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  1. However, the Third Troops was forced to move gradually to Lushun under orders of the General Headquarters of the Japanese Army in Manchuria, which accepted the Navy's rejection of the participation of the Army in the capture of Lushun.
  2. However, the Toba-dono (Toba detached palace) and Rokusho-ji Temples (Six Temples) were only mentioned in his will by 'give to the next Chiten no Kimi (the next head of the imperial family),' so the actual nomination was left up to the Kamakura Bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a Shogun).
  3. However, the Toda clan, sorounded by the Imagawa clan, Oda clan and Matsudaira clan who controlled a large portion of the powerbase, were subordinate to and often shuffled by the master family.
  4. However, the Tokaido Main Line is longer if the portion of branch lines is combined.
  5. However, the Tokugawa clan reduced the Ii clan's territory by 100,000 koku crop yields as punishment and began to give them the cold shoulder after Naosuke carried out Ansei no Taigoku (suppression of extremists by the Shogunate) in 1859, and was assassinated in the Sakuradamongai Incident in 1860.
  6. However, the Tokugawa shogunate originally came to power at the end of years of battles among military families and the shogunate corresponded to the 'military government' which was contrary to 'righteous government', therefore the logic for justifying the Tokugawa shogunate was filled with contradiction from the beginning.
  7. However, the Tokugawa side executed thorough destruction.
  8. However, the Tokugawa troop was defeated and he surrendered to the army led by Kinmochi SAIONJI of the new government.
  9. However, the Tokugawa's side did not have any intention of lasting peace and planned to attack and destroy the Toyotomi family and this peace talk was part of a deceptive ploy.
  10. However, the Tosando-gun Army recovered the Utsunomiya-jo Castle (The Battle of Utsunomiya-jo Castle).
  11. However, the Toyotomi clan's official successor approved by the bakufu was Toshitsugu HASHIBA, the adoptive son that Kodai-in took in her late life (Toshitsugu's real father was said to be Toshifusa KINOSHITA, Hideaki KOBAYAKAWA's older brother).
  12. However, the Toyotomi side, receiving the news of defeat in Yao/Wakae, collected remaining soldiers and retreated.
  13. However, the Triple Intervention, followed by Itsubi Incident and Rokan Hansen (Korea royal refuge at the Russian legation), rather weakened Japan's influence on the Korean Peninsula, and cooperative relationship between the government and minto during the war was gradually disrupted.
  14. However, the Tsu clan in Oyamazaki switching to the new government army and shelling the former bakufu army in Hashimoto caused the former bakufu army completely collapsed and decided the outcome of the battle.
  15. However, the U.S. designed American-style sushi roll like California roll accounts for about 80 percent of the order for sushi, while nigirizushi (sushi shaped by hand), a traditional sushi in Japan, accounts for 20 percent.
  16. However, the Uesugi clan struggled financially because the clan did not press any vassals into service.
  17. However, the Wakae Three, the chief retainers of Yoshitsugu, and others were afraid of Nobunaga's power and betrayed him, so Yoshitsugu committed suicide on December 20, and this was the end of the Miyoshi clan.
  18. However, the Western Camp led by Mitsunari was defeated by the Tokugawa side on October 21, without Hidetada's army.
  19. However, the Yamaguchi force with about 500 troops was no match for the heavy force with 20,000 troops, therefore, eventually, Munenaga announced the surrender over the wall.
  20. However, the Yamana army was defeated and Ujikiyo was killed by the counter-offensive of the bakufu.
  21. However, the Yano-jo Castle finally fell after four days of the battle to hold the castle.
  22. However, the Yasaka School disappeared soon, and today only one piece of music called 'Tsukimi' (moon viewing) remains.
  23. However, the Yukawa and Yamamoto troops did not have the power to drive out the Kamigata army, so that the battle in this direction was prolonged.
  24. However, the Yuryaku-ki of "Nihon shoki" (literally, Chronicles of Japan) stated that the wife of Emperor Anko was Nakashi no Ojo, a daughter of Emperor Richu, and annotated that her alternative name was Nagata no Oiratsume no Ojo.
  25. However, the Zen master Hakuin worried about the practitioner who did too much mediation and suffered from a nervous breakdown (decrease in positive activity of the brain), and gave the secret of Naikan as a method of healing.
  26. However, the above appointment was made based on the Chinese system and in Japan, it was nothing more than the title and ranking given by China.
  27. However, the above books include many documents of which the originals cannot be identified at present.
  28. However, the above buildings were not allowed to be built without imperial sanction before the war, so these buildings were the one to prove that there was imperial sanction for Taiseki-ji Temple.
  29. However, the above description of Nehan-gyo Sutra solely advocates that Nehan-gyo Sutra is the ultimate and supreme sutra among all sutras and strictly speaking, Hoke-kyo Sutra does not appear in this description.
  30. However, the above figure showed an amount of coins collected in exchange for iron coins and accumulated in the bakufu's treasury during the Ansei era, and as already stated in the above, the amount of minted coins went beyond it.
  31. However, the above is a way to use the western stick and the reason why such technique became applicable to Japanese women is because their hair quality has changed and the number of women with firm black hair has decreased due to hair dyeing and permanents.
  32. However, the above legends appear in historical materials of the Edo period for the first time; since they do not conform to the materials of the time during which he lived, these legends are not ture to facts.
  33. However, the above name is just a self-designated one because neither Association for Japanese Noh Plays, Nogaku Soke-kai (Association of head families of Noh Play), Izumi-ryu Shokubunkai (gathering of Izumi school's branch families) nor Tokyo District Court has acknowledged Motoya as the soke.
  34. However, the above numbers of towns were based on counting each 'chome' as one town such as '1-chome, 2-chome, 3-chome, 4-chome Ginza-cho' and so on.
  35. However, the above operation was suspended in July 2004 and the line was formally abolished in March 2009.
  36. However, the above situation indicates that Sumi-Yagura turret and Yagura with special functions were deemed to be symbolic structures instead of Tenshu, so these Yagura are sometimes not recognized as Tenshu as Gosankai Yagura are.
  37. However, the above theory is not accepted commonly.
  38. However, the above time-series classification was made simply based on the time, descriptions relevant to time and places that are described in scriptures together with their contents, it does not necessarily mean that Shaka actually preached in this order.
  39. However, the above-mentioned issue was considered suspicious as the issue of 'provincial constable and General Constable.'
  40. However, the above-mentioned official travel resulted in the shortage of credits enough to advance to a higher degree in Gakushuin University, which meant that he would be one year behind with his long-time schoolmates.
  41. However, the accurate period and situation at the time of the foundation are not seen in official history and are not so clear.
  42. However, the act of Taiko performing the Buddhist service expresses the devout behavior and spirit of people approaching toward Buddhism, which could be the reason that gigaku was performed at Buddhist temples even with the comical aspects of the performance.
  43. However, the activities of bandits could not be suppressed, with the war being raised.
  44. However, the activities of the Kokubun clan (Mutsu Province) during this period were only seen in genealogies of the Kokubun family made by later generations.
  45. However, the actual mission was to check whether the rumor of his intruding Korea was true or not.
  46. However, the actual place he was found is several kilometers closer to Aomori than the statue.
  47. However, the actual power was held by people such as Masamoto HOSOKAWA and Tomiko HINO.
  48. However, the actual purpose was to purchase the competing track in order to bail out; the actual conversion rate was low, and there are many sections in which the abandoned track can be seen from the windows of the train.
  49. However, the actual reason was that han bills would interrupt the Currency Reform conducted by the shogunate.
  50. However, the adoption of the match time other than these is also permitted for administrative reasons, etc., and in 2007 the time was changed to ten minutes for the deciding match of an official competition.
  51. However, the adoption was broken off afterward, and the Shirakawa family was ended.
  52. However, the adoption was broken off, and he took the opportunity to build a new family.
  53. However, the adoption was dissolved due to his bad behavior, such as getting drunk.
  54. However, the aforementioned "Kansei Choshu Shokafu" has hiragana readings of Katsutoyo's Yamauchi clan as 'Yamauchi.'
  55. However, the afterword, which showed an uncommon motivation for painting, is more famous rather than the work itself.
  56. However, the agreement weaked the United States influence in China over Japanese dominance through Japanese approach to the Russian Empire after the Russo-Japanese Agreement in 1907 and increasing economic investment in Manchuria,
  57. However, the air masses which compose air in the south and north of the front are the same.
  58. However, the allied forces were joined by armed priests of Enryaku-ji Temple at the request of Kennyo HONGANJI, and on October 29, the enlarged allied forces invaded the Yoshinari's territory.
  59. However, the amendments to the ritsuryo system issued in 756 recognize the use of seals saying, 'It became common practice for all the seal-owning families to cast private seals and secretly use them which is unavoidable.'
  60. However, the amount of Dajokan bills that were redeemed for government bonds was limited and most of the bills were redeemed for newly issued bank notes.
  61. However, the amount of fines was higher in the Security Police Law.)
  62. However, the amount of kosa is more affected by the strength of wind due to a storm and the occurrence frequency of such winds, rather than the amount of rainfall.
  63. However, the amount of production of seishu was small in this period and it is thought that it was spread among only limited social classes such as dominant nobility.
  64. However, the amount of water with which the dough is mixed is important and if the dough is hard the texture becomes heavy and if soft the dough flows out when grilling.
  65. However, the anger of the Japanese public could not be calmed down for the judgement, thus Foreign Minister Kaoru INOUE brought a charge against Drake for murder.
  66. However, the animal glue withers with time, and the extent of nijimi increases, expanding the freedom of expression with the tones of sumi color.
  67. However, the announcement of 'opening of a country to the world and amity' was made only to the foreign diplomats, and still there were some supporters of Joi within the new government, so that the fact was not disclosed domestically.
  68. However, the annual interest rate of Ku-Suiko was soon raised to 50% again.
  69. However, the appearance of Soun in history near the age of 50, coming into full bloom after 60 and still leading a battle after 80 would be quite odd, which brings this theory into question..
  70. However, the appearance of sour and the rapid growth of Korui shochu as above mentioned made the chuhai boom speed up from 1983 to 1985.
  71. However, the appellation of Kotaitei is not specified on the Imperial House Law.
  72. However, the appointment as a sojaban turned his fate.
  73. However, the appointment was made when Yorifusa's attendant and chief retainer Nobuyoshi NAKAYAMA (Bizen no Kami or provincial governor of Bizen) went to Mito.
  74. However, the area code is '0771' in the areas of Sagashikimigahara and Sagakoshihata in Ukyo Ward and the former Keihoku-cho area (Message Area of Kameoka).
  75. However, the area had unfavorable geographical conditions, including a lack of adequate transportation services for shipping lumber.
  76. However, the area has been troubled with the lack of snow due to the warm winters of recent years, and the Hakuunro Hotel, which was the owner of the himuro hut, went bankrupt in 1998.
  77. However, the area over which he took actual control was limited to Ishikawa and Shirakawa.
  78. However, the area where this forest for research located was in the most remote part of the headwaters area of the Yura-gawa River.
  79. However, the armed conflict that began in the Onin War spread out to more rural areas and continued even after the fighting petered out in the capital, and in Kanto, the Kyotoku Incident extended the bloodshed for almost ten additional years after the Onin War ended.
  80. However, the army of Yoshisada NITTA and Masashige KUSUNOKI was defeated at the Battle of Minatogawa, where Masashige was killed, and Yoshisada fled to Kyoto.
  81. However, the army of the Satomi clan was not so cooperative in the battle because Yoshitaka had been reluctant to support the battle from the beginning.
  82. However, the arrangements were technical and creative enough to make kokyu the main part in some pieces, and in some of his own compositions he wrote all the shamisen, koto, and kokyu parts by himself.
  83. However, the article which received the most attention was also because of the eulogy.
  84. However, the assassination of Hirobumi ITO caused the disruption of the power balance between Genro (elder statesmen), which enhanced the influence of Aritomo YAMAGATA.
  85. However, the assassination of Sanetomo that took place in the following 1219 derailed the realization of the proposal; the Retired Emperor Gotoba refused it.
  86. However, the assertion of Nikkomon School, which argues that only Nikko has inherited the teachings, is not accepted by other schools of Nichiren Sect.
  87. However, the association collapsed at the end of July and three out of the five production companies were forced to disband.
  88. However, the association was dismissed in 1901 only three years after the foundation.
  89. However, the atmosphere of the surrounding area is hardly that of an area near a station, and a large-scale supermarket with a vast parking space is located across National Route one.
  90. However, the attack against Koyasan itself can not be called fiction, judging from fragmented information which remain in various historical materials.
  91. However, the attack failed and, when they anchored at Geoje Island on their way back, they were attacked both from the land and sea and the Korean navy suffered catastrophic damage including deaths of senior commanders, Won Gyun, Lee Eokgi, and 崔湖 (the Naval Battle of Chilcheollyang).
  92. However, the attack was resumed on the 15th.
  93. However, the attacking chance on May 3 was lost due to a rain, and on May 4, the Satsuma army retreated to Hiyamizu after meeting a fierce resistance from the government army.
  94. However, the attempt failed because their movements were stopped in Yamaguchi City en route to Hagi by officers at the Hagi domain.
  95. However, the aunt is in fact none other than a transformed Ibaraki Doji, in disguise.
  96. However, the author is unknown.
  97. However, the authority of Kiri-mon is not diminished and Goshichi kiri is used as the emblem of the Cabinet and government as customary during the issue of case documents, and recently it is being established as the emblem of the Japanese prime minister abroad.
  98. However, the authority of Yoriyuki HOSOKAWA within the bakufu began to decline, and a position of Masanori relying on Yoriyuki was also weakened.
  99. However, the authority of daimyo in the sengoku period was not always unlimited.
  100. However, the authority of the Torazaemon's family was supposedly not so strong compared with the one that Danzaemon acquired afterwards.
  101. However, the authority of the concubines and Shogun's real mother were declining with the times.
  102. However, the authorship remains unknown.
  103. However, the autopsy proved that he had not been poisoned, therefore, Nishigori was sentenced to four years' imprisonment for a definite term for false charge.
  104. However, the back of the target was a 55 cm diameter piece of timber or alternatively, a wooden board with cowhide stretched across it which was padded inside with cotton, wool, or straw, etc. (much like a cushion) which was suspended from a timber frame.
  105. However, the bakufu (military government) dispatched jito (estate stewards) to several areas, and these jito became actively involved in the shoen (manors) and the kokugaryo (public lands) administered by the kokushi.
  106. However, the bakufu again accused him of insufficient removal of the repaired parts, and as a result, his territories in Aki and Bingo Provinces worth 500,000 koku were confiscated; instead he was given Takaino Domain of Takaino County, one of 4 counties in Kawanakajima of Shinano Province and Uonuma County, Echigo Province, worth 45,000 koku.
  107. However, the bakufu alone had the right to appoint and discharge land stewards and neither manorial lords nor imperial government officials had any such right.
  108. However, the bakufu also sent a mission to Paris led by Akitake TOKUGAWA (who later became lord of the Mito Domain, and who was also the younger brother of seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians"), Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA).
  109. However, the bakufu began having serious financial problems starting from the reconstruction of Edo city, which was burnt down due to the Great Fire in the Meireki era, to the decline of gold produced from Sado Gold Mine in the Sadoga-shima Island, and the comparative fall of the rice price against the prices of other commodities.
  110. However, the bakufu had to treat agemairei as a temporary measure because it could have resulted in a loss of prestige to shogunate, and peasant revolts occurred frequently as a result of the tax increases.
  111. However, the bakufu itself promoted a concept of 'shoshiki-kaisho' (daily commodity kaisho) in order to establish semi-nationalized distribution system of shoshiki (daily commodities) in the very last years of the Edo period (although the concept was never put into practice due to the collapse of the Edo bakufu).
  112. However, the bakufu soon discovered how impossible it was for the Shoshidai alone to prevent riots and so the bakufu newly founded the Kyoto Shugoshoku to facilitate recovery of the their prestige and to achieve order in the town.
  113. However, the bakufu system as the central government fell down because of the Coup of Meio.
  114. However, the bakufu was defeated in the civil war with Satsuma domain and Choshu domain against such a move of the bakufu (Boshin Civil War) and was ruined.
  115. However, the bakufu was very strong at the time, and temples could not mount an opposition.
  116. However, the bakufu would not take action for expelling foreigners.
  117. However, the bakufu, with the aim of reducing the strength of the Echizen family, ordered Mitsunaga to relocate by exchanging his territory with that of Tadamasa MATSUDAIRA, the lord of the Takada domain (a younger brother of Tadanao and an adopted child of Eisho-in).
  118. However, the bandai is designed to be situated as a front desk in new facilities, being separate from the dressing room.
  119. However, the barriers between toji groups or schools have been slowly lowered compared to the past.
  120. However, the base of the Taira clan continued in Rokuhara yakata.
  121. However, the basic procedure of an administration change in those days was as follows.
  122. However, the battle reached a deadlock in face of a large enemy army sent by Toban, and despite Ri Keigen's direction to attack the Toban army, they were soundly defeated and Sinrei Ryu died in the battle.
  123. However, the battle situation became to allow the government army to make a pincer attack on Kiyama, where the headquarters of the Satsuma army was located, from Otsu in the right-most flank and from Mifune in the left-most flank.
  124. However, the bigger Wushe Incident later occurred as the anti-Japanese movement by the Taiwanese indigenous people.
  125. However, the biggest opportunity for centralizing power was provided with the defeat in the Kudara restoration war during the latter half of seventh century (Battle of Hakusonko or the Battle of Baekgang).
  126. However, the birth of the Soviet Union during the period spurred the spread of communism in Japan and prompted the government fearing revolutionary movement by Communist agitators to pass the Peace Preservation Act and control popular movements.
  127. However, the bitter relationship with his father, Retired Emperor Goyozei, continued for a long time despite the intermediary of Nankobo Tenkai and Katsushige ITAKURA until his father died.
  128. However, the blank space along the elevated Saikyo line is a buffer zone called 'environmental space,' which has been provided taking into account noise-related problems, and is not land acquired for extending the Shinkansen line.
  129. However, the book states as follows.
  130. However, the book was rejected again, and in 1126 or the next year it was finally accepted at the third try (sanso bon, the book submitted for inspection three times).
  131. However, the book was written about brick tea, which different from the non-powdered & powdered green tea popular in Japan.
  132. However, the books already published could not be recalled completely, and it is possible to know all of the contents through "Edo-sosho" (Books on the Edo period) published in the Taisho period.
  133. However, the borui in Imazu area (Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City), Iki-no-matsubara (Nishi Ward), Nishijin (Momochi) Area (Sawara Ward), Jigyo Area (Chuo Ward, Fukuoka City), and others has been maintained as a national historical site, and is kept exposed.
  134. However, the both reacted coldly, and Sadatsune SHONI killed KIKUCHI's emissary at Katakasu (Hakata Ward, Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City), and Sadamune OTOMO also tried to kill the emissary, but had the emissary run away.
  135. However, the boundary between sakaya and tsukuri-zakaya is not defined clearly.
  136. However, the boundary between these areas is unclear.
  137. However, the branch families of the Hosokawa clan opposed the idea of the adopted son, who was not blood-related, taking over as the family head, and Masamoto welcomed Sumimoto HOSOKAWA, the son of Yoshiharu HOSOKAWA from a branch family of the Hosokawa clan in the Awa Province.
  138. However, the breed improvement achieved through the development of rice-growing techniques brought about a new kind of rice that could easily be produced in larger quantities.
  139. However, the brewing industry during this period when scientific reproducibility was not introduced, the technique was poorer than that of today and sake often putrefied during brewing in spite of using good rice for sake brewing.
  140. However, the bronze statue was surrendered according to the Metal Recovery Act of 1944. The current statue was rebuilt in 1961.
  141. However, the brushwork varies slightly among the three letters; particularly, most of the second one is written in gyosho-tai (semi-cursive style) and the third one is in sosho-tai (cursive style).
  142. However, the budan-ha group (people who carried out politics by military means) which was known by Masanori FUKUSHIMA, one of the Toyotomi Family, was opposed to his conduct.
  143. However, the budget was still not enough to complete all projects.
  144. However, the building at the time of the incident was burned down during the Battle in Toba-Fushimi; in fact, the current building in 263 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City was built to the west of the Teradaya of the incident (the current building was registered in 1905).
  145. However, the buildings and the principal icon of the Buddhist temple were left and maintained by Joto-zan Shorenji-Temple and exist as the name of 'Dainichi-do.'
  146. However, the buildings such as the main hall are only open to the public twice a year in April and November.
  147. However, the burnt down structures were limited to the castle tower, Honmaru and so on.
  148. However, the bus stop for 'Kawabata Marutamachi' is called 'Marutamachi Keihan,' but its intersection is called 'Kawabata Marutamachi.'
  149. However, the bus stops are different.
  150. However, the bushi were in the armed group which were professionally involved with military affairs as government officials.
  151. However, the business deteriorated due to the Great Depression.
  152. However, the business was never started due to its financial aspect and speculation by powerful persons in the village.
  153. However, the cabinet of a country without a parliamentary cabinet system, for example that of the United States of America, is not usually referred to as a party cabinet, even though the country has a party system.
  154. However, the cabinet was unable to keep up with schedule of the democratization policies of the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers (GHQ) and resigned en masse after 54 days, making it the shortest-lived of the post-WWII cabinets.
  155. However, the calendar era of the book shows some contradictions with regard to the year of his enthronement; therefore, many theories relating to the accurate year have been presented.
  156. However, the calender was problematic because only eight years after the enforcement, the incompleteness of the solar eclipse forecast was pointed out by Goryu ASADA, Tosato NISHIMURA and others.
  157. However, the campaign for abolition of Security Police Law Article 5 was continued by mainly women's organizations after that because the first clause of Article 5 that prohibited women's freedom of association was not revised
  158. However, the cannonballs of the Satsuma army fell short and rather burnt Eikoku-ji Temple and towns around Hitoyoshi-jo Castle.
  159. However, the capital was removed to Heijo-kyo soon, and the number of worshipers for the god of Enomoto who moved to Mt. Abe decreased and became poor.
  160. However, the captain was dissatisfied with the decision, taking legal action to execute the immigration contract, and appealed to return the Qing laborers to "Maria Luz".
  161. However, the card can't be used for the route buses operated by other bus companies.
  162. However, the castle keep was completed in 1606.
  163. However, the castle on Mt. Kasagi (Kyoto Prefecture) fell after a fierce attack from the army of the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and the Emperor was captured.
  164. However, the castle was abandoned 10 years later.
  165. However, the cat failed to catch kyuso and instead, kyuso bit into the cat's throat, killed it, and shrewdly ran away.
  166. However, the cause of death appears in "Azuma Kagami" thirteen years after Yoritomo's death, and "Azuma Kagami" at the time of Yoritomo's death contained no description about Yoritomo's death, from the Buddhist ceremony for bridging a river to the funeral ceremony.
  167. However, the census system was only formally put into place after hexannual national census surveys were implemented by Yoshimune TOKUGAWA in 1721 (year) and formalized in the document presented by Tadasuke OOKA to Ujinori ARIMA.
  168. However, the chabitsu has been rapidly disappearing from the ordinary household due to the spread of tea sold in plastic bottles.
  169. However, the chairman accepted the offer and resigned as the chairman, and became member of the Council of Water Quality.
  170. However, the change of taste was not welcomed by old fans, and opinions became divided (Many women say it became easier to eat).
  171. However, the change of water pressure caused by the break of side bank resulted in the break of the bank for inundation tactics on the following day, the 20th, by which many soldiers of the Ukita troops of yosete drowned.
  172. However, the character '叙' does not have to be used consciously; it was spread since Su Shi used it to avoid using '序' which was also his grandfather's name.
  173. However, the character of '三' is written in the same size as kaeriten (return marks to help read Chinese literature in Japanese).
  174. However, the characteristics of individuals are varied, and depending on the combination, different mutual effects are produced.
  175. However, the characters were changed to mean 'large happiness rice cake', also pronounced daifuku-mochi, to bring good luck.
  176. However, the child only pretends to eat.
  177. However, the child that was born was only one sun tall (three centimeters in the modern metric units), and he did not grow bigger even though the years went by.
  178. However, the circulation of rice was not the only goal of the activities of the territorial lords and shogun.
  179. However, the clan became a part of the Northern Court (Japan) side, after that Maretake, a child of Marehide, decided to affiliate with the Hosokawa clan who was the shugo of Tosa Province.
  180. However, the clan became a retainer of his uncle Terumasa IKEDA, the lord of the Himeji clan, due to internal problems in inheriting the steward post, and was permitted to use the surname of Ikeda, and then established the Harima-Shingu clan.
  181. However, the clan earned income by converting lumber, kazoo (the tree from which washy paper was produced), tea, and shiitake mushroom into money or rice.
  182. However, the clan remained split because the family line including Koretoki, Korezumi, and Koremura ASO allied with the Northern Court, and the family line including Koretake ASO (younger brother of Koremura) allied with the Southern Court and fought against each other.
  183. However, the clan revolted again, descended to the Southern Court (Japan), and at one point, it occupied the city of Kyoto, demonstrating its might.
  184. However, the clan was abolished in the early Edo period, and remained existing as a Hatamoto.
  185. However, the clan was again subdued by the Hojo clan after the Konodai Battle, and when the Toyotomi clan suppressed the Kanto region, it lost territory and fled to the Nasu clan for shelter.
  186. However, the clan was not allowed to use Nitta as its family name, and its stipend was increased by only 100 to 120 koku, the lowest among kotaiyoriai families.
  187. However, the clan's activity and family tree aren't clearly defined, and the name "Akitsuna" doesn't appear in any reliable source, so to some the stated origin is only an assumption.
  188. However, the classification of the music into Honkyoku and Gaikyoku is not so strict as that for Shakuhachi bamboo flutes music.
  189. However, the clear distinction between arts and crafts seen in the West did not exist in Japan, so Japanese art, as a whole, was deemed too decorative and technical, and it was ranked a bit lower than European art.
  190. However, the clearest difference between Daito-ryu Aiki Jujutsu and Aikido is in the ideologies of how they position the purpose and meaning of martial arts.
  191. However, the coastal defense measure defined that the coastal defense organization used the farmer force, which was insufficient to protest against the forces of other countries abroad.
  192. However, the codes also stipulate in a separate paragraph, "other trade names are applicable so as to prevent general consumers from misidentifying," which enables manufacturers to use other trade names such as 'Hiyamugi' and 'Somen.'
  193. However, the collapse of Goryeo led him a wandering life.
  194. However, the collar was not fastened by a tonbo (dragonfly head shaped hook), but by strings attached to the center of the back of the collar and the end of the uwamae (upper front of clothes) of the collar.
  195. However, the common people continued to worship Hachiman Daibosatsu and the word 'Hachiman Daibosatsu' has often been used in situations related with shako-shin still now.
  196. However, the common people still lived mostly in pit dwelling houses.
  197. However, the community bus operating committee was dissolved and a legally incorporated committee was formed in line with the Act on Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Local Public Transportation Systems so, from August government funding continued.
  198. However, the company failed to renew the registration several years ago, saying that such type of lucky charm had been generally identified with 'Hamaya.'
  199. However, the company ran into financial difficulty only half a year after its establishment and was unable to pay its wages.
  200. However, the company ran out of funds to continue the line north of Komori Station, so Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation (JRCC) took over the project for the laying of the Miyamori Line.
  201. However, the company struggled financially and was forced to merge with Toa Kinema in 1924, but he set up on his own again, establishing 'Makino Productions' in 1925.
  202. However, the company went bust two years later because of sloppy management, which he resold to Yataro IWASAKI of the Mitsubishi (a financial clique).
  203. However, the complete map is precise, detailed and accurate, greatly advanced in terms of technique compared with the past Japanese maps, and almost comparable to Western maps in those days except for some defects.
  204. However, the compromise that Yoshinaka would send his eldest son Yoshitaka who was eleven as a hostage to Yoritomo in Kamakura was reached between the two parties.
  205. However, the concepts of odo omin and ikkun banmin, which were the basis of the Ritsuryo system, were incompatible with the feudal system, which was the basis of the samurai government and therefore it could not be denied that the Kenmu Restoration was, in a sense, an outdated political system.
  206. However, the concession was not great, and all things considered, it was still a centralized local administration system.
  207. However, the conflict did not immediately lead to a war, and Yoritsune KUJO, who was from a family eligible for regency, was invited to serve as the new shogun.
  208. However, the conflict intensified because on December 5, 1953, the conservative parents blamed 'Ideologically Prejudiced Education' by progressive teachers regarding an accidental fire occurred in the school on April 29 of the same year and its reconstruction plan.
  209. However, the conflicts with the shogun Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA, who aimed to restore the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) Japanese feudal government, continued.
  210. However, the confrontation between Yorinaga and Tadamichi became increasingly serious in connection with internal struggles inside the Royal Family and finally lead to the Hogen Rebellion in 1156.
  211. However, the confrontation with the Isshiki clan which was his arch rival in the Tango Province kept going back and forth, and he finally attacked the Isshiki clan being reinforcemed by the Asakura clan in the Echizen Province during the invasion of Wakasa by the Isshiki clan.
  212. However, the confusion continued when people were repaying their debts since Wado-kaichin and Mannen-tsuho coins had a diffferent value even though they had almost the same shape and the same weight.
  213. However, the congestion is tremendous during the New Year holiday season, and extra ticket-selling places and ticket gates are provided to cope with the flow of traffic.
  214. However, the connection between this shippo pattern and the Buddhist term "shippo" is unknown.
  215. However, the connection with the Mitsui Family is not only as mentioned above.
  216. However, the conservatives, including the Royal family, recovered their power, when they found Japan had surrendered to the Triple Intervention, and moved closer to Russia, which resulted in more intensified political strife (The assassination of Empress Myeongseong occurred during this period).
  217. However, the conspiracy was disclosed on June 28, when Yamashiro no Okimi informed Empress Koken on that "Naramaro will surround the residence of Nakamaro with his troops."
  218. However, the conspiracy was discovered in the preparation process, and the prince escaped to Onjo-ji Temple (Mii-dera Temple) in Omi Province.
  219. However, the construction of main sanctuaries only developed when the later belief emerged that kami permanently reside in a single location, and before this time, they were not enshrined in small shrines but simply worshipped on site.
  220. However, the construction of the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen lines met protest campaigns against it, difficulties in procuring necessary land and also met an abnormal amount of water flow in tunnel excavation work.
  221. However, the construction was completed in 1946, after the end of the war, and the track was removed by 1951.
  222. However, the construction work for speed improvement has not been carried out in this section and even limited express trains run at reduced speeds in the Fukuchiyama - Kami-Yakuno section due to the consecutive sharp curves.
  223. However, the consumption style of people changed again during this period, when people could get liquors at any remote village in the heart of a mountain and buy canned beer or one cup sake from vending machines in towns after the high-growth period.
  224. However, the contents are difficult to understand for persons who don't have knowledge about Rikujinshinka even though they can read it.
  225. However, the contents have been altered from the description in the Engishiki, so it varies from sect to sect.
  226. However, the contents of "Kojiki" and "Nihonshoki" are quite different.
  227. However, the contents of kabuki are quite different from those of ningyo joruri.
  228. However, the continued deaths of the Miyoshi clan such as Kazumasa and Yoshitaka accelerated their power over the Shikoku region losing substance, which eventually led to the decline of the military force of the Miyoshi's army.
  229. However, the contol of Gohoku by the Azai, who were merely a small country clan, was not stable, and for some time after that the Kyogoku clan became respected as the ostensible Shugo (military governor) and continued.
  230. However, the contribution of Takao SAITO cannot be overlooked even though his name was not included in the credit titles of the multicam method version of the film.
  231. However, the control of the town areas in front of the shrines and the temples was transferred to the machi-bugyo.
  232. However, the control right that a ryoshu could execute was not necessarily the same, being largely different depending upon rank and social status.
  233. However, the conventional contracting relationship for a limited period of time was highly unstable for the contractors like tato fumyo.
  234. However, the core of Kokyu music consists in Sangyoku from the viewpoint of its contents as well as of the history.
  235. However, the correspondence between the Four Gods and actual geography in Japan differs greatly from that in China, South Korea, and North Korea.
  236. However, the cost of military spending for mobilizing a large number of soldiers increased the financial pressure.
  237. However, the costume of 'Uma' discovered in 2005 was drawn in Shu-iro (Empire red), the same color as that of Suzaku which was drawn on the same south wall.
  238. However, the costumes are often slightly simplified.
  239. However, the council system became merely nominal through Ieyasu's frequent covenant violations.
  240. However, the court did not allow him to use it.
  241. However, the court was not able to decide to which side the Hall belonged.
  242. However, the credibility of this story is doubtful because his personal collection has some poems composed on the theme of him growing old.
  243. However, the creditor was not allowed to charge more interest than the capital sum, even if the term of loaning had passed 480 days.
  244. However, the crest (which can now be seen in Kita-in and Ryodaido in Ueno) used by Tenkai was 'Nihikiryomon' (the family crest of the Ashikaga family) and 'Rinpomon' (seven treasures that Tenrin Seio (notion of the ideal king) owns) and they were clearly different from that of the Ashina clan.
  245. However, the crisis passed away when Nobunaga ODA was killed by Mitsuhide AKECHI in the Honno-ji Incident and Yasunaga MIYOSHI left for Kinai region.
  246. However, the criticism of koi-nobori from the gender-free standpoint was countered by Tokyo Governor Shintaro ISHIHARA of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly (the second regular meeting in 2004), who said 'it is an extreme and bizarre allegation that even denies traditional culture.'
  247. However, the criticism that Takekoshi made to Soho's commitment to nationalism after the Sino-Japanese War caused a conflict between them, and Takekoshi left Minyu-sha in December 1895.
  248. However, the criticism that its selection criteria is unclear has consistently existed.
  249. However, the cultivation of Kjellmaniella crassifolia has started, because its value has gradually been recognized in recent years.
  250. However, the currency unit of Chogin (collective term of silver) and Mameitagin (name of an Edo-period coin) was the actual measurement value of weight.
  251. However, the current Karyo which was a non-penal fine and departed from a petty fine was newly established by the old penal code issued in 1880.
  252. However, the current butsudan is not originated directly from the above said imperial edict.
  253. However, the current drum turret set up at the Ryogoku Kokugikan Arena is a permanent one, not a temporary one, for security reasons; besides, it has an elevator.
  254. However, the current textbook from Nihon Bunkyou Shuppan Co., Ltd. does not use the term, 'Buke-zukuri style').
  255. However, the curvature radius rules are not applied to the sections in metropolitan areas, such as between Tokyo and Yokohama of Tokaido Shinkansen and between Tokyo and Omiya of Tohoku Shinkansen, and also to those close to the major stations where all trains on a Shinkansen stop.
  256. However, the custom of calling the farm rent as the nengu continued to survive.
  257. However, the custom of using these wooden tea caddy for thin tea started only in the Edo period, when the powdered tea for thick tea and that for thin tea came to be contained in different types of containers.
  258. However, the custom of wearing a combination of a haori and a hakama with family crests as ceremonial dress for men continues even in the present age.
  259. However, the daimyo (especially the tozama daimyo (nonhereditary feudal lords)) tended to have a sense of identity in their lands because they visited the places due to sankinkotai (daimyo's alternate-year residence in Edo) every other year.
  260. However, the daishu burst not into the In no gosho but into the Imperial Palace, whose guard was thinner, and made a great fuss.
  261. However, the daishu insisted, 'even if he is young, it is right to come to the dairi to appeal to the Emperor and hear a chokujo (something that the emperor decided) according to precedent and established practice' and ignored Myoun's persuasion.
  262. However, the daishu were strictly demanding Narichika's exile.
  263. However, the damage to the hull and commodity and financial shortage of the Ertu?rul had piled up so much since her departure that it was now nearly impossible for her to sail back.
  264. However, the date of the enrolment in the Shinsengumi is not clear (according to one theory, it was in October 1867).
  265. However, the day of the memorial service depends on each sect of Shinshu.
  266. However, the death of the first Minoru UMEWAKA revived the debate between the head of the Kanze family and the Umewaka group about the problem of the license.
  267. However, the death penalty and punishment that involved pain, such as the capital punishment that involved using a blade, were rarely executed.
  268. However, the death records and the family register at Hogan-ji Temple in Serizawa, Namegata City, Ibraki Prefecture stated that he died on August 22 (old lunar calendar), 1874.
  269. However, the decline of Kansai Kabuki became significant and because of sluggish growth in his own performances, due to the pressure of expectation of those around him and friction with Shochiku with respect to the performance policy to mainly use Jukai ICHAWA, the third, he left Shochiku in 1955.
  270. However, the decline of the ritsuryo system and the unpaid land tax and suiko led shozei system to the virtual corruption in the mid Heian period.
  271. However, the decreasing trend did not stop even in the Heisei period (1989 -), and during the decade starting in 1998 the production amount fell to 20,000 tons, which was one quarter of the amount produced in the decade starting in 1965.
  272. However, the defeat was not serious enough to change the war situation largely, and the Tokugawa forces started taking a new strategy.
  273. However, the definition of the land of the dead being underground came from the Chinese Yomi and did not follow the original Japanese thought.
  274. However, the deflation caused by the budget austerity led to a decrease in tax revenue, and he was at a loss over how to cope with such a vicious circle (the Matsukata deflation).
  275. However, the degree of eagerness is a different matter.
  276. However, the delivery of provisions and weapons to Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple decreased after this naval battle and they felt demoralized.
  277. However, the demand of Sadakatsu's mother, Odai no kata resulted in him staying in the Matsudaira family.
  278. However, the demonstration of the effects and efficacy of foods are regulated by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and some point out that it is not appropriatefor the de facto national institutions to state the effects and efficacy of such products.
  279. However, the depiction in these pieces is symbolic rather than realistic, and its musical development was clearly as motifs; thus these pieces cannot be regarded simply as depictive music.
  280. However, the deprivation of land left the Ii Family with 90,000 koku, which did not meet the standard of a marquis, but even a daimyo who had not been punished and did not suffer any land loss maintained land to the value of 150,000 koku.
  281. However, the description could be confused with that of Koreyori's father, Korezumi; that means the whole of the description cannot be dealt with as untrue.
  282. However, the description is also seen in the above book saying Gakumonryo was granted in reward for their father Huruhito's achievement as Jidoku (imperial tutor) and none were rewarded thereafter.
  283. However, the description recorded of her dance can also be interpreted "She danced while possessed" and thus, she was not dancing in order to provoke laughter.
  284. However, the description used for the registered name as the place of scenic beauty is still 'Tsukise Bairin,' the name used at the time of original registration, and no correction has been made to it as of 2007.
  285. However, the details are unknown since there are no detailed historical documents about the Ito-dojo.
  286. However, the details concerning Kenjutsu at the time, including its existence, are unknown since there was no written language in Japan at the time.
  287. However, the details of his intentions have not been clarified yet.
  288. However, the details of the style were determined at the time of revival of Daijo-sai festival in 1687.
  289. However, the details of these theories are also unclear.
  290. However, the details of this discovery were not described at all in both "Kojiki" (Record of Ancient Matters) and "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), which should have included the detailed history in the Tenchi era.
  291. However, the details of this system of local governance are not clear because there are few historical documents, and it is considered that it did not happen consistently throughout the area controlled by the Taira clan, but was a transient phenomena while testing ways for bushi to govern.
  292. However, the developed varieties of sakamai aren't necessarily distributed in the same prefectures.
  293. However, the development into Senmyo Shoshotai where kana is written in a small size is an achievement in our country.
  294. However, the development of non-foaming yeast got rid of that concern, and few breweries have this position nowadays.
  295. However, the development of roads did not catch up with the development of housing lands, which may be the cause of chronic traffic congestion in many areas within the ward today.
  296. However, the diaries of court nobles, for example, the entry "Gyokuyo," dated August 6, 1181, doesn't have the name of Yoshinaka KISO.
  297. However, the difference among shohon (transcription and published books) is large because improvement were made by many people over a long period of time.
  298. However, the difference between rottenness and fermentation is based on the value judgment as to whether or not the result of the action of microorganisms is harmful (fruitless) or useful.
  299. However, the difference from jinko in the tax system disappeared when it was decided in 739 that fuko should pay all the rice tax to fushu (in case of jinpu, fushu is the shrine).
  300. However, the differences between toudee and 'tee' have become blurred.
  301. However, the diplomatic relations between the two nations were broken due to the Bunroku-Keicho War, and Chosen Tsushinshi ceased to come.
  302. However, the diplomatic solution was not realized because Ryukyu pleaded for the continuation of the relationship with Qing, and also because Qing protested against the ban on choko in Ryukyu.
  303. However, the direct administration of Emperor Godaigo failed and his administration was ruined because he adopted a package of anachronistic measures in sequence.
  304. However, the disabled and aged Santosha are excluded.
  305. However, the discovery of the fact that Kjellmaniella crassifolia contains more viscous polysaccharides called 'Fucoidan' than other kelp, as well as the fact that such Fucoidan may work as a functional ingredient, raised the price sharply.
  306. However, the discussion on what the Japanese-style rule of the colony was like has continued to argue over the difference from prior models made by Europe and America.
  307. However, the dish is characterized by an insufficient amount of soup broth, which might be influenced by Okinawa Soba (because, Palau received a lot of immigrants from Okinawa in the past), as well as by using spaghetti that is easily available in the country.
  308. However, the disparities between the Omiya family and the Mibu family, which had managed to reserve their own archives after the Onin War, had widened more and more.
  309. However, the distinction is far from universal (the followings are examples).
  310. However, the distinction of モ (mo) is observed only in "Kojiki."
  311. However, the distinctions have their own respective historical backgrounds, which vary significantly from one budo to another.
  312. However, the disturbance within its province was increasingly accelerated, and the family gradually weakened its power after that.
  313. However, the doctrine and ceremony of Tachikawa school was questioned with descriptions in the documents written by critics and repressing parties.
  314. However, the domain escaped censure by following procedure and reporting the particulars of the incident immediately through Katsunaga ITAMI, a hatamoto, or shogun's vassal, who was also Suminaga's father and served as commissioner of shogunate demesne and in other key posts.
  315. However, the domain, which wanted to promote new land development, detained Kakurin while he was in Edo (the current Tokyo) and incarcerated him as a laic figure popularly called Kansuke, and Kakurin died in prison.
  316. However, the domestic emissions amount in 2007 is conversely larger than that of the reference year by 9.0% and about 15% reduction from the present state is necessary.
  317. However, the doorway may be covered by a sudare (bamboo screen) or curtain during the summer and winter.
  318. However, the dough of takoyaki is diluted with more water than that of okonomiyaki and resists caking, with cabbage added to it, until it is baked thoroughly, and so the creamy texture which is loved in Osaka is lost.
  319. However, the dry one is preferable for those who dislike a strong smell of sake.
  320. However, the dynasty refused the suggestion from Britain that it should establish a Chinese navy fleet that would employ a British military officer as the commander, and the establishment of modern navy was again postponed.
  321. However, the early spring one became the New Year festival since the event placed more of an emphasis on the divinity of ancestors as Toshigami (gods who visit houses on New Year's Day), and the early autumn one was integrated with Urabon and became a Buddhist event.
  322. However, the east independents felt indignant and accused Yoshitsune, who was the radical leader of the pro-Kyoto policy.
  323. However, the economic development in Korea was promoted mainly in order to support industrialization and food shortage in Japan.
  324. However, the economically-challenged were not able to afford enough accompanying dishes to compensate for the loss of nutrients from eating white rice.
  325. However, the effective length of that platform was extremely short and even local trains had to pass without stopping during certain time periods (the situation was the same at Namikawa Station, Takatsu Station (Kyoto Prefecture), Fuchigaki Station and others).
  326. However, the effects of the arrangement were lost once Iemochi TOKUGAWA and Emperor Komei died, and the Sonjo group became dominant in Kyoto and led others in demanding that the Shogunate eliminate contact with foreigners.
  327. However, the effort proved to be in vain when Nobunaga died in the Honnoji Incident of June 1582.
  328. However, the eggs of fish that have already returned to rivers and started to swim upriver are virtually about to be let go and are very hard and not suitable for eating.
  329. However, the eighth lord of the domain, Sanenobu MATSURA, was so talented that his proficiency was certified at the age of 17.
  330. However, the electrification rate of railroads was only about 10%, so steam locomotives were still playing a major role in transportation.
  331. However, the emperor did not accept the political system of Wakoku due to his personal values, and moreover, it seemed unreasonable to him.
  332. However, the emperor made a decision to establish a new Kogogushiki (the Queen-consort's Household Agency) as Ryoge no kan (a post outside the original Ritsuryo code created by Imperial edicts) and let Chugushiki continue to serve Kotaifujin Miyako.
  333. However, the end of the verses for both the question '5-7-7?' and the answer '5-7-7' were often identical.
  334. However, the enemy's intense gunfire forced them to withdraw.
  335. However, the enforcement of this policy was left to the discretion of the governor, so the extent of the enforcement varied from prefecture to prefecture.
  336. However, the enlightenment thought (Japan), which aimed not only to accept such schemes but also to reform people's mind (by the words in the bulletin, 'Refurbishing of people's mind'), soon appeared.
  337. However, the entire content of the work is known because it had already been printed and published in volumes 6 to 8 of "Zoku Kokushi Taikei" (Supplementary Compendium of Japanese History) compiled by Ukichi TAGUCHI, and manuscripts are kept by the Cabinet Library and Historiographical Institute at the University of Tokyo.
  338. However, the entire southern half of the temple was lost to a fire that broke out on the 20th day of the 3rd month of the 1st year of the Northern and Southern Court period (1342).
  339. However, the environment had such rapid and severe changes in the short period of time that the cold period changed into the warm period in the several hundred years in the last glacial age called the late glacial stage approximately from 13,000 to 10,000 years ago.
  340. However, the episode about the tragic love of Bunri and Hitoe, a prostitute of Yoshiwara, is often omitted and seldom performed these days.
  341. However, the escaped Queen Min contacted Gojong and sent a secret messenger to the Qing.
  342. However, the essence is to listen to the incense, in order to escape to a world outside the bustle of daily activities, and to enjoy its style in silence, and there is no importance placed upon competition or about whether the answer is excellent one, or is correct or not.
  343. However, the essence of Bunbo Shumi was not only a dilettante who always appreciated products of culture but also a pursuit of the pleasure of life at library.
  344. However, the essence of this sentence is to emphasize devotion to Amida Buddha's power, not to worship Amida Buddha as a statue.
  345. However, the essentials of the decree have come down to this time by "Hyakuren sho" (History book from the Kamakura period) and "Gyokuyo" (Diary of Kanezane KUJO).
  346. However, the event was handed down by the third child of Emperor Taisho and the name of the court noble was changed to Takamatsu no miya.
  347. However, the events of Toro Nagashi are not performed simultaneously in Japan because the time of Bon festival is interpreted differently depending on region, and, in some cases, the event may be held as a special memorial service for particular persons from the past.
  348. However, the exact details are unknown.
  349. However, the examinations for Sandan and Yodan are sometimes held by Kendo Clubs in high schools and university federations, independently of general examinations.
  350. However, the exchangers analysed it using touch stone because the imformation of the contained amount of gold and silver was important for them, and it came to merchants' knowledge.
  351. However, the exemption of Kanmotsu required the consent of Daijokan (Grand Council of State), Minbusho (Ministry of Popular Affairs), the exemption that Kokushi could give were in principle only for Zoeki.
  352. However, the existing picture scroll is lacking the part of the kotobagaki (epigraphs, head notes) about Makibi arriving in Tang and being imprisoned in the opening scene, and the scene where Makibi succeeds in breaking a code of the 'Yamatai shi' (Poem on Japan) in the latter part.
  353. However, the existing volumes are only three: the ninth volume of Ryoko hongi of Mori Museum, the tenth volume of Kobun hongi of Tohoku University Library and the eleventh volume of Kokei hongi of Daitokyu memorial library.
  354. However, the export of copper coins was allowed in the Japanese-Korean Treaty of Amity, which caused the outflow of them.
  355. However, the extent of the congestion in this station is tremendous during the New Year holiday season.
  356. However, the fact is unknown, because Karahashi was a daughter of the Takamatsu clan and there is no historical materials that show Hananoi and Karahashi were the same person.
  357. However, the fact that "Senji ryakketsu" was compiled by ABE no Seimei is credible.
  358. However, the fact that Kofuku-ji Temple has no walls and is located in a park and that because of this there is no 'flow line of belief,' is one remaining scar from that time.
  359. However, the fact that he had a close relationship with Daitoku-ji Temple is certain, because according to the article on May 15 of second year of Bunki era in the death register of Shinjuan Temple founded by IKKYU, 'Jukoan-shu' offered 1 kan-mon (10,000 yen) for the memorial service on the thirteenth death anniversary of IKKYU (source : "History of Chanoyu," Isao KUMAKURA, Asahi sensho paperback).
  360. However, the fact that many of the treasures that survived the time and kept in Japan are now designated as Important Cultural Properties or National Treasures just indicates how enormous the wealth the temple had was.
  361. However, the fact that one of the Munakata-jinja Shrines originated from the northern Kyushu is located in Yamato is worthy of attention.
  362. However, the fact that the Todai-ji Temple was used as a pretext for the rebellion showed the construction of the Todai-ji Temple itself aimed to realize only the Emperor's ideal.
  363. However, the fact that these are ultimately not connected with practical research is one of the reasons that the modern-day assessments of his works have become so polarized.
  364. However, the fact the bonds included up to \50 million of foreign bonds created a sense of discomfort among the Emperor Meiji and conservatives close to him, who all distrusted the allied Western powers, and it eventually led to the abandonment of the plan to raise foreign loans.
  365. However, the fact was that the cooking was prohibited because a fire was likely to be caused when a female servant in O-koku (the inner halls of Edo-jo Castle where the wife of the Shogun and her servants reside) was cooking fried foods.
  366. However, the fact was that, during the late Edo period, up and coming merchants started to actively spread throughout cities and provinces.
  367. However, the faction which was willing to obey Nobunaga ODA, and the faction which wanted to remain anti-Oda confronted each other after that.
  368. However, the factory was closed after its business plan was reviewed, and now it is planned to redevelop the site for urban use, such as to construct multipurpose commercial facilities and/or high-rise apartment buildings.
  369. However, the facts shows that "Bankoku Koho" became widely known since the time of implementation of opening of a country policy, despite the backlash of the conservatives.
  370. However, the fall of Masakado in Togoku made it possible for the Imperial Court to concentrate its military power in Saigoku where it became active in containing Sumitomo.
  371. However, the family battle didn't come to an end; the Otsudojimaru group's Masamitsu and Kiyonao betrayed and changed the side to the Western Camp, reconciled with Masayori ROKKAKU and strengthened the Sondojimaru group's power.
  372. However, the family head of the day, Motokiyo YAMAWAKI, the 16th lacked the ability to lead the school.
  373. However, the family later returned to its original name of Sanjonishi.
  374. However, the family line of Ochi KANZE came to an early end, and the densho began to spread to Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, the KANZE family head and Daimyo families (feudal lord family).
  375. However, the family that was promoted to Samurai-Daisho (commander of warriors) during shingen TAKEDA's generation, for example, Toratsuna KASUGA (Masanobu KOSAKA) is included in the Fudai kashin dan.
  376. However, the family was a powerful retainer of the shogun, such as Nariuji performed a haircut at the kakan (put a crown on a young man's head on a genpuku ceremony) of the 3rd Shogun Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA and Harutsune HOSOKAWA, a descendant of Nariuji, also performed a haircut at the kakan of the 13th Shogun Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA.
  377. However, the family was defeated by the Kyogoku clan sent to look after Hida Province by the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and split into the Kojima family (the head of the family) and the Furukawa/Mukaikojima family.
  378. However, the family was hard hit by the Meiji Restoration.
  379. However, the family was only punished, and deprived of social status and part of their territory, and continued to exist until Meiji Era.
  380. However, the family was removed from the fief of Miyazu domain after three generations.
  381. However, the family, backing its family head Tsugutomo TOKUGAWA, lost in the competition for the Shogun's position which had occurred after the death of the seventh Shogun Ietsugu TOKUGAWA, and ultimately Yoshimune TOKUGAWA from the Kishu Tokugawa family assumed the eighth Shogun.
  382. However, the fare is only free when people donate at least \100 to the maintenance costs of the temple and the shrine on Mount Kurama, so the donation can be said to be the fare.
  383. However, the fare structure and timetable of the bus weren't quite what people had hoped for.
  384. However, the farm rent was often very expensive, which created the gap between rich parasitic landlords and poor tenant farmers in a farm village.
  385. However, the feud after the Kiyosu conference could not be reconciled.
  386. However, the fifteenth shogun Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA of the Edo bakufu implemented Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor) in 1867.
  387. However, the fighting method changed to close-up fighting by foot soldiers (ashigaru) after Onin War, and the naginata was eventually replaced with spears.
  388. However, the film was shot at Toa Kinema's Tojiin Studio since Makino Productions' Omuro Studio was still under construction.
  389. However, the finance of the clan was a hard one and they were disliked and called 'indigent Hosokawa,' as they repeatedly failed to pay debts to those great merchants in Edo and Osaka.
  390. However, the financial affairs of the bakufu at the time were on the verge of collapse, and by the time the kaizeiyakusho was concluded, the bakufu had already lowered the quality of coins even more and continued issuing them.
  391. However, the financial situation of the Domain was deteriorated due to the expenses for the moving, natural disasters, and so on, then in 1691 he conducted hanch (reducing emplyees' payment into half) of enfeoffment for his vassals for five years.
  392. However, the financial state of the family continued to be strained, and even holding on to the family status became extremely difficult.
  393. However, the fire bombs used in the air raids were weapons which caught fire after penetrating roofs, so in cases where the firebombs directly hit the roof, there were many examples in which the outer walls remained intact, while the inside was burnt out.
  394. However, the first Suzaku-oji Street developed by then Emperor Jito was only about 2.30 meters wide due to the Emperor's incomplete understanding of the role Suzaku-oji Street was supposed to play.
  395. However, the fisherman's wife was jealous of the stunning beauty of the Princess Terute and sold her to a human trafficker on Mutsuura beach after repeating various kinds of maltreatment against her; the Princess Terute was sold to different places one after another but remained faithful to Oguri to the end.
  396. However, the flat plan suddenly changed to a square or a rectangle around western Japan at the end of the Yayoi period, and gradually standardized to a rectangle.
  397. However, the following May it was filed again, and approved in July as a result.
  398. However, the following can be suggested as problems for such theories.
  399. However, the following exceptions exist.
  400. However, the following occurred in 1867.
  401. However, the following persons lived through the transitory period between Meiji and Showa, and produced various art works and new thoughts that added color to this period.
  402. However, the following still remains unclear: Kosa and changes in damage due to kosa, and changes in the natural environments and artificial factors that are considered constituting the cause.
  403. However, the following theories were recently presented based on the historical materials on the establishment of the period of the Northern and Southern Courts.
  404. However, the following towns were established in 1869 through the merger of a few adjacent towns: Shinhigashidoin-cho, Kikuhoko-cho, Shinkurumaya-cho, Okiku-cho and Shinmaruta-cho.
  405. However, the following year, an imperial edict at the opening of the National Diet declared that the constitutions would be created by the Emperor, and the idea of a constitution created by the people's representatives never materialized.
  406. However, the following year, he resigned his post.
  407. However, the following year, he was injured by the spear of Nagashige OGITA, a busho (Japanese military commander) of the Kagekatsu's army, and it resulted in the fatal wound and he died.
  408. However, the following year, the Suzuki clan withdrew the pledge of submission to the Oda clan, and once again it supported Hongan-ji Temple.
  409. However, the forces against Shirakawa were strong, beginning with the traditional aristocracy such as his half-brother, Imperial Prince Sukehito, and the line of regents and advisers, along with the pressure from the growing religious groups that had organized the Tato farmer class into Jinin (temple followers) and Yoriudo (villains).
  410. However, the forces led by Hidenaga HASHIBA and Kanbei KURODA came to back up Nakayama and Takayama forces, and they fought severely and after offenses and defenses Masachika was killed.
  411. However, the forces of allied western powers took over the capital Beijing as well as the Forbidden City within two months of the proclamation of war, and the Qing dynasty was forced to pay an enormous amount of reparations.
  412. However, the foreign firms in the Yokohama settlement did not relocate from Yokohama, and so it was mainly churches and mission schools of Christian missionaries that came to the Tsukiji settlement.
  413. However, the foreign vessels fought back at the end of the same month and occupied the gun battery in Choshu (the Battles of Shimonoseki); actually, this incident provided a good opportunity for the Choshu clan to reconsider how difficult it would be to expel foreigners.
  414. However, the formal attire of the lower-ranked shall be crepe kimono.
  415. However, the formal family crest is "Hanabishi."
  416. However, the former chief priests continued to reside at these temples and so they became unable to function as normal Nichiren Sho Sect institutions.
  417. However, the former idea collapsed due to the fierce objection by Yukiie and MINAMOTO no Mitsunaga while the latter also was not accepted by the monk-soldiers.
  418. However, the former shogun Yoshimochi came back due the death of Yoshikazu in his early life; Mitsuie again became in charge of government affairs.
  419. However, the former ways of treating and entertaining the envoy were totally changed in the new system, resultantly leading to diplomatic conflicts between Japan and Korea.
  420. However, the fortress never became a battlefield.
  421. However, the four-box style is a simplified variation of the five-box style, from which the fifth box (the stand-by box) is omitted.
  422. However, the frequency in each area was considerably different in around 1970s.
  423. However, the frequent talks with Ieyasu fanned suspicion in Yodo-dono (Lady Yodo) and Harunaga ONO who were unable to assess the truth of their state of affairs, resulting in Katsumoto being forced out of the Toyotomi camp.
  424. However, the fruits are not sweet even if they are completely ripe.
  425. However, the fue (Japanese flute) and the Hichiriki flute have a fixed length, so it is based upon the famous instruments made before the change in measurements occurred.
  426. However, the futures market that was established by Dojima Rice Market in Osaka with a permission of the bakufu in 1730 was the first futures market in the world, and some people think that it was impossible for a samurai, who was not a merchant, to understand such a new financial market.
  427. However, the garan built on flat land, such as To-ji Temple and Sai-ji Temple built in the east and west of Rajomon Gate of Heian-Kyo, followed the layout of the Nara period.
  428. However, the genealogy of the family has the entry that the death year (1333) may be his father Taketoki's.
  429. However, the genealogy records of the Mizuno clan during the Sengoku period are inconsistent and their genealogy is uncertain.
  430. However, the general atmosphere of the sengoku jidai, which made gekokujo a principle covered culture also and became preparations for the manifestation of Momoyama culture which made "splendid" a principle.
  431. However, the general rule was no longer existed and there were a lot of 'den' (history), which were irrelevant to 'rekko' (titled liege) in "Shiki" such as den of Xiongnu, den of Korea and den of an unsparing officials, so it may be better to understand that 'retsuden' is just a series of 'den.'
  432. However, the genuine participation of the shakuhachi in sankyoku began in the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate in Osaka.
  433. However, the geographical merit for the Date clan of being located far from the central authority helped the clan to retain a strong autonomy in the region and gave it a lot of opportunity to gain power.
  434. However, the gisho theory was not accepted by Jodaibungakukai (Association for Early Japanese Literature) or the historical society.
  435. However, the glory of the Soga clan had already faded because of involvement in Isshi no hen (the assassination of Soga no Iruka to eliminate the Soga clan) and Jinshin War.
  436. However, the god Hitokoto nushi was so ashamed of exposing his ugly figure that he only worked during the night.
  437. However, the government army commander Shizuo NOZU himself led the advance and encouraged his troops to a narrow victory.
  438. However, the government army defeated them successfully by an excellent leadership of Lieutenant Colonel NAKAMURA in the battle of Miyafuji from May 3 to 7 and in the battle of Hirase from May 10 to 14.
  439. However, the government army was gathering too much momentum to stop, and FUCHIBE was shot and injured seriously while he was setting fire to the bridge in an attempt to block the advance of the government army.
  440. However, the government changed its diplomatic policy against Silla in the latter half of the eighth century, and therefore, the scale of the gundan-soldier system for defense and invasion was reduced drastically.
  441. However, the government decided not to dispatch the troops, because Britain and the US expressed oppositions against it and the government remained rather neutral, and because Sangi Takayoshi KIDO expressed his opinion against Seikanron and resigned in opposition to the dispatch.
  442. However, the government desperately needed strong control over the provinces in order to develop the construction of modern state, to enrich the country and to strengthen the military.
  443. However, the government expressed their negative views because the request was made by the opposition party, the proposal was not legally binding and Japan was in recession in 1900 to 1901.
  444. However, the government had to take over the obligation of paying the debt of each domain and the salary of persons in the warrior class so that the amount of the salary payment reached more than 30% of the annual government expenditure.
  445. However, the government printed more notes to deal with Shizoku-no-Hanran (rebellion of warrior class) such as the Seinan War (a local war by Satsuma ex-samurai against the Meiji government), which led to a rapid inflation.
  446. However, the government was based on an official interpretation that 'Shinto was not a religion' ('Jinjahishukyoron' in Japanese), 'insisting' that it did not contradict the freedom of religion stipulated in the constitution and making this its official position.
  447. However, the governor of Ise who also acted as the Chief of the Office of the Consecrated Princess heard that the hunting envoy was in the country and invited the party for a feast that lasted all night.
  448. However, the gozan status of Rinsen-ji Temple was removed when Yoriyuki lost his governmental position due to the Koryaku Coup.
  449. However, the graduate courses were not established.
  450. However, the greatest fault of 'Bantsuma Tachibana Universal Rengo Eiga' was the fact that Shochiku held the right to distribute films starring Bando, based on a contract that applied to the fourth film of Bantsuma Puro "Sonno" as well as subsequent films.
  451. However, the ground around Seinaiji toge (ridge) was covered with deep snow, and when he came to Ida City, Shinshu Province in April, he developed pneumonia.
  452. However, the group was split into Toma dojo (seminary) Muryoko-ji Temple (Sagamihara City) and Fujisawa dojo Shojokoin (later Shojoko-ji Temple) over the succession of the 4th head priest, and soon Fujisawa dojo became to get an advantage.
  453. However, the groups of buildings of Fukuhara-kyo were completely burned down by MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka.
  454. However, the hakama worn underneath is not a nagabakama, but a red oguchibakama (wide-leg hakama, pleated and divided skirt made in fine stripes) just as the men do.
  455. However, the halls and pagodas were destroyed by the repeated fires of the Onin War.
  456. However, the han government of Fukuchiyama han was the worst, and heavily taxed people possessing estates, and carried out a misguided government of the people, killing and capturing all those who opposed him.
  457. However, the handwriting in "Ritsumeikan" was written when he was barely 20 years old, and it was very masculine and powerful.
  458. However, the handwriting is not by Nichiren, and it seems to be forged.
  459. However, the head of the Enya family was given a sentence of seppuku for injuring Moronao KONO with his sword in the castle, and after his seppuku, the family was terminated (this setting was based on "Kanadehon Chushingura").
  460. However, the head of the disease did not die and continued to threaten him.
  461. However, the head temple will not admit it, and the branch temples only use it due to the will of the deceased or the request of his/her family.
  462. However, the hegemony by Korehira's group was established and developed into the Ise-Heishi after Munetsune became a priest at Yokawa on Mt. Hiei and died in 1023.
  463. However, the high family status was not conjoined with the military power in both the Mikawa and the Oshu clans, and their family fortunes were dull.
  464. However, the high-level technique and knowledge concerning soboshu were passed on to breweries and schools of toji (sake brewing experts) in various areas, and even documented in a hidensho (book of secrets) such as "Domoshuzoki (a technical book on sake brewing)" in the early Edo period.
  465. However, the higher schools that had divisions with French as the primary foreign language were few in number, such as the First Higher School, the Third Higher School, Shizuoka Higher School, Fukuoka Higher School, Osaka Higerh School and Urawa Higher School.
  466. However, the history before the medieval times is not quite sure.
  467. However, the history of Shokado and Makunouchi boxed meals differ substantially: Makunouchi bento has its origin in honzen ryori (formally arranged dinner), while Shokado bento has its origin in Kaiseski tea ceremony dishes.
  468. However, the homeless who were accomodated there used be criminals, so they often caused troubles as follows:
  469. However, the hoshu and renshi excommunicated even their sons without mercy, and the followers were frightened with their power.
  470. However, the hot spring water which comes out here is not used in Goshikiyu Ryokan Inn.
  471. However, the idea of "punishment" is different between people and some adopt a general interpretation as mentioned at the beginning.
  472. However, the idea of women's difficulty in attaining Buddhahood spread after Shakyamuni passed away, and the idea of Henjo Nanshi may be cited in Mahayana Buddhism to deny such misogyny.
  473. However, the idea slowly seeped into every class of people and triggered the rise in the momentum toward Jiyu Minken Undo (Movement for Liberty and People's Right).
  474. However, the idea that the good go to heaven while the wicked go to hell is also common, so it is not that whatever misdeeds one has committed, one is justified (unpunished) after death.
  475. However, the illustration is a mere depiction of the game, and it is not certain as to whether or not Ietada actually played shogi; according to Koichi MASUKAWA, the shogi skill of the opposing sides would be considered fairly low, that of a novice.
  476. However, the image of oniwaban is generally a spy or ninja today and the oniwaban is frequently characterized according to such image in period dramas and novels.
  477. However, the imperial palace was conserved under the order of Emperor Meiji and the Takamikura (Emperor's throne), which indicates the emperor's location, is still located in the Shishinden (Hall for State Ceremonies) inside the Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace).
  478. However, the important art objects so accredited under "the Law relating to the reservation of important fine arts" were to retain such qualification for the time being after the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties was enacted, based on its supplementary provision.
  479. However, the improvement of Kure Chinjufu (Kure Naval District) and Sasebo Chinjufu (Sasebo Naval District) was prioritized before Maizuru, and so the monetary compensation for the Sino-Japanese War paid by Ching was to be appropriated for building the naval port in Maizuru.
  480. However, the inadequate maintenance and PR of sightseeing spots and events mentioned above, as well as other latent tourism resources, will become issues which need to be dealt with in the future.
  481. However, the incident shocked him greatly therefore his return to the official duties was about a month later, on February 23 (Saga War happened during the period).
  482. However, the inconvenience of monpe (women's work pants) was recognized during World War II and there was a mass influx of western clothes as part of American aid when there was a shortage of clothing during the postwar chaos.
  483. However, the incorporation of Mikkyo with Indian Buddhism could not limit the growth of Hinduism, and as a result Indian Buddhism declined.
  484. However, the indigenous Okubo clan in Mikawa Province was descended from the Utsunomiya clan which is different clan with the same pronunciation.
  485. However, the indirect line maintained its power in Sagami (Sagami-Miura clan).
  486. However, the influence of the pilgrims who started visiting Kujuku Oji in the Muromachi period already disappeared during the early-modern period, and even the shrines of Kujuku Oji were declining.
  487. However, the influence was not small.
  488. However, the information about the plan except the date of the demonstration was actually passed to the police, who put out feelers in the peasants' assembles.
  489. However, the information announced by the government was quite far from the truth, therefore, Tokyo Shunju Kai continued to lodge a protest and finally succeeded in abolishment of the injunction.
  490. However, the ingredients that seep out of the dried cod covers up the shrimp-shaped potato preventing it from becoming mushy; at the same time, the juices that from the shrimp-shaped potato softens the dried cod.
  491. However, the inn towns located along Go-kaido Road (five major roads used for travel) and Wakiokan (main roads other than Gokaido Road), as well as villages that had a duty of sukego (labor service which was imposed to the neighboring village of the inn towns) were waived from the tax.
  492. However, the inside of first layer was destroyed by fire at the time of renovation during the Showa period, and the door was restored as one door composed of two wooden panels.
  493. However, the inspection job of Geyujo was succeeded by the Left and Right Benkankyoku (Controllers' Office).
  494. However, the interest of Yoshiiku was not limited to ukiyoe.
  495. However, the interoperability of the commuter pass with the PiTaPa area is still in the initial stage, where the viability of mutual ticketing is being studied due to certain factors related to the PiTaPa concept.
  496. However, the introduction of western mathematics at the beginning of the Meiji period emphasized the importation of technical tools from the west, and as such, the early 'yosan mathematicians' were technicians, rather than experts of mathematics.
  497. However, the items are being microfilmed by the Imperial Household Archives and are being copied by Historiographical Institute of The University of Tokyo ('Kyoto Imperial Palace Higashiyama Gobunko Record'), and a part of the contents comes to be opened to the public.
  498. However, the jishinban places allotted to a doshin officer were scattered all over the Edo city area, and were not concentrated in an area, like the XX direction in the present police).
  499. However, the jiuta that developed as an 'utaimono' also has the aspect of traditional vocal music.
  500. However, the judgment caused arguments mainly with the two opinions as follows.
  501. However, the judicial system by collective leadership system and clear codes established by Yasutoki was not determined by unstable factors such as a personal character, and gave rise to stable political results.
  502. However, the keeper of Komoro-jo Castle Nobutsune SHIMOSONE rebelled against Nobutoyo and fired the secondary enclosure of the caslte; Nobutoyo committed suicide with his legitimate son, his birth mother, and his vassals.
  503. However, the keyhole-shaped tumulus built in the Furuichi-kofun Tumuli Group in the mid-sixth century was the last constructed in any of the kofun-tumuli groups found in Kinai.
  504. However, the koden in this book was neither mere praise nor criticism, but was instead full of interesting descriptions interwoven with unique comments and impressions, and because of its critical spirit the book was unusual among Rikkokushi.
  505. However, the kosode had tight sleeves, so sometimes the sleeves were unsewed and removed.
  506. However, the land of Ukyo did not become developed for dwellings even during the 9th century, due to it being a wetland formed by the Katsura-gawa River (of the Yodo-gawa river system).
  507. However, the land steward of Kiyotake was chosen from among horse guards (called "umamawari" in Japanese), while land stewards of other territories were chosen from among middle ranking retainers who served as servants or low ranking foot soldiers.
  508. However, the land that had been directly controlled by Taiko Hideyoshi, which had been included in daimyo's territories, was lost together with the territories of the daimyo on the western side, because the land was distributed as rewards based on the levels of accomplishments in the war.
  509. However, the lantern yokai has often been reported not as a Chochin Obake (literally, lantern ghost) but as a fire of mysterious or suspicious origin, such as the kitsune-bi and chochin-bi (lantern light).
  510. However, the large-scale revision of the verses was not accepted favorably by people involved, and the revision was abolished several months after the death of Motoakira.
  511. However, the larger Kikyoku is too heavy to carry.
  512. However, the largest event was the activity sponsored by the Konohana-kai association headed by Gado ONO.
  513. However, the last family head, Harutsuna SHIONOYA, had no child and thus the direct line discontinued during the Meiji period.
  514. However, the last one is seldom used because it could be confused with Hokke Sect of Nichiren kyogaku (religious doctrine advocated by Nichiren).
  515. However, the last phrase allows two completely different ways of interpretation as "what am I supposed to do without enjoying it," or "what is the reason that I cannot enjoy it?"
  516. However, the late Edo period saw great developments in 'Tegotomono,' a style of jiuta in which instrumental parts of music were regarded important, and this led to innovations of the instruments.
  517. However, the later part of '母以子貴7 was emphasized later, and people understood it as respect for the mother and her relatives.
  518. However, the later regency did not adopt a policy which favored influential families.
  519. However, the later-established "Shoku Nihongi" describes how "Nihonshoki" was established.
  520. However, the latest Keifuku Electric Railroad MOBO Type 2001 adopts WN parallel cardan jointed drive and "Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Control," which are the latest technologies.
  521. However, the latest document included there is an imperial decree issued in 1093, as described before, contradicting the theory that its compilation ended in 1039.
  522. However, the latter is far more common today.
  523. However, the latter theory lacks clear credibility because, depending the material, the way of counting the number of human holes is different, including the theory that it includes the urinary hole, saving the navel.
  524. However, the latter view mentioned above originated with a historical document written by a person who was a direct descendent of Nobukatsu, and Nobutaka's mother was from the Saka family, a branch of the Kabuto family, which was a branch of the Seki family (the Seki family originating from the Taira family), the most powerful ruling family in Ise Province.
  525. However, the latter was only used as historical classification in the local history of territories of specific domains in this period.
  526. However, the laughter is actually provoked by the tsukkomi person in nori-tsukkomi, and thus is different from the original role of tsukkomi.
  527. However, the law was not strictly observed and a doso's average interest was six mon-ko (six mon of interest per month).
  528. However, the lawful wife of his father, who was from the Kitabatake clan, was alive when Nobuyoshi was born.
  529. However, the leading directors of the Institute of Buraku Problem (Tatsuya NARAMOTO, Tatsusaburo HAYASHIYA, Tomohiko HARADA and others) were opposed to this action, resigned as directors and left the Institute.
  530. However, the legal basis of their property rights was fragile and it was possible for kokuga (provincial government offices) to seize the properties.
  531. However, the legal language was described in literal style Japanese under the system of the Great Imperial Japan Constitution, so that it was not until the post-war period under the system of the Constitution of Japan that it came to be written in a colloquial style.
  532. However, the legally wedded wives of Sessho or Kanpaku were called 'Kitano Mandokoro' for generations, and it also happened that a number of Kitano Mandokoro existed at the same time.
  533. However, the legend of Kango-jinja Shrine in Nara states that Sono-jinja Shrine and Kara-jinja Shrine were founded when the deity of Kango-jinja Shrine was transferred to the Imperial Household Department on March 9, 859.
  534. However, the length measured by the hiro varies from person to person, because the hiro is basically derived from the dimension of the human body.
  535. However, the license was revoked on March 1, 2003, except for the section between Shin-Osaka Station and Juso Station (Awaji Station - Shin-Osaka Station / Shin-Osaka Station - Kanzakigawa) (please refer to "Shin-Osaka Station Initiative").
  536. However, the life of Shigehira and Senju did not last long, and when the Taira family fell due to the Battle of Dannoura on July 14, 1185, Shigehira was handed over due to the demands of Nanto people and left Kamakura.
  537. However, the lifestyle in which shoes are taken off within houses and people relax on tatami mats has remained almost unchanged.
  538. However, the lift and ropeway were discontinues at first in 2004 and then bus was discontinued and access to the mountaintop was strictly limited.
  539. However, the light alloy Men is not strong enough, so the titanium alloy Men that has comparatively lower specific gravity and is excel in all aspects such as strength, corrosion resistance, and aesthetic sense has been used for the protective gear for general adults who need higher impact resistance.
  540. However, the light from the tsukiage mado almost at the center of the room well supplements the quantity of light.
  541. However, the lightning that fell on Seiryoden and the death of FUJIWARA no Morosuke occurred while Gasho was alive, and if Gasho was the model for Kansan there must have been a great dramatization in future generations.
  542. However, the line was gradually eroded as the Buddhists took the view that Shinto gods are a kind of lost, poor people, like the Tenbu (Deva) gods.
  543. However, the location of Naniwatsu has become to be disputed seriously since around 1984, and its short list has been obtained.
  544. However, the location was not stipulated by the present Imperial House Act, established in 1947; the Sokui no rei of Hisei was held in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
  545. However, the lord of the Mito Domain, one of the Tokugawa gosanke (three privileged branches of Tokugawa family) is often called as a vice shogun in the world or vice shogun in Mito.
  546. However, the loss of the Emperor's authority after the Jokyu War (1221) was remarkable, and like diplomatic efforts against Genko (Mongol invasion attempts against Japan) and foreign trade, sending ships to Tang, they were both lead by the Kamakura Bakufu, and showed the unity of power amongst Buke.
  547. However, the main branch of the Shiba clan never regained the daimyo status.
  548. However, the main dialect is a Tanba-ben dialect, and is 'Tanba-ben Chatta-ben dialect' which is a unique dialect in Tanba Hikami.
  549. However, the main factor of the rise is due to structural changes in the industry.
  550. However, the main hall enshrining the object in which the kami resides will be of a traditional Japanese style.
  551. However, the majority of Ji-zamurai stayed in their villages being leaders there despite their position as samurai.
  552. However, the majority of goshi were considered `Mudaka` (receiving no stipend in the form of a share of crop yields).
  553. However, the majority of songs are those such as the one as follows.
  554. However, the majority of the personnel making up the sonae were not his retainers but they were also the vassals of the same daimyo.
  555. However, the male linage of Akiyoshi became extinct when Kaneka ICHIJO (the child of Fusasuke TAKATSUKASA) succeeded the Ichijo family after Kaneteru.
  556. However, the man turned down his request, because the biwa was also his treasure.
  557. However, the management of the one-hundred and thirtieth bank started to fall down at that time.
  558. However, the manufacture of curry powder for the military was continued in a small amount.
  559. However, the manufactures of Kurimanju make various efforts to reduce the sweetness so that they become more palatable for the customers who don't have sweet tooth.
  560. However, the manuscript 'Oshima-bon Genji Monogatari' was not included in this and its whereabouts were unknown for a while.
  561. However, the map made in the Tensho era shows that its location was on the top of Mt. Unabi, so it must have been relocated from the foot of the mountain to the top between the Bunan era and the Tensho era.
  562. However, the maps created when Gyoki was alive do not exist any more, and it is unknown whether the existing maps are the ones which Gyoki actually planned.
  563. However, the marriage itself was decided by the caretaker of Yoshinori, Eishi HINO, and the relationship between the couple was not well.
  564. However, the marsh became a government-owned land, Naganuma village was granted leasehold with contracts renewed every 5 years.
  565. However, the master-servant relationship was rather loose, and it often happened that a samurai served more than one master or established a master-servant relationship with a master only temporarily.
  566. However, the matchlock guns brought to Japan at that time could be ignited easily, and allowed firing quickly at a speed incomparable with previous guns in Japan.
  567. However, the material for Koryo, one of the most important parts, had not been found until that time.
  568. However, the materials reliant enough to confirm the details are limited, thus it is difficult to develop further studies.
  569. However, the mausoleum was robbed in 1235.
  570. However, the me used as '10 me,' '100 me' and others is not a weight unit, so, for example, 232 monme cannot be written as 200 me plus 32 monme.
  571. However, the meaning differed depending upon the time period.
  572. However, the meaning of yabo is, relatively-speaking, commonly understood (even though there are different opinions on its specific connotations).
  573. However, the measure alone is not enough, and it is considered that steady activities, including planting trees in desert, are required as measures against kosa.
  574. However, the melting progress of the rice changes depending on whether the white spots Haze appears only in a part of a rice grain or the whole rice.
  575. However, the members of the Iga-doshin shut themselves up in a temple, demanding a dismissal of Masanari from the post, because Masanari, who was only given a command over the Iga-doshin from the Tokugawa family, treated the members of the Iga-dosin as his retainers.
  576. However, the members varied according to their returning to Kyoto or coming to Ecchu resulting from familiar/unfamiliar relationships with the Masamoto HOSOKAWA government in Kyoto.
  577. However, the middle and ending parts are missing so it is not clear when the last article was finished.
  578. However, the militant reformists led by Shinsaku TAKASUGI rebelled against the shogunists and pulled off a great coup, terminating the shogunist administration.
  579. However, the military capability of such commanders as Katsuie SHIBATA, Hideyoshi HASHIBA and Mitsuhide AKECHI was much larger than that of an ordinary daimyo, and therefore, if a commander in chief plotted a rebellion, it was easy to carry out.
  580. However, the military organizations lost substances due to long peace.
  581. However, the military that began to be aware of the war against Russia with the Triple Intervention after the Sino-Japanese War came to consider the issue of railway nationalization as the primary purpose.
  582. However, the miniature shrine doors at Joruri-ji Temple are reproductions as the originals were removed during the early Meiji era and came to be owned by Tokyo University of the Arts.
  583. However, the ministry was forced to abandon the draft due to the rebuff from Chinese and South Korean managers living in the United States.
  584. However, the model country, Tang Dynasty introduced Ryozei-ho (taxation law in enforcement in China until the Ming Dynasty) in 780 instead of the Equal-field system that had already collapsed.
  585. However, the modern equality of all people was only nominal and no specific measures were taken to dissolve it.
  586. However, the month of May in the new calendar is not in the rainy season.
  587. However, the month of enforcement which had been scheduled for April was postponed for two months.
  588. However, the most famous anecdote is the article dated November 21 in the same year.
  589. However, the most famous fight is the duel at Ganryu-jima Island ('Ganryu-jima no Ketto').
  590. However, the most famous members of the clan in the Sengoku period (Japan) were the father-and-son pair, Yorioki's son Masayori YOSHIMI and Hiroyori YOSHIMI.
  591. However, the most of them were already forgotten at the end of the Kamakura period.
  592. However, the most popular view now is that it was a political system operated by the emperor and the nobles based on mutual dependence.
  593. However, the mother cat later ate poison and died.
  594. However, the mother jumped from the train of the Sanin Main Line into Hozukyo (Hozu Gorge), located in Umahori, Kameoka City, to end her life on her way back home in Oe (present day Yosano-cho, Kyoto Prefecture).
  595. However, the mother of Kumoi no Kari later divorced him and married Azechino Dainagon (at which time Kumoi no Kari came under the care of her grandmother Omiya).
  596. However, the motorized dinning car is specially customized, generally equipped with tables and chairs for inside seating; this motorized dinning car should not be considered a street stall vehicle, but a customized small motorized truck could appropriately be called a street stall vendor vehicle.
  597. However, the mound that is called Suzumezuka still exists, and the memorial service is still continually held for Sanekata today.
  598. However, the mountain names listed here were just copied from statements of 'Yamakawamon' in 'Yoshufushi' (a geographical description of Yamashiro Province), compiled in the early Edo period, thus many of those names are inconsistent with the reality.
  599. However, the movement cooled down due to "the doctrine of superiority" of Kuroda, the opposition of Aritomo YAMAGATA, as well as the conflict between Inoue and Kuroda regarding the treaty revision, and the plan was abolished in the summer of 1889 while "Jichisei Shinpo" discontinued publication in 1890.
  600. However, the movement withered up on the damage of severe flood hit the region in 1907, and also on the suppression of the High Treason Incident.
  601. However, the murals in the Kondo of Horyu-ji Temple were burnt by fire in 1949 (please refer to the images of the murals in external links).
  602. However, the murals were severely scorched and the pillars, kashira-nuki (head rail), and kumihimo (guilloche) of the first layer were burnt black.
  603. However, the name 'Heijo' is still commonly used, and Commemorative Events of the 1300th Anniversary of Nara Heijo-kyo Capital organized by Nara Prefecture also uses the term 'Heijo.'
  604. However, the name 'Jishu-jinja Shrine' has lead to the theory that the shrine originally enshrined the deity associated with the local area.
  605. However, the name 'Tenman-sha Shrine' can also indicate shrines unrelated to SUGAWARA no Michizane that enshrine Amatsu kami (god of heaven).
  606. However, the name Noritsune is not included in the list of war dead and prisoners for the report on results of the Battle of Dan-no-ura in "Azuma Kagami."
  607. However, the name To-ji is not simply a nickname because it is a historical name that has been in use since the temple was founded.
  608. However, the name and jobs of the Sobayonin were not universal, and importance of the post depended on the domain.
  609. However, the name fudoki was not used at that time.
  610. However, the name is used by some researchers also for the type of dwelling that is built on a shallow depression, with much of the house above ground and is therefore used to describe such dwellings to some extent.
  611. However, the name of FUJIWARA no Sukekiyo was not seen in "Oshu Gosannen Ki."
  612. However, the name of Imamiya-ebisu-jinja Shrine suggests that 'Imamiya' is originally an abbreviation of 'Ima Nishinomiya.'
  613. However, the name of Imatsugu is not found in the list of the compilers of "Nihon Koki."
  614. However, the name of Momoyama (meaning peach mountain) was taken from the fact that peach trees were grown on the site of Fushimi-jo Castle, which was destroyed in the Edo Period, which indicates that a castle called Momoyama-jo Castle existed.
  615. However, the name of the Toyotomi family is not written in Toshiie's will, but only the name of the Oda family and his faithfulness to the Oda family are written in it.
  616. However, the name of the first three Tsushinshi starting with this one was actually called Kaito-ken-sakkanshi (refer to the next sentence).
  617. However, the name of the north-south street comes first if the north-south street is the main one.
  618. However, the names 'Sanjo Keihan' or 'Shijo Keihan-mae,' which have been used for bus stops since the days when Keihan Electric Railways ran on the ground, remain familiar as place names.
  619. However, the names of the famous Hachibushu statues of Kofuku-ji Temple in Nara Prefecture are different from those above, and according to the temple legend, they are called Gobujo, Sakara (Shagara), Kuhanda, Kendatsuba, Ashura, Karura, Kinnara and Hibakara.
  620. However, the names with okurigana are often found on traffic signs.
  621. However, the national criteria for Kuchosonkai (municipal assembly), the lower organization of Fukenkai (prefectural assembly), was not stipulated in the law of the local system, Gunkuchoson henseiho.
  622. However, the negotiation process became so complicated that even the mediator named Tokujiro YAMAZAKI from Sankyo, Makino's distribution company in the Shikoku region, became angry with Makino.
  623. However, the negotiations collapsed and an attack to Onjo-ji Temple by ten commanders, including Munemori, inevitably occurred. (Source: Article for May 21 in "Gyokuyo").
  624. However, the new Tokugawa family in the Sunpu Domain could not support a large body of former vassals since their territory had been dramatically reduced; this was from 8,000,000 koku (approximately 1,440,000,000 liters of crop yield) to 700,000 koku (approximately 126,000,000 liters of crop yield).
  625. However, the new government already had a plan to introduce one for itself and had ordered the machinery from Britain, and therefore turned down Montblanc's proposal.
  626. However, the new government's army destroyed them individually, one by one.
  627. However, the new of conspiracy arrived, warlords drew off and encountered counterattack of the Uesugi army, and Narimasa could not move for the defense.
  628. However, the new posts, which were built when the Sanno-hashi and Shino-hashi bridge were built, remain in the school yard of Ikkyo Elementary School for the Ichino-hashi bridge and under the Kujo Elevated Bridge for the Nino-hashi bridge.
  629. However, the newly born kosode was regarded by the Edo bakufu as too luxurious a garment and often banned it.
  630. However, the newly founded Muromachi bakufu was financially pressed from conducting the battle with the Southern Court, and the land tax from manor and Imperial estate was delayed.
  631. However, the next morning, officers from the government forces including Gentaro KODAMA rushed to the site, restored combat readiness under their command, and started full-scale counterattacks.
  632. However, the next year, his territory was suddenly confiscated by Nobunaga and afterwards he was sent to Mitsuhide AKECHI, and ordered to commit suicide together with his son and heir Shugo MITSUBUCHI.
  633. However, the night attack proposed by Sakon, Yoshihiro SHIMAZU and Yukinaga KONISHI at that night was not approved by Mitsunari (there is also a theory that states that no night attack was proposed.
  634. However, the ninth family head Yoshine ASHIKAGA, who couldn't stand for such a disfavor, finally broke away from the Hachisuka family and left from Awa, and changed their family name back to Ashikaga in 1805.
  635. However, the northern pagoda's structure including its stylobate is unidentified, while its base-stone and land preparation were confirmed.
  636. However, the northern part of the Tohoku region and further northwards were out of the ritsuryo kokka's control.
  637. However, the notion itself included not only the regions which was directly ruled by Ritsuryo kokka but also the regions of different ethnic groups, such as Ezo, which was not directly ruled by Ritsuryo kokka.
  638. However, the number of Christian believers is small, making up about 0.8%.
  639. However, the number of areas in which numeric and staff notation have become supplementary or widely used has increased in recent years.
  640. However, the number of breweries that pursue the revival of tradition has been increasing because reliable sake quality is obtained when they succeed.
  641. However, the number of copies printed was not so high as that of Kusazoshi which had more of populist approach and were more affordable.
  642. However, the number of days in a year was not fixed in the lunar-solar calendar that was widely used in eastern Asia.
  643. However, the number of ingredients is relatively small.
  644. However, the number of officials who were dispatched to overseas countries as diplomats increased and interest in "Bankoku Koho" among such people was increased.
  645. However, the number of orthodox successors and the music of Ming and Xing-era Chinese music has been decreasing.
  646. However, the number of passengers is not so much.
  647. However, the number of people who learn tea ceremony subsequently increased whereby Shofuro, an 8 tatami-mat tea room was added in 1921, which was extended by adding two 10 tatami-mat rooms in 1959.
  648. However, the number of people who were in favor of the students of Kyoto University and the Dogakukai concerning this incident were relatively small, and many people condemned them by saying "Abolish Kyoto University" or "Are you madmen?"
  649. However, the number of professional critics and the opportunities of criticizing were small and it paled compared to literature, music and movie, also it was still hard to say that critical techniques were established.
  650. However, the number of qualified teaches for middle schools and that of those for schools for teacher training was insufficient.
  651. However, the number of schools where it was played numbered only about 2,000, which is not many.
  652. However, the number of starving people was so huge that he had no other option but to stop giving food about a month later due to depletion of funds.
  653. However, the number of stations selling such a meal is less than that selling Ekiben in Japan.
  654. However, the number of striking a bell is shortened in everyday llife and the bell is struck only eighteen times a day.
  655. However, the number of toji who also work as a kuramoto has been increased recently.
  656. However, the number of tourists who came seeking the beautiful scenery increased.
  657. However, the number used for the year is not based on western calendar but the Japanese era name.
  658. However, the numeration varies by materials (for example, urinary meatus is counted instead of navel) and it is not so credible.
  659. However, the observation points are not placed uniformly nor weather observations alone are enough for understanding kosa phenomena thoroughly.
  660. However, the odds were against those who fought in small numbers, and eventually Yoshiteru was killed by the Miyoshi's forces.
  661. However, the official committee was dissolved after receiving one twentieth of the cost for the land improvement (8,000,000 yen) from Furukawa Mining.
  662. However, the official gazette announced that Hiromori HAYASHI composed the song.
  663. However, the official image names are unknown, due to a lack of sufficient or substantial key supporting evidence.
  664. However, the official regulation on the rice-polishing ratio for junmaishu was abolished on January 1, 2005.
  665. However, the officials kept an eye on this story by the fact that it included the incident of Edo-jo Castle Gokinzo Yaburi and ordered the ommision of many parts in the performance to the extent that the audience could not follow the story.
  666. However, the old Liberal Party (Japan) and the old Progressive Party (Japan) formed an opposition, and the Minister of Education, Yukio OZAKI, resigned due to the Kyowa Speech Affair, and antagonism concerning the succession of personnel became much more severe.
  667. However, the oldest cathedral of Orthodox Church in existence as well as the oldest wooden church building in existence in Japan is the St. John the Apostle Cathedral, a former cathedral of the Ishinomaki Orthodox Church.
  668. However, the oldest existing Sanskrit book is the Baiyo-bon edition housed at Horyu-ji Temple, which is said to be a manuscript from the latter part of the eighth century (introduced in 609 according to a legend), and it was written in a later age than the time when Buddhist sutras were translated into Chinese.
  669. However, the one that transmigrated from a nun was sometimes called 'Ama Tengu.'
  670. However, the one which is too long is not preferred and in the reciting of Chinese poetry, shichigon zekku (a Chinese poem of four lines, each of seven characters) is common.
  671. However, the one who inherited the position of Kanze-dayu in 1422 was his cousin, Motomasa.
  672. However, the ones remaining in circulation are mixed.
  673. However, the online karaoke used digital data in the form of MIDI data as the music source, and the karaoke machine was a MIDI player.
  674. However, the only buildings from this era that remain are Ginkaku and Togu-do.
  675. However, the operating section of 'Daisen' ended at Masuda Station, so the rolling stock was connected only in the section from Yonago Station to Masuda Station.
  676. However, the operational incident occurred between Udo Artists, Inc. and Seibu-Kodo Hall at the time of the Police's performance on February 20, 1980, and after that, performances by famous foreign rock singers were avoided.
  677. However, the opinion is seen as lack in persuasiveness because there was gates and a wooden gutter inconvenient for keeping water back and the existence of Komizuki.
  678. However, the opinion of Shozan could not be understood, and the publication was not realized.
  679. However, the opinion which Saigo submitted before starting to work for the government ("Kichinosuke SAIGO's opinion") caused great controversy.
  680. However, the opinions of the various schools are common in regard to the following.
  681. However, the opinions on Hibiya Incendiary Incident turned the Taigaiko group to split.
  682. However, the opportunity to perform at the joseki is very limited, so they basically have to find work by themselves.
  683. However, the orally translated Bible of the Japan Bible Society has a description of 'matsuri' (祭) but the New Testament jointly translated has a description of 'matsuri' (祭り).
  684. However, the order of the imagined enemies had been changed from Russia, the United States of America, and China to the United States, China, and the Soviet Union, and in the third revision, it was changed to the United States, the Soviet Union, Great Britain, and China.
  685. However, the ore refinery operations continued until 1980, and the mineral poison kept pouring into the rivers thereafter.
  686. However, the origin of Tamenobu's family home the Kuji clan is unknown.
  687. However, the origin of the determined kanji characters is not understood.
  688. However, the origin of the painting art of Bunjin can be traced back further.
  689. However, the origin of why these three are or the criterion for selection is not clear.
  690. However, the original Sanskrit text has not been found.
  691. However, the original ensemble form of Gagaku was discontinued for more than 100 years until the Tokugawa shogunate gathered the descendants of the musicians (Raku families) and rebuilt it after the turmoil of the Onin War, and it is doubtful how faithfully the style from the Heian period has been inherited.
  692. However, the original enshrined deity should be a god called Takumushitama, written as '多久虫玉神' in Japanese, because of the name of the shrine.
  693. However, the original meaning of 'ashihiki no' is not 'ashi wo hiku' (to drag legs), because there is some doubt in the ancient special Kana usage, and this is regarded as the Hitomaro's new interpretation.
  694. However, the original meaning of the Chinese character 'sai' (expressing a festival) represents a funeral.
  695. However, the original of Ino map was burned down at the time of a huge fire at the Imperial Palace in 1873.
  696. However, the original owners were mostly unknown, so the property right was transferred to the government, and such swords are called 'Akabane Swords' among fanciers of swords.
  697. However, the other area of the province was a hi-ryogokuchiiki area with the territories of small clans, tobichi territories of Kanto or Tohoku regions, Hatamoto's territories, bakufu's territories, and so on existing complicatedly mixed.
  698. However, the other depictions, such as Ashukubutsu, Hoso Butsu and Mimyosho Butsu, were difficult to indentify from their iconographic characteristics and the opinion was lacking decisive factors.
  699. However, the other entrance at Matsumaeguchi fell under the attacks of the enemy, and as there was a risk of losing a route for a retreat they had no choice but to return to Goryokaku.
  700. However, the other four editions, which were handed down from Jisha bugyo to the Meiji government at the time of the overthrow of the Edo shogunate, are in the posession of the National Diet Library.
  701. However, the other heavenly gods do not appear then.
  702. However, the other king dared to reject becoming Buddha in spite of being capable of doing so; instead he willingly went to Hell, keeping his human form, and continuously endeavored to relieve all the troubles and wandering of souls.
  703. However, the other side lines which the line of Ariyo conflicted with at that time furiously protested that decision according to Kinkata TOIN's diary "Entairyaku" (Diary of Kinkata TOIN).
  704. However, the other volumes had the same title of 'Meiroku Zasshi' as the cover page.
  705. However, the other world powers, including Germany, Russia and France, noticed the demand and hardened their stance toward Japan even more.
  706. However, the outbound train takes a more complicated course:
  707. However, the outstanding characteristic seen on mokkan was that Wakasa Province paid salt as cho.
  708. However, the pagoda and main hall were destroyed by fire soon after being repaired and it can be seen that the temple disappeared without ever being rebuilt.
  709. However, the pagoda in this work is a three-story tower with the floors in a hexagonal shape.
  710. However, the palace facilities were disassembled when the capital was moved to Nagaoka, and with earth and soil having been piled up, Naniwatsu lost the functions as a port facility.
  711. However, the parliamentary cabinet system wasn't stable without foundation in the Constitution.
  712. However, the part 'Tianjin Fu Rong Xie (fried crab with egg white),' which was difficult to pronounce was somehow omitted and the name was changed to 'Tenshin-han.'
  713. However, the partition of the nation and the chronic shortage of copper led to the usage of light coins including gold, silver or silk as substitutes.
  714. However, the party including Iwane were drowned in a storm on their way back to Japan.
  715. However, the passages of FUJIWARA no Fuhito were lost.
  716. However, the passenger traffic was less than expected, so the size was reduced to three platforms with two tracks.
  717. However, the passing of the limited express trains has resulted in the increase of passengers rushing to get on local trains (or semi-express trains) during the above time periods (particularly during the day).
  718. However, the peculiar culture blossomed into Kokufu Bunka (indigenous Japanese culture) and many aspects of Japanese culture which still exist now come from it.
  719. However, the people who surrounded the Empress Teimei expressed the belief that the Empress Teimei tended to love her second son, 'Chichibu no Miya.'
  720. However, the people who went to Kyoto with KONDO didn't take joint actions.
  721. However, the perfect enforcement seemed to be difficult from a practical standpoint, and in many cases, hereditary Karoku (hereditary stipend) was added when a person who assumed a post not less than kakaku (family status) left his office.
  722. However, the performance is now known as 'The Noh where the audience floor collapsed,' because the acrobatic performance of a child performer made the audience so crazy that the audience floor collapsed, killing or injuring some of them.
  723. However, the performance review of Zuryo was very severe, so it is thought that they were unable to impose taxes that were overly harsh.
  724. However, the performer is forbidden from using facial expressions.
  725. However, the period in which the position of the shogun was vacant following the deaths of Yoshikazu ASHIKAGA and Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA is treated independently as a postscript to the section pertaining to Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA and Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA.
  726. However, the period of Tanezane owning this famous piece was not very long; it was presented to Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI as the proofing gift of surrender from Tanezane who was a vassal of Shimazu clan, when Hideyoshi conquered Kyushu region.
  727. However, the period of shizoku's military struggle against the government ended with the Seinan War in 1877.
  728. However, the perpetual clock shown in the image changes the position of the characters showing time on the clock face full-automatically.
  729. However, the person in question said he was arrested together with his horse.
  730. However, the person who had the control of this government is considered to be Fuhito.
  731. However, the personnel of taifu and shofu was taken back everything because of the internal trouble again afterwards, Minbusho (Ministry of Popular Affairs) was reintegrated to Okurasho (Ministry of the Treasury) in exchange for the inauguration of OKUBO to Okura-kyo (Minister of the Treasury).
  732. However, the persons making efforts to hand the technique down to later generations have appeared recently, and its value has been becoming recognized, though little by little.
  733. However, the petition is the only one left today, and there is no other evidence to show how Motonaga refuted those appeals, thus the actual situation at that time remains unknown.
  734. However, the philosophy of enlightenment in "Meiroku Zasshi" had an image of human who sought a free rational sprit independent from superstition and convention and stood on utilitarianism which was affirmative for desires and interests.
  735. However, the photograph of the 'Omaetachi-zo statue' (the exhibited statue in place of the secret hidden one) produced by copying the Honzon, a hidden Buddhist statue has been publicized.
  736. However, the phrase 'Architecture is frozen music' had been used in Germany before FENOLLOSA used the phrase 'frozen music.'
  737. However, the pickle is less tasty because nuka-doko is not matured at this stage.
  738. However, the pictures of yurei drawn by Okyo seem to have been popular since the Edo Period and have influenced many subsequent painters.
  739. However, the piece was banned, with Konoe being summoned by the Imperial Household Ministry and given a serious warning.
  740. However, the place name of 'Rokubochi' still remains.
  741. However, the place of production has been a tough discussion.
  742. However, the places he actually visited were limited to Nikko, Kamakura, Kanazawa Hakkei, and Boso.
  743. However, the plan and prospects on the mutual usage with other JR-group IC cards--Kitaca, which Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido) is planning to issue, and SUGOCA, which Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu) is planning to issue--haven't been officially announced by these companies.
  744. However, the plan could not be carried out because Yukichi spent all night drinking with a visitor, Goroemon HATTORI.
  745. However, the plan ended up in failure due to the sudden death of Haruo himself.
  746. However, the plan for this new bus service was strongly opposed by Keihan Bus (then Keihan Jidosha) which had already been operating the above mentioned bus line from Yodo to Okubo and Shinden since the end of the Taisho Period.
  747. However, the plan of the contribution of the facilities of Zojo-ji Temple was pursued according to schedule, and the main hall of the temple was almost forcefully taken away and used as the haiden (a worship hall at a Shinto shrine) of Daikyoin Shrine.
  748. However, the plan to increase the number of divisions did not go well due to post-war financial difficulties, leading to the famous debacle over whether to increase the number of divisions from 18 to 20.
  749. However, the plan to secretly replace Nagakata with Toyoteru was cancelled.
  750. However, the plan was changed because the employed foreigner Edmund Morel suggested using Japanese lumber, which was easier to process hence a better choice for future railway construction and also preferable in terms of the budgetary issue.
  751. However, the plan was in limbo due to a lack of funds, and since YOSHISHIGE no Yasutane, who was in the position of being leader of the plan, became a priest in 986 and left Kangakue due to its being an event for the common people, the plan itself seemed to have naturally disappeared as a result.
  752. However, the plan was reassessed in 2003 due to opposition movements and a decline in water demand.
  753. However, the plan was thwarted by the conviction of Choshichiro, the younger brother of Atsutada.
  754. However, the plot was discovered before it could be carried out.
  755. However, the plot was revealed due to betrayal, resulting in the deportation of Shunkan to the Kikaiga-shima Island (Satsuma Province) along with FUJIWARA no Naritsune and TAIRA no Yasuyori (the Shishigatani plot).
  756. However, the poetry contest performed during the Mifunegokai was carried out during gyoko and although most decorations at Kitayamadono of Yoshimitsu or Muromachidono of Yoshinori were of karamono, they were not decorations that were Japanese that cannot be compared as dichotomic.
  757. However, the poisons from the mines were not stopped from flowing into Watarase-gawa River.
  758. However, the policy did not work well as the increase of rice production for the purpose of the revenue increase resulted in the decrease of rice price, and merchants came to take control of the economy.
  759. However, the policy of controlling shugo's authority implemented by Yoshimitsu and Yoriyuki gradually led to the increase of anti-Yoriyuki groups and the arbitrary behavior of Yoriyuki became similar to that of Takatsune SHIBA during the age of shogun Yoshiakira.
  760. However, the policy was changed overnight and they were recalled.
  761. However, the political situation at that time often tended to be a factional struggle, and Itagaki fought something like a proxy war for his Tosa Domain that was a minority in the cabinet.
  762. However, the political situation changed dramatically on September 5.
  763. However, the political situation in Totomi Province was complicated and recent studies have shown that these clans were in fact under the command of Yoshinaga SHIBA of the eastern army, which means that Yoshitada was fighting the eastern, not the western, army.
  764. However, the politics inside the cabinet did not go smoothly since the Seiyukai was a minority in the cabinet.
  765. However, the politics over rights and the tense relationship between the initial warrior class government and the conventional Imperial Court forces continued, and it was resolved to a certain degree only after the Jyokyu Rebellion.
  766. However, the pollen count varies depending on topography.
  767. However, the portion from the bend is made longer than the other portion from the bend, which is nearer to the playing hand, and therefore, the angle between the hair and the wood of the bow is larger at the portion nearer to the playing hand.
  768. However, the position of political adviser was a court favorite or an adviser and not a formal job..
  769. However, the position of the Emperor was never abolished by those authorities, and at least formally, the authorities at those times respected the authority of the Emperor, and most of the time, they held their position with that background.
  770. However, the position of the winter festivals in the annual festivals are unclear.
  771. However, the position to reevaluate the East and search for it's own identity gradually approached the Great East Asian idea, "the West is a dead-end and the East should be the center."
  772. However, the possibility that it arrived from the Asian continent earlier than the above cannot be denied.
  773. However, the possibility that the theory of SAITO being left-handed itself is the historical fact is low.)
  774. However, the post was abolished on July 25, 1864.
  775. However, the postface reads; "Just now, the Emperor's luck turned for the better for the first time…….in the first year of the new era."
  776. However, the posts which he held do not pale so much in comparison to those of other members in the Hojo family.
  777. However, the power of the EDO clan gradually waned throughout the Muromachi Period, prompting it to relocate to Kitami of Tama County (Present-day, Kitami, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Metropolis).
  778. However, the power of the Emperor side had not weakened yet; when the Kamakura Bakufu fell, Emperor Godaigo restored the direct rule.
  779. However, the power of the Shoni clan had declined already in the latter half of the Muromachi Period because it stood against Kyushu Tandai (local commissioner for Kyushu).
  780. However, the power of those temples declined greatly in the Warring States period by the attack of various warlords including Nobunaga ODA
  781. However, the powerful individuals within the bakufu were anxious about entrusting government practices to Yoriie at such a young age and therefore senior vassals established a governing system called the 13-person parliamentary system which was in charge of court and government affairs instead of Yoriie.
  782. However, the practical works of public administration of the Kamakura Government and diplomacy with the imperial court were mainly managed by Yukimitsu NIKAIDO, and most of the records of "Azuma Kagami" were based on the records written or owned by Yukimitsu.
  783. However, the practice is officially prohibited for safety reasons.
  784. However, the practice of fermentation of sake in each of the four seasons died out in the Edo period.
  785. However, the precise details remain unknown at this time.
  786. However, the predominant view is that it was built between the middle and the latter half of the third century, in or around the year of Himiko's death (approximately 248).
  787. However, the presence of Norihide was not confirmed by historical materials.
  788. However, the pressure which could not be separated from this drove him to indulgence in alcohol and women, and early death.
  789. However, the price of rice remained on an upward trend along with changes in the social structure around the time of the Japanese-Sino War, causing a phenomenon of burden reduction since the tax was still based on a relatively old land price.
  790. However, the price of salt, which had been 10 sen per 1 to (about 18 liter) before the monopolization, was raised to 110 sen after the monopolization, and since it was raised everytime the government income was strained, people became more and more poverished, which led to the War of Chao HUANG.
  791. However, the priest gave it a lot of publicity, angering Kumagusu, who wrote, 'it is terrible to publicize such an exceptional thing like that. It will end up stolen.'
  792. However, the prince did not allow this and set his residence on fire and both of them burned to death (Conspiracy of Prince Mayowa).
  793. However, the prince did not speak a word, even after having the kugui (swan).
  794. However, the princess FUJIWARA no Enshi of Imperial Prince Atsuakira, who already gave birth to the prince and her father, FUJIWARA no Akimitsu grieved to death in succession as the wraiths of these two people appeared beside the death bed of Kanshi who fell ill.
  795. However, the princess went though an aggressive and one-sided tryst with Kashiwagi, who felt deeply about her.
  796. However, the pro-Taira clan government, retired Emperor Takakura died in the midst, and subsequently Kiyomori himself also died on March 3, 1181 due to misterious high fever.
  797. However, the problem was that many 'akuto' that did not have bushi social status joined the bottom most bushi class.
  798. However, the procedures sometimes changed, depending on the rank of the bukeshisso himself or power relationships within the Muromachi bakufu.
  799. However, the process finally saw progress when Japan, which could not carry on with the war any more, made a concession and the U.S.A., which was keen to conclude the negotiation successfully, persuaded Russia into settlement by the minimum requirements of not answering a war reparation at all.
  800. However, the process of the establishment of Yamato sovereignty, which is thought to be a coalition government of Yamato tribes, is not clear and there are many mysteries remaining.
  801. However, the procurement of ingredients was not easy.
  802. However, the production of iron swords became active only after the 7th century in Japan.
  803. However, the production of raw silk threads increased in Japan; therefore, the importance of importing raw silk threads decreased; (the function of the new itowappu system included to protect the raw silk threads made in Japan as well as to limit the amount of raw silk threads to be imported to Japan.)
  804. However, the progress of his forces was very slow in the following way: The forces arrived in Hamamatsu on June 23, in Shimada City on June 24, in Sunpu on June 26, in Odawara City on June 27, in Fujisawa City in June 28, in Kamakura City on June 29, in Kanazawa Ward on July 1, and in Edo on July 2.
  805. However, the promise to have 'a room of Imperial style' was almost cancelled, because the head of the bakufu did not communicate with the inner rooms of the shogun's (Ooku) at all on this matter, it caused big confusion in Ooku during the last days of the bakufu.
  806. However, the promotion system of the official rank stopped functioning since too many warriors were awarded to the higher ranks while the official ranks to be given to the court nobles were already in short.
  807. However, the property values on the south side of Fukuchiyama Station, which has been developed in advance, are showing a tendency to rise.
  808. However, the proposals were not legally binding, higher education facilities other than Imperial Universities could be established at a relatively low cost, but a large amount of money was required to establish Imperial Universities because they were highly rated.
  809. However, the publication of Gozanban gradually declined during 1394 and 1428, and no books were published after the Onin War.
  810. However, the punishment for simple osso/jikiso alone ended in stern warning.
  811. However, the punitive force suffered a strong resistance from retainers of the URAGAMI causing the punitive force to struggle.
  812. However, the purge of the government officials who were former retainers of shogun, which was supported by Toshimichi OKUBO, was not accepted.
  813. However, the purpose of the above is merely to give the "freshly grated" feeling.
  814. However, the quarters were connected by corridors that allowed residents to come and go between them.
  815. However, the quiet was short-lived.
  816. However, the radical Edo faction was unsatisfied and sought independence from Kuranosuke, thus the leader of the radical Edo faction, Yasube HORIBE, relocated to Kyoto.
  817. However, the radicals including the above UEHIRA repelled the modernization policy of the new government, which led to the assassination of Shonan YOKOI.
  818. However, the railways in Europe and the United States at that time advanced further.
  819. However, the railways were laid with high standards employing the international standard 1,435-mm gauge (called the broad gauge in Japan), and in sharp contrast to conservative Japanese Government Railways (JGR), Mantetsu tried to take advanced measures early on in its company history.
  820. However, the rank of the head family of the Nitta clan in the bakufu became much lower, and the family was forced to accept no official court rank thereafter.
  821. However, the rate of containment for gold and silver was very important information for money changer, and it was analyzed in secret, and the mechants knew the result.
  822. However, the ratio of buses from Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. is extremely small compared with those of the other three models.
  823. However, the ratio of rice polishing was limited to 70 percent, reflected by the food shortage at that time.
  824. However, the raw eggs are often excluded due to Americans having a strong dislike for raw eggs.
  825. However, the reaction of many vendors was to leave Fukuoka City, because of their dislike of the restrictive regulations.
  826. However, the reading of the shidai (a book which the method of Shidokegyo or esoteric ritual written) alone does not complete training in each realm of the process.
  827. However, the real place Hitomaru died is Kamoshima Island, which used to be near Masuda City.
  828. However, the real political power was in the hands of his father, and after his father died in 1491, Yoshiki tried to gain full control of the government with the support of Masanaga HATAKEYAMA, but came into conflict with the Kanrei, Masamoto HOSOKAWA, and Yoshimasa's widow, Tomiko HINO.
  829. However, the real power was seized by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI and Hidenobu became a daimyo of Gifu-jo Castle in Mino Province with a fief of 133,000 koku.
  830. However, the real truth of the incident is unknown, and there are only a few materials.
  831. However, the reason Yoritomo was called tenka-bito is because he influenced the whole country through the firm master-and-servant relationship (obligation and service) with each samurai.
  832. However, the reason for that view is not known and it is uncertain whether it is true.
  833. However, the reason for the change of style might be attributed to the loss of books on tenkoku (engraving letters on the material of a seal) and other materials kept in the family for generations in the fire in Zoroku HAMAMURA V's time.
  834. However, the reason why such a situation did not occur actually was that the parties responsible for circulating low-quality Torai-sen were the Muromachi bakufu and influential families in the central government, explicitly showing that Torai-sen were at the center of the low-quality coins.
  835. However, the reasons why the operations are taken over by the JR group companies would be as follows:
  836. However, the rebel army only gave tickets in payment of the bullets.
  837. However, the rebellion was easily subdued by the imperial forces led by ONO no Azumahito.
  838. However, the recent study shows that all the orders issued by the Emperor including mikotonori (imperial decree) and Daijokanso (report to the emperor from Daijokan) were subject of study as needed, and that it was also issued to the officials staying in Kyoto.
  839. However, the recent years' findings have gradually showed us the possibility that the cremation had been practiced prior to that.
  840. However, the recipe initially introduced seems to be an original form for the current fritter.
  841. However, the reconciliation was not accomplished due to refusal by Seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues barbarians") Yoshiakira.
  842. However, the record in this period was an extract version and full-blown descriptions was started after the Kakitsu Era (1141-1144).
  843. However, the record of official history does not go any further on this matter.
  844. However, the records made by a missionary Luis FROIS and others, who had actually visited the castle in those days, enable us to imagine its atmosphere.
  845. However, the records of the Census of Agriculture and Forestry do not indicate whether or not the plum-tree protection by Tsukigase Baikei Hoshokai extends to these agricultural plum fields.
  846. However, the recruitment of Taiwanese was only for assisting Japanese, and they suffered from discrimination, tangible, and intangible, in many cases.
  847. However, the red-light area is separated from the hot springs resort area, and there are no problems for the regular customers to enjoy the stay and recreation.
  848. However, the reduced military power of the domain due to this operation made it difficult for the domain to mobilize even its labor force and the plan to recover Nagaoka-jo Castle lead by Tsugunosuke KAWAI was largely delayed, which consequently worked favorably to the new government.
  849. However, the reform is highly praised as the most successful of the three major reforms during the Edo period.
  850. However, the reforms ruled out the possibility of tochikenpei by violent deprivation such as seen during the Goryeo period by heightening the possibility of land expansion by buying and selling lands.
  851. However, the reforms were anything but smooth.
  852. However, the relation between this historical fact and the place of Hitomaro's death remains buried in the legend.
  853. However, the relation of Nobunaga and Ieyasu had begun to delicately change after Shingen died of an illness.
  854. However, the relationship between Haruuji and the Hojo clan was gradually deteriorated and finally Haruuji fought against Ujiyasu HOJO in the night battle of Kawagoe and he was defeated.
  855. However, the relationship between Yoritomo and Yoshinaka was broken, and in January of the following year, 1184, Yoshinaga was killed in the battle by Yoritomo's troops in a suburb of Kyoto.
  856. However, the relationship between Yoshiko and Hideo was more than Tokio had thought, thus in anger he expelled her and made her go home with her father.
  857. However, the relationship between the Ii clan and the Imagawa clan who was the Shugo was a delicate one throughout the Sengoku period in Japan.
  858. However, the relationship between these two records has not necessarily been established, and sometimes both names are written down together like this: 'Eikyoki (Yuki Senjoki).'
  859. However, the relationships between leader and subordinate that existed previously were characterised by individual bonds and, many samurai subsequently elected not to subordinate themselves to Yoritomo.
  860. However, the religious service for Emperor Jinmu is performed every year as he is the first ancestor of the Imperial line.
  861. However, the religious service of Matarashin was started by Eshin school and Danna school of the Tendai Sect from the end of the Heian period to the Kamakura period, and it is thought to have begun around the same period of the establishment of the Genshi Kimyo-dan (one of the kanjo (a ceremony to be the successor) of the Tendai Sect) of the Danna school.
  862. However, the religious system of the Nichiren sect prescribes that each temple can use the title of Sohonzan or Daihonzan or Honzan.
  863. However, the remaining children did not intend to take the medicine, which they thought was also poison.
  864. However, the remaining territories of Sanada were taken by the army of the Hojo clan, causing a series of incidents that finally led to the Battle of Odawara.
  865. However, the remains of Tarumi Saio Tongu in Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture - one of the places where Tongu reportedly existed - are designated as a national historic site.
  866. However, the remnants of the Hojo family caused Kamakura Invasion Incident on April 21, 1334, therefore exterminating the Hojo family was conducted more severely, and Takanao was killed by decapitation at Kyoto Amidaga-mime Peak together with Tokiharu HOJO and others on October 15.
  867. However, the representative of the group, Senge shifted to a politician from Shintoist at Hirobumi ITO's suggestion, so his position was close to the Rikken Seiyukai (Friends of Constitutional Government Party) which Ito formed.
  868. However, the reproduction was interrupted in 1942 when Japan had entered into a wartime regime.
  869. However, the requisitioned kin-za was actually under the regulation of Kaheishi (currency office) of a new government and cast gold coins to be used by the new government until February of the following year to apply the money to payment of military expenditure of the Meiji Government.
  870. However, the research after the 1990's has gradually strengthened another theory that konden was in line with the policy of expanding agricultural land, a policy which was undertaken by the Ritsuryo Government (an ancient Japanese government of centralized governance).
  871. However, the research conducted again in 2008 and the stone chamber proved to be 5.27 meters high (reported by Takatori Town Board of Education on August 5, 2008)
  872. However, the reservation center is in Kobe.
  873. However, the residence of Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA in the period of the Higashi-yama (east mountain) culture (around Onin War) was built in the so-called early shoin-zukuri style.
  874. However, the residence was already set fire and attacked by the retainers of the Shonai clan, so Jinmaku ran all the way to Kawasaki to ask his acquaintance to write to Takamori SAIGO (a retainer of the Satsuma clan) who was staying in Osaka.
  875. However, the residential area had became smaller because such merchants returned to China or settled in Japan with the collapse of the Sung Dynasty.
  876. However, the resistance from the old power did not stop, and Takamasa HATAKEYAMA, one of sankanrei (three families in the post of kanrei, or shogunal deputy) and Yoshikata ROKKAKU, the hankoku shugo (military governor in charge of the half area of the province) and male cousin of Harumoto HOSOKAWA raised rebellion against Miyoshi.
  877. However, the restaurant at Tatamiyamachi was burnt down during the Osaka Air Raids together with all its utensils.
  878. However, the restoration of Todai-ji Temple was not completed.
  879. However, the restoration of old styles itself is not the ultimate objective.
  880. However, the restoration of the classic literature based on the political background, the appearances of a serial novel style on newspaper, typographical technology, and so on, brought Gokan to the limelight again from around 1877; Gesaku was still written during the Meiji period.
  881. However, the restoration was dictatorial and the Court noble-oriented policies of Emperor Godaigo who tried to reduce reward measures and territory of samurai families in order to restore Kokugaryo, were not supported by the samurai families and only served to confuse them.
  882. However, the results of archeological studies strongly indicate that the political power in the Nara Basin was joined to the political powers of the Kibi; later, these conjoined powers would form the basis of the Yamato sovereignty.
  883. However, the results of the examination of soldier's food were distorted by his superior officer, Ishiguro.
  884. However, the retainer dispatched by Yoshiie, Sukemichi SUDO (an ancestor of the Yamauchi-Sudo clan), assassinated the imperial ambassador with Yoshichika on February 20, 1102.
  885. However, the retired Emperor Takakura indicated his desire to not leave Heian-kyo (the ancient capital) and this move was also very unpopular with the aristocracy, leading to more animosity among the Imperial Court members against Kiyomori.
  886. However, the retired Emperor Takakura, who was governing by Insei (rule by the retired Emperor) in place of the Emperor Antoku who was still a young child, did not abandon Heian-kyo (ancient Kyoto), but built a rikyu (an imperial villa) in Fukuhara and insisted that a Dairi (Imperial Palace) and Hassho (eight ministries and agencies) were not needed there.
  887. However, the revenues from shoen had gradually decreased because of the nonpayment of tribute, shitaji chubun (physical division of the land), and the introduction of hanzei (the system in the Muromachi period where the Muromachi bakufu [Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun] allowed military governors, or Shugo, to collect half of the taxes from manors and demesnes as military fund).
  888. However, the revision had a very bad reputation because for Noh actors it meant to memorize all the pieces again.
  889. However, the revival of the joi ron did not completely disappear; some incidents that tried to decline the Meiji government and force the Joi movement, such as Gentaro DAIRAKU's rebellion, Nikyo Jiken (The Incidents triggered by two court nobles), and the Kurume Domain incident continued for a certain period of time.
  890. However, the right given in such a way was effective only in the territory, and was not admitted by the Edo bakufu.
  891. However, the right to judge criminal cases used by the bakufu at that time was based on the approval given by the Imperial Court.
  892. However, the rikugun, which was established through such process, was an organization which was collaterally existed with the traditional military organization.
  893. However, the rioting side was defeated by Ieyasu, and the Kira clan's fortune declined at an accelerated pace.
  894. However, the rise of the Tendai Hokke sect and Mikkyo was heretical for Tokuitsu himself and the Hosso sect of Buddhism which he belonged to and the traditional Buddhism system, thus it had to be exhaustively confuted.
  895. However, the road has already become a town area, which brought a stop to the above projects.
  896. However, the road to the museum is steep, so a pickup shuttle bus service between the stations and the museum is provided.
  897. However, the road was long and Eno closed in on them.
  898. However, the rokushaku fundoshi did not exist in ancient Japan because cloth was so expensive, and it did not become common among the Japanese as underwear until the Edo period, when it started to be made of cotton instead of hemp.
  899. However, the role Soba-Yonin refers to the individual mainly responsible for dealing with a lord's domain and senior vassals.
  900. However, the roles of beautiful boys, who are dressed as a woman such as kichisa of "Sannin kichisa," Benten Kozo (Benten the Thief) of ""Aotozoshi hanano nishikie" (Shiranami Gonin Otoko (The Five Shiranami Men), are also acted by onnagata.
  901. However, the romantic, supernatural, and fantastic charm that can be seen throughout all the volumes cannot be ignored and the literary ability of the author should be highly appreciated.
  902. However, the roof is featured in Sugaruhafu style, the eaves of the roof on the back of the building is raised, and the edge of the roof is shorter as if being cut down vertically.
  903. However, the route is unknown.
  904. However, the routes to access the place, such as National Route 162 and the Kyoto Hirogawara Miyama route, were developed in and after 1960s, and in 1979, the section up to Sasari-toge Pass, which had been the last unopened section of the Kyoto Hirogawara Miyama route, was opened.
  905. However, the royal family and nobles of Baekje of '交' who stayed in Japan in the seventh and eighth centuries stood on the position of followers who have had to express it as a delegation of the sovereignty by the emperor.
  906. However, the ruins of salt pan were located not in Kira Kozuke no Suke's territory but in the territory of the Okochi family.
  907. However, the ruling situation was not quite centralized, and during the Nagamasa's reign, many of the retainers among the ex-hereditary vassals of the Kyogoku clan seceded from the Azai clan, when the battle against Nobunaga ODA prolonged.
  908. However, the ruling structure based on the myo (rice field lots in charge of a nominal holder) system deteriorated from the late Kamakura period to the early Muromachi period.
  909. However, the running time of this route was lengthened.
  910. However, the said cities are especially close to each other in all cities, and the centers of the both cities are only about 10km away (The distance of the centers of Yamagata City and Sendai City is about 62km, that of Fukuoka City and Saga City is about 53km).
  911. However, the sale of the properties was abandoned, and Kuroda resigned as Chief Hokkaido Development Commissioner and instead was appointed to a less important position, adviser to the Cabinet.
  912. However, the sales slumped after the company was forced to give up producing and importing box lunch containing beef products due to the BSE affair, with the result that the company ended the sale after having sold out all stocked 'O-bento' by October, 2007.
  913. However, the same story should have also been described in "Gosannen-e" in the Joan edition by the Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa.
  914. However, the same thing can said about the cloistered government that replaced the regency.
  915. However, the same year his retainer Murashige ARAKI (Because his wife was a daughter of Nagamasa IKEDA, he belonged to the Ikeda clan) and Tomomasa IKEDA (the legitimate son of Nagamasa) accepted a stratagem by Miyoshi Sanninshu and banished Katsumasa from Ikeda-jo Castle in cooperation with the Miyoshi clan.
  916. However, the scabbard is physically too long to be used as a snorkel, so breathing is difficult unless they have a very large lung capacity.
  917. However, the scale of a Kokucho Seiden and a Kokuga area varied with province and time period.
  918. However, the scene of the attack had been witnessed by the Owari Tokugawa family, who had been following the daimyo palanquins that day, and also many people had seen the snow covered in blood, so knowledge of the Tairo's assassination spread quickly throughout Edo.
  919. However, the scenes other than 'a scene at the store of Izuya' are not good, so rarely performed nowadays.
  920. However, the school age method has taken root recently, in which people whose birthdays range from April 2 of the previous year to April 1 of the year are subject to participation in the ceremony.
  921. However, the school has quotas for recommendation to Doshisha University, and the Junior & Senior High Schools mingle with Doshisha Junior & Senior High Schools, so it was written here for reference.
  922. However, the school has strong characteristics in that it lacks the fifth kakegoe (call) in mitsuji (a Noh music rhythm where the beats of 3,5,7 are emphasized)), and uses a lot of "Kan" notes (a high pitched tune).
  923. However, the school rapidly waned in influence as soon as the Edo period came.
  924. However, the scorched-earth strategy differed from that of the Russian military campaign of '1812,' the Tokugawa family planned to evacuate, on contracted ships moored in Edo Bay with most of Edo's residents once the firestorm was set.
  925. However, the second addendum describes the Empress as Mashitahime, who was an ancestor of Tochi no agatanonushi and others.
  926. However, the second battle, under a situation where military conflict (the Battle of Sekigahara) between the Toyotomi side (Western Camp) and Tokugawa side (Eastern Camp) was inevitable, stems from the fact that Masayuki and his second son Nobushige sided with Toyotomi side (Western Camp).
  927. However, the second generation Imperial Prince Yoshihito ascended to the throne to become the Emperor Gosai and is therefore buried at Senyu-ji Temple as opposed to Ryoko-in Temple.
  928. However, the second group of the training delegates led by Hong-jip KIM (born in 1842) met with the Qing dynasty minister to Japan Ruzhang HE and Zunxian HUANG, and brought back "A stratagem for Korea" written by Huang.
  929. However, the second mayor of Kobe City, Heitaro TSUBONO brought drastic personnel changes and fired him for taking part in the extension work of water pipe line in 1904.
  930. However, the second objet was rejected by the United States, so that it was mentioned only in the documents for reference.
  931. However, the secret did not last long.
  932. However, the secretion of saliva at the mere sight of umeboshi comes from the experience of feeling an acid taste after eating an umeboshi, and the sight of umeboshi in the case of an individual who has never eaten an umeboshi does not induce the secretion of saliva.
  933. However, the secrets of the structure of ancient Japanese Gojunoto and Sanjunoto are not fully mechanically explained yet.
  934. However, the section between Misasagi and Sanjo-keihan, out of the entire section of the project, became controversial because the Keihan Keishin Line had been operated on the ground in this section.
  935. However, the seige on a modern Russian fortress ended in heavy casualties of 15,000 for the Imperial Japanese Army.
  936. However, the seitogun (expeditionary force) struggled to find an efficient attack against Aterui in Isawa-jo Castle, the force of Ezo (the Early Modern Japanese to describe the island of Hokkaido and the people who lived there) of Shiwa County and Waga County.
  937. However, the senior vassal of the Yoshishige group got hold of this and raised a rebellion.
  938. However, the services were provided as rapid trains on the section between Kurayoshi Station and Yonago Station.
  939. However, the shamisen, an instrument full of expression, introduced from abroad and reached its full potential by the early Edo period, and moreover, the koto and kokyu were added and consequently a new kind of music developed.
  940. However, the shape is unclear, and the most widely-accepted theory is that sakubei was thicker than the present somen and udon, that was broken with the hands to eat.
  941. However, the shape of Omodama is marudama.
  942. However, the shape of its summit is different from that of Hashihaka-kofun Tumulus, being a horizontally long rectangle rather than a trapezoid.
  943. However, the shape of the tenshudai (raised foundation upon which the principal tower was constructed), which was an important part of a castle, has been remarked upon as being more significant than the compound's name.
  944. However, the she died soon after giving birth to a baby girl.
  945. However, the shigo of Kobo Daishi was granted actually due to his accomplishments concerning 'Kobo-risho' (meaning "making the religion known widely and benefiting living things").
  946. However, the shinban was allowed to ride horses.
  947. However, the shop concerned is normally closed on Sundays, although there are many tourists, so they can't purchase 'one-day open tickets for Arashiyama' on Sundays.
  948. However, the shortage of supply in market was so serious that they had to sell something as sake.
  949. However, the shrine acquired land during the Taisho period in Watarai-cho, Watarai-gun especially for growing kaya (kayaba for the shrine).
  950. However, the shrine was destroyed by fire along with the temple's main hall during the Hamaguri Rebellion of 1864 and the deity was long enshrined within a temporary shrine.
  951. However, the shugo position originally grew out of the bakufu's authority and the existence of shugo could have been threatened if this background collapsed for some reason.
  952. However, the shugoshiki (post of provincial constable) of Suo and Nagato Provinces was assured to Yoshihiro's younger brother, Hiroshige OUCHI.
  953. However, the shugosho (provincial administration) where Shugo resided was often built near-by the Kokuga property; so, the Kokuga and Shugo began to develop a tendency in the gradual integration of their functions.
  954. However, the sides are not sewn together and it is worn so that the front is open at the chest.
  955. However, the simplified gate-passing check machines used in the station can't handle more than one J-through card at a time.
  956. However, the site located 600 meters north of the palace site is also called the 'Asuka capital site.'
  957. However, the situation at that time did not allow him to release it, so that it was finally disclosed after the war.
  958. However, the situation became complicated because Imperial Princess Koshi gave birth to Tsuneyo before the Empresses (Imperial Princess Asahara and Imperial Princess Takatsu, respectively, on this occasion) of Emperor Heizei and Emperor Saga.
  959. However, the situation became decidedly disadvantageous because his close aides, Kiyohide NAKAGAWA and Ukon TAKAYAMA, deserted to Nobunaga's side.
  960. However, the situation changed as follows: Kintetsu decided to go ahead with the introduction of the stored fare system.
  961. However, the situation changed drastically due to the political change that occurred on August 18, they were attacked by the bakufu army (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) and Torataro died in battle.
  962. However, the situation changed drastically, triggered by a breakaway from Chokei MIYOSHI, who was of Harumoto, to the Ujitsuna's side.
  963. However, the situation changed when Nobunaga ODA came to Kyoto in 1568.
  964. However, the situation changed when entering fifteenth to sixteenth century.
  965. However, the situation does not mean that Korea joined in treaty system as a sovereign state.
  966. However, the situation doesn't allow optimism because, in 2014, the whole section of the Kyoto Longitudinal Expressway is scheduled to be opened up.
  967. However, the situation in Kyoto was unstable, and Yoshihide had to postpone his entrance into the capital.
  968. However, the situation inside bakufu completely changed allowing Naoyoshi to return, and since Naofuyu took the post as Kyushu tandai, subjugation was called off.
  969. However, the situation suddenly changed on the same day.
  970. However, the situations escalated when one of the commanders, MINAMOTO no Yorimasa, joined Mochihito-o.
  971. However, the situations were that 'many farmers skipped out by night to avoid the burden from the development plan' or 'the problem that the farmers of allotted farmland became a vagrant emerged as a social issue' and as a result the development plan was not really carried out.
  972. However, the sizes of tumuli there became smaller in the era from the latter half of the fifth century to towards the end of the same century.
  973. However, the skill of Japanese swordsmiths was improving.
  974. However, the slump of sake does not stop even today.
  975. However, the small round projections called "Chi" do not have any decorations and this is different from Japanese Bonsho.
  976. However, the social structure of the aristocracy became fixed with the appearance of cloistered government.
  977. However, the sohei themselves, aiming to expand their power, gradually developed into armed forces.
  978. However, the solidified product which remains after wringing is usually processed as "shoyukasu" (soy sauce lees) and they are looking for a way of effectively utilizing it.
  979. However, the spatial expression and sense of color peculiar to Japan art, which were used in ukiyoe and other works, were gradually adopted by artists in Europe, resulting in 'Japonaiserie' developing into 'Japonism.'
  980. However, the specialized course was either successively abolished (they were upgraded to imperial universities) or divided into specialized schools, and all that was left was university preparatory course, where preparatory education for imperial universities took place.
  981. However, the specific accounts were not recorded until SOGA no Iname appeared in the mid-6th century, and events before that remain largely unknown.
  982. However, the specific conditions for reconciliation were not met.
  983. However, the specific shape of the noodles are not understood well, and it has been considered for a long time that they were a type of hand-stretched or hand-made noodle.
  984. However, the spread of Pure Land Buddhism showed the predominance of Buddhism, which could present the way to fundamentally flee from muck, while Jingi belief could only evade muck.
  985. However, the sprouts, which have been etiolated and become pink-colored in the weak light, are called Myoga-take.
  986. However, the standard of grade classifications was not clear.
  987. However, the start of constructing these lines has been postponed due to the so-called oil-shock and because the business performance of JNR deteriorated.
  988. However, the statue of Honzon is not a standing type, but a seated type.
  989. However, the status afforded them was different from that of an ordinary Urinke.
  990. However, the steamboat was exactly what the Joseon dynasty, which advocated the expulsion of the foreigners, disapproved of.
  991. However, the steps and manners may differ depending on shrines.
  992. However, the story about Taiheiki recorded contradics the fact that Yorisada played an important role in the battles occurred in later years, nevertheless, it is certain that the family of the Toki clan was involved in the plot.
  993. However, the story of a piece of rice cake, which is made using a mortar, turning into a white bird is seen in the "Yamashiro-koku Fudoki" (regional gazetteers of Yamashiro Province) and other records, and that implies some sort of a connection to a white bird.
  994. However, the story slightly differed in the historical documents of "Heike Monogatari" and "Azuma Kagami."
  995. However, the stream that hands down the characteristics of the sect through shakuhachi and kyotaku instructors still remains at present and it is an important factor in the history of shakuhachi music.
  996. However, the street was extremely narrow in all sections, making it difficult for vehicles to pass each other, and traffic jams occuring when buses passed through.
  997. However, the strength of his army was not enough and he was defeated in the battle.
  998. However, the structure of seiyo-kan buildings with its high ceilings and closed spaces was not suitable for the Japanese climate in which temperatures fluctuate considerably throughout the four seasons with frequent rains and high humidity.
  999. However, the structure of the castle started to become clear to some extent by the excavation and research conducted in 1979.
  1000. However, the study of the calendar didn't take root in Japan until the twelfth year of the Empress Suiko (602), when the priest Kanroku came to Japan from Paekche.

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