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  1. On the other hand, in Saigoku (the western part of Japan, particularly Kyushu region, but ranging as far east as Kinki), the Imperial household, kuge (court nobles), and temples and shrines that had a title to the territories of kokuga had invariably maintained a strong influence, which restrained shugo from interfering in kokuga too much.
  2. On the other hand, in Wakayama Prefecture the system is introduced by Wakayama Bus Naga Co., Ltd. of the Nankai Group (except for special routes), Wakayama Bus Co., Ltd. and Nankai Rinkan Bus Co., Ltd. (except for express buses arriving and departing from Koyasan Station).
  3. On the other hand, in Western Europe, the book known as "Ars moriendi," written in the late medieval period, explains what a person who is going to go through rinju needs to know.
  4. On the other hand, in Western countries Ukiyoe were found and highly appreciated by the great masters of the Impressionist school, whose works were influenced by Ukiyoe, and they were even reproduced in oil paintings.
  5. On the other hand, in Yomei-gaku, 'seii' is considered to be the main point.
  6. On the other hand, in Zenjin-shu, some gained wealth by trade and craft and built a coexistence relationship between Tonobara-shu.
  7. On the other hand, in a broad sense, it means good quality buckwheat grown in the Togakushi region, buckwheat flour made from Togakushi-grown buckwheat and buckwheat noodles made from that buckwheat flour.
  8. On the other hand, in agricultural community areas, shoen (manor in medieval Japan) existed in various districts became objects of seizure by sengoku daimyo and kokujin ryoshu and the shoen system was broken down.
  9. On the other hand, in alliance with Ryoma SAKAMOTO, the Kaientai (Japan's first modern corporation established by Ryoma SAKAMOTO) and the Rikuentai (military group organized by Shintaro NAKAOKA, he actively promoted the measures for the encouragement of new industry led by the former lord Toyonobu YAMAUCHI, through a clan-owned trading enterprise Kaiseikan.
  10. On the other hand, in ancient Greece and Rome it was called ミトラース and was admired as the sun god and a hero.
  11. On the other hand, in case he was treated badly because the host of a family was out or he was got rid of as a nuisance, he wrote down details in his diary about his treatment such as 'tasteless,' 'shabby,' or 'no sake,' 'no bath,' which shows his finicky character.
  12. On the other hand, in eastern Japan, soup broth is mainly made from broth prepared by Konbu and dried bonito, which is seasoned with dark-colored soy sauce.
  13. On the other hand, in his position as the Emperor, Gotoba had expanded armaments to purge the pro-shogunate forces from his rule, and thereafter he took up arms, in 1221, against Yoshitoki, who was considered an enemy of the Emperor, in order to overthrow the shogunate.
  14. On the other hand, in medical science, he relied on modern western medicine, and initiated serious dispute with Chinese and Japanese doctors.
  15. On the other hand, in old Japanese houses of agricultural villages, the room with a wooden floor was used for daily household activities and there was no designated workplace.
  16. On the other hand, in other regions, such as in some parts of northeastern Japan, it is more common for the funeral to be open to all mourners, with tsuya attended only by family members.
  17. On the other hand, in reaction to the sentiment, "It's good as long as it hits," which prevailed in the period of decline, a tendency toward the sentiment, "If the shooting form is good, it doesn't matter if it does not hit," meaning an overemphasis on the spirit, was becoming common.
  18. On the other hand, in samurai society, wearing several layers of uchiki over kosode was considered full dress for high-ranking samurai women.
  19. On the other hand, in some documentary records of the Chikurin school (Bamboo Forest School):
  20. On the other hand, in some regions yugisho changed into a custom of yudate and became part of various Shinto rituals.
  21. On the other hand, in the 14th century, the Imperial Court admitted sake breweries and alternatively, collected tsubo-sen (the tax charged on sake dealers) because of fiscal shortage.
  22. On the other hand, in the Freedom and People's Rights Movement, radical opinions were expressed after assassination of Alexander II of the Russia Empire in March.
  23. On the other hand, in the Japanese Imperial Household in ancient times, the child of an Imperial family member father was allowed to succeed the throne; many children who were born between the male Imperial Family Members and the female subjects ascended to the throne.
  24. On the other hand, in the Japanese ryo, selling and buying of any farmland was absolutely forbidden, and only one year rental terms were allowed.
  25. On the other hand, in the Kanto Region, 'kaku-mochi' (square mochi) is mainstream, produced by first shaping mochi into boards after pounding it and cutting it into square pieces later on when it has cooled.
  26. On the other hand, in the Kanto Region, because 1.818 m was defined as 1 ken (about 1.8 m), the longer side of tatami was 1.757 m and the shorter size was 87.87 cm, which was called 'inaka-ma' (literally means 'the room of the countryside') as opposed to 'kyo-ma' (literally means 'the room of Kyoto') in the Kinai Region.
  27. On the other hand, in the Kanto region there were branch stations of the bakufu in Nakagawa and Uraga, where the goods transported into Edo were examined.
  28. On the other hand, in the Kawachi Region, in addition to these, danjiri bayashi and the hikiuta (song for pulling danjiri) are also considered important.
  29. On the other hand, in the Railway Agency of Ministry of Communication that was in charge of approval and license on private railways, the business reduced greatly.
  30. On the other hand, in the article for Kanshu-ji linage, Noen (FUJIWARA no Akinori's son), it is written, 'Mother, a court lady, a hashita mono for Empress Dowager Nijo, mother of Dainagon Tokitada and Junii Tokiko.'
  31. On the other hand, in the case of "Tanabata-matsuri" organized by shopping avenues as an event, magnificent tanabata decorations are placed along the street in the daytime and are used as the setting to attract shoppers and tourists.
  32. On the other hand, in the case of families who had been Karo to a Tozama-daimyo (the daimyo who became to belong the Tokugawa side after the Battle of Sekigawara) for generations, only those with a 10,000 koku (approx. 180 litres/koku) or more of rice crop or those of special lineage (of whom there were very few) were entitled to have an audience with shogun.
  33. On the other hand, in the case of goteni of samurai, the doctors who got close with the shogun or hanshu (the lord of domain) to treat them were given a position of quasi-samurai.
  34. On the other hand, in the case of oke which is the container for liquid such as furo oke (bath tub) and so on, the quarter-sawn timber is used for the purpose of preventing the leak.
  35. On the other hand, in the case of troops being organized by allied samurai groups, each group had an independent chain of command and the Sodaisho was just a figurehead with relatively weak authority.
  36. On the other hand, in the case of uguisubari, as the floorboard is wide, both ends of the board are curved upward a little and further, holes of the clamp nailed to the board are designed to have a clearance in a degree to allow the floorboard to move up and down when the floorboard is not curved.
  37. On the other hand, in the era of the Emperor Murakami, he worked as a jiju at the Emperor's side, but it is said that he was rather kept at a distance by the Emperor Murakami as 'a too serious person who talks about only official affairs while he is at work.'
  38. On the other hand, in the gongen-zukuri style, only the rear building is the main hall, and it can be said that the haiden, ishinoma and honden constitute a form of composite shrine building.
  39. On the other hand, in the names of various areas of Yamashina Ward, these three characters and are pronounced 'Kanshu-ji.'
  40. On the other hand, in the philology there is a theory that the Hokke-kyo sutra was written by a religious organization that was opposed to the monopoly by full-time priests of Hinayana around the beginning of the A.D. epoch or the end of the B.C. epoch.
  41. On the other hand, in the processes of making Western clothing from a piece of cloth, pattern pieces are cut out from the cloth along a lot of curved lines to be made into shapes much more complicated than those of Wafuku.
  42. On the other hand, in the production of the Japanese bow, a particular gelatin (glue) was created, which led to the development of a compound bow (also called a laminated bow) made of laminated compound materials such as bamboo and wood using gelatin to bond it together.
  43. On the other hand, in the section of 'Ukyokobetsunoge shirakunokudari' of "Shinsen Shojiroku" (Newly Compiled Register of Clan Names and Titles of Nobility), there can be found a different theory arguing as 'Inahi no mikoto was the founder and the first King of Silla (ancient Korean kingdom).'
  44. On the other hand, in the sections, for example, in the Ise-Shima area and the Nara area, where no competition with the Shinkansen line exists, the Tokaido Shinkansen line and the limited expresses of Kintetsu are rather in a complementary relationship with each other.
  45. On the other hand, in the shrines, shake (hereditary priest at a shrine) divided and ruled the shoen to secure stable income, but gradually privatized the shoen as its own karei (hereditary land), even sold the shoen to the others in some cases.
  46. On the other hand, in the west Sanuki region, Sarureo was identified to be Takekaigo no miko (Yamato Takeru no mikoto's son).
  47. On the other hand, in the world of the kana character calligraphy, Gado ONO brought up many followers.
  48. On the other hand, in this epic there are some contradictory descriptions which seem to have been cited directly from "Heike Monogatari."
  49. On the other hand, included below are those who did not (or could not) obtain U.S. citizenship after living in the U.S. for some time, spending more than half of their lives as permanent residents, i.e. 'virtual Americans.'
  50. On the other hand, industrial danchi are often constructed distant from residential areas so that the noise and vibrations generated by factories do not disturb inhabitants or disrupt the environment.
  51. On the other hand, inexpensive own-brand products deployed in major super markets have made a big leap.
  52. On the other hand, inshison (descendants of people of Sanmi [the Third Rank] or higher, children of persons of Shii [the fourth rank] and Goi) were promoted to Hangan without experiencing Sakan.
  53. On the other hand, instruments with the neck and the body united in a single body or something close to it, like biwa (Japanese lute) or lute, are considered to be of a different type, even within the same lute family.
  54. On the other hand, ironware manufacturing by cold chisel cutting was common in surrounding area of Yame City, also in northern Kyushu, even at the end of the Yayoi period.
  55. On the other hand, isshu kin, nishu kin, nibu kin were more like subsidiary currencies having less purity compared to the face values, however, nishu bankin issed in the Genroku period had a character of standard coin like ichibu bankin.
  56. On the other hand, it amassed a huge fleet of trains with 1,118 Model 174 locomotives, 3,067 passenger trains, 20,884 cargo trains and consequently faced an enormous difficulty for operation, maintenance, and repair.
  57. On the other hand, it became clear that there are many elements in "Nezame" that are not similar to either one.
  58. On the other hand, it began to stress the original purpose of sado, 'the beauty of the mind that appears when entertaining a guest' in response to the inclination of it becoming a form of entertainment in districts.
  59. On the other hand, it can also be considered as a corrupted pronunciation of 'mamushi').
  60. On the other hand, it can be said that Tsunahide SHIDEI, who was a teacher at the Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University and Kyoto Prefectural University among others, was the person who defused the concept of Satoyama through his speech and writing activities that lead to the present reevaluation of Satoyama.
  61. On the other hand, it had been considered essential for the emperor to pursue learning from the ancient times, which was needless to be defined in the Ritsuryo law.
  62. On the other hand, it has a nature to take in foreign 'god' by itself, and many of 'gods' of primitive religions who were from the Eurasian Continent are enshrined as 'Kami' in Shinto.
  63. On the other hand, it has also been pointed out that the Kamakura bakufu was ignorant about international affairs when it damaged negotiations with the Mongolian Empire by killing their envoys.
  64. On the other hand, it has an undemocratic side in which the opinions of those who provide substantial funding and labor to the school are not reflected.
  65. On the other hand, it has begun to be pointed out recently that the images of history possessed by the general public have become increasingly diversified from recent research results.
  66. On the other hand, it is a fact that Tenpo took away the aspect of zaichi ryoshu (resident landlords) from samurai, playing a role in promoting the transition from the Jigatachigyo system (provision of lands from a feudal government or domains to retainers as salary) to the horoku system (salary).
  67. On the other hand, it is also common that malts are traded among various corporations.
  68. On the other hand, it is also often called the Keihanshin Kankosen (slow line), just as it has since the time of the former Japan National Railways.
  69. On the other hand, it is also pointed out that the movement of dust due to kosa plays an important role in the natural environment.
  70. On the other hand, it is also said that they have improved the quality of life and are related with training.
  71. On the other hand, it is assumed that baking tea containers in Seto was during Muromachi period.
  72. On the other hand, it is believed that there were no gyonin or armed priests in Saikashu.
  73. On the other hand, it is difficult for middlemen to intervene in the purchase of foods such as fish and so on because of the need for freshness, and when there were not minutely divided circulation systems as there are now, even tunas were sometimes purchased in units of one fish.
  74. On the other hand, it is famous that the Soviet soldiers challenged the Japanese soldiers to traditional hand-to-hand fights in the August attack in the Nomonhan incident.
  75. On the other hand, it is hard to translate them because of Japanese unique culture and verbal expressions.
  76. On the other hand, it is harder to tear surume lengthwise but, by tearing surume in that fashion, the muscle fibers are cut off, hence, it will make it easier to swallow without chewing so much.
  77. On the other hand, it is highly likely that Hisahide spoke ill of Fuyuyasu to Nagayoshi so that the latter would murder the former.
  78. On the other hand, it is not necessarily clear exactly when the word "wayo" began to be used to mean the settlement in a lawsuit.
  79. On the other hand, it is not thought that the innovation of Nobunaga's policy went unrecognized due to the above reasons.
  80. On the other hand, it is not without reason that some people criticize the Zen sect to defame the teachings of Shakyamuni.
  81. On the other hand, it is often senior art historians who support the popular theory and criticize the new theory.
  82. On the other hand, it is possible to think that Yoritomo only found out about the appointment without permission on September 30 (August 17 under the old lunar calendar), and it was in the nature of the case that Yoritomo gave orders to Yoshitsune before the date.
  83. On the other hand, it is recorded as "Otokuni-gun (Otokuni District), Fu (Office)" in Shugaisho.
  84. On the other hand, it is represented as '漿油' in the article of July 25, 1536 of "Rokuon-nichiroku diary," and therefore the Chinese characters '漿油' representing soy-sauce are likely to be older than '醤油.'
  85. On the other hand, it is said he was promoted to Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade in 1246, however there are no records stating what happened after this fact.
  86. On the other hand, it is said that Emperor Gokogon decided to adopt the poetical style of the Nijo school, so "Shinsenzai Wakashu" contain many plain-style poems by the Nijo family.
  87. On the other hand, it is said that beggars crowded asking for help, and sometimes people who really needed assistance were considered to be beggars and were treated bluntly.
  88. On the other hand, it is said that he rapidly became weak in his later years at Nikkatsu, only joining the projects when asked by company and lost the chance to make rapid progress.
  89. On the other hand, it is said that her father, Noriyoshi, recognized his daughter's literary talent and let her learn waka from his acquaintance, Shigeo WADA.
  90. On the other hand, it is said that in Yamada County of Gunma Prefecture, the mining pollution became thicker in that period.
  91. On the other hand, it is said that the meat of whales belonging to baleen whales is not provided with such a strong peculiar taste as that of odontoceti and tastes like beef.
  92. On the other hand, it is thought that there was a strong likelihood that the burn agriculture was employed at the remains in the end and the last periods in the northern Kyushu region.
  93. On the other hand, it is told that he was a man of great self-respect.
  94. On the other hand, it may be because of Kiyomori's will, but Kiyomori's graveyard has not been clearly passed down.
  95. On the other hand, it may be said that the Powers were afraid of reoccurrences of the Boxers Uprising.
  96. On the other hand, it needed to be widely accepted by the common people.
  97. On the other hand, it praises the Mochiuji-side advisors, Naokane ISSHIKI and Norinao UESUGI, who were related with the author and opposed the Kanto kanrei Uesugi clan, as 'very committed people.'
  98. On the other hand, it ranked at the top of the religious and ceremonial hierarchy and maintained traditional authority.
  99. On the other hand, it warns against eating much and eating meat as follows (complementary chapter of volume winter):
  100. On the other hand, it was Manabu MIYOSHI, a professor of botany at Tokyo Imperial University who used the term 'natural monument.'
  101. On the other hand, it was a favorable wind for the sushi boom that the reliability on the Japanese-made products was fostered in the minds of American, which was realized through the appreciation for the high-quality of the high-tech products made in Japan such as automobiles, cameras and home appliances.
  102. On the other hand, it was also described in the Ojin ki that 'because male divers caused trouble, an ancestor of Azumi no muraji, OHAMA no Sukune, was sent to pacify them and became the head of male divers.'
  103. On the other hand, it was also observed that government posts quintessential to a government organization and government posts that were created only as needed coexisted, sometimes resulting in an overlapping of posts.
  104. On the other hand, it was also possible that, due to the decline of the other sects, there were the needs of the times for Zen Sect to lead the Buddhism establishment.
  105. On the other hand, it was believed that Kotaishiki (Administrative transition regulations) and 'Gishiki' were compiled at the same time as the compilation of the Kyakushiki, and it was formally believed that there had been the Sandai Gishiki, which was composed of 'Konin Gishiki,' 'Jogan Gishiki,' and 'Engi Gishiki.'
  106. On the other hand, it was considered that helping to protect warriors' honor and dignity by Japanese Kirisutegomen kept the social order, of which warriors were at the top.
  107. On the other hand, it was described as '五條' in the public relations in Nara Prefecture from the start.
  108. On the other hand, it was different from other factions that supported the nonparty principle, and with less hostility toward parties for the Freedom and People's Rights Movement, it favorably maintained neutrality toward the first Okuma Cabinet.
  109. On the other hand, it was easier to obtain the material such as Japanese pampas grass, cogon or rice straw in villages and it was possible to jointly gather these materials and repair roofs during the agricultural off-season.
  110. On the other hand, it was in 1449 that "The Collection of Tales of Times Now Past" was first mentioned in other materials.
  111. On the other hand, it was mistakenly disseminated that sekkobun was stone monuments of the King Xuan and, therefore, sekkobun was treated as precious items for some time period and rubbed copies of it has been and are frequently made.
  112. On the other hand, it was necessary for people in Shii (Fourth Rank)/goi (Fifth Rank) to receive a shoden no senji in order to have their shoden granted.
  113. On the other hand, it was prohibited to donate farmland to temples personally.
  114. On the other hand, it was the center of the Echigo toji, having many workers who specialized in activated charcoal filtration called 'Sumiya' (Professionals of charcoal).
  115. On the other hand, it was the proper manner to take a bath wearing Byakue costumes rather than being naked because bathing was a serious occasion to purify one's body and soul at that time.
  116. On the other hand, it was thought to be difficult to capture Kumamoto Castle with an assault such as the one that was being carried out, because Kumamoto Castle was a solid castle.
  117. On the other hand, it wasn't convenient for Surutto KANSAI to have Kintetsu's enormous route.
  118. On the other hand, its plectrum is rather big and its fan-out part at the top is wider.
  119. On the other hand, jogakuji were responsible for the creation of materials (expenses) records and for the acceptance of administrative supervisions by a consortium of the governor, arch-monk, "sango" (three monastic positions with management roles at a temple), and danotsu.
  120. On the other hand, kaiawase as a game similar to the card game 'Concentration' used to be called "kaioi," but it later became mixed up with the other one because of its hand movement of putting shells together, and came to be called by the same name of kaiawase.
  121. On the other hand, kaomisekogyo held in Kyoto at year-end was well rooted among local citizens as a seasonal event and attendance never fell.
  122. On the other hand, kintai-shi (modern style poetry) is a kanshi produced based on the new style which was defined after the Tang dynasty.
  123. On the other hand, kiseru whose entire body is made out of metal is called 'nobe-kiseru.'
  124. On the other hand, koji used in other Eastern countries, including China, is called mochi koji (literally, rice-cake koji).
  125. On the other hand, kyogen was developed from the Muromachi period to the early Edo period, and it reflected the values at that time.
  126. On the other hand, large mammals such as cows and horses were domesticated as important workforce of agriculture, and were seldom eaten.
  127. On the other hand, lawful wife Meishi HINO who became pregnant at the execution of Kinmochi gave birth the legitimate son (the later Sanetoshi SAIONJI) but he was too young to succeed the family.
  128. On the other hand, like Juren HU, there was a person who sought the conventional Neo-Confucianism and tried to maintain purity of the learning.
  129. On the other hand, like aruheizaiku, starch syrup is added to sugar and heated, cooled down and shaped and as similar examples, there are umpei zaiku (umpei work) and shinkozaiku and so on.
  130. On the other hand, listening to some people discuss banking, food supplies and public finance all the time may make one wonder what heroic brave men they must be but if those people are confronted by a bloody event such as a war, they will all have the same idea and will seek an immediate peace to make them feel better.
  131. On the other hand, little status mobility existed in middle and high ranking samurai.
  132. On the other hand, looking at sumo as a martial art, people find that it is a wrestling-type of sport in which an almost naked wrestler tries to grab and defeat his opponent without using any weapons.
  133. On the other hand, lumber was standardized and commercialized because of the necessity for commercial distribution.
  134. On the other hand, major companies that actually manufacture and market Benifuki tea products have not demonstrated effectiveness or efficacy against pollinosis.
  135. On the other hand, makiwara are not only used for practice or for beginners, but require some archery techniques based on manners and enbu (military exercises), including makiwara-jarei (a way of ceremonial shooting to aim at a straw target).
  136. On the other hand, many Korean captives were roped into working as replacements of lost domestic labor for the war and some were sold overseas as slaves.
  137. On the other hand, many actors such as Kodanji ICHIKAWA IV, Utaemon NAKAMURA IV (yondaime) and Shikan NAKAMURA IV (yondaime) went up to Edo and gave outstanding performances, and the level of actors was not inferior to that of Edo.
  138. On the other hand, many companies decide management policies or goals on the first work day of the new year.
  139. On the other hand, many drinkers hate ginjoshu because they 'like the sake which has an original taste and flavor of rice better.'
  140. On the other hand, many folklorists including Sakurai define funerals as hare, based on the point that they are 'non-ordinary,' keeping in mind the folk examples that haregi were worn in mourning and sekihan wsa possibly served at funerals.
  141. On the other hand, many lavatories in public facilities or public lavatories have only washiki, although some have both washiki and yoshiki.
  142. On the other hand, many manors out of the Kinai and Kyushu regions consisted of extensive myoden larger than several cho and/or unequal-sized myoden.
  143. On the other hand, many of the arguments which insist this treaty and the treaty of the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty are invalid mention following reasons.
  144. On the other hand, many of the surviving members in the royalist faction played major roles in the Meiji government.
  145. On the other hand, many ryokan have loyal customers who usually do not usually require banquets, and most of them were built before the bubble economy.
  146. On the other hand, many street stall shops have stuck to a convention menu, determined to protect tradition.
  147. On the other hand, many temples in Kyoto relied on outside restaurants for preparing Shojin ryori for important guests and as a result, advanced Shojin ryori are available at such nearby restaurants rather than at the temples.
  148. On the other hand, materials such as e-mail and video letters to individuals are, as historical sources for studying history, included in komonjo.
  149. On the other hand, mixing hot water to alcoholic beverages is common in the world.
  150. On the other hand, mochi-tsuki also has an aspect as a Shinto ritual.
  151. On the other hand, most Japanese these days do not have a specific religion or religious beliefs, and have few opportunities to be conscious of themselves as Buddhists.
  152. On the other hand, most automobile dealers are closed.
  153. On the other hand, most of onigiri pieces sold in CVS, supermarkets, and others are produced in bulk by machines in food manufacturing factories.
  154. On the other hand, most of the work consists of diaries, records and documents of Shogunal Mandokoro, Monchujo, and people related to these offices, and also of diaries of court nobles in Kyoto, and the compilation work was clumsy and barely revised.
  155. On the other hand, most samurai on duty in Edo wore tabi made of satin weave.
  156. On the other hand, namazu-e itself influenced the satirical drawings of later ages.
  157. On the other hand, nationalists attacking the Europeanization policy criticized these events as being 'decadent functions leading to competition for lust and luxury and to indulgence in pleasure.'
  158. On the other hand, new Noh dramas with themes such as the Sino-Japanese War, Russo-Japanese War, and World War II came to be made.
  159. On the other hand, new styles such as art nouveau and art deco, which combined functionality with beauty and flourished in Europe in around 1910, entered and spread through Japan.
  160. On the other hand, new types of junmaishu have been developed, such as low polishing ratio sake for which sakamai with low polishing ratio not used even for futsushu, is used as raw material in order to create unique sake quality, while fulfilling the above-mentioned conditions.
  161. On the other hand, no road was provided for the remaining section up to Haino, and the tramline had to be used thereafter.
  162. On the other hand, nobles who lost authority could not afford to serve dishes for grand banquets, and these dishes were altered into Yusoku ryori dishes (dishes prepared for the royal court).
  163. On the other hand, nonmember companies that established their stores in front of stations often produce their own box lunch, calling it 'Ekiben.'
  164. On the other hand, nostalgic historical tales such as "Eiga monogatari" (A Tale of Flowering Fortunes) were created.
  165. On the other hand, officials in charge of actual enforcement (including kebiishi (officials with judicial and police powers) and danjodai (Board of Censors)) were not necessarily familiarized with this shinsei.
  166. On the other hand, on Janurary 15, 1966, ordered by the Buraku Liberation League Headquarter, Zennosuke ASADA and others held their own Kyoto Federation meeting to establish another Kyoto Federation system (hereinafter referred to as 'Asada Furen,' Asada faction's Federation) with Asada as the chairman.
  167. On the other hand, on March 13th (April 5, 1868 in new calendar), Parkes demanded of the new government the assignment of a governmental representative to Yokohama, then Parkes dispatched the ship HMS Rattler to Osaka.
  168. On the other hand, on March 22, MINAMOTO no Yoshihiro (SHIDA Saburo Senjo), who resided in Shida, Hitachi Province, raised arms to attack Kamakura, marching Shimotsuke Province with about 30,000 troops.
  169. On the other hand, on May 29, Nobunaga departed from Azuchi-jo Castle with a small suite, mainly consisting of pages, to the front in order to support Hideyoshi.
  170. On the other hand, on formal eating occasions, such as when eating Kaiseki ryori (a simple meal served before a ceremonial tea: 懐石料理 in Japanese) and Kaiseki ryori (set of dishes served on an individual tray for entertaining guests: 会席料理 in Japanese), it is ordinary that a dish or a tray of dishes are served one after another.
  171. On the other hand, on the Japanese Ritsuryo system, government officials were ranked by Ikai first and given the government post correspond to the Ikai.
  172. On the other hand, one should not be too taken up with inuoumono (dog-hunting, a skill involving archery) and sarugaku (the performing arts).
  173. On the other hand, one tan was the basic unit of Chofu, measuring 15.6 meters long by 72 cm wide, which was equivalent to the Cho paid by two members of Seitei.
  174. On the other hand, only five or six maniai-shi were enough to cover fusuma-shoji, and its was also called maniai karakami or maniai torinoko.
  175. On the other hand, ordinary people's chances to watch sarugaku gradually decreased because it became the shikigaku of samurai society.
  176. On the other hand, other officials, MONONOBE no Okoshi and NAKATOMI no Kamako, objected Iname's opinion by saying 'the king of our country enshrines Yasogami (many gods) of heaven and earth.
  177. On the other hand, other than the section express, express trains that had operated between Tenmmabashi Station and Hirakatashi Station during rush hours were extended in 1952 to run up to Yawatacho Station and Fukakusa Station by stopping at all stations from Hirakata-koen Station and to the north.
  178. On the other hand, other troops such as Hidehisa SENGOKU, Kazuuji NAKAMURA and Yukinaga KONISHI were dispatched to Kinan in order to conquer it.
  179. On the other hand, owing to its history of flood damage, the city developed a sewage system relatively early, covering roughly 80% of the old Fukuchiyama City area (the usage rate of flush toilet including septic tank was 92%).
  180. On the other hand, paradoxically, there is a widely-accepted theory that Pan-Asianism (a movement that Asian nations unite and solidify and create a continental identity to defeat the designs of the Western nations to perpetuate hegemony) led Japan to the invasions of China and Korea.
  181. On the other hand, peace came to Japan as the result of unification; various daimyos endeavored to manage their countries, and cities in various parts of Japan prospered.
  182. On the other hand, peasants were plunged into poverty by the goko-gomin (fifty percent for the government, fifty percent for citizens) system of annual land taxes, leading to frequent uprisings.
  183. On the other hand, peasants with their own harvesting lands were called Hyakusyo (Hon Byakusho [real peasant], Takamochi [with harvesting land], Takamochi Byakusho [peasant with harvesting land]).
  184. On the other hand, people originally having no qualification as residents such as waki zaike (branch zaike), low ranked people, retainers and so on had no obligation to bear kuji.
  185. On the other hand, people shoulder the fate of dying with a short life.
  186. On the other hand, persons who are critical of the so-called 'Emperor system' and the academic world which basically tends to avoid the title of honor and so on often call 'Tenno' (the Emperor) without an honorific title.
  187. On the other hand, pools located in areas where many workers from Latin America reside are more tolerant of fundoshi, similar to thong swimwear in shape, because a large number of foreigners, including women wearing thong swimwear, visit those pools.
  188. On the other hand, prefectural governors as well as other prefectural organizations of the local government were stipulated by an imperial edict, 'Chihokan Kansei' (Rules of local official and organization).
  189. On the other hand, property with low agricultural productivity could not sustain continuous cropping and property that was deliberately cultivated on alternate years was called Kataarashi.
  190. On the other hand, prosperity of such esoteric Buddhism brought relativization of sovereignty.
  191. On the other hand, rakugo basically feature townspeople, and always have a townsperson appear as a character somewhere in the story even when samurai are involved.
  192. On the other hand, recent tourist guidebooks or gourmet guides often refer to this area as 'Kawaramachi area' or 'Kawaramachi.'
  193. On the other hand, recently, there are several issues on the Kumano-fude, such as imported writing brushes from China or other countries and a limited number of successors.
  194. On the other hand, regarding the Honkoku tramline, the bridge over the Yura-gawa River that had been washed out was restored, and furthermore, the tramline was extended up to Nodatani in 1950.
  195. On the other hand, regarding the fact that he selected Tanuma and continued to support Tanuma's policies, there is a viewpoint that it was due to his suitable judgment.
  196. On the other hand, regardless of the route Tsushinshi took, it was requested for farmers in the Tokaido, Kinai, Saigoku regions located to the west of the Musashi and Sagami Provinces to provide physical labor and to bear costs.
  197. On the other hand, regardless of these troubles, facilities had been steadily provided there.
  198. On the other hand, researchers advocating the Yamatai-Koku kingdom in the Kyushu region consider the all Sankakubuchi Shinjukyo Mirrors were be forged by future generations (though the name of era in Wei dynasty was inscribed on them.)
  199. On the other hand, researchers such as Lee Yong-hoon of the Seoul National University say that the 'land requisition by Empire of Japan' taught in South Korea is a myth, and the Korean land incorporated by Japan was only 10% from the viewpoint of objective figure.
  200. On the other hand, researches by Tooru SHIRAKAWA and others state that Nene had a close relationship with Mitsunari ISHIDA, and she might be rather on the side of the West squad in the Battle of Sekigahara.
  201. On the other hand, rice fields which were exempted from denso were called fuyusoden (provided that rice fields which didn't belong either of the above two categories called yujishiden (such as joden, mushuden and shukoden on which jishi (land tax) was imposed instead of denso) also existed).
  202. On the other hand, rice used for producing high-class sake is manually washed in a quantity of approximately ten kilograms using cold water with a temperature of around five degrees centigrade utilizing water pressure of flowing water.
  203. On the other hand, rice, an ingredient in sake, was an essential staple food for Japanese people, and its yield was fixed, in principle.
  204. On the other hand, rokaku buildings in temples in Japan developed independently of those on the continent, and many superior wooden rokakus, such as Hiunkaku in Nishihongan-ji Temple, were designed and built.
  205. On the other hand, ryutsushu is equivalent to a marchandise made by regarding the cost performance as important for daiy use, even though it is based on its slills.
  206. On the other hand, sake designed to have alcohol content less than 14 percent is called sake of low alcohol concentration.
  207. On the other hand, sake with a low rice-polishing ratio brewed from rice grains featuring a rice-polishing ratio of about 80%, which is rare even for futsushu, has appeared.
  208. On the other hand, samurai received horoku (salary), i.e. karoku (hereditary stipend), from his lord, and had privileges such as Myojitaito (the right to bear a surname and to wear a sword).
  209. On the other hand, sanyojo drawn up by the local shokan side was called chushin jo, made for reporting the payment of nengu for the year.
  210. On the other hand, scholars who were out of power such as Seika FUJIWARA were known to devaluate Hidetsugu and ignored him, saying 'Learning becomes corrupt.'
  211. On the other hand, senryu contests inviting contributions from the public, which started with the 'Salaryman Senryu' and have gained in popularity, have a wide range of contributors from that younger generation to older people.
  212. On the other hand, separated from the Nenkiho mentioned above, "Goseibai-shikimoku" Article 41 stipulates that nuhi zonin (servant) shall be invalid after 10-year neglecting.
  213. On the other hand, she also engaged in making of Chinese poems, and it seemed that her husband, the Emperor Taisho, might have influenced her.
  214. On the other hand, she was appointed to the position of Overseer of the O-oku, which gave her the right to decide all official business related to the O-oku, and as such her de facto power, backed by the Shogun's authority, exceeded that of the Shogun's Roju (Council of Elders).
  215. On the other hand, she was deeply religious and established Shinsho Gokuraku-ji and Jitoku-ji Temples.
  216. On the other hand, shidoso with ascetic practice were allowed to enter the Buddhist priesthood as official monks.
  217. On the other hand, shinobue made from plastic, wood or synthetic resin are stable for tuning, but produce a different from bamboo shinobue.
  218. On the other hand, shirouo no odorigui (dancing icegoby), an ultimate raw diet, is widely known to gourmets as a specialty of haute cuisine though it is not cooked in any way.
  219. On the other hand, shubun-style was more easily read than hakubun-style when stamping on papers, so shubun-style kanin began replacing hakubun-style rapidly after that.
  220. On the other hand, shugo that had failed to cope with these changes went to ruin.
  221. On the other hand, since ????? has the adjective meaning of 'round' and the Chinese character 円 that means round has also the meaning of perfectness and peacefulness, some people assert that this is the word origin of mandala and in China, mandala is sometimes called 円満具足 (peacefulness and content).
  222. On the other hand, since Sarugaku had become the ceremonial music for the community of samurai, common people had gradually less and less chance to see Sarugaku.
  223. On the other hand, since Yoshimitsu's descendants--which include the Takeda, Satake, Ogasawara, and Nanbu clans--ended up flourishing, Yoshimitsu's contributions to the family's prosperity could actually be seen as quite significant.
  224. On the other hand, since Yoshimune recognized the righteousness in many of the economic policies, especially the principle of high grade currency policy as well as the trading policy in Nagasaki, he took over such reforms from Shotoku no chi.
  225. On the other hand, since after the early Jomon period, the development of foraging and fish catching as well as the advancement of the settled way of life lead to the increase of ambush hunting with pitfalls.
  226. On the other hand, since joining the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, karate--traditionally, karate is said to have no schools and circles--saw an increase in the number of organizations (schools) and circles.
  227. On the other hand, since senke jissoku played certain roles in annual events of san senke and Buddhist anniversary services, in addition to the production of tea utensils which incorporated traditional forms, the shokukata who paid visits gradually came to be fixed.
  228. On the other hand, since the government army was unaware of the main force of the Satsuma army heading north, it judged that the Satsuma army in front of them was not dominating over them and took the formation as below.
  229. On the other hand, since the main components of an organism are protein, a temperature around thirty-five degrees centigrade, which is below the coagulation temperature of protein, is suitable for most activities.
  230. On the other hand, since the town wanted to remain as a 'rural area,' on the former Kizu-cho side there were objections to the construction of a station even before the development was started.
  231. On the other hand, slightly less than one volume in the Gotoh Museum used to belong to Hachisukashi in Awa Province, but was released out to the general public, once possessed by Takashi MASUDA (Donno), a business man and a chajin (master of the tea ceremony) and bought by Keita Goto.
  232. On the other hand, small breweries who had only simple and traditional facilities were allocated more rice for sake brewing than the amount they could sell.
  233. On the other hand, sobagaki, very easy to make, was something one regularly ate when working out in the fields.
  234. On the other hand, some Yorioya, for example, a commander (Toratsuna KASUGA in in northern Shinano, Masatoyo Naito in Ueno) may have had authority to direct and lead large scale military forces, apart from their right over a territory.
  235. On the other hand, some assert that this province was named Awa Province because Ogetsuhime, a deity of grain, was enshrined in this province.
  236. On the other hand, some campaigns are carried out for promoting men to wear Wafuku mainly through the Internet.
  237. On the other hand, some commentators in recent years presented the view that the battles were necessary for both of the sides.
  238. On the other hand, some critics such as Tokoku KITAMURA criticized Koyo's old-fashioned view of women that was found in 'Kyara makura.'
  239. On the other hand, some ginjoshu and junmaishu are distributed as real namazake, namely "namanama, just labeled as "namazume" (literally, bottled raw).
  240. On the other hand, some gokenin who assumed lower-level governmental posts under hiroshiki or Kanjo-bugyo promoted to hatamoto.
  241. On the other hand, some groups adopt a real name rather than Haigo after contributing a haiku in the bulletin.
  242. On the other hand, some have come to doubt his abilities as a commander in the battles he fought with the Abe clan following the Incident at the Akuto-gawa River, since his strategic efforts began to fail due to a sense of alienation and estrangement among his subordinates.
  243. On the other hand, some historians and experts continue to support the entrenched theory for the location of "sakaotoshi" as Hiyodorigoe, as depicted in "Azuma Kagami" and "Heike Monogatari."
  244. On the other hand, some historians and other experts support a theory that a substitute person, who was concealed underneath the floor, made the great response speech; Iesada had sent a signal to the substitute person in the stomping of his feet.
  245. On the other hand, some historians and other experts supported this theory, "Essentially, the juyo (wedding) of Tenshoin had no relationship in the matter of successor."
  246. On the other hand, some historical materials such as "Shoji Engi Shu" (The book describing the history of every temple) says that it was originally a nunnery Konbuni-in established by FUJIWARA no Momokawa.
  247. On the other hand, some large landowners and Zaibatsu accumulated capital, taking the opportunity to become primitive stage capitalists.
  248. On the other hand, some manufacturers still continue this custom.
  249. On the other hand, some natural eels cannot be cut by chopsticks as the usual farmed eel so that they have to be bitten off with one's teeth.
  250. On the other hand, some of the Japanese Communist Party supporters grumbled 'the Ninagawa's educational policy went too far indeed and caused us some trouble.'
  251. On the other hand, some of the local trains that arrive at and depart from Demachiyanagi Station shuttle at Sanjo Station (to concentrate the eight-car trains at Demachiyanagi Station).
  252. On the other hand, some of the restaurants specialized in whale meat-based dishes under the sponsorship of a whaling company were unable to be prosperous and became bankrupt.
  253. On the other hand, some of them such as rice crackers have remained to date in a changed form.
  254. On the other hand, some people assert that the ruling system adopted by the Imperial court in 13th century should be included in the Dynastic polity period on the ground that the regime which should be regarded as the Dynastic polity was seen after the establishment of the Kamakura bakufu (Shinichi SATO, 1983 etc).
  255. On the other hand, some people assert that zangi's birthplace is a restaurant called 'Tototei' in Hakodate City because it was already served there in pre-war times (1937).
  256. On the other hand, some people believe that it had something to do with Sonokarakamino-yashiro Shrine enshrined at the Imperial Court.
  257. On the other hand, some people say that the quality of sake brewed in enamelware brewing tanks is not inferior to the one brewed in wooden barrel and that there is no sense in daringly persisting on wooden barrel brewing with the risks of high cost and unsanitary.
  258. On the other hand, some people started to newly enter the industry sectors that had once been occupied only by Eta, and consequently market competition emerged.
  259. On the other hand, some people think that 'Amidabutsu' was preached by the historical Shaka as having no figure, being immeasurable and showing eternal 'truth,' so that Shaka's true intension is included in 'Amidabutsu.'
  260. On the other hand, some point out that no big difference is seen in an analysis and a sensory test, and it is hard to determine 'whole soybean soy-sauce is tasty,' causing a controversy.
  261. On the other hand, some praise Nobutada for dying fighting as a busho rather than escaping, saying it was not clear whether he could escape at the moment he was in the battle and that he might have thought a busho of Mitsuhide AKECHI's calibre couldn't have overseen the escape.
  262. On the other hand, some sao are divided into more than five parts.
  263. On the other hand, some say Lord Nobunaga merely took a role as his foster father, in place of a commanding officer (his father Yoshinari MORI) who died in a battle, leaving young sons.
  264. On the other hand, some say that "aruten" increases the unfavorable smell of sake.
  265. On the other hand, some say there is an adverse effect of successive policymakers abusing Ju-kyo for crowd control.
  266. On the other hand, some schools were independent of the Hachiya family, such as Johaku YONEKAWA, a founder of the Yonekawa school, following the style of Ryusho TATEBE, and those are sometimes known as the Takebe school.
  267. On the other hand, some shrines dissolved their inclusive relationship with Jinja-Honcho and stopped being Beppyo jinja.
  268. On the other hand, some small or medium sized domains received a notice of deal termination from merchants.
  269. On the other hand, some support the view that they are a couple as some breast-feed or pacify their Komainu or Shishi puppies.
  270. On the other hand, some troops which returned to allegiance were incorporated into the new government.
  271. On the other hand, someone who returned to his hometown when the lord of domain performed Sankinkotai was called Edo-zume (working in Edo) and distinguished from jofu.
  272. On the other hand, starting with the Kanto region and in the areas to the east of the Lake Hamana, in addition to vinegar, ketchup is often used so that the color of the gelee is red.
  273. On the other hand, stories which go too far back in history are often not referred to as jidaigeki (for example, the mythological age and the Yayoi Period, the time of Queen Himiko).
  274. On the other hand, strengthening the ruling power of a Shugo or Kokujin was not necessarily accomplished smoothly, due to vassals often changing loyalty to other Shugo or rebelled against a Shugo in an alliance with another Kokujin.
  275. On the other hand, such measures caused price increase by the huge influx of Sung currency and social anxiety against foreign countries since the fall of Tang Dynasty.
  276. On the other hand, sunny spells during the period of baiu is called "tsuyubare" or "tsuyu no harema," and during such periods, the air temperature gets high and humidity is also high.
  277. On the other hand, technical advancement in performance of electric trains has been encouraged by establishing new stations.
  278. On the other hand, texts called Kobun-kei from Qin and earlier days were found behind the walls of Koshi's former residence and among ordinary citizens.
  279. On the other hand, the "Eiga monogatari" (A Tale of Flowering Fortunes) records Emperor Murakami as yearning for Kishi, 'a person of such nobility, such refinement,' and frequently sending for her.
  280. On the other hand, the 'Thunderbird,' 'Raicho' and 'Kitaguni' limited express trains proceed via the Hoppo Freight Line when they're deadheaded in the section between Mukomachi Station and Osaka Station.
  281. On the other hand, the 2nd company of the Kanjo-tai troop, which had guarded Ohae, guarded Iwano Village, and on May 22, the company raided and defeated the government army in front of it.
  282. On the other hand, the 3rd troop of the Hoyoku-tai troop, having advanced to Kasumi-gongen, succeeded in a surprise attack and looted ordnance including firearms and ammunition.
  283. On the other hand, the 8th company of Koshin-tai, which had defended Shikine and Jodan, was attacked by the government army and retreated to Fukuharayama.
  284. On the other hand, the Act on Protection of Cultural Properties mentioned earlier states folk-cultural properties as follows, emphasizing the historical material aspect.
  285. On the other hand, the Asakura family was also at the highest of its prosperity at that time.
  286. On the other hand, the Ashina clan had a hard time controlling its retainers including the Inawashiro clan, a branch of the Ashina clan.
  287. On the other hand, the Baekje line is extremely limited having families of the Jeongseon Jeon clan and the Cheonan Jeon clan, and the Goguryeo line has mainly the Jinju Gang clan.
  288. On the other hand, the Buddhist teachings advocate the transcendental wisdom that got rid of the attachments to things, which is called 'Shussekenchi.'
  289. On the other hand, the Chinese characters '尋' is composed of three different Chinese characters: '左' (left), '右' (right) and '寸' (a Japanese old unit of length; 3.03 cm).
  290. On the other hand, the Christian church reestablished the arrogance that had brought antipathy from people since the Boxer Rebellion.
  291. On the other hand, the Cloistered Imperial Prince Rinojinomiya Kogen left Edo on February 21st westward along the Tokaido Road.
  292. On the other hand, the Date army had dead and injured one after another because the Fukushima-jo Castle was heavily fortified.
  293. On the other hand, the Diet members of the opposition parties, journalists, scholars and others had a rally on December 27 and decided to extend the campaign for defending the constitution to other provinces.
  294. On the other hand, the Eastern Route Army was forced to stay at sea near Hakata by successive attacks by Japanese commandoes, and soon became exhausted by the situation that would 'drive them into starvation,' due to the shortage of food and water as well as an epidemic.
  295. On the other hand, the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) tried to enhance their authority by improving mausoleums, around the time when Mitukuni TOKUGAWA started compilation of "Dainihonshi" (Great history of Japan).
  296. On the other hand, the Emperor had opposed Emperor Goshirakawa all his life, and some people said 'Emperor Nijo did not respect his father' ("Genpei Josui Ki").
  297. On the other hand, the Empress Jingu performed the Chinsai (religious ceremony to appease the gods) for Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess) and Sumiyoshi Okami (the great gods of Sumiyoshi) at important points along the sea route (Seto Inland Sea).
  298. On the other hand, the Empress Teimei loved the princesses (wives) of the younger brothers of the Emperor Showa, Chichibu no Miya, Takamatsu no Miya, and Mikasa no Miya enough to invite them very frequently for dinners and tea parties at the Imperial palace.
  299. On the other hand, the Fudo-do hall was constructed by FUJIWARA no Tadazane in 1155 and housed a statue of Fudo Myoo crafted by Buddhist statue sculptor Kojo (According to TAIRA no Nobunori's diary "Heihanki").
  300. On the other hand, the Fujiue school and the Sho school exist correspondingly to the Yamada school for So music.
  301. On the other hand, the Fukenkai (prefectural assembly) only had a voting right on finance and had limited authority, and thus it was more like an administrative district than an autonomous body.
  302. On the other hand, the Government of the Fukuoka Domain was greatly shocked at this incident and ordered arrest of Kuniomi, who had known about the assassination plot.
  303. On the other hand, the Heian period poet Saigyo evaluated Saneie as a poet and man of culture however; he was not seen as a worldly person and one to close himself off (according to "Kokon Chomonju," "Notable Tales Old and New").
  304. On the other hand, the Imperial Court and nobles repeated political measures to have the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) reject the people's demands.
  305. On the other hand, the Imperial Court tried to organize the upper-ranked Buddhist monks through the promotion to Soi (rank of Buddhist priests) and Sokan (official positions given to Buddhist priests by the Imperial Court) to strengthen their control over the religious world.
  306. On the other hand, the Imperial Edict (of 1870) for Establishment of Shinto was issued on February 3, 1870 to make Shintoism the nation's religion and to set up the political system for the Emperor to have absolute power.
  307. On the other hand, the International Library of Children's Literature, which provides a wide range of specific services targeted toward children, can be used by anyone, except for the reference room for specialized documents related to children's literature.
  308. On the other hand, the Japanese government ignored the Korean proclamation of neutrality by extending the Japanese troops to Incheon City; finally the troops got stationed in Hanseong and then the treaty was signed.
  309. On the other hand, the Kamakura Shogunate oppressed Jodo Shu to stop nenbutsu in Kamakura, but Seizan-ha was welcomed by Hojo clan later and built a base in Bengayatasu of Kamakura.
  310. On the other hand, the Kamakura bakufu continued to ban Sakaya and had a negative view for imposing taxes on Sakaya, which was subjected to prohibition.
  311. On the other hand, the Kanze school found favor with Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, the Kita school with Hidetada TOKUGAWA, and the Hosho school with Tsunayoshi TOKUGAWA, and each became popular among local daimyo due to such influence.
  312. On the other hand, the Keihan Main Line, instead of setting up rapid reaching trains, enhanced the express and local train services, and in this way they tried to seek a compartmentalization of the operational focus between the inter-urban transportation and the wayside transportation (transportation for users along the line).
  313. On the other hand, the Kojiki offered more detailed descriptions on the Homutsuwake no mikoto's myth.
  314. On the other hand, the Koyasan side gathered more than 36,000 troops in total with armed priests and jizamurai in the territory and ronin (masterless samurai).
  315. On the other hand, the Kuomintang Party and the People First Party criticized Teng-hui LEE's evaluation of Japan as quislingism and positioned the period of Japanese rule as one being exploited by Japan.
  316. On the other hand, the Kyushu Railway Company (JR-Kyushu) competes with 'Kodama' by lowering the limited express fee and by operating limited expresses more frequently.
  317. On the other hand, the Left and the Right Urin (bodyguard) armies that guarded the capital of Changan had less than 60,000 men.
  318. On the other hand, the Mori clan had just taken control of his own retainers since the elimination of the Inoue family.
  319. On the other hand, the Muromachi bakufu successfully took over the right to levy taxes on citizens of Kyoto, a right formerly enjoyed by the Imperial court.
  320. On the other hand, the Nichiren Shoshu Sect holds 'The Birthday Party' on February 16, when Nichiren was born.
  321. On the other hand, the Omotesenke school uses regular kaishi.
  322. On the other hand, the Osaki clan who did not declare to serve Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI were defeated by the latter.
  323. On the other hand, the Ozumo we see today originates from Kanjin Zumo, which was held during the Edo period to make money for the demolition and construction of shrines and temples.
  324. On the other hand, the Rokkaku clan on whom Yoshiteru had depended lost its power because of the Kannon-ji Disturbance in 1563.
  325. On the other hand, the Russian Vladivostok Cruiser Fleet stationed in Vladivstok proactively carried out sorties to destroy commercial shipping.
  326. On the other hand, the Sasaki clan, the Imagawa clan and the Chiba clan joined this attack as pursuer of Tokuso's vassal.
  327. On the other hand, the Seiyu Honto Party that supported the KIYOURA cabinet only won 109 seats, which meant a landslide victory of the Goken Sanpa
  328. On the other hand, the Sekkan-ke did not come up with a constructive plan to counter the Emperor, mainly since there was an adversarial relationship between Yorimichi and Norimichi.
  329. On the other hand, the Shiei-kan Party lead by Isami KONDO and Toshizo HIJIKATA, and the Mito Party lead by Kamo SERIZAWA, argued that they should remain in Kyoto by all means, in order to guard the Shogun.
  330. On the other hand, the Shimazu army strongly recognized that if they lost this battle, the formation of Japanese army would crumble and many of their allies would lose their escape route.
  331. On the other hand, the Shimonokuni family, which ruled Tsugaru Province, was forced out by the Nanbu clan, which was proceeding from the eastern area, to expand its influence.
  332. On the other hand, the Shinagon were the court nobles who actively supported the government of FUJIWARA no Michinaga.
  333. On the other hand, the Shinshu-tai troop looted 720 bales of rice and 100 rifles by taking advantage of confusion in the Satsuma army.
  334. On the other hand, the Soga clan, Daigozoku (big local ruling family), was said to work together with toraijin group, to have an international vision, and to be aggressive to accept Buddhism because of the relationship with the countries of the Korean peninsula.
  335. On the other hand, the Soma Family hired a lawyer Toru HOSHI and sued Nishigori for false charge.
  336. On the other hand, the Takahashi clan maintained the heredity of kokushi in Shima Province for a long time from the Nara period to the Heian period with some exceptions.
  337. On the other hand, the Tanabata on July 7 under the New Style would fall in the middle of the rainy season.
  338. On the other hand, the Tea Party group, which mainly consisted of the members of Aritomo YAMAGATA faction, also supported the doctrine of superiority, so there was no big difference between both groups.
  339. On the other hand, the Toshiyori (sumo elders) Myoseki system is still practiced, although the practice coexists with the single-generation Toshiyori (sumo elder) system).
  340. On the other hand, the Toyotomi side had an incident that Harunaga ONO, the negotiator was attacked in the castle on April 9 (the old calendar).
  341. On the other hand, the Tozan school belonging to the Shingon Sect line was founded by Shobo.
  342. On the other hand, the Tozenji brothers decided to meet the enemy in the field; so the troops confronted one another at Jugorigahara.
  343. On the other hand, the Uesugi army had only about 6,000 soldiers mainly led by Shigenaga HONJO in the Fukushima-jo Castle and Nagayoshi SUDA in the Yanagawa-jo Castle.
  344. On the other hand, the Uesugi side sent its troops to Kanto immediately after the battle as well).
  345. On the other hand, the Wagakki used in the field of music played outdoors at festivals (festival music, Shinto music, etc.) can provide sufficiently high sound levels.
  346. On the other hand, the Yamato race could originally afford to assimilate foreign cultures (especially that of China), having had no experience of being controlled directly by China unlike other nations under the Chinese sphere of influence, such as the Korean Peninsula and Vietnam.
  347. On the other hand, the Yanagimoto Airport was turned back into the agricultural land after the seizure of the U.S. Forces was finished.
  348. On the other hand, the Yasaka-ryu was also established by Jogen.
  349. On the other hand, the Yonin was mainly responsible for keeping the lord informed of 'official matters' within the domain and family and, handling general negotiations and dealings with other parties.
  350. On the other hand, the accuracy of 'Gishiwajinden' has been questioned for a long time.
  351. On the other hand, the act of forcing sales of merchandise was called oshiuri.
  352. On the other hand, the alternative view is that Ishikawa-Genji, the descendants of MINAMOTO no Yoshitoki, sixth (or fifth) son of MINAMOTO no Yoshiie, that inherited the main domain of Genji in Kawachi Province is the Kawachi-Genji thereafter.
  353. On the other hand, the area also developed as a hot spring resort with a nightlife district, and especially the red-light area (area of brothels where one can bathe with the prostitutes) had been a major obstacle, which came in the way of the holidaymakers and tourists coming to the resort area.
  354. On the other hand, the armed group that Sumitomo led during the rebellion were mid-ranking government officials who were trained in martial arts and were settled in that area to maintain security.
  355. On the other hand, the article of November, 644 (this was the year before the Taika Reforms) of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) suggested that SOGA no Emishi founded Hokonoki-dera Temple on Mt. Oniho.
  356. On the other hand, the bakufu offered official and unofficial support for the regent, chief advisor to the Emperor and the sekke.
  357. On the other hand, the caps with white stripes at Nihon University preparatory course looked exactly the same those of higher schools under the old system.
  358. On the other hand, the carcinogenicity of miso and soy sauce became an issue when it was pointed out that kojic acid leads to the risk of liver cancer.
  359. On the other hand, the castles that emphasized interior comfort, grandeur and luxury rather than defense functions, were elegant and had many windows built into them.
  360. On the other hand, the castles that emphasized interior comfort, grandeur and luxury rather than defense functions, were elegant, and many windows were installed.
  361. On the other hand, the chigo-koku system was not approved officially.
  362. On the other hand, the chronology in "Nihonshoki" writes there were only three Emperors between 413 and 479: Ingyo, Anko and Yuryaku.
  363. On the other hand, the common people kept the traditional habit and customs handed down from the Edo period because Western clothes were still too expensive for them and because they highly valued or cared for the traditional sense of beauty.
  364. On the other hand, the common people living in shoen and koryo formed villages and aimed for their independence.
  365. On the other hand, the concept of differentials did not come to the fore in wasan.
  366. On the other hand, the conferment to imperial princesses became rare, and only the Princess Gishi, sister-uterine of the Emperor Seiwa who was a grandchild of FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa, was conferred Ippon during her lifetime in the ninth century.
  367. On the other hand, the confusion in the doctrine by the Anjin dispute and a series of businesses worsened the financial situation in Hongan-ji Temple and left a huge amount of debts to the next generation.
  368. On the other hand, the conservatives like NAKATOMI no Kamako and Prince Naka no Oe were in favor of their original 'Baekje focused' policy, and therefore destroyed the Soga clan who were 'liberals.'
  369. On the other hand, the contents gave a sense of great disgrace to young people studying in Japan and elsewhere and trying to take in modern-time nationalism, which became one of reasons that triggered anti-Qing/revolution movements.
  370. On the other hand, the core of saisekijin, which is called the Fukui type (type in Fukui Prefecture), is found mainly in northwest Kyushu.
  371. On the other hand, the court of Ming Dynasty required proof of surrender of Japan and this was not acceptable to Hideyoshi.
  372. On the other hand, the cultivation technique of wasabi was classified as strictly confidential and it was prohibited from spreading such technique to other regions.
  373. On the other hand, the defining feature of Mahayana Buddhism is that it declared that ordinary people, those who had not renounced the everyday world and become monks, could become a Buddha in the future world as long as they continued ritagyo.
  374. On the other hand, the delicate action of mind is called "vicaara" (Kan in the old version and Shi in the new); Vitarka and vicaara are used as a pair.
  375. On the other hand, the devastating situation of the field practice forest during the war remained unimproved even after the war.
  376. On the other hand, the direct line from Emperor Gokomatsu ended and Emperor Gohanazono was invited by the Fushiminomiya family to continue the former Jimyoin line side.
  377. On the other hand, the emergence of tanmaishu didn't necessarily mean the degradation of quality of fukumaishu (literally, sake with multiple varieties of rice), namely sake other than tanmaishu.
  378. On the other hand, the essence of iki is also heavily colored by the moral ideal of the Edo people, and is summarized in 'ikiji' (guts), one of the components of 'iki.'
  379. On the other hand, the expeditionary force of Noriyori had difficulties acquiring food for soldiers and to equip ships, and had to stop marching.
  380. On the other hand, the family line that was summoned self-promoted as the 'choka no soga' and began to be recognized as the 'house of tsuwamono.' in a later period.
  381. On the other hand, the first Saionji Cabinet in Japan, which was suffered by various domestic circumstances and under pressure from the Imperial Diet, the military and the financial world, mobilized the Southern-Qing Fleet and threatened the Qing government with the intention of recovering from the difficult position.
  382. On the other hand, the first addendum to the Nihonshoki mentions the Empress was Kasuganochichihayayamakahime.
  383. On the other hand, the first article of the Treaty of Ganghwa stated 'Korea is an independent country having rights equal to Japan,' which caused a conflict with the Chinese hegemony over Korea.
  384. On the other hand, the first left hand touches the earth, spreading the palm, the second left hand supports Mikaifu renge, unopened lotus and the third left hand supports Horin at its finger tips.
  385. On the other hand, the first time Dosan's name appears in historical materials is as "Norihide FUJIWARA" in a document dated June, 1533; this name also appears in a document signed jointly by Kagehiro NAGAI and Norihide NAGAI, dated November 26 of the same year.
  386. On the other hand, the first, second and third stories of the west pagoda have three intervals.
  387. On the other hand, the flat plains were narrow and limited, and the areas suitable for farm land were small.
  388. On the other hand, the following episodes were also told.
  389. On the other hand, the following families have become extinct:
  390. On the other hand, the following issues were pointed out about his poetic theory and the works he composed.
  391. On the other hand, the following two people were respected: Saigyo, who made poems on love toward nature and his view of life, and MINAMOTO no Sanetomo, who composed poems in the Manyo style.
  392. On the other hand, the garrison force of Ina-jo Castle of the Takeda army pushed out the castle commander Nobuuji SHIMOJO and surrendered to the Oda army.
  393. On the other hand, the garrison took advantage of that and occasionally carried provisions into the castle by small amount.
  394. On the other hand, the government army deployed garrisons centered on Kumamoto Castle.
  395. On the other hand, the government army had to evacuate Koga under a desperate counterattack by the Hirano-tai troop and the Shigehisa-tai troop.
  396. On the other hand, the government of Edo welcomed this movement and showed its interest in supporting the Emperor's directly ruled government.
  397. On the other hand, the government of the Republic of Korea has taken the position that the Treaty of Japanese Annexation of Korea was invalid from the beginning (it had not come into force since the time of the conclusion).
  398. On the other hand, the government planned to destroy Minto by interfering in the second general election of the members of the House of Representatives in 1892 on a large scale but ironically led to its own defeat.
  399. On the other hand, the government reinforced Taiko-kenchi (the land survey by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI) and Katanagari (sword confiscation) on the public and asked it to devote itself to Kashoku.
  400. On the other hand, the government thought the rebellion of the warrior class of prefecture of Kagoshima was near at hand, and Aritomo YAMAGATA issued an order of caution by telegram for Kumamoto Chindai Army on January 28th.
  401. On the other hand, the government was worried that a rebellion of the warrior class of the prefecture of Kagoshima might occur between the end of that year and January.
  402. On the other hand, the higher the rice-polishing ratio, the more difficult to use most of characteristics of the varieties of rice and the more minerals and vitamins, which promote fermentation, are lost, a highly sophisticated technique is required for subsequent stages.
  403. On the other hand, the increase in the number of persons entering this forest is a reflection in the recent mountain-climbing boom.
  404. On the other hand, the insurgents in Iwami Province were suppressed by the army of Choshu Domain occupying there, and those in Buzen Province were suppressed by the army of Kawara Domain (former Kokura Domain), which once withdrawn to the regional office, jinya, but succeeded in its counterattack after renewing its offensive.
  405. On the other hand, the interest rate in the Suiko dealing with property was also fixed at a considerably high-level.
  406. On the other hand, the intimidation resulting from the presence of the military power resulted in the Imperial Court approving the Imperial sanction of the punitive re-expedition to Choshu to the shogunate in Kyoto on September 21.
  407. On the other hand, the kaidan at Todai-ji and Enryaku-ji Temples were respected as time-honored ones, and the precepts of Buddhism were given there until the end of the Edo period.
  408. On the other hand, the kosa produced in the northeastern part of China, the nearest kosa-producing place reaches Korea only in half a day.
  409. On the other hand, the land rent which was imposed on the residential areas in urban regions came to be called jishi.
  410. On the other hand, the later dispatched Shinbutai took a wrong course and encountered the government army at Arasa.
  411. On the other hand, the length of the bow was made longer so not to decrease flying distance, and the flying distance increased in depending upon the same puller's force.
  412. On the other hand, the main role of Kumano Sanzan Kengyo was acting as a guide when Daijo Tenno (the retired Emperor) paid visit to Kumano Sanzan.
  413. On the other hand, the members of the House of Representatives elected in Ibaraki Prefecture prepared the bill for changing the prefectural border and attended the Imperial Diet.
  414. On the other hand, the method of putting all events in chronological order is called 'henen-tai' (chronological format), the advantage of which is the overall course of events can be grasped easily.
  415. On the other hand, the mounting consisting only of a hilt and scabbard made of unlacquered Japanese Bigleaf Magnolia, with mekugi (a rivet) in the hilt, is called shirasaya (white scabbard).
  416. On the other hand, the mythology of Gija Joseon (allegedly, one of the ancient Korean dynasties) as a nation feudatory to the Zhou dynasty was created under the influence of Chinese philosophy, and the teachings of Confucius had taken root here since a long time ago.
  417. On the other hand, the names of discoursers and dates of record were not written, so some people consider that you have to be careful of treating them as historical materials.
  418. On the other hand, the needs of local public bodies are increasing as described above.
  419. On the other hand, the new fabric feels stiff, and it is not comfortable to wear it, so wealthy merchants often let their head clerks wear it till it softened up, and later they wore it themselves.
  420. On the other hand, the new government maintained prohibition of Christianity.
  421. On the other hand, the new government, who reflected on the failing of this treaty, tried to stand on more than equal footing with Asian countries.
  422. On the other hand, the news of Atsutane visiting Suzuya raised a disturbance among disciples of Suzuya.
  423. On the other hand, the niece Iitoyo no himemiko administered, but was not asked questions and she administered based on the appointment by Aomi no himemiko.'
  424. On the other hand, the northern part (including Hikone, Maibara and Nagahama Cities), which is distant from Kyoto or Osaka, has a lot in common culturally not only with Kyoto and Osaka but also with the Hokuriku region.
  425. On the other hand, the notice boards from the Old Shogunate era were ordered to be disposed of at the same time, which symbolized the power and sphere of control of a new government.
  426. On the other hand, the number of casualties for the Japanese was 2 of Unyo.
  427. On the other hand, the number of government posts was predetermined.
  428. On the other hand, the number of sekitai dating from after the end of the Heian Period excavated in local districts is much lower, which suggests that local officials no longer used sekitai.
  429. On the other hand, the nyogo had a close friendship with Genji's wife, Murasaki no Ue and after they began to live in a same mansion, continued to have a close friendship.
  430. On the other hand, the operational rate of trains was quite low due to the damage caused by air raids and the increase of disabled cars, and even active cars often became disabled cars because of the shortage of repair parts.
  431. On the other hand, the opinions within the Choshu Domain were divided after the Shimonoseki War, and the conservatives (conventional party) were controlling the administration of the domain.
  432. On the other hand, the original Seika-ji Temple gradually fell into decline and the surviving Amida Hall and Amida sanzon statue (National Treasure now installed in Reihokan) are its last remaining traces.
  433. On the other hand, the outer part, which is scraped off in the process of rice polishing, consists of a mixture containing not only starch but also protein and fat; therefore, as it reflects light even if air enters, it is white but transparent.
  434. On the other hand, the overall concept of sake brewers was to brew and sell sake and, the scale was most often not large however, at some stage the brewers began to work alone and apart from the centers of large towns, they also became numerous in rural towns and mountain villages.
  435. On the other hand, the overnight express service for Kyushu, which departed from and arrived at Kyoto, was completely abolished when the timetable was revised on March 15, 2008.
  436. On the other hand, the people who belonged to the lower-class fell to the even lower status of jigebyakusho, and there began, involving even the class of shoju and genin, the process of the reorganization of the class structure in the shomin populace.
  437. On the other hand, the people, outraged by KATSURA's indecisive attitude, raided the Kokumin Newspaper company building and police stations.
  438. On the other hand, the periodization of the latter was named the Dynastic period and the term Dynastic polity, which refers to the state regime of the latter, became used.
  439. On the other hand, the place for conducing tsukuri is called shikomiba (place for preparation).
  440. On the other hand, the political basis controlled by the Emperor's maternal family became more established during this reign and there was no fairness in politics; moreover, there were disasters such as when the Imperial Palace burned down in Tentoku 4, and so on.
  441. On the other hand, the political uncertainty continued and in 658, Prince Arima was executed for attempting a rebellion.
  442. On the other hand, the post of Shogun was proclaimed first when it came to succeeding MINAMOTO no Sanetomo.
  443. On the other hand, the power of TACHIBANA no Moroe and his father, who were considered to be critical to the succession of Imperial Princess Abe to the Emperor, declined gradually.
  444. On the other hand, the present Southwest Islands had already been dispatching envoys to the Yamato sovereignty to pay tribute since the first half of the seventh century.
  445. On the other hand, the problem over who would succeed to the duties of Kanto moshitsugi until Sanetoshi succeeded the Saionji family became apparent.
  446. On the other hand, the protein in white rice contains less lysine and threonine and its amino acid score is only 60.
  447. On the other hand, the provision of onsho to gokenin remained low due to the possibility of further Mongol invasion.
  448. On the other hand, the reason why pressing is preferred lies in the problem concerning efficiency for the shops.
  449. On the other hand, the recluse of Taoists can be said as a mean to seek or reach the truth rather than for ethical good, and recluse itself became their goal.
  450. On the other hand, the relationship with the retired Emperor Yozei was tense.
  451. On the other hand, the representative work written in henen-tai other than Chunqiu is Guang SIMA's "The Zizhi Tongjian" (The Comprehensive Mirror As An Aid to Government).
  452. On the other hand, the research findings concluded that the Japanese race is comparatively genetically unified, having little variation from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
  453. On the other hand, the rest of Denshutai who joined the new government as Kiseitai contributed to the suppression of the Boso Peninsula, and they took the field to Hakodate in 1869 to attack the escaped bakufu army.
  454. On the other hand, the results of recent historical studies have actually provided corroboration for many portions of the chronicle, leading some to say "Even if it doesn't describe reality as such, something like what is described did occur," and judge the chronicle more favorably.
  455. On the other hand, the ritual 'tamafuri' is a ritual performed to stir a sould into an active state from outside of the body.
  456. On the other hand, the sake breweries and schools of toji such as Zenemon KONOIKE and the Nara school succeeded this by improving the techniques of Soboshu.
  457. On the other hand, the sake breweries which sold sake by measure was seen until the early part of the Showa period.
  458. On the other hand, the samurai governments of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) and the Edo bakufu awarded the gosho-go to families having eligible social status for the gosho-go among the shogunate clans and retainers.
  459. On the other hand, the samurais who served the extinct daimyo families became ronin(the masterless samurai), which caused a social instability.
  460. On the other hand, the second hypothesis emphasizes the fact that the Taira forces grabbed hold of the control of conventional national organizations upon the coup d'etat in 1179.
  461. On the other hand, the size of knitted products is set to S/M/L/2L/3L/4L, with larger allowances for these settings, to enable the flexible characteristics of knitted products to be used effectively.
  462. On the other hand, the son of Yukimochi, Mochitaka HOSOKAWA grew up in the care of Motonaga MIYOSHI, and he continued the confrontation against the bakufu, such as cooperating with Harumoto, the son of Sumimoto, and Motonaga to support Yoshitsuna ASHIKAGA as Sakai Kubo (head of [Sakai-based) municipal governmen]).
  463. On the other hand, the sons of the Taira clan, which was also a samurai family but rapidly changed into court nobles in TAIRA no Kiyomori's times, were called 'Kindachi'.
  464. On the other hand, the sound 'fuku' was considered lucky as it is the same as 'fuku' (good fortune).
  465. On the other hand, the south area of Gion around the Hanamikoji-dori Street was spared from rampant development because the area was owned by Nyokoba-gakuen School, and was designated as a Historical Landscape Preservation and Improvement District.
  466. On the other hand, the state ran the ritual called Nosaki no Hei for each imperial mausoleum.
  467. On the other hand, the statue, which was erected at Shiroyama koen Park in Kagoshima City by native sculptor Terusaku ANDO, depicted him in his military uniform (full general).
  468. On the other hand, the straight pieces of wood placed perpendicular to a ridge wood and Keta (or parallel to the Tsuma side) are called Hari (in building terms).
  469. On the other hand, the sushi shops using traditional foodstuffs and traditional cooking methods, which are categorized as exclusive ones, are also popular.
  470. On the other hand, the system common in Europe, Islamic countries in Western Asia and China is called gradual discharge matchlock.
  471. On the other hand, the system to rule the regions formerly governed by the local ruling families was built by Yamato sovereignty from early on in western Japan where the sovereignty was established during an early period, which was the reason why agatanonushi concentrated in western Japan.
  472. On the other hand, the tax system and the rescue plan were implemented in order to lessen the burden of peasants in the time of the continuing famine.
  473. On the other hand, the tendency to rely on algebraic and numerical calculations for solving problems always remained with wasan.
  474. On the other hand, the term tatemae refers to one's behaviors and opinions to be expressed officially.
  475. On the other hand, the territories of the Shiba clan, Owari Province and Echizen Province, were away from Kyoto and separated each other.
  476. On the other hand, the third shogun Iemitsu TOKUGAWA was completely different, and during the early stage of his reign, he simply followed Ogosho Hidetada TOKUGAWA.
  477. On the other hand, the thought of a 'restored Bushido (the way of the samurai)' which sought spiritual beauty and found supreme value in the fighting method of Kendo, interfered with Japan's essential understanding of modern warfare.
  478. On the other hand, the three films he directed at Daiei Motion Picture Company with actress Ayako WAKAO, "Onna wa nido umareru" (A woman can be born twice), "Temple of the Wild Geese," "Graceful Brute," came to be highly recognized in later years.
  479. On the other hand, the tone of argument in the Nihonjin-ron has changed, reflecting social conditions in each period.
  480. On the other hand, the tradition of oshorei as a big mukaebi event for the whole village had been lost in many regions by around 1970, during a period of high economic growth.
  481. On the other hand, the troops of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA arrived at Nobunaga's on August 8.
  482. On the other hand, the union of Mikuriya Yosui submitted a petition to the Minister of Home Affairs, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Minister of Commerce and Industry, asking for regulation of mining and revision of the laws of mining
  483. On the other hand, the vassals of the Hitotsubashi Tokugawa family, Seiichiro SHIBUSAWA and Hachiro AMANO, gathered shogunate retainers in progress of their purpose; they were intent on clearing the false charge of Yoshinobu, who had been confining himself in the Ueno Kanei-ji Temple; they intended to defeat the Satsuzoku (the Satsuma clan).
  484. On the other hand, the visibility of Kyoto ramen as a local ramen is still low among common people.
  485. On the other hand, the wall No. 6, Amida Jodozu, which was considered as the master piece among the murals, has been severely damaged.
  486. On the other hand, the way of interpreting the words of Shinran and Rennyo such as 'You must reject zogyo (miscellaneous practices) to seek salvation by Mida' is different from the interpretation in other schools in the Shinshu Sect, including Higashi and Nishi Hongan-ji Temple.
  487. On the other hand, the weakness of the evidence for the popular theory was also revealed; the three portraits are just considered as Yoritomo, Shigemori, and Mitsuyoshi without any objective evidence to identify the figures of these portraits.
  488. On the other hand, the wetland areas expanded in western Japan and the Tohoku region; as a result, the cultural style suitable for the wetlands had developed.
  489. On the other hand, the wheel of fate began to spin in favour of the rising Nobunaga ODA, to the decline of the Takeda family.
  490. On the other hand, the works about the mode of life in the Edo period are called "Sewamono" (a play dealing with the lives of ordinary people).
  491. On the other hand, the written letters inscribed on the iron sword, which was excavated from the Okadayama Tumulus in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, "Nukatabe-no-Omi (chief of Nukatabe group)" indicated that bemin sei (a political naming system of the Yamato sovereignty) was enforced in the middle of the sixth century.
  492. On the other hand, theory of the kokuga forces system of Yoshimi TODA and Susumu ISHII (historian) discussed in detail about the qualification of the 'bushi' in districts.
  493. On the other hand, there also exists a view of considering that Korea and Japan, which have been affected by kosa, are responsible indirectly as well, for example, through importation of woods and agricultural products.
  494. On the other hand, there appeared the persons who, though not being from samurai status families, such as merchants, craftsmen and farmers, got family names and wore swords by themselves, claiming to be 浪人.
  495. On the other hand, there are Noh sects which did not become integrated into the system of "four theatres, five styles" remaining in rural regions.
  496. On the other hand, there are also some views that suggest that Kawachi Genji, known for MINAMOTO no Yoshiie and which began with MINAMOTO no Yorinobu, the third son of MINAMOTO no Mitsunaka, is considered as the direct descendant of Seiwa Genji.
  497. On the other hand, there are differences between the kinds of flavors people like.
  498. On the other hand, there are eleven and two keyhole-shaped tumuli that have been confirmed to date in South Ch?lla and North Ch?lla, respectively.
  499. On the other hand, there are few remains in western Japan and there is a possibility that the people abandoned sedentary life by the early period.
  500. On the other hand, there are fewer cases of hay fever triggered by Japanese cedar pollen in Europe and North America where there are few Japanese cedar trees.
  501. On the other hand, there are historical materials to support the above-mentioned "Nanjo clan Seisuiki," thus it is considered this theory has a higher level of credibility.
  502. On the other hand, there are many cases in which ashes are left with an ossuary for someone to claim them.
  503. On the other hand, there are many cases where high-class fish such as tai (sea bream) and tachiuo (cutlass fish) are used and served as a high-class dish in the form of elaborately prepared food like misozuke (pickling in miso).
  504. On the other hand, there are many poets who specialize in contributing their poems to the readers' columns in newspapers and so on, and the term 'contributing tanka poets' has gained wide recognition.
  505. On the other hand, there are shrines such as Sada-jinja Shrine in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, where another style of mikomai is performed by a male Shinto priest disguised as a female with a mask of a princess.
  506. On the other hand, there are some cases of Chinju no Mori being made for a shrine.
  507. On the other hand, there are some foundations to deny these reasons as below.
  508. On the other hand, there are some researchers who have doubts about the new estimated date of the beginning of the sovereignty.
  509. On the other hand, there are some theories that say the discovery was really accidental, admitting the credibility of structure and development of the story (the one by Fumio KAKUBAYASHI).
  510. On the other hand, there are various criticisms from people who oppose his commentaries and interpretations.
  511. On the other hand, there are various theories about Koan no Eki, which occurred after the fall of the Southern Sung Dynasty.
  512. On the other hand, there emerged cases in which temples promoted by emperors and equivalents were first set up as jogakuji to avoid violating a ban on the introduction of private temples, a law that continued to be in effect within the Imperial Court.
  513. On the other hand, there exists a study concluding they were only business practices, which means some Koreans also made a profit, and the income increased and no problem existed.
  514. On the other hand, there have been documents found from the Sengoku period (period of Warring States) where the wife of Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period) was referred to as a 'Gorenju.'
  515. On the other hand, there is a case that some vassals are were regarded as fudai (a daimyo in hereditary vassal to the Tokugawa family) despite the territory that they own in Koshu.
  516. On the other hand, there is a description in "Baishoron" as shown below.
  517. On the other hand, there is a different interpretation that Hitotsumono was not a yorishiro because the characteristics described previously didn't have special religious meanings; a horseback riding in a divine procession was not unique, and furyu also had decoration and make-up.
  518. On the other hand, there is a different opinion that each story has its own subject and a new tendency; their reputation has been reviewed in recent years.
  519. On the other hand, there is a hypothesis that says she was on close terms with Mitsunari ISHIDA.
  520. On the other hand, there is a legend that he became a priest in a branch temple of the Hongan-ji school in Wakasa Province and he spent his remaining years with a lady.
  521. On the other hand, there is a negative evaluation that his study of classics just compiled the conventional theories without creative and unique theories.
  522. On the other hand, there is a problem that the transaction price has dropped compared with Miwa somen.
  523. On the other hand, there is a simple understanding of Kechimyaku Sojo that its most essential core element exists only in the transfer of 'Honmonkaidan-no-Daigohonzon' (principal image of the Nichiren Shoshu sect).
  524. On the other hand, there is a technique to sprinkle dried seasoning and others without wrapping.
  525. On the other hand, there is a theory by those who believe in out-of-place-artifacts (OOPArt) and super technology (technology beyond our current capabilities, mainly in science fiction) that goes so far as to regard tennyo as beings from outer space.
  526. On the other hand, there is a theory that insists on his survival in the Battle of Shijonawate.
  527. On the other hand, there is a theory that the byobu nozoki was originally a byobu in a bedroom, which had watched many sexual relations and turned into a tsukumogami (artifact spirit).
  528. On the other hand, there is a theory that the family assigned the Sekido clan as daikan (local governor) of Obama City, where was a maritime trade hub in the Japan Sea at that time, and extended the space of its activities even beyond the northern Japan Sea.
  529. On the other hand, there is a theory that the title of this literary work was named after the author, a nyobo (a court lady) named Yamato.
  530. On the other hand, there is a tradition that it was Genbo's Kubi-zuka (burial mound for heads) since "Shichidaiji Junrei Shiki" (Private Journal of a Pilgrimage to the Seven Great Temples) in the Heian period.
  531. On the other hand, there is a view asserting that some administrative organization reform must have been implemented at the central government in association with the transition to the Dynastic polity.
  532. On the other hand, there is a view of considering that the speed of dry land expansion is higher than that of planting trees and it is not easy to make the effects of the measures taken against kosa visible.
  533. On the other hand, there is also 'Kaga komon' that was influenced by 'Edo-komon' in Ishikawa Prefecture.
  534. On the other hand, there is also a legend that young night herons disguise when they become old, similar to red foxes, raccoon dogs, and bake-neko (a monster cat).
  535. On the other hand, there is also criticism that his reconstruction project eliminated the traditional atmosphere of Tokyo reflecting the culture of the Edo Period, in exchange for expanding the urban functionality of Tokyo.
  536. On the other hand, there is also the view that the subject depicted in bijinga does not have to be a woman.
  537. On the other hand, there is an anecdote describing his opinion, quoted as "once I sought for acquiring the right of ruling Japan, but now I am in the position to support Iemitsu" when bakufu came under the administration of Iemitsu.
  538. On the other hand, there is an anecdote that in his adulthood he slept with his wife and a concubine so that the three of them formed the letter "Y" as a measure against assassination attempts.
  539. On the other hand, there is an aspect of placing a huge burden on the internet because many people send and receive large amounts of e-mail the moment the date changes to January 1.
  540. On the other hand, there is another cautious opinion that because the Kojiki and the Nihonshoki, and "Joguki" (Record of the Crown Prince) can not be relied on completely from the viewpoint of positivism, the names and family trees of Okimi (king) before the Emperor Keitai are unreliable.
  541. On the other hand, there is another opinion as in the following: Since the title of 'King' indicated the emperor domestically, the term of 'Tycoon' was simply used as the second best term hesitating to utilize the term of King, and therefore, the change of the title name was made solely based on a domestic factor.
  542. On the other hand, there is another opinion that Hiragumo is still existing.
  543. On the other hand, there is another theory that Iemitsu simply disliked foreigners.
  544. On the other hand, there is another theory that gives negative evaluation to it regarding it as a regression because it merged the independent Togoku government into the Imperial Court.
  545. On the other hand, there is another theory that he was secretly buried by priests and followers who admired Nobunaga.
  546. On the other hand, there is dekamori Kinki chiho (extra-large helping in Kinki region) for light meals like sandwich and 'Kyo no choshoku' (breakfast of Kyoto), a large volume breakfast can be eaten within the main shop.
  547. On the other hand, there is no connecting rail to Kyoto station where West Japan Railway Company (JR West), Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central), or Kinki Nippon Railway Company (Kintetsu Railway) are running, and there is a need to ride a bus or use Karasuma Line, Kyoto Municipal Subway and Hankyu Kyoto Line.
  548. On the other hand, there is still considerable discussion about the need for Shinkansen in regions with no Shinkansen lines, because it would encourage economic development.
  549. On the other hand, there is the opinion that this is just a physical strength experiment of materials, 'steel' vs. 'lead.'
  550. On the other hand, there prevails a theory in which he did not live a life of excess.
  551. On the other hand, there should have been a report by Miyake if he was supposedly the Provincial Governor of Mino and was responsible for bringing the troops, making it unclear as to why the Nihonshoki decided to omit this fact but instead citing Oyori's reporting.
  552. On the other hand, there was 'Kenjo no shoji ' on the border of moya and kita-hisashi in Shishinden as mentioned above.
  553. On the other hand, there was a case that local lords (azukaridokoro, shokan or jito) managing each shoen or koryo on the site imposed their original statute labor as necessary, apart from kuji from lords of the manor or kukoga.
  554. On the other hand, there was a department store which temporarily crated a food section alled 'Nishiki.'
  555. On the other hand, there was a different opinion that it was the crime of Toraroku HAGIWARA from the Himeji Domain.
  556. On the other hand, there was a loud and merry 'school of Sanyu' whose core members were Bunto, Bundanji II (later Bunji KATSURA (VII)), Fukumatsu SHOFUKUTEI I, and Shokaku SHOFUKUTEI III.
  557. On the other hand, there was a movement to re-evaluate Go-Toba-in as a poet after the closure of the Kamakura government.
  558. On the other hand, there was an old man who insisted that he would never take any medicine but Ishida Sanyaku.
  559. On the other hand, there was another theory that he only stayed as the head of a left-behind team to prepare for the attack on the quarter of roshi in Nagato Province during the Ikedaya Incident.
  560. On the other hand, there was previously, among the nobles, a tendency to view a person's pedigree - whether Minamoto or Taira clan - as 'Taira who are close to the nobles' or 'the warrior Minamoto clan who are difficult to control.'
  561. On the other hand, there was stoneware called continental ground stoneware that came into Japan with introduction of rice-paddy cultivation, such as tools, including Hamaguribamasei stone axe and Eguriirikataba, stone axe, and farming equipment, including ishi-bocho (a stone implement, sickle) and stone stickle.
  562. On the other hand, there was the Crown Prince, the Emperor Kazan, who was born by FUJIWARA no Kaishi, who was his elder sister and a nyogo (empress) of the Emperor Reizei and he, as being a rare maternal relative to the emperor, assumed the position of togu no suke (assistant master in the Crown Prince's palace).
  563. On the other hand, there was the insistence to appoint the political power as gathered into the center, or to believe it would definitely come back to Hoshu himself after the conflict between Shoshinkai (correct faith association) or Soka Gakkai.
  564. On the other hand, there were Dutch scholars appearing one after another from Dutch interpreters in Nagasaki
  565. On the other hand, there were a lot of lower-ranking samurai among the reformers.
  566. On the other hand, there were also conflicts between hereditary vassals, who held their status based on bloodline or traditional master-vassal relationships, and individuals who were newly appointed due to their abilities.
  567. On the other hand, there were also many so-called 'higokenin' (non-samurai retainers) who did not have a contractual reward-for-service relationship with the Kamakura bakufu (shogunate).
  568. On the other hand, there were cases where even an Imperial family who corresponds to younger generations than the Imperial grandchild, such as the head of a hereditary Shinno family, would become a Shinno by receiving the title of Imperial Prince.
  569. On the other hand, there were many cases of performers who are not from good lineage becoming a leading actor through their own abilities.
  570. On the other hand, there were many weak points to be improved, such as poor portability where live coals and matches must be always carried, danger of an accidental fire, extreme vulnerability to rainy weather and so on, and in night battles the enemy could easily see the position of the shooter.
  571. On the other hand, there were monks such as Gyoki who violated these restrictions and preached to the general public, and, although he was suppressed, he was also supported by general public for his efforts in social work such as provision of irrigation systems and fuseya (aid station or rest house) as well as road construction.
  572. On the other hand, there were problems caused by hereditary transfers of doctors of Myoho developed by Sakanoue and Nakahara clans, by which some doctors of Myoho made bad Kanmon response papers with apparently wrong interpretations of law, which future scholars could find.
  573. On the other hand, there were signs that Fujiuji's younger brothers Iekuni, Fujimasa and Teruuji took action for the restoration of Kogakubo, but their influence was very small and their activities were not seen around Tensho era.
  574. On the other hand, there were some cabinet officials of the Shogunate who were against this, claiming 'Nabematsu is still young and what will happen if he dies without the heir?'
  575. On the other hand, there were some councilors who belonged to Kokumin Kyokai while remaining to be members of the Central Negotiation Committee as a parliamentary group since Kokumin Kyokai didn't organize their own parliamentary group, and situation became very confusing.
  576. On the other hand, there were some manzai-shi, who maintained the classic style of using some musical instrument, including Sutemaru SUNAGAWA, Haruyo NAKAMURA, Kashimashi-Musume in Kansai, and Keiko and Yoshie UTSUMI as well as Chiyowaka and Chiyokiku SHOKAKUYA in Tokyo.
  577. On the other hand, there were wait times of up to nine minutes at Kashiwara, making it rather inconvenient for passengers using local trains that stop at this station.
  578. On the other hand, these paintings are said to represent Kakuyu's painting style well and there are opinions asserting that a part of Choju-Jinbutsu-giga must have been painted by Kakuyu.
  579. On the other hand, theses by the Seko-danko-ha Group included "Horiseika wo Yomu" (Reading the Hori Seika law school Journal) by Shiro ISOBE and "Horitsu Hensan no Kahi" (The pros and cons of compiling laws) by Masao INOUE.
  580. On the other hand, they had some restrictions through an auditing system such as Kageyushi (Board of Discharge Examiners) and Zuryo kokatei (Evaluation of Zuryo).
  581. On the other hand, they imposed obligations such as retaining conventions, carrying out a method in esoteric Buddhism to pray for a victory in a war, holding memorial services for the fallen, and dedication to the god(s) for shrines.
  582. On the other hand, thinner plates are preferred for camping because of reasons such as portability.
  583. On the other hand, this Revelation seems to be given not only to people in this world but also in heaven and spiritual worlds and to gods, the Dragon King, celestial beings, angels, spirits in the other worlds equally.
  584. On the other hand, this fact clearly stimulated creativity and imagination of the playwrights who wrote the plays, and many fictional works related to him have been produced in the past as well as in the modern days.
  585. On the other hand, this hairstyle didn't spread among the women of merchants and artisans under the situation, especially in the early Edo period, where the population gap between men and women was so big that the bakufu encouraged remarriage.
  586. On the other hand, this is the terminal station for most trains on the Katamachi Line, except for some that run directly into Nara Station early in the morning and late at night.
  587. On the other hand, this situation meant there were no obstacles to prevent the policy that Emperor Sakuramachi and Kaneyoshi were promoting.
  588. On the other hand, this situation might have accelerated the separation of Jingi belief from local ruling families.
  589. On the other hand, this thought provoked adverse reactions that no body could ever follow such a long hard practice.
  590. On the other hand, those among the clans with the kabane of Muraji were called Omuraji.
  591. On the other hand, those designated as 'intangible folk-cultural properties' are lives, customs and events of commoners themselves, such as manners and customs, folk performing arts and annual observances, for which individuals or organizations are not certified as 'holders.'
  592. On the other hand, those including the resourceful general Eisen SHIRAISHI on Tadamasa's side fought actively, so on the Tadatsune's side had heavy casulatlies.
  593. On the other hand, three days later, October 27 the day of the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Home Affairs Taisuke ITAGAKI reported his objection to the throne, and three ministers of the former Liberal Party including ITAGAKI resigned on the following day.
  594. On the other hand, to avoid becoming under the control of shugo, some old zaichokanjin tried to struggle to maintain an independent existence as kokujin.
  595. On the other hand, to facilitate the income of gold and silver needed to quickly acquire official ranks, the bakufu permitted them to be money lenders with high interest rates during the Genroku era.
  596. On the other hand, to hold Yoshinaka in check, Yoritomo sent MINAMOTO no Noriyori and MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune towards Kyoto and the Noriyori/Yoshitsune forces reached Omi Province in the beginning of November.
  597. On the other hand, to nourish the rapidly growing population, it has been necessary to increase production power and economic power.
  598. On the other hand, tofu made without using an antifoaming agent has also received attention.
  599. On the other hand, toji-kata sokuiho is said to have influenced of Ryobu Shinto (a fusion of Shinto and Shingon sect of Buddhism), and, from the beginning, Sekkan should conduct the initiation for the emperor.
  600. On the other hand, townsmen's acceptance of the Hokke Sect of Buddhism then could be associated with a rise in religious faith among them, who were worried by the social unrest.
  601. On the other hand, tracking down and killing Yoshichika by TAIRA no Masamori triggered the emergence of Ise-Heishi (Taira clan).
  602. On the other hand, traditional yokan was called mushi-yokan.
  603. On the other hand, traffic accidents also increased drastically because of a delay in improving roads and environments for the usage of cars, resulting in the so-called traffic war.
  604. On the other hand, traffic jams occur frequently on National Route 175, the main road that connects Kasa and Nishi-Maizuru regions, resulting in many that try to avoid the route and use the road at the mountain pass instead.
  605. On the other hand, trains with starting and terminal station being Okubo Station started to run after large-scale apartment buildings were constructed at the site of Kobe Steel Ltd. works located south of Okubo Station.
  606. On the other hand, tuning can occur in hautamono pieces such as "Ukifune" (A Drifting Boat), even though they're short pieces.
  607. On the other hand, under the control of bakufu, kugeho and honjo law were rejected as not applicable.
  608. On the other hand, under the translation "so she died," it can be interpreted that the cause of her death was a conflict with Kunakoku or Nashime's manifesto, which was written before this.
  609. On the other hand, under treaty system, sovereign states are legally equal and even regardless of the size or scale of the countries or power.
  610. On the other hand, unlike Iwakura and Inoue, who advocated introduction of Prussia style constitution, even Ito had decided on introduction of constitutional government system, but he was still thinking about the style of the system even after the Meiji juyonen no seihen.
  611. On the other hand, unlike other scholars, Atsutane did not think the next world is located somewhere totally different, cut off from the land of the living.
  612. On the other hand, upland settlements have been long considered a type of defensive settlement.
  613. On the other hand, varieties of takoyaki are appearing in the Kinki region, including takoyaki with ingredients other than octopus, takoyaki with different special sauces, and takoyaki served in a soup or udon (Japanese wheat noodle).
  614. On the other hand, vicious dealers might falsely blame the problem as 'the problem of compatibility' even if it was a defective product in the first place.
  615. On the other hand, viewing from the perspective of 'Sado,' it is considered to be one of the heights where Sado's idealism reached (although the tea-ceremony system complicated by secret teachings, like the ones in "Nanboroku," is not necessarily the same with Rikyu's style).
  616. On the other hand, whale meat from coastal whaling continued being supplied even during the war.
  617. On the other hand, what is called 'curry' in Thailand is 'curry and rice' made with ingredients which are common in Japan.
  618. On the other hand, when Minehira TACHIBANA was 21 years old, he was introduced to Sanetsura YOSHIDA (fourth generation of the Chikuzen Niten school) who was a follower of Musashi MIYAMOTO.
  619. On the other hand, when Shigakko was founded, the central government had failed in taking prompt action for fear of the schools' influence; however, as the Shigakko faction became powerful in the prefectural government, the central government began to put a false color on Shigakko.
  620. On the other hand, when a Shinkansen line section and the corresponding regular railway line operated in parallel with it must be considered always the same, cases disadvantageous to passengers are generated, and the following exceptions are provided.
  621. On the other hand, when a person adopted from a different family succeeded a daimyo family, the new family head, who was used to the tradition of his family home, might possibly have not fitted into the kafu in the daimyo family he was adopted by, and he might have quarreled with the retainers to cause family troubles.
  622. On the other hand, when an area is located remote from the sea, marine foods were more valuable there, and it is considered that, if a family could serve sea food, even though it was a processed one, on a celebratory occasion, it showed a great social status of the family.
  623. On the other hand, when an enormous expenditure is required for the management or repair of a designated cultural property, a subsidy is granted to the owner or the management body (Article 35).
  624. On the other hand, when he was five years old, his father gave him books and when he was seven years old, he visited his cousin Atsutada ODAKA (businessman) to learn Shishogokyo (the Four Books and Five Classics of Confucianism, the Nine Chinese Classics) and "Nihon Gaishi (historical book on Japan)."
  625. On the other hand, when little rain falls in a place where kosa is supposed to occur, the occurrence frequency of kosa there tends to increase thereafter.
  626. On the other hand, when many princes were candidates to the throne, it meant endless disputes regarding the imperial succession.
  627. On the other hand, when the gakuya ochi is widely recognized, these affairs become a well known fact for the audiences and viewers.
  628. On the other hand, when the outside air is dry the wood constricts and spaces appear, thereby allowing the breeze to pass through.
  629. On the other hand, when there was an oversupply of rice, rules were relaxed and, based on the 'Katte Zukuri no Rei' (Liberal Brewing Decree) etc, restrictions on four-season brewing were lifted.
  630. On the other hand, while Fukuchiyama used to flourish in the production of specialty goods and various agricultural products such as indigo-dyeing, such industries have declined over time due to a shortage of successors and have disappeared almost completely.
  631. On the other hand, while fundamentally disparaging Japanese as 'Wajin' (an older name for Japanese), Koreans were astonished in the Muromochi period by the existence of Japan-original characters of Hiragana and Katakana and by the splendor of cities, such as Kyoto, Osaka and Edo, in the Edo period.
  632. On the other hand, whilst it was once common for women to use full wigs, as high definition video recording became popular, partial wigs became widely used to ensure the natural appearance of the hairline.
  633. On the other hand, with regard to Ishikawa no Uchimyobu, not much is known other than the fact that she married Yasumaro and gave birth to Inakimi and Sakanoue no Iratsume.
  634. On the other hand, with regard to the above assumption about colonies, Tatsukichi MINOBE denied the interpretation of the government, stating that it was legitimate to interpret that the Constitution should not be enforced to all colonies,' in his book "the Lecture of the Constitution."
  635. On the other hand, with respect to the period after tsuyuake until the beginning of August, it is said "tsuyuake toka" (literally, ten days after tsuyuake) and the weather is stabilized and sometimes boiling hot days come.
  636. On the other hand, working hours for male adults was not regulated in the prewar Japan until the enforcement of the Labor Standards Act in 1947.
  637. On the other hand, yarido were used as an external partition and seems to be the lightweight form developed from tsumado, and the openable and closable yarido was an innovative fitting as an alternative to the clay wall of plaster which was not adequate for the humid climate of Japan.
  638. On the other hand, yeast fungus (saccharomycete) can reproduce itself in moromi.
  639. On the other hand, yokai introduced through mass media are not limited only to those that belong to the classical culture that has been handed down as a folklore.
  640. On the other hand, yonin is a way of accomplishing a purpose with a trick exposing themselves to the public.
  641. On the other hand,/Q/ is represented by a small "tsu" and functions as reproduction of plosives and affricate consonants which follow it.
  642. On the other side of the bridge (northern side) sits Joraku-an that enshrines the temple's kaisan (first chief priest) Enni.
  643. On the other side of the paper, "Henjo Hokki Shoryoshu" (Kukai's Treatise on Poetry and Prose) (edited by Shinzei) is written.
  644. On the other side of the pond a gakuya (a music stage) added fun to the pleasure of a boat trip.
  645. On the other side, Tsushima was a mountainous country with small arable land, so it was difficult to govern the territory only with taxes imposed on the land.
  646. On the other side, after the arrival of the notion of Kegare, discrimination against discriminated people changed, in that they were seen as unclean (to see them Kegare.)
  647. On the other side, in 698, a group of the surviving members of Koguryo founded the Bokkai Kingdom in North Eastern China.
  648. On the other side, on the Korean Peninsula, the Silla-Tang allied forces started to attack Koguryo in 666, and they successfully destroyed it in 668 at the second attempt.
  649. On the other side, the red-light area is one of the biggest special bathhouse (brothel) areas in Kansai region along with the one in Fukuhara, Kobe City, and it is also true that the red-light area plays a role in attracting guests for the hot springs resort area.
  650. On the otherhand, "Kidentai" is a way to describe historical information about any individual or country independently.
  651. On the otherhand, Keihan Bus inaugurated the newly extended Uji-Yodo Route via Okubo with an extension from Shinden to Uji.
  652. On the otherhand, another idea that fundoshi loincloths were introduced from the Continent claims that there existed in the Chinese Continent a special fundoshi loincloth called "tokubi-kon" with which men's privates appeared like the nose of a cow.
  653. On the otherhand, buses under the control of the then-current Kyotanabe Office of Keihan Bus were also put into service though limited to the line running through Okubo.
  654. On the otherhand, some people are against the above view and insist that "no trace of traditional technology of hashira-jochu can be seen in the current alcohol addition technology."
  655. On the outside of the partition, many ogres including hungry ghosts were painted.
  656. On the pedestal of the HATA no Kawakatsu statue, there are inscriptions of September 14, 1665 and 多武峯住 藤室法印良盛, (a name of high-ranked Buddhist priest who lived in Tonomine, Nara prefecture).
  657. On the pedestal, there is a two-stage kamachi (a frame) below the above-described pentagonal kaeribanaza.
  658. On the pedestals of the statues of Hijiri Kannon and Fudo-myoo engraved the names of donators and builders.
  659. On the petition for returning order, decoration, and the like (Imperial Edict No. 699 in 1945)
  660. On the picture drawn on paper, the players roll a dice to move pieces forward to the goal.
  661. On the picture that depicts Takarabune, a kaibunka (palindrome) may be written as follows.
  662. On the pilgrim route of Kyoto Senzan Shichifukujin (Seven Deities of Good Luck), Raigo-in is the 4th fudasho (temple that issues amulets) that worships 'Hoteison' (pot-bellied god of good fortune).
  663. On the pillar of naijin (inner sanctuary of a shrine or temple) there is an inscription about a donation of rice fields in 1268, and it seems that it was rebuilt before that year, that is, in the early part of the Kamakura period.
  664. On the place above ridge in southwest, there is a dorui of 80 meters long called Komizuki (small Mizuki) today.
  665. On the plate, grated radish or minced green onion is placed in a place nearer to the person who eats it.
  666. On the platform of the Tozai Line, safety measures are provided.
  667. On the platform under the uppermost, install ihai.
  668. On the premises of Mio-jinja Shrine, there is the tomb of Iwatsukuwake no mikoto, which was designated as an Imperial Tomb by the Imperial Household Agency in 1917.
  669. On the pretext of building the Emperor's (Chuai) tomb, Imperial Prince Kagosaka created positions in Akashi (County), Harima Province and ordered Kuramiwake (ancestor of Inukami no kimi) and Isachi no Sukune (ancestor of Kishi) to raise their armies.
  670. On the pretext of the Kinmon Incident, the shogunate government carried out the First Choshu Expeditions, but at the same the combined fleet of Great Britain, United States, France and the Netherlands made a counterattack and got to land to occupy the gun battery (the Shimonoseki Bombardment).
  671. On the prevailing Chinese poetry, Kinga criticized its loss of substance and pioneered the future trend of Song Dynasty style poetry in Japan.
  672. On the previous day, Imperial Prince Taruhito carried out a procurement campaign at the Imperial Palace to appeal for the restoration of the Choshu clan and the exile of Katamori MATSUDAIRA.
  673. On the previous day, they also set fire to the Inada's residence in Tokushima, and advanced to the Inada family's territory located around Wakimachi (now: Mima City).
  674. On the previous evening of each Hoi-jin God's travel to the direction, one declared a place, which was not one's home nor located in a tabooed direction, was 'one's home' to the God and stayed there overnight.
  675. On the railway side, a train protection switch is provided at 250 m intervals on the main railways and at 50 m intervals on platforms, and pushing this switch enables the ATC circuit to stop operating.
  676. On the railways at that time, a locomotive pulled passenger train-cars typically, and it was planned for the 'Bullet trains' as well that a method of combining an electric locomotive and a steam locomotive should be used.
  677. On the recommendation of the Rinzai Sect priest Muso Soseki, a plan was developed to establish one temple and one pagoda in each province to pray for the souls of those who died in battle under Emperor Godaigo, just as Emperor Shomu established a provincial temple in each province.
  678. On the registry of soldiers who enlisted in 1865, the name Ennosuke Shiba appears alongside the name Rosuka Shiba as having enlisted.
  679. On the retired emperor's side, Tametomo planned to seize the Emperor in a night raid on the Takamatsu-dono Palace, but Yorinaga rejected the plan on the grounds that a battle over the Imperial Throne should be fought proudly in broad daylight.
  680. On the reverse side, a signature, '光次' (Mitsutsugu; referring to Mitsutsugu GOTO who supervised kinza (an organization in charge of casting and appraising of gold during the Edo period) was marked.
  681. On the right and left sides behind the Ko-do Hall, there were several priests' living quarters.
  682. On the right as you go out of Kitadaimon gate
  683. On the right is Sakon no Sakura (a cherry tree).
  684. On the right is Sergei Eisenstein, a film director of the former the Soviet Union.
  685. On the right side of the wall there are three fixed pictures on partitions 2.7 m wide.
  686. On the right stands Hokken no Shaka Nyorai ("Hokken" refers to the sending of people from this world to the next) and on the left stands Raigei no Amida Nyorai (who welcomes souls into the Western Pure Land Paradise).
  687. On the right, outside of Kitadaimon Gate.
  688. On the road map, the side of Ebumi-toge Bypass which is newly built is often described as Ebumi-toge Pass.
  689. On the roof of the haiden (a hall of worship) is a model monkey laid out who has a gohei (a wooden ritual wand decorated with plaited paper streamers) and a bell opposite the monkey of Saru ga Tsuji (crossroad of monkeys) at the northeast corner of the palace.
  690. On the ryoshi, the way of life of nobles, their servants and common people as well as natural landscapes were depicted in woodblock prints, ink brush painting or a combination of both, and then colored.
  691. On the sailing route from the United States of America to the United Kingdom, he enjoyed playing Mah-jong, Shogi (Japanese Chess), Go, table tennis, etc. with two Chinese women on board and accompanying reporters.
  692. On the same day Battle of Yao/Wakae took place, in which 6,000 soldiers of Shigenari KIMURA and 5,300 soldiers of Morichika CHOSOKABE and Moritsugu MASHITA lay in wait for Tokugawa main army of 120,000 soldiers that was moving toward Osaka-jo Castle from Kawachiji.
  693. On the same day Ieyasu made fifty daimyo in Saigoku (western Japan) submit written vows.
  694. On the same day Ieyasu/Hidetada ordered warlords to stop firing.
  695. On the same day Nagara Bridge, which Ieyasu orderd Tadamasa INA/, Tadakatsu FUKUSHIMA/Hidenari MORI/Soan SUMIKURA to build in order to switch the flow of Yodo River to Amagasaki City, was completed: although Yodo River did not dry up because of Yamato River, it went down below knee deep.
  696. On the same day Negoro shu joined the army and Nobunaga moved the headquarter of the army to Izumisano City on the 17th and to Shidachi (Sennan City at present) on the 21st.
  697. On the same day as he died, the title of Baron was conferred on him.
  698. On the same day he was allowed to retire from being the guide for the Ou Chinbushi.
  699. On the same day in Funaoka (Mt. Funaoka), by MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo,
  700. On the same day in the Imperial Court of Kyoto, the Emperor accompanied by his retainers proclaimed in this 'sworn by God' declaration ceremony there before the 'gods of heaven and earth,' presenting 'the Imperial Covenant Consisting of Five Articles.'
  701. On the same day or the following day, the 23rd, the Kokawa-dera Temple was destroyed by fire.
  702. On the same day right after the king's approval by ringi decision-making system, the new cabinet announced the innovation policy of 14 articles including the followings for realizing the reform to refurbish the conservative.
  703. On the same day the ceremony of the Imperial family was celebrated.
  704. On the same day they not only purchased army provisions, but also requisitioned kuramai (rice preserved in a depository by Edo Shogunate and domains) from Kurayashiki-warehouses of the Tokugawa Family and other Daimyo.
  705. On the same day, 11 people (including SAITO) joined the group.
  706. On the same day, 43 government officials including chunagon (vice-councilor of state) FUJIWARA no Tomokata were dismissed ("Kikki" and "Hyakuren sho," entry of January 19; "Gyokuyo," entry of January 20).
  707. On the same day, 9R Violet Stakes was conducted under the condition where the position of horses couldn't be confirmed, due to a snow storm that began immediately before the start, until they came to a point about 200 meters before the goal.
  708. On the same day, Emperor Meiji and Empress Dowager Shoken visited the guesthouse.
  709. On the same day, FUJIWARA no Narichika became Sangi, and FUJIWARA no Shigenori was awarded the court rank of Jusanmi, showing that In no Kinshin were being rapidly promoted.
  710. On the same day, FUJIWARA no Narinori was also promoted to Gon Chunagon, and FUJIWARA no Sadayoshi and Mitsuyoshi were selected as Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain), over a number of other strong candidates.
  711. On the same day, FUMI no Akamaro was given a higher rank and gift for his funeral as well, therefore, presumably, they had died on some days before.
  712. On the same day, Heinojo DOBASHI escaped to Tosa Province by ship, relying on Motochika CHOSOKABE, and Minato shu also tried to escape by ship.
  713. On the same day, Hisanao SENGOKU from the Bakufu Conference Chamber asked the head of the Kira family, Yoshimasa KIRA, to come out and sentenced him to dismissal and deprivation of the Kira family's positions, privileges, and properties and also exile to Takashima in Suwa Domain, Shinano Province.
  714. On the same day, IKAGAMI moved the gun-powder-manufacturing factory and the hospital in Nobeoka and the headquarters to Kumata.
  715. On the same day, Ieyasu proclaimed attack on Osaka-jo Castle among all daimyo.
  716. On the same day, Izumi City was established in Osaka Prefecture.
  717. On the same day, Kamakura bakufu armies under the command of Noriyori and Yoshitsune left Kyoto.
  718. On the same day, Kugyo was killed by executioners.
  719. On the same day, Kyotanabe Station also reverted back to 'JR Kyotanabe.'
  720. On the same day, Masanao HOSHINA, lord of Iida-jo Castle, abandoned the castle, and escaped to Takato-jo Castle (he surrendered thereafter, and became a lord of Takato-jo Castle).
  721. On the same day, Munemori was granted the rank of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) at the age of 11.
  722. On the same day, Narichika insisted on his resignation as kebiishi no betto.
  723. On the same day, Nobunaga required Sakai to pay 22,000 million kan (unit of volume, approx.3.75 kg) in war funds and to yield his allegiance to him.
  724. On the same day, Prince Otomo, SOGA no Akae and NAKATOMI no Kane were appointed Daijo-daijin (Grand Minister), Sadaijin (Minister of the left) and Udaijin (minister of the right), respectively, and Gyoshi taifu was an important post next to them.
  725. On the same day, SAIGO issued to the troop commanders a message to urge them to make more efforts.
  726. On the same day, Tsuna NOMURA, who was sent by Okubo, surrendered himself at a prefectural office, separately from the patrol officers, and the deposition of Noguchi is reported in "(Satsunan Ketsurui (bitter tears) shi (the history of Satsunan, the south part of Satsuma)".
  727. On the same day, Yoritada became the kanpaku and was reinstated to the Toshi no choja.
  728. On the same day, Yoshinobu left for Mito.
  729. On the same day, Yoshitsune's army led the Karamete troops and progressed into Tanba Province.
  730. On the same day, a council of Genro was held in order to pick the succeeding Prime Minister.
  731. On the same day, a group led by Katsuyori was captured by the army led by Kazumasu TAKIGAWA at a place in Tano in front of Tenmokuzan Mountain.
  732. On the same day, a new bus stop Komiya was established between Kawaguchi and Shimo-Nara.
  733. On the same day, after passing Kamura-mura village, they encountered a group of 20 or so hunters lead by OTOMO no Enomoto no Okuni.
  734. On the same day, an Imperial Decree to defeat Yoshitoki HOJO was announced.
  735. On the same day, appointed Ukone no Gon no Chujo (Provisional Middle Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) with the rank of Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and also Umanokami (Captain of the Right Division of Bureau of Horses).
  736. On the same day, he became the guardian of the Shogun (Shogun Kokenshoku) due to the Emperor's order.
  737. On the same day, he dispatched Kozosu, a waiting woman of Kodaiin, to the Kaizuka Hongan-ji Temple and got acquainted.
  738. On the same day, he inhibited the misbehaviors of the jito (land steward appointed by the central military government to each of the estates) in Ise Province, which Masatsune ASUKAI, who did brokerage, had been complaining about.
  739. On the same day, he joined back to the 1st Infantry Regiment, and was appointed probationary officer.
  740. On the same day, he received Jugoige (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and was appointed to Sama no kami (Captain of Samaryo, Left Division of Bureau of Horses).
  741. On the same day, he took the position as Kinri Goshuei Sotoku (Head of the Imperial Palace/Emperor's Protector) and Sekkai Bogyo Shiki (Commander of Osaka Bay Defense).
  742. On the same day, he was also appointed as a Sangi (councillor).
  743. On the same day, he was awarded Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and assigned to Sama no kami (Captain of Samaryo, Left Division of Bureau of Horses).
  744. On the same day, he was awarded Kyokujitsu Toka Daijusho.
  745. On the same day, he was awarded the rank of Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and was officially appointed as Ukone no chujo (Middle Captain of the Right Inner Palace Guard Division).
  746. On the same day, he was conferred Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and appointed Sakone no chujo (Middle Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards).
  747. On the same day, he was given the rank of Ju-sanmi Sakonoe Gon Chujo and assigned to Gyobukyo.
  748. On the same day, he was posthumously awarded Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank), Chunagon (vice-councilor of state).
  749. On the same day, he was promoted to Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and assumed the position of Sakone no chujo (Middle Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards).
  750. On the same day, he was promoted to the rank of Shonii (Senior Second Rank).
  751. On the same day, immediately after the decision was made, the Satsuma army divided the whole army into two units and retreated to the Hitoyoshi basin over Shiihara.
  752. On the same day, it was declared that hansatsu (bills usable only in a particular domain) be exchanged for government bills at the market rate of the day.
  753. On the same day, it was loaned to Hankaku Railway.
  754. On the same day, it was rumored that the forces of Sozen YAMANA would break into Dairi (the Imperial Palace) and abduct Emperor and Daijo tenno (the Retired Emperor).
  755. On the same day, more than 4,500 troops from Tatsuno Domain led by Yasuteru WAKISAKA arrived in Ako, and Kuranosuke handed over Ako-jo Castle without fighting on May 26.
  756. On the same day, received Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun with Paulownia Flower.
  757. On the same day, she was given the title Nyoingo and was called "Seikamonin"as her honorific name.
  758. On the same day, she was honored with the title Jotomonin following in the footsteps of her aunt and mother in law, Emperor Ichijo's mother, FUJIWARA no Senshi.
  759. On the same day, she was posthumously conferred the court rank of Shoichii (Senior First Grade).
  760. On the same day, shortly after eleven o'clock, the police which couldn't control the situation any more sent a telegram asking governor of Tochigi Prefecture for a dispatch of troops.
  761. On the same day, some troops of the vanguard approached castles and forts of Sennan, but since it was afternoon, they began to dispute whether they should begin to attack on that day or the next day.
  762. On the same day, the Kamigata army besieged the residence of the Dobashi clan at Awa village.
  763. On the same day, the Satsuma army attempted to advance from the Kobayashi plain to Kajiki.
  764. On the same day, the army of Otomo no Oji was defeated at Seta of Omi Province, and the next day, Otomo no Oji committed suicide.
  765. On the same day, the detached 1st brigade attacked Sueyoshi, and the detached 2nd brigade attacked Takarabe.
  766. On the same day, the fort of the 3rd company of the Hoyoku-tai troop was also raided by the government army.
  767. On the same day, the frontline Japanese troops, the Kigoshi Brigade of the 12th Division, landed on the city of Incheon.
  768. On the same day, the group of SHIMIZUDANI had just arrived in Ezo (Esashi in Ezo).
  769. On the same day, the mausoleum of the Prince, Shocho KAIMON was also designated in the same area.
  770. On the same day, the plaster under the breast of a man drawn on the west wall came off when a different staff came in contact with an indoor lamp.
  771. On the same day, the separate battalion also started from Kajiki.
  772. On the same day,"an ordinance to establish the date for National Foundation Day" (Ordinance No. 376, 1996) was promulgated in which "February 11 was designated as National Foundation Day"
  773. On the same month Sonohito was also assigned to Kotaitei no fu (A chief secretary of kotaitei - the younger brother of an Emperor who is heir apparent) of the Imperial Prince Kamino (the later Emperor Saga) who was chosen to kotaitei.
  774. On the same night, lights of Kaoru's party, who were then descending from Yokawa, were visible from the hermitage at Ono (where Ukifune resided).
  775. On the same occasion Ken-nyo, Hosshu (the head of a Buddhist sect) of Hongan-ji Temple was given the title of Monzeki (an imperial prince in holy orders; a priest-prince made) after they gave an enormous donation, whereby Hongan-ji Temple established more authority.
  776. On the same ship were Minki Soshun and Jikusen Bonsen who were coming to Japan, as well as Tenga Eko and Motsugai Kaju who were returning to Japan.
  777. On the scroll, there exists a writing 'Hobenhisshin no Songyo' (a tentative image of Buddha) as well as the signature and seal of the chief priest of the sect.
  778. On the seal, the characters of "漢委奴国王" were engraved, and Nanmei KAMEI, a Confucian scholar at the Fukuoka domain said that this seal met descriptions in "Gokanjo" (historical records of the Later Han Dynasty)
  779. On the seashore of the Noto Peninsula, Tohaku's birthplace, the pine trees are still standing as drawn in this picture.
  780. On the second Day of the Tiger (one of the twelve animals of the oriental zodiac in Chinese calendar) in November: Chinkonsai song
  781. On the second Sunday of every November, 'Yugiri Kuyo sai' (festival to console Yugiri's spirit) is held at Seiryo-ji Temple.
  782. On the second day of the third month of 764, upon FUJIWARA no Kokachi becoming the governor of Echizen Province, Mushimaro became his assistant governor.
  783. On the second day, a lot of high-ranking nobles came over to the banquet for unexpected guests during the New Year's ceremonies, and the young men especially were all on tenterhooks because of the acclaimed Tamakazura.
  784. On the second floor of the Station Gate, ticket gates, ticket counters for ordinary seats (expected to be in use from the autumn of 2009), and for reserved seats (today's ticket of A-grade reserved seat), a multi-purpose restroom and elevators are situated.
  785. On the second floor, accurate replicas of excavated artifacts, 33 Sankakubuchi Shinjukyo Mirror and one Gabuntai Shinjukyo Mirror, are displayed.
  786. On the second floor, there are a hatch and closet above the four-tatami room mentioned earlier and on there is an eight-tatami room the south side but it is speculated the upstairs was originally a tsushiarea (storage).
  787. On the section of 'ata' (in pinyin, 'zhi') in Shuowen Jiezi (Analytical Dictionary of Chinese Characters), there exists a description that '8 sun ('cun' in pinyin; 1 sun is about 3.03 centimeters) of shu ('zhou' in pinyin) was equalized with 1 ata, and that 10 sun of shu was equalized with 1 shaku ('chi' in pinyin; 1 shaku is about 30.3 centimeters).'
  788. On the seventh day of every month, a festival of shichifukujin is held.
  789. On the seventh day of the fifth month of 716, Shigamaro, at that time of Jurokuinoge (Junior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade), was awarded "lands for meritorious service" thanks to the battlefield honors his father Oyori had accumulated in the 672 Jinshin War.
  790. On the side of Kyoto Prefecture is the Ryuguhama Seaside Resort and Nohara Seaside Resort, with beautiful scenery designated as Wakasa Bay Quasi-National Park, resulting in many tourists visiting the area mainly during the summer season.
  791. On the side of Sakyo Ward of Kyoto City, there are television stations that service the Kyoto Prefecture area.
  792. On the side of the Navy, most thought the rescript ordered them not to engage in politics, but there were some radicals who caused the May 15th Incident, terrorist assassination, that resulted in the end of party politics.
  793. On the side of the Yamaguchi force, Munenaga's son, Ukyo no suke, Nagahiro took the initiative to defend and fight back making an ambush near the Castle, but Nagatoku YAMAMZAKI, a spearhead of the Maeda force, found it.
  794. On the side of the hill, there is a stone monument on which a Manyo poem (a poem included in "Manyoshu" [Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves]) (by Prince Shiki; Volume 1, No. 51) is inscribed in calligraphy by Takashi INUKAI who worked for the conservation of the Asuka village.
  795. On the site is the grave of the Otomo clan, to which SUGAWARA no Michizane's mother belonged.
  796. On the site of the "Omuro" there is now a group of buildings in the style of a palace, called Ninna-ji Palace.
  797. On the site of the pond, Kashihara New Town was constructed.
  798. On the site of the residence of ABE no Seimei, there has been a Hokora (a small shrine) enshrining him.
  799. On the sixteenth day of the sixth month (fifteenth day of the fifth month in lunar calendar), the Taira clan decided to have prince Mochihito expelled from the imperial family and made a private citizen, to change his name to 'MINAMOTO no Mochimitsu' and moreover to banish him to Tosa province.
  800. On the sixth, Ieyasu moved his camp to Shinpu-jo Castle, entrusting Fuchu to 2,000 soldiers led by Mototada TORII, which made the army of Tokugawa 8,000 in total.
  801. On the sleeve was written the will of So Sokei, a vassal of the Ming dynasty.
  802. On the slopes, various types of trees grow corresponding to the height as in the following: The upper area is densely packed with Ashiu-sugi, while the middle area is primarily populated by beech followed by Mongolian oak, and Japanese horse chestnut and Japanese wing nut grow mostly in the valleys,
  803. On the small shrine grounds, centering on the mikoshi, the bearers may walk in circles while violently moving the mikoshi.
  804. On the so called Kanegazaki no nokiguchi (withdrawal from Kanegazaki) in 1570, it is said that Narimasa also participated in the army of the lord, leading a few armed forces of horse guards with Hiromasa YANADA and Masakane CHUJYO and worked to support Hideyoshi using firearms troop.
  805. On the south side of its front, it had black ink pictures of a Tenagajin (man who has long arms) and an Ashinagajin (man who has long legs) on an island in a rough sea, and on the back, a picture of a Hiuo (sweetfish fry) fisherman in an ajiro (wickerwork) in Uji.
  806. On the south side of the park, there are a lawn field, a cherry blossom grove and conserved cars of Yokohama Municipal Tramway, and is alive with people viewing the cherry blossoms in the spring.
  807. On the south side of the station there is Nanryo-cho, a newly developed residential area, where about 850 households exist on each block of approximately 165 square meters, and this residential area was developed by the former Seibu Urban Development Corporation in or around 1970.
  808. On the south side of the temple is Kyoyochi (a large reflecting pond), around which there is a strolling garden.
  809. On the south wall panel about 22m wide, various bamboos were painted, and therefore called the "take no ma" (Bamboo Room).
  810. On the southern side, there are two horizontal stone chambers side by side with an interval of 10 meters.
  811. On the stage, the 'Hashihime' mask used depicts a female face distorted with jealousy and desire for revenge.
  812. On the stage, the vendor bumps Monbei, who picks a quarrel with the vendor.
  813. On the stamp was the title '日韓通信業務合同紀念切手' (Commemoration of Japan-Korea Joint Communication Service) written from right to left as '紀念' (commemorative) was used in Japan at the time instead of currently used '記念'.
  814. On the standard of the bestowal of an order based on Section 2 of the Start with the bestowal of an order on survivors (Cabinet approval on July 12, 1963) (Cabinet approval on April 21, 1964)
  815. On the state, two ichi-jo-dai are used as the setting representing the palace buildings, and shite, Raijin and waki, Hossho-bo fiercely fight.
  816. On the station building the sign of the station name 'Kyoto Station' was placed, which neither the second nor the third building had (in case of the third-generation building, the sign was installed on the wall after the privatization to JR).
  817. On the station premises there is a station building at which JR Freight has its Kyoto branch office as the business window, and there is also 'F-Plaza Umekoji,' a distribution facility used by Nippon Access Inc.
  818. On the stone monument that stands next to his gravestone, the phrase "Itagaki may die, but liberty never will" was handwritten by Eisaku SATO.
  819. On the stone monument, Tagohi, in Gunma Prefecture, his name is engraved as 'Dajokan (Grand Council of State) Nihon (the second court rank for Imperial Princes) Imperial Prince Hozumi' with the date April 5, 711.
  820. On the straight course, a horse gallops for two cho (approximately 218 meters).
  821. On the street door, there is a 'no visitors allowed' sign (this store practices so-called 'Ichigensan Okotowari' ? only accepting new customers through introductions).
  822. On the street north of Kujo, Five Mountains Send-off Bonfires can be seen directly north.
  823. On the strong recommendation of a conductor, Takashi ASAHINA, the music was later revised to be for soprano and orchestral music, and it was played at "Fall in Osaka" International Contemporary Music Festival in 1969.
  824. On the surface it was marked '富夲' vertically and shichiyosho pattern (seven star pattern) in Kikko (hexagonal pattern) horizontally.
  825. On the surface of that, uwamushiro (a matting laid on the tatami mats in chodai) is spread out.
  826. On the surface of the 26.4 cm-diameter lid, 108 Japanese characters are radially inscribed in 16 lines, which details of the biography and funeral of Tokotarihime.
  827. On the surface, Gosan no Kiri mon (five & three paulownia patterns) was engraved in a fan-shaped frame at the top and a word 'ichibu' at the center and Gosan no Kiri mon was engraved at the bottom.
  828. On the surface, Gosan no Kiri mon (paulownia patterns) was engraved in a fan-shaped frame at the top and a word 'nibu'was engraved at the center.
  829. On the surface, Gosan no Kiri mon (paulownia patterns) was engraved in a fan-shaped frame at the top and a word 'nishu' was engraved at the bottom.
  830. On the surface, a seal mark 'Ju-ryo Goto' was written in Indian ink by the 17th mint master Tenjo, the descendant of the mint master Shirobe GOTO.
  831. On the television program 'TV Ojamanbo' broadcast by Nihon TV, a person has been shown sitting on sixteen of these zabuton.
  832. On the temple grounds, there are burial mounds designated as the prefectural site.
  833. On the temple premises of Nanto Rokushu (the six Buddhist sects initially based in the Nara capital), a shoro is located in front of or behind a lecture hall but is slightly deviated from the center line of the hall.
  834. On the tenth day of the eighth month, he was posthumously raised to Juichii (Junior First Rank).
  835. On the the seventeenth (sixteenth in lunar calendar), the Taira forces demanded that Onjo-ji temple hand over prince Mochihito, but Onjo-ji's assembly of clergy decided to refuse.
  836. On the third basement level are an access way, a commuter pass wicket, an information counter, Kyoto City certificates issuing corner, and a passage to the subway station.
  837. On the third day of the New Year of the 6th year of the Teiji era (1367), the temple burst into flames.
  838. On the third day, they also set fire to the first gun battery and killed 35 Korean soldiers.
  839. On the third of January (lunar calendar) in 861, he died holding the court rank of Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) and the title of Dainagon and Udaisho (Major Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards).
  840. On the thirteenth day of the sixth month, the capital faction and the shogunal army met in battle.
  841. On the timetable at the stations, whether the train has two-door cars or with three-door cars can be distinguished by a small mark placed next to the departure time.
  842. On the tokonoma and Fusuma in the Shokintei, weathered indigo and white Kaga Hosho gami (traditional white Japanese paper, made from high-quality mulberry wood in Kaga Province) are pasted in daring checkered patterns.
  843. On the tombstone of Usaburo SHIMIZU located in Shoko-ji Temple in the northern part of Habu City, it is written as "SHIMIZU Usaburo no haka" (the tomb of Usaburo SHIMIZU) in kana alphabet (except the character "SHI" of SHIMIZU written in Chinese character "志").
  844. On the top floor of this castle tower, there are functional wrap-around verandas and high handrails in addition to the kato-mado windows, which are actually ornamental and not true windows.
  845. On the top of Mt. Atsukashi, there is an observation deck, which offers panoramic views of the Fukushima Basin, especially Yanagawa and Hobara areas as the name of Kunimi (look over the country) suggests.
  846. On the top of the burial mound, Koshinto (Koshin tower) is enshrined.
  847. On the top of the mound of this tumulus, a triangulation point is placed.
  848. On the top of the pagoda, the 'Hoju (sacred gem)' with ornamental flames rising from three sides is seated upon the lotus base and the body of the tower displays twill-woven metal, gilt with copper and gold, and engraved with lotus flowers and an arabesque design.
  849. On the top of the round part of the tumulus, there is an approx. 11.3m X approx. 4.8m rectangle mound whose height is supposed to be 1m or higher, surrounded by haniwa (unglazed terra-cotta cylinders and hollow sculptures arranged on and around the mounded tombs [kofun]) like takegaki (a bamboo fence).
  850. On the train side, an Emergency Ground Switch (EGS) is installed, and when the train operator pushes this switch during an emergency, other trains on the line can be stopped.
  851. On the transfer of the national capital to Tokyo, he submitted a request for the extension for it, and while he was assigned to Daigaku chu hakase (middle Doctor) -cum-Jidoku (imperial tutor) in Tokyo in 1870, he hated the governmental policy of Europeanization and resigned in October the same year.
  852. On the twelfth day of the fifth month (ninth day of the fourth month in old lunar calendar) of 1180, prince Mochihito, after plotting with MINAMOTO no Yorimasa, issued a princely command--under the alias 'Imperial Prince Saisho' (Prince 'Great Victory')--to the Minamoto clan warriors and the great temples and shrines throughout the country to destroy the Taira clan.
  853. On the twenty seventh day of the tenth month of 770, Oi was promoted from Shorokuinojo to Ge-jugoinoge.
  854. On the twenty-eighth (twenty-seventh in lunar calendar), a meeting was held at the palace of the retired emperor, at which a debate began over what sort of measures to take against Onjo-ji and Kofuku-ji temples, which had joined the insurrection (as recorded in both "Gyokuyo" and "Sankaiki").
  855. On the twenty-fifth anniversary of its founding, it was renamed as the Kyoto Photographers' Society.
  856. On the twenty-fourth (twenty-third in lunar calendar), a meeting of all the clergy was held at Onjo-ji temple, at which a plan to launch a night raid on Rokuhara (the stronghold of the Taira clan) was proposed, but those more favorable towards the Taira among the priests managed to prolong the debate until the plan for a night raid fell through.
  857. On the twenty-fourth, Kawada held Yasuhira's head and called on for support of Yoritomo, who had proceeded to Shiwa-cho (in present-day Iwate Prefecture).
  858. On the twenty-seventh (twenty-sixth in lunar calendar), the two armies confronted each other across the Uji-gawa river.
  859. On the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month (in the old calendar), he was appointed Chunagon (vice-councilor of state) as well as kebi-ishi betto (head of the Office of Police and Justice).
  860. On the type of laws to be enforced in Gaichi, the governing policy varied depending on whether or not the region was Japan's territory.
  861. On the verge of death, Princess Fuse disemboweled herself in front of Yoshizane and Daisuke and demonstrated that she did not have a dog's baby in her womb.
  862. On the verge of execution Sesson impulsively recited Rinken no ju, a poetic verse 'Endangered by a sword' by Mugaku Sogen, and the overwhelmed executer postponed the capital punishment, and thus Sesson escaped execution.
  863. On the wall panel, Shachihoko(mythical creature with a tiger's head and the body of a fish)was dynamically painted.
  864. On the walls hang paintings of Pablo PICASSO, Yumeji TAKEHISA, and other artists.
  865. On the water, like the case of shoen, the samurai who had military power on the sea and were engaged in it began to appear.
  866. On the way Hamaji found that the sword carried by AboshiI was the real Murasame-maru, and in fighting to get it back was put to the sword.
  867. On the way back from Kiyomizu-dera Temple, an ogre appeared, but when he tried to eat him Hoshi danced into the ogre's mouth
  868. On the way back home he met Bodhiruci in Luoyang.
  869. On the way back to Kamakura, Mochiuji met Tadamasa NAGAO, a Kasai (main retainer) of Norizane and asked him to tell his request to Norizane; his request was to ask Norizane to negotiate with Yoshinori for him.
  870. On the way back to Yashima, although Kozaisho heard that her husband had been killed, she waited helplessly for his return to the fleet, thinking it must have been wrong and there was a possibility that he would return alive.
  871. On the way back to his domain Hisamitsu SHIMAZU caused the Namamugi Incident.
  872. On the way back tondenhei and reservists were reviewed by the Meiji Emperor and given words of thanks from him.
  873. On the way back, Yoritomo presented the first awards of merit at Sagami kokufu (provincial office of Sagami Province under the ritsuryo system) and also executed captured Kagechika OBA.
  874. On the way back, he came across a woman as he crossed the Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge.
  875. On the way back, he was caught in the uprising by the Yokochi and Katsumata clan remnants at Shiokaizaka, Ogasa County, Totomi Province (present-day Kikugawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture) at night.
  876. On the way back, when he stopped in Tokyo and received 2000 goku (a crop yield measurement) as Shotenroku and Eiseiroku (premiums) for his contribution to the restoration of monarchy in June 2.
  877. On the way he stopped by at Tatsugo, Oshima and left his wife and child with Shinpachi MURATA, who was on duty on a distant island (There was a letter for brother of Murata.
  878. On the way home from Kagoshima, where he had been visiting the Emperor, he heard of the complicated discussion of guardee, and hurried to Kyoto to settle the problem, and he was appointed to be the Marshal of the Army, and concurrently Sangi councilor in July 29.
  879. On the way it diverges south, and goes down Kitsunezaka, and then connects to Kitayama-dori Street.
  880. On the way of escape from Akita Prefecture to his hometown Mie Prefecture, he was involved in a dispute related to gambling in Shizuoka Prefecture, and he ended up with being chased by police.
  881. On the way of escape, Oe no izahowake no mikoto met a girl who advised him to take an circuitous route to avoid ambush, and at Isonokami-jingu Shrine he composed the following waka (a Japanese poem consisting of thirty-one syllables).
  882. On the way of the climbing trail up to Mt. Odaigahara, there is a site of Goshikiyu hot spring, which was a hot spring cure site in the Edo period, and hot spring still comes out even today.
  883. On the way of the retreat, Kujira's white horse was stuck in mud of a rice field; Fukei saw Kujira struggling and ordered Kai no Yusha, "That man riding on the white horse is IOI no Kujira, go and shoot him!"
  884. On the way of the withdrawal, Fukei met the cavalry led by OKISOME no Usagi at Sumisaka.
  885. On the way of the withdrawal, the Asakura's auxiliary forces were heavily chased by the Oda's army, and the Oda army finally invaded into the Asakura's territory in Echizen Province, and destroyed the Asakura clan (the Battle of Ichijodani Castle).
  886. On the way there, he attacked and robbed warehouses storing crops in Namegata and Kawachi County, Hitachi Province.
  887. On the way there, he was assassinated by Hajime SAITO at the Zenitoribashi Bridge over the Kamo-gawa River (Yodogawa river system).
  888. On the way they drop in a small shrine, do Buddhist memorial service, go in Akaiya with some Dojis and lave fragrant water.
  889. On the way to Japan via London, he died at sea in the Bay of Bengal on May 10.
  890. On the way to Jigen-ji Temple (Daito City), he comes across his nephew, Yohei, who is in a fight over a favored prostitute, and trouble arises when a mud ball Yohei throws hits his master.
  891. On the way to Kiyomizu, the cherry blossoms at Gion is illuminated by the moonlight, and everyone I see tonight is all so beautiful.'
  892. On the way to Kyoto it's on the right, on the way from Kyoto it's on the left, the store has eight ridges in eight direction and three beautiful ridges at the front; for the gables the crest of chrysanthemum and paulownia is permitted to use to prove this is the medicine of good lineage.
  893. On the way to Kyushu, he was attacked by Yukitsuna TADA of Settsu-Genji (Minamoto clan) and others but he attacked them back.
  894. On the way to Nara, he got the information of the enemy's large-scale advance from Kawachi, so he gave SAKAMOTO no Takara three troops which was formed of hundreds of soldiers each and sent him to the west.
  895. On the way to Sagarimatsu, he saw Hachiman-sha Shrine; although he had never prayed to win, for a moment he thought to try it for change; however, he didn't do it after all.
  896. On the way to the border, when Oiwa was letting his horse drink water by the river, Karako shot an arrow at him from behind.
  897. On the way to the capital he attacked the Rokkaku clan who rebelled against him.
  898. On the way to the capital, they had a fight against local samurai warriors at the Kiyomi ga Seki checking station in Suruga Province, and the younger brothers were killed one after another.
  899. On the way to the eastern country,'
  900. On the way was Ueda-jo Castle in which the father and son of the Sanada family were besieged.
  901. On the way, Kanrin Maru was carried offshore near Shimizu by a storm, where it was found by the new government navy, fiercely attacked and seized.
  902. On the way, Shigekuni SHIBUYA kept him at the Sagami Province to give him shelter; he married Shibuya's daughter, having children including Yoshikiyo (fifth son), and remained in Shibuyanosho (Shibuya's estate) for 20 years.
  903. On the way, Yoei passed away in Duanzhou.
  904. On the way, a sword fight occurred at Kiyomigaseki checking station in Suruga Province with local samurai who happened to be there, and his legitimate son Kagesue, second son Kagetaka and third son Kageshige were killed at Kitsunegasaki in the same province; Kagetoki committed suicide on the top of a neighbouring mountain in Nishina.
  905. On the way, around 8 a.m., Sergeant Major Sato told the top officers that he had found the track leading to Tashiro Motoyu.
  906. On the way, he accepted a vindication from Ujitsuna UTSUNOMIYA at Gion-jo Castle with brokerage of Yoshimasa KOYAMA and returned to Kamakura.
  907. On the way, he changed departure date of the soldiers with Choshu, then he left Mitajiri, and arrived Osaka on 20th, and to Kyoto on 23rd.
  908. On the way, he edified Kanto warriors and passed away in Iiyama, Sagami Province (present day, Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture).
  909. On the way, he got orders for paintings in various places and completed them.
  910. On the way, he received an order from Emperor Kogon in Higo Province and fought hard against Taketoshi KIKUCHI of the Kenmu government faction in the Battle of Tatarahama but was defeated before rallying the support of samurai in east of the country, regrouping and beginning his advance eastward.
  911. On the way, he received permission to travel to Tokyo, and arrived in Hakodate on May 25th, but, Hakodate and Goryokaku castle had already reopened on the 18th, the war was already finished (this was the end of Boshin War).
  912. On the way, he stayed for a month at Akama-juku, an inn town located along the Karatsu-kaido road in Munakata City.
  913. On the way, he stopped in Kutsuki at the invitation of the village chief, Nobutsuna SASAKI (this is the origin of Kosho-ji Temple in Takashima City).
  914. On the way, he studied gunnery in a Western style private military school focusing on gunnery, Egawa juku (a Western style military school started by Tanan EGAWA, a disciple of Shuhan TAKASHIMA, a hojutsuka) in Nirayama.
  915. On the way, he was confronted by the Battle of Miyako-wan Bay when he was in Miyako harbor.
  916. On the way, however, he encountered enemy troops coming from Kuromaru-jo Castle at Tomyojinawate (Nittazuka, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture), Fujishima, Echizen Province and was killed in battle.
  917. On the way, in the direction from Edo to Osaka, the Otsu-kaido branched off at Oiwake Station (Shiga Prefecture) to enter Fushimi Ward instead of entering Kyoto at Otsu-juku.
  918. On the way, it is interrupted from Rokkenmachi-dori Street to Hirano-dori Street.
  919. On the way, it turns to Teranouchi-dori Street and Marutamachi-dori Street.
  920. On the way, the street is divided by Nishikoji-dori Street in the west around Shijo Junior High School.
  921. On the way, the street is divided from Horikawa-dori Street to Shimomatsuyamachi-dori Street, from Senbon-dori Street to one street east on Higashi Shinmichi, from Higashi Onmae-dori Street to Nishi Dori-dori Street, and from Sainishi-dori Street to Kuzunohigashi-dori Street.
  922. On the way, the street stops from Kuramaguchi-dori Street to Teranouchi-dori Street, from Imadegawa-dori Street to Motoseiganji-dori Street, from Takeyamachi-dori Street to Oshinokoji-dori Street (Nijo-jo Castle), from Hanayacho-dori Street to Shichijo-dori Street (Nishi Hongan-ji Temple).
  923. On the way, the warships encountered Qing warship 'Tsao-kiang' and a steamship 'Kowshing' (hoisting a British merchant ship flag).
  924. On the way, there is a 'Hieizan hodo Restaurant.'
  925. On the way, they stopped by at Ryusan-ji Temple in Yonezu Village, Aomi County and Tairei preached to the followers not to be rude.
  926. On the way, they were caught in a storm in the East China Sea; however, they safely managed to reach the shore in Suzhou City on four vessels.
  927. On the weekday mornings the outbound trains start from Ibarakishi Station, and for Saturday mornings the outbound trains have been operated from Takatsukishi Station since 1997.
  928. On the weekday mornings there is a car for women only within the K-Limited Express (except for 'Orihime' mentioned below), which is placed on side of the train nearer to Demachiyanagi Station.
  929. On the weekdays during the Bon festival period, some public transportation such as private railroads, subways and buses operate on holiday or Saturday timetables.
  930. On the west and north sides of the castle tower facing inside the castle, however, there are no gables, which are characteristics of castle tower architecture, but there is a series of windows.
  931. On the west side (i.e., behind) are Oni-no-ma, Daibandokoro (kitchen), Asagarei-no-ma (Emperor's room for eating breakfast), Ochozu-no-ma (Emperor's morning purification room), and Oyudono (Emperor's bathroom), while on the south side is Tenjo-no-ma (courtier's room).
  932. On the west side is a garden centered around the Himuro-ike Pond which is overlooked by the multi-storey Kannon-do (hall dedicated to Kannon).
  933. On the west side of Okuri-gawa River, there are the Nakawada Oketsubogun (Nakawada tunnel tombs) and the Hino City Manzoindai Kofungun burial mounds.
  934. On the west side of the mountain, there is a border between Settsu Province (now Osaka Prefecture) and Yamashiro Province (now Kyoto Prefecture).
  935. On the west side of the station, on Platform 2, the station building is constructed, and a yard crossing is used to go to Platform 1 (as of November 2007, this is the only yard crossing on the Kyoto Line).
  936. On the west side of this station, many houses and mid-/small-sized factories are densely packed up to Nishioji-dori Street.
  937. On the west side, BiVi Nijo, an amusement complex featuring TOHO cinemas, opened on June 25, 2005.
  938. On the western side of the sando (entrance path) leading from the Nio-mon gate to the main hall are various buildings including the Tahoto tower based on the Lotus Sutra, the Shotoku-taishi-den recreating the Horyu-ji Temple Yumedono and Kyogen-do.
  939. On the whole, HONDA's directing was cool and steady without discontinuity.
  940. On the whole, although his works are not highly skilled, they are characterized by his flamboyant brushwork with the heavy use of primary colors.
  941. On the whole, however, Kamigata's repertoire mainly consists of 'otoshi banashi' or humorous stories with final punch lines.
  942. On the whole, it can be said that a characteristic of this period's pottery is that the surface was covered with such various patterns, including what is called "jomon" (a straw-rope pattern, or a cord mark), that the pottery can be considered being too decorative.
  943. On the whole, it can be said that the occurrence frequency has been in an increasing trend since 1950s in South Korea and entering the 21st century in China.
  944. On the whole, she retired from her service when she got married.
  945. On the whole, the book defends Shushigaku (Sogaku: Neo- Confucianism founded on the doctrines of ZHU Xi) and sticks to the view of history to consider Shushigaku to be supreme.
  946. On the whole, the decorous style quite different from that of Soan tea house by Rikyu reflects the 'temperance of samurai,' making it a masterpiece tea house.
  947. On the whole, this is based on the faith in the founder with few strict principles, so that there are few open disputes with other religions.
  948. On the whole, those who have Kudara as their last name are often found around the Seto Inland Sea from the Kinki area to Fukuoka.
  949. On the whole, trains for Fukuchiyama tend to use Platform 1, while those for Sonobe tend to use Platform 2.
  950. On the year of the enthronement, the capital city was moved to Fukuhara-Kyo (the ancient capital of Fukuhara-kyo) and the Emperor visited the city (currently Kobe City); however, within half a year the capital was transferred back to Kyoto City.
  951. On their behalf, he sometimes wrote hyo (documents to be submitted to the emperor), ganmon (prayers), reports to the Emperor, and so on, and he was called Meiju (Great Confucian).
  952. On their way back to Japan, commander's ship was caught in a storm and drifted to the south, and they could not return to Japan (FUJIWARA no Kiyokawa died in Tang), but vice-commander's ship returned to Japan safely and brought Ganjin to Japan.
  953. On their way back to Japan, despite the Japanese forces being hindered by the Ming-Korean navy at the Battle of Noryang, all returned to Japan by the end of December.
  954. On their way back, in Kiwaki (today's Kunitomi-cho),they attacked Gimon-ji Temple where a defense troop of Shigemasa INAZU, a subordinate of the Ito clan, was deployed.
  955. On their way home his troops were nearly destroyed by the local peasants who rose up in arms.
  956. On their way to Hida, when they arrived to the teahouse on the Nomugi Pass where many workers lost their lives, Mine was pleased and said "Oh, I can see Hida," then breathed her last breath.
  957. On their way to Osaka, when sumo wrestlers they encountered on the road did not give way, SERIZAWA and others assaulted them.
  958. On their way to Tokyo, peasants found that a floating bridge in Kawamata had been removed by the police and in anger they swam to the other side of the river and hitched up boats.
  959. On their way to the top, there is a stand on the fifth station and a shelter on the sixth station.
  960. On their way, Genzo TANAKA organized other groups of army and sent them to Tochigi and Manabe with the aim of raising funds but resulted in vain.
  961. On their way, Yoshitomo and Masakiyo, as defeated soldiers fleeing the enemy, became targets of bandits but managed to arrive at the residence of Tadamune OSADA, Masakiyo's father-in-law and feudal lord of Utsumi no sho (manor), Noma, Owari Province.
  962. On their way, he stopped at the Oka Domain in Bungo Province, and studied the swordplay of 直指 ryu.
  963. On their way, the followers who believed in the false rumor which said 'The Christian appeared in Ohama' offered to accompany Tairei.
  964. On their way, they beat down a sumo wrestler who was rude to them (some say Serizawa used his sword to slay the sumo wrestler without a second thought).
  965. On their way, they gave a drinking party on every road and played with beauty in every inn and therefore they did not look like exiles.
  966. On their way, they were given shelter and treated well by Heisuke KITAMURA, a peasant with whom they were acquainted and who lived in the village of Tawaradani in Katsubedani, Keta County, Inaba Province (Tottori Prefecture).
  967. On their way, when they encountered a band of chasers to hunt down the surviving soldiers in Mino Province, he hastily made Yoshitomo escape and he killed himself after shouting, 'I am MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo, I tell you.'
  968. On these automatic ticket gates or ticket vending machines, for transferring to other lines, a reminder sticker that states, 'ICOCA cannot be used, ' or 'The cards other than Suica and PASMO cannot be used,' is in place.
  969. On these backgrounds a consumption of foreign liquors, especially beer which was drunk easily, rapidly increased from 1955 to 1960.
  970. On these grounds some people assert that Rinno-ji Temple tried to avoid becoming involved in the conflict between the officials of the bakufu.
  971. On these monuments one can see the following words: "I earnestly desire that many young people filled with conscience will be raised and sent out by our school."
  972. On these occasions also, Sanesuke steadfastly maintained an impartial attitude, causing the emperor to secretly depend on his support in consequence.
  973. On this Mt. Penglai, stands a stone monument in which is engraved a biography of Shigenao IMAEDA, a composition by Junan KINOSHITA and writing by Jozan in characters used on seals.
  974. On this boat are Koman who is given the nickname Dakki (ancient Chinese woman of great beauty who was murdered) and Sendo Sangoro SASANOYA.
  975. On this day (July 1), Deputy Corporal Shozo INOMATA was at a kitchen in Tsuboya Village.
  976. On this day alone, there was a custom that females were allowed to watch sumo-wrestling matches in public.
  977. On this day fifty demonstrators were arrested.
  978. On this day, 'Shuki Higan-E' (Autumnal Equinox Service) is held at each sect of Buddhism in Japan and many people visit their family graves regardless of their sects.
  979. On this day, 'Shunki Higan-E' (Spring Equinox Service) is held at each sect of Buddhism in Japan and many people visit their family graves regardless of their sects.
  980. On this day, HENMI, who stayed at the headquarters in Ono, made up his mind to advance his troop to Kukino, and asked FUCHIBE for reinforcements.
  981. On this day, Imperial Prince Takehito and his older brother Taruhito held a ceremony to take a pledge to become father and son.
  982. On this day, KONDO became wakadoshiyori kaku, HIJIKATA became yoriai seki (upper class officials of bakufu) and all soldiers became kojunin kaku (escort guard) (while it referred to recruitment to Bakushin, it actually happened on July 11 of the previous year).
  983. On this day, a blank space below a group of men drawn on the painting of the west wall got damaged when a repair staff accidentally fell an air purifier.
  984. On this day, an act of violence to stab to death SOGA no Iruka, the inheritor to the Oomi was committed in front of Empress Kogyoku.
  985. On this day, as a part of crowd control, traffic on the streets around the main gate of Kurama-dera Temple is regulated by changing the streets into one-way streets for pedestrians.
  986. On this day, he started to write "Nitto Guho Junrei Koki" (The Record of a Pilgrimage to China in Search of the Law).
  987. On this day, imperial princes, ministers, and other governmental officials in the capital (miyako) gathered at the square in front of the Suzaku-mon Gate and read Oharae no kotoba (Words of the Great Purification) to purify people's sins and stains.
  988. On this day, samurai families would take ancestral armor and kabuto (helmets) to the inner parlor (also for the purpose of airing them) and place decorated hatasashi-mono (battle flags) in the hallway; and the family heads would give instructions to their children.
  989. On this day, subsequent operations of Tsudo had stopped.
  990. On this day, the Emperor gave ten vassals his robe and hakama (pleated and divided skirt for men), and OTOMO no Sukune Miyuki was one of them.
  991. On this day, the company successfully defended the fort against the government army, but on May 29, the government army attacked the right half of the 3rd company of the Hoyoku-tai troop again.
  992. On this day, the reconnaissance party led by Captain Naoharu OOSAKO set out to scout the Satsuma army's military capability in the Tsuboi area.
  993. On this day, there was no particular troubles happened, and as the troops arrived, the persons concerned were arrested.
  994. On this day, they wore their best clothes (dark blue hitoe (a single layer of kimono), red obi (kimono sash), white tenugui (hand towel), and new sedge hat).
  995. On this emakimono, sutras are described on the lower stand while pictures used to explain the sutras are laid out at upper stand above related texts.
  996. On this guidepost engraved the names of donators including Yoshiaki TAMAKI, a forester of Oritachi (Totsukawa Village) and Umanosuke IKEO mentioned above.
  997. On this hill, there is a highland settlements sites of the late Yayoi period, which is the largest scale in Nara Prefecture.
  998. On this issue, Higashi-Izu Commerce and Industry Association established "Inatori Momo no Kai (Peach Association).
  999. On this issue, Omura was supported by Kido but, on June 23, Okubo came out victorious when it was decided that the three domain's armies were to be hired by the government and moved to Tokyo.
  1000. On this land he built a caslte, named it Miyoshi-jo Castle, and lived in the castle.'

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