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  1. However, perhaps Kazan inherited his father's blood, but he had an abnormal personality.
  2. However, perhaps because he had taken sides with Nobukatsu and stood against Nobunaga, he was not used in Nobunaga's Owari unification war or the attack against the Mino Saito clan.
  3. However, perhaps because they adamantly aspired to revive the former higher schools as national institutions of higher education, there were no movements toward establishing specialized higher schools and junior colleges for liberal arts education in private schools for the benefit of the elites.
  4. However, perhaps due to the fact that Kakyo system was not adopted in Japan, Ju-kyo values did not take root, and it gradually faded as the subject of the learning shifted to practical Kidendo (the study of the histories) learning.
  5. However, perhaps this is a story made up by later generations or based on a misunderstanding.
  6. However, perhaps transience alone was one thing both did have in common.
  7. However, periodic repair is required around the top area because there is more damage to the thatch.
  8. However, persons at his post became tenjobito, who were permitted to enter the imperial court, and were also allowed to wear kikujin no ho (loose-legged pleated trousers used for formal wear in kikujin color).
  9. However, persons having lots of experience in the cracking-down operations sometimes remained in the post even after the head of the Hitsuke-tozoku-aratame" post changed.
  10. However, persuaded by Tadakatsu HONDA and advised by Hanzo HATTORI, Ieyasu walked steep mountain paths in Iga Province, and narrowly returned to Mikawa Province from Ise Province by sea, after crossing the Kabutogoe pass (Iga-goe (literally, passing the Iga area)).
  11. However, pickling removed nearly all the amygdaline, so eating the kernels will have almost no effect on the human body.
  12. However, planning "反"(the character of "hon") alone was already a capital offence, so the provisions regarding "反" were included in the provisions of "謀反"(muhon).
  13. However, plant-origin proteins are exclusively permitted by Act for Standardization and Proper Labeling of Agricultural and Forestry Products or Quality Labeling Standard except for carry-over; use of animal proteins such as human hair is prohibited.
  14. However, plastic products are widely used at present since ivory is very expensive.
  15. However, political administration in the form of Emperor Nijo exercising influence with Nobuyori and the alliance of other military nobles soon collapsed.
  16. However, political rule by retired emperors who did not have marriage relationships with the Fujiwara clan started during the late Heian period, and as the focus of political activities shifted toward the military rule by the Minamoto clan and the Taira clan the Fujiwara clan gradually fell from power.
  17. However, pork, which the most consumed meat at the time contains a lot of vitamin B1, so if Ogai MORI's instruction had actually been carried out, beriberi might not have occurred.
  18. However, positivism-based history has a weak point that it treats philosophy of history lightly, and materialistic view-based history has also a weak point in that it has the tendency of becoming dogmatic.
  19. However, possibly due to the lack of awareness among villagers, plum trees continued to be cut down, stalling the conservation efforts of Tsukigase Hoshokai.
  20. However, postwar Japan was not a copy of the United States of America.
  21. However, powerful families were still strongly resistant, and the move to concentrate powers was stagnant, though attempted later as well.
  22. However, powerful owners of doso-sakaya were appointed to Nosenkata and they naturally came to affect the bakufu's economic policy.
  23. However, powerful vassals of the Kamakura family who were appointed as land stewards also held important government posts, and since they had to serve the shogun in person, many of them continued to live in Kamakura.
  24. However, practical education by Terakoya had been entrenched among the ordinary citizens and the literacy level of the Japanese in the beginning of the Meiji period was among the top in the world.
  25. However, practically, such an offense is connived in the traditional sectors.
  26. However, practically, the Minister of the Palace had strong political powers, so he could interfere in election of a prime minister beyond a border between the Imperial side and the administrative side.
  27. However, precisely speaking, this mural painting is peculiar to the sento of eastern Japan, especially the Kanto region.
  28. However, prefectural governor Michitsune MISHIMA built a western-style school.
  29. However, preschool children are free of charge.
  30. However, present studies have confirmed that both parties suffered damage, and therefore, there would have been cases in which Japan could employ a fairly large number of warriors and fought well.
  31. However, prevented by the 2nd brigade that had landed at Shigetomi in the Kagoshima bay to prevent the southern advancement of Saigo's forces, the attempt failed.
  32. However, previous confirmation is needed as there are only two services (each day).
  33. However, private bus companies such as Kyoto Bus use the name 'Kawaramachi-Nijo' without changing it.)
  34. However, private sectors in China and South Korea still use the units of Shakkanho.
  35. However, private temples had been erected before the establishment of Soni ryo.
  36. However, privately compiled 'Kotaishiki' included many unsatisfactory items.
  37. However, probably because this prescription was difficult to understand, mostly other forms such as ge (a form of an official document) were used in issuing an official document which ought to have been made as zi, and thus zi does not remain today.
  38. However, production is decreasing every year as the farmers age.
  39. However, products containing only sugars are permitted to be labeled as 'Black' with a description of 'Sweetened.'
  40. However, promoting the distrubution of coins and encouraging chikusen (saving a certain amount of money) were contradicting each other and Chikusen-joirei was abolished in 800 since it caused the storing away of coins.
  41. However, proposals by Kaiseigakari which were made to build a modern centralized government had great effect on building a modern state after that.
  42. However, prosecution intensified, and there were times when she was summoned to a regional government office and forbidden to worship.
  43. However, provably because he was a descendant of an emperor's vassal and his prowess made it impossible to execute exile, there is no evidence of his following the order.
  44. However, provincial military governors were accorded the right to collect half of annual taxes and to settle disputes over property during the Muromachi period, which greatly increased their economic authority.
  45. However, public opinion cooled down because of the British stance in favor of Japan allowed the Times to carry opinions of experts of International Law, Doctors John Westlake and Thomas Erskine Holland, that Japan took measures following International law.
  46. However, public opinion regarding his achievement of signing the treaty for the opening of Japan remains divided.
  47. However, punishments for these were penalties or sanctions that were actually given by another person because of the violation of the precepts.
  48. However, putting sweet an (paste or thick sauce or jam for adding to main foods) to sweetened mochi makes too much sweet dango; non-sweetened an doesn't match sweetened mochi; therefore, the quantity of the sugar is very important.
  49. However, qualitative observation often provides with a very important piece of information as well.
  50. However, quite a few people do not like singing in front of others in any generation.
  51. However, quite a few similar instruments are found in Southeast Asia.
  52. However, quite a few works were moved to various provinces or gone missing, because they were scattered and ultimately lost during the Onin-Bunmei Wars, given away to territorial lords, or sold to doso (pawnbrokers and moneylenders) due to the economic difficulties of the bakufu.
  53. However, quite a lot of branch temples of Kosho-ji Temple remained affiliated with Hongan-ji school.
  54. However, quite contrary to its looks, its taste is quite plain.
  55. However, rather than good or bad, importance is attached to what is being said by the explanation of the fortune.
  56. However, rather than returning the family headship to Tatsuo-maru, Norimitsu suppressed him with the intention of seizing the headship, even after Tatsuo-maru had passed the age of 15 and become an adult.
  57. However, readers are forced to be aware of the simultaneous 'monogatari' found in several layers of a single work.
  58. However, real Kinu left no death poem (p.32 in "Meiji Hyakuwa" vol. 1).
  59. However, real turbulence occurred after the Miyoshi clan took over the government.
  60. However, receiving no reply, he left with resentment using words like 'Zen-Bakka (Munemori) is absolutely the best person to conduct the affairs of a nation.
  61. However, recent excavations have suggested that rituals may have been held in this region before the Jingo-keiun period (767-770).
  62. However, recent historical research has revealed the following facts:
  63. However, recent researches conducted by scholars including Yasuko TABATA and Makoto ATOBE showed that Nene and Yodo-dono had a rather cooperative and collaborative relationship.
  64. However, recent studies ensured that she worked in collaboration with Yodo-dono for peace negotiations in the Battle of Otsu Castle and a settlement after the battle.
  65. However, recent studies have revealed that other Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period) also adopted these policies independently.
  66. However, recent study has brought forth Iwashimizu Hachimangu in Yamashiro-no-kuni as the widely accepted theory, and from this theory there comes another theory that Dosan SAITO, who was also from Yamashiro and had assumed control of Mino-no-kuni, was an old friend of Hisahide.
  67. However, recently a grave that can be presumed his was discovered at Denjo-ji Temple in Ashimori (present Ashimori, Kita Ward, Okayama City), and on it the date of death is engraved as May 28, 1873.
  68. However, recently it has been simplified into only one chanting each gongyo due to the increase of overseas members and other problems.
  69. However, recently it is considered that the authors of "Jizojuo-kyo Sutra" pretended that it had been translated from "Yoshu Juo Shoshichi-kyo Sutra" in order to dignify the sutra written by them.
  70. However, recently many stores use other green onions most likely to cut costs.
  71. However, recently some problems about the categorization are pointed out.
  72. However, recently the ceremony is for those who turn twenty from April 2nd of the previous year to April 1st of the present year, to fit the academic year.
  73. However, recently, the Otani group of the Shinshu sect has officially expressed, as a result of historical study, the viewpoint that Kyonyo did not establish Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple by being enticed by Ieyasu but had originally the intention of independence.
  74. However, recently, the theory has become supported strongly as well that this incident was caused due to confrontations between Ieyasu and Nobuyasu, or a father and son, and Ieyasu only asked for Nobunaga's consent (because the legal wife of Nobuyasu was a daughter of Nobunaga).
  75. However, recently, various mail order businesses have developed due to internet services among which are some dealers who are specialized in manufacturing and selling fundoshi loincloth.
  76. However, recession in the movies as an industry was also an opportunity for social films and avant-garde films to make great strides.
  77. However, records and references show that the position and scope of Azukaridokoro varied widely.
  78. However, referring to Shichijo as Nanajo is mistaken (Nanajo is how Shichijo is called in Kyoto).
  79. However, reflecting the age when it was built, some of the dwelling units have a rather spacious area equivalent to a doma in their entrance halls.
  80. However, reflecting the nationalistic social situation at that time, martial arts came to gradually be influenced by the nation.
  81. However, regarding tactics to cope with the Ueda-jo Castle, there was a confrontation among vassals, which threw his troops into disarray.
  82. However, regarding the death of the founder, Miki NAKAYAMA, they say "she has hidden her figure."
  83. However, regarding the descendants and consorts of descendants of Imperial Princes and Princes who are renouncing their Imperial status mentioned in above clauses 2 and 3, the Imperial Household Council can use their discretion to allow these members to retain their Imperial status (Article 13 of the Imperial House Act).
  84. However, regarding this matter and he said, 'in the end, it benefits him, and I treat him with strictness out of love.'
  85. However, regardless of disadvantages/advantages geographically, main route roads did not go through the back of the castle but passed through the Ote side or front side of the castle to indicate the glory of the ruler.
  86. However, regardless of whether the main god is male or female, betsugu in the inner shrine have uchisogi-style chigi and an even number of katsuogi, whereas betsugu in the outer shrine have sotosogi-style chigi and an odd number of katsuogi.
  87. However, regulations of the time stated that kouchigi is longer than uchiki.
  88. However, relations between Mototada and Nagatoshi who was of high professional standing not less of Tayu and his child Motoyori KANZE were not necessarily good.
  89. However, reliability of it changes depending until which Emperor could be applied Double Year Theory.
  90. However, religious bodies such as Buddhism, Sect Shinto and Christianity were not treated as public interest corporations under civil law.
  91. However, reminiscences of gigaku can be found in other performances of 'shishimai' (Lion dance) and 'Onerikuyo' (the Buddhist ceremonial parade, wearing the masks and costumes of various Bodhisattva) performed in temples around the country.
  92. However, representative sakes that are sold as daiginjo or submitted to Zenkoku Shinshu Kanpyokai (National New Sake Appraising and Deliberating Fair) are brewed with real care and use sandan-jikomi.
  93. However, repulse against the rapid restructuring arose gradually, and those who did not practice the activities decided by Gikai appeared one after another, compelling Gikai to resign in the period of March to April of 1272.
  94. However, research at the time of demolition for repair shows that it was a reconstruction of the former hall built in the beginning of the Heian period (about the ninth century) and that a part of material of the building in the Nara period was also diverted.
  95. However, research has revealed that he did not simply copy these dialogues but made slight modifications based on his own philosophy when copying them.
  96. However, researchers are divided whether or not her decisions materialized.
  97. However, researchers from Europe and the US emphasized that Boxers were unaware of the empire doctrine, and the anti-foreign movement was born from simple xenophobia.
  98. However, reservation center is in Osaka.
  99. However, residents' antipathy to the Old Bakufu was increasing, and some of them joined the 'Yuguntai', a guerrilla standing on the new government side, or worked as spies for the new government army.
  100. However, resistance against such control was also strong and in 720, YAKO no Maro, the Governor of Osumi Province established seven years previously, was killed.
  101. However, resistance by Ezo in the Tohoku region became stronger as seen in the revolt of 780 by KOREHARI no Azamaro in Mutsu Province.
  102. However, responding to the challenge from the second regent Yoshitoki HOJO, he raised an army and fought against the army of the Shogunate in the inner-city, but Yoshimori lost and was killed, which resulted in the fall of Wada clan..
  103. However, returning to Chogin which had a high silver content caused financial difficulties for the bakufu and forced it to change the policy again.
  104. However, reviewing why such a war occurred, the Imperial Court advanced their positions to middle or lower-class nobles, or the class of zuryo who were at the rank of Goi (Fifth Rank) or Rokui (Sixth Rank).
  105. However, rice was not the only crop; grain, barley, barnyard millet, millet, foxtail millet, and buckwheat, as well as azuki and soya beans were also cultivated.
  106. However, right after that on December 25, Naomasa fell ill and on March 8, 1666, he died at the edohantei (residence maintained by a daimyo in Edo).
  107. However, rites based on these ordinances were adopted as customary practices.
  108. However, rokuyo does not have a relation with Buddhism and thus, even on tomobiki day, funerals are done in a religious school (Jodo Shinshu).
  109. However, roughly it can be said that classifying the periods into (the primitive period), ancient times, the medieval period, the early-modern times, modern times, and the contemporary period is widely accepted in the researching of history.
  110. However, roughly, the formation was made as follows:
  111. However, royalists in the movement of "Sonno Joi" (19th century slogan advocating reverence for the Emperor and the expulsion of foreigners), which was then rising like a flood tide, went against "kobu-gattai," and some of them attacked Ando in the Sakashita Mongai Incident, so Ando lost his position and "kobu-gattai" came to a sudden stop.
  112. However, ryokan which serve "heya-shoku" often provide guests in a large group with dinner in the large banquet room.
  113. However, safflower dyes were expensive and associated with the idea of fire so, were from time to time subject to prohibition edicts but, this made no difference.
  114. However, sail and sho are used only when a boat rows upstream and there is no direct relationship with Ukai.
  115. However, sake breweries were under the control of powerful temples or shrines such as Enryaku-ji Temple in Kyoto, so the Imperial Court had to sanction dealing sake in return for contingent taxation such as tsubo-sen (the tax charged on sake dealers).
  116. However, sake breweries with high skills gradually appeared everywhere outside of the Kyoto area, and the products from such breweries entered the Kyoto market at the lower prices than the sake brewed in Kyoto.
  117. However, sakekabu system had long been improved through all kinds of efforts by the Edo bakufu, and thus could not be made very light of.
  118. However, sakuto lived harsh lives, and many of them got away.
  119. However, same as in the case of nihonshudo, sense of taste of an ordinary person fluctuates greatly depending on fragrance, combination of food and drink and physical condition.
  120. However, same as in the case of nihonshudo, the sense of taste of an ordinary person fluctuates greatly depending on fragrance, combination of food and drink and physical condition.
  121. However, samurai in this period were also tato or fumyo who were guaranteed an economical base as a solder.
  122. However, samurai known as akuto in various areas, including Masashige KUSUNOKI and Enshin AKAMATSU, were dissatisfied with the Tokusho autocracy and raise forces opposed to the bakufu throughout the country.
  123. However, sanbaizojo-shu had persistently remained after 1955, which led to a continuing consumer slump of sake which began in the latter part of the Showa period.
  124. However, scarcely any space for bathing was provided.
  125. However, scholars have yet to reach a consensus.
  126. However, seasonal goods were treated as goods whose quality was neither important nor considered, even if it was slightly bad, because they were used for a short time as so-called consumed goods.
  127. However, seating was arranged in the following order, corresponding to the order of appointment: Shin-Kurudo, Uji-Kurodo, Sashitsugi and Gokuro.
  128. However, seaweed is more widely consumed in the Korean Peninsula than in Japan, and the mean annual seaweed consumption per capita in Korea is three times higher than that of Japan.
  129. However, seeing such behavior from Genji, Lady Murasaki, who hadn't had a child of her own, secretly envied Lady Akashi.
  130. However, selected as a 'tourist spot,' the farming villages have been transformed into a venue for traditional agricultural experiences such as rice transplanting and harvesting, or a venue for 'green tourism.'
  131. However, sencha in the vinyl made container has also declined due to the spread of oolong tea and green tea sold in a can or a plastic bottle since the end of the 1980s.
  132. However, sengoku daimyo was not necessarily a transcendental existence.
  133. However, senior high school and younger students are not allowed to use it.
  134. However, sensing the current, Hikan (low-level bureaucrat) of Tojo clan switched to Takauji clan with nine-year old Takayoshi as their lord when Mitsuyoshi died in 1356, and they became independent as Tojokira clan.
  135. However, serious confrontations existed among the officers in Jingikan concerning how to lead the people and what information should be given out, Jingikan was not large enough to conduct these missions nationwide, and therefore, no concrete results were realized.
  136. However, setting apart the two personnel in the Fujiwara clan, TOMO no Kowamine was only a branch of the Tomo clan, just as TACHIBANA no Hayanari was of the Tachibana clan.
  137. However, several new plans, the new urban development plan as well as the double track plan of the Sagano Line have been conceived.
  138. However, she adopted two Japanese girls, Mitsuko WATANABE and Makiko HITOTSUYANAGI.
  139. However, she became a Buddhist nun when her husband passed away in 1272.
  140. However, she bore him a daughter (Miya no onkata), but they did not get along with each other.
  141. However, she came back to her biological parents' home after the death of her foster father.
  142. However, she comes to exchange waka poems with him.
  143. However, she continued to maintain her connection with the secular world.
  144. However, she could avoid capital crime, because she was a woman.
  145. However, she could not match Empress Akikonomu, who was under the guardianship of Genji, and was not able to win the status of empress.
  146. However, she could not meet him, not knowing where he was.
  147. However, she did not head for her father, Nobunaga, but she lived under the roof of her older brother, Nobutada ODA.
  148. However, she died first among her sisters before her husband, the Crown Prince, ascended to the throne.
  149. However, she died of illness at the Fujiwara-kyo (the Fujiwara Palace; the ancient capital of Fujiwara) on July 26, 708.
  150. However, she died three years later prior to her mother.
  151. However, she died two years later while giving birth to Imperial Princess Kanshi.
  152. However, she died young when Otsu was about four years old, and his older sister, Oku no Himemiko, was made itsukime (a girl serving Shinto ritual).
  153. However, she does not know how she can find her mother, Yugao, so makes a petition to the gods and Buddha, setting out for Hasedera Temple to seek divine favor.
  154. However, she failed in committing suicide and was rescued by Yokawa no sozu (the Prelate of Yokawa) when she fell down in a mountain.
  155. However, she got married to FUJIWARA no Morosuke in the same year.
  156. However, she gradually became attracted to Nioumiya.
  157. However, she had a difficulty conceiving due to her extremely young age and raised Teishi's son, Imperial Prince Atsuyasu.
  158. However, she had already secretly fallen in love with Yugiri, who she grew up with since childhood.
  159. However, she had an affair with another man.
  160. However, she had no opportunities to get married thereafter, and lived in the Kokiden (one of the Heian Palace buildings) which was her mother's residence and became called Shoyosa later.
  161. However, she is a beguiling and uninhibited lady, of a kind that rarely appears in the story.
  162. However, she is told by the ferryman that such action would be futile.
  163. However, she left the Matsuda family in 1672 and served Takagimi, a grandchild of Chugu Tofukumonin.
  164. However, she left the island fearing she would soon be found by her husband and arrived on an island in Nanba, which she named 'Himejima Island' from the name of the island where she previously lived.
  165. However, she lost her unborn boy after the hard delivery, and she herself also died at the age of 33.
  166. However, she quashed her feelings of inferiority and attended the ceremony wearing old clothes that her parents had borrowed.
  167. However, she reported the result without telling that was on the pipe for practice, which might be highly possible that she failed in cheating because at first she was hiding the lead pipe which Yamakawa gave her.
  168. However, she said even she did not know how to open the box.
  169. However, she still chased him; he threw the bamboo comb called Yutsutsuna-kushi, which he was wearing in his right hair-bunch.
  170. However, she ultimately became a Buddhist nun and followed Suzakuin without telling Genji about it, and after this no longer appeared in the story.
  171. However, she unexpectedly met Hikaru Genji on the night of the cherry blossom festival in the Imperial court.
  172. However, she usually returned home via Iga-Yamato-ji Road (Ichishi, Kawaguchi, Aho, and Sagara) when there were other misfortunes (such as the death of the Emperor and mourning for the deaths of her close relatives).
  173. However, she usurped the title and called herself empress, at the same time, she started a new dynasty and named it Shu (called Bushu).
  174. However, she was absent because of pregnancy (Mikasanomiya Imperial Prince Takahito).
  175. However, she was badly flooded for the body damages and when she came back to off Cape Mashima in Waki town, a little after 2:00 pm, she finally stalled at sea.
  176. However, she was found by a young noble, Michiyori, who was Konoe no shosho (Minor Captain of the Palace Guards).
  177. However, she was given the kazoku class status, and when a male became the family head, he could recover the former peerage of the family.
  178. However, she was helped by Isamu KONDO many times as well.
  179. However, she was in a sad and unhappy position because she was ill-treated by her stepmother and made to live in Ochikubonoma (literally, a room with a sunken, hollow floor).
  180. However, she was not given the status of a legal wife (nyogo (consort)) as high as TAIRA no Shigeko.
  181. However, she was physically fragile and she often spent her time at home in the residence of the Maeda family.
  182. However, she was possessed and distressed by the ghost of Shii-no-shosho (lowest general of Junior Fourth Rank) who had visited her by yearning for her love but couldn't fulfill his wish.
  183. However, she was prosecuted by the evil monarch of her father, King Shonei, and risks her life.
  184. However, she was ultimately unable to make Genji lose his political position, and died a disappointed person.
  185. However, shielded from the control of the Edo Shognate, the names of the original writers, painters and publishers were expressed in the pictures as hidden signatures to disguise their identities.
  186. However, shikimoku was applied only to samurai society; kugeho was applied under the control of Imperial Court while honjo (proprietor or guarantor of manor) law came into effect under the influence of the lords of private estates.
  187. However, shinbutsu-shugo thought itself undiminished until the "separation of Buddhism and Shintoism" during the Meiji period.
  188. However, shintoists themselves declare that 'Shinto does not do Kotoage ritual' (see below).
  189. However, ship building technology and the art of navigation at the time were still fairly amateur, and shipwrecks were not uncommon.
  190. However, ship first which Nakamaro and Kiyokoawa were aboard met a severe storm and drifted southward.
  191. However, shops and stores near stations may often be affected by the tenants which are located in station yards, overwhelmingly advantageous locations.
  192. However, shortly afterward Ieyasu politely met the mother of Harunaga ONO, Okurakyo-no-tsubone, who was dispatched to Sunpu.
  193. However, shortly, the people of Ise Nagashima Ikko Ikki (an uprising of Ikko sect followers in Nagashima, Ise Province) rose in revolt, ordered by Kennyo, the hoshu (high priest) of Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple, which forced Nobunaga's brother Nobuoki ODA to be killed in the battle.
  194. However, should there be a compelling reason that one must describe a person's age in accordance with the traditional Japanese system, that effect must be specified in advance.
  195. However, shrine buildings are shorter-lived than private houses because fire is rarely used inside the building.
  196. However, shrines and the Shinto religion were separated from politics after the war, and the Shinto religion has been officially treated as one of the religious fields since then.
  197. However, shrines specified in Beppyo are rather large-scale shrines having a main building, many precincts, and a fair number of Shinto priests, etc., and generally are considered to be a kind of grading.
  198. However, shuto differs greatly from the salted bonito in flavor.
  199. However, silver coins were discontinued in August of the following year.
  200. However, similar elements were pointed out between "Sarashina Nikki" and "Hamamatsu Chunagon Monogatari' in the research of nezame after the war.
  201. However, similar names of the gods appear in it.
  202. However, similar names such as "次Iwarehikono Mikoto, Mausu Kan Yamato Iwarehiko hohodemi-no-mikoto"in first book of second section, "次Kan Yamato Iwarehiko hohodemi-no-mikoto"in first book of third section, and "次Iwarehiko hohodemi-no mikoro"in first book of fourth section are mentioned, respectively.
  203. However, simple-type automated ticket gates can't handle the use of more than one J-Thru Card for a single transaction.
  204. However, simplified documents gradually became mainstream.
  205. However, since "Gosannen-e" in the Joan edition itself does not exist, it is impossible to verify it.
  206. However, since 'Azuma Kagami (Mirror of Azuma),' known as the chronicle of Azuma, simply used the title 'HOJO dono' for the rank of HOJO, it is unclear what the title 'Hojo no suke' in fact meant.
  207. However, since Asakusa Rokku (Downtown Six Districts of Asakusa, Tokyo Prefecture) was nearby, he zealously watched motion films.
  208. However, since August, revolts had been launched in various places across the country.
  209. However, since Bakufu was the domestic governing institution for the Shogun family, for the Shiba clan, which was almost on the same level of status as the Shogun family, holding an important post in Bakufu meant its acceptance as being lower than the Shogun family in status as well as being a retainer of the Shogun.
  210. However, since Bunichi and Bunji who were regarded as his successors died young, Shasanro then ruined.
  211. However, since Changgong GAO had such a golden voice and was so handsome that people described him as 'Onyo Kenbi' (having both an excellent voice and looks), he wore a fierce mask in every battle so that the enemy would not look down on his soldiers, who might otherwise be demoralized due to their fascination with him.
  212. However, since Emishi called for prudence by Prince Yamashiro no oe, Prince Tamura (Emperor Jomei) inherited the throne.
  213. However, since Emperor Meiji had a concubine, the first Tenno to put monogamy into practice was Emperor Taisho.
  214. However, since Empress Komyo became empress by imperial investiture, following Iwanohimenomikoto as a precedented example, these became unrestricted and rather, the Fujiwara clan became more respected than the Imperial Family as the origin of the empress' clan.
  215. However, since Fukuzawa drank all night with his guest, Gorobe HATTORI, his plan did not succeed.
  216. However, since Gakushuin adopted an educational policy based on Confucianism like old Daigaku-ryo did, scholars of Kokugaku (Japanese classical literature) were disaffected and they asked for the reformation of Gakushuin, centering on Kokugaku and Shinto, or the establishment of schools under the new system.
  217. However, since Gien pointed out that Gikai had redundantly transformed shiho (to inherit the dharma from a priest master) from Ejo into the Zen of Dogen and the teaching of the Nihon Daruma sect when he was criticizing Gikai, fundamentally the characteristic as a conflict between the two groups can be seen.
  218. However, since Gonnojo also dedicated himself to keep young master Tsunashige NABESHIMA company in making waka poems and this displeased Mitsushige, he was deprived of any position for a while.
  219. However, since HOSHI refused to give up his position as chairman even after the non-confidence motion was passed, he was expelled from the House of Representatives.
  220. However, since Haruhisa AMAGO shut himself up in his castle, Gassan Toda-jo Castle, for do-or-die resistence, the Ouchi army had difficulties in attacking him and so the battle continued to next year.
  221. However, since Heisen-ji Temple had known the stratagem of Nobunaga, they didn't respond to Yoshikage's request but on the contrary attacked Toun-ji Temple, with Yoshikage escaping to Kensho-ji Temple on September 25.
  222. However, since Hidetada was the second Shogun, the last half of the chronicle spoke in favor of him as a gentle person.
  223. However, since Hideyoshi placed emphasis on the actual profit that he could receive from Japan's trade with Spain and Portugal, a great persecution was not executed at this point.
  224. However, since I was suspected of being rebellious against the Imperial Highness, I have decided I will commit suicide by disembowelment.
  225. However, since Ikko Shunsho propagated his teachings and raised funds for temples by performing pilgrimages and 'Odorinenbutsu,' just as Ippen of the Jishu sect did during the same period, people confused the Ikkoshu and Jishu sects.
  226. However, since JR started after the division and privatization of JNR, nonmember companies of the Center Committee were also allowed to sell box lunch within station precincts.
  227. However, since Japan at that time did not possess the capacity to self-supply the amount of money required, and also because it was facing the problem of bitasen (extremely low-quality coins), maintaining the sufficient money supply became impossible as kandaka sei became more and more widespread.
  228. However, since KONO was ordered to return to the headquarters, the commander of the right flank became absent, and the Satsuma army ran out of ammunition, but on the other hand, reinforcements for the government army arrived.
  229. However, since Korin was under age, Ennei became the acting chief priest on April 17.
  230. However, since Kyo language has recently been influenced by Osaka and other dialects including the standard dialect, and has gradually transformed itself toward the standard or Tokyo dialect's direction, so that difference between these dialects has become less.
  231. However, since Mineo's grandson TAKASHINA no Moronao was an adopted child, his family line came to an end.
  232. However, since Moshi, it also preaches that everything is decided by Providence, and some point out that this is a concept which goes against materialism.
  233. However, since Naramaro's names are sometimes seen in the articles of Shoku Nihongi after the revolt, there are many questions about the theory that an article on his death was wiped out.
  234. However, since Narifusa attempted an escape, he was captured by a search party which infuriated Kiyomori and was executed at Fukuhara.
  235. However, since Nobukane rose up in rebellion, an order was issued to hunt down and kill him.
  236. However, since Nobunaga expected Yoshikage's withdrawal, the Asakura army was chased by the Oda army led by Nobunaga himself.
  237. However, since Nobunaga got the troops back to Omi, he barricaded himself in Mt. Hiei to confront the Oda army (the Siege of Shiga).
  238. However, since Norizane died early in March 1235, Michiie became Sessho again.
  239. However, since Princess Tashiraka no Hime, a daughter of Princess Kasuga no Oiratsume, became the Empress of the Keitai and gave birth to the Emperor Kinmei, Princess Kasuga no Oiratsume became the only existence to pass down the the Emperor Yuryaku's lineage, his father.
  240. However, since Renjo wasn't well after a fell from his horse while escaping from Etchu, he had his younger brother Rengo marry his daughter and let him became the successor.
  241. However, since Republic of China did not join the treaty, the date of the renunciation of Taiwan may be considered as the effective date (August 5, 1952) of the peace treaty between Japan and the Republic of China.
  242. However, since Ri Koitsu could not suppress the insurrection aroused by Jo Keigyo, Empress Sokuten appointed Joshi KOKUSHI as superintendent general for the Konan section and sent him to subdue them in November.
  243. However, since Rikken Seiyukai Party (a political party organized by Hirobumi ITO) whose president was Saionji passed the amended bill with completely same contents because it was the end of the Diet session, the same bill was recognized to be passed.
  244. However, since Shigemichi's daughter died, Shigemishi adopted his niece Fuku and married her to Masanari.
  245. However, since Shigeuji detected the coup d'etat before its launch, he fled from Kamakura and took refuge in Enoshima.
  246. However, since Shogunal Deputy Masamoto HOSOKAWA objected to it and also Yoshihisa died from a disease, subjugation Hongan-ji Temple was canceled, and the excommunication of the Kaga-monto (Kaga-sect) was left up in the air.
  247. However, since Tadahiko had not personally taken part in specific political activities and as the Arisugawanomiya family lodged a protest, Tadahiko was returned to Kyoto and only suffered the punishment of confinement of 100 days.
  248. However, since Tadatomo himself did not have a child heir either, he adopted Tadataka AOYAMA, a son of his elder brother, to succeed to him.
  249. However, since Takatsugu's service of riveting the 15,000 solders of the West squad to Otsu-jo Castle was notable, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA sent for him after the war and gave him Wakasa Province as his territory with the ownership of Obama-jo Castle and the increased stipend of 82,000 koku (approximately 14.8 million liters of crop).
  250. However, since Togai ITO said that Gunemon's father, Kurobe ONO lived near the Ninna-ji Temple in Kyoto, calling himself 'Seikan BAN' (伴閑精), Gunemon seemed to live around there.
  251. However, since Tokuken was transferred to Nanzen-in Temple in the following year, Chushin studied under Dairin Zeniku, who came to the temple at that time.
  252. However, since Tokunyo also died in 1868, he became the new monzeki.
  253. However, since Tomomori was a master of yumi (bow) like his father Tsunemori, hid grandfather Yoshimori, who needed his grandson's military prowess, sent Tomomori's uncle, Yoshinao WADA (Yoshimori's fourth son), to take Tomomori back from Suruga Province, which was halfway to Kyoto.
  254. However, since Tsushima had such poor land that it could not absorb the surplus population within the territory, some Japanese people as well as people involved in trading began to settle in Sanpo, and these people were called kokyowa.
  255. However, since Ujisato ROKKAKU had no children, the direct female line ceased to exist.
  256. However, since Universal Pictures, Inc. desired a film starring Bantsuma and such a film was never created due to a contract between Bantsuma Productions and Shochiku Kinema, the contract with Universal Pictures, Inc. was cancelled at the end of May of the same year and even turned into a lawsuit.
  257. However, since Unpin offended the lord of the domain, Tadaaki SASAKI (the lord of the Obama domain, in Wakasa Province) for the reason that Unpin offered counsel to him, his hanseki was taken away.
  258. However, since World War II policies designed to prioritize the economy have been implemented, and as a result the landscape has gradually been destroyed, stirring up a debate on the issue of landscape.
  259. However, since Yamanashi Prefecture (as well as Niigata Prefecture and other prefectures) recommended abolishing the lunar Bon festival on July 13th, 1873, (1) has gradually become minor and (3), Tsukiokure no Bon, or Kyubon, has become more common nationwide.
  260. However, since Yasubei's wife Hori died at the age of 45 in 1720, this old woman was a phony.
  261. However, since Yasutada was a good speaker as well as assertive and brave, he garnered the attention of the shogun Ienari TOKUGAWA and was appointed to the Magistrate of Temples and Shrines as an exception in 1791.
  262. However, since Yoshikage did not show any movement to hunt down and kill the Miyoshi clan, Yoshiaki approached Nobunaga in Mino Province in August 1568.
  263. However, since Yoshimune seemed to die until around 1106, it can not be thought that Yoshinobu, who was born 37 years after his death, became his adopted son.
  264. However, since Yoshitsugu was young, the Miyoshi's government was established by the coalition government by Nagayuki MIYOSHI, Masayasu MIYOSHI, Tomomichi IWANARI (Yoshitsugu's guardians and Miyoshi Sanninshu (Miyoshi Triumvirate)) and Hisahide MATSUNAGA.
  265. However, since a long time has passed after the introduction of Taoism, Buddhism and Esoteric Buddhism, some matsuri are influenced by the syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism and imported folkways.
  266. However, since a person who reaches the mental state where he or she is fundamentally the same entity as Buddha comes to have the value that all activities include Buddhism, he or she also comes to practice nenbutsu (Buddhist prayer) and sutra chanting as well as mediation.
  267. However, since all of them died without having a son, they never draw attention as "Kobetsu" (clans branched out from the Imperial Family).
  268. However, since an employee of Fukudaya founded Mihorido and a person who favored the Uiro of Fukudaya founded Toshiro, the taste of the Yamaguchi Uiro has been passed on.
  269. However, since around this time, a split of the aristocrats into the Imperial Faction and the Prince Kuniyoshi Faction began to be visible, and the Imperial Faction was caught in a difficult situation because the Jimyoin-to lineage and the Bakufu (Shogunate) supported the latter faction.
  270. However, since both Jurojin and Fukurokuju are supposed to be the incarnation of Canopus, they were regarded to be originally the same, and Kisshoten or Shojo was included once instead of Jurojin.
  271. However, since chicken meat is undercooked due to the nature of dish such as sashimi, there is a tendency among many people who eat torisashi to get food poisoning.
  272. However, since each Indian dish has its own name, they are not called curry.
  273. However, since each samurai paid his own expences during the military service as mentioned before, the war outfit was almost left to the discretion of individuals; each samurai used various arms such as a bow, a gun, a spear or even a Japanese halberd carried by Buke hokonin.
  274. However, since fake Dajokan-satsu started to circulate, it was urgent need to issue elaborate bills to avoid forgery.
  275. However, since four strings were provided, making it necessary to increase the length of the peg box, most of the Kucho is made in the Yunagushiku type that originally uses a longer peg box.
  276. However, since frequent flood damages continued to occur after that point in time, work was carried out to shift the Uji-gawa River as a part of the Yodo-gawa River Improvement project completing in 1910.
  277. However, since goryo as such had existed before the Constitution, Takayoshi KIDO, Sanetsune TOKUDAIJI, Nagazane MOTODA and others submitted a written opinion looking to improve imperial holdings, but most goryo was deeply linked with the formulation of the Constitution.
  278. However, since he and his father were disciples of Shikibu TAKENOUCHI, in 1756 he was forced to resign as Gon Dainagon.
  279. However, since he did not accompany the visit of Tenno-ji Temple of Shinzei immediately after the war, his court duties were stripped away and faced in-house arrest.
  280. However, since he didn't get along with his brothers, Tamenori KYOGOKU and Tamesuke REIZEI, and his stepmother, Abutsuni, the family was divided.
  281. However, since he died before Kanezane was assigned to Sekkan (regents and advisers), he had to be under the rank of Shogoinoge.
  282. However, since he got onto bad terms with his new colleague, Kataharu YANAGIMOTO (a younger brother of Tanemichi HATANO and an older brother of Motomori KOZAI), in 1529 he withdrew to Awa Province to live there.
  283. However, since he or she has a desire to relieve living things, he or she cannot enter Zen practice reaching the same status as Buddha with the holy wisdom lead by ones own power.
  284. However, since he started to make independent decisions on his own the Imperial Court began to lose their trust in him.
  285. However, since he supported Kobu Gattai (Union of Court and Camp) movement led by the Satsuma domain and approved 'Kokai enryaku saku' (a strategy to trade foreign countries in order to strengthen the power of state), he was regarded as an enemy by supporters of the doctrine of restoring the Emperor and expelling the barbarians.
  286. However, since he took part in Coup of August 18 that occurred in 1863, he was suspended.
  287. However, since he was against the marriage of Imperial Princess Kazunomiya Chikako to Iemochi TOKUGAWA, he was overthrown under pressure of bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  288. However, since he was already dead, his bones were taken to Tsushima Island.
  289. However, since he was born weak and could not handle the hard work of betto, in the following year 1208, Ryoen resigned from the position in just over a year.
  290. However, since he was described as a villain in 'Kanadehon Chushingura,' Sadakuro ONO often plays outstandingly as the second villain after Yoshinaka KIRA (sometimes even more wickedly than Yoshinaka KIRA).
  291. However, since he was from one of Tokugawa gosanke (three privileged branches of Tokugawa family), and shohei (officers and men) of bakufu who were routed in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi took refuge in his domain, he was nearly put down by the new government.
  292. However, since he was ordered to rescue Hideyoshi by his unnecessary request for relief column, he could call up troops without Nobunaga's suspicion and killed Nobunaga at Kyoto by that troop.
  293. However, since he was the first son of the Empress and the son-in-law of the previous Emperor, with support from influential maternal relatives, Murakami could not make the decision to disinherit Norihira.
  294. However, since he won less formal overseas awards than Kurosawa and most of his works were based on everyday life rather than dramatic and stimulating events, he quickly became a forgotten master in later years.
  295. However, since high-quality boiled rice and wasabi are required in preparation, it isn't available at ordinary sushi bars or is served only to regular clients.
  296. However, since his antique performance sometimes didn't match with other co-actors, and disturbed the ensemble of kabuki plays, he was often kept at a distance by related people, and forced to act a character which would not suit to his style, or a bit part
  297. However, since his brother Tanetsuna KUTSUKI (the lord of the Tsuchiura Domain) was appointed as daimyo, his status as Soke (the head family or house) was weakened.
  298. However, since his father Yoshifusa struggled with Sadaie KIRA, Kuniuji HATAKEYAMA (Oshu Kanrei, shogunal deputy of the northern regions) and others and fell from grace over the right to rule in Mutsu Province, he followed Naoyoshi ASHIKAGA and opposed to Takauji in the Kanno Disturbance.
  299. However, since his father released a chief retainer of the Choshu Domain on his own authority by looking at bad war situation, his father was forced to retire by the bakufu on December 5, so he succeeded to the position of the seventh lord of the Domain.
  300. However, since his father was suddenly exiled in the middle of the career progress, Yukikuni supposedly inherited the Tada-no-sho estate at his early age.
  301. However, since his master Hisatada was Sabaku-ha (supporters of the Shogun), Tamechika was also Sabaku-ha.
  302. However, since his older brother had died the year before, he was raised as the de facto first son.
  303. However, since his secretly communication with the East squad after defeat in the battle triggered the collapse of the castle, he was rewarded with a daimyo post by the Tokugawa family.
  304. However, since his younger brother Hideie was in the East squad and fought well in the final battle of Sekigahara, he was approved of the ownership of the shoryo (territory) of 60,000 koku after the battle.
  305. However, since in many cases resumed ruined lands would end up being confiscated by kokuga, in the mid-Heian period, a load-style development method of widely taking up and carving out undeveloped wilderness outside of cultivated areas became the mainstream.
  306. However, since it can be easily removed, it can also come off easily while training.
  307. However, since it had neither punctuation marks nor kanji (Chinese characters), it could be understood in various meanings when reading it through, so it was considered to be difficult to make it out correctly before the emergence of Onizaburo DEGUCHI.
  308. However, since it has the same characteristics as Ippon-datara, they are regarded as the same and one specter in some literatures.
  309. However, since it is considered that even if a person cannot reach enlightenment he or she can reach it in the next life by the kudoku (merit) of mediation, and the nominal interpretation that he or she can be Buddha immediately through mediation is not necessarily false.
  310. However, since it rejected the order of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, its Jiryo (temple estate) was diminished to 300 goku (crop yields) and furthermore, the mountain was destroyed, some buildings were moved and Himuro-ike Pond was reclaimed in order to built a new road inside of its precincts for the erection of Fushimi-jo Castle.
  311. However, since it took a greatly extended amount of time to receive such a promotion, in order to accelerate the acquisition of higher ranks, blind officers were authorized to trade gold and silver currency for higher ranks, which lead to the ranks being certified by the Todo-za.
  312. However, since it was announced abruptly with no preparation period, the Meiji Government had to have local governments deal with aftercare services for liberated women in pleasant quarters, particularly prostitutes, such as finding new jobs and compensating for their lost income.
  313. However, since it was at the end of the year, abdication of the throne was not implemented and as a result, it was not implemented before Nobunaga's death.
  314. However, since it was called Hosokawa-Uchishu (the Hosokawa houseman), it may have provided immediate retainers to the Hosokawa clan.
  315. However, since it was conventional to double as Konoe no daisho (Major Captain of the Palace Guards), its equivalent official court rank was largely promoted to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank), and was the highest in Meryo nominally.
  316. However, since it was hand-copied eagerly as the newly arrived Tripitaka, copies remain in various places.
  317. However, since it was issued and operated in a manner that was quite similar to Han-satsu, Hatamoto-satsu is sometimes treated as Han-satsu in a broad sense.
  318. However, since it was not long before the imperial rule was restored, politicians in the lower house opposed this and the bill was voted down as banning of the wearing of swords would ruin the spirit of samurai and discourage the power of the imperial nation.
  319. However, since it was taken away business by other ski resorts due to light snowfall and the development of the road network and so on, it has been suspended operations for several seasons (Yakuno Town Commerce and Industry Association).
  320. However, since it was the in the middle of expansion of power by Fujiwara clan, the definition that "Mahito = noble" was beginning to collapse, and there also appeared a case when Mahito was bestowed as a punishment such as HIKAMI no Shioyaki and Imperial Princess Fuwa.
  321. However, since it was written more than 200 years after all its main characters' deaths, it is impossible to believe that the creator of the "Gikeiki" actually had any sort of knowledge, either direct or indirect, of these historical figures' personalities.
  322. However, since it's difficult to relate Coming-of-Age Day to Koshogatsu based on the name of the holiday, and because people had lost their familiarity with Koshogatsu, in 2000 Coming-of-Age Day was changed to the second Monday of January.
  323. However, since its space became insufficient as the commerce had been thriving, combined with its poor transportation conditions, the Japanese-side repeatedly asked the Korean government for its relocation.
  324. However, since machine bows came with the problem of weight and the capability of automatic fire, it was difficult to use them on the usual battlegrounds and especially in sea battles.
  325. However, since many consumers hesitate to bring 1.8 liter bottles home, it is promoted to be changed to 720 or 300 milliliter bottles.
  326. However, since many were killed or injured in the war and people suffered from repeated tax increase such as emergency special taxes, their frustration and fury led to the Hibiya Incendiary Incident.
  327. However, since only a hard material of seal was known, it was difficult for Bunjin to engrave one by himself.
  328. However, since ore is used as tools as it is, it is often difficult to determine whether it was a relic (archaeological materials) or not.
  329. However, since people had not required special grade sake yet, they were not widespread.
  330. However, since prime ministers had the rights to petition approval of the emperor, to announce the emperor's approval, and to petition appointment of ministers to the emperor, they could exercise strong powers.
  331. However, since red collars are regarded for young girls in principle, it is better for married women to avoid those of red or similar colors.
  332. However, since research for local customs was required, the government predicted that it would take some time to establish the laws reflecting the actual conditions of Taiwan.
  333. However, since several to ten plus Chinese characters were used for indicating each sound, close to 1,000 Manyo-gana characters existed
  334. However, since she was half-compelled to take the tonsure rather than from her true religious mind, she could not adopt herself to such life.
  335. However, since some articles in other editions are missing from the Fushin-an edition, it will be necessary to review as many different editions as possible to study the book.
  336. However, since some ill-feelings were left even after the battle, Saijo Kira and Tojo Kira clans constantly faced confrontation and struggle during the Muromachi period.
  337. However, since some intellectuals strongly criticized that this would result in the deterioration of purity and quality of sake, the Ministry of the Treasury issued a notification that the second Zosanshu should be basically treated as a third-grade seishu.
  338. However, since such descriptions sometimes imply their ranks, the lists might not be arranged exactly in order of their actual birth year.
  339. However, since such possession was guaranteed in association with the positions such as gunji and goji, kokushi had a right to dismiss, which was in fact executed in the Soma-go village.
  340. However, since such precedents could have been merely a personal agreements between the kokushi and tato fumyo, a new zuryo could ignore the precedent made by his predecessor to impose a prescribed tax to the tato fumyo.
  341. However, since territorial ambitions of Spain and Portugal (the San Felipe go incident, etc.) were known, missionaries were exiled, and a measure to ban Christianity was taken.
  342. However, since the Asakura army dispatched troops again three months later (as mentioned later), it's hard to believe that they suffered as much damage as rumored.
  343. However, since the Battle of Toba and Fushimi broke out immediately, his ally, the Aizu clan attacked the residence of Satsuma Domain in Fushimi.
  344. However, since the Edo Period, geisha was an apprenticeship with debt much like yujo and red-light districts in the past were breeding grounds for human trafficking and prostitution.
  345. However, since the Edo Period, the lower portion of hakama was omitted.
  346. However, since the Edo period, the traditional equestrianism had been gradually forgotten.
  347. However, since the Honi was most of time conferred based on the degree of the intimacy with the emperor, the origin of Koshin's mother, the age, the career and the other social valuation, there was no relation between the Ippon Shinno and the succession to the Imperial Throne.
  348. However, since the Honnoji Incident occurred before Nobunaga's official response, it is not sure what kind of idea Nobunaga had.
  349. However, since the Japanese people were not used to paper currency at the time and the new Meiji government had not yet gained public trust, the circulation of these bills was seriously restricted, and 100 ryo of Dajokan bills was often exchanged for 40 ryo of hard currency.
  350. However, since the Kanji '皇后' (empress) is assigned for all 'Okisaki' of emperors since Emperor Jinmu in 'Nihon Shoki,' it is common practice to call wives of the emperor before her as 'Kogo' (empress).
  351. However, since the Kitabatake family, who served as Kokushi (an officer of a province) had strong power in Ise Province, and often staged rebellions, the Seho family had difficulty in governing the province.
  352. However, since the Kyoto Federation kept occupying the Bunkakosei-kaikan Hall, the Institute of Buraku Problem requested a reexamination.
  353. However, since the Meiji period, it has referred to an art object which was created in or before the early Heian period by using the technique introduced from the Chinese continent in the Nara period and has been handed down.
  354. However, since the Satsuma army lost its momentum due to fatigue, the detached 2nd brigade took advantage of that and seized Nojiri on the next day, July 22.
  355. However, since the Satsuma army was facing a crisis in the Sueyoshi area, Shinpachi MUTATA, in the night, commanded each troop to withdraw from its place and advance to Sueyoshi.
  356. However, since the Showa period the one with kogoi (blue carp) has been mainstream in representing the family.
  357. However, since the Toyotomi government's policy on Ryukyu had a control system via the Shimazu clan, Korenori's government post name became Musashi no kami (Governor of Musashi Province) in the period from the Battle of Kyushu to the Siege of Odawara, due to interference by the Shimazu family having their interests.
  358. However, since the Zen sect is occasion-suited and Mahayana Buddhism considers Buddhism as being included in all ways, it does not forbid to do other things except mediation, but it is difficult for a beginner to understand these things.
  359. However, since the amendment of Kazoku Law of 1907 forbid female to become a family head, all kazoku families had to have male family heads.
  360. However, since the amount of goods which could be carried at a time and the area a vendor could cover were limited, the number of those vendors decreased through Meiji, Taisho, and Showa eras, and now, it is almost impossible to find those vendors.
  361. However, since the characters in the scene may be confusing, the aonyobo is only mentioned in lines of the shrine maiden in later plays.
  362. However, since the components other than starch, such as protein, which should have been modified by steaming could not be modified in this method, the sake became dull.
  363. However, since the contents of sekkyo eventually focused on the Buddhism topics because of its characteristic, Gidayu-bushi (music in Gidayu ballad drama) gradually became more dominant.
  364. However, since the control was local and many of the general public wanted to eliminate Bitasen (low-quality coins whose surfaces were worn away), the results were not satisfactory.
  365. However, since the cost is fixed for the whole masuseki, the cost borne by each person is higher if it is occupied by a smaller number.
  366. However, since the downfall of the Soviet Union karate has been practiced again in Russia.
  367. However, since the eldest child and the second son had an early death, the third son Zensho (titled Tosho) succeeded to Kogido.
  368. However, since the eldest son, Kanichi, was disinherited, the second son, Atsushi, became head of the Sumitomo family, adopting the name Kichizaemon Tomonari to become the sixteenth-generation Kichizaemon.
  369. However, since the figures remain oddly similar over time, it is thought that they were plagiarized from several historical documents, but changed over time through mis-transcription.
  370. However, since the following are only representative of tours offered, there are also tours which do not specify the route taken "Summer Trip in Kyoto", "Winter Trip in Kyoto" and so on.
  371. However, since the generation of Sanekane's son Kinhira SAIONJI, the Saionji Family this time supported the Jimyoin-to genealogy when the Daikakuji-to genealogy started to keep a distance from the bakufu, thereby deepening the conflict with the Daikakuji-to genealogy.
  372. However, since the governance of Raisho SHIMOTSUMA was disarray more so than that of the former lord Nagatoshi KATSURADA, the followers of Ikki became internally divided.
  373. However, since the government adopted the doctrine of superiority, it lost the significance of existence, so it dismissed in the following year.
  374. However, since the government army landed in Yatsushiro and closed in on Kawajiri from Uto, these soldiers could not join the Satsuma army in Kumamoto.
  375. However, since the government drafted the Constitution of the Empire of Japan without discussing public ideas, they were not reflected in the constitution at all.
  376. However, since the late ancient times, the term became a name addressing a particular social status engaged in various regular vocations.
  377. However, since the latter 20th century, a large number of Satoyama have been left completely free from human control, and in many regions they are recovering their autochthonous climax vegetations.
  378. However, since the length was necessarily extended, a portion of the platform for the trains for Demachiyanagi is narrow even though it is said that the platform supports seven-car trains (there is an information board guiding passengers to get on trains on the Tanbabashi side).
  379. However, since the main members of the participants were the members of the first period of Kangakue and there are almost no records left concerning this period of Kangakue, it is believed that it was suspended again in a short period of time.
  380. However, since the meanings of these terms were divided in accordance with the origin from Chinese characters, each meaning is described in the following.
  381. However, since the method of sugar refining was unknown, Tokushima Domain collected secret information in other domains and established sugar refining method in the early 1800's, around the same time as Takamatsu Domain.
  382. However, since the mid-Muromachi period, the Aobyoshi-bon manuscripts had become dominant due to the activities of the Sanjonishi family, who were descended from FUJIWARA no Teika, while the Kawachi-bon manuscripts almost disappeared.
  383. However, since the movement for restoring Jingikan gained force, the Bureau of Shinto shrines was established in 1900 separated from the Bureau of shrines and temples.
  384. However, since the name 'Masatane' does not exist in the family tree, it is said that 'Masatane' was the same person as 'Masatame.'
  385. However, since the name of the Prince Takami is not found in historical sources from the relevant period, there is some doubt about this lineage.
  386. However, since the national defense policy of the shogunate government prohibited the shipbuilding of large vessels, the distribution of goods by taru-kaisen (cargo ships) circulating along the coast of Japan developed significantly.
  387. However, since the new version, revised and supplemented by Masakatsu GUNJI, was performed in 1976 at National Theater under his direction, this play has been performed and is often played even today.
  388. However, since the number of companies which stopped hiring high school graduates due to the recession and increase in the number of high school graduates who went to university has increased in and after 1990s, workers entering adulthood decreased yearly.
  389. However, since the number of six-car sets increased with the opening of the Osaka Higashi Line, not all of the sets were replaced.
  390. However, since the operation of the extended portion of the line, between Ikoma Station and Gakken-Nara-Tomigaoka Station, started, all the trains on the line have been one-man-operated, and a detection system using infrared beams has been installed on the platforms of all stations in order to support the train operations.
  391. However, since the origin in the form of this particular reference definition is uncertain, scholars in the study of archaeology usually settle on the term Kodai Sanjo for the mountain castles.
  392. However, since the owner had to return their land to the state after three generations, the law did not increase farmers' willingness to develop new lands.
  393. However, since the paper patterns could not be made in Edo, all of them were ordered from Ise (Ise dyed pattern paper).
  394. However, since the performers received sudden orders about six days before the performance, most of the plays were revived in a hurry.
  395. However, since the person whom Konoe asked to select this name was Kinmochi SAIONJI, who was well-versed in the past customs of the imperial court and samurai families, it is open to speculation.
  396. However, since the reality of kosa phenomena became known in details in 1990s, it became gradually clear that, to grasp the reality of kosa phenomena, it is necessary to deploy a monitoring system for a long period of several tens of years.
  397. However, since the relationship between the Bakufu and the court fell due to the death of Sanetomo, this resulted in the Jokyu no Ran (Jokyu Disturbance) which was caused by the Retired Emperor Gotoba.
  398. However, since the reliability of descriptions of "Chronicles of Japan" did not increase, the dispute regarding the enthronement theory was not solved, and was left to the conjecture of scholars.
  399. However, since the root has stronger durability of the wood, the bow began to be held at lower end in order to have a balance.
  400. However, since the scale of guard was kept at the minimum, the city looked as usual.
  401. However, since the school moved to Tokyo in modern times it has changed the style to smart and elegant Tokyo style.
  402. However, since the social position of the Narita clan was not as high as to show such arrogant behavior, and any precedent of bowing to Yoshiie without dismounting is not found in any original historical materials, researchers do not recognize this as a fact.
  403. However, since the spirits of the hastily-recruited soldiers of the troop led by HENMI were lowered seriously under attacks from three sides of Hitoyoshi, Koriyama and Bozuishiyama, and the government army had the overwhelming amount of materials, even the troop led by so brave HENMI was defeated, and Oguchi fell at last.
  404. However, since the structure of the bakufu itself had an aspect of the household management organ of shogunal family, he came to be involved in important political matters like onsho (reward grants) and shomusata (trial dealing with land-related issues).
  405. However, since the suhama stand for the left side came later, the contest did not begin before sunset.
  406. However, since the tax was a heavy burden for poor farmers, they became tenant farmers, selling their lands to rich people.
  407. However, since the teacher-student system collapsed and new generations who have learned manzai at a manzai training school (the third comedy generation or later) gained power, most of the comedians in those generations have performed manzai in which their roles of boke and tsukkomi are distinctly divided.
  408. However, since the times of movies such as 'Seven Samurai' the use of sound effects for swords became common practice.
  409. However, since the turmoil of the Nagaoka-Kyo, previously mentioned, was one of reasons for relocation, they wished the name to have 'Heian' (Kun-yomi 'Taira') (peace and tranquility) to avoid the new capital having any bad luck.
  410. However, since the urgent task for historians was elimination of the Kokoku Shikan (emperor-centered historiography which is based on state Shinto), the priority of succession to the Imperial Throne decreased.
  411. However, since the war was terminated earlier than expected and few military currency was issued, almost all of which were collected.
  412. However, since the water to which ice was added was taken from a river, elderly persons who drank such water would often experience stomach upset.
  413. However, since the work of Shinobu ORIKUCHI, one convincing view is that the two poems may have been made by someone in later times (written in "Orikuchi Shinobu Zenshu" (Collected Works of Shinobu Orikuchi) Vol. 29.).
  414. However, since the written characters of Prince Ohodo, '意富富杼' (Ohodo meaning large hodo), correspond to the characters of Keitai, '袁本杼' (Ohoso meaning small hodo), the possibility remains that Prince Ohodo was positioned as an elder brother of Keitai in the original genealogy table.
  415. However, since the yorishiro is limited within a certain range in the present Shrine Shinto, the himorogi and the iwakura became tamagaki (fence around a shrine), and now the sacred shrine forest is not treated as a shintai (sacred object) any more.
  416. However, since then, no descriptions referring to him can be found in any historical materials.
  417. However, since there are no stylistic features and no defined classifications, there exists no Ami-ha school as a name of concept in art history.
  418. However, since there are some discrepancies in oral testimonies between IMAI and WATANABE, authors mainly propose various theories.
  419. However, since there are some incomplete parts in the classification, it is believed to have been left incomplete.
  420. However, since there have been disputes among scholars around the world over the value of the Nirvana Sutra, the scholars for generations need to examine it closely.
  421. However, since there is nothing written to show that they were subsequently sent to Kamakura, they were most likely to have been released.
  422. However, since there was no Bogo year of the Oriental zodiac during the reign of the Emperor Kinmei (540-571), it is thought that the nearest Bogo year, 538 (according to Shoki, the third year of the Emperor Senka) was most possible.
  423. However, since there was no record of liquor made with wheat malt such as makgeolli in Japan, the out of Korean Peninsula theory can not be true.
  424. However, since there was no response, he climbed the hill at the back to visit the residence of Miura and encountered the pursuer of Miura.
  425. However, since these reforms are so radical that conflicts arose with the conservatives in the government and local officials.
  426. However, since these ruts are only for one bicycle, there is an unspoken rule of giving the right of way to each other when a bicycle comes from the opposite direction.
  427. However, since they did not want to convert, he proposed a severe punishment such as 'execution of central character and exile of common believers' to the new government, which led to Urakamiyobankuzure (oppression for Christians in Nagasaki).
  428. However, since they had gained too much power, Yoshitsura Isshiki, who was the family head of the Isshiki clan, was killed by Yoshinori ASHIKAGA, the sixth-generation shogun of the Muromachi, and an attack by the Takeda clan resulted in the weakening of family power.
  429. However, since they were convinced by Yasubei HORIBE and joined the radicals, Kuranosuke OISHI came down to Edo on November 19, 1701.
  430. However, since this article was written, there was no article concerning kyokusui until an article in Shoku Nihongi (Continuation of the Nihon Shoki) was written in 728.
  431. However, since this classification is not always complete enough, the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (in Japan) and the Sengoku period (in Japan) are also included in the classification as well.
  432. However, since universal conscription and the system of a patrol officer have been introduced, the necessity for individuals to carry a sword is no longer recognized.'
  433. However, since users of the station increased and it became necessary to expand the widths of the platforms, Kyotanabe City, JR West and Doshisha University decided to rebuild the station and station house in the image of Doshisha University's Kyotanabe Campus, which was completed in 2005.
  434. However, since waste water treated at the Kisshoin sewage plant is discharged in to the canal, there is plenty of water between Kisshoin and the point where the Nishitakase-gawa River and the Kamo-gawa River meet.
  435. However, since we are still far apart and the path is steep, I would appreciate it if we could arrange to meet at Ukishimagahara.'
  436. However, sitting cross-legged may be permitted for people such as the elderly who find the seiza style difficult.
  437. However, slightly scorched rice that makes the bottom of a pan somewhat brown was appreciated as a spicy savored food.
  438. However, small Gorinto, Hokyointo towers and Tahoto (made of stone) were probably made as tombstones or memorial towers from the beginning.
  439. However, small dotaku excavated in the Higashinara Ruins in Osaka Prefecture have a crown with a round cross-section.
  440. However, snow prevented the troops from moving ahead and they were at the mercy of the Kiso forces, who knew the geography of the area well.
  441. However, so (koto) became mainstream, and the composition of jiuta alone became rare.
  442. However, so called 'neko manma (cat's meal)' which is made by mixing rice in miso soup is very similar to the original European soup.
  443. However, so far from returning the position to Shigesada, his brother Yasusada transferred it to his son.
  444. However, so far, no other buildings or remains that indicate existence of this civilization have been found.
  445. However, so that the Imperial Court could directly supervise the politics of Edo, the city was renamed Tokyo and became visited by and resided in by the emperor (Tokyo Gyoko; the emperor's visit to Tokyo), while the Daijokan (Grand Council of State) was also relocated (refer to Tokyo Tento (transfer of the national capital to Tokyo)).
  446. However, so-only pieces became overwhelmingly dominant.
  447. However, social conditions did not necessarily became better in spite of Sonohito's vigorous efforts.
  448. However, social problems that were becoming more serious disabled the effect of the series of shinsei and brought about its decline.
  449. However, sokutai was not suitable for Tonoi (night guard) since it was sekitai (leather belt) and hence constrictive.
  450. However, solely 47,750 kanmon was taxed, and remaining 250 kanmon was stopped to be distributed before arrival, which means that it was not taxed.
  451. However, solely hoping to rescue Soemon, Kihei rushed at Riuemon and hit him, so Riuemon decapitated Kihei.
  452. However, some Kumanokodo Roads were merged into national routes or urban districts.
  453. However, some Meiji-period koto players including Koson SUZUKI, who established the Kyogoku-ryu koto school, continued the Yoshizawa Line.
  454. However, some Myokan (Officers of Hell) were of the opinion that since there were no Onmyodo experts in Kyushu, which was a long way from Kyoto, it was unavoidable, and so father and son were both forgiven.
  455. However, some Ryukyuans opposed to this order and submitted petitions to the Meiji government, or others sought Qing for assistance.
  456. However, some Samurai Yashiki or Samurai-machi areas survive today in the form they once held, and some of them are designated as Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings.
  457. However, some Sonno-joi supporters were calling Emperor 'gyoku' or 'tama' and they were aware that Emperor was a tool for them to use for attaining the political power.
  458. However, some Sufis who accomplished their aim declared, 'I am God' and were executed by general Islamists.
  459. However, some Zendo halls give three or four strikes regardless of the season.
  460. However, some among these schools did not fulfill the standards to be upgraded to universities, and such schools were transformed into higher schools under the old system in order to save the matriculated students.
  461. However, some ancient shrines, like sumiyoshi-zukuri structures, have earthen instead of timbered floors.
  462. However, some argue against this view that the ichinen sanzen was a doctrine derived from the junyoze, and was originated from free translation or dogma.
  463. However, some argue that the Yayoi period should date from a point five centuries earlier, based on a carbon-14 dating report that the earliest earthen vessel of this period excavated in Kitakyushu had been made in the eighth or ninth century B.C.
  464. However, some believe that the episode was written after the Tokugawa clan unified Japan to dramatize the Tokugawa army's military performance, while other believe that the Oda clan's documents did not record the episode because Kazumasa, who surrendered to the Oda clan, was later exiled from the clan.
  465. However, some believe that, based on the characteristics, 'Takebun' (HADA no Takebun) (discontinued) was a work of Zenpo.
  466. However, some bento (boxed lunch) shops have been selling products using the name 'karaage'; also, karaage powder named 'Karaageko' which is a product of Nisshin Seifun Inc., have been sold for some time.
  467. However, some busho who guarded Kamakura including Tokitaka MIURA continuously betrayed Mochiuji and soldiers ran away, so Mochiuji was isolated.
  468. However, some cases are exempted from this custom's rule, such as allergy, taboo, and other reasons against eating some foods.
  469. However, some cast doubt upon his governing Miyagi County while others consider that the family governed the County but the family after the generation of Tanemichi did not move to the Mutsu Province.
  470. However, some castles, such as Inuyama-jo Castle and Matsumoto-jo Castle, after their buildings were specified to be sold and/or demolished, have been preserved for various reasons and designated as National Treasures and historic sites.
  471. However, some chapters are too obscure to be classified (for example the first chapter, entitled, 'The best time in spring is dawn,' is generally classified into the chapters of Zuiso, but some people disagree).
  472. However, some chimpanzees are reportedly able to do similar things as human beings.
  473. However, some claim that he passed away in January 1502.
  474. However, some composite panels use the same figures for products with different sizes.
  475. However, some consumers are questioning about the present price system of sake in which small bottled sake is comparatively much more expensive than 1.8 liter bottles and the way of displaying the small bottles at convenience stores and others whether they can be kept at suitable temperature.
  476. However, some convenience stores open stores within station precincts these days, selling 'convenience store box lunches.'
  477. However, some defects existed in this Kamonomiya section.
  478. However, some disagree with this opinion, and the exact truth is not known.
  479. However, some dishes are specially prepared for eating by hands, such as sushi and boiled crab.
  480. However, some doctors recommend eggs to hyperlipidemia patients who need to control cholesterol.
  481. However, some estimates that her administration was longer than a few years from the standpoint of denying the existence of the predecessor and successor Emperor Seinei and Emperor Kenzo.
  482. However, some evaluate the situation in a completely opposite way, criticising such opinions as 'nothing but the shallow view of someone who doesn't know the truth.'
  483. However, some events, such as Seni (One Thousand Shoots), were continued until the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate.
  484. However, some evoked the traditional bushi identity, opposing Confucius morality of the samurai which formed during the stable Edo period.
  485. However, some families became extinct and the descendants of Joken NISHIKAWA (his son Masayoshi NISHIKAWA was appointed to Tenmonkata by Yoshimune TOKUGAWA) and Yoshitoki TAKAHASHI didn't continue to inherit the position until the end of Edo period.
  486. However, some followers who started to make a bamboo lancing appeared among the followers who were making a large paper lantern with the bamboos of Ryusan-ji Temple, the others also followed them, and most of the followers ended up being armed with a bamboo lancing.
  487. However, some have an additional inside raised-area (three-line type), which can be considered as a device for prolonged use for 'ringing' although they were not designed to ring a sound any more.
  488. However, some have concluded that this incident occurred because in the Daijo tenno (retired emperor) system under the Ritsuryo system sovereign power was divided, and the expression 'the Incident of the Retired Emperor Heizei' has been used in some high school textbooks since 2003.
  489. However, some have pointed out that 'Fuku' as the address is insufficient proof to assert that 'Fuku' was the mother of Hideie, based on the rules of writing; accordingly, her real name remains unknown.
  490. However, some have suggested it was accepted as a compromise measure against Zuryo's growing control over entire Japan, while others have suggested that the Gunji class (local magistrates) was given the right to direct appeals in exchange for their lost conventional rights.
  491. However, some highly evaluate it saying, 'the fact that he gave Okitsugu TANUMA an important position was an excellent decision itself.'
  492. However, some historians and scholars strongly argued for their opinions, as to the possibility that the genealogy might be a fabrication, which was intended to declare the legitimacy in the enthronement of the Emperor Keitai.
  493. However, some important shrines became Kanpeisha, even if they were in distant districts.
  494. However, some insist that originally no dolls were placed on these yamakasa.
  495. However, some insist that some stories belonging to description 1 are considered to be stories with a moving end, so 'rakugoka' is currently fixed.
  496. However, some jinrikisha on display have been refurbished or specially built for display.
  497. However, some kinds of alcohol, such as sake (Japanese liquor), are sold by the amount of 1.8 liters even today.
  498. However, some kokyowa poached fish outside the designated area, and moreover, some of such kokyowa occupied some fishing areas provided for Korean people.
  499. However, some laboratories use writable paper that accepts comments written with any type of pen.
  500. However, some local governments have begun their own control system of appellation of origin, such as Nagano Appellation Control of Nagano Prefecture and Wine Domain of Origin Certification Regulation of Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
  501. However, some low-profile minor ethnic gods, like the spirits of nature and death, to whom the Honchi-suijaku theory was not applied, were treated differently.
  502. However, some mail order sites on the internet start to sell a few days earlier than the day to be able to deliver goods to customers on January 1.
  503. However, some manufacturers are advancing their research on products in which the "dregs" (liquid lees) obtained in the liquefied preparation.
  504. However, some materials indicate different numbers of chapters by including other chapters that do not exist today.
  505. However, some menus are available only as shio or tare.
  506. However, some mid-distance inter-city railways, such as Shinkeihan Railway, Hanshin Electric Express Railway, Osaka Electric Tramway, and Hanwa Electric Railway, were achieved by introducing inter-urban technologies in the United States.
  507. However, some modifications were made depending on situations in Japan.
  508. However, some monks do not refuse to use salt for purification, based on the wishes of the bereaved family, if the bereaved family hope to do so.
  509. However, some monks who are not in a high position or lay believers of the religious group can have Nichigo after they die, while they are given posthumous Buddhist names by the approval of hoshu as well.
  510. However, some mura fushin were executed through a managerial position called mura fushin kata by the okami in each community or municipality.
  511. However, some non-Zen sect temples such as Sennyu-ji Temple also use the word 'butsuden.'
  512. However, some numbers don't necessarily have a fast tempo in Kyu, so this means it is the third tempo of a piece of music.
  513. However, some of Fuchu are derived from the fact that they were where those shugosho (the site for provincial administration during the Kamakura and Muromachi Period) were located.
  514. However, some of Korin's paintings, such as the Fujin Raijin-zu (Wind God and Thunder God Screen) and Maki Kaede-zu (picture of Chinese black pine and maple trees), are based on Sotatsu's original drawing, and there is no doubt that Korin had consciously learned from Sotatsu.
  515. However, some of Yoriki (police sergeant), who had to disguise themselves as townspeople for the sake of their duties, shaved their hairline straightly just like townspeople.
  516. However, some of its elements indicate that it was created at a slightly later time; for example the eyes that are not simply almond-shaped but are depicted with complex lines.
  517. However, some of the Abe clan members became the wives of influential persons including the wife of FUJIWARA no Muchimaro (she gave birth to FUJIWARA no Toyonari and FUJIWARA no Nakamaro), as well as ABE no Komina, the wife of FUJIWARA no Yoshitsugu.
  518. However, some of the Tenguto members who obtained absolution hid in Kyoto while being supported by the Choshu Domain, and called themselves as Honkokujito and acted with the aim of regaining power.
  519. However, some of the byproducts of coastal scientific whaling (slightly less than 100 tons) are distributed as fresh products as well.
  520. However, some of the institutions remained undeveloped and only the priests who served at Ise-jingu Shrine became shinkan government officials.
  521. However, some of the newly created prefectures still have problems in regional confrontation and geographic inconsistencies to this day, and there are cases where a prefecture is actually divided into two regions.
  522. However, some of the projects induced reckless plans and investments, which resulted in the economic crisis in 1980.
  523. However, some of the sakaya belonged to Enryaku-ji Temple as their honjo, and they complained about the conduct of the bakufu and the koji za to Enryaku-ji Temple.
  524. However, some of the schools remained as festival features in the Meiji period; demonstrations of gunfire were conducted by using blank shots.
  525. However, some of the statues of Yakushi Nyorai lack a medicine pot because of loss or originally there was no medicine pot.
  526. However, some of them pass the Honjo-Waseda Station alone when operated up to the Gala Yuzawa Station in the winter season.
  527. However, some of these notes are incorrect, indicating that the oral tradition deteriorated with the passing of time.
  528. However, some of these schools taught medicine and western technologies, and further, even accepted common people.
  529. However, some of those shoryos were misappropriated by others because of the lack of proper management.
  530. However, some officers, natives of Kagoshima Prefecture had little will to fight: A certain army officer who watched the battle at the Ichisegawa river remarked that "it was not officers, but noncommissioned officers who were fighting".
  531. However, some officials of the Qing dynasty as well as Chinese immigrants living in Taiwan repelled the decision by the Qing dynasty and proclaimed the establishment of the Republic of Formosa on May 25 of the same year to resist the seizure by Japan with the volunteer army led by Feng-chia CHIU.
  532. However, some organizations and circles of Okinawa karate are affiliated with the JKF, such as Ryuei-ryu school.
  533. However, some owners of kujiyado also provided with the same service as kujishi or ran a placement agency of kujishi, so there was no big difference between them.
  534. However, some parts are missing.
  535. However, some passengers who come from the north of Gojo Station of the subway and go to a far destination using the Kintetsu Line appear to change trains intentionally at Kyoto Station in order to secure their seats.
  536. However, some people allow cherry blossom patterns to be used all year round as cherry blossoms are thought to be the symbol of Japan.
  537. However, some people are skeptical about this explanation because it first appeared in "SEN no Rikyu Yuishogaki," which was written by Rikyu's grandson Sosa KOSHIN, and there are no historical materials written by Rikyu's contemporaries that tell the same story about Rikyu's family name.
  538. However, some people argue that the editor who compiled "Sonpi Bunmyaku," created Lady Ro from war history books.
  539. However, some people assert that the phrase 花を挿す (hana wo sasu) (put a flower) changed into 花挿し (kazashi).
  540. However, some people asserts that Kobun-in was a kind of library, not Daigaku-besso, and there is a possibility that WAKE no Hiroyo personally granted as the chief of the Wake clan.
  541. However, some people believe that the god enshrined in the Tosa-jinja Shrine is Ajisukitakahikone, and at present, these gods are both worshipped as protective deities of the shrine.
  542. However, some people believe these two were basically unrelated but might have been confused because 閻魔 (Enma) is Yama while 夜摩・焔摩 (Yama/Enma) is Yaama or Yaamaa.
  543. However, some people claim that Kishimen and 'Udon' noodles differ.
  544. However, some people consistently think this 'Moronao being illegitimate child' theory is absolutely groundless.
  545. However, some people declined the use of paulownia for their family crests such as Ieyasu TOKUGAWA who was assigned to the seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians").
  546. However, some people deny these theories about the additional chapter and the different author, stating that these problems can be explained as a matter of structure.
  547. However, some people doubted the correctness in its preface and pointed out the possibility that the Kojiki was gisho in that no other supporting evidence was publicly available.
  548. However, some people feel that this has the opposite effect of making the rice less tasty, so it may be a good idea to try 100% brown rice.
  549. However, some people from Yamaguchi Prefecture and that area, which produced many Imperial loyalists, regard Shinsen-gumi as "a group of terrorists employed by the shogunate " (Masuo MATSUOKA, member of the House of Councilors/taken from his speech at the National Diet, during his time in office).
  550. However, some people have recently questioned these astronomical calculations.
  551. However, some people insists that most of the former warriors who joined the revolts had criticized the government since before the issuance of the public bond, and their reason for joining the revolts was not Chitsuroku-shobun.
  552. However, some people point out that snowdrift contributed to this record.
  553. However, some people regard it as something like a genealogy or a chronological table with a genealogy.
  554. However, some people say that as it is very difficult to detect illicit production of Doburoku, which was a bootleg easily produced at home, a considerable amount of Doburoku was produced and consumed on a daily basis in rice producing regions, farming villages with few liquor retail stores, etc.
  555. However, some people say that he was as good as the other members since he received rewards for his performance in the Ikedaya Incident; he was active as a 'fighting accountant.'
  556. However, some people say that he was born in Hojobeppu in the same city, or some other place.
  557. However, some people say that it is impossible to imagine such a dynamic process with the distributing the same form of mirrors.
  558. However, some people say that since new adults who used to be delinquents mainly wear Montsuki hakama, the image of Montsuki hakama has worsened.
  559. However, some people say that the fact of the introduction in 552 must be true, because even if there was a modification of contents in later years, it cannot deny the existence of Johyobun itself immediately.
  560. However, some people say that the statement concerning the formal ceremony in 1576 was a mistake, and advocate that the formal ceremony was performed in 1576.
  561. However, some people succeeded in this stream and still accomplish Yumiya at matoba without any obsessiveness about achieving rank.
  562. However, some people think that the existence of these conventions, from the first to the third meetings, is questionable.
  563. However, some people use the new calendar in specifying their birthdays, so that it is sometimes unclear which calendar is used when we are given only the date of someone's birthday.
  564. However, some people wear it only in the middle of winter thanks to the increase of warm wafuku, such as wool-made ones, as well as the spread of heaters.
  565. However, some people were concerned about the discontinuity of tradition and so the prohibition on Nito was withdrawn in 1992 for University Kendo (official matches/Kendo dan examinations).
  566. However, some point out that the canals of the tunnel may technically cut off underwater channels near the mouths of the tunnels.
  567. However, some point out that the other regions see it strange because they have no custom to treat okonomiyaki as a side dish.
  568. However, some private higher school students under the old system did not have the white stripes on their caps, and students at Seijo High School who were unhappy about this started a 'White Stripes Movement.'
  569. However, some producers are now researching about the use of sake lees which are produced during the process of liquefaction.
  570. However, some products have a 'bad smell' like that of damp-dried wiping cloth or of sweat.
  571. However, some provincial constables and their subordinate samurais treated the hanzei law as their established right and continued to intervene in the taxes on manors and lands under the control of the feudal government unreasonably.
  572. However, some radical members of the society attacked foreigners in Japan, causing the government to crack down on the society as the signing of the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation drew near.
  573. However, some records from the mid Edo period indicate that the combination of so, kokyu, and shakuhachi was called 'sankyoku.'
  574. However, some refute this on the grounds that "bi" (beauty) is essential because it's included in one of the three major elements of budo, "yo" (usefulness), "bi" and "do" (way).
  575. However, some regions are forced to use such a drying machine frequently due to a dense fog, the lack of sunshine and so on.
  576. However, some researchers argue that Yoshimitsu defined himself as "Nihon kokuo (the king of Japan) = chiten" and that his notion was still in a transitional stage compared with the notion of "Tenkabito" (the ruler of Tenka) clarified later.
  577. However, some researchers had objections to the branch families from Yoshimori MOGAMI.
  578. However, some researchers have suggested Iwayayama-kofun Tumulus in Asuka Village, Kengoshizuka Tomb also in Asuka Village and Kotani Tomb in Kashihara City as possible candidates for the empress's Ryobo.
  579. However, some researchers maintaining that the mirrors were produced in Japan advocate Yamatai-Koku kingdom being in the Kinai region.
  580. However, some researchers say the Kawamata Incident or the trials of the Kawamata Incident had nothing to do with weakening of the opposition movement because two demonstrations, the fifth and the sixth, were staged after that.
  581. However, some researchers say there were plenty of intentional mishearing by prosecutors in the investigation papers.
  582. However, some restaurants served kaika-don using pork.
  583. However, some ryokan accept guests who need no meals, only dinner, or only breakfast.
  584. However, some said that his becoming a priest was caused by an incident which had occurred two months before.
  585. However, some sake manufacturers has been investigating the "lees" (sake lees produced by liquefaction) generated by sake brewing from liquefied-rice solution for use.
  586. However, some say his existence is doubtful.
  587. However, some say it was designed by Haruko KOSHIHARA, the founder of Nagoya Girls' School (currently, Nagoya Women's University).
  588. However, some say that they actually might have been trying to restrain the Northern Court, including Emperor Gokomatsu, by escaping from them, since the Northern Court was not in favor of the Southern Court succeeding the Imperial Throne.
  589. However, some say that wealthy townspeople never gave up silk clothes, and preferred pongee pretending they were wearing cotton because pongee looked like cotton from a distance.
  590. However, some says that she died in 1582 when the Sakamoto-jo Castle fell.
  591. However, some says that this free translation or dogma was made to get the most out of the Lotus Sutra or make best use of it, not made by his selfish interpretation.
  592. However, some scholars adopt the theory of Junhai, saying that the masu in the Kanji era should have restored the ancient system ("the illustrated dictionary of units' history," written by Kesakatsu KOIZUMI, published by Kashiwashobo Co., Ltd.).
  593. However, some scholars claim that it is the tomb of Himiko.
  594. However, some scholars say that despite the bakufu's intentions, this system, which made hatamoto difficult to control their chigyo-chi in a stable manner, impoverished them and consequently it accelerated the decline of the Edo bakufu which was sustained by the military power of hatamoto.
  595. However, some scholars say that she was not Hoshuin's biological daughter but a child of Toshiie's concubine.
  596. However, some scholars suspect that certain historical materials such as the Seventeen-Article Constitution and the Taika Reform go beyond mere embellishment, and consequently those materials themselves may well be gisho of later ages.
  597. However, some scholars think that Sukekiyo MORIBE who was Gunji of the Mushiroda County in the Mino Province was adopted by FUJIWARA no Kimikiyo as a son.
  598. However, some schools divide the bamboo into a different number of parts.
  599. However, some seats of Shugosho were still used as their home ground.
  600. However, some sects and temples place greater importance on these Kaisan-do halls than the main hall.
  601. However, some services aren't always interoperable, such as buying a Suica Green ticket for the first-class cars or passing a transfer wicket for other private lines.
  602. However, some shrines, etc prohibit visitors from dedicating senjafuda in what is considered a disruptive behavior by visitors who breach protocol.
  603. However, some songs had a tune with 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count, so the style of the songs varied.
  604. However, some specialists argue that although the Date clan claimed to be a descendant of the FUJIWARA clan, no solid evidence was found to support the claim.
  605. However, some staff members answered the call from staff who stayed at Kyoto University and returned (six members such as Satoru KURODA and Chihiro SAEKI) and this led to estrangement with Takigawa and those who did not return under principle (Hideo MIYAMOTO, Suekawa, Tsuneto, Tamura, etc).
  606. However, some stations sold sencha poured into a small earthenware teapot with Ekiben in the form of reproduced version in recent years.
  607. However, some stone walls and moats remained around the Suzuhashi-jinja and Inari-jinja shrines.
  608. However, some strict historians think that Kawachi-based Kawachi-Genji began with MINAMOTO no Yorinobu and ended with MINAMOTO no Yoshitada or MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi.
  609. However, some study suggests that this tumulus was originally in a simple shape in either circular or rectangular volume, and in later years the volume of the tumulus was carved out when farmers used the surface ground of the tumulus for agricultural purpose.
  610. However, some suggest that 'Ono' and 'Hirono' were the same person and that Kiyono was the second son.
  611. However, some suggest that this what appears to be Otaka's written apology was created by people years later.
  612. However, some suggest that whether he was the informer or not is also open to question.
  613. However, some suggests that articles above were altered versions of the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan) and suspect it was changed by FUJIWARA no Fuhito
  614. However, some supporters of the popular theory claim that the three portraits were drawn based upon an original drawing drawn by Takanobu.
  615. However, some suppositions exist that, feeling threatened by her, she wrote the following anecdote in "The Pillow Book": FUJIWARA no Nobutaka, Murasaki Shikibu's late husband, went to Mitake dressing gaudily; or Sei Shonagon talked down about her cousin, FUJIWARA no Nobutsune.
  616. However, some tales have errors; for example, "Buko-den," "Kokura Hibun" and "Heiho Taiso Bushu Genshin-ko Denrai" claim that the Yoshioka ended due to the defeat at the fights with Musashi, however, according to other materials including "Suruga Koji-roku" (Old Record of Suruga Province), Yoshioka existed after the incident.
  617. However, some temples that were founded in the Nara period, such as Shinyakushi-ji Temple and Saidai-ji Temple (Nara City), now use 'Hondo.'
  618. However, some temples which had been Shingon Risshu sect temples before the Meiji period remained as Shingon sect temples without following the independent movement.
  619. However, some textbooks such as "Shosetsu Nihonshi" (Detailed Japanese History) by Yamakawa Shuppansha changed the description to 'Umayatoo' (Shotoku Taishi) from the authorized edition of 2002 because 'it was not used during his lifetime' as mentioned above.
  620. However, some think that because of this, many daimyo families experienced difficulty in the transition of power to the next generation and in the end encountered hardships of losing the territory.
  621. However, some tsukesage with extremely gorgeous patterns might be regarded as a formal dress ranked next to normal homongi (formal kimono) such as tomesode (black formal kimono with kamon for married women).
  622. However, some vassals were dissatisfied with Moriakira's succession, which caused outbreak of insurgency inside the Ashina clan.
  623. However, some views explain that Ingen's bean was 'fuji-mame' (hyacinth-bean) as we know them today, and people call fuji-mame 'Ingen-mame' in the Kansai region (around Kyoto and Osaka Prefectures).
  624. However, some yamakasa are permanently exhibited at places such as tourist resorts, facilities for the preservation of yamakasa.
  625. However, some--including Harumi MURATA, a disciple of Mabuchi--belonged to schools of thought that criticized Atsutane's Kokugaku from the standpoint of, since the time of Keichu, espousing positivism and placing great value on the study of classic works, arguing that internally it was more complex than that.
  626. However, someone rewrote the name later on.
  627. However, someone surrounding her witnesses the moment Okiku breaks the plate on purpose.
  628. However, something that deserves a special mention is, while he was the university head, he was active in the educational administration side such as the establishment of the university system.
  629. However, sometimes a moderate chari triggers a higher enthusiasm for the performance.
  630. However, sometimes actions such as hitting tatami while practicing swings are frowned or considered to be some offense.
  631. However, sometimes people who could not bear the high interest rates rose up demanding cancellation of debt (tokusei ikki) and attacked the temples.
  632. However, sometimes they were engaged in illegal conducts such as attending the trial and supporting the legal procedures pretending to be the relative of the related party or municipal officials, or buying old bond for debt or receivables ledger and using them to obtain money and valuables from the other party.
  633. However, somewhat unreasonable actions of Keihan Bus Company gave an adverse impact on the management of Uji Tawara Jidosha.
  634. However, soon after Emperor Konin died, his post of Minister of the Left was dismissed and he was relegated to Dazai-fu (local government office in Kyushu region).
  635. However, soon after Itagaki left Taiwan, Taiwan Dokakai was disbanded by the Sotoku-fu.
  636. However, soon after Ryoo became seriously ill, so he headed to Edo in 1655 for his medical treatment passing through Saga Province.
  637. However, soon after Yoshitaka succeeded the headship of the family, their stronghold, Hamamatsu-jo Castle, was surrendered to Ujichika IMAGAWA on September 4, 1517, and the deputies both died in the battle.
  638. However, soon after he enjoyed big returns from cultivating new land.
  639. However, soon after that, the young lady was taken to be the adopted daughter of Lady Murasaki.
  640. However, soon after the death of Juro dayu, Ochi KANZE troupe failed, then Ochi Motohiro KANZE, the sixth KANZE dayu, had his eldest son Juro revive the troupe and succeed the heritage of the old Ochi KANZE.
  641. However, soon after then, he died of sickness at the age of only 8.
  642. However, soon after, Emperor Higashiyama suddenly fell ill from smallpox and died just nine days after Motohiro's retirement from the Daijo-daijin position.
  643. However, soon he resigned and adovocating the warrior class' inculturation, he retired into Nagase Village, Saga Prefecture and led a living cultivating the fields and raising stocks.
  644. However, soon he was overwhelmed by Takauji and had been deteriorated.
  645. However, soon it was destroyed in a fire in the Great Kanto Earthquake.
  646. However, soup stock made from L. angustata is cloudy and pale, therefore restaurants in the Kansai region rarely use L. angustata for making soup stock.
  647. However, sovereignty dropped because life got shorter in the middle period of Korean dynasty compared to the early period, the collateral line succeeded to the throne and the wage was relatively high.
  648. However, soy-sauce has been commonly used as the food culture has changed after the war.
  649. However, staff from Kyoto Asahi Cinema managed to open such a cinema in a newly built commercial facility.
  650. However, staff officer Takamori SAIGO dismissed the petition instantly without any hesitation, although the petition was from Princess Kazunomiya, Saigo thought after all the petition came from the rebel Yoshinobu.
  651. However, staff officers Takamori SAIGO and Michiaki HAYASHI severely rebuked the petition, because of the battle with the "Koyo Chinbutai" army unit.
  652. However, starting around in this era, the calligraphers constituting the authors earnestly studied classic styles, and the effects began to gradually appear.
  653. However, starting at the time when the finance of each of the cities, towns and villages suffered badly after the end of Russo-Japanese War, integration came to be strongly promoted from the latter half of the Meiji period to the Taisho and Showa periods.
  654. However, starting with Goshiki Dorayaki (the bean paste is made of five different kind beans) sold at Akanemaru Honpo Dainagon Ltd. in Osaka, there are also many local products sold under the name Dorayaki in the Kansai Region.
  655. However, starting with Iemitsu TOKUGAWA, the third Shogun, the Shoguns seldom went to Kyoto, and the palaces became old and ruined.
  656. However, sticky and rather sweet Japonica rice is used in Japan, boiled rice is mostly eaten without being flavored, respecting the taste of each type of rice.
  657. However, still Ametsuchi no Uta had been used mainly as a pangram until the late Heian period when The Iroha became popular, probably because there had been no appropriate alternatives until then.
  658. However, stipulating the Suiko in the Ritsuryo codes is considered that the system of loaning was institutionalized by the government.
  659. However, stone walls surviving at the site of Azuchi-jo Castle show that the way they were piled up varied by location.
  660. However, stonework ponds are not seen in other kokufu except for in Asuka.
  661. However, strictly speaking, the ranges of use are different between the former and the latter.
  662. However, studies also suggest that although Kiyohara clan was boasting the ironclad solidarity during Zenkunen War period, the discord and frustration against the head of the clan Sadahira was developed within the clan after the Enkyu Ezo War, causing the Gosannen War that led the downfall of Kiyohara clan.
  663. However, studies also suggest that such Westernization and the actual adaptation of those styles and customs was limited to the people living in the urban areas or among those educated classes.
  664. However, studying "Gohokoinki", Masaie's Diary found that he stayed in his house all day on September 16, 1500 when he was considered to stay in Omi and make waka for Omihakkei.
  665. However, subsequently the Genjina were apparently used by waiting maids of samurai family.
  666. However, subsequently, he became chased by Yoritomo who had re-established his influence, and then, after the Battle of Fujigawa, he was captured and sent to his adopted son-in-law, Yoshizumi MIURA.
  667. However, such "polished rice" must be produced from unpolished rice which is graded to the third grade or higher or the equivalent.
  668. However, such Ryo was a pioneering Ritsuryo law, contained no Ritsu, and did not conform to the state of affairs in Japan in many parts.
  669. However, such a diachy possessed the risk of gradual decline in power if there would be a problem with the cooperative relationship between the two families.
  670. However, such a display is nowadays inappropriate according to Law Concerning Standardization and Proper Labelling of Agricultural and Forestry Products.
  671. However, such a grand tour has seldom been made.
  672. However, such a place was only a 'sales office' that a major sakaya owned to sell its own sake.
  673. However, such a tendency was seen even before the upsizing.
  674. However, such acceptance of international laws was not made because they sympathized the idealistic principle of the modern international law and positively to take part in it.
  675. However, such an attitude was seen as 'power oriented' by other groups, and Sawakai, Doseikai and Koseikai, which were dissatisfied with the expansion of Kenkyukai, cooperated to counter it.
  676. However, such an despotic governance could not suppress the movements in various areas and the conflicts became increasingly larger.
  677. However, such behavior of Masamoto's wasn't well accepted by some of the vassals.
  678. However, such bills did not pass, because the then leading opposition party, Japan Socialist Party, opposed to and criticized the establishment of National Foundation Day, citing "a return to a prewar period and the prime example of reactionary conservatism" as the reason.
  679. However, such cases have declined in number today.
  680. However, such cases were very rare, and in most cases, shokan (the administrative officer of shoen) or jito (the manager of shoen) exchanged the rice brought in as the nengu for money.
  681. However, such clothing often contain a lot of mistakes from the viewpoint of experts.
  682. However, such description is not true because actually takumi-no-kami had no concubine.
  683. However, such domains suffering from financial difficulties continued illegal trade.
  684. However, such evidence has not been identified.
  685. However, such flutes can still be heard in matsuri-bayashi (Japanese music), of Takenge festival in Nagasaki, Hita Gion Matsuri Festival, Karatsu Kunchi Festival and Hamasaki Gion Yamagasa Festival.
  686. However, such information has not been discovered, therefore it is quite unnatural to suppose their involvement.
  687. However, such knowledge of history was required when creating documents such as official documents and Chinese poetry, and Kidendo (the study of the histories) was integrated with Monjodo (literature) on April 1, 836 by the idea that it overlapped with Monjodo.
  688. However, such materials are not completely reliable, since the sources on which Iori used aren't confirmed and how deeply he knew Musashi is doubtful as well, besides, some information by Iori are considered to be in error, because they are completely deferent from information available in other materials.
  689. However, such meat is sometimes distributed to faraway places.
  690. However, such meat-based dishes as sukiyaki (thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables on a table-top cast-iron pan) and gyudon are considered being included in the category of nihon-ryori, because they are specific to Japan from a foreign point of view.
  691. However, such methods were disreputable and could cause antipathy from those who were pressed.
  692. However, such new measures naturally did not attain sufficient results because of resistance from aristocrats, large temples and shrines that had their privileges infringed upon and the restrictions imposed by the bakufu, which was strengthening its character as a united national government.
  693. However, such performances, in which only 'Hana' is played, are nothing special and there is little chance of them being performed in 'hetari.'
  694. However, such plans to regulate temples and shrines revolted religious communities; internal conflicts occurred frequently within the temples and shrines.
  695. However, such policies as 'Katanagari', 'Kenchi' and the hierarchization to warrior and farmer were implemented under ODA administration originally, so that it might be said that Hideyoshi could unify Japan because he imitated Nobunaga at least in the aspect of policies and strategies.
  696. However, such reforestation could not catch up to the expansion in logging areas.
  697. However, such relations were cut off due to the tightening of the ban on Christianity and the completion of the national isolation system, and the situation continued till the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.
  698. However, such relationship between Saga and Junna was only a personal relationship of trust and was not accepted widely among the aristocracy.
  699. However, such restrictions were unacceptable to the So clan, which gave rise to a feud between the two sides (See the section on the trade restriction).
  700. However, such roads as the National Route 1, the Kyoto Moriguchi Line of Kyoto Prefectural and Osaka Prefectural Route 13, and Yawata-Kizu Line of Kyoto Prefectural Route 22 had been apparently congested within the city before the Dainikeihan Road and Kyoto Second Outer Ring Road opened.
  701. However, such sakashi people were less hierarchized and organized than latter-day toji groups; indeed, their sake brewing duties were more horizontally and widely specialized rather than vertically specialized.
  702. However, such seppuku did not actually take place during any period or in any location.
  703. However, such state protection and control of temples is said to have lived on in systems such as Kanto Kigan-ji Temples of Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), Gozan Jussetsu (Five Mountains and Ten Monasteries System) of Muromachi bakufu, and Temple Ordinances of Edo bakufu.
  704. However, such strong small buildings had a drawback of 'Moisture easily fills the building.'
  705. However, such theory was often advocated during the premodern times, and still can be frequently seen in the opinions of enthusiasts.
  706. However, such understanding of Ju-kyo was criticized by Shuzo IKEDA and others.
  707. However, such view is not supported by reliable evidence and some assert that he did so out of consideration for his adopted son Morofusa rather than for the above reason.
  708. However, such world of Iruka did not continue long.
  709. However, suddenly in 1569, he was ordered by Nobunaga to succeed to the reigns of the Maeda clan in place of his oldest brother.
  710. However, suffering occasional damages due to a great earthquake, the Arashima taika (large fire of Ara-shima Island) and great tsunami, the finance of the domain became worse and made up a debt of 82,500 ryo (a unit of currency of the Edo period).
  711. However, suikan in the old code is still used and it is worn with its hem hanging out like male's kariginu (an informal garment worn by court nobles).
  712. However, supported by the trend toward expulsion of foreigners and national isolation arising in reaction to the opening of Japan to the world, the bakufu promoted full-fledged enforcement of the law from 1863, and as a result it began to produce material results slowly such as the decreased exports of raw silk thread.
  713. However, surprisingly large numbers of people get on for the short distance between the two stations.
  714. However, surprisingly, its ecology is not well understood, because it migrates back and forth between rivers and the sea, yet it also travels to some extent by crawling on land.
  715. However, sushi chefs make efforts to wash hands carefully after going to the toilet.
  716. However, sushi chefs making takeout sushi at supermarkets or making sushi at "conveyor belt" sushi bars sometimes wear gloves even in Japan.
  717. However, sushi toppings are limited to the ones which can be frozen and kept below zero because of the spec of freezers in the Antarctica station or vessels.
  718. However, symbolized by the phrase "toshima no atsugesho" (heavy makeup by a middle-aged woman), using such heavy makeup often gives an unfavorable impression.
  719. However, taiko yagura includes the ones with simple structures.
  720. However, taking advantage of the recent retro-trendiness of a nostalgic longing for the "good old days," some properties have been remodeled into shrine-shaped sento.
  721. However, taking advantage of this misunderstanding, a restaurant in Nagoya began serving "ebi furai" as its specialty, which has made "ebi furai" so popular that it is well qualified as a new specialty of Nagoya.
  722. However, taking her in marriage met strong opposition from the inside and outside of the Imperial household, because she was neither from the Imperial family nor from the peerage despite being a daughter of a wealthy person (She comes from a long line of samurai class with a forefather Hayato IKUTA, a retainer of Yoshishige NITTA).
  723. However, taking in opinions from conservative jurists including Eiichi MAKINO, a part of Ie seido was preserved such as 'obligation of support family member'.
  724. However, talented doctors were greatly lacking.
  725. However, tales were ranked as 'fantasy' and 'amusements for women and children,' and such assessments were quite low compared with private collections of poetry much less an official collection of poetry such as a collection of poems by Imperial command.
  726. However, tatami mats are not suitable for the climate; they are often replaced with wood flooring called h??sh? de ban (wood floor in Japanese-style room) in Chinese.
  727. However, taxis (companies) that accept tickets, coupons, and/or credit cards are limited, so users should ask the driver whether he/she accepts other than cash.
  728. However, tearooms were built not only in the territory of the Ogasawara family but, also near the villas used by the Ogasawara family when staying in Edo.
  729. However, temperature differences between summer and winter are relatively small, and its climate is much more comfortable when compared to the basin area.
  730. However, temples also started to show an anti-Taira clan trend even at Enryaku-ji Temple, which was in the same Tendai sect as Onjo-ji Temple and was a pro-Taira clan, and this created a situation where Kiyomori was surrounded by powerful temples, and he therefore abandoned Kyoto, which was geographically disadvantageous to the Taira clan.
  731. However, ten lawyers never attended the public trial.
  732. However, tenshin is often served in a separate room during a so-called oyose chakai (a large tea party), and in this case the break time is omitted.
  733. However, territories were often changed with additional properties, so Tenpo is not categorically described as disposition and control.
  734. However, thanks to a plea for sparing lives made by Nobuyuki and his father-in-law Tadakatsu HONDA, they escaped death and were exiled to Mt. Koya first, and then, because Yukimura wished to have his wife accompanied, to Kudoyama Town.
  735. However, thanks to desperate efforts by the Tsushima clan, including extradition of Korean captives, the first Chosen Tsushinshi (the Korean Emissary) arrived in Japan in 1607, leading to the recovery of Japanese-Korean diplomatic relations.
  736. However, thanks to the carefully established fire-extinguishing equipment, the fire did not turn into a serious situations.
  737. However, thanks to the current Japanese cultural boom as well as the spread of Onsen culture (to be mentioned later), Japanese-style bathing is gradually spreading globally.
  738. However, thanks to the enthronement of her son, Emperor Daigo, Takafuji was promoted to Naidaijin, her brother Sadakata was promoted to Udaijin and since then, her family was called Kanjuji line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan.
  739. However, thanks to the mediation of his godfather, Zusho (Shigetomi) TAKU (Okumi gashira [head of the mid-level senior vassal group of a clan] of Shigesumi), who said that 'he would be useful in the future as a successor of paternal blood line,' he was given the original name Kamematsu.
  740. However, thanks to the relocation of temple buildings from Kishu and construction of Sanboin for Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI's Daigo Flower Viewing, it has taken on the appearance we see today.
  741. However, thanks to the scars on my face, I gained public notoriety as "Kirare Yosa."
  742. However, that 5000 koku was also lost very easily and returned to the former state of 5000 koku.
  743. However, that Sorin became a Christian led to the conflict of vassals of the Otomo family, which ironically would come to the surface in the form of an uprising of local lords in Sorin's later years.
  744. However, that construction plan was canceled due to some threatening events such as consecutive forest fires around Shigaraki no miya Palace, and the Great Buddha started to be built at the present location of the Daibutsu-den Hall of Todai-ji Temple at the same time with the return of the capital to the Heijo-kyo.
  745. However, that is limited to them; that is only their private logic.'
  746. However, that is not the case in new second-hand stores, which combine various types of stores.
  747. However, that job did not suit him well, and through the good offices of Sanzan IKEBE, the chief editor of the Tokyo Asahi Shimbun Company, he transferred to the Tokyo Asahi Shimbun and published serial novels.
  748. However, that order did not go into effect for such reasons as the National Prohibition Act in the United States was not effective in the past, illegal liquors caused many victims, and major beer companies supplied a part of the barley which they secured.
  749. However, that phenomenon occurred in the temples and shrines throughout the country, and therefore the above description of the belief is not so reliable.
  750. However, that same year, the expedition was cancelled by Emperor Kanmu, who accepted FUJIWARA no Otsugu's argument that military expeditions and the construction work for the new capital were placing an intolerable burden on the people (Great Political Debate).
  751. However, that story is denied as the changing process mentioned above was known archaeologically.
  752. However, that theory remains a matter of speculation.
  753. However, that theory was refuted by hired foreign scholars (specialists hired for their knowledge) who revealed the classifications of the Choshu lineage and Sasshu lineage.
  754. However, that worked against the group, and after the defeat in the Pacific War, 76 members were purged from public service.
  755. However, the "Kojikiden" (Commentaries on the Kojiki) by Norinaga MOTOORI denies the theory equating this god with Okuninushi-no-kami.
  756. However, the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) or the"Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) didn't contain any records of envoys to or from China before ken-suishi (Japanese official diplomatic delegations sent to China during the Sui dynasty).
  757. However, the "Oshu-gosannen-ki," written at the end of Heian period, did not record such an event.
  758. However, the 'Izumo-ha' school centered on Takatomi SENGE advocated 'Yuken ichinyo' and insisted that Okuni nushi no okami should be added, making five deities.
  759. However, the 'Koyo Chinbutai' engaged the 'expeditionary force to the east' earlier at Katsunuma, losing the battle on March 6th; then, 'Koyo Chinbutai' continued to skirmish in one place after another onward toward the Nagareyama District, Shimosa Province (Currently this location is Nagareyama City, Chiba Prefecture).
  760. However, the 'Wakasa' special train was operated until the 'Asashio' express train came into use on December 1 between Kanazawa Station and Izumoshi Station.
  761. However, the 'laver' is not processed into 'ita nori,' and the word isn't a familiar one to people outside the UK.
  762. However, the 'principle' of "Bankoku Koho" was accepted by nations in East Asia and gradually overwhelmed Kaichitsujo.
  763. However, the 'shochikubai' is regarded as the symbol of 'auspicious' things that is different from the original idea of China.
  764. However, the 'uprising' is defined as 'taking the same action' or take a pledge on it.
  765. However, the 10-volume books available at that time were manuscripts alone, and were scarcely published.
  766. However, the 2nd brigade led by Major General MIYOSHI, which rushed to Yonekura, prevented the attack and wiped out the Kesshi-tai troop including Kijima.
  767. However, the Agency for Cultural Affairs did not disclose the fact that fungi had grown and the mural paintings had deteriorated, which aroused mistrust of the people.
  768. However, the Akamatsu clan did not receive a fair award for their work during the Kenmu no Shinsei (the Kenmu Restoration) led by Emperor Godaigo, and Norisuke together with his father took the side of Takauji ASHIKAGA, joined battles against the Imperial Court force in various places, and distinguished himself in these battles.
  769. However, the Akamatsu clan which rapidly gained power under Muromachi bakufu was interfered by the Reign of Terror and the Soryo system carried out by Yoshimasa Ashikaga and eventually started the Kakitsu coup.
  770. However, the Akechi army, ordered to help Hideyoshi, suddenly marched to Kyoto and attacked Honno-ji Temple on July 1.
  771. However, the Aki-Takeda clan continued to exist at Kanayama-jo Castle as bungun-shugo (shugo of partial district).
  772. However, the Angu was never used.
  773. However, the Asakura army, which was deployed at the side of Nagamasa and was a sworn ally, took flight due to a vicious attack by Yasumasa SAKAKIBARA and others, though his forces were three times the size of those of the Tokugawa army.
  774. However, the Association of Mining Pollution Eradication in Morita (see below) refused to join the agreement.
  775. However, the Bacons treated Sutematsu as if she was their own daughter, and Sutematsu became familiar like sisters particularly with Alice the almost same age as her.
  776. However, the Bakufu government was subject to the Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor) and Declaration of the Restoration of Imperial Rule, and Genzaburo and his group in the Sabaku-ha (supporters of the Shogun) section of the Shinsengumi were placed in inferior positions.
  777. However, the Bonsho was not rung simply to indicate time, but listening to the resonance allows the listener to escape all suffering and attain enlightenment.
  778. However, the Buddhism-connected image brought up by funeral ceremonies in Japan is unique to Japan (except the Ainu tribe and Ryukyu).
  779. However, the Buddhist organization reacted to the plan with animosity saying that it was inconsistent with the terms of the 8.8 Reconciliation.
  780. However, the Cabinet was forced to resign en masse because Yusaku UEHARA, the Minister of Army, submitted his resignation and the military refused to nominate an incoming Minister of Army by hiding behind a rule that only an active military officer could serve as Army or Navy Minister (the issue of building additional two divisions).
  781. However, the Ceremonial House of the Fujiwara clan, or the maternal relative of Otomuro, was stagnating during this period.
  782. However, the Chikuzen Domain alone still continued to make counterfeit money by switching to forgery of the kinsatsu (Dajokan-satsu) even afterwards.
  783. However, the Chinese characters on both coins were '大平元宝' not correct '太平元宝,' so these were suspected of imitation.
  784. However, the Choshu Domain, which had lost its position in Coup of August 18, was accused of having attacked Kyoto, Kinmon Incident.
  785. However, the Choshu clan was expelled from Kyoto in a coup called 'the political upheaval on August 18' (upheaval occurred on September 30 on the western calendar) launched jointly by the Emperor Komei, the court nobles supporting Kobu-Gattai, the Satsuma clan and the Aizu clan in 1863,.
  786. However, the Commander-in-Chief on Prince Otomo side, TANAHE no Osumi sent an army to attack Kurafu during the night on July 5.
  787. However, the Conservative Party's troops were dissatisfied at being treated differently than the Progressive Party's military unit.
  788. However, the Constitution of the Empire of Japan specified that people's rights were "privileged" ones that were given by the emperor and these rights could be limited "by the constitution" and only permitted "within the confines of the law," in favor of public order and security.
  789. However, the Courts gave important posts to those punished criminals as eunuchs to work in the Court, and the number of people who cut off the genitals by themselves increased in later periods in order to become eunuchs.
  790. However, the Dairyo of Oshika-gun, Odate MICHISHIMA looked down on Azamaro as Ifu so Azamaro held a grudge deep in his heart.
  791. However, the Decree (of 1867) for the Restoration of Imperial Rule was enacted in the following month and the draft of the plans were not actually used.
  792. However, the Department of State decided not to compromise but instead to contain Japan by force and, on October 2, indicated to Japan a response that effectively rejected a Japan-U.S. summit.
  793. However, the Doi family continued occupying an important post in the cabinet officials of the Shogunate, for example, Toshitsura DOI assumed the head of Roju (the post immediately under Tairo) after Tempo Reforms failed.
  794. However, the Dutch language research of Noro and Aoki did not lead to a general popularity.
  795. However, the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) tightened the ban on Christianity later, and in 1624, Spanish ships were prohibited from visiting Japan.
  796. However, the Edo bakufu that disliked information on the West being circulated was reluctant to give approval to the publication of it for ordinary people.
  797. However, the Emishi fought back fiercely.
  798. However, the Emperor Gosaga was born between Michimune's daughter, MINAMOTO no Tsushi and the Emperor Tsuchimikado and the Michichika's family became the maternal relative of the emperors for two generation, namely Emperor Tsuchimikado and Emperor Gosaga.
  799. However, the Emperor Gosanjo, who was not related to Fujiwara clan, ascended the throne, and since his daughter Kanshi did not conceive an imperial child, Norimichi lost the political power and became the cause for the fall of Fujiwara clan.
  800. However, the Emperor Kazan abdicated the throne through the maneuvers of FUJIWARA no Kaneie.
  801. However, the Emperor allowed him to entrust Korechika the post of nairan only during his illness and did not allow him to hand over the post of kanpaku to Korechika.
  802. However, the Emperor could not help appreciating the talent of Kunitaka's first son MINAMOTO no Takatoshi and the second son MINAMOTO no Takatsuna, who therefore, were appointed to the Emperor's kinshu (attendants).
  803. However, the Emperor did not apply this system to all titles, and the existing titles remained.
  804. However, the Emperor had often referred to the visit to China by composing Waka (31-syllable Japanese poems) and other means until anti-Japanese sentiment in China became stronger.
  805. However, the Emperor refused this until the end.
  806. However, the Emperor system, a form of a Kizoku system, had been conserved as an exception.
  807. However, the Emperor was aware of his position as constitutional monarch; therefore, he had not made political decisions apart from these two incidents although he was Kamigoichinin (person in paramount authority).
  808. However, the Emperor was dissuaded from doing so by the empress, who said, "If you kill this toneri as you want to eat the boar now, there is no distinction between you and a wolf."
  809. However, the Engi and Tenryaku eras were consciously trumpeted by people of succeeding generations and they were firmly fixed as an ideal politic symbol in the latter half of the Heian period.
  810. However, the Finance Ministry (current Ministry of Finance) didn't overlook the situation, and in 2000 it amended the Liquor Tax Act.
  811. However, the First World War influenced the Japanese military doctrine and Japan recognized the need for all-out war system.
  812. However, the Furu 0-style earthenware was excavated from the bottom of the 10-meter-wide surrounding moat at the foot of the burial mound in the excavation research, in the vicinity outside the area specified as the imperial mausoleum.
  813. However, the Fushimi magistrate was an exceptional post to which a fudai daimyo (a daimyo in hereditary vassal to the Tokugawa family) was appointed as well.
  814. However, the General Headquarters of the Allied Powers did not accept the voluntary dissolution of Butoku Kai and instead ordered the dissolution of Butoku Kai on November 9, expelling around 5,000 people from the public and private sectors who were involved in Butoku Kai.
  815. However, the Gohojo clan fell at the invasion of Odawara by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI during the Ujitomo's period, and Ujitomo lost his patron.
  816. However, the Gonin-gumi system indirectly helped to give Nanushi/Shoya authority, control the life of the citizens, and reinforce autonomy of the villages and towns.
  817. However, the Great Fire and Famine of Kuwana happened the year he became the lord of domain.
  818. However, the Harunobu group which was supported by hereditary vassals including Nobukata ITAGAKI and Torayasu AMARI blocked the Kawauchi-ji Road, his way back, and banished Nobutora to Suruga.
  819. However, the Hatamoto who issued the paper money were only those of the Hatamoto who were actually checked by the new government during the early Meiji period.
  820. However, the Hatano School was not prosperous from the beginning, and only the Maeda School flourished.
  821. However, the Hichiriki flute requires a close distance between the holes, the material is blighted, old, and dried, and it is bamboo that has been smoked in the ceiling above a fireplace (a sunken hearth) in a farmhouse in daily life for three hundred to three hundred fifty years, so it is very hard and fragile.
  822. However, the Higashibojo family succeeded in providing many "Naishi no jo" (Chief Court Ladies) and the head of all the Higashibojo families as well.
  823. However, the Hiki family was attacked by a large number of army led by Yoshitoki HOJO, then the members of Hiki clan set fire to the residence to commit suicide, which led to extinction of the family.
  824. However, the Hogen-jo Castle was at the top of a mountain surrounded by steep hills in three directions.
  825. However, the Hojo army lost in the Battle at Kanbara-jo Castle, and the long-time vassals of the Imagawa clan also lost one battle after another against the Takeda clan due to attacks and conspiracies, and Ujizane was not able to regain control over Suruga.
  826. However, the Hojo clan surrendered to the armed forces of Toyotomi that came both from the sea and the mountains with abundant military force.
  827. However, the Honnoji Incident by Mitsuhide AKECHI broke out, and Motochika escaped from the crisis.
  828. However, the Honzon in Taiseki-ji Temple and Yobo-ji Temple are completely different.
  829. However, the Iemoto system as we know it today was established during the mid-Edo period when there was an explosive rise in the civilized population as a result of the rise of the wealthy merchant class.
  830. However, the Ii Hyobushoyu family was allowed to adopt Naonori II, the fourth son of Naooki II from the Ii Kamonnokami family as the fifth head to restore and keep the family name.
  831. However, the Ikki uprising headed by members of the Jodo Shinshu sect was called 'Ikko ikki,' and for this and other reasons, the other sects still called the Jodo Shinshu sect 'the Ikkoshu.'
  832. However, the Iljinhoe's original party platform was to secure the independence and sovereignty of Korea.
  833. However, the Imagawa clan's power gradually declined after Yoshimoto was killed at the Battle of Okehazama.
  834. However, the Imperial Court did not treat these individuals as well as they expected; therefore, their discontent grew.
  835. However, the Imperial Court started restructuring Gun by dividing them and introducing Go (village) in order to create Gun as administrative units detached from the influence of Gozoku.
  836. However, the Imperial Diet expressed their negative views and the establishment of both imperial universities was abandoned because 'even if it is established by donation, operating expenses could not be worked out.'
  837. However, the Imperial Household Agency does not recognize it as an official Miyake.
  838. However, the Imperial Palace was in a state of poverty.
  839. However, the Imperial Prince and Princess of Imperial Princess Yoshiko died early in life, and did not ascend to the imperial throne.
  840. However, the Imperial Princess Takako was respected as the Emperor Gokomyo's only one bereaved child and the imperial princess of the direct descendant; she received senge (imperial proclamation) for the imperial princess in January 1684, and then conferred Ippon Shinno (the first-ranked imperial princess) in 1708.
  841. However, the Imperial Princess entered into the Buddhist priesthood in sorrow and ended her short life six years later.
  842. However, the Imperial couple returned safely from the Okinawa visit without being injured.
  843. However, the Independence Club's insistence caused a confrontation with the bureaucracy of old-guard crony, and finally they were compelled to dismiss following the decree of Gao Zong.
  844. However, the Irokawa clan and others disliked being ruled by the Horiuchi clan because of the previous relationship and joined the troops under the Todo clan at the time of Japan's Invasion of Korea.
  845. However, the Ise group, which had played the central role in Shito Jimukyoku, argued that Amaterasu Omikami was the Great God of Heaven and Earth, which ruled Kenrei (this world and the world after death) and that other gods were simply her subordinates, thus creating a full-scale confrontation between the two.
  846. However, the Ishida clan was not the family of lord of the domain in the shogunate system because he was a vassal of the Toyotomi clan.
  847. However, the Ishido clan did not appear on records afterwards.
  848. However, the Isshiki clan lacked the basic military forces to carry out the Kyushu Tandai, so the power to rule was tenuous.
  849. However, the Iwakura Oda clan opposed its kin, powerful Nobunaga ODA, and the Yamauchi family was drawn into this conflict as a chief vassal.
  850. However, the JR is negative about the request, asserting that no further increase in passengers is expected.
  851. However, the Japan Meteorological Agency had a policy not to carry out this provision of information actively.
  852. However, the Japanese army withdrew from Hansong due to their provisions running short, and concentrated their troops in Busan and the surrounding areas.
  853. However, the Japanese economy in the end of Edo era encountered inflation due to the reduction of their currency value by one third and domestic products being exported through trade with foreign countries.
  854. However, the Japanese government refused to pay compensation on the basis that there were no diplomatic relations between Japan and Taiwan, and finally paid uniform choikin (condolence money) of two million yen per person in 1987, more than forty years after the end of the war.
  855. However, the Japanese materials lack such descriptions.
  856. However, the Japanese-American community broke down in the form of compulsory confinement because Japan became an adversarial country during World War II.
  857. However, the Jodo Shinshu sect regards "Three Sutras of the Pure Land (Jodosanbu-kyo Sutra)" as the fundamental Buddhist sutra, and the Nichiren and Hokke sects regard "Myohorenge-kyo" as that, so they don't recite the Hannya Shingyo.
  858. However, the Joseon Dynasty had been a tributary nation to Ming since its establishment, and it would not change its diplomatic policies.
  859. However, the Joseon Dynasty refused to receive the letter because it contained the Chinese characters '皇' (Royal, imperial) and '勅' (imperial decree) despite the fact that '皇' was allowed to be used only for the Chinese emperor and '勅' signified the imperial rescript under the tributary system.
  860. However, the Joseon Dynasty, which had been a tributary nation to Ming, would not follow his order.
  861. However, the Kadenokoji family, the soke of the KAMO clan, which rivaled the ABE clan in Onmyodo, had died out.
  862. However, the Kagawa Soryo (government) family died out because Motoaki died in battle during the Onin War.
  863. However, the Kajibashi Kano Family, the direct descendants of Tanyu, were not able to produce a talented painter.
  864. However, the Kamakura Bakufu came to be lead by the Hojo clan who extinguished the Genji (Minamoto clan) shogunate family, which caused the Ouchi clan, Genji monyo (relatives of Genji) end up getting away from the center of the Bakufu.
  865. However, the Kamakura bakufu won the Jokyu War and held the police and military forces, so the Imperial Court's right to judge criminal cases became a mere name.
  866. However, the Kamakura side launched the operation of Oshu Pursuit, and although Yasuhira escaped, a member of his close retainers betrayed and killed him.
  867. However, the Kaneko side was outnumbered by the enemy, and the soldiers, despite their strength, couldn't outlast the adversary.
  868. However, the Kanin family seceded from the retired Emperor Sutoku's party through political incidents such as the downfall of Yorinaga in 1155 and the demise of the Cloistered Emperor Toba which occurred the following year.
  869. However, the Kanroji and the Kajuji/Kanjuji would not split until the time of FUJIWARA no Suketsune, 9 generations later (a son of Tamesuke also established the Uesugi family).
  870. However, the Keihan Electric Railway entered a period of financial difficulty due to the Great Depression; thus it became impossible to carry out the plan, and the license expired in 1935.
  871. However, the Kenmu government failed to gain the support of samurai and the remnants of the Hojo clan repeatedly revolted against the government at various places.
  872. However, the Khmer word, 'ksher' means only a pipe to smoke tobacco and therefore, it might be better to think that the word, 'kiseru' is a derivative word of 'ksher' or was derived from the original word of the kiseru.
  873. However, the Kinmon Incident failed and as a result, the Emperor Komei got angry and punished Tadayasu.
  874. However, the Kinmon Incident occurred just after that.
  875. However, the Kira clan caused a fight due to a disagreement on seating order with Yoshikane SHIBA.
  876. However, the Ko Roppa tabled a no-confidence motion to be reported to the Emperor after the third general election for the House of Representatives, which resulted in the Diet having to dissolve itself in 1894.
  877. However, the Kogisho was renamed to the Shugiin in order to clip its power on July 8, 1869 by the Meiji Government who feared the Kogisho because it began to hold independent influence like such innovative proposals that the Meiji Government didn't anticipate at all.
  878. However, the Konoe Daisho was required, by the nature of that position, to live in Kyoto, and was not suited to moving toward independence in Kanto.
  879. However, the Korean Dynasty refused his proposal for the negotiations, and on April 19, the Korean Dynasty Army attacked Seiho and succeeded in obtaining it, so the Japanese Army had to retreat to Tsushima.
  880. However, the Korean language spoken in Japan was affected by the Japanese language, and became a Japanized Korean language called Zainichi Korean.
  881. However, the Korean navy lost naval supremacy after the west coast of Jeolla Province was conquered and Yi Sun-sin also retreated to the northern border of Jeolla Province and the Japanese navy advanced to the west coast of Jeolla Province.
  882. However, the Korean side did not permit the envoy to come up to Seoul Special City mainly for military reasons, and a ceremony for the return call was held at Wakan (consular office) in Pusan Metropolitan City.
  883. However, the Korean side refused to receive the sovereign's message because it used the words 'imperial' and 'imperial order.'
  884. However, the Kotofu consists of the Taitofu and the Kozokufu, and the Taitofu registers entries concerning statuses of Emperor, Empress and Empress Dowager, whereas the Kozokufu registers entries concerning statuses of the other Imperial Family members.
  885. However, the Koushi-kai fell into a decline due to the rise of the Kenkyu-kai, so in 1901 it tied up with the Asahi Club which was a subsequent faction of the Sanyo-kai and then formed a new faction, the Doyo-kai.
  886. However, the Koyo Chinbutai was defeated and he returned to Edo, which was under the control of the Imperial army.
  887. However, the Kugyo (high court noble) with a rank equivalent to or higher than Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank) frequently served as the Gyobu-Kyo concurrently.
  888. However, the Kujira's troop could not go further because the Fukei's soldiers including Tokomaro fought back with arrows.
  889. However, the Kusunoki-Wada side was cautious enough to search for mingled persons by torchlight.
  890. However, the Kuwanomi-dera Temple considers that he was not actually killed because a record remains of the patriarch who was said to have been killed at the time even after Honnoji Incident.
  891. However, the Kyo Kano could not enjoy better days for long, rapidly declining in the beginning of the Meiji period.
  892. However, the Kyo Kano had incomparably smaller influence than the Edo Kano that was enjoying a large scale of patronage of the Edo bakufu.
  893. However, the Kyokushin Kaikan, which was known for its bond of solidarity when Masutatsu OYAMA was alive, split into several factions, which called themselves 'Kyokushin,' and after the death of OYAMA many members left the organization and set up their own circles.
  894. However, the Kyoto Prefecture assembly vetoed the motion, adopting the resolution that "(Maizuru should) be prosperous not only as a central city of northern Kyoto but also as a large port city in Kyoto Prefecture."
  895. However, the Kyoto Shoshidai and the Machibugyo did not help much.
  896. However, the LED type in-car guidance indicator that featured the Series 7200 was never used.
  897. However, the Maizuru Nishi Port, port for foreign trade, functions not only as a commercial port but also as a fishing port; therefore, there was difficulty in operating service for large-scale container vessels which have recently played a leading part in marine transportation.
  898. However, the Meiji government dismissed it for "the bakufu signed the document after the inauguration of the new government in Kyoto; therefore it does not have diplomatic authority."
  899. However, the Meiji government ended up with both the anti-Buddhist movement and violent opposition from the Jodo Shinshu sect on its hands.
  900. However, the Meiji government formulated the policy of collecting land tax from every tract of land - in other words, permitted no tax-free land - and in 1871, it abandoned the jishi menkyo before the Land Tax Reform.
  901. However, the Meiji government's policy of 'further Westernization of clothing' meant that the costume was gradually worn only at special occasions, such as an audience with the Empress.
  902. However, the Meiyurinmo-bon was not known in those days, so it was not used when "Koi Genji monogatari" was made, and at the end of the book of comparison of "Genji monogatari taisei," the differences were supplementarily added.
  903. However, the Mieji government promoted the buildup of military forces.
  904. However, the Minamoto clan Shogun died out for the reasons; there was no descendant from the main line of the Minamoto clan apart from MINAMOTO no Sanetomo who succeeded Kamakura-dono; Sanetomo had no children.
  905. However, the Minamoto clan pursued Moritsugu's whereabouts harshly and "The Tale of the Heike" mentions that MINAMOTO no Yoritomo presented to everyone that 'there will be praise and encouragement to those who capture Jiro Hyoe Moritsugu of Ecchu province, even if he needs to be tied or killed.'
  906. However, the Ming and Korean navy's blockade impeded the withdrawal of Konishi's troops, including the Goto troops.
  907. However, the Ming refused this offer, regarding Yoshinaga as a person who had usurped power.
  908. However, the Misono and Kasahara clans are his descendant clans, and the Prince Sakai, who was his fifth generation descendant, received the surname of Kiyoharu in 862 (some state that the year was 865) and descended to subject status.
  909. However, the Mito Domain, Sendai Domain, Matsumoto Domain, Mikawa-Yoshida Domain, Takada Domain, Okayama Domain, Choshu Domain, Oka Domain and so on also obtained the bakufu's permission, and established zeniza.
  910. However, the Mito family was based within kanhasshu (eight provinces which composed the Kanto region in the Edo period) and governed Hitachi Province, which had been recognized as a taikoku (the best ranked provinces) and Shinno-Ningoku (provinces whose official governors were the Imperial princes) in Engishiki (a set of ancient Japanese governmental regulations).
  911. However, the Mito-jo Castle withstood the attack by shoseito and shoseito which struggled to attack the castle left the Mito Domain again.
  912. However, the Miyayama-type special vessel stands and jars, the Totsuki-type cylindrical haniwa, which is the oldest type of haniwa, and other items have been collected by the staff of the Imperial Household Agency.
  913. However, the Miyoshi clan did not have goson (autonomous village) as their direct control territory and was just having the Imperial Court and shogun under their control.
  914. However, the Miyoshi clan was plagued by the continued internal strife between the three men and Hisahide MATSUNAGA, while the Asakura clan was preoccupied with fighting Ikko Ikki (mobbing by mainly peasants faithful to the Ikko sect of Buddhism), both unable to think about sending their Shogun candidates to the capital.
  915. However, the Miyoshi clan, which lost faithful assistants in the battle, came to suffer from internal conflicts.
  916. However, the Miyoshi's army had already became weak due to the internal conflict and they could not control their army, and lost without really fighting against the Oda army.
  917. However, the Miyoshi's government, which passed a peak, began to decline in 1561.
  918. However, the Mongol envoys (chief envoy Kokuteki and vice-envoy Inko), guided by So Kunhi and Kinsan from Goryeo, returned due to the difficulty of the voyage after reaching Geoje Island, and explained to Kublai that it was unnecessary to send envoys to Japan.
  919. However, the Mori and the Matsudaira corrected the way they treated roshi, in response to criticism from commoners in Edo.
  920. However, the Muromachi bakufu was substantially destroyed during the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States).
  921. However, the Muromachi bakufu, in its prime under Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, regulated Enryaku-ji Temple and other powerful temples and shrines in Kyoto which exercised their private power within the Kyoto area in 1386 (Concentrating police authority in the bakufu).
  922. However, the Muromachi shogunate came to count more and more on tax revenues from the merchants in Kyoto rather than from goryosho, due to the poor and unsteady business performance of goryosho caused by a wave of wars.
  923. However, the Nagayama family, the feudal retainer of Satsuma Province, claimed to be the descendant of Yoshiaki.
  924. However, the Nakatomi clan, who had conducted religious services together with the Imbe clan, gained political power and became predominantly engaged in religious services after Taika Reform; a family of the Nakatomi clan, who had been given the name of Fujiwara, had been given the name of Nakatomi, again.
  925. However, the Nantan Wide-Area Development Bureau which is also part of the Kyoto Prefectural institutions, and Kyoto Prefectural Nantan High School are located in Kaneoka City.
  926. However, the Nichiren sect rebuffs the assertion of the Nichiren Shoshu sect on the following grounds:
  927. However, the Nihon-ga established then and fostered by Okakura and others up until the present has continued to develop as a rival force to Yo-ga.
  928. However, the Nihonshoki was compiled by the Imperial command of Emperor Tenmu, and includes many myths and legends that are hard to prove historically.
  929. However, the Nijo school, which was inherited by disciples after the Soke extinguished, had the most influence through the medieval period.
  930. However, the Niwa clan sided with the West Army in the Battle of Sekigahara, and was deprived of samurai status and the family territories forfeited, so Seigen became ronin (masterless samurai), shaving his head, and moved to Otsu City to be a bamboo-ware artisan.
  931. However, the O-oku (the inner halls of Edo Castle where the wife of the Shogun and her servants reside) of Edo castle was completely closed to all men and, except in case of an emergency, such as fire, male visitors were extremely limited.
  932. However, the Oda army had an advantage in tactics, and some busho of the Asakura army such as Yoshitsugu MAEBA, Nagashige TOMITA and 戸田与次 surrendered to Nobunaga in September.
  933. However, the Oda army with more warriors ran through the castle gate, and as a result, Morinobu NISHINA and Masayuki OYAMADA committed suicide.
  934. However, the Oda family could have acquired a few thousand teppo, if we take the standard number of 30,000 men deployed by the family, and if we recall the historical fact that they ordered the non-participating busho to provide teppo.
  935. However, the Oda family lost their power and were brought to ruin due to the family conflicts after Nobunaga and his father, Nobutada ODA, were killed in the Honnoji Incident.
  936. However, the Oda's army suffered huge losses in this battle, and Saikashu, who were supposed to be under Oda's control, soon resumed their independent activities and assisted Hongan-ji Temple.
  937. However, the Oda's troops were fighting with Yoshikage ASAKURA, with Nagamasa ASAI, and with Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple, and in addition, were being attacked by Takeda's troops in the area up to Iwamura-jo Castle in Mino Province.
  938. However, the Omihachiman Youth Chamber of Commerce sought to restore the canal as the pride of Omihachiman and pressed for reconsideration of the plan, organizing a petition drive and volunteer cleaning campaign aimed at the restoration of the canal.
  939. However, the Omotesenke school does not use kobukusa.
  940. However, the Osaki clan was finally deprived of its status because it did not respond to an order to participate in the Odawara offensive.
  941. However, the Otomo clan suffered a crushing defeat in the Battle of Mimi-kawa with the Shimazu clan and breakaway of many vassals and kokujin under its control repeatedly resulted in a quick decline of the Otomo clan.
  942. However, the Peace Preservation Law, which was enacted at the same time, was criticized as a 'bad law.'
  943. However, the Province of Mino, which the messengers had to pass through, was the first region seized by Prince Oama, and his troops closed Fuwa-no-seki checking station located on the border with the Province of Omi.
  944. However, the Pure Land sutras are provisional teachings of Buddha, as shown in his own words in Muryogikyo (Sutra of Infinite Meaning).
  945. However, the Qing army led by Shikai YUAN attacked the Japanese army which was guarding the imperial palace as it was expected, and the coup group was defeated.
  946. However, the Qing broke the promise and tried to flee.
  947. However, the Qing dynasty, the center of the structure started acting to abide by international law.
  948. However, the Regent's family was using its position behind-the-scenes to influence the formation of a Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan) powerbase in the Eastern provinces.
  949. However, the Reizei family, a branch family, has prospered until today and produced four Urin (the fourth-tier of the nobility) families (the Kami-Reizei family, the Shimo-Reizei family, the Fujigayatsu family, and the Irie family).
  950. However, the Restoration collapsed in two and half years, and the whereabouts of Kanemitsu afterward is unknown.
  951. However, the Retired Emperor Gokameyama and Tsuneatsu escaped to Yoshino in 1410.
  952. However, the Retired Emperor Reigen began his rule, so a discord with the opposing Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) broke out, which heralded a conflict between the bakufu and the retired emperor.
  953. However, the Rito-Suiko (Suiko managed by using rice plant) remained even in the late medieval period.
  954. However, the Ritsuryo system would lose most of its effectiveness during the period.
  955. However, the Ritsuryo was no longer enacted in Japan after the enactment of Yoro Ritsuryo in 757 (additional and supplemental law code, Santei Ritsuryo and Santei Ryokaku were enacted later, but they were also abrogated soon afterward).
  956. However, the Rokkaku suffered a crushing defeat and fled the Kannonji Castle for Koga.
  957. However, the Rokuhara tandai was overthrown, and the Hinooka-goe, located to the north, became positioned as the main raid for Tokaido, reducing it's use to that of a side street in recent times.
  958. However, the Saga Domain did not dispatch the troops, the commander Ogasawara's leadership did not work, and the domains of the alliance withdrew their troops one by one.
  959. However, the Saika group who joined the Bunroku-Keicho War was the pro-Nobunaga sect that had lost in the private war against the anti-Nobunaga sect and it was a sect of Magoichi SUZUKI (see the Suzuki clan) who was protected by Hideyoshi later, making it a weak rationale.
  960. However, the Saikashu, worried about a war-torn land due to the attack, offered a surrender on the condition that they would give consideration to the attack in Osaka on the following day, and Nobunaga accepted it and withdrew.
  961. However, the San-saemon officers (Nakahara, Goto, Ono) had their territories confiscated and were made to return to Kamakura, and Motokiyo GOTO was also dismissed from the Sanuki no kuni no kami (Provincial Governor of Sanuki) post that he had also assumed.
  962. However, the San-shikishi is unaligned and inconsistent, as if it is laughing at hard work.
  963. However, the Sanjo family was still in financial difficulties; therefore, he later arranged for his third daughter Nyoshunni to be adopted by Harumoto HOSOKAWA, who served as Kanrei (a shogunal deputy).
  964. However, the Satsuma Domain, led by Takamori SAIGO and Toshimichi OKUBO, ousted the Choshu Domain from Kyoto in the Coup of August 18 and the "Kinmon no Hen" (the Kinmon Incident) in cooperation with the Aizu Domain.
  965. However, the Satsuma army became to lose the initial momentum as it ran out of military personnel and materials.
  966. However, the Satsuma army was fiercely shot and routed while crossing the river, and retreated to Ishiki.
  967. However, the Satsuma clan, which was ordered to attack Choshu from the Hagi-kuchi route, had formed a secret alliance with Choshu (Saccho meiyaku [pact between Satsuma and Choshu]) through the mediation of Ryoma SAKAMOTO of Tosa Domain and refused to dispatch the troops.
  968. However, the Sawayama-jo Castle was attacked by Hideaki KOBAYAKAWA and others who switched to the East squad and it fell.
  969. However, the Seikanronso (confrontation on the subjugation of Korea) wasn't over.
  970. However, the Sekkan shiki (the position of regents and advisers) were abolished in the Decree for the Restoration of Imperial Rule in December of the same year.
  971. However, the Senmin system based on Buddhistic thought appeared after that.
  972. However, the Shiba clan began to fall into decline after the death of Yoshimasa.
  973. However, the Shimazu clan ignored the order and continued to fight battles in order to establish its rule over Kyushu, which made Hideyoshi decide to invade Kyushu.
  974. However, the Shingon sect and To-ji Temple now consider Kukai as the first To-ji betto (head priest of To-ji Temple).
  975. However, the Shitenno statue in Todai-ji Temple Kaidan-do is shaped as a figure that has a pagoda in the right hand and a treasure club in the left hand.
  976. However, the Shogitai troop force increased in power, inviting remarks of skepticism from the new government.
  977. However, the Shogunal judgment was passed on the Toki clan earlier than the Imagawa clan.
  978. However, the Shugo daimyo tried tenaciously to expand their power, and many battles were fought between the bakufu and Shugo.
  979. However, the Shugo post, which had power with hereditary privelages and family status in the Muromachi period, carried a similar meaning as a title for daimyo in the Sengoku period, and as a title for influential players in the Warring States period.
  980. However, the Sogo force chose field battle.
  981. However, the Soka Gakkai side gradually continued to insist on the change of doctrine, and after going through various issues in 1977, Nichiren Shoshu Sect excommunicated Soka Gakkai on November 28, 1991, in the name of the sixty seventh Hoshu at that time, Nikken.
  982. However, the Southern Court lost the battle, with the Isa Castle surrendered and Yukimune having fled the Castle.
  983. However, the Sugawara clan protested so strongly that Masamoto KUJO and Hisatsune KUJO were censured by the Emperor Gotsuchimikado, and the Karahashi family was able to overcome the crisis.
  984. However, the Suruga Province was given in a manner that Ieyasu went to Nobunaga in Azuchi-jo Castle then was granted by him.
  985. However, the Susuki family also died out in the latter 16th century with the death of Moromitsu SUSUKI (Yukitsugu) who was Tokitsugu YAMASHINA's son and the Susuki family's adoptive son.
  986. However, the Suzuka manuscript only preserves some of the volumes.
  987. However, the TAIRA no Kiyomori clan became extinct after the Jisho-Juei civil war, and the government of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, who originated in Military Kizoku, won the war.
  988. However, the Tachibana clan ended their post of Kugyo as Tsunehira the last, died on the third day after taking the post of Sangi in 983.
  989. However, the Taira clan army had firmed up their battle formation by digging trenches around them and constructed several layers of Sakamogi (fence made of thorny or steeple branches to prevent the entry of an enemy) fences, and commenced to wait.
  990. However, the Taira clan fiercely resisted, so the Minamoto clan's army could not break through the defensive points easily.
  991. However, the Taira clan forces obtained information that Noriyori's troops would get reinforcements, so they decided to retreat to Nagato Province.
  992. However, the Taira family had prevented the priests of Enryaku-ji Temple from following Nakatsuna, and also they were no longer safe at Onjo-ji Temple; therefore, they left for Kofuku-ji Temple in Nara.
  993. However, the Taira family was defeated in the Battle of Dan no ura.
  994. However, the Takeda army suffered a crushing defeat through this battle, which was passed down orally later,
  995. However, the Tamemori's name appears in the historical materials published after 1183. In "Gukansho" (Jottings of a Fool), the author wrote that Tamemori served as an envoy for his father Yorimori at the time of leaving the capital; therefore, his death in the battle in the Kurikara Pass might be a writing error.
  996. However, the Tang Dynasty did not allow Kiyokawa to return home on the grounds that the travel would be dangerous due to Tang's turbulence by the Rebellion of An Lu-shan and Shih Ssu-ming.
  997. However, the Tang Dynasty did not eliminate the rebel forces.
  998. However, the Tempo ichibu-gin silver coin was nominal money in that its face value was set higher than its bare metal value, but the grade of the silver coin was still higher than that of Spanish dollar.
  999. However, the Tendai sect had an advantage in that they had successors such as Ennin, Enchin (814 ? 891) and so on and came to heighten their status by becoming Mikkyo with the Shingon sect, while Hosso sect of Buddhism did not have quality successors which gradually led to their decline.
  1000. However, the Theater Owner's Association established by Yamazaki and others had already collapsed by the end of July.

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