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  1. As a result, even now, it is used as the basis for a calendar.
  2. As a result, even nowadays, Ishikawa Prefecture and Nagoya are still active regions of the Hosho Style.
  3. As a result, even sake that is made in June and shipped in September is considered 'Kusu.'
  4. As a result, even though it started as an early spring festival, it is now held on the coldest day in winter.
  5. As a result, even though they had similar activities, those that did not possess personality as monks could not receive offerings from lay believers.
  6. As a result, even well-known chain stores often refrain from using their bright corporate colors for the store signs but instead use plain coloration that is different from the stores in other parts of Japan.
  7. As a result, everyone from Daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) to commoners thought it a natural courtesy and righteous judgment to present something beneficial such as money or goods in return when he/she was given a right by the higher authority.
  8. As a result, exchange of money began in November, but this did not finish by the end of year as aimed, and even when the deadline was pushed to March 2, 1870 and December 15 of the same year, the disposal of counterfeit money did not catch up.
  9. As a result, families with roshi lineage remain in the region even today, and many artifacts left by deceased roshi have been handed down through the generations.
  10. As a result, finances improved and business recovered.
  11. As a result, following the reconstruction of Kon-do Hall in 1976, the West Pagoda, Chumon (inner gate), a part of cloisters, Dai-kodo Hall (great lecture hall), etc. were reconstructed one after another.
  12. As a result, for sengoku daimyo, operation of gold and silver mines in the territory increased their strategic importance as a means to raise war funds as represented by Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine which was designated a World Heritage as commenced in the Sengoku Period.
  13. As a result, for students other than those who stayed in Daigaku-ryo and aspired to a teaching career such as hakase (professor), graduation was no more a prerequisite for job appointment, and this prompted Daigaku-ryo's examinations to lose substance and to become simplified.
  14. As a result, foreign ambassadors could make a large profit by first exchanging a one-dollar silver coin into three ichibu-gin silver coins, further exchanging four ichibu-gin silver coins into koban at ryogaesho (money exchangers), taking koban out of Japan and selling them as bare metal.
  15. As a result, from the middle of the Edo period onwards, gangs of louts living the high-life whilst posing as Komuso became rampant so, the shogunate placed restrictions on the Komuso.
  16. As a result, fudai genin, which were the genin from hereditary succession, gradually disappeared.
  17. As a result, government official posts under the Ritsuryo system became an empty shell.
  18. As a result, guts f 8 sho may be obtained from sea cucumber of 100 'kan' (another measuring unit), Konowata of 7 go from guts of 1 sho.
  19. As a result, he allied with FUJIWARA no Nobuyori and MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo and defeated Shinzei and was temporarily assigned with the position of Kawachi no kami (the governor of Kawachi Province) with the rank of Jugoinoi (Junior Fifth Rank).
  20. As a result, he asked that a rule be made to govern clothing, so Shakyamuni said to Ananda beside him, pointing the paddy fields, 'How about making it like that.'
  21. As a result, he became a shugo daimyo with the territories of six provinces, such as Izumi Province, Kii Province, Suo Province, Nagato Province, Buzen Province and Iwami Province, and built the height of the Ouchi clan's prosperity, along with the trading with Yi Dynasty Korea on its own accord.
  22. As a result, he came to possess a total of 30,000 koku territory to rank with daimyo (Japanese feudal lord).
  23. As a result, he concluded that the vowels that were previously considered to have the distinction between A-type and B-type indicated complementary distribution and thus these vowels were not distinguished from each other but their phonemes were identical.
  24. As a result, he contributed to the victory of Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu) and was valued by Emperor Tenmu, and built the foundation for his descendants to flourish as the Tachibana clan.
  25. As a result, he decided on the dangerous course of leaving the group of kentoshi to illegally reside in China (Foreign monks were required to have a permit from the Tang emperor).
  26. As a result, he developed a good reputation and became known as 'Tenka Eimei' (Honor of the Realm).
  27. As a result, he did not show talent and was unsuccessful as a governmental official throughout life and left his name only in the area of culture and arts.
  28. As a result, he drew criticism from the Imperial Court of the Southern Court and the Kusunoki family, and was attacked by them.
  29. As a result, he emerged from the position of a rebel.
  30. As a result, he endured great hardship during his young days.
  31. As a result, he gave the position of the chief priest to his second son, Jiko, who was the chief steward of Shoren-in, in February 2004.
  32. As a result, he gradually won support from parts of conservative-blocs and centrist-blocs such as medical associations and agricultural organizations.
  33. As a result, he had been suffered from diabetes in his later years.
  34. As a result, he had the eastern part of the Katsushika district under his control, and in 1548, he issued a deed to 'prohibit Shugo (governors) to enter (his) territory' to Nakayama Hokekyo-ji Temple to strengthen his foundation as the local feudal lord.
  35. As a result, he has no career in the military.
  36. As a result, he incurred the gods' wrath and died suddenly in February the following year.
  37. As a result, he left Liberal Party in 1897.
  38. As a result, he left the Ministry of Treasury and was reassigned a Minister of Interior due to Hirobumi ITO's thoughtfulness.
  39. As a result, he lived the longest of all of the Shinagon.
  40. As a result, he met with his father's anger and was given a good behavior order.
  41. As a result, he often had a chance to perform Kanjin-noh plays (performances held to raise subscriptions for the construction of shrines or temples) in Nara where they were based and furthermore in Kyo (capital), with the sponsorship of Masamoto HOSOKAWA and Yoshioki OUCHI, who were influential persons at that time.
  42. As a result, he opened the way to make sokuikanjo a family business of the Nijo family.
  43. As a result, he received L?gion d'honneur Officier from the Republic of France.
  44. As a result, he started to write his haikai, which had been urban until then, in the provincial style.
  45. As a result, he subjugated some of the powerful families there, such as those of Yoshiaki MIURA and Kageyoshi OBA.
  46. As a result, he summoned MIFUNE no Ujinushi as university professor and KARITA no Tanetsugu as his associate professor and ordered them to have a debate about keigaku (study of Keisho in Confucianism).
  47. As a result, he was appointed the kanmu, Uji no Choja (a common clan chieftain) of the Ozuki clan on March, 1445.
  48. As a result, he was awarded the additional 2000 kan (a unit for the fields, which was determined on the basis of the yields and did not depend on the areas) of hunting fields in Tobe Nakayama.
  49. As a result, he was conferred Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) in the following year, 808.
  50. As a result, he was disowned by his father with the letter Shinran wrote on June 30, 1256.
  51. As a result, he was implicated in the large scale political oppression, Ansei no Taigoku (suppression of extremists by the Shogunate), started by Naosuke II in the same year, 1858.
  52. As a result, he was imprisoned indefinitely, and transferred to jail in Shibecha Town, Hokkaido where he was to serve his time, but died in jail on September 29 of the same year.
  53. As a result, he was kept out of the public schools.
  54. As a result, he was overthrown in the following year, 1863.
  55. As a result, he was promoted slowly and was Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) at the time.
  56. As a result, he was punished by being deprived of his fief, and the Mimaki Domain became extinct.
  57. As a result, he was suspected by the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) of rebellion after the fall of the TOYOTOMI family, however, pardoned through the mediation of Shojo SHOKADO and the Kujo family.
  58. As a result, he was transferred to Ayabe in the Tanba Province where he founded the Ayabe Domain.
  59. As a result, he won a first prize in 100-meter, 200-meter and 400-meter run, a second prize in 200-meter run.
  60. As a result, heavy taxes were often imposed, and all the villages under the Kameyama domain were impoverished.
  61. As a result, heredity made Sando a closed discipline, and the Japanese history of mathematics entered a time of stagnation.
  62. As a result, his father Tokikatsu and he were brought up at the Kennin-ji Temple in Kyoto.
  63. As a result, his legitimate son, Hirofusa, was killed in a battle at Saijo in Aki Province in 1385, and Motoharu had Hirofusa's son, Mitsufusa MORI, succeed to own position, and acted as guardian until Mitsufusa grew up.
  64. As a result, his only son Michinori was adopted by TAKASHINA no Tsunetoshi.
  65. As a result, his works were regarded as 'second-rate films,' but he himself said, 'some say that I am a typical case of a mindless and inconsistent director, but those words flatter me.'
  66. As a result, historians believe that, since Yoshiie represented the new rising bushi class, his treatment by the imperial court over the Later Three Years' War was a 'conspiracy of Shirakawain (Retired Emperor Shirakawa)' or a 'conspiracy of the Sekkan-ke (the five houses of the Fujiwara clan that usually held the regency).'
  67. As a result, honjo, such as those living in Kyoto, became unable to receive nengu.
  68. As a result, honzon (principal image of Buddha) and other treasures were removed to other places, and temple buildings including Kon-do Hall were also forced to be relocated.
  69. As a result, however, he ordered to destroy the building of Samurai-dokoro and rebuild it on August 14.
  70. As a result, however, in this battle, intense shooting of the spearmen group, from hills, stopped and defeated the rush of heavily-armed knights group which were said to had be invincible so far.
  71. As a result, however, some people pointed out that this system produced incompetent teachers who had not majored in pedagogy, and some proposed that the normal school system be revived.
  72. As a result, illegally-parked bicycles, skyrockets, firecrackers, and barbecuing are prohibited in some areas.
  73. As a result, in 1207, when Honen was forced into exile to Tosa in the Kenei no honan (Kenei Persecution), he became exiled to Awa Province.
  74. As a result, in 1358, the Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor) Yoshimoto NIJO was dismissed from the post after 16 years of service, by Yoshiakira ASHIKAGA's shisso.
  75. As a result, in 1399 he had the honor of performing kanjin sarugaku for three days under the auspices of Shogun Yoshimistu ASHIKAGA, at which point he reached the pinnacle of the performing arts world.
  76. As a result, in 1495 Jitsunyo gave his approval to purge Senji KAWAI, leader of the Kaga Ikki (revolt) and member of the anti-Masamoto faction, from the religious establishment.
  77. As a result, in 1521, Yoshioki sent his army to Aki and Iwami but, although fighting the Amago clan for several years, he failed to achieve any favorable results.
  78. As a result, in 1810 he wrote 5 volumes of "Bukkoku Rekishohen" (literally, "study of the calendar in India") based on the astronomy of Mt. Sumeru (in Buddhism - said to be the highest mountain rising in the center of the world).
  79. As a result, in December of the same year, Sanemasa was banished to Izu Province, and his son FUJIWARA no Atsumune was also implicated and was made to resign from Sashoben (Minor Controller of the Left).
  80. As a result, in January 674, Emperor Gao Zong of Tang deprived King Munmu of his official ranks, and arbitrarily declared King Munmu's brother Kim Inmun staying as a night duty guard to be King of Silla, deciding to advance to Silla with punitive forces headed by Liu Rengui and other generals.
  81. As a result, in Kokkagakkai, there were a faction that emphasized spread and enlightenment of the science of the nation and German studies centering on the constitution about management and other faction that emphasized 'jungakuri' against it.
  82. As a result, in November, 1086 (Otoku 3), SHIRAKAWA proclaimed his own eight year old son, Prince Taruhito (73rd Emperor Horikawa) to be the Crown Prince instead of Prince Sukehito and SHIRAKAWA abdicated immediately.
  83. As a result, in aristocratic society of the later half of the 10th century, Johei Tengyo kunkosha and their descendants became known as families specialized in military affairs called tsuwamono-no-ie.
  84. As a result, in lieu of the daimyo (sodaisho (commander-in-chief)) who took the overall command, some of the senior vassals took command of the army headquarters sonae (sample Figure 3, mushabugyo (warrior commander)).
  85. As a result, in many ordinary shrines, only saishu observe the official rules of dress, while everyone from saiin on down garb themselves in the attire appropriate for small-scale festivals (i.e., everyday attire).
  86. As a result, in many places across Japan, 'Sarutahiko-no-kami' is worshipped as "Sai-no-kami" (a god who prevents evil spirits from entering areas) and Doso-shin.
  87. As a result, in principle, the compound surnames such as Mononobe Yuge, Abe no Fuse, and Soga no Ishikawa were to disappear after this edict.
  88. As a result, in reality samurai became dependent on the merchants.
  89. As a result, in some cases, the ryoke authority alone could not maintain ownership of the shoen.
  90. As a result, in the bakufu, the reconstruction of the relationship between shogun and gokenin (an immediate vassal of the shogunate in the Kamakura and Muromachi through Edo periods) was carried out.
  91. As a result, in the last half of Ietsuna's reign (the Kanbun and the Enpo eras), Tadakiyo SAKAI assumed the position of Tairo in 1666 to replace the Iro retainers and the bakufu came to be administered by the orders of Ietsuna himself with a Roju council system under the leadership of Tadakiyo.
  92. As a result, in the late Meiji period they gradually became established as the written language, and came to greatly influence Japanese general writing.
  93. As a result, in the next year the construction for DC electrification was carried out between Maibara Station and Nagahama Station.
  94. As a result, in the period in which KAMO no Tadayuki played an important role, the staffs of Onmyoryo had been reduced in number.
  95. As a result, increased ronin (masterless samurai) emerged as a social issue and major events (uprisings)such as Shimabara War and Keian Incident (Shosetsu YUI).
  96. As a result, intentionally or unintentionally, the word "verheffen" must have described a breast.
  97. As a result, it became customary to develop the new policy of Miyohajime at the time of the assumption of the new Tokugawa Shogunate family taken place due to the assumption of Seitaishogun (commander-in-chief of the expeditionary force against the barbarians, great, unifying leader) or the death of Ogosho.
  98. As a result, it became difficult to maintain the form of decchi-boko comprising 'long-term live-in work with housing, food, and clothing virtually with no pay'.
  99. As a result, it became futile to attempt to make a clear distinction between works influenced by Japonism and those that are not.
  100. As a result, it became hard to control the entire Todai-ji Temple.
  101. As a result, it became impossible for China to maintain the diplomatic relations with European countries based on the traditional order of kai (the Chinese vs. barbarians), and it established Sorigamon (the government body in charge of foreign affairs) in order to deal with the diplomacy with European countries.
  102. As a result, it became less practical, which would later make a reason to compile the fully-revised ''Engishiki Code (an ancient book for codes and procedures on national rites and prayers)'' and to abolish the "Konin-shiki Code" and the "Jogan-shiki Code".
  103. As a result, it became possible to administer the Imperial Court of the Edo period by the agreements of the Gosekke alone, so that it became difficult even for the Emperor to oppose the Imperial Court.
  104. As a result, it can be said that 'a dispute on wives and concubines' raised questions about the equal between men and women at a private space between husband and wife, but that it was passive against the equal of political and social rights between men and women.
  105. As a result, it can be thought that the title was not unified completely as 'Tenno' (Tenno still was sometimes called Tenshi-sama by common people).
  106. As a result, it caused a distributional disruption and in 1851, after the fall of Mizuno, kabunakama were reestablished as toiyanakama (group of warehouse merchants) in which no render was needed.
  107. As a result, it costs farmers too much to introduce agricultural machines and they are often forced into having another job in order to continue farming.
  108. As a result, it developed into the current shape from the pursuit of bow durability and strength.
  109. As a result, it is believed that he was related to Kangakue in the past.
  110. As a result, it is commented that, since the Great Famine of Kyoho, the cultivation of sweet potato spread in Kanto region and solitary islands, and thus a lot of people's lives were saved in the Tenmei Famine.
  111. As a result, it is considered that Jori in various places was enforced around cultivated land which was developed by the Konden Einen Shizai Law.
  112. As a result, it is considered that, it seemed to the Japanese, there was one god accompanied by two creatures in these paintings whereby Fukurokuju has been generally recognized as one godhead and not three persons in Japan.
  113. As a result, it is said that the prestige of the aoi-mon was dramatically enhanced.
  114. As a result, it is thought Chikafusa KITABATAKE wrote it while he was in the Kanto, and used only what few references he had on hand in writing it, which explains the errors and misrepresentations seen here and there concerning true historical events (as they were understood in those days).
  115. As a result, it led to the establishment of the Kamakura bakufu.
  116. As a result, it seemed to be only a matter of time until Morimasa occupied Shizugatake Fort.
  117. As a result, it seems that business activities of the adjacent Yagi expanded into Imai-cho in the medieval period developing the latter into a town.
  118. As a result, it should be stated that this book has value in the history of literature, but it is less valuable in terms of influence on Japanese poetry of later days.
  119. As a result, it turned out to be a highly skilled dyeing technique.
  120. As a result, it was Tokiie HONJO, the fourth son (younger brother of Ietsugu) of Ienaga who ended up succeeding his father as the head of the head family of Kodama party (Kodama Sho clan) located near the north border and keeping its Kurisaki territory,
  121. As a result, it was determined that Ming envoys would visit to Japan with a document stating that Hideyoshi would be appointed to the Japanese king and a golden seal.
  122. As a result, it was developed as sokyoku which could be enjoyed as sophisticated concert music along with jiuta's populatiry.
  123. As a result, it was established to represent Japan's sense of beauty.
  124. As a result, it was on March 16, 1568 that Yoshihide became Shogun.
  125. As a result, it was praised by Sung as "sho-chuka" for its loyalty.
  126. As a result, it was revealed that they were 2,600 years old with a margin of error of plus or minus 200 years.
  127. As a result, it was revised to a policy of managing the indigenous people directly without the Han.
  128. As a result, it was spread throughout Japan by provincials who saw Sangaku in Kyoto.
  129. As a result, it was widely recognized as a lucrative business.
  130. As a result, its engine was worn down and replaced by the one of DLC1.
  131. As a result, its management was outsourced to the private sector in July 2008.
  132. As a result, its presence held great influence within the Qing dynasty.
  133. As a result, its sales as an alcoholic beverage increased rapidly toward the end of the 1990s.
  134. As a result, its style came closer to that of an Encyclopedia for family use.
  135. As a result, its territory became 21,000 koku in total, which was established as jiryo in the Edo period.
  136. As a result, its value as a "historical record" is considered low, and today it is treated as nothing more than a "story."
  137. As a result, jisha denso also had a function in the bakufu.
  138. As a result, johei (castle garrison) remained to take refuge, and many died in the battle, while the remaining women, children, and male servants were treated severely, and made into hostages or slaves.
  139. As a result, kandaka sei became disorganized economically, and there were cases in which the payment of tax by rice, instead of by coins, was accepted under unavoidable circumstances.
  140. As a result, kelp became an ingredient frequently used in Okinawan cuisine later recognized as a traditional food.
  141. As a result, kokushi who had great authority in the governance of provinces, namely zuryo (the head of the provincial governors), appeared.
  142. As a result, large-sized Uchiwa fan for having their attendant carry, as well as gorgeous Uchiwa fan with patterns, were produced using various materials such as silk, vegetable fiber distracted from areca nut palm or Japanese banana, feather of Japanese pheasant and magpie.
  143. As a result, licensed quarters carried the same meaning as the niwaba (places connected to temples, shrines and good omens) and was a place where tekiya plied their trade.
  144. As a result, local Gozoku who had been serving as Gunji were required to change.
  145. As a result, local and express trains began to run on the same track and both trains connected to each other at Ashiya and Takatsuki.
  146. As a result, local roads linking the Ujihigashi and Ujinishi interchanges are commonly congested during the rush hours.
  147. As a result, local samurais and farmers of the province became impoverished due to the long-standing fights.
  148. As a result, machiai-chaya are frequently used as a place not only for a party but also for a party after a party.
  149. As a result, many clans relocated from their cramped family lands in Kanto to the more spacious lands they had been newly awarded.
  150. As a result, many consumers bought lots of natto and caused a temporary shortage of supplies.
  151. As a result, many different manuscripts of "The Tale of Genji" had existed since the late Heian period to the early Kamakura period, but each of them was different and it was not certain which one maintained the original form.
  152. As a result, many kaihatsu-ryoshu became samurai.
  153. As a result, many lands were incorporated into the public land, and many Korean peasants lost their ownership of their land, some researchers say.
  154. As a result, many martial arts schools introduced the Soke system.
  155. As a result, many new schools and branch-schools were founded nationwide.
  156. As a result, many of monto's descendants are not aware of the meaning of Tariki Hongan (by Amida Nyorai) and the unique rituals and manners of Jodo Shinshu Sect.
  157. As a result, many of the members of the clan dispersed over the country, leaving their native land.
  158. As a result, many of the parties involved in lawsuits began to adopt wayo to settle lawsuits quickly, and the Kamakura bakufu also recommended, directly or indirectly, swift settlement of lawsuits through wayo, in order to handle lawsuits quickly.
  159. As a result, many plum trees were cut down and the land was transformed into mulberry or tea plantation fields.
  160. As a result, many powerful military commanders such as Nobuchika CHOSOKABE, Motochika's legitimate son, and Masayasu SOGO died in the battle.
  161. As a result, many priests and lay people of the Jodo and Shodo sects came to believe in him.
  162. As a result, many prisoners were forced to work in cruelly harsh conditions and died.
  163. As a result, many students still lived in the dormitory at the time of the above 'time limit.'
  164. As a result, many temples invested these funds as capital for Shidosen.
  165. As a result, many were constructed to serve as purely defensive installations.
  166. As a result, members of eight families were appointed to the position during the end of Edo period; namely Shibukawa family, Ikai family, Nishikawa family, Yamaji family, Yoshida family, Okumura family, Takahashi family and Adachi family.
  167. As a result, merely by bringing some of the silver circulating in the treaty port of China into Japan and exchanging it for gold and then taking that gold back to China and exchanging it for silver, people had found a very easy way by which to get rich quick.
  168. As a result, mistakes accumulated in manuscripts.
  169. As a result, most masuseki were eliminated from theaters in Japan except for those in the traditional small theaters in local cities by the early Showa period.
  170. As a result, most of the headaches for the Muromachi shogunate government were eliminated.
  171. As a result, naga shaku (long shaku) longer than two meters, longer top and shorter bottom, and shimobe yori (closer at lower end) bows began to be used.
  172. As a result, naihosei (the way of measuring based upon the inner size of pillar) was created and tatami mat was standardized as the longer side was 1.909 m and the shorter side was 0.93 m.
  173. As a result, naturally the children of the tea rooms had access to the theaters and it wasn't unusual for these children to learn the art and become actors themselves.
  174. As a result, no big differences were found compared with original type 103 cars, and it was confirmed that they were usable, without any amendments, where distances between stations are longer than two kilometers.
  175. As a result, no merchants except the Sakai merchants and other merchants under their influence, could go on board the kangosen.
  176. As a result, no restoration work was performed on the jail or three story storehouse but the roof over the area where the jail and main building joined was repaired and, to stop its further tilting westward, the main building was reinforced by installing braces on a slant from the west side of doma.
  177. As a result, non-taxable transactions came to be relatively expensive, which began to decrease.
  178. As a result, noodles became soft and inelastic, as another theory suggests.
  179. As a result, not only are they unclear, they are also open to varying interpretations.
  180. As a result, number of existing Kocho-sen coins has become far fewer than recorded, with specifically inferior quality casting particularly in the latter period making them now corroded and difficult to read their engraved letters, while quite a few coins with readable letters are now priced high.
  181. As a result, on January 5, 1685, he was appointed the Shogunate's first official astronomer and retired as a professional go player.
  182. As a result, on March 15, the Qing government accepted Japan's five demands including release of Tatsumaru, compensation for damage, ceremonial fire of bombshells and purchase of arms.
  183. As a result, on May 27, 1884, Hisamitsu withdrew from Kyoto, entrusting Tatewaki KOMATSU, Saigo and others with future affairs (arrived Kagoshima on June 11).
  184. As a result, on October 6, 1869, the government gave an order to abolish Kogakusho and Kangakusho after which both were abolished in eight days.
  185. As a result, on September 12, 1466, Yoshikane was forced out from the position of the head of the Shiba clan, and Yoshitoshi SHIBA returned as heir of the Shiba clan.
  186. As a result, on one hand he preached pacifism and the prohibition of uprisings, but on the other hand he had to make a hard decision to organize the Ikko-Ikki army to protect the religious community and furthermore to receive the cooperation from the secular powers such as provincial governors.
  187. As a result, one can eat surume comfortably even if his or her teeth are not strong enough.
  188. As a result, one can hardly see the vinyl made container as of the 2000s.
  189. As a result, one could be referred to as 'bushi' once the local economics shifted from the 'management of Shieiden' to 'kaihatsu-ryoshu' step.
  190. As a result, only Kasuga-jinja Shrine remained in Otogi village is said to have been renamed 'Yatsugi-jinja Shrine.'
  191. As a result, only a few Udon shops list Odamaki Udon on their regular menu at present.
  192. As a result, only about 3 to 4% of the male aged 20 and over were drafted (though it was never possible to draft all adult males due to the government's financial difficulty).
  193. As a result, other soba restaurants have opened one after another in recent years whereby this area has become a new landmark being referred to as the 'Soba Highway.'
  194. As a result, paper money was progressively readjusted by converting it into public bonds with the use of Kinsatsu hikikae kosai (the Bonds Issued in Exchange for Kinsatsu [notes issued by "Ishin" government]) which is the national bonds.
  195. As a result, papers came to be used for purposes other than the original purpose, and Japanese paper, which was originally made from tow, came to be used for clothes.
  196. As a result, part of Yoshoku has come to be categorized as Japanese food.
  197. As a result, people avoided using copper coins, causing the circulation of money in the Kinai region (the five capital provinces surrounding the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto) decline temporarily.
  198. As a result, people called Tadabumi 'Akuryo-Minbukyo (Minbukyo, the evil sprit)' and built the Matafuri-jinja Shrine in Uji to soothe his spirit.
  199. As a result, people came to drink whisky with water and chuhai (shochu highball) or low alcohol beverages, which led to the appearance of the nonalcoholic generation.
  200. As a result, people in buraku (hamlet) in Choshu Domain were liberated from discrimination raising the standard of living.
  201. As a result, post-war (World War II) historians called the latter 'bushidan' to distinguish it from the other.
  202. As a result, power hostile to Yoritomo was eliminated in Kanto.
  203. As a result, pro-Shogunate nobles, including Imperial Prince Asahiko, failed to rapidly close ranks in the Imperial Court.
  204. As a result, professors etc. withdrew their resignation.
  205. As a result, publications and crafts related to the aesthetics of Japan became more widely known in Europe, particularly in France.
  206. As a result, rakugo storytellers were subsumed under the abstract name of 'owarai-geinin' (comedians) together with stand-up comedians, comic-chat artists, slapstick comedians so that the spectators and viewers could not distinguish one from the others.
  207. As a result, realism was established both in name and in reality by Courbet and others during the middle of the 19th century.
  208. As a result, rebelled against by many of his retainers, Karu no hitsugi no miko was overthrown after the demise of Emperor Ingyo and was deported to Iyo Province, where Sotoorihime followed him and the two committed joint suicide (Sotoorihime legend).
  209. As a result, residents in and around Osaka had difficulty even in securing everyday rice.
  210. As a result, rooms originally used as individual rooms are being shared by two persons now.
  211. As a result, rubber balls became more common as a toy to dribble and throw.
  212. As a result, sado gained the aspect of 'cultural need of girls' separate from the original wabicha, and it has now become the norm to have a fancy tea party wearing a beautiful kimono.
  213. As a result, sake became clear and colorless like water as generally imagined form the word "seishu."
  214. As a result, sake becomes lighter and cleared which is expressed as 'tanrei.'
  215. As a result, sake brewing in all seasons was interrupted for a while.
  216. As a result, sediment lithofacies, isotopic composition ratios and element concentrations have gone through dramatic changes.
  217. As a result, she became the mother of okimi.
  218. As a result, shoens during the Sung dynasty, in fact, just regarded the collection of small lands as shoens for convenience and the owners and the denkos established contractual relationships as free men and based on it, shoens were managed by the tenancy system.
  219. As a result, shuppinshu is brewed almost without considering the taste and fragrance after it is put into the mouth and gulped down.
  220. As a result, since there was no appropriate person, the Western Camp could not dispatch its troops to this area.
  221. As a result, some began to doubt its accuracy.
  222. As a result, some of its descriptions are different from those of the Ritsuryo system or other instruction manuals and the explanations of fourth grade Sakan (secretary) or Hangan (inspector), to which none were appointed at the time, were omitted.
  223. As a result, some of them became millionaires and some went on to become Tato (cultivators), who specialized in farm management and acquired economic power.
  224. As a result, some parts change and new species move in.
  225. As a result, some people who started tenkoku of the Higaku (study of Hokuhi) school referred to themselves as the "Kakushin" school.
  226. As a result, specialist manufacturers called wineries became serious about winemaking, and introduced cultivation method emulating European hedging styles, and began to develop specially cultivated insect resistant grape varieties from European strains.
  227. As a result, subordinate-superior relationships were gradually established between military aristocrats and gozoku (local ruling families).
  228. As a result, such a revision was conducted by the nation (information signs in the roads), Nara Prefecture, police stations, post offices, major newspaper companies and Nara Kotsu Bus Lines, etc.
  229. As a result, suijin naturally came to be associated with tanokami (rice-field gods).
  230. As a result, television stations have begun to shy away from production and airing of jidaigeki dramas.
  231. As a result, termination of a Cabinet by the military was legally granted.
  232. As a result, that takuan-zuke has a different texture from that of takuan made by the traditional method.
  233. As a result, the (Edo) bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) gave approval for Shinsosai to a limited extent.
  234. As a result, the 1955-system by Liberal Democratic Party and Socialist Party of Japan collapsed and a coalition government, not including Liberal Democratic Party and Communist Party, was realized.
  235. As a result, the Ancient Shinto is more comprehensive and subsumptive than the Shrine Shinto and the Imperial Household Shinto.
  236. As a result, the Anegakoji clan as a Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period went to ruin thoroughly.
  237. As a result, the Anglo-Japanese Treaty of Commerce and Navigation centering on the abolishment of extraterritoriality and tariff hike was signed on July 16, 1894.
  238. As a result, the Ashikaga clan held the initiative in the tally trade with China.
  239. As a result, the Cloistered Emperor became outraged and ordered TAIRA no Kiyomori to arrest Korekata and Tsunemune; accordingly, they were arrested by Tadakage and MINAMOTO no Tamenaga who were the retainers sent by Kiyomori on April 5.
  240. As a result, the Dogaku-kai was forced to dismantle and two students who were considered the leaders were arrested and charged.
  241. As a result, the Domain was in dire fiscal straits because of the costs for relief and countermeasure programs against natural disasters.
  242. As a result, the Edo bakufu judged that it would be wise to leave Japan-Korea Trade to the Tsushima Domain as before, and Yoshinari SO was found innocent while Shigeoki YANAGAWA was sentenced to banishment to the Tsugaru region.
  243. As a result, the Emperor and the era of the Northern Court were abolished and Yoshimoto was dismissed from the post of Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor).
  244. As a result, the Emperor ordered MOTODA to compile a teaching manual for young children to promote a sense of morality in humanity, justice, loyalty to one's master and filial piety.
  245. As a result, the Fukuchiyama family was forced to file for bankruptcy on January 24, 2007.
  246. As a result, the Gokogon line ended with Shoko and the next Emperor Gohanazono (Suko's great-grandson), continued on under the Suko line.
  247. As a result, the Hongan-ji Temple power grew year by year and strengthened a connection with the central authority when the 11th chief priest Kennyo became Monzeki (this title was basically given to the Imperial family and nobility who entered into priesthood and became a chief priest).
  248. As a result, the Hosho school became the largest school.
  249. As a result, the Hosho school is thriving in Ishikawa Prefecture and Nagoya City, even at present.
  250. As a result, the Ikuta school prospered in the western region of Japan while Yamada school prospered in the eastern region of Japan until the end of the Edo period.
  251. As a result, the Imperial Court began to build up national defenses.
  252. As a result, the Imperial Court lead by Prince Nagaya established a plan in 722 to reclaim a million hectares and, in order to ensure successful execution of the plan, enforced a law called Sanze Isshin no Ho in 723.
  253. As a result, the Imperial lineage of Emperor Tenmu was put an end completely.
  254. As a result, the Iwamatsu clan was divided into two: Iezumi's Reibu group, controlling the Irako territory, and Mochikuni's Keicho group of Mochikuni controlling Nitta no sho.
  255. As a result, the Izumi school monopolized the Kyogen performance in Tokyo, despite successive downfall of the two schools, the Sagi school and the Okura school, which had taken sides with the bakufu.
  256. As a result, the JNR 8620 and 9600 steam locomotives produced during the Taisho period remained in use years afterwards.
  257. As a result, the JR West installed windbreak fences along the mountains (on the west side), the line between Hira Station and Omi-Maiko Station in October 2007, and thereby announced that JR West would regulate the operation with winds of 30 meters per second up from the former 25 meters per second.
  258. As a result, the Japanese culture developed in a unique way through processes of repeated absorption and refusal, and various arrangements.
  259. As a result, the Japanese government gave up Sakhalin based on the Treaty of Saint Petersburg signed in May 1875.
  260. As a result, the Kadan (waka poetry world) centering on the samurai families in Kamakura flourished, producing talented Gokenin (shogunate vassals) turned waka poets such as Mototsuna GOTO and Tadakage SHIMAZU.
  261. As a result, the Kakuban school left Mt. Koya and transferred their headquarters to Bufuku-ji Temple in Iwate-sho, a manor owned by Daidenpo-in.
  262. As a result, the Kamigata army could not subvert the Yukawa clan and others, made peace negotiations and approved the main land of the Yukawa clan and others.
  263. As a result, the Katsura Cabinet fell, and Saionji provided a resignation to step down from the president post for the reason that it was Ichokuzai, and shut himself up at home in Kyoto (February 23.)
  264. As a result, the Konpon-chudo Main Hall, built 600 years previously by Saicho, was burned to ashes.
  265. As a result, the Kujo family reigned as the most powerful family within the Imperial Court, but since the Konoe family vehemently opposed this, Michiie made his daughter, Jinshi, marry Kanetsune KONOE in 1237.
  266. As a result, the Kumamoto-tai troop, which was hiding in Mt. Takakuma located between the two brigades, was completely besieged.
  267. As a result, the Monbusho (Ministry of Education) group including Ryuichi KUKI, Tenshin OKAKURA, and Yusaku IMAIZUMI broke away from the association and inaugurated the "Kangakai" in 1884.
  268. As a result, the Mori clan became the hegemony of Chugoku.
  269. As a result, the Muto clan was left completely under the influence of the Uesugi clan.
  270. As a result, the Oda and Tokugawa allied army defeated the Takeda army in the Battle of Nagashino on the 21st of the same month.
  271. As a result, the Okura head family became extinct.
  272. As a result, the Onosaki clan completely parted with Yamairi clan and contributed to the collapse of Yamairi clan in 1504, therefore, it led to the end of domestic conflict for 100 years.
  273. As a result, the Railroad Construction Law was modified to give room to promotion of private railways, and being furious with this, INOUE resigned from the position of the Minister of Railways in 1893.
  274. As a result, the Sanron, Jojitsu, Hosso, Kusha, Ritsu and Kegon sects, known as the 'Nanto Rokusho', became dominant.
  275. As a result, the Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku Period) began to organize sonae with independent battling capability, as part of a military system improvement in preparation for military actions.
  276. As a result, the Shimizu clan was abolished.
  277. As a result, the Southern Court suffered severe damage, while the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), which supported the Northern Court, gained advantage in wars not only in areas around Kyoto but also in Oshu, which had been the base of Akiie.
  278. As a result, the Southern Court, which launched an offensive in the wake of Kiyouji's surrender, brought a situation that Kyoto temporarily fell, and this made Kunikiyo lose face more than ever.
  279. As a result, the Taira clan forces gave the command of the Seto Inland Sea to the Kanto government forces and Chugoku, Shikoku region bushi such as the Kumano Navy led by Kumano Betto Tanzo and Michinobu KONO's navy started to take the Kamakura government's side.
  280. As a result, the Taira family collected 'soldiers' from kugyo (court nobles), Zuryo, and various manors of an influential families under the command of Emperor Takakura after mobilization of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo in 1180.
  281. As a result, the Takeda army returned to Kai Province.
  282. As a result, the United States banned the export of oil to Japan.
  283. As a result, the Water Resources Development Public Corporation used the dam from the early stages of construction to help the people of Hiyoshi-cho with regional economic development.
  284. As a result, the Yomei no suke, which was originally a high-ranking office, came to be regarded as a purely honorary role.
  285. As a result, the Yoshimura's force was greatly impaired, contrary to the Muramune's force which moved on to attack Harima province.
  286. As a result, the activities of robberies and piracy aiming at the choyo and fubutsu paying to Kyoto gradually became weaker.
  287. As a result, the amount of sodium absorbed into the body is limited.
  288. As a result, the ancient family registration system was introduced in 722 for the first time and, since then, there was no organized resistance from the Hayato people.
  289. As a result, the area becomes smaller, which makes it highly likely that some species will disappear.
  290. As a result, the area designated a historic site was also expanded.
  291. As a result, the attempt to go back to the rule over people under the Ritsuryo system was utterly-abandoned.
  292. As a result, the authority that Yoshinori had restored became weaker, but it remains a fact that the centralized authoritarian power of the shogun that supported the Higashiyama culture, led by Yoshinori's son, Yoshimasa, was re-built during Yoshinori's time.
  293. As a result, the battle broke out between the group for Sondojimaru KYOGOKU, Katsuhide's legitimate child and the group for Otsudojimaru KYOGOKU, Katsuhide's illegitimate child over the reins of the family.
  294. As a result, the bow began to be held toward the lower end.
  295. As a result, the budget allocated for countermeasures against allergies including pollinosis has increased drastically, and the allergy related budget for 2002 reached 7.372 billion yen, which was 27 times more than that of the seven years before.
  296. As a result, the city consists overall of flat terrain with a plateau on its northwest part and a lowland on its southwest part.
  297. As a result, the class of shomin, including shoju and genin, started to form groups of peasants which confronted the manor owners and the external parties, which was a process that eventually led to the formation of the self-governing organization called 'soson.'
  298. As a result, the complete volume of the old documents became expensive.
  299. As a result, the completed Heijo-kyo was compared in poems to 'flourishing like fragrant flowers in bloom.'
  300. As a result, the concept of divine punishment is also denied in Jodo-shin Sect.
  301. As a result, the concept of jori sei itself is under re-examination.
  302. As a result, the construction for the Tokaido Line progressed with a high pace and the entire line was opened on July 1, 1889.
  303. As a result, the copper of Japan was exchanged at 'a high rate for copper, but low rate for silver.'
  304. As a result, the criteria for point ratings tend to emphasize the showy beauty or speed but deviate from the essence of budo (see the Chinese bujutsu "dento ken" (traditional Tai Chi) and "seitei ken" (the new type of Tai Chi)).
  305. As a result, the cultural style of the Jomon period is not uniform both historically and regionally and it came to take many different forms.
  306. As a result, the currency exchangers in Osaka stopped supporting the domain's han bills, so their han bills were issued by a kome bugyo (commissioner of rice) of Sakuraidani jinya and were circulated as 'ginkokukata' by influential peasants in the territory of Teshima-gun until the end of the Edo period.
  307. As a result, the day of the ceremony to consecrate the Great Buddha finally came although the construction work was not completed.
  308. As a result, the department attracted legions of gifted and talented persons such as ONO no Takamura, SUGAWARA no Kiyomasa, HARUZUMI no Yoshitada, SHIMADA no Tadaomi, MIYAKO no Yoshika, and KI no Haseo while welcoming an unparalleled boom, and it can be said that the department reached its peak with the appearance of SUGARAWA no Michizane.
  309. As a result, the dialect contains some characteristics of dialects from these areas.
  310. As a result, the dictatorship of Toshimichi OKUBO became established.
  311. As a result, the discretionary power of the hojo law was reduced by the execution of Taibon Sankajo (three major tasks of peacekeeping) and jitouke (the contract system that the manor's owner entrusts a jito to manage his manor and pay the customs) by the jito.
  312. As a result, the domain paid off their debts, which were reputed to be as much as 100,000 ryo, in several years, and their han bills gained high credibility above the face values, creating a virtuous cycle.
  313. As a result, the extinct family head was also restored.
  314. As a result, the family fortunes continued to decline, even after the unification of the Northern and Southern Courts.
  315. As a result, the family of Kanichi SUMITOMO, who was a brother of the Kichizaemon, was related to the Mogi Family by marriage twice over.
  316. As a result, the family status was maintained after the Hogen War and Saneyuki's descendants flourished as the Sanjo family which was one of the Seiga family (one of the highest court noble families in Japan at that time).
  317. As a result, the feudal lords were encouraged to build a storehouse attached to the residence in Osaka and trade rice and other goods brought from their domains in order to cover their cost of administration in Edo as well as in the respective domains.
  318. As a result, the fief yielding 19,500 koku was left to him.
  319. As a result, the fields of the northeast and west to Kumamoto Castle became a large lake.
  320. As a result, the first entry in the early setsuyoshu was 'Ise' (Ise Province).
  321. As a result, the first priority of such histories shifted away from accuracy and towards political calculations, and as such their value as historical sources suffered significant damage.
  322. As a result, the first yeast of the Brewing Society was taken from "Sakura-Masamune" of Nada gogo, which had been famous since the latter part of the Edo period, and the second yeast of the Brewing Society was taken from "Gekkeikan" in Fushimi, Kyoto, and they were spread all over Japan.
  323. As a result, the focus of the controversy is now whether pre-Yamato kingdom (the ancient Japan sovereignty) is connected directly with Yamatai (or whether the embryonic Yamato kingdom is actually the same as Yamatai).
  324. As a result, the food life itself tended to change from Japanese style to Western style.
  325. As a result, the foot paths of Kamidani were deeply gullyed by lots of walkers, which has negatively affected the growth of flora there.
  326. As a result, the former Shogunate forces of 15,000 soldiers were defeated by the new government's forces of only 5,000 soldiers early in the battle.
  327. As a result, the gokein class was ruined to the extent that some were reduced to being Miuchibito.
  328. As a result, the government army completely seized Miyakonojo on this day as the Satsuma army was routed in the respective areas in Miyakonojo.
  329. As a result, the government faced, in 826, a financial problem in supporting many Imperial Prince's families as well as the shortage of posts to be allocated to Imperial Princes.
  330. As a result, the government had many Emishi (residents and captives) under their control.
  331. As a result, the government subsidy was very small as compared to that which was given to Nippon Railway and it was limited to 2,000 yen per mile for the construction cost.
  332. As a result, the guard in western Kyushu was sparse.
  333. As a result, the income from the Nosenkata fell into arrears and the shogun's daily life was threatened.
  334. As a result, the infectious disease that was spread in the Korean Peninsula was prevented, and food production increased (the rice production at the time of the annexation was about 10 million koku [crop yield], which increased to 20 million koku 20 years later) due to development of agricultural land.
  335. As a result, the interest in the seal script increased and it blazed a trail for the research of ancient characters in the area of the old document study during the Qing Dynasty.
  336. As a result, the issue of territorial rights was left unresolved until the end of Japanese-Sino War in 1894.
  337. As a result, the kannushi (Shinto priest) at that time replied, 'It was Hozan-ji Temple that made a petition to build a station in Ikoma when Daiki started the business, and since then your company has suffered from a burden of Ikoma Tunnel construction.'
  338. As a result, the kojiya gave in to the sakaya, and the koji za in Kyoto fell into decline.
  339. As a result, the kokudaka (crop yield) of Yamaga Domain became 10,000 koku.
  340. As a result, the kokushi, who was actually dispatched to the appointed province, started to assume various responsibilities as well as powers, which made him virtually the highest ranked officer in the kokuga administration.
  341. As a result, the lacquer was permeated into the paper and made it avoid corruption in the soil.
  342. As a result, the license was granted to Keihan, and it started to construct a new line.
  343. As a result, the line covers the whole area to Keishin-Sanjo Station (Sanjo-keihan Station), which was the former station of origin.
  344. As a result, the line of Imperial Prince Tsuneyo became extinct.
  345. As a result, the line was frequently damaged by the flood of Yura River.
  346. As a result, the local train was arranged to pass every 15 minutes in the section between Kyoto Station and Kishibe Station.
  347. As a result, the magazine changed its title from "Nihonjin" to "Nihon oyobi Nihonjin (Japan and the Japanese)".
  348. As a result, the mainstream idea of Shinsyu Education: "Not the knowledge but the personality is the most important in education" was spread and had an impact on many teachers in Shinsyu, such as Nuizo TEZUKA and Hiromu MATSUOKA (an educator).
  349. As a result, the mainstream of the domain decidedly turned to the opening of Japan and the expulsion of the barbarians.
  350. As a result, the manorial system was finally obliterated entirely.
  351. As a result, the most fantastic woman was called 'Hasuonna,' and as the top symbol, Lakshmi (a consort of Vishnu in Hinduism) (this is known as Kisshoten (Laksmi) in Japan, but, it refers to Kisshoten (Laksmi) in Buddhism and to Kisshotennyo (Lakshmi) in Esoteric Buddhism) was worshiped.
  352. As a result, the name of the town was changed to 'Kuragaki Kosugi,' an old name based on the manor, Kuragaki no Sho.
  353. As a result, the national polity was organized under a sense of urgency, and the creation of the Ritsuyo Codes were pushed forward at a mesmerizing pace.
  354. As a result, the nature of ryoke shiki (rights and responsibilities of the lord of shoen) and jito shiki at shoen/koryo changed substantially and the collapse of shoen koryo sei was prompted.
  355. As a result, the new government gained control of the region to the east of Edo, and Edo was renamed as Tokyo in September.
  356. As a result, the new machine made it possible to produce large quantities of fabric in numerous varities, which sorabiki bata or taka bata (drawloom) could not do.
  357. As a result, the nine criminals, including Kumakichi TAKECHI, were arrested three days after the incident, on January 17.
  358. As a result, the number of Sadakuro's line became only one throughout the entire play.
  359. As a result, the number of castles which were said nearly as many as 3,000 in the Azuchi Momoyama period dropped sharply to about 170 (about 300 when regional government offices included), and consequently, grouped housing of vassals and domain people in castle towns progressed more.
  360. As a result, the number of comments has decreased sharply.
  361. As a result, the number of converted cars such as Moha 54 and Kuha 68 was bigger than those of the original cars.
  362. As a result, the number of cultural regions decreased to four during the end and the last Jomon periods.
  363. As a result, the number of people who do not own local shops, but run stalls as a hobby, a sideline or a business is increasing.
  364. As a result, the number of seats of government-affiliated candidates increased by ten seats in the areas where Kuki conducted election campaigns, including four seats in Nara, and Kuki also succeeded in making a big-shot politician from the Liberal Party (Japan), Kentaro OI, lose the election.
  365. As a result, the number of the Japanese deer that mainly eat bamboo has increased and they even eat seedlings and barks of conifers; these complex factors affect the present environmental conditions.
  366. As a result, the only company that applied was WAKASA SEIKATSU Co., Ltd. whose head office is located in Kyoto City and which is producing and selling health foods, it offered the same conditions, that the amount of yearly contract is 25 million and the term is five years and proposed the name 'WAKASA STADIUM KYOTO.'
  367. As a result, the people who in fact conducted Tobaku were not Goshi who had been humbled by the Tokugawa family after the Battle of Sekigahara but were instead Joshi who had received overwhelmingly preferential treatment by the Tokugawa family.
  368. As a result, the person visited the residence and saw that it was in a tumult over Yoshiie's death.
  369. As a result, the policy to quell fears of the social situation by increasing the number of police officers was adopted and 3,000 patrol officers were added to the 5,300 officers already existing.
  370. As a result, the political situation after Iemitsu's death became unstable, with an attempt by Ronin (lordless samurai), Shosetsu YUI and Chuya MARUBASHI to topple the bakufu (the Keian Incident).
  371. As a result, the population of poor people grew in urban areas.
  372. As a result, the population of the Jomon people turned to stagnate or decline.
  373. As a result, the population of the city temporarily decreased, slowing the economy.
  374. As a result, the port of Kobe was finally opened on January 1, 1868, ten years after the promulgation of the treaties.
  375. As a result, the position of Hikitsukeshu (member of the Hikitsuke, a judicial body of the Muromachi period) was established on January 13, 1249.
  376. As a result, the power of Kawachi-Genji in Kanto gradually diminished as well.
  377. As a result, the prevailing opinion today is that the existing books are all forgeries and the real books were scattered and lost.
  378. As a result, the progression of the Minamoto clan troops along the Tokai-do Road was halted for a while.
  379. As a result, the promulgation of Shinsosai grew stagnant except at Sect Shinto (new religion close to Shinto), which was allowed to engage in religious activities.
  380. As a result, the reaction of Kyoto citizens was unfavorable to students largely.
  381. As a result, the recognition that "a railway makes a profit" prevailed.
  382. As a result, the relationship between Arikazu and Masamoto became tense and Arikazu was banned from the Kujo family.
  383. As a result, the relationship between Tadamichi and Tadazane/Yorinaga became tense.
  384. As a result, the relationship between Yoritsune and the Shikken, Tsunetoki HOJO, worsened and in 1244, influenced by a nightmare, he ceded the position of Shogun to FUJIWARA no Yoritsugu, his first son by his official wife.
  385. As a result, the relative status of myoshu declined, causing myoshu farmers to assume roles as leaders (with such titles as otona) in these village communities.
  386. As a result, the roads in the district were purified and became moist with water.
  387. As a result, the sake which was so weak as to be called Kingyozake was marketed.
  388. As a result, the same fragrance permeated the copies of the scriptures hand written by Junyu.
  389. As a result, the sender was also a Keishi and the master would add their sodeban (signature) when necessary.
  390. As a result, the side of Toshimichi OKUBO and that of Shigenobu OKUMA and Hirobumi ITO remained at odds.
  391. As a result, the situation at the university was still tumultuous in 1951.
  392. As a result, the situation was that the cabinet could be fallen at any time with no Cabinet member of genkun (the statesmen who contributed in Meiji Restoration) class left, and less than half of the Cabinet members from Satsuma and Choshu.
  393. As a result, the size of his army ballooned to about one hundred soldiers, and Tsunehisa waited for the right time to recapture Gassantoda Castle.
  394. As a result, the size of the chestnuts varies greatly.
  395. As a result, the special sale becomes usual because supermarkets and convenience-store operators have a strong power to determine the price, and a price in a special sale becomes a recommended retail price, which causes a squeeze on management.
  396. As a result, the speculative sides of Shushigaku and its derivative Yomeigaku have been intensively studied and these speculative sides are considered to characterize Shushigaku and Yomeigaku.
  397. As a result, the speeds of the SE cars reached 145 km/h as planned, achieving the fastest speed in the world for short gauge railways at the time.
  398. As a result, the stands of Masakado and Yoshikane in public were reversed, and Masakado gained an increase in power.
  399. As a result, the status of land steward established during the Kamakura period declined in importance, causing land stewards to become beings similar to local samurai just like other warriors and influential village headmen and to finally disappear from history both in name and in reality by the mid-Muromachi period.
  400. As a result, the status of monjo hakase came to rise as illustrated by OMI no Mifune's assuming office as Daigaku no kami (the principal of Daigaku-ryo) and as monjo hakase at the same time in 772.
  401. As a result, the term "Oyake" (another pronunciation of 'ku' of 'kubo') was used to mean the Emperor as the national embodiment in ancient Japan, and the custom of calling the Emperor, his family, and the Court as "Koke" (literally, public family) or "Kubo" sprang up.
  402. As a result, the territories of the Takada clan were temporarily left in a state without political or military control.
  403. As a result, the tradition of Bungo-bushi took root in Edo and deprived the old Joruri of its popularity.
  404. As a result, the types of tea bowls that were valued also changed, from karamono (goods imported from China) to koraimono (goods imported from Korea) and wamono (goods made in Japan).
  405. As a result, the union army of Yamato and Paekche suffered a crushing defeat.
  406. As a result, the use of preservatives is increasing.
  407. As a result, the value of the han bills dropped greatly and caused the economy to worsen.
  408. As a result, the word 'toshi' (clairvoyance) picked up on the news papers greatly, became a big topic including the arguments as to its authenticity.
  409. As a result, the word hojo came to mean the construction in which a chief priest lived.
  410. As a result, there are different theories about how many volumes the book came in, but among the existing books, there is a book in 17 volumes and one in 18 volumes, although the record indicates various numbers including 4, 10, 15, and 16.
  411. As a result, there are many remains in Kumamoto Prefecture that Kiyomasa was involved with even today.
  412. As a result, there are now five towns prefixed by 'Awataguchi.'
  413. As a result, there are numerous neighborhoods with rich and pleasant ambience which resonates in one's heart whereby attracting the deep-seated popularity of admirers who appreciate the restfulness emanating from the things of the past that were marked with the spirit of the communities of Naramachi.
  414. As a result, there are some food products in which the term 'soba' has been established even though they contain no buckwheat flour.
  415. As a result, there are three kinds of Bosatsu.
  416. As a result, there developed a tendency to view architecture solely as an engineering concept.
  417. As a result, there is a viewpoint that reigns of the family were virtually and substantially succeeded by the Soga clan.
  418. As a result, there occurred the collapse of livelihood for many Senmin, thus contributing to the deepening of the Buraku discrimination problem.
  419. As a result, there was no clear line between the 'to' and 'uprising.'
  420. As a result, there were cases where shiki made detailed enforcement regulations of kyaku, and from the middle of the Heian period, although on surface, it was politics based on the Ritsuryo codes, it was actually 'kyaku shiki seiji' (politics based on amendments and enforcement regulations of the Ritsuryo).
  421. As a result, there were cases where some participants who arrived at Seijin-shiki ceremony, but could not enter because it was already full.
  422. As a result, there were many cases of Shoen that were the property of big temples and shrines which were able to endure even into the latter half of the medieval period.
  423. As a result, there were no Jiin-ho that took the form of codes, such as the canon law of Christian churches.
  424. As a result, there were no complaints from either the Mizuno family or the Mori family.
  425. As a result, there were no court nobles who were qualified to become Daijin (minister), and Naidaijin (inner minister) Ieyasu TOKUGAWA was the person possessing the highest rank at the time of death of Hideyoshi (1598), which considered to be an extraordinary situation.
  426. As a result, there were some instances where differences in perception of the relationship occurred between the priestly teacher and disciples.
  427. As a result, these documents were deemed as a kind of Migyosho (an official document informing people of a government decision), and even though it was more of a private order made by the shogun, it had the legal weight equivalent to an official bakufu order.
  428. As a result, these protection policies of the blind became a major cause for the development of music during the Edo period and acupuncture technology.
  429. As a result, these students oppressed the students of other families and became the motive power to strengthen Fujiwara clan's reign over the bureaucracy.
  430. As a result, these tennis matches became a topic of conversation.
  431. As a result, these two cormorants get on well each other, but not with other cormorants.
  432. As a result, they are sometimes referred to in the honorific 'go-zabuton', although in this case the term 'go-zabuton' sometimes indicates zabuton used by priests in religious rites and these are decorated and have special elasticity.
  433. As a result, they deliberately devastated the myoden, and linked themselves to the great and powerful (dominant nobility or dominant temples and shrines) by becoming their yoriudo (a dependent, frequently one who served a noble house or proprietor) to embark on reclamation of the run-down fields with them.
  434. As a result, they found that the most promising area was Oeyama mountain range centering on the former Yosano village (now the Yosano area, Yosano-cho), Yosa County, Kyoto Prefecture.
  435. As a result, they gained a patron, Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, as well as an audience, the people of the samurai society.
  436. As a result, they gained the most spoils of war among the allied nations.
  437. As a result, they managed to secure their protector, Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA and a body of spectators, that is, the community of samurais.
  438. As a result, they started selling onigiri which manufactured in local factories using a closer breed to the Japanese rice.
  439. As a result, they succeeded in having the name of Sanada be known to major lords including the Toyotomi clan by fighting off Tokugawa.
  440. As a result, they tended to indulge themselves in literature and avoid their duties as a bureaucrat because of the secular nature of their profession.
  441. As a result, they were looked down upon by some as merchants who schemed to sell inferior products for more than they were worth.
  442. As a result, they were reluctant to massacre people held within the legation area when considering the retribution of allied forces after losing the war.
  443. As a result, they were similar to rabble except for a few johei (upper class soldiers) (cavalry busha).
  444. As a result, this event changed the battle of Masakado from a 'private battle' to 'rebellion' against the Imperial Court, regardless of his intention.
  445. As a result, this event was called Kanbun-no-shuin-aratame (renewal of shuinjo in the Kanbun era), and the newly issued shuinjo were particularly called 'Kanbun-no-shuinjo'.
  446. As a result, this lead to the downfall of the koji malt industry which was subsequently incorporated into the sakaya (liquor store) industry.
  447. As a result, this made the government take more severe oppressive measures against the movement.
  448. As a result, this school came to contain the substance which is not seen in other schools.
  449. As a result, this trend came to be called "Sushi boom".
  450. As a result, those lords who ignored the desires and ideas of their retainers were often driven from power and replaced by someone else via a meeting of the retainers, and occasionally a powerful retainer would install himself as the new lord with the support of the group of retainers.
  451. As a result, under the leadership of Toshimichi OKUBO, it was decided on August 6, 1870 that both ministries would be divided again.
  452. As a result, vagrancy, escape, false registers and others were prevalent among people for tax avoidance.
  453. As a result, various Jikaku (temple ranking) systems were established.
  454. As a result, wakan trade had dwindled after the 18th century, although it was not terminated.
  455. As a result, walleye pollack have been called 'mentai' in these regions since the Edo period.
  456. As a result, wasan followed a course of decline.
  457. As a result, waterways such as Lake Biwa Canal were built, the first hydroelectricity in Japan was generated with such canals, and the first electric train (streetcar) in Japan was propelled by hydroelectricity.
  458. As a result, wealthy people and country squires who had the financial wherewithal assumed posts of Shori.
  459. As a result, when it is simply called 'sado' in China, it points to the 'Japanese sado.'
  460. As a result, when the Muromachi bakufu was established, he was appointed by Takauji to Shugo (guard) of Settsu Province.
  461. As a result, when this way of Katatagae became popular during the late Heian period, temples in Kyoto became more and more majestic.
  462. As a result, while shamisen music other than jiuta developed as accompanying music for kabuki and ningyo joruri (traditional Japanese puppet theater) that involve visual elements, Soh music developed as purely music independently from theater arts.
  463. As a result, while the palace of Konoe family fell into ashes by the wars, the ancient documents escaped from being damaged to be passed down to different generations (For details, please refer to 'Yomei Bunko' (the Yomei Bunko Library)).
  464. As a result, winning without delivering fatal wounds to an opponent became possible, and such skills came to be called "Katsuninken".
  465. As a result, with the transfer of the trade center from the present Hakata to the coast of Hakozaki, trade at Korokan, the name of which had already been changed to the Daisokoku shokyaku shukubo (lodgings in a temple for visitors from the Great Song Dynasty), declined.
  466. As a result, yielding to persuasion by his elder brother, the younger Oke acceded to the throne in February, 485.
  467. As a result, young Noh actors had an opportunity to learn from excellent Noh actors of other schools and received a lot of stimulation.
  468. As a result, young Noh artists were able to receive teachings and a lot of stimulation from excellent Noh artists of other sects.
  469. As a result; (1) the old conventional way of teaching and operating the school was revised to better address the needs of those new disciples, and (2) the style of tea ceremony changed under the influence of popular culture.
  470. As a retainer of MINAMOTO no Yorimasa who, as a descendent of MINAMOTO no Yorimitsu, was based in Watanabe no Tsu in Settsu Province, the Watanabe clan had Habuku WATANABE, MINAMOTO no Sazuku, MINAMOTO no Tsuranu, MINAMOTO no Okoru, and Kio WATANABE participate in the Hogen Disturbance.
  471. As a retainer of Shigemori, who was defending, shot the portable shrine, the situation became worse and worse.
  472. As a retainer of the Choshu clan, Nobuhiro SATO successively held important positions such as Okuramoto-motojime-yaku (supervisor of managers of the tribute) and Daikenshi-yaku (head of inspectors) and so on; he studied Naganuma-ryu school of the military science and taught Heiyoroku (short summary of military science) to Shoin YOSHIDA, a thinker of the end of the Edo period.
  473. As a retired emperor he was able to use power equal to an emperor under the provisions of the ritsuryo system, and had the advantage of being the real father of an emperor, so political power shifted from the regents and chancellors to the retired emperors.
  474. As a reverse process, the struggling economy will recover from the recession when the amount of gold inflow surpasses its outflow.
  475. As a reward Yoshitsuna was given jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and appointed as Mino no kuni no kami (Governor of Mino Province).
  476. As a reward for his achievement in hunting down and killing Masakado, Tamenori was appointed Mokunosuke (Vice-governor of the Bureau of Public Works which was called 'Mokunoryo' in Japanese and was in charge of construction of palaces under the Imperial Household Ministry known as the Kunai-sho in Japanese).
  477. As a reward for his distinguished war service, he was put in charge of Makishima 20,000 Koku (approximately 3.6 million liters of crop yield) in Yamashiro Province.
  478. As a reward for his performance, he was appointed to be the Director of Chikuzen, Buzen, and Chikugo Provinces under the Kenmu Restoration.
  479. As a reward for his service during the war, he was promoted from the Imperial Court Rank of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) to Shogoinojo (Senior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade), awarded the Third Order of Merit, and became Omi no suke (an assistant governor of Omi Province).
  480. As a reward for his service, Yoshinari was made lord of Uho-jo Castle (which was renamed Kaneyama-jo Castle (in Mino province) after it was restored).
  481. As a reward for his success during the battle in the Oshu Region, he was appointed as the landlord of the Shorokuto Island in the Dewano-kuni Province (presently Oga City, Akita Prefecture).
  482. As a reward for the distinguished service in the Battle of Oshu, Yoritomo granted Date County to the family of Tamemune ISA.
  483. As a reward for their achievements in the war, Ujikiyo was given the position of shugo of Tajima and Yamashiro Provinces, and Mitsuyuki was given the position of shugo of Hoki and Oki Provinces.
  484. As a reward for this job, Toyokuni was awarded 6,700 koku in Muraoka of Tajima Province in 1601, and the clan survived serving as kotaiyoriai (alternate yoriai, a family status of samurai warriors in the Edo period).
  485. As a reward, Zuyo was appointed Kumano Sanzan Kengyo (overseer of the three Kumano shrines) and was granted Joko-ji Temple, thought to have been founded by EN no Ozuno (a legendary character who believed to have founded Shugendo).
  486. As a ritsuryo code that preceded Asukakiyomihara-ryo Code, there is Omi-Ryo (Omi Administrative Code), which is said to have been enacted by Emperor Tenchi in 668.
  487. As a road sign saying 'Hardly Passable by Large Vehicles' is placed at the approach of the pass, large-sized vehicles practically cannot drive the pass.
  488. As a role of Roku Kannon, it civilizes (摂化) living things in Ashura-do (the Asura realm).
  489. As a ronin, he adored and studied Confucianism under Togai ITO, who was a Confucianism scholar in Kyoto City.
  490. As a rough guide, the ink sticks that have gone through from 20 to 100 years of age show the best ink black.
  491. As a rough indication, the length may be for one to one and half of breath.
  492. As a rule okuchi bakama is red, but there were "kokiiro (dark color)" okuchi bakama dyed with madder and lithospermum root for "Noshozoku" of young people.
  493. As a rule, So was presented to kokufu (provincial office) from mid-September through November 30 (old calendar).
  494. As a rule, all genres were covered.
  495. As a rule, common laws of a local land were respected; however, Rokkakushi Shikimoku established the way to promote solidarity of a feudal lord.
  496. As a rule, each tale starts with the opening line, 'Konjaku (At a time now past),' and concludes with, 'And so it is handed down' (but there are exceptions).
  497. As a rule, ninkankyohi is used in the case when somebody who passed the bar examination refuses to be appointed as a judge or when somebody graduates from the National Defense Academy refuses to get appointed as a Self-Defense force official.
  498. As a rule, reservations beforehand for a table are required.
  499. As a rule, the bakufu would not allow tax exemption even when disasters such as a fire occurred.
  500. As a rule, there is one rapid train and approximately three local trains per hour (two of which run between Kyoto Station and Kameoka Station), with some direct trains going as far as Goma Station or Fukuchiyama Station.
  501. As a rumor that Mochiuji would assassinate Norizane spread in 1437, Norizane ran away from Kamakura to Fujisawa of the Sagami Province.
  502. As a sacred Buddhist center that serves to spread Buddhism in Japan, Todai-ji Temple has provided us Buddhist believers with protection from wind and rain by its tiled roofs rising high into the sky.
  503. As a sacred temple of Kannon, Choho-ji Temple received the devotion of the masses and, during the early modern period, a town grew up around the temple and developed into the largest lodging district in Kyoto with its numerous inns for pilgrims.
  504. As a sales event from late January until early February, which is commercially a period of depressed sales, sale of ehomaki expanded with a central focus on mostly convenience stores.
  505. As a samurai belonging to the Kanzaki Manor which had been chigyo-chi of TAIRA no Tadamori, TAIRA no Kiyomori and the Taira family, he was at first on the Taira side at the Genpei War along with other clans of the Matsuura Party.
  506. As a samurai, he was the chief retainer of Owari Domain, and as a scholar of Japanese classical literature, he advocated the imperialism.
  507. As a scholar of herbalism, he was the closest person of Kenkado.
  508. As a school of Senchado, it is one of the oldest schools along with the Ogawa-ryu school, and it is considered to be the representative of the 'master in tea ceremony.'
  509. As a seasoning ingredient to add Japanese flavor to such Western-style confectionery as chocolate, candy etc.
  510. As a seasoning ingredient to add Japanese flavor to such dessert as pudding, a parfait, etc.
  511. As a senior vassal of the Asai clan, Sadayuki was assigned to the fortified Yamamotoyama Castle which overlooked Hokkoku Kaido Road and the Lake Biwa.
  512. As a servant of Takauji ASHIKAGA, KO no Moroyasu made a great contribution by raising an army against Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) in 1333.
  513. As a shinmei (name of god), it is called Amenoohabari-no-kami.
  514. As a ship rowing from a rocky shore to another rocky shore which have foaming waves, you should be in love that you cannot control yourself (Gosen Wakashu 670).
  515. As a ship rowing through the deep cove of Tamatsushima, you should be in love that you experience depthless insecurity (Gosen Wakashu 768).
  516. As a shogun he served Nobunaga ODA and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, and as a master of the tea ceremony he studied under SEN no Rikyu and numbered among the Rikyu Shichitetsu (seven sages of Rikyu).
  517. As a short physical display, it's sometimes referred to as 'human koi-nobori' or 'koi-nobori' in holding the pole that stands vertically and elevating the body parallel to the ground.
  518. As a shukuro (a chief vassal of a samurai family) who served Takauji, he contributed to the shogunate administration and was given an important post.
  519. As a side note to this, Hachiko and Kumako, famous characters that appear in rakugo tales, are nagaya tenants, not townspeople in the strict sense.
  520. As a side note, Engelbert KAEMPFER undoubtedly supported Japan's seclusionism.
  521. As a side note, Korea-Qing Land and Commercial Sea Activity Treaty singed in 1882 explicitly expressed Qing's suzerainty.
  522. As a side note, Oatobeo later became Emperor Keitai.
  523. As a side note, the episode about a mischievous telephone call is a true story based on the actions of a real Nohgakushi.
  524. As a similar case, the Yokohama Derby match between Yokohama F. Marinos and Yokohama Flugels on June 11, 1994 (played in Hiratsuka Athletics Stadium which is the home stadium of Shonan Bellmare) can be provided.
  525. As a similar example, the Mausoleum of Emperor Tenchi (Gobyo no Kofun Tumulus) can be mentioned.
  526. As a simple sling, a Japanese towel was substituted and often used in affrays or resistances besides in the battlefields, as shown in the historical record.
  527. As a skilled archer and horseman he is frequently mentioned with reference to "tokasagake" (horseback archery competitions) and "inuoumono" (dog-hunting events) hosted by the shogun.
  528. As a so-called natural-born soldier from Isami KONDO's dojo, the Shieikan, he was a member of the Shinsengumi from its inception.
  529. As a solution to such a situation, one view is that birth in the royal family should be made a condition for an Empress, Empress Dowager, or Grand Empress Dowager to become regent.
  530. As a solution to the scarcity of ichibu-gin silver coins, HARRIS proposed to remint Mexico silver and one-dollar silver coins into ichibu-gin silver coins on July 29.
  531. As a solution, Emperor Godaigo was appointed to temporarily succeed to the throne, and this caused adverse claims and started a movement to close down the bakufu in order to prevent their participation in the Imperial succession.
  532. As a solution, Fukuchiyama Station, together with surrounding railroads were elevated.
  533. As a solution, the Kanda Waterworks that was fed by water from from Inokashira Pond, and a prexisting reservoir in Akasaka were used to supply water to the city.
  534. As a son in law through marriage, he took over Suketoki OTA's position in the lord of Kakegawa Domain in Totomi Province.
  535. As a son of Mitsutane CHIBA, Chiba no suke (assistant governor of Chiba Province), he was also called Yasutane CHIBA.
  536. As a souvenir or a gift, you can buy "yuzu miso" (soybean paste with yuzu added as one of the ingredients).
  537. As a special case, a stand-up-eating Udon noodles shop established on the platform of Hiratsuka Station, Kanagawa Prefecture uses only light-taste soup broth resembling the so-called 'Kansai type.'
  538. As a special case, women sometimes wear furisode (a type of long-sleeve kimono) in the memorial ceremony of shooting on Coming-of-Age Day.
  539. As a stage of syncretization of Shinto with Buddhism there came the idea that the god of Japan hoped to escape from crime and achieve enlightenment as well as human beings.
  540. As a stage performance, the way three robbers behave and act differently is highly evaluated for its visual effect.
  541. As a starting point for samurai who in fact engage in combat on the battlefield, the Heki school has contributed much to the refining archery techniques.
  542. As a statesman
  543. As a stereotyped situation, when he plots together with a corrupt merchant (a freight broker in most cases) at the residence of the Akudaikan at night, he is given a bribe (such as a confectionery box full of koban [former Japanese oval gold coin]) by the corrupt merchant.
  544. As a strategy to lift the morale, Nobushige requested that Hideyori TOYOTOMI himself depart for the front, but he was prevented from doing so by Hideyori's close advisers and mother Yodo-dono (Lady Yodo).
  545. As a string tied around the throat of cormorant is adjustable, an ayu smaller than a certain size is swallowed into a cormorant's stomach.
  546. As a structure like a sewage line can be seen in remains from the Yayoi period, the lavatory is thought to have come into use during that period at the latest.
  547. As a study on "Manyoshu", "Daishoki" has a good reputation as an innovative project following those of Sengaku during the Kamakura period and Kigin KITAMURA during the Genroku era.
  548. As a subordinate organization (cultivation organization), the club has maintained the U-15s for the junior high school generation and U-18s for the senior high school generation, and both of them have won national titles before and produced many players.
  549. As a substantial leader of Akai clan, he wielded his power in Tanba area centering around Hikami District.
  550. As a substitute for azuki-an, other 'an' such as kinako (sweet soybean flour), ao-nori (laver), goma (ground sesame), zunda (sweet green paste made from young soybeans in the pod) are used.
  551. As a successor of Yoshimitsu, Yoshimochi's younger brother Yoshitsugu ASHIKAGA was supported by the court noble society, but Yoshimasa blocked it in advance.
  552. As a successor of the Hojo clan Kanesawa line that assumed important posts in Kamakura bakufu, he served in 1296.
  553. As a successor to the prosperity of Hikaru Genji, who was called 'Hikaru Gimi' (literally, shining boy), he was called together with his childhood friend, Nioumiya, 'Niou Hyobukyo (Minister of Hyobusho (Ministry of the Military), Kaoru Chujo.'
  554. As a suggestion to taste yuzu citron itself, not as a condiment, there is a recipe to confit it in sugar and honey by slicing the fruit into rounds with its pericarp intact.
  555. As a supplement neither academic or professional, but for promoting general understanding, we can consider, limiting the context related to producing method for sake, that they are synonyms like "shikomu" (to prepare) = "tsukuru (to produce) and "shikomi" (preparation)="tsukuri" (production).
  556. As a supplement not academic or professional, but for helping the general understanding, limited to the context related to the production method for sake, "moromi," "shikomi" and "tsukuri" are often used meaning the same.
  557. As a supplement, neither academic or professional, but to promote general understanding, we can consider, limiting the context related to the production method for sake as being synonyms like "moto" = "shubo."
  558. As a symbol of Kumano, a sticker of yatagarasu was put on the body of JR Commuter Trains Series 105 on Kisei Main Line.
  559. As a symbolic event of Shuni-e, there is "Otaimatsu" where they brandish the flaming Taimatsu torch on the stage of Nigatsu-do Hall.
  560. As a tea ceremony master, he is widely known as Oribe FURUTA.
  561. As a technique of polishing, there was scrapping technique, and so on.
  562. As a temple with an ogi no tsuka (monument with a fan motif), it is well known by those in show business.
  563. As a temple with deep connections to the Imperial Household, it got the nickname "Omurogosho" (Omuro Imperial Palace) from the fact that the Monk-Emperor Uda lived there after entering the priesthood.
  564. As a text, it is the oldest, and it is presumed to be from the latter half of Chapter 5 which is not in existence now.
  565. As a token of his gratitude, Tadaoki HOSOKAWA made his daughter Koho (11 years old) marry Okinaga.
  566. As a token of his gratitude, the emperor gave him Namubutukizo (a Buddhist wooden statue) and eight volumes of 'Shotokutaishi-eden' (Illustrated Biography of Prince Shotoku).
  567. As a tool similar to makibishi, there existed a makibishi made of iron, which was called caltrop in Medieval Europe, and it was used to slow down the advance of horses, war elephants.
  568. As a traditional event, the Kamo-jinja Shrine holds the Aoi Festival, to celebrate when Saio presided during her time of service.
  569. As a transportation hub, Katagihara has long thrived as a town on a highway.
  570. As a tuberculosis patient himself (and dying young due to the illness), many of the protagonists in Kajii's stories have lung disease.
  571. As a typical Japanese dietary habit, breakfast taken within a busy and limited time after waking up before leaving home for school or work is the lightest meal among three meals in a day in terms of both quality and quantity.
  572. As a typical example, a leading character who is forced to select either to take heed of his family and his lord or to fulfill his forbidden love affairs cannot help but commit suicide with his lover in order to be released from the dilemma (as depicted, for instance, in a series of drama written by Monzaemon CHIKAMATSU.)
  573. As a typical example, in the case of the Shamisen, slightly different instrument bodies, plectrums, bridges (components of stringed musical instruments) and strings (for musical instruments) are provided for each category of Shamisen music.
  574. As a typical example, people make yagura (a wooden framed stage) in places where many people can gather, such as a station square, open street stalls and the main reason for the festival is said to get acquainted with each other in the area.
  575. As a typical such example, Toshiie MAEDA was subordinated by Katsuie SHIBATA.
  576. As a typical theory of the origin of place name, 'ihitoyo' meant an owl in ancient words and probably in the sense of the mountain where owls live, 'ihitoyo yama' changed to 'iide yama' in later years.
  577. As a unique example, in February 2009 there was a college student from a prefecture in western Japan who wore a mask shaped like a horse in a match, and that contestant won first place.
  578. As a uniquely Japanese custom, seppuku has drawn attention as the subject of research and interest.
  579. As a variation of ippon-jime there is also the iccho-jime variation which consists of a single clap.
  580. As a variety of publications about calligraphy were made available in large quantities, calligraphy became increasingly more popular and developed considerably as well during this period.
  581. As a vassal of Ikeda and Oda
  582. As a vassal of Mitsuhide AKECHI, several other names are found.
  583. As a vassal of the Oda clan
  584. As a vassal of the Uesugi clan and a vassal of the Takeda clan
  585. As a vegetable, the ao-jiso leaf is called 'oba.'
  586. As a versatile sportsman, Mishima enjoyed high popularity among students and young people, and he was selected as the top under the sportsman category by reader's vote at an event 'the vote on the ten most heroic men' performed by ''Adventure World'' magazine.
  587. As a vestige of that, some stores in Fukui Prefecture and Ishikawa Prefecture make mizu-yokan in a paperboard container to sell.
  588. As a vice general of the Western Camp, Hideie, together with Mitsunari ISHIDA and Yoshitsugu OTANI, issued orders to behead Ieyasu and then became the main force of the Western Camp.
  589. As a view that Mitsuhide held secret communication with Maehisa KONOE shows, it is said that Hideyoshi was collaborative with Dainagon Haretoyo KANSHUJI or others and knew Mitsuhide's rebellion so that he requested like this intentionally.
  590. As a village (go) was naturally divided, the situation was also referred to as "bungo" (division of go).
  591. As a visual reporting medium and as a medium of gossip journalism, nishiki-e-shinbun had something common to it and photography weekly magazines and wide-shows on TV in the later days.
  592. As a warrior
  593. As a way out of the situation, he introduced the system of "nibu-kyoju" (or "nibu-jugyo", both meaning "double teaching).
  594. As a way to contrast and distinguish these from the 'number schools' mentioned earlier, they were sometimes called 'chimeiko' (place name schools) or 'name schools.'
  595. As a weapon to rival servants of a Hatamoto samurai, they ordered iron kiseru to wear.
  596. As a weapon, Uchine, arrow feathers about 90 cm long, as long as a short spear, were attached to it.
  597. As a weight unit, ryo had a heavier scale than monme (former Japanese weight unit) and a lighter scale than kan and kin (kan and kin were both former Japanese weight units), and in Japan, 1 ryo, 10 monme, 0.01 kan, and a 16th kin were equalized.
  598. As a well-known example, TAIRA no Masakado served FUJIWARA no Tadahira as a kenin with his military art skills.
  599. As a whole, it ended in a list of facts, and is rather short of critical faculties.
  600. As a whole, it has a rectangle shape.
  601. As a whole, it was written concisely, and only the gist of the incidents was described, so it does not contain the details.
  602. As a whole, most of the earliest shomono took the form of notes or verbatim records, as time passed, though, more and more complicated forms, as mentioned above, as well compiled books appeared.
  603. As a whole, the Wang Xizhi's style is employed.
  604. As a whole, the land is shaped by its cycle of erosion, as seen in various areas in the Tanba highland; however, the inclination of the slopes are rather steep at 30 to 40 degrees.
  605. As a whole, the tale deals with KAMATA badly compared with the historical fact.
  606. As a whole, this variorum was made based on the Oshima-bon manuscript, which was considered 'exceptional existing manuscript in quantity, form, and contents.'
  607. As a word for banter and criticism
  608. As a written material which systematically presents Shonan's theory of nation, there is 'Kokuze Sanron' (the Three Major Discussion of State Policy) written for the reformation of domain duties of Fukui Domain, Echigo Province in 1860.
  609. As a yoriki, or assistant, of Mitsuhide AKECHI, he distinguished himself during the assault on Kuroi Castle in Tamba no Kuni.
  610. As a young Tayu
  611. As a young boy he was a naughty brat though he was delicate.
  612. As a young boy, Shomyo studied at Takyo-ji Temple in Suruga Province where he was from.
  613. As a young child in his home town he was a pupil of Kyuben of Rinsai-ji (or possibly Rinsei-ji) Temple and entered the Buddhist priesthood, and subsequently studied at Zojo-ji temple in Shiba, Edo.
  614. As a young child, Ichiyo was raised in a family of moderate means, and she enjoyed reading from the time she was small; she read kusazoshi (illustrated story books) and it is said that she read through "Nanso Satomi Hakkenden" (a story of eight samurai and a princess of the Satomi family in the Nanso region) by Bakin KYOKUTEI when she was seven years old.
  615. As a young girl, she was placid and shy.
  616. As a young man, he loved hunting and the performing arts.
  617. As a youngster, he studied Sinology and Japanese literature and culture in his hometown.
  618. As a youth, he appeared in many movies under the name of Tomoemon OTANI the Seventh and became quite popular.
  619. As a youth, his study about gunpowder such as the Takashima-ryu School gunnery was recognized by Nariakira SHIMAZU, and he became a close aide to Nariakira.
  620. As above mentioned, the Shino school was succeeded to by Sogo HACHIYA; however, it is sometimes referred to as the Hachiya school in contrast with the Takebe school.
  621. As above mentioned, the subject of recent discussion on Mimana Nihon-fu is shifting from the presence or absence of the military clout and economic interest of Wajin, to its period of existence and the actual status of the organization.
  622. As above, Genso-eko should be interpreted as ritagyo (altruistic practices).
  623. As above, a total of 291cars of series 103 (consisting of forty-one train sets plus one extra set of a four-car train) were introduced to the Keihanshin Local Line three times, but still 100 cars of series 51 and 72 remained at Akashi Depot and Takatsuki Depot in 1975.
  624. As above, canned coffee was shown to be preferred mainly by young people and so stimulating demand by middle-aged and elderly persons was considered to be an issue for the future.
  625. As above, five semantic readings (スム サムシ キヨシ イサキヨシ ハ下シ) ('ハ下シ' is read as 'hageshi' (はげし) appear immediately after the pronunciation.
  626. As above, he points the 22 Vow from the 48 Vows of Amida as the basis for his explanation.
  627. As above, homekotoba were usually written in an ornate style, including a lot of engo (two words related in meaning), kakekotoba (pivot words) and the like at will.
  628. As above, monsters and apparitions are drawn like illusionism, which is interpreted as human delusions.
  629. As above, the number of town names in the former Fushimi City area is 142 that in the other area is 500, which make the total of 642 (as of 2009).
  630. As above, the number of town names of this district is 137 including 'Mt. Inari government-owned land.'
  631. As above, the number of town names prefixing 'Mukaijima' was 30 as of 1931 and became 33 through the following changes.
  632. As above, this school adopts an ancient and unique style as its substance, and is senseless as compared with other schools.
  633. As above, this type has considerably cleared up the problem of conventional type heating vending machines.
  634. As acceptance of modern international law had progressed, not only mere translation but also works in which "Bankoku Koho" was annotated by Chinese people were issued.
  635. As according to its name, the front faced south.
  636. As additional punishment fro the Ii family, a reduction of 100,000 koku (a unit of volume: 1 koku equals 180.39 liters of rice, or 0.278 cubic meters of lumber.)
  637. As administrative districts, Kadono-gun and Otokuni-gun were each located separately on the plane and on the mountain side.
  638. As adoptive heir, Takakage inherited the domain lordship upon the death of the predecessor (Takatsune KYOGOKU) in 1834.
  639. As advisor to the shogun, they were ordered to live permanently in Edo and hence they were no longer required to carry on 'Sankin-kotai' (a system in which the feudal lords were required to spend every other year in their residences in Edo).
  640. As advocated by Bisei FUKUBA concerning the construction of the shrine described above, it was said that the emperor himself had to conduct religious services for the unity of religion and state in the new era and that it was ideal that the emperor himself, and not officers in charge of Jingi, did religious services concerning Jingi.
  641. As affiliated families of the Mori clan that ruined the Sue clan exited in both countries, the Mori clan and the Otomo clan started battles in North Chikuzen.
  642. As aforementioned, Imperial Prince Moriyoshi was obliged to give his residence to the person who was not his biological son due to intervention of Kamakura bakufu.
  643. As aforementioned, common folks were gradually empowered as peace continued, some of them wore more gorgeous kimono than the bushi class, Edo bakufu shogunate tried vehemently to ban luxurious kimono one after another in order to fix class distinctions.
  644. As aforementioned, mentaiko originally means 'children of walleye pollack' and this indicates 'cod roe.'
  645. As agachino became dead as mentioned above, in the Kamakura period, the simplification of mo was advancing.
  646. As all the buses stop near Ayabe City Hospital, many people, which live in areas remote from city hospitals, use the buses.
  647. As all the interests of trade with the Song dynasty of China were held by Dazaifu, the former Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) and Dainagon (chief councilor of state) frequently became Dazai Gonnosochi for the interests.
  648. As already mentioned, Prince Motoi (the child of Emperor Shomu and Empress Komyo) died at an early age, so Prince Asaka was expected to be the Crown Prince.
  649. As already mentioned, both inbound and outbound local trains taking refuge so as to allow rapid trains to pass come in on Platform 2.
  650. As already mentioned, in this period, Soshu den had influenced various regions.
  651. As already mentioned, the differences between Hojobon and Shimazubon in "The Omitted Portion of Azuma Kagami," mainly deal with accounts of prayers and ceremonies, and can also be applied to the differences between Hojobon and Yoshikawabon.
  652. As already written in the summary above, the Shijo school is derived from the Maruyama school, but it doesn't mean that Goshun MATSUMURA conflicted with Okyo MARUYAMA.
  653. As altar construction became more complicated, various materials, such as marble or metal, were used and elaborate decorations were sometimes added.
  654. As always in the military, when you are leading, even a mouse can turn to a tiger, however, when you are losing, even a tiger can turn to a mouse. Therefore, they were frightened even by the shadows of plants and ran away in panic.'
  655. As an Academically-Minded Person and Economist
  656. As an Empress, the Empress Teimei was the first Empress among successive Empresses who had an Imperial mausoleum built in the Kanto area.
  657. As an Imagawa clan commander, Soun continued advancing as far as the Province of Mikawa between the years 1501 and 1504.
  658. As an Imperial envoy, he went to Edo along with the marriage of Imperial Princess Kazunomiya Chikako and succeeded in abolishing a blood oath swore at the appointment of buke tenso.
  659. As an Ingredient for Recipes
  660. As an Intellectual
  661. As an abbreviation, either "Seijobyodokakukyo" or "Byodokakukyo" is used.
  662. As an able retainer serving Emperor Shirakawa, he was equally admired as 'saki no sanbo' (former three retainers) with OE no Masafusa and FUJIWARA no Tamefusa.
  663. As an access road to Wada Wharf, a seaside road is now under construction.
  664. As an additional task accompanying this work, the elevation of the track between Sonobe and Uzumasa was completed in late March 2008.
  665. As an administrative division, Tokaido referred to a region of Central Honshu extending east of Kinai and along the Taiheiyo.
  666. As an affiliate department of Zushoryo (the Bureau of Drawings and Books) under the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code), Kamiyain manufactured paper used in the Imperial Court.
  667. As an aftereffect of the above, many works were produced that were set at a different period of time, but used the structure of Shinsen-gumi and its well-known members as a motif.
  668. As an aide of Imperial Prince Morinaga, Takasada always accompanied the imperial prince and often served as the transmitter of the prince's ryoji (orders issued by princes, empresses, etc).
  669. As an aide to Hidekatsu, he also fought the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute.
  670. As an allusion to this event the title 'Ise Monogatari' was adopted.
  671. As an alternate name for meals
  672. As an alternative to ho (outer robe/vestment) which is part of sokutai, it is worn over shitagasane (long inner robe) and hanpi (sleeveless body wear).
  673. As an alternative, however, KURODA proposed the "kenmitsu taisei" theory built on the term 'kenmitsu' (then, it referred to Buddhism as a whole) found in historical documents.
  674. As an anecdote at this time, it is said that Naomasa's vassal Tahei MUTO gripped Naomasa's intimate part(scrotum) and said, 'when people feel scared it shrinks; however, yours doesn't.'
  675. As an anecdote, one theory holds that Nobunaga ODA also liked ishi-gassen in his childhood and often gathered children in the neighborhood to do ishi-gassen.
  676. As an annual event, Shikanosuke WAKAKUSA holds a live concert.
  677. As an annual event, the Edo Shogunate held Gencho-no-iwai (a celebration of wild boars) in honor of little wild boars..
  678. As an anti-slip technique, they dust the middle finger to the forefinger, or from an annular finger to a forefinger and a thumb tip with 'giriko rosin powder' (pine resin is boiled down, dried and broken into powdered state) and make it fit in.
  679. As an apprentice of Taa, who was a disciple of Ippen, Jokai built the Kankiko-ji Temple along the Nishikikoji-dori Street, Kyoto, in 1291.
  680. As an army supervisor, he crossed the sea with Hidemoto MORI in the Keicho Campaign, which started in 1597.
  681. As an art assistant, he worked in artistic design.
  682. As an artist, he used the surname of Miyagawa or Katsumiyagawa at first, and later Katsukawa.
  683. As an aside, (younger brother of the Shigenao Saemon) Kichizaemon Masuhiro had an income of 6,300 koku and together they jointly served as family chief retainers; with (illegitimate) elder brother Chosaemon, they were granted a stipend of 1,500 koku.
  684. As an aside, MAZDA Motor Corporation, a car manufacturer in Hiroshima Prefecture solely producing Wankel engines, calls 'a rotor' in the engine 'omusubi-shaped.'
  685. As an aside, Yoshihiro had several descendants who were also named Yoshihiro in the IDO clan.
  686. As an aside, in 1117 Shoshi was taken as a bride by Emperor Toba.
  687. As an aside, it was perhaps this story of the battle for Kishiwada-jo Castle which became a legend, evolving into the tradition of Octopus Jizo, where a priest riding on a giant octopus beat off Saigashu and Negoroshu (a group of armed priests in Negoro-ji Temple).
  688. As an aside, the anglicized spelling ended up being 'TAKAOGUCHI,' but there were some tourist guide maps in the vicinity that listed the name as 'TAKAWOGUCHI.'
  689. As an aside, the esoteric Buddhist concept of avidya (ignorance) comes after the beginning-less (Mushi) concept and as such, lack of dependence is called 'Shikaku' (acquired enlightenment).
  690. As an aside, there is a story that wearing a long sword was in fashion among the Tosa retainers at the time, but the style was abolished as the Tosa retainers became aware of the awkwardness in using a long sword due to this incident.
  691. As an aside, there is the following joke or conventional expression: "Is a banana an oyatsu?" "No, it is not an oyatsu because it is a kind of fruit."
  692. As an attendant Confucian scholar at the imperial court in the late Edo period, he taught Confucianism to a number of the youth in the imperial family and the nobility, who were active from the Bakumatsu period (the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate) through to the Meiji period.
  693. As an avid collector of bells, he owned many rare things like a replica of a station bell.
  694. As an early private association, the Nihon Hoyo Club (Japan falconry Club), promoted by Godo NAKANISHI was established in 1936, but it was interrupted.
  695. As an easy-to-understand example, even for Yamada nishiki, which is called the 'king of sakamai,' there are many grades of quality depending on the land, soil and growing method as well as the farmer.
  696. As an educator
  697. As an educator he also had friendly relations with Shigenobu OKUMA.
  698. As an elder of the Tokugawa clan he held sway over political affairs at the time of Seitaishogun (Great General) Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA.
  699. As an eldest son of one of the gosekke (five main regent families), Sakihisa showed considerable talent in waka (a 31-syllable Japanese poem) and renga (linked verse).
  700. As an emperor of having genealogy of the two imperial lines and being the only son, Emperor Buretsu was supposed to maintain the imperial line, but he died young without having children.
  701. As an essayist, he is well known for writing "The Tosa Diary."
  702. As an event of the Bon (the Festival of the Dead), August 1st is called a lid of cauldron and is also Manju Day.
  703. As an evidence for the theory, it is said that the haniwa there were baked in the Shinike remains as those in the Imashirozuka tumulus, said to be the true tumulus of Emperor Keitai
  704. As an example in the Showa period, the circumstances surrounding succession to the professional name Raizo by Raizo ICHIKAWA VIII are well known.
  705. As an example in which there is no city, town or village corresponding to old provincial name, we have Kii station in Wakayama Prefecture, and this station name stems from the fact in which the provincial capital was located in that place.
  706. As an example of recent large scale business advances, a top soft drink manufacturer and leading cosmetics manufacturer moved in to Kuraya Industrial Park (Kyoto) in the Kuraya district which was developed by the municipal government in 1990.
  707. As an example of salt-dried tofu, rokujo dofu (salted tofu) in the Iwanezawa area (Nishikawa-machi, Nishimurayama-gun) of Yamagata Prefecture is representative.
  708. As an example of the first method of ejecting other clans, he brought about the downfall of the Otomo and the Tachibana clans, along with the Ceremonial House of the Fujiwara clan, in the Jowa Incident of 842, and then the Tomo and Ki clans in the Otenmon Incident of 866.
  709. As an example of the former case, Imperial Prince Atsuakira received Ingo as Koichijoin.
  710. As an example of the former case, it is recorded in "Nihon Sandal Jitsuroku" (a history book written in the Heian period) that FUJIWARA no Tamiko, one of the wives of Emperor Seiwa copied the Lotus Sutra on paper made of melted letters that had been written by the Emperor when he was alive.
  711. As an example of the former, at the first poetry reading party of the New Year at the Imperial Palace in 1966, the seating order of the daughter of Mikasanomiya Imperial Prince Takahito, Yasuko KONOE (born 1944), came after Imperial Prince Tomohito's (born 1946).
  712. As an example of the latter case, it is known that Fushimi tenno shinkan hokkekyo (the Lotus Sutra written by Emperor Fushimi himself) stored in the Myoren-ji Temple (Kyoto City) was written on the other side of a letter written by his father, Emperor Gofukakusa.
  713. As an example of the second method, he married his daughter to Emperor Montoku, and as a result Emperor Seiwa was born, and he built a solid political foundation as the emperor's maternal grandfather.
  714. As an example other than the above, Tekone-zushi in Mie Prefecture is sometimes made by placing sliced raw fish over the bed of vinegared rice mixed with ingredients.
  715. As an example this shows that the entire groups of cavalry were devastated in the battle between spearman groups and cavalry.
  716. As an example, in February 1990, cloudy days continues centering on the latter half of the month and total hours of sunlight was only 81 hours symbolizing quite unusually warm winter.
  717. As an example, in the case of bo shuriken, there are three major techniques for daken.
  718. As an example, in the nineteenth century, many of European countries adopted the bimetallism, but there was wide gap of legal exchange ratio between gold and silver because silver production increased and its market value declined.
  719. As an example, the consummate performances of the master Bunraku KATSURA are well-known, such as his gesture of eating sweetened adzuki beans in the performance of Ake-garasu (A Crow Nesting at Dawn), and the gesture of eating boiled green soybeans in Umanosu (The Hair of a Horse's Tail).
  720. As an example, the following is the recipe for konishime (a dish coming from Fukui Prefecture).
  721. As an example, the narrator threw his knife and Calmotin (a soporific) away to try to carry on living at the end of the story.
  722. As an example, there are three Imperial Princesses who appear in "The Tale of Genji."
  723. As an example, when a collecter or someone with highbrow tastes or a highbrow orders something which is difficult to make from an expert (a craftsman), they offer shugi as an incentive.
  724. As an exception, Shurai in Nairaishi were not engaged in work-site operation.
  725. As an exception, former daimyos (Japanese territorial lord), Kanamori clan and Honda clan (the lineage of Tadanaka HONDA), were included in yoriai.
  726. As an exception, girls waiting in the Imperial court wore several Akome in place of Uchigi (ordinary kimono) for adults.
  727. As an exception, he was allowed to be buried in Toshimagaoka cemetery following his death.
  728. As an exception, in the Tensho period Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI took advantage of the Kampaku Dispute to be adopted by Sakihisa KONOE and succeed to Kampaku, becoming the first samurai Kampaku in Japanese history.
  729. As an exception, kayariki using glass fiber with low heat conductivity would not cause such trouble to a repellent stick even if the ignited part is in contact with the main unit of the kayariki.
  730. As an exception, there were some people who were promoted to Sadaijin (Minister of the left) in the Hino family, Jun-daijin (Vice Minister) in the Yanagihara family, Naidaijin (Minister of the Center) in the Karasumaru family and the Madenokoji family.
  731. As an exceptional case, natto has been widespread in Kyushu since the old times.
  732. As an exchange condition, Gouda promised Gofushimi that Kazuhito would become the next Crown Prince after Kuniyoshi.
  733. As an existing old statue, the Gosonzo (quintet) (important cultural property) placed in the Jogyo-do hall of the Nikko Rinno-ji Temple is known.
  734. As an experiment, he dug the ground up, and a spring burst forth. '
  735. As an expert at flower arrangement, he is known for the successor of the old school of Shogetsudo.
  736. As an expert of German law, he worked as the Chief of the Translation Section at the Ministry of the Treasury, Assistant Secretary, and then the Senior Managing Director of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau.
  737. As an expression of unexpected events or things bringing about good things (unexpected growth, advantage or benefit), there are words such as 'bake' and 'obake,' and they are lexicons and expressions of 'obake.'
  738. As an extant keyhole-shaped tumulus in Kyoto Prefecture it belongs to the very end of the period.
  739. As an extension of it, there are many cultures that eating in a stooped position is not against manners (refer to Inugui, Inugui and food cultures excluding Japan).
  740. As an extension of the Tokaido Road, the stations of the Kyokaido Road (Osaka Kaido Road) were established in 1619.
  741. As an external factor, the invention of the gun made a great impact on the development of the bow.
  742. As an extreme example, an octopus with 96 legs has been captured in Japan and it is currently being displayed as a specimen in Shima Marine Land aquarium.
  743. As an extreme example, it's considered acceptable for now, when the same bow, arrow and Kyudo gloves are used at the same shooting range, but the techniques are completely opposite.
  744. As an idea for attaining ryochi, sitting on the floor calmly and choshin (making the mind clear) was taught initially, but considering the adverse effect of the disciples shifting to zen, jijomaren (polishing knowledge through practical action) was preached.
  745. As an idea on the history of sutra translation, Buddhist sutras translated into Chinese before Kumaraju are called 'ancient translations,' those after Kumaraju and before Genjo are called 'old translations' and those after Genjo are called 'new translations' (as per the classification of sutra translations).
  746. As an idiomatic phrase
  747. As an illustration of this, Go-mei, the ancient Ou, and Bando, share the same history as to sakuto.
  748. As an important procedure, when washing cabbage, put it in a colander and drain the excess liquid.
  749. As an incentive award for the battle, he was given Sanuki Province (present-day Kagawa Prefecture).
  750. As an individual Buddha, the most common figure is expressed as a figure which joins its hands in prayer in the lotus position on a white elephant that has six ivory tusks and has Rengeza (padmasana, Lotus base) on the back.
  751. As an industrialist
  752. As an infant shogun had continued for two generations, Yoshikatsu and Yoshimasa, the Imperial Court and influential Shugo daimyos (Japanese territorial lord as provincial constable) had involved in shogunate administration and the dignity of the shogun had started to waver remarkably.
  753. As an influential person of kabuki world of the East and the West, his residence of Sendagaya of Tokyo had the premises of 9900 sq.m. and the residence of 660 sq.m. (it was 30 meters from the gate to the main housing), and was provided many servants and even policemen for the security.
  754. As an influential person to the shogunate government of Yoshimochi, he served as a kanrei from June 1410 to March 1412 and from August 1421 to August 1429.
  755. As an influential person to the shogunate government, Mitsuie served as a kanrei from June 1410 to March 1412 and from August 1421 to August 1429 when Yoshimochi was a shogun.
  756. As an inherently enlightened person, he constantly suffered from mental distress, so much that he became ill, working for the Meiji restoration government where the radicals and the conservatives unceasingly struggled for power.
  757. As an inner partition, there is 'Kenjo no shoji' (sliding screens with paintings of thirty-two Chinese sages, which form the main wall behind the Shishinden (formal ceremonial hall) of the Kyoto Imperial Palace) at the border of moya and kita-hisashi, and moya and nishi-hisashi (room in the western surrounding building) are divided by a wall.
  758. As an inspector organization, Danjodai was established.
  759. As an instrument, the shinobue is a type of yokobue (transverse flute), and is very similar to the Western flute family.
  760. As an interpreter, he accompanied ONO no Imoko, a Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty China in 607 and he also joined ONO no Imoko sent as an envoy to Sui in the following year, but it is said that he never came back to Japan from Sui after that.
  761. As an irrigation waterway, he had Komuku no omizo (a large ditch) dug (around Kanan Town, Minamikawachi County, Osaka Prefecture) and had a vast agricultural field reclaimed.
  762. As an official of the Ministry of Education, NAKAGAWA served as the executive secretary of the foundation secretariat of the Japan Women's University on non-regular bases, and supported Kinmochi SAIONJI who actively backed the establishment of the university.
  763. As an official registry the passenger commercial operation started between Hanaten and Yao, and between Shigino and Suita.
  764. As an oiran had quite a few regular customers, sometimes calls for an oiran clashed.
  765. As an old example of Chinese Bonsho, there is a bell in Nara National Museum that has the inscription of Chen (South Dynasty) in 575.
  766. As an old-fashioned expression, an 'apart' with less than 2 stories is sometimes called 'copo' (derived from cooperative housing).
  767. As an oni, Shuten Doji roamed about the mountains in Honshu, the main island of Japan, and finally settled on Mt. Oe according to this legend.
  768. As an onmyoji ranking with KAMO no Mitsuyoshi, he was given important posts by FUJIWARA no Michinaga, FUJIWARA no Sanesuke, and other powerful persons much the same as his father, and advanced from Tenmon hakase and Onmyo hakase to Onmyo no suke climbing to the Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade).
  769. As an oral literature it has a long history, and it appeared in "Dainihonkoku hokekyo genki" ("Hokekyo genki") (an account of the wonders worked by the Lotus Sutra in Japan) and "Konjaku monogatarishu" (Tales of Times Now Past) in the Heian period.
  770. As an umbrella has a single shaft, this yokai moves by hopping on one leg.
  771. As an umbrella organization for the Kamigata entertainment industry, there is the Kansai Engei Association where many rakugo storytellers belong.
  772. As an unit for the size of textile
  773. As an unit of land area
  774. As an university, it has 8 faculties and about 20,000 students.
  775. As an unusual cooking method example, the fried brains of dolphins were eaten on whaling ships on rare occasions.
  776. As another carrier in those days, Shashaku that used an ox train is known.
  777. As another case, in accessing Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park from the Tokyo area, there exists competition between Tokyo/Shinagawa and Atami (between the Tokaido Shinkansen line by JR Tokai and the Tokaido main line by JR East).
  778. As another example, 'Shochikubai' is a tegotomono, as well as an Osakamono and shugimono, and it's one of the Juni Kyoku (Twelve Songs).
  779. As another idea, Daruma dolls are never burned because, they say, it causes blindness.
  780. As another reason for taking the lead in wearing western clothes, the empress herself was quoted as saying"Kimono that is not separated into upper and lower parts limits a girl's movements and is inconvenient."
  781. As another section describes its details, a toji has been traditionally called oyakata at a brewery, but there are various titles for a toji such as bucho (the manager) at present.
  782. As another story goes, prearranged with Emperor Daigo, Tokihira deliberately wore opulent clothing for an audience with the Emperor, thereby incurring his wrath, at which point Tokihira shut himself away in his residence and refused to see anyone, thus discouraging the desire for luxury among the people.
  783. As another theory, it is said that the above-mentioned episodes were created after Shotoku Taishi was given a name 'Toyotomimi,' which means 'having good comprehension' = 'good at understanding people' = 'wise.'
  784. As antonyms, '荒れ (are: roughness),' '波 (nami: waves)' and '起伏 (kifuku: ups and downs)' exist.
  785. As apparent from the table on the right, there were actually more soldiers dispatched after the fall of Beijing and at the peak totaled 71,920 soldiers.
  786. As at Amino Station, the management of the station and ticket-related work are entrusted to officers at the local Amino-cho Tourist Association, making it a station whose simple station jobs are outsourced as at the adjacent Tango-Kanno Station.
  787. As at other stations on the Keishin Line, no train ticket for a station on the Keihan Main Line or the Oto Line (for example, for Keihan Shijo Station) can be bought at this station.
  788. As at the establishment of Muromachi bakufu the intention to resuscitate the Kamakura bakufu (military government) was included, the relationship between the bakufu and Imperial Court was intended to liken the one with the Kamakura bakufu.
  789. As atsuage is soft inside unlike abura-age (usuage), it is sometimes called namaage (raw deep-fried food).
  790. As attested to by the old saying 'Daikon oroshi keeps the doctor away.', daikon oroshi is considered beneficial to many aspects of health.
  791. As autumn traffic restriction is imposed throughout the month of November, some buses are required to take a roundabout route and don't stop at this bus stop during the restricted period.
  792. As background for the protection of the government (the shogunate), it was supported by Japanese feudal lords and made efforts to civilize people through social works by monks such as Doko TETSUGEN, so that it gradually extended its influence.
  793. As beautiful star-like spots appear on the tea bowls, people came to use the kanji 'Yo' (曜 or 耀) meaning 'twinkling of a star' or 'glitter' instead of 窯 or 容.
  794. As bechimyo were established independently from existing local administrative organizations, namely gun and go, the governing structure consisted of nation, gun, and go collapsed.
  795. As been said "mikan is good for the prevention of colds," because of it's rich content of vitamin C and synephrine.
  796. As before and after his abscondences and returns there were big battles (Battle of Sekigahara and The Siege of Osaka), there is a theory that he was an intelligence agent of the Sanada clan, however, this there is no documented evidence that could support this theory.
  797. As belief in Kobo Daishi grew from the middle ages onward, To-ji, or "Daishi's temple," gained a following among the common people, and even in the 21st century remains one of Kyoto's most famous landmarks.
  798. As benefits of the position, they were designated as Jito and the authority of their lands was guaranteed.
  799. As bicarbonate-earth springs have an anti-inflammation effect, they are effective for injuries, skin diseases, atopic dermatitis and allergy diseases.
  800. As bicycles have attracted attention as a means of curbing global warming (particularly in recent years), the availability of rental bicycles is increasing, and more and more hotels and Japanese-style inns now offer free rental bicycle service for their guests.
  801. As black is regarded as a mourning color in the Imperial Court, Kurotomesode is customarily avoided to attend a function of the Court, instead, Irotomesode is regarded as formal wear to attend Imperial Court functions like the conferment ceremony of the decoration.
  802. As books says, 'the name of the king's wife is Keimi, there are 600 to 700 women in a imperial palace, and the name of king's son (a prince) is Rikamitahori,' his wife was Keimi and he had about 600 to 700 women at his harem, and he had a crown prince named Rikamitahori.
  803. As both Konoe no chujo and Konoe no shosho corresponded to suke based on the Shitokan system, they were also called Konoe jisho.
  804. As both are regarded as ancestral deities of the jewel-making clans, they are probably identical to Tamanooya no Mikoto.
  805. As both branch temples are called 'Yoshizaki Betsuin' (betsuin: branch temple), one belonging to Hongan-ji school is commonly referred to as either 'Nishi Gobo' or '(Yoshizaki) Nishi Betsuin' and one held by Otani school as 'Higashi Gobo' or '(Yoshizaki) Higashi Betsuin.'
  806. As both of his parents were French, Montblanc was raised in France and his nationality was also French.
  807. As both of them happened to be named 'Kuranosuke,' there exists an anecdote of a 'face-off between the two Kuranosukes', although it appears to be a myth created after the seige as no evidence to support this currently exists.
  808. As both of two air masses which compose the southern part of the baiu front are air masses which have an ocean as its base (martitime air mass), they absorb a large amount of moisture from the ocean and contain wet air.
  809. As both parties involved in Shitaji chubun agreed to mutually respect the other party's open-end right to rule the divided land, jito became the legal and perfect owner of their land.
  810. As both parties shouted "let us through" "we will not let you through" to each other, SERIZAWA advanced forward, laughing loudly.
  811. As both sides set various places around on fire during their attack on the opponents, some sub-buildings of Todai-ji Temple and Kofuku-ji Temple, together with Hannya-ji Temple, were burnt one after another.
  812. As bright as his father, Junsho set his base at Shigisan-jo Castle to fight against Nagamasa KIZAWA, and finally united Yamato Province.
  813. As brushes are made by craftsmen, their workplaces combined with their home are scattered throughout each of these areas.
  814. As burning much firewood at a time makes the soot coarse, burn three or four pieces of firewood patiently.
  815. As busho on Yoshizumi's side, there were many great vassals of the bakufu, such as captain Sumimoto HOSOKAWA, Masataka HOSOKAWA and Yorisuke MATSUDA.
  816. As by his nature he hated to see blood, he never performed bloodletting, surgical operations, dissections and the like.
  817. As calligraphic methods were explored more deeply around in the middle era of the Edo period, use of the Jin-Tang style instead of the Yuan-Ming style was advocated.
  818. As can be expected from his name, Sesson himself was strongly conscious of Sesshu and respected Sesshu, although Sesshu's painting style did not influence Sesson.
  819. As can be expected from the letter 叉, it had two holding pins and when facing her death, Yang Guifei promised her eternal love for the emperor, who remained alive, by snapping her memorable hair ornament.
  820. As can be seen above, Sarutahiko has a complicated divinity.
  821. As can be seen above, active education was conducted before the independence.
  822. As can be seen above, karate steadily developed on the national and organizational levels.
  823. As can be seen above, they didn't ban the ownership of weapons (except guns) or the practice of weapons.
  824. As can be seen at Daido-ji Temple, whether existing Buddhist temples were converted to churches or new structures constructed, Japanese carpenters were used and Japanese architectural styles (in particular Buddhist temple styles) were emulated.
  825. As can be seen from his photo of a later year dressed in western clothing, it is said that Toshizo was a rationalist and had the flexibility to accept useful things; for example, he owned a western pocket watch, etc.
  826. As can be seen from the above description, there are several beliefs about the origin of the name of the dish.
  827. As can be seen from the above explanation the spirits of the deceased have some ambiguous aspects and in contrast to revengeful ghosts are the ancestral spirits which are honored.
  828. As can be seen from the above poems, quite a few of the dialects of the Togoku region recorded in the "Manyoshu" have correlations with the modern dialects found in eastern Japan.
  829. As can be seen from the above, how foolish beings attain birth in the Pure Land is explained through Teaching, Practice, Faith, and Enlightenment.
  830. As can be seen from the above, it is believed that hibachi were already in use in the Heian period.
  831. As can be seen from the above, since letters written with lines of equal length and height were considered behind the times, 'chirashi-gaki' was being used even in daily letters in the second half of the 10th century.
  832. As can be seen from the examples of Hachiro KIYOKAWA and Sanyo RAI, who as filial duty let their birth mothers have fun at the ageya (a high-class restaurant where courtesans or geisha were called to entertain customers), Shimabara was different from what the public negatively considers the 'yukaku' (red-light district) to be.
  833. As can be seen from the fact favoritism was shown by the Retired Emperor Gosaga and trust by the Emperor Kameyama, who was the successor of Gosaga, in the background of his promotion, it should be noted that such the promotion was forced and various turmoil in society.
  834. As can be seen from the fact he had a job at the Danjodai which formed the base of the radical advocates of Sonno Joi within the new government, he still held the nationalistic idea of Joi (expelling the foreigners) at that time.
  835. As can be seen from the name "Enkaiyochi Zenzu" this complete map is focused on depiction of the coastlines and has some blank parts as to internal regions because it was made for the operations of the national defense.
  836. As can be seen from the previous passage, Munizo YUKI was filled with confidence and had strong ambitions.
  837. As can be seen in "Azuma Kagami" (The Mirror of the East) and "Taiheiki" (The Record of the Great Peace), many samurai worshipped Shinto Kami during the latter part of the Heian period as a result of Usa Hachiman-gu Shrine becoming the ujigami (ancestral deity) of the Minamoto clan.
  838. As can be seen in such sources as Keian tekagami (a collection of calligraphy), he had excellent handwriting.
  839. As can be seen in the 'Oribe Hyakkajo' (A Hundred Rules for Oribe Tea Ceremony), the Oribe school of tea ceremony strictly observed the Rikyu way of tea ceremony, but now there are two branches.
  840. As can be seen in the Chigo daishi zu (a late Kamakura work owned by the Kayuki Art Museum) and other such illustrations, children's kosode during Japan's medieval period was made with furi-no-yatsuguchi in the sleeves to allow body heat to dissipate.
  841. As can be seen in the bell and drum towers in Beijing (Beijing Gulou and Zhonglou), some have a bell tower in the north and a drum tower in the south while others have bell and drum towers in a single building like in Shanhaiguan shodrum tower.
  842. As can be seen in the usage of '城 (ki)' in the ancient "胆沢城" (Isawa-jo Castle), the word '城 (ki)' refers to a space that is surrounded on all four sides by scaffolds or walls, or, according to another theory, can mean 'a coffin'
  843. As castles of the Sengoku Period are not "well-known and famous," precious structural remains are sometimes destroyed without sufficient research and recording in developing land.
  844. As censorship intensified, he was saddened and lost his enthusiasm for making films after the talking picture period, and did not leave impressive works because of losing ground to Yasujiro OZU, Kenji MIZOGUCHI, Sadao YAMANAKA and others.
  845. As central commercial areas, Sakai and Hakata, which played the role of a hub port, flourished.
  846. As ceramics, it is nothing more than "an unremarkable small brown glazed pot"(as referred to in the preface of "Karamono Chaire" (Chinese-Style Tea Canisters) written by Hiroko NISHIDA/Nezu Museum/2005), and finding beauty in chaire's subtle individuality is remarkably peculiar to tea ceremony culture.
  847. As chajin (a man of tea), he studied under Joo TAKENO, and it is known that he was involved in tea from around the Honnoji Incident.
  848. As characteristics of gakuseigin, very strong uchikomi (the Scooping Point) or very high number of times are raised.
  849. As charcoal itself tends to absorb odors, it is often caused by odor absorbed by charcoal during storage and discharged into sake when charcoal is put into sake.
  850. As chief of battalion, he was assigned to go to Karafuto.
  851. As children were said to be envoys from the moon, only on this day, they were allowed to steal them.
  852. As choka (literally, long poems) lost popularity, tanka came to be representative of the waka form of poetry.
  853. As clearly shown by the fact that Nobunaga was raided by Mitsuhide AKECHI at Honno-ji Temple, Nobunaga gave too much military force to his vassals.
  854. As clearly understood from the simile expression such as "equivalent to" and "same as," the word "sengoku no yo" as used by court nobles at that time directly denoted the Zhanguo period in ancient China.
  855. As clothes, with its greatly porous material, it is usually used in the summertime.
  856. As collateral evidence of this perception, it is said that the Asakura family and the Oda family, the acting military governor under the control of the Shiba family, had been in an enemy-like relationship since the Asakura family occupied Echizen by depriving the Shiba family, their master, of the territory.
  857. As commerce and physical distribution was activated from the Heian to the Kamakura period in Japan, the need for money became important.
  858. As commoners led a luxurious life, seeing it as life beyond their means, the Edo shogunate often cracked down on it and arrested sushi chefs for making expensive sushi costing as much as sixty mon a piece.
  859. As compared to Western music, the extent of their differences is like that between classical music and popular music.
  860. As compared with Chojo, treatments and ranking were low, and it was extremely difficult for them to be promoted to a rank equivalent to or higher than Goi (Fifth Rank).
  861. As compared with other religions, shinto religion is more inclined to secularism and belief in the innate goodness of man and seems to have a characteristic that a strong sense of solidarity has been built up between an enshrined subject (Kami (God)) and worshipers (believers).
  862. As compared with other schools, this school has two major differences.
  863. As compensation for the Imperial Prince Sukehito, Sadanobu also conducted an improvement of conditions measure, including an additional 1000-goku.
  864. As condiments, thinly sliced green onions and shichimi togarashi (a mixture of red cayenne pepper and other aromatic spices) are frequently used.
  865. As conditions to make the peace, Harunobu admitted that local samurai land owners, such as the Suda clan, the Inoue clan and the Shimazu clan, should be allowed to restore their former territories, and it was also decided that Asahiyama-jo Castle should be destroyed completely.
  866. As conferring Ippon was socially and financially of a great meaning, the conferment during ones' lifetime was determined very carefully while the conferment after ones' deaths took place relatively frequently; the first Ippon in the Heian period was conferred to the Imperial Prince Kazurawara in 831.
  867. As conflict between the In and Enryaku-ji Temple was reignited, Kiyomori, who was worried about instability of the political situation, came to Kyoto on February 11, the next year, samurai gathered in Rokuhara, and the situation became very tense.
  868. As conflict continued within the sect, in 1602, after Ieyasu TOKUGAWA donated land for a temple, Kyonyo and his supporters broke away and built East Hongan-ji Temple.
  869. As conflicts occurred between Toa group and former Makino group inside the historical films department of 'Tojiin Studio,' the studio was renamed "Toa Makino Tojiin Studio "in January 1925.
  870. As contemporary houses are airtight, ventilation is required from time to time in order to avoid being smoked by Senko.
  871. As contrasted with Kanshi (Chinese poems), it is called Shiyo as well; it is also known as Chotanku because it consisted of lines of irregular lengths, short and long.
  872. As cooling it in a refrigerator spoils the transparency of the dough and its texture, it is better to cool it with running water or water with ice.
  873. As core busho on Yoshitane's side, there were Captain Takakuni HOSOKAWA, OUCHI Yoshioki, and Yoshimoto HATAKEYAMA of Noto Province.
  874. As cormorants that are not hungry don't catch sweetfishes, those that are brought to fishing are fed only after fishing finished.
  875. As cotton at that time was regarded as a high-class cloth, the profit made from the cotton business improved their status so much that they were called wealthy merchants.
  876. As cotton tabi were introduced, leather tabi became obsolete.
  877. As could be seen, the origin of bushi in Kanto region had the background of horse breeding grounds.
  878. As craftsmen with a high level of skill became engaged in building such houses, houses became built in the way that pillars were placed on foundation stones and beams were assembled in complex ways.
  879. As cremation requires not only a lot of fuel such as firewood, but also certain skills, it cannot be denied that it was a costly funeral method.
  880. As criteria in evaluating poems, themes are given even in the modern era for poems to be created at the uta-awase contests.
  881. As critic
  882. As custom-ordering enables some letters adjust to the taste of the customer to be written on these part of a daruma doll, such as an wish, Takasaki Daruma dolls are used as symbols or gifts of good luck.
  883. As cyanide cannot be formed by acid and digestive enzymes in the stomach, the risk of poisoning by accidental intake is limited to the cases where large quantities of seeds are crunched.
  884. As dark clouds had gone by without notice, about the same year, the young Midorikawa brothers entered his school.
  885. As dawn broke on the morning of the 3rd day, Ujitoyo and his attendants left Heisuke's house following Heisuke's guide on escape routes to Tajima, but they happened to encounter Hizen NAGATA and others, who hunted for samurai on the run in mountains in Katsubedani.
  886. As death is considered to be Kegare (impurity) in Shinto, and funerals are not usually held in a Shinto shrine which is sanctuary and in many cases it is held at the house of the dead or a funeral hall.
  887. As decorated, lacquered bows were buried with prey, it seems to have been used already for witching and spiritual events.
  888. As deep hot water is often situated deep underground of plains and/or basins, it is normally pumped out by boring machines and accordingly it sometimes contains salt and/or organic matter that originated in the sea.
  889. As deer can smell out any piece of senbei left in your bag, you have to give them all.
  890. As demand is high for use by children, many machines do not use a metal brace for safety sake.
  891. As demands for these currencies increased, Shichusen (coins made privately) and low-quality Torai-sen (coins imported from China) became circulated.
  892. As descendants of the Hojo clan, they used the Chinese character of '時' which was the tsuji (distinctive character used in the names of all people belonging to a single clan or lineage) of their ancestors for generations.
  893. As describe above, the method for producing tea has been continuously improved and it was not invented by a single person.
  894. As described above, "important cultural properties" as a legal and administrative term is not a general reference to all nationally designated cultural properties.
  895. As described above, Chosen Tsushinshi was a national envoy that came to Japan to make congratulations to the shogun family, and was provided with the same role as an envoy to bring tributes to a Chinese emperor or was used for showing the prestige of shogun.
  896. As described above, Gokuraku-in Hall (now named Ojo Gokuraku-in Hall) was originally unrelated to the Tendai Monzeki.
  897. As described above, Ikko-Ikki was one of the biggest forces in Japanese society at the time and ranked with Sengoku Daimyo (warlords), but all the Monto of Shinshu did not go along with this movement.
  898. As described above, Japan's track gauge was the same as other colonies of England and 'England introduced 1067mm track gauge holding Japan in lower position', but those stories told were not true.
  899. As described above, Kawara is a material used to cover roofs with (See also "Kawarabuki" (Tiled roof)).
  900. As described above, Korea chose to remain in structure of Kaichitsujo at first.
  901. As described above, Masamune, who persistently sought for acquiring the right of ruling in any possible opportunity, was cautiously watched by bakufu all the time.
  902. As described above, Mt. Kurabu and Mt. Kurama are identified as two different mountains in Japanese Waka poetry.
  903. As described above, Ryoo continued to devoted himself to these activities.
  904. As described above, Sachi married Taishakuten and it is the father-in-law.
  905. As described above, Shojin ryori exerted effects on Japanese cuisine and contributed to its development.
  906. As described above, Shrine Shinto may be different from the animism in that deities do not reside in everything.
  907. As described above, Yukinaga KONISHI put priority on peace talks with Yi Dynasty Korea, at first, and, then, with Ming and stopped any further movements north, stopping at Pyongyang.
  908. As described above, a plan to extend the line from Gakken-Nara-Tomigaoka Station to the Hosono (Shin-Hosono) and Takanohara areas exists, but the execution of the plan is likely to be postponed for the time being.
  909. As described above, alleys in Kyoto are quite inside-focused and exhibit a clear contrast to the road, which allows the free passage of strangers.
  910. As described above, although Shigemori was the leader of the clan, Kiyomori's decisions were prioritized for important matters; therefore, Shigemori's desires and actions were very much limited.
  911. As described above, at the beginning Okubo and Itagaki did not meet directly, which suggests that each of the three had his own anticipation.
  912. As described above, before Hidetatsu EGAWA, Nirayama Daikan of the bakufu, paid attention to Shuhan TAKASHIMA, Shigeyoshi had had deep exchange with Shuhan TAKASHIMA, and in 1835, he was presented with a Western gun (bronze mortar gun), which was fabricated for the first time in Japan by Takashima.
  913. As described above, by enshrining deities of each other, Sanzan (three shrines) were integrated by the end of the 12th century.
  914. As described above, during both the prewar and the postwar periods, scholars often doubted the validity of the unbroken Imperial line from the historical point of view.
  915. As described above, examinations are cumbersome and it is difficult to produce it on a small scale.
  916. As described above, however, Tokitada died in Noto Province and his descendants still live there.
  917. As described above, ichien chigyo was exponentially developed from the end of the Middle Ages.
  918. As described above, in 1993, the government acknowledged for the first time that those measures they had taken at that time had not been enough to solve the pollution.
  919. As described above, in an era when wood prices in Japan were high and firewood and charcoal were the main sources of thermal energy, it was naturally considered that income could be gained by selling forest resources, such as charcoal, in addition to wood cut in the field practice forest of a university.
  920. As described above, in the Muromachi Period Sakato was a strategic site as regards transport and the economy.
  921. As described above, in the structure of Kaichitsujo, neighboring countries of China received sakuho or conducted choko and built a relationship with China as suzerain state and hanzokukoku.
  922. As described above, it can be said that keyhole-shaped tumuli are surrounded by steep slopes to discourage people from climbing.
  923. As described above, it is said that there will be changes depending on one's depth of faith.
  924. As described above, it managed administration and justice in Kyoto, justice in the four neighboring provinces as well as administration of the shogunate demesne, and controlled temple and shrine territories (excluding monzeki temples (temples of high rank where members of imperial family and nobility enter the priesthood)).
  925. As described above, kouchigi was created as semi-formal outerwear.
  926. As described above, modern international law had two faces to apply it differently to "civilized nation" and "non-civilized nation," and certain researcher call this as "double standard of modern international law." (Takamura 1998)
  927. As described above, namazu-e based on various existing published materials reflected popular customs at that time.
  928. As described above, namazu-e circulated after the earthquake were drawn in various motifs.
  929. As described above, neighboring villages were incorporated into the ward in 1902, 1918, and 1931, among which large part of Ouchi village and Shichijo village in Kadono County belong to current Shimogyo Ward.
  930. As described above, no private large-scale inter-city railways were realized, as the Japan electric railway described above.
  931. As described above, now it is considered that the system of periodic reallocations of rice fields (handen shuju sei) was not a backing public system of jori sei (a system of land subdivision in ancient Japan) and therefore it came to be thought that there was no backing public system in jori sei.
  932. As described above, since there are few original materials about Toshimasu left, it seems that the stories about his actions in the Battle of Hasedo have been exaggerated to create an impression that he was well built and excelled in spearmanship.
  933. As described above, some jito acquired both shitaji and jobun to realize ichien control of shoryo (territories).
  934. As described above, speed limitations are increasingly applied, as are the regulations of operation due to strong winds; accordingly, in the fiscal 2006 there were 28 days in which the operation was regulated.
  935. As described above, that is why it may have merely been a slogan.
  936. As described above, the Battle of Bitchu Takamatsu-jo Castle occurred in situations where Hideyoshi, or the Oda clan, were in a superior position.
  937. As described above, the Branch Library System across the three powers is extremely rare among the national libraries of the world, and it is regarded as one of the most prominent characteristics of the NDL.
  938. As described above, the Chiba clan and descendants of Gongoro Kagemasa, and Oba clan considered to be a clan varied from 'transmission of Kenin' mentioned in "Azuma Kagami."
  939. As described above, the Kamakura bakufu was originally derived from the private government of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo.
  940. As described above, the Mito Domain did not produce any important official in the new government in the early Meiji period.
  941. As described above, the Sengoku Period is a chronological period that overlaps with the Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama Periods.
  942. As described above, the Yamahoko Junko itself was once held two times: on the 17th (Saki no Matsuri) and the 24th (Ato no Matsuri); they were integrated into one in 1966 to be held on the 17th.
  943. As described above, the definition of 'dish' depending on whether it is cooked or whether a complexed cooking method is used is not determined.
  944. As described above, the former Shogunate forces were superior in military strength at the beginning of the war, and in fact, the new government's forces had reportedly reviewed the option of withdrawing from Kyoto with the Emperor.
  945. As described above, the government and municipalities were obligated to use the Western style age system and to specify so when there is a need to mention an age based on the traditional Japanese system.
  946. As described above, the hand scrolls were in the hands of the family of Marquis Satake.
  947. As described above, the mountain ranges that stretch east to west are influenced by such geological structures while the mountain ranges that stretch south and north have continuous geology with few dislocations and some rolling deformations by the pressure from the east and the west.
  948. As described above, the parts that can be used for meat depend on the species of the whale, and the taste of the same part may also depend on the species.
  949. As described above, the person to sleep with shogun was selected from Ochuro servants.
  950. As described above, the present mound was repaired in 1870 by Osaka Prefecture, and the small shrine was also repaired in 1957 by local people in that area.
  951. As described above, the theory of shi-no-ko-sho differed significantly from the actual class system.
  952. As described above, the theory to seek the origin of plan of jori in handen shuju sei is virtually rejected.
  953. As described above, the value of the wood from the naturally regenerated forests and from the artificially regenerated forests is low, and therefore, it turns out that logging of the natural forest becomes the focus of earnings.
  954. As described above, the way of using the field practice forest returned to research-centered one, and the forest roads had been completed to a certain level by the 1980s.
  955. As described above, the year of the temple's founding is generally considered to be 900 but there are alternative theories.
  956. As described above, there are many opinions, and the opinions of China and Mongolia, where kosa is produced, are totally different from those of South Korea and Japan, where damage is inflicted by kosa.
  957. As described above, there are several theories about her age; her age at death varies 76, 77, or 83.
  958. As described above, there is more than one stream contributing to the formation of the Tengu, so they vary in type and appearance.
  959. As described above, there were people in villages who earned their living by various vocations.
  960. As described above, this chapter contains a similar story; this story is called sanzen-jin-tengo (an immensely long period of time).
  961. As described above, this work was strongly influenced by Nanso-Intaiga (the Southern Sung Imperial Academy style of painting) and is a valuable piece in the history of Japanese painting as a relic definitely drawn by Josetsu, who was the leading painter specializing in the early stage of ink-and-wash paintings in Japan.
  962. As described above, under fair reign of the Empress, Prince Shotoku fully exhibited his ability and enacted Kan I junikai (twelve grades of cap rank) (in 603) and Seventeen-Article Constitution (in 604) one after another to carry out improvement of laws and organizations.
  963. As described above, whale meat was used as a gift among busho (Japanese military commanders) in the Sengoku period, was ranked number one of the fishes in a rating of foodstuffs, and was positioned as an item to be used on auspicious occasions, such as the New Year and the ends of seasons.
  964. As described above, what is in compliance with the teachings of Buddhism from the viewpoint of monto is taken by the believers of other sects as mono shirazu (don't know anything) and such a misunderstanding sometimes causes conflict.
  965. As described above, when this statue was designated a national treasure in 1897, the name given was also 'Kanzeon Bosatsu.'
  966. As described above, while Fuyo was a person varied attainments and fond of taste, especially his talent bloomed in the field of tenkoku (seal-engraving).
  967. As described above, worship of Benzaiten since the early modern period has taken on a complicated form in which Buddhism, Shinto and folk beliefs have merged.
  968. As described above, yokai has been passed down in various forms.
  969. As described at the beginning, the modern international laws originated in Western countries had a character as a deal with Christian nations, and applicability was limited to specific countries at first.
  970. As described before, in the Utaawase held in 986, when he was invited to participate with Michinaga and Kinto, he was one year younger than them, and the youngest of all the invited participants.
  971. As described below, Dazai-fu is regarded as the capital (wakyo) of the Kyushu dynasty.
  972. As described below, Dazai-fu is the oldest full-scale city older than Fujiwara-kyo (the Imperial capital of Japan) (in 694), which is the oldest jobosei (a series of avenues running at right angles to each other marked out the system) Miyakonojo of the Yamato kingship.
  973. As described below, It is believed that the Jinshi Rebellion took place in Kyushu.
  974. As described below, Iwai is considered to be the emperor of Kyushu.
  975. As described below, Wa no na no kokuo in (the oldest known seal in Japan) discovered on Shikanoshima Island in Hakata Bay is read as `the king' of `Wanonanokuni' in `Han,' and it is the Inju (the great seal) of the king of Wa (the king of Wanonanokuni), the vassal of Han.
  976. As described below, `the five kings of Wa' is assumed to be the king of Kyushu, not the king of the Kinai region (the five capital provinces surrounding the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto).
  977. As described below, although the same term is now used for a scaled-down version, it originally had the nature of "an indoor room used in the same way as the ground."
  978. As described below, his arrangements for the kokyu are also very original.
  979. As described below, it is assumed that some records that were not convenient for the Yamato kingship were intentionally erased (some books were burnt) when kiki (the Kojiki and Nihonshoki) was compiled.
  980. As described below, it is believed that `the Taika Reforms' took place at the end of the seventh century.
  981. As described below, it is believed that in the end of the seventh century, the Yamato kingship was established after a power shift from the Kyushu dynasty.
  982. As described below, it is believed that the great king of Kyusyu paid tribute to China for generations since the age of the Han dynasty while the Kyushu dynasty had cultural exchanges with or battles against China and Korea on behalf of Japan.
  983. As described below, the Soga clan is regarded as the imperial family of the Kyushu dynasty (Wakoku).
  984. As described below, the Taika Reforms is gekokujo (an inverted social order when the lowly reigned over the elite) coup in which the local ruling families in Kinai region in Yamato killed the emperor of the Kyushu dynasty and seized the power of the emperor in 695.
  985. As described below, the Tendai sect was introduced by Saicho during the early Heian period and thus the order of introduction to Japan was reversed.
  986. As described below, the first year of the Taika period was considered to be 695.
  987. As described below, the origins of the chapter names used for The Tale of Genji can be divided into several groups.
  988. As described below, the title falls into the genre of Jisha Engi-e (literally, illustrated origins of shrines and temples), but the story itself belongs to the genre of Kosoden-e (illustrated biographies of notable Buddhist monks).
  989. As described by Shoin, Shinagawa was a gentle, honest man with full of heart, and plainly unvarnished.
  990. As described earlier, the Imagawa clan was a branch of the Kira clan that was specially treated as goikke (head and branch family of Ashikaga) by the Muromachi shogunate family.
  991. As described herein below, to avoid misunderstanding that the quality is lower than shochu group Ko, it is also called "Honkaku (authentic) Shochu"
  992. As described in "Kugyo Honin" (The appointment of court nobility) unless stated otherwise.
  993. As described in 'Tsurezuregusa' (Essays in Idleness) (in the 51st section) written 100 or more years ago, water wheels were built and used by farmers themselves at that time.
  994. As described in Shotaro IKENAMI's "Onihei Hankacho," it seems to have been a favorite dish of Edo people.
  995. As described in details in the section "Koji," koji produces proteolytic enzyme and so on, in addition to amylolytic enzyme for saccharification, and they melt rice and determine the quality and taste of sake.
  996. As described in engi (writing about the history) of Kamado-jinja Shrine, it is said to be `the place for Shijin so,' and it was conveniently located as a capital before 664 when mizu-shiro (castles on lakes or marshes for defensive reasons) was constructed or 618 when Dazai-fu was constructed.
  997. As described in the Intoku Taiheiki (a military epic depicting the battles in the 16th century) as 'always avoids risky battles, and has a policy of breaking down the enemy tactically,' he took after his father and was a brilliant commander.
  998. As described in the Ryueihikan, a book outlining the regulations and events of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) during the Edo period, the clan was the Okazaki fudai (a fudai daimyo who had been serving Ieyasu since he entered the Okazaki-jo Castle).
  999. As described in the articles including "Shoku Nihongi" (Chronicle of Japan Continued), and its Senbun (letters engraved on coins), the first currency issued by Yamato kingship is Wado-kaichin (708).
  1000. As described in the following articles, according to the integration of the Daishijuhachi Bank and the former Akita Bank in wartime, the current Akita Bank was established.)

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