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  1. However, this thought should be interpreted with care, since it's likely to be misunderstood as follows: you can do evil things depending on your desires.
  2. However, this train didn't stop at the stations of the Keishin Line.
  3. However, this train was also disassembled when the facilities went out of business (also refer to the article, "Steam locomotive hotels").
  4. However, this turned out to be MITA no Itsuse's fraud later; Miyuki had been cheated by him.
  5. However, this turned out to be Nobunaga's conspiracy; it is said that when Raitan surrendered and came out of the castle, he and his followers were slaughtered by Oda's army.
  6. However, this type makes a stop at the same stations as a limited express train did before the revision; that is, this type was created because limited express trains started making stops at more stations than before.
  7. However, this type of lifestyle contradicts other descriptions in the history books and the archaeological evidence presented to date, and therefore it seems to be an attempt to exaggerate Emishi's characteristics as barbarians.
  8. However, this type of lunchbox was disadvantageous in that it was too large to put in a bag.
  9. However, this upset Nobunaga extraordinarily and Hideharu ended up being executed by crucifixion.
  10. However, this urban growth caused many problems.
  11. However, this usage is apparently incorrect.
  12. However, this vague relationship between Hisamasa and Nagamasa resulted in the underlying cause of the ruin of the Azai family.
  13. However, this version of the "Manyoshu" has not been officially recognized.
  14. However, this view has a problem that the fact that there is a difference in the amount of work for construction of stone walls and dorui is ignored.
  15. However, this view is now dismissed.
  16. However, this view is often denied because there are some historical materials advocating the ambition of Masamune (the theory stating that Masamune had plotted a scheme to overthrow the Tokugawa Shogunate and put his son-in-law, Tadateru MATSUDAIRA in the position of shogun).
  17. However, this view seems to have been used by the Navy to compete with the Army by making it known that the Navy made the proposal understanding the necessity of the national anthem and, according to the present study of the national anthem, it is understood that "Oyama's " was the fact.
  18. However, this violates Article 10 of the Road Transportation Act (prohibition of returning the fare or charge).
  19. However, this war also had an aspect of a coup d'etat launched by the lower class samurai of each domain for Yuhan.
  20. However, this warning sometimes had an excessive influence; in "Tannisho," Yuien criticized overly strict people who would not allow those who had committed bad deeds to enter Nenbutsu dojo.
  21. However, this was a public position, so females from rich townspeople were sent out to O-oku to learn manners in the later period.
  22. However, this was abandoned).
  23. However, this was abolished when Rokuhara Tandai (an administrative and judicial agency in Rokuhara, Kyoto) was established after the Jokyu War.
  24. However, this was also not just because of filial love: it is said that Tadamichi was fearful that the hereditary house of Regents rights held by Tadazane would be forfeited as part of the assets of a criminal.
  25. However, this was also the period when onnade was at it's height and works such as "Shihai-monjo Inaba no Kokushi no Gean Shihai Kana Shosoku" and "Shihai-monjo Koku-zo Bosatsu Nenju Shidai Shihai Kana Shosoku" were being written daily.
  26. However, this was because a modern postal service was not practiced in Korea at the time, and this was the first example of modern postal service implemented in Korean Peninsula.
  27. However, this was conducted only after the Keicho war began when disruptive people were recognized as members of the insurgency.
  28. However, this was considered unfair for the Satsuma Domain side in the domain clique of Saccho (the Satsuma domain and the Choshu domain), and Kiyotaka KURODA was appointed Genro at the same time.
  29. However, this was criticized by the Imperial Household Ministry first as 'insulting words' under the Constitution of the Empire of Japan, and then by the House of Peers and the Privy Council which were critical of the Wai-han Cabinet, the first party cabinet.
  30. However, this was done without Masamune's permission, causing him to become enraged and forcing Tsunamoto to abscond in 1595.
  31. However, this was inter-urban transportation developed from the tramway, by taking the electric inter-urban railway in America as a model; however, since the railway was laid as if to fill the niche through already urbanized areas with many curves, it wasn't suitable for rapid transportation.
  32. However, this was not an argument between the main branch and the Soke, as is generally assumed.
  33. However, this was not discussed any more in the bulletin, and there was no article of other Dojin.
  34. However, this was not enough to assert that "it was Mitsunari that accused Hidetsugu directly as a rebel," and there is disagreement about it (Mitsunari had gone to Kanto and Kyushu to conduct kenchi surveys until a week before the Hidetsugu incident).
  35. However, this was not fully implemented and some Chinese ships visited Japan in secret, though not in large numbers.
  36. However, this was not the Senryu that he read by himself, but one recorded in "Kasshiyawa," The Essays of the lord of the Hirado Domain, Kiyoshi MATSUURA (Seizan MATSURA) as anonymous Senryu in those days (Hototogisu Senryu).
  37. However, this was not the end of the problem.
  38. However, this was not the real sword, but a katashiro (replica).
  39. However, this was not the suppression of Shoshikai, but was the oppression of some relevant people in Shoshikai (the leader of Shoshikai, Katsusuke ENDO, was not punished).
  40. However, this was only a mimic of doctor's medical practices by the Dutch and the academic base was weak.
  41. However, this was the beginning of internal conflicts for shikken no shiki (post of regent) which later happened inside the Hojo clan.
  42. However, this was the last movie directed by Higashibojo.
  43. However, this wasn't the case as stated before.
  44. However, this weapon had a serious drawback in that it became useless when all the arrows ran out or a bowstring broke.
  45. However, this wife was only a little girl of 12 something, and therefore he never became intimate with her.
  46. However, this woman died in the appointed province, which led him to become a priest under Jakushin (a priest who was YOSHISHIGE no Yasutane before becoming a priest) and live in Nyoirin-ji Temple, which was part of Enryaku-ji Temple, which was said to hold three thousand monks.
  47. However, this year, Saigyo had his reasons and prohibits the cherry blossom viewing.
  48. However, this yosozake was the beginning of jizake (local sake) which later became the center of Japanese sake culture.
  49. However, those Fushu never started earning a living by themselves in their permanent places to stay and continued to receive the Fushu allowance.
  50. However, those aristocrats with the information about the foreign merchants often ordered their servants or related merchants to reach out them, and traded with before Dazaifu.
  51. However, those in mourning should refrain from coming to the court.
  52. However, those locally developed yeasts are not necessarily confined within the prefecture, but some of them are used in other prefectures or adopted as a Kyokai yeast.
  53. However, those of Hitomaro's poems with certain dates of composition fit almost perfectly the period from Empress Jito's accession to her death.
  54. However, those on Tokugawa's side successfully retreated to Shinpu-jo Castle.
  55. However, those poems introduced as 'symbolical poems,' were only seven poems, and the others were Bin's favorite works by English poets such as the poetry of transcendentalists or the excerpt of Shakespeare's Winter's Tale.
  56. However, those privileges were returned to Eta.
  57. However, those routes were set up for one bus operation each at that time (only a one-way bus to Uchizato Minami for 73A) to maintain their operator's license until obtaining the route license for the Uchizato - Nishi Iwata section.
  58. However, those systems, Gotairo, Sanchuro and Gobugyo, are said to have not developed enough as political structures.
  59. However, those taxes were later changed to shugo-tansen, the tan-sen imposed by shugo in their own right.
  60. However, those terms, koseki (the household registers), keicho (the yearly tax registers), and Handen Shuju (periodic reallocations of rice land) were terms used for the first time in the Taiho Ritsuryo (Taiho Code), and they never appeared in documents before that.
  61. However, those that are said to be compiled by Kanenao, are thought to be forged by Kanetomo.
  62. However, those unrefined understandings have been reviewed by the research of Rizo TAKEUCHI and Yasuo MOTOKI.
  63. However, those vehicles could not fulfill and meet the regulation of the Vehicle Emission Control of Osaka Prefecture, they were replaced by the new 'Poncho' of the Hino Motors in mid-December, 2008 (the vehicles share the same specification with the ones obtained by the Keihan Bus Town Kuru Route at the same time.)
  64. However, those who commit the five heinous sins and slander the teaching of Buddha are excluded.
  65. However, those who commit the five heinous sins and slander the true Dharma are excluded.
  66. However, those who interpreted astronomical events as good or bad omens, who deceived farmers by criticizing the state or emperor, who studied forbidden books (like strategy books), or who committed murder, rape or theft were punished according to the ritsuryo code after they were forcefully laicized.
  67. However, those who opposed, such as in Okinawa and Qing, were not anti-discriminatory, as a matter of fact.
  68. However, those who support the opinion of Izumo objected that they just associated 'ne' (a root) with 'ki' (a tree).
  69. However, those who wanted to show off their skills to the world, such as Horibe, demanded for the raid into Kira's residence whereas others, such as Kataoka, who received favor from their lord, wanted to kill Kira immediately even if it meant attacking the procession.
  70. However, those who were Shihon (the fourth rank) Jushiinoge [Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade]) were ranked by government posts and appointment years regardless of possession of a castle.
  71. However, those who were appointed to positions at local governments outside Tokyo were excepted from the decision.
  72. However, those with fresh noodles tend to have a little shorter time for cooking.
  73. However, those with low dan-i can always wear Kyudo uniforms.
  74. However, those with permission are an exception.
  75. However, though a raw egg is added immediately before completion of the food, the egg is boiled more than half when it is eaten, and therefore it is also hard to say they eat a raw egg.
  76. However, though infrequently used, overtones, which increase the range by approximately one octave, are sometimes used.
  77. However, though much was expected of him, he did not have much time for the duties of the domain because he was born with poor health, and he went to Arima Onsen often to recuperate.
  78. However, three days later, he escaped again to the Choshu domain.
  79. However, three invitees, namely Natsume, Futabatei, and Tsubouchi, were not in attendance.
  80. However, three months after Kiyomori's death, the Taira clan government again sent a force along the Tokai-do Road to battle with the Kanto government forces and the Taira clan troops won a battle at Sunomata-gawa River in Owari Province (the Battle of Sunomata River).
  81. However, three years later, he died suddenly before his father Saneyuki.
  82. However, three years later, upon the death of Myogen-an, Myogen-an's younger brother, Fushiki-an (不式庵) Kansetsu, also took the title of tenth master and independently started the Edosenke Soke Renge-an.
  83. However, through a plot by Nobushige YODA, Masayuki SANADA changed his side so as to support Tokugawa's forces.
  84. However, through the deliberation of the supplementary budget on November 13, 2006 by the Kyoto Municipal Assembly, it was determined that the start of the operation scheduled for March 2007 would be postponed until the autumn of 2008, with a delay of a year and a half.
  85. However, through the implementation of "shugo-uke" and "Hikanization" of zaichokanjin, shugo came to control the kokuga effectively in the beginning of the 15th century.
  86. However, through the influence of interactions with members of the Osaka school (Taika IKENO, (aka Taika IKE), Kenkado KIMURA etc) KUWAYAMA found his own milieu was landscapes.
  87. However, through the intervention of Tenkai and Munenori YAGYU, Takuan and Gyokushitu were exiled to Kaminoyama in Dewa Province and Tanagura in Mutsu Province, respectively, and Kogetsu was subjected to no punishment.
  88. However, through the investigation and study conducted later, some people indicated the existence of other stations which had sold Ekiben earlier than the Utsunomiya Station.
  89. However, through the research conducted from the 1980's to the early 1990's, it was proved that it was an octagonal burial mound which had never been discovered in Eastern Japan.
  90. However, tickets for stations on the subway lines, such as Marutamachi Station and Shijo Station, can be bought here, and therefore a warning to prevent the purchase of the wrong ticket is displayed.
  91. However, times changed; Japan was defeated in the war and people were able to criticize Kojiki and Nihon Shoki after the war.
  92. However, title in Russian is the same word but distinguishes it with 'Kogo' and 'Jyotei,' before and after her enthronement.
  93. However, to accommodate another new role given to Jingikan, the govermental office called "senkyoshi (missionary)" was placed under it.
  94. However, to an extreme, Hideyoshi showed no interest in Sarugaku other than the Yamato-shiza and as a result, a lot of theatres of Sarugaku disappeared during this time.
  95. However, to avoid mixing up 'ryo' of the currency unit for koban, 'monme' and 'kan' were used as the currency unit for hyoryo ginka.
  96. However, to become a sushi chef who makes good sushi, an ability to distinguish fresh fish at a market, knowledge, experiences and techniques such as slicing fish more thinly when fish are fatty based on the knowledge about season of various kinds of fish, and so on are required.
  97. However, to cope with increasing new rules and customs, a method of codifying and improving the prescription of the rules and customs was developed.
  98. However, to counter such opinions, a new movemental organization called Shin Kajin Shudan (The New Poets Group), with the aim of establishing a postwar tanka circle, was formed in 1947.
  99. However, to fight such temptation, the God lets dying persons experience Heaven in advance and promises to atone for their sins.
  100. However, to have an audience with a head of China, namely an emperor, there was a very high bar for long time.
  101. However, to know how the occurrence frequency has changed needs data over a long period of time.
  102. However, to live as humble or lowly people, they may have needed such a 'Gishi' (forged history book).
  103. However, to move between the Platform 1 and other platforms, one must use an underground path by way of stairs.
  104. However, to prevent the name of 'Asahi' from being mistaken for 'Asama' that also ran between Tokyo Station and Takasaki Station, the name of 'Toki' was restored replacing 'Asahi' when the train operation schedules were revised on December 1, 2002.
  105. However, to secure data communication between the ICOCA card and the ticket checker, there is a campaign to extend the practice of touching the checker directly with the card, with the wordplay phrase, 'Tacchishite Ikoka (Shall we go touching with ICOCA).'
  106. However, to use the coupon for a Hanshin line it cannot be used directly; before the passenger enters the gate it must be changed to the ticket of Hanshin lines using the blue-colored ticket vending machine.
  107. However, today only the following five pictures exist:
  108. However, today the first cargo of the new year is generally shipped on January 4 when public offices and many companies open for business.
  109. However, today theories such as Hidetsugu's rebellion and Mitsunari's slander are discounted.
  110. However, today this appellation is seldom used even by the people who are familiar with the Imperial Household system.
  111. However, today's Worcester sauce used in Japan is a Japan-specific seasoning totally different from the original one in England.
  112. However, today's many local region names around Japan (Hokuriku region, Sanyo region, Sanin region and Hokkaido) originate from the gokishichido.
  113. However, today's temple architects define a 'hoto' as a pagoda with a cylinder-shaped body topped by a roof in the shape of a four-sided pyramid.
  114. However, today, Kameoka City has an aspect of a satellite city for Kyoto and Osaka.
  115. However, today, it is confirmed that Hokusai met his disciple Hokuyo HONMA and gave him 'Oni-zu' (the painting of an ogre) (held at the present Sano Museum) at Asakusa of Edo on July 1848, which was regarded as the month in which Hokusai drew Happo Nirami Hoo-zu.
  116. However, today, it is easy to detect a sword to which Gimei was inscribed; the color of rust on the haft with Gimei was unnatural, and the iron used is also different from the ancient times.
  117. However, today, the Imperial delegate (the delegate of the real Emperor) does not participate in the march, a representative called Konoeshi-dai (the acting Imperial Guard delegate) participates instead.
  118. However, together with vice-minister Senichi SHIRANE, he called out police force to intervene the election forcibly which caused casualities as a result.
  119. However, tonkatsu in Japan has become part of Japanese cuisine: it is often cut into smaller slices to make it easier to eat with chopsticks and is served with miso soup and tsukemono (Japanese pickles).
  120. However, too much cabbage make the dough break easily when turning it over.
  121. However, total of above three rewards added up to 800,000 koku (144312.00 cubic meters), which was equal to total rokudaka (stipend) of taihan (large scale domain), and it became huge financial burden to Meiji government, which had a weak financial basis.
  122. However, toward the end of the Edo period, this obligation put a strain on the finances of many daimyo, increasing their dissatisfaction with the bakufu and becoming an underlying cause of the anti-shogunate movement.
  123. However, toward the end of the war, air raids and naval gunfire by the Allied Forces became fierce in various parts of Japan, and many Kyudo dojo burned down.
  124. However, towards the end of the Heian period, it gave a chance fo samurai from non-capital provinces to gain a connection with kuge in the capital, and some samurai could obtain an official rank through their connections.
  125. However, towards the end of the Heian period, social unrest spread and there was an increased risk of large temples, which owned vast tracts of land and had grown wealthy, attracting thieves.
  126. However, track numbers are provided for management purposes, and with the numbers given from the depot side, the tracks of inbound trains, which are served by the island platform, are numbered 1 and 2 and the track for outbound trains, which is served by the other platform, is numbered 3.
  127. However, traditional events and lifestyles based on agriculture still continued in areas (rural areas) far from urban areas.
  128. However, traditional oral story telling by the elders and the older people is rare.
  129. However, trains go around toward the east between Momoyama Station and Shinden Station and run the edge of the central part of town in Joyo or to the south of Joyo; thus the regional and transportation gaps between the Nara Line and the Kintetsu Kyoto Line remain.
  130. However, trains run from Kizu Station to Nara Station in Nara Prefecture through the Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line).
  131. However, trains unexpectedly became beautiful when additional cars were attached to regular trains and Kuha type 76 cars were used on the both ends.
  132. However, transportation in Japan has some problems in various aspects, for example, waning city center due to advance of motorization.
  133. However, treatises in general were originally vehicles for expressing opinion and positions.
  134. However, trying to count Nakagawa no miya in, information was leaked to the government that was investigating the assassination of Saneomi HIROSAWA, Aritomo YAMAGATA and others started to investigate what was happenening.
  135. However, turning people's understanding of the circumstances to good account, this kind of ending is saometimes used in gag strips and gag animations as a predictable punch line.
  136. However, two copies of Kasho used by Chiso Daishi Enchin who was a nyuto-priest (priest went to China for studying) came down to Onjo-ji Temple (Mii-dera Temple) in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.
  137. However, two depressions with some 6 meters in width and over 2 meters in depth have been confirmed east and south of and slightly away from the tumulus itself.
  138. However, two months later on July 28 (old calendar), Kakukei was relieved from the imprisonment by Yusai HOSOKAWA, a close subject of Yoshiteru, and his party.
  139. However, two of his poems in "Kokinshu" were said to be composed by his son, Asayasu.
  140. However, two years later a movement started to drive out the principal, Tenshin OKAKURA, who then lost his position.
  141. However, two years later, in the second battle of Kizugawaguchi in 1578, the Mori navy was defeated by the Kuki navy, which deployed armored warships, and lost the marine control.
  142. However, uchiginu made by 'itahiki' was still considered very luxury, so at the accession ceremony of Emperor Showa of 1928 when the juni-hitoe was prepared, the uchiginu was made of plain materials; since then uchiginu have been made of plain materials until the present.
  143. However, uchiki, which have large sleeves and widely opened cuffs, became outdated with the collapse of the court noble society and the revolts of vassals against their lords following the outbreak of the Onin War.
  144. However, udewa nenju is not suitable for use for the original purpose of juzu, due to its size.
  145. However, ultimately he fought to the limits of his strength, and after having Yoshizumi and all other family members flee to the Awa Province, he alone protected the castle and was killed in action.
  146. However, ume fruit contains a component called amygdaline, which is a cyanogenetic glycoside that forms poisonous hydrogen cyanide (hydrocyanic acid) when hydrolyzed by an enzyme in the stomach, intestines and so on.
  147. However, under any circumstances the core of the story is the scene in which Yuranosuke and other loyal vassals successfully kill Moronao.
  148. However, under extreme exploitation, some farmers would become ruined, which should lead to the concentration of wealth and the emergence of wealthy farmers.
  149. However, under the Toyotomi regime and the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), the domain no longer benefited from the profits of this trade because Nagasaki became a demesne of the central government.
  150. However, under the circumstances that a local lord, who was a former vassal of the Satomi clan, let out the information of the Hojo clan to the invading army, and the invasion by Misaki Navy was delayed for some reasons, the Mifune-yama fort fell to Yoshitaka and Ujimasa lost the control over Kazusa Province (Battle of Mifune-yama).
  151. However, under the circumstances where the Constitution approved of parliament's power to decide a national budget and also to legislate, practically, it was difficult to ignore the opinions of the majority party while running the government.
  152. However, under the reign of the 3rd Shogun Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, who was aiming at strengthening his authority, the powers of several Shugo daimyo families were forced to diminish.
  153. However, under the system that existed prior to the enforcement of the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties, which occurred in 1950, all of what are now designated as important cultural properties were called national treasures, so this point should be noted in order to avoid confusion.
  154. However, unfortunately a passing shower scatters the blossoms.
  155. However, unfortunately it was not realized because Nizaemon came down sick suddenly the previous day.
  156. However, unfortunately, Osan's father, Gozaemon, came to the shop.
  157. However, unlike 'Ekiben' in Japan, none of them have a culture or sense to pay special attention to these box lunch.
  158. However, unlike Chinese cases, it is very rare that an actual seal still remains like this and, most of the cases, we can only see the stamp marks on the official documents such as family registration forms.
  159. However, unlike FUNE no Hatamasa of Inaba-no-kuni-no-kami (Governor of Inaba Province) and NURIBE no Michimaro of Totomi no kuni no kami (Governor of Totomi Province) who were also awarded, ABE no Miushi and OTOMO no Miyuki had no province to govern.
  160. However, unlike Hiroshimafu-okonomiyaki which wraps noodles up in crepe-like dough, many have no noodles and are thick like Kansaifu-okonomiyaki or Tokaifu-okonomiyaki.
  161. However, unlike Michinaga, who had implemented a 'One household, three empresses' policy, Yorimichi was not blessed with any daughters and so, using his wife's connections, he adopted Prince Atsuyasu's daughter, FUJIWARA no Genshi, and had her made consort of Emperor Gosuzaku.
  162. However, unlike Nariakira who liked Western learning, Tadanori was versed in the study of Japanese classical literature.
  163. However, unlike Rikyu, who was appointed to the important post of Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI's tea master, Kenchu led a secluded life in the north, immersing himself in the tea ceremony.
  164. However, unlike Shichimi-togarashi, Ichimi-togarashi is composed solely of red pepper, and therefore Ichimi-togarashi is an appropriate spice not only for Japanese food but also for Western foods such as pizza and curry, which it enhances with a sharp flavor.
  165. However, unlike Taiwan, the former had been operated as a general rule to the end of Japanese administration.
  166. However, unlike Toho which practically stopped in-house production, Toei has long engaged in original work including TV programs and animation, and it is seen as having great potential to become one of the largest video-content companies in the world.
  167. However, unlike astringent persimmons, making sweet persimmons into Hoshigaki will not make them sweeter, as the sugar content itself is much higher in astringent persimmons.
  168. However, unlike in modern times, there were no tourist resorts developed then, therefore the visits to shrines and temples themselves were pleasure trips.
  169. However, unlike in the Genroku era, during the Edo Period, there were few types of Kamon in use during the Kamakura and Heian Periods shortly after Kamon were first created.
  170. However, unlike in the Tokyo and Osaka areas, automobiles are more convenient than railways in local areas and there are many cases where railways are not used very frequently.
  171. However, unlike other Hankyu Railway 'special trains on the Hankyu Main Line,' it was operated as an express train even on the Uji Line, although it's a Hankyu feeder line.
  172. However, unlike other princesses, there are almost no detailed records relating to her and there are therefore many uncertainties regarding what type of life she led.
  173. However, unlike popular contemporaries among Ukiyo-e artists such as Hokusai KATSUSHIKA and Hiroshige UTAGAWA, Kuniyoshi was not well known or highly appreciated in Japan.
  174. However, unlike the Japanese law that distinguishes 'intangible cultural properties' from 'intangible folk-cultural properties', Intangible Cultural Heritage does not differentiate the two.
  175. However, unlike the governor-generals of Taiwan and Korea, the governor-general of Karafuto-cho was not generally entrusted with the legislative power by the Japanese government.
  176. However, unlike the haiku, which is the hokku at the beginning of a haikai-renga that became independent, the senryu is a form of poetry that appreciates the tsukeku (hiraku) independently from the previous verses.
  177. However, unlike these routes, joint operation of Takamatsu Express Kyoto-go has been conducted since the operation start in March 2001.
  178. However, unlike today's tahoto, they were two-story pagodas that had squared floors on both the first and second levels.
  179. However, unnaturalness means not to depend on goin (right or wrong conduct which can be a cause of the happiness or trouble in the future) of the past world in Buddhist terms.
  180. However, unshu mikan is presumed indigent of Japan.
  181. However, until Hakodate-fu was thoroughly recognized by people, both names of Hakodate-fu and Hakodate Court coexisted for a while.
  182. However, until the time the Series 3300 came into use the cars for the Kyoto Line were given their numbers starting from 1 (as a vestige of the Shinkeihan era).
  183. However, upon departure he packed all the furniture and household goods, including even the stone weight used for making pickles, into the empty nagamochi mentioned before, then departed.
  184. However, upon hearing the news of severe damage suffered by the Asakura army, most of the officers and soldiers protecting Ichijodani while Yoshikage had been away had already escaped.
  185. However, upon learning the charges against the NAITOs were false, he executed their accuser, Takemori, and took the daughter of Hironori as his legal wife to restore the Naito clan.
  186. However, upon requests from domestic archery organizations, and due to the crushing defeat of the archers of Japanese bow who participated in the 24th world championship in 1967, they transferred the FITA membership to the All Japan Archery Federation in 1968 and ended their involvement in Yokyu.
  187. However, uprisings by the Fushu gradually emerged, as seen in 'Arakashi no Ran (rebellion)' arose in Izumo Province in 813, the 'Shimousa-Fushu no Ran (rebellion)' arose in 875 and the 'Kamiusa-Fushu no Ran (rebellion)' in 883.
  188. However, use of AC power came to be applied to the electric system of Shinkansen later.
  189. However, use of the fields has been abandoned and most of them lost with the change in lifestyle since the end of the Second World War.
  190. However, use of the post required the permission of the bakufu, and they used it as a tool to control daimyo by setting special exceptions for some posts.
  191. However, use of these terms has been mixed (for more information, refer to "Kokera-otoshi").
  192. However, using ripe ume also gives a distinctive scent to umeshu.
  193. However, using that term causes some problem as explains below.
  194. However, using the "shoshaku" measurement used during the period of the Northern and Southern Dynasties (China), it would be 2.94 meters and be nearly equal to the above figure, so there is a question mark over the assertion that they were built after the middle of the seventh century.
  195. However, using this 220,000 yen as a fund, the Chii village side could achieve the unification of the forests owned by the communities.
  196. However, using this technology disables to use terms such as 'natural' or 'raw' on product labels as it is not meeting the industry standard of Central Fair Trade Control of Soy-sauce Manufacturing Industry.
  197. However, various arguments about, among other things, the policy for selecting waka between Tameyo and Tamekane became heated, and an enraged Tameyo resigned as compiler, on top of which followed the deaths of Takahiro KUJO in 1298 and Masaari ASUKAI in 1301.
  198. However, various changes are taking place, such as in the Iwashimizu-sai Festival, where Iwashimizu hojoe with strong characteristics of syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism is being inherited, and is increasingly leaning towards Shinto.
  199. However, various clans supporting the shogunate withdrew from time to time, being furious about the timidity and indecisiveness of the shogunate chief commander Nagamichi OGASAWARA.
  200. However, various sizes are made for the ready-made hakama and tabi.
  201. However, vassals of the Inada clan, the keepers of Sumoto-jo Castle, who were known for the Kogo incident (also known as Inada uproar), were exceptionally promoted to the warrior class under strict conditions such as their migration to Hokkaido.
  202. However, vaudeville at the time was mainly comprised of rakugo (traditional comic storytelling) and manzai was regarded just as a supporting type of entertainment.
  203. However, very few of them have been realized, due to shortage of historical records and lack of cultural impact.
  204. However, very rarely, a rakugo storyteller who is not a shinuchi or a performer of other program may play the role of a tori.
  205. However, violence continued in the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States), causing various problems, and Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) issued an order banning kanjin sumo in 1648 on the basis of 'disorderly conduct.'
  206. However, virtually since the inauguration of the new government, the Meiji Government was administered in an environment of severe conflict over authority and policy among the former members of the Four Domains.
  207. However, visitors have to walk about one kilometer from the bus stop to the plateau.
  208. However, visits to Seoul by Japanese diplomats were not permitted except once.
  209. However, vitamin C is lost when making Hoshigaki, while the amount of vitamin A is twice that of before.
  210. However, volume 11 of "Konjaku Monogatari shu" (Anthology of Tales from the Past) says the following regarding the origins of the place name Kasagi and the carved Miroku image at Kasagi-dera Temple.
  211. However, volumes 8, 18, and 21 are missing.
  212. However, waka grew heavy on formalism and ultimately declined in popularity.
  213. However, wasabi is normally not used soon after grating because it's too pungent.
  214. However, wasabi itself is affected by this substance and is not able to grow bigger (self-poisoning).
  215. However, waste piled up causing the water to almost stop flowing, and it became very unsanitary.
  216. However, water becomes necessary to take measures necessary for the prevention, but there exist limitations in taking such measures because lots of water is unavailable.
  217. However, water quality criteria applied to shuzo yosui is far stricter than for tap water.
  218. However, we can only see 3 movies; "Tange Sazen Yowa Hyakuman-ryo no Tsubo (Extra Story of Tange Sazen, the Vase of One Million-Ryo)," "Soshun KOCHIYAMA" and "Ninjo Kamifusen."
  219. However, we have to be careful because there are many intended or sometimes blatant eulogies of Yasunobu MIYOSHI in the accounts concerning him.
  220. However, we have to be careful to the fact that only mixing hot water does not mean warming shochu.
  221. However, we have to be careful when we use these names as they are called in different ways according to traditions or styles and kirikumi is sometimes called kakeri, or kakeri and tachimawari are included in iroe.
  222. However, we need to consider the possibility that Japan might have been involved in a trade relationship with Northern China and other countries, from unspecified parts of Japan.
  223. However, we sense a difference between Nobunaga and Nagayoshi because Nagayoshi wielded the real power through his informal role as a power-broker, rather than choosing to overthrow the bakufu to obtain the highest position.
  224. However, we should be cautious not to take kelp too much, because excessive iodine may cause the functional disorder of thyroid.
  225. However, we should bear in mind that having the Three Sacred Treasures of the Imperial Family is not always the crucial condition of the succession to the Imperial throne, as there was a case that Emperor Gotoba even without the three treasures succeeded to the throne.
  226. However, wealthy men who liked to write haiku gave favorable treatment to him and some of them had Seigetsu as their teacher.
  227. However, westerlies have little affect on the atmosphere near to the ground.
  228. However, whaling in the Antarctic ocean itself was forced to stop due to the start of the Pacific War
  229. However, what I had drawn before 70 years old were all insignificant.'
  230. However, what Ieyasu did was only to show that the shogunship was hereditary in the Tokugawa clan afterwards to daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) and the Imperial court, and he also retained the real power of politics until he died, just like Nobunaga did.
  231. However, what about their tales?
  232. However, what is called 'yusoku cuisine' today has been influenced by honzen ryori (a full-course dinner), and is different from what was made in the Heian period.
  233. However, what made it possible for Negoroshu to supply these guns is still unclear today.
  234. However, what they say is different from shrine to shrine or temple to temple.
  235. However, what would happen if we save their lives now, and some of them become depraved?'
  236. However, wheel ruts made by bicycles in the sand make it easy-going in some areas.
  237. However, when Amenohiboko became very arrogant and scolded the wife one day, she fled by boat to Tsu in Nanba, saying she was returning to her parents' home.
  238. However, when Asahi started their sales, they said, 'The category for low-malt beer has clearly been established.'
  239. However, when Beian was 60 years old, he was blessed with a son: Manan ICHIKAWA (1838-1907).
  240. However, when Buddhism was introduced into Japan, Buddhist statues existed from the beginning, so Buddha's sariras and stupa, which were dedicated to the sariras, were not necessarily at the center of the religion.
  241. However, when Chobei bows on tatami-mat in Mizuno's residence, he has to put the both fists on tatami mat and hang down the head.'
  242. However, when Emperor Gosanjo succeeded to the throne in 1068, the situation changed dramatically.
  243. However, when Emperor Ichijo came into power, the situation drastically changed and she was made Empress Dowager on July 5, 986 (old lunar calendar).
  244. However, when Emperor Kanmu died in 806, Emperor Heizei, the successor, advocated innovating politics, and in June of the same year, he abolished Kageyushi as part of this innovation, and newly established kansatsushi.
  245. However, when Emperor Kazan was forced to abdicate the throne and enter the priesthood due to a political upheaval in 986, he also retired from the politics and became a priest, following the Emperor.
  246. However, when Emperor Reigen passed his position to Emperor Higashiyama, Motohiro succeeded in overthrowing Kaneteru ICHIJO in 1687, once seeing that Sento Gosho (the Imperial Palace) began Insei (rule by a retired emperor).
  247. However, when Emperor Shijo suddenly died in 1242, Sadamichi sent a secret messenger to Kamakura for the Regent Yasutoki HOJO who was his brother-in-law and worked towards the ascension of Prince Kunihito.
  248. However, when Emperor Tenmu won in the Jinshin War, the Imperial Court returned to Asuka again.
  249. However, when FUJIWARA no Nakamaro's War broke out, they were accused of being on FUJIWARA no Nakamaro (EMI no Oshikatsu) side, and thus were killed during the war (MURAKUNI no Shimanushi) and were deprived of their court ranks.
  250. However, when Fujiwara no Yukinari backbit Sanekata, he disputed with Yukinari in the court and took Yukinari's crown and threw it away.
  251. However, when Fukuzawa came back to his hometown in 1870, Masuda planned to assassinate Fukuzawa in his sleep.
  252. However, when Gonomiya, the Emperor's fourth son (later Imperial Prince Asahito and still later Emperor Higashiyama) was born in 1674, the Emperor began to think of having Gonomiya, rather than four years old Ichinomiya, succeed his throne.
  253. However, when Goshirakawa returned to Kyoto on April 29, the daishu (Buddhist monks) at the Sanmon (Enryaku-ji Temple, Hieizan Mountain) demanded the removal of the Kaga (presently Ishikawa Pref.) governor, FUJIWARA no Morotaka (Hakusan Incident).
  254. However, when Hidemitsu committed suicide at Sakamoto-jo Castle, he set fire after having a lot of cultural assets evacuated from the castle.
  255. However, when Hideyoshi and Ieyasu compromised and Narimasa was driven to the extremity, he had a great achievement that he crossed over Hida Mountains and Tate-yama Mountains and entered the Hamamatsu City at midwinter to persuade Ieyasu to have another try.
  256. However, when Hideyoshi died in 1598, Emperor Go-Yozei suddenly indicated his intention to disinherit Imperial Prince Ryonin from ascending to the throne.
  257. However, when Hideyoshi died of an illness in 1598, Sotan suffered discrimination by Ieyasu, who had become the ruler of the country.
  258. However, when Hideyoshi reported to Tadaoki HOSOKAWA that Yoshisada was planning a rebellion, Fujitaka and Tadaoki, who were suspicious about Yoshitada, invited him to Miyazu-jo Castle and killed him by a deceptive attack.
  259. However, when Honmaru was in an emergency, Ninomaru and Nishinomaru functioned as Honmaru.
  260. However, when I heard that this small private school opened, I was happier than when I climbed to the top of great Mt. Ariake.'
  261. However, when Iesada fell into a critical condition in 1858, the fudai daimyo of the Nanki group appointed Naosuke II of Hikone Domain as a tairo (chief minister) and announced in June in the name of Iesada that the successor was Yoshitomi TOKUGAWA.
  262. However, when Ieyasu TOKUGAWA came into power after Hideyoshi's death, because of the reason that Ieyasu was once troubled by the Ikko Sect, he started to intervene in the quarrel between Kyonyo and Junnyo.
  263. However, when Kabukimono (dandy, or people who behave in unique manner believing it is fashionable) became popular, the custom of believing oibara as the proof of loyalty was established, and the public praised the custom, people who committed suicide were increased all the more.
  264. However, when Kagetora was preoccupied face to face with the Takeda army, an uprising of the Ikko sect followers occurred in Ecchu Province, thus he was forced to withdraw.
  265. However, when Kaitai Shinsho was published, the achievement was not recognized.
  266. However, when Kazuhime died in 1830, Anegakoji returned to O-oku again.
  267. However, when Kenshin died in 1578, Shingoro SAITO, a commander in Nobutada ODA's army, drove the Uesugi army out of the middle of Ecchu.
  268. However, when Kenshin died suddenly in May 1578, Nobunaga again seized the occasion and defeated all the anti-Nobunaga forces.
  269. However, when Kenshin returned to Echigo without Fujiuji, Ujiyasu HOJO immediately launched a counterattack and attacked Koga in October of the same year, which resulted in Fujiuji escaping to Nobuie TAGA (Kurodo, Takaaki, vassal of the Satomi clan) in Kazusa Province.
  270. However, when Kida lost his job due to Nanbokucho-Seijunron (argument on legitimacy of either Northern or Southern Dynasty) in 1911, the Yamatohime no Okimi enthronement or Shosei theory similar to that argument was also criticized.
  271. However, when Kintsune died of illness, Michiie took over the Imperial Court.
  272. However, when Komori Mine located along the line was closed in 1969, Hokutan Railway's freight service volume decreased sharply and the company faced difficulty in continuing business.
  273. However, when Korekiyo TAKAHASHI took the post of president of SEYUKAI after the assassination of Takashi HARA, he started to proceed down his own independent path.
  274. However, when Koyo Chinbutai (a military unit formed specially for the campaign in Kai Province, Shinsengumi) visited Koshu in March, 1868, he joined them, at the age of 56.
  275. However, when Kume-dera Temple was founded next to the shrine, it was later reconstructed as a Chinju-sha shrine (Shinto shrine on temple grounds dedicated to the tutelary deity of the area).
  276. However, when Kuniko's condition became critical on August 3 1677, the Emperor Reigen conferred her the rank of Jusangu (an honarary rank next to the empresses) and the Ingo of Shinkogimonin.
  277. However, when Kyonyo attempted to remain in Ishiyama Hongwan-ji Temple again the following year, Rairyu, who was an aide of Kyonyo, was scolded by Kennyo.
  278. However, when MINAMOTO no Yoritomo and his brother MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune were opposed to each other, Masatusne's father, who was close to Yoshitsune, was exiled.
  279. However, when MINAMOTO no Yoritomo's family ended with MINAMOTO no Sanetomo, the privileges Yoritomo monopolized as the direct descendant of the Minamoto clan as well as the ruling power were overtaken by the Hojo family, the maternal relative of the Minamoto family.
  280. However, when Makino separated from Toa Kinema to establish Makino Productions in June of 1925, Bando also became independent from Toa Kinema and founded 'Bando Tsumasaburo Productions' in September of the same year.
  281. However, when Masamoto was assassinated by vassals over succession, the Hosokawa clan split and declined.
  282. However, when Mitsuhide was defeated by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI in the Battle of Yamazaki, Hidemitsu, who abandoned the Azuchi-jo Castle, and carried out the famous 'Kosui-watari' (rapid crossing of Lake Biwa), stabbed Mitsuhide's wife and children in the Sakamoto-jo Castle in Omi, and ultimately, killed himself.
  283. However, when Mitsutane SHIBA, a successor of Yoshitane, offended Shogun Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA in 1414 and was placed under house arrest in Mt. Koya, he lost the position of the Shugo of Kaga Province.
  284. However, when Miyuki died on January 15, Yasumaro became the head of the Otomo clan and began participating in the Imperial Court.
  285. However, when Motofusa was adopted into the Seikanji family from the Nakanomikado family, the family name of Seikanji was revived.
  286. However, when Muromachi bakufu was overthrown in 1573 and Yoshiaki came under the protection of the Mori clan, Kiyonobu left him and started to serve Nobunaga.
  287. However, when Nakamaro, through Emperor Junnin, expostulated with the Retired Empress Koken about her being partial to Dokyo, the standoff arose between the group of the Retired Empress Koken-Dokyo and the group of Emperor Junnin-Nakamaro.
  288. However, when Nijo died in 1165 and Motozane in the next year, Kiyomori switched his policy to support Goshirakawa.
  289. However, when Nobunaga became opposed to Yoshiaki and faced a predicament because a military cordon around Nobunaga had been organized, Hisahide betrayed Nobunaga.
  290. However, when Nobunaga was killed in the Honnoji Incident, Nagayoshi MORI abandoned Kaizu-jo Castle, and fled back to his territory.
  291. However, when Ono was surprised that there was no sign of decreasing the number of soldiers who took flight and returned to Chiyogaoka jinya, he was told by his colleagues such as Torao OSHIMA and Saisuke YASUTOMI that Hijikata was killed in the war.
  292. However, when Saicho tried to borrow "Rishushakukyo," an explanation book of "Rishu-kyo," Kukai finally declined to lend it.
  293. However, when Seiwa-Genji lost its power in the generation of MINAMOTO no Yoshichika, who was a son of MINAMOTO no Yoshiie, TAIRA no Tadamori was promoted to shoshii instead.
  294. However, when Shigemori died in 1179, Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa dispossessed the Taira family of Echizen Province and Michimori was dismissed as the provincial governor.
  295. However, when Shimo-mura in Imizu-gun was to be merged with Imizu City in 2005, there were concerns in the Kosugi area that the post-merger address of 'Kosugi, Imizu City' would be confused with the part of Imizu City called Kosugi-machi.
  296. However, when Shugendo declined with Haibutsu-kishaku (a movement to abolish Buddhism) in the early Meiji Period, and especially by the law banning Shugendo in 1872, three families, Gokikuma, Gokijoh and Gokido closed the business and left the village, and later, the Gokitsugu family also closed the business.
  297. However, when Song stabilized during the Jinso (Renzong) period, the old text revival movement at the end of Tang raised sympathy, and the Han and Tang era began being denied.
  298. However, when Takauji, who had been hiding himself in Kamakura, raised an army, KO no Moroyasu followed him and thoroughly beat Yoshisada's force in the Battle of Hakone and Takenoshita, contributing to the victory of Takauji.
  299. However, when Tatsuko KYOGOKU who used to be a wife of Motoaki TAKEDA and was a younger sister of Takatsugu became a concubine of Hideyoshi, Takatsugu was absolved of his sins and became a vassal of Hideyoshi.
  300. However, when Tokimune died suddenly in 1284, TAIRA no Yoritsuna killed Yasumori in a sudden assault and exterminated the gokenin of the Yasumori faction in the following year of 1285 (the Shimotsuki Incident).
  301. However, when Tokiwa was informed of her real mother's arrest, she went to Kiyomori and begged him for the lives of her three children and her mother, and her petition was accepted.
  302. However, when Toko was killed by the Ansei Great Earthquakes in 1855, the dispute, without a mediator, quickly became mired in a mess.
  303. However, when Toshinari had his own son, FUJIWARA no Teika, he became a priest in his thirties, devoting himself to the art of waka poetry.
  304. However, when Utaemon the second died in Osaka, a promoter there arbitrarily decided to make a young actor adopt the name of Utaemon the third, as a last resort.
  305. However, when Uzaemon ICHIMURA acted in that program, he often called it 'Nani tachibana Homare no Ishikiri.'
  306. However, when Yasubei was 13 years old in 1683, his father was driven out of the Mizoguchi clan and became a ronin (lordless samurai).
  307. However, when Yoritomo came into power after Heike (the Taira family) was searched out and destroyed, Tadamune came to be accused as an enemy who murdered Yoritomo's father after all, and he was allegedly killed on the orders of Yoritomo at last.
  308. However, when Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA and Nobunaga ODA went to Kyoto together, Sadayoshi's children, Sadatame and Sadaoki served as bailiffs.
  309. However, when Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA, Yoshimasa's biological son, was born to Yoshimasa and Tomiko in 1465, Tomiko desired the succession of Yoshihisa to the shogunate and she began to oppose Yoshimi.
  310. However, when Yoshihisa died in the war, Masatoyo colluded with Yoshimi ASHIKAGA to back up Yoshitane ASHIKAGA to be a new shogun.
  311. However, when Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, the eighth shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate, and Katsumoto tried to support the Akamatsu clan, which had fallen in the Kakitsu Incident, Mochitoyo, who was in charge of the former Akamatsu clan territories, strongly opposed rebuilding the Akamatsu clan.
  312. However, when Yoshimichi KUJO and Yoshitsune KUJO consecutively died, Yoshisuke KUJO, who was under the patronage of Hachijoin, came to occupy a central position in the Kujo family, which caused changes to the position of Mitsuie.
  313. However, when Yoshinori did not change his position, the disappointed monks set fire to the Konponchudo Hall in February and killed themselves.
  314. However, when Yoshioki OUCHI, a supporter of the previous Shogun Yoshitane, raised an army in 1508 to advance to Kyoto, Yoshizumi fled to Oumi Province and was removed from the position as the Shogun; he died without returning to the position [of Shogun].
  315. However, when Yoshitane (Yoshiki) ASHIKAGA, who was away in Suo Province, and Yoshioki OUCHI came to know about these internal conflicts, Yoshioki summoned the daimyo in Kyushu and Chugoku regions and headed to Kyoto with them.
  316. However, when Yoshitoki HOJO died suddenly, he and his younger sister plotted to remove Yoritsune KUJO and to place Sanemasa ICHIJO as a shogun and his nephew, Masamura HOJO, as a regent, respectively.
  317. However, when Yoshitomo's bereaved son, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, who was deported in Izu Province, rose an army in 1180, he joined the army and went to the front in the Battle of Fuji-gawa River and the conquest of Satake clan, following Yoritomo's younger brother MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune.
  318. However, when Zen experts interpreted this case as a koan, this answer is beyond the simple two directional argumentative theories of 'have' or 'nothing.'
  319. However, when a Shinkansen line and the limited expresses running on the regular railway line laid in parallel with it have become operated by different companies after the privatization of JNR, they have become competitive in the business relationship.
  320. However, when a battle broke out in Kyoto in 1545, he escaped again to the northern region and entered Hojozu-jo Castle in Ecchu Province, but was killed there by Nagatomo JINBO.
  321. However, when a big wooden brazier in the guardroom heated up, a fire broke out.
  322. However, when a biological child of Hideyoshi, Hideyori TOYOTOMI, was born in 1593, Hidetsugu gradually got on the wrong side of Hideyoshi.
  323. However, when a group based in Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple entered the battles of Noda-jo Castle and Fukushima-jo Castle, Saikashu acted in unison to support the Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple side, and fought against the army of Nobunaga ODA.
  324. However, when a kosa occurs in a place, areas located nearer to the place are affected more seriously.
  325. However, when a lord was considered to have some problems in his ability to manage his vassals, he was sometimes regarded as 'unable to control his house' and given such punishment as retirement or house confinement.
  326. However, when a prefectural or municipal cultural property becomes nationally designated, the prefectural or municipal designation is canceled.
  327. However, when an advertising department was established in Yoshimoto Kogyo in January 1933 which announced in 'Yoshimoto Engei Tsushin' that they would change its description in kanji (Chinese characters) to '漫才.'
  328. However, when armed groups rose in various places in the end of the Heian period, chigyo-kokushu (provincial proprietor) and zuryo (the head of the provincial governors) began to send those who were excellent in military affairs to confront them.
  329. However, when building Hana no Gosho (lit. Flower Palace), Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA had the taimenjo constructed separately from the kaisho.
  330. However, when calculating her birth year based on the description in the article for May 1, 1190, in "Azumakagami" that she was 46 years old when she died, makes her born in 1145, making her older than Yoritomo who was born in 1147.
  331. However, when cannons and guns came into use, the power of bullets with gunpowder reduced the superiority of height and the relatively thin walls were destroyed easily with cannons.
  332. However, when cannons and guns came into wider use in the fifteenth century, the power of bullets with gunpowder reduced the superiority of height, while cannons destroyed high and relatively thin walls with ease while high buildings became excellent targets for cannons.
  333. However, when compared with the past, it is significant that a local assembly was launched by election.
  334. However, when conflict between his cousin Moronao and Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA broke out in Kyoto, Morofuyu also came to conflict with Noriaki UESUGI on the Tadayoshi's side.
  335. However, when costumes in the Heian period are restored, it is mostly done by presumption even though present experts study historical evidences.
  336. However, when due, the cultivated land was publicly confiscated and the cultivation declined.
  337. However, when either or both of the parties are Ryoge no kan, cho instead of "I" (移) should be used.
  338. However, when empirical research based on historical documents became popular during the 1970s and 1980s, it was discovered that the Taira clan administration had bushi government-like characteristics before the Kamakura bakufu.
  339. However, when fishermen move their ship closer to capture it, it spreads the body as big as six tatami mats and tries to wrap the entire ship.
  340. However, when given the sword by Takakuraji, they recovered his senses.
  341. However, when giving a performance using his herculean power, Chikaie was finally granted amnesty and territories by the Shogun family.
  342. However, when going to the capital (Kyoto) roles depend on predefined social status.
  343. However, when going to the capital (Kyoto) roles should be left to assigned status.
  344. However, when he and his troops took a rest at Mt. Okehazama on the way to the castle, they were attacked by Nobunaga ODA, and even though Yoshimoto fought hard with Soshin MATSUI, he was decapitated by a vassal of the Oda family named Yoshikatsu MORI, and his favorite long sword inscribed Sozasamonji was taken.
  345. However, when he became aware of the intent of Hideyoshi to clearly conquer during the Imjin War, he also decided to return to Satsuma with Guoan GUO, recorded details of the situation then in Japan and sent the records to Ming China by pretending to send documents to fellow Satsuma resident Kino SHU.
  346. However, when he called at Tahara-jo Castle (in Mikawa Province) en route to be sent to Sunpu, Yasumitsu TODA (the father of his mother-in-law) treacherously sent him to the Oda clan in Owari Province.
  347. However, when he had passed the age of 40 years he his wives gave birth to sons, whereupon he renounced the adoption of Yorinaga so as to pass the posts along to his real sons.
  348. However, when he had the Genpuku ceremony (coming- of-age ceremony for a young man after the Nara period) in 1348, he was granted the right to the imperial throne as the adopted child of Emperor Kogen, and was enthroned as the prince of Emperor Suko (his brother in law) on October 27 in the same year.
  349. However, when he informed them he participated in the Naval Battle of Miyako Bay he was immediately treated as a hero.
  350. However, when he is on a horse, the weight of the armor hangs to the saddle and stabilizes the body.
  351. However, when he later took an entrance examination for entry into science and German program at the Daiichi High School, he failed.
  352. However, when he learned about Shochiku Co., Ltd. entering the film industry, he joined the company as an apprentice to Kaoru OSANAI via the introduction of a friend of his father.
  353. However, when he put down the buckets and took a rest stop on the way, a snake appeared and bathed in shijimizu.
  354. However, when he raided Omi again in 1510, Sumimoto's supporters resisted so fiercely that he was forced to admit a defeat so devastating that he then considered entering the priesthood to atone for his failure.
  355. However, when he reached manhood as the shogun at the age of thirteen, he gave up these pleasures and made an effort to acquire both the literary and military arts.
  356. However, when he reached the end of his life, he started to lose the favor of Ieyasu due to decreased silver and gold harvest yields from mines across Japan, and was consecutively dismissed from local governor positions, starting from the governor of Mino.
  357. However, when he was 20 years old he watched the Shimai (Noh dance in plain cloths) called 'Fujito' performed by Hisao KANZE and was shocked by 'the stage in which as if the hell was surging.'
  358. However, when he was Ozeki (at that time, Yokozuna license and the ranking were irrelevant), his name was written as Saisuke ONOGAWA.
  359. However, when he was building this Sanada-maru, other busho suspected that it might be a preparation for Nobushige to switch to the Tokugawa side and were somewhat cautious.
  360. However, when he was older, he studied under Sadamasa KATAGIRI, and he was certified fully proficient by Sogen FUJIBAYASHI.
  361. However, when his daughter Akane was crucified, he finally capitulated.
  362. However, when his wife told press reporters that she had supplemented the family income with a side job in their newly-married days, he angrily responded that he had never given his family any financial worries.
  363. However, when insei (rule by a retired emperor) began, manors concentrated around the retired emperor, who was virtually at the top of the Imperial court; for example, despite efforts at regulation by Emperor Shirakawa and Emperor Toba, such a contradiction caused the manor consolidation agenda to fail.
  364. However, when intellectuals criticized this movement, saying that repealing Law No. 63 meant the denial of the special character of Taiwan, the new movement was initiated to call for the establishment of a parliament in Taiwan.
  365. However, when it became the period of Heummu DAE and of reconciliation with Tang, its military implication wore off and changed its characteristics to the envoy for cultural exchange and economic activities.
  366. However, when it comes to Japanese liquor ginjoshu, as the polishing degrees of individual grains tend to affect the quality of the sake as a whole, higher accuracy in polishing data is required, and then the notion of shin seimai buai (true rice-polishing ratio) was fformed.
  367. However, when it mentions about the troop of Omi area later in the book, it only says 'Oyori and others' and does not give any specific names.
  368. However, when it smells rotten, it may be so.
  369. However, when it was charred for Ishida Sanyaku, such efficacy was considered to become ruined.
  370. However, when it was interpreted with the logic of modern West European international relationships, a difference in perception between Japan and Korea occurred.
  371. However, when it was invented, Nigiri-zushi instantly became popular among Edo natives, and was sold everywhere in the city, and at the end of Bunsei era, shops selling 'Edo Sushi' also appeared in Kansai.
  372. However, when it was reported that the Western Camp was defeated in Sekigahara, the Uesugi's forces withdrew and Mogami succeeded in capturing the Shonai Region.
  373. However, when just mach-bugyo was used, it generally indicated the Edo machi-bugyo that was the governmental post in the bakufu.
  374. However, when land transportation became important in Meiji period, land routes to Tokyo were developed.
  375. However, when malfunction of the party government became pronounced and the military which wasn't controlled by the diet gained power, the militarism was insisted and the concept accepting the emperor as holy writ prevailed.
  376. However, when megataki uchi (revenge oneself on the adulterer) was practiced, the fact that his wife had been unfaithful was exposed to the outside world, and some people thought that it only made a samurai lose face.
  377. However, when members of the Japanese Communist Party saw this paint, they pointed out that 'the red Orion Belt represented three soldiers of the Japanese Red Army,' their remarks aroused criticism.
  378. However, when new rice fields were developed, chiwari that is not based on jori became common because the jori naming method was not binding any more.
  379. However, when people were planning to carry out a Kuikaeshi against brothers and cousins, not their own children and grandchildren, they needed permission from the Shogunate to use the right.
  380. However, when quoted, various names are used for the commentary, such as the 'Genji Monogatari Shaku,' the 'Genji Arawakashi' and the 'Genji Arawashi,' in addition to the 'Genji Shaku.'
  381. However, when reading documents concerning that time, for example, actual written diaries (such as Nittosoyuka), it is found that Japan was advanced culturally and was prosperous, showing differences between what is educated in Korea and reality.
  382. However, when shrines and the priesthood were removed from government control after World War II, former Shake families and the descendants of those who became Shinto priests after the Meiji period increasingly passed on their positions through inheritance.
  383. However, when star actors including Chiezo KATAOKA, Kanjuro ARASHI, Toshio YAMAGUCHI (an actor belonging to Shinpa-Geki), Ryutaro NAKANE, Kobunji ICHIKAWA and Reizaburo YAMAMOTO left the company in a group in April of 1928, TAKEI resigned as well.
  384. However, when the 17th entrusted instructor, Seido KAKEI died in 1955 after the war, the system was abolished, and the head family has been directly teaching the desciples since then.
  385. However, when the Boshin War was almost over, the government became negative about regarding public opinion in a deliberative assembly, and in October, 1868, they abolished Giseikan.
  386. However, when the Chinese numerals are interpreted literally, a 10th of the sun may indicate 1 bu (分) and a 10th of the monme may indicate 1 fun.
  387. However, when the Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa died in 1192, he changed his stance quickly and agreed to Kanezane's proposal to appoint Yoritomo to the Seii taishogun to let Yoritomo owe him one.
  388. However, when the Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa was confined within his Toba-den (residence of Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa), Narifusa, who was the close associate of Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa was dismissed from his office and was exiled to Izu Province.
  389. However, when the Constitution of Japan, stipulating the prohibition of the Kizoku system and equality under the law, was enforced, the Kazoku system was abolished, ending the Kizoku status in Japan.
  390. However, when the Edo period came, it was worn as formal dress by priests, doctors, painters, Confucian scholars, and tea ceremony leaders.
  391. However, when the Emperor Gomomozono (who had no sons) passed away, Kokaku was adopted and ascended to the throne, which gave him a higher rank than his own father.
  392. However, when the French avante garde critic Michel Tapi? visited Japan in 1957 he gave rave reviews about Sofu's creations and introduced them to a wider audience leading to increased interest from overseas and greater awareness of his work in Japan.
  393. However, when the Goin Palace was occupied by a retired Emperor, the residence of relatives of the Emperor was sometimes used as a temporary imperial palace, and it was called the satodairi.
  394. However, when the Great Fushimi Earthquake occurred in 1596 and Fushimi-jo Castle where Hideyoshi lived collapsed, Kiyomasa is said to have quickly hurried to Hideyoshi with a party of 300 soldiers under his command and acted as escort.
  395. However, when the Kemmu Restoration ended and the Ashikaga clan gained control of the nation, temples that held a deep relationship with Emperor Go-Daigo were looked down upon by the Ashikaga clan and this led to Daitoku-ji Temple being excluded from the Gozan-Jissetsu.
  396. However, when the Kokufu side built an alliance with the Dewa Kiyohara clan in 1062, the Abe clan was pushed into an inferior position, leading to the beheading of Sadato after being lost in the Battle of Kuriyagawa in September.
  397. However, when the Kurawanka Fireworks Festival was held on the final Sunday of August every year, a special train would stop at Hirakatashi Station (in 1998 or before, the train would stop at Kuzuha Station).
  398. However, when the Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line opened in 1997, there was a reorganization of the bus route that ran within the Daigo area.
  399. However, when the Meiji Restoration took place, they disliked the Chinese style costume, and changed it to sokutai (male aristocrat's ceremonial court dress).
  400. However, when the Miyoshi sanninshu and Hisahide MATSUNAGA began having a power struggle during December of the same year, the Miyoshi sanninshu forced Yoshichika to order the death of Hisahide in the following month.
  401. However, when the Nagao clan, which assumed "Shugodai" (deputy of 'Shugo' [provincial constable]) of Echigo Province, gained control of the province administration around 1497, the clan did not permit Tennoji so-za the exclusive aoso-purchasing right.
  402. However, when the Retired Emperor Gotoba was exiled to Oki Province as a result of the Jokyu War in 1221, Kiyofusa entered into the priesthood, going to Oki to follow him.
  403. However, when the Sakuradamongai Incident occurred in tandem with his retirement life, on July 2, 1860 Tadahiko was suddenly captured by Fushimi Magistrate's office on suspicion of involvement in the incident.
  404. However, when the San Felipe Incident occurred in October, 1596, Hideyoshi issued the Ban on Christianity on December 8, 1596 again.
  405. However, when the Security Police Law was enforced in 1900, it declined together with the unions' economic difficulties and employers' countercharge.
  406. However, when the Shinkansen line started its operation, it became possible to stay long enough at a trip destination, changing the social structure drastically.
  407. However, when the Shinmon was returned in 1702, he withdrew from the alliance as of October 3.
  408. However, when the Soga clan's blood related Emperor Jito (her grandfather, SOGANOKURA-YAMADA no Ishikawamaro, was Shoshi's granduncle) was enthroned, Fuhito was selected because of Shoshi' presence.
  409. However, when the Taira family was driven from the capital by MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka in July 1183, Narimori accompanied them with his father and older brothers.
  410. However, when the Taiwan People's Party also became radical initiated by Weishui JIANG, the right wing formed the Taiwanese Federation for Local Autonomy with the establishment of local autonomy in Taiwan as a single goal.
  411. However, when the Tea Party group formed Dowa-kai group with maverick in 1928 and Kosei-kai group pulled up its office from the Saiwai-club building in the same year, Saiwai-club went into liquidation and Showa-club group, which Koyu-club group joined, succeeded the role.
  412. However, when the Toyotomi family declined after the end of the Battle of Sekigahara, Hisanaga TSUCHIMIKADO was approved as 'the grand master of Onmyodo,' and started again to serve in the Court in 1600.
  413. However, when the Uesugi army withdrew from Kanto region, the Gohojo clan launched an attack again and he disappeared after the fall of Kogagosho (residence of Kogakubo).
  414. However, when the West squad was razed in the final battle on October 21, Yorifusa secretly held a meeting of betrayal with the East squad led by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA in Ogaki-jo Castle according to advice from the vassal Yorimori INDO.
  415. However, when the Western side lost the Battle of Sekigahara, he went over to the Eastern side and attacked Tottori-jo Castle in the Inaba Province, the castle of Nagafusa MIYABE who sided with the Western side.
  416. However, when the Xinhai Revolution occurred, Ko Yui (Kang Youwei) established a Ko-kyo association in Shanghai City as a propagation effort, and rolled out a movement to make Ko-kyo the state religion of the Republic of China.
  417. However, when the Yamana clan attacked Hikami-gun, he defeated them and occupied Konosumiyama Castle and Takeda Castle, which were the base castles for the Yamana clan.
  418. However, when the accession occurred there was not even an enthronement ceremony; a coronation was held in 1557, as the emperors and court nobles suffered poverty due to financial difficulties.
  419. However, when the air is churned by a strong wind, for example, by a movement of a growing low pressure, a high-density dust layer may be generated at a higher place, for example, a height of up to 6 to 7 km above the Japanese archipelago, moving the dust to far away places.
  420. However, when the army of Emperor Sutoku was defeated, he was taken captive and was decapitated along with his legitimate son, Moritsuna TADA.
  421. However, when the army of bakufu led by Okitaka TANUMA arrived at Tsuruga, they took a strong line to handle the post war situation.
  422. However, when the autumn arrives, Katsushiro doesn't come back.
  423. However, when the bearer from the Koshi Province was resting beside the Yodo-gawa River, Ashikamino kamami wakenomiko came over and said 'Where are you bringing those swans to?'
  424. However, when the bubble economy collapsed the company suffered a huge loss due to the failure of redevelopment projects in areas such as Chayamachi.
  425. However, when the capital city was immediately transferred Kyoto to Tokyo, the initiative of the government in Tokyo shifted to establish "Daigaku" based on Shohei-gakko school from the old Edo Shogunate, incorporating Western studies.
  426. However, when the card is used for other companies' transportation services, such as private lines, subways and JR lines, the card's service is limited to the stored fare (SF) function and the transferable commuter pass to the other lines is not issued.
  427. However, when the chief vassal Takafusa SUE (Harukata SUE) plotted treachery against Yoshitaka, he stated that he would welcome Haruhide as the new head of the OUCHI clan in May 1551.
  428. However, when the chrysanthemum came to Japan, it was deemed the symbol of ephemera, just like the cherry blossoms, which also came from China.
  429. However, when the components of the aerosol in the soil of the place where kosa was produced was compared with those in major cities in China, it was found that the latter included more sulfide ion, more nitrate ion and more lead (a heavy metal).
  430. However, when the confrontation occurred between ryoke or jito (manager and lord of manor) and peasants, they were put in the difficult position between them.
  431. However, when the density becomes high, outdoor landscape becomes yellowish or reddish, visibility becomes affected seriously, and various kinds of damages are reported.
  432. However, when the emperor celebrated his coming of age, the Sessho submitted a letter for returning the right of handling political affairs to the emperor.
  433. However, when the film was introduced to India along with "Rashomon" (Rasho-mon Gate), it gained attention as a picture as excellent as "Rashomon" and spawned many imitations, having a major effect on Indian cinema.
  434. However, when the gate was taken apart and repaired from 1950 to October 1952, ink writing stating "1248" and munafuda (a historical plaque on a building) were discovered, and it was revealed that the gate had been reconstructed in 1248.
  435. However, when the government army started counterattacking on a full scale in June, the Satsuma army there was gradually driven into a disadvantageous state.
  436. However, when the great war ended, Japan was troubled because the economy was seriously depressed due to reaction to the previous demand, followed by the Great Kanto Earthquake as well.
  437. However, when the income of the government was strained, it easily led to price rise and lowered quality, which caused troubles for common people.
  438. However, when the jisojo from the Satsuma Domain was made known at shugiin on September 13, opinions from domains' representatives came up one after another asking for a gentle punishment appraising the honorable way the Satsuma and Tosa Domains confessed their misconduct voluntarily.
  439. However, when the judgment cannot be made after the seventh trial, the dead must go to one of Rokudo (Six Realms of Reincarnation); in fact, the additional trials are real bail-outs.
  440. However, when the manuscript of Tosa Nikki (Tosa Diary) made by Teika was studied, it was found that it contained the parts which he revised on purpose, so some people are asking for a restudy to see if the manuscripts of the Aobyoshi-bon line had really not been revised.
  441. However, when the monks saw that he drew a rat with his tears that fell on the floor by using his big toe, they were impressed so they allowed him to draw pictures.
  442. However, when the mountain is climbed further for three minutes, there is the birth place of "Matanozoki" where a pine named 'Kasamatsu' (literally, an umbrella pine) stands.
  443. However, when the nanny fell into a short sleep, Kozaisho got up and recited Buddhist invocation that "I believe in the Western Land of Utmost Bliss…. Please let my husband and myself meet in Paradise," and threw herself into the sea.
  444. However, when the new government army won and the battles in the Tohoku region calmed down, the shoseito members who had left the Mito Domain went back to the Mito Domain, which was governed by the Tenguto, and attacked the Mito-jo Castle (the battle of Kodokan school).
  445. However, when the news came to Kyushu on June 27, 1333 that Rokuhara Tandai (an administrative and judicial agency in Rokuhara, Kyoto) was defeated by Takauji ASHIKAGA, Sadatsune and Sadamune, who had been obedient, as well as Sadahisa SHIMAZU, rebelled and made an assault.
  446. However, when the power in the Soga clan transferred to SOGA no Iruka, son of Emishi, Iruka planned to enthrone Furuhito no Oe no Miko, who Iruka could control at his will, and Iruka put up Empress Kogyoku as a interim successor.
  447. However, when the quotes are given as 'interpreted by Koreyuki' or 'Koreyuki,' rather than the title of the work, they include much that is not in any of the surviving manuscripts.
  448. However, when the railway was elevated, the station was relocated north to an area south of Gojo-Senbon Crossing.
  449. However, when the reign of Emperor Montoku came after Emperor Ninmyo passed away in 850, Chokushiden was not established anymore.
  450. However, when the relation between Yoshinaka and Goshirakawa-in (Retired Emperor Goshirakawa) soon got worse, he took the side of In and, in December of the same year, he played a central role in defending In no gosho (the retired Emperor's court) with his son.
  451. However, when the scandal of the Interior Minister, Kanetake OURA (the Oura Affair) arose, Okuma, who held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs in August, reshuffled the Cabinet, but the cabinet began to lose public support.
  452. However, when the shogun's power was lost in the Onin War, the Hosokawa clan overwhelmed the Shiba clan and the Hatakeyama clan, that were the heads of the three kanrei, and started to control the politics of the bakufu.
  453. However, when the system of nenkan and nenshaku became common and the suke as yomeikan was created, the meanings of yomeikan and Yomei no suke became confused.
  454. However, when the technique "yuzen," which uses starch for preventing a dye from soaking into cloth, was devised and developed in the middle of the Edo period, tsujigahana rapidly went into decline and disappeared, because tsujigahana was inferior to yuzen in leeway and labor.
  455. However, when the tenmonkata (astronomer appointed by bakufu) of Edo bakufu led and succeeded in changing the calendar to Jokyo reki (Jokyo calendar), the bakufu (tenmongata) and the Imperial Court (the Tsuchimikado family) came to oppose to each other over the power for kaireki (changing of calendar).
  456. However, when the term, outer moat, was simply used, this might refer to the sogamae moat itself or the outward moat of the castle.
  457. However, when the uprising of Ikko sect followers in Mikawa occurred, the enemy Ikko sect side included Ieyasu's former retainers, such as Masanobu HONDA and Yoshinobu NATSUME.
  458. However, when the wife sent off the husband she would not even show the slightest hint of anger.
  459. However, when the word "Tariki" is combined with "Hongan," the Original Vow, and makes the phrase "Tariki Hongan," the meaning of "Tariki" is completely different.
  460. However, when they are simply classified based on size, there are only two types; onaginata (can be up to three meters long) and konaginata (around one meter long).
  461. However, when they became rich they drove her out, saying, 'You are not our child.'
  462. However, when they crawled under floor, they carried a sword on the back to move easily in the narrow space and used it as a shield.
  463. However, when they learned that the army of bakufu from Kyoto was led by Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA and their petition was not accepted, they realized that their wish will never come true.
  464. However, when they reached adolescence they both got more and more self-conscious and drifted apart from each other.'
  465. However, when they were loading coal in a hurry before departure, the loads were thrown off balance and damaged the ship; it required two months to repair.
  466. However, when they were off their guard, Kinoko plays a trick by stealing their lunches, etc.; in such cases, they are driven away with a stick.
  467. However, when this was rejected, Enryaku-ji Temple sought permission for the subjugation of the Hokke sect from the Emperor Gonara.
  468. However, when those in a non-circular shape came into market later, they were called simply 'monaka.'
  469. However, when tsuru is located toward left of the bow, it is called as deki (protruded wood) and needs repairmen since it is broken.
  470. However, when viewing him from behind, he predicted that Takaakira would probably meet with the misfortune of demotion.
  471. However, when we consider his grandfather, Nagamasa ASAI and grandmother Oichi no kata who were tall, it is no wonder that Hideyori was large in body size.
  472. However, when, starting with the burning-down of dairi (Imperial Palace), the central government levied national taxes as a temporary measure, the manor side came to apply for tax exemption to Daijokan in the central government, instead of kokuga.
  473. However, whereas kariginu are tied using a kakae-obi (front-tied kimono sash) made from the same fabric used for the shitagasane (the outer and most important of three kimonos worn under the ho) of the sokutai (old ceremonial court dress), konoshi are tied using an obi (kimono sash) made from exactly the same cloth as the garment.
  474. However, whereas the statues of Honen and Shinran were crafted during the Edo period, the statue attributed to Kanezane KUJO dates from the latter part of the Heian period and is thought to have originally been created as a Monju Bosatsu statue in the form of a Buddhist monk.
  475. However, whether it is just a placed fragment, inserted intentionally or added at transcription, is unknown.
  476. However, whether it was Muneharu or not is also unclear.
  477. However, whether that necessarily became the concept of the direct descendant in terms of genealogy is questionable.
  478. However, which of the schools should be included in Roku-ryu is not established, and there is a theory that includes Hokuin-ryu and Jisonin-ryu in the lineage of Kannonin-ryu and Ninna-goryu.
  479. However, which taxi to take is basically up to the customer and thus a customer may deny taking the taxi at the head of the taxi queue even if the customer is told to take the taxi at the head.
  480. However, while "Basket bucket" is popular even today because it's performed by excellent actors, "Chizimiya Shinsuke" effectively remains a 'buried masterpiece' because it's not been performed by any outstandingt actors other than Kichiemon NAKAMURA (the first) and Hakuo MATSUMOTO the first).
  481. However, while Hidetsugu was serving as Kampaku, government and the household were in the grip of the Taiko, Hideyoshi, and he later had a dispute with Hideyoshi and fell from grace.
  482. However, while Hosokawa met Oishi and other royal retainers right after they came to the Hosokawa residence, Mizuno met the royal retainers on February 6 at last, perhaps so as not to draw the attention of the bakufu.
  483. However, while Ienari was alive, the Ienari's close advisers including Tadaatsu MIZUNO (hatamoto or bannerman), Tadafusa HAYASHI and Mochinaru MINOBE (the three were comprehensively called Tempo no san-Neijin) wielded dictatorial power in bakufu, which prevented Tadakuni from launching any reform.
  484. However, while Japan showed an oppressive military attitude on the surface, Japan at that time thought that the war would not be preferable from the point of military expenditure.
  485. However, while Naomasa commanded awe and respect, there was only hatred toward Naosuke.
  486. However, while Nikkatsu Corporation had been losing power, he was fired after directing "The Spiders no Daishingeki" (The outstanding performance of The Spiders) in 1968, which was partly because he had been warned about drinking on the set.
  487. However, while Nobunaga gave shoryo (territory) to Kojiro Motoyori KANZE and others, who seem to be close friends since his reign in Gifu, it seemed that he did not like the Kanze Dayu so much.
  488. However, while Takeda's forces lost Nobushige Takeda, deputy general, and Torasada MOROZUMI in the fight, both being in the highest echelon class, no echelon of Uesugi's forces was killed in the fight (in Uesugi's forces, Nagazane ARAKAWA and Yoshitoki SHIDA were killed in the fight)
  489. However, while Yoshitsugu was changing his course from the Hokuriku area to Mino Province, Takatsugu suddenly switched to the East side, led his 3,000 soldiers to Otsu-jo Castle and fortified the defenses there.
  490. However, while a Teiran is a utensil for outdoor use only, Kikyoku is considered to be a utensil for indoor use only.
  491. However, while black tabi and colored tabi can be worn only with informal dresses, white tabi can be worn with informal dresses as well as formal attire.
  492. However, while conditions were offered to save his life, the cancellation of tosei was dismissed by Prince Taruhito.
  493. However, while confronting Tsugunosuke KAWAI, he was shot in the right leg which brought his life of 37 years to a close in Kashiwazaki Hospital.
  494. However, while exchanging letters with her, Genji found himself attracted to her because she was so well-educated and good-natured, and in August, he finally himself visited her and they traded vows.
  495. However, while he carried out these series of political marriages, he expanded his authority as Toryo (leader) and promoted the subordination of the other families to the Kiyohara clan.
  496. However, while he was annotating "Mahsamnipata sutra," he became sick.
  497. However, while in Bizen Province he escaped, killed Nariuji KURAMITSU who was on the watch, gathered 2,000 soldiers with whom he barricaded himself in a fortress in Sasanosemari (a watershed area along Sasagase-gawa River), Fukuryu-ji Nawate, and rose in revolt against Yoshinaka.
  498. However, while it keeps the Umewaka style, it is said that the style of acting and manner has subtle difference from the head family.
  499. However, while many regional lords managed to exist independently and their situations mirroring the fortunes of the governor, it was not unknown for betrayal of governor families to occur, insurrections fomented by joining with groups of provincial folk and for rejection of a shugo's military command.
  500. However, while strictly speaking it is a problem, it is sometimes written indiscriminantly with the characters for 'God' (kami) and lot (kuji).
  501. However, while the Emperor refused to abdicate the throne and there was no progress in the situation, Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi suddenly died when he was just twenty seven years old.
  502. However, while the anti-Taira clan forces attacked the Taira clan, the real reason was to keep their own rights and privileges and to obtain a certain degree of independence from the central government.
  503. However, while the bakufu was trying to prevent Mochiuji from strengthening his influential power using the warrior Kyoto Fuchishu as an intermediary, Mochiuji was attempting to put them down, and such continued confrontations became a cause that lead to Eikyo no Ran (Eikyo War).
  504. However, while the change in the way to wear mo was obvious at the time, the way to tailor it was not much different from before and the change was slow.
  505. However, while the dispute closed on the Saicho side, it was not finished for Tokuitsu.
  506. However, while the lords of such Shoen had the privilege to gain a pre-fixed profit even in the year of poor harvest, such pre-fixed profit was low, itto (about 18L) per tan (an area), and they didn't have shitaji-shihaiken (the right to rule the land).
  507. However, while the naginata is a "long-handled weapon" which focuses on maximizing the damage, the nagamaki is a "sword" which focuses on outreaching an enemy by having a longer shaft.
  508. However, while the name of Rikyu manju ("利久饅頭" is also used) is commonly used, there are varieties of Rikyu manju depending on regions.
  509. However, while the original one lost the name 'kamaboko' and came to be called simply 'chikuwa,' 'ita kamaboko' lost the 'ita' and came to be called 'kamaboko.'
  510. However, while the peaceful era lasted for a long time, the obi for females became longer and wider as the time went by along with the trend to compete in splendor.
  511. However, while the responsibility of the second-rank official (Tsuhangan) was 'Tsuhan' of political cases in Tang, that of Suke, the second-rank official in Japan, was the same with that of Kami.
  512. However, while the samurai theory of Masaaki TAKAHASHI said the origin theory was based on "bushi as a job performance' origin theory, he recognized the two sides of 'bushi' existence and the social background of the late Heian period.
  513. However, while the triumphant Masakado was returning to his camp, the direction of the wind abruptly reversed to the south, and the remaining allied forces, now having the windward advantage, regrouped and took the opportunity to launch a counterattack.
  514. However, while there were cases in which the bakufu subdued individual Shugo daimyos, there was no case where a Shugo daimyo and Shogun Muromachi were fully in conflict with each other.
  515. However, while they were doing so, they received the news that Kira no Kozuke no Suke was killed and Ako Roshi had already left the place.
  516. However, while working in despair at Yokouchi Kankosho, a vocational aid center for former retainers of the shogun, he educated his son Aizan through teaching practice of calligraphy and English, but simultaneously Ichiro began to give himself over to drinking.
  517. However, whilst in pursuit of Yoshihiro's army, he was shot in the right elbow (right shoulder or left arm depending on the source document) by Yoshihiro's musket troops, and fell from his horse.
  518. However, whilst limited to historical records of the day, 3rd generation Nobumitsu assumed the Kamo clan family name and perhaps, this is the oldest original surname of the Matsudaira clan.
  519. However, whom Kenshi gave birth to was the imperial princess (Imperial Princess Teishi, who later became Yomeimonin) in 1013.
  520. However, with Fujiwara no Nakamaro's increased influence, he was demoted, in 745, to become betto (head) of Chikushi Kanzeon-ji Temple, his fubutsu (products of the fuko) were confiscated, and in the following year of 746, he passed away at his post.
  521. However, with Jiyu Minken Undo (movement for liberty and people's rights) gaining its momentum, he changed his position to obtain support of kazoku class members.
  522. However, with Kaisei's death, Bonreki (Buddhist calendar) movements and Buddhist astronomy finished their historical roles.
  523. However, with Mitsuhide's plan, local powers of Tango and Tajima Provinces who used to be on Hideharu's side turned to the Oda clan side; and they ran out of army provisions due to being besieged for a long time, he surrendered to Mitsuhide in 1579.
  524. However, with Shigemori being ousted Munemori was forced to take the front stage; and, in April 1178, he was appointed to the position of supernumerary chief councillor of state.
  525. However, with a bit of ingenuity, it is possible to reproduce the taste of the shops in the household.
  526. However, with excavations at the Makimuku ancient ruins, it has gradually become clear that the largest political stronghold in the Japanese archipelago was constructed in the Nara basin.
  527. However, with future expandability in sight, the executives of JNR, including Sogo, decided to lay new broad gauge railways that were supposed to include many difficult problems.
  528. However, with help from the Tairo (chief minister) Tadakiyo Sakai, who was convinced by the HOJO family, Ujiharu was awarded with 10,000 Goku (crop yields) under the pretext of establishing a new domain, and thus he was able to succeed Sayama Domain.
  529. However, with his relationships with Shogun Yoshizumi and Takakuni HOSOKAWA gradually worsening, and Tsunehisa AMAGO of Izumo province invading his estates of Iwami province and Aki province, he retired from the post of Kanrei-dai and returned to Yamaguchi.
  530. However, with improvement made in the Northern Song Dynasty Period, chikushi paper became stronger, which Wang Anshi and Su Shi (Chinese poet) favored because of its gloss, color development of sumi ink and color retention.
  531. However, with its location being in the middle of the northerners' residential area, it was subject to frequent attacks in conflicts with them.
  532. However, with its rebound, when the Honbyakusho system was abolished in the late Edo period, a series of disputes broke out: Zanami disputes concerning the positions within Miyaza and Kanyu disputes concerning membership for villagers who were excluded from Miyaza.
  533. However, with no effective measure existing, it is a difficult problem for which a solution can not be found easily..
  534. However, with opposition from temples and shrines, the duties of Jingikan (department of worship) fell under the control of the Ministry of the Interior after being transferred to Jingisho (the Ministry of Divinities) and Kyobusho (the Ministry of Religion).
  535. However, with provisions invalidating, in principle, the change of rights arisen during the Emperor Godaigo's exile in Oki Province, the act had the same effect as tokuseirei.
  536. However, with regards to god of wind, there is Shinatsuhiko born later, so some say 'kaza' of Kazamotsuwakenooshio-no-kami is simply a substitute character, and it is not a god of wind.
  537. However, with respect to ongoku-bugyo (the collective name of the magistrates placed at important areas directly controlled by the government in the Edo period), yakuryo was paid separate from tashidaka because of the importance of duties and high expenditure.
  538. However, with respect to succession to a professional name, for example, factors such as family line and blood relationship are considered important.
  539. However, with respect to their views or stances on discrimination, they are different to the point of being almost opposite.
  540. However, with respect to this detailed theory, there are many unsolved questions.
  541. However, with simplified gate-passing check machines used in this station, an officer at the station must be informed when more than one J-through card must be handled.
  542. However, with that he said he thought he had been shot up badly.
  543. However, with the Shin Sekai Tsutenkaku Tower, he concentrated key points like being faithful to the style of the Effel Tower; for this task, he employed Yoshiaki HATTA, a distant relative and a railway engineer, as a person in charge of the structure.
  544. However, with the Southern Court losing ground and Hosokawa clan growing its influence in the bakufu (the Northern Court), the clan surrendered to the bakufu.
  545. However, with the aggravation of the war situation, he was called to duty and joined an army technical training school, Rikugun Kohei Gakko in Matsue, and he greeted the end of the war at Toyohashi Yobishikan Gakko (preliminary military academy to foster junior army officers).
  546. However, with the appearance of Umaya no himemiko, a rift started to open up between them.
  547. However, with the arrival of the Black Ships, reverence for the Emperor became dominant and led to the fall of the Tokugawa shogunate after 700 years of government.
  548. However, with the arrival of the Edo period, but they were defined by the Tokugawa shogunate as follows:
  549. However, with the beginning of the 1970s these steamers were continuously displaced by shunting-only diesel locomotives such as JNR DE10 steamer locomotives
  550. However, with the burden of the construction of these Shinkansen lines added as well, the finance of JNR reached a catastrophic situation, leading to the division and privatization of JNR in 1987 the by Yasuhiro NAKASONE Cabinet.
  551. However, with the collapse of court finances after the Onin War, Chogi was terminated and many aristocratic families were not reestablished once they had no successors.
  552. However, with the coming of peace, Yonin that were responsible for office clerical and related roles were appeared in place in various provinces across Japan.
  553. However, with the conclusion of the Etsuso Alliance between the Uesugi and Gohojo clans in the following year, Takahiro was able to return to the service of the Uesugi clan thanks to the intercession of Ujimasa HOJO, and from then on served the Uesugi clan as a loyal retainer.
  554. However, with the dawning of the day all the mother finds in front of her is the weeds growing on the mound.
  555. However, with the death of Sessho (regent) Sanemichi in 968, Kanemichi's elder brother FUJIWARA no Koretada took the post of Sessho, and Emperor Enyu also took over the throne in 969.
  556. However, with the decline of the capital, Buddhist temples and learned priests came to be responsible for those studies; the most representative of them was Gozan Bungaku (Literature of the Five Official Temples), the center of which was Kamakura Gozan Temple.
  557. However, with the deepening of the Meiji Emperor's trust for Motoda who insisted on direct rule by the Emperor and raised frontal objection to the Meiji government's plan to establish a constitutional state, Ito struggled with the dissociation between the government's policy and the Emperor's intention.
  558. However, with the deterioration of Soyocho, Nenryososhomai (tax payment in milled rice) became used.
  559. However, with the development of the station the building underwent further extensions repeatedly, and as a consequence the station structure--with its shopping area, including an underground shopping mall and access-ways--became extremely chaotic and terribly inconvenient.
  560. However, with the enactment of the Constitution of Japan which doesn't set the emperor as the highest organ and is based on the principle of popular sovereignty, the Emperor Organ Theory ended its duty as an interpretation theory.
  561. However, with the enlargement of Shoen (private estates) in the Heian period, it became harder for the Kokushi (officers of local government) to collect taxes and there were cases where kokushi would report such property as koden.
  562. However, with the exception of the earthen floor of the kitchen, on which visitors can walk, the building, although open to the public, must be viewed from the outside; it is not possible to enter the main building.
  563. However, with the fall of the ritsuryo system, diversion and run off the fudoso warehouse occurred one after another, and by the end of the ninth century the fudoso warehouse became name only.
  564. However, with the fall of the ritsuryo system, the shinkai was inherited by the shrine to which the enshrined deity was moved.
  565. However, with the financial drought, the government was not able to build and administer all the railways, and the government ended up being obliged to leave a part of building main railways to private railway companies.
  566. However, with the fires from battle and conflicts between the southern and the northern courts, many buildings were burnt down and after that Toba rapidly came to ruin.
  567. However, with the first president of Tokyo School of Fine Arts, Arata HAMAO on the list of the judges, even the original 10 appointees actually included 3 professors of Tokyo School of Fine Arts: Gaho HASHIMOTO, Koun TAKAMURA, and Natsuo KANO.
  568. However, with the help of the retired Tadakuni, the domain decided to follow the government and Tadazane gave in to the new government troops.
  569. However, with the help of younger brothers (expressed as 'talking to the brothers' in "Masakado Ki," and therefore it is assumed to be TAIRA no Kinmasa and TAIRA no Kintsura) they fled again on October 21 and returned to Masakado.
  570. However, with the implementation of Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures) in 1871, Ashikaga Prefecture (later integrated into Tochigi Prefecture) took over the responsibility of managing the school and abolished it in 1872.
  571. However, with the implication of "remaining unmarried on the shelf" and the changes in aesthetic feelings, the amulet became a derogatory term that meant a plain-looking woman.
  572. However, with the increase of ashigaru and the emergence of its military strategy against cavalry, rushing at the enemy's position on foot by dismounting from the horse became common first in the western part of Japan, and later throughout the country.
  573. However, with the increasing frustration of samurai, Takauji ASHIKAGA left the new government, supported the Jimyoin-to group, and chased the Daikakuji-to group to Yoshino in the south.
  574. However, with the introduction of aquaculture technology from Japan, cultured seaweed for export to Japan appeared on the market in China, so people started to eat it.
  575. However, with the introduction of criminal law in 1881, the criminal legal system under the Chinese system of law since ancient times ended and shifted over to the criminal legal system under the Western system of law.
  576. However, with the level of critics of historical materials on Takahashi uji bumi, the description of Mt. Zenbu first appeared during the Edo period, so some say the relationship between the Kashiwade clan and Mt. Zenbu was low key.
  577. However, with the onset of the Meiji Period, the Christian God was also interpreted as being a 'kami'.
  578. However, with the onset of the Sengoku Period (Period of Warring States) in Japan, the shugo and shugodai in turn forcefully oppressed the hikan in the provinces and in addition, through a feudal vassal system there was a power shift to Sengoku daimyo (Japanese territorial lord in the Sengoku period).
  579. However, with the opening of the Randen-Tenjingawa Station, one was also set up at each station along the Arashiyama Main Line.
  580. However, with the outbreak of the Onin War in 1467, Bizen Province also became entangled in the world of the Warring States and, between 1483 to 1484 there was an outbreak of fighting known as the Fukuoka (Setouchi) battles.
  581. However, with the outbreak of the Onin War not long after, Kameju (Masayori) joined the Western Army.
  582. However, with the outbreak of the Zenkunen War (the Early Nine Year War) and the Gosannen Wars (the Later Three Year War), the local military command role was revived as a local commander with sweeping military jurisdiction even in Dewa Province.
  583. However, with the popularization of joruri music such as Katobushi, jiuta in its original form was gradually played less and less.
  584. However, with the reappearance of internal discord between Takauji and Tadayoshi, in the same year the Shohei-Itto Accord, by which Takauji had temporarily made peace with the Southern Court, was concluded, and Takauji was given an order to subjugate Tadayoshi by the Emperor Gomurakami of the Southern Court.
  585. However, with the recovery of his health, he released his autobiography "Fukugan no Eizo: Watashi to Kurosawa Akira" (lit. "Multifacet Images: Akira Kurosawa and I") in 2006 in which he wrote of his relationship with Akira KUROSAWA.
  586. However, with the revision of the treaties, all of the settlements in Japan were restored to Japanese sovereignty together in 1899.
  587. However, with the simplification of the subjects, there has been a decline, and now it is said that there are over 100 kinds of subjects.
  588. However, with the start of serious scholarship on interpreting the Tale of Genji, it became clear that some periods of time are not described and that there is some 'overlap' between chapters.
  589. However, with the start of the Insei (rule by a retired emperor) period, intenjobito (people who were granted shoden for retired emperor's palace) were put before naitenjobito partly because actual government affairs were transferred to In no cho (Retired Emperor's Office).
  590. However, with the summer break at university, the protest movement within the university ended and the Jiyu Yogo Renmei was dissolved because of pressure.
  591. However, with the tasty and easy-to-eat seedless trait, it began to be grown widely from the later Edo period, and it gradually replaced Kishu mikan during the Meiji era.
  592. However, with the timetable revision in 2006/2007 the JR lines were included in the diagram.
  593. However, with the timetable revision of April 16, 2006, the operation with five cars was recovered, albeit only during the late evening on Saturdays and holidays.
  594. However, with the twice-amended liquor tax, it is not as cheap as it was compared with chuhai (a shochu-based beverage).
  595. However, with town development and development of the Atago roads, housing is being built and several hilly areas which were thought to be outposts of the castle between the north of the castle and Nobeoka High School have been destroyed.
  596. However, within Japan, the titles 'okimi' and 'amenoshitashiroshimesu okimi' are said to have been used.
  597. However, within that year, Sukemasa had overthrown Sadanori, grasped control of the Kohoku region, and then proceeded to invite Takakiyo and his eldest son Takahiro to a banquet at Kyogokumaru within his castle abode at Kotani Castle.
  598. However, within the Ishikawa-Genji's territory, the Kusunoki clan who are famous for Masashige KUSUNOKI had developed power since the end of the Kamakura period, and Ishikawa-Genji gradually became weak.
  599. However, within the institutional confines of the Shinto religion, the existence of the Emperor as bloodline descendent of the sun goddess, Amaterasu Omikami, still occupies an important position, and the Emperor is positioned at the summit of the religious beliefs and practices.
  600. However, without a doubt the number of shoen and koryo decreased due to Shugouke.
  601. However, without fulfilling his life ambition did Kien die in the following year, at the age of 74.
  602. However, without returning the position even after his younger brother reached manhood, Yasusada transferred the position to his son Shigehisa, so that he was sued in the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  603. However, without setting a specific leading character like "Ise Monogatari," this literary work collects narratives relating to waka poems and uta-monogatari consisting of a series of poems composed by real people like emperors, nobles, Buddhist priests in those days, each of which is compiled in a chapter.
  604. However, without shortening the personal distance with Ieyasu, Tadateru was appointed rusuiyaku (a person representing the master during his absence) at the Siege of Osaka in 1614.
  605. However, without such fiendish plan which had been a source of his success in life, he was frail.
  606. However, wooden characters came to be used as supplement to the small-sized characters.
  607. However, works called 'Konpira Joruri,' which developed mainly in Edo, later had a significant influence on the aragoto (a style of play featuring exaggerated posture, makeup and costume) of Kabuki.
  608. However, works of art which Shubun actually painted do not exist and therefore, his painting style is not clear.
  609. However, yabusame began to lose importance during the Muromachi and Azuchi-Momoyama periods and became unpopular for a while.
  610. However, yamahai-jikomi which requires a master brewer to have years of experience and talent as a producer carries a significant risk of going bad along the way.
  611. However, yokyoku (Noh song) became popular among merchant class people as a subject of learning and many books on yokyoku were published (some of them were used as a textbook at terakoya - temple elementary school during the Edo period).
  612. However, yoriki were not allowed to have audience with Shogun nor to enter the Edo castle.
  613. However, you can still see some for elegant pursuits as wind chimes, which consist of several Hibashi chopsticks hanging.
  614. However, you must make a reservation to ride on the bus.
  615. However, you should be careful not to consume excessive amounts of salt because miso has a lot of it.
  616. However, young workers at the restaurant often broke the bowls when collecting the bowls after they delivered the food by them.
  617. However, 松浦侯 turned grouchy when Kikaku talked to him that he had come across Gengo on the Ryogoku-bashi Bridge.
  618. However,"catalogs money in Japan" estimated the amount of currency exported to foreign countries 13,024,000 ryo, adopting 2,397,600 ryo based on "Honcho Houka Tsuyoujiryaku", saying "The Book of interrogation copy about the year and old high gold and silver coinage"estimates it too high.
  619. However,he returned to Kyoto from Hyogo on the way, by way of Osaka, hiding away for a while.
  620. However,in those days they did not have the art of loading such huge timbers onto a ship and merchants were hesitant about the transportation.
  621. Howevr, Fusanosuke KONDO himself could hardly look at it without embarrassment, though he was told to take a close look at it by the Colonel of a regiment at that time.
  622. Howevr, through out the early-modern times, lords of the shogunate system could not wipe out the 'Soudaikinou' function of a Shoya and Nanushi.
  623. Hoyake Jizo (burnt Jizo)
  624. Hoyo (Buddhist memorial service)
  625. Hoyo Goyama
  626. Hoyo held on the shotsuki meinichi (the same month and the same day of month of death) in certain years are called nenki hoyo.
  627. Hoyo of shichikaiki (the sixth anniversary of one's death) and after were added originally in Japan.
  628. Hozan Kenchin
  629. Hozan Kenchin (1394 - February 14, 1442) was a priest during the Muromachi Period.
  630. Hozan TSUTSUMI (Hozan-ryu school)
  631. Hozan-ji Station and Umeyashiki Station on Kintetsu Ikoma Kosaku Line (Nara Prefecture), (access from Umeyashiki Station is shorter and easier because it is downhill to the main hall.)
  632. Hozan-ji Temple
  633. Hozan-ji Temple (Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture) - one of the three main shotens in Japan
  634. Hozan-ji Temple - Grand head temple of the Shingon Risshu sect (真言律宗大本山)
  635. Hozan-ji Temple and initiation of Kinki Nippon Railway Company (Kintetsu)
  636. Hozan-ji Temple is the Grand Head Temple of Shingon Risshu sect in Monzen-cho, Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture.
  637. Hozen EIRAKU
  638. Hozen EIRAKU (1795-September 16, 1854) was a ceramic artist of kyo-yaki (Kyoto style ceramic art) who was active during the nineteenth century.
  639. Hozo (905 - 969) was a priest of the Hosso sect during the mid Heian period.
  640. Hozo (Japan)
  641. Hozo (Sohozo) ? - ?
  642. Hozo (treasure storehouse) of Kyoogokoku-ji Temple
  643. Hozo bosatsu, who has made vows and achieved his will, expressed his forty-eight vows to his mentor.
  644. Hozo came from Kyoto.
  645. Hozo came to Japan as a refugee escaping from the war due to the fall of Baekje during the years of Emperor Tenmu.
  646. Hozo-ji Temple
  647. Hozo-jinja Getsujisai (monthly mass) and Zenkoku ryuzanji muenrei kuyotokuyo Getsujisai (monthly mass for aborted fetuses)
  648. Hozu-gawa river rafting in Hozu-kyo Gorge
  649. Hozu-kyo Gorge
  650. Hozu-kyo Gorge and the Sagano Scenic Line of the Sagano Scenic Railway are often regarded as a part of the Kyoto tour, or more specifically, Sagano-Arashiyama tour, therefore, creating a unique tourist industry utilizing the city's rich resources has long been an issue.
  651. Hozu-kyo valley is so narrow that it inhibits the flow of flood water caused by heavy rain and easily inundates Kameoka City and Funai-gun County upstream, acting as a natural flood control basin.
  652. Hozugawa-zu Byobu (the folding screen with the painting of Hozu-gawa River) in 1795 is in the possession of an individual (important cultural asset)
  653. Hozuki
  654. Hozuki (ground cherry) (Ground-Cherry Pod Fair)
  655. Hozukyo Gorge
  656. Hozukyo Station
  657. Hozukyo Station - Umahori Station - Kameoka Station
  658. Hozukyo Station, located over the boundary of Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture and Hozu-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line) of the West Japan Railway Company (JR West).
  659. Hozukyo Torokko Station
  660. Hozukyo Torokko Station (on the Saga Sightseeing Tram Line of the Sagano Scenic Railway)
  661. Hozukyo Torokko Station, located in Arashiyama Kita Matsuoyama, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, is a stop on the Saga Sightseeing Tram Line of Sagano Scenic Railway.
  662. Hozukyo Torokko Station: Sanin Main Line (Sagano Line) (Hozukyo Station)
  663. Hozumi OMASA
  664. Hozumi OMASA (June 12, 1929 - September 19, 2007) was a Japanese-style painter who resided in Kyoto and painted temples, shrines, armor and landscapes in Kyoto Prefecture, Nara Prefecture and Ehime Prefecture throughout his life.
  665. Hozumi looked back on that time and commented that they showed contrasting characters, as Masaakira TOMII was uchibenkei (bossy at home, submissive outside), while Kenjiro UME was sotobenkei (arrogant outside, timid at home), although Hozumi thought that each of the two had a point.
  666. However, the deep red shades achieved by using beni-bana flower (safflower, Carthamus tinctorius) dyes have been much loved amongst women since around the time of the Heian era and often worn even on formal occasions.
  667. Hsi CHU criticized the Shinsokuri setsu in that the theory is to separate an individual from the society and emphasize only individual self-discipline.
  668. Huang Chao sacked Luoang and Chang'an and founded the Qi Dynasty (880 to 884).
  669. Huang Chuping after Kai LIANG (Kyoto National Museum)
  670. Huang Chuping, After Liang Kai, Sesshu
  671. Huang Shan Mao Feng
  672. Huang Zongxi did not approve of the Yomei-gaku left-wing's approach of discussing matters idealistically, and sought to establish empirical scholarship that was based on fact.
  673. Huang Zongxi was a disciple of Liu Zongzhou, a Yomeigaku right-winger, and wrote books including "Waiting for the Dawn" (Mingyi daifanglu) and "Mingru Xue'an".
  674. Huangshan in the Clouds, Huangshan in the Rain by Matazo KAYAMA
  675. Huge shorobune series of three or four boats can be seen in the area of the Nagasaki Municipal Office as many neighborhoods in that area preserve the tradition of moyai-bune.
  676. Hugo von Hofmannsthal
  677. Huiyin LIN
  678. Hukei then dispatched Akamaro and INBE no Kobito to defend the Old City.
  679. Human
  680. Human Brain Research Center
  681. Human Characters
  682. Human National Treasure (holder of the title of Important Intangible Cultural Asset [Noh art in general])
  683. Human Security Research Course
  684. Human beings and creatures which grow bigger than they should be, and change in some way.
  685. Human body looks like a fragile bubble floating on water and no one can remain after the shape disappear, and life is just like the light of the moon which rises and sets, because it does not stay even for a short time between breathing in and out.
  686. Human body seldom responds to higher-grade spirits who have already purified.
  687. Human capacity:
  688. Human female genitals are sometimes called 'awabi' because they are said to resemble awabi in form, or because they can have the smell of the ocean just like awabi.
  689. Human forms
  690. Human life passes by fast.
  691. Human lives and human forms
  692. Human resource department, accounting department, finance department, education department, planning department
  693. Human spirits with malevolence or malice causing tatari are called onryo (vengeful ghost).
  694. Human trafficking' for prostitute was practiced openly in Japan, and it was in no position to condemn slavery; after this criticism, Japan was forced to abolish prostitution, and in October of the same year, an emancipation edict was issued, freeing all prostitutes.
  695. Human yorishiro, Kannagi
  696. Human, animal and plant
  697. Humanities
  698. Humanity
  699. Humanity displayed in specific actions.
  700. Humans who carry out this action can exhibit tremendous power.
  701. Humboldt penguin
  702. Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
  703. Humiliated Hidetake threw out the Sakin in a fury and went back to Dewa unannounced.
  704. Humorous arts developed into kyogen or comical entertainment which built up their unique art culture.
  705. Humorous scenes and personifications appeared.
  706. Hundred stories concerning last days of the Tokugawa shogunate
  707. Hundred stories concerning last days of the Tokugawa shogunate are a collection of retrospective stories on the end of the Edo period and Meiji Restoration which appeared serially in Hochi Shinbun (newspaper) in 1902.
  708. Hundred years after the event, the monument of the Kawamata Incident was set up at the scene of the incident in Meiwa Town, Oura County, Gunma Prefecture on February 13, 2000.
  709. Hundreds of arrows were shot at Taketoki, yelling to get back to the position, by his own men who gave up on him.
  710. Hundreds of thousands of brocades and doors made of lapis lazuli.
  711. Hundreds of years later, FUJIWARA no Nobufusa, who entered the priesthood under the 4th head priest of Sennyu-ji Temple, Getsuo Ritsushi, built various halls at Raigo-in Temple, but they were destroyed by fire in the Bunmei Disturbance, leaving the temple abandoned.
  712. Hung with a code, konnyaku is thrown at their faces or the back of their necks.
  713. Hunt and Kill
  714. Hunters use it in order to lure kiji.
  715. Hunters use mallard meat which they hunt, but generally, duck meat on the market is either farm-raised duck or a hybrid from a wild or domestic duck is used for a kamonabe.
  716. Hunting
  717. Hunting and magic
  718. Hunting down and killing Yoshisada NITTA
  719. Hunting had been actively practiced as a Kisha discipline, and Yabusame archery on horseback, Kasagake and Inuou-mono (collectively called Kisha-Mitsumono) were popular as ceremonies or games.
  720. Huo Guang
  721. Hurling these words at him, Harunaga walks away.
  722. Husband and wife must take care of each other at the risk of their lives.'
  723. Husband of Kimiko
  724. Husband of a daughter of the 8th Sotetsu
  725. Husband of daughter
  726. Husband: Kaoru
  727. Husband: Kusakabe no miko.
  728. Husband: Tetsunojou KANZE (the 9th, Kanze School Noh Actor).
  729. Husband: The Emperor Tenmu
  730. Husbands: Takamukuo, Emperor Jomei.
  731. Hussar Romero - citadel of the Ottoman Empire.
  732. Hwando (Goguryeo)
  733. Hwangnam Great Tumulus in Ky?ngju, Silla, with its total length measuring 120 meters, is known to be the oldest tumulus in the Republic of Korea.
  734. Hyakkaen Guesthouse: Pyongyang, North Korea
  735. Hyakkan na
  736. Hyakkan na refers to an official-rank-style name that samurai called himself.
  737. Hyakkanichi - also called "Sokkoki"
  738. Hyakken UCHIDA
  739. Hyakken UCHIDA, a writer, described AKIYOSHI as "a man with a mean face" when UCHIDA was an instructor at the military academy.
  740. Hyakkengawa-Sawada site (Okayama Prefecture)
  741. Hyakki yagyo emaki (Hyakki yagyo picture scroll)
  742. Hyakki yagyo emaki (Picture scroll of Hyakki yagyo)
  743. Hyakki yagyo emaki is a type of Japanese picture scrolls.
  744. Hyakki yagyo, or hyakki yako (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons) are stories about troops of demons and monsters wandering in a group in a city in the middle of the night in a parade, appearing in setsuwa (anecdotes).
  745. Hyakki yako (Night Parade of One Hundred Demons)
  746. Hyakkiyako
  747. Hyakkiyako is a monster parade that has been said to march through the capital during the Heian period.
  748. Hyaku Kannon-do Hall and Hyakutai Kannon (one hundred statues of Buddhist deity of mercy) (Ubaranaka Ryugen-ji Temple)
  749. Hyaku-do Mairi
  750. Hyaku-do mairi (the hundred-fold visit) is a folk religious practice in Japan, in which a person visits a temple or shrine in order to pray to the gods and then, at that same temple or shrine, pays his or her respects one hundred times.
  751. Hyakuban (lit. one hundred times) Kasagake
  752. Hyakuban Kasagake events were held when people prayed for something or when prayers were fulfilled.
  753. Hyakudayu-sya Shrine (Funatama-no-kami)
  754. Hyakugojikkajo (Hundred and Fifty Articles)
  755. Hyakuhiro
  756. Hyakui - Participants competed for the number of arrows shot through out of 100.
  757. Hyakujo
  758. Hyakukatsui
  759. Hyakuman Chobu Kaikon Keikaku (The million-hectare development plan)
  760. Hyakuman-doru (one million dollars)
  761. Hyakuman-to Tower [also know as "Hyakumanto Darani" (The one million pagodas and Dharani prayers)]
  762. Hyakuman-to Towers were comprised of one million wooden sections of sanju no shoto (small towers with three stories, a three-tiered pagoda), and the wood for the project was formed through a process called rokuro-hiki (a lathe technique, composed of a potter's wheel and knife for shaping materials such as wood).
  763. Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple
  764. Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple (Kyoto city)
  765. Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple, located in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, is the Grand Head Temple of the Jodo (Pure Land) sect.
  766. Hyakumanben Crossing
  767. Hyakumanben Crossing: The name of the crossing originates from this temple.
  768. Hyakumanben Nenbutsu
  769. Hyakumanben Nenbutsu is to repeat nenbutsu (Buddhist invocation) for a million times for the purposes of one's own birth in the Pure Land, ceremony as a memorial, and other variety of prayer.
  770. Hyakumanben, used as the nickname of Kyoto University in novels and others, originates from Chion-ji Temple (formally, Daihonzan Hyakumanben Chion-ji Temple), neighboring the campus.
  771. Hyakumangoku Bunkaen Edo Village (Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
  772. Hyakumanto Darani (The one million pagodas and Dharani prayers)
  773. Hyakumanto Darani is the collection of Dharanis that was dedicated to Buddhist temples by way of being placed in one million mini pagodas during the Nara period for the protection of the nation as well as for repentance.
  774. Hyakumaru (百丸) TOYOTOMI (executed)
  775. Hyakumonogatari (100 Stories)
  776. Hyakumonogatari (100 Stories) ("the Chuo koron," October 1911).
  777. Hyakunin Ishu (100 poems by 100 famous poets)
  778. Hyakunin Isshu
  779. Hyakunin Isshu (A Hundred Waka Poems by a Hundred Poets) Ubagaesetsu
  780. Hyakunin Isshu (Hundred Poems by One Hundred Poets)
  781. Hyakunin Isshu (One Hundred Waka Poems By One Hundred Poets)
  782. Hyakunin Isshu (one hundred waka poems by one hundred poets) is a poetry anthology containing one hundred waka (classical Japanese poems), one each by distinguished poets from ancient times; in the past, it had been called 'Hyakunin-shu.'
  783. Hyakunin Isshu (one hundred waka poems by one hundred poets) is believed to begin with 98 decorative waka which had been selected by Sadaie as fusumae (images drawn on fusuma sliding door) when Yoritsuna lived in his villa in Kyoto, Ogura villa.
  784. Hyakunin Isshu Sho
  785. Hyakunin Shuka
  786. Hyakunin Shuka (original version of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu (the Ogura Anthology of One Hundred Tanka-poems by One Hundred Poets)
  787. Hyakunin Shuka (the original of Ogura Hyakunin Isshu)
  788. Hyakunin Shuka is an anthology of poems selected by FUJIWARA no Sadaie.
  789. Hyakunin-isshu karuta
  790. Hyakunosuke FUKUHARA V named this new instrument 'Shino-bue' around that time.
  791. Hyakuren Tekka - is a word that was used to describe various hard trainings and battles in which people engage with a fierce struggle, and it was used during the period of militarism, playing on words linked with hyakusen renma (experiencing various battles to become battle-wised).
  792. Hyakuren sho (History book from the Kamakura period)
  793. Hyakuren sho (百錬抄) is a history book in which extracts from diaries of kuge (court nobles) and other records were complied.
  794. Hyakuryo Kunyosho
  795. Hyakuryo Kunyosho was a book on the study of ancient courtly traditions and etiquette which Kanpaku (chief adviser to the Emperor) Yoshimoto Nijo wrote for Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians) of the Muromachi bakufu.
  796. Hyakusai-ji Temple
  797. Hyakusai-ji Temple is a temple of the Tendai sect, located in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture.
  798. Hyakusai-ji Temple, one of 'the three mountains in Eastern Biwa Lake,' was totally destroyed by a fire caused by Nobunaga ODA's army, and Kongorin-ji Temple was also damaged but the existing main hall and three-storied pagoda escaped the fire thanks to efforts by its priests.
  799. Hyakusen SAKAKI
  800. Hyakusen SAKAKI (December 11, 1697 - October 2, 1752) was a Nanga painter (an original style of painting in the Edo period which had a great deal of influence from the Chinese Nanga style) who lived during the middle of the Edo period.
  801. Hyakusen inserted Soga (a simple ink painting or light-colored drawing with rough strokes of a brush) painted by water ink into "Honcho hassen shu" which was a collection of Haiku.
  802. Hyakusen was also active as a judge of calligraphic works and paintings.
  803. Hyakusen was in a status of townspeople by birth, and he was also in the trade of painting.
  804. Hyakushi-mon Hyokei-hei (bottle-gourd shaped bottle with pomegranate design) (Itsuo Art Museum)
  805. Hyakusho
  806. Hyakusho Bukuro (Farmer's Wisdom)
  807. Hyakusho ikki
  808. Hyakusho ikki, which took place under the ostensible prohibition of making a league of ikki, was, due to its official nature, also written as the originally Chinese word 土寇 (doko).
  809. Hyakusho in wartime was regarded as a person who bore compulsory service in wartime for transporting provisions.
  810. Hyakusho were responsible for tax payment according to a contract farming area, but they were free people having the freedom to move and to choose a place to live.
  811. Hyakusho who fell from being takamochi were called mizunomi-byakusho (landless farmers), tenants, and the like.
  812. Hyakusho who held the position of a village officer were called omae-byakusho (wealthy farmers), whereas hyakusho who did not hold such a position were called komae-byakusho (small farmers).
  813. Hyakusho' (peasants) at that time were not actual 'farmers,' but were gunji and Tato fumyo (cultivator/tax manager) who undertook cultivation of 'myo' (rice field lots in charge of a nominal holder) to conduct large-scale management of several industries including agriculture, to accumulate their profits.
  814. Hyakushuuta (The Set of One Hundred Poems, 百首歌) consists of one hundred poems as a unit, which are a type of waka composed with a predetermined number.
  815. Hyakusui HIRAFUKU, who was an expert of Japanese painting, drew old pine tree on Kagami-ita (the back board).
  816. Hyakusui was also a poet of the Araragi School and wrote the following seven tanka.
  817. Hyakuta: a person who was admired most along with Jinnan, who will be mentioned next.
  818. Hyakutai Magaibutsu
  819. Hyatt Regency Kyoto
  820. Hyatt Regency Kyoto is a hotel located in Sanjusangendo, Higashiyama-ku Ward, Kyoto City.
  821. Hydrangea (June - July)
  822. Hydrangea (June)
  823. Hydro arsenic acid ion (HAsO4--): 1.3 mg or more
  824. Hydrogen carbonate ion (819 mg/kg), chlorine ion (14.5 mg/kg), and fluorine ion (1.2 mg/kg)
  825. Hydrogen carbonate spring
  826. Hydrogen carbonate springs
  827. Hydrogen carbonate springs are divided into sodium hydrogen carbonate springs and bicarbonate-earth springs.
  828. Hydrogen carbonate springs are springs that contain acids and bases.
  829. Hydrogen ion (H+): 1 mg or more
  830. Hydrogen sulfide is poisonous and strongly irritates mucosae, skins and respiratory organs.
  831. Hydrogen-ion exponent
  832. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein has a special flavor and taste, and the mixed fermented method and mixed method are still used in the regions where those methods are preferred.
  833. Hygiene is always a concern; street stall shops can not serve raw food, but there are some shops violating this rule.
  834. Hyo (table)
  835. Hyobu Daisakan (senior alternate adjudicator of the Ministry of War), equivalent to Shoshichiinojo (Senior Seventh Rank, Upper Grade)
  836. Hyobu Shojo (junior secretary of the Ministry of War), equivalent to Jurokuinojo (Junior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade)
  837. Hyobu Shosakan (junior alternate adjudicator), equivalent to Shohachiinojo (Senior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade)
  838. Hyobu Shoyu (junior assistant minister of the Hyobusho Ministry of War), equivalent to Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade)
  839. Hyobu Taifu (senior assistant minister of the Hyobusho Ministry of Military), equivalent to Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade)
  840. Hyobu Taijo (senior secretary of the Ministry of War), equivalent to Shorokuinoge (Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade)
  841. Hyobu YAMAGUNI left a death haiku which was brilliant among other dark haiku.
  842. Hyobu no Gon no Taifu (provisional senior assistant minister of Hyobusho Ministry of Military)
  843. Hyobu no Shoyu: A son of Jibukyo, who was a maternal relative of Ukon no Shosho
  844. Hyobu shoyu (junior assistant minister of the Hyobusho Ministry of War)
  845. Hyobukyo no Miya
  846. Hyobukyo no Miya is a fictitious character who appears in "The Tale of Genji," which was written by Murasaki Shikibu.
  847. Hyobukyo no Miya is a name for a fictitious Imperial prince, for convenience, whose real name is unknown in the tale.
  848. Hyobukyo no Miya: Empress Fujitsubo's brother.
  849. Hyobukyonomiya was deeply attracted to her beauty, which was greater than he had expected, so he sent a waka poem to express his love to her, but she just ignored him.
  850. Hyobusho (Ministry of Military)
  851. Hyobusho (Ministry of Military)(the ritsuryo system): in charge of personnel affairs of military officers and overall military affairs.
  852. Hyobusho (Tsuwamono no tsukasa or Ministry of Military) was an administrative organ taking in charge of military administration for the national defense in earlier times in Japan.
  853. Hyobusho (in the Meiji period)
  854. Hyobusho (the Ministry of Military) and Shikibu-sho (the Ministry of Ceremonial): The stylobates and foundation stones are restored.
  855. Hyobusho (under the Ritsuryo System)
  856. Hyochu Tsurezuregusa-sho: Byakuren-kai, 1888
  857. Hyodayu decided to discharge Danshichi influenced by Okaji's begging for mercy for her husband.
  858. Hyoe
  859. Hyoe (palace guards)
  860. Hyoe KUROTORI
  861. Hyoe KUROTORI resisted Yoshitsuna using sorcery, but he was gradually backed into a corner, so he entrenched himself in the camp of one of his supporters in what is now Niigata City.
  862. Hyoe KUROTORI was a legendary figure, who is said to have been lived in Echigo Province.
  863. Hyoe KUROTORI's head was kept in salt and buried in a place, where Kubi-zuka (burial mound for his head) was constructed.
  864. Hyoe SENDA
  865. Hyoe SENDA (1846 - Oct 6, 1868) was a member of the Shinsengumi (a group who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate) form Hirosaki Domain, Mutsu Province.
  867. Hyoe no kami (Captain)
  868. Hyoe no kami (Captain) headed the Left and the Right Divisions of Middle Palace Guard.
  869. Hyoefu (Headquarter of the Middle Palace Guards)
  870. Hyoefu (the Middle Palace Guards)
  871. Hyogo (arsenal)
  872. Hyogo (arsenal) (the ritsuryo system): ranked as Ryo (bureau)
  873. Hyogo Court: Hyogo Prefecture: Michitomi HIGASHIKUZE
  874. Hyogo Ikaruga-dera Temple - Nyoirin Kannon (an important cultural property)
  875. Hyogo Kakurin-ji temple (Kakogawa City) - Sho Kannon (an important cultural property), Juichimen Kannon (an important cultural property)
  876. Hyogo Kanno-ji Temple - Nyoirin Kannon (an important cultural property), Sho Kannon (an important cultural property)
  877. Hyogo Normal School (the faculty of education of Kobe University)
  878. Hyogo Prefectural Agricultural Experiment Station, having given birth to many sister varieties, conducted the pure-line selection of Shin yamadabo in 1921 and Shin yamadabo in 1922.
  879. Hyogo Prefecture
  880. Hyogo Prefecture has promoted the slogan, 'Let's encourage double-tracking through the use of the Fukuchiyama Line' among residents.
  881. Hyogo Prefecture, that became the center of sake brewing centering around Nada gogo (five districts in Nada) after Miyamizu (water welling up in Nishinomiya City, which is said to be suitable for sake brewing) was discovered in the later stage of the Edo period, has since the Meiji period aggressively carried out the development of sakamai.
  882. Hyogo Prefecture: 'Kobe Wine' (Kobe City)
  883. Hyogo Prefecture: 56
  884. Hyogo Prefecture: May 23 (old lunar calendar) in 1868 ->X
  885. Hyogo Prefecture: Tanba City, Toyooka City, Asago City, and Sasayama City
  886. Hyogo SAKAI
  887. Hyogo SAKAI (date of birth unknown - around August of 1865) was an accountant of the Shinsengumi.
  888. Hyogo SAKAI: After the Ikedaya Incident in 1864, deserted the group in about July 1865, and was killed
  889. Hyogo Tanba, with Sasayama and Tanba cities, makes up in population and area about 20% of the Tanba region, but Kyoto Tanba, with cities such as Kameoka, Nantan, Ayabe, Fukuchiyama and Kyotanba town in Funai District, is much bigger.
  890. Hyogo Youth Normal School (the faculty of education of Kobe University)
  891. Hyogo kita nishiki
  892. Hyogo no jo (officer of the Bureau of Military Storehouses), Iyo no suke.
  893. Hyogo no kami (Governor of Hyogo) KONISHI: Legitimate son of Yukinaga
  894. Hyogo omachi
  895. Hyogo styles
  896. Hyogo yume nishiki
  897. Hyogoryo (Bureau of Arsenal): newly established
  898. Hyogoryo (Independent)
  899. Hyogushi
  900. Hyohoka is one who made a living by teaching military art (especially Japanese martial art such as kenjutsu (swordplay) and the art of the spearmanship) in Japanese Sengoku period.
  901. Hyohoka' is a Japanese martial artist in the Japanese Sengoku period (period of warring states).
  902. Hyojo (consultation)
  903. Hyojo tone (tunes whose keynote is E)
  904. Hyojo tone: Manzairaku, Sandaien, Katoraku, Kanshu (Gagaku), Gojoraku, Etenraku, Yojo, Keitoku (Gagaku), Oshokun (Gagaku), Rokunshi, Koroji, Ojo, Yahanraku, Funan (Gagaku), Shunyoryu, Sofuren (Gagaku) (Soburen), Bairo* (Togaku music with dance in Uho)
  905. Hyojohajime
  906. Hyojohajime in the period of Insei (the cloister government)
  907. Hyojohajime of Buddhist temples
  908. Hyojohajime of the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun)
  909. Hyojohajime of the bakufu was conducted at the New Year and at the first consultation that convened hyojoshu (the members of the Council of State) after a seii taishogun (lieterally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") assumed the post.
  910. Hyojohajime was a ceremony held by an influential house of medieval Japan conducted at the first consultation in the New Year.
  911. Hyojosho (conference chamber)
  912. Hyojoshu (a member of Council of State)
  913. Hyojoshu (government post)
  914. Hyojoshu was a government post established during the periods of Kamakura and Muromachi.
  915. Hyokeikan at Tokyo National Museum (1908), designated an important cultural property, Taito Ward
  916. Hyoma Jigoku tabi
  917. Hyomashi
  918. Hyomashi (Hyobusho)
  919. Hyomashi (Office of Military Horses)
  920. Hyomashi (Office of Military Horses) was the institution belonged to Hyobusho (ministry of military) on the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code) of Japan.
  921. Hyomashi (Office of Military Horses): consolidated into the right and left division of Meryo (Bureau of Horses).
  922. Hyomashi was to manage maki (the ground to raise horses and cattle) nationwide, war-horses, cows and horses of public and private (official duty of Meryo [Bureau of Horses] that had close characteristics to Hyomashi was mainly to feed the animals in the Imperial Court) and post horse system.
  923. Hyon no Fue
  924. Hyonen zu (Taizoin, Kyoto City) : national treasure
  925. Hyonenzu (a painting of "Catching a Catfish with a Gourd")
  926. Hyonenzu is a painting created by Josetsu, a leading painter and priest in the early stage of ink-and-wash paintings in Japan.
  927. Hyonenzu were originally painted with a zen mondo (Zen riddle) on how to hold down a slippery catfish with a slick gourd and a picture in which a monkey is trying to hold down a catfish with a gourd was comically painted in Otsu-e.
  928. Hyoro (army provisions)
  929. Hyoro Bugyo
  930. Hyoro Bugyo or Konida Bugyo refers to a bugyo (magistrate) who was in charge of the transportation of provisions (konida) during marches and battles during the Sengoku period (period of Warring States) in Japan.
  931. Hyoro is food supply for the army during times of war.
  932. Hyoro-ryosho (grant areas for the support of troops in the field)
  933. Hyoro-ryosho were areas of land set aside during the medieval period and devoted to producing rations and provisions (specifically, rice) for soldiers.
  934. Hyoron Shinbun (literally, Critical Newspaper)
  935. Hyoron Shinbun was a periodical literature which was existed in the Meiji period.
  936. Hyosetsu no Mon (Snowgate) by Toshio KANEKO
  937. Hyoshi
  938. Hyoshi Ochi
  939. Hyoshigi (wooden clappers): "Chon !" and Bannai falls on his bottom.
  940. Hyoshigi, Tsuke (Kabuki), Ki
  941. Hyoshin-tei Tea House
  942. Hyosuke INOKO
  943. Hyosuke INOKO (It is not known when he was born - July 1, 1582) was a busho (Japanese military commander) who served Dosan SAITO and Nobunaga ODA.
  944. Hyotan namazu (a bottle gourd and a catfish) * see also 'Hyotan namazu'
  945. Hyotan-kozo (literally, a calabash or bottle gourd boy) is one of Japanese yokai (ghosts, spirits and monsters) that was transmuted from a calabash or bottle gourd.
  946. Hyotankozo
  947. Hyotanyama Inari-jinja Shrine (Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture): Fushimi and Toyokawa
  948. Hyottoko (clownish mask)
  949. Hyozaemon KOBA 1000 koku
  950. Hyozo SAKURADA -> Hyozo SAWA -> (the first) Hyozo KATSU -> (the fourth) Nanboku TSURUYA (the first Josuke UBA)
  951. Hyozo SAKURADA=>Hyozo SAWA=>(the first) Hyozo KATSU => Nanboku TSURUYA the fourth
  952. Hyozu-jinja Shrine (present-day Hyozu-taisha Shrine)
  953. Hyozu-no-kami,' the enshrined deity of the old Anashinimasu-Hyozu-jinja Shrine is now enshrined in the central hall of the current Anashinimasu-Hyozu-jinja Shrine, and the shintai (object of worship housed in a Shinto shrine and believed to contain the spirit of a deity) is a mirror.
  954. Hyper jidaigeki are closely related to the aforementioned "Special effects movies" ('Gojoe: Spirit War Chronicle' (Gojo Reisenki) and 'ZIPANG')
  955. Hyper jidaigeki include works that are a mishmash of elements from various genres such as Westerns and science fiction with little regard for historical accuracy.
  956. Hyper-producing strain
  957. Hypertension and seaweed
  958. Hypertrophy
  959. Hypotheses about her move to Edo in 1614 include:
  960. Hyuga Province
  961. Hyuga Province: Domains of Nobeoka, Takanabe, Sadowara, and Obi
  962. Hyuga no Kuni no miyatsuko
  963. Hyuga refers to Hyuga Province.
  964. Hyuga-cha (Miyazaki Prefecture) - Gokase-cha, Miyakonojo-cha, Hyuga-cha, etc.
  965. Hyuga-no-kuni Fudoki Itsubun (unknown description of regional climate, culture, etc. of Hyuga Province) describes that Ninigi fallen from the heaven with rice in the husk threw them about on the ground.
  966. I (the main character and the narrator of the story) am turning 39 years old this year and a junior civil servant who used to be a writer.
  967. I (移)
  968. I Atsumaya - Samushiro
  969. I November 24
  970. I Rikkoku (Yi Yulgok): Kiho school
  971. I agreed because I dedicated my life as a local governor for Yoritomo and won the various battles, however Yoritomo sent a Jito (state steward) to my territory to disturb my national duties, instead of praising me, and finally he confiscated all the properties I had.
  972. I also inform gods of this.' (chapter 16 of volume Fuji)
  973. I always have a knife with me.
  974. I am Kotoshironushi no Kami of Takechi-no-yashiro Shrine and I am Ikumitama no Kami of Musa-no-yashiro Shrine.'
  975. I am an incompetent man, but graciously succeeding the will of the last king, lead the commanded people of the country, and prepared ships to tribute by going through Baekje to be united with China, the center of the world.
  976. I am as good as dead loving you so much; still, will you say that I do not love you enough because I am alive?
  977. I am dying for you, I will return to the earth, grow and make red flowers bloom.
  978. I am going to proclaim my imperial command as your Empress.
  979. I am grateful to read your letter again.
  980. I am happy because the Empress and I have exchanged opinions with each other on everything, including the issue of what each of us should be.'
  981. I am happy to have it on my head.
  982. I am not afraid of my head being cut off.")
  983. I am not asking to give punishment to Kira Kozuke no Suke; however, please give us the logical reasons which would convince our retainers.'
  984. I am pleased that you came here with kind-heartedness and utmost sincerity.'
  985. I am prepared to die in this battle as a member of the Heike army,' said Kagehisa.
  986. I am satisfied with this battle.
  987. I am sitting in the barn next to a rice field when rice is harvested in the autumn and my kimono sleeves get wet by night dew, as the roof of the barn is covered with rough-bladed hay.
  988. I am sorry to trouble you, but I would like you to read this letter and consider my request.
  989. I am sorry to trouble you, but as to the details, Hayao FUKAMI would explain to you.
  990. I am the Emperor who was given the grace of gods and a descendant of the unbroken Imperial family, and I declare to the Japanese people who have a clear loyalty and bravery (the declaration of war to USA and England).
  991. I am the Emperor who was given the grace of gods and a descendant of the unbroken Imperial family, and I hope that my dearest Japanese people can be blessed with the grace of my ancestors.
  992. I am the head of the Shibata clan of Bungo Province.'
  993. I am the only son of a certain Yoshida from Kitashirakawa, Kyoto.'
  994. I am the third tengu in Japan.'
  995. I am thinking how much they liked sake and how they ended their lives.'
  996. I am wondering how to deal with this matter.'
  997. I am worrying that everyone must feel cold in the rain.'
  998. I am your Saki mitama (soul that makes people happy by luck) and your Kushi mitama (a soul that makes people happy with miracles),' he answered.
  999. I apologize for the actions I took to try and get us out of this unexpected difficulty.'
  1000. I appears small, but legendary fearless.'

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