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  1. However, in "Azuma Kagami," there was no written name of Yukitsuna TADA neither in the organization of the troops nor in the war chronicle reports.
  2. However, in "Essence of Novels" Tsubouchi argued that literature should exclude moral and utilitarian aspects and focus on objective descriptions to emphasize psychological realism, and his opinion significantly contributed the birth of modern literature in Japan.
  3. However, in "Gyokuyo," there is an article stating that there was a rumor for Noritsune among family members whose heads were exposed that he was still alive and, in "Godaizatsujiki", it is reported that Noritsune committed suicide in the Battle of Dan-no-ura.
  4. However, in "Hagihan-batsuetsuroku (History Book of the Hagi Domain)," which was the basis for portraying Yodo-dono's bad behavior, her rumored affair was mentioned as having occurred after Hideyoshi's death, and that her lover was Harunaga Ono.
  5. However, in "Kojiki" Susanoo murdered the god of food (Oogetsuhime) in the same manner (see the origin of foods in Japanese myths).
  6. However, in "Kyogyoshinsho," Shinran provides a detailed explanations with citations not only from Buddhist scriptures, but also from a vast array of books.
  7. However, in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicle of Japan), any description of Fukei after the war is not found.
  8. However, in "Nihyakujuban Utai Mokuroku" (Catalog of 210 numbers of Noh theater lyrics), it is regarded as Yasukiyo HIYOSHI's work.
  9. However, in "Ochiboshu Tsuika" (An addition to Gleanings), Ieyasu was evaluated as not having been mean but thrifty.
  10. However, in "Saiyuki" written after the Ming dynasty, Kishimojin appears only once in the scene of Kogaiji (Honghaier) to tell a message to Kannon Bodhisattva.
  11. However, in "Shoyuki" (the diary of FUJIWARA no Sanesuke) or "Mido Kanpakuki" (FUJIWARA no Michinaga's diary), Yoshihira was quoted more often than ABE no Yoshimasa; it can't be denied that Yoshihira was recognized as a successor for ABE no Seimei.
  12. However, in "Sonpi Bunmyaku" and 'Oe shi keizu,' OE no Koremitsu was stated as being his real father, while NAKAHARA no Hirosue was stated as being his adaptive father.
  13. However, in "Tokugawa Bakufu Genealogy" which was edited at the end of the Edo period, Asahihime who was the second wife of Ieyasu TOKUGAWA was called "Asahi-no-kimi", and Sugen-in who was the second wife of Hidetada was called "Oeyo-no-kimi", thus the theory insisting that "kimi" was a derogatory term was not accepted.
  14. However, in "Yamatoshi" (Historical Records of Yamato) completed in 1734, Mise Maruyama was mentioned as the Tenmu-Jito Mausoleum while making no reference to Noguchino Ono-haka being the Tenmu-Jito Mausoleum.
  15. However, in 'History of Paekche' of "Samguk Sagi" (History of the Three Kingdoms), since it says that the relationship with Yamato (ancient Japan) was established in AD 653, it was conjectured that he might have come around this time.
  16. However, in 'Ofumi' written by Rennyo, there are many citations from the contents of Tannisho.
  17. However, in 'the Mahdbharata,' an epic poem of India, Virocana means the sun god but doesn't necessarily mean only King Asura.
  18. However, in 1012 Michinaga's climbing Mt. Hiei on the horse caused resentment among Buddhist priests and the mass of people, and just after that Keien refused to do Shuho (an esoteric ritual) of incantation and prayer in resistance when Michinaga became sick.
  19. However, in 1017, he was overtaken by Tadanobu in promotion, and the death of his daughter around same time caused him to decide to become a priest.
  20. However, in 1130, another person calling himself Yoshichika appeared in Otsu, Omi Province, entered into Kyoto and was called 'Otsu Yoshichika.'
  21. However, in 1159, he was dismissed from his post in connection with the Heiji War caused by his elder brother, Nobuyori.
  22. However, in 1166, Motozane also passed away just after the demise of Emperor Nijo, and in addition, ministers on the side of Motozane died or changed sides, so the actual power in Court moved in the hands of Goshirakawa-in, who conflicted with the late Emperor Nijo.
  23. However, in 1181, Shigeyoshi TAGUCHI and Nuka Saijaku on the side of the Taira clan closed in on Iyo Province.
  24. However, in 1196 he suddenly appeared at Hossho-ji Temple in Kyoto.
  25. However, in 1205, the decision to cease nenbutsu was decided by a soujo (document reported to the Emperor) from Kofuju-ji Temple in Nanto (Nara Prefecture).
  26. However, in 1251, the shogunate accused Yoritsugu of involvement in the rebellion of the Buddhist monk Ryogyo and others, and invited the Imperial Prince Munetaka, son of the Retired Emperor Gosaga, as the new shogun.
  27. However, in 126, he was bitten by snake while climbing the Sanage mountain; then, he would meet with his demise from the venomous poison of the snake, at the age of forty two.
  28. However, in 1285, Yasumori and his group members were killed and exiled in a coup d'etat by TAIRA no Yoritsuna (Shimotsuki Incident) leading to a change in direction of bakufu measures that affected the Imperial Court, stunning the Kameyama Cloistered Government.
  29. However, in 1308, Gonijo (aged 24) died suddenly and the Crown Prince Tomihito (aged 12, Emperor Hanazono) ascended the throne and Fushimi started a cloistered government.
  30. However, in 1342, three years after Sanekane SAIONJI's death by disease, Sanetada IMADEGAWA passed away suddenly.
  31. However, in 1351, Takauji ASHIKAGA surrendered to the South Court, and the Northern Court discharged the Seitaishogun (commander-in-chief of the expeditionary forces against the barbarians, a great unifying leader) position from Takauji ASHIKAGA.
  32. However, in 1363, he had an argument with his second cousin Takatsune SHIBA and lost all his posts.
  33. However, in 1418, the dissatisfaction against this made his family the Shingu clan betray Morimasa, and they engaged in conflicts and disputes.
  34. However, in 1474 he was involved in the internal conflict of the Togashi clan, which became the cause of an uprising of Ikko Sect followers in Kaga, so he left Yoshizaki in the following year; Renjo was forced to leave Honsen-ji Temple and escaped to Zuisen-ji Temple, which was a branch temple of Hongan-ji Temple.
  35. However, in 1475 when the conflict between the believers of Kaga Province and the shugo (Japanese territorial lord as provincial constable) Masachika TOGASHI became serious, Junnyo went to Yoshizaki and took Rennyo and his family out to Kawachi Province, although Renso SHIMOTSUMA was opposed to it.
  36. However, in 1478, when Toshisada was exiled to a minor province by the Muromachi bakufu, he lost his supporters and went missing.
  37. However, in 1486, following a surprise attack by Tsunehisa, Gassan-Toda Castle was recaptured.
  38. However, in 1497, with the death of Toshikuni SAITO, the Mino no kuni Shugodai (deputy military governor of Mino domain) who had provided reinforcements, he was pursued once again by Masatsune and took temporary refuge at Umezu (Mino Province).
  39. However, in 1509, as Yoshioki OUCHI's relationship with Yoshitane ASHIKAGA soured, Sumimoto and Yukinaga attacked Kyoto in the Battle of Nyoigatake but were defeated by Takakuni and Yoshioki's counterattack and escaped to Awa.
  40. However, in 1513, he was attacked by Korenaga who plotted to return to the family head of the Aso clan, then he escaped to Hyuga Province.
  41. However, in 1524, he advanced to Aki Itsukushima and annihilated the Amago army at the battle for Sato Kanayama-jo Castle, and in 1525, with the return of Motonari MORI, he recovered somewhat power in Aki.
  42. However, in 1527, Takakuni HOSOKAWA, kanrei (a shogunal deputy), built a castle in the area from the mountain top to Jigoku-dani Valley on the east side to fight against Harumoto HOSOKAWA.
  43. However, in 1531, when Takakuni HOSOKAWA, a sworn enemy of Rokuro (Harumoto), invaded Settsu Province, he temporarily disappeared probably in fear of a confrontation with the Takakuni army which was forceful at first.
  44. However, in 1545, his adoptive relationship was severed and he returned home after Yoshitaka had fathered a son, Yoshitaka OUCHI.
  45. However, in 1548, he served the Ouchi family again at Yoshitaka's request.
  46. However, in 1548, he was defeated in a counter offensive by Nagayoshi MIYOSHI and had to conclude a peace arrangement.
  47. However, in 1550 Junsho died young at the age of 28, and his eldest son, Junkei TSUTSUI, who was only 2 years old, inherited the clan.
  48. However, in 1550 when he fought in Tawarayama of Kawakami-sho, Takashima county with Takashima Ecchu no kami (Governor of Ecchu Province) from the Takashima clan, who was the head family of the Kutsuki clan, he died in the war.
  49. However, in 1550, due to the revolt of his senior vassal Sadayori OUCHI against him, Naoyoshi was held captive within the castle and lost his authority.
  50. However, in 1551, the Takeda clan succeeded in taking Toishi-jo Castle by the distinguished ability of Yukitaka SANADA.
  51. However, in 1551, the following year Kagetora suppressed the rebellion.
  52. However, in 1557 Nobukatsu planned a rebellion again.
  53. However, in 1560, Takamasa restored Yasumi to the position of Shugodai (deputy military governor) and once again antagonized Nagayoshi.
  54. However, in 1562 when the Hojo army conquered Koga Imperial Palace, Fujiuji was taken prisoner and sent to Odawara.
  55. However, in 1568 Katsuhisa AMAGO was backed up by Shikanosuke YAMANAKA, Hisatsuna TACHIHARA and others, who attempted the Amago clan's revival, to return to secular life and watched his opportunity in Oki Province.
  56. However, in 1568 Nobunaga ODA successfully went to Kyoto on Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA's orders.
  57. However, in 1569, the agreement was nullified by Shingen unilaterally, and in addition, his Totomi Province was invaded by Nobutomo AKIYAMA from Shinano Province.
  58. However, in 1573, Sadayuki betrayed the Asai clan to let the Oda army in the Yamamotoyama Castle, which resulted in the isolation of the Odani-jo Castle leading to the ultimate downfall of the clan.
  59. However, in 1573, the Oda army invaded the Tamonyama-jo Castle and Hisamichi surrendered.
  60. However, in 1574, Yoshitaka escaped to Shiragaki
  61. However, in 1580, after Nobumori SAKUMA and his son were banished, Yoritaka was given most of the control of Izumi Province as vassals of Nobutaka ODA, together with Nagahide NIWA and Nobusumi TSUDA, and so on.
  62. However, in 1582, his rank and properties were forfeited because he didn't join HASHIBA army at the Battle of Yamazaki, which broke out after Honnoji Incident.
  63. However, in 1586 the castle was disposed with Nagamasa ASAI's building Otsu-jo Castle under the order of Hideyoshi.
  64. However, in 1589, she died as young as 28 years old.
  65. However, in 1599 following questioning by Ieyasu, he was banished to Shimotsuke Province (Tochigi Prefecture), under suspicion of being a ringleader of a failed plot to assassinate Ieyasu that had been hatched by servants of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Masanobu HONDA.
  66. However, in 1599, he incurred chokkan (the emperor's censure) for a scandal that included his father Atsumichi and son Michiyo and a court lady, then he and his father were expelled from Kyoto.
  67. However, in 1602 he fell out with Naomasa HORI, who was from the same family, resulting in conflict, and therefore he pretended to be ill and retired to the residence of his deceased father located in Fushimi, Kyoto.
  68. However, in 1607, Junson was persuaded to return to the Nishi Hongan-ji Temple side.
  69. However, in 1609, he was punished by Imperial order together with Mitsuhiro KARASUMARU, Yorikuni OINOMIKADO and Noritoshi INOKUMA because of scandalous affairs (the Inokuma incident).
  70. However, in 1613, both lords were deprived of their domains.
  71. However, in 1614, she suddenly left Kodaiin and transferred to Edo (see 'Reasons for leaving Kodaiin').
  72. However, in 1638, Akenomiya was adopted by Kazuko TOKUGAWA (Tofukumonin), Chugu (the second consort of an emperor) (at that time Nyoin (a close female relative of the Emperor of comparable standing)) of her father and was proclaimed Imperial Princess with the given name of Imperial Princess Teruko.
  73. However, in 1654, since Emperor Gokomyo died when he was just twenty two years old, most of the Imperial male relatives of the Emperor had gone into the priesthood, so, who would succeed to the throne became a complicated issue.
  74. However, in 1662, the Wakadoshiyori post was again established for housekeeping of the Shogun family, sharing the job with Roju.
  75. However, in 1692 in praise of the achievements by Yoshitaka ENDO the original forefather of the domain, Tanechika ENDO was granted 10,000 koku crop yields in Hitachi Province and Shimotsuke Province; thus, the restoration of the Endo clan was accepted.
  76. However, in 1702 when the incident of raiding Kira's residence occurred, the Tozokuaratame post was restored, and the Bakuuchiaratame post (for cracking down gambling) was newly established.
  77. However, in 1706, he returned the official rank and government post to Emperor Higashiyama due to fatigue.
  78. However, in 1722, at the time of the Kyoho Reforms (the reforms made in the Kyoho era of the Edo period), erotic books were banned
  79. However, in 1726 his nephew and the third lord of the Domain Uetsugu KUTSUKI (the lord of Fukuchiyama Domain) (Uemoto's son) died young, so he succeeded to the family estate of the head family and became the fourth lord.
  80. However, in 1753 an uprising broke out led by people who opposed this and it was decided to withdraw the policy.
  81. However, in 1753, the Shibamura Village riot occurred because famers in the deposit place went to Kyoto Magistrate's Office to put a complaint against heavy taxation in a box.
  82. However, in 1753, the tax increase measure imposed by SUGIURA, YOSHIDA and others triggered frequent peasant's revolts, eventually leading farmers to criticize Shibamura Domain and demanding the relocation of the land in custody.
  83. However, in 1779 when Emperor Gomomozono died without leaving an heir, there was a rumor that Imperial Prince Kuniyori might have poisoned him, which sparked uproar among people such as Kyoto shoshidai (the Kyoto deputy) and the Retired Emperor Gosakuramachi, but Kuniyori's innocence was soon vindicated.
  84. However, in 1815 Mitsuru MINAGAWA borrowed the type to print his father's last work ("Kien-bunshu" (Kien writings, Kien is Mitsuru's father)) and added more type to compensate for missing ones.
  85. However, in 1818 when he was serving Hiroshige MORI, he ran away as the result of being reproached for his problems with women.
  86. However, in 1842 the next year, he retired after transferring reigns of the family to his sixth son, Yorinomiya (later, renamed Imperial Prince Fushiminomiya Sadanori).
  87. However, in 1845, when Senzo suddenly died at the age of fourty-nine, Yoshijiro entered into conflict with senior apprentices including Minosuke NISHIKAWA (later Senzo NISHIKAWA the fifth), and he was slandered and kicked out from the Nishikawa school.
  88. However, in 1855 he had an interest in the structure of an American ship that was calling at Hakodate, and became a ship carpenter again.
  89. However, in 1863, while he was in the position of Dainagon, he became entangled in the Coup of August 18 (old lunar calendar), an intrigue plotted by the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), and was suspended from visiting the Imperial Palace.
  90. However, in 1865, forces led by Shinsaku TAKASUGI defeated the conservatives at Shimonoseki, leading to consensus in the domain to overthrow the shogunate.
  91. However, in 1872, the buildings other than those that still remain were destroyed and removed.
  92. However, in 1873 Inoue and Shibusawa resigned, and when the Shigenobu OKUMA took office as Minister of Finance the translation bureau was curtailed through a ministry reorganisation and abolished the following year, forcing Ukichi to transfer to the ministry's department for currency.
  93. However, in 1873 the 'Gyojikyoku' (the Events Department), a self-governing body of the settlement, created its own dedicated police force, which it called the 'Kyoryuchi torishimari kakari-in' (Settlement Supervisors).
  94. However, in 1875, the government abolished this ordinance because of the backlash from the Buddhists and for hygienic reasons.
  95. However, in 1878, she was not approved to vote at the Kochi Prefectural Municipal Election because she was a woman, even though she paid tax as a householder.
  96. However, in 1879, the Ministry of Home Affairs specified a keyhole-shaped mound in Tamura-cho, Kameyama City (the Nobono Otsuka burial mound), which had been called the 'Cho-ji zuka,' as the tomb of Yamato Takeru, and named it the 'Nobono burial mound.'
  97. However, in 1881, he found out the fact that the government and the Army leaders had been leaving the fact that some local officials had roughly handled the corpses of officers and men who had died in battle or of illness in the prior Taiwan expedition, so he resigned in protest.
  98. However, in 1881, she passed the certificate exam for the bachelor degree of Harvard University; and in 1883, she became a regular teacher of Hampton Institute.
  99. However, in 1888, when Hirobumi ITO visited Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, he ate pufferfish and was so impressed that he approached the governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture, paving the way to lifting the ban on eating pufferfish.
  100. However, in 1897 he suffered a most regrettable incident that Shinzo died suddenly at the age of 37.
  101. However, in 1902 and 1904, the Furukawa side did not make the renewal of the composition explaining that the conditions had changed.
  102. However, in 1904, Atsumaro died at the young age of 41.
  103. However, in 1911 Nobutsuna SASAKI discovered the Book 2 and Book 1 of main parts, a fragment of Kuden shu Book 1, and Kuden shu Book 11 to Book 14.
  104. However, in 1917 every resident including such resistant had left the village after all.
  105. However, in 1919, the schools were renamed to primary, junior high and high schools, and this system continued until the implementation of School Education Law.
  106. However, in 1920 Hanshin Electric Express Railway (Hankyu) constructed the Hankyu Kobe Main Line in parallel with the Hanshin Main Line.
  107. However, in 1922, the Kamo Mitarashi Tea House was opened in front of Shimogamo-jinja Shrine gate, and they sold dumplings covered with sweet sauce made with brown sugar and soy sauce.
  108. However, in 1928, they lost their Marquis Diet members and, facing total collapse, they were forced to merge with the second Mushozoku (Unaffiliated Group) and form the Dowakai.
  109. However, in 1939 he died of illness at 54 years of age, with his life's ambition still unfulfilled.
  110. However, in 1943, Yasuyuki, the first son of Tokuro MIYAKE, the ninth was recommended by members of the school to succeed the family by being adopted by the daughter of Motokiyo YAMAWAKI, the tenth, becoming Motohide YAMAWAKI, the thirteenth Soke and later styling himself Motohide IZUMI.
  111. However, in 1946, when Jutaro TANAKA (1917-1987) reevaluated the second class of Sankanbon, it came to be considered more important and was published more, being used as a textbook and read at school after the war.
  112. However, in 1973, karate--together with other martial arts--was abruptly banned by the Kremlin, and Sambo (martial art) was encouraged instead.
  113. However, in 1976, a theory emerged that the temple was constructed during the mid-Heian period.
  114. However, in 1984, a pit of a pillar embedded directly in the ground was found in the Wakimoto ruins located at Wakimoto, Sakurai City, and it was supposed to date back to the late 5th century.
  115. However, in 1July 541 when Nobuzane Takeda was the ninth head of Aki-Takeda clan, Kanayama-jo Castle was ruined by Motonari MORI who was ordered to attack by the Ouchi clan, and the clan extinguished.
  116. However, in 2006, it was transferred to Japan Automobile Road Corporation, a subsidiary of Macquarie Bank, an Australian investment bank and Kintetsu Corporation and Meihan Kintetsu Bus Corporation withdrew from its management.
  117. However, in 645, when the Emperor Tenchi assassinated Iruka (the Murder in the Year of Isshi), he immediately surrendered to the Emperor (Imperial Prince at that time).
  118. However, in 666, Emperor Saimei was not yet alive, and Anahobe no hashihitohime never ascended to the throne.
  119. However, in 686, it was found that the curse of the Kusanagi sword was causing the sickness of the Emperor Tenmu, and the sword came to be enshrined at the Atsuta-jingu Shrine once more.
  120. However, in 744, for building Kokubun-ji Temple and Kokubun-ni-ji Temple, each ryoseikoku (province) was ordered a senyu (offer something to a temple) of 20 thousand bunches of shozei to provide each temple respectively as well as a diversion of suiko interest into construction costs.
  121. However, in 754 the two were deprived of the official rank and the kabane and exiled as they were believed to have executed black magic together with the priest Gyoshin from Yakushi-ji Temple.
  122. However, in 772, Prince Osabe lost his power due to an incident which was caused by the Imperial Princess Inoe putting a curse on the emperor.
  123. However, in 785, he was uncrowned because he was alleged to have been implicated in the assassination of Zonagaokagushi (the administrator in charge of building the new capital called Nagaoka-kyo) FUJIWARA no Tanetsugu.
  124. However, in 794, only 10 years after that, Emperor Kanmu relocated the capital to the north of Yamashiro Province, and Heian-kyo was established.
  125. However, in 872 a custom was established for him to double as the homu, who was in charge of Sogo, or the Office of Monastic Affairs.
  126. However, in 877, the following year, the name of the era Jogan, which had been used continually for 19 years was changed to Gengyo.
  127. However, in 983, a monk of Kofuku-ji Temple, Shingyo, entered the temple, revitalized it, founding 'Kankaku-ji Temple' as a branch temple of Kojima-dera Temple at the bottom of the mountain and started the Kojima school of the Shingon sect.
  128. However, in April 1352, he recaptured Taga-jo Castle, and in June 1353, he took control of Uzumine-jo Castle, a stronghold of the Southern Court, wiping out the Southern Court force in Oshu.
  129. However, in April 1536, the Tenbun Hokke War broke out in Kyoto, and the 21 head temples of the Hokkeshu Sect in Kyoto were completely destroyed.
  130. However, in April, members of the Enryaku-ji Temple made a direct petition to deport FUJIWARA no Morotaka of Kaga Province.
  131. However, in April, they got an information that the government army entered into Kumamoto-jo Castle, while they struggled to persuade their surrounding people.
  132. However, in Asia other than Korea and African areas, a movement to see this kind of treaty as 'invalid and/or illegal' is rising.
  133. However, in August (old calendar) 815, Mutsu Province increased the number of troops and that of soldiers to 4 and 4,000, respectively, and always stationed 1,000 soldiers by having 6,000 soldiers in 6 troops in total work in 6 shifts.
  134. However, in August 29, 1155, when Emperor Konoe passed away, he took part in Oja Gijo (王者議定), a meeting to determine the successor to the Imperial Throne.
  135. However, in August 456, an incident occurred where Tsubura no Okimi sheltered Prince Mayowa when Emperor Anko was assassinated.
  136. However, in August of the same year, TAIRA no Tokitada's conspiracy involving Norihito's (later Emperor Takakura) rittaishi (the investiture of the Crown Prince) was uncovered and Emperor Nijo immediately removed Goshirakawa's attendants from their positions.
  137. However, in August, 1617, he was transferred to Takasaki Castle with fifty thousand Goku, and two years later, in October 1619, he was transferred to Shinoyama Castle and became Izu no kami (Governor of Izu Province).
  138. However, in China and Japan, in accordance with the prevalence of the faith for Amitabha Buddha, Jodo generally has meant Jodo of Amitabha Buddha.
  139. However, in China, the term of '黄沙' is mostly used among the researchers concerned, and the term indicating the kosa phenomena as a whole, for example, the one corresponding to 'kosa' in Japan, is hardly used.
  140. However, in Chinese tea there is 'chakai' (a kind of a pitcher) with a shape similar to yuzamashi.
  141. However, in Chiri-kyo Sutra and others its body color is described as blue-black or red-yellow and it is generally shaped as a figure with seven topknots or hachiyorenge (八葉蓮華) on the head with the right canine tooth bared upward and the left canine tooth bared outside, wearing clothing the color of red soil.
  142. However, in December 1094 (or January 1095) at Gosechi-festival, he became excessively drunk, accidentally opening the door to a nobleman's living quarters, and so was forbidden to work for the Court for some time.
  143. However, in December 1715 (old calendar), accused of having made a blunder on the job, he was suddenly demoted to Kobushinyaku (originally having the duty of providing workers for minor repairs of buildings), and furthermore, the increase of 500 koku was taken away, and he was suspended from his work.
  144. However, in December in 1179, he was suddenly exiled to Kazusa Province.
  145. However, in December the young Tanekuni died, forcing Takakuni to return as the head of the family and resume the role of kanrei.
  146. However, in December, 1854, the next year of Princess Kazunomiya's thread fixing ceremony, the Tokugawa Shogunate permitted the increase of ten Koku of crop yield a year as the covering fee presented to Kangyoin.
  147. However, in Emperor Kammu's last years, FUJIWARA no Otsugu of the the Ceremonial House of the Fujiwara clan criticized the Emperor for undertaking this kind of military action and said that the policy subjected farmers to great hardship.
  148. However, in Emperor Shotoku era, there was no candidate from the Emperor Tenmu family to ascend the Throne since they had been purged due to internal conflict over the succession to the Imperial throne.
  149. However, in Europe and other parts of the world, a transition from the Paleolithic period to the Neolithic period is set as the Mesolithic period.
  150. However, in Europe, the term Kizoku (Nobility in English, Noblesse in French, and Adel in German) covers emperors, kings, and princes as well, and there is no terminology in which Imperial families and royal families are differentiated from Kizoku.
  151. However, in February 1874, before he came to reside in Qing, he was dismissed from the extraordinary envoy of Qing due to the outbreak of the Saga War, travelling to Kyushu to suppress the war.
  152. However, in February 3, 1578, he displeased Nobunaga, who deprived him of the territory and exiled him to Mt. Koya.
  153. However, in Hanseong people panicked at the approaching Japanese army and fled, so the city was virtually empty.
  154. However, in Heian period, some Imperial princesses got married to subjects.
  155. However, in Hokkaido, a greeting card to express thanks for attending the funeral and an article having a monetary value of several hundreds yen are often given to a mourner together with a receipt for the Koden at the lykewake and no gift is sent in return for the Koden upon the end of mourning period.
  156. However, in India, masala is not just for 'curry' but a seasoning used in all kinds of dishes, like soy sauce or miso (soybean paste) in Japan.
  157. However, in January 1598 when a large Ming force attacked the Ulsan Japanese Castle, which was approaching completion, and the Battle of Ulsan started, Kiyomasa hastily entered the castle, leading about 500 close followers.
  158. However, in January 1866, the system of heifu was abolished and hatamoto paid cash instead of heifu, and bakufu directly hired soldiers with the cash (the bakufu infantry became a mercenary).
  159. However, in January of the next year, the army of Yoshikage ASAKURA which had set up camp in Nagamasa's territory in Kitaomi went back to Echizen due to the fatigue of its soldiers and snow fall.
  160. However, in Japan the saka system, in which the ko (an administrative unit of a few families under the Ritsuryo system) was classified by rank and the labor was allocated according to rank, was not adopted and therefore the zoyo, free of rank, was mandated.
  161. However, in Japan this is regarded as unearned income, while in the West it is often regarded as ordinary income.
  162. However, in Japan, demand for whale meat as food is decreasing more rapidly than the production, and therefore, it is said that anxiety regarding availability of whale meat doesn't exist.
  163. However, in Japan, it was highly regarded by Honen, who was the founder of the Jodo (Pure Land) sect, and was supported because 'he relied solely on Shandao.'
  164. However, in Japan, since the social security had declined when the Kamakura bakufu was ruined and the Imperial Court was divided, the piracy by wako (Japanese Pirates) was rampant and the trade with China didn't carry on smoothly because of the social security worsening and public administration stagnating.
  165. However, in Japan, some regions still have an ancient tradition of making and offering Doburoku together with harvested rice to the Shinto gods, praying for good harvests in the next year, and even today, this custom is practiced at Doburoku Festivals held in various regions in Japan.
  166. However, in Japan, the Hinsui Punishment to expel from Kinai region (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara) was given during the Nara period and the Heian period.
  167. However, in Japan, where iron was mainly processed by hammering, it was difficult to produce cannons.
  168. However, in Japanese early-modern times the term 'kaisho' was sometimes used for an independent structure like a merchants association, or a public local gathering hall, office and exchange market, mostly in the urban areas.
  169. However, in Japanese mythology, the god of stars is depicted as a god who should be brought to submission, or 'matsurowanu kami' (disobedient god).
  170. However, in Ju-kyo, interpretation learning of old words such as creating annotations for annotations from Han and Wei was called 'so.'
  171. However, in July 1162, he was exiled to Shinano Province for having cursed Emperor Nijo, and two yeas later he was recalled.
  172. However, in July 1556, Kagetora declared that he would enter into priesthood, and left for Mt. Koya (or Mt. Hiei according to a theory).
  173. However, in July 1566, together with the Shoryuji-jo Castle, it was attacked by the army of the Miyoshi sanninshu (three chief retainers of the Miyoshi clan), then a certain KANEKO who belonged to Nagayuki MIYOSHI seemed to become the castellan.
  174. However, in July 2001, four months after opening the will, the eldest son Shintaro (a former banker of UFJ Bank Limited) brought a different will (the so-called "second will") that he had received from Nobuo before his death.
  175. However, in July squadrons from the United States and France took reprisals and Choshu Domain was defeated.
  176. However, in July, Yoshiaki again raised an army at Makishima-jo Castle in Uji (Battle of Makishima Castle).
  177. However, in June of the following year, 1532, Yoshitaka HATAKEYAMA besieged the Iimoriyama-jo Castle again out of the fear for the ambition of crafty Kizawa.
  178. However, in June of the following year, 1864, the tragic news of the Ikedaya Incident spread throughout the domain, causing another debate on whether or not to fight in Kyoto.
  179. However, in June, Yoritomo renounced Yoshitsune for his assumption of official court title without Yoritomo's permission and bold behaviors
  180. However, in Kabuki, some of the scene titles are different from the section names in the text (example 1).
  181. However, in Kasagake (archery to shoot an arrow while riding on a galloping horse) and Inu-oumono (a practice for Kisha, chasing and shooting dogs) an arrow is released against the right side of the direction of movement, so that it is not necessarily applied to all.
  182. However, in Mahayana Buddhism it is referred to as two vehicles, and Arakan and Dokkaku are said to be unable to become 'Buddha.'
  183. However, in March 1867, he left it and organized Goryoeiji (a group to protect Emperors' graves) with 12 people including Kashitaro Ito.
  184. However, in March 1933, the situation changed drastically when the 'Communist Judiciary Incident' occurred and Japanese Communist Party members and judges and court staff who were sympathetic to the party were arrested.
  185. However, in March 729, employees of Prince Nagaya, Nuribeno Miyatsuko Kimitari and Nakatomino Miyakono Muraji Azumabito laid information against him saying that he did "Sato (an evil course)".
  186. However, in March 757, Prince Funado was deposed from the Crown Prince for his unethical demeanor during the mourning period of the deceased Shomu Daijo Tenno.
  187. However, in March, 757, when Funado no Okimi was deposed because Empress Koken was displeased with him, Oi no Okimi, backed up by Nakamaro, was installed as the Crown Prince in May.
  188. However, in May 1471, he was offered a secret agreement on authorization to act as regional military governor by Shogun Yoshimasa and Katsumoto HOSOKAWA, and shifted sides to join the Eastern squad.
  189. However, in May 1862, demand from the Imperial Court to take punitive action against the followers of Ii inside the Edo shogunate led to the resignation of Yoshiyori TAYASU appointed to the post by Ii, on grounds that Iemochi had reached adulthood.
  190. However, in May, 1532, the allied troops of Hatakeyama and Miyoshi attacked Nagamasa KIZAWA again.
  191. However, in May, immediately after returning to Kyoto, Prince Mochihito's plot to subjugate the Taira clan was uncovered (Rising of Prince Mochihito).
  192. However, in May, immediately after, a rebellion surfaced led by Mochihito-o.
  193. However, in May, the Oguri-jo castle was burned down by the attack of Shigeuji's troop, and Kagenaka fled to Kozuke Province.
  194. However, in Mihara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, some shops call Hiroshimafu-okonomiyaki, which includes soba or udon, modanyaki.
  195. However, in Mikkyo it is expressed in the normal figure that piles its hair high and wears accessory as a principal image of Garbha-mandala Jizo-in; it has Nichirin (日輪) in front of the right-side breast in the right hand and has a lotus that bears Doban while placing the left hand on the left hip.
  196. However, in Mutsu Province, 1 Gundan seemed to have more than 1,000 soldiers at one period.
  197. However, in Nara, Kyoto and Niigata prefectures and others nationwide, there still are several shrines, including Tenno-jinja Shrine, that enshrine Gozu Tenno.
  198. However, in November 1196, he and his father were expelled from the Imperial Court and confined to their house due to a counter-move by TAKASHINA no Eishi and MINAMOTO no Michichika who were anti-Kanezane
  199. However, in November of that year, Mitsunari TOGASHI was himself under suspicion, that he had assisted Yoshitsugu and also committed adultery with Yoshimochi's wife, 林歌局 and for this he was expelled.
  200. However, in October 1276, he suddenly entered Jufuku-ji Temple and lived in seclusion.
  201. However, in October 2007, ancestral records was found together with a statue of Takakage from a house of his descendant samurai of the domain of Ashimori; and according to the records, Hideaki had a son called Hideyuki DOI with a concubine and Hideyuki's descendants were serving for Ashimori-Kinoshita clan.
  202. However, in October of the same year, it was incorporated into Toyooka ken (Prefecture), and in 1876, was incorporated again into Kyoto Fu (Prefecture).
  203. However, in Okazaki, where he ruled for only ten years, many temples and shrines (especially, those who had little relationship with the Tokugawa family) were forced to move or had their territory confiscated in efforts to improve Okazaki-jo Castle town.
  204. However, in Onjo-ji Temple, Kofuku-ji Temple and Enryaku-ji Temple the priests, who opposed the pilgrimage, were fomenting a movement to seize Goshirakawa and Takakura.
  205. However, in Reizei and Enyu's case, different from Hanazono and Godaigo, father Murakami, mother Anshi, male relative Morosuke were all dead and there was no guardian to control the Imperial succession.
  206. However, in Senchado, it is said that 'metallic water boiler ruins tea flavor,' therefore metallic water boiler is avoided as much as possible.
  207. However, in September 1461, Yoshihiro SHIBA was disinherited and left to Kikeishinzui of Shokoku-ji Temple as chigo (temple acolytes) by Yoshimasa according to the 7th family head Takakage ASAKURA's scheme.
  208. However, in September 15 of the same year, they were totally defeated by Asakura side and ruined to Kaga Province, so they failed to recover Echizen.
  209. However, in September 1573, following a decision by his father Sadayoshi who believed the death of Shingen TAKEDA having been kept secret, he defected from the Takeda clan.
  210. However, in September, 1945, immediatey after the end of the war, the term was again changed to three years, and the only class that graduated in two years was the class that entered in 1943.
  211. However, in September, the army of Ikko Ikki suffered a shortage of food and about 1,000 soldiers were killed when Otorii-jo Castle fell from being heavily attack by the Oda army.
  212. However, in Shinnyo sanmayaryu the agreement with the personal seal is concluded outside the sleeves.
  213. However, in Takeda-related materials, the term, `Doshin shu' (Yoriko) is used in some parts instead of Yoriko.
  214. However, in Tamil, (also in Kannada,) there is a word 'kari' meaning vegetables, meat, meals and dishes, which became the English term 'curry.'
  215. However, in Tenmucho (the period of Emperor Tenmu) when the system of Shikinen Sengu was established, Horyu-ji Temple, of which original and rebuilt structures exist, was built.
  216. However, in Tokyo it has a strong image as an accompaniment to 'kamigatamai' (dance developed in Kyoto and Osaka) in Tokyo.
  217. However, in Tokyo, Tojiro YAMAMOTO, the first (real name: Norimasa, name after retirement: Azuma) maintained the tradition of the Okura school by himself.
  218. However, in Yamada County of Gunma Prefecture, the mining pollution kept causing damages and residents of the area kept the movement against the pollution (see below).
  219. However, in Yoshiie's later years, MINAMOTO no Yoshichika, his second son, defied Chotei (the Imperial Court), which put Yoshiie in a difficult position, and then, Kawachi-Genji started to weaken.
  220. However, in a broader sense, it means the road from a busy street to the nearby shrine or temple.
  221. However, in a broader sense, the role of Yonin included all the above roles however, in this text the Yonin meaning is interpreted in a narrow sense.
  222. However, in a council of war on the Emperor's side, Yoshitomo planned a night attack, which was accepted.
  223. However, in a heioku in Fukagawa-mura (now Fukagawa City) in about 1901, it was easy to catch 50 to 60 anopheles (mosquitoes that mediate malaria parasites) in July and August.
  224. However, in a religious book, they always assert that religion stems from its god and the originator of the religion.
  225. However, in a survey in 1722, the number was approximately 5,000, and was 17,000 including even the gokenin of omemie or under.
  226. However, in a while, he vomits blood and starts agonizing.
  227. However, in about 1038 a conflict arose between them, and the scholars of sukuyodo began criticizing those of rekido (according to an entry in "Shunki (Spring Tale)" dated December 31, 1038).
  228. However, in accordance with that, many problems occurred.
  229. However, in accordance with the decline in population in Japan as a whole, the number of passengers each railway company carries has been gradually decreasing.
  230. However, in accordance with the idea of the guard of nation becoming stronger, people tended to dislike that women (including ama) approached Buddhism from the standpoint of emphasizing that priests kept the precepts of Buddhism.
  231. However, in accordance with the progress of the studies in recent years on the military aristocracy, a view to regard the Abe clan as "Tsuwamono" (soldiers) characteristic of the Imperial Court State have emerged.
  232. However, in actual fact it only has seven ridges.
  233. However, in actual fact, daytime is longer than the night
  234. However, in actual fact, daytime is longer than the night.
  235. However, in actuality, the Kazoku (peerage) system had elements of Kashoku, and dukes and marquis were in principle eligible for a seat in the Kizokuin.
  236. However, in addition to selling goods for what they are worth, a major characteristic of tekiya is that they have the added value of providing part of the specialness (the 'hare' [extraordinary] and 'ke' [ordinary]) of festivals.
  237. However, in addition to the fact that he returned the two Korean princes as a bargaining chip during negotiations, he had a confrontation in 1596 with Mitsunari ISHIDA over a peace settlement with Ming, for which he incurred the displeasure of Hideyoshi and was temporarily brought back to Kyoto.
  238. However, in addition, the shogunate brought over Harumi SHIBUKAWA, who hit the business as a subordinate of Yasutomi TSUCHIMIKADO in the making of the Jokyo calendar, to be a Tenmonkata (officer in charge of astronomy)and plundered even the authority of calendar amendment.
  239. However, in an age when nepotistic succession was common among the nobility, Michinori, who joined the Takashina family, was stripped of his right to succeed Sanenori and Suetsuna, and could not be appointed an official of Daigaku-ryo.
  240. However, in an announcement that determined the election district based on Public Offices Election Act (Announcement No. 5 by the Nakagyo Ward Electoral Management Committee, November 2, 1967), 'Nishinokyo Hiogi-cho' was shown as one of the town names that belong to the 19th election district.
  241. However, in an intercalary month of February the following year, his brother Sadazane SUGANUMA was given 10,000 koku and allowed for the succession of family name.
  242. However, in ancient times, there were the system of control over the temples and Buddhist priests such as Soniryo (Regulations for Priests and Nuns) and Sogo (Office of Monastic Affairs) and so on, which the nation laid down and it was after the late Heian period that in fact shue functioned as the council institution.
  243. However, in and after the 1990s, the number of people having an interest in Japanese modern and popular culture and subculture has also increased in various countries.
  244. However, in and after the movements to change cultural policies in the Meiji Restoration, females became able to work as entertainers legally, based on the regulation for controlling yose (rakugo theatres) established in 1877.
  245. However, in any way, this is a matter of imagination, and it is true that sushi is safe food from the viewpoint of actual hygiene.
  246. However, in appearance, distribution and biology it is very similar to the conger pike and it is treated as the same creature in fish markets.
  247. However, in around the end of the 14th century, the shugo-shiki was exclusively possessed by a certain clan that inherited the post of its province, which was called "monopolization of the shugo-shiki."
  248. However, in both cases, "the king of Japan" referred to the emperor of Japan.
  249. However, in case of Najio paper in which soil is contained, the fibers are less influenced by humidity because the soil absorbs and evaporates the moisture, and consequently it is a highly durable paper.
  250. However, in case of emergency such as a fire at the Imperial Palace, both military officers and civil officers fixed ei with a piece of plain wood which was made by tearing off a fan of cypress, and they called this kashiwabasami (it is said they rolled up ei outward or they just folded the ei).
  251. However, in case of the lords of domains, a few of them retained the real power after inkyo, and there are many cases where the reason of the inkyo was illness
  252. However, in connection with a theory to moving up the beginning date of the Yayoi period, whether or not to reject the previous theory, or to relate a new date with political changes of the Yin Dynasty to the Zhou Dynasty has been considered.
  253. However, in consideration of Tadae's achievements, his second son, Gorobe, was allowed be a successor to the family, and Tadae's Kawakami family had not died out.
  254. However, in contrary to its expectations, the United States was blocked out from receiving privileges in China by Japan, England, and Russia.
  255. However, in contrast to Horyu-ji Temple, its Kondo was placed in the west and the pagoda was in the east.
  256. However, in contrast to Ichikawa, who was good at depicting women, he specialized in movies performed by actors in leading roles, and his forte flourished in action comedies such as "Epoch of Murder Madness" (1967), influencing many young people at that time including Hayao MIYAZAKI.
  257. However, in contrast to iwakura, there are virtually no actual examples.
  258. However, in contrast, Masatsugu INADA, Masahito MATSUO, Suguru SASAKI explained clearly that 'the just laws of Nature' didn't only refer to a policy of opening of the country to the world and international law.
  259. However, in current day Japanese Buddhism (this text included), there is discord about which character should be used.
  260. However, in deference to Yoritoo's meritous deeds, the Toki clan was not decimated, and his nephew was allowed to continue the family line.
  261. However, in diplomatic documents and so on, 'Nihonkoku Kotei' (Emperor of Japan) was used afterwards, too, and several similar expressions can be found in official domestic documents, also (look at 'Nihonkoku Kotei' for the usage of the expression).
  262. However, in disputes between manors and koryo, it was decided that the manor side did not constitute gangsters.
  263. However, in doing so, needless force will cause a reflex reaction by the opponent and will create issues such as facing resistance with force, separation of the contact point, etc., thereby interfering with the flow of the technique.
  264. However, in eastern Japan, which was a remote region, production areas tended to spread on the contrary and new kilns increased in Kanto region.
  265. However, in fact Kidendo (the study of the histories), which did not exist at the birth of daigaku and kokugaku, came to be valued highly, and the educational system of daigaku and kokugaku was changed into Kidendo-oriented one.
  266. However, in fact prisoners did not contribute to the increase of the population because many of them died due to hard work or ran back to their hometowns after release.
  267. However, in fact the officer of Kyoto Prefecture discovered the teaching of the bible at the school, and Niijima had to write a letter of apology.
  268. However, in fact there were two kinds of kazoku; "Shushin kazoku" (one-generation kazoku) lost the kazoku status at the death of their family heads who had been practically given the title; and "Eidai kazoku" (permanent kazoku) could keep the kazoku status for generations.
  269. However, in fact those facilities and equipments were useless.
  270. However, in fact unlike today it was difficult to build a nationwide organization, and several cases could be found in which someone that learned in Edo instructed in his hometown without getting permission to instruct.
  271. However, in fact, Tokitsugu himself noted in the original books that he transcribed it from "Ryakumyo dodai" possessed by the Kiyohara clan or Kanehide HIROHASHI.
  272. However, in fact, it had been implemented before that time to have an especially capable person take a high position by adding a yield, which was one of causes depressing financial affairs of the bakufu.
  273. However, in fact, it was put under the strong management of Daijokan (Grand Council of State).
  274. However, in fact, some peasants refused to accept money and the movement against the mining pollution continued after that.
  275. However, in fact, the red-light area played a part in attracting guests for Ogoto Onsen, which developed as a hot springs resort with red-light areas, after the war.
  276. However, in fact, the situation never changed in which the Japanese Army considered Russia as the imagined enemy and the Imperial Japanese Navy considered the United States of America as the imagined enemy, and therefore the original intentions to unify the ideas of national defense was achieved imperfectly.
  277. However, in fact, there were some people who intentionally sank others' ships and looted the loaded goods as driftage of yorifune.
  278. However, in folklore, it did not tend toward Yanagida's aim, which was the diachronic analysis of understanding the future based on the comparison between the past and the present.
  279. However, in forestry, profits are realized only by making heavy investment in planting of man-made forests, such as thinning, for a long time of fifty to one hundred years.
  280. However, in gassho-zukuri, materials from both sides lean against each other in the shape of the Chinese character 人 cross at the ridgepoles.
  281. However, in general, Hoto is classified as a powdered food dish like Oyaki (wrapping red bean paste or filling of vegetable up in flattering kneaded flour and buckwheat flour thinly and baking) and Oneri (kneaded stewed potato or pumpkin with corn flour seasoning with miso, bean paste, soy sauce and so on), rather than Udon noodles.
  282. However, in general, he did not show up in the political arena so much, but was distinguished mainly in cultural activities such as waka (a traditional Japanese poem of thirty-one syllables).
  283. However, in his book "Shosetsu Shinzui" (The essence of novels), Shoyo TSUBOUCHI rejected the novels which encourage Kanzen Choaku (he called them "Kancho novels") claiming them to be outdated.
  284. However, in his dream that night, a child appeared and told him that "Kannon and Vaisravana have different names, but fundamentally they are one and the same."
  285. However, in his later years as his physical strength began to decline, he shortened the hilt of the spear, saying 'The best spear is the one that fits your strength.'
  286. However, in his later years, Yoriyoshi entered the priesthood, buried the ears below a platform (known as Mino-do on Rokujo-bomon, the main street in Kyoto during Heian period) and repenting his cruelty, was able to enter Nirvana upon his death.
  287. However, in his territory--Hazu District of Mikawa Province--he's considered a wise ruler and is still liked due to the golden bank that he built in 1686, as well as flood-prevention projects and the development of new rice fields such as Tomiyoshi Shinden.
  288. However, in land reclamation projects in Hokkaido and at the labor site of coal mines in Kyushu (the Mitsui Miike coal mine in relation with Miike Shujikan), Takobeya (labor camp) Rodo, a form of labor under which general workers were placed in confinement and exploited to make up for the shortage of workforce, developed.
  289. However, in large lakes such as Lake Biwa and Lake Inawashiro, they often live only in their habitat of freshwater areas in the lakes and the rivers around the lakes until they migrate down to the sea for spawning.
  290. However, in late Muromachi period, because Nobunaga ODA encouraged sumo wrestling, it is said that the popularity of kemari was gradually brought to an end.
  291. However, in later performances, he is portrayed as a good-hearted man who, despite the fact that he detects Benkei's lie, pretends to be fooled by him because he understands Benkei's sincere heart.
  292. However, in later years, Katanashi were held at the Geki South Building even for Kansei and other than the fact that the official seal of the Daijokan was stored at the Fumidono next to the Geki South Building, everything else was the same.
  293. However, in later years, some komin had a multiple vassal relationship by farming a part of a shoen that had temporary zoyaku exemption rights and belonged there as a yoriudo as well and tried to be exempt from temporary zoyaku for their main farm lands as well.
  294. However, in later years, the title was given according to the contents.
  295. However, in local areas, there are some railway companies that took over unprofitable railway lines from Japan National Railways, and thus the managing status of every company is usually failing.
  296. However, in many Kokufu, these facilities were built dispersively, and not too close to each other.
  297. However, in many articles which are regarded as having been written by Nichiren, the head of the sect is assumed as Shakyamuni, and since in Honzon Shoto Tokui Sho Soegaki it is written as the head of the sect Nichiren, it is pointed out that it was written in later years.
  298. However, in many cases the Matsudaira family, a member of the Tokugawa clan, used Tsuta-mon (ivy patterns), Kiri-mon (paulownia patterns), or Touchiwa (fan), among others, which were used as a kae-mon (alternate personal crest).
  299. However, in many cases, Hanshi refers to the samurai class.
  300. However, in many cases, Kensenbu and Kenshibu are used with the same meaning.
  301. However, in many cases, it led to compulsory allocation of crops production to the people of the domain and compulsory purchase by low price, so many uprisings against monopolization happened in various places.
  302. However, in many matches, including those hosted by the JKF, contestants are virtually allowed to punch the opponent's body, whereas they should try to limit any damage by quickly withdrawing the punch (called 'hikite').
  303. However, in many of his original pieces he composed both the shamisen and so (koto) parts on his own for the first time.
  304. However, in medieval times when the class system of feudal society was established, farmers, artisans, and merchants were not allowed to learn about arms and samurai postures.
  305. However, in midst of this fighting, the army led by Toshiie MAEDA on the Shibata side, deployed on Mt. Shige, abruptly left the front lines.
  306. However, in modern times, since Hidematsu WADA presumed that the author had been his elder brother, FUJIWARA no Shigetaka, and that the year of compilation had been the late 1110's, this presumption has been widely accepted.
  307. However, in more recent years, burials also began to take place in the square front.
  308. However, in most cases the shrine is built at the original site of worship in Koshintoism from ancient times.
  309. However, in most cases, the host will not continue to offer bubu zuke more than once or twice, and then the visitor may say 'Well, I have to leave now.
  310. However, in mountainous regions which face supply difficulties, and even some urban areas, there are some households which use cylinders of propane gas.
  311. However, in okugaki, "歳次己卯" is appended to the year; thus according to the Oriental zodiac, it is in 979.
  312. However, in only three months after she started living in the Imperial palace, her father, Michitaka died, and in addition, her brothers, Korechika and Takaie, lost their power bases in the government, making the influence of the Nakano-kanpaku family lost.
  313. However, in opposition to the 'antique style' of poetry made by Teitoku, a 'new style' appeared and deprived the Teimon School of its high social status.
  314. However, in or around 1887 the sending of nengajo rooted among citizens as a year-end event, resulting in a concentration of nengajo from many people in post offices, thereby increasing the amount of mail several tens of times.
  315. However, in order not to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors, Zhao Kuangyin, as he drank wine at a banquet, persuaded the setsudoshi, who were his subordinates, to retire.
  316. However, in order to bring down Saihei, Tomokiyo OSHIMA went back to his hometown, Onomichi, and requested a loan of fifty thousand yen.
  317. However, in order to care for his sickly mother he served at the Asano family in Kishu province (present day Wakayama Prefecture) for several months.
  318. However, in order to discern the new Waka from the traditional one, these new poems came to be commonly called 'Tanka' (see also Tanka).
  319. However, in order to prevent the pursuit of accountability against Emperor Showa, he could not use the term supreme command.
  320. However, in order to re-establish 'Hanshi as the top rank in the Kendo world,' and in consideration of the fact that Hanshi titles were granted to Hachidan holders on the basis of seniority, Kyudan and Judan were abolished and the rules of examination were revised as in the above list.
  321. However, in practice, as those definitely in the class of Genin were sometimes called 'Shoju', the two designations were used interchangeably with no significant differences in usage.
  322. However, in practice, the public estimation of Japan in Western countries obviously changed after the policy of Europeanization.
  323. However, in present Chiba Prefecture, there are several of shrines and temples with the legend which Mimimotoji was believed to be dead in their premises after escaping from Omo no miya.
  324. However, in principle, the conditions (1), (2), (3), (4), and (5) were carried through.
  325. However, in reality it took so many years to be promoted, and because it was not easy to reach the rank of kengyo, bakufu allowed the blind to sell and buy the ranks with money.
  326. However, in reality it was difficult to establish an independent religious organization in Kyoto as opposed to established temples such as Enryaku-ji Temple, which acquired economic power over the years and in some cases had military forces.
  327. However, in reality the people of Tosa and Hizen were not able to find any single suspect among the people of Saccho, and it is quite unnatural to arrive at such a conclusion.
  328. However, in reality the percentage of grandmasters instructing in the art of weaponry isn't high, so most training includes instruction in taijutsu only.
  329. However, in reality umeshu was commonly produced in private households.
  330. However, in reality, Engi no chi was not necessarily successful as the rank differentiation of the farmer class was significantly accelerated so, the rule over people based on the Ritsuryo system had reached the stage no longer being possible.
  331. However, in reality, at least one bugyo was selected from Miuchibito (private vassals of the Tokuso, the patrimonial head of the main branch of the Hojo clan), and it is considered that control by the Tokuso and the regent spread even to the city of Kamakura.
  332. However, in reality, he detected the elderly couple's fear of him because he was not growing bigger, therefore he left home before they could abandon him.
  333. However, in reality, the Iga-doshin was no more than one section of vassals and Masashige was also merely an armored samurai who led ashigaru (common foot soldiers).
  334. However, in reality, the government was not able to lower the tax rate so easily.
  335. However, in reality, the samurai warriors under him were limited to those in the Kinai region (the five capital provinces surrounding the ancient capitals of Nara and Kyoto) starting with his home base of Settsu Province.
  336. However, in reality, the surrender of the Edo-jo Castle was the opening chapter phase into the entire history of the Boshin Civil War.
  337. However, in reality, the temple gate of Nanzen-ji Temple was built in 1628, after the death of Goemon.
  338. However, in reality, there is no definitive answer as to which one is the correct site.
  339. However, in reality, they often clashed with the kebiishi (a police and judicial chief) of the Imperial Court because their authorities overlapped.
  340. However, in reality, washing in seawater does not disinfect, and letting a wound dry in the wind interferes with regeneration of skin.
  341. However, in recent Buddhist Studies, some people point out that these were forceful interpretation (dogma) by Chigi.
  342. However, in recent years about ten different brands of natto products are sold in supermarkets in the Kinki region, and the amount of display space has become nearly equal to that of the Kanto region.
  343. However, in recent years it has been considered that Cryptomeria fortunei trees found in parts of China are very closely related to or are the same species as the Japanese cedar.
  344. However, in recent years the last manufacturers' relatives have resumed manufacturing Kyo tops.
  345. However, in recent years there have been many cases in which expert committees of schools have assumed this position instead, and there exist varying power relationships between iemoto and schools.
  346. However, in recent years this has come to be recognized incorrect and is no longer widely seen.
  347. However, in recent years, it appears as though a small number of married women have started to wear furisode occasionally, as well as Japanese enka singers (who often do so).
  348. However, in recent years, it has been commercially struggling because the comics are downloaded into personal computers and delivered domestically and internationally via P2P and so on due to the development of the Internet.
  349. However, in recent years, it was excavated at the site of Heijo-kyo in 1969 and also at the site of Fujiwara-kyo, which is older than Heijo-kyo, in 1991.
  350. However, in recent years, there is a rising insistence to accept immigrants due to its aging society.
  351. However, in recent years, there is a skeptical view about it, which claims that the warrior is actually Moronao or Morofuyu.
  352. However, in regions with heavy snowfalls and in cold areas, tile roofing was not popular.
  353. However, in response to a series of scandals by Senba Kitcho Co., Ltd. which was one of the companies operating Japanese-style restaurants, each Kitcho Group company decided to establish a compliance committee auditing whether foodstuffs and products are being treated properly.
  354. However, in response to the provocation caused by Satsuma-han Clan in the city of Edo in 1868 he mobilized his army and blockaded Kyoto using the armies of Aizu and Kuwana-han Clans.
  355. However, in return, upon hearing the news of the uprising, Renjun issued an order to assist the Chosho-ji Temple to the followers in the Kinai (provinces surrounding Kyoto and Nara) and Tokai regions for the reason that attacking the deputy of the head Jikken was a rebellion against the head of the Hongan-ji Temple.
  356. However, in rivalry with Yoshiwara, Fukagawa flourished as a shrine town of Tomioka Hachiman-gu Shrine and also as a hanamachi (a red-light district) where Japanese-style restaurants and nonlicensed brothels were concentrated.
  357. However, in sects (such as Hosso sect, Tendai sect, Shingon sect and so on) which monzeki (successor of a temple) was placed, petitioning the Emperor was performed through monzeki, and in small temples and shrines, it was done by the Yoshida family or the Shirakawa family.
  358. However, in shirogayu (white rice porridge), stirring makes the grains of rice fall apart, producing oneba and making the kayu less flavorful.
  359. However, in some Donburimono, such as Donburimono with Tempura (deep-fried fish and vegetables) as its side dish, steaming isn't favored because eating the non-steamed side dish is a pleasant sensation against the teeth.
  360. However, in some areas such as Hakata, they are beginning to be kept alive by public and private support, with the will of local residents and the belief of government that 'yatai are part of the culture of Japan,' and they bring various benefits regarding tourism and regional promotion.
  361. However, in some areas, or in some specific performances, music and sound effects are used when the storyteller narrates the story.
  362. However, in some books or magazines that describe traditional Japanese clothing, clothes worn by a court noble lady was described as `Goshodoki,' while clothes worn by a lady from Samurai society (original `Goshodoki') was described as `Edodoki-pattern'; thus, the definition of Goshodoki is still confusing.
  363. However, in some cases it was called the "Conquest of Silla."
  364. However, in some cases the princess used 'Akishinonomiya Mako Naishinno' as her own signature.
  365. However, in some cases, adults carry a kaki yamakasa, while children pull a hiki yamakasa.
  366. However, in some cases, the examples stated below can be seen.
  367. However, in some cases, the word "yakukin" was used in different meanings from the above: for example, salaries paid to village and town representatives, impositions on bankers, and impositions on pond fishers as "pond fishing charges."
  368. However, in some cases, tuna, salmon and moray eels are used to make tataki.
  369. However, in some countries, if the children for succession are an elder sister and a younger brother, the right to succeed the throne is granted to the brother.
  370. However, in some districts in Fukuoka Prefecture, boys wear the adult's underwear called "hekokaki" and girls wear the same underwear called "yumojikaki," when they become seven years old.
  371. However, in some faculties, students can never register the course nor enter the institute when they fail to take credits of certain liberal arts along the way (de facto enforcement of repeating the same grade).
  372. However, in some letters to Rodin, her name was described as 'OTA Hana' or '太田ハナ' whose first name is written in Katakana.
  373. However, in some of them, the name of Kobo Daishi was simply used when legends about their origins became necessary later.
  374. However, in some parts of Japan, such as Hokkaido, osechi dishes are still eaten on New Year's Eve, following the old custom.
  375. However, in some parts of Kyushu, whales were only for producing oil and were not eaten in the hand-harpooning whaling era, and the record remains that the whale meat except subcutaneous fat were carried off the coasts and were dumped there.
  376. However, in some parts of the Kansai region, people prepare sukiyaki by putting vegetables and other ingredients in the pot only after the beef is cooked, with the intention of the sugar and soy sauce mixing together with the water from the vegetables and other ingredients.
  377. However, in some regions, the floored part along the side of the unfloored part was cut out.
  378. However, in some shrines and regions, characteristic makeup such as white face powder or heavy eye makeup is found.
  379. However, in some towns the festival is finished in one day due to the decreasing number of children or people who cannot come because of other commitments.
  380. However, in some under populated areas with very low transport density, there are some railway companies whose managing conditions are failing.
  381. However, in spite of the abundant quantity of hot spring water, bathing is not necessary there because the humidity level is as low as in Europe.
  382. However, in subsequent years there was the possibility of giving the rank of family head to the members of the SHIONOYA clan family who rendered distinguished service, and therefore it's impossible to say they were completely fictitious characters.
  383. However, in such cases where a series of Jiin-ho were made into a statute, there were scarcely cases where they were written in the same style or they were compiled in a form of the code.
  384. However, in taking records such as the 'Kojiki' (Records of Ancient Matters) into account, this is the most widely accepted theory.
  385. However, in terms of bloodlines, the Jimyoin line, rather than the Daikakuji line, is the direct line of descent, and within the Jimyoin line, the Fushiminomiya family is considered the direct line, making the current Imperial family's blood the most noble.
  386. However, in terms of formality and authority, jochu working for the Shogun were higher.
  387. However, in terms of interpretation, they have been divided without a conclusion yet reached.
  388. However, in terms of quick reporting, nishiki-e-shinbun only followed the newspaper articles and could report the same news as those in the newspapers later than the newspapers for several days at earliest and, for some subject matters, nishiki-e-shinbun for each of them was issued several months after each of them occurred.
  389. However, in terms of results, Russia did not claim compensation or exercised military retaliation.
  390. However, in terms of tencho setsu, sometimes the celebration day (holiday) was moved from the actual birthday (for the case of Emperor Taisho. Similar example includes the Queens Official Birthday of England).
  391. However, in terms of the official court rank, Seimei and his son ABE no Yoshihira (954-1027) were at Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank); it is obvious that their ranks were lower than those of their ancestor Anio.
  392. However, in that case, Himiko, who actually received the Kodo was a woman, unlike Emperor Suinin who was male, so either kiki is wrong, Himiko is unrelated to kiki or does not appear in it, or at least does not appear as king of Wa.
  393. However, in the "Abridged Records of Chikurin-ji Temple" (completed in 1305) written by a scholar monk of Todai-ji Temple called Gyonen, it is mentioned that Gyoki entered Ikoma-yama in 704 and lived at Kayano Sembo.
  394. However, in the "Heike Monogatari", she is regarded as being the same as Hashihime.
  395. However, in the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) it is already possible to see descriptions of Buddhist deities as 'banjin' (foreign deities).
  396. However, in the "Nippon" many representative writers in the Meiji period such as Katsunan, the editor, and Shiki MASAOKA gathered and they greatly influenced the following literary world.
  397. However, in the "Shikinai-sha Chosa Hokoku-sho" (Shikinai-sha Survey Report), it is believed that although originally one god, it was divided into two in recent times.
  398. However, in the "orthodox genealogy of the Shimazu clan," the fact that he became an adopted child of the Tanegashima clan is excluded.
  399. However, in the 'Toki 325 train' case, the train could not stop before having been damaged, although the brake was applied immediately after a preliminary tremor (an earthquake wave) was detected, because the earthquake occurred just under the train.
  400. However, in the 1970s, there was a declining participation rate and youth became alienated from Seijin-shiki ceremony.
  401. However, in the 1980s it abolished most of its branches outside Kyoto Prefecture.
  402. However, in the 1990's, automated machines which were good for practical use were developed and work efficiency started to improve.
  403. However, in the 19th century, a coolie which could be a replacement appeared.
  404. However, in the 21st century, the whole story of the Ertu?ru disaster came to be introduced through electronic bulletin boards or mail magazines on the Internet along with the following incident.
  405. However, in the 3rd general election of the members of the House of Representatives held shortly after that, the factions both lost seats, and as a result, they united to secure their position as the Minto.
  406. However, in the Battle of Anegawa which broke out the same year (1570), Nagamasa failed to make full use of his home-court advantage and could not predominate the battle.
  407. However, in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi of 1868, the Miyazu clan joined the side of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), which was heavily defeated and became the target of Sanindo Chinbugun (a military unit formed specially for the campaign in Sanindo) the governor of which was Kinmochi SAIONJI.
  408. However, in the Battle of Ueda in Shinano Province, he took so much time to cope with the fierce resistance by Masayuki SANADA that he lost his chance to participate in the Battle of Sekigahara on October 21.
  409. However, in the Boshin War, the Uemura clan, which was advocating reverence for the Emperor by the influence of Sanzan TANI, took the side of the new government and worked as a guard of Kyoto Imperial Palace.
  410. However, in the Bukeho (the law system for the samurai society and the military government), from the view of attaching some additional weight to the heirs' parental power, Kuikaeshi was widely allowed unless it was donated to a temple and shrine.
  411. However, in the Edo period the practice was changed into the form of carrying a dead body into the Tokai-bune to be buried at sea (the case with a chief priest of Darakusan-ji Temple is known).
  412. However, in the Emperor Kinmei period, SOGA no Iname who had a blood relationship with Emperor Kinmei gained power so kanamura's ascendancy began to decline.
  413. However, in the Five Dynasties Period, a person's goroku was compiled while the person was still alive, and was audited by the person.
  414. However, in the Haihan-chiken reform (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures), the Honda family was treated as a baishin (a retainer of shogun's retainer) and was designated as shizoku (family or person with samurai ancestors).
  415. However, in the Heian period, the Department of Worship and provincial governors frequently granted shinkai to their own.
  416. However, in the Heian period, the role of naiki was gradually reduced.
  417. However, in the Heiji War in 1159, he didn't offer his force to support Yoshitomo's army, and instead he captured Yoshitomo's fifth son, MINAMOTO no Mareyoshi (his mother was Yura gozen) who was hiding in Suruga Province after the War and took him to the imperial court.
  418. However, in the Hoan-sho, there was a high possibility that the goshin-ei portrait would be exposed to danger, if the schoolhouse collapsed due to fires or earthquakes.
  419. However, in the ICOCA area only the ticket function is available so the functions of commuter pass and electric money can't be used.
  420. However, in the Imperial Court, bakufu and the Sekkan families, this position was often called 'Moushitsugi,' whereas it was often called 'Soja' in Shugo daimyo (shugo, which were Japanese provincial military governors, that became daimyo, which were Japanese feudal lords) and Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period).
  421. However, in the Imperial Palace Emperor Gomizunoo still took control of politics and ruled the cloistered government.
  422. However, in the Imperial court, there was a move to regenerate Genro.
  423. However, in the Insei period (period of the government by the retired Emperor), the Sekkan-ke weakened, which made the number of Zuryo Keishi decrease.
  424. However, in the Ise battle line, anti-Hideyoshi troops were superior in spite of smaller force.
  425. However, in the Jinshin Rebellion which occurred in 672, her father and her husband ended up fighting against each other.
  426. However, in the Jodo Sugoroku (a kind of Buddhist Sugoroku), which is considered to be the oldest, the Buddhist terms and morals were written on it, instead of pictures.
  427. However, in the July 15th section of "Keiso Saijiki (The Xingchu Suishiji)" the contents of which were selected by Sorin who lived in the same era as Han Wudi of Ryo, it is described that priests and secular people held "bon" ceremonies and offered memorial services, and the "Urabon-kyo" sutras are also cited.
  428. However, in the Kaga case merely the circumstances in neighboring provinces facilitated the success.
  429. However, in the Kansai area, 'minchi' is a word used solely to mean ground meat, and the word 'minchi' is not used as an abbreviation for 'minchi katsu'.
  430. However, in the Kansai region, sukiyaki refers to a dish in which beef is grilled first, as the phrase sukiyaki implies ("yaki" meaning to broil or grill,) which is then flavored by covering it with sugar and soy sauce.
  431. However, in the Koan War in 1281, he fought hard in the Shikanoshima-island Battle and routed the Yuan army headed by Hokei KIN and Chakyu KO, then he eradicated the stigma.
  432. However, in the Mainichi shodo-ten (a calligraphic exhibition named Mainichi (literally, everyday), the name of "bokusho-geijutsu" (literally, ink-based art) held in 1954 was given to such calligraphy, and in the art-reviewing society, it is also called "chusho-shodo" (abstract calligraphy).
  433. However, in the Meiji period in the beginning of twentieth century, led by Shiki MASAOKA, Seisei MATSUSE, Hekigoto KAWAHIGASHI, Meisetsu NAITO, and Kyoshi TAKAHAMA organized an association, New Hototogisu (name of magazine) based on "Japan" (a newspaper) and targeted to overthrow Shofu.
  434. However, in the Meiji period, it was determined to be Omono nushi.
  435. However, in the Meiji period, the stock system was abolished, and free competition increased the number of manufacturers.
  436. However, in the Muromachi period, hitatare ceremonial robes became popular among the aristocracy and the samurai families, so opportunities for wearing suikan decreased, except by boys before they came of age.
  437. However, in the Muromachi period, the demand of sake became too high for them to supply.'
  438. However, in the Nara period the Hayato people were merely subject to paying tribute and it was not until 800, after the start of the Heian period, that Handensei (state controlled land allotment) was applied to Osumi and Satsuma Provinces
  439. However, in the Nara period, the garden at East Palace of Heijo Imperial Palace has seascape scenery, streams, etc. expressed with stones.
  440. However, in the Nihonshoki all shingo have been unified as 7mikoto'.
  441. However, in the Northern Sung dynasty era, strong dynasties like Liao and Jin appeared in the northern region.
  442. However, in the Otsu incident which occurred during his tenure as the Minister of Home Affairs, he demanded the death penalty for Sanzo TSUDA, the culprit, and exerted a great deal of pressure such as intimidating the Chief of Daishin-in (Predecessor of the Supreme Court of Japan), Korekata KOJIMA,.
  443. However, in the Republic of Korea there are still activities that advocate the theory that 'Osakura equals Someiyoshino' and therefore plant Someiyoshino in places where Osakura naturally grow, and in fact the extinction of Osakura--a species native to Korea--is feared.
  444. However, in the Ritsuryo codes in Japan, the Chumusho ministry, placed directly under the emperor, was placed under Daijokan.
  445. However, in the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States), the family suffered consecutive invasions by the Kono clan of the eastern Iyo Province, the Tosa-Ichijo clan of Tosa Province, the Otomo clan of Bungo Province in Kyushu, and the family's influence gradually declined.
  446. However, in the Sengoku period (period of warring states in Japan) it continuously lost its shoryo (territory) until it was reduced to 950 koku (171. 3705 cubic meters) in the Edo period.
  447. However, in the Sengoku period (period of warring states) (Japan), when authority was unified by the influential daimyo (Japanese territorial lord), samurai who had lived in their own town were obliged to live in a group in a castle town established by their lord, with the result that Horinouchi and Doi were gradually extinguished.
  448. However, in the Setsu-yo-shu derived from the Ekirin-bon, the offices are described as being in Yosa-gun.
  449. However, in the Showa period a pure culture of Aspergillus glaucus (a kind of aspergillus) began to be sprayed on katsuobushi, not only to shorten the period of processing but also to prevent unfavorable fungus from generating, and thereafter this method became mainstream.
  450. However, in the Taisho period the influence of Yamagata decreased and soon the clique of the Army separated into Tosei faction and Kodo faction.
  451. However, in the Tenchi and Tenmu periods and later in the latter half of the seventh century, power was rapidly concentrated at the Emperor level (Okimi - great king) and Gozoku in the capital were reorganized into government officers.
  452. However, in the Tendai Sect (Tendai Esoteric Buddhism) which traditionally had close ties with the Emperor's family, it was sometimes linked with the Emperor, a king of the eastern country, because it was the founder of a religious sect in Toho joruri sekai.
  453. However, in the Theravada Buddhism introduced from the south, Buddha's sarira was undoubtedly the object of worship, as explained above.
  454. However, in the Tohoku region there is a preserved food called shimi-dofu, for which the same process is used.
  455. However, in the United State, People's Republic of China and Republic of Korea, avocado and caviar are used as toppings for sushi, which had not been used in Japan before, and this sushi style has been imported back into Japan.
  456. However, in the Washu-zan tunnel and on the Seto-Ohashi Bridge, only the space enabling the provision of a four-track line, including the Shinkansen tracks and regular railway tracks, has been secured, and the railways for the Shinkansen line have not been laid yet.
  457. However, in the Yamada school of koto music, which is completely based on vocal music, all the instruments of sankyoku gasso are performed nearly in unison.
  458. However, in the Yuan dynasty period, Tibetan Buddhism became popular and Indian stupa flowed back into the People's Republic of China.
  459. However, in the Zen schools a shichido garan includes a sanmon gate (main gate), a Buddha hall, a hatto (lecture hall), a sodo (meditation hall or a building dedicated to zazen), a kuin (temple's office or a kitchen), a tosu or a seichin (toilet) and a yokushitsu (bath).
  460. However, in the areas remote from the place where the kosa has originated, a high-density dust layer tends to be formed at a height of around 1 to 2 km above the ground.
  461. However, in the areas where lots of bakufu territories were located, such as the Kanto region, the land was not entrusted to daimyo (feudal lords) but rather controlled by the bakufu daikan (bakufu government officers sent to those bakufu territories) for those areas.
  462. However, in the article for March 30, 1189 in "Azuma Kagami" (Mirror of East), it is recorded that, when Yoritomo heard about Tokitada's death, he asked people around him about Tokitada's age, and the reply was 62 year old.
  463. However, in the article for daughter of FUJIWARA no Mototaka (Ienori's son) also, there exists a description, 'nyobo for Bifukumonin, shosho no tsubone (the office of minor captain), mother of TAIRA no Chikamune.'
  464. However, in the autumn of the following year (1901), the effect of the construction started to be felt, and the press stated that agricultural land had made quite a recovery.
  465. However, in the battlefield in sengoku, such acts were allowed as legitimate.
  466. However, in the battles after the Onin War, they gave distinguished service and within the Kyogoku family cultivated their power and overcame the main family to become feudal daimyo, eventually achieving the status of Shugo.
  467. However, in the beginning of 1475, Yoshitoshi was sent back to Kyoto by Takakage, having been caught while trying to flee an all-out attack on the castle by Takakage.
  468. However, in the beginning, it seems that a costume of reddish-brown color called "akairo no ho" was used, and its fabrics still exist in some places.
  469. However, in the broad sense, 'Edomae-zushi' means the whole sushi provided in the sushi shops that mainly serve Edo (Tokyo)-style nigiri-zushi (this article will focus on the 'Edomae-zushi' in the broad sense).
  470. However, in the broad sense, 'words' should contain elements other than voice, such as 'gesture.'
  471. However, in the case of 190 g cans, the general criteria are that standard cans contains the 6 g range, 'Low-sugar/moderated-sugar' the 4 g range and 'Trace-sugar' 2 g or so.
  472. However, in the case of Kodaiin, who later became the legal wife of Ienari TOKUGAWA, she was referred to as 'Goenjosama' at first, possibly because she was in such a delicate position.
  473. However, in the case of Nishiyama-kofun Tumulus that has the longest burial mound, a keyhole shape is placed on top of a square front, square back shape base.
  474. However, in the case of Takachiho no mine Mountain, there is only the name of the mountain and there is no place name of 'Takachiho'.
  475. However, in the case of University Tokyo Faculty of Law, the examination subjects were only translation from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English.
  476. However, in the case of Urasenke style, when either chaire, chawan, or chashaku has a history, the way to serve tea will be slightly modified, and such transformed methods are called chaire kazari, chawan kazari, or chashaku kazari, respectively.
  477. However, in the case of a credit-card integrated type, such as a VIEW Suica Card, HANA PLUS Card (STACIA Card) or KOBE PiTaPa, recharging from a credit card is not officially admitted due to the terminal specification.
  478. However, in the case of a funeral held in accordance with the teachings of the Jodoshinshu (True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism), the address "Gobutsuzen" is used for koden, because the deceased is said to become a Buddha immediately after death.
  479. However, in the case of difficult new compositions, it is desirable to indicate actual sounds in order to avoid mistakes.
  480. However, in the case of inheritances in samurai families, Myoseki `names` indicated only the transfer of the surname or family name.
  481. However, in the case of kuchikiri, even ordinary chatsubo is displayed in tokonoma.
  482. However, in the case of natto tempura, a considerable proportion of the odor disappears by being deed fried and by the coating of batter, so it becomes easier to eat.
  483. However, in the case of statue, beadroll in the right hand is often omitted or lost.
  484. However, in the case of the Jinpo Line the train going toward Umeda Station is called the inbound train.
  485. However, in the case of the Ouchi clan, before it was completed, he was prevented by the force of the anti-Ouchi forces, like the Amago clan, and was forced to return to his own territory.
  486. However, in the case where a Shinno who was ordered to become a Shinno by the emperor later became a priest, he was called a Nudo Shinno, but the usage of this distinction later gradually disappeared, and it became used in a broad sense as the meaning of Shinno who had renounced the world.
  487. However, in the cases of fudai daimyo (daimyo in hereditary vassal to the Tokugawa family) and hatamoto (direct retainers of the bakufu) who were often transferred from one fief to another, the territory of a branch family was sometimes treated as a registered rice paddy with no specific procedure.
  488. However, in the conference of nobles when Prince Mochihito raised an army, as Tsunemune did not agree to the opinion of FUJIWARA no Takasue and Michichika TSUCHIMIKADO, who were pro-Taira clan, to subjugate the Kofuku-ji Temple, it seems that Tsunemune was not completely subordinated by the Taira clan.
  489. However, in the confusion, some priests reached Hasedera Temple and Chishakuin Temple and survived.
  490. However, in the coup of September 30 of the same year, he fell into disgrace and escaped to the Choshu Domain with Sanetomi SANJO and Motoosa MIBU; this escape is called Shichi-kyo Ochi (the exile of the seven nobles).
  491. However, in the course of time various other entertainments such as TV appeared, significantly reducing the numbers of persons who visited yose and forcing the yose to close one after another.
  492. However, in the court, Shinzaburo's argument was not accepted because of "lacking sufficient evidence to rescind the validity of the will" and Shinzaburo lost the case by the Supreme Court decision in December 2004.
  493. However, in the documents of the Yugyo-ji Temple (the Head Temple of the Ji sect) in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts there is a story that when Yoshiie was born, the land of Kamakura and his residence was given to his father MINAMOTO no Yoriyoshi from his maternal grandfather TAIRA no Naokata.
  494. However, in the each school of the Nichiren sect, there is an argument over this line whether to regard Shakyamuni or Nichiren as the Honbutsu (Primordial Buddha).
  495. However, in the early Heian period when the influence of Tang culture became stronger, kyakushiki (amendments and enforcement of regulations of the ritsuryo) to establish 'onsho' was issued on May 10, 817 due to interest in kanon.
  496. However, in the early morning on June 13, Nobunaga led those 3,000 troops at the front-line and attacked the 15,000 strong Hongan-ji Temple army that had besieged the Tennoji Fort.
  497. However, in the early stage, it was developed separately from the board Sugoroku (which was occasionally a gambling tool).
  498. However, in the eastern Japan gold coins (koban) were circulated as large denomination coins, while in the western Japan, silver coins (chogin), and the exchange rate fluctuated on a daily basis, the financial industry including money brokers developed.
  499. However, in the eastern and western suburbs the road was widened as a main highway and the streetcar started running on it.
  500. However, in the eighteenth century, Suribachi made in Sakai, which had a semi-spherical shape and that imitated the Suribachi of Bizen, grabbed the majority share in eastern Japan.
  501. However, in the eighth century, household management personnel outside of the law called Chikeji and Chitakuji came to appear from Betto (superintendent) of Muhon-Shinno (Imperial Prince without court rank), and the Fourth and Fifth Rank.
  502. However, in the emperor-as-organ theory incident, constitutional school sect, led by Minobe, was driven out and interpretation focusing on imperial sovereignty was set in the statement of the fundamental character of the nation which was announced by the government in the same year.
  503. However, in the end he hesitates to sleep with her.
  504. However, in the end of same year, during the purge of former Joi supporters, Shinsaku TAKASUGI and others rallied various troops, and raised an army at Chofu Kozan-ji Temple.
  505. However, in the end of the Edo period, the prestige of the Emperor and the court nobles was restored under the rise of imperialism.
  506. However, in the end they are saved by the merit of Kannon Bosatsu (Kannon Bodhisattva).
  507. However, in the end, full-specification Shinkansen lines were constructed for both sections.
  508. However, in the end, he gave up returning to Suruga (it is also said that he was removed from the position of the lord of the castle) and settled in Kyoto.
  509. However, in the end, the hare's clothing was ripped away by the crocodiles.
  510. However, in the end, using the name 'the Ninth Higher School' was avoided, and the matter was settled by using the place name of Niigata Higher School (under the old system) and Matsumoto Higher School (under the old system).
  511. However, in the event they're operated exclusively on the KTR lines, the operation is undertaken with the KTR Type 001 diesel multiple unit limited express known as 'Tango Explorer.'
  512. However, in the fictional world (period dramas), they appear as a 'stock character,' like a czar of villains.
  513. However, in the field of swords and arms, there obviously existed a style specific to this period, which is exemplified by the long Japanese sword - popular in this period - so that this period is commonly distinguished from the Kamakura period.
  514. However, in the first year of Meiji, such movement might have antagonized some Japanese.
  515. However, in the fishery industry in Japan Ise ebi is a generic name for some kinds of lobsters that belong to Parimuridae, and such kinds, including imported ones, are distributed under the name of Ise ebi.
  516. However, in the following month, the ASHIKAGA force was forced to be routed by Akiie KITABATAKE who travelled to the South from Mutsu Province.
  517. However, in the following year, 1520, Yoshimura re-sent a punitive force (led by Norimoto KODERA who was the lord of Kodera-jo Castle, not by Yoshimura himself).
  518. However, in the following year, 1600, he joined forces with the Eastern army at the Battle of Sekigahara and distinguished himself in battle, thereby earning a pardon for his crime from Ieyasu.
  519. However, in the following year, 807, he was confined in Kawara-dera Temple (or Gufuku-ji Temple) with his mother, FUJIWARA no Yoshiko, on the suspicion of being the mastermind of a rebellion.
  520. However, in the foreword of a poem in the "Manyoshu" about the death of Hitomaro, it is recorded as '死'.
  521. However, in the genealogical table of Ogasawara clan, he doesn't exist.
  522. However, in the genealogy of "Sonpi Bunmyaku" and other historical sources there is no mention of any descendant of Mitsusue, nor that of Mitsuyoshi, called the Tada clan.
  523. However, in the inner part of China and Mongolia located near places where kosa is produced, damage due to sandstorms is more serious than the simple falling of kosa.
  524. However, in the interviews and lectures he firmly responded to questions including those on his rather old films, and he never lost the desire to make new films.
  525. However, in the last few years of his life, Sotan was working with Sosa KOSHIN and it seems that after returning to the way of tea at Senke, he set up Kankyuan as urged by his brothers.
  526. However, in the late Kamakura period, since Jito (a manager and lord of the manor) moved into the governance of the manor and public land, the livelihood and economy that had been dependent on the myo rapidly disappeared, and the conventional shoen koryo sei began to change.
  527. However, in the later Heian period, when the Insei political system started, where the retired emperor took power and administered all affairs of state as a de facto emperor, it was required to establish a way to express its own political will instead of Daijokanpu.
  528. However, in the latter half of the Edo period, most of the mountain guardians who had lived there left, then only a few remained in Haino located at the entrance to Sasari Pass in the early Meiji period.
  529. However, in the latter half of the Heian period, the Kokufu Bunka, in which human beings were depicted in Japanese styles, prevailed, and many historical stories, war chronicles and collections of anecdotes were written in the Japanese-writing style that enabled the descriptions to be made more flexibly and richly.
  530. However, in the latter half of this period, to make matters worse, the depression after World War I and the Great Kanto Earthquake occurred, and the stress from the inability to cope with the extreme ups and downs in the economy or the sudden change of a new era was accumulated at the bottom of the society.
  531. However, in the latter, megataki uchi (revenge on the adulterer) was practiced, in which a husband killed the adulterer as 'sukuse no teki' (fateful enemy).
  532. However, in the league game just before the announcement of the merger, Flugels played against Sanga and lost by the score 2-3 (on October 24, 1998, in Kagoshima Prefectural Kamoike Stadium).
  533. However, in the letter Masatora sent to Sakihisa KONOE, who was Kanpaku (the top adviser to the emperor) and his ally, after the battle, he wrote that he himself used his sword in the fight, and therefore, it is considered that the battle was a fierce one.
  534. However, in the mean time enormous debts incurred in motion picture production surfaced at Daiei.
  535. However, in the medieval period, Koya-hijiri, who were Yugyo-so (traveling monks) starting from Koya-Mountain, traveled while requesting donations around Japan, and therefore, the existence of such monks should also be taken into account.
  536. However, in the memoirs left by Shinpachi NAGAKURA in the Meiji era there is mention of a Hatto "Prohibition," consisting of 4 Articles, excluding "One shall not be allowed to engage in a private battle."
  537. However, in the mid Heian period, Kidendo, a Monjo subject, exceeded the other departments, therefore Myohodo was positioned lower than Kidendo and declined temporarily.
  538. However, in the middle of the 10th century, zaichokanjin (the local officials in Heian and Kamakura periods) started to manage kokuga (provincial government offices).
  539. However, in the middle of the Edo period, it was rediscovered by the influence of the scholars' studies including those by Sorai OGYU and Norinaga MOTOORI.
  540. However, in the middle of the Heian period the decline of Tang and abolishment of Kentoshi (the embassy to the Tang dynasty) lessened the influence of Chinese culture, and Kokufu bunka was developed.
  541. However, in the middle to the latter half of the Heian period, the trend of an office position monopolized by members of a specific family progressed, making geyujo for naikan gradually ineffective.
  542. However, in the midst of Heian period, as hereditary government office system developed and the government post, regarded as a kind of interest, became taken over by heredity, particular clans ('hakase family') that took up the post of instructors by heredity emerged.
  543. However, in the modern era, such practices evolved into a form of entertainment in Kyoto and resulted in the development of traditional performing arts such as Mibu Rokusai Nenbutsu Odori.
  544. However, in the modern times, the new Meiji Government performed a re-separation of Buddhism and Shinto, and the Shinto religion which was treated as State Shinto was merged with militarism, and became a means of hegemonism.
  545. However, in the movie the hero and heroine watch "Yojinbo" in a cinema, and a scene from "Yojinbo" is directly employed in the movie.
  546. However, in the narrow sense of usage, the target differs depending on a region.
  547. However, in the national sake tasting competition, as much as 11 different brands are arranged, making the mathematical chance of matching all the brands 40 million to one and less.
  548. However, in the nature that they were concurrently farmers, it is considered to be hard to mobilize them during the busiest farming season and thus it was impossible to make them fight battles over a long period of time.
  549. However, in the next year (1525), he left the capital, moving to the northern region again.
  550. However, in the next year, 1874, the castle was demolished.
  551. However, in the next year, Masayoshi HOTTA, who had become the head of Roju replacing Abe, concluded the Japan-U.S. Treaty of Peace and Amity with the United States.
  552. However, in the next year, Otsugu was additionally appointed to be Azechi (inspector of the provincial government) for Mutsu Province and Dewa Province and was ordered to leave for the site as a successor of highly reputed warrior, SAKANOUE no Tamuramaro.
  553. However, in the notes to Iwanami paperback edition of "Nanporoku" (tea book), 'fusube tea' is mentioned as 'Fusube Chanoyu' (fusube tea ceremony) and described as 'a poor tea just something smoked.'
  554. However, in the official history of China ("Jiu Tang Shu" [Old Tang History] or "Shin To-jo" [New Book of Tang]), the name of the country of Japan changed from `Wa' to `Nihon' (Japan) at the end of the seventh century.
  555. However, in the opening line of Kojiki tells that '訓高下天云阿麻下效此,' which designates us to read the Chinese character '天' as 'ama.'
  556. However, in the past at Kizu no Watashi (ferry at Kizu), Takakata slandered Sanemasa, relating to the Crown Prince (Imperial Prince Takahito) who could not become Emperor.
  557. However, in the past there was a occasion on which one of them proceeded to Kawaramachi Station for a test drive, and on another occasion a different train went as far as Katsura Station as a special-event train.
  558. However, in the period from around the end of the 1970s to 1980s, Tatsuhiko SHIMOMUKAI and others actively promoted research and raised various issues from the latter viewpoint.
  559. However, in the period of Nagatoki, the eldest son of Nagamune, it was defeated by Shingen TAKEDA from Kai who was aiming to territorialize Shinano, at the Battle of Shiojiritoge, and Nagatoki was exiled from Shinano and the Fuchu-Ogasawara clan went to ruin.
  560. However, in the period of Sui Dynasty, a new unit standard large ryo was established that 1 large ryo was equivalent to about 3 times larger than 1 ryo.
  561. However, in the period of Takatsune KUKI, the second lord, the domain administration had already started to decline after various natural disasters, such as heavy flooding and rain storms which killed 3,729 people.
  562. However, in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts, it became necessary to make an evidential document in order to avoid complications after death, and the term fukyo has come to mean the same thing as gizetsu.
  563. However, in the present performance they start on the main stage where a light blue curtain ("asagimaku" in Japanese) is hung and it opens to reveal a spring landscape of oilseed rape blossoms covering the stage.
  564. However, in the previous year, the Emperor Go-Mizuno and Oyotsu had already given birth to their first son Kamo no Miya, and then Ume-no-Miya, in May, 1619.
  565. However, in the process of formation as a soshoshukyo (religion proposed by a person or a group), Dokyo was indeed influenced by the Doka philosophy.
  566. However, in the process that Buddhism spread from India to China and became familiarized to the common people, it had assimilated the Han race's folk religion for memorial services for ancestors which originated from Taoism and Confucianism, and at last Buddhist priests became to manage funeral rites as well.
  567. However, in the record of May 13 of "Kanemi Kyoki" (The Diary of Kanemi) there is a description that the abdication was reversed and stopped.
  568. However, in the regents and chancellors period, there was a time when only young male members of the imperial family put on a shitagasane on noshi shozoku (everyday clothes for nobles), which was referred to as 'okimisugata style' (relaxed style with everyday clothes for an emperor or an imperial prince).
  569. However, in the region where the manzai was introduced after the Edo period, the process of tradition is mostly elucidated.
  570. However, in the same month the Emperor Komei suddenly died of smallpox.
  571. However, in the same month, March, descendants of TAIRA no Koremoto and a group including sons of TAIRA no Koremitsu respectively raised a rebellion in Iga and Ise and Tsunetoshi, serving as the shugo in both the provinces, traveled to quell the rebellions, but he was attacked without having any talks and ran away lamely.
  572. However, in the same way as in cases for instance where an imperial court rank of Shihon or higher was to be awarded, the master family sent the Imperial court a messenger to have the rank awarded, after getting approval from the bakufu.
  573. However, in the same year (1582) Nobunaga was killed in the Honnoji Incident, and Magoichi, who lost his backing, fled from Saiga, seeking refuge with Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.
  574. However, in the same year, Kanemichi became ill and died.
  575. However, in the same year, the permission by the Emperor could not be established due to fierce protest by 88 higher-ranking officials of the Imperial Court who were against the cooperative line with the Bakufu.
  576. However, in the scores of classical music, there existed sounds lower than the lowest sound that can be produced with a three-stringed Kucho.
  577. However, in the section between the Kyotanabe-matsui Interchange and the intersection with National Highway Route No. 170, there are two lanes in each direction from the Hirakata-higashi Interchange to the intersection with National Highway No. 307 (from the interchange of an exclusive section to a crossing of a major highway).
  578. However, in the section of "Nose" in "Ontleedkundige Tafelen," the original text of "Kaitai Shinsho," the word "verheffen" can't be found.
  579. However, in the sixth century the clan name (family name) and the hereditary titles were also given to the common people.
  580. However, in the stations where the speeds of passing trains are not high, for example, Omiya Station (located in Saitama Prefecture) and Karuizawa Station, only safety fences are provided.
  581. However, in the system in the Muromachi period or before where the retainers lived in their territory, it took a long time for daimyo to call out their retainers.
  582. However, in the tale (particularly Nakaraibon), he was described as a man who was afraid of Tametomo's bow and fled, and that subsequently he couldn't even go to the front line.
  583. However, in the tale it was advice given by his son, Tametomo.
  584. However, in the text of Nihonshoki, Japan is called '貴国' even in the conversation between third parties.
  585. However, in the thoughts of the Jodo kyo, especially of the Jodo shin shu (True Pure Land sect Buddhism), the antonym of "Jiriki" is "Tariki Hongan," but not "Tariki."
  586. However, in the three states of Satsuma, Okuma, and Hyuga below, the Taniyama clan and the Kimotsuki clan had taken up arms as the Southern Court.
  587. However, in the time of Masamoto after Katsumoto HOSOKAWA died, the family often opposed to the Keicho family, which was seeking the concentration of its power, and the family was involved in the rebellion of Motokazu YAKUSHIJI, who was a deputy Shugo of the Settsu Province.
  588. However, in the time of 吉良頼久, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA commanded, 'Only the head family shall succeed the surname Kira'.
  589. However, in the times of Emperor Dezong (Tang Dynasty), they had adverse effects as eunuchs forced to buy necessary items for the court from common people.
  590. However, in the transcription by Nisshu, the 14th chief priest of Taiseki-ji Temple (the period as chief: 1573 - 1586), which is handed down in Taiseki-ji Temple, it is written as 'Mt. Mito,' and the Taiseki-ji Temple side assumes that there is a possibility that the original document was written as 'Mt. Mito.'
  591. However, in the twenty first century, Ju-kyo became the subject of protection instead of subject of suppression, and is being reappraised.
  592. However, in the underworld, Izanami was already dead and had changed beyond recognition.
  593. However, in the wide sense, 'Kake Udon' generally means Udon noodles in hot soup broth, including Udon noodles with various toppings as follows.
  594. However, in the world of novels and comics, the word kunoichi is often used to mean nyonin, or female ninja, and this meaning is prevalent.
  595. However, in the world of tanka poetry, people have divided poems into the following groups: scenic poetry (poems composed on natural scenery), descriptive poetry (poems describing a fact as is), and lyrical poetry (poems express people's feelings and emotions).
  596. However, in their notion there existed only the dual structure consisting of those who obeyed "the son of Tenguri" and those who confronted him, and the stepwise structure of order, such as the order of kai (the Chinese vs. barbarians) did not exist or was hardly seen.
  597. However, in these cases, it was important that the actual techniques and knowledge were passed down, but if such techniques had declined, passing down the position was difficult even for a descendant of a hereditary family.
  598. However, in these days, the new material was found and it was inevitable to correct this theory.
  599. However, in these documents, each Chinese character is not recognized as a word with a meaning, and the way of using these characters is closer to that of using kana today.
  600. However, in these years, this Geta regain a reputation and many people from children to adults put them on because it is considered to lead to development of a sense of physical balance and the muscles of the lower body, and to be good for chiropractic and rehabilitation.
  601. However, in this Kagen War, the rebellious power of branch Hojo families was too strong to get the situation under control.
  602. However, in this battle, he was seriously injured on the head and sent back to Japan again.
  603. However, in this battle, the enemy's bullet penetrated the throat artery of Major Nishikubo and he died instantly.
  604. However, in this building, the moon-viewing tower is stretched from a hall that faces south, and the space changes into a garden of autumn grass, and was made an attractive place that opens up the building to outer space.
  605. However, in this case, 'imoto' affectionately referred to a wife or girl younger than oneself.
  606. However, in this case, even if it has strongly inherited the genetic characteristics of Someiyoshino, the genetic characteristics will change and it will become a type other than Someiyoshino.
  607. However, in this case, since the 'unwilling' chef was still considered 'at fault,' the chef was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter due to professional negligence as well as of being in violation of a Kyoto Prefectural Ordinance.
  608. However, in this case, the first and second daughters were adopted ones, so essentially she was the second daughter).
  609. However, in this cooking method, no matter how many times the eel was basted with soy sauce, the soy sauce was washed off the skin by the fat that oozed out of the eel, and the seasoning did not penetrate into the eel and therefore, the eel was not well-seasoned when cooked.
  610. However, in this method, the starch component of rice is gelatinized by heating the rice at a high temperature.
  611. However, in this theory, there are no explanations about the difference of how to be dealt with between SOGA no Akae, who was not convicted, and SAKAIBE no Kusuri.
  612. However, in this trial, the situation was not settled but remained deadlocked.
  613. However, in those days it was a practice to install a member of the Imperial Family as the Empress because the Empress could ascend the throne as an interim emperor after the death of the Emperor (her husband) and therefore Nagayao opposed the installation of Komyoshi as the Empress.
  614. However, in those days, a god worshipped by ujigami was not always the original member of the clan, and the element of belief concerning the land and occupations was stronger than the element concerning the blood relations.
  615. However, in those days, both words could replace each other.
  616. However, in those days, the local political systems were not fully developed.
  617. However, in view of the regulations seen in the "Yuki Code" that kataginu was to be made with hemp, it seems that cotton was also already been used in luxurious tailoring during the Warring States Period (Japan).
  618. However, in village communities, there arose a belief in ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place).
  619. However, in western Japan, especially in Kinki and Kyushu regions, it is relatively more available thanks to many production areas.
  620. However, in western Japan, it is also available at supermarkets and other stores.
  621. However, in western Japan, partly because there was no big battle after the Battle of Toba-Fushimi, no large-scale uprising was provoked neither.
  622. However, independence of the judicature does not simply mean the independence of judicature from the outside, that is, it does not mean that the court decision should not be interfered by the governing section (legislation and administration).
  623. However, individual troops (each domain in Japan) imported weapons according to its own standard.
  624. However, induced by his uncles TAIRA no Yoshikane and TAIRA no Yoshimasa, who had been plotting an attack on Masakado, Sadamori joined them to fight against Masakado.
  625. However, influenced by conservative scholars of the Chinese classics in the imperial court such as Nagazane MOTODA, the thought of loyalty to one's master and filial piety of Ju-kyo was adopted in the Imperial Rescript on Education, etc. and was promoted.
  626. However, influenced by the Tenpo era (1841-1843) reforms, gaudy formats were prohibited for a time the style declined.
  627. However, information from owners of utensils suggests that establishment of the book dates back to 1586.
  628. However, initially no such requirement existed.
  629. However, initially, the amount of whale-related products to be brought back to Japan was restricted due to the fear of affecting the price of the whale meat produced from whales caught in coastal whaling.
  630. However, initially, the facilities were owned by the Shinkansen Holding Corporation, a third class railway enterprise, and each JR company operated the corresponding line or lines borrowing the railways as a second class railway operator.
  631. However, inside of the Mokuyo-kai there were many members who had disapproved of the political party and then after Senge joined the Cabinet, internal disputes broke out.
  632. However, inside the Constitutional Party, which was congeries of parties, conflict between the former Progressive Party (Japan) side and the former Liberal Party (Japan) side was serious.
  633. However, instead of making arrangements with Yoshioki on Sumimoto's behalf, Takakuni betrayed Sumimoto and went over to Yoshioki's side.
  634. However, instead of using his accomplishments to restore the Shogunate's power or aid his people, Yoshimasa spent it on his hobbies such as architecture and landscaping, creating the cause of the financial difficulties experienced after the Onin war.
  635. However, instructed about a job relocation unexpectedly, he left Maizuru without any chance of planting them.
  636. However, instruments called 'jinashi-kan' (shakuhachi without ji) which are not lacquered on the inside are also favored by many.
  637. However, integration education was further promoted, and Korean classes were decreased at school and Japanese classes were increased instead.
  638. However, international order which such countries conceived of had similar structure with each other based on kaichitsujo and such petit kaichitsujo of each countries compromised and coexisted with kaichitsujo of Chinese dynasty.
  639. However, intervention of "tozama daimyo" and Imperial Court in politics of the Edo bakufu and their enforcement of reforms on it further decreased its authority, so its collapse became almost inevitable.
  640. However, ironically enough, Tokumatsu himself died young.
  641. However, irrefutable support is lacking on the subject of the influence of Parkes's statements upon Saigo during the negotiations with Katsu.
  642. However, it also implied resistance to the excessive adoption of Western knowledge and culture.
  643. However, it also prescribed that such privately owned konden was to be confiscated after the expiration of such period.
  644. However, it also put the extremists who remained in the Mito Domain at further risk.
  645. However, it also remains a matter of speculation.
  646. However, it also was merged into the Retired Emperor's Office (Innocho) of Emperor Gotoba as he started his Cloister government.
  647. However, it announced that it would continue gyudon sales in and after April because the chain, whose outlets were fewer in number than other chains and located mainly in Tokyo and adjacent prefectures, had a prospect of securing Australian beef.
  648. However, it appears that he died in December 1493, after becoming wounded in a dispute with Yaroku NAGASHIO in November in the same year.
  649. However, it appears that the term was generally limited to saltwater fish such as tai (a species of reddish-brown Pacific sea bream); moreover, it is recorded in "Morisada Manko"(Kinsei Fuzokushi), dating from the end of the Edo period, that such dishes prepared using freshwater fish were also referred to as 'sashimi' in the Kansai region.
  650. However, it appears the Shin-Sekishu School was not handed down to future generations.
  651. However, it became a position given to new missionaries and the income from the church of Munizo was reduced.
  652. However, it became almost impossible for the Satsuma army to reverse the state of the war, when the Satsuma army had Miyakonojo, a military base fit for defense, seized by the government army.
  653. However, it became apparent that many people who wanted to escape taxation began falsifying the register, escaping and wandering about during the latter stage of the Nara period (the latter stage of the 8th century).
  654. However, it became clear that it was difficult for the government to reach the goal of collecting land tax uniformly and fairly throughout the country and that the result of the land-tax reform of 1874 made the government know that it was difficult for the government to secure the amount of land tax it had aimed at.
  655. However, it became clear that the common view which had been believed in Japan was wrong.
  656. However, it became clear that the important elements of living objects are often in the details which cannot be seen with our naked eyes, therefore a magnifier is an important item when you do an outdoor observation.
  657. However, it became difficult to continue the business in its original form due to too rapid expansion, and Kuhara Mining, which was a core industry, was transferred to Yoshisuke AYUKAWA, his brother-in-law, in the end of Taisho period.
  658. However, it became impossible because the Qing dynasty continuously lost its chokokoku after several wars between Western countries.
  659. However, it became impossible to meet the increasing demand by such a superficial measure.
  660. However, it became old and when the Ozu City Board of Education visited the house, they gave the permission to destroy it
  661. However, it became the last case at the same time.
  662. However, it became too hard for Kageaki to protect him, and in May 1359, he was sent to the senior vassal of the Northern Court (Japan), Tamesada NIJO who was his uncle on his mother's side.
  663. However, it became widely known within the academic circle after Taro WAKAMORI took notice of it.
  664. However, it began to attack again at the end of November, and made Mushin SUGIWAKA, Shigeharu KUWAYAMA, Tadayori UTA and others face an uphill battle.
  665. However, it began to receive much attention after the war because of research advancements in this area, as well as re-evaluation of ocho monogatari by people such as Shinichiro NAKAMURA.
  666. However, it burnt to ash during the atomic bombing in Hiroshima City.
  667. However, it came to his wife's attention and angry wife left Tanegashima Island with her two daughters and went back to Kagoshima.
  668. However, it came under the control of Daikaku-ji Temple in Saga (Kyoto City) and was converted to the Shingon sect, whereby it was restored with the help of Tessai TOMIOKA and his followers.
  669. However, it came under the direct control of the Shogun again in 1662 during the reign of Shogun Ietsuna.
  670. However, it can also be interpreted as a result of Nagata's decision to promote Daiei to the Intelligence Bureau in order for it to become a government-consolidated company.
  671. However, it can also be interpreted to mean two girls, 8 and 11 years old, from the province of Kaga.
  672. However, it can be also prepared with other breaded meat or fish and the like such as beef, chicken, minced meat, ham, prawns, oysters or fish.
  673. However, it can be also said that such prosperity in the beginning of the Showa period brought sad result that many talented people were lost both inside and outside the mainland of Japan due to the calamity during and after World War II.
  674. However, it can be assumed that, under the circumstances of the day, there was no criterion to evaluate if Nao DEGUCHI's scripture was genuinely from the high-ranking spirit, Ushitora no Konjin's was true as it has been alleged.
  675. However, it can be considered that sanpokyudai was a system to compete for their skillfulness and evaluate each other across such schools and sanpokyudai was a peculiar case in Japanese traditional entertainment.
  676. However, it can be easily imagined that he performed ascetic performances repeatedly in the forests of Mt. Kinpu in Yoshino and on Mt. Ishizuchi in Shikoku and that he learnt Buddhist thoughts widely.
  677. However, it can be said that Mori's attitude to be nonpolitical in spite of being a bureaucracy embraced a contradiction.
  678. However, it can be said that Nobunaga solved this problem very well.
  679. However, it can be said that ground Chinese ink stick is better than liquid Chinese ink in reaching this state.
  680. However, it can be said that he did not do such extreme characterization as Sharaku, but his works are calm and somewhat aesthetic sense-centric.
  681. However, it can be said that teiseihakushu is a kind of sake daringly pursued in the opposite direction.
  682. However, it can be said that the conference was of some significance in that it helped indicate the future direction of constitutional and parliamentary government.
  683. However, it can be said that the expectations of Japan and Korea were at cross-purposes from beginning to end.
  684. However, it can be said that this idea of the direct descendant of the Minamoto clan was created by Yoritomo in order to distinguish his status as well as his family status within the samurai families.
  685. However, it can be said to be true that sake was introduced to Europe officially with the government's approval and support after the Meiji restoration.
  686. However, it can be steeper.
  687. However, it can be thought that their paintings failed to receive a certain appreciation.
  688. However, it can be thought that these articles refer to the fact that, during the Yamato Dynasty, powerful families of areas loyal to the court were controlled by being appointed agatanushi and that the areas ruled by agatanushi were called agata.
  689. However, it can not be said that this is true.
  690. However, it cannot be denied that the Heian period was centuries after the Jinshin War in the 7th century, and a large quantity of such descriptions can be partly attributed to "Fuso Ryakki" (A Brief History of Japan).
  691. However, it cannot be denied that the present framework of periodization may change in the future according to changing times.
  692. However, it cannot be denied that, as social animals that cannot exist outside the social relationships, humans have desire to know it beforehand; as such, often there is a tendency in us which tries to know the compatibility with others in advance.
  693. However, it cannot be said firmly that the regulating right of soryo was stronger.
  694. However, it changed the name to Hongwan-ji (Otani Hongwan-ji Temple) in accordance with the protest of the Mt. Hiei-zan priests.
  695. However, it circulated among many people as preaching taking the form of poetry.
  696. However, it commonly used in writing and during the Edo period, almost all official documents and practical writing utilized this style.
  697. However, it constitutes a feature of Japanese style, because it is not used in Daubutsu-yo (Buddhist architecture style) and Zenshu-yo (Zen-sect-style architecture), both of which came from China in the Kamakura period.
  698. However, it contained such a condition to allow the hereditary transfer of the official post from the start: the establishment of "Oni no sei".
  699. However, it contains many different sentences from the manuscript by Teika, so it is not an authentic manuscript of the Aobyoshi-bon line, but one under the influence of the Kawachi-bon and the Beppon.
  700. However, it could be said that he basically developed strong ties with Izumo by looking at the historical records called Kiki and Fudoki.
  701. However, it could be said that there was just oshiita and it might not be a big problem.
  702. However, it could be said that this was not a problem over Buddhism, but a conflict between the Soga clan and the Mononobe clan combined with the selection of the next emperor as a root.
  703. However, it could be the best historical material we have to understand the official duties and fields of activity of the head of the To clan.
  704. However, it could not ignore the conflict between the government and media.
  705. However, it declined following the emergence of Basho style Haikairenga.
  706. However, it declined in the Heian period and many halls and pagodas were lost by fire or typhoon and the temple itself was controlled by Kofukuj-ji Temple.
  707. However, it did not become widespread under the social situation in which worldly interest was prioritized.
  708. However, it did not mean that unfiltered sake disappeared then, and seishu was not the same as the one at present.
  709. However, it did not revive as before for such reasons as toji who knew its techniques did not exist, consumers were familiar with the good taste of kanshu, and sake breweries of brewing districts competed fiercely in producing better sake.
  710. However, it did not sell well as it was too piquant for the Japanese people at the time.
  711. However, it did not stop earth and sand flowing down from the mountain of Ashio to accumulate downstream.
  712. However, it did not work as motivation for farmers to reclaim rice fields and thus it did not progress as expected.
  713. However, it didn't last long, and around 10 a.m. a soldier, having seen a tree swinging, screamed 'There comes a rescue team!', which made others start screaming, 'It's true!', 'Mummy!', one after another.
  714. However, it didn't take root in big city areas like Tokyo; part of the reason was that there was a BSE issue and also the popularity was just temporary.
  715. However, it differed from the relation that Hinin remained under organizational control by Danzaemon in Kanto region where was maintained as the system.
  716. However, it differs from Gokoku-jinja Shrines in that it enshrines individuals from any region in Japan, including Koreans and Taiwanese who were identified as Japanese before the Pacific War.
  717. However, it does include children's songs such as 'Was I born to play or flirt? ' and 'Dance, dance, snail,' and amorous songs such as the following.
  718. However, it does not have an honorific mountain prefix.
  719. However, it does not make sense that an important position like Samurai-dokoro betto could be taken over due to such circumstances; it is more reasonable to think that it was according to Yoritomo's wish.
  720. However, it does not mean Buddhism was completely removed from Japan; a year later in 533, the Emperor ordered to build two Buddha statues by pulling camphor trees from underwater.
  721. However, it does not mean that performers are taking a break while standing still; rather it means that performers are simply remaining stationary in order to balance a multitude of the forces.
  722. However, it does not mean that the weight of "sakuho" and "choko" in the era of Qing was same as that in the era of Ming.
  723. However, it doesn't ban monto's visiting various temples.
  724. However, it doesn't effect on our health by lactobacillus.
  725. However, it doesn't seem that it was operated as a complete system, given that the names of some people assigned were not described.
  726. However, it extended to some parts of neighboring Izumiotsu City.
  727. However, it fell into a decline in the Meiji period.
  728. However, it fell into decline at the end of the early modern period and has not been served by a resident priest since the early Meiji period.
  729. However, it fell into disregard when Zeami's written records were discovered one after another during the Meiji period.
  730. However, it gained wide popularity with the trend of 'suibokuga' (ink-painting), influenced by the spread of 'Zen Buddhism' in the late Kamakura period.
  731. However, it generally means a pagoda-shaped wooden tablet set up by the tomb, on which phrases from a sutra or the like are written for the repose of the soul of the deceased.
  732. However, it goes without saying that the "Azuma kagami," which only describes the battle in a very simple, brief manner, doesn't mention the tides at all.
  733. However, it gradually became less common, and the majority of the hiyamugi noodles became white during the 1990's.
  734. However, it gradually came to refer to the children and younger brothers of Okimi (great king) of the Yamato sovereignty, and upon the establishment of the emperor, 皇子, the character of Miko, started to be used for the naming.
  735. However, it gradually fell into a decline after the Heian period.
  736. However, it gradually started to loose its position to chaire as chanoyu (the tea ceremony) in smaller tearooms become popular.
  737. However, it grew weak because the financial base of Daigaku-besso was weak to start with and also because the Tachibana clan fell from power.
  738. However, it had a considerable effect on Jodo-kyo in China and Japan.
  739. However, it had became a business entity managed by foreign government to some Korean people's point of view, therefore it also became an attack target of anti-Japan armed group.
  740. However, it had been suspected that Ono's research about the customs and manners of samurai might have violated the regulation at the stage of publishing "Tonoibukuro" and "Taihei-nenpyo" (a chronicle of the Edo period).
  741. However, it had not been used after the destruction of the head family of TOYOTOMI in Osaka Natsu no Jin (Summer Siege of Osaka) in 1615.
  742. However, it has a peculiar tailoring in that a silk gauze is used for the fabric, the string is sewn on the cloth, and gathers are attached at the waist portion.
  743. However, it has a tendency to praise Kanto Kanrei (a shogunal deputy for the Kanto region) Norizane UESUGI as a loyal retainer.
  744. However, it has acquired a rather positive meaning with the westernization of dietary habits and food satiation are becoming a problem in recent years.
  745. However, it has already been pointed out that in those days there were many people whose name included the name of an animal or an insect such as FUJIWARA no Umakai and TAKAHASHI no Mushimaro, and it is hard to consider the name 'saru' (monkey) a derogatory name.
  746. However, it has also been known through research that spores of strip rust, a disease damaging barley and wheat as well, have flown to Japan together with kosa.
  747. However, it has been also said that the Angu was a residence in Ise Province Imperial Princess Uno no Sarara (the wife of Prince Oama, later became Empress Jito) had lived.
  748. However, it has been pointed out that some problems, such as how much time passed between the second and third part, and the age of Rokujo no Miyasudokoro, are unresolvable, even using the new chronology.
  749. However, it has been pointed out that the argument is lacking in sufficient evidence, and some researchers argue that there are notes in "Manyoshu" saying the poem was written by the Empress Saimei.
  750. However, it has been reported that there are no traces of Kiyomitsu, who used the Henmi name, to have used the Takeda name, and the Takeda name was reportedly handed down to Nobuyoshi, the grandson of Yoshikiyo.
  751. However, it has been said that Naikaku-shokken was not based on the cabinet system of German Empire of the time but based on the "Hardenberg governmental regulation" (the governmental regulation in Prussia in 1810) that was affected by the British parliamentary cabinet system.
  752. However, it has been said that Yoshimune who took over the reform after Shotoku no chi denied the contents of Shotoku no chi, but this is not necessarily true.
  753. However, it has been unveiled several times in special exhibitions.
  754. However, it has been widely accepted that he is not the author.
  755. However, it has continued to be studied whether this classification is appropriate or not.
  756. However, it has flooded a number of times over the centuries.
  757. However, it has many sharp blind curves in spite of the altitude, and it is non-passing zone with speed bumps around the pass.
  758. However, it has no drawings and the content is all in writing.
  759. However, it has recently been argued that the isolation policy was not to prevent colonization by Europe, but to wipe out the spirit of admiration for the west and resentment for the east.
  760. However, it includes a part written as 'this written revelation has 8 different interpretations,' therefore the people concerned generally consider that only one of those were decoded and it was released with subtitle as tentative translation.
  761. However, it initially called itself the Ashikaga clan and it wasn't until the Muromachi period that it started to use Shiba for its family name.
  762. However, it is a complete mystery about how Jokei, who was neither the biological son of Chojiro nor the oldest son of Sokei, succeeded the head of the family because even the Raku family does not have sufficient historical materials.
  763. However, it is a convenient way for many players to participate, so people often played this way in karuta parties.
  764. However, it is a deliberate plot of Toshiyuki.
  765. However, it is a fact that Korean Yomeigaku has influenced the practical learning and ideology of Keiseichiyo.
  766. However, it is a fact that Yoshimitsu utilized it for political affairs and used it to suppress opposing forces.
  767. However, it is a fact that the Kanoha group led the Japanese art world for about four centuries and that numbers of painters were developed by the group; thus one can hardly discuss the history of Japanese painting but exclude the Kanoha group, whether in positive or negative terms.
  768. However, it is a fact that the administration by Emperor Gosanjo and Emperor Shirakawa as well as the commencement of the cloister government after that which brought the regency government, continuously influenced Yoshinobu's life negatively, to its end.
  769. However, it is a luxurious dress of silk with a large neckband like that of a frilled lizard.
  770. However, it is a revised version of a Manyo poem.
  771. However, it is a very unique collection of poetry because it included the waka of nobles in the highest class at that time such as FUJIWARA no Tokihira and FUJIWARA no Tadahira.
  772. However, it is a widely accepted theory that the sudden death of Chokei's younger brother Kazumasa SOGO in 1561 and the death of Chokei's son Yoshioki MIYOSHI in 1563 were the results of poisoning by Hisahide.
  773. However, it is actually a fabricated god and the islanders hate the mainlanders refer to it.
  774. However, it is actually considered to have been established in the 9th century, during the early Heian period.
  775. However, it is after MINAMOTO no Yoritomo made his appearance that Kamakura came on history's center stage.
  776. However, it is after the eleventh century that the gravestone was built though the third year of Akamidori era corresponds to 688 in the Western calendar.
  777. However, it is already ascertained that the person with the name of Jirouemon ONO was a fictitious person and, therefore, there is strong possibility that YOSHIMURA's last was fiction by Kan SHIMOZAWA.
  778. However, it is also a matter that demonstrates the psychological mindset of Japanese people.
  779. However, it is also believed that he was a member of the Ise clan that held public office in the Muromachi Shogunate.
  780. However, it is also believed that this was due to successive lords of the Honda family repeatedly dying young or misconducting themselves.
  781. However, it is also known that kosa helps the generation of stem rust and strip rust, diseases of barley and wheat.
  782. However, it is also pointed out that the concentration of the trading rights in the So clan had possibly existed even before the Sanpo War.
  783. However, it is also possible that they are secondary artifacts belonging to later periods that have nothing to do with the construction period of the kofun itself, since they were unearthed from inside the surrounding moat.
  784. However, it is also reviewed as 'an excellent work in which a skillful playwriting helps many scene changes to go through smoothly' and also as 'humorous and gorgeous like an imperial-court picture scroll,' because the Uta Awase at an imperial court added flamboyance to the story.
  785. However, it is also said that Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa was involved in the making of it as well as "Ban Dainagon Ekotoba" and "Genji Monogatari Emaki."
  786. However, it is also said that Tsunehisa showed his brilliant talents in many areas and excelled both academically and athletically
  787. However, it is also said that Uchitsuomi was not an official post, and as such, he was released of the role when Empress Gensho was succeeded by Prince Obito (Emperor Shomu).
  788. However, it is also said that Yasuchika predicted the decline and fall of the Taira clan and rise of Prince Mochihito, and that Ariyo predicted Meitoku War and Oei War.
  789. However, it is also said that at that time, Koji transformed himself into a mouse and escaped, and an eagle carried him away in its beaks.
  790. However, it is also said that desertification and an increase of dry weather areas in China constitutes a factor of increasing the occurrence frequency of kosa.
  791. However, it is also said that essentially this was the legitimate version and the followers created the others to complement it.
  792. However, it is also said that the hall is based on the hachiman-zukuri style.
  793. However, it is also said that the original home base was Zama-jinja Shrine areas (Chuo Ward, Osaka City).
  794. However, it is also said that the tradition that ehomaki 'must be eaten with one bite' was a story made up by Masahiko YAMAJI, the president of 'Takomasa,' who began selling ehomaki to promote the sale of nori (dried sheets of a type of red algae).
  795. However, it is also said that the use of new notes may be acceptable as thoughtful etiquette
  796. However, it is also said that there are no specific rules regarding the direction that the naka-bukuro faces and you can place the naka-bukuro in any direction as you like.
  797. However, it is also said that there were no soybeans used as raw materials in the Han.
  798. However, it is also said that this story was created in the Edo period.
  799. However, it is also said that water drainage is better if the edge is not cut cleanly.
  800. However, it is also thought that this was necessary in order to implement radical reforms in the troubled times.
  801. However, it is also true that Kyoto lost its function as a capital after the Meiji period, and the arguments regarding its status as a capital are complicated.
  802. However, it is also undeniable that the research conducted in Science City has produced results, and no drastic modification of the original plan has been announced yet.
  803. However, it is an undoubted fact that those 24 disciples played an important role in propagating Buddhist faith in the Kanto region.
  804. However, it is another question whether the yomihon group describes the facts precisely when compared with the kataribon group.
  805. However, it is appreciated as it sowed seeds of the Freedom and People's Rights Movement because democratic representatives gathered public attention.
  806. However, it is assumed that he was bilingual in Basque as well as in the Navarre language.
  807. However, it is assumed that his cremains were returned to Musashi from the fact that the family temple of the SHO clan, Yusho-ji Temple, was built at the beginning of the thirteenth Century.
  808. However, it is assumed that this famine was not brought about naturally but was caused by a shortage of food that had occurred because, in addition to the transfer of the national capital to Fukuhara by the Taira clan, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo and Yoshinaka KISO took up arms, and rice as render was not carried to the capital.
  809. However, it is astonishing that the yose has kept its position as the flower of urban culture since the early Edo period while serving to support the traditional performance arts related to performances in rooms (such as geisha dance).
  810. However, it is attracting attention as a key logistic center, due to the opening of the Maizuru-nishi Interchange of the Maizuru Wakasa Expressway in 1989.
  811. However, it is avoided for street clothes as its knot looks untidy and easy to get loose.
  812. However, it is because the countries compared with Japan in the essays were powerful developed countries such as U.S. and European countries, especially U.K., France, Germany, and so on, which were considered more excellent than Japan in the past.
  813. However, it is becoming harder to gain hazenoki produced in Japan, and is believed that the resource will dry up in the future.
  814. However, it is believed possible that it was equipped with a stone chamber dug into the earth, given that basaltic stone slabs were found at the foot of the burial mound.
  815. However, it is believed that Kataku Jinne, an apprentice to Eno, compiled the records of Eno's preaching "Rokusodankyo" based on the religious doctrine.
  816. However, it is believed that Sashiba was regarded as a symbol of power or used for showing person's dignity in Chinese aristocratic society, while it was used as a tool for showing the dignified appearance in the ritual ceremony at tumulus in Japan, according to the picture and sentences left on the wall paintings.
  817. However, it is believed that among the above three treasuries, Imikura did not exist.
  818. However, it is believed that his father was still at the helm.
  819. However, it is believed that it happened more likely due to the attitude of the Oshu Fujiwara clan that it tried to move forward the ruling of the Oshu region according to the principal of local control of the central government.
  820. However, it is believed that many former Saigu lived all their lives quietly without getting married.
  821. However, it is believed that only TACHIBANA no Kimiyori was a descendant of Sumitomo.
  822. However, it is believed that some people at that time recognized it was founded on Chinese knowledge and culture, which had been altered to make it more Japanese.
  823. However, it is believed that the native Japanese reading 'Yahata' was later changed to the Chinese-derived reading of 'Hachiman' by Buddhist followers during the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism.
  824. However, it is believed that the oldest record of Sumai no Sechie events is that referred to in "Secret Imperial Events Chronicle" etc in the year 726 when we are told that Emperor Shomu had sumo wrestlers ('rikishi') who were subjects in his court controlled domains pay tribute.
  825. However, it is believed that the shinmei-zukuri style, with its width longer than its depth, developed from takayukashiki-soko (warehouses on stilts) and changed so that the building became more used for keeping shinpo (sacred treasures) than storing grain.
  826. However, it is believed that they were regarded as a synonym in the period of "the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) and the Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan)," because they were both acts of removing sins and impurities which the Shintoism considered to be taboo for the purification of a pure mind and body.
  827. However, it is believed to have originated from the fact that Mt. Ikoma was worshiped as Shintaizan (a mountain where the spirit of deity is traditionally believed to dwell) by those who settled there in ancient times.
  828. However, it is better for health to eat the white with the yolk because the egg white is believed to contain a component that reduces cholesterol.
  829. However, it is better not to think that all of the forest is old vegetation.
  830. However, it is better to remind oneself that a great amount of historical truth was altered to make the film appealing to audiences in Europe and the United States.
  831. However, it is certain that the Ando clan itself handed down this tradition that they were Emishi's descendent, and the fact that they themselves handed down the genealogical record that they were the descendent of 'Emperor's enemy,' shows a unique recognition on the genealogy in the northern Ou region.
  832. However, it is certain that the Seijin-shiki ceremony plays a role in giving new adults who participate in an opportunity to reunite with their friends for the first time in many years, and deepen their relationships, and also that parents want to congratulate their own children who are entering adulthood.
  833. However, it is certain that the work was completed at least after 1199, when MINAMOTO no Yoritomo passed away, because the manuscript of the first edition which is owned by Gakushuin University Library contains an article concerning the death of Yoritomo.
  834. However, it is clear that Tomoari's learning reached its maturity then, comparing "Hakuzanki" and Gunzanki.
  835. However, it is comfirmed that the heads of the three powers (legislative, executive and judicial) such as the prime minister have attended some rituals, mainly taisai.
  836. However, it is common for shochu with high alcohol to be drunk by mixing with hot water, instead of being warmed.
  837. However, it is common that 'Asuka' (飛鳥) refers to the Asuka of Nara Prefecture, not referring to Asuka of Osaka Prefecture, mentioned at the beginning.
  838. However, it is composed of two round mounds, being a different variety from keyhole-shaped tumuli in Japan.
  839. However, it is confirmed that Yoshitsune YAMAMOTO kept up the resistance and shut himself up in Yamamoto-jo Castle around December 24 ("Gyokuyo").
  840. However, it is considered appropriate that heikyoku was generated under the influence of shomyo (chanting of Buddhist hymns) by the Ohara School of the Tendai Sect, considering the musical scales and the way the music was composed for heikyoku.
  841. However, it is considered that Kohechi was originally a local road connecting Yamato Province, Koya and Kumano for residents in the Kii Mountain Range, and it gradually became a pilgrimage route connecting the provinces in the Kinai region and Koyasan or Kumano.
  842. However, it is considered that Saigyo Monogatari itself didn't reflect historical facts because it depicted Saigyo's long distance trip to Oshu (Tohoku region) etc. as a one-time trip, although Saigyo in fact made such a trip several times in his life.
  843. However, it is considered that at a relatively early stage the essential skills of the rokoku were no longer needed, and during the Insei period (the period of government by the retired Emperor), the post became a government post held by members of the Kamo and Abe clans, or followers recommended by them.
  844. However, it is considered that he served concurrently as betto for four places at the busiest time.
  845. However, it is considered that it was already established by the latter half of the Muromachi period.
  846. However, it is considered that later they came to leave the shrine and wander around various areas, singing and dancing at the posting station and a harbor, meanwhile they also sold sexual acts.
  847. However, it is considered that such an extended fire even spread to Kofuku-ji Temple and the Great Buddha Hall would have exceeded expectation of Shigehira forces.
  848. However, it is considered that the actual amounts depend on the weather of the place where each of the kosa is produced.
  849. However, it is considered that the amount of kosa can be reduced by taking appropriate measures, and various measures have been taken centered on the prevention of desertification of the areas where kosa occurs.
  850. However, it is considered that the cooking method at that time was not the same as the present-day method, in which the eel is basted in sauce while broiling.
  851. However, it is considered that the story mainly depicts what happened to the man, the woman, and the elderly Kanpaku who became the woman's husband.
  852. However, it is considered that they were altered to fit the form of Kunitsu kami (gods of the lands) or Matsurowanu kami (gods that do not obey) with the spread of Yamato sovereignty, and they were finally integrated into 'Takamanohara Mythology.'
  853. However, it is considered that this ancient masked drama may be the oldest staged public entertainment in Japan introduced from the Chinese continent to Japan in about the seventh century, or it may be originated from some variety show performance introduced from the continent during the Nara period.
  854. However, it is considered that this change of territories caused him distress, because he lost the Mikawa Province to which he had been firmly related, and because in addition, there were disquieting movements in the Kanto region of that time, for example, by remaining retainers of the Hojo clan.
  855. However, it is considered that unlike OE no Hiromoto, who directly got involved in governmental affairs, Moritoki acted rather as a personal secretary to Yoritomo.
  856. However, it is considered that, based on the circumstances surrounding the inevitable competition against marine transport as mentioned earlier, the Railway Bureau of Kobusho (the Ministry of Industry) having jurisdiction over the Japanese National Railways in those days had, in fact, already decided on this route prior to Yamagata's argument.
  857. However, it is considered today that such a car did not exist in the Kofun Period.
  858. However, it is controversial whether the Hikogoro in this description was Tanemitsu of Mutsu Province.
  859. However, it is dangerous to discuss all dotaku in a single uniform way because the purpose, the storage method and conditions of burial probably varied depending on the sites.
  860. However, it is decided to follow the international system of notation since 2001 and a horse is zero year old at birth and one year is added to its age on January 1 of every year (i.e., the age that is one year less than it used to be under the traditional Japanese age system).
  861. However, it is denatured when heated, and the toxicity disappears, and therefore there is no danger from cooked eels.
  862. However, it is described in the "Nihon Sandai Jitsuroku" (sixth of the six classical Japanese history texts) that Sakemaro and his clan occupied the post of Sho hakase (professor of calligraphy) for a long period of time in the first half of the Heian period.
  863. However, it is desirable to change the ratio depending on the temperature and humidity of the day.
  864. However, it is different from 'hatsuboku' (splashed-ink technique) in which outlines are not used and only the ink surfaces are used to express.
  865. However, it is different from other Christian universities in that it doesn't seek to preach Christianity as a main goal of education.
  866. However, it is different from the 'plain type' in other areas than Kyoto (normally, a plain type ramen means what is called 'Chinese noodle' using a general chicken bone broth as served in a Chinese restaurant or the like, or Tokyo-style ramen using chicken broth + seafood broth).
  867. However, it is different in that malted wheat is used to make Xiangxue wine.
  868. However, it is difficult to comment on the influences because little is known about the order in which these three tales were completed.
  869. However, it is difficult to convert the tsubo into the units of the metric system by integral multiples, so that the tsubo alone is still used.
  870. However, it is difficult to determine that there was no linkage due to the colored portrait of Nobunaga painted on paper in the temple.
  871. However, it is difficult to keep a cherry tree well because of the damages from pests and diseases and it grows up tall, so it is not so often planted as a garden tree.
  872. However, it is difficult to measure the length of 'ri' directly because it is long distance.
  873. However, it is difficult to mint coins with uniform mass.
  874. However, it is difficult to play together with instruments, such as the shamisen, which have a distinct scale as it is not tuned according to a scale.
  875. However, it is difficult to regard this as fact for the following reasons.
  876. However, it is difficult to say whether or not this viewpoint can connect national isolation with the reason why Japan did not become a colony of West European countries.
  877. However, it is disadvantageous in that it can't be transported or stored for a long period with the container in a tilted state.
  878. However, it is documented that when the Retired Emperor Gotoba raised an army to overthrow the Shogunate, Mototsuna took part in the Retired Emperor's side, and that when it was defeated, he was killed and his severed head was exposed (the article of July 18, 1221 in "Azuma Kagami" [The Mirror of the East]).
  879. However, it is doubtful if any permanent keeper or armies were stationed at this castle at the time of Onin War.
  880. However, it is doubtful in the first place whether such a powerful person or group as gave a mirror for an appointment letter existed in the Japanese islands at that time.
  881. However, it is doubtful that Inoue truly believed Imoko was a woman, because he as a comedian could intentionally fool people.
  882. However, it is doubtful whether this story is true, because the works of Kan SHIMOZAWA and stories by Tamesaburo YAGI often contain exaggerations or fictions.
  883. However, it is estimated that the number of the troops on the side of Prince Otomo, who were gathering in Yamato-no-miyako, exceeded several thousands or ten thousands, and Fukei's troops was no match for them.
  884. However, it is evident that gold was produced in the Tohoku region at that time, and it was traded in Kyoto.
  885. However, it is far from the image that 'Samurai in the Kanto region all gathered under Yoshiie' which has been thought commonly until today.
  886. However, it is generally agreed that the basic style roughly established itself around the mid Heian Period and during the battles on buildings, shooting at each other with bows and arrows.
  887. However, it is generally considered that the extant Engyo-bon manuscript cannot be said to have remained the same as the okugaki suggests.
  888. However, it is groundless folklore.
  889. However, it is hard to determine whether they were described in a word for word manner as in modern times.
  890. However, it is hard to say that the former cathedral of Ishinomaki Orthodox Church is 'a cathedral of genuine Russian-Byzantine architecture.'
  891. However, it is hard to understand why Kagetoki, who had seen what had happened to Yoshitsune, would follow in Yoshitsune's footsteps, and so it seems that he simply wanted to work for the court as a Kyoto samurai because he had connections with the political circle in Kyoto through MINAMOTO no Michichika and the Tokudaiji family.
  892. However, it is hardly used today.
  893. However, it is highly possible that OTAFUKU SAUCE Co., Ltd., Sunfoods Co. (Higashimaru sauce (a brand of oyster sauce) or Mitsuwa sauce) or Carp Sauce first produced the sauce.
  894. However, it is historically obvious that it planted some seeds which would sprout out in later years on the dispute of the establishment of democratic representatives, problems on feminism and the issue of a nation's script.
  895. However, it is important that the top-bottom direction (not the front-rear direction) of the naka-bukuro be the same as that of the koden-bukuro (outer envelope).
  896. However, it is impossible to think that three generations pass only for 20 years and the time limit for confiscation comes close.
  897. However, it is inferred by analogy from unearthed articles in Siberia and China.
  898. However, it is known that Tameyoshi was developing his own ideas for reviving the fortunes of the Minamoto clan, which, because of concerns about their future, had been declining due to too many offspring produced and adopted and scattered across the country.
  899. However, it is known that, when Calcium carbonate, a major component of limestone, reacts with ammonium sulfate, gypsum is generated (to be described in details in the following sentence).
  900. However, it is known through Zeami's writing that he worked actively as a player belonging to Dengaku Honza and his plays were evaluated highly.
  901. However, it is known to have spread among the people through creative rakugo "Shinigami (rakugo)" (Death (rakugo)) by Encho SANYUTEI during the Meiji period, which was composed using the translated book of either "Godfather Death" in the fairy tales by the Grimm brothers or the Italian opera (musical) "Crispino".
  902. However, it is less durable because the ear part, which has a low oil content, is exposed to rain.
  903. However, it is likely that his desire was not achieved, and Shugeishuchiin became extinct about ten years after Kukai died.
  904. However, it is likely that only a small part of Rajo attached to Rajo-mon Gate was actually constructed.
  905. However, it is likely that the necessity of advanced mathematics was not recognized keenly in Japan at that time, and it is said that what was learned was only basic pragmatical arithmetic and no advanced mathematics were involved.
  906. However, it is likely that the use of such lethal weapons prepared for self-defense may not be considered 'self-defense,' and if one kills a criminal using this, you may prosecuted for 'homicide by willful negligence' or 'manslaughter.'
  907. However, it is listed in 'Announcement of the Election Committee.'
  908. However, it is mentioned in some cases that the Kishu Marquis family in reality became extinct, and also there exists a view that the 19th family head has not been recognized as a member of the Tokugawa and Matsudaira family association, which was formed by descendents of the Matsudaira clan.
  909. However, it is mentioned that such an idea does not to exist in the Chinese book as an authority.
  910. However, it is more appropriate to interpret it as 'the god burning by itself emitting fire' in ancient Japanese.
  911. However, it is much simpler than tea ceremony which uses daisu, and is treated as a secret.
  912. However, it is necessary to consider that such blames might have been manipulated by Hideyoshi and Ieyasu who unified the whole country after Nobunaga's death.
  913. However, it is necessary to slide and pull when cutting so that the direction of force is added at a right angle against the object to cut, because the sword itself is light.
  914. However, it is not a hollowed-out chest from a giant tree but a combination of three vertically long wooden boards.
  915. However, it is not a rite of resurrection.
  916. However, it is not a surprising evaluation because the author, Jien, was a son of Tadamichi.
  917. However, it is not a term defined in writing but rather one that arose organically according to the history and type of shrine.
  918. However, it is not an exact copy as the wording was revised in order to shorten its length.
  919. However, it is not certain whether Tokisuke, who was in Kyoto, was involved in the conspiracy or not.
  920. However, it is not certain whether it is historically accurate or not.
  921. However, it is not certain whether the delay in announcement of his death can be explained by the reason that he was killed by guerrillas.
  922. However, it is not certain whether this anecdote is in fact a true story nor is about real-life FUJIWARA no Sukekimi.
  923. However, it is not certain whether this story is true or not.
  924. However, it is not certain.
  925. However, it is not clear because there are few historical documents.
  926. However, it is not clear how it relates to Otori-jinja Shrines throughout the Kanto region.
  927. However, it is not clear whether characters were always used for recording in the Imperial Court in those days.
  928. However, it is not clear whether the value was correct, because the observation unit may sometimes malfunction.
  929. However, it is not clear whether these episodes are true, because there are not many records left to ensure the moves of Tsunehisa during this period, except war chronicles written in the Edo Period.
  930. However, it is not clear whether these truly are descendants of Nobutaka.
  931. However, it is not clear whether they had known each other before the incident.
  932. However, it is not clear.
  933. However, it is not considered that "One year passed without tsuyuake and another tsuyuake occurs redundantly."
  934. However, it is not enough for a monarch to expresses his will to actually carry out the abdication of the throne.
  935. However, it is not just an adoption of Confucian thought and many of the thinkers evaluated "Moshi (Mencius)" which was emphasized as one of the "The Four Books of Confucianism" that were unsuitable for national policy.
  936. However, it is not just the exclusion of yamaoroshi, but also there are other differences in many minor respects.
  937. However, it is not known whether it indicated footwear similar to the present tabi, nor whether it was pronounced as 'tabi.'
  938. However, it is not known whether or not this "Atagoyama Cable" is the same company that was planning to revive the funicular line in 1967.
  939. However, it is not known which of these is currently housed within the Amitabha hall.
  940. However, it is not known who denied the accusation as the IMAGAWA family executed the entire TODA family, including Yasumitsu TODA who was believed to have been the betrayer.
  941. However, it is not likely the real power of administration of the domain was shifted to Naganori because of that.
  942. However, it is not necessarily the case that the users know how to use them properly.
  943. However, it is not necessary to eat in the polite way.
  944. However, it is not officially permitted by Tenka-ippin head office and only a few shops serve it.
  945. However, it is not possible to discuss the lithography and posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec without taking considering of the influence exerted by Japanese art.
  946. However, it is not precisely known how much of what remains is original.
  947. However, it is not put in the statutory form in recent years.
  948. However, it is not right to make light of the contributions made by Noriyori who led Kagetoki KAJIWARA who was famous for admonition and brave generals like Shigetada HATAKEYAMA and judge Noriyori as an ordinary general.
  949. However, it is not sure whether he actually succeeded to putting down the uprising of Yoshichika.
  950. However, it is not the case that a phrase of 'monto monoimi shirazu' and so on, had existed before the phrase of 'monto mono shirazu' was created and therefore, it is contemplated that they were created in recent years as a phrase to counter 'mono shirazu.'
  951. However, it is not the case that all Buddha halls with Yakushi Nyorai as their principal image are named 'Yakushi-do' and names vary among different temples.
  952. However, it is not the case that yashiki-gami can be simply considered to be ancestor gods.
  953. However, it is not unique to Senshu region that hayashi takes an important role in organizing the movements of danjiri, such as winding, running, stopping and turning, as well as the movement of the major attraction Yarimawashi (the performance to make a danjiri float turn at right angles).
  954. However, it is noted as Yasumori ADACHI, a maternal relative, who addressed this incident, grew too powerful, his confrontation with TAIRA no Yoritsuna, Miuchibito (private vassal of the Tokuso) became graver.
  955. However, it is noted separately as tokoyo (written as "常夜"meaning eternal night) and tokoyo (wrtten as "常世" meaning eternal world), and it has 'two aspects.'
  956. However, it is now commonly found in food stores across the country.
  957. However, it is now criticized about its stereotypical and unilateral way of assertion.
  958. However, it is now most commonly believed that the oldest example of the system being used occurred when Shinano Province was given to Retired Emperor Uda in 908, followed by Musashi Province ten years later.
  959. However, it is nowadays believed to be untrue because Mikizo is described as Kuwajiro's elder brother when he was actually his younger brother.
  960. However, it is obvious from these affairs of Soma-mikuriya, and also affairs of Oba no mikuriya (private estate of Oba ranch), such domination of shoen was not sufficient to ensure the guarantee.
  961. However, it is obvious from what the other survivors said that he had jumped into the river.
  962. However, it is obvious that the episode after Tametomo's exile has been added, but it doesn't have overlapping text like 京師本.
  963. However, it is often difficult to reach the top and a burial pit underneath by using ryuki sado alone.
  964. However, it is often much shorter according to circumstances.
  965. However, it is often seen that the same utensil has a different name depending upon the school.
  966. However, it is often shown on pictures and statues by the triad style which brought two youths of Kongara-doji (the youth Kongara) and Seitaka-doji (the youth Seitaka) among hachidai-doji (it is called the statue of Fudo Myoo with two youths or the Fudo triad).
  967. However, it is often stated that Japanese cedar pollen is a cause of hay fever in Europe and North America where there would not expected to be any Japanese cedar trees.
  968. However, it is one of the characteristics of the haiku whose origin can be traced back to Basho's verses.
  969. However, it is only Nishichikuma-gun shi (The Records of Nishichikuma-gun County) that regarded Yoshimune as the first head of the Kiso family.
  970. However, it is only in the family tree made out in Mutsu Province that refers to the grant of Kokubun-no-sho (国分荘) to Tanemichi, and some records show his activities in Shimousa even after the Battle of Oshu, as well as the existence of his descendants there.
  971. However, it is partly unavoidable that the resort area is mixed up with the red-light area by the people living in the other areas of Japan, because they are located within 1 square kilometer.
  972. However, it is passable to the place where Toge no Jizo (a stone statue keeping its eye upon the travelers on the pass) is enshrined, people who head for the old pass can be seen.
  973. However, it is peculiar because the ornaments consist only of one doll and its attachments.
  974. However, it is pointed out that the original book consisted of 14 volumes in total ending with 'Koga Castle incidents,' and the chapters after 'Dokan OTA incidents' were probably inserted later based on "The Record of Dokan OTA."
  975. However, it is pointed out that the theory of "Shinto Gobusho" (five-volume apologia of Shinto), the foundational book of the Ise Shinto, is influenced by "Yamatokatsuragihozan-ki," a book that discusses Shintoism from a Buddhist perspective, particularly Shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts).
  976. However, it is possible to consider it as official history given that Emperor Tenmu stated in the preface that the emperor would advisedly select Teiki, and find kyuji to eliminate the false parts and find the truth for it to succeed to the later ages.
  977. However, it is possible to construe the stories that he simply did not have an intension of taking the reins of the government.
  978. However, it is possible to crossbreed with cherry trees other than Someiyoshino, and sometimes it makes fruition and the seeds germinate.
  979. However, it is possible to introduce 'small' agricultural machines by building roads to or between rice terraces.
  980. However, it is prohibited to touch it with your hand.
  981. However, it is proven that Shikobuchi also performed some great deed according to the obituary notice in "Shoku Nihongi" (the second of the six classical Japanese history texts).
  982. However, it is questionable if such a tactics was in fact employed.
  983. However, it is quite natural to think that the son of 'Gorozaemon,' who was a vassal of Tadashige MIZUNO, served for Katsunari MIZUNO after the death of Tadashige (1600) and became the senior vassal of the Mizuno family ('Sanbyakuhan Kashin Jinmei Jiten' vol.6, No.111).
  984. However, it is rare that sites containing multiple factory buildings are referred to as "kogyo danchi."
  985. However, it is recommended to keep it in a refrigerator, being sealed and kept from oxygen.
  986. However, it is recorded that he lived with his biological mother, Shumeimonin in Kyoto in 1244 maybe because of a remission from the bakufu after the death of his father, the retired Emperor Gotoba.
  987. However, it is regarded as more valuable than "The New Book of Tang" as it contains the literal transcriptions of raw materials.
  988. However, it is regarded that few of such pieces reached the level that satisfies current players.
  989. However, it is right to say that the works of ISHIKAWA were the pinnacle of jiuta tegotomono and as the first-class works not only in jiuta but in shamisen music, even now they have never lost a high evaluation.
  990. However, it is rumored that the main branch of the Rokkaku clan remained separate and Yoshihide ROKKAKU and Yoshisato ROKKAKU of the main branch were guarded by Nobunaga.
  991. However, it is said Nomasa never expressed such ambition in his life.
  992. However, it is said Shin YAMAGUCHI, a Battalion Commander and Major was involved in giving directions.
  993. However, it is said he was loved for his great ability in politics by the people of the castle town when he was lord of Minowa-jo Castle.
  994. However, it is said that Emperor Goyozei did not enjoy a good relationship with his son, Gomizunoo for a long time.
  995. However, it is said that Hiroko took full advantage of the position as Midaidokoro and strongly required to assign Yoshimune to the next Shogun by saying, 'This is the real thought of the former Shogun Ienobu.'
  996. However, it is said that Hisahide's son, Nagatane MATSUNAGA, who ultimately became a priest and led a wandering life, survived, and that his son Teitoku MATSUNAGA left his name to posterity as a Haiku poet.
  997. However, it is said that Ieyasu intimidated Yoshiharu and others to make them go away.
  998. However, it is said that Inosasa-o becomes free once a year, on December 20.
  999. However, it is said that Jokei was engaged in the creation of Raku ware along with his father and older brother Somai while Chojiro was still alive.
  1000. However, it is said that Munemori, who succeeded Kiyomori's position, was an imbecile and nothing came to pass as he objected.

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