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  1. Therefore it was seen as dangerous to offer too much support to Montblanc, who was a French/Belgian.
  2. Therefore it would probably be a great original historical document, if misrepresentations in writing, forged documents, and intended praises were carefully eliminated.
  3. Therefore it would probably be best to look on them as having the intention to slander the creed of the Tachikawa school.
  4. Therefore jitsugoto is also called sabakiyaku (an adjudicator).
  5. Therefore ken is used to indicate the length of buildings, houses and sites.
  6. Therefore many Shoen manors were contributed to dominant shrines or temples.
  7. Therefore many constitutional scholars interpreted the postwar Court rituals as the Emperor's private rituals.
  8. Therefore many financial dealers and gold- and silver-smiths were concentrated along the street.
  9. Therefore many road maps describe Kasa Tunnel as a pass with a tunnel.
  10. Therefore many shugo daimyo sought to compromise and find a way to live together, but Nobunaga ODA tried to completely suppress the group.
  11. Therefore matowaku made of plywood and seamless matowaku are also available in recent years.
  12. Therefore most Esoteric Buddhism schools, excluding the Tachikawa-ryu school, frown upon sexual intercourse.
  13. Therefore most katsudo benshi were forced to give up their occupation, and many of them entered new vocations including professional storytellers (including a comic storytellers), picture-story show performers, masters of ceremonies.
  14. Therefore most of the manuscripts were created during the Edo period, and the ones transcribed during the Muromachi period were few.
  15. Therefore most sumo matches are held until each wrestler has one win and one loss.
  16. Therefore much weight was put in the explanations of conflict between East Asian nations and Western Europe (Civilization), but hereinafter influences in whole modern East Asia and issues in East Asian countries will be described.
  17. Therefore nengu (land tax) collected from Oe no ho was customarily deposited with the Kuraryo (Bureau of Palace Storehouses) of the Imperial Court.
  18. Therefore no white coat was not applied to a cross-grained fan while such coat was applied to fans for girls.
  19. Therefore nonexperts 'restore' the Heian costume in their works, and place them on exhibition.
  20. Therefore on October 14, 1973 the government re-designated the accession day of Emperor Jinmu, selecting February 11 as Kigensetsu (Proclamation no. 344 of the Grand Council of State, 1873).
  21. Therefore only the branch families of Kyo-Senke called the three SEN families survive today.
  22. Therefore only the part regarding rule of conduct in "Bankoku Koho" was translated in 1875.
  23. Therefore participation in war or military exploits had to be proven for later rewards.
  24. Therefore people don't take deceased person's bodies and hold funerals inside shrines or on their premises.
  25. Therefore people used not only the standard designs but its variants such as Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI who used Taikogiri (Kiri-mon with a design of flowers and leaves of paulownia).
  26. Therefore people usually purchase it in comparatively small amounts to maintain freshness.
  27. Therefore she anchored at the point two nautical miles off the coast and lowered six boats in which the crew was to go ashore in order of the degree of injury.
  28. Therefore she came to be called 'Koshikibu' (literally little Shikibu) in order to be distinguished from her mother Shikibu.
  29. Therefore some historians consider the description of "Heiho Taiso Bushu Genshin-ko Denrai" is a fabrication as well.
  30. Therefore some people deem Daigen shuri to be one of Goho zenjin (deities protecting dharma) despite his honorary title of Bosatsu (Bodhisattva).
  31. Therefore some samurai warriors, court nobles, and common people living in Kyoto tried to avoid such a risk by placing their properties in the custody of the Doso, moneylenders such as pawnbrokers, or temples surrounded by well-defended stone walls and fences.
  32. Therefore sometimes there is a change in the chief priest in a short period of time or exchange of a chief priest between two temples.
  33. Therefore suits using the Goseibai-shikimoku were also accepted by higokenin (non-vassals) such as court nobles, temples and shrines who were the lords of private estates and a part of those were adopted also in the kugeho.
  34. Therefore summer daikon is more suitable for making daikon oroshi.
  35. Therefore the "Monchujo" refers to a place where the monchu took place.
  36. Therefore the Hosho school still leaves a performance style of shimogakari that has an influence of the Konparu school, though the Hosho school is a zatsuki of kamigakari Shite-kata.
  37. Therefore the Japanese became well known as craftmen who were able to make effective use of their limited resources.
  38. Therefore the Noh version of Izutsu has re-interpreted the story of Tsutsuizutsu as a story of a wife waiting for her beloved husband, and there are several waka (traditional Japanese poems) that have been added, expressing the bitterness and sense of loss related to waiting.
  39. Therefore the Ou regional regime based at the Taga provincial office completely collapsed.
  40. Therefore the Toeizan Kanei-ji Temple allocated four sub-temples for mausoleum and then the Temple granted the substitute lands from the Tokugawa Bakufu for the exchange.
  41. Therefore the Wakoku War was considered as a reason for the prospering of the upland settlements.
  42. Therefore the awareness that Goshichinokiri was 'the family crest for people who hold the reins of government' became established.
  43. Therefore the bakufu greatly encouraged sake brewing, saying rice could be stored with good quality when processed into sake and sake could also be shipped more easily to other domains and Edo than rice.
  44. Therefore the branches are pruned and fixed with wire to imitate the aesthetic of nature and sometimes the roots are bent or made to creep over rocks and taking up the challenge of using a variety of techniques is part of the fun.
  45. Therefore the damaged areas were repaired with a solution of soil outside the stone chamber and the Agency for Cultural Affairs did not disclose these incidents and said that these were within the scope of "regular repairs."
  46. Therefore the dead are enshrined.
  47. Therefore the demae delivery of small quantities (such as a single portion) is not profitable, and some establishments only accept orders for "more than two portions," "more than 2000 yen," or state that "a delivery charge of 100 yen applies for orders of less than 1000 yen).
  48. Therefore the development landholders donated their kaihatsu shoryo to prominent temples, shrines or aristocrats and the rice fields became part of a shoen.
  49. Therefore the diary seems to have been written for 63 years, but he in fact kept it for 57 years.
  50. Therefore the fact of Makimuku Remains during the Yayoi period has not been well known as of today.
  51. Therefore the front width of the houses were narrow, but the house had depth and were like so-called 'sleeping places of an eel' and were two-storied.
  52. Therefore the government established a governance system with a tax collection basic unit according to land (or koden, a field administered directly by a ruler).
  53. Therefore the government gave Prince Otomo a posthumous title of Emperor Kobun in 1870.
  54. Therefore the heavenly maiden lived in the elderly couple's house.
  55. Therefore the image of Togashi in "Kanjincho" as 'a compassionate person who was touched by Benkei's worship for his master and let Yoshitsune and his party pass without regard to the possibility that he would be subject to punishment' was not added to "Ataka."
  56. Therefore the inside of the bay is very calm and quiet with an extremely small tidal range not higher than 30 cm.
  57. Therefore the paper cord was wound four times on the left and the topknot folded downwards.
  58. Therefore the people living in the area surrounding Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine remain parishioners of Fujinomori-jinja Shrine.
  59. Therefore the possibility of Yuge no miko thought to have died relatively young at the age of the 20's can be low.
  60. Therefore the post-war evaluation is that the disappearance of Kokushi kasei joso was because Zuryo's arbitrary administration had been controlled.
  61. Therefore the prefectural government asked the central government how to deal with this and retribution of three officers, who were responsible for the execution.
  62. Therefore the reason why middle-class or wealthy farmers could not become established was land taxes which were sufficiently heavy to prevent farmers from becoming independent.
  63. Therefore the six oji--three north-to-south oji streets and three east-to-west oji streets formed a grid, although largely distorted.
  64. Therefore the skill of mathematics (Sando) was required, by which it continued as a principal job after the collapse of the Ritsuryo system.
  65. Therefore the society is extremely stable and people have a strong sense of unity.
  66. Therefore the subject matter varies from piece to piece, but many aim to lampoon the period in which they were produced or are works of fiction.
  67. Therefore the temple still possesses numerous Heian period and Kamakura period Buddha statues including a seated statue of Amida Nyorai that is known as 'Tango Daibutsu' (Great Buddha of Tango).
  68. Therefore the theory has it that it is difficult to consider Fuhonsen coin was made to distribute.
  69. Therefore the theory insists that it was issued in a planned manner by the Emperor Tenmu for the establishment of a new state.
  70. Therefore the third finger was sometimes called 'benisashi yubi' (which literally means "a finger to apply beni") in the past.
  71. Therefore the toji and the brewery have one labor-management contract, and the kurabito and the toji have a different labor-management contract.
  72. Therefore the two gods returned to Onogoro-jima Island, and this time the male god, Izanagi, asked her to have sex.
  73. Therefore the variety of yeast used is also different (Shaoxing wine is also similar to mirin in its use in cooking).
  74. Therefore the word "Ryotan" is frequently used in newspapers or in the names of local sports event.
  75. Therefore the word 'monogatari' may have been equivalent to 'having a talk.'
  76. Therefore the word Shofu-haikai came to be used as a word that means Haikai of Basho, and the Chinese character for 'sho' of Shofu was sometimes written as 'sho' of Basho.
  77. Therefore their territories were formed on a myoden basis in those days, and their surnames were based on their myoden.
  78. Therefore there are two types of characters.
  79. Therefore there is a view that people were afraid of the power that killed Hitomaro and called him by a difference name, Sarumaru.
  80. Therefore there is criticism that the text does not reproduce the original Oshima-bon manuscript.
  81. Therefore there may be slight differences between these names and the names used in museum exhibit explanations and catalogues.
  82. Therefore there was a high risk of fatality in twelfth century, when there was no appropriate method of treatment for this.
  83. Therefore there was a pressing need to prevent such disparities, and surveys were conducted nationwide in 1666, 1680, 1697 and 1788 in order to investigate and find out the actual situation and to correct the situations to obtain appropriate values.
  84. Therefore there was hardly any ryoro with elaborated sculpture and design.
  85. Therefore there were many transportation related dealers along the street, and was the origin of street's name.
  86. Therefore these materials are sometimes labeled 'Stored by Kyoto Prefectural Library and Archives, and managed by the Museum of Kyoto.'
  87. Therefore they are also called 'Shimogakari Hosho-ryu (school),' 'Shimo-hosho,' or 'Waki-hosho' in order to distinguish this school from the shite-kata Hosho school.
  88. Therefore they did not visibly appear in the myth, but they were special gods that had fundamental influences.
  89. Therefore they got to enhance the activity of the Socialism Society, and introduced socialism together with Heiminsha, an association organized by KOTOKU.
  90. Therefore they had to add a large amount of alcohol to sake and also sweeten it by seasonings if it was too dry.
  91. Therefore they turn sweeter than ones cooked normally.
  92. Therefore this does not mean that all set menu are teishoku.
  93. Therefore this expression is usually used for the Pacific coastal area in west and east Japan and this phenomenon cannot be seen in north Japan.
  94. Therefore this holiday does not now fall on the original date of 15 January.
  95. Therefore this reform became the basis of later reforms such as the Kansei Reforms and the Tempo Reforms.
  96. Therefore this type of hall was often built in the Tendai sect temple having ascetic exercise halls such as the Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei.
  97. Therefore tomikuji which had only one timedebts and credits relationship with a large sum of dividend was developed.
  98. Therefore tsukesage is supposed to be ranked formal dress and casual wear.
  99. Therefore we have to exert various efforts to realize it.
  100. Therefore you have to improve your spirit to be able to be possessed by God.'
  101. Therefore, "1 hai is (approximately) 720 milliliters, which is a volume similar to a 4 go bottle or a wine bottle.
  102. Therefore, "Goryo Ukai" is the Ukai patronized by the Imperial Family, and in a narrow sense it refers to fishing done at the fishing grounds for the Imperial Household Agency eight times from May 11 to October 15 every year.
  103. Therefore, "JAPAN/MARC" has not been used as a national bibliography for copy-cataloguing purposes.
  104. Therefore, "Kyogyoshinsho" is also known as 'Komonrui' (Extensive Collection of Passages).
  105. Therefore, "Oshu Gosannen Ki" is the sole historical material which transmitted the background of Gosannen no Eki in the Oshu Province by covering missing parts from "Yasutomi-ki."
  106. Therefore, "even an otter performs Saishi, to say nothing of humans."
  107. Therefore, "han" is a system that existed only for two years from the time of hanseki-hokan in 1869 to the time of haihan-chiken in 1871.
  108. Therefore, "moromizukuri" is also called simply "tsukuri."
  109. Therefore, "the Utsunomiya theory" (theory that the first Ekiben was sold at the Utsunomiya Station) is effectively denied these days.
  110. Therefore, "格" ("Ge") for supplemental or amendment purposes, and "式" ("Shi") for the actual enforcement of Luli and Ge as their bylaws were also developed and enacted.
  111. Therefore, 'Atsuta Horaiken' can call it 'hitsumabushi', but all other restaurants have to call it 'hitsumamushi'.
  112. Therefore, 'It is to fulfill a compassionate mind by accepting virtue as first priority.'
  113. Therefore, 'Keian printed books' (books printed in the Keian era [1648-1652]) and 'Kanbun printed books' (books printed in the Kanbun era [1661-1673]) were widely used instead, being published many times until the early Meiji period.
  114. Therefore, 'Myo' means being 'bright' about those subjects (that those who studied them were familiar with them).
  115. Therefore, 'Nobushige' is proper as the name of the historical character.
  116. Therefore, 'Senshi Kijin' can be an arrogant claim that unlike Murasaki Shikibu and Lo Kuan-chung, who had undergone terrible experiences after they wrote the books, the author of "Ugetsu Monogatari" was punished by birth and was equivalent to Heaven.
  117. Therefore, 'Tendai-zasu' in this case, accurately means zasu (a head priest) of a temple called Enryaku-ji Temple on Mt. Hiei.
  118. Therefore, 'a sakaya not selling sake' exists.
  119. Therefore, 'bu' (分) is generally used for showing the percentage of a 100th, and 'rin' is a 1000th in Japan.
  120. Therefore, 'datsuryoku' (relaxation) is especially encouraged.
  121. Therefore, 'jujutsu' has come to mean, in many cases, "koryu jujutsu" (the old-style jujutsu) handed down from before the Edo period.
  122. Therefore, 'monme' was used to distinguish 'ryo' for showing mass from 'ryo' as the currency unit of koban (former Japanese oval gold coin), which resulted in the wide spread of monme as a general unit for measuring mass.
  123. Therefore, 'somen,' 'cold noodles,' 'thin udon noodles,' and the like can be freely named by their manufacturers and distributors based on their determination by appearance or their intention as long as the common consumers do not misidentify them.
  124. Therefore, 'tempura' as a Japanese dish can be said to be a unique dish in Japan.
  125. Therefore, 'the view that Hideyoshi had six fingers' had been regarded as a false.
  126. Therefore, 'this is the one and only true shinto since the beginning of the nation.'
  127. Therefore, '煎餅' (jianbing) in China is a food made by baking the batter of flour (such as of wheat) and water on a hot iron plate.
  128. Therefore, - as of 2009, at least - the only thing that Hiroshima residents dedicate in common to the dead is bon toro.
  129. Therefore, 1 ata became 0.8 shaku.
  130. Therefore, 1 hiro is sometimes taken as 5 shaku (about 1.515 meters).
  131. Therefore, 100% of the profit from selling the wood cut there became their own income.
  132. Therefore, 17 monme cannot be written as 17 me.
  133. Therefore, 24 shu equals 1 ryo.
  134. Therefore, AGATAINUKAI no Otomo was awarded the same or upper rank.
  135. Therefore, Aguri moved into Tepposu kamiyashiki in Ako Domain in 1678.
  136. Therefore, Akiko started all over from scratch and finished up to the one before the last "Uji Jujo" (last ten chapters) of fifty-four chapters of The Tale of Genji, but the Great Kanto Earthquake burnt all the manuscripts kept in Bunka Gakuin into ashes.
  137. Therefore, Akizuki clan consulted with the main clan, Fukuoka clan and planned to appoint a court noble Ariie KARAHASHI's third son, Toyoteru as a substitute of Nagakata.
  138. Therefore, Amaterasu (the Sun Goddess) and Takamimusubi dispatched the pheasant Nakime to inquire of Amenowakahiko's true intentions.
  139. Therefore, Amaterasu and Takagi no kami ordered Amenouzume to go to that god and to ask who he was.
  140. Therefore, Asatsune's genealogical relationship is unknown.
  141. Therefore, Atagoyama Railway had no choice but to give up its attempts at reconstruction and moved to dissolve the company.
  142. Therefore, Baigan himself had called it "seigaku" (study of nature).
  143. Therefore, Bando could not appear in 'Rengo Eiga' films except for "Arashi ni Tatsu Onna," which was directed by Tokuji OZAWA.
  144. Therefore, Buddha's sariras were the only subjects of religious belief having a concrete shape.
  145. Therefore, Buddhist invocation in samadhi was regarded as that training.
  146. Therefore, Captain Kannari started preparations, which was conducting only a single-day march to Kotoge in small troop as a preparatory exercise, without any advance knowledge.
  147. Therefore, Chinese empresses were called by their original family name and empress of the Koso, the Third Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, originated from a family with 'Bu' (武) so her official name was 'Empress Mu'(武皇后).
  148. Therefore, Dazai Gonnosochi was the virtual head of Dazaifu.
  149. Therefore, Dokaku searched the neighboring areas and restored six volumes of the Kingin Kosho (Konshi Kingin Kosho Daihanyayo), which is known as a part of national treasures.
  150. Therefore, Dokuryu is considered to be the founder of the Japanese tenkoku.
  151. Therefore, Edo bakufu invited Joan and other herbalists from Kyoto to Edo Igakukan (Medical School in Edo) in order to acquire experts to develop herbalism in Edo.
  152. Therefore, Eiseiroku and other Chitsuroku (hereditary stipend) were consolidated and converted to Kinroku-kosai (Kinroku government securities) when Chitsuroku-shobun (Abolition Measure of Hereditary Stipend) was practiced and Eiseiroku was abolished in the brief span of 7 years.
  153. Therefore, Emperor Gotoba, by canceling a rule of bringing the shoden in his reign into the ingosho, which had been a custom, performed "restructuring" at his abdication, reducing tenjobito from nearly 80 to 44.
  154. Therefore, Emperor Saga who were in Heian-kyo without a secretary had a problem in documentation and clerical work.
  155. Therefore, Emperor Seinei may possibly have been an albino (suffering from congenital leukopathia or congenital achromia).
  156. Therefore, Emperor Suinin gave him the name of Yamatoshi-kinotomino-toyoasakura no Aketatsu no miko, and dispatched him to Izumo with a new attendant Unakami no o in addition to Akatatsu no o.
  157. Therefore, Enryaku-ji Temple is also called dojo (a hall used for training) for Shishu kengaku.
  158. Therefore, Esaka probably received the same or a higher title as well.
  159. Therefore, FUJIWARA no Sadaie tried to recover the original form and made a classification, which brought forth manuscripts of the 'Aobyoshibon' line.
  160. Therefore, FUJIWARA no Seiko, Senyoden (a building of the imperial place) no nyogo, who was also a wife of the Crown Prince (and became Empress later) was suspected of this incident (according to "Eiga monogatari").
  161. Therefore, February 11th in 660 B.C., is the only day that can be "Kanototori no toshi Haru shogatsu kanoetatsu no tsuitaci."
  162. Therefore, France had also interfered in modernization of Korea.
  163. Therefore, Fukai-no-Joten/ Fukaijoten is not a law related to the succession to the Imperial Throne, but it must be a law related to the governance.
  164. Therefore, Fukuchiyama Station elevated using approximately thirty-five billion yen in total project expenses.
  165. Therefore, GO was deprived of important posts when OKUBO, taking office as Secretary of Ministry of Treasury, stayed in the center of political power.
  166. Therefore, Germany and Russia objected to the Japan's demand in order to maintain their policies on China.
  167. Therefore, Gokushikiinryo and "the Engishiki" (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers) provide working conditions as the employee of Kokyu palace.
  168. Therefore, Goshu is deemed as an older notion than Rokudo.
  169. Therefore, Gukei, who was the chief priest at Kannon-ji Temple in Fudarakusen (Potalaka), was selected as emissary.
  170. Therefore, Gun-ku-cho-son Henseiho (Act for the alignment of local government system), which authorized the existing Gun as an administrative unit and placed Gunyakusho (a district office) and Guncho (a district headman chosen by the government), was established in 1878.
  171. Therefore, HOSHI attempted to continue his duties as Chairman.
  172. Therefore, Haigo may serve as a handling name in the internet community that actively performs off-line meetings.
  173. Therefore, Hakkakudo should have been constructed within the five-year period from this year to the year Nakamaro died, 764.
  174. Therefore, Hatamoto-satsu was issued by many Hatamoto persons.
  175. Therefore, He was suitable for serving ladies of high rank.
  176. Therefore, Hidenaga and Yoshikata KURODA heavily guarded Nejirozaka in preparation for an attack from behind by the Shimazu army.
  177. Therefore, Hidetada whose mother came from an important family in Mikawa Province was treated as the substantial heir and appointed to Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) at the age of 14 and called the Edo Chunagon.
  178. Therefore, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI tried to take a position as chief advisor to the Emperor (Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI).
  179. Therefore, Hideyoshi adopted the tactic of conquering the small castles surrounding Bitchu Takamatsu-jo Castle one after another and then lay siege to the castle.
  180. Therefore, Hirayama concluded that 'Datsu-A Ron' did not have any impact in 1885.
  181. Therefore, Hiroaki entrusted monks on pilgrimages throughout the country and guests who came and went as well as personally traveling to not only Kyoto but also as far as the Kinai, Togoku, and Hokuriku regions to finally obtain the five volumes of the missing portion.
  182. Therefore, Hirotada MATSUDAIRA, who was under the Imagawa clan confronting the Oda clan, divorced Odai.
  183. Therefore, His Imperial Majesty ordered court ladies to compose poems themed on snow and dedicated them to Princess Minushi.
  184. Therefore, Hisamasa is regarded to have transferred to the Rokkaku family from the Asakaura family.
  185. Therefore, Hishiya sent Oume to ask for the payment, thinking that a woman might solicit a softer response.
  186. Therefore, Hoke-kyo is called the teachings of 'transcending eight - Daigo' because it transcends the eight teachings of Kegi (Shakamuni's four modes of instruction) and Keho (Shakamuni's four kinds of teaching the content of the Truth, accommodated to the capacity of his disciples).
  187. Therefore, Honen has been criticized by the religious doctrines other than Jodo sect since old times (the past) up to the modern age.
  188. Therefore, Honen's teaching states, as in the Profound Mind of the Three Minds, that the common people must first become aware that they are unenlightened, and because senju-nenbutsu is the best path he recommends it, and therefore it should be chosen.
  189. Therefore, I hope that my technique would get better by the age of 86, I would understand the secrets of art at the age of 90 and would reach the world of gods at the age of 100. (Then,) A point which I would draw over the age of 100 would be alive as if it had gained life.'
  190. Therefore, I hope that my technique would get better by the age of 86, I would understand the secrets of art at the age of 90 and would reach the world of gods at the age of 100.'
  191. Therefore, I remember that our life has always been full of laughter.'
  192. Therefore, I transmit Furyumonji and Kyoge-betsuden (heart-to-heart transmission of spiritual awakening) to Makakasho (Mahakasyapa).
  193. Therefore, I will advisedly select Teiki, and find kyuji to eliminate the false parts and find the truth for future generations.'
  194. Therefore, I would like the court to grant me special permission of the Emperor to expel Yoritomo.
  195. Therefore, Ichinotani was not the only place where the battle took place.
  196. Therefore, Ichiyo is the first woman to have her photograph-based portrait used on a banknote in Japan.
  197. Therefore, Ieyasu could avoid consuming his military as well as financial power, enabling him to solidify the bases of his territories.
  198. Therefore, Ieyasu exiled to Tsushima Province Nichio, a member of the Fu-jufuseha group, who did not follow Ieyasu's order for serving the bakufu later, and Nikkyo and others who were aggressive in criticizing other religious sects had their ears and noses chipped off and were exiled.
  199. Therefore, Ieyasu ordered Shinryuin Bonshun to arrange Tokugawa's family tree so that the tree should reach MINAMOTO no Yoshiie of the Minamoto clan.
  200. Therefore, Ieyasu's competence of having established the base of the Edo bakufu is evaluated highly.
  201. Therefore, Ieyasu, who rarely praised others, thought highly of Naomasa saying 'Naomasa gives his opinion when nobody else will'.
  202. Therefore, Ijinangi is Izanami.
  203. Therefore, Imperial Prince Taruhito felt shame about his relatives going against the Imperial Palace and he, himself, accepted the charter to become the Great Governor-General in charge of the military expedition to the east.
  204. Therefore, In no cho kudashibumi issued by Incho that was established as the de facto government came to be treated as powerful as Shochoku and Daijokanpu.
  205. Therefore, Inadani was an attractive place for Seigetsu, who had little money and no savings and was entertained with sake for free, because local residents in Inadani were so easygoing and carefree that 'they offered sake to anybody.'
  206. Therefore, Iose was awarded the same or upper rank.
  207. Therefore, Ishikawa no Okimi was appointed to the provincial governor-general after the war.
  208. Therefore, Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple's first rising actually ended in less than a month.
  209. Therefore, Ishiyama was still occupied by the Kyonyo force resisting Nobunaga even after Kennyo left, and Nobunaga's purpose of acquiring Ishiyama was not achieved.
  210. Therefore, Issunboshi decided for himself to leave his home.
  211. Therefore, JETRO (the Japan External Trade Organization) and Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries have established a system to certify the restaurants that offer genuine Japanese dishes, based on the criteria set not only for the cooking methods but sanitation.
  212. Therefore, JNR's balance fell into the red from 1964 when the Shinkansen line started its operation, and the deficit amount continued increasing after that, and it is said that, as a result, the construction of the Shinkansen line was one the causes of the bankruptcy of JNR.
  213. Therefore, January 1st remains to be the date on which another year is added, and the age of a horse is not equal to 'the age the horse according to the Western-style system.'
  214. Therefore, Japan Broadcasting Corporation, in refraining from the use of the trademark, had used to express the lucky charm in other words such as 'Mayoke no Ya' (arrow of amulet) in the NHK news program before, but today it often uses the word 'Hamaya.'
  215. Therefore, Japan came to be a group of solitary islands literally separated from neighboring areas until it developed the art of ship-building and navigation.
  216. Therefore, Japan found a southern island route and southern route.
  217. Therefore, Japan got into difficulty economically.
  218. Therefore, Japan made efforts for diffusion of "Bankoku Koho" and other books, actively gathered information on modern international law from hired foreigners and actively applied 'Bankoku Koho' for diplomacy between neighboring countries.
  219. Therefore, Japan's rekido originates from Kanroku's visit.
  220. Therefore, Japanese blended whiskies are often made with only malt whiskies produced in more than one distilleries of the same whisky producing company.
  221. Therefore, Japanese people have meal with holding the bowl up.
  222. Therefore, Japanese people who worship deities and Buddha equally belong to multiple religions.
  223. Therefore, Japanese tea usually means green tea.
  224. Therefore, Jitsunyo tried to seek a cooperative policy with Masamoto who was solely taking a supportive position for Hongan-ji Temple, while all the present powers were cautious of Hongan-ji Temple.
  225. Therefore, Jocho refrained from staying there and moved to a hermitage in Daishoguma (present Kureishi (礫石), Yamato-cho, Saga City) about 11 km to the west from Kurotsuchihara in 1713.
  226. Therefore, Jodo Shinshu Sect has set many standard operating rules on butsudan.
  227. Therefore, Jodo-e (Celebration of Shakyamuni Buddha's enlightenment) is also called Rohachie, on which occasion a memorial service is held.
  228. Therefore, Judaistic rabbis have become to visit factories to manufacture haccho miso (bean paste) and farms growing tea and tea-processing factories, for inspection and checks.
  229. Therefore, Jugo (the 10 titles Buddha) and Bosatsu are regarded as unimportant details.
  230. Therefore, Junkei became a vassal of Nobunaga ODA, the then ruler of the entire country, and used the influence of Nobunaga to successfully win an appointment as Shugo of Yamato Province by Hisahide, who was then a guest samurai of Nobunaga.
  231. Therefore, Jutaro KOMURA, Koyata TORIO, and Gustave Emile BOISSONADE submitted the adverse opinion, and furthermore, it caused a scene that Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Tateki TANI turned in his resignation in 1887.
  232. Therefore, KIFUMI no Otomo would be granted the same or upper rank.
  233. Therefore, KIYOHARA no Edakata (a Confucian scholar) was chosen to attend the discussion, where Hisahide employed judges that were Tomoteru TAKAYAMA and Tadamasa YUKI (the Governor of Yamashiro Province), both having a detailed knowledge of the Buddhism.
  234. Therefore, Kagekatsu UESUGI made peace with the Takeda side through marriage with a half-sister of Katsuyori TAKEDA, establishing the Ko-Etsu Alliance (an alliance between the Takeda clan in Kai Province and the Uesugi clan in Echigo Province), ending fights between both forces.
  235. Therefore, Kagenaka NAGAO and Sukekiyo OTA fled to the Kasuya-no-yakata castle of Mochitomo UESUGI, who was Sukekiyo's lord and a family head of OGIGAYATSU-UESUGI clan.
  236. Therefore, Kagetora strengthened the control of the remaining local samurai landowners in the northern Shinano area, and became to make efforts to make them retainers of the Nagao family.
  237. Therefore, Kaiseki returned to his hometown and concentrated on studying Buddhism astronomy by himself in order to master it.
  238. Therefore, Kamako approached Emperor Tenchi.
  239. Therefore, Kamon of Kuge can be perceived as 'an invented tradition,' adopted by the samurai class.
  240. Therefore, Kanamigi, who succeeded it at a young age, copied the transcript which was copied by Sanetaka SANJONISHI from the original copy of the Urabe family before, and made shohon (a verified text) after collation with the original copy of the Ichijo family (copied by Kaneyoshi ICHIJO and checked by Kanehiro URABE).
  241. Therefore, Kanenaga's promotion in the court after that time had nothing to do with Tadamichi and was achieved by his biological father Yorinaga's political power, who succeeded the family fortune of the Fujiwara Regent Family from Tadamichi in 1150.
  242. Therefore, Kanpyo was called Kizu in the Kansai region.
  243. Therefore, Kaoru INOUE, who was a senior assistant minister of the Ministry of Finance, proposed the remission of Christians in February, 1872, because he was engaged in the negotiation of the revision of the unequal treaty when he was in the government of Nagasaki Prefecture.
  244. Therefore, Katawa-guruma and Wanyudo--despite being regarded as different ghosts in many cases today--were originally the same thing, a theory says.
  245. Therefore, Kazumasa ISHIKAWA should have been affected by the suicide of Nobuyasu more than anyone else.'
  246. Therefore, Kei Hei (Xing Bing), who received an order from Shinso (Zhenzong) (Song) of Northern Song Dynasty, created the chuso ('Jusankyo chuso' [annotation and interpretation learning of Thirteen Classics]) and named it "Kokyoseigi."
  247. Therefore, Kenmotsu virtually ruled Tenyaku of Nakatsukasasho, Shuyaku of Okurasho and Kuraryo, all of which dealt with the keys.
  248. Therefore, Kichiji's territory was changed to the Sakura domain on June 23, 1607, becoming a daimyo.
  249. Therefore, Kido met him on August 14, the day before the government was reorganized into Nikan Hashho (2 houses and 8 ministries), and begged him to stay in the government.
  250. Therefore, King and ministers in the government could not interfere in decisions made by Daio ohi without reason, this was because Chonhi (貞熹) ogo (王后),Buntei ogo, Teijun ogo and Jungen ogo became the power behind the curtain (governance by women).
  251. Therefore, Kiyoyuki MIYOSHI submitted his written statement to Emperor Daigo.
  252. Therefore, Kizoku is used globally for indicating a broad class that was placed above the common people class and was provided with various privileges hereditarily, and sometimes includes the Kozou class, the Ozoku class and the priest class as well, depending upon the terminology.
  253. Therefore, Kofuku-ji Temple had its own way in the end, whatever unreasonable demands they might make.
  254. Therefore, Kofuku-ji Temple was forced to sit back and watch the court managed under Yoshimitsu, and on December 15 (by the lunar calendar), 1380, it was forced to return to Nara with their demands almost completely rejected.
  255. Therefore, Koizumi actually tried to brew sake with Claviceps virens Sakurai, and as a result, he successfully produced something with flavor similar to sake.
  256. Therefore, Kokuga had not been established firmly as it can be seen later.
  257. Therefore, Koshi Province presented four swans.
  258. Therefore, Kucho does not attract much attention, unlike Sanshin that has become popular recently.
  259. Therefore, Kumano Sanzan's governing organization began to undergo major changes in the middle of 14th century and Sanzan Kengyo attempted to govern Kumano directly.
  260. Therefore, Kyoshiki was established in the east part and the west part, respectively, and each office was called 'Sakyoshiki' (Eastern Capital Offices) and 'Ukyoshiki' (Western Capital Offices).
  261. Therefore, Kyoto City established the Landscape Policy (its official name is the Vista View Creation Ordinance) to conserve borrowed landscapes such as that of Entsu-ji Temple Garden.
  262. Therefore, Kyoto City still has a wealth of old historic sites, old streets and culture, making it one of the major tourist cities and centers of international tourism and culture for people from around the world.
  263. Therefore, Kyoto had played the decisive role to create cultural tradition in Japan, and in especially in the area of gardening it had influenced the other regions of the world significantly after the 19th centuries.
  264. Therefore, L. ochotensis comes in useful when cooking Kaiseki ryori (a simple meal served before a ceremonial tea).
  265. Therefore, Manor Regulation Acts were frequently ordered to levy taxes (Ikkoku heikinyaku [taxes and labor uniformly imposed on shoen and kokugaryo in a province]) even on kokumen no sho, which was, after all, nothing more than an accomplished fact.
  266. Therefore, Manyo-gana characters and hira-gana characters were called onoko-de (characters for males) and onna-de (characters for females), respectively.
  267. Therefore, Mappo shiso does not mean 'the end of the world.'
  268. Therefore, Mappo shiso is not equivalent to eschatology.
  269. Therefore, Masamune headed to Kyoto.
  270. Therefore, Masamune ordered the whole troops to withdraw after firing a volley.'
  271. Therefore, Masayuki HOSHINA held no post in the shogunate government although he took part in the government as an assistant to Ietsuna TOKUGAWA.
  272. Therefore, Mimana means "The Country of Master" or "The Mother Country."
  273. Therefore, Mingaku was music for the upper classes that could be only maintained with a big domain such as the Himeji domain supported it as a patron.
  274. Therefore, Mitsumura especially regretted the parting from his wife, and they exchanged each other's kosode (a kimono with short sleeves worn as underclothing by the upper classes) for their last moment.
  275. Therefore, Miyuki is considered to have become a commander of a troop as a member of the same clan as Fukei.
  276. Therefore, Mototo became the maternal relative of Emperor Gokomyo, and in 1645, after the enthronment, Mototo was posthumously conferred Sadaijin.
  277. Therefore, Mototsugu's death can't be attributed to Nobushige alone, but it is said that the delayed arrival of the Sanada army was one factor in the annihilation of Goto's army or that he deliberately delayed the reinforcement army, understanding Mototsugu's feelings.
  278. Therefore, Muneharu might have taken over as head of the family already around that time, but it is not known.
  279. Therefore, Muneko was actually involved in raising the emperor, and was not just a mother in name only.
  280. Therefore, Munemori tried to restrain Yoritomo and MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka by appointing FUJIWARA no Hidehira in Oshu to Mutsu no kami (chief of Mutsu Province) and Suketomo JO to Echigo no kami (chief of Echigo Province).
  281. Therefore, Myogen-an, while he was still living, passed on the role of master to his eldest son, Myoshin-an Sosetsu, who succeeded to the position of tenth master.
  282. Therefore, Nagaie fought by the side of the Imperial Court in the War and died on the battle field.
  283. Therefore, Naganori had to prepare during that 25 days on his own, getting the idea that 'Kira is unnecessary', and it is likely that notion had some influence on the relationship between them.
  284. Therefore, Naganori left Ako leading the troops of 3500 soldiers to Bicchu Matsuyama (current Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture) on March 13, 1694.
  285. Therefore, Nagayoshi MORI (森) of Shinano Province and Hideyori MORI (毛利) fled, abandoning their respective territories, and Kazumasu TAKIGAWA of Kozuke Province was defeated by fighting with the Hojo clan and retreated to Owari Province.
  286. Therefore, Nagayoshi, who believed the false charge made by Hisahide and killed his younger brother Fuyuyasu ATAGI in May 1564, later realized that Fuyuyasu was innocent and fell sick, and died in July the same year (some speculate that Nagayoshi was assassinated by Hisahide)
  287. Therefore, Naha City discontinued holding Seijin-shiki ceremony after holding the last one in 2002, and the ceremony is held separately by the school district.
  288. Therefore, Naomasa is usually known by his family name, Akai.
  289. Therefore, Naozane then tearfully killed Atsumori because Naozane thought that Atsumori would not be able to escape.
  290. Therefore, Nemaro was supposed to be granted the same or higher rank.
  291. Therefore, Neo-Confucian scholars in Ming Dynasty adopted the Shin school (Mind school) by Jiuyuan LU to complement moral practice learning.
  292. Therefore, Nobukimi was chosen as a replacement.
  293. Therefore, Nobunaga called himself danjo no chu.
  294. Therefore, Nobunaga could not send his troops to help Ieyasu, and Tokugawa's troops had to fight with Takeda's troops independently.
  295. Therefore, Nobunaga praised Inuchiyo saying, "Hairs are growing on Inuchiyo's liver" (which means "Inuchiyo is very courageous").
  296. Therefore, Nobutame HASEGAWA, Director for Hitsuke Tozoku Aratame-kata (Investigative Division for Arson and Organized Robbery), suggested to Sadanobu MATSUDAIRA that an accomodation facility should be built mainly for the purpose of rehabilitation of criminals, so Ninsokuyoseba was set up.
  297. Therefore, Nobutoshi HAGIWARA thought as below:
  298. Therefore, Nobuyoshi dealt with the aftermath of the Edosaki Domain as a representative of his foster father.
  299. Therefore, Nohwaki mostly plays the role of a monk.
  300. Therefore, Norimune became a member of Samurai-dokoro (the Board of Retainers) for the Muromachi Bakufu (Shogunate) and handled practical business affairs when Masanori AKAMATSU was assigned as a Shoshi (an officer) of Samurai-dokoro (the Board of Retainers) after Onin War.
  301. Therefore, Noritada and Mochitomo plotted to defeat Shigeuji.
  302. Therefore, Nuidonoryo began to produce officials' clothes as well and it gradually lost the nature of household institution.
  303. Therefore, OTOMO no Tomokuni was awarded the same or higher rank.
  304. Therefore, Okubo planned to justify by getting an agreement of `kogiyoron' by each organization in the new government on a spirit of Five Charter Oath.
  305. Therefore, Okubo planned to send troops to Taiwan, which seemed to be easier than Korea to conquer.
  306. Therefore, Omagaki became a target of study as Yusoku kojitsu (knowledge of court rules, ceremony, decorum and records of the past), and books to create Omagaki were made such as "Jimokutaiseisho" (book for perfection of Jimoku) (Omaseibunsho (book for how to write Omagaki)) by Yoshitsune KUJO, "Gyorogusho" by Kinkata TOIN and so on.
  307. Therefore, Onuki clan is found in Ibaraki Prefecture and Akita Prefecture in large numbers.
  308. Therefore, Osaka City also proposed an independent plan to extend its line up to Ishikiri.
  309. Therefore, Ota no Himemiko, the mother of Oku no Himemiko and Imperial Prince Otsu, seem to have passed away before March 30, 667.
  310. Therefore, Otose was once regarded as a dangerous person by the bakufu and had a narrow escape from being imprisoned.
  311. Therefore, Oyamatsumi is called Sakatoke no Kami and Konohana no sakuya-bime is called Sakatokeko no Kami, and they are considered to be deities of sake brewing.
  312. Therefore, Portuguese ships came to visit Japan from Malacca.
  313. Therefore, Raigeki-tai and Kiheitai retreated to Takano and Shonai, respectively.
  314. Therefore, Ranzan tried to establish Japanese herbalism by actively going into mountains and woods to observe life there.
  315. Therefore, Riuemon returned to the site and inflicted three wounds on Sannojo, and when Kihei tried to rescue his son, Riuemon decapitated Kihei.
  316. Therefore, Ryoo began a journey tp collect funds, starting from the Kinai region (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara), then reached into the Kanto region through the Ou region and received almsgivings from many people.
  317. Therefore, Ryoo gathered 1,000 stones from the Omono-gawa River; then he wrote sutras on each stone and buried them.
  318. Therefore, Ryukoku University used to be called 'Bukkyo University (Buddhist College)' before 1922, but now there is no relationship to Bukkyo University.
  319. Therefore, Sado might have been known among the upper classes.
  320. Therefore, Saekibe was indirectly made a Bemin (a group of people who belonged to Yamato sovereignty) of the central Saeki clan.
  321. Therefore, Saigo was convinced to accept the watered-down conditions.
  322. Therefore, Saigo's forces succeeded in looting the food, 30,000 rounds of ammunition, and a cannon of the government army.
  323. Therefore, Saisenbako accepting coins were generated spontaneously.
  324. Therefore, Sakurai is famous as "a wood town"and the city actively promotes its wood such as holding fairs of wood products and opening workshop using wood for children and the local people.
  325. Therefore, Sanetaka SANJONISHI might have not known "Gosannen-e" in the Joan edition or guessed wrongly.
  326. Therefore, Sanetaka succeeded his father as the head of the family under the guardianship of his uncle on his mother's side, Chikanaga KANROJI.
  327. Therefore, Saneyori served as Kanpaku and Daijo-daijin, MINAMOTO no Takaakira as Sadaijin, and FUJIWARA no Morotada as Udaijin to form the cabinet under Emperor Reizei.
  328. Therefore, Seii taishoguns (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") or Chinju-fu shoguns (Commander-in-Chief of the Defense of the North) were dispatched to Mutsu Province and Chinju-fu (army base) was deployed in the subdued area and the Chinju-fu shogun, the chief of it ranked with kokushi.
  329. Therefore, Sendai Domain was viewed as an Emperor's enemy and its domain was confiscated, but later given the land of 280,000 goku (77,840 cubic meters).
  330. Therefore, Shigekane became the adoptive heir and succeeded as the head of family when Kazushige retired in 1619.
  331. Therefore, Shigekatsu's territory was changed to the Sekiyado domain in December of 1617 (in the old calendar), becoming a daimyo.
  332. Therefore, Shigesada sued his older brother.
  333. Therefore, Shigetoki was the only one at Tandai and served alone during the last five years.
  334. Therefore, Shikibu-Kyo, the Secretary of Shikibu-sho, was recognized as an important post, which established a convention that the Imperial Prince with a rank equivalent to or higher than Shihon (the fourth rank of Imperial Princes' rank) was appointed to the post since 872.
  335. Therefore, Shinei MATAYOSHI, who was an expert of manufacturing Sanshin and was also famous as a Kucho player, developed four-stringed Kucho provided with a string for bass part additionally and made the instrument used widely (with three-stringed Kucho, the scores of these lower tones were played raised by an octave).
  336. Therefore, Shinkansen are dealt with differently from general railways legally as well: For example, for Shinkansen, the Special Measures Act on Punishment of Acts Endangering Safe Operation of Shinkansen Railways applies in addition to the general Railway Construction Act.
  337. Therefore, Shinkansen is sometimes differentiated from other high-speed railway systems.
  338. Therefore, Shinshu has two lineages, which are Homyaku (master -apprentice relationship) and Kechimyaku (blood relationship).
  339. Therefore, Shizoku originally indicated Kizoku itself.
  340. Therefore, Shodo is one method of human improvement and it has been revered as one of Six Arts (rites, music, archery, charioteering, literature, and mathematics) since ancient times in China.
  341. Therefore, Shuzeiryo existed for a long time even after the collapse of Ritsuryo system.
  342. Therefore, Soko YAMAGA said that the orthodox Confucianism rooted in Japan and concluded 'Japan was China.'
  343. Therefore, Sokuchi-in symbolizes a strong mind pursuing the truth without being overcome by temptations or obstacles.
  344. Therefore, Soni ryo and Sogo were applied to monks and nuns, and they did not regulate Buddhism itself.
  345. Therefore, Sorai told about the right of law as follows.
  346. Therefore, Soriyama refers to Seoul.
  347. Therefore, Suemitsu should actually be the forefather of the Mori family and the Mori clan; however, as it is the custom of their family to regard Amenohohi (a male Shinto god) as the first head of the family, Suemistu is said to be the 39th head of the clan.
  348. Therefore, Sujin made Omononushi no kami's daughter, Taneko OTA, to be a shinto priest, and the country became peaceful.
  349. Therefore, Sukehira TAKATSUKASA, who was the Emperor's uncle serving as Kanpaku (chief advisor to the Emperor), made a similar request, expecting to be severely punished.
  350. Therefore, Sukemasa built an alliance with the Asakura clan in Echizen Province, and he fought back against Sadayori's offensive with the support from the Asakura clan, and gradually enhanced his dominance over the Kita Omi, the northern territory of Omi Province.
  351. Therefore, Sumitomo must have seemed a serious threat to Kyoto.
  352. Therefore, Susano was expelled from Takamanohara and went down to Ashihara no nakatsukuni.
  353. Therefore, Tachi and Uchigatana are mostly distinguished by the position of the inscribed signature (Mei), but some sword craftsmen inscribed in the back.)
  354. Therefore, Tadamitsu OOKA, one of his confidants, became in charge of important matters, restoring the sobayonin system.
  355. Therefore, Tadataka INO, who was a nanushi (village headman) in present Sawara City, was permitted to use the family name of 'INO' in Sawara, but was prohibited from using the name outside the territory.
  356. Therefore, Tadatsune called Tadamune during the absence of Yoshihisa and Yoshihiro, and killed him.
  357. Therefore, Tadayoshi abolished the Hikitsukekata and instead established the Naidankata.
  358. Therefore, Takara no Himemiko was enthroned a second time as Empress Saimei in Asuka Itabuki no Miya Palace on February 17, 655.
  359. Therefore, Takarabune is considered to be an auspicious ship, and figures that depict Shichifukujin (Seven Deities of Good Luck) on board of this ship are popular as lucky charms.
  360. Therefore, Takauji ASHIKAGA attempted to conduct Shinsei (expedition) to the Kyushu region because he was concerned about the South Court, which was gaining power in Kyushu region.
  361. Therefore, Tamesuke's biological mother Abutsuni went down to Kamakura and appealed to the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  362. Therefore, Tan-luan burned 'Sengyo (Taoist bible),' and was converted to Jodo sect.
  363. Therefore, Tato (powerful farmers), or the owners of newly developed arable land, who acquired large tracts arable land through development or buying land, donated their farmland to dominant temples (or dominant shrines) to obtain Fuyu no ken.
  364. Therefore, Teaching Profession Graduate School System as one of professional graduate schools was introduced and established on April 1, 2008.
  365. Therefore, Tenkai had various anecdotes.
  366. Therefore, Tenshu was not such a residence as Seiden (main palace) symbolic of a Chinese castle but closer to a keep tower of a European castle.
  367. Therefore, Tomomi IWAKURA and Hirobumi ITO disagreed with the draft, and neither Japan's national constitution draft nor Okuma's opinion on a constitution was adopted.
  368. Therefore, Tosho-in, with the cooperation of her vassal Muramune URAGAMI, masterminded a conspiracy to eliminate Yoshimura.
  369. Therefore, Toyouke no Okami was transferred from Tanba Province to Watarai, Ise Province.
  370. Therefore, Tsunehisa tried to unite and control the Kokujin-shu of Izumo Province through making an expedition and invading other provinces.
  371. Therefore, Tsunemoto's father was Emperor Yozei's Prince, Imperial Prince Motohira, not Emperor Seiwa's Prince, Imperial Prince Sadazumi
  372. Therefore, Tsunetsugu ICHIJO, the third son of Yoshimoto NIJO who was kanpaku, became an adopted heir of Tsunemichi in the Ichijo family.
  373. Therefore, Tsushinshi played the role of introducing advanced culture in Korea to Japan, in addition to the mission as a diplomatic envoy.
  374. Therefore, Uchine-jutsu (the art of Uchine) developed from the idea that archers use arrows instead of spears in battles.
  375. Therefore, Ujimasa prepared his army for a war against Satomi, who cooperated with the Satake clan, and also Sukemasa, a guest commander of the Satake army.
  376. Therefore, Ujimasa presented a written prayer to the Mishima-taisha Shrine as the effect that Ujinao would rule the Kanto region and have a marital relationship with the Oda clan.
  377. Therefore, Ukai ayu were particularly-prized as special present so that Ukai had been preserved by the Shogunate and the daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) after the Azuchi-Momoyama Period.
  378. Therefore, Ukemochi no kami is sometimes believed to be the same god as Oogetsuhime.
  379. Therefore, Uno no Sarara no Himemiko who had administered government affairs as the wife of Emperor Tenmu ascended the throne on February 17 in the next year (690).
  380. Therefore, Valignano marked out four boys who were studying at the Seminario (Seminary).
  381. Therefore, Valignano marked out four boys who were studying at the Seminario.
  382. Therefore, Wado-kaiho was the main way to read.
  383. Therefore, Wang Yangming interpreted 'kakubutsu chichi' as exerting ryochi by rectifying 'yi.'
  384. Therefore, YAMAZA made the plan to purposely put only one part to be revised by ITO in the document submitted to him and then to make it perfect by his revision.
  385. Therefore, Yamada nishiki were brought from other prefectures for daiginjo sake.
  386. Therefore, Yamashina Station is structured to branch off on the west side (construction of a new line on the west side was halted due to the severe fiscal conditions of Japan National Railways (JNR)).
  387. Therefore, Yamato sovereignty (the ancient Japan sovereignty) which had its regional base in the Kinai region (the five capital provinces surrounding the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto) established a regional office as a strategic point for foreign affairs and military operation against the Korean peninsula.
  388. Therefore, Yanagawa complained to the bakufu for the modification of diplomatic messages done by Tsushima Domain.
  389. Therefore, Yinyuan's arrival in Japan and the founding of Manpuku-ji Temple brought not only new Zen Buddhism, but also various aspects of Chinese culture.
  390. Therefore, Yoei and Fusho went to Tang (China) to invite 10 duly ordained Chinese priests prescribed by the Vinaya, and visited Ganjin, who had already distinguished himself as a great Vinaya master.
  391. Therefore, Yomeigaku's influence on Korean history is not as great as it was on those of China and Japan.
  392. Therefore, Yorimune was promoted more slowly than Yorimichi, who was the same age as Yorimune; nevertheless, he was appointed as Gon Chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state) in 1014 and Gon Dainagon (a provisional chief councilor of state) in 1021.
  393. Therefore, Yoshiaki MOGAMI sided with Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in the Battle of Sekigahara.
  394. Therefore, Yoshiie had to go to hunt down and kill Yoshichika, but Yoshiie passed away in 1106.
  395. Therefore, Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, the third shogun, formed a goup of bodyguards called Oumamawari to confront shugo's power.
  396. Therefore, Yoshimitsu ordered Ujikiyo and Mitsuyuki to subjugate them.
  397. Therefore, Yoshimoto regained the position of Sessho, but became ill and died at the age of 69 right after he passed on the title of Sessho to his son Morotsugu.
  398. Therefore, Yoshimoto sent Narinobu Shishido as a special envoy to Mototsugu for directly calling on him to reflect his past conduct.
  399. Therefore, Yoshimune TOKUGAWA promoted the re-strengthening of the bakufu authority and financial reconstruction (Kyoho Reforms).
  400. Therefore, Yoshimura conducted reformation of domain duties with the aim of financial reconstruction.
  401. Therefore, Yoshinobu's grave is neither in the Tokugawa Family graveyard of his family temple Zojo-ji Temple or the Tokugawa Family graveyard at Kan'ei-ji Temple; instead, a tumulus similar to that of the Imperial Family was built in Yanaka Cemetery.
  402. Therefore, Yukiie became the son-in-law of the Shogun's wife, taking the important position of intermediary between the Imperial Court and the Tokugawa Shogunate.
  403. Therefore, Yukinari crafted an excuse to increase the number of empresses on this occasion so that they could serve at festivals, and he used this excuse to persuade Higashi Sanjo-in and Emperor Ichijo.
  404. Therefore, Zeami praised him greatly as 'a saint in this field' in "Fushikaden" (Flowering spirit) and as 'an expert in the three aspects of a play' (dancing, singing, and subtle and profound airs) in "Sando."
  405. Therefore, a clash between Saigo and Kido/Okuma was inevitable.
  406. Therefore, a clear distinction could be made between this law and the former series of hanzeirei (order allowing military governors to collect half of the taxes from manors and demesnes as military fund).
  407. Therefore, a cloth to cover the body was made by collecting and sewing together rags that had lost their value and were thrown away, or something like using pieces of cloth for wiping filth (funzo - literally, wiping excrement).
  408. Therefore, a conductor will often check tickets for which wrong IC cards may be used on the trains bound for Fukuchiyama (including trains operated by a single person).
  409. Therefore, a conflict occasionally arose between the honke (the imperial and sekkan-ke families) and the ryoke (the kuge of a middle and lower class) as to whether an individual kuge-ryo territory was a soden or an onryo.
  410. Therefore, a conflict over the supremacy of the bakufu arose between the group supporting Tadayoshi and the group supporting Moronao.
  411. Therefore, a countermeasure is being performed by removing the mural paintings from the wall to preserve them.
  412. Therefore, a domain sold their annual rice tax and their local special products in Edo and Osaka to earn national currency issued by the bakufu, or they sometimes purchased necessary goods with the earned money, and they sent such money or those goods to their hometown or their residence in Edo to set aside for their expenses.
  413. Therefore, a family head is a leader of Ie (household), and family members are those who consist of Ie and are not a family head.
  414. Therefore, a food additive called Bonanzai is added to most koya-dofu currently on the market in order to shorten the reconstituting time and allow it to cook softly.
  415. Therefore, a forcing culture method has been deployed to produce L. japonica with high quality similar to biennial-typed L. japonica in a year.
  416. Therefore, a graduation thesis is not required.
  417. Therefore, a large amount of illegal liquors such as methyl sake (moonshine), kasutori-sake (moonshine) and bomb sake (moonshine made from fuel alcohol) were actively sold.
  418. Therefore, a large part of the contents of the Jogan-kyaku Code can be inferred.
  419. Therefore, a low-paid lower ranked government official was called 'packed lunch.'
  420. Therefore, a new viewpoint about composition has been introduced.
  421. Therefore, a number of history books about the Kofun period (tumulus period) or Asuka period should have been available when kiki (the Kojiki and Nihonshoki) was compiled.
  422. Therefore, a numerical forecasting system has been developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and its operation has started.
  423. Therefore, a person was occasionally appointed to a government post in an honorary capacity under this system.
  424. Therefore, a plan to cope with the supposed increase in power demand was formulated that combined the system of pump-up power generation that enabled surplus electric power at night to be used effectively.
  425. Therefore, a popular theory is that the Tokugawa side reclaimed even the uchibori "in a cheating way", ignoring the determent of the Toyotomi side, however, the theory may have come from the results that the exaggerated above-mentioned process has been passed down
  426. Therefore, a post to deal with litigation related to temples, shrines and local provinces far from the capital was established in 1635.
  427. Therefore, a prevailing view is that the record related to the name 'Mitate' might be wrong.
  428. Therefore, a pro-Tokugawa chancellor Nariyuki NIJO (a cousin of Yoshinobu) was inducted as regent, a post that had been in vacancy for almost 80 years.
  429. Therefore, a recent theory of Noguchi's is 'the network of fellows in the same place' cannot be ignored.
  430. Therefore, a record remains that potatoes were placed on the rails to simulate snow fall conditions to test snow-resistant characteristics of the skirt part of the train-cars.
  431. Therefore, a registration system for Dogs was established, dogs were protected from cruel treatment by appointing inspectors, and from 1696 the shogunate offered rewards to people who informed on cruel treatment towards dogs.
  432. Therefore, a roju (senior councilor of the Tokugawa shogunate), Masahiro ABE, took on the leadership of the shogunate government.
  433. Therefore, a slight delay of a train can affect all of the other related lines.
  434. Therefore, a society with rice-paddy cultivation techniques (at least in northern Kyushu) existed before the first half of the early Yayoi period (Shown in a form of earthenware called Kizamimetottaimon earthenware such as Yusu earthenware.)
  435. Therefore, a special care, for example, wrapping it with soft cloth, is needed for storing it.
  436. Therefore, a stop of approximately ten minutes is required, during which time the Limited Express Raicho (train) passes the special rapid train.
  437. Therefore, a technique of sumigake, which was taking colors and tastes with small amount of charcoal efficiently, was developed.
  438. Therefore, a temple or a shrine was not immune from the law.
  439. Therefore, a tenth ryo was 1 sen.
  440. Therefore, a theory says that he was assassinated by the Ieyasu group like Kiyomasa.
  441. Therefore, a train protection method different from those used in regular railway lines is utilized to stop other trains quickly at emergencies.
  442. Therefore, a variety of services and obligations against the honjo, such as nengu (land tax) and kuji (public duties) were called Honjo-yaku and regarded as the most significant among the burdens on people at the shoen.
  443. Therefore, a vicious cycle of expanding the tree-cutting area to increase the profit set in, making the state of the field practice forest further deteriorate.
  444. Therefore, a war may have broken out over the control of the iron acquisition route, but it is not archaeologically proved yet.
  445. Therefore, a warrior had to avoid walking alone without his servant in order to avoid facing such shame on the streets.
  446. Therefore, a yagura lasted less time than a tenshu, and like a dozo (warehouse made of soil), its construction material was perishable since thick mud wall keep humidity.
  447. Therefore, above remarks could be Seppo's subjective views, however it could be considered that Seppo wanted to tell Mitsuru about Saigo's spirit which had made him take the action for justice without thinking results.
  448. Therefore, according to Kirino's order, Gunpei FUCHIBE, Shinsuke BEPPU, and HENMI returned to Kagoshima and recruited new soldiers.
  449. Therefore, according to these codes, 'hiyamugi' is classified as 'udon', and in a narrow sense it can be interpreted that 'fresh- or boiled-type hiyamugi noodles are a type of udon noodles.'
  450. Therefore, activities conducted by Shinrankai at various universities across the nation are viewed as a problem.
  451. Therefore, advance warning was given for predictable phenomena, so that these days could be avoided when holding national events, while unforeseen incidents needed to be observed, interpreted by divination and reported to the rulers so that they could respond appropriately.
  452. Therefore, after Hideyoshi's death, the Toyotomi government's inconsistencies and weak points came to the surface and it was taken over by the Tokugawa clan within a few years.
  453. Therefore, after Mototomo HORIKAWA (1232 - 1297) was appointed to the post in the Kamakura period, 'Gido-sanshi' was established as the Chinese version name of Jundaijin.
  454. Therefore, after Yoshitada's death, Tameyoshi became the leader of Kawachi-Genji.
  455. Therefore, after allowance of the right to issue paper money from the bakufu, the family provided the right to towns and villages as the legal guarantee of issuing paper money and as the credibility of such money, to secure income.
  456. Therefore, after being appointed as Provisional Governor of Kaga Province in 1202, Mitsuie served Imperial Princess Akiko, Yoshisuke KUJO, who was under the protection of Princess Akiko, and Noriie KUJO, who became an adopted heir of Yoshisuke.
  457. Therefore, after returning from Kyoto, the Emperor restored all personnel of the Imperial Court to positions where they were before he was banished, and then undid all transfer of territories resulted from the war.
  458. Therefore, after the battle, he was given a territory.
  459. Therefore, after the conclusion of the Treaty of Portsmouth, the first Katsura cabinet sent Foreign Minister KOMURA to Qing, calling for the country's approval of Japan's additional demands with the rights which Russia had once acquired.
  460. Therefore, after the death of Motoakira, all the pieces were tuned back to the original version.
  461. Therefore, after the enthronement, Emperor Gosanjo was planning to settle the score by accusing Kunitaka's sons of some kind of charge.
  462. Therefore, after the first stage, this play has never been performed as Toshi kyogen (full-length play); only the opening and the ending, where Buyna and Jubei have a dialogue, have been played.
  463. Therefore, after then, the number of persons inheriting the technique diminished gradually.
  464. Therefore, aggregation and precipitation may possibly occur so, pH is adjusted as close to neutral value (around pH 6.0 - pH 6.5) by adding sodium bicarbonate.
  465. Therefore, aiming at a more perfect system, Hoan-sho established inside the schoolhouse was reformed to a strongbox style.
  466. Therefore, alcohol was added to honjozo (authentically-brewed) in order to adjust flavor and the ratio of adding was limited to less than one-tenth of the quantity.
  467. Therefore, all of them became Hatamoto.
  468. Therefore, all people who serve the church, including those who are called superintendents or deans in other sects, are called shitsuji.
  469. Therefore, all the buildings are new, but many cultural properties such as statues of the Buddha have been preserved.
  470. Therefore, all the existing manuscripts, except the Horibon mentioned above, belong to the lineage of this Tanehikobon.
  471. Therefore, all the manufacturers of Kyo tops closed down and disappeared for a time.
  472. Therefore, all the train sets of 'Maizuru' are operated using only three ordinary cars.
  473. Therefore, almost all 'masuseki for four' are used by four people, even if they feel cramped in such a confined space.
  474. Therefore, along with the trend in mechanization, a shift to calcium sulfate, which was easy to use as a coagulant, was implemented after the war.
  475. Therefore, although Hitokoto nushi was god, EN no Gyoja tortured and accused him.
  476. Therefore, although Iesada was still reigning as Shogun, the people were already recommending a successor for the Shogun, and this started the race for successor to the Shogun.
  477. Therefore, although he was the fifth son, he succeeded to the family name and became the lord of the Domain on December 11, 1832 when his father retired.
  478. Therefore, although his name is often written as Rigen HAYASHI, it is unknown whether he himself used this surname.
  479. Therefore, although ikki sometimes caused revolts, riots and coup d'?tat, all of which occurred through efforts to overturn the regime, the word "ikki" should essentially be distinguished from those words (revolt, riot, coup d'?tat).
  480. Therefore, although kidendo and monjo hakase continued until the end of the Edo period, it is thought that their existence as an actual subject lasted only until the end of the Heian period.
  481. Therefore, although other loyal families of the Southern Court such as the Kikuchi clan and the Nawa clan were raised to the peerage, there has been no peerage from the Kusuniki clan.
  482. Therefore, although some members of the current Buddhist community reject the Fivefold Periods thesis as wrong, it cannot be denied completely.
  483. Therefore, although some old-style natsume that have been handed down as the works of Goro HANEDA are existent at Fujita Museum of Art etc., it is impossible to regard them as tea tools that were produced at that time.
  484. Therefore, although the Mito family was a branch of the Tokugawa family, shogunate retainers were watchful of it in the same manner as they were of tozamadaimyo (non-Tokugawa daimyo).
  485. Therefore, although the temple wanted to stop the transfer, he stubbornly refused to listen.
  486. Therefore, although the term of Raikoshi (indicating a messenger with an article of tribute from a foreign country) was not used in any official documents, the term of Raiko (coming to pay tribute), which indicated an outright master-slave relationship, came to be used widely among the general public, as for envoys from Ryukyu.
  487. Therefore, although there is no named school, the three large lines of the Osaka line, the Kyoto line and the Nagoya line exist correspondingly to the Ikuta school for Jiuta songs and So music.
  488. Therefore, although they are part of an organization and obey its rules, the itinerary of tours can effectively be determined by the guide and may be conducted in one's own words.
  489. Therefore, although unqualified as the lord, Takakuni was supposed to have an aspect of having retainers attached to him.
  490. Therefore, among Sumitomo, establishing trading company had been under taboo for almost a quarter of the century until Nippon Kensetsu Sangyo (current Sumitomo Corporation) was finally founded in 1945.
  491. Therefore, among shamisen music it has the longest history.
  492. Therefore, among the dramas concerning Chusingura in recent years, some describe the incident as if Yasunaga IROBE, Edo-garo of the Uesugi family, maneuvered for the killing of Kira, 'a money-eater.'
  493. Therefore, among the people whose positions were Mizunomi Byakusho, there were many rich men who engaged in, for example, trade and sericulture.
  494. Therefore, an argument that the demise of Japanese missions to Tang China gave birth to Kokufu-bunka is wrong.
  495. Therefore, an arrow used for hitting the target was called 'Hamaya,' and a bow was called 'Hamayumi.'
  496. Therefore, an increase in the number of visiting families meant a decrease in the number of people available for the conscripted army.
  497. Therefore, an increase in the real income corresponding to that in the amount of rice crop could not be expected.
  498. Therefore, an odd number of katsuogi was used for male-god shrines and an even number for female-god shrines.
  499. Therefore, ancient Aramitama, which was enshrined, was set as Kojin.
  500. Therefore, another reform was implemented in the early Heian period, and an imperial decree was issued in 806, whereby Shoo (princes who didn't receive any proclamation to be an Imperial Prince) aged over 10 and the children or grandchildren of government officials of Goi (Fifth Rank) and above were required to attend Daigaku-ryo.
  501. Therefore, another younger brother of his, MINAMOTO no Yorikata, was sent down to Shinano Province to avenge Yoshikata, and war almost broke out.
  502. Therefore, any love affairs on that night would be overlooked.
  503. Therefore, any toji who wants to make the final taste of sake light progresses the koji production process keeping rice for koji from becoming dry and completes this process as quickly as possible.
  504. Therefore, applicants from higher normal schools and higher technical schools were admitted to fill the enrollment capacity in form, but at imperial universities they were permitted to enroll, using the fill-ins as a reason and treating them as indirect enrollments.
  505. Therefore, applying this Law to Shaken, which was only a students' ideological group, was deemed too strict.
  506. Therefore, arts and sciences from Western countries other than the Netherlands were generally called Yogaku (Western learning).
  507. Therefore, as a direct descendant of Yukinaga, Motonaga became the new family head of the Miyoshi clan, but not finding a chance to counterattack Takakuni, he was blocked in Awa Province with a bereaved son of Sumimoto HOSOKAWA, Harumoto HOSOKAWA.
  508. Therefore, as an easy way for a beginner, it is said that Shikantaza and shushoichinyo (practice is not for enlightenment, but they are combined and cannot be divided) are the secrets of the Zen sect.
  509. Therefore, as far as the odds of being able to see the Milky Way is concerned, they are higher on July 7 of the old calendar.
  510. Therefore, as for upland settlements in the Kinai IV period, there is some opinion insisting that there were wars not described in history books during the period, as well as an opinion insisting that there is no need to assume wars for its background.
  511. Therefore, as it became more difficult to dispose of even falling leaves by burning them within a residential district, and as the rate of having a house with a garden declined, and the forests were cut down due to urban development, the sight can be seen only in a few areas in the 21st century.
  512. Therefore, as it is completely different from the original omigoromo, its origin is uncertain.
  513. Therefore, as it was quite appropriately described by Nichiren, that both shoju and shakubuku are important means for leading people to the true teaching of Buddhism, although the terms appear to be different but they were united in Kedo-ho (means of enlightening and leading people to goodness) and they cannot exist separately.
  514. Therefore, as long as it is read in a singsong manner the poem doesn't essentially seem to have 'extra syllables or insufficient syllables,' even if it doesn't consist of lines with five and seven syllables.
  515. Therefore, as long as there was a diploma for completing a higher school, one could enter an imperial university without any examinations as long as he was not choosey about the field of study,
  516. Therefore, as people in those days could not afford to easily throw it away or replace it even if it got a hole, they repaired it over and over to continue to use it.
  517. Therefore, as someone who takes this position, Emiko NAMIHIRA clearly prescribes funerals as kegare.
  518. Therefore, as soon as she entered into the residence of the Mito domain, Nariaki TOKUGAWA, a younger brother of the lord of domain, made sexual approaches to her and she became pregnant, which made her return to Kyoto.
  519. Therefore, as the last two digits of the year count, he decided to employ not that of the Gregorian calendar or the era but that of the Jinmu calendar (Gregorian calendar - 40).
  520. Therefore, as the power of the Murakami clan declined, they became to seek the help of the Nagao clan instead of the Murakami clan when the threat of the Takada clan increased.
  521. Therefore, as the radicals often opposed the reform policy of the new government, they were increasingly confronted with other agencies in the government.
  522. Therefore, at a well it would take some time before the tub would be sufficiently full of water.
  523. Therefore, at first glance it reads like 五・隹・疋・矢 (go sai hiki shi).
  524. Therefore, at first, everybody had reservations about it.
  525. Therefore, at his tender age, Takechiyo parted from his mother in life.
  526. Therefore, at night, they start to move about actively in search of food, and they prey on shellfish, aquatic insects, frogs, small fish and other small animals.
  527. Therefore, at present, it is often considered that a collective form of such merchants might have been created as a fictitious personality of 'Kichiji KANEURI.'
  528. Therefore, at present, the original copies of "Shinkai Monogatari" cannot be found and only copies of some volumes remain.
  529. Therefore, at present, the view that the Sengoku Period commenced in 1493 with the Coup of Meio is prevailing.
  530. Therefore, at that time, it was normal to study a few different religious sects at the same temple.
  531. Therefore, at the Kitano-tenmangu Shrine and the Dazaifu-tenmangu Shrine, the terms 'Sohonsha' and 'Sohongu' are not used, but instead are described as 'the birthplace of Tenjin-shinko Faith.'
  532. Therefore, at the beginning the different instruments weren't played together in ensembles.
  533. Therefore, at this time, many schools replaced teachers extensively, and the campuses of normal/youth and normal schools in a prefecture are integrated in series, as a result school traditions changed greatly.
  534. Therefore, atemi-waza is not excluded from jujutsu.
  535. Therefore, attention is given to it in political and cultural history.
  536. Therefore, attention is required that fees could be charged on account deposits and withdrawals of many banks.
  537. Therefore, attention must be paid to their activities.
  538. Therefore, authorities where not allowed to have power in the temple, and such an idea regarding temples and shrines was called 'Muen' by Masatoshi ITO.
  539. Therefore, authority could be established only after the acknowledgement of the practical authority and noble birth nature by the appointment.
  540. Therefore, autonomic nerves are centered around these parts of the body, so people are especially sensitive to outside stimuli.
  541. Therefore, backed by the power of the Soga clan, he acceded to the throne in 629 although he had not been officially assigned by the okimi (great king), who outlived the Imperial Prince Umayado, who consequently died earlier than the okimi.
  542. Therefore, bakufu implemented revisions of the sakekabu system several times since 1666.
  543. Therefore, based on conventions of shogunal retainers since MINAMOTO no Yoritomo and agreements which had until then not clearly been stated, properties such as land and authorities of shugo (military governors) and jito were stipulated.
  544. Therefore, beauty salons open earlier than usual, and hire day laborers such as old women or helpers who can help new adults get dressed, have a very busy day.
  545. Therefore, because mochi made from a paddy-based material such as rice is convenient and is easy to make and process in addition to the above reason, various tsuki-mochi cultures are formed.
  546. Therefore, bedding and furniture are designed to be taken out and put in easily.
  547. Therefore, beer came to be sold at other shops such as a wholesale drug companies instead of liquor shops, which made a different system of distribution from that of sake.
  548. Therefore, before and after a strong low pressure passes a kosa generating area, sandstorms are generated frequently, increasing the amount of kosa produced as well.
  549. Therefore, before long, Sadatoki released him from confinement, and he was moved to a thatched hut near Kamakura.
  550. Therefore, beginning in the Tang and continuing thereafter, the official histories became a tool to display the legitimacy of the current dynasty's rule, so before long, whenever a new dynasty arose it would act to compile an official history of the dynasty that had just collapsed.
  551. Therefore, being the Emperor's relative does not necessarily indicate membership in the Imperial family.
  552. Therefore, big manufactures began to buy whole tanks of sake produced by small breweries.
  553. Therefore, boarding from, for example Demachiyanagi Station to Shugakuin Station, a distance of 2.9 km corresponds to one section, but when boarding from Hachiman-mae Station (Kyoto Prefecture) to Miyakehachiman Station, a distance of 1.5 km corresponds to two sections.
  554. Therefore, both Japanese and Russian were printed on them.
  555. Therefore, both father and son carved the inscription of 'AWATAGUCHI Omi no kami Tadatsuna.'
  556. Therefore, both have no idea of punishment.
  557. Therefore, both of Jikijitsu or jikido and meditators make the gassho (place the palms of the hands together in the position of prayer) and bow their head to show their gratitude each other, before and after the keisaku (kyosaku) is to "give" and "receive".
  558. Therefore, both of the factions together were termed the 'Saiwai-Club.'
  559. Therefore, both oso and genso have eko, transmitting merit from the Buddha to mankind by Amida Buddha's honganriki.
  560. Therefore, both the traditional Japanese age system and the Western-style age system are allowed to be used in such events.
  561. Therefore, buildings may be destroyed or buried, utility posts may be tumbled down, and electric power outage may occur due to the breaking of electric wires.
  562. Therefore, by employing Gunbu Daijin Geneki Bukan sei, it was, in fact, necessary for the formation of a Cabinet to obtain the consent of the military and through the employment of this regulation the military was able to prevent the formation of any Cabinet.
  563. Therefore, by subtracting 1260 (21 times 60) from 601, one is led to conclude that 660 B.C. (note that there is no such year as 0 A.D.) is the year when Jinmu was entrhroned as the first emperor.
  564. Therefore, by the middle of January, 1615, the Osaka-jo Castle had become a naked castle with only Honmaru (the keep of the castle)
  565. Therefore, candidates for the test had to make adequate preparations depending on demands in the era.
  566. Therefore, caution is required if you are going to drive after eating narazuke.
  567. Therefore, characteristically the position emphasized honor and authority rather than the real power; however, as Kumano betto family's power had declined, Kumano Sanzan Kengyo came to seize the power in Kumano after the middle of the 14th century.
  568. Therefore, chazuke was considered to be a dish of the lower class, so families of the ruling class or higher did not openly eat it, except as a quick light meal.
  569. Therefore, classification of the Buddhist Doctrines known as "Fivefold Periods and Eight Teachings" (to be mentioned later) is generally rejected as being imperfect or incorrect.
  570. Therefore, cloth paid under the Chofu in those days indicated the textile products made of hemp, ramie (an Asian flowering nettle), kazura (vines) and other materials except silk.
  571. Therefore, clothes worn by higher-ranking nobles were called 'kariginu' (with patterns and lined garment; kariginu for summer was made without lined garment after the Muromachi period), and others were called 'hoi' ('houi' refers to kariginu as a whole; without patterns and lined garment).
  572. Therefore, color of products varies depending on the contained amount of iron, and Tenmoku glaze which contains less iron is called "ameyu" while Tenmoku glaze which contains more iron is called "kakiyu."
  573. Therefore, concerning security, it can also be said that a sense of insecurity remains for Shinkansen use.
  574. Therefore, conferring Jugoinoge was referred to as Joshaku (conferring a peerage).
  575. Therefore, conflicts over the control, management and boundaries of the manors often occurred between other shokans and kokuga (provincial government offices), and the shokans handled these problems.
  576. Therefore, confusion between original Kokyu and these Chinese stringed instruments is generated, causing a problem (to differentiate from these Chinese stringed instruments, Japanese Kokyu is sometimes called 'Wa-Kokyu,' 'Yamato-Kokyu' or 'Japanese Kokyu' - both "Wa" and "Yamato" mean Japan or Japanese).
  577. Therefore, considering the status of Kyoto Imperial University, the Kyoto prefectural government negotiated to have Ashiu Oku-yama Mountain selected as the forest-for-field-practice site under the initiative of the Kitakuwada County government.
  578. Therefore, construction of Sogamae or surrounding the entire town with a moat and mounds increased and gradually the trend towards wall cities was seen.
  579. Therefore, contents of each Ge document remained almost unchanged from original contents reported to Daijokan.
  580. Therefore, correctly, 牢人 and 浪人 each had a different meaning.
  581. Therefore, court nobles and government officials who were nominated by the emperor were actually engaged in this job.
  582. Therefore, cutting the tree is not permitted, and the mountains are covered in big trees such as pine trees, cedar, and cypress.
  583. Therefore, daimyo (Japanese territorial lords) in the Sengoku period across the country treated good tamori well to attract them to their territories,and tried to prevent them from moving away to other territories.
  584. Therefore, depending on the faculty at regional imperial universities and national colleges there was a shortage of students.
  585. Therefore, depending on the quality of each sake, the best drinking temperature differs.
  586. Therefore, descriptions in ancient books or rare books that do not remain now can be found in this book.
  587. Therefore, details including her presence remain unknown.
  588. Therefore, draft dodgers appeared one after another by being adopted in order to evade conscription, and even the instruction manuals on how to evade conscription were published.
  589. Therefore, due to constraints originating in low standards, high-speed operations of trains as in Europe and the United States were inconceivable.
  590. Therefore, due to the Jowa Incident that occurred in 842 after the Retired Emperor Saga died, FUJIWARA no Yoshino (a child of a cousin of Otsugu's) who was Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) was exiled, and this was a big damage to the Ceremonial House.
  591. Therefore, during child labor or illness, a ritual of waving clothes on the roof was performed to lead the soul back to the body.
  592. Therefore, during peaceful times the yari ashigaru members were the first ones to be laid off.
  593. Therefore, during the Edo Period, the Kanda Myojin Shrine, where TAIRA no Masakado was enshrined, was revered as the Edo Sochinju (the center place to pray for local gods) by the Shogunate.
  594. Therefore, during the WWII, each of Japanese army groups overissued the military currency by their own judgment, which resulted in economic chaos.
  595. Therefore, dust can be moved in directions other than east, depending on the pressure pattern.
  596. Therefore, duties of Kuge left in the Madenokoji family were written by Nobufusa, and he was respected as the head of the Madenokoji family.
  597. Therefore, dynasties like the imperial household in Japan whose line can be unfailingly traced back in the genealogy, at least 1,500 years, doesn't exist in Europe except for the Capetian Dynasty male-line family that governed France for about 800 years, and governs Spain even now.
  598. Therefore, each JR company was requested to take thorough measures for maintaining the facilities.
  599. Therefore, each meaning is as follows:
  600. Therefore, each of these women was connected to the 'expeditionary force to the east.'
  601. Therefore, each shop develops its own original soup broth adding various ingredients such as small dried sardines (round herring big-eye sardines, etc.), Shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, etc. to the basic ingredients, kelp and shavings of dried fish (dried bonito, dried mackerel, etc.).
  602. Therefore, each somen company sells both its own brand somen and the one they bought from the association.
  603. Therefore, either the date on this document, the date of the battle, or the number of dead soldiers is dubious.
  604. Therefore, entering the 16th century, the Muromachi bakufu, shugo daimyo (Japanese territorial lord as provincial constable) and daimyo (Japanese territorial lord) during the Sengoku period restricted the erizeni act or issued erizenirei (a ban on the erizeni act) to achieve smooth circulation of the currencies.
  605. Therefore, entering the 1990s, the number of general public entering forest in Kinki region, and to this field practice forest where had a large scale natural forest and clear stream remained near big cities increased gradually,
  606. Therefore, even Chinese stringed instruments erhu (two-stringed Chinese instrument played with a bow) and gaohu (Chinese bowed string instrument developed from the erhu) are sometimes commonly called Kokyu.
  607. Therefore, even after the destruction of the Matsuda clan, a powerful follower group called 'Bizen Hokke' was formed, which later made Bizen known as the base of Fujufuse (Not Receive and Not Give) School.
  608. Therefore, even after the gauge was changed, the power supply system continued being used, with the train-cars for the through operations supporting more than one voltage.
  609. Therefore, even after the new system was put in place the honorific title such as 'number school elite school' remained in idiomatic usage.
  610. Therefore, even after the war, many poorly-fed children remained in the farm family.
  611. Therefore, even commoners would exert great pressure on the daimyo (feudal lord) or daikan (local magistrate) by publicly showing that the territory wasn't properly administered, without preparing the military forces comparable to their lord because the lords were very afraid of having their responsibility questioned.
  612. Therefore, even dishes prepared in a manner largely far (or departing) from a Japanese traditional manner of preparing sushi came to be sold as 'sushi.'
  613. Therefore, even if a structure came down as a three-story turret, it was not always three-story but could have been five-story, and even if it came down as Goju-Tenshu (five-tiered Tenshu), it could have been the number of floors inside and in reality four-tiered or three-tiered in appearance.
  614. Therefore, even if erizen acts were carried out and coins like 'Kobusen' (copper coins cast from 1368 to 1398) were discriminated, little loss would be inflicted.
  615. Therefore, even if it is used, its component ratio is low.
  616. Therefore, even if they carried cooked meals with them on the train, those meals could not be eaten for the second meal.
  617. Therefore, even if we choose to use his widely-spread name, Ranmaru MORI, to call him, it is considered more accurate to write it as 森乱丸 than 森蘭丸.
  618. Therefore, even if with only a few soldiers, the appearance of Yoshitsune must have been a great pleasure for Yoritomo, as he expected that Yoshitsune could be his right hand,.
  619. Therefore, even in the Edo period when the class system was firmly established, Shingaku could be enjoyed by persons in any class, from farmers and merchants to Daimyo (Japanese feudal lords).
  620. Therefore, even in the direct management system, the business operation could rid itself of the vicious cycle of logging all trees in the area and then replanting them.
  621. Therefore, even in the summer a brazier or an electric heater is placed beside it.
  622. Therefore, even rafting down Yura-gawa River to carry out the wood to the mass-consumption area of Kyoto, still needed to go over a pass once before reaching the Oi-gawa River (the Katsura-gawa River:the Yodo-gawa River water system) water system to transport it to inner Kyoto City.
  623. Therefore, even those people who were born during the first decade of the Showa period (between 1925 and 1935) 'do not understand or are familiar with' the 'objects' that become yokai, unless those people had evacuated to the countryside during the war.
  624. Therefore, even though Munehide was appointed as the Kyoto shoshidai, he couldn't take the new post and two months later he was replaced.
  625. Therefore, even though Naotsune's family was the head family, he did not have the power to control branch families.
  626. Therefore, even though he was from Yonezawa Domain that was hostile to the government, he gained credibility as a Choshu government official.
  627. Therefore, even though similar pictures are drawn, some picture scrolls are called 'Yokai emaki' (picture scroll of specter) if they are not confirmed as the appearance of Hyakki yagyo.
  628. Therefore, even when Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa recommended he be made a court noble in 1129, the Retired Emperor Gotoba opposed it and it came to nothing.
  629. Therefore, even when the officials of the agency found violations, they could not arrest or put the violators to court for trial.
  630. Therefore, even when the same term of chigyo was used, its real content was not always the same.
  631. Therefore, everybody thought that there could be little doubt that such an important code instituted by Tenchi and followed by the successive emperors was nothing but Omi-Ryo, and there were no precise discussions.
  632. Therefore, except for the closest friends they wrote the name and address of the receiver and words of congratulation on a 6.06cm-wide and 9.09cm-long card made of "baikasen" (literally, ume [plum]-blossom paper) and sent an envoy for the New Year's greeting.
  633. Therefore, excessive decorations are removed and instead, sober-colored lacquer is applied on simple wood grain.
  634. Therefore, exclusive relation between lord and vassal was not strong and example of "double choko" (One country also brought tributes to other country than China) can be seen.
  635. Therefore, executives in the Shogunate seemed not to view this law as important.
  636. Therefore, expressions with 'Oni-' in Chinese don't necessarily imply bravery.
  637. Therefore, few sake breweries had a doubt or sense of danger against that situation.
  638. Therefore, fifth-grade pupils at many elementary schools play a central role in performing the mame maki.
  639. Therefore, first of all, kakejiku started to spread for Buddhist images.
  640. Therefore, fishermen sometimes put off going fishing when the weather forecast predicts rain at a high rate.
  641. Therefore, followers, Nago and Hikan, used the same Myoji as that of their ruler, based upon their territorial connections.
  642. Therefore, foods were often offered as Koden in rural areas in ancient times so that those foods could be provided as meals to Buddhist monks and mourners
  643. Therefore, for Genji Monogatari in the "Shin Nihon Koten Bungaku Taikei" series published by Iwanami Shoten from 1993 to 1997, they used the Oshima-bon manuscript as an original text, not the Sanjonishike manuscript.
  644. Therefore, for a long time it was a general practice for tofu makers to use the aforementioned antifoaming agent ("Tofu Shusetsu (Compilation of Tofu Making Theory)," published in 1872).
  645. Therefore, for a passenger to go from Hakata to Hachinohe (or from Hachinohe to Hakata), the passenger must always change trains.
  646. Therefore, for a person who was dressed up well but behaved like hoodlum, the term 'Haori Goro' (Haori coat hoodlum) was used ("Shakai Hyakumenso" (100 Social Facets) by Roan UCHIDA and so on)
  647. Therefore, for accurate interpretation, Tamamo no Mae should be considered as separate from the white-faced, gold-haired, and nine-tailed fox whose story originated in India and was transmitted to China and finally to Japan.
  648. Therefore, for brands for which characteristic taste is finally created by chojukusayo, it is a part of the indispensable process not to ship immediately, but to store until the sake matures.
  649. Therefore, for example, the Oishi family which was famous for Chushingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers) was a vassal of the Asano family of Ako Domain, but vassals of the Oishi family did not have a direct master-servant relationship with the Asano family.
  650. Therefore, for him, the historical heroes were the ones who set examples and expressed their times, with the prime example being one who possessed absolute spirit, the idea asserted by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HEGEL.
  651. Therefore, for popular breeds such as Yamada nishiki, classification by cultivation area exists depending on the cultivation area, such as toku-A (A major) districts and A districts.
  652. Therefore, for the fourth lord of the domain, Nobumasa WAKEBE (third son of Naganobu IKEDA, and ironically a nephew of Nagashige IKEDA) was adopted to be the heir from the Bitchu-Matsuyama clan which was a relative of Yoshitake's mother.
  653. Therefore, for the one victim, both criminals were sentenced to death.
  654. Therefore, for these lines, the limited express fees are dealt with as follows:
  655. Therefore, forces that protected him were large in number, and they also served as sonae's backups.
  656. Therefore, from after the war until about the 1980's, it was considered a hobby for old people.
  657. Therefore, from the latter half of the 1970s to the early 1980s, the field practice forest came to be used mainly for research purposes again.
  658. Therefore, full-fledged suigun disappeared from Japan.
  659. Therefore, generally speaking, sake is felt to be dry if its alcohol content and nihonshudo are high.
  660. Therefore, geographical names had been changed throughout the country.
  661. Therefore, given the above facts it is sometimes said that 'Daiginjo can't be produced from this variety of sakamai,' but given the above-described reasons their quality isn't graded as sakamai.
  662. Therefore, giving Buddhist precepts (授戒) against ama was rejected and ama had been denied as priestess in Buddhism society for a long time in spite of the fact that there were many ama at that age.
  663. Therefore, goods were distributed rather evenly throughout Japan.
  664. Therefore, handen shuju under the farmland inspection and allotment law significantly delayed.
  665. Therefore, hatamoto hardly had a sense of identity within his territory.
  666. Therefore, hauta became popular as they were easy to learn and play for their shortness.
  667. Therefore, he added Izumi shu as the same side and composed less than 5,000 military force in total.
  668. Therefore, he adopted Naosada HOJO (or Ujisada HOJO), the sixth son of his older brother Ujimasa.
  669. Therefore, he adopted his brother Michinatsu KUZE's son (Michieda NAKANOIN).
  670. Therefore, he always carried a note with him, which was written by his younger sister, Empress Anshi, during Emperor Murakami's reign, ordering that her brothers should be appointed to the post of Adviser to the Emperor or Imperial Regent in the order of their ages.
  671. Therefore, he and Atsutane shared similar thought and he rated Atsutane highly.
  672. Therefore, he began to receive outside opinions on Japan's diplomatic policy from the daimyo (feudal lords), hatamoto (direct retainers of the Shogunate), and even the common people, who had never before participated in the Shogunate government.
  673. Therefore, he built Fujita-jo Castle in Nakano, which was about two kilometers away from Hogen-jo Castle, but it was not an ideal place as a base either since it was inconvenient for some reasons.
  674. Therefore, he buried her in Akashi, and then returned.
  675. Therefore, he came to be seen as the founder of a new lineage.
  676. Therefore, he claimed that Japan must take steps to prevent the Korean government from making treaties again which would force Japan into fighting another foreign war.
  677. Therefore, he composed a number of pieces for so.
  678. Therefore, he conflated only between the Northern Sung dynasty editions and the Kitai edition.
  679. Therefore, he decided to pick Seishiro ITAGAKI, who had the support of the nonaggression faction, and dispatched a civilian, Inosuke FURUNO, as a messenger to Itagaki, who was at the frontline in Shandong Province.
  680. Therefore, he did not aim to intimidate the Imperial Court, but had a political agenda to demonstrate the recovery of peace in Kyoto and show respect for the Imperial Court by treating the Emperor very well.
  681. Therefore, he dropped in at the temple for a rest.
  682. Therefore, he explained that seducing people to do bad things or encouraging doing good things were both wrong ideas.
  683. Therefore, he extended the power that stemmed from his base in Togoku independently from his father, and he intervened in the conflicts for the control of Soma and Oba mikuriyas, etc., (a dedicated area of Ise shrine) between the families powerful in that locality.
  684. Therefore, he gained the strong trust of the Emperor and played an important role.
  685. Therefore, he had a close relationship with Emperor Gosanjo, and it is said that his second son, FUJIWARA no Arisuke, was in fact an illegitimate child of Emperor Gosanjo.
  686. Therefore, he had a connection with the Takeda clan as Kai-Genji (Minamoto clan) and fought with them at many battles.
  687. Therefore, he had no formal official rank.
  688. Therefore, he had no intention in compromising with any of his opponent's staff on conditions in the treatment or custody of Yoshinobu and the armed forces of the Tokugawa family, until the arrival of Saigo from Kyoto to the Kanto.
  689. Therefore, he had stronger feeling for the Oda family than others.
  690. Therefore, he had to fight over the shoryo against the Kasuga-taisha Shrine, Kofuku-ji Temple, and Todai-ji Temple which already had caused stress within the Yamato Province.
  691. Therefore, he helped them establish the administration controlled by four brothers of the Fujiwara clan.
  692. Therefore, he himself wore a Japanese topknot and Japanese clothes, living at the dormitory of Kakuchi Gakusha with sons who came from land-owning classes in the neighboring villages, so he was called 'Chonmage Sensei' (a teacher with his hair topknot).
  693. Therefore, he hoped that the Meiji Government would carry out a currency reform immediately after the civil war ended.
  694. Therefore, he implemented rakuza where it could be possible, while he utilized za in cities like Kyoto where za had the power.
  695. Therefore, he is called as Shojin in this section.
  696. Therefore, he is considered to have been born in 646.
  697. Therefore, he is considered to have served Emperor Tenmu at some post in charge of the military affairs.
  698. Therefore, he is not allowed to execute the authority of soke over Noh performers belonging to Izumi-ryu.
  699. Therefore, he is not officially counted among the Chief Priests of Eihei-ji Temple.
  700. Therefore, he is said to have never used it.
  701. Therefore, he is the god of both the mountain and the sea as represented by his names.
  702. Therefore, he later made unprecedented remarks, 'I regret that the bluegill has inflicted serious damage on the ecosystem of Japan.'
  703. Therefore, he left his mother and sister at their friend's in Osaka and moved to Edo.
  704. Therefore, he left many records of the investiture and genpuku (a coming-of-age ceremony) of the Crown Prince.
  705. Therefore, he lived in the house at Azabu-ku Ward for only fourteen months following his birth.
  706. Therefore, he lost the reason because Nobukatsu made peace with Hideyoshi, and was forced to withdraw his forces.
  707. Therefore, he ordered the construction of provincial monasteries and nunneries and had the statue of the Buddha Vairocana (Birushana in Japanese) made in Todai-ji Temple, a provincial temple in Yamato Province.
  708. Therefore, he pressed the rights of the Inbe clan by writing 'Kogo-shui' (History of the Inbe clan).
  709. Therefore, he proposed to adopt Yasumasa, the second son of Masamori HOTTA, who was trusted by then-Shogun Iemitsu TOKUGAWA, and he got permission.
  710. Therefore, he proposed to establish 'Doshikai', the organization for proper and unified translation, which provided a great direction for translation business in Japan.
  711. Therefore, he put a question to the officer, saying 'I think the suicide squad only results in the waste of manpower resources,' which embarrassed the officer in finding the answer.
  712. Therefore, he reported to the Emperor, and his shoryo (territory) was increased.
  713. Therefore, he returned to the Tokugawa family after Osaka Fuyu no Jin (Winter Siege of Osaka).
  714. Therefore, he said that the word 'Datsu-A' could not be a keyword in Fukuzawa's works.
  715. Therefore, he searched for snake-dragons in a deep pool, looked for demons and monsters, his swordplay was unequaled and he was a god incarnate' (Ryuei fujo denkei [family record of Tokugawa shoguns, including shoguns' legal wife and concubines] and Gyokuyoki [biography of Kiyoyasu MATSUDAIRA's wife, Keyoin-dono]).
  716. Therefore, he seldom stayed back in camp and led a battle, and this role was instead filled by Morikatsu KIMATA, Hitto karo (the head chief retainer) of the Ii clan.
  717. Therefore, he sent envoys to Mino Province to organize an army, while he was in route.
  718. Therefore, he sought the alliance with Nobunaga through Kazumasa ISHIKAWA, who was right hand of Ieyasu in those days, as a deal maker.
  719. Therefore, he stated that one should practice nenbutsu with the Three Minds.
  720. Therefore, he turned to Ieyasu TOKUGAWA this time and moved to Hamamatsu, Totomi Province.
  721. Therefore, he used many pseudonyms.
  722. Therefore, he was a good example to show that 'The Minamoto clan made armed groups of Kanto region roto.'
  723. Therefore, he was a statesman positioned as one of the founders of the project to build early-modern times of Japan succeeded by Hideyoshi and accomplished by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA.
  724. Therefore, he was accused of the misgovernment and was not condone in spite of the plea for sparing his life of Ekei ANKOKUJI and he was forced to commit seppuku at the Amagasaki Hoen-ji Temple in the Settsu Province (Teramachi, Amagasaki City).
  725. Therefore, he was adopted into the Rokuro UMEWAKA family.
  726. Therefore, he was also called Shiro Kanehira IMAI.
  727. Therefore, he was always watched cautiously by his brother, FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa, who was the main figure in the government.
  728. Therefore, he was arrested after the Meiji Restoration, suspected of forming a plot against the government, and his position of Imperial Prince was taken away, he was left with the Hiroshima Domain in Aki Province.
  729. Therefore, he was assigned to the governor of Hakodate Court by the new government and succeeded operations from the former Hakodate bugyo (magistrate) of bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) at Hakodate on June 16.
  730. Therefore, he was buried in Momohara grave.'
  731. Therefore, he was called to Kamakura and dismissed, and his shoryo was confiscated.
  732. Therefore, he was deprived of his fief by order of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and became a ronin (masterless samurai) after the battle.
  733. Therefore, he was enshrined as myojin (a gracious deity) of the checkpoint at Osaka no seki.
  734. Therefore, he was forced to apologize by letting his top staff members to commit suicide by disembowelment, to dispatch troops to the Hokuetsu area (an area of Toyama Prefecture and a part of Niigata Prefecture), and to allow a seizure of the Daikanchi (place to govern) and shogunal demesne in Tanba of the Tango Provinces.
  735. Therefore, he was forced to transfer the position of Kanpaku to Sanetsune by his father's command in January 1246.
  736. Therefore, he was handicapped politically during the Kamakura period where weight was attached to yusokukojitsu.
  737. Therefore, he was held in captivity at the Kusuko Incident, however, his life was saved by some reasons including the appeal by SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro in the suppressing army for saving his life.
  738. Therefore, he was killed by Nigihayahi no Mikoto, who realized that it was impossible to mediate between the Emperor and Nagasunehiko.
  739. Therefore, he was not a lowly ronin.
  740. Therefore, he was not able to inherit the family estate, and became a priest.
  741. Therefore, he was once driven from a government post by MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka; however, he returned to his former post, Dainagon (chief councilor of state), in 1187 with confidence in him shown by Emperor Go-Shirakawa.
  742. Therefore, he was persuaded to be the chairman of Kobe Bar Association by the younger group of lawyers, and he assumed the post.
  743. Therefore, he was placed in so dangerous a state and was also so embarrassed for a while that he considered following Nobunaga.
  744. Therefore, he was rarely trusted in diplomatic affairs.
  745. Therefore, he was recognized as the major vassal of the Shimazu family, and received one county directly from Hideyoshi as part of the post-war treatment.
  746. Therefore, he was removed from his position of the department director of the military order by Gonbei YAMAMOTO, who was on the combatant side, and was replaced by Sukenori KABAYAMA.
  747. Therefore, he was requested to join the Guards Division by the military, but the Emperor Showa refused to appoint him.
  748. Therefore, he was sometimes called an "ill-fated" wartime mayor, too.
  749. Therefore, he was the younger paternal half-brother of current Tomijuro.
  750. Therefore, he was well treated by Hideyoshi, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, and others who succeeded to Nobunaga's inheritance and became the country's ruler.
  751. Therefore, he wore very crisply starched clothes ("Fukegodan," a collection of the sayings of FUJIWARA no Tadamitsu).
  752. Therefore, her signature was only one character 'Ne' doesn't mean Kodaiin's real name was 'Ne.'
  753. Therefore, high efficiency local trains are not necessarily required for increasing the frequency of trains.
  754. Therefore, hiire is conducted to sterilize or make lose active yeast, enzyme, and hiochi bacteria and to stabilize sake quality.
  755. Therefore, his accurate date of birth is unknown since it is considered that the date was used based upon the tradition that Kukai was considered a reincarnation of Fuku.
  756. Therefore, his acts served to confuse the political situation during the end of the Edo period.
  757. Therefore, his approach provoked a strong backlash, and finally the former Hitto karo (the head of chief retainers) Gonemon CHIBA and other retainers such as Yunoshin HIGASHI (東侑之進), Takeo CHIBA, Ryogoro CHIBA, Kennoshin KAMIYAMA, Naka NAKAHARA, and Iori YAO came to plot an uprising against him.
  758. Therefore, his clothes always became dirty, so in order to hide the stains, he wore velvet kimono (lining was the same velvet), and didn't approach noble people.
  759. Therefore, his cousin, Naotoki, became the head of the family, and his actual son, Naonori then succeeded as head of the family after he grew up.
  760. Therefore, his detailed career such as date of birth and death is unknown.
  761. Therefore, his first son, Katsuyuki, became the heir.
  762. Therefore, his last promotion was to Shonii, Gon Dainagon (provisional major counselor) in 1021 and there was no promotion for Yoshinobu since then.
  763. Therefore, his older brother Yasusada HIKETA served the position for him.
  764. Therefore, his parents left Iemasa in Miyazaki, Kozuke Province for the appointed place with his younger brother Tadamasa OKUDAIRA.
  765. Therefore, his pitching form is nicknamed the 'maneki-neko' pitching style.
  766. Therefore, his social status in office was equivalent to that for a 10,000-koku class daimyo with the title of XX no kami conferred on him as well.
  767. Therefore, his son Sukemichi SUDO was only a samurai in the imperial capital whose home city was in the Mino Province, and had no relationship with the Sagami Province.
  768. Therefore, his wife and children were taken as hostages by Mitsunari ISHIDA and others of the West squad.
  769. Therefore, his work 'Zazen Wasan' or Song of Zazen (meditation) is read in a meditation by the 14 schools of the Rinzaishu sect.
  770. Therefore, his work is sometimes chosen as a model to imitate in order to study writing.
  771. Therefore, his younger brother MINAMOTO no Yoshikata was said to be sent down to Togoku to keep Yoshitomo in check.
  772. Therefore, his younger brother Tadaka, as Sanemichi's adopted son, inherited the Ichijo family.
  773. Therefore, his younger brother Yasutsura TSUCHIMIKADO succeeded to the family estate as an adopted son.
  774. Therefore, historians and experts believed that the sending of an envoy to China and the invitation of a Chinese envoy to Japan did not occur during this time period
  775. Therefore, historians and other experts believe that the Yamato sovereignty must have been established because various local political powers were joined together.
  776. Therefore, honjozoshu has less umami and sweetness and, generally speaking, its taste becomes light and simple.
  777. Therefore, hoshi-imo is cited as one of foodstuffs suffering from lots of complaints.
  778. Therefore, hot spring water is only used for showers, saunas and massage and the development of the town is supported by casinos and resort facilities.
  779. Therefore, how to distribute the rice, or "a limited resource," was always a critical economic issue for the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  780. Therefore, how to sharpen knife blades must be learnt.
  781. Therefore, ideological threat by some sects which propagate advocating exclusive and self-righteous dogmas, succeeding his teachings, has been regarded as a problem.
  782. Therefore, iemoto or an entity equivalent thereto (such as organizations like shokubunkai (gathering of a school's occupational branch family)) is indispensable for the ryugi system.
  783. Therefore, if a minivan whose second row is a bench seat is used as a taxi, most operators remove the seat in the third row and use it as a vehicle with a carrying capacity of five.
  784. Therefore, if he would have administered the affairs of state, peaceful eras of Engi and Tenchi would have appeared in Japan again.
  785. Therefore, if it started to rain, the doma got soaked, with the result that the audience found it difficult to enjoy the play.
  786. Therefore, if it was clear on the 16th night, people could dance all night long because the moonlight was bright.
  787. Therefore, if people simply say Kokushi in Japan, they could mean Rikkokushi.
  788. Therefore, if taken at the temperature range below hiya, the drinker feels it is smooth in the mouth and does not get drunk easily and feels like he can drink without any limits.
  789. Therefore, if the aim of the law was to improve these bad customs and practices, it is not possible to make a hasty judgment whether the severe punishment was right or wrong.
  790. Therefore, if the materials of the ink stick that has gone through many years are coarse and are made with cutting corners, it cannot be called koboku.
  791. Therefore, if the moromi is left by itself, the alcohol does not reach a concentration of equal to or greater than about 21%.
  792. Therefore, if the pathway to the destination has a traffic jam, the fare tends to be fairly expensive for the travel distance.
  793. Therefore, if the person who led the army is thought to be one of the other brothers and the legitimate child is taken as the word that means just the first son, the legitimate child of the above article is thought to mean Yoshimune.
  794. Therefore, if the power of Amida Buddha is known and receives devotion, the shape of Honzon, whether it is a wooden statue, a picture or myogo, does not matter.
  795. Therefore, if the price equivalent to namachozoshu or namazumeshu is shown on the menu, consumers misunderstand it as "comparatively low in price."
  796. Therefore, if they carelessly bring spoon closer to our mouths with our back ramrod-strait, they tend to spill the food on front of clothes.
  797. Therefore, if they stayed overnight at their acquaintance's house located in, say, the southwest, and the next day they would come home from that place, they traveled to the southwest and northwest, so that they were able to avoid going to the west.
  798. Therefore, if this zenisashi was silver 1 monme, 10 pieces of jumonsen must be converted to silver 1 monme 041666 where it was complicated to calculate when the price by silver was paid by sen (unit of currency).
  799. Therefore, if treaties or international commitment is not (or, cannot be) abided by, it is deemed inappropriate as a "civilized country."
  800. Therefore, if typhoon or tropical cyclone comes close to or lands in the vicinity of bail front, the baiu front which has been supplied with plenty of moisture vapor becomes active resulting in torrential rain.
  801. Therefore, if we assume that the remains of the top layer comprise the palace building, it is reasonable to consider that the widely accepted theory is that the remains are the Emperor Tenmu's Asuka Kiyomihara no Miya Palace.
  802. Therefore, if you want transfer between the JR Line and the Kintetsu Line with a single ICOCA card at Nagoya Station, you're requested to go out through the normal ticket gate and then go in through the normal gate for the line to which you want to transfer.
  803. Therefore, ikan clothing wearing hitoe is also called 'ikantan' or 'ikanhitoe' (kimono and ancient head-dress with a layer).
  804. Therefore, ikan was created as 'Tonoi sozoku' (a costume of Tonoi, the night guards wear).
  805. Therefore, ikki had no quick-responding ruling leadership.
  806. Therefore, immediately after the field practice forest was established, work was started to provide forest roads.
  807. Therefore, in "Azuma Kagami," the author wrote that Yoshitsune led seventy elite cavalrymen, stood at the rear side of Ichinotani (Hiyodorigoe), started his attack on the Taira clan from Hiyodorigoe, and took the Ichinotani fortress.
  808. Therefore, in "Oshu Gosannen Ki," the sole historical material which describes Gosannen no Eki, only KAMAKURA Gongoro Kagemasa and MIURA no Heitaro Tametsugu can be said to be samurai in the Kanto region.
  809. Therefore, in 'A theory of wives and concubines' he insisted that husband and wife should be always equal, patriarchal authority was against civilization and that women had a role as a wife, a key person in a family, and a mother who was in charge of education, which should be respected.
  810. Therefore, in 1490 their number increased to 46 and later to 60 temples.
  811. Therefore, in 1899 the cooperation between both groups advanced and in December of the same year the members of Mokuyo-kai (Thursday-group) and independents were invited to form a union with 70 members against party politics.
  812. Therefore, in 1915, it became possible to cancel the setting of the hereditary property at the owner's discretion.
  813. Therefore, in 721, which was the following year after completion, there was an official opportunity for masters at the time to have a lecture in front of nobles at the Imperial Palace in order to read "Nihonshoki" in natural Japanese.
  814. Therefore, in Europe in the latter half of the 19th century, the term of Tao-ism was created for indicating both of the religions, and a French academic school, headed by Henry MASPERO, went as far as to point to a causal relationship between the two religions.
  815. Therefore, in June 1903, the Monopoly Law was announced, and went into effect in October.
  816. Therefore, in June, 1730, han satsu (han bill) was permitted to be issued.
  817. Therefore, in October 1718, the system was changed to be based on the silver amount contained where addition was made to shotoku-gin and keicho-gin by the following rate: Genroku-gin by 25%, Futatsuho-gin by 60%, Eiji-gin by 100%, Mitsuho-gin by 150% Yotsuho-gin by 300%, and it confirmed the market.
  818. Therefore, in September 1867, the military service imposed on hatamoto was actually abolished, and it was decided that a half of the revenue from their fief to be collected (in four installments) as money for military use.
  819. Therefore, in a different view, it was formed as an extension of blood relations.
  820. Therefore, in a region where people thought Ittan-momen appeared, even men there had their teeth blackened.
  821. Therefore, in a sense, the pillar was erected upside-down with the view of warding off evil, which shows it has no relation to an oral tradition of yokai.
  822. Therefore, in a series of incidents, a large number of priests of esoteric Buddhism prayed for the overthrow of Tokiyori.
  823. Therefore, in a village whose ownership form was aikyu, the territory was fragmented like a mosaic.
  824. Therefore, in accordance with precedents, I hereby assign Tadahisa KOREMUNE as the new jito of the territory.
  825. Therefore, in ancient Shinto, each festival was held by inviting a divine spirit one at a time instead of building shrines and enshrining gods in the building of the shrine.
  826. Therefore, in and after the Edo period the term "kando" came to be used to mean the extinction of the relation between parents (grandparents) and children (grandchildren), while the term "gizetsu" came to be used to mean other general acts of canceling the kinship by relatives.
  827. Therefore, in formal occasions, such official names of the government office as given by shugo daimyo were omitted or replaced by different names.
  828. Therefore, in general, it is assumed that increasing eel prices are unavoidable.
  829. Therefore, in general, they find less need for a special name for Udon noodles and Soba topped with Tenkasu.
  830. Therefore, in many cases sacred trees and sacred spirit rocks decorated with shimenawa (sacred rice-straw ropes) are used as yorishiro, and they remain as they are within the grounds of the shrines.
  831. Therefore, in many cases, semi-concentrated traction systems, typically TGV, which are advantageous cost-wise compared to the Shinkansen system, are employed.
  832. Therefore, in modern times, there is a movement to replace the term 'Sakoku' with 'Kaikin,' the word used for seclusionism used in East Asian countries.
  833. Therefore, in most cases, one te unit was mobilized, either alone or together with other multiples, which were then considered as an independent unit.
  834. Therefore, in nations that use Chinese characters, if the title for the highest ranking monarch's is emperor or something of equivalence, empress was present.
  835. Therefore, in not a few 10-volume book manuscripts, Shimosa book-related manuscripts are often referred to and corrections are written in red ink.
  836. Therefore, in order to clean up its negative image the line offered passengers an extraordinary discount with half-price fare during the three days up to the 18th, which would be an unthinkable service nowadays.
  837. Therefore, in order to compete with them, Nagamasa allied himself with Chikaoki ITAMI and Kunimura MIYAKE, who were powerful local samurai in Settsu.
  838. Therefore, in order to have the second date for sure, it is said that some people would invite someone of the opposite sex on the fifteenth night (the invited person must come to the thirteenth night as well).
  839. Therefore, in order to prevent evils and misfortunes from occurring, jizo (guardian deity of children) statues and Doso-jin (traveler's guardian deity) were enshrined to mark the boundaries of the sacred realms.
  840. Therefore, in order to prevent yasei-kobo from being mixed in, a dedicated space under strict management is provided when shubo (the main material of sake) is produced.
  841. Therefore, in order to receive a specialized education, it was absolutely necessary to be highly proficient in languages such as English and German.
  842. Therefore, in order to shorten the interval of direct trains from the Keishin Line to ten minutes, another adjustment might be required on the part of the Tozai Line, which could be a problem.
  843. Therefore, in order to survive under such an environment, yeast generates, by itself, organic acids such as amino acid, citric acid and malic acid.
  844. Therefore, in order to understand the trend of Japanese art, it should always be compared with the art history of China and Korea, and if you think Japanese developed their art all by themselves, it is wrong.
  845. Therefore, in order to visually show Japanese people what modernization modeled after Western countries would be like, Shigenobu OKUMA, Hirobumi ITO and others decided to construct a railway.
  846. Therefore, in recent books relating to the battle and guiding materials for the sightseeing of historic sites (e.g. "Kobe Genpei Monogatari" (Tale of the Minamoto clan and the Taira clan at Kobe") by Yoshitsune), this Ichinotani theory is mainly supported.
  847. Therefore, in response to criticism from many young people, the school age method has been used since 2000.
  848. Therefore, in some areas of Europe and the United States where Japanese dishes have been evaluated as macrobiotics, special dishes and foodstuffs unusual in Japan are sometimes used (for example, miso paste is sometimes spread over bread).
  849. Therefore, in some case, the Empress herself to be called Kokyu.
  850. Therefore, in some cases even grand or mid-level festivals are conducted in everyday attire at some ordinary shrines.
  851. Therefore, in some cases the commencement of Insei by Shirakawa is considered to be the start of the medieval age.
  852. Therefore, in some cases, it was decided to walk down the corridor in a certain rhythm so that a person can tell an outsider from an insider by listening to the sound.
  853. Therefore, in some instances, these eight gods were enshrined among people as well.
  854. Therefore, in such case, it is described as "bankoku koho" to mean the influence given by the modern international law system including "Bankoku Koho."
  855. Therefore, in terms of official ranks, the Owari, Kishu and Suruga families were almost equivalent, as Goryoten, Gosankyo and the Mito families were almost equivalent and lower than Gosanke but higher than the Echizen-Matsudaira clan.
  856. Therefore, in the "Shin Nihon Koten Bungaku Taikei," the Oshima-bon manuscript, including the chapter "Hatsune," was adopted as the original text.
  857. Therefore, in the 'Enkyu-no Shoen Seiri-rei,' for a more solid execution compared to traditional Shoen Seiri-rei, all duties that depended upon the kokushi in provinces were performed centrally.
  858. Therefore, in the Buddhist Studies, Chigi is not regarded as the person who first promoted and developed the principle of ichinen sanzen.
  859. Therefore, in the Edo period, foods with a taste peculiar to the soup stock made from L. japonica became so famous as to be ridiculed by saying 'In Osaka, they spend all their money on food.'
  860. Therefore, in the Edo period, the belief in Kumano on Kohechi meant mainly the pilgrimage to Kumano Sanzan (three major shrines including Kumano Hongu-taisha Shrine, Kumano Hayatama-taisha Shrine and Kumano Nachi-taisha Shrine).
  861. Therefore, in the Kansai region, especially in Osaka, Udon noodles culture puts emphasis on broth rather than noodles (mentioned later).
  862. Therefore, in the Kansai region, the word 'menchi' or 'menchi katsu' is avoided.
  863. Therefore, in the Konin-Jogan eras in the early Heian period (the ninth century), the taxes policy of the government was converted from taxation on people, which was the initial policy mapped out under the Ritsuryo codes, to the taxation on lands.
  864. Therefore, in the annual event part of "Seiji Yoryaku," citations concerning national history were made from Rikkokushi (six official national histories) and from "Ruiju Kokushi."
  865. Therefore, in the article below, whales, actually in the mammal class, are sometimes described as fishes as well.
  866. Therefore, in the battle with the Uesugi clan, who was Shugo (provincial constable) of Echigo as well as Kanto Kanrei (the shogunal deputy for the Kanto region), the Nagao family was significantly supported by Masamori TAKANASHI, the head of the Takanishi family two generations back.
  867. Therefore, in the broadest sense, the hatamoto indicated those who were entitled to have an audience with the shogun, excluding daimyo and those who were treated as daimyo.
  868. Therefore, in the depiction of the progress of the battle, the author of this section relied upon historical books for a general audience and written circulations for sightseeing guides.
  869. Therefore, in the early Edo bakufu period, many daimyo were deprived of their territories.
  870. Therefore, in the early Edo period ensembles of the different kinds of instruments were rarely conducted in the world of art music.
  871. Therefore, in the early morning of the next day, April 21, the 1st and 2nd brigades advanced towards Otsu, then towards Tojima, Domyo, Oyatsu, and Kiyama by chasing the Satsuma army, and advanced to Kiyama through small-scaled battles.
  872. Therefore, in the east of Takatsuki these trains are usually indicated and announced as local trains at stations as well as by the conductors.
  873. Therefore, in the insei period (during the period of the government by the retired Emperor), independent Miineta/Kugoden and Kugonin (purveyors to the imperial household) managing such Miineta/Kugoden were established mainly in the Kinai region (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara).
  874. Therefore, in the noble society in the latter half of the 10th century, Johei Tengyo kunkosha and their descendants came to be recognized as family lines specialized in military affairs, that is, tsuwamono no ie (samurai families).
  875. Therefore, in the northern part and western part of China, the way of farming and livestock-farming has been changed from the moving type to the stationary type, though use of the stationary type is likely to change areas in these parts into desert.
  876. Therefore, in the other Shingon litany there is a case in which the sound of 'Furi-hi' in Japan is pronounced like that, according to the particular sect.
  877. Therefore, in the policies of modernizing forces after the Seinan War, the government army kept its policies of deploying regular troops based on conscription, and of modernizing equipment and the supreme command.
  878. Therefore, in the precincts of the temple, there is a statue of Yorimasa that depicts his killing of the Nue, and near to the temple, there is a bamboo thicket called Yatakeyabu (arrow bamboo grove) where it is said he obtained the bamboo used for the arrows used to kill the Nue.
  879. Therefore, in the process of pursuing the contradictory themes that research had to be done and profits had to be gained as well, compromises had sometimes to be made both in the research and in the business.
  880. Therefore, in the revision in 1918 and in 1923, the military submitted the policy to the Cabinet and requested the agreement, and in the revision in 1936, it showed willingness to compromise with the government to formulate a coherent imagined enemy based on the opinion from the Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  881. Therefore, in the same year, he made FUJIWARA no Junshi/Nobuko enter the Imperial Court as a nyogo for the Emperor Enyu.
  882. Therefore, in these 'sales offices,' sales activities to explain the superiority of sake manufactured by their own sake-factories were conducted actively.
  883. Therefore, in this article the name Daidarabocchi will be used for the sake of convenience.
  884. Therefore, in very rare case, a slight hineka is positively appreciated as adding some value to sake.
  885. Therefore, in wars broken out in and after modern times, each country's military force purchased commodities using military currency.
  886. Therefore, inevitably, the high grade sake such as ginjoshu which can be brewed only by water and techniques of Japan is exported from Japan.
  887. Therefore, instead of Mami, his descendants were equally given a kabane, Sukune (third highest of the eight hereditary titles).
  888. Therefore, instead of living in Genji's residence (the east lodge at Nijo), she lived in a villa in Oi which her father had prepared.
  889. Therefore, isolated Ezo was threatened to fall in the shortage of goods and had a lot of troubles.
  890. Therefore, it also contains zatsumi and the process of filtration becomes necessary to filter them out.
  891. Therefore, it appears that the identity of his birth mother was not widely known, and that it may have been a fabrication that she came from the Ikoma clan as it would have brought Nobukatsu ODA's branch of the family closer to the center of the family.
  892. Therefore, it appears that this method of classification has existed from ancient times.
  893. Therefore, it became an issue among Nohgaku theater community at that time.
  894. Therefore, it became common for the students wanting to enter higher schools to take the higher school entrance examinations, assuming that it would end in four years, and many people were accepted.
  895. Therefore, it became customary for the tenso to directly relay the intention of the emperor or retired emperor.
  896. Therefore, it became difficult to connect 'a box lunch sold within station precincts' with the 'Center Committee.'
  897. Therefore, it became even more difficult to gain enough soldiers.
  898. Therefore, it became necessary to have two systems of command with one taking the overall command and one commanding the army headquarters sonae itself.
  899. Therefore, it becomes increasingly doubtful that Hokusai, who was 89 years old, visited Obuse and drew it with his own hand.
  900. Therefore, it becomes necessary to kill or get rid of undesirable bacteria or natural yeast by adding nitrate reducing bacteria or lactobacillus in order to produce lactic acid.
  901. Therefore, it becomes necessary to supplement the lost flavor by flavoring agents in the case of canned coffee which passes through several heat-treatment processes.
  902. Therefore, it brought a large amount of extra income to the Muromachi bakufu.
  903. Therefore, it can be also said that Bunjin's arts were a presentation of similar intrinsic desire for expression to poetry.
  904. Therefore, it can be assumed that the custom of eating udon and hiyamugi noodles according to the seasons was already established during this period.
  905. Therefore, it can be considered that Buke's Kamon were also created in the latter part of the Heian Period as well as those of Kuge, but only a few Kamon were seen then and its explosive proliferation began after the Kamakura Period.
  906. Therefore, it can be inferable that like his elder brothers and nephews, he was one of the rich military aristocrats that belonged to the career provincial official class with vested interest and were closely associated with the family of FUJIWARA no Michinaga.
  907. Therefore, it can be led to a mythological reason such as `The Female-line Emperor who doesn't belong to the unbroken imperial line is not accepted by Koso Koso (Amaterasu - the sun goddess) or the spirit of imperial ancestors).
  908. Therefore, it can be pointed out that the court noble law in the medieval period had strong nature of common law.
  909. Therefore, it can be said that both sides accomplished certain achievements.
  910. Therefore, it can be said that current registry of land goes back to the original certificate of land title and the registry of the certificate of land title created when land-tax reform was implemented.
  911. Therefore, it can be said that it was not typical to serve the Takeda family generation after generation.
  912. Therefore, it can be said that the Takeda clan won the battle strategically.
  913. Therefore, it can be said that the origin of the current Tendai Esoteric Buddhism is not Ennin and Enchin but Saicho himself.
  914. Therefore, it can be said that the trains that are actually in a competitive situation with the limited expresses of Meitetsu would be the Rapid trains (including New Rapid trains and Special Rapid trains), which require no extra charge, running in the same section on the regular railway line operated by JR Tokai.
  915. Therefore, it can be said that yose as a whole suffer from difficult conditions in their business.
  916. Therefore, it can be said that, from the viewpoint of the system, they are different from the Shinkansen lines in which all railways had been newly laid.
  917. Therefore, it can be said those lunch box have less variety than Ekiben in Japan.
  918. Therefore, it can be said to be the fashion equivalent of fast food.
  919. Therefore, it can be seen that it happened during the period from 1203 when he became Kyoto-shugoshoku to 1205 when he was killed.
  920. Therefore, it can be surmised that Yumiya has been worshipped since ancient times.
  921. Therefore, it can be the legacy of the above private records.
  922. Therefore, it cannot be denied that there is certain credibility to the theory that places Takasue's daughter as the author.
  923. Therefore, it cannot be denied that this renewal, concluding the contract that included the clause of "paying a fixed amount of money for the right of using the land," later proved to be a disadvantage for the village side.
  924. Therefore, it causes gentle rain which is not strong to last for a long time period.
  925. Therefore, it could be said that whether the figure had normal eyes or heaven-and-earth eyes wasn't due to the difference in the times but instead depended on the client's intention, aims and so on.
  926. Therefore, it could occur that a province was not only a bunkoku (a province under control) of an Innomiya family but also a chigyo-koku province under control of a noble, shrine or temple, and it is considered that such examples existed actually.
  927. Therefore, it developed into a big issue as a default of the agreement, and a lawsuit was formed as well.
  928. Therefore, it did not correspond to the idea of "Butsubachi."
  929. Therefore, it doesn't mean that the hanhaba obi is generally recognized as a costume for noticeably cheerful and formal situations or such places
  930. Therefore, it had been called the 'Phantom Line' for a long time.
  931. Therefore, it had long been misunderstood that it was composed in China.
  932. Therefore, it had many things to do, and many workpeople and physical workers belonged to it.
  933. Therefore, it has become clear that the huge keyhole-shaped tumulus had a surrounding moat from, its earliest period.
  934. Therefore, it has been related to culture, civilization, gods and religions in various parts of the world, and often represented in art, sculpture, historical stories and tradition universally.
  935. Therefore, it has carried out various ideas.
  936. Therefore, it has remained unexplained why Shusuke assumed the name Kondo.
  937. Therefore, it is a good guess that boke and tsukkomi are not fixed roles in a precise sense, and the exchange of conversation between the two roles is just conceptualized.
  938. Therefore, it is also called 'Batomyoo' and is sometimes classified into the category of Myoo (Acala, one of the Five Wisdom Kings) instead of the category of Bosatsu (Bodhisattva).
  939. Therefore, it is also called 'Kono Earthquake,' where Ko (江) means Omi (近江) Province (old name of Shiga Prefecture) and No (濃) means Mino (美濃) Province (old name of Gifu Prefecture).
  940. Therefore, it is also called 'Konomono (smelly thing)' or 'Oshinko (new smelly thing).'
  941. Therefore, it is also called 'Tokyo' (都京, literally means 'capital of town,' while Tojo [都城] literally means 'capital of castle').
  942. Therefore, it is also called 'hitatare of kawao' (leather cord).
  943. Therefore, it is also called Misohitomoji (31 syllables.)
  944. Therefore, it is also referred to as the Tanka Renaissance.
  945. Therefore, it is also said that had he lived longer, subsequent Noh would have been further developed in diverse ways.
  946. Therefore, it is also said that it was the family tree editor who associated Tanemichi with the Kokubun clan in Mutsu Province.
  947. Therefore, it is an important point for traffic.
  948. Therefore, it is appropriate to call it teuchi.
  949. Therefore, it is assumed so far that it was established in 1687.
  950. Therefore, it is assumed that he died of illness when the Japanese envoys still stayed in Tang.
  951. Therefore, it is assumed that rather than missing the target vertically, missing the target horizontally is to be avoided.
  952. Therefore, it is assumed that the Wakamiya remains were blessed with favorable conditions such as a good environment and plenty of prey for maintaining a sedentary life.
  953. Therefore, it is assumed that the position of the dolls of the Kanto region resulted from the position of the left and the right regardless of the center.
  954. Therefore, it is assumed that they were the middle-class samurai in Izu Province resided at Hojo in the capacity of Zaichokanjin (local officials) without a great deal of power.
  955. Therefore, it is basically observed in a church and consists of prayers, reading of the Bible, a sermon, hymns, a blessing and so on.
  956. Therefore, it is believed that "Kurama Tengu" was initially Goho Maoson.
  957. Therefore, it is believed that Kokuga was formed during this period.
  958. Therefore, it is believed that Shinto had a nature to be easily fused with foreign religions.
  959. Therefore, it is believed that Yamato no miyako refers to Dazai-fu, the only city that existed in Japan at that time.
  960. Therefore, it is believed that if people do harm to these animals, they will be punished.
  961. Therefore, it is believed that she was married before then.
  962. Therefore, it is believed that the gathering of insects took place in regions where a large number of insects could be gathered with a relatively small labor cost.
  963. Therefore, it is believed the building collapsed under its own weight.
  964. Therefore, it is certain that rice was cultivated in the Japanese archipelago in the latter half of the end of the Jomon period.
  965. Therefore, it is closely related to the samurai culture.
  966. Therefore, it is common for manufacturers to age ink sticks and then ship them.
  967. Therefore, it is commonly known as 'C-Den (C-train).'
  968. Therefore, it is comparatively easier to differentiate Japanese cuisine from traditional food in neighboring nations.
  969. Therefore, it is confirmed that in the era of Ryo, "Urabon-kyo," a gikyo, was complete, and that urabone ceremonies were already held in Buddhist temples.
  970. Therefore, it is conjectured that the Emperor also had something against Kira on his mind.
  971. Therefore, it is considered highly likely that many convenience stores and supermarkets selling liquor will advance into the places where it was regulated for liquor sellers to open new shops.
  972. Therefore, it is considered his father had a great influence on the career paths that the brothers of Bosha and Ryushi would take.
  973. Therefore, it is considered important to prevent desertification at this stage, because desertification can be prevented more efficiently at this stage.
  974. Therefore, it is considered that Hoderi was included in the genealogy for this purpose.
  975. Therefore, it is considered that Icchu had been retired from his play life or had been dead by around 1370.
  976. Therefore, it is considered that Obu-no-sho was established about the middle of the twelfth century.
  977. Therefore, it is considered that bukeshisso finished its purpose in approximately 1382 and was abolished.
  978. Therefore, it is considered that dry land has expanded in these areas as well.
  979. Therefore, it is considered that he issued a warning against the situation where the equality of education was vanishing due to the loss of kangakuden and the rise of Daigaku-besso.
  980. Therefore, it is considered that most of the aerosol comes from kosa.
  981. Therefore, it is considered that several kinds of picture scrolls originally existed and these have been passed down after being copied.
  982. Therefore, it is considered that the 'being that caused bizarre things' came to be called yokai.
  983. Therefore, it is considered that the Ryosei province was established in the 670s, the beginning of the Reign of Emperor Tenmu.
  984. Therefore, it is considered that the author mistook 貞応6年 for 貞応元年 (the first year of Teio (1222)).
  985. Therefore, it is considered that the castle was a 'mizu-shiro' whose building is on the shore of a lake.
  986. Therefore, it is considered that the collection was used complementarily for compiling the Kujigata-osadamegaki.
  987. Therefore, it is considered that the components depend on the place where the kosa is generated and on the areas where it passes.
  988. Therefore, it is considered that the origin of Hitotsumono is Umaosa.
  989. Therefore, it is considered that the place was for storing things, including articles left by the person buried there.
  990. Therefore, it is considered that there was no need to grant Gakumonryo separately during the era of the brothers of SUGAWARA no Kiyokimi.
  991. Therefore, it is considered to be a more complicated mode of expression than the makura word.
  992. Therefore, it is considered to be deeply related to Kojima-dera Temple and the original Kojima-dera Temple at the time of the foundation is considered to have been located around there.
  993. Therefore, it is considered to have been a volcano.
  994. Therefore, it is convenient to conclude that the demise of Japanese missions to Tang China was a factor that accelerated making Japanese cultures more kokufu-styled.
  995. Therefore, it is convincing that the father of Emperor Ojin, known as Issunboshi, was not Emperor Chuai but Sumiyoshi Okami, who was TAKENOUCHI no Sukune.
  996. Therefore, it is customary to call those persons 'white tabi' in general.
  997. Therefore, it is designated as a special protection area, which is strictly controlled, within Yoshino-Kumano National Park.
  998. Therefore, it is different from the folk beliefs of Japan (Koshinto) in many aspects.
  999. Therefore, it is difficult to define jogakuji in a specific way.
  1000. Therefore, it is difficult to suppose the specific techniques of 'How to pile up the stone wall.'

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