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  1. Therefore, it is enshrined at various shrines as the god of Yumiya still now.
  2. Therefore, it is estimated that boats were often sunken or went missing.
  3. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to think that someone of the Satsuma Domain or the Choshu Domain was involved.
  4. Therefore, it is fine for one or two people to sit there.
  5. Therefore, it is future task how to keep highly qualified Maiko and geisha in the red-light districts.
  6. Therefore, it is hard to say it is originally Bolognese style.
  7. Therefore, it is hard to think that the word 'teuchi,' which implies execution, incurred a sense of avoidance.
  8. Therefore, it is highly likely that the titles for the seventh, eighth and ninth emperors were made with reference to the titles of the existent emperors in the later period when the compilation of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki was in the final stage.
  9. Therefore, it is important to face oneself at first through the practice of mediation in order to reach enlightenment above all.
  10. Therefore, it is impossible to assert the popular theory that Ieyasu plotted the separation of Hongan-ji Temple into Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple and Nishi-Hongan-ji Temple.
  11. Therefore, it is impossible to consider the document original.
  12. Therefore, it is impossible to think that someone of Saccho was involved in this case.
  13. Therefore, it is indispensable, especially in works of light ink painting, and it is expensive.
  14. Therefore, it is inferred that Tokitada was protected by his elder sister, Tokiko, and her husband, Kiyomori.
  15. Therefore, it is inferred that he was Nagamasu's heir.
  16. Therefore, it is inferred that the way of conducting sokuikanjo had changed remarkably depending upon the era.
  17. Therefore, it is interpreted as a drawing depicting a large boat rowed by 14 men sailing with the wind on the sea.
  18. Therefore, it is known that this kana document was also written in the same era as the other one, although the authors were different.
  19. Therefore, it is known that this kana document was written in 762 or earlier.
  20. Therefore, it is largely thought that he became an official, was transferred to one office after another and finally died in Iwami Province.
  21. Therefore, it is likely that kosa reaches areas to the east of the place where it has originated.
  22. Therefore, it is likely the real power of the domain was naturally shifted to Tomofusa OONO (Masseki Karo), who was the next roshin (old or key retainer) to Tanomonosuke.
  23. Therefore, it is more suitable for onigiri than other breeds.
  24. Therefore, it is natural that she didn't mention the fall of the Michitaka family (as above).
  25. Therefore, it is natural to think that he did so by his father's will instead of his own will.
  26. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct more precise and more systematic measurement.
  27. Therefore, it is necessary to decompose it into sugar having a smaller molecular weight with the action of koji.
  28. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the technologies needed for these measures and to guide people by specialists concerned, to make the activities for preventing desertification continue for a long period of time.
  29. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when debating the relationship between reciprocating concepts.
  30. Therefore, it is not a volcano itself.
  31. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that ikki was actually the social order.
  32. Therefore, it is not appropriate to work on this process during arid times when the coated urushi Japanese lacquer dries too quickly.
  33. Therefore, it is not certain that the giving of clan names (family names) and hereditary titles was extended to the common people under the control of powerful local clans in the sixth century.
  34. Therefore, it is not clear whether or not Noritsune survived the Battle of Ichi-no-tani, since there are different views on this point.
  35. Therefore, it is not clear whether the "Hogo-an" in "Memos about tea ceremonies by Yoken at Hogo-an" indicates the tea room located in the premises of Nishinotoin or Yodomi (having a view of Yodo district) no seki (seat).
  36. Therefore, it is not difficult to think that seishu was produced in Jodai, about the same time as the production of sake itself also began.
  37. Therefore, it is not easy to prevent desertification or to prevent land from becoming dry.
  38. Therefore, it is not logical to insist that alcohol addition for cost and labor saving is the contemporary version of hashira-jochu described in "Domoshuzoki."
  39. Therefore, it is not possible to entirely destroy salmonella as long as you eat a raw egg.
  40. Therefore, it is not required to reveal whether water used as raw material for sake is from a well or is tap water.
  41. Therefore, it is not so easy to do Uchimizu in the evening since we have to subtly change the time depending on the weather of the day.
  42. Therefore, it is not sure whether a person named Susukori actually existed or not, but anyway if it was made in the brewing method by a naturalized citizen from Baekje, it must have been a sake brewed by rice malt.
  43. Therefore, it is not surprising that Yoshiie's post-conflict request for approval was rejected.
  44. Therefore, it is not surprising to know that an element found in one cultural region might not be found in another region.
  45. Therefore, it is not too much to say that Taimitsu, which is Esoteric Buddhism in the Tendai Sect, was founded by Saicho, and Ennin and Enchin completed the Nihon Tendai Doctrinal Studies.
  46. Therefore, it is not true that 'it is "iki" because it is not yabo.'
  47. Therefore, it is now believed that the method was not used actually (such scabbards might be disassembable but do not exist currently).
  48. Therefore, it is now widely accepted that Tetsuhiko HASHIMOTO, who was managing the advertising department at the time, started using the kanji '漫才' to describe manzai.
  49. Therefore, it is often argued that the sword is related to 'Zanda no Tsurugi' (the sword used for killing snakes) that was possessed by Emperor Gaozu of the Han.
  50. Therefore, it is often considered to have the graceful atmosphere of jiutamai (jiuta dance).
  51. Therefore, it is often pointed out that using the word 'eirei' for every person who died in war (the war dead) is wrong.
  52. Therefore, it is often portrayed as having a superhuman appearance with many faces and many hands, this being from the viewpoint of relieving all people and achieving all people's wishes.
  53. Therefore, it is one of performances that require a call from the regular audience.
  54. Therefore, it is only in Edo rakugo that the category of onkyoku-banashi is particularly fixed.
  55. Therefore, it is performed in an overwhelming frequency compared to other plays, and it is considered a shame, among the people of the kabuki world, to ask for their predecessors' advice on any of the character roles in "Chushingura."
  56. Therefore, it is pointed out that the building might have been facilities related to kanga (a government office) or a residence of a gozoku (Gozoku [local ruling family]).
  57. Therefore, it is pointed out that the legend about Tsushima Taro Yoshinobu being an adopted son of Yoshimune could have been transmitted incorrectly as the legend of HIRAGA Shiro Yoshinobu.
  58. Therefore, it is possible to recite 64,800 times (40 times 27 times 6 times 10 makes 64,800), twice the number for males, by telling the juzu with all beads other than Fukudama.
  59. Therefore, it is possible to think that Yoshitsune was removed from the Saikai expedition before the appointment.
  60. Therefore, it is preferable not to stir it very much.
  61. Therefore, it is preferable to eat sushi immediately after making it in summer.
  62. Therefore, it is presumed that Dokyo must have been too pretentious under such a situation.
  63. Therefore, it is presumed that he was active as a haiku poet around this time.
  64. Therefore, it is questionable whether she was atually Michiyo's daughter.
  65. Therefore, it is quite natural to think that he was dispatched to this region, however, there is no further evidence than the grave that is attributed to his.
  66. Therefore, it is recognized that the safety of Shinkansen is generally quite high.
  67. Therefore, it is regarded as a valuable material to know the construction in the Nara period.
  68. Therefore, it is regarded as the true way to show the nature directly without using words except for the direct teaching from a master to a practitioner of austerities on a case-by-case basis.
  69. Therefore, it is regarded that onusa was originally used like a brush to wash the body.
  70. Therefore, it is safe to say that Nobunaga's regional army system was a failure, because it enabled him to extend his power but dug his own grave as well.
  71. Therefore, it is safe to say that Tsunehisa obtained the post of shugo in a relatively moderate manner, not in the Gekokujo (a revolt of vassals against their lord) fashion as imagined from those stories.
  72. Therefore, it is said that Chigi determined that Hoke-kyo is superior to Nehan-gyo and interpreted the sutras of Nehan-gyo.
  73. Therefore, it is said that Hoke-kyo Sutra teaches Kuonjitsujo (久遠実成) and Nehan-gyo Sutra teaches Kuonshochu (久遠常住).
  74. Therefore, it is said that Motoie came into power in reality and wielded influence.
  75. Therefore, it is said that Tengus, who are spirits of the mountains, live in Kurama.
  76. Therefore, it is said that Yoshiharu MATSUDAIRA of the Aono Matsudaira family, which belonged to the Matsudaira clan, and acted as a guardian of Mochikiyo, but this story is unreliable.
  77. Therefore, it is said that a person who eats sashimi topped with a small quantity of wasabi not soaked in soy sauce is an expert.
  78. Therefore, it is said that finding material for such roofs has become easier than the past.
  79. Therefore, it is said that for the sake of Prince Otomo, whose mother is Iga no Ume, Emperor Tenchi made a law that dictates the direct line as the prerequisite of succession, and Empress Genmei took it up as Fukai-no-Joten/ Fukaijoten for the sake of Emperor Shomu, whose mother was from the Fujiwara clan.
  80. Therefore, it is said that it is good for people to release it to the sea, persuading not to curse them because they release it.
  81. Therefore, it is said that tato fumyo played the both roles of the ruled and the rulers, which means that they were the ruled for the kokuga, and they were the rulers for the general farmers.
  82. Therefore, it is said that the Sugawara clan, which later got the leading position in Kidendo, associated this historical fact with Gakumonryo of the mid-Heian period aiming to demonstrate the family's achievement at Daigaku-ryo.
  83. Therefore, it is said that the dates were defined 120 years earlier around this period.
  84. Therefore, it is said that the farmers around To-ji Temple stopped entering the leek filed on the 21st, the fete day of To-ji Temple, and there was a tradition that eating leeks on that day caused misfortunes to the whole family.
  85. Therefore, it is said that the most significant technique of the ukiyoe was used for shunga.
  86. Therefore, it is said that the present shrine building built in 1744 constitutes its basic form.
  87. Therefore, it is said that the top reason for death of a Shinsen-gumi was due to hara-kiri.
  88. Therefore, it is said that their views are strongly reflected in the text, Yoshifusa's in editorial policy, and Yoshitada's in description.
  89. Therefore, it is said that there was a need to serve the food in containers that could withstand rough handling and provide a large number of servings at once.
  90. Therefore, it is said that this piece was named 'Showaraku' from the name of the era at the time.
  91. Therefore, it is said that use of caution is necessary in citing the strategy.
  92. Therefore, it is said that whale meat was mostly consumed in the area where the meat was produced, while whale oil was supplied to various parts of Japan as lamp oil or insect-resistant materials.
  93. Therefore, it is said that when people happened to catch it, they gave it sake (Japanese alcoholic beverage) and released it to the sea.
  94. Therefore, it is said that, as soon as an emperor or nobles heard the song, they prayed so that no grave matter would occur.
  95. Therefore, it is said, many people other than samurai, regardless of their social standings, escaped to mountains outside the city and rural areas.
  96. Therefore, it is seldom used at present other than by the people of karyukai (world of the geisha), such as geisha and maiko (apprentice geisha), or for bridal dress.
  97. Therefore, it is shown that esoteric Buddhism influenced the view of curses to sovereignty.
  98. Therefore, it is sometimes called amami-senbei (sweet senbei).
  99. Therefore, it is sometimes used in the dramas, novels and so on to reflect characters' ages or the periods they lived in.
  100. Therefore, it is speculated that the original Kasanuimura in Yamato was either a low-lying wetland or a land shaped like an island.
  101. Therefore, it is supposed that he might be a son of Hisayori and the father of Takayori.
  102. Therefore, it is supposed that the August 17 article of "Azuma Kagami" was created after the downfall of Yoshitsune in order to explain the reason.
  103. Therefore, it is supposed that, in the section, only two passenger trains and two cargo trains an hour will be able to run in one direction.
  104. Therefore, it is surmised that, in line with the trend of the times, direct expression, "wagakimi," in the gaka might be replaced with the indirect expression "kimigayo."
  105. Therefore, it is suspected that the titles for the seventh, eighth and ninth emperors were made with reference to the titles of the existent emperors in the later period when the compilation of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki was in the final stage.
  106. Therefore, it is thought that Masatsune was born after that year.
  107. Therefore, it is thought that he was engaged in the actual work of compiling national history.
  108. Therefore, it is thought that the story of the Kibi no Otodo Nitto Emaki deals with Makibi's second visit to Tang even though Nakamaro was still alive at that time.
  109. Therefore, it is thought that the use of the characters "毛" and "蝦" isn't simply based on the sound but must have a particular meaning.
  110. Therefore, it is thought that there was no contradiction between the enthronement of Emperor Konin and the Crown Prince Osabe carried out under the leadership of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan and the dethronement of the Crown Prince after the change of political power to the Ceremonial House.
  111. Therefore, it is thought that there were many forgeries from that time.
  112. Therefore, it is thought that this organization was the Imperial family's household institution rather than the nation's governing institution.
  113. Therefore, it is told that officials of the bakufu were afraid of her, calling her 'the second Kasuga no tsubone.'
  114. Therefore, it is true that there is an aspect that is not suited to the discussion of whether "the Gospel according to Marco" reported Petro's discourse.
  115. Therefore, it is unclear whether the tendency was deterred or encouraged by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  116. Therefore, it is undeniable that the operating pattern is far from fulfilling metropolitan area urban traffic functions in a satisfactory manner.
  117. Therefore, it is unknown whether schools of that time in fact existed or not and what their origins were.
  118. Therefore, it is unnecessary to firmly stick to traditional ten-sho, rei-sho, kai-sho, gyo-sho or so-sho cerographic styles."
  119. Therefore, it is unrenewable and seen as an issue from the viewpoints of environmental protection and CO2 emissions.
  120. Therefore, it is wrong to call these sake warming machines 'Kandoko' (or 'Doko').
  121. Therefore, it isn't surprising that they prepared arms in order to secure their execution of such powers.
  122. Therefore, it looks like an uchigi (ordinary kimono) when viewed from the front.
  123. Therefore, it makes a nice gift on special or happy occasions.
  124. Therefore, it means that 309 songs are collected in Book 1 if it is kanbon (complete edition).
  125. Therefore, it might be said that Miyazu han was substantially established by Takahiro KYOGOKU.
  126. Therefore, it might mean rice ball in early-modern times.
  127. Therefore, it must have been difficult for Japan at that time to introduce such a system.
  128. Therefore, it refers to samurai.
  129. Therefore, it refers to the god of war.
  130. Therefore, it resulted in the phenomenon that there were many Buddhists among the people who were supposed to be Senmin.
  131. Therefore, it seems natural for a storytelling artist to have appeared on stage and narrated movies.
  132. Therefore, it seems that 'higashi' is called the Tenma ryu because Imafuku and Gamo are located to the east of Osaka Tenman-gu Shrine and the performance was dedicated at this shrine, and 'kita' is called the Nagara ryu because Nagara is located to the north of Tenman-gu Shrine.
  133. Therefore, it seems that Hoitsu called Korin's replica 'Waves at Matsushima' either by mistake or because it was a picture of matsu (pines) and shima (island).
  134. Therefore, it seems that Ieyasu was very popular and was strongly trusted by samurai at least in the Mikawa area, his home base.
  135. Therefore, it seems that Sukuyodo in Japan was established around this time.
  136. Therefore, it seems that Udon noodles were more popular than Soba.
  137. Therefore, it seems that the dumplings were eaten after roasted and dipped into raw soy sauce.
  138. Therefore, it seems to imply that Emperor Ojin was a child between Empress Jingu and Sumiyoshi Okami.
  139. Therefore, it should be considered that the brewing method of rice malt had been already spread all over Japan in those days.
  140. Therefore, it should be noted that different increase-decrease rates for the last couple of years relative to the reference year of the greenhouse gas emissions are sometimes announced between the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto protocol.
  141. Therefore, it should be put in a paulownia box and kept in the place with less temperature change.
  142. Therefore, it shouldn't be forgotten that samurai who sided with the Taira family were included, other than the members of Taira family, in Heike no Ochudo.
  143. Therefore, it takes more than ten years until fruition for cultivation from the seed, so in order to shorten the period till fruition, it can be possible to harvest after a few years by grafting Poncirus trifoliata.
  144. Therefore, it took less time to compile, and the number of volumes were reduced to half of ''Koninshiki''.
  145. Therefore, it usually had a relatively open structure and an extremely large opening.
  146. Therefore, it usually served as a guard placed for each gate around the Edo-jo Castle, a guard of shogun when going out, maintenance of security of the Edo castle town, and so forth.
  147. Therefore, it was adopted as a recommended variety of Hyogo Prefecture in 1912.
  148. Therefore, it was after Japan won the Sino-Japanese War that the attribution issue was solved.
  149. Therefore, it was allegedly extremely difficult for Motoie to control Omi because of the guerrilla warfare by the Rokkaku party.
  150. Therefore, it was allowed to get a higher official position faster by exchanging it with money.
  151. Therefore, it was also feared that he might support Tadateru to challenge the government.
  152. Therefore, it was also used as a different name for an eldest legitimate son of the peerage.
  153. Therefore, it was better to take the "long way around but reliable path" than to take the "easy and quick path," which later became the popular proverb.
  154. Therefore, it was both the text as well as the commentary with the largest circulation during the Edo period.
  155. Therefore, it was calculated as 70 sho.
  156. Therefore, it was called 'fusuma-shoji in fusuma-dokoro.'
  157. Therefore, it was commonly considered that a group should be responsible for taking care of its representative who had undergone higisho and his family, whether he won or not.
  158. Therefore, it was considered a great honor to be acknowledged as a gomonyo.
  159. Therefore, it was considered that Imperial Families not close to successive Emperors are to be demoted from nobility to subject.
  160. Therefore, it was considered that the bank would not understand that new railway lines 'dedicated for passengers' should be constructed and would not lend money for the construction.
  161. Therefore, it was considered that there was no possibility for her first son, the Prince Tamura to succeed to the throne.
  162. Therefore, it was decided that repair of Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium should be mainly considered hereafter.
  163. Therefore, it was decided that this constituted a Kekki no Tsumi (the crime violating the required period to stay in Tang) based on the requirements at that time.
  164. Therefore, it was decided that using the dates of the Gregorian calendar, the dates of events were deferred by one month.
  165. Therefore, it was decided to create a specialized bureau that deals with Land-Tax Reform collectively.
  166. Therefore, it was decided to write Aizan as '藹山' in Japanese using two Chinese characters of '藹' (referring to a wooded and abundant landscape) and '山' (referring to a mountain) instead of Chinese characters '靄' (referring to mist) and '厓' (referring to a cliff) which composed his master's pen name, 靄厓.
  167. Therefore, it was difficult to establish Imperial Universities soon with a proposal of establishing the Imperial Universities in the diet because it did not have financial prospects.
  168. Therefore, it was easier and less expensive to guard in Tokyo.
  169. Therefore, it was extremely important and continued under the Kurodo dokoro (the institution where the Imperial archives were kept) with a certain degree of importance even after the Ritsuryo system stooped functioning.
  170. Therefore, it was far from the actual situation of Japan from 1955 to 1964 when farming had been already mechanized and affluent after the postwar agrarian reform.
  171. Therefore, it was firmly believed that if descriptions of Nihonshoki based on the three books of Baekje were strictly chosen and combined, the real figure of the relationship between Japan and Korea could be objectively restored.
  172. Therefore, it was invented to sell box lunches at stations.
  173. Therefore, it was long believed that "Jizojuo-kyo Sutra" was originally written in China.
  174. Therefore, it was more effective in Hirayamajiro Castle or Hirajiro Castle to make deep moats.
  175. Therefore, it was natural in a certain sense that, in the operation of the Ashiu forest for field practice, there was the idea of "the management of the forest for field practice for contributing to the university finance" by cutting trees and doing business in the forest for field practice.
  176. Therefore, it was necessary to grasp the actual conditions of cultivation in order to calculate anticipated tax yields, and to implement an exemption from distribution of assignments at the time of disaster.
  177. Therefore, it was neither a correct designation from the viewpoint of the Jodo Shinshu sect, nor a desirable name, since it was confused with the 'Ikkoshu sect' founded by Ikko Shunsho.
  178. Therefore, it was not a translation but a book written in Chinese.
  179. Therefore, it was not necessarily the case that one person governed one region.
  180. Therefore, it was not suitable for using on the track and troubles, including overheating, often occurred.
  181. Therefore, it was often called 'Kadensho' until some time after the war, but the title 'Fushikadensho' is commonly used now.
  182. Therefore, it was prohibited to buy or sell the jiden fields and shinden fields that belonged to temples and shrines, respectively.
  183. Therefore, it was relatively new that the songs in "Ryojin hisho" became known to society.
  184. Therefore, it was relayed to later generations as the legend of Kamoshima Island.
  185. Therefore, it was renamed after Maizuru-jo Castle which was a pseudonym for Tanabe-jo Castle (Tango Province) by order of the Daijokan (Grand Council of State).
  186. Therefore, it was required to restructure each clans as government officials by preserving the former hierarchy when promulgating the government official system at the installation of Ritsuryo.
  187. Therefore, it was said that some people attempted to assassinate Ryoo by poisons.
  188. Therefore, it was strongly requested that a field practice forest be established in Japan.
  189. Therefore, it was their common response that if the vanguard was greatly damaged in the battle they did not fight daringly any more.
  190. Therefore, it was theoretically possible for one village to have more than one person with the same status such as nanushi.
  191. Therefore, it was thought to be demoted due to the fixed image as a villain in Hinduism with the rise of Taishakuten (Sakra devanam Indra).
  192. Therefore, it was used only by the Kugyo or officers of the fifth rank or higher attended the Sechi-e (seasonal court banquets) or in service at important ceremonies including an Imperial envoy of the Kamo Festival.
  193. Therefore, it was very difficult to do it actually.
  194. Therefore, it worked on assistance of agricultural technique, research study on agriculture, regulation of price of farm products, control of agrarian dispute, and welfare enhancement of farmers.
  195. Therefore, it would be better to think that producing thin somen that are available nowadays was made possible in modern times, when imported wheat became common to be used.
  196. Therefore, it would be fair to say that there is no evidence that the insistence that 'it is not exactly revealed which part, what amount, or what percentage was edited (by Wasaburo ASANO)' of those who doubt, has not been treated as an issue at all.
  197. Therefore, it would have been the assumption of a double-edged sword to the new government, as the new government inherited the feudal system from the former bakufu, since the new government would also incorporate all of the conservative people.
  198. Therefore, it's believed that the term "kondei" originally referred to a status or a position of a cohort soldier.
  199. Therefore, it's considered that ancient tofu was very hard momendofu, like this.
  200. Therefore, it's inseparably related to human beings, and it has been distributed as a human activity.
  201. Therefore, its content cannot necessarily be trusted and it should be used with caution.
  202. Therefore, its family fortunes deteriorated remarkably.
  203. Therefore, its initiation was extremely difficult.
  204. Therefore, its manner and music score are very similar to those of Ko school, but its characteristic is using varieties of decorative tegumi (a rhythm pattern).
  205. Therefore, its provincial capital is believed to have been relocated to 'Kawabe no fu' in 804.
  206. Therefore, its single pattern is larger and its appearance is gorgeous than Edo-komon, and it has more concreteness to the design than an abstract design.
  207. Therefore, jishi was distinguished into two forms: the one paid in rice (rice-plant) was called Jishimai or jishito (rice-plant paid as jishi) and the one paid in money was called jishisen (land taxes paid by tenant farmers).
  208. Therefore, jiuta is also related to theater music.
  209. Therefore, jiuta is sometimes considered to be a part of sokyoku.
  210. Therefore, kaihatsu-ryoshu tried to secure their dominion and management rights by donating their developed fields to major central nobility, temples, and shrines, that were more powerful than kokuga, to eliminate the pressure from kokuga (those shoen were specifically categorized as donated shoen).
  211. Therefore, kakejiku can be appreciated with the variety.
  212. Therefore, kamikiri performers are often invited to give performances in events related to Japan that are held in those countries.
  213. Therefore, kannabi is also the general term for himorogi and iwakura.
  214. Therefore, kansenji was not sealed with the official stamp of daijokan that a shonagon, who administered the gekikyoku, had in his hand.
  215. Therefore, karakami for pasting on the walls in rooms of high quality is exclusively ordered from Kyoto, although such a paper is not suitable for pasting on the walls in rooms of low quality.'
  216. Therefore, karakuri has a long history.
  217. Therefore, kazoku could easily take a degree from Imperial University, if they were not choosy about specific universities or specific departments.
  218. Therefore, kelp was shipped to important ports in Osaka via Sakata Port situated on the coast of Japan Sea, later via Shimonoseki Port.
  219. Therefore, kodanshi is supposed to be higher in performing rank than rakugoka, providing that their class and careers are identical.
  220. Therefore, kokerabuki with thinner, flexible boards has gradually become more widely used.
  221. Therefore, kokuga took the measure of raising the status of the areas formerly placed under a gun, for example, go (villages), to a status equal to that of the gun.
  222. Therefore, kokuga, who also needed to stabilize their income by the kanmotsu, came to approve the semi permanent relationship between tato fumyo and specific myoden.
  223. Therefore, kumon (kojo) was usually issued in the form of Migyosho (a document for informing people of the decision of Third Rank or upper people) or Gonaisho (official document).
  224. Therefore, kunin were needed to carry out the service in the kokyu.
  225. Therefore, lakes have been stocked with larval fish.
  226. Therefore, large armor was important in defending from arrow strikes, and the components, such as the large sleeve (Osode), the chest plates (Kyubi-no-ita), and the sandalwood plates (Sendan-no-ita) were attachments.
  227. Therefore, large quantities of small-sized coins were issued.
  228. Therefore, large scale checkups were performed in 862.
  229. Therefore, later historical books were influenced by this historical view and established 'a view towards the Taira clan administration.'
  230. Therefore, later, there were certain persons among Korean common people who, while naming Japan as the top invader, criticized the Ming army as the second invader.
  231. Therefore, lean and slim eels are used.
  232. Therefore, leather tabi were mainly used by samurai in battle or in hunting with falcons.
  233. Therefore, letters "Wado" written on Wado-kaichin had no relationship with "Wado" (Japanese copper) used as the name of the era.
  234. Therefore, like Mitsuzaki Kengyo, he also employed a consistent composition, a simple technique, and a noble and classic atmosphere of kumiuta, which was a form of sokyoku in the early Edo period, and an extreme opposite of jiuta music developed into complication at the time.
  235. Therefore, like in the case of Saigoku, nengu unjo could not be expected.
  236. Therefore, liquid sumi made by grinding does not last long, and it is necessary to use it up right away.
  237. Therefore, local sake which was called jizake today merely came out of towns and villages.
  238. Therefore, mai dances have been handed down in a patriarchal way; however after the Meiji Restoration many were lost when their lines of succession were broken and now the remnants of this traditional art only remain as an element of Noh.
  239. Therefore, mainstream experts of historical studies express the influential point of view that the author of "Heike Monogatari" created this fictional story of "sakaotoshi."
  240. Therefore, mainstream factions of the Imperial line from Emperor Tenmu died out after the death of Emperor Shotoku, leading to the revival of the Imperial of Tenji.
  241. Therefore, making use of such concept, one adopted a convenient practice of Katatagae.
  242. Therefore, makko is also called Shoko, and makko is rather known by this name.
  243. Therefore, manufacturers of the ice shaving machine shifted from machine for block ice to machines for producing cubed ice and shaved ice is divided into two types, powdered snow and small chips of ice.
  244. Therefore, many Japanese writers and artists visited the places where Tsushinshi stayed, also generating the byproduct that cultural exchanges among peoples of the two nations were made actively.
  245. Therefore, many Musashi's works including ink-wash paintings and artifacts are still preserved in the Matsui family.
  246. Therefore, many Myoo sculptures have fierce facial expressions called hunnu.
  247. Therefore, many adverse effects, for example, of arresting a wrong person due to relentless cracking-down operations,, were caused, and therefore, the post remained abolished for a while but was reestablished in 1702.
  248. Therefore, many authors of related books of this battle adopt the later figures.
  249. Therefore, many clans had many Kamon which deviated from the original meaning.
  250. Therefore, many companies have placed their bases in Fukuchiyama around which their branch offices and business offices operate.
  251. Therefore, many companies in these industries held their own Seijin-shiki ceremony at the company (workplace).
  252. Therefore, many documents say that the attack on Oshi Castle proves that Mitsunari was not good at fighting, but there are opposing theories.
  253. Therefore, many equestrian terms in Japan originate from the military terms.
  254. Therefore, many farmers (persons managing a farm by employing farm workers) were forced to sell their farms and became peasants.
  255. Therefore, many merchants and traders sought the Zuryomei for their honor and prosperous trade.
  256. Therefore, many methods of the Nohgaku otsuzumikata came from the Kotsuzumikata.
  257. Therefore, many nobles were seen to travel from one direction to another here and there in Kyoto on the Vernal Equinox Day and then every fifteen days (that is, 24 divisions of the old calendar).
  258. Therefore, many novelists and critics judge that Shingen and Kenshin were merely local daimyo and that Nobunaga and Hideyoshi were by far superior to them in ability.
  259. Therefore, many of baths have no seperation between men and women.
  260. Therefore, many of the Hatamoto in this area were local samurai or wealthy merchants picked by the Tokugawa family to expand its power and to stabilize the state of the area from around the Battle of Sekigahara to around the downfall of the Toyotomi family by The Siege of Osaka.
  261. Therefore, many of the programs created at that time were relatively long, though the time of intermission for rest & stage change was deducted.
  262. Therefore, many sects do not have an idea of Butsubachi itself.
  263. Therefore, many shokeshu who occupied the core in such Kasei by shugo and kokunin were proud of being in the same family as their employer's household, the head of the family, and were also very loyal to their employer's household.
  264. Therefore, many songs have come to extend beyond traditional enka genre boundaries, and the name of the genre is changing from enka to enka kayo kyoku.
  265. Therefore, many thatched houses existed in villages in mountainous areas until around the middle of the 20th century in Japan.
  266. Therefore, many trains have little standing time before doubling back at Yodoyabashi Station or at Demachiyanagi Station.
  267. Therefore, many writers, novelist and dramatist inserted the contextual elements of the petitions into their dramatic works.
  268. Therefore, masters of tea ceremony customarily feed the used chasen to the flames to show their gratitude, and this service is called chasen kuyo in the same manner as hari kuyo (memorial service for dull and broken needles) and fude kuyo (memorial service for used brushes).
  269. Therefore, masuseki were adopted as a convenient system because it was possible to easily and freely divide the auditorium through the use of wooden frames.
  270. Therefore, members of the clan were called 'Jugoi sama' or 'Jugoi dono' (Both terms mean literally "Mr. Jugoi.").
  271. Therefore, members of the old regime (Imperial family members, aristocracy, religious orders) who had lost their privileges to the Taira clan government planned to remove the Taira clan government.
  272. Therefore, merchants from Omi, who were called 'Omi shonin' (Omi merchants) played active roles in various parts of Japan.
  273. Therefore, military forces could issue and circulate as much military currency as they wanted.
  274. Therefore, military service at the frontier meant having to go to a place that was extremely far away.
  275. Therefore, modern Theravada merely descended from a sect in the era of Nikaya Buddhism.
  276. Therefore, modernization of the society itself is having a negative effect on the survival of yokai as classical Japanese culture.
  277. Therefore, monjo hakase's rank was raised to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) in 821.
  278. Therefore, most extant cultural properties with itabuki roofs use kokerabuki, and few of them use tochibuki or tokusabuki, so it is hard to find craftsmen who can work on these methods.
  279. Therefore, most his letters left such as 'Rirakujo' were apologetic letters.
  280. Therefore, mountain areas were places that women, who could give birth, did not or must not approach in order to ensure their safety.
  281. Therefore, movement to introduce "Bankoku Koho" was initiated from the European and American side.
  282. Therefore, much higher-valued koban gold coins exchangeable to the ichibu-gin coins (four ichibu-gin silver coins for one koban gold coin) was drained out in massive amount.
  283. Therefore, much of the town still remains as it was in the Edo period, and most of the houses are being used for actual dwelling.
  284. Therefore, music collections of Shingaku, which are written in gongchepu in general, and Chinese instruments such as gekkin are often seen at an used bookstore and an antique shop.
  285. Therefore, natto is an excellent 'fermented food' because it is produced as a food in a sufficiently sanitary manner, is enjoyed by many people (although it may be only a part of the world), and has high nutritional value.
  286. Therefore, nengu unjo (payment to the government) from Saigoku could not be expected.
  287. Therefore, new railways for Shinkansen will be laid for this section.
  288. Therefore, no date other than February 11, 660 B.C. Could be considered 'the first day of the first spring month of the year Kanoto-Tori.'.
  289. Therefore, no founder of a Buddhist sect can avoid criticizing the teachings of other sects, at least to a certain extent.
  290. Therefore, no matter how much they expanded their power, they could not afford to deny the authority of Shogun Muromachi.
  291. Therefore, no measures seem to have been taken on the assumption of the restoration of zakko in 744.
  292. Therefore, no more big battle was fought in Kawanakajima.
  293. Therefore, no strict eating manners are required in general.
  294. Therefore, normal schools in various regions, on the model of American universities such as "liberal arts colleges", made a fresh start as Department of Education or Department of Liberal Arts of new-system universities that embodied various old-system schools.
  295. Therefore, not a few people are hoping for the parachute type to be back, in which a sheet of dried laver is not torn and its pieces do not remain.
  296. Therefore, now, the accuracy of kosa forecast has increased.
  297. Therefore, nowadays it is interpreted as follows.
  298. Therefore, numbers such as 'Rokudan no Shirabe' (Music of Six Steps), 'Hachidan no Shirabe' (Music of Eight Steps) and 'Midare' (one of the best-known classical works for so (koto)) are early sohonkyoku (numbers originally created for so (koto), but they can also be played in ensembles with sangen and kokyu).
  299. Therefore, obtaining a number of titles, he was called Kanyamato Iwarehiko no Mikoto."
  300. Therefore, oiran walked in certain special ways such as the ones called "letter of 八 (eight) outwards "in Yoshiwara or "letter of 八 (eight) inward" in Shimabara.
  301. Therefore, okage mairi is also referred to as nuke mairi (stealing away on pilgrimage).
  302. Therefore, on January 19 1170, Narichika was dismissed from his position and exiled to Bicchu Province.
  303. Therefore, on June 11, 1868, the "Japanese government organization" law was issued (the Constitution of 1868), and the next year a system of two departments and six ministries, which was modeled on the Ritsuryo system of two departments and eight ministries, was set up.
  304. Therefore, on May 12, 2008, the Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau announced that it would dissolve Kyoto Kosoku Railway Co., Ltd., by the end of fiscal year 2008, and that the entire Tozai Line would be under the direct control of Kyoto City in fiscal year 2009.
  305. Therefore, on November 1 of the same year, he prepared a manifesto to convene the nationwide Sakaya Kaigi in Osaka on May 1 of the following year, 1882, in order to call for tax cuts and free business.
  306. Therefore, on the day of tsuyubare, the discomfort index gets high and it is felt unbearable and it tends to cause heat attack.
  307. Therefore, on the first anniversary of Maresuke NOGI's death, he resigned from his job and, at his own expense, resolved to inform future generations of the type of man that General Nogi was and how he embodied traditional Japanese loyalty and sacrifice.
  308. Therefore, on the whole, the morale of Yoshiaki's forces composed of feudal lords in the Boso Peninsula was relatively low.
  309. Therefore, on this line any train denominated Limited Express other than 'Keihan Electric Railway Series 60' train was set up during the early Showa period.
  310. Therefore, one can't make light of the number of station users in the summer.
  311. Therefore, one had to carry a lunchbox over one's shoulder besides a bag in order to have a warm bento at lunchtime.
  312. Therefore, one should especially be careful when instructing foreigners to put the brush in the mouth.
  313. Therefore, one theory said it sounded the tone of 'kaso' that was the ancient word of 'father' to 'kisa' of Kisagaihime and made her appear against 'Umu omo' (mother) of Umugihime.
  314. Therefore, one theory suggests that the lineages of Yorimitsu's descendants, Settsu Genji and Tada Genji, are considered as the direct descendants.
  315. Therefore, only a small portion of the whale meat was eaten, generating surplus whale meat.
  316. Therefore, only daughters of kuge (a court noble) having the certain family status could be Naishi no suke, and the daughters of higher ranked kuge among Urinke and Meike became Naishi no suke.
  317. Therefore, only the monks who served monzeki and were in the highest rank came to be called bokan and other lower rank monks came to be categorized into shodaibu, hokumen or samurai; such categorization formed a hierarchy similar to that of court nobles.
  318. Therefore, only the rulers, such as the lord of a manor and Kokugaryo (territories governed by provincial government office) and the lord-of-a-manor samurai, could exercise the jurisdiction and police powers (criminal cases) to the general public.
  319. Therefore, only the shape of the liquid surface remained and it was mostly rounded shape.
  320. Therefore, opinions for implementing this policy were polarized as well.
  321. Therefore, origami paper can be called chiyogami.
  322. Therefore, our temple is also responsible for Daiki's hardship. We are willing to help you at any cost,' and kindly came up with the money for him.'
  323. Therefore, panicled hydrangea (Hydrangea paniculata Siebold) that acts slowly is used for 'neri' (an adhesive), instead of aibika that acts extremely fast.
  324. Therefore, passengers who have ordinary through-tickets aren't allowed to exit via the ticket gate of Yamashina (Keihan-Yamashina).
  325. Therefore, people are unable to buy the tickets for the 'excellent' masuseki without asking these restaurants for mediation.
  326. Therefore, people believe that the god grants just one request of theirs and then, it attracts believers being called 'ichigon (ji)-san'.
  327. Therefore, people celebrate them from June to July under the lunar calendar.
  328. Therefore, people have referred to this place in various ways since the old times.
  329. Therefore, people living in this country are sensitive to changes of the seasons, and are modest, but, the nationality of being very sensitive to the nature was fostered.
  330. Therefore, people need to order dishes from caterers and other restaurants.
  331. Therefore, people of Kyoto City were deeply disappointed with the location of the present Emperor's Sokui no rei.
  332. Therefore, people recognized the self-existence and independence were essential for a state to take advantage of international law, and reforms were promoted in a proactive manner.
  333. Therefore, people who are on a spacecraft reaching almost the speed of light enjoy space travel, and on returning to the earth they find that time passed on earth much faster than on the spacecraft, so the crew of the spacecraft feel as if they were Urashima Taro.
  334. Therefore, performances on the senshuraku day are favored, and advance tickets are sometimes sold out before those for the other days.
  335. Therefore, persons at the Rokui no Kurod post had to to either follow the 'Gyakutai' practice or become a jigenin.
  336. Therefore, persons in the kokujin and hikan classes established an alliance to form a kokujin uprising in order to retain their rights.
  337. Therefore, please note that there are certain sentences containing differing content from the original Takeuchi monjo.
  338. Therefore, popularly known details of the battle are described in this section based on war tales written in the Edo period, such as "Koyo Gunkan," although they lack credibility as historical documents.
  339. Therefore, poverty is not thought to have been the primary cause of Tsuchi-ikki.
  340. Therefore, power of the Sobayonin officer, who mediated between the shogun and the Roju and played the role of relaying instructions from shogun to Roju, increased suddenly.
  341. Therefore, powerful families in the Kanto region who were allied to Kenshin surrendered to the Hojo clan one after another.
  342. Therefore, practical government officials who held successively the position of Kurododokoro (the Chamberlain's Office), benkan (officials of the dajokan) and Zuryo (the head of the provincial governors) often became inshi.
  343. Therefore, prefecture division was implemented and the number of prefectures finally became three fu and 43 ken (exclusive of Hokkaido) in 1889.
  344. Therefore, private cars are essential when moving within the city, and the ownership ratio is fairly high.
  345. Therefore, probable targets of ikki such as doso and temples had to hire samurai for their own protection.
  346. Therefore, production and storage of surplus crops increased and it changed to wealth, which created the haves and the have-nots leading to the disparity between rich and poor and a superior-inferior relationship.
  347. Therefore, profits from transactions in ports and extraction of minerals were also converted into rice.
  348. Therefore, properties that were Aratauchi were in some cases allowed rights usually given to new fields.
  349. Therefore, provisions for jinpu was made in Daijokanpu (official documents from Daijokan [Grand Council of State] to local governments) and Daijokancho (official documents from Daijokan to Buddhist temples).
  350. Therefore, publications in each period were called 'Kazusa-ban' (Kazusa editions), 'Amakusa-ban' (Amakusa editions) and 'Nagasaki-ban' (Nagasaki editions), respectively, using the name of place of printing.
  351. Therefore, qualified teachers were unavailable at a significant number of schools, and the calligraphic skills of students was markedly dependent on the school.
  352. Therefore, questions were raised whether they were suitable for the Keihanshin Local Line on which such high-speed is required, though they were usable.
  353. Therefore, readjustment of agricultural lands performed as cultivation and improvement of drainage together with improvement of rivers were done independantly from jori.
  354. Therefore, recently in many cases, while retaining the Iemoto system, the school's corporate body practically handles management of accomplishments and financial matters.
  355. Therefore, reconstruction may be approved as an exemption from the Building Standard Act and as an exception of the Fire and Disaster Management Act as in the case of Ozu-jo Castle keep.
  356. Therefore, regarding the fact that he did not independently exercise his authority as Shogun, there is a theory that he simply lacked motivation.
  357. Therefore, regent to the shogunate Yasutoki HOJO took charge in establishing the Goseibai-shikimoku by consulting with some of the hyojoshu (a member of Council of State) including Yasutsura OTA and Joen SAITO with assistance of the family patriarch Tokifusa HOJO.
  358. Therefore, regional differences in different area across the world are understood as difference of their stage of historical development.
  359. Therefore, registration system is also introduced to tangible folk cultural properties for an immediate protection measure.
  360. Therefore, regulations relating to Mino ashiginu and Modano nuno were extraordinarily established.
  361. Therefore, reiheishi took the inland route of Nakasendo Road - Kuraga no shuku Post Station - Reiheishi Kaido Road for the trip to Nikko, without going through the Tokaido Road and Edo.
  362. Therefore, reisai are usually called rei-taisai.
  363. Therefore, rekido, which was originally a scientific study of the calendar, began to take on the flavor of Onmyodo (way of Yin and Yang, an occult divination system based on the Taoist theory of the five elements).
  364. Therefore, reproduction is generally accomplished by underground stems through trophozoite multiplication.
  365. Therefore, researchers and the Ministry of the Environment, which advocate this idea, consider it to be very effective for the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide.
  366. Therefore, returning to the records on the Kamakura side in a later era (from towards the end of the Kamakura period to the period of the Northern and Southern Courts), "Kamkura-Nendaiki-uragaki" includes the following description:
  367. Therefore, roads in Japan were hardly ever surfaced, and vehicles with wheels used on the roads in Japan were only load-carrying vehicles, such as large carts, and some cow-drawn buggies.
  368. Therefore, roughly speaking in the range between "hiya" and "atsukan," the higher the sake temperature is, the more the taste has body and depth and also karasa (dryness) is felt.
  369. Therefore, roughly speaking, hard-core regular drinkers tend to prefer generally sake that has undergone the hiire process.
  370. Therefore, ryakko means a lapse of kalpa.
  371. Therefore, safety equipment including the following is generally installed in the kyudojo.
  372. Therefore, sake brewing has been carried out during the cold season in winter.
  373. Therefore, sake brewing in all seasons had a chance to revive.
  374. Therefore, several numbers of Shimai are excerpted from one piece in some cases.
  375. Therefore, several of the works are now released as public domain DVDs.
  376. Therefore, several types of shinobue are prepared and replaced during the performance when the tune of the song changes.
  377. Therefore, she armed with maids-in-waiting and prepared for attacks by the enemies.
  378. Therefore, she felt sorrow at seeing her grandsons kill each other.
  379. Therefore, she had taken charge of running the Inn since then.
  380. Therefore, she sent several gods to Izumo.
  381. Therefore, she vehemently rejected Udaijin's plan to marry Oborozukiyo to Genji after the death of Lady Aoi.
  382. Therefore, she was expelled from the inn.
  383. Therefore, she was introversive and was not blessed with good health.
  384. Therefore, shichusen coins were likely not welcome, for example, not accepted as formal coins in payments in the commodity economy.
  385. Therefore, shobuyu means taking a hot bath with a medical herb as a folk remedy.
  386. Therefore, shokan, jito, et al. started to have their own directly managed rice fields claiming the surrounding farmland as a part of their residential area.
  387. Therefore, shuttle service is provided from this station in the event operations are suspended due to an accident occurring between the Kyoto and Mukaijima stations.
  388. Therefore, side tracks are provided on the western side.
  389. Therefore, simply referring to as 'Ten' ought to be enough for understanding but in Japanese, the term 'Tenbu zo' (image of Tenbu) has been traditionally used instead of 'Ten zo' (image of Ten).
  390. Therefore, since anyone could recite Buddha's name without regard to time or space, it contributed to the prevalence of Buddhist invocation among people from various walks of life.
  391. Therefore, since around the middle of eleventh century, the central government began to adopt realistic policies in order to secure its financial revenue.
  392. Therefore, since politics did not go according to Yoshimasa's plans he gradually lost interest in politics.
  393. Therefore, since rinse and conditioner enter the gap and prevent soot from entering, they shorten the lifespan of the fude, and do not give it elasticity.
  394. Therefore, since the members of the Imperial family are born with the right for the titles, the system of giving the title of Imperial Prince to the members of the Imperial family like king (Imperial family) was abolished.
  395. Therefore, so-okite was strongly effective to the members of soson.
  396. Therefore, some Tato fumyo assaulted zuryo or took the measure of lodging a complaint with Daijokan (Grand Council of State) (refer to an article of Kokushi kasei joso [appeals against kokushi's harsh administration]).
  397. Therefore, some advocates do not take Tokyo as the only capital of Japan by interpreting the difference between old laws, existing laws and common laws.
  398. Therefore, some areas of Yamanashi Prefecture (such as Otsuki City) and all areas of Tochigi Prefecture and Gunma Prefecture receive different programs from those shown on TV TOKYO, the key television station for the receiving area.
  399. Therefore, some believe that Joki's death influenced Mitsuhide's attack on Nobunaga and Nobutada at Honno-ji Temple in the Honnoji Incident.
  400. Therefore, some believe that Kiyomori, who was holding a neutral position, was not targeted by Nobuyori and others.
  401. Therefore, some fans of Mito Komon have a tendency to unnecessarily disparage Tsunayoshi in order to flatter Komon.
  402. Therefore, some historians and experts supported an opposition theory that the Taira clan was still prepared militarily in the case of possibly engaging in battle.
  403. Therefore, some insist that all of them were made by the same person.
  404. Therefore, some lords who ignored their vassals' intention were dethroned through discussions by the vassals, and at times, a powerful vassal became the lord based on the consultation.
  405. Therefore, some manufacturers offer a 500-gram pack of hoshi-imo for about 1000 yen.
  406. Therefore, some nunneries adopt the policy of 'no men admitted' and some temples in mountain areas do not adopt nyonin kinsei.
  407. Therefore, some of current scholars say that SAKAIBE no Kusuri originally plotted with SOGA no Akae to bring down Prince Arima.
  408. Therefore, some of its official duties overlapped with those of Tonomo-ryo (Bureau of Grounds) which managed and maintained facilities in the Imperial Court.
  409. Therefore, some of the dust enters the free atmosphere and is moved to far away places.
  410. Therefore, some of them are superior to such general products in Japan and in the tastes and nutrition values.
  411. Therefore, some officials received nominal government post, and many officials became Sani (official only with Hinkai and without a government post), so the official was able to join the bureaucrats hierarchy system eventually by having the real government post.
  412. Therefore, some organizations overlapped in using the Tang name; to the contrary, there were many cases in which a single organization had multiple Tang names.
  413. Therefore, some people assert that the above story is a fiction created by Kan SHIMOZAWA and Ryotaro SHIBA.
  414. Therefore, some people describe him as 'a cruel revolutionist.'
  415. Therefore, some people discuss the sexuality of Kannon, associating it with 'Henjo Nanshi (変成男子)' in Hoke-kyo sutra, but apparently there is no relationship between them.
  416. Therefore, some people in Hokkaido don't recognize zangi, or the term, as being unique to Hokkaido.
  417. Therefore, some people say that 'sumisake' meant the sake for rites such as 'kiyome' (purification).
  418. Therefore, some people thought that it suggested just mental support for Kikan IKEDA and help in simple but laborious work.
  419. Therefore, some people use Momotaro and Himiko, which are both popular leading characters of the legend, as mascots for tourism public relations based on the legend (leaving aside the credibility of them).
  420. Therefore, some persons insist that they are not Buddha's teachings.
  421. Therefore, some pieces of Honkyoku are accompanied by So or Shamisen, or are taken into music for Jiuta songs or for So.
  422. Therefore, some researchers have begun to propose 'period change theory' in which periods should not be classified, but changed.
  423. Therefore, some say he might have originally been a god in another area, and the possible areas are as follows.
  424. Therefore, some say that hiire is a process to keep the freshness of sake for a long time.
  425. Therefore, some shops provide paper aprons exclusively for customers ordering Curry Udon.
  426. Therefore, some suggests that he was only given the title, Muraji, for his great achievements during the Jinshin War.
  427. Therefore, some theories say that she is a fictional character.
  428. Therefore, some theories say that this act was practically to prohibit the preferential use of the Eiraku Tsuho, which had been exchanged at the rate of one ryo of Gold to one kanmon of Ei.
  429. Therefore, some theories suggest that this affair was not a mere gambling but that Tokimitsu who involved in the water transport business gambled his territory.
  430. Therefore, some visitors come to only the third station to enjoy seeing these grass or flowers.
  431. Therefore, some yukata may be worn as unlined kimono, depending on their patterns.
  432. Therefore, sometime a wet nurse or concubine of the Shogun at that time were trusted to administer the inner part of the house based on the Shogun's absolute authority.
  433. Therefore, sometimes it is called 'Ugoku Nishiki-e' (moving brocade picture).
  434. Therefore, soon after the enforcement of the Ritsuryo codes, the government changed the system to collect the interest born by loaning seed rice to peasants (called Suiko [government loans made to peasants]), which became the main financial resources.
  435. Therefore, sophisticated production was created such as 'Onna shibaraku' in which an actor of female roles plays the role of 'Shibaraku.'
  436. Therefore, sprays that prevent such scattering are commercially available.
  437. Therefore, squeezing out a large amount of building expenses was difficult.
  438. Therefore, starting in the early eleventh century, the national government actively promoted the reformation of the national system through decentralization, establishing a system called a dynastic nation-state.
  439. Therefore, stipulations on the restriction of space was deleted at the time when "Koninkyaku" (collection of various Imperial orders issued during Konin era) was compiled, and the sentence without restriction clause were recorded on the Koninkyaku, which are believed to have been adopted in "Ruijusandaikyaku."
  440. Therefore, strictly speaking, it would be correct to call the Hojo family in the days of Soun's 'Ise family.'
  441. Therefore, strictly speaking, this sutra does not describe that Nehan-gyo is a treasure and Hoke-kyo is a life.
  442. Therefore, students of the Onmyodo were limited to the descendents of the secular officials who had been in service since the outset of the Onmyoryo's establishment, and the training was conducted in closed environment,
  443. Therefore, succession to the Imperial Throne does not automatically make the Emperor's Birthday as a holiday; if the birthdays of the previous Emperor and the present Emperor are different, it will be necessary to revise the Act on National Holidays at the Diet.
  444. Therefore, such "Imperial posts" were rather very nominal ones used for the purpose of ranking.
  445. Therefore, such acceptance of international law has been commented as a diplomatic version of "Learn the strong points of iteki and use them to defeat them." (a part of "Illustrated Treatise on the Maritime Kingdoms" by Wei Yuan).
  446. Therefore, such cases are not considered 'koka' in a strict sense.
  447. Therefore, such difference was found in the editing, and a special edited version for general believers was given to Goto-ban.
  448. Therefore, such material is usually collected in the winter after they die.
  449. Therefore, such problems had been gradually eliminated as the centralized government, such as the Oda government, the Toyotomi government, and the Edo bakufu, were born.
  450. Therefore, such punishment was also called "kan-pruning."
  451. Therefore, such things must be removed by putting ash through a sieve in advance.
  452. Therefore, sumi needs to be used at temperatures above a certain level.
  453. Therefore, supporters of imperial rule detested him.
  454. Therefore, supporters of this theory guess that the existing "Shoki" was named "Nihonshoki" because it corresponded to the 'ki' of "Nihon-sho," following the naming of Chinese history book.
  455. Therefore, surprisingly many Japanese believe ONO no Imoko was a woman.
  456. Therefore, sushi without wasabi--called "sabinuki"--is provided for children and other people who don't like wasabi.
  457. Therefore, sutra-copying places were built to bring up sutra-copying disciples, leading to the generation of the sutra-copying calligraphic style.
  458. Therefore, taking measures against the aerodynamic sound becomes necessary for operating trains at high speeds, as described in the section of 'Train-cars for the Shinkansen lines.'
  459. Therefore, that kakegoe expresses not only the expectation for the appearance of the Tobi-gashira but also the expectation for the leading actor's comeback.
  460. Therefore, that military currency is a rare article, which remains only a few pieces of one-ryo military currency.
  461. Therefore, the "Kogetsusho" and commentaries before it are called 'kyuchu' (old commentaries) and the "Genchu shui" (Addenda to Commentaries on Genji) written by Keichu, a scholar of Japanese classical literature, and other commentaries afterwards are called 'shinchu' (new commentaries).
  462. Therefore, the "ki" persons ranked as the upper Kizoku, and the "tsuki" persons the middle or lower Kizoku.
  463. Therefore, the 20-volume books were mostly published.
  464. Therefore, the Agata seems to have been established from the third through fifth centuries after the family became Agatanushi (District Chieftain) under Yamato sovereignty.
  465. Therefore, the Bureau continued to operate trains connecting cars equipped with cross-seats by utilizing one or two cars of the above types for both regular and auxiliary trains.
  466. Therefore, the Cloistered Emperor Toba had his fourth son, Imperial Prince Masahito (Emperor Goshirakawa), assume the throne.
  467. Therefore, the Crown Prince paid it to Ikarugadera Temple.'
  468. Therefore, the Dai-Shonin said 'Please believe in me because I poured my soul into the ink to write this.'
  469. Therefore, the Dobu dance has value as a rarity, particularly in the Kanto region.
  470. Therefore, the Edo Shogunate needed to restrain these activities conducted by foreign merchants.
  471. Therefore, the Edo bakufu judged that it would not be good policy to stop the trend toward the opening of the country to the world, and eventually the law was abolished.
  472. Therefore, the Emperor Kanmu strove to maintain the Handen Shuju by adopting a system of Juninen-ippan (reallocations of rice land which were carried out once every 12 year) instead of Rokunen-ippan.
  473. Therefore, the Emperor Meiji was a cousin of the Empress Teimei through marriage.
  474. Therefore, the Emperor's authority increased.
  475. Therefore, the Emperor's real year of birth is 614, according to the Royal Family Tree (Honcho-koin-jounroku).
  476. Therefore, the Empress Genmei (Princess of the Emperor Tenchi), who was mother of the Emperor Monmu, ascended the throne as an interim emperor.
  477. Therefore, the Fujii-Matsudaira clan was divided into two branches.
  478. Therefore, the Great Buddha Hall was overhauled in 1903.
  479. Therefore, the Han-satsu, Hatamoto-satsu, and Jisha-satsu issued in this area were sometimes undertaken by various persons across the boundaries of the province, depending on the source that issued the paper money.
  480. Therefore, the Hatta clan is described separately.
  481. Therefore, the Hirohata family had the social status of the Seiga family (one of the highest court noble families in Japan at that time) in spite of the newly founded family.
  482. Therefore, the Hojo clan was reconciled with the Tokugasa clan by taking a daughter of Ieyasu, Tokuhime for Ujinao's wife.
  483. Therefore, the Ikehata family, which has been passed down from Ken UEHARA to his son Yuzo KAYAMA, is a relative of the Iwakura family.
  484. Therefore, the Imperial Court (the Kuge government) started losing its grip on political power.
  485. Therefore, the Imperial Court provided Suo Province, where good wood still remained.
  486. Therefore, the Itagaki family as that holding the title "Hakushaku" became extinct.
  487. Therefore, the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has started 'The system of recommending Japanese restaurants,' a system to certify legitimate Japanese restaurants.
  488. Therefore, the Japanese Imperial family line was thought to be unbroken and would last forever.
  489. Therefore, the Japanese army met no resistance in occupying Gongju.
  490. Therefore, the Japanese constitution was not enforced, and the military prerogative ruled.
  491. Therefore, the Japanese government applied pressure to the Court to try Tsuda under Article 116 of the Criminal Code, which demanded death penalty for acts against the Emperor, or members of the Imperial family.
  492. Therefore, the Japanese people would have limited use for bronze ware: such as Bronze bells for Saishi (religious service) and other religious practices.
  493. Therefore, the Japanese victory over Russia in the Russo-Japanese War can be regarded as the first modern war in which a non-western state defeated a western state.
  494. Therefore, the Jodoshu sect claimed that the believers of Shinran, who at the time stated that their teachings were different from the Jodoshu sect, were wrong to adopt 'Jodo Shinshu' as their name.
  495. Therefore, the Johei and Tenkyo War (in 935) is regarded as an early sign of it.
  496. Therefore, the Karo of Gosankyo were not baishin (indirect vassal).
  497. Therefore, the Katagiri brothers left Osaka-jo Castle and moved to Ibaraki-jo Castle in the Settsu Province.
  498. Therefore, the Kishu Tokugawa family is also referred to as the Tokugawa Hitachi no Suke family in some cases.
  499. Therefore, the Mei-Han (Nagoya - Osaka) non-stop limited express (Ko-Tokkyu) was forced to be operated in two train-car organizations using general-purpose train-cars.
  500. Therefore, the Monbusho (Ministry of Education) established Ongaku Torishirabe-Gakari (later Tokyo Music School) at the instance of Shuji IZAWA.
  501. Therefore, the Muromachi bakufu and many daimyo promulgated Erizenirei many times, specifying a mixing ratio of low-quality currencies to high-quality currencies or forcing to circulate currencies in the condition that the circulation of certain low-quality currencies should be prohibited.
  502. Therefore, the Muromachi bakufu tried to cover the financial shortage by collecting taxes from the doso and sakaya, and started to exclude the clout of other influential families using the military force employed for keeping the peace in Kyoto city.
  503. Therefore, the Nakatsukasa-Kyo (corresponding to Shoshiinojo [Senior Fourth Rank Upper Grade]), the Secretary of Nakatsukasa-sho, was conventionally chosen from the Imperial Princes with a rank equivalent to or higher than Shihon (the fourth rank of Imperial Princes' rank) exclusively in and after the Heian period.
  504. Therefore, the Ninth adopted Shinzo ICHIKAWA, who was his disciple, showing the talent at an early age and was called a 'genius,' then trained him with great care and taught him Naritaya's oiegei (the specialty of a school of the performing arts).
  505. Therefore, the Princess Sirindhorn of the Kingdom of Thailand attended his wedding ceremony.
  506. Therefore, the Sakura domain was in trouble left without its lord but because the house elder Nui HIRANO followed the new government's orders and sent troops to Otaki domain, Hotta was not punished and did not have to quit.
  507. Therefore, the Satsuma army divided the forces into the left flank and the right flank, launched a surprise attack against the government army through the mountain roads, and had an advantage over the government army.
  508. Therefore, the Satsuma army in Maitoko retreated to Hiyodorigoe.
  509. Therefore, the Shoshidai position was left open, which was an abnormal situation that had never happened before in the history of the bakufu.
  510. Therefore, the So clan established their dominance over the territory by obtaining the revenue arose from the trade with Korea in order to have a command of influential families and place local samurai under the clan's order (this is called the Territory of the So clan).
  511. Therefore, the So clan made great efforts to strengthen ties with both the clans.
  512. Therefore, the Sri Lankan government conducted research on actual conditions and manages them by collecting Buddha's sariras where possible.
  513. Therefore, the Succession ceremony and the enthronement ceremony of Crown Prince, Imperial Prince Akihito to succeed to the throne after Emperor Showa died, was arranged to follow the law of former Regulations Governing the Accession to the Throne and 同附式.
  514. Therefore, the Taika Reforms, Kenmu Restoration and Meiji Restoration were positioned as the most important reformations, and these nationalistic views of history had been actively introduced, in particular, into actual education of history.
  515. Therefore, the Taira clan decided to strengthen the foundation in the Kinai region by beating the temple in Nanto (Kofuku-ji Temple in Nara).
  516. Therefore, the Takeda's army in Tango was obliged to fight with the Isshiki clan on their own, and the chief commander Masatada (真正) HENMI committed suicide in October, which resulted in the defeat and destruction of the Takeda's army.
  517. Therefore, the Takenouchi-kaido Road is used as a kaido from the Asuka period until now.
  518. Therefore, the Tenpyo period has the image of a flourishing period, but it was also the period of uncertainty, when many troubles, such as natural calamities, crop failures, and conflicts between influential court nobles, happened one after another.
  519. Therefore, the Tokugawa shogunate, which was established after the war, needed to import advanced things and requested Korea to conduct negotiations with Japan through the head of the Tsushima island.
  520. Therefore, the Tosa retainers fired a gun at once instead of arresting them, and killed, wounded or drowned eleven French people.
  521. Therefore, the Toyotomi clan became isolated gradually (because so many daimyo under an obligation to the Toyotomi family died one after another, there is a theory as well that Ieyasu poisoned them).
  522. Therefore, the Tsukushi no Sotsu played a significant role in military affairs and diplomacy.
  523. Therefore, the Ukita clan who wanted to emphasize the relationship with the Kojima clan, ignored the existence of Muneie itself in the family tree on which Hisaie was placed as a son of Shintoku KOJIMA.
  524. Therefore, the Union of Machi-Yaba Ryozeki kept drawing water directly from Watarase-gawa River after the works.
  525. Therefore, the Yagyu clan that declined once in the period of Nobunaga and Hideyoshi resurrected in the world in the period of Ieyasu.
  526. Therefore, the Yamato race came to rule over an area from what is currently the Tohoku region to southern Kyushu.
  527. Therefore, the Yorioyayoriko system was often mistaken with the Jikishin (a direct retainer) baishin (indirect vassal) system, therefore, caution needs to be exercised in distinguishing them.
  528. Therefore, the Yura-gawa River bridge that had been destroyed many times was replaced with a reinforced concrete one in 1973 and the tramroads were improved, for example, by replacing some of the tramroad ties with those of concrete.
  529. Therefore, the Zenji (Dokaku) was freed from the duties as temple servant and was able to join practices to be a priest.
  530. Therefore, the acquisition of the midare is considered to be important at the training, and the first performance of the midare is even considered to be the performer's debut.
  531. Therefore, the action to grind in Suribachi is sometimes expressed a hit or stroke of luck.
  532. Therefore, the acts of the robbers or pirates were a style of protest against such requests, by gunji and rich and powerful persons.
  533. Therefore, the actual situation had varied a great deal depending on the power relationship between 'participants of collegial body' and 'the final odd man.'
  534. Therefore, the addition of alcohol is used to improve taste of sake.
  535. Therefore, the age of a boy in line to inherit his family estate was reported as a few years older than his actual age.
  536. Therefore, the age of its construction is estimated from the late third century to the early fourth century (by Shiraishi, 1999; Terasawa, 2000; Wada, 2003).
  537. Therefore, the ancient Ritsuryo law had 'ritsu' for the penal code, 'ryo' for the administrative law, but not law for the civil code.
  538. Therefore, the appellation ''Taiko-Tenno'' is used to refer to the demised emperor on official gazettes before the dedication of his posthumous title in the ceremony.
  539. Therefore, the architecture in China and Japan differ in form and style accordingly.'
  540. Therefore, the area is a well-known sightseeing spot in Ine Town and is visited by many tourists.
  541. Therefore, the area is called Sakyo, although it is located on the right side on maps.
  542. Therefore, the attitude to consider customers as people in lower social status and to allow customers to tell their opinions is regarded arrogant and uncomfortable for some people.
  543. Therefore, the bakufu adopted a new policy; the 'shuchu' (leading figures among individual traders) takes responsibility in collecting taxes from every tens of traders on behalf of the bakufu, and pays income generated by the taxation to the bakufu.
  544. Therefore, the bakufu allowed the Nosenkata to form a za (guild) called 'Nosendokoro kaisho' (meeting place for the Nosenkata) aiming to establish a cooperative system among the Nosenkata, and restricted the free trade and free closure of the doso and sakaya by strengthening the bakufu-led protection and supervising systems.
  545. Therefore, the bakufu controlled sake brewing in various forms depending on the price of rice and food situation at the time.
  546. Therefore, the bakufu established the "Tozokuaratame" post as the one dedicated for cracking down these serious crimes in 1665.
  547. Therefore, the bakufu intended to recover its dignity and subjugate the Rokkaku clan.
  548. Therefore, the bakufu, as a means of restricting trade, set a new condition for permitting trade that "both a shuinjo and a hosho should be carried ".
  549. Therefore, the biased evaluation of 'Hideyoshi was a clean ruler, while Ieyasu was a cunning ruler' was often made.
  550. Therefore, the body is cremated to be placed together with family members in the same grave.
  551. Therefore, the book is considered to support Watarai Shinto (a school of Shinto teachings transmitted by priests of the Watarai clan at Geku of the Ise-jingu Shrine).
  552. Therefore, the bridge of the Matsubara-dori Street is the true 'bridge in Gojo' where Ushiwakamaru and the priest Musashibo Benkei are said to have met; this means that the statues of Ushiwakamaru and Benkei standing at Gojo-ohashi Nishizume are two blocks south of where they should be.
  553. Therefore, the burden was so heavy that various preferential treatments for kanden-tax payers could not correct the difference in burden between kanden and private estates.
  554. Therefore, the buying and selling of Shinden and Jiden, which were considered the property of deities, was prohibited.
  555. Therefore, the cabinet is also called the Waihan Cabinet derived from Okuma and Itagaki's names.
  556. Therefore, the calligraphic style of the Sesonji family was called the Sesonji style in later ages.
  557. Therefore, the central government called for feudal domains, organizations and individuals to reclaim a portion of lands in Hokkaido and gave them the control over such areas in return.
  558. Therefore, the central government under FUJIWARA no Michinaga promulgated numerous acts to curb such activities but failed to stem the above mentioned tide.
  559. Therefore, the chances of nyonin doing the same job as the male ninja (who were dressed all in black) seemed rare.
  560. Therefore, the circulation of low-quality coins must be restricted to have high-quality coins used more widely.
  561. Therefore, the clan name and hereditary title in Japan came to concentrate on such names as Minamoto, Taira, Fuji, Tachibana, Ki, Sugawara, Oe, Nakahara, Sakagami, Kamo, Ono, Koremune, Kiyohara and such.
  562. Therefore, the collateral passed to the lenders, with the result that the concentration and accumulation of wealth advanced.
  563. Therefore, the common instrumental trio is either shamisen, koto and kokyu or shamisen, koto and shakuhachi.
  564. Therefore, the complete modern form of "The Tale of Genji" with 54 chapters should be accepted and appreciated despite the possibility that there might be some chapters that have yet to be found.
  565. Therefore, the concept on commandments was decentralized so that Risshu sect declined.
  566. Therefore, the concept that the deceased still exists as a spirit is denied.
  567. Therefore, the concepts of classical 'monogatari' and those of the 'narratives', which came after the modern and postmodern eras may have become mixed.
  568. Therefore, the contents of the tale mentioned here are mainly based on the Nakaraibon line, being the oldest existent manuscript 'Variant texts; Class 1,' which will be introduced later.
  569. Therefore, the cost problem became a liability issue later.
  570. Therefore, the country of Yomi was not always located underground in comparison to Ashihara Naka no Kuni.
  571. Therefore, the court restored the position of Naidaijin (Minister of the Interior), which had been vacant for more than a century since FUJIWARA no Uona, in order to appoint Takafuji as the minister.
  572. Therefore, the crease line is fundamentally a straight line with a Gaussian curvature of zero.
  573. Therefore, the currency system became more understandable, since 1 ryo became 1 yen, which was also equivalent to 1 U.S. dollar.
  574. Therefore, the currently prevailing opinion is that there is little evidence that Nobutada was as foolish as he was formerly presented.
  575. Therefore, the custom not to observe Kokubetsushiki on the Tomobiki days is considered to be superstition.
  576. Therefore, the customer needed to be generous and spend a lot of money in the tea house.
  577. Therefore, the customers were limited mainly to the very few VIP such as politicians in various places, managers of powerful enterprise, famous financiers; various receptions and gatherings were held for such VIPs.
  578. Therefore, the dates of establishment of many current banks, which are the successors to the National Banks, are around that period, and the dates of establishment of the National Banks are often regarded as 'the dates of foundation.'
  579. Therefore, the dates of the Autumnal Equinox Day two years and beyond have not been fixed; however, days other than autumnal equinox day obtained by an astronomical calculation has never been set as the Autumnal Equinox Day so far.
  580. Therefore, the dates of the Vernal Equinox Day two years and beyond have not been fixed; however, days other than vernal equinox day obtained by an astronomical calculation has never been set as the Vernal Equinox Day so far.
  581. Therefore, the dead are to be celebrated.
  582. Therefore, the death of a person means a temporary parting with the deceased before a reunion in Heaven.
  583. Therefore, the dedicator's name is commonly written on a paper of bon toro, in the manner of "jo from -- " ("jo" is the abbreviation of the Japanese word "kenjo," which means "dedication").
  584. Therefore, the deed came to emphasize the fact that transfer was made as a favor upon agreement or compromise between the parties, in order to declare cancellation would not be made to the transfer.
  585. Therefore, the deer in Nara Park have been protected very carefully since ancient times, and, including unexpected accidents, when someone killed one of them, he or she received a severe punishment.
  586. Therefore, the definition of the word 'Hospital' includes not only hospitals, but also nursing homes and orphanages.
  587. Therefore, the deity of the wind was enshrined at various places for the purpose of pacifying a violent wind.
  588. Therefore, the description of Shoki is considered to be fact-based and the theory of 538 is more influential.
  589. Therefore, the description of the area on a registration certificate is still allowed to write in tsubo figure along with the metric figure.
  590. Therefore, the descriptions until the Wudai Shiguo period (the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period) in the book are merely extracted from "The General Commentaries on Longxing Chronology".
  591. Therefore, the detached 2nd brigade faced a crisis.
  592. Therefore, the details about the number are not known.
  593. Therefore, the development and improvement of the income resource other than annual rice tax became urgently wanted.
  594. Therefore, the development of instructors and successors was a must.
  595. Therefore, the dictionary is a valuable material to learn the original versions of the lost medical books and to trace the origin of Chinese traditional medicine.
  596. Therefore, the difference within the shoen between komin and yoriudo such as whether they were exempt from temporary zoyaku disappeared in actuality and the term shomin was used subsequently.
  597. Therefore, the dispatch of troops to Hokuriku was given paramount importance.
  598. Therefore, the dispute of Seikanron became heated in Japan.
  599. Therefore, the distance walked in the time to be spent roughly to walk 1 ri was called 1 ri.
  600. Therefore, the doma continues to exist as a place where shoes are to be taken off or put on.
  601. Therefore, the doma was probably used as a general-purpose area in such houses.
  602. Therefore, the domain overissued han bills (bills usable only in a particular feudal clan) (ginsatsu [bills used for silver]) to compensate for the difficult financial situation, but inevitably confused the market, causing the domain to lose its credibility.
  603. Therefore, the dominant theory is that Hoderi is a god created by those who wrote the Kojiki.
  604. Therefore, the earliest concrete record of Kawara-dera Temple is the section from March of the year 673 in the "Nihonshoki", mentioned below.
  605. Therefore, the east end of Tokaido was Kitaibaraki City in the Ritsuryo era and the special word (Edo) in the Edo era and later.
  606. Therefore, the economic policy of the shogunate government focused on the stabilization of rice price.
  607. Therefore, the economic value of the area was high.
  608. Therefore, the editors could not date all ages of such legendary emperors properly, and it caused some contradictions.
  609. Therefore, the eel turns out tender.
  610. Therefore, the emperor who could call Emperor Daigo as the former emperor was the emperor who succeeded Emperor Daigo, or Emperor Suzaku.
  611. Therefore, the establishment and abolishment of the checkpoints occurred repetedly, which only served to show the reduction in the political authority held by the Muromachi bakufu.
  612. Therefore, the existence of class mobility did not mean that the class system was relaxed or dead in form.
  613. Therefore, the expression "an oya is nearly the same as a parent" frequently appears in rakugo.
  614. Therefore, the expression 'rakugoka' technically fits only description 1, and 'hanashika' is a more appropriate name describing both 1 and 2.
  615. Therefore, the fact that the myojitaito right was given to samurai alone did not mean that people like farmers or merchants were completely prohibited from possessing any arms.
  616. Therefore, the faculty of Buddhism was abolished in 1965, but officially it was planned to revive it in or around April 2010.
  617. Therefore, the family estate was inherited by his younger brother Kazumitsu INUI.
  618. Therefore, the family lost the qualification of a certain amount of rice yields for Tairo.
  619. Therefore, the family name of IMAGAWA was taken over by the family line of his second son, Kinakira.
  620. Therefore, the family temple of Morimasa is Eiyu-ji Temple of Taketa City, Oita Prefecture.
  621. Therefore, the fare is basically the same for the same section regardless of whether a Shinkansen line is used or the corresponding regular line is used (there are some exceptions as described later).
  622. Therefore, the feature of the status were more those of an inspector under the direct supervision of Shogun than those of a retainer of a lord.
  623. Therefore, the fee differs according to the prefecture.
  624. Therefore, the festival had already been held in the Kamakura period.
  625. Therefore, the financial sources of the Temple were unified while the Office of Todai-ji Temple Construction put under complete control was reorganized as the Office for Todai-ji Temple Repair.
  626. Therefore, the fire is called "fire of official business," namely, arson fire, and it is said that Michitoshi was resolutely prepared for resignation from office at that time.
  627. Therefore, the firing temperature was as low as 800 to 900 degrees C and the earthenware was not very hard.
  628. Therefore, the first and second cars on the Kameoka Torokko Station side stop inside the tunnel without their doors opened.
  629. Therefore, the first three volumes were written before the Enbun era.
  630. Therefore, the five families after the Meiji era are now generally referred to as 'Old Sekke' or 'Old Sekkan Family,' with the prefix 'Old' as an addition.
  631. Therefore, the following cases increased gradually: Chestnut tress in the headwaters area of the Yura-gawa River, where trees grew abundantly, were cut and made into railroad ties and then floated down the Yura-gaawa River to Wachi either as individual pieces or as rafts.
  632. Therefore, the following description dividing them into wakato, chugen, and komono should be read only as a guide.
  633. Therefore, the following process is considered to have happened:
  634. Therefore, the forest operation fell into a vicious cycle of logging even more tress in the natural forests to earn enough profit to make the yearly payment based on the profit to the land-owning side, resulting in a situation whereby the state of the field practice forest deteriorated, and was far from earning profits.
  635. Therefore, the former usually indicates the sawn timber with the size of 3 shaku times 6 shaku (90.9 centimeters times 181.8 centimeters), while the latter indicates the sawn timber of 4 shaku times 8 shaku (121.2 centimeters times 242.4 centimeters).
  636. Therefore, the foundation of Kokkagakkai is generally regarded as 'determination of German studies dominance in Japanese academism' (Takeshi ISHIDA).
  637. Therefore, the framework of ritsuryo law was the legal establishment of a class system somewhat like the kizoku system.
  638. Therefore, the function of Guncho was nothing but a regional office of the national or prefectural government, sending down an administrative order from the central government through the Kocho (an officer responsible for administrative affairs.) of towns and villages.
  639. Therefore, the funeral style encouraged here is generally called "Hakusousei" (a simple funeral).
  640. Therefore, the genealogy of the Emperor has been continuing up to now.
  641. Therefore, the general public hated low-quality coins and sometimes carried out erizen acts in transactions, hampering smooth circulation of currencies.
  642. Therefore, the gist of military force of our country was at its peak at that time."(Source is written in classical Chinese)
  643. Therefore, the government at that time promoted the national development based on Odo omin shiso (the thought that all the land and people belong to the emperor), through the establishment of Omi-Ryo (Omi Administrative Code), Asukakiyomihararyo and so on, while referring to the governing system in Tang and Korean Peninsula.
  644. Therefore, the government began to employ especially talented non-samurai commoners in order to meet the new needs facing them.
  645. Therefore, the government gave up basic undertakings such as land survey and road construction in early stage and shifted their focus to industrial development.
  646. Therefore, the government had to issue a statement that the published draft was different from the official one.
  647. Therefore, the government needed to lead the information exchanging on sake brewing all over the country and to improve the techniques of sake breweries with each other.
  648. Therefore, the government once decided to postpone the dispatch, but 3,000 members of the expeditionary force (government army consisting of feudal retainers of Satsuma Domain) led by Saigo, who had been on standby in Nagasaki, disobeyed it and made a decision to depart for Taiwan.
  649. Therefore, the government promoted land reclamation by enforcing Sanze Isshin no Ho in 723 to secure revenues.
  650. Therefore, the government proposed that enshrined god should be changed to Susanoo and the name of the shrine should be renamed 'Shoko-jinja Shrine' after the name of the place, but local residents rejected it.
  651. Therefore, the han bill issued by Bingo-fukuyama Domain in 1730 is the only recognized one.
  652. Therefore, the hand-stretching manufacturing method has been handed down to younger generations, as shown in Goto Tenobe Udon (hand-stretched Udon noodles of the Goto Islands) and Shimabara Tenobe Somen (hand-stretched fine white noodles of Shimabara).
  653. Therefore, the hardness of practice varies depending on types of grain that practitioners refrained from eating.
  654. Therefore, the head family of the Goto family who inherited Gokin Aratame-yaku was also especially called Ooban za in the meaning of the manager of koban za (koban-shi workmen).
  655. Therefore, the head shape of the front-positioned train-car has been developed considering the aerodynamics in running conditions and the head area-changing rate in entering a tunnel.
  656. Therefore, the height is adjustable.
  657. Therefore, the hereditary titles for nobles were Ason, Sukune, and Imiki.
  658. Therefore, the highest speed of the operation is limited to 130 km/h, the same as regular railway lines.
  659. Therefore, the history is sometimes divided into the first half period, Shizoku-tondenhei Settlements, and the latter half, Commoner- tondenhei Settlements.
  660. Therefore, the history of karate, as discussed here, is based mainly on the lore that old karate experts of the Meiji period had heard from their precursors.
  661. Therefore, the hokku was required to be wholly independent of the wakiku.
  662. Therefore, the hondo has a complicated structure, with a 'nainaijin' (the innermost sanctuary where the principal object stands) within the 'naijin' (inner sanctuary), and as a result, the nainaijin acts as a big 'zushi' (a cupboard-like shrine with double doors used to store images of Buddha, sutras, etc).
  663. Therefore, the idea of boasting about my Buddhist virtue, as shown by my monk's robe, or burning with the desire to receive alms from the people, these are foreign to my heart," he said, and in that way he was said to have entered into Baisao's daily life.
  664. Therefore, the idea of financing the business faded away.
  665. Therefore, the idea that Yoshitomo's complaints provoked the Heiji Rebellion has been questioned.
  666. Therefore, the important posts in the bakufu were occupied by shogun family's hereditary vassals.
  667. Therefore, the incident was not essentially the one that the Ieyasu side used the phrases in the inscription for the full excuse for attacking the Toyotomi's side, but took advantage of the thoughtlessness of the Toyotomi side.
  668. Therefore, the income gap was widened, and large gap between rich and poor had emerged.
  669. Therefore, the industry track between Tango Yamada Station and Iwataki Factory Station was forced to be abolished.
  670. Therefore, the ink sticks in this period are especially prized.
  671. Therefore, the inside bottom is not horizontal but with curved upward on both ends.
  672. Therefore, the internal strife in the Hojo clan made the political situation increasingly confusing, leading to the demise of the Kamakura bakufu in June, 1333.
  673. Therefore, the internal structure of the Miyoshi's government was very vulnerqable.
  674. Therefore, the intra-group supporting the clean-up campaign seceded from the group twice in 1924 and 1927.
  675. Therefore, the iron should be moved vertically to burn together.
  676. Therefore, the island has been designated as a natural monument of Maizuru City.
  677. Therefore, the issue surrounding the change of ownership was resolved.
  678. Therefore, the kanji descriptions of 'Tsukigase Bairin' before and after the change of the village name are different.
  679. Therefore, the kanmotsu dedicated by the chigyo-koku provinces had to be delivered to the nation, with only the salary and tax gained by the zuryo (which originally should be zuryo's won income) allowed to be acquired by chigyo-kokushu.
  680. Therefore, the kitchens of many old established family houses are located at the doma.
  681. Therefore, the kokuga forces system could not be used for suppressing conflicts between manors and koryo.
  682. Therefore, the kokushi who actually lived in his area of responsibility in order to control it directly, not one who lived in Kyoto and remotely controlled responsible area remotely, became called zuryo.
  683. Therefore, the land contributed to Buddha was called Jetavana Anathapindada by adopting both of the names of Prince Jeta and Anathapindada Sudatta, and the temple established in the land was called Jetavana Anathapindadasya-arama.
  684. Therefore, the land tax collection system by the ancient government moved from the framework based on the rule over people under the Ritsuryo system into the one on medieval land ruling.
  685. Therefore, the landscapes of Tomo was depicted in some commemorative postage stamps and postcards which were printed in the year of the national park designation of 1934.
  686. Therefore, the large force of Taira clan troops led by TAIRA no Tomomori and TAIRA no Shigehira destroyed MINAMOTO no Yorimasa's family at Byodo-in Temple in Uji in May of that year, and this became the start of an internal rebellion that lasted for 6 years.
  687. Therefore, the large gozoku (local ruling family) like Ki clan along the Kino-kawa River that had natural bays in Seto Inland Sea and wood production areas in the backlands flourished with their own suigun.
  688. Therefore, the last letter contained in the fourth book, which was the fifteenth letter, 'Establishment of Osaka,' is regarded as the last letter written by Rennyo himself.
  689. Therefore, the leaders of the Satsuma army, who were forced to make a decision, at last decided at 4 PM, August 17, to break through Mt. Eno in order to get rid of the siege of Nagai Village laid by the government army.
  690. Therefore, the left-hand Okumi and the left-hand Maemigoro are called '上前' (Uwamae).
  691. Therefore, the length of life is understood to last forever in an immeasurable future over the superficial life and death.
  692. Therefore, the length of meteorological summer is extremely different between the southern part of Hokkaido (Hakodate and so on) which has comparatively warm climate and Shimokita and Tsugaru regions of Aomori Prefecture which are on the northern end of Honshu.
  693. Therefore, the lifespan of roofs made with these boards is shorter than that of those made with hand-made boards.
  694. Therefore, the line of the Seikanji family died out for a long time with Yukifusa as the last person of the family.
  695. Therefore, the local courts were different in nature from ordinary courts which exercised judicial power.
  696. Therefore, the lord or administrator of shoen was required to prepare a manorial map and use it as evidence along with boji.
  697. Therefore, the lords banned the citizens' armament, which is heinobunri.
  698. Therefore, the lords of shoen wanted their lands to be granted a much stronger Kanshofu sho (a shoen enjoying immunity from taxation by virtue of having official documents from both the Council of State and the Ministry of Popular Affairs) or Chokumen sho (imperially exempted manor).
  699. Therefore, the main character's name is probably 'Kumano,' except in the Kita school, although it is called 'Yuya' based on on-yomi (Chinese reading of kanji) here.
  700. Therefore, the majority of opinion is that tales regarding Emperor Jimmu was created in some form, and "theory of model" that tales of Emperor Jimmu was created based on Emperor Sujin, Emperor Ojin and Emperor Keitai, or Emperor Temmu at the time of compilation of the Kojiki and Nihonshoki is also popular.
  701. Therefore, the manner in which Masakado has been viewed has changed greatly: enemy of the Imperial Court in ancient times; venerated figure during the middle ages; gyakuzoku rebel during the Meiji Period; and hero after the World War II.
  702. Therefore, the mausoleum of the empress was called 'xx no Higashino Misasagi' (literally, mausoleum of xx on the east side).
  703. Therefore, the meaning is to 'entrust and obey.'
  704. Therefore, the meaning of Seijin-shiki ceremony itself is being questioned.
  705. Therefore, the meaning of persons dealing with seasonal articles or mocks was added, and the term "lotus leaf" also came to be used in reference to seasonal articles or mocks.
  706. Therefore, the meaning of the word Wa as a country name has been unknown since the ages of Sui and Tang Dynasties.
  707. Therefore, the messenger and others made NAKAHARA and others discharged from prison, destroyed factories to manufacture ammunition and batteries, confiscated gunpowder and ammunition, and then left Kagoshima.
  708. Therefore, the method of catching glass eels, that become the seeds for aqua farming, along the coast and farm raising them until they become mature fish is the only method that has been realized commercially.
  709. Therefore, the mission planned in 894 was dismissed by the proposal of SUGAWARA no Michizane.
  710. Therefore, the more days a driver works or the more sales he/she achieves, the more salary he/she gets, and in the contrary case, the less salary he/she gets.
  711. Therefore, the morning and evening Buddhist religious services are performed while looking at the Kako-cho to offer prayers for the deceased.
  712. Therefore, the name can be interpreted as himegami (female god), higami (sun god), or hebigami (snake god) (there are some evidences that it was interpreted as each of these).
  713. Therefore, the name of 'Shosoin' is now a proper noun that specifically means the treasure house located in the northwest of Daibutsu-den Hall, Todai-ji Temple.
  714. Therefore, the natural forests of horse chestnut and zelkova trees were cut one after another.
  715. Therefore, the necessity of maintaining the family registration system having supported the gundan-soldier system diminished, and the control of individual persons through the family register, which constituted the base of the ritsuryo-code-based nation, rapidly became a dead letter in early ninth century.
  716. Therefore, the new constitution needed to make a power balance between the emperor and the diet by defining the emperor as the symbol to unite people and giving the powers to the diet.
  717. Therefore, the new government abruptly nominated Edo as a potential place for relocation of the Capital.
  718. Therefore, the new government released Muneatsu from house arrest in 1870 and appointed him new governor of the domain in place of Munemoto.
  719. Therefore, the new government required the direct purpose of defeating a powerful enemy in order to achieve a firm consensus to unify the domains.
  720. Therefore, the notes are sold at comparatively high prices with premium.
  721. Therefore, the number of assembly member in the 'Independents' drastically reduced so it had difficulty surviving as a faction.
  722. Therefore, the number of autonomous bodies holding the Seijin-shiki ceremony on the day of the Obon festival has increased in rural areas.
  723. Therefore, the number of cases where those trains connect with a local train that shuttled at Amagasaki Station has increased.
  724. Therefore, the number of pantographs are reduced from one every two train-cars in the 0 series Shinkansen train-cars to one every eight train-cars in 300 series Shinkansen train-cars.
  725. Therefore, the number of passengers is reduced by half once the train passes this station.
  726. Therefore, the number of persons entering this forest from this side has increased.
  727. Therefore, the number of speakers decreased drastically to only several hundreds, and this language is an endangered language (language which has a threat of going extinct).
  728. Therefore, the number of the people serving in the Sunpu Domain was approximately 15,000.
  729. Therefore, the numeration of story and tier in the books and Kuden is not considered to be compatible with the current way of numeration for the internal and external appearances.
  730. Therefore, the offerings used in hono are not always 'materials' such as food, liquor, money or valuable items.
  731. Therefore, the official in charge did not finish the paper work necessary for his appointment; however, Korehira's name was somehow added to the list of appointees by mistake, a fair copy was created, and the copy was reported to the Emperor.
  732. Therefore, the old titles such as Omi, Muraji, Tomonomiyatsuko, and Kuninomiyatsuko all remained.
  733. Therefore, the older prince Oke no mikoto ("億計王") ascended the throne in February, 488, thus becoming Emperor Ninken.
  734. Therefore, the omission of unnecessary words is emphasized.
  735. Therefore, the open field of the Kunimi-jo Castle site is regarded as a mountaintop.
  736. Therefore, the order to break into Sawayama-jo Castle was likely to have been given by Ieyasu.
  737. Therefore, the origin of 'Fivefold Periods Kyohan and Eight Teachings' of the Tendai sect can be traced back to Dosho and Ekan.
  738. Therefore, the origin of the word Manchuria is assumed to be Monju.
  739. Therefore, the original figure of the Japanese cats since the Edo period has been disappearing for certain.
  740. Therefore, the original haikai as a part of renga was appreciated from a different perspective than haiku, which appeared after the modern times.
  741. Therefore, the palace was named Asuka no Kiyomihara no Miya.'
  742. Therefore, the participants in the naked festival were limited to adult men.
  743. Therefore, the pass was thought of as a haunted area, or a 'ghostly place', and the local public and the passersby created various legends.
  744. Therefore, the peasants' uprisings demanding tokusei would often occur along with the change in imperial reign or shogunate rule, as exemplified by the peasants' uprising of the Shocho era, the Tokousei uprising in the Kakitsu era, etc.
  745. Therefore, the period of MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi and that of MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo are sometimes called 'Zaikyo-Genji' (Genji staying in Kyoto) and 'Bando-Genji (Genji staying in the old Kanto region) respectively.
  746. Therefore, the period until the expiration is shorter than that of koikuchi soy-sauce.
  747. Therefore, the person who would succeed the Empress Shotoku and ascend the Imperial Throne was the biggest subject of concern for the court nobles.
  748. Therefore, the phrase 'THE STUDY OF THE WORD OF GOD WAS DEAR TO HIM' was engraved on the wall of the first floor.
  749. Therefore, the place at which a god descended, such as the dwelling place of a god, became otabisho, and in many cases, are currently referred to as genkyu or the original enshrinement place.
  750. Therefore, the place was called Yakizu (literally, a burned shore).
  751. Therefore, the plan of separating the ward has kept coming up and disappearing for some time.
  752. Therefore, the point before the appearance of microlith is called 'early point' and the one after microlith is called 'point in developing period,' and the difference between these styles is considerably remarkable.
  753. Therefore, the policy of placing an emphasis on attaining academic achievements rather than pursuing profits from business was employed as "Ideal business rather than business for pursuing profits."
  754. Therefore, the portion between the big toe and other toes of a tabi is separated (separation of the big toe.)
  755. Therefore, the possibility of him using swords with a number one and chrysanthemum inscribed is not zero.
  756. Therefore, the possibility that Doton NARIYASU was born in Kawachi Province cannot be denied.
  757. Therefore, the possibility that he was a relative of Togai in the Ito family was high.
  758. Therefore, the post of Kurodo no to could be said to be a stepping stone to promotion to the court nobility.
  759. Therefore, the post was considered an honorable one because persons assigned under his post closely attended the Emperor.
  760. Therefore, the present historians are inducing the meaning of 'Oe' by comparing the Imperial Princes who held the title of Oe.
  761. Therefore, the prewar Kyoto school was ruined after losing the war.
  762. Therefore, the prices for Araihari are generally high for these processes.
  763. Therefore, the problem is that ginka cannot be the object of appreciation in kanpyokai.
  764. Therefore, the problems concerned with the erizeni act did not dissolve for a long time until, in the Edo period, the Edo bakufu issued Kanei Tsuho coins with stable quality and severely prohibited minting coins privately.
  765. Therefore, the procession was accepted favorably by the general public along the road throughout the Edo period, as a kind of exotic show that came once every tens of years.
  766. Therefore, the provision of bibliographic data through the NDL-OPAC is a service intended not only to deliver the information of the stock of the NDL but also to provide the general public with broad-based, comprehensive bibliographical data on every conceivable kind of material published in Japan.
  767. Therefore, the public transportation tends to operate based on the holiday schedule during this period including weekdays.
  768. Therefore, the real power in its own territories was gradually taken away by Shugodai and Jushin (chief retainer) including the Asakura clan and the Oda clan.
  769. Therefore, the reason why it was widely received by various people from noh performers in Edo and Kyoto to their amateur disciples in local regions can be found in this point just mentioned above.
  770. Therefore, the reason why there are many words which have no relation with Buddhism but seems to have a relation with butsuji is just phonetic equivalents.
  771. Therefore, the reasons for which he complained about the differences in rewarding the merits of Yoshitomo and Kiyomori were not appropriate, because there had long been large differences between them.
  772. Therefore, the reception is considered to have been impossible in the postwar Showa period.
  773. Therefore, the recluse of Shijin who could not realize his goal was considered equal to his governing a nation and providing relief to people and an appropriate ethical behavior.
  774. Therefore, the reconciliatory negotiation fell apart.
  775. Therefore, the record of conversation in such activities (Zengoroku) is nonsense from the viewpoint of daily logos.
  776. Therefore, the recovery of the ruling on kokuga played an important role as a diplomatic card.
  777. Therefore, the regulations were organized in 90 parts (82 are existing) by grouping them into cases including 'Jinshagoto,' 'Kokubunjigoto,' 'Yochogoto,' 'kinseigoto,' and 'Danzaishokudogoto.'
  778. Therefore, the reigning Emperor Kanmu carried out large-scale administrative reforms to replace these systems with simpler and more effective ones.
  779. Therefore, the relation between the Western style of calculating age and the traditional Japanese system is as follows.
  780. Therefore, the renovation of the building was planned as a drastic measure.
  781. Therefore, the research on the Ritsuryo codes largely relies on the restored Yoro Ritsuryo Code.
  782. Therefore, the residents enshrined eels as gods.
  783. Therefore, the right-hand Okumi and the right-hand Maemigoro are called '下前' (Shitamae).
  784. Therefore, the role of Sadakuro has been assigned to young, popular actors.
  785. Therefore, the role of kokushi was appointed to someone irregardless of whether they were in control of the province or not.
  786. Therefore, the roof must be repaired once or twice a year.
  787. Therefore, the rulers (bakufu [feudal government headed by a shogun], feudal lords and direct vassals of the shogun) strictly forbade the chosan and generally did not recognize migration.
  788. Therefore, the sake like premium whisky tastes the same even when mixed with water.
  789. Therefore, the sake rice malt is not added only for the purpose of being categorized as 'refined sake.'
  790. Therefore, the sales methods to travel around residential areas, to peddle, or to sell at early-morning markets were often seen.
  791. Therefore, the sasa yamagasa is said to retain the features of the earliest form of yamakasa.
  792. Therefore, the scale cannot be determined by just copying the hole position on a prototype.
  793. Therefore, the scholars theorized the administration of Yoshimune TOKUGAWA introduced a Karyo, forming a part of the Kyoho-no-kaikaku (Kyoho reform).
  794. Therefore, the scores written in "Wei shi yue pu" have become world class documents even for music researchers in Mainland China.
  795. Therefore, the sentence 'the Empire of Japan is ruled by emperors from the unbroken Imperial Family' was stated in the Article 1 of the Constitution.
  796. Therefore, the separation of the occupations and social ranks between samurai and peasants progressed in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and it was completed by the Battle of Sekigahara and by actively adding or changing Daidaimyo's (a feudal lord having a greater stipend) territories in the early Edo period.
  797. Therefore, the ship, like Kanto-daibutsu zoeiryotosen above, is believed to have been designated as Sumiyoshi-jinja zoeiryotosen when it traveled to Yuan again.
  798. Therefore, the shoen side obtained a decree of funyu no ken and tried to eliminate any intervention from the Kokuga.
  799. Therefore, the shogunate needed to eliminate the temple that belonged to no main temple, and thereby fix the hierarchy of all temples.
  800. Therefore, the shop vendors would need to run away, along with their carts, if a police patrol were to come down the street.
  801. Therefore, the site of Keijuin Temple was considered to be the place that had the strongest tie with the Emperor.
  802. Therefore, the situation is one in which no consensus is manifested.
  803. Therefore, the soil become more fixed on the surface of the land and consequently the amount of kosa decreases gradually.
  804. Therefore, the soldiers were lightly outfitted and it make it easy for them to move, and they were able to constantly move forward, backward, to the right and left without stopping the horse to attack the enemy with the bows.
  805. Therefore, the songs are categorized by various ways other than simply their musical forms.
  806. Therefore, the soup is naturally made from soy sauce using backfat.
  807. Therefore, the southern half of Zenkoji-daira became under the control of the Takeda side and pressure against powerful local clans on the Nagao side in the north of Zenko-ji Temple increased.
  808. Therefore, the specifications of the equipment, such as automatic ticket gates, are those for Kyoto Municipal Subway, and J-through cards can't be used directly for the automatic ticket gates.
  809. Therefore, the spot where the dwelling and doko in the Paleolithic period were found is called 'The Nashida spot of the Hasamiyama Remains.'
  810. Therefore, the start date for operation was delayed gradually, and on January 15, 2007, at last, operation started provisionally between Banqiao Station (Taipei County) and Zuoying, with operation in the entire line starting officially in March of 2007.
  811. Therefore, the station of the Kintetsu Kyoto Line became independent as Kintetsu-Tanbabashi Station and the connecting line to the Kintetsu Line was removed (traces of mutual operation can be seen in the bicycle parking area at the north side of the station and at the branch track, which is in the south side of the station).
  812. Therefore, the status of Banshi was regarded as higher than the other bankata, thus the Banshi was likely to get higher post.
  813. Therefore, the stories were certainly written before 1271.
  814. Therefore, the story about him being a prince and Shosanmi Chunagon is a merely fiction and is not worth consideration.
  815. Therefore, the story is not fixed and is highly diversified.
  816. Therefore, the storyteller contrives to convey the personality of each character by differentiating their tone of voice, choice of words, way of talking, and other factors.
  817. Therefore, the strategy of isolating the government army by cutting off the retreat was taken and the recruits went southward from Hitoyoshi to attack the rear of the government army that were advancing from Yatsushiro to Kumamoto.
  818. Therefore, the stratum of the art beneficiaries became wider, in other words, the rich merchant class entered the art community - almost occupied by temples, shrines, court nobles, and samurai until then - as a powerful patron.
  819. Therefore, the striking style of the big drum is derived from that of the small hand drum and the hand (score) is carefully written so that when accompanying the small drums, it is easier for small drums to strike.
  820. Therefore, the style of these halls is called yuiitsu-shinmei-zukuri style (literally, the sole shinmei-zukuri style) in particular.
  821. Therefore, the substantial nature of the International Library of Children's Literature is closer to a branch library belonging to the main libraries.
  822. Therefore, the sumo wrestler can be said to be yorishiro (object representative of a divine spirit) in a Shinto ritual as well as miko, and a person who excels in martial arts and as a samurai at the same time.
  823. Therefore, the surfaces of these areas are covered with sand.
  824. Therefore, the suspicion was raised that the Kamakura bakufu might have attempted to kill Michichika.
  825. Therefore, the sutra is understood the Nirvana Sutra and I are inferior in value to the Lotus Sutra.
  826. Therefore, the system of kokuga executed dominance by person based on the census and it became difficult to collect tax to maintain the central government.
  827. Therefore, the system often goes to silver standard in effect.
  828. Therefore, the team buried the head then and there.
  829. Therefore, the term "ongyoku" often excludes ancient music and such religious music as gagaku (ancient Japanese court dance and music) and syomyo (chanting of Buddhist hymns).
  830. Therefore, the term 'narration,' instead of 'singing,' is used for Joruri performance, and Joruri songs are commonly collectively called 'katarimono' (narratives).
  831. Therefore, the term amazake remains one of the kigo (seasonal words) for summer used in haiku poetry even though amazake is now seldom drunk during summer.
  832. Therefore, the term of "Tonochujo" was used to refer to the former personnel and "Tonoben" for the latter personnel.
  833. Therefore, the terms 'Kamakura bakufu' and 'Muromachi bakufu' were created after that time.
  834. Therefore, the terms as the number of hon (or dai) on exhibition and the number of hon (or dai) in production are the properly used expressions.
  835. Therefore, the territory Suenaga owned is said to have been very small.
  836. Therefore, the theater of this type is significantly different from 'yose.'
  837. Therefore, the theory justified the Constitution of Japan because it was created by the amendment conducted according to the Article 73 of the Constitution of the Empire of Japan, and insisted that it had legal continuity.
  838. Therefore, the three provinces of Kai Province, Shinano Province, and Kozuke Province became blank areas with no lord.
  839. Therefore, the three stories about TAIRA no Tomomori, a family in Yoshino and the fake Tadanobu are performed in turn.
  840. Therefore, the time for ritsuryo province establishment was in 645 in earlier case, and in 701 in later case.
  841. Therefore, the timetable is made up taking full advantage of the capability of JR West Commuters Trains Series 207 and JR West Commuters Trains Series 321.
  842. Therefore, the title of a honorary chief priest was established in consideration of the guarantee of status after the retirement from the chief priest.
  843. Therefore, the titles and okugaki (postscript) are not missing and the original title is unknown.
  844. Therefore, the traffic of the pass itself is also light, and the pass keeps a quiet atmosphere.
  845. Therefore, the train master could not monitor these cars, which were essentially 'running closed rooms.'
  846. Therefore, the trains on weekdays are eight cars long, while on Saturdays and holidays the trains made up of five cars occupy the major part of the operation.
  847. Therefore, the transfer of employment to another industry sector wasn't a smooth process.
  848. Therefore, the translators may have confused and misunderstood that there were two translations, but now it is commonly known that only Bussetsu Kanmuryoju Kyo sutra exists.
  849. Therefore, the travel time during the morning and evening may be shorter, when the train is operated via Maibara Station.
  850. Therefore, the troop retreated to Futsuhara and Imata Village before the battle was decided.
  851. Therefore, the troubles with the maids in the inner halls of the palace and Tenshoin were not uncommon.
  852. Therefore, the two clans held hostility to each other.
  853. Therefore, the unbroken Imperial line is essential for the Japanese Imperial system.
  854. Therefore, the unit was dispatched to Manchuria after the incident and the ordinary term of two years was prolonged.
  855. Therefore, the units of acreage were easily switched to the units of the metric system in Japan, while it was a quite difficult task for Western countries.
  856. Therefore, the university's ideal management policy began to be forced to change.
  857. Therefore, the use of either another credit card or cash is required when these cards are recharged.
  858. Therefore, the use of terminology even in this section should be acknowledged as an explanatory note.
  859. Therefore, the use of the label "hiyamugi" is also allowed, and in reality, products that comply with these codes are made and sold.
  860. Therefore, the use of tiled roofs in shrine buildings was seen as being wrong.
  861. Therefore, the vertical Kamachi of the pillar side is made in almost the same size as the width of track, remaining Meshi-awase (crossover of sliding doors) unchanged.
  862. Therefore, the view that the enka is the typical Japanese music is not always right.
  863. Therefore, the village attempted to borrow money from banks to finance the business.
  864. Therefore, the viscosity increases and the sweetness also increases.
  865. Therefore, the visit of Tsushinshi to Japan forced farmers to bear a heavy burden additionally.
  866. Therefore, the volume of snacks between meals is less than that of a regular meal in many cases.
  867. Therefore, the website of the Imperial Household Agency introduces his final academic background as follows: 'The Emperor Akihito completed the general education course of Gakushuin University.'
  868. Therefore, the weight of 1 sen (monme) was not based on the Kaigen-tsuho
  869. Therefore, the well-browned skin is crunchy and the fatty flesh alone becomes tender and fluffy.
  870. Therefore, the wide variety of elaborated woven textiles including 'Nishijin ori' (Nishijin textile) were produced one after another in various textile-producing areas.
  871. Therefore, the word "kyo" (capital) is included in the name Asuka-kyo.
  872. Therefore, the word "verheffen" that he understood should indicate something like a mound.
  873. Therefore, the word 'Bukkyo' is not a common noun but a proper noun.
  874. Therefore, the word Tango originally meant the first horse day in the month.
  875. Therefore, the word originally had a strong negative meaning referring to westoxication/ flirtatious manners of following only outer aspects and patterns, but came to include an affirmative meaning of progressive/modernized/gorgeous/decent/fashionable and so on.
  876. Therefore, the word renkon is sometimes used in place of samon in the academic field.
  877. Therefore, the works written in classical Chinese by Chinese people (the Han people) before the Xinhai Revolution are sometimes called 'Chinese classical literature' to distinguish them from the (contemporary) Chinese literature written in modern Chinese.
  878. Therefore, the writing was titled as Gakumon no Susume, literally encouragement of learning.
  879. Therefore, the written code of family tradition, which was called kakun (family motto), kaken (family code) or kaho (family rules), had been prepared since the early days in those families including court nobles and warrior households and was regarded as the principle that should be followed by all family members headed by the family head.
  880. Therefore, the year of his death is unknown.
  881. Therefore, the yukata has become popular as a kind of resort wear in hot-spring areas.
  882. Therefore, the 牢人 who wandered around came to be called 浪人.
  883. Therefore, thefts and situations corrupting public morals occurred.
  884. Therefore, their behaviors were viewed indignantly by their domains suffering from financial difficulties or by the financial officers concerned.
  885. Therefore, their customers had to summon them through a "hikitejaya" (a type of tea house which arranged courtesans for customers).
  886. Therefore, their dishes were considerably poor from the viewpoint of nutrition.
  887. Therefore, their expressions vary on music and it is difficult to list common features.
  888. Therefore, their family names vary, for example, the Ichijo family.
  889. Therefore, their limitations have begun to be pointed out since the latter half of 1960s.
  890. Therefore, their positioning was altered often depending on the battle conditions.
  891. Therefore, their real names were hardly known no matter how popular they were.
  892. Therefore, their statuses remained unchanged until the end of the war.
  893. Therefore, their translation work resorted to the means that may be called decipherment.
  894. Therefore, there are also people who evaluate Ieyasu highly as a man who saw the world and had indomitable spirit.
  895. Therefore, there are cases among the local residents in which three generations in a family have not eaten eels.
  896. Therefore, there are cases where it does not correspond to the actual appointments
  897. Therefore, there are many Heike no Ochudo legends that are credible.
  898. Therefore, there are many cases where readers have to guess which name refers to which character in light of various situations.
  899. Therefore, there are many theories concerning who the person recorded as Kameju ROKKAKU (Kamejumaru ROKKAKU), who was active during the Onin War, actually was.
  900. Therefore, there are many theories, though every theory remains a matter of speculation.
  901. Therefore, there are more Guji than Gonnegi, even though the Guji is a higher ranking priest than the Gonnegi.
  902. Therefore, there are no one-yen coins on which 'Showa 43' is incused.
  903. Therefore, there are now many bento stores in urban area and on National Routes which are prosperous (though it is written as '便當' not 弁当).
  904. Therefore, there are some railways which have discontinued, especially in rural areas.
  905. Therefore, there are those who say that the name of Saekibe is 'Saegiru' (an obstacle) and 'ki' (person), meaning the people who resist against the Imperial court.
  906. Therefore, there are travelers who do not use the Shinkansen lines not offering these services.
  907. Therefore, there are two different views; one tells that Miyasudokoro was older than Genji by seven years and the other that it was seventeen years.
  908. Therefore, there are views that using obidome in formal occasions such as a wedding or funeral ceremony was strictly prohibited, because it was considered to be rude and bad-mannered.
  909. Therefore, there could be some debate over which has 'the oldest Byzantine Architecture,' either St. Nicholas Church or the Kyoto Orthodox Church.
  910. Therefore, there existed horse racing in this period.
  911. Therefore, there exists another opinion which says that the Mito family was equally prestigious to the other two families which were generally thought to be higher in social status.
  912. Therefore, there has been a theory that Okuninushi no Kami was the lord of Ou (an area in the eastern part of Izumo Province).
  913. Therefore, there have been a lot of studies and commentaries on them.
  914. Therefore, there have been several remains honoring Ganjin for his achievement up to today.
  915. Therefore, there is a custom of offering salt at the altar as well as using salt in Shinto rituals.
  916. Therefore, there is a custom of using salt to purify the body after the funeral.
  917. Therefore, there is a disconnect between the ritsuryo law which is the adopted law and the inherent law from the pre-Taika era, and its nature differs in many ways from the samurai legal system which was established based upon unique common law.
  918. Therefore, there is a doubt about the effectiveness of the Gonin-gumi.
  919. Therefore, there is a growing number of users among top-class calligraphers.
  920. Therefore, there is a possibility that it was relocated to the front (south, shimoza (lower seat)).
  921. Therefore, there is a possibility that the origin of Kucho was brought to Okinawa from the Kingdom of Thailand or Malacca in the fifteenth century when Ryukyu actively conducted trade with these areas.
  922. Therefore, there is a strict regulation that "Rishu-kyo" should not be taught before Buddhists conduct shidokegyo (four trainings) for preparatory practices.
  923. Therefore, there is a tendency to view that 'the correct area is around Takachiho-cho, in Miyazaki Prefecture.'
  924. Therefore, there is a theory presuming that the reasons why the Fujishiro Suzuki clan was deemed as the head line of the Suzuki families of all over Japan and why the family name 'Suzuki' had extended in eastern Japan at an explosive pace, is because of a booming popularity of Yoshitsune, generated in Japanese medieval society.
  925. Therefore, there is a theory that Todo fought back until he died from the number of wounds.
  926. Therefore, there is a theory that he secretly escaped and committed suicide in another place.
  927. Therefore, there is a theory that it was a popular view created in the Edo period that only a person in the lineage of Seiwa-Genji could become a shogun.
  928. Therefore, there is a theory that says that the manners and customs of Chinese civilization were superposed onto the ancient Japanese values of pure and impure, hence losing a clear distinction.
  929. Therefore, there is a theory that the Taira clan's behavior at this point resulted in the winning or losing of the Battle of Ichinotani (the primary factor in the defeat of the Taira clan).
  930. Therefore, there is a theory that the rumor of his assassination spread because it was suspicious that the announced date of his death did not correspond to the actual date of his death.
  931. Therefore, there is a theory that this marriage was planned in order to control the movements of Yoshitsune, however, according to the Azumakagami, 'the engagement has been already accepted in advance,' and this fact shows that the marriage itself had been fixed previously.
  932. Therefore, there is a theory which regards the Emperor Ingyo as originally being a member of gozoku from Katsuragi (Gose City, Nara Prefecture), and presumed that after the death of Emperor Hanzei, he may possibly have usurped the throne.
  933. Therefore, there is a wide range of ink color from dense black to bluish grey.
  934. Therefore, there is also a theory suggesting that the initial plan to relocate part of the structures of Moto-Yakushiji Temple may have been changed in the course of construction.
  935. Therefore, there is also a theory that the person who fled to Iga together with Takayori was his father, Masayori (Masakatsu).
  936. Therefore, there is also a view of considering that kosa not necessarily originates in deserts.
  937. Therefore, there is an anecdote that when it was first found in the nineteenth century, no one imagined that it was Parimuridae larvae and a new taxonomic group called Phyllosoma was created.
  938. Therefore, there is an opinion that allows fabrications in Japanese classics yet criticizes modern creations as irrational.
  939. Therefore, there is no reference left regarding Date Ipponjime details; it was handed down for generations only within the Entsu-in Temple associated with Date clan.
  940. Therefore, there is only Sokka Gakkai that has what is currently called 'dispute' (conflict apart from doctrine) against Nichiren Shoshu Sect.
  941. Therefore, there is the opinion that the battle ended in a state advantageous to Uesugi's forces strategically (in particular, the death in the fight of Nobushige, deputy general, cast a dark shadow.
  942. Therefore, there is this idea that the kamado forms a boundary between the world of shadows, the underworld, or "reikai" (next world) and the "utsushiyo" (actual world); and that the Kamado-gami is an ambiguous god, who plays a role as a mediator between both worlds and as a regenerator of order.
  943. Therefore, there must always be a person in the post of Guji at every shrine.
  944. Therefore, there still remains a theory that the Umeyama Kofun, which was built almost at the same time when the Misemaruyama Kofun was built may be the Emperor Kimmei's Mausoleum.
  945. Therefore, there was a debate in terms of the succession to the throne including the possibility of an Empress or female Imperial Family line to succeed to the throne.
  946. Therefore, there was a deep relationship between Nobuko and the Tokugawa clan.
  947. Therefore, there was a possibility that appointing Kamatari of the Nakatomi clan to Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) or Udaijin (Minister of the Right), the highest posts of subjects based on the system, might provoke antipathy among powerful families which were traditionally engaged in politics at court.
  948. Therefore, there was an attempt to remove the curse of Michizane by establishing Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kitano, Kyoto Prefecture and dedicating it to Karai Tenjin (the heavenly deity of fire and thunder).
  949. Therefore, there was an opinion that female-line succession should be approved by revising the principle of succession, however, there is still time to consider such issue.
  950. Therefore, there was need for quickly responding to such a reality.
  951. Therefore, there was no implication that the owner of this item was the head of 'Kawachi Genji' (such a term did not exist back then), let alone Seiwa Genji.
  952. Therefore, there was no problem with the organization and it was actually rational that his vassals, such as Shibata and Akechi, had larger military forces than that of such daimyo as Mori and Uesugi who did not serve under Nobunaga.
  953. Therefore, there was significant military potential in such weapons as it could burn down defense facilities and ships in siege warfare and naval battles.
  954. Therefore, there were also many in JNR who stuck to the concentrated traction system, but Hideo SHIMA was an exception who understood and contributed to investigating the characteristics of the distributed traction system from the pre-war era.
  955. Therefore, there were few cases in which the influence of the kokuga was totally excluded from the Shoen.
  956. Therefore, there were many Kizoku families who lived in poverty.
  957. Therefore, there were not only Japanese but also people from Tang Dynasty, Silla and the vicinity of India inside the Heijo-kyo.
  958. Therefore, there were three kinds of Risshu sect for 'Hokkyo-ritsu' by Shunjo, Toshodaiji school and Saidaiji school (Shingon Risshu sect) which were called 'Nankyo-ritsu.'
  959. Therefore, these chapters were thought to have been written by different groups respectively.
  960. Therefore, these could be included in the realm of food which is considered Japanese.
  961. Therefore, these foodstuffs are welcomed by the people allergic to Crustaceans as well.
  962. Therefore, these large burial mounds were constructed on line of north latitude on a map.
  963. Therefore, these low-quality coins were called bitasen coins or akusen coins and were valued less than ordinary coins: For example, it was determined at the time that four bitasen coins constituted one mon ("mon" is a monetary unit at that time).
  964. Therefore, these provinces are not included in the Ryosei province here in this article.
  965. Therefore, these school districts are not official administrative district todady, but they are still used as aliases of areas in the form of 'former school districts.'
  966. Therefore, these school districts are not official administrative district today, but they are still used as aliases of areas in the form of 'former school districts.'
  967. Therefore, these shouldn't be confused with kanzashi.
  968. Therefore, these spectators were called 'Dosuru ren (a group of persons voicing 'Dosuru').'
  969. Therefore, these street stall businesses closely reflect the daily lives of the Taiwanese people.
  970. Therefore, these two notions are collectively called Five Realms Six Paths.
  971. Therefore, they are not as tasty in the summer compared to those in fall and spring.
  972. Therefore, they are readily reduced in size when improving roads, and are sometimes reduced to make way for public facilities such as nursery schools.
  973. Therefore, they are to become members of the Association of Traditional Craftsmen of Production Areas and strive for the promotion of traditional crafts in their production areas.
  974. Therefore, they built the Shohon-do hall (Jodo Shinshu Sect Shinrankai) with a 2,000-jo Kodo Hall (one-jo means a space of one Japanese tatami mat) on neighboring land.
  975. Therefore, they came to be also called kagariya gokenin.
  976. Therefore, they can surprise people by appearing on streets.
  977. Therefore, they can't be called true jiuta.
  978. Therefore, they considered shifting the policy which was focused on Baekje to another that would build cooperative diplomatic relations with each country.
  979. Therefore, they could not refuse any command given by the Imperial Court which was superior to the bakufu in rank.
  980. Therefore, they could not simply conclude that the 54th Rokuro UMEWAKA should be selected as iemoto.
  981. Therefore, they couldn't implement the reform thoroughly, thus it is difficult to evaluate.
  982. Therefore, they devised a strategy to uncover fraud by Choshu bigwigs, using the Satsuma-controlled Police Bureau, part of the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  983. Therefore, they did not have power to hold out against Chigi who made out these interpretation at full blast because he was excellent in both learning of religious doctrines and practice, and the Nehan Sect was taken over.
  984. Therefore, they did not imitate the new style but learnt calligraphy in the Jin and early Tang eras independently, bringing back calligraphic samples of Wang Xizhi and Tojin.
  985. Therefore, they didn't allow their own king or the kings of neighboring countries to use the character '皇' on the grounds that it went against reason, and they called the emperor of Japan 'the king of Japan' or '??_??' (Ilbon Chonhwang).
  986. Therefore, they drank starting with bad quality shochu, beer, and whisky, and thought that sake meant sanzoshu which caused 'headaches' and 'nausea.'
  987. Therefore, they dug a moat in the snow and camped out, making a decision that it was impossible to march anymore.
  988. Therefore, they finally broke up their relationship around early 816.
  989. Therefore, they had a common interest.
  990. Therefore, they had a feeling of obligation to Ieyasu: For example, Masanobu HONDA was one of Ieyasu's brains until Ieyasu's later years, and Yoshinobu NATSUME was killed in place of Ieyasu in the Battle of Mikatagahara.
  991. Therefore, they had enough problems of their own even before pressure from the government to re-organize.
  992. Therefore, they had little knowledge about cold protection and most of them thought marching in snow and trekking was the same.
  993. Therefore, they had never selective breeding artificially.
  994. Therefore, they had no choice but to adopt the gold and silver bimetallism, and had to maintain the balance by reminting coins whenever the balance was lost.
  995. Therefore, they had to ask a craftsman to carve a seal, telling him which letters to use.
  996. Therefore, they made a sandbar to prevent the bodies from drifting away in the Komagome-gawa River that runs Kohata Village and recovered the bodies which were caught on it.
  997. Therefore, they may be considered one and the same.
  998. Therefore, they might be named, for example, Ichiban (the first) Yagura (Osaka-jo Castle) and Ino Yagura (Himeji-jo Castle).
  999. Therefore, they moved their camps to the southern areas around Busan by May in exchange of two princes (Prince Imhaegun and Prince Sunhwagun) of Yi Dynasty Korea who had been captured by Kiyomasa KATO.
  1000. Therefore, they needed to stabilize the state's financial affairs and establish centralization by the new Meiji government.

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