "Shichimi" sound similar.
  732. However, both sides should conduct trials under the state law and pass judgment as equally as possible without any modification.
  733. However, both the final printed paper and paper used as a foundation had been replaced, and now only the frame from those days remain.
  734. However, both the head of the Tsushinshi, Koshin (黄慎), and its deputy head, Boku Kocho (朴弘長), could not be received by Hideyoshi.
  735. However, both the inbound trains and outbound trains of the above make a brief stop at line 3 due to the operational need to change locomotives by switchback.
  736. However, both the usual takikomi gohan (mixed rice) and high moisture zosui are referred to as Jyusi.
  737. However, branch Hojo families rebelled strongly against the situation, and Sadatoki tried to get the situation under control by killing the persons of the group having executed the killing actually according to "an order," saying that "there was no such order."
  738. However, branch families of Naotsune such as Rengaku KUMAGAI, his child, Naomura KUMAGAI, and his nephew, Naozumi KUMAGAI, joined the Southern Court (Japan) force and shut themselves in the Yano-jo Castle in order to stop the ASHIKAGA force from going to Tokyo.
  739. However, buffeted by strong winds blowing from the west at the time, the boats went onto the rocks over and over and was capsized throwing out the Russian sailors in the sea.
  740. However, burial facilities without funerary goods were found in areas around funkyubo (mounded burials) of the Yayoi period and funkyu (burial mounds) of the Kofun period.it; therefore it is thought that Junso was possibly conducted.
  741. However, burial mounds for Kaika, the ninth emperor, and earlier are either burial mounds that are likely to have been built in later periods from an archaeological viewpoint or natural hills.
  742. However, burning down such as the Sobo (Monks' lodging house) was in the original scheme.
  743. However, bushi in districts existed as kaihatsu-ryoshu, the financial basis, but kaihatsu-ryoshu was bushi and did not necessarily lead bushidan.
  744. However, bushidan (samurai group), and a bureaucratic organization based on it in the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) or each domain in the Edo period was only formed by a network of mutual relationship between lord and vassal in an individual clan.
  745. However, butsudan is a unique custom of Japan, since it cannot be seen in other Buddhist countries like the Kingdom of Thailand.
  746. However, by 1902 it was in a weaker position due to reform movements by the new senryu, and, declining little by little, it continued until the time of Senryu the 13th in the Showa period, when it lost its influence completely.
  747. However, by adding water and heat during cooking, rice changes to alpha starch that is tasty and easy to digest.
  748. However, by allying itself with Nobunaga ODA and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI from early on, it recovered its Jiryo.
  749. However, by being appointed as land stewards by the government of Yoritomo which ruled the Kanto region, they were recognized as independent territorial rulers.
  750. However, by describing the force of the storm that blows around Mt. Asama as 'blowing away even the rocks' the readers can fully feel and imagine, along with the desolate scenery, the humor within Basho's character in selecting such an expression.
  751. However, by opening "Sokkin Nisshi" (the diary of a close associate of the Emperor) by Deputy Grand Chamberlain of the Imperial Household, Michio KINOSHITA, to the public, it was made clear that the Emperor denied himself as 'Arahitogami,' and the scholar insisted such opinions have disappeared.
  752. However, by reading "Bankoku Koho" and increase in the number of people going abroad as minister, realization that there was a rule based on virtue in Western countries gradually gained ground.
  753. However, by that time Tadayoshi had escaped from his monastic confines in Kyoto to surrender to the Southern Court and gone to join Tadafuyu in the Southern Court; together, they raised an army to conquer Moronao (Kanno Disturbance).
  754. However, by that time, the power of the bakufu had been grasped by the Hojo clan who served as a Shikken; shogunal regent, the existence of the shogun was just nominal.
  755. However, by the amount distributed to foreign country as trade settlement estimated by Hakuseki ARAI later and value estimated by reminting to genroku-kobangin, total of chogin and mameitagin were 1,200,000 kan (about 4,500 ton).
  756. However, by the arrangement of Nagamasa KURODA, Munetoshi met Ieyasu TOKUGAWA who was the most powerful samurai next to Hideyoshi at that time, and in front of Ieyasu, he performed "Muto-dori" (seizing opponent's sword without his own sword), and as a result, he was offered the position of the instructor of Heiho (art of warfare).
  757. However, by the beginning of Tempo era (1830), the development of shamisen technique had been accomplished and 'tegoto' had also been thoroughly sought, where the blind musicians sought a new development of composition in various ways.
  758. However, by the first half of the ninth century, the rule over people under the Ritsuryo system began to crumble from the ground up because a significant increase in the number of farmers escaping or going missing.
  759. However, by the floods of 1896, damages from the mining pollution spread, and it revealed the fact that no measures had been taken, and the peasants negotiated again with the company using the agreement of composition for the evidence.
  760. However, by the mid Edo period, the legal system had been improved by kogi (the shogunate government) and people had become more science-oriented and accordingly few people believed in yugisho, so eventually this method died out.
  761. However, by the middle of the Edo period, the shape became almost the same as that of the Shamisen, being altered little after that.
  762. However, by the order of Emperor Gomizunoo in 1634, Katsunaga TAKATSUJI (Shosanmi - Senior Third Rank), Sangi, Okurasho (Minister of Treasury) (1600 - 1643) was adopted as the heir from the Gojo family, which belonged to the same family, and the family name was revived.
  763. However, by the same reason as the one in the age of the Emperor Kinmei, MONONOBE no Moriya was strongly against it (the second dispute on the worship of Buddhism).
  764. However, by the time of Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA's Higashiyama-dono, a Tsune no gosho (a building for living) called the Shuden was created.
  765. However, by then Tsukumo Nasu was already in the possession of Hisahide MATSUNAGA, a powerful supporter of Honkoku-ji Temple.
  766. However, by this time many of the party member came to agree with the thoughts of Tenguto and Yorinori, who was on the backfoot, decided to join Tenguto and fight together against Ichikawa.
  767. However, by this time the Shoguns had already become puppets of the Hojo clan and the Shogun had no power at all.
  768. However, carrying out the erizeni act had also become customary among the general public for a long period of time.
  769. However, cases where a person assumed three official positions concurrently were seldom seen.
  770. However, castles and castle towers were often burnt out, but they were rarely reconstructed because most domains ran into fiscal difficulties or were restricted by the bakufu according to Buke Shohatto (code for the warrior households).
  771. However, catching information on the day before on the Honnoji Incident, Hideyoshi in no time made peace with Mori's army.
  772. However, cats are accepted.
  773. However, caution is needed because the term 'Min-Shingaku' is often used to indicate Shingaku alone.
  774. However, caves that are said to be Kubi-zuka (a burial mound for a head) for Takatoki HOJO exists in various places.
  775. However, certain researchers have offered the opinion that it's several decades older than Shinpukuji bon.
  776. However, certain sects of Jodo Shinshu do not relate Myogo Honzon to regarding 'Myogo only' as Honzon.
  777. However, chaire kazari, chawan kazari, and chashaku kazari for the Urasenke style include the tea service conducted at atoza (transformed version of chasen kazari).
  778. However, change isn't available for notes higher than \1000, so one must have a \1000 note or coins.
  779. However, chased by Masakado again, he barely escaped and hid himself.
  780. However, chief vassals including him, Kazuuji NAKAMURA, Kazutoyo YAMAUCHI, Yoshiharu HORIO didn't receive any punishment.
  781. However, children of the daimyo forced to stay in Edo Castle joined the war.
  782. However, chipped stone tools similar to Yukei Sekizoku, excluding its thick base (projected part) and poor construction, were seldom excavated.
  783. However, citizens strongly opposed to the raise of the fare and held the 'Public Gathering of Citizens Opposing to the Increase of Train Fare' as the day came close.
  784. However, cloth and cotton as raw material for clothes were sometimes supplied.
  785. However, clothing introduced from the continent became formal with the introduction of the political system based on the ritsuryo codes after the Asuka period, and were replaced by sokutai (formal male court clothing).
  786. However, coins mainly made and used in China were generally utilized in Japan as well.
  787. However, coins minted privately in Konan (Ji?ngn?n) of Ming and those minted privately in Japan became gradually mixed with the Eiraku-tsuho coins.
  788. However, collecting Shozei needed excessively complicated clerical work such as forming the family register and allotting farmland to peasants (Handen).
  789. However, color of the kaidori slip on the aigi was not stipulated.
  790. However, combined with Hongaku philosophy which was perfected in the Muromachi period, it actively accepted the real world and sexuality and tended to awaken by sex.
  791. However, commerce has not prospered in the city.
  792. However, commercialization of the cultivation has not been accomplished yet because the period of larvae is long and the death rate during the period is high, and in addition there are many problems controlling the growth of the larvae to reach the fry shrimp phase while reducing the rate of decrease.
  793. However, compared Toho's Kindaichi series which were composed as logical puzzle-solving films, 'Yatsuhaka Mura' exhibited obvious occult tendencies which clearly demonstrated the characteristics of Hashimoto's work.
  794. However, compared to a photograph of a wave as taken by a high-speed camera, it proves to be a very graphic still image.
  795. However, comparing to Sonsho-in Temple with its substance still remaining unaccountable, Tonan-in Temple had an advantage as evidenced by copious amounts of historical materials related to Todai-ji Betto that the temple presented to the Imperial Court.
  796. However, comparing with gosan (Zen temples highly ranked by the government) of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) or the Jiin Shohatto (laws for temples) of Edo bakufu, whether it may be called 'National Buddhism' remains debatable.
  797. However, competitors did not follow and it raised prices three times since July 1996, and returned to the original price in March 1998.
  798. However, concerning more specific timing, there are many theories depending on the documents, as in the following: in the reign of Emperor Nijo, that of Emperor Konoe, that of Emperor Goshirakawa and that of Emperor Toba.
  799. However, concerning the calligraphic style of writing kana characters, Shinai TADA, Shugyo OGUCHI, and Gado ONO restored the ancient style, based on the movement of restoring traditional cultural heritage during the middle era of the Meiji period.
  800. However, concerning the prerequisite for the post of Shikibu-Kyo, Yoshimoto NIJO mentioned in "Hyakuryo Kunyosho" (court and samurai rules of ceremony and etiquette) that was compiled in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan): 'The most excellent Imperial Prince should assume the post of Shikibu-Kyo.'
  801. However, concerning this aspect, as pointed out by Nobuhiro SATO and others described later, the following doubts existed.
  802. However, conclusion of such treaties was one thing and whether or not they had intention to abide by the idealistic principle of international law is another.
  803. However, conflict broke out again between him and the both of them in 1553; however, he reconciled with Yoshiteru, used the opportunity to defeat the Ashikaga and Hosokawa armies in the Battle of Kyoto-Ryozen in 1558, and seized the real power to govern the bakufu as its leader.
  804. However, conflict occurred between miki no kami, who enforced tax collection by pressing "kebiishi" (a police and judicial chief) into service, and influential temples, including Enryaku-ji Temple, which had "za" (a trade guild) of Sakaya under their control.
  805. However, conflicts among warriors and disaffectedness toward zuryo turned into a rebellion, the Johei-Tengyo War, during Tadahira's administration around 940.
  806. However, conflicts between Goshirakawa and Kiyomori became serious.
  807. However, conflicts between Kokushi and the local farmers over Kacho became serious, and in the middle of the eleventh century, Kanmotsu and Zatsumotsu were collected following a certain standard (Kanmotsu rippo) and other temporary taxation was called Rinjizatsumotsu.
  808. However, conflicts with the Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei intensified around the 10th century, and historically, Mii-dera Temple was attacked and burned by devotees of Mt. Hiei several times.
  809. However, confusion of financial market because of the Great Depression led outflow of silver coins, so the silver standard was abandoned (the abandonment of the old "tael" and its replacement with the "yuan"; adoption of legal currency based on controlled currency system) in 1935.
  810. However, connections are allowed at Nodagawatankai-mae for Osaka City (Osaka - the Fukuchiyama, Maizuru and Miyazu Line) and for Kyotango City (Kyoto- the Miyazu and Tango Line).
  811. However, conquering Kyushu did not go well, and in 1367, Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA, a Kanrei (shogunal deputy) who supported the third young shogun, Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, appointed and dispatched Sadayo (Ryoshun) IMAGAWA to Kyushu Tandai.
  812. However, consciousness of avoiding bitasen coins and of carrying out the erizeni act was rooted strongly amongst the general public.
  813. However, conservative samurai avoided some of them because they thought those swords looked decadent with the picturesque and ornate Hamon (blade pattern).
  814. However, considerably less is known about his specific career.
  815. However, considering that Naozane KUMAGAI, who has been supposed to have killed Atsumori, was given a territory in Aki Province and lived in the province by the Sengoku Period, Naozane may have some relationships with the legend.
  816. However, considering that Narimasa SASSA, who was confronting Hideyoshi, let his daughter married to Nobutaka ODA, a younger brother of Hidekatsu, in later years (when Hidekatsu was alive), it seems that Hidekatsu's mother had a social status equivalent or lower than the mother of Nobutaka.
  817. However, considering that he declined like below when he was offered a position of a feudal lord of 100,000-koku class for his having been neutral during the Osaka no Jin (the Siege of Osaka), his act might as well be regarded as the one from allegiance to the Toyotomi family.
  818. However, considering that the 'Kenjo no shoji' as Shiturai was a removable set-in door, it was not convenient if 'Shoji-to' as a way in or out was a fixed door.
  819. However, considering that the term of whale is used for indicating every type of whales belonging to Cetacea biologically, it can be said that the situation would be near to handling tunas and mackerels equally as "fishes of scombroidei."
  820. However, considering the act enacted by the government in 1608 that banned the use of the Eiraku Tsuho coins, it is reasonable to think that other appropriate copper coins would have existed.
  821. However, considering the difficulties of holding various events due to the heat of the season, since 1914, tencho setsu celebration began to be held on October 31.
  822. However, considering the domestic conditions of Japan in those days, some arrangements were applied when it was introduced.
  823. However, considering the fact that he had served as a liaison among Sakamoto, Yodo and Yoshinobu, which became the driving force for Meiji Restoration, he should be valued for his contributions.
  824. However, considering the fact that the three out of five kikoshi existed, the Prince Ishizukuri may be an actual person who was not recorded in history or the known person with a different name.
  825. However, considering the fact that the three out of five kikoshi existed, the Prince Kuramochi may be an actual person who was not recorded in history or the known person with a different name.
  826. However, considering the fact that there were strong forces that tried to bring Yamagata down by taking that incident as an opportunity, and since the public strongly supported that movement, this incident seems to show that overwhelming numbers of people disliked him.
  827. However, considering the moral tone and the status of the students back then, it can be said that this type of institution does not exist in the modern era, where upper secondary education has become popularized.
  828. However, contents of supply offerings by Miketsukuni were stated in detail in "the Engishiki."
  829. However, continuing yugyo (traveling for the mission) with leading many nenbutsu practitioners accompanied various difficulties.
  830. However, contrary to the common understanding, the Sekkan families did not use their power exclusively for their own favors.
  831. However, cooking methods are not mentioned in these two records.
  832. However, copybooks printed from the works of old masters of calligraphy in Japan were poor quality and not good enough to look at, so he purchased those shipped from China regardless of the high price.
  833. However, corresponding to deregulations, airline companies started to offer various discount fares ordinarily (for example, hayawari (discounts for very early reservations), tokuwari (special discounts), gekiwari (drastic discounts), and special discount fares including hotel charges in tie-ups with travel agencies).
  834. However, corresponding to improvement of the school-based education system, the role of Kyobusho dimished, and Kyobusho was abolished on January 11, 1877, with some of its roles inherited by the Bureau of shrines and temples in the Interior Ministry.
  835. However, corresponding to the introduction of synthetic fibers after the war, clothes with cotton and polyester blend have become to be used for making tabi, and tabi made of tricot, cloth using nylon fibers, have also appeared.
  836. However, councilors in these groups were absorbed into political parties (mostly conservative parties such as the Liberal Democratic Party).
  837. However, councilors were able to propose to the central government, with an agreement from the majority of the session (Article 7).
  838. However, counterattacked by the government army on the 7th and 8th of the month, the Satsuma army could not reach Yatsushiro and pushed back to the vicinity of Sakamoto Village.
  839. However, countersignatures of sixty-six gokenin were submitted to Yoriie to condemn Kagetoki.
  840. However, couples and wedding parties should also avoid walking past the shrine or crossing the Uji-bashi Bridge.
  841. However, creating a comprehensive university with medical and literature departments was ultimately brought into view, so the name Kyoto Hosei School did not reflect its substance (See 'Kyoto Hosei School for details).
  842. However, cremation is not a popular custom throughout the world.
  843. However, criticisms from the inside of Sumitomo were raised to Saihei who gained the dictatorial authority.
  844. However, currency based on value stamped on the coin became mainstream with the issue of Gomommegin in September 1765, followed by others such as the Nangyo nishu-gin of September 1772.
  845. However, current researchers of Kenjutsu history generally regard the above-mentioned as a legend since the existence of Kyo-Hachiryu and Kanto-Shichiryu has not been confirmed.
  846. However, daimyo continued to rule domains (former territory of daimyo) as chihanji (hanchiji), and this system was the same as that of the Edo period though it was a step forward towards abolishing the eudal system.
  847. However, daimyo was not allowed to administer the fief at their own will, and put under the surveillance of inspectors who were sent by the chief inspector in Edo (ometsuke).
  848. However, damiyo domains were commonly called "han" toward the end of the Edo period.
  849. However, danger may arise when the Japanese who have become accustomed to eating sashimi in Japan seek it out in other countries and are served uncooked food that haven't traditionally been eaten raw.
  850. However, deadhead trains occasionally use the double crossing on the track to Gion-shijo Station, a remnant from the time before the Keihan Oto Line opened and Sanjo Station was still the last station.
  851. However, death caused by a designated communicable disease under the Infectious Diseases Prevention Law is not subject to this rule.
  852. However, death of an officer who has the title of general or upper ranks is referred to as sange regardless of how he died.
  853. However, debts were substantially cancelled since they broke off the bond of the debt, which pawnbrokers kept.
  854. However, declining business results due to poor availability of public transportation to the mountainous area in which it was located resulted in the park closing down in 1985.
  855. However, deep-fried bean curd put on top of the noodles is sometimes unseasoned.
  856. However, defeated by Kataharu YANAGIMOTO, who was a busho of Harumoto HOSOKAWA, he fled to Settsu and surrendered to Harumoto later.
  857. However, defeated in the Battle of Yamazaki on July 12 in the same year, he temporarily retreated to Shoryuji-jo Castle.
  858. However, dense fog, famous in the Kameoka Basin, rises from late fall to early spring, allowing people to see a dramatic change in landscape when entering Kameoka City from Kyoto City via Hozu-kyo Gorge or Oinosaka-toge Mountain Pass during these seasons.
  859. However, dependent territories of other countries are often referred to as colonies (even under the current law).
  860. However, depending of the situation of this world at the time, it happens earlier or later.
  861. However, depending on the companies or the workmen, multiple works may be done at the same time.
  862. However, depending on the era, there was Otoshiyori to a princess of the shogun family or Otoshiyori to shogun's real mother.
  863. However, depending on the region, stringed instruments etc are also incorporated.
  864. However, depending on the shop, ramen with garlic is served automatically unless the customer specifically orders it without garlic.
  865. However, descendants of the latter tried to claim that they inherited their academic legacies from Kiyoyuki MIYOSHI, a famous scholar and Kugyo (the top court officials), to add prestige to their origin.
  866. However, descriptions here are made only for Otoshiyori in O-oku.
  867. However, descriptions in "Horyakukanki" are found nowhere.
  868. However, descriptions regarding Wa in the official history of China is consistent, and therefore, they can be recognized as descriptions regarding the same government.
  869. However, despite Yoshinobu's wish, Tomomi IWAKURA, who belonged to an anti-shogunate group, Toshimichi OKUBO and Takamori SAIGO, who were from the Satsuma Domain, formed the "Restoration of Imperial Rule" then the "Kogosho Conference" (an Imperial Council held in the Kyoto Imperial Palace) met in early December.
  870. However, despite his opinion that it was 'too much,' the present name was adopted.
  871. However, despite of his contributions and achievements Oyori was never given an important post in the Imperial Court since he was from a local ruling family.
  872. However, despite such civilian exchanges supported by Soyu YAMADA and others, formal diplomatic relations were not realized until the fall of the Ottoman Empire.
  873. However, despite such modernization the number of users increased very little and the local train, which had been operated with six cars of the JNR/JR Commuter Train Series 103 between Osaka and Takarazuka since the line up to Takarazuka was electrified, subsequently shifted to four-car operation.
  874. However, despite the fact it had consolidated its national strength, Japan still considered Silla as a 'barbarian country,' and tended to treat it as a dependent, thus relations between two countries became tense from time to time.
  875. However, despite the fact that her father Yorimichi held great expectations for her, and the Emperor Goreizei held her dearly due to her honest and bright personality, Empress Kanshi did not give birth to a child.
  876. However, despite the opposition of the kuni no miyatsuko of provinces including Kibi Province and Tsukushi Province (Iwai War in 527), it is thought from the fact that this reflects the unification of the nation that it was this period in which ancient Japan was established.
  877. However, details about Agatanushi of Ina no Agata are unknown because no materials have been kept to today.
  878. However, details differed depending on the daimyo who organized it.
  879. However, details of that meeting are not known for sure.
  880. However, details of the author are not well known as the Kinki dialect is used in the book.
  881. However, details on his death are still unknown and it is also said that he accompanied the wife of Yukichika when she escaped to Kozuke Province after Yoshinaka was defeated and killed.
  882. However, dialects are used for many of such names.
  883. However, diarchy by Ujiyasu and Ujimasa continued until Ujiyasu died.
  884. However, dietary staple was served by Oiryo (Bureau of Palace Kitchens under the Ministry of the Imperial Household) and Daizenshiki was in charge of delivery, production, cooking and provision of supplementary dishes or condiments and so on.
  885. However, different from China, where the culture of kemari has disappeared, Japan still has kemari games held as traditional events in various places even in the present day.
  886. However, different from the walls which make up the structure, it plays an important part in the role, characteristics and Shitsurai of the room.
  887. However, different uses of '到' and '至' do not appear in "Liang Shu" (History of the Liang), which virtually copied the contents of Gishiwajinden, and so it can't be supposed that there is a special meaning to the differential use of the two characters.
  888. However, differently from the Republic of Korea and Vietnam which also received a profound influence from Chinese culture, Japan has never been politically controlled by Chinese dynasties and the Yuan which had conquered China.
  889. However, difficulties including vitalizing the old castle town still exist.
  890. However, disappointed by an adverse situation in which the retainers turned against him one after another, Karu no Miko finally hid in the residence of MONONOBE no Omae no Sukune.
  891. However, dismissing nonsense that my friend said, I would have preferred to hear words of loving concern from my parents asking after my health, I began reminiscing about my parents and the dog Pochi that was our family pet during my elementary school days.
  892. However, domains resumed issuing han bulls as soon as the shogunate allowed it in 1730.
  893. However, donations from supporters of the school turned the situation around, and it survived.
  894. However, doors or walls are sometimes erected between the eaves of the upper most floor and the roof(s) of the lower floor(s), or the veranda itself is sometimes moved.
  895. However, doorways that can be considered prototypes of nijiriguchi appear on old drawings of the time of Joo TAKENO, and many similar designs such as a tiny door built in a large door in merchant houses existed previously, so it was not Rikyu's invention.
  896. However, dotaku became larger and part for hanging was lost as period went forward, therefore it became an object for viewing whereas originally it was a bell with metal parts hung inside for ringing.
  897. However, due to Hideyoshi's prompt action, he was forced to surrender and hand Sanboshi over to Hideyoshi as a hostage.
  898. However, due to Shingen's death, the operation of advancing to the capital (Kyoto) was set back and Katsuyori withdrew his troops to Kai, his home ground.
  899. However, due to a delay in the expected arrival of his reinforcements, his army could not match KO no Moronao's army and they were routed.
  900. However, due to a lack of financial resources, Kansai-boeki-shokai (a company run by Tomoatsu GODAI, who was from Satsuma just as KURODA) agreed to buy the properties.
  901. However, due to a movement from awareness of the originality of Japan to return to traditions, studies including the study of Japanese classical literature also arose.
  902. However, due to a policy that any person's name is not to be contained in the name of a tumulus, it was named Tenjinyama-kofun Tumulus taking the local name of the place.
  903. However, due to a sharp rise in the price of wheat and the high price of crude oil, an increasing number of stores have raised ramen prices (a markup of about 50 yen in most stores).
  904. However, due to a small quantity of circulated coins, Kanei-tsuho was imported from Japan in order to respond to the demand for coins.
  905. However, due to an offensive and defensive battle of Otsu-jo Castle, an army of Muneshige TACHIBANA which was a valuable military power for the Western Camp could not participate in the final battle on October 21.
  906. However, due to archaeologists' repeated requests for permission to conduct surveys on these mausoleums, researchers are often allowed to enter mausoleums in recent years to conduct joint research with local communities or to participate in repair surveys.
  907. However, due to being rejected, he gave up becoming an army officer and was determined to become a diplomat.
  908. However, due to changes in the social environment, such as the diffusion of personal computers and printers, the peak of posting nengajo has become later each year.
  909. However, due to changes of the court noble society itself, significantly different features from the system of the Japanese nation under the ritsuryo codes can be seen in its structure and in practical operation.
  910. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, I hereby sell my property rights forever for the sum of 41 kan-mon.
  911. However, due to conflicting interests between feudal lords and other factors, different persons were usually assigned to the same posts such as nanushi in each territory, and such a redundancy often caused confusion in village policy as a whole.
  912. However, due to conflicting perspectives regarding a stance against Muromachi bakufu and his partiality toward his second son Tadachika KIKUCHI, he faced up to his son Mochitomo KIKUCHI, was consequently stripped of the family estate, and was exiled to Sashiki, Ashikita County.
  913. However, due to confusion over the chain of command the Shinsen-gumi, which had separately received an order to defend Nijo-jo Castle, arrived and got into a shoving match with the Mito Clan soldiers.
  914. However, due to family issues the territory was confiscated, and its adopted son, for whom the Hatamoto status was given a new, established the present Seki family.
  915. However, due to fierce internal conflicts, the cabinet was driven into resignation en masse in a mere four months.
  916. However, due to financial difficulties and other conditions, he disappointedly left Osaka and came back to Kitsuki in Bungo Province, his hometown.
  917. However, due to good luck and his unique strategic perspective, Nobunaga escaped the difficulty to become the hegemon.
  918. However, due to many circumstances the number of trains traveling all the way to Uzumasa-tenjingawa Station is still approximately one-third of all trains coming from the Keishin Line (one-half in the daytime).
  919. However, due to never-ending attacks by Sadayo IMAGAWA (Ryoshun), who had been the old enemy since the time of his grandfather Takemitsu KIKUCHI, Taketomo was eventually forced to retreat from Mt. Kora and escaped to his main base in Higo.
  920. However, due to suppression of the Kansei Reforms, the Gesaku that had been written until then became obsolete, and instead the Gesaku writers from the common classes appeared, such as Sanba SHIKITEI and Ikku JIPPENSHA.
  921. However, due to the Empress Kokiden, who had been opposed to Hikaru Genji, he was set up as a rival to push out the Tenth Prince (later the Emperor Reizei), the Crown Prince in those days whose guardian was Genji.
  922. However, due to the Matsukata deflation (also known as the Matsukata finance, a financial measure to induce deflation to eliminate inflation generated by raising funds for the war cost of the Seinan War), more and more farmers became tenant farmers (the ratio of the tenant farmers to all of the farmers increased from 38% to 47%), generating large landowners.
  923. However, due to the Revised Waste Disposal and Public Cleaning Law that came into force in December 2002, the regulation came into effect not to burn household trash in fields.
  924. However, due to the Tokugawa shogunate's religious interference, the Nehanshu was oppressed, and Monjuin Kuzen (Buddhist name of Masatomo after entering the priesthood) was exiled to Sakura City in Chiba Prefecture.
  925. However, due to the Triple Intervention by Russia, Germany, and France, he was put in the position of having no choice, but to return Liaodong Peninsula to China.
  926. However, due to the Zanboritsu (Libel Law) and the Shinbunshi Jorei (Press Ordinance) put into effect by the government in 1875, the bulletin was forced to suspend and cease publication after the forty-third issue, and the society was, in effect, dissolved.
  927. However, due to the abolition of the use of Chinese characters in Korea and Vietman, the tradition of kanshi literature faced a serious crisis.
  928. However, due to the aforementioned change of classification, the word 'Indo' was moved to the section of 'ゐ,' losing its position as the first entry in the section of 'い' to another word, 'Inui.'
  929. However, due to the betrayal of Hideaki KOBAYAKAWA, who was a member of the Toyotomi family, the Western Camp was routed and the Ukita force were destroyed.
  930. However, due to the change in international situations, the National Police Reserve, which had equal equipment as the Army, was formed and the National Police Army Head Quarters was created to manage its administration.
  931. However, due to the coup, it was virtually impossible to make that hope come true.
  932. However, due to the death on August 9, 824 of Retired Emperor Heijo, the dates of Sumai no Sechie events were shifted to July 16 and subsequently faded away.
  933. However, due to the decreased number of freight trains, it became less necessary to maintain the equipment, so the use of the signal equipment for the single track was stopped in 2004.
  934. However, due to the deep-seated grudge of Kiyohime, the new bell did not sound well, besides disasters and epidemics occurred in the neighborhood one after another, so it was thrown away in the mountain.
  935. However, due to the deficiency of rice fields, the complexity of the procedure for Handen Shuju, the increase of false registers and so on, Handen Shuju was abandoned in the early Heian period.
  936. However, due to the design of both the Seto-higashia and Oyamazaki junctions, which require ramps (in the highway lanes) to connect them to the Meishin Highway (in particular the very complicated design of the Oyamazaki junction), drivers have to reduce their speed.
  937. However, due to the detailed analysis of the prices of rice and sake in 1686, it is certain that it was written after 1686 and also because the year was probably not particular for rice cropping, it is not logical that it was written long after the year.
  938. However, due to the extreme infestation of akuto, honjo strongly requested the bakufu to suppress them.
  939. However, due to the fact that the Ihai of Ieshige is 151 cm long and his real height was 156 cm, some say that Ieharu was 158 cm tall which was taller than Ieshige was.
  940. However, due to the fact that the classical Chinese epilogue includes a reference to the year 1674, it is thought to have been published after this time.
  941. However, due to the fragmentary nature of the descriptions and differences between the descriptions in the two documents, opinions differ as to the officially recognized definition of the duties of these newly created positions.
  942. However, due to the global stabilization and maturity of the party government after the Russo-Japanese War, the domain cliques and the military lost their influence and the system was revised to regulate the military minister's appointing authority to only 'active-duty' in 1913.
  943. However, due to the good offices of Masayuki HOSHINA (father-in-law of Tsunakatsu UESUGI), the eldest son, Sannosuke (later known as Tsunanori UESUGI), was adopted by the Uesugi family, and therefore the Uesugi family was able to avoid the crisis, but ultimately its fief was decreased from 300,000 to 150,000.
  944. However, due to the incident of the Emperor Organ Theory, some of Minobe's books were banned under the publishing law, and the government effectively made an official evaluation of the theory in the government announcement.
  945. However, due to the inflation caused by the overissue of inconvertible currencies accompanying the Seinan War, both gold and silver coins fled Japan or were kept as dead storage to a great extent and came down to just nominal stanrdard money.
  946. However, due to the introduction of the acreage reduction policy and decrease in farming, areas that have become kayaba are on the rise.
  947. However, due to the many students who are not sure as to what they were in fact studying, it is very important for them to become responsible for their own actions.
  948. However, due to the pervasiveness of opium addiction complete prohibition might cause social stability, so the government changed the initial hard line policy to ban opium immediately to a phase-out policy.
  949. However, due to the popularity of this story among the general public, traditional tales handed down for generations were replaced by ancient events depicted in 'Hoshinengi' and names appearing in the story were displayed on some mausoleums, affecting later religious belief significantly.
  950. However, due to the rapid urbanization in modern times, production declined in Nada.
  951. However, due to the revision of the regulation of national bank in 1876, it was virtually permitted to issue inconvertible paper currency, and inflation caused by issuing inconvertible paper currency repeatedly in accordance with increasing war spending for Seinan War rapidly progressed.
  952. However, due to the risk whereby the revenue can vary greatly year by year, jomen-ho, which employed a fixed nengu rate regardless of the amount of the harvest, was employed during the mid-Edo period.
  953. However, due to the rolling-stock arrangements the operation was launched on November 1 of the next year.
  954. However, due to the slump in the textile industry, it was difficult for common people to obtain the latest fashion.
  955. However, due to the time required for processing data, the ranking is published two weeks later than the data is released by each karaoke company.
  956. However, due to the vernacular language movement in China after the Xinhai Revolution and the introduction of simplified Chinese characters, a distinction between classical and modern Chinese arose.
  957. However, due to the water pollution and the like, it is now performed in artificial rivers (facilities) of professional corporations in most cases.
  958. However, due to the worsening condition of the times, an issuance of New Year's postcard stamps stopped in 1938, the special handling was stopped in 1940 and there was an increased demand for voluntary restraint with the outbreak of the Pacific War.
  959. However, due to their prevalence, the Yamana clan came to be considered as a potentially dangerous clan by Shogun Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA; Yoshimitsu attempted to conspire the estrangement of the Yamana clan.
  960. However, due to these reforms, lewd images and erotic books were banned and, together with the decline of novels, the readers of novels switched over to 'Gokan' picture books leading to an increase in the number of titles published.
  961. However, due to this early capitalism of their society, the lives of the townspeople and officials became focused on money, and bribes were rampant.
  962. However, due to this he was regarded as an enemy by the new government, and he had his territory confiscated in January 1868.
  963. However, due to this incident, the Yamato Kingdom rapidly lost influence in the southern Korean Peninsula.
  964. However, due to various factors it resulted in dissolution in December 1948.
  965. However, due to various reasons the second generation of the daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) Wakisaka clan, Yasumoto WAKISAKA, took an adopted heir from the Hotta clan; the bloodline from the first generation died out in the early stage, and the relationship with the Hotta clan became stronger.
  966. However, durability is lowered by blending resin (lacquer), fillers such as Jinoko and Taonoko, and starch, which has less resistance to water.
  967. However, during 1028 and 1036, Kangakue was suddenly restarted by Mt. Hiei, even though until then, priests in Mt. Hiei were invited by the students.
  968. However, during December, Shigeyoshi UESUGI and Naomune HATAKEYAMA were killed while under Moronao's custody, leading to tension between the two groups again.
  969. However, during Domanmaru's childhood, his step grandfather Kenshin UESUGI had died, which triggered the eruption of the Otate no ran rebellion which was an intra-clan war fought between Kagetora and Kagekatsu for succession of the position of head of the clan.
  970. However, during Genji's dark days, by deserting Murasaki no ue, despite being her biological father, Hyobukyo no miya earned Genji's displeasure, and so was treated coolly after Genji's return.
  971. However, during Genji's dark days, he even deserted Murasaki no ue, though he was Genji's biological father, and it earned Genji's displeasure, so he was treated coolly after Genji's return.
  972. However, during Kennyo's time, it became mired in war, (known as the 'Ishiyama War'), for ten years (including a ceasefire) and withdrew from Ishiyama.
  973. However, during Meiji period times, the educator Utako SHIMODA invented a hakama ('andon' hakama) for female students that incorporated more inner garment spaces than the men's version that lacked a gusset and, that was easier to put on and take off.
  974. However, during Meiji period, it was prohibited for some time period to take disciples from ordinary people and gagaku was intensively managed in the Ministry of Imperial Household and, therefore, such an iemoto system has not been continued to the modern times.
  975. However, during Sung and after that, Chinese cuisine changed drastically, and other Asian cuisine as well as Japanese cuisine have developed independently of each other.
  976. However, during Tokiuji YAMANA's era, the clan sided with Takauji ASHIKAGA, who raised an army against the Kamakura bakufu.
  977. However, during a military offensive in Owari Province, Nobunaga Oda's army made a surprise attack on Yoshimoto in the Battle of Okehazama and he died in battle.
  978. However, during and after the Tang dynasty, the influence of foreign vessels visiting the southern costal areas for trade gradually increased.
  979. However, during and after the war, it disappeared while the Kamigata rakugo was practically downfallen.
  980. However, during daylight hours in seasons when people enjoy outings, the through-service trains (both inbound and outbound) operating between Kitano-Hakubaicho and Arashiyama arrive at and depart from Platform 4, and during that time the trains of Kitano Line returning from this station use Platform 3.
  981. However, during medieval and the early-modern times in Japan, a negligible punishment by seizing assets was called 'Karyo.'
  982. However, during medieval times when the Imperial court's power declined, not a few Crown Princes ascended to the Imperial throne without the ceremonial Rittaishi due to lack of budget for the Rittaishi no Rei.
  983. However, during peacetime when war did not exist for a long time, the roles of suigun navy were only to control the marine traffic in the domain or to offer the ship when their lord patrolled their domain and took a boat trip for sankin-kotai (daimyo's alternate residence in Edo).
  984. However, during the Battle of Dannoura in 1185, he was caught as a captive and sent to Kamakura along with TAIRA no Munemori.
  985. However, during the Edo Period the phrases; 'Ogasawara etiquette, Heki technique,' reveal, that the Ogasawara school specialized in rules of decorum while the Heki school specialized in shooting style.
  986. However, during the Edo period, Todai-ji Temple declined even further since the bakufu deprived the Temple of its manors, and the Temple was not integrated into the bakufu system of governance using temples, subsequently in the Meiji period, Tonan-in Temple, an influential branch temple (in Nara City) was ruined.
  987. However, during the Edo period, matches between Kanban Ozeki ("guest Ozeki," big strong-looking local lads who were only brought in to draw local crowds) sumo wrestlers were sometimes scheduled on the senshuraku day alone.
  988. However, during the Genroku era an ensemble of sangen and so (koto) was started by Kengyo Ikuta of Kyoto.
  989. However, during the Harima campaign by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in 1577, because Tomomasa had entered Mikijo Castle with Nagaharu BESSHO, Takenori became separated from his brother and went for the Oda camp used the name Kasuya with them.
  990. However, during the Heian period and afterwards, the range was not always as strict as prescribed.
  991. However, during the Heian period, Gon Dainagon (temporary Dainagon with three regular personnel, which was later increased) was established, and the number of regular personnel practically increased.
  992. However, during the Insei period, the fabric became thicker and starched, which made the impression stiff.
  993. However, during the Kamakura period and Muromachi period, the Gamo clan had to bear under the reigns of the Shimazu clan which had been Shugo.
  994. However, during the Kamakura period, as the Mikohidari family flourished, the Rokujo family declined and finally became extinct during the period of the Northern and Southern courts (Japan).
  995. However, during the Kamakura period, the shogun from Sekkan-ke (the families which produced regents) and shogun from the imperial court did not take the post of ministry even after he was released from the shogun post.
  996. However, during the Kusuko no Hen Conspiracy, Tamuramaro supported Emperor Saga.
  997. However, during the Meiji Restoration Katsuyuki, who had already retired, and the family head, Katsutomo, were divided between the Kinno (showing support to the Emperor) and the Sabaku (supporters of the Shogun); fought over Yuki-jo Castle, the castle where they resided.
  998. However, during the Meiji era, Masahiro Asahina, a vassal of the shogun, defended Iesada as follows.
  999. However, during the Ming dynasty the popularity of Tengen jutsu declined in China, and taken up entirely by Joseon-dynasty Korea.
  1000. However, during the Muromachi period the Shugo daimyos directly hired samurais in their lands, who became their vassals, and exercised unified control over their lands (since there are exceptions or differences by region, please refer to the item 'System of Ownership by Shugo Daimyos' for details).

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