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  1. However, during the Muromachi period, self-governing communities (sosons) by independent peasants were formed and these communities started to exercise the right themselves against Kendan-sata to settle conflicts within the communities and sometimes even between communities.
  2. However, during the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States), it was difficult to maintain rule over Kyoto in opposition to the Shogun without relying on the governing mechanism of the bakufu.
  3. However, during the Sengoku Period and the beginning of Edo period where the actual wars took place, the majority of the foot soldiers were soldiers to be mobilized.
  4. However, during the Sengoku Period, conflicts between territorial provinces made it necessary to be always prepared for a war.
  5. However, during the Sengoku period after the Onin War (1467-1477), gekokujo (an inverted social order when the lowly reigned over the elite) became more prevalent and the collapse of family status began to happen.
  6. However, during the Showa era, a new movement to revive sencha-do grew everywhere in the country, and in 1956, Zen nihon senchado renmei was founded.
  7. However, during the World War II, there was also a background that the production of Japanese wine was significantly increased because crystalline potassium sodium tartrate generated from tartaric acid, a by-product in the production of wine, could form parts of a weapon (sonar).
  8. However, during the ancient period, the words and meanings were so unsophisticated that it was difficult to describe the content when organizing characters and forming a phrase by using characters from abroad.
  9. However, during the construction to improve its defensive capabilities it was attacked by Hisahide MATSUNAGA and the Miyoshi Sanninshu in 1565 and Nijo-jo Castle burned down; even though Yoshiteru himself took up his sword and fought he was killed (Eiroku Disturbance).
  10. However, during the consultation, there was an opinion that, because it was a serious offense for a person who was not an expert in Onmyodo (an occult divination system based on Yin and Yang) to perform Taizanfukunsai, Arikuni should be brought to the other world in Sukemichi's place.
  11. However, during the disassembly and restoration in 1970-1975, the pagoda was restored to its original state, based on the traces left on the structural members.
  12. However, during the era of Kenshin, the authority of Kanto Kanrei was valid to some extent in the Kanto region and Echigo Province and different in the Kinai region (the five capital provinces surrounding the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto).
  13. However, during the fourteenth century, many factors, such as the improvement of the productivity, the resistance of the class of peasants, and the downfall of the upper-class together with the advancement of the lower-class, contributed to the eventual demise of the shoen-koryo sei.
  14. However, during the generation of Hisamasa AZAI, who succeeded the family rein after Sukemasa's death, the clan suffered frequent invasions of those neighboring daimyo, including the Kyogoku clan, Rokkaku clan and the Saito clan.
  15. However, during the generations of Toyomoto MORI (the 48th) and Hiromoto MORI (the 49th), the Mori clan was surrounded by the other powerful clans, such as the Yamana clan, the Hosokawa clan, and the Ouchi clan, which made the Mori clan in difficulty deciding their course of actions.
  16. However, during the late Heian period, OTSUKI no Takamoto fell from favor with MINAMOTO no Yoritomo.
  17. However, during the latter half of the fourth century, keyhole-shaped mounds spread rapidly from Tohoku (Sendai plain and Aizu Region) to southern Kyushu, which is seen as evidence of the Yamato Kingdom extending its hegemony in other areas.
  18. However, during the match an accident happened, a tornado formed and broke the zinc roofs tiles off and the audiences in the main stand had to be led to the rear stand.
  19. However, during the medieval period the temple was entirely destroyed by fire in the Onin War and therefore lost its power.
  20. However, during the mid-Heian period, people's interest in Kokufu Bunka (indigenous Japanese culture), combined with the development of the kana characters, brought waka poetry back to official use.
  21. However, during the middle ages, both of the sects which had branched from the Jodokyo and featured the chanting of the same Buddhist invocation were mixed up, and both were further confused with the Jishu sect.
  22. However, during the middle era of the eighth century when Konden einen shizai Law (law allowing farmers who developed new arable land to own it permanently) was enforced, dominant temples and shrines actively developed arable land, acquiring shoen (manors) this way.
  23. However, during the period of the navies' creation, a large number of sailors were from regions that had the tradition of a suigun navy.
  24. However, during the processes of imperial succession and implementation of Tokusei, discord with the bakufu arose and became the underlying cause of a resurgence of the latent anti-bakufu sentiment within the Imperial Court.
  25. However, during the study, she became pregnant with Shuzo (later adapted to Ine) by a doctor Shigeaki KATAGIRI, so she gave up the idea of studying medicine.
  26. However, during the time of the sixth tea master Suren Sojun (素蓮宗順), the house in Hamacho burned to the ground as a result of the Great Kanto Earthquake, and the position of tea master was temporarily discontinued.
  27. However, during the yard reform carried out after the war, the Katsura Station's turnover point with the Kyoto Main Line was largely scrapped, leaving only the roadbed for one track; therefore, it isn't possible to fully restore the line with a double track.
  28. However, during this move, one of the stone monuments was lost.
  29. However, during this period, jito (Shoen managers) who were samurai came to erode the Shoen territories of Kizoku with their military power as a background.
  30. However, during those gloomy periods, Kyogen performers of the Okura school such as Tojiro YAMAMOTO and Sengoro SHIGEYAMA improved their skills to hand down the Kyogen of the Okura school to subsequent generations.
  31. However, dust at higher altitudes are affected by westerlies strongly, and the kosa that is flung up high into the air is moved to the east.
  32. However, each 'bushidan' did not have many members.
  33. However, each Kansubon owned by the above-mentioned facilities is only a single scroll out of the eight.
  34. However, each category of Chihokan and Gozoku was not exclusive, and in many cases, the same person was categorized as both Chihokan and Gozoku or moved between the two categories.
  35. However, each instrument established and kept music of its own, Jiuta for shamisen, Sokyoku for koto, and Kokyu-gaku for kokyu, although their performers overlapped with one another.
  36. However, each of the historical materials discovered on the Korean Peninsula, mentioned above, are generally treated as a forgeries in the study of history because the bibliography which was required to compile the book is not reliable and is indistinct.
  37. However, each of the surrounding areas formed a relatively independent economic area, depending on road transportation along the Saigoku-kaido road or the Mimasaka and Inaba-kaido roads, or on water transportation on the Kako-gawa River, the Ichi-kawa River (in Hyogo Prefecture), or the Ibo-gawa River.
  38. However, each of them lacked a decisive ground, and the exact location has not been fixed yet.
  39. However, each of these selling methods is declining.
  40. However, each of these talented calligraphers showed his individuality in a different way.
  41. However, each of these three areas had own unique features in the expression of the face value (including gin [silver] coin-based, or zeni [copper or iron] coin-based) and the design of their Han-satsu.
  42. However, each station along the Sagano Line (except for Kyoto Station) has its first Kyoto-bound platform as Platform 1, regardless of the position of the main station building.
  43. However, each zuijin with the rank of Konoe shoso (fourth rank officer in palace guard division) from the Left and Right divisions of palace guards stayed in the cloistered imperial agency as officials.
  44. However, earlier period Yayoi men excavated from the Sasai site in Fukuoka City and the Karako-Kagi site in the Nara Basin were confirmed as bones of immigrants to ancient Japan.
  45. However, early in the Edo period, it was criticized by Katsutoshi KINOSHITA and Mosui TODA, and later, original study of waka based on the study of Japanese classical literature began its rise.
  46. However, early on, opinion was divided amongst the elder Asano family retainers.
  47. However, eating a valuable food which is not to be served ordinarily, on a special occasion like an event was not only simply luxurious but meant an opportunity of supplying necessary nutritious.
  48. However, eating habits are very different between Kansai people and others.
  49. However, economic statutes, such as Tokuseirei (ordering return of land sold and dissolution of debts), increased as deployment of Shugo-ryogoku system (the system whereby a Shugo dominates a manor), and as politics and corporate finances depended more on Kyoto and vicinity.
  50. However, edicts were basically issued which stipulated that a law enforced in the inland should be applied.
  51. However, eels are in season from late fall to early winter because they accumulate nutrients in their bodies in order to prepare themselves for hibernation.
  52. However, eels became scarce in the River Thames, and meat pie made with cheaper beef is eaten instead.
  53. However, either method requires people to adjust time change every 15 days.
  54. However, either of them is the site where it existed towards the end of the Edo period, or in 1812 and later.
  55. However, elementary schools for infants were not realized.
  56. However, elements of musical performances associated with Kabuki, Noh and Shinto are not included within this classification.
  57. However, enkin-kyosha is used in the case of a tie break for those who missed the target (a tie break to decide the champion is carreid out using izume).
  58. However, enmity of old retainers of the Tsutsui clan against him remained, and he was assassinated by the Yamanaka clan, who were former colleagues in Fushimi on April 3, 1609.
  59. However, enslavement due to human trafficking was widely spread in rural areas since management of agricultural village society was unstable at that time and peasant folk who were not able to manage farms and hon-byakusho (peasants) who were annoyed with lack of labor shared a mutual interest.
  60. However, entering the Edo period, the Kugyo (the top court officials) families from the Kamakura period were called Kyuke (old families), and those that joined Kugyo during the Azuchi-Momoyama period or later Shinke (new families), reorganized the Kuge family status.
  61. However, entering the latter half of the eighth century, farmers became hierarchical, and situations to force the change in control based upon the Ritsuryo system, for example, an increase in the farmers to replace those who fled, were created.
  62. However, entertainers who have already become famous and perform rakugo as a sideline or sideshow (Shinji MORISUE, Morio KAZAMA, Hosei YAMASAKI, Tomochika, Terihei HAYASHIYA, Anna OGINO, Diane Kichijitsu (street performer/lecturer in English), etc. in recent years) are excluded.
  63. However, enthronement of the Imperial Prince Atsuyasu whom Teishi bore was interfered by FUJIWARA no Michinaga and the descendants of Naritada fell along with the Nakanokanpaku family.
  64. However, enuki-ito wefts are used for back knit except for the hira-ori variation
  65. However, especially Daihoyo (Daieshiki) held once every ten years is called 'Shoryoe,' and Bugaku, which observes the tradition of Nanto division of Sanpo gakuso, is also dedicated.
  66. However, even Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA, who had frequently been critical of Doyo, came to his defense, rejecting the Imperial order; as a result, Doyo and Hidetsuna were banished to Kazusa Province, but soon returned to the shogunate.
  67. However, even a clan member from a branch family had a chance to become ujinochoja as long as he held the highest rank.
  68. However, even a history book by the Tokugawa clan itself lowly rated Hidetada as Busho.
  69. However, even after abolition of Act of Imperial Family Status, the Imperial family is decorated according to the act.
  70. However, even after being taught to stop thinking, discussing and studying, Shikantaza is not an easy way for a practitioner of austerities who tends to start thinking, discussing and studying about the reason for them.
  71. However, even after caricatures and Yakushae were banned, it published Yakushae as "scribbling."
  72. However, even after her Mogi (coming-of-age ceremony for girls), she does not wear make up, paint her eyebrows, paint her teeth black, or write hiragana (Japanese syllabary characters).
  73. However, even after that the local bureaucracy and chiefs of Fushu kept getting involved in disputes within Emishi and spread their dominance through the local administration.
  74. However, even after that, Kaiseki positively continued his activities.
  75. However, even after that, he kept insisting on the revenge on Kira firmly.
  76. However, even after that, there were still changes in status because of adoptions between goshi and jokashi and commuting relationships.
  77. However, even after the WWII, in the Philippines and Hong Kong, some residents who were forced to change their money into the Japanese military currency demanded individual compensation from the Japanese government.
  78. However, even after the separation, he has secretly exchanged letters with Kumoi no Kari for six years, and the Minister of the Center finally gives in to him and approves their marriage (Fuji no Uraba (Wisteria Leaves)).
  79. However, even after the war was suppressed, the activities of Shubano-to groups (that were entrusted to the work to convey goods, but sometimes behaved like bandits as well) became rampant conspicuously, making the state remain unstable.
  80. However, even after they moved back to Edo, they continued working out the plan to avenge Kira and kept asking Kuranosuke to come down to Edo.
  81. However, even after this time, the Kawagoe clan remained in top positions in the vassals of the Kamakura Shogunate and were active as powerful busho (Japanese military commander) until the Muromachi period.
  82. However, even amakarado cannot quantify all human sense of taste.
  83. However, even among the baleen whales, the taste of whale meat of a species is different from those of the others.
  84. However, even among young people shigin is not unpopular and many universities across Japan have a traditional shigin club.
  85. However, even at present there are many people who proclaim themselves as descendents of the Hirayama clan in Tama area of Tokyo.
  86. However, even at that time the sword was very rare and the sharpness was not tried like other old swords, so the sharpness of the sword is unknown.
  87. However, even at the peak of his glory, Sagoromo's heart remains trapped in the melancholy of thoughts of Genji no Miya and Onna Ninomiya.
  88. However, even before Meiji period, it was customary that misfortunes happened in the imperial family were concealed for a while not only during wartime but also during peacetime and thus the case of Prince Yoshihisa was not special.
  89. However, even before that, history was considered and descriptions of history had been made.
  90. However, even during the Heian period and after, the edict of Emperor Koko, who did not abdicate the throne from the former emperor, shows a slight difference.
  91. However, even from general-purpose rice, sake that receives high marks of appreciation is produced.
  92. However, even if 'Genta ga Ubuginu' actually existed, it was merely an item that was passed down to the eldest sons from Yoshiie to Yoritomo.
  93. However, even if a person, who got the official document by disguising as enfeoffment, claims his rights on the ground of the official document, his petition will not be taken up, that is the aim.
  94. However, even if he followed Yoshinaka once, it seems that he followed him only in this battle, and finally he joined the troops under the command of Yoritomo who was a son of Yoshitomo and escaped to Togoku with him as mentioned above.
  95. However, even if it is a women's wafuku, if a Caucasian women of Europe and America were to wear it the size may not fit, since she would typically be taller than a Japanese woman.
  96. However, even if it is possible to analyze such classical works, it does not mean that they were written according to the same concept as a narrative.
  97. However, even if she was the daughter of someone who was Mino-shu, it is unlikely it was an important person, as Mino was in conflict with Nobunaga when Nobutada was born, they could have offered a lady-in-waiting or relative of Nohime as a concubine.
  98. However, even if the above-mentioned requirements are met, a Japanese garden etc. often may not exist because of the site.
  99. However, even if the player touches a wrong card, the card is in the right territory in where the right card is, the player is not called otetsuki.
  100. However, even if the theory of its creation is true, as "Nihonshoki" was compiled only 100 years after the time of Prince Shotoku, the volume can still be considered as an important historical document to grasp the early state on Buddhism.
  101. However, even if they were ranked Shoshii, when they became sangi, and were raised to kugyo, the title of respect was 'ason' after their surname and 'kyo' after their imina.
  102. However, even if this can be understood as going southward on the sea rounding Kyushu, it leads to the location of Yamatai in south-central Kyushu, which means that Yamatai would have been located in the same place as Kumaso in a later era.
  103. However, even in Germany, where it's most popular, the number of registrants in the German Kyudo Federation is about 1,100, while the federations in other countries have several hundred at most.
  104. However, even in Kyushu, eating of whale meat became popular by around the time when net-using whaling started.
  105. However, even in such a case the seeds that were born through self-pollination do not germinate.
  106. However, even in the Kanto region, there are some exceptional areas including the Tama area of Tokyo, namely Musashino area (Kodaira City, Higashimurayama City, etc.), the western and northern parts of Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, where not a few shops put emphasis on Udon noodles rather than Soba.
  107. However, even in the era when handen-based field supply was being provided as specified, all did not always function smoothly.
  108. However, even in the same pollution level, the states of diseases depend on the individual.
  109. However, even in this case, shomono made in the later years were characterized by containing both old and new annotations, and as a rule, the influence of the older annotations was dominant.
  110. However, even in this era, there is no evidence that anyone but active generals became Military Ministers.
  111. However, even in this system, Sekkan didn't decide everything, yet almost all policies were discussed and determined by Giseikan (Legislatures) at Jin no sadame (ancient cabinet council).
  112. However, even influential samurai families as well as children of good families took the name of Azuma Hyakkan.
  113. However, even now, many of traditional Jiuta song schools and So music schools have been handing down music using Kokyu to subsequent generations.
  114. However, even other lords of the manor, such as the ryoke, were also called honjo when they actually assumed the authority of administration and administration of justice at their shoen, or in other words, the right to assert Shomu.
  115. However, even people who were not Fudai retainers were sometimes appointed to a post equivalent to Karo due to their abilities, and were called Karo-kaku, Karo-nami, or Karo-retsu.
  116. However, even the Genpei War lasted only five years and gradually shifted the battle field from east to west.
  117. However, even the Tsuchimikado family themselves do not have any record which shows that Ariyo used the surname of 'Tsuchimikado,' and it is thought that the first person who used the 'Tsuchimikado' surname was ABE no Nobuari, the grandson of Ariyo, and the later generations (mid- to late- Muromachi period).
  118. However, even the description doesn't reflect the true situation because, as described above, the trains using the track are only trains on the Uji Line and deadhead trains.
  119. However, even the meat for commercial use is not entrusted with completely free distribution.
  120. However, even the new one could not answer every question.
  121. However, even the oldest portion of Theravada Buddhism's tripitaka is assumed to have been compiled only 100 years after Shaka's demise and there exist no scriptures that have been confirmed as those handed down from Shaka's direct teachings.
  122. However, even the work to provide rail beds was not conducted for the initially-planned section between Nanase and Nakayama, with only walking roads provided there.
  123. However, even thereafter, there were many samurai who were fired from the master's families due to various reasons and became 牢人.
  124. However, even thinking about it, we could tell that he was a talented and popular man.
  125. However, even this burned down in a midnight fire on March 28, 1973.
  126. However, even this was without power as shogun, since they assumed the form in childhood and were forced to abdicate when they attained manhood.
  127. However, even though Japan has implemented world's leading environmental measures particularly in the industrial field, the per capita emissions amount of greenhouse gases originating from fossil fuel is still high and Japan has not achieved the reduction goal of emissions of greenhouse gases in fact.
  128. However, even though Tsubura whose residence was besieged by the Emperor Yuryaku requested the Emperor to forgive his act in exchange for presenting his daughter, Karahime, and seven of his miyake (Imperial-controlled territories) in Katsuragi, his request was not accepted and burned to death.
  129. However, even though a person called MUNAKATA no Kiyouji was in existence during the early 10th century, it doesn't mean he was a member of the Imperial Family.
  130. However, even though he immediately became Udaijin and the Chief of the To (Fujiwara) Family Michinaga still did not assume the position of Kanpaku, and he continued to remain as the Minister of the Right (later the Minister of the Left) with the qualifications as Nairan and as Ichinokami (Head of Kugyo).
  131. However, even though he was being followed by two powerful wrestlers Kajinosuke TANIKAZE and Tameemon RAIDEN, he still left the top-ranking record in history.
  132. However, even though it was being fermented and had an acid taste, if grains of rice maintained their original shape, the fish under maturation was called 'namanare' or 'namanari,' and was sometimes eaten along with its surrounding rice.
  133. However, even though new adults participate in the planning, if there is a conflict between the intentions of people concerned from the autonomy body and the new adults, the intentions of autonomy body prevails in many cases.
  134. However, even though she was the empress dowager, she lost her position to appear in the center of the stage as she did not give birth to an imperial prince.
  135. However, even though the Miyoshi clan's power grew, their household affairs were eventually taken over by their chief vassal, Hisahide MATSUNAGA.
  136. However, even though the lord eventually opposed him and sought to drive him to suicide, he was blamed by his relative and vassal Nobunaga ODA for the murder of his lord and overthrown.
  137. However, even though the structure differed, 'nindorishutabun' (anonymous majority rule) called 'tabun no ri' (majority rule) and 'tabun no hyotei' (majority rule) was necessary and the spirit of 'Ichimi Wago' (Mingle together in One) from sangha was emphasized.
  138. However, even today, there are some families that have the family name of Shimojima and they are said to be the descendants of the Shimojima navy.
  139. However, even under these circumstances, he avoided being sentenced to a severe punishment thanks to the petitions of people who were reluctant to lose his talents.
  140. However, even when the Oie style was dominant, there were persons who wrote in Chinese styles, with most of them being writers, artists, Confucians and doctors.
  141. However, even when the priest was shidoso, that person seems to be treated with tolerance when he has made proper ascetic practices and activities as a priest.
  142. However, even with the karoku of 3,000 koku or greater, those who belonged to omote-koke (a post in the Edo bakufu that was in charge of its rituals and so on that had no official court rank) were not included in yoriai.
  143. However, events irrelevant to ceremonies worshipping divine spirits and so on are sometimes called 'matsuri' at present.
  144. However, eventually the Ukita clan, who were powerful kokujin in the same family, deposed the Uragami clan and usurped the rule of that fief.
  145. However, eventually the armies of Tokyo and Osaka under the command of Okubo continued their advance and arrived in Kyushu.
  146. However, every domain's financial difficulty got worse and worse and some domains started to repudiate their debt by dismissing their kuramoto or kakeya or abandoning their bonds, which made merchants bankrupt.
  147. However, every one of the Tochi family served for Junkei TSUTSUI.
  148. However, everyday Japanese meals usually do not have such a configuration (the situation is the same in restaurants serving everyday meals).
  149. However, examples that a native ethnic belief such as Shinto and religions of various schools exist together are observed in various areas in the world, and the Japanese case is not very rare.
  150. However, except Heizo HASEGAWA, the first manager of Ninsokuyoseba, the manager was placed under the town magistrate as Yoseba-bugyo, the head of an organization separated from the Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame-kata post.
  151. However, except for residents of this central region, even Kyoto citizens often call the area 'Kawaramachi' or 'Shijo.'
  152. However, except for the war years, there was not a major change in the attitude of the populace who continued to practice local traditions such as folk religions and festivals outside the scope of State Shinto.
  153. However, except for these elements, we would not understand the practical transitions in the combat progression.
  154. However, exceptionally, in Norway and Iceland where whaling activities in their coastal areas remain, whale meat has still been eaten.
  155. However, exceptions did occur during the Heian period.
  156. However, excessive attention given by the Emperor placed on enormous stress on Shishi resulting in death by illness.
  157. However, excessive issuing of yokozuna licenses had the opposite effect that resulted in ruining yokozuna's authority.
  158. However, excluding large scale firms, this is scaled down to \65 billion, meaning that there are few SME and micro enterprises.
  159. However, expelled from Japan, Siebold published "Map of Japan based on the original map by Japanese and the astronomical observation" by changing Ino map into Mercator projection in Holland in 1840, after he returned home.
  160. However, experts are voicing the fear that the probability that cultural properties enveloped by the sprawl of recent residential areas can become lost in fires caused by earthquakes and other factors is greater than ever before.
  161. However, experts in Japanese historical studies commonly support the point of view that "sakaotoshi" was an absurd story they should not take seriously.
  162. However, express buses for middle-distance sections described above, and mid-night express buses for various sections, including that between Tokyo and Osaka, on which you can reach your destination cheap while sleeping, have gained popularity since around the 1980s.
  163. However, express trains (including those that arrive at and depart from Kuzuha Station) are operated up to Demachiyanagi Station.
  164. However, expressions such as 'Goseikyo' (passed away) and are frequently used by the mass media.
  165. However, extending his power caused conflicts and produced tensions between him and other Minamoto clans in Kanto, especially in the Musashi Province, and Yoshitomo competed with MINAMOTO no Yoshikuni, who was his granduncle, and had the main base in Ashikaga, Shimotsuke Province.
  166. However, extremely sexual expressions are not uncommon in Hitomaro's love poems, starting with sleeping with someone.
  167. However, facilities of this station are totally non-barrier-free.
  168. However, facing Naoshige, Musashi ran away without fighting, therefore, Naoshige was judged to win.
  169. However, facing the overwhelming authority of Minoru UMEWAKA who was called one of 'three masters in Meiji' with Kuro HOSHO and Banma SAKURAMA, Kiyotaka who later returned to Tokyo did not have the power to control Umewaka family any more.
  170. However, facing this increasing threat, Tokimune assumed the position of the eighth regent in March 1268.
  171. However, fairs and festivals vanished in the impoverished post-war period.
  172. However, faith in Hachiman remained firmly rooted and, during the latter stage of the Pacific War, the air bases of Japanese army and navy flew large 'Namu Hachiman Daibosatsu' (Hail great bodhisattva Hachiman) flags, and the Hachiman was worshipped by military flight crews (especially kamikaze pilots).
  173. However, farmers gradually became unwilling to produce those vegetables because it took a lot of work to cultivate and harvest them, which resulted in the extermination of some of the varieties.
  174. However, father and son were pardoned by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, demoted in rank (Hirotsuna was relocated from Taki-gun hamlet and Funai-gun hamlets in Tanba Province to Funai Province).
  175. However, fearing a new invasion by Yuan troops, the Kamakura bakufu confined Ichinei in Shuzen-ji Temple in Izu, doubting the true motives of Ichinei's mission.
  176. However, fearing that Silla would invade Wakoku due to the momentum gained in unifying the Korean Peninsula, Wakoku kept reinforcing their defensive measures along the sea coast, and although there was exchange between the two countries, their relations deteriorated after the enthronement of Emperor Jito.
  177. However, female drivers tend to work in the daytime.
  178. However, few died of beriberi in the Navy because it had obtain the result of a comparative study demonstrating that eating barley is effective in preventing beriberi and they adopted barley rice.
  179. However, few haniwa (burial mound figurines) are found in the square back tomb mounds.
  180. However, few original setsuwa tales were included, and many of the tales appear in earlier collections like the "Konjaku monogatari shu."
  181. However, few people call that place Sanpu.
  182. However, few people visited there, due to insufficient road maintenance.
  183. However, fiercely denouncing Kaneie, Kanemichi obstructed his plot.
  184. However, fiercely pursued by the Sakai commando, Masazumi KOSAKA and others were killed in Ariake-mura Village west of Nagashino-jo Castle.
  185. However, filaria caused by the Wuchereria bancrofti nematode was found throughout Japan and mainly in the south of Kyushu until relatively recently, so it cannot be confirmed that he contracted the infection in Oki-no-erabujima Island.
  186. However, filtration with active charcoal itself is now a technique of the past, and recently the amount of active charcoal used, the frequency with which it is used, and the number of charcoal specialists (known as sumiya) have been on the decline.
  187. However, financially supported by the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) during the Edo period, it was fully restored to its current state; the halls and pagodas we see today were built in or around that time.
  188. However, five Sankakubuchi Shinjukyo Mirrors were discovered from at the back of Ishiki (a room made of stone in the tomb, in which coffins were placed) of Mt.Gongen Gojuichigo-kofun Tumulus, Mitsu-cho, Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture, and Totsuki-style cylindrical Haniwa was discovered from beside Ishiki.
  189. However, five large-scale square front, square back tomb mounds that exceed 100 meters are concentrated in Yamato.
  190. However, five months later, he also broke away from Gryo-eji and joined Rikuentai.
  191. However, flake points (a kind of stone tool resembling a knife) have been found in areas from Kyushu to the Korean Peninsula.
  192. However, focusing on their types, we know they center on the C11-type or smaller-type locomotives.
  193. However, folklore goes on to say, 'Motonaga Ason (second highest of the eight hereditary titles) was detested by the local people because he would not stop his wrongdoings until his death, thus (his retainer) Tameie felt horrendous about Motonaga's sins and constructed a hexagonal, two-story Buddhist temple...'
  194. However, following Nobukiyo's death in 1216, the Shogun MINAMOTO no Sanetomo was assassinated in 1219, and in the Jokyu War of 1221, Nobukiyo's son Tadanobu BOMON sided with the Retired Emperor Gotoba and lent his military strength to the effort to strike down the shogunate, leading to his exile.
  195. However, following Shigemori's ascension to Sa-daisho (chief general of Sakon-e-fu), Munemori was reappointed and also appointed to the vacant post of U-daisho (chief general of Ukon-e-fu) in January 1177.
  196. However, following an incident when Yoshihisa AMAGO killed Hisakane UYAMA after believing he had been slandered the army's spirits were gradually weakened.
  197. However, following the death of Yoshimitsu, the Shogunate's power gradually weakened, leading to the rise to power of the Shugo Daimyo (Japanese territorial lord as provincial constable).
  198. However, following these orders, the government took measures to integrate shoen into one domain in an attempt to differentiate between koryo and shoen, facilitating the levy of Ikkoku heikinyaku.
  199. However, for Tsunetane CHIBA, Yoritomo's father MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo was not a man to whom he felt indebted, which is clear to see if one looks at what happened at Soma-mikuriya, the private estate of Soma ranch.
  200. However, for a certain period of time during the Sengoku period (period of Warring States), instead of the declining Ogasawara family, the Heki-Yoshida school group performed the ceremonial shootings in the Imperial Court.
  201. However, for a while after the translation of the book, the word "bankoku koho" was often used because it was well known.
  202. However, for a while, a depression was caused by a decrease in movie goers as well as the bankruptcy of Mycal.
  203. However, for commercial reasons, gari that is colored with natural or artificial food coloring is often sold.
  204. However, for convenience, Hikari trains came to stop at stations that are not used by many passengers as well, and after the Nozomi trains were introduced, have come to be defined as the trains that are neither Nozomi nor Kodama.
  205. However, for instance, retainers of the governor in Mutsu Province were rarely called 'Sendai Hanshi' in the Edo period, and they were officially called 'Matsudaira Mutsu no kami no Kerai' (retainers of the governor of Mutsu Province) (the Date family was given the cognomen of 'Matsudaira' by the shogun family.)
  206. However, for political reasons or because of the relationship with the emperor, some people were not given shoden even if they were kugyo, and such people were called "Jige (lower class nobles) no Kandachime."
  207. However, for religious female believers Nyonin-do was built as a place where women could devote Buddhist invocations outside of the kekkai (border).
  208. However, for riding across the two areas, between the Keihanshin area and the Okayama or Hiroshima area, the card is not accepted for the time being.
  209. However, for safety reasons, other means of payment mentioned below, other than cash, have been increasing.
  210. However, for some K-limited express trains or trains whose schedules are set back, this series of operations isn't performed and the seats are instead rotated by each passenger.
  211. However, for some of these, special attention was paid to not only appearance but also the details of structures.
  212. However, for some reason, Harada's name was not on the list of squad members.
  213. However, for some reason, Seicho did not commit himself to the creation of the main statue for the Shoku-do, and headed to Kamakura to create the main statue of worship at the Shochoju-in Temple for MINAMOTO no Yoritomo.
  214. However, for some reason, the construction plan was cancelled, and in 745 Emperor Shomu announced the transfer of the capital from Kuni-kyo back to Heijo-kyo (although at that time most of the administrative affairs were conducted at the Shigaraki no Miya Palace).
  215. However, for some reason, there is only one store located in Kyoto, despite the fact that Kyoto is supposed to be its origin; this is mostly likely due to the fact of its high entry levels (as of November 2007).
  216. However, for some unknown reason Yasutada kept quiet, and did not deal with the corruption of public morals in the temples and shrines.
  217. However, for the Tokugawa, Meiji and Taisho periods, this is a critical misunderstanding.
  218. However, for the circumstances above, FUJIWARA no Enshi, the lawful wife of Imperial Prince Atsuakira, was abandoned by Imperial Prince Atsuakira, and she died suddenly in her sorrow.
  219. However, for the hatamoto who were at the peak of financial poverty, there was no power remained to support the military service.
  220. However, for the majority of his term of office, he was engaged in the shogunate government, not directly in administration of the domain.
  221. However, for the one who was born as a child of Hinin there was no chance of escape.
  222. However, for the purpose of designation or the cancellation of designation, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology should consult the Council for Cultural Affairs beforehand (Article 153).
  223. However, for the purpose of informing time, similar facilities are also installed outside religious places, for example, on the premises of government offices.
  224. However, for the reasons that the line distances are short and trains on the lines are not operated at high speeds, these lines are dealt with regular railway lines.
  225. However, for this reason he faced the wrath of Emperor Komei who deeply relied on the Imperial Prince and was punished with house confinement.
  226. However, for this reason, the Matsudaira clan built a dependent relationship with the Imagawa clan, and then Nobuhide became adverse to Yoshimoto IMAGAWA.
  227. However, for use across the areas of Suica, TOICA and ICOCA aren't accepted.
  228. However, for various cultural reasons, the spread of cremation is not wholeheartedly supported.
  229. However, for volumes five through eight,"Hongoku-cho Nichome Nishimura Genroku" and "Tori abura-cho Tusuruya Kiemon" of Edo and "Shinsaibashi Karamonomachi Kawachiya Tasuke" of Osaka also participated as publishers.
  230. However, foreign traders found the Keicho silver, containing 20% lead and lower in quality, extremely troublesome because it required refining into quality silver.
  231. However, form of worship at the current Kurama Temple after the establishment of Kurama-kokyo is unique, and some explanation is necessary regarding its Honzon.
  232. However, former Shogun Yoshitada ASHIKAGA (Yoshiki) took advantage of the confusion, intending his return to Kyoto.
  233. However, forming a faction for osso/jikiso or the faction's resort to force such as ikki or goso were regarded as a more serious crime and their leaders were given a capital punishment.
  234. However, four and half years later, on February 7, 1881, Fukui Prefecture was established and Reinan was separated from Shiga and incorporated into Fukui, which resulted in making Shiga the present inland prefecture.
  235. However, four years later he gave the name Gonnosuke KAWARASAKI to Fukujiro KAWARASAKI, his wife's nephew, and named himself Sansho ICHIKAWA.
  236. However, free farmers also belonged to the jurisdiction or custom of shoens and were put in debt for the lease.
  237. However, fresh fishes and live fishes were craved in Kyoto as well as in Edo.
  238. However, from 100 to 200 years after Shaka's nirvana, the religious association split into many Hinayana, and each one came to succeed and keep its own Tripitaka.
  239. However, from September 2003 to April 2006, through semi-express trains between Kyoto and Osaka were operated.
  240. However, from around 1452 he began to receive a warm welcome from the child of Yoshinori, Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA.
  241. However, from around 2002, delivery by motorbike and bicycle has spread rapidly in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
  242. However, from around Meiji Restoration the Shibamura Domain distanced itself from the bakufu and became cooperative with the new government; after the Restoration it was asked by the new government to control the property of the government within Yamato Province together with Takatori Domain.
  243. However, from around that time domestic cultivation of Korean ginseng became enabled as a part of policy in which new industry is encouraged by Yoshimune TOKUGAWA, and consequently, minting of Ninjindai Okogin declined.
  244. However, from around the Taika era, the development of the Ezo area began in a strained international context, starting with the installation of the Nutari stockades in 647, and followed by the continued construction of stockades in and northward of modern day Niigata and Miyagi prefectures.
  245. However, from around the time he advanced to Sangi (Councilor) in 1181 and became a court noble two years later, his name suddenly emerged as a friend of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo.
  246. However, from around the time that Hidetake KOIDE became the seventh lord, the domain was assailed by a series of disasters including famine, drought, and flooding, weakening the finances of the administration, and, in 1787, a bad harvest and jump in rice price caused a peasant's revolt.
  247. However, from around the time when the so called "38 years' War" began in 774, the Ihai policy rapidly intensified.
  248. However, from around those times onwards, hikan were absorbed into the ranks of vassals of the bakufu or daimyo (with the exception of individuals who had gained status of Sengoku Daimyo or a more recent daimyo military lord).
  249. However, from descriptions of relations between Seki-dera Temple, which stood near Choan-ji Temple in Osaka 2-chome, and Osaka no seki recorded in the Sarashina Nikki (Sarashina Diary) and the Ishiyama-dera Records, it is presumed that the barrier was located near Choan-ji Temple.
  250. However, from modern to the present age in Japan, the vast number of Komainu have been made in various forms and shapes.
  251. However, from that time on a strange woman frequented the surroundings of the Honami-dono residence.
  252. However, from the 1970's, developments in the study of shoen history led to this theory being revised in three ways.
  253. However, from the 1990's, bonsai gathered attention overseas and there has been a trend towards seeing it in a new light, and as a new awareness of bonsai has grown as it has become a stylish hobby among young people.
  254. However, from the 200 series Shinkansen train-cars for the Tohoku and Joetsu Shinkansen line, aluminum alloy was used to make the bodies lighter, so than the body weight did not increase significantly even with snow-combating equipment added.
  255. However, from the JR-Kyushu side, the president, Susumu ISHIHARA, has expressed his will to realize the reciprocal usage with ICOCA in a press conference (because JR Kyushu's lines have connections with the usable area of ICOCA through Tokaido Shinkansen and Sanyo Shinkansen).
  256. However, from the Meiji Period shinmei-zukuri style has been adopted widely for shrine buildings in time of sengu (transfer of a deity to a new shrine building), due to, for example, enshrining multiple gods collectively, thus increasing the number of shinmei-zukuri style shrine buildings.
  257. However, from the Muromachi period to the Edo period, the patterns became fixed gradually, and in addition, patterns using kindei (gold paint), instead of kirikane, had become used widely.
  258. However, from the Warring States period to the Azuchi Momoyama period, fund-raising priests were apt to be called 'gannin bozu' by using the discriminatory term for humiliation.
  259. However, from the description that 'Hahakogusa is also used for making kusamochi' which appears in "Fuzokumondo-tosho" (Question and Answer on Cultural Matters) compiled around 1813, it is clear that many districts used hahakogusa as an ingredient.
  260. However, from the early ritsuryo system, some cases of new kokushi (local governors) using tenma as a transportation means to their new posts began to appear, leading to the exclusive use of the tenma system by new kokushi going to their new posts by the early Heian period.
  261. However, from the end of the Edo period until the Showa and Heisei periods, it cannot be denied that publications of books by folklorists of the time and the prestige placed by folklore played a role in preventing the disappearance of yokai as an ethnic culture of Japan.
  262. However, from the end of the Meiji period to the Taisho period, when bijinga (beautiful women's pictures) that foreigners liked gradually became out of stock, the shunga, which was partly repainted around genitals and collaged to make a woman's picture were exported.
  263. However, from the first day of the operation, troubles occurred and the trains were stuck because the track had not hardened enough and the pantographs made in America did not work rightly.
  264. However, from the late 10th century and onwards, there were frequent conflicts between the zuryo and the tato fumyo, and in some cases, the tato fumyo appealed to the central government about measures taken by the zuryo.
  265. However, from the late Kamakura period, when functions of Shugo as peace preservation expanded to the administration of justice, authority of Shugo overcame Kokushi.
  266. However, from the late Showa period to the Heisei period, when western culture became widespread, the word was less frequently used in its original meaning, rather used frequently in symbolizing the fashions of the time when this word became popular or in producing a retrospective atmosphere.
  267. However, from the latter eighth century, more farmers began to leave their land to become wanderers in order to avoid paying tax and the ritsuryo system was confronted with some change.
  268. However, from the latter half of the 12th century, the chigyo-koku provinces controlled by shrines or temples and those by samurai appeared.
  269. However, from the latter part of the Meiji period, sake began to be sold in bottle little by little and distributed outside of the towns and villages where the sake was produced.
  270. However, from the list of sinners worthy of salvation, Hozo Bosatsu excludes those who have committed the five mortal sins along with those who have denounced Buddhist teachings.
  271. However, from the middle of the Kofun period, Sue ware and its production methods, firing in a reductive atmosphere using Noborigama (Anagama) and shaping using a potter's wheel, were introduced from the Korean peninsula.
  272. However, from the middle to late part of the Kofun period, this Period of Sixteen Kingdoms in China ended; it was the Pei-Dynasty which continued to rule by Northern Wei, Eastern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Qi, and Northern Zhou.
  273. However, from the original meaning of shinsen, a voluntarily supply of local marine products to the gods, it became a ritual to display the dominance of the land where offerings were caught by supplying it to a chief (an emperor) and having the chief eat it.
  274. However, from the point of view of the bakufu, these employees were and would always remain of 'oyatoi' (hired) status, and as such, their social position was fully as low as that of temporary employees.
  275. However, from the standpoint that members of the Imperial family should not be involved in politics and the fact that they were military officers, it was rare for them to actually attend the Council.
  276. However, from the viewpoint of Japanese history, he wrote "Nihon Yokai Henkashi" (history of change of Japanese yokai), treated yokai academically, and created a general atmosphere for the public to take a renewed look at yokai.
  277. However, from the viewpoint of Sorin OTOMO, Teruhiro was nothing more than a sacrificed piece for a backward attack on the Mori clan after all.
  278. However, from this point on, it became possible for civil officials to become hanshi.
  279. However, from this time on the composition of not only songs but also pieces with instrumental music sections between songs emerged, such as 'Sarashi' (Bleached Cloth), 'Sandan Jishi' (Triple Lion) and 'Rokudan Renbo.'
  280. However, from wartime until the period of occupation by the United States, there was a lack of rice, the ingredient for Awamori, while there was a surplus of brown sugar which could not be shipped out to Japan's mainland and therefore people began to produce more kokutoshu.
  281. However, full-fledged development of Sonobe started when the Koide clan was transferred to Sonobe in 1619.
  282. However, full-fledged karate education developed after the Taisho period, when Gichin FUNAKOSHI and Choki MOTOBU migrated to the Japanese mainland.
  283. However, further study has made it clear that there are many differences when compared with the manuscripts copied by Teika and the Meiyurinmo-bon and other manuscripts equivalent to Teika's, and many of the differences are considered to be an influx from the text of the Kawachi-bon.
  284. However, futaeorimono was often the target of sumptuary laws, and even regulations were issued to ban its use by not only nyobo but also the noble women.
  285. However, gaps found in the discussions of 'hare,' 'ke,' and 'kegare' (or 'hare' and 'ke') among the scholars are still unresolved, and to this day, no unified definition has been put forth.
  286. However, geigi was clearly distinguished from yujo whereby the first-class geigi was supposed to pride herself in 'selling her arts and not her body' and receiving money in return for being good to her danna (customer).
  287. However, gekokujo (the revolt of vassals against their lords) of the Uragami clan against the Akamatsu clan was relatively less strict compared with that by other clans and the Uragami clan fought together with the Akamatsu clan when Nobutoyo YAMANA from Tajima province invaded Harima province.
  288. However, genealogies of the Kusunoki clan found in different families do not match before the the time of Masashige KUSUNOKI and are thought to have been made up by later generations.
  289. However, general commercial transactions were conducted at market prices.
  290. However, general education was provided to ordinary people at Terakoya.
  291. However, generally speaking, meyasubako means the system established by Yoshimune TOKUGAWA in the Edo period.
  292. However, generally, it seems that whale meat became to be eaten more widely.
  293. However, getting foodstuffs from areas far from the ryokan has a big impact on the cost, and some people question whether guests really want to eat the same food as in big cities after traveling to stay at ryokan located far from those big cities.
  294. However, ghost pictures in the Edo Period, including these works of Buson's, were intended in many cases to be comical and familiar, showing an entertaining tendency and trying to enjoy specters as a fiction; something that can be similarly seen in modern specter comics.
  295. However, gisho which often disturb the public are the ones that contain political intent (or at least are presumed to do so).
  296. However, given that Asuka-jinja Shrine (Engishikimyojin-taisha Shrine) in Habikino City, Osaka Prefecture, enshrines Konki O as its deity, there is no doubt that his descendants remained in Japan even after Konki O's departure.
  297. However, given that a sword made by Kazusa no suke Kaneshige would have been expensive and not one which a mere ronin (masterless samurai) could have possessed, it is highly possible that he was an illegitimate child of the lord.
  298. However, given that the goal of this position was to lead the Bando soldiers (in this case, warriors from eastern Japan) to victory over the Ezo of Ou (in this case, the Oshu Fujiwara clan), it was traditionally a post superior to that of Chinjufu Shogun.
  299. However, given the fact that Mariko's residence, which was called the Palace of Bamboo, was located on the former estate of the Hiki family in the Hikigatani Valley, her mother was considered to be WAKASA no Tsubone, a daughter of Yoshikazu HIKI.
  300. However, given the fact that Mr. Demon Kogure graduated from Waseda University, as well as being well versed in professional Sumo wrestling and Japanese culture, it comes as no surprise that the Emperor knew who Mr. Demon Kogure is.
  301. However, given the fact that a war usually creates many fugitives, it is natural to consider that many people of the Taira family became fugitives since the Taira family was defeated and collapsed though it held sway over the western part of Japan and held a large army.
  302. However, given the influence of the prolonged consumer recession, being intensified competition with West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and the declining birthrate, the number of passengers has subsequently decreased.
  303. However, gods pitied humans, and every year since then, they send 'wakamizu' on the day of the setsusai so that the humans can regain a little bit of their youth.
  304. However, going back to the Edo period, there is a record that indicates that 'hare' was used only for the days that marked a change, when the weather recovered and the clear sky peeked out after many days of rain.
  305. However, gold coins were scarcely circulated, because they outflowed and the government issued huge sum of irredeemable currency.
  306. However, gourmets say that live fish are subjected to stress and are inferior in taste to the ones adequately processed in the market.
  307. However, government posts and zokufu were sold from the late to the end of Yi Dynasty Korea period, which confused the hongan as blood line.
  308. However, gradually the family name meant the name of the family and the clan; with this shift in meaning, the family name became fixed and the name was to be kept even the family moved to other province.
  309. However, great progress was made during the latter part of the Edo period, and they became the representative form of jiuta composition.
  310. However, green tea is mainly consumed in China and Japan, and in the old days, Sassei was frequently done in China.
  311. However, had it been growing since the birth of human beings long ago, there may be a medical anthropological question that says that perhaps, the first humans were about the size of Issunboshi.
  312. However, haihan-chiken was the policy that led to massive dismissal of hanshi (retainers of domain), which was said to be about two millions across the nation.
  313. However, haikai regained its liveliness with the work of Buson YOSA, who restored the form.
  314. However, halfway they changed their policy on their own independent management, and with the assistance of Iwao MURATA, shot "Showa Shinsen-gumi" the first product based on the scenario of Daisuke ITO by PCL in December, under directors Minoru MURATA, and Tomotaka TASAKA.
  315. However, han bills issued in the main territory of Sanda Domain, the Nada area of Settsu Province, and the eastern area of Harima Province had different designs, so bills were not always circulated in an integrated fashion in all areas.
  316. However, hanami almost always means a party to be held under cherry trees with blooming flowers.
  317. However, handwriting verification done on a TV Tokyo program concluded that Tenkai was the same person or very close.
  318. However, hanpen made from shark is considered the best quality since it is hard to obtain fresh shark nowadays.
  319. However, hanretsu (order of seats in court) was in the order from Kisai no miya to chugu.
  320. However, hard-liners within the Army, who intercepted the telegraph through the Navy, viewed the situation undesirable, so they dispatched the military police, who restrained Miyazaki at the Port of Kobe and sent him back to Tokyo.
  321. However, hatamoto (direct retainers) and gokenin (samurai retainers) were differentiated by whether or not they were granted audiences with the shogun.
  322. However, having accumulated capital, sakaya took over kaisen donya one after another.
  323. However, having become too old for the mission, Gukei recommended the role to Issan Ichinei, who had succeeded to the chief priest post at Kannon-ji Temple.
  324. However, having been donated shoen, major aristocrats (the great and powerful) and major temples became honke (the owner of the highest-grade patches of land under the stratified land ruling) or ryoke (lords of the manors), and they exercised their political power as the lords of shoen.
  325. However, having been informed that the main force of the Northern Court's army had advanced from Omi Province to Mino Province, Akiie fled to Ise Province in order to reorganize his army.
  326. However, having got information that the government army was coming along the Odori-kaido Road, the 4th company of the Seigi-tai troop, the 13th company of the Raigeki-tai troop, the 1st company of the Kajnjo-tai troop, and the 8th company of the Raigeki-tai troop defended the invasion of the government army.
  327. However, having gradually declined since the medieval period, the temple is now divided into two temples as follows.
  328. However, having had no one's support, he ended up holing up in Higashiyama Toko-ji Temple in 1457.
  329. However, having known that Portuguese ships attacked and occupied Malacca, people in Ryukyu refused to trade with the Portuguese.
  330. However, having no daughters who could be the candidates for the Empress was a big disadvantage for Yorimichi and therefore, he later adopted Princess Genshi, a niece of Takahime (a daughter of her younger sister, the empress of Imperial Prince Atsuyasu) and sent her into court as Chugu (an empress consort) of Emperor Gosuzaku.
  331. However, he abandoned his right because of 'the intense ache in his right leg.'
  332. However, he accidentally takes the princess's grandmother.
  333. However, he acted against the teachings of Buddha, and still became involved in the real world even after he became a priest.
  334. However, he acted violence and assault over 78 beautiful girls including geisha when he visited Gion in Kyoto with Michishige INABA, the lord of Shimizu Domain, Mino Province, in 1607.
  335. However, he actively supervised (directed) plays in the meantime and instructed the younger Jakuemon NAKAMURA IV, Tamasaburo BANDO V, and Fukusuke NAKAMURA IX.
  336. However, he actually couldn't enter the mountain until December 3 due to the conquest of Kishu by his grandfather, Nobunaga.
  337. However, he adequately rewarded these retainers as well as Hideyasu in the amount of their territories.
  338. However, he adopted no prudent measures to cope with the business slump during the prolonged recession period from 1920 to 1931, and instead implemented a diversification strategy that led to bankruptcy of Kawasaki Dockyard amid the financial crisis in 1927.
  339. However, he also died in November of the following year, at the youthful age of 15, as if to follow his father.
  340. However, he also died in the same month of the same year, following his elder brother.
  341. However, he also wrote in his book that those who favored the animal protein could add the broth extracted from the bonito pieces to the above-mentioned soup.
  342. However, he also wrote many pieces such as 'Zangetsu' (A Morning Moon), 'Echigo Jishi' (Lion of Echigo), 'Azuma Jishi' (Lion of Azuma) and 'Ume no Tsuki' (Plum Moon) in which the tegotomono is long and technical, and in which the shamisen is a featured instrument.
  343. However, he approved only a few of them to become disciples such as the brothers of Senro KAWAI and Shoseki KAWAI.
  344. However, he approved other options, such as the assist the construction of connecting lines to the South Manchurian Railways, the permission of obtaining the company stock by Qing citizens, and the admission of Qing citizens becoming executives of the company, in order to conciliate anti-Japanese influences.
  345. However, he asked his fellow street stall ramen sellers about different recipes for the soup and by pawning his belongings one after another, he managed to raise enough money to continue experimenting, finally inventing a totally new kind of soup.
  346. However, he asked the government's permission to send Moritaka YOSHIDA, a retainer as his surrogate and his request was granted.
  347. However, he assisted Hideyori TOYOTOMI in Osaka-jo Castle after the war.
  348. However, he became a courtier, receiving summons directly from the Emperor's family, and served as an Otsukaiban (a person responsible for order and patrol in the battlefield) for the Imperial Palace, and so on.
  349. However, he became a masterless samurai when the territory of Kagekatsu was reduced due to the Conquest of Aizu conducted by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in 1600.
  350. However, he became an official more smoothly than his younger brother, MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi, and he eventually made his rise to Jushiinoge, Sahyoe no suke.
  351. However, he became famous as an academian and contributed to Kado (the art of Japanese poetry) of the Shogun family.
  352. However, he became politically weak when Emperor Shoko passed away without leaving his son and the imperial line shifted to the family line of Fushiminomiya.
  353. However, he became sick during his stay in Kyoto and eventually died on January 2, 1864 (according to 'Mitosama Keifu' [The Genealogical Record of the Mito Family], he died on June 14, 1864.)
  354. However, he borrowed 10,000 ryo (Japanese monetary unit at the time) from the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) due to the lack of funds for relocation.
  355. However, he came into conflict with Hideaki after the War, and retired in Mino Province.
  356. However, he came into conflict with the Kanrei (Deputy Shogun) Masamoto HOSOKAWA, and having been deprived of power and placed under house arrest, he fled to Ecchu Province.
  357. However, he came into conflict with the Minister of the Treasury Shigenobu OKUMA over financial policies.
  358. However, he came to know that the enemy was still alive; he escaped from the prison with the help of the prisoners.
  359. However, he came to open his mind, after Shinjo looked after him, when he was sick, by cooling his forehead with a towel soaked with water valuable in a jail, and chanting ryoju of Fudo Myoo.
  360. However, he came to stay at the makeshift palace even on Sunday after about one month passed since he left his parents
  361. However, he came to understand ascetic practice by reading "Zenkansakusin" (Incentives for Breaking Zen Barriers) written by Unseishuko, and went to various districts to practice.
  362. However, he came under counterattacks from Toshimitsu KAI, who was the legitimate son of Jochi KAI, and the Ninomiya clan, and died in hardship in 1481 at the age of fifty-four.
  363. However, he can't have compared his works with "The Tale of Genji" and "Water Margin," which were considered masterpieces in those days, if he really thought his stories were terrible.
  364. However, he caught a plague and suddenly died at the headquarters.
  365. However, he changed his mind several hours later after Tadatsuna's retainers appealed to Kiyomori that the reward should be divided equally among them.
  366. However, he changed his name back to Kanemon in 1871.
  367. However, he changed his plan and studied in the newly united German Empire because he was well-respected and persuaded to do so by Shuzo AOKI and Yajiro SHINAGAWA in Berlin.
  368. However, he chose to call himself Shinzaemon SORORI Nise using the Japanese kanji "二世" (meaning "the second") for 'nise' as a play on the word '偽' (also pronounced 'nise' but meaning "fake").
  369. However, he cleared off all the debts and succeeded in protecting and evolving the classical Shinto that the head family of the Hirata family had inherited for generations; those works are still being told as moving stories.
  370. However, he collided with opposing forces within Usa-jingu Shrine, and he was dismissed between January and February of 1005 from Dazai no gon no sochi due to their accusations.
  371. However, he confronted with Harumoto, the leader, over the later policy.
  372. However, he considered that it was difficult to take it as reliable immediate historical material from the viewpoint of politics.
  373. However, he continued serving as the Omi no kami (Governor of the Omi Province).
  374. However, he continued to intervene in domain administration, causing a conflict with Takakuni.
  375. However, he continued to put great effort into the temple's reconstruction in his subsequent role as chief priest.
  376. However, he continued to serve as Kurodo no to for Emperor Gotoba without following Emperor Antoku to leave for the west, and became Sangi (councilor) as well as Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right) later.
  377. However, he contracted malaria in the field and died in Tainan County just before suppression of the whole of Taiwan.
  378. However, he corrected it immediately saying, '2 surviving soldiers and 10 dead bodies.'
  379. However, he could not achieve any results in the siege of the Ishiyama, which irritated Nobunaga; when Nobunaga made peace with the Hongan-ji Temple by pressuring the Imperial Court in 1580, Nobuhide and his father were expelled to Koyasan with a letter of reprimand which consisted of 19 articles.
  380. However, he could not act counter to his father's order, and destroyed the family of Shigetada HATAKEYAMA in Futamatagawa, Musashi Province.
  381. However, he could not assume the position of Negi (Shinto priest) in the Tadasu no yashiro Shrine, which he had aspired to, and gave up hoping for success in the Shinto priesthood.
  382. However, he could not enter into Chion-in Temple so he resided at Sennyu-ji Temple instead.
  383. However, he could not gain any support from the theater audience, suffering from commercial failures, often went on the road.
  384. However, he could not get along with Takamori SAIGO, the central person of the Seichugumi Organization throughout his life.
  385. However, he could not handle the resistance alone, and was finally struck down (the blade of the offending sword is now preserved in the Hikone Castle Museum).
  386. However, he could not improve his relationship with Keishitsu Eisho, and he finally left Echizen Province.
  387. However, he could not participate in the battle because he could not leave his province.
  388. However, he could not simply ignore the fact that a child of Mochihitoo was being raised by Hachijoin, so he issued an order to Yorimori to conduct a search.
  389. However, he could not spearhead government affairs due to his delicate health, so he was retired by ceding the family head position to his adopted child Suketada MATSUDAIRA on December 22, 1761.
  390. However, he could not stop her mother, the Empress Kokiden, and others from banishing Genji.
  391. However, he couldn't bring her back, and kuni-umi (the birth of the land of Japan) was not completed.
  392. However, he couldn't deal with aging, and the choreography of "Tsurionna" (literally, 'female fishermen') for Ennosuke ICHIKAWA the first in July 1901 was his last work as a choreographer.
  393. However, he couldn't fool them and grudgingly said 'a dead man does not speak'.
  394. However, he couldn't have been involved in choreography just after being excommunicated, so he returned to Yoshiwara where he was raised, and taught Buyo dance to geisha girls.
  395. However, he decided to go into literature rather than medicine, and was itinerant toured Kyoto.
  396. However, he declined to serve as an officer and established Shohokaijo in Shizuoka in January 1868 to realize joint-stock corporation systems he studied in France, but persuaded by Shigenobu OKUMA he entered the Okura-sho in November
  397. However, he declined, saying that he would not write the Hanshichi series any more, and instead he wrote a series of other old stories called 'Miura Rojin Mukashibanashi' (Stories by Old Mr. Miura).
  398. However, he deeply involved in the reproduction of ancient paintings after the Japanese painting department in the Kokuga Sosaku Kyokai was dissolved in 1928.
  399. However, he defeated the Azai clan and the Asakura clan at the Battle of Anegawa in 1570.
  400. However, he defeated the enemy army at the battles in Nabuchi and other places during Oshu-shioki (repression of the Oshu District) in 1590, and successfully took the head of Daisho (Major Captain).
  401. However, he delegated political roles to Imperial Prince Taruhito without publicly performing the role himself, and the gijo post was abolished.
  402. However, he devoted himself to lecturing, organizing, and elaborating on his works, and thus did not officially publish any books during his lifetime.
  403. However, he devoted himself to seeking comedy rather than mastering classic aesthetics, which resulted in bringing him the nickname 'King of great laughter.'
  404. However, he did not abolish all za (a trade association) (if he were to do this, the distribution system, at that time, would be paralyzed).
  405. However, he did not attack directly, but limited his activities to local fights, for example, attacks on forts outside Osaka-jo Castle.
  406. However, he did not attend as a representative of the Seiyu-kai Party.
  407. However, he did not do well so after about a year, he quit again.
  408. However, he did not flaunt his beauty because his was grounded in the belief that "a man should not be bothered by neither his beauty nor ugliness."
  409. However, he did not force Hideyori to submit the vow.
  410. However, he did not frequently interact with his wife and after Ukifune's death, he passed his days discontented, thinking about Onna Ichinomiya, daughter of the current emperor (her mother was Akashi Chugu).
  411. However, he did not fully deny its value but appreciated it, since it had been deemed as the most important 'Shinto scripture' after to the Kiki (although notcomparable to the Kiki).
  412. However, he did not get into methodism or formalism like Kano school but had educational attitude in which he respected personality or independence of disciples.
  413. However, he did not give up hope; he took charge of an orphaned child of Shozan, who was assassinated, at the request of Katsu, and broadened the Western knowledge from Amane NISHI (a torchbearer) who was introduced to him by Katsu.
  414. However, he did not in fact fight in the Osaka campaign.
  415. However, he did not participate in the Freedom and People's Rights Movement after this.
  416. However, he did not really stand out as Norikuni was still alive and his younger brother was in fact a better busho (Japanese military commander).
  417. However, he did not receive any reprimands or demotions.
  418. However, he did not recklessly grant gem he held in his Mage/Motodori (hair bundled up on the top of the head) not to cause all people to be surprised and be suspicious.
  419. However, he did not simply repeat the same teachings in the Nirvana Sutra, but explained his previous teachings, including not only the four noble truths that lead to nirvana and the notion of emptiness but also "the Lotus Sutra" itself, from a higher perspective based on the nirvana principle.
  420. However, he did not sow them in Korea, and brought all of them back to Japan.
  421. However, he did not use the name Hiroshige ANDO as he is commonly called nowadays, and thus Hiroshige UTAGAWA is considered to be his correct name as an Ukiyoe artist.
  422. However, he did not yield a point.
  423. However, he didn't go to India and after 3 years, he came up with the bowl which he found in a mountain temple in Toichi-gun, Yamato Province, insisting that it is 'the stone begging bowl used by Buddha.'
  424. However, he didn't have a great result as the former vassal of the Uesugi clan, Narimasa NAGANO fought back with success..
  425. However, he didn't head for the eastern ocean, and had craftsmen including Ayabe no uchimaro make a fake and presented it to Kaguya-hime, on the pretence that he had been to the eastern ocean.
  426. However, he didn't stay in the province, but resided in Kamakura, and was appointed to a dominant gokenin (an immediate vasal of the shogunate in the Kamakura and Muromachi through Edo periods) or the post of kinjuban (an attendant to Shogun) and became a leading figure in the shogunate government.
  427. However, he died at the young age of 38 before his parents the next day on the 10th.
  428. However, he died early at a young age.
  429. However, he died from cancer on September 19, 2007, at a hospital in Nagaokakyo City, Kyoto prefecture.
  430. However, he died in 1005 at the age of 85 without becoming onmyo no kami (director of the Onmyoryo); this fact is considered proof that the Abe clan was not a family which traditionally had a strong basis in Onmyoryo and tenmondo.
  431. However, he died in 1439, without leaving any children.
  432. However, he died not long after that (August 31, 783).
  433. However, he died of illness in Obama Province on July 17, 1490.
  434. However, he died of liver cancer soon.
  435. However, he died of sickness soon.
  436. However, he died on January 13, 1803, as if he followed his foster father.
  437. However, he died on July 31 at the age of 64, five months after his hospitalization.
  438. However, he died soon after the appointment.
  439. However, he died suddenly nine days after Emperor Daigo's enthronement.
  440. However, he died young in 1704 without taking over as head of the family.
  441. However, he died young in 1854, before succeeding to the position of family head.
  442. However, he died young in the following year although he was the first prince by the lawful wife.
  443. However, he died young without being able to accede to the throne, probably because his mother was not descended from the Soga clan, which was exercising great power at the time.
  444. However, he disagreed with Takauji ASHIKAGA (the Ko clan) who contributed to toppling the Kamakura bakufu, and he continued to supervise him based in Mt. Shigi (Heguri-cho, Ikoma-gun, Nara Prefecture) without going to Kyoto.
  445. However, he disbanded troops against the barbarians in June, 781, not having been able to develop large-scale military operations due to superior troops of Ezo (northerners), returned to Kyoto and then he was invested Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) in August.
  446. However, he divorced his wife Toshiko soon after.
  447. However, he does not always follow the Genji Shaku, and in some cases he criticizes it.
  448. However, he does not pursue it any further, protecting him for all his life as his older brother, and even thinks of Kaoru's marriage to Roku no Kimi for a time.
  449. However, he dropped the plan in the face of the Okubo's opposing tanka (a Japanese poem) to his plan.
  450. However, he drove those obstructive people in Jogu Oke (royal families) such as Prince Shotoku's son, Prince Yamashiro no Oe to suicide.
  451. However, he easily lost the battle and since then, his fate remained unknown, and hereto, the Hiraga and Ouchi clans of the Genji (Minamoto clan) blood line definitively perished.
  452. However, he entered into priesthood in 1756 and left the Imperial Court at the age of 46.
  453. However, he entered into the priesthood in May 18, 1196 because of illness with a tumor (indirectly referring to cancer) and soon died.
  454. However, he escaped after this incident.
  455. However, he escaped to Kiyosu-jo Castle under the protection of Geni MAEDA or Nanigashi KINOSHITA (of the Kinoshita clan).
  456. However, he excused himself from the position of udaijin three months later, in October.
  457. However, he exiled himself relying on Shingen TAKEDA in Kai Province because he was pursued for his responsibility for the resistance on Mt. Hiei.
  458. However, he faced strong opposition from Kokushi (provincial governor) and lords of the manor and this right was taken back in the following year.
  459. However, he failed to convince him, so he also pressed Nobukatsu ODA and Ichimasu TAKIGAWA to persuade Ieyasu, but good answer was not obtained and the achievement failed in vain.
  460. However, he failed to take over Odawara-jo Castle and so withdrew his soldiers to Kamakura a month later.
  461. However, he fell a step behind of Sozen YAMANA, and the Yamana clan took the post of Harima Shugo.
  462. However, he fell ill and died there in 1866.
  463. However, he fell ill in Kyoto and died as young as 16 years old.
  464. However, he fell ill soon after that, and he entered into priesthood in the following year, and then died as-is.
  465. However, he fell ill soon thereafter at his post and died.
  466. However, he fell into disfavor with Hideyoshi as a result of a conflict with Mitsunari ISHIDA and was exiled to Hakata in Kyushu in 1588.
  467. However, he finally pulled off banishing Harumoto to Omi Province in 1549 after the tide turned because Nagayoshi MIYOSHI who was the vassal of Harumoto betrayed Harumoto and took sides with Ujitsuna (Battle of Eguchi).
  468. However, he finally returned to Japan in October 1877 and broke off his engagement by persuasion of Tomomi IWAKURA and others and resulted in confinement to his residence in Kyoto again.
  469. However, he firmly declined to become officially independent saying that he was under an obligation of the Mtsudaira family (Hideyasu, the first lord of the domain).
  470. However, he fled to Shigenori TOKI of Mino because it was difficult to solve the differences between him and his older brother Yoshimasa.
  471. However, he founded these holding companies conveniently to prevent fighting over his property after his death and the stock held by Shibusawa Dozoku Company was less than twenty percent of the company stock, just a small percent in most cases.
  472. However, he gained back power and defeated Ujitoki, and won in the Battle of Chikugo River against Yorinao SHONI and captured Dazai-fu (local government office in Kyushu region) by a night raid.
  473. However, he gave a poor account of himself that a criminal Tokujiro Kumashiro, for whom Katsuyuki had responsibility given by the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), escaped in July 1849.
  474. However, he got ill in the end of June the following year later, and tried to erect a temple in hope of recovery, but to no avail; he died on July 19.
  475. However, he got on the wrong side of his biological mother, Anahobe, because of strange power he had.
  476. However, he got out of condition again, and passed away in December after he ascertained publication of "Genji monogatari taisei."
  477. However, he gradually became an admirer of Russian literature.
  478. However, he gradually intensified a feud with Kiyomasa KATO who owned the northern half of Higo Province (Confrontation with Kiyomasa KATO).
  479. However, he had a close connection with the Imperial Court and served the Retired Emperor Gotoba in Kyoto, and in 1213, he attended the Hossho-ji kuyo (memorial service for Hossho-ji Temple) for the Retired Emperor.
  480. However, he had a good reputation as a poet: 17 poems of his were selected for the 'Kokin wakashu' (Collection of Ancient and Modern Poems).
  481. However, he had a rebellious spirit just like his teacher, Rikyu, and often disobeyed the orders of the Tokugawa shogunate.
  482. However, he had already become ill.
  483. However, he had also been notorious for his itch for women; having intrigues even with married women and ladies serving in the Imperial Court; he was alleged to be the 'No. 1 rake among court nobles.'
  484. However, he had been on bad terms with Kiyomasa and confronted with him over operations, which caused him to confront with a military government group.
  485. However, he had doubts about the teachings of Buddhism and he left home and the priesthood when he was 18 years old, and then he started to use the family name Fujiwara, which was the original surname of the Hino family.
  486. However, he had finished four books, volume 29 (first, middle, last) and volume 30.
  487. However, he had gained considerable credibility with the Emperor Meiji, during the period of MATSUKATA finance, he received an imperial rescript entrusting financial affairs to him in the face of opposition from the cabinet members and genkun (the statesmen who contributed in Meiji Restoration), and he moved forward with his financial policy.
  488. However, he had gradually been oppressed by Silla and the situation became tight as he was forced to change the capital from Ungjin to Shibi in 538.
  489. However, he had greatly expended the nation's resources, and he was in no condition to confront hanchin.
  490. However, he had his way blocked by Masaie NATSUKA, who belonged to the Western forces, at Minakuchi in Omi Province and he was forced to join up with the Western forces.
  491. However, he had no bond with Shochiku, only in the leading film companies in spite of his several transfers (he made one film in Toei while it was Toyoko Film Company).
  492. However, he had no choice but to retire from the political world and live in seclusion.
  493. However, he had not been blessed with children, so he received his youngest brother Yasukuni as an adopted child.
  494. However, he had not fully adopted to Christianity because he also built some temples and protected the temples in Gifu.
  495. However, he had one flaw.
  496. However, he had suffered a crushing defeat in the battle against the Kono clan that had reinforcements from the Mori clan.
  497. However, he had the authority to execute the proceedings to convey and implement the orders of the Emperor (in this case, inclusive of the retired Emperor and Imperial Prince) ('keikai-naigai, junchoku-shiko') in place of Daijokan and Chumusho (ministry of Central Affairs).
  498. However, he had to abandon Kyoto after a counter-attack by Ashikaga in April.
  499. However, he had to attend the Kakan no gi of the Emperor as Sessho, and he was attacked by military soldiers of Shigemori during the palace visit of December 7, and the Kakan ceremony was postponed since Motofusa could not attend.
  500. However, he had to levy war funds on Kokujin-shu (local samurais) under him for that purpose, and ironically it ended up in touching off a rebellion.
  501. However, he had to return to Heijokyo (Heian Palace) in May the same year because he was not getting the corporation of his subordinate; subsequently, disasters occurred one after another.
  502. However, he himself succumbed to illness suddenly three years later.
  503. However, he identified himself as Musashi no kami again after the capture of Ming broke down at the Bunroku-Keicho War.
  504. However, he identified himself as being a member of the 'Han-Socho Shinkoku Ha' (Anti-Solemn and Serious Group) and 'Nippon Keicho Huhaku Ha' (Japan Rash and Frivolous Group), and favored the use of shooting techniques to achieve a sophisticated depiction of his film's narrative, rather than addressing subjects related to a certain theme or social problem.
  505. However, he immediately went to the capital commanded by the domain due to the assassination attempt of Masujiro OMURA.
  506. However, he is better known as one of the three greatest calligraphers of the Kanei Era (Kanei no Sanpitsu) and as an artist of many talents involving himself in pottery, Shitsugei lacquer art, the tea ceremony and literature.
  507. However, he is first mentioned inj historical sources in relation to his military maneuvers in Awa during the Kanno Disturbance, which had started as a feud within the Ashikaga shogunal family.
  508. However, he is forced to resign just 7 months later.
  509. However, he is not a Daijin (minister) but a Zuijin (attendant) called Kadono-osa (public officer).
  510. However, he is not stinginess, and when he knew that a servant saved a gold coin, he talked about the importance of money, praising the servant and giving him 10 gold coins.
  511. However, he is prevented by Jinzo, who is actually Gunsuke, a vassal of Matsuwaka in disguise of utensil shop owner.
  512. However, he is said to have been hostile against his older brother, and in a diary by Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadafusa ('Kanmon Nikki'), there is recorded a rumor that after he received one of Emperor Shoko's favorite sheep, and killed it.
  513. However, he is said to have been poor as a politician.
  514. However, he is said to have been saved from the exile, being held over to Jien.
  515. However, he is understood to have been in delicate health and affected by a disease of vomiting blood, and died young at the age of 20 in 1041.
  516. However, he joined his uncle's Fujita Gumi with an order of Kaoru INOUE who was connected with the uncle Denzaburo FUJITA.
  517. However, he just had to answer so because he didn't have real power while his father was alive, and then showed a measure of leadership after his death.
  518. However, he kept the spirit of priesthood, and warned his descendants to run the business honestly and carefully, avoiding chasing easy money or being careless.
  519. However, he knew that would not happen with his tiny body, and therefore, he came up with a plan.
  520. However, he later came to odds with Masatomo and was ordered to kill himself.
  521. However, he later lost the function of his left hand due to a wound made at this time.
  522. However, he later moved to Sugaya, a strategic spot along the Kamakura-kaido Road, which is the origin of this castle.
  523. However, he left the castle before the West forces launched their attack, for which he was demoted.
  524. However, he left the corps no later than December 1867.
  525. However, he lost by nine moku during this match and, from that day, no longer played first from tengen.
  526. However, he lost in the battle against the local lords including the Daijo clan, which originally gripped strong influences in the province, and punished by Imperial order, he was exiled to Ichikawa no sho estate, Kai Province, with his first son Kiyomitsu.
  527. However, he lost the adopted daughter and grand child in succession, and Gakusen himself died of illness soon after that.
  528. However, he lost the political battle against Yoshimi ASHIKAGA and Masanaga HATAKEYAMA, and Yoshiki ASHIKAGA (later Yoshitane), son of Yoshimi, became the 10th Shogun.
  529. However, he lost to Nagayoshi MIYOSHI and was forced to reconcile with him in 1561.
  530. However, he made a fresh start by reorganizing Fujita Denzaburo Shosha into Fujita Gumi in 1881.
  531. However, he made efforts to develop human resources including holding kabuki classes for high-school students and instructing young actors and actresses by leading 'wakaayu-no-kai (group of young sweetfish).'
  532. However, he married Hotei no irazume, a daughter of SOGA no Umako, by whom he had Furuhito no Oe no Miko, who seems to have been the first grandchild to the Emperor.
  533. However, he married a daughter, as a lawful wife, of Naganori YUSA who was the shugodai of Kawachi Province and had a strong influence in Kinki region.
  534. However, he may be reappointed tat his own request.
  535. However, he may have died upon running away to Dewa, because Yoshiharu's eldest son Yoshinori WAKIYA acted independently in and after the 1370's.
  536. However, he moved to Matsue City due to his father's personnel relocation, and studied the Chinese classics under Tomosuke UCHIMURA.
  537. However, he must have had lots of agony in his adolescence when Japan was thrown into confusion by the aftermath of war.
  538. However, he never abandoned natural law totally (Matsukuma 1992).
  539. However, he never saw Kyoto, and it is said that he probably used 'Meisho Zue" (encyclopedia of famous places).
  540. However, he never served the New Government after Meiji Restoration.
  541. However, he not only neglected to give lessons, but also did nothing but mock battles, flying a flag with large letters of "Tamonmaru KUSUNOKI" (childhood name of Masashige KUSUNOKI, known as a paragon of fidelity) written on it.
  542. However, he often met the people who visited his home and listened to their stories.
  543. However, he omitted many sentences, and mistranslations have been pointed out.
  544. However, he only had three years in power, which wasn't sufficient to rule the cloister government in fulfillment of his goal.
  545. However, he only wrestled until the November Tournament in 1867 and after that he was involved in the turbulent of the Meiji Restoration.
  546. However, he or she has not reached enlightenment because of the strong desire to seek Buddhism and nirvana.
  547. However, he ordered disarmament of farmers at this time.
  548. However, he paid wages, did not assign more labor to them than needed, and secured time for agricultural affairs by carrying out many of his projects in the farmers' slack season.
  549. However, he participated on the side of the Retired Emperor Sutoku in the Hogen War in 1156.
  550. However, he participates in the performance only from Waki Noh, which is played after Shiki Sanban.
  551. However, he passed away in 1684.
  552. However, he passed away in Sano, Shimotsuke Province while trying to return to Kyoto.
  553. However, he passed away on November 10 (or September 29, according to another source) in 1611.
  554. However, he passed away when Ryozo was 14 years old.
  555. However, he planned a conspiracy with Tomotsune AKAZAWA to assassinate Masamoto and promote Sumimoto and mobilized the army at Settsu in October 1504.
  556. However, he played a unique role in Japanese diplomacy in the early modern times.
  557. However, he possessed a part of the Chigyo (right to control a territory) in Kumagaikyo in Musashi Province.
  558. However, he proved to be innocent later and a memorial service for him was held at Shinsenen in 863.
  559. However, he raised an army again in September 1414.
  560. However, he raised an army of revolt in both Settsu and Kawachi Provinces on August 18, 1183 in concert with a rapid advance of Yoshinaka.
  561. However, he received suitable treatment for the eldest son of Yorifusa such as receiving the fief of Takamatsu in Sanuki Province yielding 120,000-koku (a unit of volume of rice) which was an important place for the Shikoku region after receiving the fief of Shimodate in the Hitachi Province yielding 50,000-koku.
  562. However, he received the chokkan gekan shobun (dismissal by the Emperor) from Emperor Kokaku for minor incidents and was banned from the imperial court.
  563. However, he refused the offer outright.
  564. However, he regretted it afterwards and gave an invocation to be restored to the throne.
  565. However, he rejected requests from Kanryusai TAKEDA and others who were losing their positions within the Shinsengumi to join Goryo-eiji.
  566. However, he remained a major figure in the Satsuma clique, was appointed to the Agriculture and Commerce Ministry (Japan) under the first Ito Cabinet in 1887, and became the second Prime Minister in April 1888 after Ito.
  567. However, he remained in Kyoto for a while as a clan government officer, and planned recover his position.
  568. However, he remained in adverse circumstances after his father and uncle died; it is said that he died as the Imperial Prince without court rank in the era of Emperor Yozei, the great-great-grandson of Emperor Saga.
  569. However, he remained in the university as an auditing student afterwards.
  570. However, he repeatedly reminted coins by consistently degrading the purity of the gold and silver, and this caused inflation due to a significant imbalance of actual economic scale and currency circulation.
  571. However, he repulsed the enemy forces by traveling to Shikoku and steadfastly maintaining the provincial control centering on Awa, and soon returned to the national political arena.
  572. However, he resigned from all the positions in 1836.
  573. However, he resigned from the post at the age of 24, and wandered around various places in Japan.
  574. However, he resigned from the post within the same year.
  575. However, he resigned in 1891.
  576. However, he resigned rusu chokan in 1870 because of his disease and was assigned to Jako no ma shiko.
  577. However, he resisted Katsuyori for financial reasons.
  578. However, he retired on April 10, 1787 after seven years of reign, and let his adopted son Masatsuna KUTSUKI to succeed and died on October 29, which was soon after his retirement; therefore, he could not accomplish much.
  579. However, he returned his Nakatsukasa-kyo (the Minister of the Ministry of Central Affairs) position on August 19, 1869, in accordance with the abolishment of the Japanese old regulations for governmental organizations.
  580. However, he returned to Edo after a while and started to work as a town doctor under the false name of Sanpaku SAWA.
  581. However, he returned to Maizuru-jo Castle during the Battle of Sekigahara and worked on behalf of his son who was participating in the battle.
  582. However, he returned to Miyazu once his father died, and while he worked as Guji (chief of those who serves shrine, controls festivals and general affairs) afterward, he was fond of Haiku world.
  583. However, he returned to his position in 1182.
  584. However, he returned to official life as daijo daijin in 1238.
  585. However, he returned to secular life without his father's consent and that broke up their relationship.
  586. However, he said to Toshiaki NANBU, the chief priest of Yasukuni-jinja Shrine, 'Please take care of everything concerning Yasukuni-jinja Shrine.'
  587. However, he secretly revered Rentaro INOKO, a liberation activist who was also born into a buraku community.
  588. However, he seemed to get along well with actresses such as Yumeji TSUKIOKA, Mie KITAHARA, Manami FUJI, Kazuko INANO, Mariko KAGA, Masako IZUMI and Shinako MINE, and appeared in some films.
  589. However, he seemingly had been physically weak (it is said that he was suffering from cardiopathy), and he was put in charge of corp recruitment in Kyoto and Osaka in May, 1865.
  590. However, he seems to have been inadequate for samurai duties.
  591. However, he selected Matsuzo INOUE for his successor.
  592. However, he sent Tadahide back to his birthplace and requested the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) to designate his illegitimate son Sentaro (who later became Tadaaki) as his legitimate heir and his third son Yojuro (who later became Tadachika) as Sentaro's adopted son, which was finally approved in 1667.
  593. However, he sent a letter of chastisement of nineteen articles to Nobumori SAKUMA, which, in its essence, forced him to choose retiring or achieving a feat for his life, so that it did not request an exile with no mercy.
  594. However, he separated from both of the Princes due to heavy storms and arrived in Hitachi Province alone.
  595. However, he served as a consultant by Masachika KAMATA's request.
  596. However, he sometimes did fight with a few soldiers as mentioned below.
  597. However, he sometimes run out of the General Headquarters' policy owing to his reckless character, and during the Battle of Mukden, the General Headquarters (Japanese Army) in Manchuria repeatedly gave him an order to 'terminate the march' in order to detain his prominent actions.
  598. However, he sometimes showed human kindness, for example, when he knew that Hideyoshi HASHIBA was cool against his lawful wife Kodaiin who hadn't had children, he called Hideyoshi, scolded him severely and sent a letter of encouragement to her.
  599. However, he sometimes shows a friendly atmosphere.
  600. However, he soon faced a retaliation force by TAIRA no Kiyomori and escaped.
  601. However, he started to use the Juei era from about the time of the proclamation of the decree.
  602. However, he stayed in the position for only six days before resignation due to a conflict between Enryaku-ji and Onjo-ji Temples.
  603. However, he still faced difficulties in controlling Ashina clan's retainers.
  604. However, he submitted his resignation to honor his ties with Emperor Godaigo and decided to join the Yoshino Court, but naturally his resignation was not approved.
  605. However, he succeeded the Sanjo family because Kinyori SANJO, the family head of the main branch of its family, did not have an heir when he got involved and was killed in the revolt of Dainei-ji Temple while he served in Suo Province.
  606. However, he succeeded to Manzo NOMURA, the Ninth, due to his older brother Manzo NOMURA's death in 2005.
  607. However, he succeeded to the position of the family head at the age of 12 in 1585 due to Tadafusa's sudden death.
  608. However, he succumbed to illness in the following year and stopped serving the Imperial Court.
  609. However, he suddenly changed his position when he was criticized by young Kugyo (the top court officials) and joined Joi-ha (supporters of expulsion of the foreigners).
  610. However, he suddenly changed his strategy and entered Kaga Matsuyama -jo Castle on September 8.
  611. However, he suddenly died 20 days after the Siege of Osaka ended.
  612. However, he suddenly fled from Saga in December 1410, confining himself in Yoshino, and spending the next few years there.
  613. However, he suddenly returned to dancing at the age of around 30.
  614. However, he suffered Rogai (tuberculosis), and sometimes coughed up blood.
  615. However, he suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Mimi-kawa in 1578 and lost many senior vassals.
  616. However, he suffered also from the relationship with Hideyoshi because he had had an old friendship with Hideyoshi for a long time.
  617. However, he suffered from his own question 'whether to go to Europe for a mere foot race' as well as from the lack of understanding by the Ministry of Education which misunderstood that a student of national school was sent off to a sports show by Westerner.
  618. However, he supposedly received the land of 90,000 koku of the former estate of Ujiteru HOJO, who previously controlled Hachioji, as it was.
  619. However, he surprised the nobles by his poem saying, 'We call it ume flower in our country, what Omiyabito (Heian era court nobles) call it?'
  620. However, he suspects her virginity.
  621. However, he takes out a scroll he has with him, and starts to read it out loud pretending to be a kanjincho.
  622. However, he then had a conflict with his adopted son Tsunakane and broke the adoption, and again took over as head of the family.
  623. However, he then switched sides, amended the Civil Servant Appointment Ordinance, and hindered the spoils system of powerful parties.
  624. However, he thought that conservatives in Tosa and advocates of Freedom and Popular Rights needed to joined together to change politics led by domain cliques and made efforts for alliance between the both parties, but he died of illness without fulfilling his life ambition.
  625. However, he took Madhyamaka-karika (Fundamental Verses on the Middle Way) instead, so he decided to have Ryuju as his master.
  626. However, he took a leave of absence from his job in that year and went to Europe to study at his own expense.
  627. However, he took the opportunity when he lost his residence in a fire and retreated into a mountain villa in Uji with his princesses and lived in seclusion.
  628. However, he unofficially joined the competition, because, according to his later reflection, 'his intrinsic aggressiveness emerged in his mind and he could not put up with watching the game silently, so anyway he decided to join and run regardless of his lack of practice for years.'
  629. However, he usually assumed a cold attitude toward Ukifune because his wife always paid more attention to her.
  630. However, he valued the principals of a law-abiding country and constitutionalism, and he thought that even the nation could not deprive people of their rights guaranteed by the principals without a justifiable legal basis.
  631. However, he was a modest person and did not accept luxury. He is solely missed among us.'
  632. However, he was able to survive under these circumstances by crafting alliances with Cloistered Emperor Toba and the Taira clan, with whom had originally been foes, and lived through the Hogen Disturbance and the Heiji Revolt, when FUJIWARA no Shinzei had exercised the real power.
  633. However, he was absolved due to ONO no Takamura's mediation and returned from the realm of the dead.
  634. However, he was against radical Sonno Joi Movement (the Movement advocating reverence for the Emperor and the expulsion of foreigners).
  635. However, he was alienated from Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA to temporarily fall down.
  636. However, he was allowed restoration just before he died.
  637. However, he was also a grandson of TAIRA no Sadamichi who came and went between Kyoto and the Kanto region while serving MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu in Kyoto.
  638. However, he was also inspired by Karinen, organized by Shune.
  639. However, he was also seen as possessing an unforgiving and callous nature towards others, 'A mean and generally dangerous person' and was called the Aku-safu ("evil" Minister of the Left).
  640. However, he was apprehended in the vicinity of modern-day Kannoura, Toyo-cho, Aki-gun, Kochi Prefecture and sent back to Saga.
  641. However, he was arrested by the Rokuhara Tandai (an administrative and judicial agency in Rokuhara, Kyoto) on suspicion of being involved in Emperor Godaigo's conspiracy to overthrow the Shogunate during the Genko Incident (the article of February 6, 1332 in "Hanazono In Shinki" (The Diary of Hanazonoin)).
  642. However, he was asked by his father to gain 100 ryo for his father's former master.
  643. However, he was asked to educate three kids on the island, also Fujinaga, Magiri-yokome's (officer of the province) was kind to him, and having a wife, he became accustomed to life on the island, and on November 2, 1860, Kikujiro SAIGO was born.
  644. However, he was attacked by Genbanojo MATSUMIYA, hikan (low-level bureaucrat) of the Takeda clan in 1569, and the Numata family escaped to Omi; as a result, Komogai-jo Castle became a subsidiary castle of the Matsumiya clan.
  645. However, he was attacked by Masayasu SOGO, the younger brother of Nagaharu, and died by jijin (commit suicide with one's sword) in 1582.
  646. However, he was attacked by Mochikuni HATAKEYAMA and others, and was beheaded along with Sukechika HINO.
  647. However, he was awarded a Kacchu (armor and helmet) only from the Imperial Court, but nothing from the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and Takefusa is said to have leaned toward the anti-bakufu group.
  648. However, he was blessed with good teachers and rivals and he scored fairly well against them.
  649. However, he was born weak and he lost his father and legal wife successively.
  650. However, he was called to Sunpu and received the territory of 1000 koku in Nukata, Mikawa Province, to return as a hatamoto, a direct retainer to Ieyasu.
  651. However, he was captivated by Tamakazura at first glance and, through a coercive relationship, took her as his wife.
  652. However, he was captured after the fall of the castle and executed in Rokujo-gawara, Kyoto City.
  653. However, he was captured by Ashikaga's force in 1352 and was executed in Kamakura in the next year.
  654. However, he was captured on the way in Tano, and committed suicide with his heir Nobukatsu and his legal wife Fujin HOJO (Subjugation of Takeda).
  655. However, he was charged with this, at the time of Ansei no Taigoku (suppression of extremists by the Shogunate) by the then Tairo (chief minister), Naosuke II, and he became the second person to be arrested.
  656. However, he was close to the Saigo family throughout his life, and especially with Tsugumichi SAIGO, they were the sworn allies more than the relatives.
  657. However, he was condemned by Jirouemon ONO, who was sahaiyaku (general manager) and ordered him to commit suicide by harakiri, and he died in the Morioka hantei by harakiri.
  658. However, he was conflicted by the contradiction between art and commercial success; experiencing repeated failures and learning by trial and error.
  659. However, he was considered to have a part in the frauds including Shirokiya-Jiken and Asahi-Jiken in 1925.
  660. However, he was constitutionally weak and contracted smallpox when he was a child.
  661. However, he was critical of the ultra-high-speed trains such as the shinkansen (a.k.a., the bullet train), lamenting that 'after the shinkansen was completed, the elegance of travel was lost.'
  662. However, he was criticized by Norinaga MOTOORI and others saying that Kukai brought to pure Japan a foreign impure philosophy called Buddhism.
  663. However, he was deeply impressed by Sima Qian's Biography of Bo Yi in "The Shiji" (Records of the Grand Historian) when he was eighteen years old.
  664. However, he was defeated by Motonaga MIYOSHI at the Battle of Settsu Nakajima in March 1531, and on June 4, he was defeated again and captured by Motonaga at the Battle of Tennno-ji (Battle of Daimotsu), and was forced to kill himself on June 8.
  665. However, he was defeated by Ryogen, who was younger than him by 25 years, when the two monks competed with each other for the position of Tendai Zasu (Head Priest of Enryaku-ji Temple) and due to the subsequent shock, he fell ill and, according to the records of Sogo, died on February 25, 967 at the age of 81.
  666. However, he was defeated by TAIRA no Kiyomori's force and ran away together with Yoshitomo toward the eastern region, accompanied by a handful retainers.
  667. However, he was defeated by Takauji, who came from Kamakura to fight, in the Battle of Hakone and Takenoshita (Oyama Town, Sunto County, Shizuoka Prefecture), and he fled to Kyoto via Owari Province.
  668. However, he was defeated by Yoshiakira's counter-attacking, and withdrew.
  669. However, he was defeated by a punitive force led by Commander-in-Chief ONO no Azumahito and finally captured in Matsuura-gun District, Hizen Province and executed in Karatsu of the same province (called the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu).
  670. However, he was defeated by the allies of the provincial constable sent by Bakufu and the Akamatsu clan lost their power.
  671. However, he was defeated in a power struggle with Takakuni HOSOKAWA, another adopted child of Masamoto and Yoshioki OUCHI and was forced to escape to Awa Province.
  672. However, he was defeated in the battle against Nobunaga in September, 1556, took the tonsure and surrendered to Nobunaga (Battle of Ino).
  673. However, he was defeated, arrested after his residing Yodo-jo Castle fell under the siege of his younger brother Nagatada and others, and he was transferred to Kyoto before being ordered to commit suicide by Masamoto.
  674. However, he was demoted shortly after he was appointed Emonfu (Headquarters of the Outer Palace Guards).
  675. However, he was detained by the Shugodai (deputy military governor) in Chikuzen Province, Okitsura SUGI and brought back again to Suo.
  676. However, he was determined to have a one-on-one battle with either Kiyomori or Shigemori, and headed to Kyoto.
  677. However, he was disappointed to learn of the vulnerability of the Shogun Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA--upon whom he relied as his protector--and his government authority.
  678. However, he was disappointed with how childish the princess was due to having been doted on by her father and reared in an overprotective manner, and he instead grew to love Lady Murasaki even more deeply than before.
  679. However, he was dismissed at the Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures) in July in the same year.
  680. However, he was dismissed from his position on the suspicion of counterfeiting the work of Tanyu KANO and expelled from the castle town of Kochi-jo Castle, while Kano school expelled him from its school member list.
  681. However, he was dismissed from the post of Kyoto shugoshoku on April 7.
  682. However, he was dismissed from the post of commandant in October, for being responsible for the Incident at Kyoho-ji Temple.
  683. However, he was eager to find good posts for his children, sending his oldest, Sosetsu SEN, to the Maeda clan of the Kaga Domain, his second son, Soshu ICHIO, to the Takamatsu Matsudaira family, his third son, Sosa KOSHIN, to the Kishu Tokugawa family, and his fourth son, Soshitsu SENSO, to the Maeda clan of the Kaga Domain.
  684. However, he was enrolled again to study at the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty of Literature, Tokyo University.
  685. However, he was envied by the side that demanded expulsion of foreigners, demoted after impeachment that occurred soon after, and underwent house arrest and entered the priesthood.
  686. However, he was exiled from Kawachi in 1569, due to the scheming of Nobuyori YUSA, a chief retainer who plotted to use the family as a puppethead.
  687. However, he was expelled from the residence for his love of mischief and went to school while working in a clinic in Asakusa.
  688. However, he was extremely unpopular among the actors and theater audiences, because he rewrote frequently, letters he wrote in scripts were small, his instructions were too meticulous and his plays themselves were redundant.
  689. However, he was finally defeated that November when the armies of Shigeyori TOKI and Myochin SAITO were entrusted to the West forces and combined with Takayori's army.
  690. However, he was fired by Daiei during the 'Red Purge' for being the chief clerk of Daiei Labor Union, and moved to an indie Takara Production.
  691. However, he was forced to abandon the plan in the face of opposition from some of his vassals and named Mochitomi's son, Masanaga HATAKEYAMA (Yasaburo) as his successor.
  692. However, he was forced to resign in 1758 because he was implicated in the Horeki Incident, the oppression by the bakufu.
  693. However, he was forced to withdraw almost immediately, under counterattack by Takauji.
  694. However, he was forgiven one month later.
  695. However, he was from FUJIWARA no Yoshikado's lineage of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan, and is not a true-born samurai.
  696. However, he was full of distress in terms of his performance - He broke relations with his master due to the difference of their direction, and he suffered depression from his performance.
  697. However, he was given an additional post of Ushoben (Minor Controller of the Right) in the same year, and further obtained a post of Monjo hakase (professor of literature) in the following year.
  698. However, he was gradually forced to pull back because Kagawa's troops gained an advantage in numbers and pulled themselves together.
  699. However, he was grilled by Nobutaka ODA and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI due to the false charge that 'the army of Mitsuhide AKECHI fired shots at Honno-ji Temple from the residence of Sakihisa.'
  700. However, he was gripped by nostalgia for his hometown where he had lived long, and returned to Niigata to become vice priest of Eco-in Temple (Nishi Ward, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture).
  701. However, he was implicated in the Horeki Incident and punished with prohibition upon entering Imperial Palace.
  702. However, he was impressed when he saw the finished result.
  703. However, he was in conflict with Toshimichi OKUBO and Shigenobu OKUMA about budget compilation and retired together with Kaoru INOUE in 1873.
  704. However, he was inconsistent, as he assigned a suke in Kouzuke Province, rather than a kami.
  705. However, he was invited by Nobunaga ODA to become the retainer of the ODA Clan.
  706. However, he was involved in February 26th Incident and once lost influence in the political world.
  707. However, he was involved in an internal strife and lost; after the war, he was exiled.
  708. However, he was involved in the troubles brought on by what Kunitake KUME had written (the Kume Kunitake Incident) in 1892, and the following year he resigned his post of professor at Imperial University, and consequently the historiography project was halted.
  709. However, he was killed along the way by Tadamune OSADA from Owari Province, who was the father-in-law of his trustworthy assistant, Masakiyo KAMATA.
  710. However, he was killed at the age of 37 from a car accident in the suburbs of Paris in 1923.
  711. However, he was killed with Sanetomo by Kugyo who was Sanetomo's nephew at Tsuruoka Hachimangu Shrine on the day of Sanetomo's inaugural celebration of udaijin (minister of the right).
  712. However, he was loathed by people due to his slyness and many despotic inclinations.
  713. However, he was longing to be a samurai more than others and making efforts to be successful, while he saved money to purchase a fine sword secretly.
  714. However, he was not a perfect realist, and he also cared for the visual effects of his performances.
  715. However, he was not able to publish a complete set of his dictionary in his lifetime, thus his bereaved family carried out his wishes after his death and published it in 1887.
  716. However, he was not absolved from an excommunication and he had fallen on hard times in Sakai and ended his life of 76 years.
  717. However, he was not favored with promotions after that, although he served in less important local posts such as governor of Hyuga Province, starting with provisional governor of Sagami Province in 976.
  718. However, he was not home.
  719. However, he was not satisfied and eight years later left Mt. Hiei to establish Ritsu-in Temple (Geno-ji Temple) in Kitashirakawa with his master Koen, where he worked to enhance his understanding of the Endonkai precept.
  720. However, he was not satisfied with the kabuki world, which was very traditional and Tsumasaburowas scouted by the newly established Makino Film Studios upon its founding in 1923.
  721. However, he was not very much inclined to do yakuza films nor did he produce many documentary-oriented yakuza movies which had become highly popular after the release of "Jingi naki Tatakai" (Battle Without Honor and Humanity) series.
  722. However, he was opposed by TAIRA no Yoritsuna, who held the position of uchikanrei, the head of miuchibito whose power he restricted.
  723. However, he was opposed by some retainers of the family who put no trust in Takafusa.
  724. However, he was oppressed by Yoritomo who was afraid that Kai-Genji might increase their power, and in that situation, Ariyoshi's brother Tadayori was killed and Kanenobu was exiled to be overthrown.
  725. However, he was ordered to kill himself by Hideyoshi HASHIBA and Nagahide NIWA who defeated Mitsuhide, and the Wakasa-Takeda clan extinguished.
  726. However, he was ordered to resign the Tandai post and return to Kamakura, and while he was turning over his job to Sadayuki HOJO, the Emperor Godaigo group caused Shochu Disturbance in September.
  727. However, he was ousted from the country by a rebellion by his eldest son and heir, Harunobu (Shingen) and senior vassals.
  728. However, he was ousted upon the death of Tsunayoshi.
  729. However, he was pardoned after the war, served Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and Hidetada TOKUGAWA, and was approved the ownership of his inherited estate.
  730. However, he was pardoned in 1868.
  731. However, he was persecuted from those who were in the same trade that were jealous of the way he prospered, and he was banished from associations, his employees were hired away, he was boycotted, and so on.
  732. However, he was pierced in the heart by a soldier of the togun (eastern army) with a lance, but recited 'Namu seiho gokuraku sekai amidabutsu' (prayer in Buddhism, which means "I will offer my life to you, Buddha in paradise") without putting up any resistance and passed away on October 26, 1469.
  733. However, he was promoted a little late for the family head of the Seiga family, and finally became Jusanmi (Junior 3rd Rank) and was raised to Kugyo in 1613.
  734. However, he was punished by being appointed Satsuma no kuni no kami (Governor of Satsuma Province) in 764.
  735. However, he was pursued by the enemy's vanguard and was therefore in a dangerous position.
  736. However, he was reduced to poverty economically, and moved for the first time to the northern region, leaving the capital in 1534.
  737. However, he was reduced to poverty economically, and moved to Wakasa Province, leaving the capital in 1520.
  738. However, he was refused entry because the Ming dynasty in those days determined Japan as 'a country of one tribute in ten years' (a country which could be allowed the tribute trade once in ten years).
  739. However, he was refused to join the party by Oishi when he bumped into the Ako Roshi in Ryogokubashi.
  740. However, he was refused.
  741. However, he was regarded as being guilty of adultery with FUJIWARA no Shoshi (Taikenmonin and the Empress of Emperor Toba), who was his disciple in regard to the so instrument, in his youth, and as a result, he was unsuccessful as a governmental official.
  742. However, he was rejected by Ukifune, who had become a nun and had no attachment to secular society, saying 'You must have the wrong person,' and the humiliated Kaoru consoled himself by thinking 'There must be some man who is keeping her.'
  743. However, he was removed from his post in June, 767, because he was '検括酷苛' against the Attorney of Shimotsuke Province.
  744. However, he was removed from the chain of command because he had a chest pain, his chronic disease on November 3 and then left the headquarters on the following day of November 4.
  745. However, he was reprimanded for failing to disclose a secret communication with enemy, and he was therefore deprived of his official rank.
  746. However, he was requested to help the ceremonial imperial proclamation of Shogun without being charged, for that he had helped Yoshiaki requesting Yoshiak's promotion, and he instructed Nobunaga's vassals including Sadakatsu MURAI on their outfits.
  747. However, he was returned and took over as head of the family of the Sengoku clan, when his brothers died one after another.
  748. However, he was said to complain about very bad treatment, for example, most his family such as Tameyoshi and Yorikata were executed in spite of his having spared them; moreover, despite his achievements the post with which he was rewarded was lower than that of Kiyomori.
  749. However, he was said to have been excommunicated after killing a bird where it was forbidden to kill animals.
  750. However, he was selected for Jinba Bugyo (Magistrate of inspection of battleground, and deployment and positioning of military capability) by the lord of the domain, Tadayoshi SHIMAZU and he showed remarkable service in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, leading konidatai (caravan of men and animals carrying supplies).
  751. However, he was sent to Kazusa area as Kazusa no kami (Governor of Kazusa Province) as early as in September, so OTOMO no Surugamaro became Echizen no kuni no kami.
  752. However, he was separated from his parents by death and became an adopted child of the Ozaki family; then he served the Karasuma and Reizei families, got the attention of Sanetomi SANJO, and became Kenin (a retainer) of the Sanjo family.
  753. However, he was severely chased by sonnojoi ha (supporters of the doctrine of restoring the emperor and expelling the barbarians).
  754. However, he was so close to Yoshimasa that he was often invited to Jisho-ji Temple, which was then under construction, and his opinion was sought on various issues.
  755. However, he was so serious and honest that he was perceived as arrogant and was disliked by feudal lords.
  756. However, he was soon besieged by the troops of Moroyasu KO and Takatsune SHIBA.
  757. However, he was spared his life and sent back to Higo Province.
  758. However, he was still so young that she succeeded to the head of the family and became the chatelaine of Iwamura-jo Castle.
  759. However, he was suddenly suspected of engaging in secret communication with the Dutch in October 30, 1698, and after he was sentenced to heiko (heiko is the same meaning as house confinement in samurai family), he was dismissed as a translator.
  760. However, he was suspected by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo of agreeing with MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune, and because of pressure from Yoritomo, he again was temporarily removed from the position.
  761. However, he was suspected of betrayal and killed by Yoriyoshi.
  762. However, he was suspected of rebellion by his master since the renovated castle was fortified, and he was eventually assassinated.
  763. However, he was suspected to be a rebel, forced to demote from nobility to subject, and finally died an unnatural death together with his mother.
  764. However, he was the cause of much tyranny after he was transferred to Shimabara Domain, and that led to the Shimabara War.
  765. However, he was tolerated towards the opposite views proposed in the Investigation Committee of Codes.
  766. However, he was too awed to use the letter '一' and named his sons Katsumasu (勝益) and Katsuji (勝次) with the letter '勝 (pronounced "Katsu")' instead, which has the same pronunciation.
  767. However, he was transferred and diminished from 600,000 koku of the Aizu Domain to 240,000 koku of the Iyo-Matsuyama Domain.
  768. However, he was transferred to the Shimabara in Bizen Province with an income increased 70,000 koku on June 8, 1669.
  769. However, he was unable to verbally tell her about the raid, since the spies of the Kira and Uesugi families were listening in, and told her 'please let me offer incense for my lord for the last time, as I will be working for another family.'
  770. However, he was very capable so that he joined the war council and Ieyasu relied on.
  771. However, he was very young at that time and a relative of his, Noriyasu MATSUDAIRA, acted as his guardian for a while.
  772. However, he was watching for a chance to bring down Seimei.
  773. However, he went on to join a troupe of traveling performers, living life on the road at places such as Asakusa as an itinerant entertainer and manual laborer.
  774. However, he withdrew from Keimei School the next year and in 1878 entered the preparatory school of Tokyo Imperial University.
  775. However, he won favorable promotions in a circumstance where his sister married a person in power.
  776. However, he wrote books called "Kujo nenchugyoji" (Kujo annual events) which explained necessities in the Imperial Court, as one of the powerful politicians for the sake of descendants.
  777. However, hearing Kanemichi's words that he had an important message to the emperor, Emperor Enyu went back to his seat, while Kanemichi showed him Anshi's note.
  778. However, hearing of his attempt, Anegakoji laid off Mihono.
  779. However, hearing that Sumoto-jo Castle was seized by Michinaga KAN in alliance with Motochika CHOSOKABE, Hideyoshi ordered Hidehisa to hastily move from Omi to Awaji Province in order to suppress the ruling families of Shikoku.
  780. However, hearing, from his young age, about his excellent plays from persons with a good ability to appreciate plays, such as Doyo SASAKI and Naami EBINA, Zeami respected Iccho deeply.
  781. However, hemp full dresses themselves are rare nowadays, and the Chaya-zome is mostly done on silk (thin silk, such as silk gauze, including Ro and Sha fabrics in Japanese).
  782. However, henceforth, until the foundation of the Meiji government, all the administrations were taken under control by the Satsuma and Choshu clans.
  783. However, her application for the general practitioner tests was rejected by the Tokyo metropolitan government on the ground of her gender, followed by the same result in the following year.
  784. However, her body sank into the river while being carried to the grave, so only her comb box and hire (thin sash) were buried in the grave.
  785. However, her brother Takatsugu and her husband Motoaki joined the army of Mitsuhide AKECHI after Nobunaga ODA was killed in the Honnoji Incident, and Motoaki was killed by Hideyoshi's army.
  786. However, her father Michitaka, who was the Kanpaku, died on April 10, 995 and, through the intervention of the Emperor's mother, FUJIWARA no Senshi, the political power shifted to her uncle, FUJIWARA no Michikane, and then, upon his sudden death, to his younger brother FUJIWARA no Michinaga.
  787. However, her father joined the Bunroku-Keicho War caused by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI who he was serving and died in 1593.
  788. However, her father, Mitsuhide, killed Nobunaga ODA at Honnoji-Temple (the Honnoji Incident) in June 1582, then he himself also died, and Tama became known as the 'traitor's daughter.'
  789. However, her father, the emperor adored Imperial Princess Shushi, his eldest daughter, very much; the emperor's vassal close aide who knew it well was dedicated to serve her ("Gonki" (FUJIWARA no Yukinari's diary), "Shoyuki" (the diary of FUJIWARA no Sanesuke), etc.).
  790. However, her first name isn't known.
  791. However, her grandfather took her and her mother in, and would not give her away, so she lived with her insane mother even after that.
  792. However, her great-great grandchild, the Empress Koken, was the last empress regent in the Imperial line from Emperor Tenmu, and the next emperor was Emperor Konin in the Imperial line from Emperor Tenchi.
  793. However, her hair fell down to the ground as soon as they grabbed it, and the tamanoo broke when they grabbed her hand, and additionally, her clothes were torn when they grabbed her clothes.'
  794. However, her health broke down around the autumn of 1864.
  795. However, her health deteriorated after delivering the child, and she died three months after the birth of Tamamaru without seeing the return of Kagekatsu, despite all the efforts for her recovery by prayer or treatments of doctor upon Kagekatsu's order.
  796. However, her husband died of illness just a year later.
  797. However, her husband returns on the day the marriage is finalized.
  798. However, her husband was still in love with Onna Sannomiya and ignored her.
  799. However, her husband, Kaoru loved only Ukifune, whom he kept at Uji, and Onna Ichinomiya, who was a daughter of young lady Akashi and also Onna Ninomiya's older sister by a different mother.
  800. However, her meeting with Shinzaburo is found by Genzaemon, and she is pressed to tell the name of her lover from the tattoo of "新" ("shin" in pronunciation and meaning "new") he has found on her upper arm.
  801. However, her mother hopes to make her marry a noble man, leaving her with Naka no Kimi.
  802. However, her record "If I am reborn" (lyrics by Hakushu KITAHARA) released in 1917 became the Japan's first banned record which was shut down by Ministry of Education at that time because the part "sleep and live with a cute girl" in the lyrics were considered as obscene.
  803. However, her relationship with Obitona is unknown.
  804. However, her retainers unexpectedly got into a fight with the retainers of Rokujo no Miyasudokoro, Genji's lover, broke Rokujo no Miyasudokoro's gissha (ox-drawn carriage) and disgraced her.
  805. However, her son was never recognized as an imperial prince because Nagatsugu was from a lower class; eventually, he was demoted from nobility to subject, and he changed his name to YOSHIMINE no Yasuyo.
  806. However, her wet nurses are not informed of her death, and Tamakazura is taken to the Kyushu region by the wet nurse.
  807. However, here Tono Chujo is used like a proper noun.
  808. However, high class samurai such as a shogun did not wear hitatare, but wore suikan (everyday garment worn by commoners in ancient Japan) as a formal wear.
  809. However, hinawaju made in Japan has a high-precision and thus, although the number of players is small, Japanese players often achieve a high ranking in international competition and many players from Europe and America also use hinawaju made in Japan in the hinawaju event.
  810. However, hinin at that period were different from hinin of after ages, and they were not only the subject to be discriminated but also the awesome existence.
  811. However, his addiction to the culture in this way was considered as a violation of sumptuary law by the bakufu, so he was suspended in August, 1804.
  812. However, his adult name is not fixed, and is said to have been Masakatsu or Takasada.
  813. However, his arrogance was the kiss of death, resulting in the death of himself and the destruction of his family.
  814. However, his attempt was unsuccessful; additionally, he strongly insisted on the withdrawal even after the Hideyoshi's troop dispatch.
  815. However, his aunt and uncle were planning to rob Shino of Murasame (a fictitious sword), a treasure sword of the Kamakura kubo family which had been entrusted to Shino by his father, and to get rid of him.
  816. However, his body had weakened because of the severe torturing, and he died on December 22, at the age of 35.
  817. However, his brother, Kaneie, who was appointed as Dainagon (Chief Councilor of State) and Ukone no daisho (commander of the right inner palace guard division), achieved an even greater success.
  818. However, his campaign for the enthronement of Imperial Prince Tokiwainomiya Tsuneaki without telling the Retired Emperor Gouda made the people of the Daikakuji-to shut him, and his power decayed.
  819. However, his chest disease was getting worse from around 1940, so he quit the company at the 16th year of service in 1942.
  820. However, his child, Shigenori TAKASHINA (the Empress Jito's great-great-great-great-great grandchild) had the position of family head succeeded to his adopted child, so the Imperial line of the Empress Jito ended at his generation.
  821. However, his claim was not accepted; he resisted keeping to his residential castle, Hachigata-jo Castle.
  822. However, his commitment to the Sonno Joi philosophy and connections to the court nobles of Kyoto led him to side with the Hitotsubashi family during Iesada TOKUGAWA's conflict surrounding the shogun's successor, causing him to be viewed as a threat by Tairo (great elder) Naosuke II.
  823. However, his condition became worse after arriving in Tokyo, and he died on October 13.
  824. However, his continued residence at Sennyu-ji Temple hindered the activities of the Nichiren Shoshu Sect in the Fukuchiyama City area, and it is for this reason that Kenmyo-ji Temple was established.
  825. However, his contribution and virtue had been known through the ages and accepted willingly.
  826. However, his daughter Kasuga no Oiratsume no Himemiko became the empress to the Emperor Ninken, and her daughter Tashiraka no Himemko became the empress to the Emperor Keitai and gave birth to the Emperor Kinmei.
  827. However, his daughter passed away at the age of 17.
  828. However, his daughter who was the wife of Yoshimoto IMAGAWA passed away in 1550 and Nobutora hesitated to continue living in Suruga, and decided to leave.
  829. However, his daughter, who was married into the emperor's family, failed to give birth to a boy who would have become an emperor.
  830. However, his defeat on the debate of Seikanron eventually led to an effective downfall of the Tosa Domain clique.
  831. However, his depiction of poverty was so realistic that the movie was extensively censored and thus he had no choice but to release the movie with the biwa-geki (a play accompanied by the music of the biwa, or Japanese lute) as a filler.
  832. However, his descendants were not treated favorably from the Genji clan..
  833. However, his descendants were scattered throughout Yamato Province; they were continuously in conflict with the forces of Nanto but were undergoing increased indigenization.
  834. However, his descendants were treated coldly by Ieyasu, who had established the Edo bakufu after Hideyoshi's death, and shortly after that, they were punished by being deprived of their fief.
  835. However, his detailed achievements are totally unknown, and it is highly possible that he died young.
  836. However, his disciples strongly requested for Ryoo's last words, so Ryoo drew a large circle and wrote underneath of the circle as follows, "Exclamation of surprise, 22nd, written by Ryoo."
  837. However, his entry into the priesthood was postponed as he was still so young.
  838. However, his existence had long been unknown to public and by having kept wielding influences behind the scenes made him enough to be called 'backroom manipulator.'
  839. However, his expedition troops struggled with obtaining army provisions due to famine, the Seto Inland Sea was surrounded by the Taira family, and without a ship, they could not move to Kyushu, so their battle was prolonged.
  840. However, his fall came quickly after Empress Koken's love moved to Dokyo.
  841. However, his father Asateru died of infectious disease in 995, five years after Michitaka, who was the eldest son of Kaneie and friendly with Asateru, became Kanpaku.
  842. However, his father did not give him the territory but, for an unknown reason, gave it to his younger brother, and therefore a confrontation occurred between the brothers and a trial for this was held under the supervision of Yasutoki.
  843. However, his father had escaped in advance from Osaka into Fushimi-jo Castle with the help of Yoshinobu SATAKE (Ukyo no daibu [Master of the Western Capital Offices]).
  844. However, his father, Michiie didn't favor Yoshizane and instead showed favor to his brother, Sanetsune ICHIJO
  845. However, his films were always ahead of the times, so he could not get any film awards in spite of his distinguished staging ability.
  846. However, his first appearance in literature was after the death of Emperor Tenmu, on October 23, 686, when Jikidaisan FUSE Ason Miushi delivered a eulogy as a representative of Daijokan at Emperor Tenmu's funeral.
  847. However, his first shot missed, and he was shot by Tametomo while still nocking his second arrow.
  848. However, his forces were severely defeated by Sanada's forces that used dexterous tactics, and with reinforcements of the Uesugi clan arriving as well, were forced to retreat (the first Battle of Ueda).
  849. However, his fortunes underwent a rapid deterioration after he followed the flight of the Ise-Heishi (Taira clan) from Kyoto in 1183.
  850. However, his foster father became the leader of the Ouetsu-reppan alliance in 1868, and as a result, the father was ordered by the new government army to be placed under house arrest, when even Muneatsu was disinherited.
  851. However, his health had been poor since the previous year, and there was a record that the Emperor, together with his close aides, discussed the idea of adopting the youngest brother, Imperial Prince Satohito (later called Emperor Reigen).
  852. However, his honor was officially retrieved in 1891when the Tokugawa shogunate was collapsed.
  853. However, his imperial line certainly fused together with Princess Teishi and Emperor Enyu's line after his death.
  854. However, his insistent attempts to assassinate Nagayoshi (Chokei) MIYOSHI suggest his narrow view, because after their reconciliation Nagayoshi virtually supported Yoshiteru's power by his army.
  855. However, his investment ended in failure since the market price of silk in Europe plunged.
  856. However, his legitimate son Nobutake was in Osaka-jo Castle as a page to Hideyori TOYOTOMI, and when the western army was devastated, Nobutake returned to his province, bringing along Mitsunari's child Shigenari ISHIDA and others.
  857. However, his life after that was short and he died at the early age of 45.
  858. However, his life as a painter lasted for only under five years, so the actual number of his works is small.
  859. However, his life was not easy due to the Tsuchimikado family being ruined, he was left in a state of confusion not even being able to have a coming-of-age ceremony after he was twenty years old.
  860. However, his lineage is not known.
  861. However, his lord, Masamoto HOSOKAWA was assassinated by Nagatada YAKUSHIJI, who was a senior vassal of Sumiyuki HOSOKAWA, and his group in the middle of the attack.
  862. However, his losing battle didn't seem to turn around due to the shortage of drinking water in the castle, the inappropriate design of Gifu-jo Castle to be besieged and Terumasa IKEDA in the West Army who was the lord of Gifu-jo Castle.
  863. However, his love for her is not accepted, and dawn breaks.
  864. However, his misruling caused the farmers living in the domain to escape to other domains in 1654.
  865. However, his mother died of illness when he was young, and Atsumaro took En's younger sister, Sada, as his second wife, but Fumimaro did not get along with this step-mother, who was also his aunt.
  866. However, his name again appears documented as 'Kaoru ASANO' in the Sanjo-ohashi Bridge Noticeboard Incident broke out in October 1866.
  867. However, his name disappeared from the historical materials soon and his later movement is unknown.
  868. However, his name is often found in Ichiji-monjo (primary written materials) such as Shosoin Monjo (document collection of the Nara period kept in Shosoin) and Tonaninmonjo, and he is one of the person who has been noticed in study of ancient history in Japan.
  869. However, his nicknames were Shunan and Suzunoya no Ushi.
  870. However, his offer was turned down with the reply 'We appreciate the offer, but...'.
  871. However, his older brothers, who were supposed to succeed the head family, died young, so he went back to the head family to become an heir.
  872. However, his opinions as a member of the council were mostly ignored, therefore on October 5, 1964, the local people carried out Oshidashi again.
  873. However, his opinions were not always the same as those of Yang Shoujing.
  874. However, his other achievements are unknown.
  875. However, his participation in Kurosawa's films ended in 1960 with "Warui Yatsu Hodo Yoku Nemuru" (The Bad Sleep Well) returning only once 10 years later to work on "Dodesukaden."
  876. However, his performance finally began to show improvement around when he performed in Shintomi-za Theater, invited by Kanya MORITA (the twelfth).
  877. However, his perpetual transfers caused the hatred of the retainers of the Tokushima clan, which burst up at the match between Jinmaku and Haridashi-Komusubi (wrestler at the fourth highest rank, lower grade) Tanigoro KIMENZAN on the seventh day of the April Tournament in 1867.
  878. However, his plot was found out and he was dismissed from the Roju and confined to his house.
  879. However, his power declined barely enough to maintain only Bungo Province as a daimyo led by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in his later years after being defeated by Yoshihisa SHIMAZU when the 'Christian Kingdom' was about to be built.
  880. However, his presence was denied in the national political arena and he became a shugo (military governor) of half of the Totomi Province.
  881. However, his progress up the ranks during this period was wanting, and he remained at Shosanmi, Sangi for a long time.
  882. However, his proposal for reconciliation was ignored at their meeting, and the Shimazu clan decided to fight against Hideyoshi.
  883. However, his rank was always lower than that of his younger brother, Michito, who had been acknowledged as a legitimate son.
  884. However, his reconciliation with Otomo led him to give up the control over Hakata which was the Ouchi family's source of wealth.
  885. However, his relation with Yoshinaka worsened, and sensing that he was in danger, he fled from the capital (Kyoto) on the pretext of his need to rally the troops to subjugate the Taira Clan.
  886. However, his relations with Yoshitsugu MIYOSHI and Hisahide MATSUNAGA gradually worsened as a result of the leadership struggles in the Miyoshi family, and they went to war in 1566.
  887. However, his relationwhip with Tadatsune gradually worsened, as his daughter, Kameju, and Tadatsune were not getting along well in their marriage.
  888. However, his reputation as a great calligrapher is unchallenged.
  889. However, his reputation declined as his power grew, and he tried to maintain it by implementing aggressive measures while his conflicts with the cloister government, sekkan families, temples, and shrines grew.
  890. However, his scheme was brought to a halt since the Battle of Sekigahara lasted in shorter period of time than Masamune had expected.
  891. However, his second son Kagesuke SHIBUKAWA became the adopted son of Shibukawa family.
  892. However, his service covered not only financial services, but also social and political authorities, which caused various harmful effects.
  893. However, his son Hidekatsu died of disease in his childhood (later Hideyoshi named two adopted sons as Hidekatsu).
  894. However, his son Yoritsune was overthrown by Tokiyori HOJO, who had the title Shikken (regent for the shogun), and he lost his position as shogun in 1246.
  895. However, his son, FUJIWARA no Tsunemune (1119-1189), on the occasion of the Heiji War, contributed to the victory of the TAIRA no Kiyomori side by first joining the FUJIWARA no Nobuyori/MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo side at first and then changing sides.
  896. However, his son, Norisuke, was active in hunting down and killing Yoshitsune, and when Yoshitsune fled the capital for Kyushu, he led Noriyori's men, who were in the capital at that time, in pursuit.
  897. However, his sons TAIRA no Kinmasa and TAIRA no Kintsura helped them vanish again on October 21, 937, so they returned to Masakado's place.
  898. However, his sophisticated way of talking and techniques and keen sense of social perspective are being reappraised after his death.
  899. However, his status by birth and his career are barely known.
  900. However, his status by birth was not inferior to that of the Ikoma clan: the Saka clan was a branch family of the Kabuto clan, which was a branch family of the top local ruling clan of Ise Province, the Seki clan, which had originated from the Taira family.
  901. However, his study was not known among Japanese at that time.
  902. However, his style of seal engraving was similar to the history of Japanese seal engraving.
  903. However, his success and great achievements as a busho gradually turned him arrogant.
  904. However, his successor had not been assigned since his death in 1270.
  905. However, his sudden premature death is considered to have indirectly caused Nakamaro's defeat in the later occurred FUJIWARA no Nakamaro's War.
  906. However, his supposition wasn't influential.
  907. However, his teacher, Tenshin OKAKURA, was a heavy drinker who reportedly drank two sho (approximately 3.6 liters) a day and strongly encouraged Taikan to drink sake, saying, 'If you cannot drink such a small quantity of sake as one sho, how can you take care of yourself?'
  908. However, his territory was confiscated to take his responsibility for the uprising.
  909. However, his troops scattered in all directions due to the estrangement of Takauji ASHIKAGA, therefore Takanao was evacuated to Nara with his remaining troops on May 10.
  910. However, his vassals had split into pro-Yoshinari and pro-Yasaburo factions and, in 1454, the pro-Yoshinari YUSA Clan attacked the home of the pro-Yasaburo JINBO Clan, triggering the beginning of a bloody internal conflict..
  911. However, his vassals handed down this tea style of Fumai to subsequent generations as Fumaiko goryugi (a style of the Lord Fumai).
  912. However, his whereabouts became known to the enemy before reinforcements arrived, and he went into his final battle with leading an army vastly outnumbered by the enemy army.
  913. However, his wife who disliked mustachios said 'shave your dirty mustachios,' upon which the man got angry and slapped her.
  914. However, his wife, Kumoi no Kari, takes the letter and hides it.
  915. However, his wife, who he had completely abandoned by that time, despaired, so her father, Hyobukyonomiya, also thought of making her come back to his residence.
  916. However, his wish was not answered and in January 1212, the petition was returned to Yoshimori.
  917. However, his younger brother Noriyori OMORI was extremely dissatisfied with this decision and fiercely opposed him.
  918. However, historians and Buddhist scholars have not yet reached a united opinion regarding what would define 'National Buddhism.'
  919. However, historical documents that specifically support that fact, have yet to be found.
  920. However, historically, besides these, about 2000 to 3000 dramas have been made.
  921. However, historically, it is impossible to shut out all routes to this forest from the Takashima City side, and it has made possible since 2007 to enter this forest from the route only via Mikuni-toge Pass.
  922. However, hiyamugi noodles nowadays are made by almost the same manufacturing method as that of the somen noodles, and this method of distinguishing the noodles became inappropriate.
  923. However, honey, brown sugar, fructose, and so on are also used.
  924. However, honnaoshi was overlooked since it was identified with cooking liquor, and its tax rate was left relatively low.
  925. However, horses were high-priced and could not be dedicated easily, and the temples and shrines receiving the horses had a hard time taking care of them.
  926. However, hoshi-imo kept in freezers are sold throughout a year.
  927. However, hot spring resorts didn't develop there because of the small quantity of hot spring water as well as its low temperature resulting from the lack of a volcanic belt.
  928. However, human fossils from that era have not yet been discovered because the Japanese archipelago is covered with volcanic ash and has acidic soil due to its many volcanoes, which makes fossils difficult to retain.
  929. However, ido style tea bowls, made by chance, have never been seen again.
  930. However, if July 7 was a rainy day and the volume of water of the Milky Way increased, Orihime couldn't cross the bridge and Natsuhiko couldn't meet her.
  931. However, if Yoshitsune had begotten a daughter during his stay in Hirazumi Province, she would have been less than ten years old at the time when she married Aritsuna, who was already a grown-up; as there was big difference in age between them, she was very possibly Yoshitsune's adopted daughter.
  932. However, if a banana-like fragrance is too strong, it is felt to be an unusual smell and called the "smell of ethyl acetate" or "smell of Cemedine" and it becomes the cause of point deduction.
  933. However, if a new fude is put in water for a long time, the water enters the gap between the cuticles and open it wide, making the brush hairs easier to cut.
  934. However, if a tozama daimyo was the 'lord of the province' and possessed the entire province as his fiefdom, a neighboring fudai daimyo or shinpan would perform his role during his absence.
  935. However, if a whole umeboshi is placed, the desired effects will be achieved only in the area around it.
  936. However, if all competitors miss the target, then they will be able to shoot again.
  937. However, if anyone already having a master is identified as a person who has left his or her former master, he or she shall be arrested under this article and handed over to his or her former master.
  938. However, if counted backward based on this record, the year of his birth would be the same as one of his selder brothers, Matate's.
  939. However, if diluting the traditional sake with just water, the sake would lose its overall flavor, so the development of a new brewing process and novel sake yeast were required to create the finished product with low-alcohol content as a result of the fermentation.
  940. However, if he didn't do anything by the time the Shogun arrived at Kyoto, the Shogun would not be able to escape criticism.
  941. However, if he had been given the rank of Goi (Fifth Rank), he would have been called 'Taifu Hogan' (official who served as guard and as Kebiishi at the same time at the fifth rank), therefore, it is considered that his rank was lower than Goi.
  942. However, if he had not suddenly died in this incident, it is thought that he would have unified the whole country.
  943. However, if in the case of syphilis, it would take more than 10 years from being infected with the disease to die.
  944. However, if it contains an excessively high amount of calcium and magnesium, milk constituents become unstable, and so hardness of less than 150 ppm is considered to be desirable.
  945. However, if it had been named 'Nara Bijutsukan' (Nara Museum of Art), it could have been mixed up with 'Nara Kenritsu Bijutsukan' (Nara Prefectural Museum of Art), so it was decided to be read as 'Neiraku.'
  946. However, if it is assumed that part of this book is fictitious, it is not unreasonable that it could have been written by MINAMOTO no Mitsuyuki.
  947. However, if it is broiled over a flame made by burning rice straw, pine needles or over charcoal, there will be no taste of gas, and a unique flavor will be brought out, making it tastier.
  948. However, if it is too difficult for you it is easy to turn it over with a spatula, by tilting the frying pan.
  949. However, if it was a seriously poor crop, 'hamen' (drastic reduction of land tax) was approved.
  950. However, if it was land managed by a commoner who had borrowed the name of a noble, even if it was Ichien Chigyo territory, the annulment of hanzei did not apply.
  951. However, if it was true that he was deprived of his new name during the Rebellion of Emi no Oshikatsu and forced to use his former name, the theory that the two are the same person would be possible.
  952. However, if laypersons have ancestors who were Shinto priests or parishioners, the word '都' is sometimes used for laypersons.
  953. However, if no suitable mountain could be found to build a castle on, one was built on flat land.
  954. However, if on the day of the trial, the claimant went out somewhere else, did not attend the trial, failed to take out the stone, or place it on the altar by dropping it, he would be considered to be "at fault" and lose the suit immediately.
  955. However, if one's nature is in principle primarily pure then 'Hongaku' (fundamental enlightenment) may occur which in turn can by chance be concealed by avidya.
  956. However, if others tickle you, the cerebellum cannot predict it, so the feeling is not controllable and the brain will be thrown into confusion.
  957. However, if participants are primarily junior high school and high school students, instead of kibo-saku, sometimes the kyosaku (keisaku) is given based on the judgement of jikijitsu or jikido, as with during zazen for adult meditators.
  958. However, if plant materials with thick stalks are used, the gaps between the stalks are larger and tend to let the rain seep in.
  959. However, if the Emperor is considered as the sovereign, it would be difficult to consider the position of Emperor as 'shoku (occupation).'
  960. However, if the capital was to be moved, Kyoto, the capital of 1000 years would have to be abandoned, and the proposal met strong opposition from the noble the conservative nobles, eventually being repealed on January 26, of the same year.
  961. However, if the ceremonial investiture of the Crown Prince was not performed, he was called 'chokun' (crown prince) instead of 'kotaishi' (crown prince).
  962. However, if the country does not want to increase the money supply, it can control and hamper the expansion by disposing of state-owned assets to the private sector, and such gold sterilization policy will impose credit crunch on other countries.
  963. However, if the criminal is a woman or if a Kenin or Nuhi of a another house is murdered, the criminal shall not be removed to another province.
  964. However, if the crunchy texture of cabbage is preferred, a little bit rough cutting is OK.
  965. However, if the government office as the legal institution had neglected a trial illegally, or prevented an appeal, an osso was admitted exceptionally.
  966. However, if the response is strong, it sometimes looks as if they enter inside a human body.
  967. However, if the streets and ditches are perfect straight lines, they are rather considered to be recent allocation.
  968. However, if the striking pieces of shakubyoshi are completely apart before making a sound just as in the case of a clapper, they may create delay and cannot be struck at the correct point in the music, so they are used with the bottom sides (holding part) together in the manner of a hinge.
  969. However, if the substitute consents, he can come back as with the case mentioned above.
  970. However, if the user brings his/her registered user card (which is different from the user card; see the picture shown to the left), he/she can obtain the user card by inputting only his/her password.
  971. However, if there is a famous large shrine, it is natural to include that shrine.
  972. However, if there was a Consort of the late Son of the Crown Prince, then their Imperial ranks fell behind hers, and if there were any Imperial Princes, Imperial Princesses, Princes or Princesses who had assumed the role of regent, then their ranks fell behind theirs.
  973. However, if there was a Consort of the late Son of the Crown Prince, then their Imperial ranks fell behind hers.
  974. However, if there was a minister who was positioned higher than Sessho or Kanpaku, or if they did not currently hold a ministerial post (such as a previous minister), there was a rule that a Senji (imperial decree) was to be declared to allow the Sessho or Kanpaku to be seated at the Ichiza.
  975. However, if there was no person appointed to succeed the current land steward of an important local territory, such as Izumi-gun, Shibushi town and Ijuin town, a land steward of other territory was appointed to govern the territory in order to avoid making it a vacant territory.
  976. However, if they eat in American style, Inugui posture might be improved in some degree.
  977. However, if they made a bad job of undertaking some action, an armed uprising of antigovernment forces would have occured throughout Japan.
  978. However, if they marry commoners in future and have children, their children can not become Emperor candidates regardless of their sex, thus they will be determined as female-line (refer to Family tree below).
  979. However, if this description was true, it becomes that, although both forces had lost as many as 20% of them in the battle on October 18, they continued fighting further for a long period of time.
  980. However, if this person did not want to leave his position as a Tenjobito to become a Jigenin, he turned down the new rank, remained at the Sixth Rank and took a Shin Kurodo position once more.
  981. However, if this principle was applied to ancient history, this would lead directly to doubt the history of Imperial Family, therefore, historical documents concerning the Imperial Family had not been criticized in earnest for a long time.
  982. However, if this viewpoint were true, then the intention of Watarai clan asserting that Aramitama of Amaterasu Omikami, the deity enshrined in the Aramatsuri-no-miya Shrine of the Inner Shrine, is Seoritsu-hime, becomes completely unexplainable.
  983. However, if ujo continues fishing using the same cormorant of Ukai, the bird gradually loses its drive.
  984. However, if water is sprinkled at wrong time, it may become more muggy due to water vapor.
  985. However, if we take a close look at the records, we can see that Hisatoki AKAHASHI's father Yoshimune HOJO became Hyojo-shu in 1277 and only two months later he died.
  986. However, if you are not accustomed to using chopsticks, which requires some training, you cannot help but declare accordingly in advance and ask for tolerance to overlook some breach of manners.
  987. However, if you regard Japanese art as a poor imitation of Chinese art, it might be wrong as well.
  988. However, if you take a look at each volume, you will notice that some volumes were based on the books in FUJIWARA no Teika's own hand, as long as they existed.
  989. However, if you take a look at them, you will find that most of them have been written with awkward brushstrokes.'
  990. However, if you try to grab the meaning of inmon, yuin dates back to the seals called kansho in the Qin and Han Dynasties of the Warring States Period (China).
  991. However, if you want to work for a shrine belonging to the Association of Shinto Shrines as a priest, you must be certified by the association regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.
  992. However, illegal buildings still exist and, therefore, the 'Guidelines for Constructing Excellent Environment in Areas around Oiwa-kaido road' was created in 2006 and measures continue to be taken.
  993. However, immediately after Tsunayoshi assumed the position of shogun, his sobayonin (lord chamberlain), Yoshiyasu YANAGISAWA gripped the real power over the bakufu, making use of adverse situations including the incidence in which Wakadoshiyori (junior councilor) Masayasu INAGA was stabbed to death inside the palace.
  994. However, immediately after that, Emperor Monmu (her son) was taken with illness and died in bed, firmly refusing to admit abdication of the emperorship.
  995. However, immediately after, people knew the fact that Furukawa Mining had paid the Japanese National Railways compensation for the tracks which had been damaged by the ore wastes' outflow.
  996. However, immediately afterward, Yoshimitsu died suddenly without assigning the successor and the posthumous title of Daijo Hoo and tribute trade were halted by Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA, the fourth shogun and senior vassals of the bakufu, since they were historically unprecedented.
  997. However, imperial envoys (chokushi) still attend reisai at shrines designated as Chokusai-sha (shrine attended by imperial envoy).
  998. However, implementation was postponed as the legal code dispute read; 'As Civil Code is appearing, loyalty to one's master and filial piety is dying' was stirred up.
  999. However, imported juices and bulk wine were added to most of the wine produced in Japan and Japanese wine was said to be still developing and it received a low score.
  1000. However, imposition and commandeering of military provisions in the field could cause solders' act of violence.

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