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  1. However in 1960, Tadashi ISHIMODA further analyzed this issue, and pointed out that it was a composition written based on a theory common in the latter half of the Kamakura period, instead of written based on the bakufu's records.
  2. However in 1982, he worked on Toho's 50th anniversary film "Maboroshi no Mizuumi" (Lake of Illusions) as not only a screenwriter but also as producer, original author and director but had the bitter experience of seeing the film being pulled after only one week.
  3. However in 1995, Michio YONEKURA published a theory, that the portrait is a portrayal of Tadayoshi ASHIKAGA, considering the drawing method and garments depicted.
  4. However in 653, the crown prince asked the emperor to move to the City in Yamato.
  5. However in Australia, which had not ratified the Kyoto Protocol likewise, change of government took place through a nationwide election and immediately after that the new government ratified the protocol on December 3, 2007.
  6. However in December 1183, Yoshinaka staged a coup, attacking Hoju-ji Temple while Emperor Goshirakawa was present.
  7. However in February in 1184, they lost the Battle of Ichinotani against MINAMOTO no Yoritomo's younger brothers, MINAMOTO no Noriyori, MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune, they lost many members of the clan, and the older brother, TAIRA no Shigehira was caught by the MINAMOTO clan.
  8. However in Japan a mixture of Buddhism and Shinto is widespread so some Japanese Buddhist monks and nuns find a source of income in such practices as exorcising spirits.
  9. However in Japan, although 'Chiso' (physiognomy of the land) and 'Kaso' are separately defined, comprehensively 'Kaso' is applied.
  10. However in Japan, although the name "myobu" was adopted, the content of the job of myobu was completely different from that in china.
  11. However in Kanaku Choaku stories, both sides are not completely evil as the leading characters are psychologically good or tending towards goodness, for example they understand human feelings or punish someone evil who cannot be legally punished.
  12. However in Korea, Yomeigaku remained a minority status.
  13. However in May 1503, Masamoto disinherited Sumiyuki and adopted Sumimoto HOSOKAWA who was a son of Yoshiharu HOSOKAWA, from Awa Hosokawa clan, for his heir.
  14. However in Mitogaku, which considers Takauji ASHIKAGA a rebellious subject, they insisted on the Sothern Court as being the orthodox theory.
  15. However in November (old calendar) the report from Mitsunari TOGASHI, Yoshitsugu's interrogator, caused a problem.
  16. However in November 1394, he resigned from Kanryo shoku (a post of Chief Adviser) due to illness, and died shortly after.
  17. However in Okinawa, (1), the lunar Bon festival, is still the most common.
  18. However in addition, because Fujiwarakyo was constructed in a period when interaction with Tang was disrupted, it seemed to have been designed in accordance with the old book ("Shurei (Rites of Zhou)") and it has no comparable example among capitals of China of the era.
  19. However in certain parts of Kyushu, the Chugoku and Shikoku Regions cherry blossoms start blooming in March when school children are on holiday ahead of the start of a new term for school, and in the Tohoku Region and Hokkaido cherry blossoms start blooming in May.
  20. However in general, when called a Japanese drum, it is understood in the narrow sense to be a bowl-shaped or cylindrical, truck mounted with a skin.
  21. However in my country those people are called "Dekunobo" (literally; a boy of wooden doll, meaning: a blockhead) and they are not trusted for important matter.'
  22. However in reality, there were various differences between the heights of the ihai tablets and the real heights of successive Shoguns; so it was not a reliable theory.
  23. However in recent years some temples and shrines prepare a rope between two tree trunks for visitors to tie the mikuji to because tying the mikuji to the trees is bad for the tree growth.
  24. However in recent years, there are changes because of urban development and construction of skyscrapers in the mountains, which are borrowed landscapes, this has caused disputes in respect of destruction of the borrowed landscapes.
  25. However in the case of fraud or nonpayment of borrowing and lending, the government officials of both countries should regulate this and impose additional charges.
  26. However in the early Heian period the Jijuden and Joneiden were used however from the middle of the Heian period the Seiryoden became the primary palace of the Emperor.
  27. However in the following year, Zeze-jo Castle was constructed by order of Ieyasu under Tenkabushin (construction order by the Tokugawa shogunate) by reason that Otsu-jo Castle was not suitable as a castle, and Kazuaki moved to the Zeze Domain.
  28. However in the following year, he ceded the family estate to his son Nobutsuna OKAMOTO because of his illness and went up to Kyoto and retired.
  29. However in the late Edo period, a high-grade rice polishing technique was devised in Nada-Gogo, which enabled large-scale polishing with a waterwheel, and the technique pushed Nada above Itami and Ikeda (the advanced sake producing districts) in terms of sake quality.
  30. However in the modern times, the Emperor's ogata koaoi and the Crown Prince's koaoi chugata was with special pattern and it had a slightly different shape from the koaoi which the subject used for akome (a type of inner shirts).
  31. However in the next year, he died of sickness at the young age of 18.
  32. However in the recent years, rien is sometimes employed to mean the world of Kabuki as something which does not quite reflect the public at large, or a kind of an exclusive society that serves only elites.
  33. However in the time when Mappo-shiso was popular, the world after death was under scrutiny and it was natural for people to widely accept the idea of hell,which was the other world in Buddhism, with clear description.
  34. However in these events, participants from the common people can't be seen, which is thought to show that it had little or no relationship with the Kangakue in the Heian period.
  35. However in this Noh piece, the oni are the true forms and the beautiful women their assumed forms (Kurotsuka (Noh play) may also be interpreted likewise).
  36. However in this book there is no description related to the engi (writing about the history) mentioned above.
  37. However in those days, the genre 'tegotomono' was not yet established and included in 'choka' (long epic song).
  38. However ironware during this period were made from iron imported from the peninsula and iron making in Japan Archipelago is said have started after the end of the Kofun period.
  39. However it became increasingly nominal, ending in the 1040's.
  40. However it did not become popular as a dish in the general public probably because it uses beef and potatoes which were not yet familiar to the Japanese those days (gyunabe (Japanese hot pot with beef and vegetables) was for eating out and yamatoni was canned food, both of which were not home cooking).
  41. However it did not look good from the outside to have only Kaneakira return to the Imperial family, since it seemed like the 'Fujiwara clan had pushed Kaneakira aside.'
  42. However it is accepted in many Shinto line religions even at present.
  43. However it is approved on the condition that the required number of students is met, and an adviser is installed.
  44. However it is believed that later it also referred to a legal effect which would result after a certain period had passed.
  45. However it is generally known that his mother was the daughter of Shakunyo the fifth judging by the Kyokaku's birth year, and based on this information Rennyo's father, Zonnyo, was Keikaku's cousin.
  46. However it is narrow-minded to see Sanyo's poems as works by an historically uneducated person.
  47. However it is not a favorable choice, as it damages the surface of flute, and the sound is bad because the cellophane tape cannot produce enough vibration.
  48. However it is not an essential item to have a cup of tea and not commonly used in daily life.
  49. However it is suspect as to whether Shingen did these things, as the creditability of "Koyo Gunkan" was questionable in comparison with other historical materials.
  50. However it is true that he was in straitened circumstances, and the word 'hikei' (a secret plan), which suggested debts, often appeared in his diary.
  51. However it is unlikely as the period is too short.
  52. However it lost strength again when Okifusa SUE, the Ouchi clan's Shugodai of Suo Province joined the war in Kyushu, and furthermore it was given up by reliable Iekane when Yoshitaka himself launched offensive with a large army.
  53. However it made Harunaga angry so he got Ranmaru MORI to hit Mitsuhide with an iron fan, injuring him on the forehead, and ordered him to confine himself at his lodgings.
  54. However it says that in order to behave naturally you must be the one who does not have philistine attitude and arrived at a deep awareness of things, and then amateurs should follow such a unworldly person.
  55. However it seems that they were unable to drink due to the family's reason at that time.
  56. However it was avoided without any incident by Tenmei's wise judgment.
  57. However it was considered that as an emergency, he became an exceptional Chiten, he started ruling the cloistered government as Gotakakurain. (Following the example of the Emperor, he received in go title (a posthumous title given to an emperor) after death.))
  58. However it was discovered that Kazunomiya had a body build typical of Imperial female members in those days, due to the investigation of the bones, thus there is a strong possibility it was just a rumor that someone was acting as her double.
  59. However it was doubtless that Yoritomo favored Tomomitsu.
  60. However it was extremely difficult for Yoshioka to negotiate with Joseon that requested Japan to maintain the former diplomatic relationship through the Tsushima clan under the reign of Heungseon Daewongun who adopted a very nationalistic policy.
  61. However it was found out by the Taira family, the opposition was killed by them while Minamoto clan was escaping on the way to Nara.
  62. However it was frustrated by gunboat diplomacy by Japan.
  63. However it was largely expected that the forest would be made into a site for conducting academic research, and there was a strong movement to attain academic achievements in the field practice forest in Ashiu.
  64. However it was missing twenty years or more worth of parts.
  65. However it was not accepted.
  66. However it was not available when the seats of the bus, which you planned to switch to, had been already occupied.
  67. However it was on March 27 (in the old calendar) that the Imperial court appointed Ieyasu to shogun officially, and it can be said that the Edo bakufu officially started on this day.
  68. However it was recorded that the manju made at that time was for a staple diet not as a souvenir.
  69. However it was reopened in 1895, and Korea joined the Universal Postal Union in 1900.
  70. However it was run down after the Onin War and merged with Hirano no yashiro 平野社 during Tenbun (Tenmom) period.
  71. However it was still provided with electricity from an overhead wire.
  72. However its peculiar creed had a huge amount of influence on different sects of Buddhism and it is an indirect but nevertheless and important cause of the later development of Esoteric Buddhism thought in Japan.
  73. However its rituals, such as having a skull as its principal image, are just popular beliefs.
  74. However just before "Suparuta no umi" (main actor was Shiro ITO) was about to open to the public, which was made in 1983, someone died in an accident in Totsuka Yacht School in which the story was made, after the movie was made, it was put on the shelf without ever being shown.
  75. However later his lord Tomonori concluded peace with Nobunaga as the odds were against Tomonori.
  76. However later, the Empress Teimei demonstrated deep respect in thanking Yukiko MADENOKOJI, for providing her with a great amount of the fundamental concepts necessary for her maturity and education which would be required of her in the role of Empress.
  77. However likening to liquor and stone is merely an imagination from descriptions and refers only to his nature.
  78. However local residents are often ignorant that those foods are unique to their own communities as 'local dishes,' assuming the foods are common ones nationwide.
  79. However many errors and inconsistencies are pointed out about the description in "Dento koroku" and it is less reliable.
  80. However movement of the Oshu Fujiwara clan that extended power over the north was unknown, which continued to put Yoritomo in the situation of being unable to move from Bando.
  81. However nasty Harunaga never stops bullying Mitsuhide.
  82. However neither of them survived the first performance.
  83. However neither records of birth nor eulogy exist.
  84. However none of them except TDL and Universal Studios Japan gets a lot of business.
  85. However not every opinion is based on evidence, and first of all, given the process involved in compiling a military chronicle, there is little use in attributing the work to a particular author.
  86. However now the name 'Seisuke' cannot be found on this statue and it is doubtful that this statue was made by Seisuke.
  87. However nowadays, bereaved families often give a koden-gaeshi at the end of mourning period.
  88. However on April 10, 2009, the Joong Ang Daily, one of three great newspapers in Korea, regarded the origin of Someiyoshino as that country's Yoi Island.
  89. However on August 24, Katsuie SHIBATA was defeated in Inou, and Michitomo HAYASHI die on the battlefield (Battle of Inou).
  90. However on February 10 (January 20 under the old lunar calendar) MINAMOTO no Noriyori and Yoshitsune headed to Kyoto with army of 55,000 horsemen, and Yoshinaka was killed in Otsu City, Omi Province.
  91. However on March 6, 1337, Takauji attacked the Kanegasaki-jo Castle in Echizen Province, that Imperial Prince Takayoshi depended on.
  92. However on May 11, on the day of the all-out attack in Hakodate, the shells fired by a warship of the former bakufu 'Banryu-maru' directly hit the ammunition storage on Choyo-maru and triggered a huge explosion.
  93. However on October 31 (October 7 under the old lunar calendar), Yoritomo sent back an envoy and rejected the demand.
  94. However on the Nichiren Shoshu Sect side, they insisted that the above insistence cannot be realistic.
  95. However on the following year, in 1333, after Kamakura bakufu died out after the attack of Emperor Godaigo's army, the Emperor announced the refusal to accept Emperor Kogon to succeed to the throne and Imperial Prince Yasuhito became Crown Prince.
  96. However on the other hand there was also anti-Bakufu sentiment such as the Sonno Joi ha (supporters of the doctorine of restoring the emperor and expelling the barbarians) and movements to overthrow the Shogunate using armed forces.
  97. However only Shinjo and Shoji welcomed him cordially by saying, "Welcome back."
  98. However only fifty-eight samurai followed the order, out of 2098 samurais, who gathered in Kamakura at that time.
  99. However only one child, the Imperial Prince Yoshihito, who later in life became the Emperor Taisho, could grow to manhood.
  100. However only two thirds of the pond in the garden was restored, the other one third is still underground.
  101. However only until after the Meiji period were the sewamono joruri plays of Monzaemon critically acclaimed.
  102. However other dishes, though common nationwide and called by the same or similar name, have different ingredients, cooking methods and seasonings in each local community, and are sometimes referred to as 'food dialects.'
  103. However over time, as the seafarers memories became vague along with the boundaries of governing regions, these deities became separate entities.
  104. However retainers of the soryo family counterattacked Tsugumitsu (継満) and he fled to Ina County.
  105. However retired Emperor Gotoba judged the Emperor's gentle character as not being suitable to deal with the government, he forced the Emperor to abdicate in 1210, and his brother, Emperor Juntoku succeeded to the throne instead.
  106. However ryoro is easily damaged from usage with flame therefore passed down art object with good condition is rare.
  107. However she developed beriberi around this time, she went to Tonosawa, Hakone in August 1877 since it was recommended by former doctor of Ooku, Choan TODA, to move to different place to rest her body.
  108. However she did not participate in Sechie so often (seasonal parties held in the Court), she only attended once at the Harvest Festival before her enthronement.
  109. However she had later smallpox, and her whole body remained pockmarked.
  110. However she married a man who was introduced by her relative in 1903, they divorced within a year.
  111. However she suffers again from the vengeful ghostof Hidetsugu and mistakenly kills Chinpaku who was coming to her.
  112. However similar types of saddles have never been excavated in Japan, Silla, Baekje or Gaya, so the saddle seems to be remarkably rare.
  113. However since the Retired Emperor Gohorikawa died two years later, the maternal relative, Michiie KUJO and Kintsune SAIONJI took the actual control of politics.
  114. However sites with concentrated evidence of bronze ware manufacturing, such as those in northern Kyushu, have not yet been found and its manufacturing and distribution system remain unsolved.
  115. However some argued back in the Meiji period that the stamp had been faked and that folklore supporting the validity of the stamp had been created.
  116. However some of those people who had discriminated them rebelled against this movement, and they caused incidents of raids on Burakumin (modern-day descendants of Japan's feudal outcast group) through uprisings.
  117. However some other possibilities are suspected as Yorinaga and Motoyuki appointed concurrently to the Shugo of Bingo and Tosa before taking the post.
  118. However some people claimed that the deficit was inevitable owing to the mounting capital investment required to expand the postal network and communication network throughout Korean Peninsula, in addition to the poor demand for communication, as Korean Peninsula had not yet been economically developed.
  119. However some people point out that such report must have been based on a research at very small part of the area, as the press's researching capacity of that time was limited and they could not research all the parts of the area along Watarase-gawa River.
  120. However some suggest that Kushinadahime was originally enshrined in it.
  121. However some suggest this theory is not credible because Takamura did not take a post in relation with Shimotsuke Province and was exiled in the year when the school is claimed to have been built.
  122. However some swordsmen used short shinai, as if they were using a short sword.
  123. However some theories object to this as a statement that contradicts other statements in "Azuma Kagami."
  124. However some written records in the Heian period also express Shosoin as a Chokufu warehouse, so we can regard it as practically Chokufu even then.
  125. However structural remnants of several dug-standing pillar buildings and gardens were found.
  126. However such energetic activity gradually became a load for sickly Yoshiyuki, and he resigned from Shugoshiki of the three provinces including Tanba in 1381 and left to Hoki Province.
  127. However such victory was achieved only by acting on his own authority disobeying the retreat order seven times in pursuit of the fleeing enemy and such puerile victory led Takatora and his vassals to give him a cold shoulder.
  128. However that may be, the empress of Emperor Keitai was Princess Tashiraka, the Princess of Emperor Ninken and the mother of Emperor Kinmei.
  129. However that same year, as Toyokuni YAMANA, the son of Toyosada, surrendered Nobunaga, he was appointed the position of Hideyoshi's vassal.
  130. However the Chinese emperor prohibited trade between Japan and Portugal in order to discipline wako.
  131. However the Cloistered Emperor Toba was not comfortable with Tadazane getting involved in personnel matters, and after the sudden death of Emperor Konoe, he stripped Yorinaga of his position as Nairan, an action that would later result in the Hogen War.
  132. However the Emperor did not say anything and let Princess Sakahito behave as she wanted.
  133. However the Emperor escaped from dairi (Imperial Palace) to the residence of TAIRA no Kiyomori in Rokuhara, and Ise-Heishi (Taira clan) that became Imperial army make inroads into Dai-dairi (place of the Imperial Palace and government offices) on February 12, 1160 (December 27, 1159 in old lunar calendar).
  134. However the Emperor firmly refused Yoritomo's application to become a seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") and for Kanezane KUJO to become the Chief Adviser to the Emperor.
  135. However the Imagawa army invaded the Sagami region at an unguarded moment, and the clash was brought to an end on February 5, by the suicide of Ujinori, Mitsutaka, Mochinaka and others in Yukinoshita, Kamakura.
  136. However the Imperial line was separated into a few different ones such as the retired Emperor Suko's line of the Northern Court and Emperor Gokogon's line who was Emperor Suko's younger brother during the period of the Northern and Southern Courts.
  137. However the Katsuyama-jo Castle was encircled by soldiers led by Sadatoshi FUKUBARA of Mori's army, and Takayo opened the castle on condition that the life of Yoshinaga would be spared and then he committed suicide.
  138. However the Muromachi Bakufu, which had just been established, did not have sufficient financial ability under the disturbances between Northern and Southern Dynasties.
  139. However the Princess died young when she was twenty one years old, the Retired Emperor Shirakawa was crushed with grief to lose his most beloved daughter and entered into the priesthood two days after the Princess died.
  140. However the Qing Dynasty Russo-Japanese War erupted before the Qing could mount a coherent response, leading to a situation in which two foreign countries fought on Qing territory.
  141. However the Taira clan planned to search out and kill the Minamoto clan in various districts after learning they had received ryoji.
  142. However the Torai government did not permit Japanese taishi (commander-in-chief) to put on the taireifuku (court dress, full-dress uniform) and pass the main gate when he participated in the dinner party.
  143. However the appointment of Bicchu Shugo was not made for long time on and after 1518.
  144. However the armed peasants had withdrawn, and the reason of the dispatch of Japanese troops based on Treaty of Tianjin had disappeared.
  145. However the army lead by Yoshitomo lost against the Taira family.
  146. However the army of Koremori was put to rout while withdrawing as they wavered from the sound of waterfowl flying off so, the Yoritomo won the battle without much fighting.
  147. However the army of bakufu was a large force and sent out fresh troops one after another, and army of Wada reduced the number gradually from exhaustion.
  148. However the bakufu (feudal government headed by a shogun) decided to dispatch an interrogator to the Choshu Domain.
  149. However the bakufu did not agree to his plan to let Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi become Crown Prince since it might cause a division of the Daikakuji Imperial line.
  150. However the bakufu did not like the fact that Kameyama did not get along well with Kanto Moshitsugi, Sanekane SAIONJI, also he was close to Yasumori ADACHI who lost his position from being involved in the Shimotsuki Disturbance.
  151. However the biological son was only born in the year of father's death, therefore Takasada's adopted son-in-law Takayoshi, who was the third son of Okitsugu TANUMA, took over as the head of family.
  152. However the book was written by Ida alone using limited number of historical materials; therefore Hiroyuki MIURA and Katsumi KUROITA pointed out that it lacked accuracy.
  153. However the change in era name was decided to date back to January 25, 1868.
  154. However the clandestine activities of the Satsuma Domain, who felt very much threatened by this development, successfully agitated the hard-liners of the Shogunate supporters, leading to the Battle of Toba and Fushimi on January 27, 1868.
  155. However the compiling work of Azuma Kagami itself seems not to have been completed.
  156. However the confrontation between the bakufu side who plotted to use the Kanto fuchishu to prevent Mochiuji from gaining power and Mochiuji who resisted this became worse.
  157. However the description originated from tale of monster of old cleaning rag called 'Revenge of old cleaning rag', told in "Tohoku Kaidan no Tabi" (Trip to the scary stories in Tohoku Region) by Norio YAMADA, a novelist.
  158. However the era did not last long, Emperor Gomomozono died in 1779 without having a child.
  159. However the fact that Yayoi earthenware required rice or rice-paddy cultivation techniques gradually came to be known.
  160. However the family was still succeeded by male descendants of Emperor Jinmu, the main condition for Imperial succession, and the five members of four Miyake married to the Princess of Emperor Meiji or Emperor Showa, these Imperial members are close relatives on female side of the Imperial Family.
  161. However the historical provincial record gives the enshrined deity as 'Hayafusa no kami.'
  162. However the income rights of the development landholders (kaihatsu shoryo) were unstable and always in danger of being taken away by the Kokuga.
  163. However the large private railways defending their own territories was not helpful to execute the war effort.
  164. However the last family head, Munetane, braced himself for family extinction in the year before his death and founded Hirata-jinja Shrine in Yoyogi.
  165. However the latest research shows that Shinkuro was likely to be Moritoki ISE, Shogun's vassal from the Ise clan (a family of pedigree serving as stewards of the bakufu mandokoro [the administrative board]) in Bitchu.
  166. However the name of the character Toshiro MIFUNE played, Daisaku SASA, was different to the one he played in "Yojinbo", and their personalities were also very different.
  167. However the next year, he suppressed the rebellion in cooperation with Fusakata UESUGI in Echigo Province.
  168. However the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan was 5,240,000.
  169. However the number of hokyoin-to pagodas or their reliefs is less than gorinto.
  170. However the number of performers was not originally set as eight; the word 'eight' is considered to have meant multiple or large numbers.
  171. However the officers of the prefecture had never heard the precedent about a condemned who resuscitated because they considered punishments of Edo Period were supposed to destroy a condemned phisically.
  172. However the original enshrined deity was Amatsuhiko Hikohono Ninigi no Mikoto, with Tsurugine no Mikoto being enshrined in 1872.
  173. However the parallel relationship of the Kinai and Kyushu periods were corrected.
  174. However the platoon encountered the government army in Ueki and the Kokura blitz plan was failed.
  175. However the plot was leaked out since Norikage (Soteki) informed secretly.
  176. However the postal service was soon left stranded therefore a French man Clemenceau (クレマンセー) was invited as an advisor in 1898.
  177. However the prohibition was imperfect workers were admitted to work for 14 hours in filature industry and women were admitted to work at midnight in the cotton spinning.
  178. However the record in "Sanetaka Koki" about it was different from that in "Arte da Lingoa de Iapam," and the order of case particles were as follows: 'Kyo ni, Tsukushi he, Banto sa.'
  179. However the reign was full of difficulties, as hantei (residence maintained by a daimyo) in Edo and Kyoto, and 300 houses at castle town were destructed by fire.
  180. However the relationship between Japan and Russia did not suffer since the issue was dealt with sincerely, Imperial Prince Takehito asked Emperor Meiji himself, to go and see Prince Nicholas, etc.
  181. However the result was not desirable, therefore it is said that confectioners used unrefined sugar, which was becoming available at that period, as a substitute for water and mineral deposits.
  182. However the retired Emperor Shirakawa had to stop the conflict between him and his own grandmother, he made Imperial Princess Tokushi Imperial Consort's bridal entry of Emperor Horikawa into court and made her become the Empress.
  183. However the richly colors of the mural paintings kept intact and part of burial goods that escaped grave robbing were discovered at the time.
  184. However the rumor did not come true.
  185. However the section of the road adjacent to Kyoto City center has houses built right up to the side of the road, so the road here is slightly narrower than the previous section.
  186. However the situation changed completely as a result of the birth of Hideyoshi's son, Hideyori in 1593, and the status of Hidetsugu as Kanpaku (the chief adviser to the Emperor) became insecure.
  187. However the story was a fiction as Yoshihide's birth year ("Azuma Kagami" (The Mirror of the East) tells he was 38 years old at the time of Battle of WADA in 1213) was before the fall of Yoshinaka.
  188. However the successor of Kiyomori, TAIRA no Munemori, rejected the peace suggestion, because of the will of Kiyomori.
  189. However the temple is not open to the public and the grounds cannot be entered.
  190. However the term "juni-hitoe" is generally used.
  191. However the then Muromachi bakufu was at the height of its prosperity under Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, the third Shogun, and he made peace with the bakufu by pledge of ryoto tetsuritsu (alternate accedence from two ancestries of imperial families) by Emperor Gokomatsu of the Northern Court and Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA.
  192. However the two participants of the riot, who set fire were sentenced to ultimate penalty.
  193. However the two roads happened to correspond with each other in comparing today's map with the Heian period's; the Nishioji-dori Street was not developed according to the Nodera-koji but built in the Showa period.
  194. However the ultimate target of Japan during the Meiji period was not only to have an advantage on each diplomatic negotiation.
  195. However the underground warehouse became mainstream by the early period and dug-standing pillar building almost disappeared.
  196. However the utensil had disappeared due to change in the way of having tea in later period, and is restored by art of tea in recent years.
  197. However the vague revision to 'widely established deliberative assemblies' not restricting 'councils by feudal lords' was extended later by civil rights advocates as the authority to establish popularly-elected parliament, being far from the original intentions of drafters.
  198. However the warlords of the Shoni clan side (such as Iekane RYUZOJI and Yorichika BABA) fought bravely and Red bear force led by Kiyohisa NABESHIMA played an important role in making invading Okitsura run away.
  199. However the words 'the Second Rank (MINAMOTO no Yoritomo) was particularly satisfied and decided as he was told,' seem to have been added to the book together with the words 'Shugo and Jito' when it was compiled later.
  200. However their admiration was turned into a sense of opposition when they visited the Gakujutsu-Jinrui Pavilion and Taiwan Pavilion.
  201. However their form hugely influenced the form of poetry which followed.
  202. However there are beings like hermits also in the spirit world.
  203. However there are cases in which the inheritor of a Myoseki name has also changed their registered name.
  204. However there are many objections to this one-sided point of view and it has not yet become an established theory.
  205. However there are occasions when it's called Kyoko, instead of Gyokei, for example, when the Empress Jingu went to Ise Province during the Nara period.
  206. However there are slight differences from the Hojobon, so it is assumed that both of them were not copied from the Hojobon, but from the old manuscript made in 1404.
  207. However there are various opinions about the family branch, and none of them are reliable.
  208. However there is a counter argument that there could be a custom to bury tip of weapons as burial goods inside the coffin and the argument has not yet been settled.
  209. However there is a difference in the shape of hole-shaped graves in the Jomon and Yayoi periods (especially in western Japan), and hole-shaped graves in the Yayoi period was longer in length.
  210. However there is a different opinion on the year of his birth.
  211. However there is also an alternative theory as follows.
  212. However there is an anecdote that he wrote a citation and gave it to all of his retainers when Gifu-jo Castle was surrendered.
  213. However there is an example of syncretization with ancestor worship which was indigenized in Japanese Buddhism.
  214. However there is no evidence so far to prove whether Emperor Gokameyama was really Kakimon-in's son or not.
  215. However there is no legal proof to back this up.
  216. However there is no obvious evidence as to there being a unifier of the whole work.
  217. However there is no record of Awa no Tsubone after Sanetomo's death, such as she defended her son Tokimoto who was punished for a suspicion of rebellion, and later movement is still unknown.
  218. However there is no source which supports the above tradition, and there is a theory that the old mansion of the Suga clan is his birthplace, but there was no relationship between the Suga clan and Michizane.
  219. However there is no universally accepted theory as to when the first kabuki, kaomisekogyo was performed.
  220. However there is still an argument that he should have secured the interests of the nation, even though he had to carry out an unscrupulous maneuver.
  221. However there lies another truth behind this licentious ritual.
  222. However there was a social trend against women appearing at kogi (Imperial court).
  223. However there was another story that Tadahira's child, FUJIWARA no Saneyori added the Minamoto family name when he excerpted the record.
  224. However there was criticism against this decision within the Imperial Palace, and there were arguments as to whether the decision was right or not, even after more than one hundred years had passed ("Gonki" Kanko 8, an article issued on May 27 (July 7, 1011).
  225. However there was no wine or demiglace sauce, and the head chef who was ordered to cook beef stew had no idea what it was in the first place.
  226. However there was some criticism about introducing Teikiho, since it made Chijun-ho (a calendar system of setting the leap month) more complicated.
  227. However there were a few Princes eligible to succeed to the throne, many Princes were not able to become Emperors from early to Middle Heian period.
  228. However there were heretics in the participants.
  229. However there were no other Imperial Princes of Emperor Murakami's including his real brothers who were demoted from nobility to subject except for Akihira.
  230. However there were times that okage mairi (a group pilgrimage to the Ise-jingu Shrine) became a fad during the Edo period.
  231. However there would be few users if they laid railroad through the sites where any movement did not arise.
  232. However these Sino-Japanese pronunciations for shrine names only arose due to the influence of Buddhism.
  233. However these days it is difficult to delineate the boundary in themes and styles between them, and it is said that the only difference is in painting tools.
  234. However these historical materials focus on the spiritual aspect of Rikyu's tea ceremony too much, obscuring its true meaning.
  235. However these records of Shogun Yoriie and MINAMOTO no Sanetomo contain a lot of misrepresentations in writing to justify the Hojo clan.
  236. However they don't enter into a sexual relationship.
  237. However they fell the victims when the promoter ran away with all the performance funds, so they were left with no money in a foreign country.
  238. However they learned about the international situation and theories of national defense from Shozan.
  239. However they reappear in records during the Oei era in the Muromachi period.
  240. However they were regarded as being no benefit to the religious organization.
  241. However this 'kaimei' which treated equally the Emperor and lords was criticized that it was against the principle of Restoration of Imperial Rule.
  242. However this act has not been staged since its premiere.
  243. However this belief changed to anti-foreignism after the expansion of Japanese militarism, the extension of the colony.
  244. However this caused a rumor to spread about the 'Prince still being alive,' and it proved the practicality of Ryoji contrary to expectations.
  245. However this does not prove that Tomokuyu existed in the 5th century, and it seems that the name of Nashiro and Koshiro were changed to Tomokuyu to adapt to a system in the Heian period.
  246. However this folk story is not written in the original book "Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro" (One hundred bags in idleness), and Kenji MURAKAMI, a tourist of a specter, says that Sekien created the story as an explanation of the illustration.
  247. However this is denied today because Takamitsu was found not to have been in Edo at that time.
  248. However this is now in favor of Japanese competitors in the event of matchlock of muzzle loader since most European competitors use Japanese matchlock which is familiar to Japanese ones, it is easier for the Japanese to obtain medals.
  249. However this part is also rarely played for the reason of time.
  250. However this piece skillfully portrays the thoughts and feelings of someone who bullies and another who is bullied, and depicts the process of how an ordinary man, Mitsuhide, finding himself cornered, is driven to rebellion as a result of his master's unreasonable bullying.
  251. However this prayer also intended to kill with a curse the regent Takatoki HOJO in power and therefore Monkan, incurring Takatoki's anger, was banished to Io-jima Island, Kagoshima.
  252. However this provides evidence that Yoritomo knew thoroughly of individual gokenin, including their appearance.
  253. However this raises a question as to why the description of Sessho and Shose were not unified in accordance with the government of Emperor Tenchi/Tenji's Shosei or Emperor Jito's Shosei when the Nihonshoki was edited.
  254. However this style of lottery is not often seen nowadays.
  255. However this view is generally based on the other assumptions, which are said to contain errors in the process of making inferences, so it remains a matter of conjecture.
  256. However this was a story that Kanezane KUJO heard from KIYOHARA no Yorinari and wrote down in March 16, 1184 section of "Gyokuyo" there is no proof whether Shinzei in fact mentioned this or not, the story can not be trusted, since Kanezane disliked Goshirakawa.
  257. However this was taken in as Izumo Shinto, and strongly influenced the way of Shinto in later days.
  258. However today there are very few, Midori SAWATO is one of these few, who can make their living exclusively by movie narration, so most katsudo benshi have sidelines such as television voice acting like Vanilla YAMAZAKI, or as film directors like Hirono YAMADA.
  259. However under the Meiji Imperial Household Law, there are no examples of a Prince becoming successor to nobility.
  260. However well prepared the appearance, it only works at the time of entry and does not last long once everyone sees it in terms of drawing a laugh, and performers will have to stay in an embarrassing state, which can be felt by the audience as well.
  261. However when he visits the Hase-dera Temple, he catches a glimpse of Ukifune, Oigimi's half younger sister by different mother, and is moved by her.
  262. However when the Second Conquest of Choshu occurred the following year, Tamaki was released to compensate for the defeat of the bakufu.
  263. However when the siege was broken by the army of MINAMOTO no Noriyori, Kiyosada charged to the enemy encampment with three horsemen, who were Kiyosada, his male cousin TAIRA no Tsunetoshi, and his brother-in-law TAIRA no Kiyofusa, and was killed in battle.
  264. However whether it is because it was thought that this surname would be disadvantageous in dealing with the issue of confirming official rank or, at some stage from Nobumitsu's time onwards he took this original family name, either way Ieyasu was known by the Fujiwara surname from a young age.
  265. However while he could not gather enough warriors, they were attacked by the troop of Yukichika KANAKUBO who were ordered by the regent, Yoshitoki HOJO.
  266. However with bushi, they had retainers below them, who were served by retainers below them, and had a multilayered ruling relationship
  267. However with the exception of the high ranking families and alternative arrangements, as a general rule as vassals of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), Yonin were not provided for family elders and the elderly within families.
  268. However you are the Emperor's descendant, and your ancestors are subjugated Kanto.'
  269. However you won't know what to do first and then.'
  270. However 光孝 who published this diary, left his commentary about the possibility that the Emperor might have been poisoned and died although it was not conclusive, but it was the same theory as Nezu's.
  271. However, "Aburakasu" (a food), which is the remains of whale skin after oil has been extracted from it, has been eaten customarily in Japan.
  272. However, "Anbagaiji engi", handed down for many generations in the temple, tells another story about the start of the temple, which is that Gantei, a high disciple of Ganjin, built a cottage in the 1st Year of Hoki, and enshrined Vaisravana.
  273. However, "Azuma Kagami" elaborated by the Kamakura bakufu is extremely sympathetic with Yoshitsune, and even if he must have been a traitor, the book contains many descriptions touching on his sentiments, showing a strong sympathy 'Hogan-biiki' for the underdog.
  274. However, "Azuma Kagami" is, after all, a compilation in later days.
  275. However, "Azuma Kagami" was compiled in the late Kamakura period so it is unclear how accurate the stories were.
  276. However, "Azuma Kagami", which is the official record of the Kamakura shogunate, has an article that, brave and good fight of Hangaku Gozen, who was a family member of the Jo clan in Echigo, caused the punitive force serious damages.
  277. However, "Chronicles of Japan" says that the enthronement occurred in the second year of Emperor Tenmu, or the Kiyu year, and that the first year was the Jinshin year, the description of 'in the eighth year of the enthronement' does not contradict the contents of "Chronicles of Japan."
  278. However, "Dai-Nihon shi" (A History of Great Japan) edited by Mitsukuni MITO in Edo period, comments that "it was probably created by Waka lovers.
  279. However, "Fuyo Wakashu" (collection of Japanese poems based on fictional stories), edited in 1271, contains poetry from the same, 'Hanazakura Oru Shosho (Chusho),' 'Haizumi,' 'Hodohodo no Keso,' and 'Kaiawase.'
  280. However, "Gonijo Moromichi ki" (Diary of FUJIWARA no Moromichi) entry on May 3, 1099 (May 31, 1099 in solar calendar) stated the order of Emperor Shirakawa, 'have many weapon yielding warriors in various districts and used force when the imperial decree was given.'
  281. However, "Gunkan" was not used for empirical research for a long time because its value as historical records was denied by Yoshinari TANAKA during the Meiji period.
  282. However, "Heihan-ki" contains a description of the inspection of Tameyoshi's severed head, which would be true given the year in which the work was completed.
  283. However, "Heike Monogatari" (Tale of Heike (Taira Clan)) referred to him as Rokujo-in Kurodo (Chamberlain of Rokujo-in).
  284. However, "Hogo-an" indicates a tea room in which "Hogo-bari" (utilizing used-document papers, for example, for making sliding doors) is used.
  285. However, "Ietada Nikki" (the Diary of a vassal Ietada MATSUDAIRAl), which is served as a historical material proving discord between Tokuhime and Nobuyasu, says that Ieyasu came to Okazaki to mediate between Tokuhime and Nobuyasu.
  286. However, "Kamoshi shisoden" (a book about the roots of the Kamo clan) states that there were several Kamo clans, and the Kamo clans in Katsuragi and Kadono were different.
  287. However, "Kikuko" was another real name used only in the public scene, so it does not mean that her name was changed from "Chacha" to "Kikuko".
  288. However, "Kinchu narabini kuge shohatto" were the progenitor law for the Edo Bakufu, as ordained by the first Shogun, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA.
  289. However, "Kuninomiyatsuko hongi" described it was Ikimi no mikoto, a son of Ikashikoo no mikoto, the founder of the Mononobe clan, who was appointed as Totsuomikuni no miyatsuko during the reign of Emperor Seimu.
  290. However, "Masukagami" cites another 'kagami-mono' book called "Iya-yotsugi" ("yotsugi" is another name for "Okagami"), and it is believed that this book covers the history between that of "Imakagami" and that of "Masukagami."
  291. However, "Naniwazu-kai" (an association) was established to promote the diffusion of knowledge about Jodai-style in 1890 by Sanetomi SANJO, Chikutei HIGASHIKUZE, Sugimura KOSUGI, Masakaze TAKASAKI, Shugyo OGUCHI, Masaomi BAN, and Mitsuaki TANAKA.
  292. However, "Onodera Shojo" states that two of Kira's retainers rushed out from the long house, yet the first man was killed by Junai ONODERA with a spear and the other was killed by Kihe HAZAMA with a spear.
  293. However, "Senchu wamyo ruijusho" was published in the Meiji period as described below, and until then, its manuscripts were mostly available.
  294. However, "Shikinaishako" states that Nanryo Kasuganomiya Okami (Naratsu hiko no kami) was enshrined in the chuden, Kasuga taisha wakamiya (Ame no oshikumone no mikoto) is enshrined oin the saden Yahata Okami (Kishi no miko) is enshrined in the uden.
  295. However, "Shohonengyo," Volume 19, mentions, 'Flames were burning brightly from all over the body.
  296. However, "The Various Lines of Ichinomiya-Ki" also suggests that more research is required to figure out whether the corrections of the mistakes were the result of careful research or the writer had some political intension.
  297. However, "Toshi Kaden" (Biographies of the Fujiwara clan) says that the person who served on this occasion was 'SOGA no Toneri no omi'
  298. However, "Ugestu Monogatari" transformed the style of the original text, hakuwa shosetsu, into a unique style that was a mixture of Chinese and Japanese.
  299. However, "Ugetsu Monogatari" was actually published in 1776, eight years after its completion.
  300. However, "hyakusho ikki" was started not only by the small-scale tenant farmers, as represented by the word "peasant."
  301. However, "ongyoku" is now used as an indication to solely auditory elements of those traditional arts excluding their visual elements.
  302. However, "占事略决" is the commonly used title, as the titles of some transcripts can be clearly discerned, and the most easily available "Nihon Onmyodoshi Sosetsu" by Shuichi MURAYAMA also followed suit.
  303. However, 'An opinion to write Japanese in alphabet' by Amane NISHI which was published on the first issue of "Meiroku Zasshi" was more radical.
  304. However, 'Aobyoshibon' of the Sanjonishi family line was a text that was mixed with 'Kawachibon' as compared with the authentic 'Aobyoshibon.'
  305. However, 'Dainippon Teikoku Tenno Heika' (His Imperial Majesty of the Great Empire of Japan) came to be adopted after Showa Juichi (11) nen Treaty No.3 was issued in May 11, 1936.
  306. However, 'Genna kokatsuji-bon' was a rare book and was scarcely available in the market until its photo-copy version was published in 1932.
  307. However, 'Juo-kyo Sutra' did not follow that style.
  308. However, 'Kado' places more emphasis on the aspect of Gudo (seeking for the teachings of Buddha) than 'Ikebana.'
  309. However, 'Kira no Nikichi' composed by the aforementioned Masao KOGA and Bin UEHARA, a popular singer featuring a vocal style that uses 'kobushi,' were influenced by rokyoku performers such as Torazo HIROSAWA.
  310. However, 'Kirizansho' (rice cake made from a mixture of sugar, powdered Japanese pepper, and rice flour), which began to be sold around the last days of the Tokugawa shogunate, replaced Kogane-mochi and became the lucky charm of the fair up to now.
  311. However, 'OO (name of Japanese era) Tenno' should be a posthumous name sent after Tenno's Hogyo, so essentially a usage like this is a mistake.
  312. However, 'Odamaki Udon' is classified as Udon noodles.
  313. However, 'Ryoshuku mondo' states, 'In the periods of Hogen and Heiji, MINAMOTO no Yoshikata has created conflict with Yoshihira,' which implies a tale including the battle of MINAMOTO no Yoshikata and MINAMOTO no Yoshihira in 1155.
  314. However, 'Seuyu' is widely used as the so-called acceptable Japanese syllabic writing.
  315. However, 'Sukekage' is used for convenience sake in this explanation.
  316. However, 'The Section on Eastern Barbarians' mentions as follows:
  317. However, 'XX Campus' is also used as a name.
  318. However, 'a case for giving an imperial title to a person who had not ascended to the imperial throne' existed before this one, such as Gotakakurain or Gosukoin.
  319. However, 'being educated and good at literature' was a prerequisite for a Bunjin.
  320. However, 'blood relation' should be interpreted without the modern preconception of the 'house.'
  321. However, 'clan succession' and 'chakuryu succession' coexisted among the sekkan-ke originating from the old clan, preventing one family of the gosekke from monopolizing the position of chakuryu.
  322. However, 'crown princess' is used on the website of the Imperial Household Agency which emphasizes the 'intelligibility to the general public' and in tree-planting ceremonies and floral tributes, and 'Princess Togu' is also used in New Year Imperial Poetry Reading.
  323. However, 'danmono' of sokyoku had sangen added to it later, and there are other pieces in which kokyu music was added to sangen.
  324. However, 'gishi' gradually became the word to be used for such documents sinceit would be confusing to use 'gisho' and 'giten' because they had already been established as words to indicate other matters.
  325. However, 'kaibutsu' refers to those that were not passed down through Japanese folk religion, fabricated yokai characters with a short history or those in folklores from overseas.
  326. However, 'kan' is a unit only used in Japan, and therefore the term of Shakkanho is also used only in Japan.
  327. However, 'sho' or 'en' in those days were mainly villas for entertainment and they included attached gardens and furthermore the surrounding rural areas, mountains, and forests.
  328. However, 'the last Genro' Saionji refused to recommend Konoe as the head of the cabinet.
  329. However, 'the law about calculating age' (December 2, 1902, Law No. 50) was enforced on December 22, 1902, and the Western style of calculating age was adopted.
  330. However, '臺' and '台' are different characters.
  331. However, '長刀 ' was commonly used in martial arts.
  332. However, 12% of the Tanada had already been abandoned at that time.
  333. However, 2 days later, things were completely changed and tea ceremonies halted. Subsequently as well, holding of ceremonies was not recommenced and the event was closed.
  334. However, 2 years later, with the support of Ienobu KAMISAKA, a key retainer of the Kyogoku clan, he managed to return to Omi Province and in 1505 brokered a reconciliation with Masatsune's son Kimune KYOGOKU, thus bringing a victorious end to the inheritance battles.
  335. However, 207 sheets of the Ino large maps (169 sheets of which were colorless) were discovered at Library of Congress in the United States in March 2001.
  336. However, 26 of second-class carriages were converted into third-class carriages with a riding capacity of 52 passengers before the opening.
  337. However, 3000 pieces of earthenware fragments were excavated when repair work was conducted in 1957.
  338. However, 4 years later, Ujiyori had another son, Kamejumaru (Mitsutaka ROKKAKU), and died the following year.
  339. However, 5000 cavalrymen of Yoshimitsu's umamawari were added and the battle became decisive.
  340. However, 98% of lacquer has been replaced by goods made in and imported from the People's Republic of China at present, and only a few lacquer production areas remain in Japan; thus their tradition and history are being handed down on a smaller scale.
  341. However, A number of emperors, such as Emperor Gotoba ascended the throne without the three sacred treasures.
  342. However, ABE no Omaro (or Himaro) who was the daibu (master) for Emperor Senka was the first to be known in history.
  343. However, Abe and Matsumae held on to their view that if the foreign countries directly started to negotiate with the imperial court bypassing the shogunate, the latter would collapse.
  344. However, Ajisukitakahikone so closely resembled Amenowakahiko that Amatsukunitama, Amenowakahiko's father, misunderstood that his son was still alive, and hugged him.
  345. However, Akamatsu's forces conducted their specialty, nobuserisen (war by unofficial warriors) to repel the enemy.
  346. However, Akifusa and Hakuseki's government, whose political authority depended entirely on Shogun Ienobu, was fundamentally unstable.
  347. However, Akiie was attacked by a feudal lord who supported the Northern Court in opposition to him, and was driven to Ryozen-jo Castle located in the south of Mutsu Province, which served as a military base of the Southern Court.
  348. However, Akimitsu had already passed the age of 70.
  349. However, Akira OTA stated they only assumed the name of Settsu Genji and had actually been the descendant of the lord of the manor in Nose District in ancient times.
  350. However, Amenohohi became a follower of Okuninushi, and he did not come back to Takamanohara.
  351. However, Amenowakahiko got married to Shitateruhime, a daughter of Okuninushi, and he thought he would be a king of Ashihara no nakatsukuni, therefore did not come back to Takamanohara even after eight years.
  352. However, Anan did not have enough money for that, so that he asked Sakyamuni Buddha for help.
  353. However, Ankoku-ji Temples and Risho-to Pagodas fell into decay with the decline of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  354. However, Ansei Chogin was emitted on January 19, 1860, after mintage of Ansei Nishu silver coins was terminated.
  355. However, Arikatsu NAITO refused his offer and continued to defend.
  356. However, Arikuni welcomed this, and it set the stage for him to later on act as the guardian of Imperial Prince Atsuyasu (Michitaka's grandchild by his daughter), despite the fact that Arikuni was Michinaga's aide.
  357. However, Arinobu, the first family head, left the capital and went down to shoen (manor in medieval Japan) in Oi-cho in the Wakasa Province to avoid the turmoil of the Onin War.
  358. However, Aritaka KUMAMOTO who examined the graduation exam of Tetsugakukan, pointed out a problem regarding the contents which Tokuzo NAKAJIMA prepared.
  359. However, Asai broke a regulation and was forced to dismiss from the office in February 1878.
  360. However, Asaji complained, 'we did not kill the lord for Miki's son.'
  361. However, Asano only cut Yoshinaka's forehead and back, having slashed with short sword which was supposed to thrust, and besides, Asano was apprehended by Yosobei KAJIKAWA before attacking Kira a third time.
  362. However, Asateru MIBU of the Mibu-Kanmu family strongly this appointment; accordingly, in November Nagaoki was deprived of his position of Uji no choja and the kanmu.
  363. However, Ashuku-butsu's (Aksobhya Buddha) "Toho Myoki Sekai (the Eastern world of Delight)", Yakushi-butsu's "Toho Joruri Sekai (Eastern Pure Land)" and Shakamuni-butsu's "Musho Shogonkoku" are also well known.
  364. However, Ashura-o is generally considered to be the four kings in Mahayana Buddhist scriptures.
  365. However, Atsunosuke died only three years later in1799.
  366. However, Azuma Hyakka was not a formal government position of the Imperial Court, but was just a name created by imitating a government post of the Imperial Court.
  367. However, Baekje was destroyed by an invasion of Tang Dynasty China and royal families were taken to the central city of Tang Dynasty China.
  368. However, Bakufu's response was quick and nearby domains rapidly dispatched soldiers on the following day.
  369. However, Bando left Shochiku as of June 26, 1930 and released a statement criticizing Shochiku's repeated discriminations.
  370. However, Banna-ji Temple had no record of it although it remains today.
  371. However, Basho himself showed no interest in the origin of Doso-shin at all.
  372. However, Benkei hits his master Yoshitsune with his kongozue (a big walking stick used by a mountain priest in his training), and so is able to satisfy their doubts.
  373. However, Bentoichiban is no longer available because of changes in the addressing system.
  374. However, Bifukumon-in and the Cloistered Emperor Toba expressed deep resentment when they heard a rumor that Emperor Konoe died because of a curse by the Retired Emperor Sutoku, FUJIWARA no Tadazane, and his son FUJIWARA no Yorinaga.
  375. However, Bin UEDA highly praised it from an artistic standpoint.
  376. However, Bishoen Onsen in Abeno Ward--also registered as a tangible cultural property--was closed in February 2008 due to the steeply rising fuel cost and the difficulty of anti-seismic reinforcement work.
  377. However, Buddhism considers human desires as bonno (earthly desires) and sees an ideal to control bonno by wisdom, so that it recommends the control of sexual desire, which is the most difficult human desire to overcome.
  378. However, Buddhist commandments are different among priests, practitioners of austerities and lay people as mentioned above, and there are differences among sects in the contents of commandments as well as their interpretations and severity.
  379. However, Buke kazoku that originated in samurai got frustrated with the control by Kuge kazoku Iwakura, and demanded the abolishment of the office of President.
  380. However, Bunjin regarded these arts as an avocation for them to enjoy elegance and absolutely hated this to be seen as a profession.
  381. However, Bunshi KATSURA I who was a disciple of Bunji IV in Kamigata did not succeeded his master's name Bunji.
  382. However, Buyeo Pung (Hosho FUYO) had already retreated before that moment.
  383. However, Buyeo Pung (Hosho FUYO), who had lived in peace and abundance in Japan, was not apparently qualified as a king, as he was ill-fitted to live in tense circumstances including holing up in a castle at a battlefield.
  384. However, Captain Kannari fell down.
  385. However, Cars No. 2 and 3 are occasionally available on 805M) and they have no Green Car.
  386. However, Chancellor of China Linfu LIN, who was highly trusted by Xuanzong, made it possible even for non-Han generals to be assigned as setsudoshi stationed in the areas inside of the Great Wall.
  387. However, Chichi no Jo, Okina, and Sanban Sarugaku have been always put on the stage in a series and, as such, it has the common name of Shiki Sanban.
  388. However, Chigi explained about ichinen sanzen only once in the first half of the volume 5 of his book "Makashikan" (Mahayana Practice of Cessation and Contemplation).
  389. However, Chihaya-jo Castle remained undefeated, and Masashige KUSUNOKI remained inside with a small number of soldiers.
  390. However, Chikafusa KITABATAKE, who was Genji choja, explained in his book "Shokugensho" that being the Shogakuin betto satisfied the requirement to become Genji choja (in this case, the deputy becomes the Junnain betto).
  391. However, Chikuun kept his passion for knowledge, and so, in 1857, he went to Kyoto and entered Takakura Gakuryo (the seminary of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple of Jodo Shinshu, today's Otani University), where he studied Chinese poetry and Chinese classics.
  392. However, Chinese culture was brought to Japan without going through the Korean peninsula, for example, by means of sending an envoy to the Sui Dynasty China by Prince Shotoku, and calligraphy in Japan was affected by Sui and Tang.
  393. However, Chinese people would do so by themselves.
  394. However, Chobei turns down his request, saying, 'If I was afraid of your master and avoided to face him, people would say I was coward, which would bring disgrace on my reputation.'
  395. However, Chogen had been requesting removal of the ugly-looking hill covering the back of the Great Buddha, which hindered the repair of the halo including condition checks.
  396. However, Choja is still revered by people as the supreme leader of the To-ji Shingon sect.
  397. However, Chonen's ambition was not realized and he passed away in 1016.
  398. However, Chosho-ji Temple was reinforced by Rene of Hongaku-ji Temple, who held grudge since the above matter, and made the followers of the two temple all over Hokuriku rise up in revolt, which made Gashu Sanka-ji Temples suffer beyond their expectations.
  399. However, Chuhachi was grieved about the increasing number of plane accidents after the invention of airplane, and felt responsible as one of those involved in the development for consoling the spirits of air crash victims.
  400. However, Chushin came to have different opinions from Yoshimitsu and left from Kyoto to Settsu Province in June 1384.
  401. However, Chushin politely refused the invitation and recommended Jorin Ryosa for the position; Chushin himself decided to serve at Erin-ji Temple in Kai Province.
  402. However, Cloistered Imperial Prince stated as follows.
  403. However, Corporal Fusaji TAKAHASHI and Private Ichijiro KONNO died after being rescued.
  404. However, Daigakunosuke, having been informed that his hawk has been killed by a village boy Satomatsu, kills the boy.
  405. However, Daijizaiten said, 'You are only Yasha, a class of semidivinity usually considered to be of a benevolent and inoffensive disposition but sometimes also classified with malignant spirits, but I am a king of gods,' and was able to escape repeatedly.
  406. However, Daio-ke (antecedent of Tenno's family) is said to have had family name, before uji-kabane was systematized.
  407. However, Daisaitogoma ceremony of the Agonshu sect, one of the new religions, has tens of millions of Gomagi and is uniquely large-scale domestically and internationally and more of an event.
  408. However, Daisanji (second to a governor) of Nagaoka domain, Torasaburo KOBAYASHI decided to sell the given rice and found a school (it is also said for school facilities) with the money instead of sharing out them to the retainers.
  409. However, Dan-i already granted before the abolishment remained valid.
  410. However, Danemon BAN, the spearhead, was defeated by the troops of Asano in the battle of Kashii and, when the main unit arrived, the troops of Asano had already retreated to Kii Province and the main unit returned to the castle having nothing more to do.
  411. However, Danshichi was released through the efforts of Hyodayu with a reduction in penalty by one degree and expelled from Sakai.
  412. However, Dazai-fu was restored in July 745.
  413. However, Dewa no kuni was the headquarters of the Kiyohara clan.
  414. However, Dezong denied the request.
  415. However, Doan and Shoan were forced to seclude themselves at the death of Rikyu, and the SEN family went into decline for a while.
  416. However, Dogen, the founder of the Soto sect, denied Mappo shiso asserting that there were some dull disciples who committed evil deeds while Shaka was in life and people might use Mappo as an excuse for not doing ascetic training.
  417. However, Dosan favored Yoshitatsu's younger brothers Tatsushige and Tatsusada over Yoshitatsu, and it is said that he finally began to think about eliminating Yoshitatsu as the head of the family.
  418. However, Doshin received a lot of real income from bribes offered by people living in merchant houses under their jurisdiction, and they got Tefuda (pocket money) from the income.
  419. However, Doshisha Elementary School is treated as an attached school to the university by management, so it is mentioned in the section of attached schools.
  420. However, Doton's origin has yet to be determined.
  421. However, Dutch books, cultural products, and rare articles were very expensive.
  422. However, Dutch, Jacques SPECX struggled to arrive at Hirato in 1609 and obtained permission to trade from Ieyasu through William ADAMS.
  423. However, Edo chief retainer Yasunaga IROBE (also known as Takafusa CHISAKA) stood in his way to save the Uesugi family and shouted at his lord by saying 'you are supposed to be the head of the Uesugi family and not the Kira family.'
  424. However, Emishi answered that it was a fate that they must not be together and this was why both were born as men, and left Umayado with painful reluctance and chose Futohime.
  425. However, Emishi did not recognize his own supernatural power, because he only could bring out his power while he was unconscious.
  426. However, Emishi murdered his uncle SAKAIBE no Marise who recommended Prince Yamashiro no Oe as the Emperor Suiko's successor
  427. However, Emperor Chuai didn't believe it and criticized the Sumiyoshi Okami gods.
  428. However, Emperor Godaigo claimed that the Jingi he had given to the Northern Court was a fake, that he had the legitimate right to succeed the Imperial throne and established the Sourthern Court (Japan) in Yoshino (Yoshino-cho, Yoshino-gun, Nara Prefecture).
  429. However, Emperor Godaigo respected Tsunetada and after the Kenmu Restoration, he was reinstated as the head of the Fujiwara clan and also promoted him to Sadaijin.
  430. However, Emperor Godaigo's policy which aimed at political primacy of the Court nobles caused various confusion, resulting in the accumulation of discontent among samurai families.
  431. However, Emperor Gomurakami promoted Takasuke to Juichii (Junior First Rank) Dainagon (chief councilor of state) in recognition of his services.
  432. However, Emperor Goreizei had no children, so after he died, Prince Takahito was enthroned.
  433. However, Emperor Goshirakawa refused it, and Sutoku blamed him and called himself the "Great Devil," swearing to be a vengeful ghost.
  434. However, Emperor Hanayama was forced to abdicate the throne due to Sekkan-ke who opposed such reform.
  435. However, Emperor Heizei already had Prince Takaoka and Prince Abo, so the means by which Emperor Saga became the second prince was that his deceased father, Emperor Kammu, had intended it.
  436. However, Emperor Heizei and Emperor Saga did not accept this, and when Imperial Prince Takaoka, who was the crown prince of Emperor Saga, died in the Kusuko Incident, Imperial Prince Otomo became the Crown Prince on the premise that Tsuneyo would succeed to the imperial throne.
  437. However, Emperor Higashiyama was frustrated that the Retired Emperor Reigen had all the political power and he did not have any means of control, so he tried to rule the government directly with the help of Motohiro KONOE in order to improve the relationship with the government of Edo.
  438. However, Emperor Hsuan Tsung (Tang Dynasty) of those days prohibited Ganjin from going to Japan because he thought it pity for China to lose Ganjin's brilliant brain.
  439. However, Emperor Konoe died childless in 1155 and Emperor Goshirakawa, who was supported by Tadamichi, was enthroned, leading to Yorinaga losing standing.
  440. However, Emperor Konoe passed away in July 1155 without leaving any heirs, and Teishi entered into priesthood.
  441. However, Emperor Kotoku refused to listen to the demand, and members of the Imperial Family including Naka no Oe and most of the vassals returned to Wakyo.
  442. However, Emperor Meiji didn't accept the resignation except KURODA's, and ordered the other ministers to stay in their positions and newly appointed Sanetomi SANJO as Prime Minister keeping him as Minister of the center, in order to maintain the cabinet.
  443. However, Emperor Meiji dissuaded Tosuke from resigning, and Tosuke remained in the same position.
  444. However, Emperor Meiji wore konoshi as noshi informal wear.
  445. However, Emperor Nijo left the Imperial Palace seeking refuge because of the betrayal of FUJIWARA no Korekata and FUJIWARA no Tsunemune, who once were the new government supporters.
  446. However, Emperor Ninko passed away before Kazunomiya was born.
  447. However, Emperor Saga's side went ahead of Emperor Heizei, and on September 10 Emperor Saga took away Kusuko's office rank.
  448. However, Emperor Shijo passed away at the young age of twelve in 1242.
  449. However, Emperor Shirakawa ignored his father's will when Sanehito died in 1085, he formally installed his biological son Imperial Prince Taruhito as the Crown Prince in the next year, and within the day, Shirakawa declared to give the throne to Emperor Horikawa.
  450. However, Emperor Shoko recovered and was furious when he heard about it, on July 5, just after three months later, Sadafusa shaved his head at Fushimi Shigetsuan (Shigetsu monastery) and was forced to enter into the priesthood.
  451. However, Emperor Shoko was strongly opposed to the arrangement, and Sadafusa became a priest and gave up on the plan of succeeding to the throne.
  452. However, Emperor Shomu's disease was apparently not serious at that time, there is a different view that the Empress Komyo vowed to save the emperor from a disease (written in the "Shoku Nihongi" or Chronicles of Japan Continued) in 745, two years earlier than the first theory.
  453. However, Emperor Showa respected Yamagata as a military man.
  454. However, Emperor Toba had already instructed important samurai to protect Goshirakawa if anything should happen, and on July 11 TAIRA no Kiyomori, MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo and MINAMOTO no Yoshiyasu made a breakaway nighttime attack into Shirakawa dono, and consequently Sutoku's force was defeated by the Goshirakawa force.
  455. However, Emperor Tsuchimikado, who had not taken part in the plot, was not subject to punishment but was exiled to Tosa at his own request.
  456. However, Emperor Yomei died of smallpox on April 9, 587 (cf. in the "Kojiki" the date of death was April 15 [old lunar calendar]).
  457. However, Emperor Yomei's half-brother, Prince Anahobe, who aspired to ascend the throne, was dissatisfied with his brother's succession.
  458. However, Empress Teimei, Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun are said to have been very keen on the rituals.
  459. However, Empress Uno no Sarara, did not let Prince Kusakabe ascend the throne immediately after the execution of Prince Otsu.
  460. However, Endo family, one of the lines of Settsu Watanabe-to Party, represented themselves as descendant of Fujiwara Shikike.
  461. However, Enku declined to meet with any of them and kept on sutra chanting and balneum bath.
  462. However, Enryaku-ji Temple got irritated by the fact that Katata people sheltered Rennyo, who Enryaku-ji Temple criticized as an 'Enemy of Buddhist.'
  463. However, Enryaku-ji Temple on Mount Hiei, which had a cooperative relationship with the Azai clan, was destroyed by fire during an attack on Mount Hiei by Nobunaga in October 1571.
  464. However, Enshin drew a big dragon on his flag marked with the hidari mitsudomoe crest; the dragon was a prophecy of hachiman bosatsu (hachiman Bodhisattva), reflecting his determination to once again invade Kyo (Kyoto).
  465. However, Erizenirei then became that only a bad law to force the general public to use the low-quality Torai-sen, lots of which were held by the Muromachi bakufu and others.
  466. However, Esoteric Buddhism, the latest Buddhism at the time, had already been introduced when Denkyo daishi Saicho, the founder of the Japanese Tendai sect, traveled to Tang.
  467. However, European countries which started to explore the world after the Age of Geographical Discovery to expand their areas of dominance and the USA which rode on the wave of continuous Imperialism and made a foray into Africa and Asia for incursions and colonization became a threat for East Asian countries.
  468. However, FUJIWARA no Akisue, who was Sueshige's descendant, and his sons became the retired Emperor's courtiers in the administration governed by the retired emperor, and rapidly extended their influences, and came to occupy high court noble's position once again.
  469. However, FUJIWARA no Hisanori, the Kouzuke no suke (Assistant Governor of Kozuke Province), who fled after Masakado attacked and deprived him of the seal of Kokushi (Provincial Governor), was the uncle of Sumitomo (the younger brother of Sumitomo's father).
  470. However, FUJIWARA no Kunitsuna visited the residence of FUJIWARA no Kanezane on the 28th and conveyed that the 'imperial proclamation of Narichika's exile is not issued yet; the decision may be changed again.'
  471. However, FUJIWARA no Nakamaro was granted the use of 'Emi家印' (the seal of Emi family) as a special case when he was given the kabane (hereditary titles used in ancient Japan to denote rank and political standing) of 'Emi' by the Empress Koken in 756.
  472. However, FUJIWARA no Sadaie, who was the top waka poet at that time, was personally a close friend to Michitomo HORIKAWA, who was the second son of Michichika and an anthologist, hated Michichika's political behavior and it is said that he Sadaie was extremely angry and called Michichika "the second coming of Dokyo.")
  473. However, FUJIWARA no Saneyori became chancellor due to the death of Emperor Murakami, and after that the posts of regent and chancellor were maintained continuously until the Meiji Restoration (except some periods such as the Kenmu Restoration by Emperor Godaigo, etc.).
  474. However, FUJIWARA no Yorinaga, the Minister of the Left, shouted him down, saying "Say not such barbaric things."
  475. However, FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa, the Daijo-daijin (Grand minister of state), provided counsel and Genshin was set free.
  476. However, Fenollosa, who was the brain of the Ryuchikai, began to aim for the creation of new Japanese paintings in combination of Japanese and Western-styles by the help of Hogai KANO, which brought clashes inside of the Ryuchikai.
  477. However, Frankie SAKAI commented later in life that afterwards he thought back that he should have done as the director said.
  478. However, French cuisine is always adopted in order to entertain foreign VIPs, so yusoku cuisine is only eaten for special ceremonies.
  479. However, Fujitaka transferred the head of the family to the heir Tadaoki HOSOKAWA in order to retire because he took responsibility for his relative Mitsuhide's betrayal.
  480. However, Fujitsubo's child, who was expected so enthusiastically, was in fact, not Emperor Kiritsubo's, but the child of his beloved son, Hikaru Genji.
  481. However, Fujiwara Shikike gradually went under and was overwhelmed by Fujiwara Hokke after the era of Emperor Saga, partly due to the extinction of the Yoshitsugu family (maternal relatives to Emperor Heizei and Emperor Saga) caused by the death of FUJIWARA no Takumi, the only son of Yoshitsugu.
  482. However, Fujiwara no Mototsune himself used the controversial term "Ako."
  483. However, Fukuzawa and other Dojin basically were agreed with the cooperation between government and private sector in common.
  484. However, Fumimaro KONOE who left the Kenkyu-kai in 1927 premeditated to factionalize Kayou-kai parliamentary group, an organization for promoting mutual friendship of a faction which was formed by him and councilors of duke or marquis.
  485. However, Fumitaka has an illegitimate son, Ryumei Azuma (He also has a son).
  486. However, Furukawa Mining acknowledged their fault only on the damages by copper but not by cadmium (the peasants did not complicate the issue by mentioning cadmium in order to reach a faster resolution.)
  487. However, Furukawa did not make it public.
  488. However, Fusasada UESUGI, who had succeeded to a governor of Echigo Province from Kiyokata, and warlords of the Kanto region plotted to put up Eijuoumaru (Shigeuji ASHIKAGA), a bereaved child of Mochiuji ASHIKAGA, as a new Kamakura Kubo, and the Muromachi shogunate approved it.
  489. However, Fushimi Castle didn't fall easily because of its impregnability and the resistance that Torii's army was able to mount.
  490. However, Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, the headquarters, say that the three major Inari are different from area to area; it has no intention to limit them to those they designate.
  491. However, Fuyo was not satisfied with this school and rather was fascinated by the impression of a seal of kodoin (a kind of seal) which had just began to be seen in the ship loads.
  492. However, Fuyu no ken was guaranteed for Kokumen sho only during the kokushi's term.
  493. However, Gagakuryo (a public office in the political system based on the Ritsuryo codes that administered Gagaku, or ancient court music and dance), the Imperial Household Ministry, Tonomoriryo (a public office in the political system based on the ritsuryo code that maintained and administered Densha and furniture inside the Imperial Court), and the Left and Right Divisions of the Imperial Guards are left on record.
  494. However, Ganjiro learned from Shoroku ONOE (II) concerning the nature of the role and played his own Kamashichi excellently and received praise.
  495. However, Ganryu didn't listen to the advice and took a boat to Funa-shima Island.
  496. However, Gao Zong (Korean Emperor) was not satisfied and sent a secret agent to Russia.
  497. However, Gao Zong (Korean King) caused the Hague Secret Emissary Affair by outsmarting the Eulsa Treaty, which resulted in him being replaced.
  498. However, Gassan Toda-jo Castle was so strongly fortified that they abandoned their attempt.
  499. However, Gengobe gently asks them to forget the whole things which happened between them and to get along well from now on like brothers and sisters, and he offers a small sake barrel.
  500. However, Gengobe just comes home and declares that he sold them all, therefore the furniture is carried out after all.
  501. However, Gengobe takes the half of his short sword's wari-kogai (a metallic spatula set in the shell of a sword, originally used as a comb) carved with a lot of monkeys, and hands it to Hachiemon for the rent, and he leaves with Sangoro.
  502. However, Genji doesn't notice the concern of Murasaki no ue and the difference in their feelings for each other gets bigger and bigger, and at the age of 37 which is considered a critical age for a woman, she falls seriously ill because of anxiety ('Wakana' (new herbs)).
  503. However, Genji strongly rejected the offer.
  504. However, Genji took this as an opportunity to announce her origins to her father Hyobukyo no Miya as well as to the public.
  505. However, Genji was strong;y interested in the nyogo ('Eawase'), but since the nyogo did not want Genji, who was her mother's lover, to come close to her and Genji himself was strongly constrained by the late Miyasudokoro's will, he played the role of guardian while being attached to her to some extent.
  506. However, Genji was worried about what Lady Akashi would feel when she parted from her daughter.
  507. However, Genji, who had been secretly in love with Fujitsubo, felt unsatisfied with Aoi despite the fact that she had been brought up with the greatest care in a good family as a candidate for empress.
  508. However, Gennai HIRAGA killed a man, so Tanuma denied all connection to Hiraga.
  509. However, Genpaku SUGITA lived a life of 85 years, which was extraordinarily long in those days.
  510. However, Germany director Lupu Pick got interested in the movie, and he was back home in January 1926 with his promise of holding a show to save face.
  511. However, Gidayu-bushi was so perfect that the school name 'Gidayu-bushi' has been used continuously, even after the death of Gidayu TAKEMOTO, as the name of the pattern.
  512. However, Gifu-jo Castle, where he lived, was besieged in May of the same year by his brother Nobukatsu; when Katsuie, his only hope, committed suicide in Kitanosho-jo Castle, Nobutaka surrendered to Hideyoshi and opened Gifu-jo Castle.
  513. However, Gochiku's learning abroad, together with Yang Shoujing's visit to Japan, was the largest causes to make the six dynasty style popular.
  514. However, Godaigo was very dissatisfied with his position and became rebellious.
  515. However, Gofukakusa was dissatisfied with this and thus declined the title of Daijo-Tenno (retired Emperor) and announced his intention to become a priest in 1275.
  516. However, Goguryeo also was involved in internal troubles and it was destroyed in AD 668 by the Tang Dynasty.
  517. However, Goguryeo unreasonably tried to conquer Baekje, snatches the bordering regions, and didn't stop the slaughter.
  518. However, Gojo City is the only city in Nara Prefecture that has two or more classifications as of November 2008.
  519. However, Gojo-dori Street during the Heian period has become the present Matsubara-dori Street, and one theory suggests the 'Gojo-no-hashi' bridge of that time used to be near the present Matsubara-bashi Bridge, and another theory proposes that it was Nishinotoin-dori Street as no bridge was over the Kamo-gawa River.
  520. However, Gojong, who did not accept the conclusion of the Eulsa Treaty, dispatched secret envoys to the second Hague Peace Conference in 1907 in order to denounce the conclusion of the treaty as compulsive and invalid (so-called Hague Secret Envoy Incident).
  521. However, Gonancho forces that supported descendants of the Southern Court appeared throughout the Muromachi period and associated with anti-bakufu forces.
  522. However, Gonta was actually being dutiful to his parents by risking his life.
  523. However, Goro is said to have been buried alive by Kiyomasa, who came to know his plan, throwing stones and sand into a well in the castle in which he was working.
  524. However, Goshirakawa rejects it, at which Sutoku becomes infuriated, declaring that Goshirakawa is to be his enemy forever; he bites the tip of his tongue, swearing to be the 'Devil' and writes a solemn vow with his own blood.
  525. However, Goshirakawa remained determined to attack Enryaku-ji Temple.
  526. However, Goshirakawa removed Hokuriku-do Road from the area covered by the Senji, acknowledged Ueno and Shinano as Yoshinaka's sphere of influence, and ordered Yoritomo to make peace with Yoshinaka ("Gyokuyo," entry of November 16).
  527. However, Gosho, where the Emperor lives, is located in the garden area attached to Edo-jo Castle, which was called Fukiage.
  528. However, Gozoku (a powerful regional clan) ABE no Tomitada, who was considered a member of the Abe clan, raise in rebellion against Yoritoki, so Yoritoki went up north to defeat the rebel army.
  529. However, Gyoki-zu has been used in the fields of education and arts for many generations.
  530. However, HIRAYAMA no Mushadokoro Sueshige (Sueshige HIRAYAMA of Mushadokoro - place where Samurai guards of the Imperial Palace are staffed) and Kumatanijiro Naozane KUMAGAI, were masterless independent busha, but Sueshige HIRAYAMA was a 'samurai' and military officer that served the imperial court and kugyo as he called himself as mushadokoro.
  531. However, HORI's autocratic management received bad reputation and he left the position of management quite soon.
  532. However, Hachibe dashes out of the nearby sentry box and announces that he is the murderer murdered the five people, showing the half of the wari-kogai that Gengobe handed him.
  533. However, Haihan-chiken (abolition of feudal domains and establishment of prefectures) was done in 1871 and landlords in Japan were cleared away and a big reason of objection disappeared.
  534. However, Hakase was a reference to chant, and in order to learn Shomyo, kuden (also called roi, or direct initiation by an instructor) was necessary; therefore, conservation and inheritance were impossible from the perspective of a master to a disciple.
  535. However, Hakuseki persuaded them by saying 'then we will welcome Yoshimichi from gosanke (three privileged branches) as our shogun.'
  536. However, Hakuseki, Akifusa and other roju (member of shogun's council of elders) dominated the shogunate government and he could not exert his capabilities.
  537. However, Hanago, with whom he had promised was not there.
  538. However, Harumi SHIBUKAWA who was virtually the head of kaireki work was nominated by the Edo bakufu and to become a Tenmonkata (astronomer appointed by the bakufu), the center of kaireki work had been moved to Edo.
  539. However, Harumichi, Hiroyasu and their children kept fighting against Yasuchika and his son over theories, and some other branch families sprouted from these three branch families.
  540. However, Harumoto's murder of the meritorious retainer Motonaga MIYOSHI, who had climbed to the highest rungs of power within the government, had a profound backlash in later years.
  541. However, Harunobu avoided fighting a decisive battle, resulting in that neither side won decisively.
  542. However, Harunobu insisted his legitimacy saying that 'we are fighting invasion from other provinces to fulfill the responsibility of the shugo post of Shinano province,' and accused Kagetora instead.
  543. However, Harunobu stood up the heads of 3000 soldiers that were severed at Otaihara around the castle in order to threaten those within.
  544. However, Hatayasu and Hito killed YAMABE no Okimi sometime around August 2 and the army halted the advance in confusion.
  545. However, Hatayasu and Hito killed Yamabe no Okimi around July 2 when they had set up a camp on the bank of Inugami River.
  546. However, Heike no Ochudo is more commonly used since people other than samurai also escaped and hid themselves.
  547. However, Hidehisa SENGOKU and Mushin SUGIWAKA attacked Tomari-jo Castle.
  548. However, Hideie was deemed as the leading busho (Japanese military commander) and condemned to exile and the Ukita clan, as a daimyo, was ruined.
  549. However, Hidemochi refused this, and moreover, he gave the right to become the next head of the family to his younger brother Shigekatsu and left the Maeda family.
  550. However, Hidetada TOKUGAWA recognized his military achievements, and in 1610, he received a territory of 10,000 goku crop yields in Motegi, Haga County, Shimotsuke Province and became a lord.
  551. However, Hidetada TOKUGAWA, who Tadachika recommended, ended up becoming a successor.
  552. However, Hidetada assigned Iemitsu as an heir, transferred shogunate to Iemitsu and became Ogosho (honorific for a retired former shogun).
  553. However, Hidetada protected Kita Shichidayu Noh, which was deviated from Yamato-shiza, and recognized the establishment of Kita Style (Kita-ryu) in Genwa Era.
  554. However, Hidetada, in disregard of the Ieyasu's order, continued to go on a forced march arriving at Nagoya on November 2 and Hikone on November 5.
  555. However, Hideyori TOYOTOMI, who was cast down to a daimyo, did not accept the submission to the Tokugawa Shogunate as a mere retainer, although witnessing the process of establishment of the Tokugawa Administration.
  556. However, Hideyoshi HASHIBA did not feel good about Negoro-ji Temple's progress to the Sennan region and waited for an opportunity to put it down.
  557. However, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI absolutely aimed to conquer Ming and invasion into Korea itself was not the purpose and, therefore, it was a war on the way to sending military forces to Ming.
  558. However, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI trumpeted a strategic rumor of Norihide's betrayal aiming at disruption inside Odawara-jo Castle.
  559. However, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, who actually succeeded his government, made progress in the unification of the whole country based upon the foundation established by Nobunaga, and he finally achieved it.
  560. However, Hideyoshi did not have such a 'common sense' in the Sengoku period.
  561. However, Hideyoshi is said to have continued, 'but Naoe lacks the wisdom, and Kobayakawa lacks the courage to rule over the whole nation.'
  562. However, Hideyoshi ordered the deportation of Christian missionaries and prohibited feudal lords from having faith in Christianity without permission.
  563. However, Hideyoshi practically refused the appointment to Udaijin.
  564. However, Hideyoshi seems to have detected Katsuie's plot, and sought to win the three generals over instead.
  565. However, Hideyoshi turned into Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI who had died in a fit of anger.
  566. However, Hideyoshi was appointed to Kampaku, a higher ranking position than Seii Taishogun.
  567. However, Hideyoshi's death was kept secret and it was not even informed to the Japanese army which had been dispatched to Korea.
  568. However, Higashi-Osaka City, a local public body along the line, has requested that Kintetsu change the name of Aramoto Station, which is the nearest to the city hall of the city, to Higashi-Osaka Station in order to keep the name of Higashi-Osaka as a station name.
  569. However, Higekuro came between them, so Genji could not communicate with her freely.
  570. However, Hikoyai no mikoto is not described in the "Nihon Shoki" (Chronicles of Japan); and according to the "Shinsen Shojiroku" (Newly Compiled Register of Clan Names and Titles of Nobility) and the "Aso-shi Keizu" (The Family Tree of Aso clan), Hikoyai no mikoto is referred to as a son of Kamuyaimimi no mikoto.
  571. However, Hirano-go neighbored Kawachi Province, and the Sakagami and Hirano clans which were families of the Nariyasu clan held territory in Kawachi Province.
  572. However, Hiroichi TSUTSUI and others have been suspending judgment about the reliability of "Nanboroku."
  573. However, Hirokazu KAZUSANOSUKE was depicted as a person who is destined to be murdered later in "Azuma Kagami."
  574. However, Hiromu NONAKA has retired from the national political arena, lessening his influence.
  575. However, Hirotada MATSUDAIRA continued being a vassal of the Imagawa clan, and therefore, being abandoned, Takechiyo was left staying in Owari Province.
  576. However, Hiroyuki MIURA disproved this.
  577. However, Hisahide attacked the Miyoshi's army which was lined up at the Kofuku-ji Temple on October 10, 1567, and fought off them by setting a fire to the Daibutsu-den Hall (the Great Buddha hall) of Todai-ji Temple (warrior clashes at the Great Buddha Hall of Todai-ji temple); the battle was a seesaw war.
  578. However, Hisahide had no choice but to hand it over when Nobunaga ODA, who had been protecting Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, demand it.
  579. However, Hisamasa was not completely out of the political matters, and still had a certain influence even after his retirement.
  580. However, Hisamitsu had no intention of attacking the shogunate, and his going to Kyoto was due to the kobu-gattai (movement for reconciliation between the imperial court and the shogunate).
  581. However, Hiyodorigoe (Hiyodorigoe Cho, Hyogo Ward, Kobe City) is located eight kilometers to the east from the Ichinotani region (Ichinotani Cho, Suma Ward, Kobe City).
  582. However, Hoju-ji Temple is protected by Fudo-myoo's barrier, so instead Sutoku heads for Kiyomori at West Hachijo and succeeds in invading without difficulty.
  583. However, Hokkai continued to study hard while being dutiful to his father.
  584. However, Hon-kudzu-ko is relatively easy to obtain in western Japan, especially in the Kinki and Kyushu regions, in which there are many kudzu vine-producing areas.
  585. However, Honen had a different perspective: he evaluated the efforts people made in order to do good deeds, and believed that those who couldn't become good people should endeavor all the more.
  586. However, Hoori lost Hoderi's fishing hook and Hoderi would not forgive him.
  587. However, Horikoshi-kubo was also defeated after Masatomo's death by Moritoki ISE (Soun HOJO), a major vassal of the Imagawa clan, and this ended in failure.
  588. However, Horyu-ji Temple was committed to using the name 'Kokuzo Bosatsu', and on April 14, 1905, a request for changing the name from 'Kanzeon' to 'Kokuzo' was submitted to the Governor of Nara Prefecture of the time, but the temple's request was not granted.
  589. However, Hoshino had little doubt about the work except the parts which were obviously wrong such as the period of Rise and Fall of the Minamoto and the Taira families, or the period until the fall of the Taira family in 1185, and MINAMOTO no Yoriie's abdicating the post of shogun.
  590. However, Hosokawa punitive forces soon appeared, the Isshiki troops were annihilated and Yoshikiyo ended up being cut off at Hosokawa headquarters, where it is said he made a heroic last-stand at the Shimomiyazu seashore.
  591. However, Hozo Bosatsu denounces the Lotus Sutra, thus preventing himself from being reborn in the Pure Land.
  592. However, Hyobu was persuaded to join them instead.
  593. However, I am deeply impressed by this incident.'
  594. However, I could not understand why this doll works miracles.
  595. However, I don't want to cause the peasant great hardship due to my problem.
  596. However, I have tried to do my best, keeping the following belief in my mind: The more difficult the task is, the more efforts I must make so that I can deepen my understanding of Okinawa, having a proper understanding of the feelings of people in Okinawa.'
  597. However, I said that 'It is not true: Even if SAIGO has no idea of aiding the rebellion, he would eventually become involved in it by others, according to the obtained information'.
  598. However, I the prime of his life he and Yon no Kimi are depicted looking after the sick and bedridden Kashiwagi together.
  599. However, ICOCA can be recharged on the buses where PASPY is accepted.
  600. However, ITO always returned the document with at least one revision because of his pride though YAMAZA's documents were perfect without necessary to revise, so they sometimes changed for the worse.
  601. However, Ichi committed suicide with her husband Katsuie.
  602. However, Ichinei was not killed, possibly because he was a high-ranking priest with a Daishi-go title and was accompanied by Shidon who had stayed in Japan.
  603. However, Ichiro MIYAJIMA pointed out the changes of the anti-Christian expressions, and insisted that the editor of the "Nukigaki" (Excerpts) still exists.
  604. However, Ichiyo left and ended master and disciple relationship with him in the following year.
  605. However, Iemitsu's trip to Kyoto was the first and last time the Goten was used as a shogun's inn, and later it became a 'banjiro' under the supervision of a Joban (one who takes care of castles) who was appointed by the bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun).
  606. However, Iemochi passed away at Osaka-jo Castle, so Kazunomiya, who was given the Nishijin ori, composed a poem in sorrow.
  607. However, Iesada who succeeded Ieyoshi after his death became extremely ill and often almost disabled and could not administer government affairs satisfactorily.
  608. However, Ieshege and Ieharu, the shogun who succeeded the Ieshige, did not want to be involved in political matters actively, therefore, it can also be said that the Sobayonin officers, such as OOKA and Okitsugu TANUMA, came to have strong power naturally.
  609. However, Ieshige had a weak construction and a speech defect, and was questioned as a successor.
  610. However, Ietoki, Yoshiie's seventh-generation descendant, thought that he could not achieve this, therefore, he prayed to Great Bodhisattava Hachiman to help the third generation descendant of him to conquer the whole country, and killed himself with a ganmon (a written wish) left behind.
  611. However, Ietsugu was appointed to jito (manager and lord of manor) of Bicchu Province and transferred there.
  612. However, Ietsuna said to the page, 'Empty the soup out of the bowl on your way back and return it to the kitchen.'
  613. However, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA of Mikawa Province, who was an ally of the Oda clan, intensified his offensive after the Battle of Nagashino, forcing Katsuyori to frequently send his troops to battle.
  614. However, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA remained suspicious of him, so that while Ieyasu acknowledged Kutsuki's main domain of Omi Kutsuki, he left the clan's total crop yield 9550 goku, being taken away their status as daimyo (Japanese feudal lord).
  615. However, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who knew Morichika's intention, did not allow this and sentenced him to death.
  616. However, Ieyasu coldly said to him as follows.
  617. However, Ieyasu detected the movement of Hidetsugu's military troops, and raided and annihilated the troops by himself, making Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI take to flight and killing Tsuneoki, Nagayoshi, and Motosuke IKEDA (the heir of Tsuneoki) (Battle of Komaki-Nagakute).
  618. However, Ieyasu did not resent them but employed them again.
  619. However, Ieyasu had Nagayasu's half-decayed dead body dug out, decapitated it, and exposed the head on the river bed of the Abe-gawa River to be viewed publicly.
  620. However, Ieyasu ignored it, and to help Nobunaga, participated in the Battle of Anegawa against the allied forces of Yoshikage ASAKURA and Nagamasa ASAI.
  621. However, Ieyasu moved to the Kanto region according to Hideyoshi's order and came to reside in Edo-jo Castle.
  622. However, Ieyasu ordered Masazumi HONDA to fill the inner moats as well, which was not included in the conditions.
  623. However, Ieyasu refused even to see them, took Seikan into custody and sent Katsumoto back to Osaka.
  624. However, Ieyasu reportedly told them as follows.
  625. However, Ieyasu stopped holding the ceremony, saying that the inscription on the bonsho (temple bell) included ominous terms.
  626. However, Ieyasu suffered a crushing defeat due to Shingen's superior military force and skillful tactics, and the Tokugawa army took flight, as well as losing a number of officers and soldiers (the Battle of Mikatagahara).
  627. However, Ieyasu used many retainers of the Imagawa clan, of the Takeda clan, and of the Hojo clan, all of whom had once been his enemies, and employed many of their military strategies and political measures.
  628. However, Ieyasu, who knew that Mitsuhide AKECHI raised his army in Kamigata (Kyoto and Osaka area) to overthrow Ieyasu, left Shirakawa-guchi Gate to the second son Hideyasu YUKI and returned to the Edo-jo Castle.
  629. However, Ieyasu, who was helped by Kagesuke to go through Iga Province, took him in as one of his vassals.
  630. However, Ieyoshi was concerned about the abilities of Iesada's, so Ieyoshi at one time even considered choosing Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA as the successor to the Shogun.
  631. However, Ihachi OMORI, a cameraman, returned to Eion to which he previously belonged.
  632. However, Ii was assassinated in the Sakurada Mongai Incident, and then it was Hirochika KUZE, Nobumasa ANDO and other "roju" who took the lead in bakufu politics.
  633. However, Ike no Zinnia, Kiyomori's mother-in-law, plead for his life, and he was exiled to Hiruga-kojima Island, Izu Province, chigyo-koku (provincial fiefdom) of the family of MINAMOTO no Yorimasa, Settsu-Genji (Minamoto clan).
  634. However, Ikkansai's exceptional skills were recognized, and the case ended with the toshiyori's loss.
  635. However, Imai, who had been a leading member of the Toho dispute, was barred from the 5 film studios (the so-called red purge), and worked for a short time as a scrap broker to earn a living.
  636. However, Imperial Prince Kagosaka met with his demise by the attack of a wild boar during hunting for predicting his success in the rebellion at Togano (this location is possibly the present Toga river basin in Nada Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture).
  637. However, Imperial Prince Kagosaka was bitten to death by a wild boar during hunting in Togano (this location is possibly the present Togano-Cho, Kita Ward, Osaka City [Osaka City]) for Ukiegari (to predict one's fortune by the game of hunting).
  638. However, Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi suddenly died in 1326 and then Baishi entered into the priesthood soon after his death to raise a bereaved child of Imperial Prince Kuniyoshi, Imperial Prince Yasuhito (his mother was the daughter of Sadanori KAZANIN, who held the title of Gon Dainagon - provisional major counselor).
  639. However, Imperial Prince Morikuni, the last Shogun was the only exception; he couldn't go back to Kamakura and became a priest.
  640. However, Imperial Prince Norihira was formally installed as the Crown Prince with the power of the maternal relative, and later became Emperor Reizei.
  641. However, Imperial Prince Osabe, the former crown prince and his half brother with the same father, and his mother, Imperial Princess Inoe, were gotten rid of due to the political fight, and the Emperor Kammu had a ceremony of the formal investiture of the Crown Prince on February 2, 773.
  642. However, Imperial Prince Oshikuma lost his bow and sword through the tactics of Takenouchi no Sukune, then ran away, and was finally defeated at Osaka. (In the "Shoki"(Chronicles).
  643. However, Imperial Prince Sadatsune became the head of the Fushiminomiya family without combining its property with that of the Imperial Family, with the Emperor Gohanazono granting the family the right "to call itself the Imperial palace of Fushimi on a permanent basis."
  644. However, Imperial Prince Sawara was implicated in the assassination of FUJIWARA no Tanetsugu, and exiled to Awaji but starved himself to death on the way.
  645. However, Imperial Princess Isoko supposedly did not get permission from her father Emperor and therefore it is said that the first case of koka with an emperor's approval is that of Imperial Princess Teishi, a daughter of Emperor Sanjo.
  646. However, Inoue declined forming his cabinet partly because Eichi SHIBUSAWA did not become Minister of Finance against Inoue's expectation, and partly because Rikken Seiyukai (Friends of Constitutional Government Party) was in chaos.
  647. However, Inoue did not apply for a patent.
  648. However, Inoue was so true to his belief that he sometimes took a radical approach, for example, in the Political Change of 1881, he took the liberty to insist the construction of a German-style nation to Tomomi IWAKURA and tried to push it through as the government's policy.
  649. However, Ippen's energetic disciple Taa reorganized it.
  650. However, Iruka does not believe it and tells others to hold Fukashichi hostage until he confirms the truth, and leaving the scene, goes inside.
  651. However, Isami KONDO and Toshizo HIJIKATA detected these actions.
  652. However, Ise Jingu Shrine's Godai-matsuri Festival (except for the Tsukinami-sai Festival) is treated separately, and, therefore, it is not called a chokusai-sha shrine, even though imperial messengers are sent every year.
  653. However, Ishi had only two daughters although she was the sole empress.
  654. However, Ishikawamaro's other brothers SOGA no Akae and SOGA no Murajiko were respectively appointed as Minister of the Left and Minister of the Right (Although the veracity of Murajiko's appointment is less certain.) during the reign of Emperor Tenchi, and the Soga clan maintained a certain degree of status.
  655. However, Ishin Suden was appointed soroku by the shogunate four years later.
  656. However, Issunboshi made use of his small body and got out of the ogre's body through its eye.
  657. However, Itagaki gave up the course of a military man and instead chose to be a politician as a representative of Tosa Domain clique, as mentioned above.
  658. However, Ito agreed with the Shinsengumi on the expulsion of the foreigners, but since the Shisengumi were Sabaku-ha (supporters of the Shogun), he opposed them regarding the policy of loyalty to the Emperor (overthrow of the shogunate).
  659. However, Ito didn't mention from which country he will have a model of the system.
  660. However, Ito was enraged when he found out that the actual writer of the document was a jiho (Emperor's aide) Nagazane MOTODA who was well known as a conservative Confucianist.
  661. However, Ito's petition was not in vain at all.
  662. However, Ittetsu spoke his innocence while reading bokuseki (wrinting) on the wall by a Zen priest Kido Chigu and therefore Nobunaga believed that Ittetsu was not guilty.
  663. However, Iwanagahime was very ugly, and Ninigi sent Iwanagahime home and married only Konohana Sakuyabime.
  664. However, Iwasuki turned his back and fled when we were ambushed.'
  665. However, Izanagi blocked the road at the Yomotsu Hirasaka, the slope that forms the border between the land of the dead and the world above, so that they would not see each other again.
  666. However, Izanami became ill because her genitals were burned when she gave birth to a fire god, Kagutsuchi no kami.
  667. However, Izanami caught up with him at Yomotsuhirasaka and they squabbled there.
  668. However, Izanami felt shame at her repulsive appearance being seen, and commanded Yomotsu-shikome (a hag from Yomi) and had her chase Izanagi.
  669. However, Izunahime no Mikoto has been worshipped as an "ubusunagami" (guardian deity of one's birthplace) since the Muromachi period and earlier.
  670. However, J-Thru cards can only be used on JR lines and KANSAI THRU PASS compatible cards can only be used on the Keihan Line.
  671. However, JR Tokai and JR West use a picture of a train-car introduced later.
  672. However, JR lines operate on the weekday timetable.
  673. However, Japan did not escalate matters, so the South Korean government sought to have the decision made by the city of Masan repealed.
  674. However, Japan did not give such time to Korea in the Japanese-Korean Treaty of Amity.
  675. However, Japan gained nothing materially out of this war, and the rewards granted to vassals did not satisfy them.
  676. However, Japan had already adopted the Chinese rekiho (method of making calendars).
  677. However, Japan had already prepared defenses.
  678. However, Japan in this period neither accepted Toraijin unilaterally nor grew into their culture easily.
  679. However, Japan was not absolutely isolated from the world.
  680. However, Japan's hold on the Korean Peninsula had already decreased through the late 5th to the 6th century and the Yamato sovereignty also lost their interest in the Korean Peninsula due to the Iwai War, increasing its power only within the Japanese archipelago.
  681. However, Japan's trade with China showed an overwhelming excess of imports and gold and silver gradually flowed out of Japan.
  682. However, Japanese in North America do not often gather in their ethnic towns or support each other, compared to Korean and Chinese immigrants.
  683. However, Japanese products, contents, computer games, animations, comics and J-POP (Japanese pop music) have drawn attention in foreign countries recently, and more foreign people have an image of 'Japan' different from that in the past.
  684. However, Jibu-sho hardly dealt with the affairs related to the family names in and after the Heian period.
  685. However, Jien of Tendai-zasu (head priest of the Tendai sect) insulted Eisai as 'the incarnation of conceit in Buddhism' in "Gukansho" (Jottings of a Fool).
  686. However, Jiho and the others did not follow this order (on the pretext they were ill), but they eventually (August) visited the Kuroda estate and reported back that the villains had evaded capture yet again.
  687. However, Jinkichi IJUIN, who was given the secret message, passed it on to Tadatsune.
  688. However, Joan's study in herbalism could not be contained within the conventional herbalism to focus on pharmacy, and he developed his study toward natural history by actively collecting a wide range of sample animals, plants and minerals for further investigation.
  689. However, Jodo Shinshu (the True Pure Land Sect of Buddhism) does not hold Segaki-e.
  690. However, Jogo was also Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gu Shrine's betto and it is assumed that Kamakura bakufu directly governed Kumano.
  691. However, Joji FUJII, who studied the 'Daily records of the Edo bakufu' in detail, pointed out that 'Yoriai' (a meeting) had taken place in the denso-yashiki on December 3, 1636 ("Studies of the process of the formation of the roju system in the Edo Shogunate").
  692. However, Jugo means being equal to 'ko' (empress or queen) and the title was given to the nobility regardless of sex.
  693. However, Junkoku Gun was defeated by the government army lead by Goro MIURA by November 6th, being detected by the government and attacked by the Hiroshima Chindai (garrison in Meiji era) in Hagi.
  694. However, Junshi and Emperor Enyu had no sons, and when Emperor Ichijo ascended the throne and Senshi became Empress Dowager, one of Senshi's female attendants ironically asked Kinto, "Where is your sister, an empress with no child?"
  695. However, Juro was slain on the site by Tadatsune NITTA and Goro was caught alive and investigated by Yoritomo himself before executed.
  696. However, KARIYA considered the Shimosa book as 'falsification by the posterity,' and rejects it as 'the most inferior one of the various books concerned.'
  697. However, KATSU himself told in "Hikawa seiwa" that Ryoma SAKAMOTO was a leading student of the private school.
  698. However, KIBI no Kasa no Shidaru reported 'Furuhito no Oe no Miko is planning a rebellion' and Naka no Oe no Oji attacked and killed him on September 12 (it is said it was November 30).
  699. However, Kagekatsu UESUGI got in his way.
  700. However, Kagekatsu refused to do so, and therefore Ieyasu saw Kagekatsu as a rebel and ordered territorial lords to subjugate the Uesugi clan.
  701. However, Kagekatsu was forced to surrender to Ieyasu in December, because the West squad including Mitsunari was defeated in the final battle on September 15.
  702. However, Kagemichi AOYAMA detected their attempt and on February 12, 1870, he arrested all co-conspirators and exiled or imprisoned them.
  703. However, Kagemoto dissolved the adoption later as he thought that Kageki was not qualified as a successor.
  704. However, Kagemune was pardoned by Hideyoshi, was given 1,450 koku (approximately 261,000 liter of crop yields), and became one of Hideyoshi's Oumamawari (horse guards).
  705. However, Kageyoshi OBA also said that 'he might not deserve the praise,' and ' he is from the Kyushu district, so while he is on horseback, it would be difficult for him to draw a bow.'
  706. However, Kai Province at that time was in turmoil after the fall of the Takeda family.
  707. However, Kajishi for myoshu/shokan and honnengu for kokuga/ryoke had been delivered separately since the Kamakura period.
  708. However, Kamakurabon and Enkeibon, of "Heike Monogatari," as mentioned in 'Variant Texts,' have nearly identical texts in places, so this confirms the connection between these works.
  709. However, Kameoka City, Nantan City and Kyotanba-cho, Funai-gun in Kyoto Prefecture are not included in Kitakinki but instead called Nantan or Kuchitan even though they are within the Tanba Province, because the regions have a close tie with Kyoto City and Osaka.
  710. However, Kamiyama appeared all of a sudden and sacrificed himself for Moronao.
  711. However, Kampaku was always the highest rank for nobles, had great influence over within the Imperial court, and since it turned out a great many queens the Kampaku commanded authority and respect in every era.
  712. However, Kaneie eventually relented and went to the Imperial Palace, because the Emperor sent messengers repeatedly.
  713. However, Kaneie tried to cooperate with Tamemitsu to counterbalance MINAMOTO no Masanobu who then Sadaijin (minister of the left), so Tamemitsu was appointed to Udaijin in 986 and received the investiture of Juichii (Junior First Rank) the next year.
  714. However, Kaneie was promoted to the Jusanmi rank and stayed in that post until he was appointed Chu-nagon.
  715. However, Kaneie's wagon went past his gate to the Imperial Palace.
  716. However, Kanekiyo's biological child, Fuyuyoshi was born in the same year, and thus Fuyuyoshi was adopted by Kanezumi.
  717. However, Kanemichi died in 977 after only five years' tenure in the post of Kanpaku, and his promotions started to get stacked.
  718. However, Kanetsugu NAOE, a senior vassal to Kagekatsu, sent back a letter of defiance called 'the Naoe Letter.'
  719. However, Kanezae, who became head of the Fujiwara clan at the same time, had to put much effort into reconstructing Hojo-ji and To-ji Temples with a focus on Kofuku-ji Temple built by his clan.
  720. However, Kankyuan was burnt down several times by various causes including the Great Fire of Tenmei, the battles at the end of the Edo Period and the like but was rebuilt after each incident.
  721. However, Kannamesai (held on Oct.17), which is the shrine's most important religious service, is equivalent to the reisai performed at ordinary shrines.
  722. However, Kano was also a phantom member whose name was not listed in the Shinsengumi member list which still exists today.
  723. However, Kanpei is proven to be innocent immediately afterwards.
  724. However, Kanzan OGATA, who learned pottery techniques directly from Ninsei, produced many excellent pieces of pottery.
  725. However, Kaoru loves her more than ever.
  726. However, Kaoru, who had a vague suspicion about his birth, considered his life somewhat dull, and led his life thinking of becoming a priest.
  727. However, Kashiwagi gets ill because of Genji's indirect admonition, and falls into a critical condition.
  728. However, Kashiwagi has asked Yugiri, his best fiend, to look after his family after he dies, and while Yugiri visits Kashiwagi's wife Ni no Miya (the Second Princess, Ochiba no Miya), he comes to be attracted to her.
  729. However, Kashiwagi was, in fact, excellent at handling women like a swindler and seduced upper-class women one after another.
  730. However, Katsu refused this demand, reasoning that the Tokugawa family had not yet been officially charged.
  731. However, Katsugi Yatai (a large float used to carry drums at a festival) called Taikodai is generally heavier than Mikoshi (from several hundred kilograms to nearly 2 tons), so naturally, it is almost impossible to hold it with one hand like Mikoshi.
  732. However, Katsuhiko TAKAHASHI posed a question over this rumor in his own book "Kajo" (PHP Institute Office; ISBN 4-041704-103).
  733. However, Katsuie SHIBATA was by Hideyoshi in the Battle of Shizugatake in 1583 and Juzo committed suicide.
  734. However, Katsuie SHIBATA, who was in opposition to Nobunari and his vassals, reported the movement to Nobunaga.
  735. However, Katsuie was interrupted by bringing the eastern part of Ecchu Province under control due to Kagekatsu UESUGI's counterattack, which prevented him from going to Kyoto.
  736. However, Katsumoto, who supported Yoshimi, was opposed to the idea.
  737. However, Katsunoshin was shot dead in the Battle of Koshu-Katsunuma on March 29, 1868.
  738. However, Katsura, who regarded the situation as an opportunity for him to return to the government, and the Satsuma clique, which had been swept away from power during the Kei-En era, set out to take advantage of this situation and obliged Uehara (the minister of army) to take the hard line, provoking serious repercussions.
  739. However, Katsuteru also died without heirs.
  740. However, Katsutoyo and the other chief vassals (Tanaka, Nakamura and Horio) continued taking the position of having nothing to do with the incident and managed to avoid punishment.
  741. However, Katsutoyo's father Moritoyo was definitely a chief vassal of the Iwakura Oda clan, which ruled the four upper districts of Owari as Shugodai (deputy of Shugo, provincial constable).
  742. However, Katsuyori faced a situation that his castles in the Tokai region were caught off guard and attacked by the Tokugawa clan and asked for reinforcements, and Kagekatsu UESUGI, who seized the Sado gold mine, offered gold to Katsuyori.
  743. However, Kawaji did not take it seriously saying, "What could the Ishikawa Prefecture people do?"
  744. However, Kazan negotiated with the domain administration and the Himeji Domain; he had them approve that a son of Tomonobu MIYAKE would marry a daughter of Yasunao and that their son would be the next domain lord (an arrangement that was later realized as their son, Yasuyoshi MIYAKE).
  745. However, Kazutoyo was ordered by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and Hidetada TOKUGAWA to exclude the vassals of the former lordship, the Chosokabe clan.
  746. However, Kegon, Hodo, Hannya and Nehan-kyo are Zatsu-En (En-kyo that is mixed with other teachings) that is mixed with Hoben-kyo (tentative teachings that aim to induce people into real teachings) of Zo-kyo, Tsu-kyo and Betsu-kyo and therefore, they are not pure Enkyo.
  747. However, Keicho koban with inferiority in the gold content and mass was frequently produced later, which resulted in the further separation of the mass and the face value.
  748. However, Keiji is more commonly used than Kyotsu.
  749. However, Keisho did not changed his theory.
  750. However, Kenichi YOKOTA has pointed out that the "Kotai jingu gishikicho" and the "Yamato Hime no Mikoto seiki" do not have stories about Yamato Takeru.
  751. However, Kenmu Government issued an order to track down and kill Takauji, and dispatched an led by Yoshisada NITTA serving as Daishogun (command-in-chief) to carry out this order, forcing Takauji to live in seclusion in an effort to be pardoned.
  752. However, Kennyo disinherited Kyonyo, the core figure in the internal conflict, and set the third son Junnyo as a legitimate child.
  753. However, Kenshin UESUGI, the biggest enemy of Nobunaga after Shingen's death, conciliated with Ishiyamahongan-ji Temple in 1576 and broke their alliance with Nobunaga, and in the next year, he crushed the Oda army led by Katsuie SHIBATA in the Battle at Tetori River.
  754. However, Kenshin could not excute his actions at the time due to objection from his vassals.
  755. However, Kenshin evaded the battle in coordination with a move of the Ikko sect in Ecchu Province.
  756. However, Kenshin struggled desperately at Nanao-jo Castle a strong fortress, and they remained till the end of the year.
  757. However, Kenshunmonin's physical condition worsened in July and she died on August 21.
  758. However, Kihei abused him saying many bad things, and Riuemon took his sickle away.
  759. However, Kikakumaru's uncle Takaharu NAITO, who sided with the Mori clan, raided them, so they were defeated in the Battle of Myokenzaki on the next day.
  760. However, Kiku did not have an adoptive father, and was appointed as dai-joro by imperial decree.
  761. However, Kinemon started falling in love with Otsuya and struggled between loyalty and love due to a sense of guilt he was feeling for deceiving her and acquiring the map.
  762. However, Kinkazu TOIN, the ninth generation of the family, suddenly disposed of all the household goods and documents when, in 1476 during the Onin War, he realized the absence of absolutes of the world and became a priest.
  763. However, Kinmochi SAIONJI, who was from a noble family, did not express his feelings like Kei HARA did, but it is believed that he shared Hara's feelings toward Yamagata.
  764. However, Kinnobu's daughter (Princess Yasu or Yasuhime)who was born there returned to the capital, took a husband (Sanesuke SAIONJI)from the Takatsukasa family, and succeeded the Saionji family.
  765. However, Kinshige SAIONJI, the half brother of Kinmune, betrayed them and revealed the plot, resulting in the arrest of Kinmune and Ujimitsu HINO.
  766. However, Kinto was regretful, thinking that if he had chosen the boat of Chinese poetry he would have won even more renown, reminiscing that when Michinaga told him to choose a boat he was full of pride at being thought a master of all three fields.
  767. However, Kinzane's power and influence were directly reflected in the success of his children (Saneyuki SANJO became the grand minister of state, Saneyoshi TOKUDAIJI became the minister of the right and the youngest daughter, FUJIWARA no Shoshi, became the empress to Emperor Toba).
  768. However, Kira was also a hatamoto who had territory in Mikawa Province (Aichi Prefecture).
  769. However, Kira was in the capital to do the duty of koke (a master of ceremony) at that moment, and had not returned to Edo until March 27.
  770. However, Kitano-sha Shrine rejected the request because the issue had to due with their own tax income.
  771. However, Kiyohime did not forgive him, and wound itself around the bell.
  772. However, Kiyokata died suddenly in 1446 (some said that he committed suicide), and as Norizane refused to return from his cloistered life, nobody succeeded to the position of Kanto Kanrei.
  773. However, Kiyoko did not give birth to a daughter despite the wishes of her father.
  774. However, Kiyoko's skin boils grew worse and she died on July 16. (Source: Article for the same day in "Gyokuyo (Kanezane KUJO's diary)").
  775. However, Kiyomori acted swiftly and the Taira troops were defeated, and Prince Mochihito and Yorimasa killed.
  776. However, Kiyomori ignored Tokitada's proposal and dispatched his private retainers (elite troops belonging directly to Kiyomori) to subjugate Mino-Genji (Article for December 7 in "Gyokuyo").
  777. However, Kiyomori retreats for fear that his army will suffer increased damage.
  778. However, Kiyono was appointed again for the management of Tohoku, because his older brother, Hirono, died young from excessive drinking in 828.
  779. However, Kiyosumi's son Koganosuke and Sadaka's daughter Hinadori are in love with each other.
  780. However, Kiyotake was not considered for selection because the Tatebayashi Domain had been experiencing an outbreak of uprisings due to high taxes, he had already been adopted once before, and also he was elderly with no male children (he had an adopted son-in-law).
  781. However, Kiyotsugu KOMATSU (a nephew of Chika, and a real younger brother of Hisanari MACHIDA) had already been adopted by the Komatsu Family, and Kiyotsugu inherited the family estate on March 10, 1870, but on September 25, 1872, Kiyonao newly inherited the family estate.
  782. However, Kizokuin had a degree of independence from the Hanbatsu-dominated government and after fighting its status against the House of Representatives, Kizokuin sometimes made it difficult for the Hanbatsu government to maintain its power..
  783. However, Kobelamptei reconsidered its seasoning and started to give a common gyudon taste later probably because its original taste was different from what consumers liked.
  784. However, Kobetsu Sekke has spent much more time as non-members of the imperial family than the former imperial family.
  785. However, Kochi Prefecture did not accept Kusunose's request, and thus she even sent a written opinion to the Ministry of Interior (Japan).
  786. However, Kodanji was not satisfied with this adaptation and complained to Shinshichi as follows.
  787. However, Kofuku-ji Temple pleaded again to banish him to Hizen Province, and he died soon after that in Hizen Province.
  788. However, Koharudanji I had NHK film some kabuki routines to transmit his art after he became a dancer.
  789. However, Kohechi was already ruined at that time as it blocked by striped bamboos and windfalls and some sections were collapsed.
  790. However, Kokei HOAN who was responsible for construction was exiled in 1588 because of Hideyoshi's anger so, it was not built.
  791. However, Kokusai Eiga-sha was liquidated two months after its establishment due to financial difficulties, leaving the two films it produced undistributed.
  792. However, Kokushi came to assign gunji or persons in the rich and powerful class as the head persons responsible for the carriage and delivery.
  793. However, Kokyu-gaku has a handing-down line independent of those for Jiuta songs and So music.
  794. However, Komura's negotiations were highly praised by Hirobumi ITO and others.
  795. However, Konoe's dispatch to Moscow was effectively refused by Stalin.
  796. However, Koon-toka-ho includes various techniques, and how to add heat at a high temperature depends on the technique used (refer to 'Baisho-Dukuri' and 'Yumai-Dukuri').
  797. However, Korea did not understand as Japan intended.
  798. However, Korean side considered that they just made the relationship with Japan clear as a written form but did not intend to withdraw from Kaichitsujo and join in treaty system.
  799. However, Korean sources contain no references to an individual who was the son of King Muryeong and could be assumed to be Sunta or Junda.
  800. However, Korehira was removed from his position as Govenor of Ise Province after only two months since there was such disfavor concerning his appointment.
  801. However, Koremasa died in the battle before he was christened, so Frois was deeply mourned the death.
  802. However, Koremori's main force was severely defeated in the Battle of Kurikara.
  803. However, Korenaka and Kunihira recommended Michitaka, according to the order of legal wife's child and concubine's child.
  804. However, Korenori lost a ship, which this fan was on, by the attack of Yi Sun-sin in the first year of Japanese invasions of Korea.
  805. However, Koretada, who served as regent, died at the age of fifty without seeing his grandson ascend the throne, and Kaishi and her brothers died one after another.
  806. However, Kosamebo in "Tohoku Kaidan no Tabi" is in Aomori Prefecture, and it is said that it has nothing to do with Kosamebo in Mt. Omine and Katsuragi (Kinki region).
  807. However, Koyasan told the messengers that the bird who rushed into its breast was not purged and rejected to hand them over.
  808. However, Koyu Club, a pro-Seiyukai parliamentary group, was formed in the House of Peers and accordingly Rikken seiyukai gradually expanded its influence into the House of Peers.
  809. However, Kozaisho soon died from disease, and Kumagimi-maru also died young in 1568.
  810. However, Kubota virtually replaced President of Tokyo Imperial University Kenjiro YAMAKAWA in the form of dismissal at his request because Tomizu submitted a report against Treaty of Portsmouth in the joint names with Kanai and Terao to the throne.
  811. However, Kueiden system was eliminated by the 10th century.
  812. However, Kukai's Shingon sect of Buddhism attracted Jingu-ji Temples of various countries as a central large temple because it had magical essence, which was easy to combine with Jingi belief, as well as preaching a story, providing protection for the nation, universality, and abstractness.
  813. However, Kuki, holding the line against them, stayed in the Ministry of Education, and tried to implement the education policy based on the traditionalism which was against the Fukuzawa's idea of civilization and enlightenment.
  814. However, Kumano betto and supporting staffs were the ones who ran the governing affairs such as the expected temple affairs as well as the territory management, the security keeping, and the management of the Shinto priests, the priests, and yamabushi (mountain priests).
  815. However, Kunifusa HONJO's name was confirmed as the great-grandchild of Tokiie.
  816. However, Kuninobu also faced a hard time when his younger brother Mototsuna TAKEDA turned against him.
  817. However, Kuranosuke retired in somewhere before August or September, 1865.
  818. However, Kurodo (Chamberlain) was, due to their duties, allowed to enter the Imperial Palace even when their Ikai was Rokui, and thus people with Goi or higher and Rokui no kurodo (kurodo with the Sixth Rank) were called Tenjobito (a high-ranking courtier allowed into the Imperial Palace).
  819. However, Kuroki himself disliked the title of marshal, which he considered as a mere painted honorary position, and he was satisfied with the status of a commander in the field until the end of his career (In a letter directed to one of his colleagues, his words of such meaning can be found.)
  820. However, Kusaka told the plan to Hanpeita TAKECHI of the Tosa clan, who made it known to the head of the Tosa clan Yodo YAMAUCHI, and from him the news reached the head of the Choshu clan Sadahiro MORI, who stopped them from carrying it out recklessly, and ordered them to confine themselves at home.
  821. However, Kushiro is commonly believed to be the birthplace since 'Tototei' no longer exists and no relevant people are alive today.
  822. However, Kyakushiki was no longer compiled, for the ruling and administrative system based on the Ritsuryo and Kyakushiki reached their limit as it evolved into the ruling system by provincial officials and influential person of each region through large devolution of authority.
  823. However, Kyogoku Miyazu Domain's fief was later confiscated, and the Kyogoku family became Hatamoto (a direct retainer of the shogun) in the days of the second head, Takakuni KYOGOKU.
  824. However, Kyoiku Chokugo (Imperial Rescript on Education) is an exception, which is issued in writing and signed by Emperor himself or herself (without countersignature by Minister of State).
  825. However, Kyoto Shoshidai Sadakatsu MURAI and his sons came running with the news that Honno-ji had already fallen and they recommended him to move to the well-defended Nijo Shin-gosho.
  826. However, Kyoto remained the capital, and Nijo-jo Castle was built as a base for the bakufu in Kyoto.
  827. However, L. longissima has been used frequently instead of vegetables in Okinawa areas since long ago, having become the most popular kelp there.
  828. However, Li Hung Chang given full authority argued strongly that the Japanese troops had not entered the main island of Taiwan and thus Japan's request for the cessation of Taiwan was not reasonable.
  829. However, Lower Daigo's splendid Garan (monastery) burned down in the Onin War, and has since been burned and rebuilt several more times; but the Goju-no-to (5-story pagoda) miraculously stands in front of the Goma-dojo today just as it did when it was first built.
  830. However, MATSUKATA could not find any strategy at all for government management after election and submitted a letter of resignation on the same day.
  831. However, MINAMOTO no Kaneakira, the minister of the left, and FUJIWARA no Yoritada, the minister of the right (later a chancellor), has ranks higher than Kanemichi, and Kaneakira secured the real power of the Great Council of State as ichinokami (the ranking Council Member).
  832. However, MINAMOTO no Masanobu, who was the father of Rinshi, had a position that was one rank higher than him and once allowed Michinaga to live in his Tsuchimikado-dono Palace; Rinshi was considered to be the legal wife and Akiko his 'mistress' (entry on July 26, 1012 in "Shoyuki" (The Diary of FUJIWARA no Sanesuke)).
  833. However, MINAMOTO no Nakaakira answered, 'Nobody who hasn't done such a thing who is going to be a minister and a general,' and stopped him.
  834. However, MINAMOTO no Suesada used the name of OBU no Shoji (administrator of a manor), so he seems to have had something to do with Obu no sho.
  835. However, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo did not become a member of the upper Kizoku and was selected to become the ruler (Kamakura-dono) of the Togoku (the eastern part of Japan, the Kanto region in particular) government (Kamakura bakufu)
  836. However, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, the elder brother of Yoshitsune, sent Tokimasa HOJO to the inn at Sako and let only TAIRA no Munemori enter Kamakura.
  837. However, MINAMOTO no Yoritomo, who was also engaged in the Heiji War and remembered Konnomaru SHIBUYA, appreciated Shoshun's loyalty to his father and employed Shoshun as a vassal whilst pardoning the crime.
  838. However, MINAMOTO no Yoshitomo, who lost many of his family, could not expand his power compared to TAIRA no Kiyomori, who also supported the Emperor.
  839. However, MORI clan at that time had a financial problem caused by several wars and was invaded by Sorin OTOMO of Bingo and Mototsugu NANJO of Sanin, so that MORI clan could provide only 15,000 troops for Takamatsu Castle; as a result, it seems that Hideyoshi did not need relief column.
  840. However, MUSASHI no Takeshiba, the local magistrate of Adachi County, refused the Gon-no-kami's land survey because Adachi County had decided not to conduct the survey in the customary way unless the official Governor arrived in the county.
  841. However, MacArthur, who feared the media response, cut off Konoe, stating that GHQ (General Headquarters of the Allied Forces) would not be involved in revising the constitution.
  842. However, Magoichi (孫一) was sometimes written as '孫市' and another theory has it that 孫市 and 孫一 were not the same but completely different persons.
  843. However, Mahayanic seekers claimed that they could ultimately become Buddha even as they lived in the real world, called themselves Bosatsu (Bodhisattva), and created Mahayana Sutras that conveyed their new thoughts, often using artistic expressions.
  844. However, Maintenance of Public Order Law was enacted at the same time, oppressing communism.
  845. However, Maizuru City is still an important position as an economic center of northern Kyoto, and the closest port of Japan Sea to the Kinai area (territories in the vicinity of the capital and under direct imperial rule, the five kuni in the immediate vicinity of Kyoto).
  846. However, Major Yamaguchi rejected it saying, 'I'm dying here.'
  847. However, Mamoru TAKADA pointed out that there was a tendency to look down on Ukiyo zoshi in those days if the conjecture was put the other way around.
  848. However, Mansaku did not use 'Mansai' himself because he was attached to the name 'Mansaku' and gave Mansai to his oldest son who wished to use it.
  849. However, Mappo shiso solely points to the decline of Buddhism, namely it is the prediction that Buddhism would lose its influence over time and it does not relate to social unrest and natural catastrophe.
  850. However, Masaaki TAKAHASHI firmly declared in 1999, 'Will Answer Your Criticism, Ladies and Gentlemen' in response to constant criticism and misinterpretations from other researchers.
  851. However, Masachika became afraid of people of Kaga gathering under Rennyo, and he became unfriendly with Rennyo.
  852. However, Masaharu HISHIKI organized State Shinto's creed into three points below, saying that some religion disregard verbally expressing their creeds, but those creeds can be extracted easily by using the result of Philosophy of Religion and Cultural Anthropology.
  853. However, Masahisa was killed by a falling arrow during the mission.
  854. However, Masaichi NAGATA, the president of Shinko Cinema's Kyoto studio, lobbied successfully to revise the consolidation plan into one involving three companies.
  855. However, Masakado was busy dealing with the enemy forces and he was avenged the following year so the political aim is unclear but he established the ruling organization by assigning Bunbu Hyakkan such as Zuryo (the head of the provincial governors) in various districts in his own accord.
  856. However, Masakado, taking pity on the wives who had been raped by soldiers, gave them kimonos and set them free.
  857. However, Masakazu was born after the Asai clan had been annihilated by Nobunaga ODA and Masatsugu was serving Hideyoshi's younger brother, Hidenaga TOYOTOMI after being recognized by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, who was the lord of Nagahama-jo Castle (Omi Province).
  858. However, Masamichi KOBORI, the seventh head of the clan, was engaged as an obanto (head of the Imperial Guards) and Fushimi Bugyo (municipal administrator of Fushimi) under Okitsugu TANUMA, and was dismissed during the Fushimi Riot that occurred in 1788.
  859. However, Masamichi KOBORI, who succeeded to deceased Masamine as the sixth lord of the domain, had served in the posts including Fushimi bugyo, but was overthrown in 1785, the end of the Tanuma period, because he was cooperative with Okitsugu TANUMA who was influential as Roju (senior councilor).
  860. However, Masamichi's grandson SAKANOUE no Korenori and his great-grandson SAKANOUE no Mochiki lived in the capital and left their names as poets, and a number of Masamichi's descendants took active roles in the law-related field such as Kebiishi no taijo (a Kebiishi police officer) and Myoho hakase (a professor of law).
  861. However, Masamitsu's future was not still promising, because Morosuke's elder brother was gripping power in the higher post as the Minister of the Left, and Kanemichi, who was the second son, had not been appointed a court noble at that time.
  862. However, Masamitsu's wife SAMUKAWA no Ama, who had once been a Menoto of Yoritomo, visited Yoritomo's lodging with her son Tomomitsu who had not yet reached the manhood, when Yoritomo raised an army again in Boso in October of the same year.
  863. However, Masamori died within the year, the conflict between Tamekage and Sadazane UESUGI, a new governor, took place in Echigo, local lords in northern Shinano (including the neighboring Inoue family) sided with the Uesugi, and the Takanashi clan was isolated as the Nagao side.
  864. However, Masamoto HOSOKAWA, who became kanrei by then, caused Coup of Meio for the purpose of destroying the shogun and regaining real power.
  865. However, Masamune continued his warfare by ignoring the order from Hideyoshi.
  866. However, Masamura was not affected through the good offices of his older brother, Yasutoki.
  867. However, Masanori FUKUSHIMA was quoted as saying 'I don't want to be lumped in with men like Wakisaka, it's quite annoying', and Kiyomasa KATO was also said to hate it when people talked about the 'seven spears.'
  868. However, Masanori FUKUSHIMA, Nagamasa KURODA and others were ordered to stay in Edo-jo Castle.
  869. However, Masanori was defeated at Otokoyama hachiman by Yoshiakira who had retrieved the power, and was forced to evacuate from Kyoto in just over a month.
  870. However, Masao SAITO (manager of the operating train department of then JNR and a railway engineering expert) who was responsible for the train operation said as follows.
  871. However, Masasue, who came to oppose the Nanbu clan, lost in the battle and withdrew to Ezogashima.
  872. However, Masasuke's third son, Sukemoto SHONI, raised an army in 1501, which allied with Chikaharu OTOMO in 1506, and showed signs of attacking the Ouchi estate.
  873. However, Masatora could not fight actively due to heavy damage to the troops at the Battle of Kawanakajima and had to withdraw (Obatake Monjo (documents of the Obata family) in the Cabinet Library).
  874. However, Masatora detected the movement, based on the fact that an unusually large amount of smoke came from the cooking.
  875. However, Masatusne was admired by Yoritomo for his waka (Japanese poetry) and kemari (Japanese ancient Imperial court game like kick-ball) talent, and also formed an intimate friendship with Yoritomo's sons, MINAMOTO no Yoriie and MINAMOTO no Sanetomo.
  876. However, Masayuki SANADA, the lord of Ueda-jo Castle in Shinano Province, who had controlled Numata, did not accept the condition, and became to belong to the Uesugi clan in Echigo Province, separated from Ieyasu's side.
  877. However, Masayuki was in confinement due to his misconduct and eventually died in 1607, so she returned to her parents' home partly because of Masanori's consideration (one theory asserts that she later married Tadakatsu FUKUSHIMA, her brother-in-law).
  878. However, Master Shuei who personally disliked Tamura hesitated to let Tamura succeed his title, and after he became ill in bed, Tamura was never permitted to visit him.
  879. However, Mataki TSUMURA, who was called one of three masters of otsuzumi-kata along with Issai ISHII and Nenchi (然知) SHIMIZU, and his leading disciple Kuen KAWASAKI maintained the school's traditional arts.
  880. However, Matanari refused to be part of the rebellion again.
  881. However, Matarashin was actually considered to have been established as honzon of Genshi Kimyo-dan which was set up from the Heian period to the Kamakura period.
  882. However, Matehime was pregnant by Masayuki at this time and soon gave birth to a baby boy.
  883. However, Matsukata eventually dismissed Shirane, which led to the disturbance within the first Matsukata cabinet and caused it to collapse as a result of clash of opinions within the cabinet.
  884. However, Meiji government decided to discontinue Kosatsu system in 1874, and entire Kosatsu were removed completely from public locations within two years.
  885. However, Meika, who learnt kobunjigaku (study of ancient rhetoric school) through Jakusui IRIE but was physically weak, sent his younger brother Shiro to Edo to study it there in pace of himself under Sorai OGYU.
  886. However, Michiie passed away in midst of it, on April 8 of the following year.
  887. However, Michimasa, who secretly had an affair with Imperial Princess Toshi, who had been back in Kyoto by September of this year after having served as Saigu (Ise-jingu Shrine maiden), infuriated Emperor Sanjyo, her father, and was repudiated by the Emperor.
  888. However, Michinaga had a serious conflict with Emperor Sanjo, and he used the Emperor's eye illness as a reason and forced him to step down, and he became Regent by enthroning Emperor Go-Ichijo, whom Shoshi/Akiko bore.
  889. However, Michinaga never formally took the title of regent, so it is likely that the diary was merely titled Diary of a Mido Regent for posterity.
  890. However, Michinaga wanted to be Sekkan (regent-chancellor) himself because he thought that if Korechika administered politics then there would be chaos in the country.
  891. However, Michisue's great-grandson, Kintsune SAIONJI, was promoted to Daijo-daijin (Grand Minister of State) in the early Kamakura period and founded the Saionji family.
  892. However, Michito did not let Ushinosuke, the son of late older brother Toshisada, take over as the head of the family even when he turned 15 years old and Michito attempted to let his own son Norimichi INABA take over instead; therefore, Ushinosuke began to feel disaffected.
  893. However, Michitomo had already become a monk, so Yasutane, Michitomo's oldest son, inherited and founded the Horikawa family.
  894. However, Michiyasu NAKA, one of the Naka clan members, who sided with the samurai, was assigned to Edo-go of Naka County and his son Michitaka adopted Edo as his family name.
  895. However, Miguel who was physically weak and not as industrious, was not given permission to study abroad, and it is conjectured that he renounced himself from the Society of Jesus as a result of his anger or jealousy toward this.
  896. However, Mikako never had a child because she had poor health.
  897. However, Miko and Himemiko stopped to be used as the naming of the specific imperial children, upon the establishment of Shino (imperial prince) and Naishino as the statuses of the emperors' children.
  898. However, Minbu-sho was merged into Okura-sho one month later, on September 16, 1869.
  899. However, Minehira`s legacy of a book about tea (`Nanporoku`) and "Tanji Hokin Hikki," which contains biography of Musashi MIYAMOTO, are contributions to two fields: tea and strategy.
  900. However, Ming's intervention changed the one-sided progress of the war.
  901. However, Mingau of other lineages weren't widely known, since they were in the shadow of the 'Mingaku by the Gi clan.'
  902. However, Minto could not realize their goal since the House of Peers was reluctant to reduce the tax.
  903. However, Minu no Okimi and Takeie no Okimi, the two sons of Kurikuma no Okimi were standing close to their father with their swords ready to fight back, so Saeki gave up his plot for fear of being defeated.
  904. However, Mishima did not appeared even in the preliminary contest, perhaps because his physical ability had already declined from the original level that had enabled him to participate in Olympics.
  905. However, Mitsuhide AKECHI who was ordered by Nobunaga ODA to take over Tanba conquered Yokoyama-jo Castle in August 1579, and Nobufusa SHIOMI, its steward, killed himself, which brought about the end of the rule of Fukuchiyama under the Shiomi clan.
  906. However, Mitsuhide was dismissed midway from the marshal on May 17 and made to return to his residence, Sakamoto-jo Castle, and was ordered to deploy to the front in order to support Hideyoshi.
  907. However, Mitsuie HATAKEYAMA, the Kanrei (shogunal deputy) and Mansai, the monzeki (successor of a temple) of Sanbo-in Temple discussed and decided to choose a successor from four younger brothers of Yoshimochi by drawing lots.
  908. However, Mitsuie's death meant the disappearance of the person who could restrain Yoshinori.
  909. However, Mitsukuni was Sangi (Royal advisor) when he was the head of the clan, and became Gonchunagon after retirement.
  910. However, Mitsunori resigned as governor of domain in August 1871, and the Omizo Domain was abolished due to this event and was incorporated in Otsu Prefecture.
  911. However, Mitsuo TARAO, one of Koka Ninja who were supposed to be in cooperative relationship with Iga, withdrew another two dividers from Iga Ninja in order to put them in service as guide for Ujisato GAMO on Oda side.
  912. However, Mitsusuke was affected by Yoshinori's policies more than Mochikuni and assassinated the Shogun in 1441 in what is known as the Kakitsu Incident.
  913. However, Miya-sodo (ailed attempt at rebellion) in 1246 and the Battle of Hoji in 1247 changed his fate drastically.
  914. However, Miyoshi Sanninshu (Miyoshi Triumvirate) was preoccupied with internal power struggles against Hisahide MATSUNAGA and they didn't take any action for Yoshihide's assumption to Shogun.
  915. However, Miyoshi sanninshu, who were in exile in Settsu Province expelled by Nobunaga from Kyoto earlier, with the aim of gaining power in Kyoto again, attacked Honkoku-ji Temple while Nobunaga was absent from Kyoto, and when the guards of Yoshiaki let their guard down during the New Year.
  916. However, Mizukaeninsoku demanded severe labor service, and it was more a punishment than a rehabilitation.
  917. However, Mizuno considered that Emperor Kinmei succeeded to the throne in 535 after Ankan reigned f or eight years and that Emperor Senka is a fictional figure.
  918. However, Mizuno was held down by surrounding people, and both Mizuno's and Mori's lives were saved.
  919. However, Mochikuni attempted to have his illegitimate child, Yoshinari HATAKEYAMA, who was born between Mochikuni and yujo (a prostitute), take over the family estate.
  920. However, Mochiuji came to a settlement with the shogunate and thus the cooperation broke down; accordingly, Mitsumasa was defeated by Mochiyori TOKI, who was Shugo (Military Governor) of Ise Province, and died in the battle on February 3, 1429.
  921. However, Moha 52 cars were shunned by crew because of their streamlined-shape (a door for crew members was not equipped) and were used in the middle of the connected cars.
  922. However, Mokujiki shonin, who was the sculptor of Mokujiki-butsu, is easy to distinguish from other 'Mokujiki shonin' because his name used# '喰' for "jiki" that has a left-hand radical of '口' or "kuchi" in kanji characters.
  923. However, Montblanc did not win Shibata's trust very much, perhaps because of his patronizing attitude.
  924. However, Montblanc's younger brothers took the nationality of Belgium.
  925. However, Moriharu OUCHI, who was taking care of the Ouchi house in Hiroshige's absence, defied Yoshimitsu's orders to give up the Ouchi's territory, and so Yoshimitsu ordered Hiroshige to bring down Moriharu.
  926. However, Morinobu refused this request.
  927. However, Moritoki never used the name Soun HOJO during his lifetime.
  928. However, Moritsuna and Yoritsuna were of the same family as Takatsuna NAGASAKI (Enki) and his son Takasuke NAGASAKI, both of whom later became Uchikanrei.
  929. However, Moritsuna said that he disowned his son, Nobuzane, because Nobuzane had already run away and become a priest.
  930. However, Moronao was then executed with Moroyasu and their families by Yoshinori UESUGI, who ambushed them as they were being convoyed from Settsu to Kyo.
  931. However, Morotada NIJO, who was kanpaku (chief adviser to the emperor) at the time of enthronement of the Emperor Fushimi, could not reply to questions on procedures of the ritual from the emperor, and found himself in dire straits.
  932. However, Moroyasu was defeated by Tadayoshi in Settsu Province, and as a condition for the peace negotiation, Moroyasu and Moronao accepted to become a priest.
  933. However, Motoakira did not place great emphasis on the reliability of the sakushazuke, on which he based his work and as such, not only did he unquestioningly adopted sources containing numerous mistakes but it also appears as though he did not refer to fundamental sources such as "Sarugaku Dangi" an "Go On."
  934. However, Motoharu, who was his older brother, and Motonaga KIKKAWA, who was a son of Motoharu, died successively in the Kyushu Conquest, and Takakage had to support Terumoto and protect the Mori clan by himself.
  935. However, Motomasa KAGAMI, Yoshinari's subordinate, and others strongly fought back along with the castle garrison, and tenaciously held out until Nobunaga arrived in Otsu City to help them on the November 2.
  936. However, Motomasa eventually died young, and Zeami wrote "Museki Isshi (A Page of the Remnant of a Dream) when mourning Motomasa's death.
  937. However, Motomasa, unable to overcome his hardships, suddenly died in his thirties in Anotsu in Ise Province while traveling for performances, before he could fully exercise his talent.
  938. However, Motome has a lover called Princess Tachibana, daughter of Iruka.
  939. However, Motosada NAITO was relieved of the shugodai post in 1482 due to some sort of trouble with the Ichinomiya clan, the Hosokawa clans's direct vassal, in 1479.
  940. However, Mototsugu GOTO's spearhead army had been wiped out in the Domyoji War, before the reinforcement of Sanada's army came, and Mototsugu died on the battlefield.
  941. However, Mototsugu never tried to make any apology.
  942. However, Motsugai knocked down the officers on after another with a mace that he had.
  943. However, Mt. Asama became angry saying that the amount of soil was not enough, and hit the giant.
  944. However, Muneko lost Emperor Nijo in less than 4 years after their marriage; she lost her father Tadamichi the year before.
  945. However, Munemori did not inform Yorimori, who had been dispatched to Yamashina for defense, of Miyakoochi (the exile from the capital).
  946. However, Munemori refused this proposal and objected due to the Taira clan following the conditions of the orders, and suspending battle just before it was to break out, and suddenly the Taira clan came under attack by the Minamoto clan's army.
  947. However, Munemori would like to see this year's cherry blossoms together with Yuya, and thinks of cheering her up with the view ("At least this spring, I think of her as my companion to view the cherry blossoms, and keep her by my side").
  948. However, Munemori, who was a good swimmer, was rescued by Minamoto clan soldiers.
  949. However, Munemoto, only a child, was not able to attend to government affairs although appointed the governor of the domain after Hanseki-hokan (return of the land and people from the feudal lords to the emperor) in 1869.
  950. However, Munenori gave up on Nobutaka later, and served Hideyoshi.
  951. However, Munesuke, who was Dainagon (chief councilor of state) and at the top of such nobles, was not punished.
  952. However, Munetada didn't recognize the book, simply titled 'Shiki,' as ''Seishinko-ki,'' and later there was a conflict between Akinaka who claimed he gave the book to Munetada, and Munetada who claimed he didn't receive it.
  953. However, Munetane was awarded many posts of Jitoshiki (manager and lord of manor) not only in Hizen Province, but also in Senda no sho, Yawata no sho in Shimousa Province.
  954. However, Muramune secretly tied with Motomichi MATSUDA, the most powerful man in Bizen Province, who had an antagonistic relationship with the Akamatsu clan.
  955. However, Murasaki no ue (also called Wakamurasaki or Murasaki no Kimi), whom Genji brought up to become his ideal woman, is his legal wife in all but name, and he loves her the most among his many women.
  956. However, Murashige arrested and imprisoned Yoshitaka in a dungeon.
  957. However, Murata seemed to serve as a retainer of Saigo, so Jurota HENMI, an army's supervisor, often played the role of an alternative commander.
  958. However, Muromachi bakufu considered the Kenmu Code was also supplemental to Goseibai Shikimoku, which was the fundamental law of the Kamakura bakufu.
  959. However, Musashi Fuchu Kumano Jinja Tumulus seems to have been built independently of the others as there is no tumulus nearby.
  960. However, NAKAGAWA did not listen to the advice of his friends and acquaintances, and declined the request to be the mayor.
  961. However, Nadame sango (three sake-brewing districts in Nada) around Kobe and Nishinomiya had already begun to gather attention as new brewing districts since around this time.
  962. However, Nagaharu BESSHO raised a rebellion in the eastern part of Harima Province.
  963. However, Nagahide NIWA and his family were of the Taira clan, and the family line was therefore different (categorized under the Niwa clan).
  964. However, Nagahide NIWA, which arrived by ship across Lake Biwa with reinforcements, took the offensive by joining the Kuwayama army that was vacating the fort around sunset, and Morimasa failed to capture the fort of Shizugatake.
  965. However, Nagahide NIWA, who was then crossing Lake Biwa by boat, decided that now was the time; despite objections from his subordinates that he should return to Sakamoto for the present, Nagahide changed his course and ventured a landing on Kaizu, which decisively turned the tide of the battle.
  966. However, Nagamasa KIZAWA first responded to Harumoto's order, followed by Omi shugo (the governor of Omi Province) Sadayori ROKKAKU who abhorred Hongan-ji Temple, and the Hokke-Ikki army mobilized by the Hokke sect followers in Kyoto and Yamashiro Province to confront the Ikko-Ikki army.
  967. However, Naganori had been improving and fully recovered around June 1696.
  968. However, Nagarjuna (an Indian philosopher), originator of Yuishiki doctrine, rejects the concept of determining a specific length of time for setsuna.
  969. However, Nagasue TAKAKURA served three generations of Emperor, the Emperor Gokogon, the Emperor Goenyu, and the Emperor Gokomatsu, teaching "Emondo," the style of costumes, and the family was promoted to the Court nobility for its services.
  970. However, Nagatada YAKUSHIJI, a younger brother of Motokazu YAKUSHIJI, remaining in Masamoto HOSOKAWA's army, came to split with his elder brother.
  971. However, Nagayao no Hen (Conspiracy of Nagayao) happened in 729 and Nagayao killed himself.
  972. However, Nagayasu was noticed by Shingen and recruited not as sarugaku-shi but as a samurai warrior who served Masatsugu TSUCHIYA.
  973. However, Nagayasu was supposedly the one who actually reestablished the government as a land manager.
  974. However, Nagayoshi (chokei) attempted a reconciliation with Yoshiteru to avoid getting a bad reputation as a murderer of the shogun.
  975. However, Naka no O-chaya was built as an Imperial Palace for the Retired Emperor Gomizunoo's Imperial princess around same time, and it was incorporated into Shugakuin Imperial Villa in 1885.
  976. However, Nakamaro was not dead; the ship fortunately drifted to Kanshu of Annam (present-day, ヴィン, central Vietnam), part of Tang, by following almost the same route as HEGIRI no Hironari took previously.
  977. However, Nakamaro who wanted to clean up the government did not back off at all.
  978. However, Nakaraibon and Kamakurabon of "Hogen," and Enkeibon and Nagatobon of "Heike" have nearly the same texts concerning a vengeful ghost of Sutoku-in, so it seems to be clear that one was modeled after the other.
  979. However, Nakaraibon, which seems to preserve the original form of "Hogen Monogatari," bears a similarity to Kotohirabon (one of the variant texts) of "Heiji Monogatari," so there is little correlation between them and it is difficult to consider them as works by the same author.
  980. However, Nanto Daishu (monks residing in Nanto) decapitated more than 60 of Kaneyasu forces and placed them along the edge of Sarusawa-no-ike Pond, and Kaneyasu returned to Kyoto with his bare life, which made Kiyomori furious.
  981. However, Naohide did not change his mind, and finally said that he was going up to Edo in order to appeal the restoration of the Fukushima family to the Edo bakufu.
  982. However, Naomasa died suddenly only two years later in 1602.
  983. However, Naoteru delegated the day-to-day business operations to Tadaaki OTSUKA from Nankai Railway and limited his involvement to listening and discussing over the report with him.
  984. However, Naotomo NABESHIMA was born in 1622, one year after the death of his father, Nagamasu; the above-mentioned story lacks credibility.
  985. However, Naoyoshi made efforts to seek Takeo's exoneration by correcting Shigeharu NABESHIMA's written apology to be submitted to the new government army.
  986. However, Naozane hesitated when looking at the face of a beautiful young man who seemed almost the same age of his son, Naoie KUMAGAI.
  987. However, Naozane proposed Prince Morohito, who was nine years old at that time and was the sixth son of Imperial Prince Kaninnomiya Sukehito, who had been already chosen as the head priest of Shogo-in Temple.
  988. However, Naramaro could not execute the rebellion because Matanari refused to join his rebellion.
  989. However, Nariakira SHIMAZU died suddenly in July, and his plot to take an army to Kyoto faded away.
  990. However, Narimori had already been wounded.
  991. However, Nariyuki HOSOKAWA, Sumimoto's grandfather and conservator, died of an illness right after this battle, and Yukinaga was no condition to move.
  992. However, Nezumi Kozo Jirokichi appears for the first time in the third section 'Kamakura Nakano-cho Daikokuya no ba.'
  993. However, Nichiju of Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple (Tokyo) and other monks who belonged to Fujufuse school at the time refused to submit.
  994. However, Nichiren did not mean such forcible missionary work when he used the word shakubuku.
  995. However, Nichiren states as follows (Rinjuyojinsho).
  996. However, Nikkatsu gendai geki of that time was significantly behind the Shochiku Kamata Studio and for countermeasures, he and Iwao MORI established the planning headquarters 'Nikkatsu Kinyo-kai' at the Marunouchi head office with the approval of Koichi NEGISHI who had been promoted to director in June of the same year.
  997. However, Nikkatsu regained its footing, 'Nihon Eiga Haikyu' was liquidated, breaking Shochiku's plan, and Shinko Kinema became Chiezo Productions' distribution company in October.
  998. However, Ninigi married only Konohana no sakuya-bime and he sent home Iwanaga-hime, who was ugly.
  999. However, Ninigi no Mikoto married only Konohana no Sakuyabime, and the ashamed Iwanagahime no Mikoto said 'I will grant people their ideal match as the god of marriage' and was enshrined on the site of Kifune-jinja Shrine.
  1000. However, Niou Miya liked Emperor Reizei's daughter, Onna Ichi no Miya, while Kaoru enhanced his pessimistic view of life, and did not want to have any regretful love affairs.

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