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  1. However, Niou Miya, who was not interested in a political marriage but free love, was reluctant to have a legal wife.
  2. However, Nisa, who was hiding behind the small Buddhist temple saw the whole event happened.
  3. However, Nobi was emancipated in some cases.
  4. However, Nobuaki MATSUDAIRA (the feudal lord of the Mikawa Yoshida Domain), who took the side of Sadanobu in the Edo bakufu, succeeded Sadanobu as chief "roju."
  5. However, Nobuhide settled for the position of a vassal of Shugodai and he couldn't take the reins of the whole Owari Province.
  6. However, Nobuhiro already had a wife.
  7. However, Nobuhiro couldn't get Tatsuhime out of his mind, so he visited Tatsuhime's residence in Odate Village at every Sankinkotai (a system in which feudal lords in the Edo period were required to spend every other year in residence in Edo) and became intimacy with her.
  8. However, Nobukatsu rejected this and incurred the displeasure of Hideyoshi, who punished him by depriving him of his fief.
  9. However, Nobukazu MATSUDAIRA of the Fujii-Matsudaira family which was the same family line as the Matsudaira clan had no child, so Nobuyoshi, who was a nephew of the lord, Ieysu TOKUGAWA was adopted into the Fujii-Matsudaira family.
  10. However, Nobunaga ODA acted swiftly, left Gifu-jo Castle and besieged Nijo-jo Castle.
  11. However, Nobunaga ODA backed up Yoshiaki and went up to Kyoto, the backing Miyoshi sanninshu lost, so Yoshichika escaped to Awa Province and died there.
  12. However, Nobunaga ODA did not change his decision and 36 persons from Araki family and senior vassals were sent to Myoken-ji Temple.
  13. However, Nobunaga ODA entered Kyoto under Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, the younger brother of Yoshiteru.
  14. However, Nobunaga ODA intended to create a new order using military power instead of making use of the old authority, and his joraku was performed on this basis.
  15. However, Nobunaga ODA, an emerging force, gained power, and he was aiming at Chubu region, which changed the state of affairs drastically.
  16. However, Nobunaga ODA, who had a sense of menace to competency of Ninja, ordered his second son Nobuo ODA to attack Iga.
  17. However, Nobunaga came into conflict with Yoshiaki later, and Yoshiaki sent Gonaisho (official document) to Shingen in order to subjugate Nobunaga.
  18. However, Nobunaga continuously held onto the position to implement governance and military affairs of the Oda clan.
  19. However, Nobunaga did no exist at that time.
  20. However, Nobunaga died an unnatural death in the Honnoji Incident on July 1, and Sakihisa's destiny was out of his own hands.
  21. However, Nobunaga left Wakasa to Nagahide NIWA and Motoaki was given only 3.000 koku (541.17 cubic meters of rice) at Ishiyama, Oi County.
  22. However, Nobunaga let the imperial envoy, who delivered the letter, go back without giving clear reply.
  23. However, Nobunaga ordered a strategic retreat from Kozuki-jo Castle, in order to concentrate his forces on the siege of Miki-jo Castle, as the battle there had reached a deadlock.
  24. However, Nobunaga quickly retaliated and on August 17 (July 10 in old lunar calendar), Nijo-jo Castle, for fear of Nobunaga's force, surrendered to him without bloodshed.
  25. However, Nobunaga reinvaded in the following year, when the Rokkaku's resistance came loose.
  26. However, Nobunaga's brothers Nobuoki and Nobuhiro were killed, and he attacked the followers on ships and they were captured, partly because they were slow in leaving.
  27. However, Nobunaga's father Nobuhide spread the control in the mid-western area of Owari Province with his excellent wisdom and courage, although he was merely one of three magistrates who served Nobutomo.
  28. However, Nobunaga's successor, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI managed to unify the whole country and also sought the role of Shogun.
  29. However, Nobunaga, returned within that day.
  30. However, Nobunaga, who rebuilt his forces, unilaterally broke the settlement and ruined Asakura and Azai; Yoshiharu once again reconciled with Nobunaga.
  31. However, Nobunaga, who was pleased with the Oshikoji Karasumadono residence, forced Haruyoshi NIJO to move out, and used it as a palace of Crown Prince Sanehito in 1579 following repair work by Sadakatsu MURAI.
  32. However, Nobuo lacked the capability and talent of Nobunaga as his father; therefore, Ieyasu was rather on the dominant position in the relationship with Nobuo.
  33. However, Nobushige refused this.
  34. However, Nobutada judged that Mitsuhide's troop must have surrounded and were executing inspection and gave up to run away and left the Myokaku-ji Temple which was not suitable for defense.
  35. However, Nobutake committed suicide (Uda Disturbance) due to the disorders within the domain
  36. However, Nobutomi died in 1856, therefore, Nobuakira newly decided Nobushige, his ninth son, as his heir.
  37. However, Nobuyoshi desperately attempted to save the Uesugi clan by travelling to Osaka for pleading for the life of Kagekatsu.
  38. However, Nobuyoshi died in September 1872, so he succeeded the family estate again and was conferred Junii in September 1882 with special consideration.
  39. However, Noguchino Ono-haka was subsequently redetermined yet again as the Tenmu-Jito Mausoleum.
  40. However, Noh continued to be loved by the contemporary powerful men such as Nobunaga ODA and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.
  41. However, Noh was continuously favored by the person of power at the time such as Nobunaga ODA and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.
  42. However, Noriaki UESUGI, who enjoyed great trust of Motouji, was pardoned and asked for the return of the post of shugoshiki of Kozuke and Echigo Provinces; as Ujitsuna refused his request, Motouji got angry, subjugated and deprived Ujitsuna of his post of shugoshiki (in 1362).
  43. However, Norimichi shot himself to death with a rifle within Fukuchiyama Castle on October 6, 1648 immediately before the order was carried out and the Inaba clan was dismissed from the post and replaced by someone else.
  44. However, Norimitsu would not return the family rule to Tatsuomaru even after Tatsuomaru became an adult at the age of 15.
  45. However, Noritada took up the post of Daiguji instead of Norimasa in 1155 when his father passed away.
  46. However, Noriyori returned to Kamakura, so Kazunori HISHINUMA concluded that there was a lack of information on the Ikuta fortress entrance.
  47. However, Nose Railway, which offers direct operation, has many tunnels.
  48. However, November 1867, the bakufu disappeared due to Taisei Hokan (transfer of power back to the Emperor), and in the Battle of Toba-Fushimi in January 1869, the former bakufu army lost the battle against the allied force of Satsuma Domain and Choshu Domain.
  49. However, Nuhi was basically treated in the same manner as livestock, and was traded at a market and so on.
  50. However, O no Honji had guarded there with three thousands of soldiers and prevented further attack of TANAHE no Osumi.
  51. However, O-oku had been administrated by a lady who was in complete control and she was "virtual head of O-oku".
  52. However, O-oku was separated from Omote and Nakaoku palaces by a copper wall.
  53. However, OGINO was an important person in that she opened the door to the GP tests for women.
  54. However, OKUMA and others thought that it could become the preliminaries for Britain to colonize Japan as did the railway in India, so they rejected this.
  55. However, OTOMO no Hukei was in the in city in Yamato at this time and gathered fellows who supported Prince Oama.
  56. However, OTOMO no Komaro, vice-commander, boarded Ganjin on his ship at his own decision.
  57. However, Obiko no Mikoto encountered a strange occurrence and returned from Wani no Saka (Tenri City, Nara Prefecture), an event which led him to become aware of the prediction made by Princess Yamatototobimomoso Hime no Mikoto that Takehani Yasubiko (the son of Emperor Kogen) was plotting an act of treason.
  58. However, Obu-no-sho existed at that time.
  59. However, Ogi byoshi maintained through the use of the dedicated Hari-ogi still remains in many cases because it was easy-to-use.
  60. However, Ogura-ike Pond was completely consumed by landfills, which broke the Shijin-so-o topography of Kyoto.
  61. However, Oguri was saved by Daiku Shonin (Saint Daiku) of Shojoko-ji Temple in Fujisawa City and traveled west on a cart along Tokai-do Road.
  62. However, Ohime said, 'I will drown myself into a deep river if I have to get married,' and rejected it.
  63. However, Oigimi noticed right away, and went out of sight, leaving Naka no kimi alone.
  64. However, Oiwa was not satisfied with only inheriting his father's troops and so he dominated OKAI no Sukune's troops as well as ship soldiers which led Oiwa and Okai to have conflicts with each other.
  65. However, Okichi, the wife of oil merchant Teshimaya, pities him for his lack of spending money and secretly gives him some.
  66. However, Okiku refused him.
  67. However, Okubo and Kido continued to bring up the doctrine for transferring the capital.
  68. However, Okuma described Saigo by saying 'he had a lot of heart.'
  69. However, Okuninushi (the chief god of Izumo in southern Honshu Island, Japan, and the central character in the important cycle of myths set in that region) and other offsprings of the Susanoo (Deity in Japanese mythology) that descended from Takamanohara are classified as Kunitsukami.
  70. However, Okura was set on fire and Hoshikawa no miko, Wakahime and many of their followers were killed in the fire.
  71. However, Old Maizuru city was hesitant, and proposed many conditions which included stipulating the location of city hall.
  72. However, Omatsu drops her Hozonoogaki (a small box to store an umbilical cord with the information of the baby written on it), which is found by Sagoemon, who happens to be there, and it is disclosed that Omatsu is an older sister of Sagoemon's second wife and has been expelled from her home for her loose morals.
  73. However, Ometsuke (a governmental officer watching movements of the Imperial court, etc.) Morihisa TAKAGI was appointed to this post additionally in September 5, 1659, and it is generally said that this was the first appointment to this post.
  74. However, Omi Shugo (the Governor of Omi Province) Takayori ROKKAKU, who had been supporting Sumimoto, went over to Takakuni's side.
  75. However, Onami seemed to worry about the political situation, and his life style was not easy, for it was stated in the records that he visited the Inryoken Household of Sokoku-ji Temple in 1466 and forcefully performed a short song accompanied with shamisen and komai (short dances in Noh farce).
  76. However, Onjo-ji Temple temporarily received cold treatment since Kugyo, a child of MINAMOTO no Yoriie and a priest raised at the temple, assassinated his uncle MINAMOTO no Sanetomo.
  77. However, Orange Sakini and tamagozake are classified into cocktail, not.warmed sake
  78. However, Oribe's way of tea wasn't passed on.
  79. However, Oriyo, knowing his true feeling, repudiates Yohei and Okame on purpose and gives them the incense burner as a farewell gift.
  80. However, Osaka Stadium was completed in September of the same year, was fully equipped for night games in 1951, and hosted more games.
  81. However, Osan who heard from Jihe that Koharu had said 'she would definitely commit suicide if other customer did miuke for her' recommended Jihe to conduct miuke before Tahee, considering a it as a duty of hers.
  82. However, Osaragi, the original author, was dissatisfied with this.
  83. However, Other-Power here originally showed the power of Amidanyorai, while all other powers except his (but including Shaka's power) are called Jiriki (Self-Power).
  84. However, Otokoyama and Tanabe Management Offices (names of the time) continued to manage the route, succeeding the period of Keihan Uji Transport Co. Ltd. (different from the condition before 1969)
  85. However, Otomi is a mistress of Genzaemon AKAMA.
  86. However, Otsu was equal with Kusakabe in line of descent, excluding Naga no miko and Imperial Prince Toneri, and his political participation meant that Kusakabe's right of succession to the Imperial Throne, which had been tentatively certain, was almost lost.
  87. However, Otsugu responded to the emperor's expectation three years later in a way that the emperor had never imagined.
  88. However, Otsugu strongly adhered to his personal policy to the last and he never moved his army during his tenure and dedicated himself to the policy to protect the local officials, warriors, and the ordinary people.
  89. However, Otsugu's will was not accepted and he left for the site in the next year.
  90. However, Ouchi became vehement about the teaching of Christianity that made male homosexuality a crime so, Xavier's party left Yamaguchi to Sakai to Iwakuni Cities via the sea route.
  91. However, Ouchi's forces, which included most Kokujin in Saigoku (western part of Japan - esp. Kyushu, but ranging as far east as Kinki), were mighty.
  92. However, Oumi Railway runs from Hino to Kibukawa, Minakuchi-cho, Koka City without going through Sasao-toge Pass.
  93. However, Oyama insists that the figure of Shotoku Taishi, who achieved various well known things as Prince Regent during the reign of Empress Suiko, was a fictitious character created by FUJIWARA no Fuhito, an influential man during the period when "Nihonshoki" was compiled.
  94. However, Parkes brought up the example of Napol?on; in fact, Napol?on was not executed, but exiled to the island of Saint Helena.
  95. However, Prince Atsuakira was not related to Michinaga through maternal relatives, and the family of his mother, Seishi, did not back him up and the Prince's father-in-law was Akimitsu, Udaijin, but he did not have much respect and was completely unreliable.
  96. However, Prince Karu gave important posts to many local ruling families of the Soga clan after he ascended the throne, which is sure to invite debate in future years.
  97. However, Prince Kuninomiya Kuniyoshi's third Prince Kunihide (Jigo HIGASHIFUSHIMI), who was raised by Imperial Prince Yorihito, was given the family name of HIGASHIFUSHIMI by demotion from nobility to subject in order to inherit the religious service of the Higashifushiminomiya, after reaching legal age, and the family became count.
  98. However, Prince Naruhisa refused to be persuaded, and on April 1, 1923, he invited Prince Naruhiko to go for another drive saying 'Shall we take a few days' drive to the summer resort of Deauville on the Normandy coast?'
  99. However, Prince Oousu committed adultery with one lady (or the ladies) and did not complete his mission, incurring the Emperor Keiko's ill will.
  100. However, Prince Tsuneyo died of disease at the age of just 22 with his title of Nakatsukasa-kyo in 826.
  101. However, Prince Tsuneyo excused himself from being the crown prince on the same day, and Imperial Prince Masara (Emperor Ninmyo), the son of the Retired Emperor Saga, was installed as the Crown Prince.
  102. However, Prince Yoshiakira flatly refused the appointment, the already-appointed vice governor of Hakodate Court, Kinnaru SHIMIZUDANI, was reappointed as the governor on leap April 5.
  103. However, Princess Kazunomiya finally gave in to the frequent requests from the shogunate and the party of advocating Kobu-Gattai which unites the court and the shogunate, and canceled her engagement with the Prince Taruhito.
  104. However, Princess Shoshi (Akiko) was a noble and gentle person, so she did not mind when her husband, Emperor Goreizei, loved another princess, so the relationship with Yorimichi was peaceful.
  105. However, Princess Usui got married when she was already widowed by the loss of her former husband Masatada MATSUDAIRA of the Nagasawa Matsudaira family after the Battle of Okehazama, and Tadatsugu was already well over 30 then.
  106. However, Private Sasaki and Private Onodera died after being rescued.
  107. However, Qing did not change its view that Korea was its subject state under the tributary system.
  108. However, Qing has intervened in the domestic affairs of Korea saying Korea is a tributary state, so Japan has dispatched troops for the cause of saving Korea.'
  109. However, Qing prevented this and sent a large force and attacked Japanese warship off korea (Battle of Pungdo).'
  110. However, Qing refused it with various excuses.'
  111. However, Qing whisked to maintain the sakufu relationship instead of possessing both islands changed its mind and requested Japan to return the islands to the Ryukyu Kingdom.
  112. However, Raitan surrendered in the face of a fierce attack by Oda's army.
  113. However, Rakuchu (inside the capital city of Kyoto) was in chaos as Ujikiyo's nephew, Ujiie YAMANA (shugo of Inaba Province) left Kyoto in order to join his clan, and the senior vassals became aware of the Yamana clan's rebellion.
  114. However, Reino, the illegitimate child, despises us by taking advantage of the governor-general's favor.'
  115. However, Rekido and Sukuyodo made a conflict in 1038 and Sukuyodo gave up making a calendar.
  116. However, Rengebo's skull sank to the bottom of the Iwata-gawa River and a willow grew from the eye socket - it is this that causes your head to become painful whenever the wind blows and moves the skull.'
  117. However, Rennyo Shonin subsequently advised monto not to make fun of or condemn believers of other sects (because they conduct monoimi) on the grounds that monto do not conduct monoimi by saying as follows.
  118. However, Rennyo gave out myogo, which can be handed to everyone.
  119. However, Rinpei KOJIMA, a vassal of Sezaemon, remonstrates with Daigakunosuke, who then shows remorse and promotes Rinpei to his own vassal.
  120. However, Rokkaku lost by the invasion of Nobunaga.
  121. However, Rokujo no Miyasudokoro fell ill after that, and Genji goes to ask after her although he had not tried to see her for a while.
  122. However, Rokuyo (six days of the Buddhist calendar) has actually nothing to do with Buddhism.
  123. However, Route No. 75C does not operate during early morning hours, while there is only one bus departing from Keihan Yawata after 19:00.
  124. However, Russia increased pressure on Japan with its massive military power.
  125. However, Russian military units remained in Ili region, Qing had to negotiate over withdrawal with Russia.
  126. However, Ryoo gave his private savings, more than 1,100 bronze coins to the victims of the fire, and nursed dozens of abandoned children.
  127. However, Ryoshun took advantage of his father's death and further continuously defeated Takemasa; it is said that the military power of the Kikuchi clan became so weak that the clan had to demand Koretake ASO for reinforcements.
  128. However, SAIGO turned down this proposal, and in the midnight of August 22, Saigo's forces started advancing to the south towards Kagoshima.
  129. However, SAKAIBE no Marise raised objection to it as a guardian of Jogu Oke (the family of Shotoku Taishi) and supported Yamashiro no Oe no Okimi in coming forward aggressively.
  130. However, SERIZAWA, who got violent when he drank, behaved extremely violently and forced an order on the owner of the Geisha House, Tokuemon SUMIYA, to suspend operation for 7 days (outrage at Sumi-ya Geisha House).
  131. However, SHIGA criticized the partisanship of the proletarian literature, pointing out that many writers of proletarian literature were strongly influenced by the communist party, and described proletarian literature as "literature with a master."
  132. However, SHURI forgot the fact that he was wearing the nametag, and at last he died without remembering his own name.
  133. However, SUGAWARA no Tamenaga (Tamenaga TAKATSUJI) (1158 - 1246) from the early Kamakura period was promoted to a sangi (councilor) and the family joined the rank of court nobles.
  134. However, Saburo HIRAGA suggested as follows:
  135. However, Sadachika ISE, a steward of the Administrative Board of the shogunate government backed up Yoshitoshi, because his mistress was the sister of Yoshitoshi's mistress.
  136. However, Sadaie's line, the Mikohidari line, which had only remote connection with the main branch and could not produce In no Kinshin (the retired Emperor's courtier), was less successful than other branch lines of the Mido linage (the Nakamikado line and the Kazanin line).
  137. However, Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) FUJIWARA no Michinaga strongly opposed the recommendation because Korehira fought against Muneyori, who belonged to the same family as Korehira, over the hegemony in Ise Province several times over the years.
  138. However, Sadamitsu Horiguchi, a member of Yoshisada's family, stopped Godaigo immediately before his departure saying 'if you want to go to Kyoto forgetting our family's longstanding loyalty, you should do so after you cut off the heads of over fifty persons of our family including Yoshisada.'
  139. However, Sadanobu had to reject the Shogun's attempt since he had rejected giving the honorary title to the Imperial Court.
  140. However, Sadatoshi also died soon.
  141. However, Sadatsuna, his son that succeeded him, became dependent and often came into conflict with Kiyoaki TAMURA.
  142. However, Sagano, as a tourist destination, refers to an area where many shrines and temples line along Mt. Ogura from Arashiyama.
  143. However, Sagoromo thinks little of Asukai no Onnagimi whose social status is low, and does not even reveal his name.
  144. However, Saibara started to lose its songs gradually, and also there were differences in songs that were brought down between the To and Gen families.
  145. However, Saicho, who advocated hokke-ichijo (Hokke scripture-based philosophy) and Kukai, who advocated mitsugon-ichijo (Esoteric Buddhism-based philosophy), eventually confronted each other.
  146. However, Saigo restrained those officers driven by youthful ardor, such as Itagaki.
  147. However, Saigo was defeated in a political fight, and retired from public life.
  148. However, Saigyo, who composed about the love of nature and his view of life, and MINAMOTO no Sanetomo, who had a style of poetry resembling that of the Manyoshu, were also revered.
  149. However, Saionji had been against the theory ever since Araki had begun to advocate it and in the end, the pardon did not take place.
  150. However, Saionji retired as the minister at the end of April, his time in office lasted only four months.
  151. However, Saionji, the only remaining Genro, was reluctant to appoint such powerful candidates as Gombei YAMAMOTO and Keigo KIYOURA to Genro.
  152. However, Sakihisa felt no hostility toward Nobunaga; his purpose was to eliminate Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA and Haruyoshi NIJO who had become Shogun and Kanpaku under Nobunaga.
  153. However, Saneakira died in 1817, and other roju such as Tadakiyo MAKINO left bakufu for the reason of old age.
  154. However, Sanekata TOKUDAIJI (the son of Sukehira) succeeded the Tokudaiji family followed by Kinito TOKUDAIJI (the son of Masamichi), and furthermore their descendants succeeded many of the peerages.
  155. However, Saneoki OGURA, maternal grandfather of Ichinomiya, sheltered the prince in his residence.
  156. However, Sanesuke was wise enough not to directly confront Michinaga and simply maintained principled behavior, while Emperor Sanjo himself was also not very trustworthy, breaking his promise to appoint Sanesuke Kurodo no to in fear of Michinaga.
  157. However, Sanesuke, who served as Chunagon (vice-councilor of state), alone refused to write a poem despite repeated requests by Michinaga, claiming that it was unheard-of for a court official to be ordered by a minister to write a poem for a folding screen.
  158. However, Sangen was not completely abolished and remained in operation.
  159. However, Sangoro confesses that Koman is his wife and that the whole things are their lies to cheat Gengobe out of 100 ryo.
  160. However, Sangoro feels good for the success of his trick and changes Koman's tattoo to 'Sango-taisetsu三五大切' (literally, 'Sango, precious;' 'sango三五' sounds like Sangoro三五郎's nickname) by adding 'San三' to the former one, and he watches her smugly.
  161. However, Sanraku KANO, who had won Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI's favor, stayed in Kyoto to serve Hideyori TOYOTOMI.
  162. However, Satsuki, who was a mother of Mitsuhide got angry and left home.
  163. However, Seikan himself explained that the imina (personal name) of 家康 was inserted into the inscription intentionally, and each priest at Kyoto-Gozan replied that it was a problem not to have avoided including the imina.
  164. However, Seikan himself expressed an apology that the inscription was selected intentionally because it included a phrase with Ieyasu's imina hidden in it, and each priest in the Gozan reported that it was a problem that Seikan did not avoid Ieyasu's imina.
  165. However, Seizo HAYASHIYA, a researcher of ceramics, refutes this theory.
  166. However, Seki's definition was a single term when f(x+e) was arranged for e, which did not consider its relation to the tangent.
  167. However, Sekibe looks somehow suspicious.
  168. However, Seno rejected it, and hurled abuse at Shunkan.
  169. However, Senryu IV was forced to give up his pseudonym before or after the Tempo Reforms because he was told that it had been having a bad effect on his official position.
  170. However, Settsu Province was expropriated during the reign of Norisuke's son, Mitsunori AKAMATSU, and after that, Norisuke's family was degraded to a branch line and called itself 'Shichijo family.'
  171. However, Shanain Temple now explains that it was donated for Hideyoshi's mother, Omandokoro.
  172. However, Shaocheng WU started another rebellion in 799.
  173. However, Shi (士) was originally one of the terms indicating the Kizoku class in ancient China (the Shu period), placed under the Taifu (大夫) class, and there was also the term Shi-taifu (士大夫) that combined both Shi and Taifu.
  174. However, Shibusawa declined the proposal saying the existing system of Minbu Okura-sho was far from building a new nation.
  175. However, Shigeaki suffered Kaieki (forfeit of the rank of Samurai and properties) and committed Seppuku (suicide by disembowelment) by implication of the incident of Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI in 1595; Toyouji took over all of the shoryo (territory) and servants and began to serve Hideyoshi.
  176. However, Shigeharu TAKENAKA had already died in the camp for the war of the Miki-jo Castle
  177. However, Shigekatsu became a vassal of Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI before long and joined the construction of Fusimi-jo Castle in 1594.
  178. However, Shigekatsu who escaped when Mitsunari was defeated in the Battle of Sekigahara, was pursued and attacked by Tadaoki HOSOKAWA, and subsequently killed himself.
  179. However, Shigemori did not calm his anger and gathered soldiers to prepare for a retaliation.
  180. However, Shigemori, who was forced to stand between Kiyomori and Goshirakawa, did not necessarily have total control even though he was the leader of the Taira clan.
  181. However, Shigenari KIMURA and Mototsugu GOTO who fought bravely were killed in battle and they retreated.
  182. However, Shigenori could not regain his credibility, and thus, the TSUCHIMIKADO family (the ABE clan) fell on hard times.
  183. However, Shigeuji also raised the Kyotoku Rebellion and escaped to Koga-jo Castle, where he named himself Koga-kubo (古河公方), and as the Uesugi clan split into the Yamanouchi Uesugi and Ogigayatsu Uesugi families, the Kanto region was in a state of turbulence before the Onin War started.
  184. However, Shigeyori TOKI raised an army in Mino Province, and in addition he stayed in the mountains to intimidate the army of bakufu.
  185. However, Shigeyoshi opposed to this, saying "to impose a poll tax is not the essence of politics" and resigned as the Ukeyaku in December only after one month from appointment.
  186. However, Shingaku made a huge impact on Japanese popular music.
  187. However, Shingen TAKEDA placed his forces in Shiozaki-jo Castle and avoided fighting a decisive battle, and therefore, both forces ended in a confronting state.
  188. However, Shingen just took actions to make the warlords of Uesugi clan uneasy, and had no intention to fight seriously (in fact, Shingen withdrew immediately after the Uesugi army stopped the action).
  189. However, Shingen recruited him not as a fighting warrior but as a retainer in charge of finance of the feif (kuramaeshu).
  190. However, Shingen's chronic disease worsened around February (January in old lunar calendar) in 1573, and Takeda's army stopped moving.
  191. However, Shingen, who was afraid of his vassals' rebellion, didn't allow them to give overnight lodging to Buddhist priests and arukimiko.
  192. However, Shinkansen in Japan is an independent system integrating train-cars, railways, aerial power supply lines, and signals (ATC), and the trains are not operated through regular railway lines as those in Europe, except those on the Mini-Shinkansen lines.
  193. However, Shinnyo continued his activities in Mutsu Province, leaving the operation of the Mausoleum to Kakushinni and Kakue.
  194. However, Shinpachi ARIMA, who was a feudal retainer of Satsuma and dissatisfied with the outcome planned to raise an army comprised of only radical retainers and roshi.
  195. However, Shinpei's introduction of western style separation of power (administration, legislation, and judicature) was harshly criticized by conservative elements within the government who held the Meiji values of executive and judicial power.
  196. However, Shinsaku himself, suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis, was forced to recuperate in Sakurayama.
  197. However, Shintaro OHASHI of Hakubunkan (the model of Tadatsugu TOMIYAMA) made of with Suma while Sazanami was away for two years working at a newspaper publishing company in Kyoto.
  198. However, Shinzei disagrees, saying that if they keep the traitors alive they will create a problem for the future, so he recommends a death sentence in accordance with the law and persuades Goshirakawa to kill Iehiro, Tadamasa and others.
  199. However, Shippu had such a bad type of soil and a lot of sandy areas that crops did not grow well there.
  200. However, Shiragi and Tang (Dynasty) were still at war in the Peninsula.
  201. However, Shirahige and Hakuryu is produced by OEM in Nagasaki Prefecture, so strictly speaking, they are not labeled as Miwa Somen.
  202. However, Shirakabe no Okimi married Emperor Shomu's daughter Imperial Princess Inoe in 744, and was backed to succeed the imperial throne, becoming Emperor Kojin in 770 at the age of 62 (he reigned from 770 to 781).
  203. However, Shiro KIDO, who became the CEO of Shochiku and directed the productions of Shinko Kinema in 1936, abandoned the contract with the Star Production.
  204. However, Shiryokaku fort, which was too small to accommodate besieged armies and did not have facilities such as water wells, was vulnerable.
  205. However, Shitenno-ji Temple differs from Yamada-dera Temple in that in the former, the corridor extending from either side of the inner gate joins either end of the lecture hall, while in the latter, the corridor runs between kondo and the lecture hall, with the lecture hall located outside the corridor.
  206. However, Shoda dismissed it, saying, "Don't protest against me, because I'm seishi (senior envoy) and you are just an assistant."
  207. However, Shoichii was not conferred to anyone alive (but was conferred posthumously).
  208. However, Shoji YOKOYAMA and his son, who were enraged by Orugihangan's act, framed various plots including an attempt to entice him to ride a restive force called 'Onikage' known as a man-eating horse so that the horse would bite him to death, but in vain.
  209. However, Shojo (junior lieutenant) SAKANOUE no Karitamaro, who was imperial guard Ryoge no kan, and Shoso (secretary of the headquarters of the inner palace guards) OSHIKA no Shimatari both were sent and shot Kusumaro to death.
  210. However, Shoryoshu (collected works of prose and poetry of Kukai) includes a description of meaning that he could not write characters in good shapes because the brush used was not good.
  211. However, Shoyo was not satisfied with it and completed the final version by himself on the basis of the draft.
  212. However, Shuei died before appointing his successor, so the confusion occurred over the status of Honinbo.
  213. However, Shugeishuchiin was an epoch-making school that was open to the general public.
  214. However, Shuhan TAKASHIMA was arrested in the end of the year due to slander of Yozo TORII, who was a bakufu machi-bugyo (town magistrate), and subsequently Junzaemon HIRAYAMA was executed in Takeo the next year.
  215. However, Shunroku SHIBATSUJI, a researcher of the Takeda clan, raised questions about the theory on the ground that there is no reliable historical materials to support Kagetora's participation in the battle of Fuse.
  216. However, Shuso conflated only the Kaihozo, Korai Hatsucho-bon and Kitai editions, and Kaihozo was original as opposed to the Korai Hatsucho-bon, which was a reprinted edition, so that their texts basically indicate the same lineage.
  217. However, Soin composed only Renga again instead of Haikairenga in his later years.
  218. However, Sokei is not counted as one of the heads of the Raku family in the family tree; there are a lot of mysteries about him.
  219. However, Sorin didn't issue the documents related to the management of his territories from 1577 to 1578.
  220. However, Sota has no way of knowing it.
  221. However, Sotan Gitsune refrained, saying that his divine power will be lost by eating it.
  222. However, Sotan appeared again after Sotan left and apologized for being late.
  223. However, Soyo died prematurely, so the Hisada family adopted a child of Kyukosai, the tenth generation head of the Omotesenke, who became the tenth generation head of the Hisada family, known as Soetsu.
  224. However, Sozen confronted Shogunal Deputy Katsumoto HOSOKAWA over the leadership of the bakufu.
  225. However, Sueki production declined at the end of the ninth century and ended in the tenth century replaced by earthenware that belongs to Haji ware group.
  226. However, Sukemichi who arrived at the site obeyed Yoshichika and killed the government official.
  227. However, Sukemoto and Naosuke II locked horns again over clamp down on anti-shogunate royalists.
  228. However, Suketomo was a person who had once been defeated by Yoshinaka badly and Hidehira did not move from Oshu.
  229. However, Sukuyodo went to ruin in accordance with a decline of the noble society after the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan).
  230. However, Sumimoto HOSOKAWA frequently launched counter attacks (the Battle of Nyoigatake) to try and regain Kyoto.
  231. However, Sumimoto and Yukinaga were unable to raise an army and Yukinaga was arrested and forced to kill himself, while Sumimoto fled to Itami Castle in Settsu; his administration collapsed in a short period of time.
  232. However, Sumimoto and Yukinaga, who escaped to Omi Province, were supported by the kokujin-shu (powerful families in a province) and invaded Kyoto on August 1.
  233. However, Sumimoto escaped to Omi Province with help from Yukinaga MIYOSHI, a vassal of Sumimoto's.
  234. However, Sumitomo schemed with the pirates and organized a rebellion in 939.
  235. However, Suzuki did not agree with that suggestion.
  236. However, TACHIBANA no Moribe interpreted 'Iwatsutsu' as 'a stone hammer,' a hammer used to beetle a sword, in accordance with his interpretation of Iwasaku and Nesaku as 'the power of a sword that splits even rock-roots.'
  237. However, TACHIBANA no Moroe, who was at that time the powerful Minister of the Left, received this as an evidence of rebellion.
  238. However, TACHIBANA no Naramaro, the son of TACHIBANA no Moroe, was not happy with the rise of Nakamaro.
  239. However, TAIRA no Kiyomori, who came back from Kumano, defeated them.
  240. However, TAIRA no Kiyomori, who was visiting shrines in Kumano, formed an alliance by gaining the trust of Emperor Nijo's clique after political power was snatched away, and the Retired Emperor and Emperor escaped to his own camp.
  241. However, TAIRA no Munemori and TAIRA no Shigehira took office in 1165, showing a striking advance of the Taira clan ("Heianibun" 3284).
  242. However, TAKAHASHI rather supported the cabinet because he thought the KIYOURA cabinet was believed to be in power for only a limited period of time and feared that if the incumbent cabinet lost support in the House of Representatives, it might increase risks of radicalists including socialists gaining momentum.
  243. However, TAWARA no Tota who happened to pass by did not get frightened and passed the bridge stomping over the giant snake.
  244. However, TOKUGAWA is a gentleperson.'
  245. However, TV TOKYO announced that it would expand its broadcasting area of TV Osaka to Kyoto Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture, attracting attention about future development.
  246. However, Tachihara made a break with Yukoku because they had different ideas about the compilation of Dainihonshi and Yukoku was dismissed since he submitted a written opinion sealed and presented to the lord of the Domain Harumori TOKUGAWA while he was suspended by Tachihara.
  247. However, Tadafusa believed Yoritomo's lie that 'he owed Shigemori an old favor and would spare his son's life,' so surrendered and turned himself in at Kamakura.
  248. However, Tadahisa was selected and received cordial treatment by MINAMOTO no Yoritomo.
  249. However, Tadakuni MIZUNO carried out Tenpo Reforms and he accused them falsely, saying 'these books revealed the real situation of O-oku (the inner halls of Edo-jo Castle where the wife of the Shogun and her servants reside) in the Shogun family,' so the publishing ended with the 38th book.
  250. However, Tadakuni was distressed and ordered YAMADA and his fellows to treat Gisho well and give some consideration for his status as a noble man even if they were obliged to catch him and cut his head off.
  251. However, Tadamichi set his private residence, Konoe-dono House as the Imperial Palace and kept off the empress Masaruko from the emperor and resisted Yorinaga.
  252. However, Tadamichi was reluctant to allow Yorinaga succeed the family fortune, because Tadamichi's eldest son Motozane FUJIWARA was born in 1143.
  253. However, Tadamune and his son, Kagemune, trapped Yoshitomo and killed him in a bathroom for a reward from Heike (the Taira family), and offered the head of Yoshitomo to TAIRA no Kiyomori in Rokuhara.
  254. However, Tadanobu never became a minister, in contrast to FUJIWARA no Yorimichi and his brother Norimichi, who became ministers when they were still young, and Sanesuke, who enjoyed exceptional longevity for that time.
  255. However, Tadaoki who had lost his wife, Gracia, got angry at him, and Tadataka was disowned before he went to Buzen Province, his new territory.
  256. However, Tadataka stood up for Chiyo and would not divorce her, and so Tadaoki exiled and disinherited him.
  257. However, Tadataka was not Joko-in's biological child but a child of a concubine.
  258. However, Tadateru didn't go with him due to sickness,' but the truth was that he went to Sagano to go boating on the Katsura-gawa River.
  259. However, Tadatoshi handed it down to his vassal, Koreshige TAKEHARA.
  260. However, Tadayoshi was killed in 1352, and Tadafuyu left for China.
  261. However, Tadayoshi was successively defeated at battles including those at Mt. Satta in Suruga Province (Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture) and the mouth of Haya-gawa River in Sagami Province (Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture) before being disarmed in Kamakura.
  262. However, Tadazane sent a letter to Tadatomo KAWAKAMI on June 18 stating, 'I immediately paid a visit to the residence of Mr. Yoshihisa after my father's death.
  263. However, Tagiri-bime, a god of Munakata-taisha Shrine Okitsunomiya on Oki-no-shima Island, which today keeps nyonin kinsei, is also a female god so that the myth that female gods were jealous and abhorred women might be established differently.
  264. However, Tairo (Chief Minister) Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who was the lord of Kanto with 2,500,000 koku, gradually rose up as a tenkabito (ruler of the country).
  265. However, Tairo (Chief Minister) Toshiie MAEDA, who kept evenly balanced power with Ieyasu, died of a disease on the third day of intercalary third month.
  266. However, Taishakuten took Sachi by force (he is also said to have abducted her and committed indecent conduct).
  267. However, Taisuke ITAGAKI, former president of the Liberal Party, distanced himself from the movement because he was alienated and Shigenobu OKUMA of the Constitutional Progressive Party was skeptical.
  268. However, Taisuke ITAGAKI, the commander of the Tosa Domain, ignored this and voluntarily joined the New government army.
  269. However, Taka-jo Castle guarded by Arinobu YAMADA, who was a distinguished defense general of the Shimazu army, was impregnable and even the large army of Toyotomi couldn't take control of it easily.
  270. However, Takachika fell ill during his service as a governor.
  271. However, Takada School and a part of the sect have Amida Nyorai, Kanzeon Bosatsu and Seishi Bosatsu as their principal images, in Zenko-ji Amida Sanson style.
  272. However, Takafusa SUE was able to mobilize the Ouchi force of which numbered over 30,000 men in terms of military power.
  273. However, Takahisa SHIMAZU who had succeeded in ending the internal conflict launched a counterattack, the Gamo clan gradually declined, and at last Shigekiyo's son Norikiyo GAMO surrendered; after that, the Gamo clan served the Shimazu clan as vassal.
  274. However, Takahisa SHIMAZU who was a son of Tadayoshi SHIMAZU, a branch family, inherited the head family.
  275. However, Takahisa in an illegitimate family lineage of the Imagawa clan was named the Shinagawa clan, became bakufu koke like the main family and left offspring.
  276. However, Takakuni, who had run away to the Omi Province, led a large force and invaded Kyoto in May.
  277. However, Takamasa was defeated in the subsequent Battle of Kyoko-ji Temple by the Miyoshi's army that restored the state of the war, and could not take over the hegemony by Nagayoshi MIYOSHI.
  278. However, Takanori's name did not appear in the record of the grant of honors for the war, and this fact supports the theory of his non-involvement.
  279. However, Takaoka's mother was from the Ise clan and Masara's mother was from the Tachibana clan, which meant that Tsuneyo was closer to Emperor Kanmu when compared with Takaoka and Masara.
  280. However, Takatsugu defended the castle to the last and the siege made poor progress.
  281. However, Takatsugu participated in the Eastern Camp and held up in the Otsu-jo Castle right before the final battle on October 21.
  282. However, Takatsugu was condoned becase Takatsugu's sister Tatsuko KYOGOKU became the concubine of Hideyoshi, and was given 2,500 koku in Omi Takashima county.
  283. However, Takatsune made a countercharge to expel Yoshisuke to Mino Province in 1340 and breaking through the rest of the court's forces to subjugate Echizen in 1341.
  284. However, Takauji and Yoshiakira had a secret treaty with Doyo and tried to pincer-attack Kyoto, so Tadayoshi escaped from Kyoto via the Hokuriku region and Shinano Province to reach Kamakura City, together with his warriors such as Momonoi, Shiba, and Yamana,
  285. However, Takauji sent troops to the Kanto region without permission.
  286. However, Takauji was defeated by the Kitabatake forces in Mutsu and fled to Kyushu.
  287. However, Takauji was not unreservedly happy about the title of Kubo because the term "Kubo" carried the strong connotation of the Court or the court nobles.
  288. However, Takayori ROKKAKU sparked a guerrilla war.
  289. However, Takayoshi raised an army being in alliance with the Rokkaku clan when Katamasa AZAI broke the relationship with the Rokkaku clan, but in vain, whereby Takayoshi was expelled from Gohoku, and the Gohoku control by the Kyogoku clan completely ended.
  290. However, Takechiyo was moved to Sunpu (Shosho no Miya Machi in "Toshogu-onjikki" and Miyarikizaki in "Butokuhennenshusei"), and Okazaki-jo Castle was controlled by the jodai officer (the officer for controlling the castle) sent by the Imagawa clan.
  291. However, Takeda's forces avoided fighting a decisive battle, and Kagetora made his forces retreat to Iiyama-jo Castle (located in Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture).
  292. However, Takejiro TOKONAMI who opposed the idea of bringing down the KIYOURA cabinet in collusion with Tsuyoshi INUKAI and his allies left the Seiyukai Party together with 148 other anti-Seiyukai members and formed the Seiyu Honto Party.
  293. However, Takeru became sick from a trap set by the mountain god and died on the way to the mountain.
  294. However, Takimura appeared at the location of "Hatenaki Koro" in Fuji, enticed several persons including Hideharu NAKANO and Naoyo YAMAGATA and brought them to Tokyo.
  295. However, Takumi no Kami had been given the position to be attending to Imperial messengers 17 years previously in 1683.
  296. However, Tama died 3 years later, in 1886.
  297. However, Tamada is recorded as Sotsuhiko's grandson in the Ingyo ki of "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), and in Yuryaku ki, as the son, which shows inconsistency in the relation to Sotsuhiko.
  298. However, Tamakazura, who reluctantly got married to boorish and graceless Higekuro, was so downhearted that she felt ashamed and could not even face Genji.
  299. However, Tamehira's younger brother, Imperial Prince Morihira (later Emperor Enyu), was established as Emperor's Reizei's crown prince.
  300. However, Tamekane's individualistic character made many enemies and together with Fushimi's progressive governing stance, it led to confrontation with Sanekane SAIONJI and called attention from the bakufu.
  301. However, Tametomo is intrepid, and he stamps his feet in order to break through the bottom of the palanquin that carries him.
  302. However, Tameyoshi was also young and lacked the military prowess of his real father, MINAMOTO no Yoshichika, and the political influence of his foster father, Yoshitada, and so Kawachi-Genji became overshadowed by Ise-Heishi.
  303. However, Tamezumi REIZEI and Tamekatsu SHIMO REIZEI were killed by the Bessho clan, who were the Shugo (Military Governor) Daimyo of the Akamatsu clan of Harima Province, and this led Tamemasa SHIMO REIZEI, Tamekatsu's the younger brother, to rebuild the Shimo Reizei family in Kyoto.
  304. However, Tamiko TAKADA became a member again when the Nihon Igo Kai was established.
  305. However, Tamiya became the host of a TV program entitled 'Quiz Time Shock' (aired by NET, presently the TV Asahi network) in 1969, successfully making the program a long-running show and only returning to movies in the 1970s after Daiei went under.
  306. However, Tamura Okimi met his demise in 641, leaving his mother.
  307. However, Tanekuni died young in December and there was no choice for Takakuni but to take over as the head of the family again.
  308. However, Tanemichi and his descendants remained in Shimousa Province and the name of Tanemitsu does not appear in the genealogical tables left behind.
  309. However, Tanenao turned back to his home, because Hideto and Tanenao were in discord with each other.
  310. However, Tang China was wracked with turmoil due to the Anshi Rebellion (An Lushan's rebellion), and consequently the Tang court refused to allow FUJIWARA no Kiyokawa to return to Japan, citing the dangers of the road; as a result, Ko Gendo was unable to fulfill his objective.
  311. However, Tango no tsubone, who was given the estate of Yamashina by the will of the Cloistered Emperor, she joined the Imperial Princess Senyomonin, who was also given the estate of Chokodoryo, to intervene with the politics.
  312. However, Tanokami-ko itself is found in other regions.
  313. However, Tatsuo SANEYOSHI points out in his book the possibility of estuarine crocodiles drifting to the shores of Japan.
  314. However, Tatsuya TUJI wrote that Tenkai was employed by Ieyasu after 1609.
  315. However, Teikokuzaiseikakushin kai shifted its policy to cooperate with minto due to the opposition to the Treaty of Shimonoseki and the Triple Intervention, and dissolved to join the formation of the Shinpo-to (Progressive Party of the Meiji Period) in 1896.
  316. However, Tenguto was an experienced army and one theory even says that they had dozens of cannons.
  317. However, Tenrai HIDAI and Kaikaku NIWA already declared that they had left the body.
  318. However, Tenyu preferred Kyurigaku, philosophy of nature (science, natural philosophy) rather than medical science.
  319. However, Terumune was abducted when he came to a castle gate to see off Yoshitsugu HATAKEYAMA, who had visited Terumune to express his gratitude for mediating the peace talk and securing his territory.
  320. However, Terutora cornered the castle to the extent of almost taking over, but eventually, he had to withdraw.
  321. However, Terutora withdrew after confronting Shingen for 60 days, and the Battle was unsettled.
  322. However, Terutoshi HIBINO mentioned that 'it was hard to regard him as the inventor' because there were no other materials on 'Matsumoto-zushi,' and a cook book before the Empo era also described sushi using vinegar.
  323. However, Tetsudai Fushinthe was reduced or exempted from the domains which were assigned other tasks.
  324. However, Tetsuya OKITA completely rejected this idea.
  325. However, The TOKI clan was not allowed to be assigned to Ise no Shugoshiki (provincial constable of Ise Province) and was transferred to the Niki clan.
  326. However, This complicated division sometimes hindered the mutual surveillance system called gonin-gumi (history of Japan) where neighboring families were obliged to watch each other.
  327. However, Togama KONO insisted on internal elections within the peerage, rather than the position of the councilors being heredity; but Ito rejected it by saying "Removing hereditary peerage councilors from Kizokuin means abolishing the system of the hereditary peers."
  328. However, Togo himself seemed to want to transfer to a central position.
  329. However, Togoku (the eastern part of Japan, particularly the Kanto region) far away from Kyoto had less hope for settlement within the imperial court or among aristocrats.
  330. However, Togoku Monto (believers in Kanto region) didn't unconditionally admit Kakunyo as the successor because they didn't like that the successor of Rusushiki of Otani Byodo Mausoleum was limited to a person who was related by birth.
  331. However, Tokiaki, who was a baby at the time, escaped with his nurse and survivied.
  332. However, Tokihira died without seeing the ceremony of official investiture of the Crown Prince in 909.
  333. However, Tokimasa's son Yoshitoki and Masako HOJO opposed to this move, collaborated with the senior vassals, forced Tokimasa to retire and eliminated Tomomasa HIRAGA (Shigetada HATAKEYAMA Rebellion).
  334. However, Tokiyori kept the real power, while Nagatoki served as a puppet who held the position until Tokimune came of age.
  335. However, Tokiyori suppressed these arrangements and drove off the anti-Hojo forces; then, in July he forcibly sent Yoritsune back to Kyoto (this failed attempt at rebellion came to be known as Miya-sodo).
  336. However, Tokugawa gosanke (three privileged branches of the Tokugawa family: the Kishu family, the Mito family, and the Owari family) and gosankyo (three privileged branches of the Tokugawa family: the Tayasu family, the Hitotsubashi family and the Shimizu family) used the surname of Tokugawa and received exceptional treatment.
  337. However, Tokuko was Goshirakawa's adopted daughter and her position was weak from the beginning.
  338. However, Tokuso tried to control lawsuits including direct appeals; for example, five Miuchibito (private vassals) of Tokuso Sadatoki HOJO were ordered to take charge to a direct appeal in 1300.
  339. However, Tokuta administered the government with Minister of the Right OTOMO no Nagatoko, in cooperation with Imperial Prince Naka no oe and FUJIWARA no Kamatari.
  340. However, Tomiko HINO supported her nephew Yoshiki, and after the death of Yoshimasa the following year, in 1490, Yoshiki was chosen to be the tenth shogun on, among others, the condition of Yoshimi becoming a monk.
  341. However, Tomoakira was killed by samurai warriors around him.
  342. However, Tomoito settled the situation in the form of kenka ryoseibai (in a quarrel, both parties are to blame), by receiving the letter of resignation from Saihei thanks to help of Kinmochi SAIONJI and dismissing OSHIMA.
  343. However, Torajiro MATSUNAGA, who had an affair with Onui and caused the incident, was in Uji, Kyoto then and escaped from the mass murder.
  344. However, Tori no ichi is also held exceptionally in Nanatsu-dera Temple in Osu, in addition to Susanoo-jinja Shrine.
  345. However, Torii was not satisfied with the success of Akadama Port Wine and started a new project that would become his great achievement in his life.
  346. However, Toshiaki HARADA, a chief librarian of Tokai University Library, came to be in charge of the books because he was an older brother of Kikan IKEDA's wife and for other reasons.
  347. However, Toshiakira KAWAJI described him as a 'great heroic figure' and 'honest heroic figure.'
  348. However, Toshichika SAITO, a grandchild of Myochin SAITO, already called himself Dainagon (major counselor); therefore, it is thought that Masayoshi might have succeeded this Jizein family.
  349. However, Toshihira vanished from the center stage of history after that.
  350. However, Toshihisa, the fourth head of the Doi family, could produce no heir, so the linage of the Doi family was once terminated, and use of the family name was permitted again with 70,000 koku rice yields (later 10,000 koku were added).
  351. However, Toshiie was not allowed to retire virtually, and after returning from Kusatsu, he was ordered to be a member of Gotairo by Hideyoshi who established the system of Gotairo (Five Elders) and Gobugyo (Five Major Magistrates).
  352. However, Toshisada died in July of 1495 at the camp (he died of disease according to "Funada Senki" while he died on the battlefield according to "Bukoyawa").
  353. However, Toshitaka noticed the attempt from secret information from a maid and worried about how to deal with it.
  354. However, Toshitsuna was put up for adoption in consideration for his father's legal wife, Princess Takahime and his half brother, FUJIWARA no Michifusa.
  355. However, Toson replaced or deleted some discriminatory language on this occasion.
  356. However, Toyonobu was allowed out of his retirement in 1862 and Toyonori did not take active part in ruling because the actual power was placed in Toyobnobu's hands.
  357. However, Tsai Ching-Lin did nothing in response.
  358. However, Tsugutada refused to leave Kyoto stating lack of preparation as a reason and was finally excused from his post as Taishi (the post was given to FUJIWARA no Oguronomaro).
  359. However, Tsuji valued the progressiveness of Tanuma's policies, and reevaluated him as a progressive statesman.
  360. However, Tsujiban Yosobe caught him and it turns out that Yosobe is his biological father.
  361. However, Tsukigata incurred a debt of 150,000 yen in the production of these two films and joined Tokatsu Eigasha after liquidating the company.
  362. However, Tsunaie fell ill due to stresses and returned to Kyoto where he passed away.
  363. However, Tsunanori TOKUGAWA of the Kishu Tokugawa family who married into Tsunayoshi's family as a husband of his beloved daughter Tsuruhime, was also considered to be a candidate for successor.
  364. However, Tsunasada KUTSUKI of the Kutsuki family was backed up to become the sixth lord by the vassals, and Nobutsuna was adopted by Tsunasada.
  365. However, Tsunayoshi left a will "to keep the law for 100 years".
  366. However, Tsuneatsu didn't follow his father, and continued his resistance in Yoshino.
  367. However, Tsuneko TAKEYA, a chief lady of the court for the Empress Dowager who had served the Empress Teimei, and Sigeko TAKEYA, a chief lady of the court who had served for the Empress Kojun were sisters.
  368. However, Tsunemoto's quarters were besieged by the Takeshiba's troops in the midst of the feast, with the result that Tsunemoto, feeling a threat to his life, hastily returned to Kyoto.
  369. However, Tsuneshige and Jiro had been bribed by the villains and, when the pair went into the estate (unaccompanied by their soldiers) following some entertainment provided by the villains, the pair left the estate and reported to the Rokuhara authorities that the villains had escaped.
  370. However, Tsunetada KONOE (Sadaijin (minister of the left of Dajokan) as a chief adviser to the Emperor in the Southern Court), who was supporting the Southern Court independently, attempted to lead a network of Warriors of Fujiwara clan group in the Togoku (the eastern part of Japan) using the status of the leader of the Fujiwara clan.
  371. However, Tsunetoki died in 1246, and the confrontation escalated between the shogun's side and Tsunetoki's brother, Tokiyori HOJO who took over the position of regent.
  372. However, Tsunetoki later had a serious illness, and immediately after he gave the shikken no shiki to his brother, Tokiyori, in March, 1246, he died at the young age of 23 in May.
  373. However, UCC canned coffee is categorized as a milk beverage due to its high ratio of milk solids.
  374. However, UMEWAKA pointed out that the most important esthetic concept in Zeami's theory of Noh is not "Yugen (Subtle and profound)" but "Myo (Strangeness)" and "Yugen" is not a ruling principle of Noh from the aesthetic aspect.
  375. However, Uchiwa fan, which can fit people's hand for its comfortable lightness and make a handmade wind, is even now counted as one of the tools which create a cool atmosphere.
  376. However, Udon noodles lost its position as the leading noodles by making room for Soba for the following reasons: (1) Soba became popular noodles later, (2) Soba and Soba shops created a unique culture, (3) people willingly ate Soba for fear of contracting beriberi, and so on.
  377. However, Ujihime was so proud and nevertheless she lived in poverty with the fief of only 300 koku, she despised Hideyoshi who came from a poor family, saying that 'He is of low origin,' therefore, she was neglected by Hideyoshi for a time.
  378. However, Ujikiyo attacked Tokihiro's base of Tajima, and Mitsuyuki attached Ujiyuki's base of Hoki.
  379. However, Ujimasa proposed to reschedule the visit to spring or summer of 1590, but Hideyoshi refused the proposal, which worsened the relationship of the two again.
  380. However, Ujimasa returned to Odawara immediately.
  381. However, Ujimune neither had an audience with the Shogun nor had any official ranks.
  382. However, Ujinao HOJO refused to serve Hideyoshi as his vassal, and in 1590, Hideyoshi started attacking the Hojo clan.
  383. However, Ujinori's effort was not rewarded in the end.
  384. However, Ujizane IMAGAWA, the son of late Yoshimoto IMAGAWA of Mikawa no kami (Governor of Mikawa Province), was angry.
  385. However, Ukai also is an important aspect of preserving intangible cultural heritage at the same time.
  386. However, Ukai was not necessarily an efficient fishing method so that Ukai, which lost supporters from among the daimyo after the Meiji Restoration, disappeared all over the country one after another, and only a few Ukai presently remain.
  387. However, Ukifune was born to him and Chujo no Kimi, a lady-in-waiting who was the niece of his lawful wife, after his lawful wife had passed away, and Hachi no Miya did not acknowledge her as his own daughter.
  388. However, Ukifune was of two minds between Kaoru and Nioumiya, who appeared before her when he knew of her existence and she threw herself into the Yodo-gawa River.
  389. However, Ukyo, otherwise known as the 'Choan' side, soon fell out of use due to its many wetland areas, leaving Sakyo, or 'Rakuyo' as it was also known, as the only urban area.
  390. However, Unzen died suddenly when he was drinking Sake at Kendonya, a soba noodles shop.
  391. However, Utaemon the fifth (Fukusuke the fourth) enraged at the fact that the professional name was split, he willed 'professional name of Fukusuke must not be left blank for any moment' to claim legitimacy of line of Tokyo (line of Narikomaya).
  392. However, Utamaro's ukiyo-e became a medium that spread the names of his models across Edo.
  393. However, Utsusemi, who notices Genji's visit, escapes from him leaving her thin robes behind.
  394. However, WADA killed Hidenobu's mother and wife who was also WADA's daughter and sent their severed heads to Hidenobu because it was impossible for them to run away to Gifu during the night.
  395. However, WAKE no Kiyomaro who was sent as an imperial envoy reported to the superiors that the oracle had been fabricated, thereby preventing Dokyo from being enthroned.
  396. However, Wang Longxi's group also attributed 'intention', 'ryochi,' and 'things' to 'muzen muaku' as their master's theory lacked consistency.
  397. However, West European powers and Japan did not accept the continued isolation of the Korean Peninsula, and Japan took advantage of Ganghwa Island incident to conclude the Japanese-Korea Treaty of Amity with the Yi Dynasty Korea.
  398. However, Whitiney opposed to the abolition of Japanese except the case of using Roman characters in writing, expressing a negative opinion on the use of simplified English.
  399. However, Xavier passed away on December 3 from illness on Shangchuan Island without being able to enter China, as his body strength was failing and he became weak mentally as well.
  400. However, Xianzong was not discouraged by this, and he destroyed Yuanji WU of Huaixi.
  401. However, Xianzong was not satisfied with this accomplishment.
  402. However, YAMAGATA attacked the Seiyu Party by making use of the Imperial Japanese Army and the House of Peers (Japan) and the situation was finally settled by the imperial edict of Emperor Meiji.
  403. However, YAMAZAKI's 'Kanshu Renmei' fell apart early at the end of July that year.
  404. However, Yaehime, the daughter of Sukechika, became intimate with Yoritomo and even had a child of him, Sentsurumaru.
  405. However, Yagi-jo Castle came to serve as a battlefield several times, after Kunisada NAITO allied with Ujitsuna HOSOKAWA and Nagayoshi MIYOSHI.
  406. However, Yahei's name was not included in a 'List of Active-Duty Troops' which was created in August or September, 1863.
  407. However, Yakamochi was Togu no daibu (Master of the Crown Prince's Quarters) before his death and it is true that Takanari and those who were arrested also included some government officials of Togubo which was the domestic governing institution for Crown Prince.
  408. However, Yamashiro no Kuni no Miyatsuko written as 山城国造 seems to have caused confusion years later.
  409. However, Yamatai didn't assume control over the entire island of Japan.
  410. However, Yamato-Genji didn't demonstrate much military prowess in the Jisho-Juei War, and subsequently they just continued as a powerful regional clan; throughout the middle ages they gradually lost their unity and spread out to other districts.
  411. However, Yamazaki's association that had been shouldering production investment costs and promotions collapsed early at the end of July of the same year and every film company except 'Chie Pro' and 'Kan Pro' were forced to liquidate.
  412. However, Yasuhira died early as a successor in 1839, so Yasuori became a legitimate child at the age of 31.
  413. However, Yasuhira, who was yield under persistent pressure of the Kamakura side, broke the will of his father and killed his own brother FUJIWARA no Yorihira, who supported Yoshitsune with affection.
  414. However, Yasujiro SHIMA, who was Mantetsu personnel, was an engineer specialized in railway technology, came to promote the 'Bullet train plan,' to be described later, together with his oldest son, Hideo SHIMA.
  415. However, Yasuke insists that the resident has to pay for even half a day and they have a squabble.
  416. However, Yasukuni took over as head of the family with the condition that he received Yasuani as his adopted child to succeed after him.
  417. However, Yasukuni-jinja Shrine calls them eirei on the presumption that the non-existent absolute god-emperor exists.
  418. However, Yasumasa was killed by Yoshimasa OKAMOTO's conspiracy on April 16, 1644 (Izumi-sodo riot) and Yasumasa had no son; consequently, the Yashu SHIONOYA clan was discontinued.
  419. However, Yasumitsu TODA, the lord of Tawara Domain and father of Tahara GOZEN (wife of Hirotada MATSUDAIRA) betrayed the IMAGAWA and MATSUDAIRA families by selling Takechiyo to Nobuhide ODA.
  420. However, Yasumoto only found that 'his ancestor was supposedly from the Fujiwara clan' in it.
  421. However, Yasumura had never shown his will to fight, and the Miura clan lost against the bakufu army without a rebellion by the family head Yasumura, and the Miura clan was cornered in MINAMOTO no Yoritomo's Hokkedo Hall.
  422. However, Yasunaga ISHIKAWA and Yasukatsu ISHIKAWA of the Anjo-fudai born ISHIKAWA clan ended in tozama daimyo due to their background that they had betrayed Ieyasu once and switched the sides before finally joining the Ieyasu's Eastern Army.
  423. However, Yasunari's movements after the War, including any punishment he received, are unknown.
  424. However, Yasuori was ordered to return to the post the same year, so he became a roju again after retirement.
  425. However, Yazo died soon after since he was physically weak.
  426. However, Yodo was on good terms with Takayoshi KIDO, and often invited him over and discussed the future of the Meiji Government.
  427. However, Yojiro-dayu, of a nearby village, betrayed Mitsunari, and as a result he was captured.
  428. However, Yoken did not share this desire, or rather, he did not understand such things in the first place or have any intention of meeting his mother's expectations.
  429. However, Yoken himself conclusively destroyed any hope for his future by ridiculing the chief priest after seeing him with his lover.
  430. However, Yoriharu's own soldiers shot arrows and hit the Mikoshi (portable shrine) of Hiyoshi-jinja Shrine at that time, which ended up causing the stance of the Enryaku-ji side still more hardened.
  431. However, Yoriie appointed his close advisers from the Hiki clan and the menoto families, and tended to show a dictatorial attitude, ignoring conventional customs.
  432. However, Yorimichi did not live there, and it became the Emperor Gosuzaku 's satodairi (an emperor's residence other than the one in the palace), but Yorimichi died in the Higashi Sanjo-dono Residence in 1045.
  433. However, Yorimitsu discovered Kidomaru's plan and he ordered WATANABE no Tsuna to shoot an arrow into the ox.
  434. However, Yorimori did receive preferential treatment as the only child of the legal wife of Tadamori, and was appointed to the post of Hitachi no suke at the age of 17, inheriting the position of Iemori.
  435. However, Yorimori had no intention of opposing Kiyomori, and took an oath of wholehearted allegiance to Kiyomori declaring, "I have long ago put down my arms." ("Gukansho")
  436. However, Yoritame seems to have been fond of gambling, and an order to prohibit gambling was issued by the bakufu in 1250.
  437. However, Yoritomo did not allow Yoshitsune to enter Kamakura, and only TAIRA no Munemori and his son were permitted to enter.
  438. However, Yoritomo did not give any punishment to Yoshitsune who was appointed in the same manner.
  439. However, Yoritomo did not take this into account at that time and assigned Rokudai as the Betto shiki post (secretary in the office of temple) to one temple.
  440. However, Yoritomo didn't give rewards to Yoshitsune who had many military exploits and continually hoped to get an appointment.
  441. However, Yoritomo in Kamakura, who gradually expanded his influence after he defeated the Taira clan in 1186, sent a letter to Hidehira to make a faint, saying, 'Let me act as an intermediary for the horses and gold to be presented by Mutsu to Kyoto.'
  442. However, Yoritomo was treated as an outsider (even though he came from the same family in the Seiwa-Genji) and, was ruined due to doubts about his allegiances.
  443. However, Yoritomo was unwilling to call out vassals in the western provinces so that Chogen had to depend on the vassals who voluntarily offered their assistance, including Takatsuna.
  444. However, Yoritomo's death and the succession to the office of a shogun by MINAMOTO no Yoriie (Zenjo's nephew) in 1199 resulted in Zenjo being allied with Tokimasa HOJO (Zenjo's father-in-law) and Yoshitoki HOJO (Zenjo's brother-in-law) who supported MINAMOTO no Sanetomo and came to be opposed to Yoriie's followers.
  445. However, Yoritomo's reply referred to nothing but territorial rights for shoen and did not touch on the recovery of the ruling on kokuga.
  446. However, Yoritomo's troops at this time entered Saku County over Usui-toge Pass, took control of the Yoda-jo Castle, and faced Yoshinaka's troops at Zenkojidaira.
  447. However, Yoritomo, who was distrustful of Yoshitsune, did not allow him to enter Kamakura, but only let TAIRA no Munemori and his son enter.
  448. However, Yoriyasu apologized and was forgiven, and he was back to government.
  449. However, Yoshiaki barricaded himself in Makishima-jo Castle, but was forced to surrender in the all-out battle in which 70 thousand soldiers, including Katsuie, fought.
  450. However, Yoshiaki committed suicide, and Yoshisada himself was defeated at Kanegasaki-jo Castle, Echizen Province by Takatsune SHIBA in the Ashikaga side, and was killed in the battle in Fujishima in the same province.
  451. However, Yoshiaki escaped from Kyoto supported by Shogun's retainers such as Yusai HOSOKAWA and Koremasa WADA and stayed at the place of Yoshikage ASAKURA in the Echizen Province.
  452. However, Yoshiaki refused his advice and rose in arms.
  453. However, Yoshiaki soon became dissatisfied with his position as Nobunaga's puppet.
  454. However, Yoshiaki was not the sort of person who could be satisfied with being just a puppet.
  455. However, Yoshiaki was, even if only in name, Seii taishogun (literally, "the great general who subdues the barbarians").
  456. However, Yoshiaki's army was besieged by Nobunaga's large army and fled in a disorderly retreat, therefore, Fujihide surrendered after being persuaded by Fujitaka and Katsuie SHIBATA.
  457. However, Yoshiakira quickly fought back and they evacuated Kyoto by January 30, 1362.
  458. However, Yoshichika committed violent actions again by killing the mokudai (deputy kokushi, or a deputy provincial governor) and plundered kanmotsu (tribute goods paid as taxes or tithes) in Izumo Province.
  459. However, Yoshichika did not go to the place to stay, then he went to Izumo Province, killed a mokudai (deputy) and took kanmotsu by force.
  460. However, Yoshifune was so intoxicated that he fell asleep on the train and was robbed along the way.
  461. However, Yoshifusa was dismissed by Takauji ASHIKAGA because he acquired a stronger tendency to rule on his own.
  462. However, Yoshiharu's relationship with Harumoto never stayed calm; on the contrary, it was always unstable as the shogun confronted his greatest supporter, lost in a battle against him, escaped to Omi Sakamoto in 1541, made peace with him and returned to Kyoto in 1541.
  463. However, Yoshihiro gradually became enamored of wine and women; he behaved like a spineless literature-lover who didn't think about the subjugation, which caused the counter-attack of the ROKKAKU and resulted in the failure of the subjugation.
  464. However, Yoshihiro was provoked by the third shogun, Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, who regarded Yoshihiro's power as dangerous, to raise an army in conspiracy with the Kamakura Kubo, Mitsukane ASHIKAGA in Sakai in 1399, but he died in the action (the Oei War).
  465. However, Yoshihisa SHIMAZU invaded the territory of the Otomo clan later and the army of Iehisa SHIMAZU defeated the Otomo clan in the Battle of Hetsugi-gawa River to occupy the territory of Bungo Province which was the home ground in January 1587.
  466. However, Yoshihisa SHIMAZU thought Dosetsu's death of disease in 1585 to be his good opportunity and started to move northward.
  467. However, Yoshihisa retained control within his territory (called 'Siden-taisei,' or a system of diarchy).
  468. However, Yoshiie actively worked to secure the trust of his soldiers and officers and as a result, they withstood the fierce attacks of the Akamatsu forces and at length, the Akamatsu forces took flight during the Battle of Funasakatoge.
  469. However, Yoshiie killed many innocent people, and did not regret it so he went to the infinite hell.
  470. However, Yoshikado, who lost his position as the head of the SHIBA clan, asked Sozen YAMANA, his father-in-law for assistance.
  471. However, Yoshikage ASAKURA did not move into the front due to unexplained reason, which wore down the morale.
  472. However, Yoshikane became upset with the Kanto-kanrei Uesugi clan because he killed Noritomo UESUGI with the aim of depriving the Uesugi clan of its power.
  473. However, Yoshikane militarily intervened into the conflict only after Masakado defeated his uncle TAIRA no Yoshimasa, thereby acting as a leader in the conflict with Masakado.
  474. However, Yoshikata's exclusive right caused Kannonji family feud, which brought bakufu on the brink of collapse.
  475. However, Yoshiki escaped from Kyoto by receiving support from Naganobu JINBO, who was the Ecchu no kuni no Shugodai (deputy of Shugo [provincial constable] in Ecchu Province) and used to serve Masanaga HATAKEYAMA.
  476. However, Yoshiko's sudden death caused Emperor Kazan to become a priest, and afterwards, Emperor Ichijo ascended the throne and Kaneie, who was the new emperor's maternal grandfather, became Regent, frustrating Tamemitsu with his ambition.
  477. However, Yoshikuni was excluded from candidate successors due to his rampageous behavior and Yoshiie's consideration that Yoshiie didn't match the trend of the era.
  478. However, Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA gave preferential treatment to Saburo-motoshige KANZE (Onami), a cousin of Motomasa.
  479. However, Yoshimasa ASHIKAGA, the seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") of the Muromachi bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), had no interest in the real world, renovated the Hana-no-gosho residence, and ignored the advice from the Emperor Gohanazono who became concerned with the situation.
  480. However, Yoshimasa SHIBA, a child of Takatsune, finally took office as Shitsuji under the guardianship of Takatsune.
  481. However, Yoshimichi INABA, who surrounded Yokoyama-jo Castle as a Oda's rear guard, and other warriors rushed to help save them from the crisis.
  482. However, Yoshimitsu also retained the real power until he died at 51 in 1408.
  483. However, Yoshimochi ASHIKAGA, the fouth shogun, still depended on the military power of the Hatakeyama clan, and Yoshinori ASHIKAGA, the sixth shogun, aimed at strengthening his power following the policies used by Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA.
  484. However, Yoshimochi administered government affairs without nominating a successor, and the next shogun was not determined.
  485. However, Yoshimori WADA betrayed Yoriie by sending this migyosho to the Hojo and Tadatsune NITA was killed.
  486. However, Yoshimune SHIBA, the Shugo (provincial constable) who was forced to be a puppet by Nobutomo, informed the plan to Nobunaga.
  487. However, Yoshimune did not make them daimyo immediately after appointing them to the new post, and did not permit them to deliver political remarks that were allowed for Roju nor to refuse relaying messages from Roju to Shogun.
  488. However, Yoshimune kept his domain by giving it to Munenao TOKUGAWA, his cousin, claiming that gosanke was a sacred land granted by Tosho-Shinkun (literally, 'sacred lord of the east') Ieyasu.
  489. However, Yoshimune was defeated at Muramatsu-go, Echigo Province by the army of the Kanto Kanrei (a shogunal deputy for the Kanto region), Noriaki UESUGI, and was killed in the battle, which resulted in the fall of the head family of the Nitta clan.
  490. However, Yoshimune who was the family head in the next term actively destroyed shrines in Chikugo, Bungo and other provinces.
  491. However, Yoshimura saw this as a good opportunity to expand his powerbase, rallied his troops and marched on Mitsuishi-jo Castle.
  492. However, Yoshinaka died in the battle of Awazu, and Yoshihiro, who had been put to rout, also became a rebel to be hunted down.
  493. However, Yoshinaka failed to govern the Capital and gradually came to also be confronted by Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa.
  494. However, Yoshinao himself joined the attack against Rokkaku in 1491 by Yoshitane ASHIKAGA and carried out kubijikken (identifying a severed head) in place of Yoshiki.
  495. However, Yoshinao's allowance for the old-age and benefits for Terunao were confiscated.
  496. However, Yoshino lost his position during the Jowa Incident, and right after the downfall of Yoshino, Otsugu died, making Shikike step aside the center of the politics afterwards.
  497. However, Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA had already accepted the way Yodo YAMAUCHI suggested, and had announced the restoration of power to the emperor in front of members of various clans of Kyoto (the petition to the Emperor was made on October 14), and the anti-shogunate group lost the legitimate reason to attack the bakufu.
  498. However, Yoshinobu did not accept Oguri's plan and abruptly discharged Oguri on January 15th.
  499. However, Yoshinobu did not immediately resign from the position of shogun (he resigned on October 24), as governance by the shogunate still remained the same with the administrative system still in effect for the time being.
  500. However, Yoshinobu did not learn about the existence of Ryoma until the Meiji era (after Ryoma's death).
  501. However, Yoshinobu did not move his residence from the Obama Clan's mansion in Wakasa Province to Nijo-jo Castle until the following September, in 1867.
  502. However, Yoshinobu only had vassals provided by the bakufu and did not have any trusted retainers.
  503. However, Yoshinori was also assassinated himself just three months later in the Kakitsu no hen (Kakitsu Incident).
  504. However, Yoshinori was enraged by this and punished everyone who visited Yoshisuke's residence.
  505. However, Yoshinori, who was a priest, lacked a wife and immediately required a legal wife.
  506. However, Yoshioka underwent a radical transformation when he was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1870.
  507. However, Yoshioki OUCHI came back to Suo Province on August 2, 1518 and the administration was run independently by Takakuni HOSOKAWA.
  508. However, Yoshioki was in Yamaguchi in 1500 protecting former Shogun Yoshitane ASHIKAGA, who had fled Kyoto after the Meio no seihen (Meio Coup), so Yoshioki, with the help of Yoshitane, reconciled with Sukemoto SHONI in 1507, enabling him to maintain power in northern Kyushu.
  509. However, Yoshisada could not return to the Kanegasaki-jo Castle because the Northern Court side obstructed him in his way.
  510. However, Yoshisada fought bravely while his right eye being shot by an arrow and repeled the enemy.
  511. However, Yoshishige died in 1202 and Yoshikane died in 1206, so his grandfather's wife and his grandmother Nittani succeeded as a conservator.
  512. However, Yoshisuke WAKIYA died of a sudden disease on June 22, upon leaving the capital.
  513. However, Yoshitada did not die on the spot, and due to the counter attack, Narimoto was also injured.
  514. However, Yoshitaka acted as an intermediary in the reconciliation between Yoshiteru ASHIKAGA and Nagayoshi MIYOSHI in 1558, allowing Yoshiteru to return to Kyoto and preserve his honor.
  515. However, Yoshitaka repelled the attack and even managed to subjugate AZAI further.
  516. However, Yoshitane and his people gradually regained power and were getting around the capital again.
  517. However, Yoshiteru made many attempts to assassinate Nagayoshi, including some in this period, and this fact strongly suggests that he did not realize such attempts would rather undermine the basis of his power than strengthen it.
  518. However, Yoshitoki's side had fresh soldiers one after another and by night, the Wada family were exhausted and moved back to Yuigahama and waited for reinforcement to come.
  519. However, Yoshitoyo was killed by Yoshitaka SATOMI.
  520. However, Yoshitsugu came to behave rudely and, in February of the following year, he was murdered by the Ikko Ikki force in collusion with local lords including Nagashige TOMITA.
  521. However, Yoshitsugu was deprived of his official post twice up to then due to his involvement in the Rebellion of FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu caused by his elder brother FUJIWARA no Hirotsugu as well as the assassination plot of FUJIWARA no Nakamaro which he attempted together with OTOMO no Yakamochi and so on.
  522. However, Yoshitsugu was killed by Nobunaga in 1573 and Hisahide also in October 1577.
  523. However, Yoshitsugu who had been detained by the three men of the Miyoshi family during this battle, in March and April 1567, escaped from the three men and made peace with Hisahide MATSUNAGA, with whom he formed a joint front against the three men.
  524. However, Yoshitsuna abandoned this and ran away, and Yoshimichi, his older brother by a concubine, succeeded to this 1000 koku because he was a cousin of Masachika OKAMOTO and his daughter's husband.
  525. However, Yoshitsune lost the fight, this time Yoritomo protested against Goshirakawa and cut off the supply of food to him, he then gave a command from the retired emperor to hunt down and kill Yoshitusne.
  526. However, Yoshitsune was killed by someone in his sleep during the night of April 23, 1206.
  527. However, Yoshitsura SAHARA who was a family member of the Miura clan said "In the Miura region, we are always running down a hill which is steeper than this."
  528. However, Yoshiyo YOSHIMI, the third generation of Tameyori, plotted to overthrow the Hojo clan probably because of Hojo clan's cold treatment of local powers, and he was executed after the plot came to light.
  529. However, Yoshizane regained his power and recaptured the position of Kanpaku in 1261.
  530. However, Yoshizawa gave independent melodies to Kokyu, arranging and composing highly technical pieces of music.
  531. However, Yude-Udon is inferior to other noodles in eating quality, because noodles of the former swell a little.
  532. However, Yugiri catches a glimpse of Murasaki no ue only once ('Nowaki' (The Typhoon)), and her beauty is imprinted on his memory and the image of her is hovering before him, and he has secret feelings for her for the rest of his life.
  533. However, Yugiri has a deeper knowledge and skill in music, which might be because he has a stronger relationship with the House of the Sadaijin.
  534. However, Yugyo bi (day of wandering) for Daishogun was set, and misfortune would not occur during that time.
  535. However, Yukiko KADA, who was against the construction of a new station, won the Shiga Prefecture governor's election on July 2006, thereby making a significant change in the plan to halt the construction of a new Shinkansen station in October 2007.
  536. However, Yukimori, who had been detained, pretended to contract dysentery and remained in the lavatory; seizing an opportunity, he reportedly escaped through the lavatory smeared with feces.
  537. However, Yukinaga narrowly escaped death thanks to Saisho Shotai's efforts to placate Hideyoshi and Yukinaga's own profuse apologies.
  538. However, Yukinori was educated by his uncle, TAIRA no Shigemori, who felt pity for Yukinori and appointed to a government post, Sama no kami (Captain of Samaryo, Left Division of Bureau of Horses), with the Heike clan's advancement in social status.
  539. However, Yukio OZAKI, a Seiyu-kai Party member, strongly opposed this idea.
  540. However, Yuko was in love with her childhood friend from the same village, Seijun, a young priest.
  541. However, Zao-do Hall on Sanjo was separated from Kinpusen-ji Temple in Yoshino to become "Ominesan-ji Temple" and still exists up to now in the twenty-first century.
  542. However, Zeami considered johakyu to be a word common to every field of art.
  543. However, Zeami was still around at that time and assisted young Motomasa, and people still considered Zeami was a key person of the Kanze theater group.
  544. However, Zen Buddhism denies the significance of sutras, insisting on the importance of nonverbal truths transmitted outside the teachings.
  545. However, Zen sect which generated right after it is included in Buddhism as well.
  546. However, Zenko-ji Temple made a copy of the hibutsu called 'omaedachi-zo' (an important cultural property built in the Kamakura period, made of bronze), through which people can imagine what the hibutsu looks like.
  547. However, Zenni and Yasutoki were later divorced.
  548. However, Zenpo managed to overcome the crisis with the support of Choin FURUICHI, a priest of Kofuku-ji Temple, the Hatakeyama clan in Kawachi, and others.
  549. However, Zenran devoted himself to the wrong doctrine called "Senju kenzen", and he preached the heresy even to the people who had understood Shinran's teachings properly, causing a turmoil.
  550. However, Zenshu was defeated because of the intervention by bakufu of Kyoto, and Nobumitsu was subjugated by Kamakurafu and committed suicide.
  551. However, Zoyakumen kei shoen still existed at various places during the twelfth century.
  552. However, `Kenpon chakushoku Takeda Shingen gazo' (a portrait of Takeda Shingen) was not used in recent text books, and alternatively, the portrait `possessed by Jimyo-in Temple' was used.
  553. However, a Japanese sword in the ideal condition is called 'the world's strongest cutting tool,' and with reason.
  554. However, a Shokado-bento is a newer style bento which was developed in the early Showa period.
  555. However, a Zato ghost came to trouble Jubei and his wife, and Daiba no Nisa started to play blackmail referring to a cigarette case that Jubei left on the scene.
  556. However, a break of the enemy's bank made the besieged believe the power of god, so that it continued to fight with patience.
  557. However, a burial style in the form of a large keyhole-shaped tomb mound seemed to be the unifying form taken into practice, within the uniquely local characteristic styles.
  558. However, a celestial being appeared and carved the image of Miroku.
  559. However, a certain degree of flexibility was seen in each hierarchy during the Edo period.
  560. However, a character of Nippon Daemon was set just as that of Goemon ISHIKAWA.
  561. However, a cherry blossom festival is held when the Omuro cherries are in bloom (April), and admission fees are needed for entering the grounds as well as viewing the buildings during that period.
  562. However, a child of shokubunke, for example, starts with shihan, and after a certain period of time he will rise to the rank of shokubun or jun shokubun.
  563. However, a citizen could accede the imperial throne if he did not satisfy with the present emperor and hoped to do so.
  564. However, a conference was not held, when the entire OKADA Cabinet resigned because of the February 26th Incident, and had remained so until the inauguration of the ABE Cabinet.
  565. However, a conflict was created between a group formed by Furusho, Sassa, Sone, etc. who tried to get the Central Negotiation Committee into a political party and a group formed by Inoue, Suematsu, etc. who were against the idea.
  566. However, a considerable portion of the route was used effectively for constructing the Tokaido Shinkansen line later.
  567. However, a counterargument says that if they had hid them in a hurry, various ways of burying would be found but the ways are similar all over the country.
  568. However, a court decision regarding the preservation of the status of the first head priest which states that is he able to occupy Shufuku-ji Temple for as long as he lives means that no sect activities may be conducted at Shufuku-ji Temple unless he were to leave for any reason.
  569. However, a courtesan appears who calls herself Usuzumi and she starts trying to convince Sekibe.
  570. However, a craftsmen's technique improves with ideas and effort by examining famous instruments passed down from ancient times.
  571. However, a current theory has it that the rebel group occupied the Sashiki-jo Castle for 15 days.
  572. However, a decline of Satoyama's economic value due to the increased use of fossil fuels and chemical fertilizers caused gradual changes in the habitat of Satoyama from its original red pine woods (as the red pine is a sun tree, the invasion of other species impedes its further reproduction).
  573. However, a decree by ex-Emperor Yokoin made it possible for her to visit the Imperial Palace as a special case without appointing adoptive parents because she was a descendant of TAIRA no Shigemori.
  574. However, a defeated nation cannot pay the money, and in that case, its Gunpyo means nothing.
  575. However, a defense way referred to as midokoro-kakushi (or midokoro-yoke) to guard the men, kote and migi-do was widespread for a period of time, and thus hidari-do has also been used.
  576. However, a descendent of Nagamasa ODA, a younger brother of Naganori, became a vassal of the Maeda clan of Kaga Domain.
  577. However, a different plan proposed by a member of the expert commission to avoid the aforementioned problems estimates the cost at 160 billion yen.
  578. However, a different theory asserts that at this time SAITO was absent from the line of battle due to his injuries and was not in Nagareyama.
  579. However, a disease he caught in a ship took him to bed on the day of his arrival in Paris after returning to the hotel from a walk to Palais Royal with his accompanying staff.
  580. However, a doctor named Dou KURISAKI, who treated Kira's wounds, recorded that Takumi no Kami was 'not out of his mind' at that moment.
  581. However, a document describing that he died through the practice of Nyujo (Sokushinbutsu - Buddhist monks or priests who allegedly caused their own deaths in a way that resulted in their being mummified) appeared later (described later in details).
  582. However, a document found inside the Amida Nyorai standing statue (by Kaikei's disciple, Kokai) at Gokuraku-ji Temple, Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, mentioned that Kaikei was already dead in 1227, so this is the limit for his year of death.
  583. However, a document has been found recently which raises suspicion that he could have clandestinely consorted with the western army.
  584. However, a false report was made that the head of the Normal School said he didn't want to accept students from the Christian School, Doshisha.
  585. However, a family dispute occurred during the time of Yoshitoshi MOGAMI, a grandson of Yoshiaki, and the Mogami family was deprived of its status by the order of the Edo Bakufu, resulting in the fall of the Mogami clan as a Daimyo.
  586. However, a few months later, Yoshinaka was defeated by Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and Moroie was dismissed.
  587. However, a few shrines practice different prayer manner; for example, Izumo Taisha Shrine and Usa Jingu Shrine practice 'four claps.'
  588. However, a few to a few hundred keyhole-shaped tumuli are known to exist in the other forty-three prefectures.
  589. However, a few trains are operated with six cars between Kyoto Station and Shin-Tanabe Station and coupled/decoupled at Shin-Tanabe to run with four cars from Shin-Tanabe southward.
  590. However, a fireworks show has not been held since then due to a security problem arising from the increase of visitors.
  591. However, a follower of the Nichiren-sect (Hisayosi MATSUMOTO), refuted the preaching of the Hieizan Western tower's priest, and triggered the priest-soldier army of the Tendai sect Hieizan to start destroying the 'Hokke Ikki' in July, 1536 (old lunar calendar).
  592. However, a follower of the family of FUJIWANO no Toyonari who was ordered to kill her and saw her devote herself in sutra chanting with wishing for gokuraku ojo (peaceful death), could not kill her with a sword and left her at 'Mt.Hibari.'
  593. However, a former member of the Poland national football team, Piotr SOWISZ who joined this year was not even crossed off the player registration list, but went back to his country in the middle of the season, so it must be thought that he "left midway through the year."
  594. However, a former statesman of the Ashikaga clan, Soun TAZAKI took an active role in returning the book collection to the locals from the prefecture along with the western half of the former Ashikaga School precinct including the Confucian Shrine.
  595. However, a genealogy indicating the existence of Obiko no Mikoto, the first Prince of the Emperor Kogen, was engraved on kinsakumei tekken (an iron sword with gold-inlaid inscriptions) unearthed from Inariyama-kofun Tumulus; then more people now believe that the Emperor Kogen actually existed.
  596. However, a girl who becomes a disciple of Maiko only because of her yearning feelings often resigns, because she can not bear the old-fashioned severe training of the feudalistic red-light district.
  597. However, a goddess Izanami sought sex, which caused the birth of the physically disabled god.
  598. However, a gold shortage, caused mainly by the outflow, became a serious problem and the conversion system had to be stopped.
  599. However, a hakama without a machi might be inconvenient for the miko who must move her legs in time to the music when performing kagura.
  600. However, a hanka-shiyui image is not always a statue of Miroku Bosatsu.
  601. However, a head of a family who had created his own household can abolish the household without any inhibition but a head of a family who had become successor needed permission from a law court to abolish the household.
  602. However, a housing land development plan in the Kizu area was cancelled in 2003.
  603. However, a kozuka is a single-edged knife for daily use, and a kogai is a spatula for fixing hair, and it is extremely difficult to throw them as a shuriken since the center of gravity is unadjusted and its strength is inadequate.
  604. However, a large chicken takes time to roast if it is whole, and is difficult to eat because of bones.
  605. However, a large wooden brazier set in the office of the campus heated up, and a fire broke out.
  606. However, a legal status of the Imperial family was approved on the basis that the Imperial throne should be succeeded by heredity.
  607. However, a letter from Jihe's wife, Osan, was included in them, and Magoemon who learned the truth was secretly thankful for Koharu's strong sense of loyalty.
  608. However, a letter from Kofuku-ji Temple ordered an end to Nenbutsu, and later, in 1207, Honen was returned to secular life and exiled in Tosa province (Sanuki province in actuality), where he took the name Motohiko FUJII.
  609. However, a long term stay in Kyoto became a heavy burden both on the Ouchi clan and on its subsidiary kokujin (local samurai) and Gozoku (local ruling family).
  610. However, a lot of readers criticized the delay of the report and the opaque handling of the money through writing in the column of comment, and then the column of comment was completely deleted by him at 21:07:25.
  611. However, a luxury food version made with Kobe beef or Matsuzaka beef are also available.
  612. However, a man called TOSA no Yoichi taught people in Awa Province the Tosa method in 1781, and he then taught it to those in Izu Province in 1801; additionally another person taught it to those in Satsuma Province.
  613. However, a man noticed the fan which was always kept with her.
  614. However, a manuscript called "Toin shikan" was produced in Hyojosho (conference chamber) managed by Bugyo (magistrate) in 1841, and this was utilized at court trials.
  615. However, a member of the Takanashi clan (as well as one from the Nishina clan) was a son-in-law of Kaneto NAKAHARA, so that the relation by marriage may have made the Takanashi clan join the army of the Nakahara clan, a consort clan, instead of the Inoue clan, the paternal relative.
  616. However, a miracle happened to rescue the chancellor and evil was defeated.
  617. However, a monk of the temple betrayed them to Naomasa AKAI, and they were suddenly attacked during the night.
  618. However, a month later, on June 11, the destroyer Sakaki was attacked by a U-boat of Austrian navy.
  619. However, a muzzle-loader is not appropriate for serial shooting compared to present-day guns, which is easy to understand as mentioned above.
  620. However, a new station was built when the momentum of redeveloping the area around the station increased, following the closure of the Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd., near the station, and due to the poor transportation around Katsura Station, which leads to Rakusai Newtown.
  621. However, a new theory was proposed saying that MINAMOTO no Tsuneyori (Uda-Genji (Minamoto clan)), a governmental official responsible for practical works, compiled it for necessities for carrying out his official duties.
  622. However, a novelist Michiko NAGAI made a completely different explanation that Sugen-in was not so beautiful as her mother and sisters and not quick-witted, but she could calmly take any fate in stride and added charms to herself each time she got over it.
  623. However, a number of questions have been raised.
  624. However, a part of the area has been logged and developed for housing.
  625. However, a part of their scenario was published in the style of books for the general public in the Edo period, such as "Kyogenki" (Collections of farces), "Zoku Kyogenki" (Collections of farces Continued), "Kyogenki Shui " (Collections of farces) and "Kyogenki gaihen" (Collections of farces), which have been handed down to subsequent generations.
  626. However, a peddler-like rau-ya (carrying a wooden rack on the back) has been revived recently.
  627. However, a person other than Monshu can become a chief priest.
  628. However, a person who actually played a leading role attending to government affairs in the Engi period was FUJIWARA no Tokihira, Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), Daijokan hitto (head council of state).
  629. However, a person whose name was contained in the term was often Yoriko as well.
  630. However, a petition from a person who got the official document by claiming false enfeoffment is not taken up.)'
  631. However, a piece of information to the effect that Yoshitsune's group would be disguised as yamabushi had already reached Saemon TOGASHI, the barrier keeper, before their arrival.
  632. However, a plague prevailed again at the end of the era of the Emperor Bidatsu (Umako himself was affected).
  633. However, a principle of agricultural fundamentalism stating that the sphere of hyakusho should be agriculture, which did not always match the reality, was gradually passed through and spread since the medieval period, and the term was begun to be understood generally as a person engaged in agriculture.
  634. However, a rapid train with Kashiwara as a terminal station is not in operation.
  635. However, a recent study has identified the name "FUJIWARA no Tsunekiyo" on the list of the names of the Fujiwara clan members whose official ranks were Goi (Fifth Rank) or above, written in 'Zo Kofuku-ji ki' (the document about the reconstruction of Kofuku-ji Temple) made in 1047.
  636. However, a recent study has pointed out that some of the Kannagi who gave oracles may have been gifted with far more practical abilities.
  637. However, a recent study shows that the characteristics of the pirates that were restrained by Sumitomo and that of the armed group that he later led in the rebellion were not the same.
  638. However, a relapse of his radiation sickness forced him to spend three more years fighting the condition.
  639. However, a relationship between governors in charge of navy, including a Hyobu shojo Meido MASUDA, was not a friendly one and the effort of Sano failed to show results.
  640. However, a rich clan in Nakano (now Higashiazai County) accepted this demand, so the Iguchi clan reluctantly agreed in the end.
  641. However, a rough distribution of these wares has not been changed.
  642. However, a run on the bank occurred at the time of the Showa financial crisis in 1927, and the business was suspended.
  643. However, a samurai, who was a fan of Yotsuguruma Daihachi, happened to be there and spoke out, "There is a big difference in degree between a sumo wrestler and a mere fireman."
  644. However, a scandal about their relationship spread (although both were single, the customs of the time did not approve of such associations between a man and a woman without the intent to marry), and so she severed relations with Tosui.
  645. However, a sense of discrimination toward Senmin was prevalent among the people, and the name "Shin-Heimin (new commoner)" was spontaneously established from Heimin (commoner).
  646. However, a sequel to this theory is that, after the battle in Sekigahara, it was only Nagamasa and Takatora TODO who dismounted from their horses to show respect to the warlord of the enemy troops, instead of despising Mitsunari.
  647. However, a series of reforms implemented by Okitsugu can be said to have been no less important than so-called Three Big Reforms.
  648. However, a shooting method like this that requires time and effort as Nakahira had done, was not usually undertaken.
  649. However, a store started making efforts to regenerate the Fukuchiyama family, to avoid having to close it.
  650. However, a style of recluses called 'Shoin,' meant to abandon official ranks and retire from the world to mountain or forest, making it impossible for the recluses to hold their privileges that were the basis of their living.
  651. However, a subversive movement of respecting Japanese traditions again arose.
  652. However, a supreme commander of the Asakura army was not Yoshikage but family member Kagetake.
  653. However, a sword which is 1.3 times longer, called Satsuma Koshirae (fittings), and belted on by Satsuma warriors, required some time to poise before once bringing it down, and the so-called Jigenryu style to defeat at the first attempt became popular.
  654. However, a terminal station was provisionally constructed on the grounds of the present site because, in addition to budgetary constraints, there was also a need for the construction to be completed before the Enthronement Ceremony for Emperor Showa.
  655. However, a theory that '邪馬壹國' is 'Yamaikoku', and 'Yamato' is a different state, still enjoys currency among amateur researchers.
  656. However, a thrust at the moment of separation is recognized as a valid one, if the tsubazeriai is only momentary.
  657. However, a title for the warrior class could not be established due to the complexity of adding another title to Gotoshaku (a five-rank peerage system), and through efforts made by genkun (the statesmen who contributed in the Meiji Restoration) who wanted to be treated as the peerage, like Court nobles and daimyo (Japanese territorial lords).
  658. However, a total of more than 500 solders died of malaria and other diseases while they stayed there until the end of the year.
  659. However, a vassal of Katsutoyo SHIBATA, who was an adopted child of Katsuie and had switched sides to Hideyoshi, let out information to the camp of Morimasa to the effect that Hideyoshi was in Ogaki and away from his castle.
  660. However, a widow who inherited the assets of her deceased husband was sometimes recognized as a member of the soson.
  661. However, a woman out of curiosity peeked out through the slit of her house's door, and when the above-mentioned Katawa-guruma appeared it said that she should rather watch her own child than peek at Katawa-guruma.
  662. However, a wooden statue exists in Toji-in Temple.
  663. However, a word that indicates her trait might be added in order to distinguish from others who has same name.
  664. However, a yamakasa of the Kanda Yamagasa Festival is also called an iwa yamagasa, because components called iwa (rocks) are attached to it.
  665. However, accompanied by the opening of Kansai International Airport, an increased number of trains on the Osaka Loop Line running directly through the Hanwa Line (with the introduction of Kanku Rapid Service and the Haruka (train)) made it impossible for trains to pass each other using the island platform at Tennoji.
  666. However, according to "Azuma Kagami" (The Mirror of the East"), Tanetsuna was only 21 years old when he died, which means he was only 11 years old in 1218.
  667. However, according to "Azuma Kagami," Hiromoto was on the bakufu's side, and was regarded one of contributors behind the scene who led the bakufu army to victory in collaboration with Masako HOJO, who advocated war and encouraged reluctant direct vassals of the shogun to fight against the Imperial Court.
  668. However, according to "Heike Monogatari" (The Tale of the Heike) and the above mentioned "Azuma Kagami," Yoshitsune fought at Hiyodorigoe (eight kilometers to the east from the Ichinotani region), so some historians and experts still strongly support the Hiyodorigoe theory.
  669. However, according to "Heike Monogatari" that depicts the details of "sakaotoshi," Yoshitsune did not divid his troops but instead executed "sakaotoshi" from Hiyodorigoe to Ichinotani with his three thousand cavalrymen.
  670. However, according to "Iemoto no Kenkyu" (Study of Iemoto) written by Matsunosuke NISHIYAMA, in most schools of martial arts the iemoto system was not employed during the Edo period.
  671. However, according to "Kojiki," Oke no Miko, later Emperor Kenzo and Shibi no Omi (corresponding to HEGURI no Omi Shibi in "Nihonshoki") competed each other at the poetry reading party to get Ouo, the daughter of Uda no Obito.
  672. However, according to "Kosekiko (ancient documents) of the Mino Province," it is said that his mother was the daughter of Magodayu WADA.
  673. However, according to "Koyo Gunkan" (record of the military exploits of the Takeda family) (hereinafter referred to as "Gunkan"), he was also named `katsu (victory) chiyo', which was associated with the victory at Arakawahata.
  674. However, according to "Kozan account of a trip" when he traveled around Kai Province in 1695, it was recorded differently that Kai Province was the birthplace of his deceased wife.
  675. However, according to "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), Prince Oama became anxious and tried to call back Oyori on June 24.
  676. However, according to "Seigan Meibutsu-ki," a record of specialties which was compiled during the Tenmon era and discovered recently, only the Juko tea bowl is listed as a utensil that was owned by Juko.
  677. However, according to "Tanshu sanke monogatari" (the tale of the three families in Tanshu), Yoshisada is said to have been killed in September; and the Buddhist mortuary tablet of 'Mitsunobu ISSHIKI' which exists at the Seirin-ji Temple in Kami-Miyazu also says the date of Yoshisada's death was September 8.
  678. However, according to 'Heisei shinshu Kazoku kakei taisei' (The Peerage: New Heisei Edition), the individual who died on May 13, 1893 was Takachi KYOGOKU (domain lord 2 generations after Takanobu) and, Takanobu's year of death is not recorded.
  679. However, according to 'Marshal Duke Iwao OYAMA,' he became obese in his later years, and at first he was rather thin and good at the art of the spearmanship.
  680. However, according to 'Murakami Sanin' (2001), Kohechi was not the only road that connected Koya and Kumano, and there were other routes.
  681. However, according to 'Okado hikki' written by metsuke (inspector of foot soldiers) of bakufu Shigetomo OKADO (That is, Tamon's self-description.
  682. However, according to 'Shincho Koki,' it was Narimasa and Tsuneoki IKEDA who avenged Inaba and it is highly possible that the anecdote of Shibata and Maeda was invented later since they went together to the Hokuriku area as the attack army.
  683. However, according to 'a book of research' and "Encyclopedia of The Tale of Genji," close investigation of some of the manuscripts during the Edo period was also carried out, so it is considered that the broader range of manuscripts were investigated than the manuscripts mentioned above.
  684. However, according to Article 3.7 of Kyoto protocol, each participating nation is supposed to choose the year 1995 as a base year for HFCs, PFCs and sulfur hexafluoride reduction.
  685. However, according to Katsumi IWASAKI (the writer of "Maeno Ranka"), Junan was not good at using cases and conjugations correctly.
  686. However, according to Kiyoshi SHIMIZU, a professor of Kogakkan University, some intellectuals such as FUJIWARA no Michitoshi and OE no Masafusa referred to it in order to develop their talents, finding its existence, and Kaneyoshi ICHIJO also utilized it for research of Yusoku kojitsu (court and samurai rules of ceremony and etiquette).
  687. However, according to Motohiro KONOE's diary, the Emperor was pleased to hear this misfortune happen when KONOE reported it to the Emperor.
  688. However, according to Nihonshoki, Horyu-ji Temple burned down in A.D. 670 and the existing Saiin Garan was reconstructed later (around the end of the seventh century), and this depiction is now widely accepted, partly because the excavation and research proved the truth of the depiction.
  689. However, according to Nobori NAKAJIMA who followed Toshizo up to Hakodate War, at the time of Hakodate War "he was mild and was admired by his men as if he was their mother."
  690. However, according to Shoso-in Monjo (Shoso-in Archives), Kongukan (Shibichudai) was involved in a sutra-copying project conducted on the first anniversary of the Empress Dowager's death.
  691. However, according to Yuji YAMADA's recent study, In's later years at Sanuki were tranquil.
  692. However, according to a collection of Chinese poetry "Kaifuso" (Fond Recollections of Poetry), and "Manyoshu" (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), 'his father, Emperor Tenchi, decided that Prince Otomo ought to be the formal Crown Prince.'
  693. However, according to a different theory, people were actually able to travel without restraint as long as they made notification, which is like traveling abroad after getting a passport in modern times, considering the fact that domains in the Edo period were like semi-independent states..
  694. However, according to a survey by Yoshiko YOSHIDA ("Karenaru Monogatari" - story about curry), such a record is non-existent in Hokkaido University, with the curry-related oldest records being the delivery record of curry powder of September 1877 and the dormitory meal menu of 1881.
  695. However, according to a theory, Yorozuya was Senkitsu, who was another son (of Suketada).
  696. However, according to a theory, the founder of Shamisen music Kengyo ISHIMURA was an expert Kokyu player as well.
  697. However, according to an ancient Japanese text, among the seven ships, including the Powhatan, that gathered on January 16, two steamers and three sailing ships bombarded Susaki in Awa Province (present-day Chiba Prefecture).
  698. However, according to an article for November 25, 810 in Nihonkoki (Later Chronicle of Japan), he was awarded, together with the ISAYAMA no Ietsugu and others who belonged to the same clan, a kabane (hereditary title) called Muraji.
  699. However, according to an article of "Was the Emperor Komei killed with poison?" by Kiyoshi HARAGUCHI, it is pathologically clear that he died of smallpox.
  700. However, according to an article with the same date in roll No.15 of "Shoku Nihongi" ("Chronicle of Japan Continued"), it was issued in the same way as an imperial order, and it can be understood to have included the following lost description.
  701. However, according to an old document named "Tokuyama Gokanpu Ikken" of the Tokuyama clan, the place in question was located in less than 18 meters inside or outside the boundary.
  702. However, according to another source, the Emperor was still called 'Gofukausa' inside the Imperial Palace, and there is no proof of the above information.
  703. However, according to another story, when he was working as copyist for Hisamitsu SHIMAZU, he was found that he had been buying shochu (Japanese distilled grain liquor) by putting the public documents in pledge, and sent to Okinoerabu-jima Island (and this is the popular theory).
  704. However, according to another theory, Jodai was assigned to some other person.
  705. However, according to another theory, Suesada was from the Mitsumasa line of Seiwa-Genji (the Minamoto clan of descendants of Emperor Seiwa), and Munesue became an adopted son of Tadamune.
  706. However, according to current Imperial Family Law, only male successors can succeed to the Imperial throne.
  707. However, according to one opinion, if Kagetora won the battle, Kagekatsu would be surrounded by the Hojo forces and pro-Hojo forces in a crescentic shape, and therefore it was not a mistake to form alliance with Kagekatsu.
  708. However, according to people from the time, the old Kinkakuji was plain and showed little gold with most of it worn and beaten, looking little like the current one which is gold and magnificent.
  709. However, according to recent historical research and studies, the original genealogy might be written like this: "the Emperor Ojin ? Oi no Okimi - Ushi no Okimi ? the Emperor Keitai" which extended into two generations, was eliminated from the six generations of the genealogy as described in the Joguki: Wakanuke futamata no Miko and Oiratsuko (Katsuyasu KAWAGUCHI).
  710. However, according to some materials such as Makura no Soshi (The Pillow Book), Court caps in those days were thinly lacquered soft caps, and they easily lost their shapes due to rain and so on.
  711. However, according to the "A Record of Ancient Matter" and "Chronicles of Japan," 'Keitai' was born in 450 and on the other hand, 'Bidatsu' was born in 538.
  712. However, according to the "Azuma Kagami" (The Mirror of the East), Shigetada HATAKEYAMA belonged to the Ote army of Noriyori and did not belong to Yoshitsune's army.
  713. However, according to the "Gukansho," Yoshitomo sensed Nagata and his son's plot and asked his wet mother's son Masakiyo KAMATA to kill him.
  714. However, according to the "Honcho Seiki" (Chronicle of Imperial Reigns), it was modeled on the example of Saigu Imperial Princess Tenshi of 861.
  715. However, according to the "Japanese history unabridged dictionary (Showa era), the 4th volume" published by Yoshikawa kobunkan in February 1984, ryosei province is explained in the article of 'province' in which the term 'Ryosei province' is not used.
  716. However, according to the "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), the history of the overthrown Soga clan is shorter than 100 years, meaning they were an emerging force, and the force that overthrew the Soga clan consisted of emperors for generations, the persons in paramount authority.
  717. However, according to the Diet Record of February 26, 1948, there was a statement that people should remember what the Meiji period was like forever through the Meiji-setsu, during a discussion about the national holiday system change.
  718. However, according to the Family Registration Law established later, if there is no statement to register a Nyufu (the husband who enters a family of which family head is female) as head of a family on the registration form of Nyufu marriage, the former female head of a family remains as the head of the family.
  719. However, according to the Health and Medicine of Alcohol Association, it would take approximately 60 narazuke (about 400 grams) with an alcohol content of 5% to reach the legal alcohol limit.
  720. However, according to the Nihon Shoki, it is said that the success of raising the army in Mino Province was supposedly reported by MURAKUNI no Oyori the day after Miyake's reception.
  721. However, according to the act, the acquisition of private railway was possible only when acquisition was necessary for the construction of planned lines, and the support from the Diet was necessary.
  722. However, according to the amount issued (sold) recorded in '逓信省第二十年報' (the 20th annual report of Ministry of Communication), 820,000 out of the total sales of 1,480,000 were sold in Korea.
  723. However, according to the articles of war of the day, they were not allowed to compete to be the first rider in a charge, therefore instead of battle field honors he found himself under house arrest.
  724. However, according to the chapter in Naokata KUSAMA's ' Sankazue' (Picture Collection of Three Coins: History of Coinage in Japan) regarding prices, the Kawase-mai-rei Law was not always effective.
  725. However, according to the commonly accepted theory, Emperor Tenchi ordered the retainers to back up Otomo no Oji to be the next emperor.
  726. However, according to the decision in writing of a preliminary examination, Kyogizai (a crime of having conference) in the article 2 of the Maintenance of Public Order Law was applied for 'demolition of private property.'
  727. However, according to the descriptions '次黒夜神真言' and '此即閻羅侍后也' in the tenth article of "Dainichikyo-sho", she is considered to be Empress of Enma-o in midnight in Mikkyo (Esoteric Buddhism).
  728. However, according to the family of players, order, dance and the names of the codes are sometimes different.
  729. However, according to the final report made after that, it became clear that Motohira' and Hidehira's had been reversed, therefore, the northwest Shumidan on the right facing the hall is regarded as Hidehira's.
  730. However, according to the historical records kept by the Nanbu clan, by 1338 the signatory of Ikkenjo (acknowledgement of reading military document) was made by his elder brother Morosue and no historical records of Iesue were to be found thereafter.
  731. However, according to the historical records of the Tokugawa, the incident took place on September 17, 1506.
  732. However, according to the history of ancient Japan, Wo, in "The History of the Song Dynasty," the following description was found in a memorial presented to the emperor (the southern dynasty) by the Japanese king Bu in 478.
  733. However, according to the investigation carried out when his cremains were moved to another place, the difference between his actual height and the length of ihai is considerably large.
  734. However, according to the legend passed down at Fujisan Hongu Sengen-taisha Shrine Konohana no sakuya-bime is a goddess of water.
  735. However, according to the local legend, the residents of the Watanabe-mura Village were moved from the original location of Watanabe no tsu to the place where the settlement used to be.
  736. However, according to the mokkan and "the Engishiki" discovered from Heijo-kyo, the provinces obligated to pay offerings were sited in the inland areas such as Shinano Province and Shimotsuke Province, and those were relatively far from kinai.
  737. However, according to the notes attached to the end of the 'Hahakigi' chapter in the "Shichigo-Genji," which is a copy of the 13th century Kawachi-bon manuscript and is kept at the Higashiyama Go-bunko library, it is known that there were also theories that he was fifteen or nineteen years old.
  738. However, according to the old chronologies which was constructed by Kanera ICHIJO and frequently referred to before, he was 16, and moreover there were theories that he was 15 or 19 other than this.
  739. However, according to the population census, the ratio of the aging population was 11.7% in 1985, but increased to 18.4% in 1999, showing that Fukuchiyama is an aging city.
  740. However, according to the record of the following day, December 25, the Emperor suffered from sputum, and Atsuhira and Seiken FUJIKI rubbed his body while Mitsuosa plastered him.
  741. However, according to the records of "Azuma Kagami," when Yoshinaka died, Yoshihide was already nine years old and it is impossible for Tomoe to be Yoshihide's mother considering their ages; so it is thought to be a fiction in the book.
  742. However, according to the research conducted later, it is now considered to be a substantially reliable historic material.
  743. However, according to the sixth addendum to the "Nihonshoki," 'Kotoshironushi no kami transformed into Yahiro no Kumawani to marry Mishima no Mizokuihime, also called Tamakushihime, and the child was born named Himetataraisuzuhimenomikoto, who became the wife of Kamuyamatoiwarehiko Hohodemino sumeramikoto.'
  744. However, according to the surviving fragment of "Chikugo no kuni fudoki," Iwai escaped to Kamitumike no agata in Buzen Provicne, and then died in mountains there (the Yamato army had lost the track of Iwai, though).
  745. However, according to the time of birth presented in this timeline, the order should be Yoshimune, Yoshichika, Yoshitada, Yoshikuni.
  746. However, according to the veneration pledge for the construction of Tahoto Pagoda at Gokuraku-ji Temple, which was written at the 12th anniversary of Shigetoki HOJO's death, Shigetoki's daughter gave birth to and raised Tokimune, and there exist several other historical materials evidencing such description.
  747. However, according to the wish of her brother Masamoto HOSOKAWA, she returned to secular life and married Harima no kuni shugo (provincial constable of Harima Province) Masanori AKAMATSU as his second wife when she was 30, 31, or 33 years old.
  748. However, according to this theory, it can be said that Fukai-no-Joten/ Fukaijoten was broken too soon, when Tenchi 's younger brother Emperor Tenmu presented himself to the next heir to the Imperial Throne.
  749. However, according to what Shohei IMAMURA himself said in the later years, although he was credited as playwright-director, in reality very few of his ideas were adopted.
  750. However, accounts found in "Izumo no kuni fudoki" and "Izumo kokuso kamuyogoto" (Divine Words of the Ritual Priest of Izumo Taisha Shrine) portray Futsunushi no kami as descending alone.
  751. However, action undertaken without permission during the Cloistered Emperor's absence was fatal.
  752. However, actual appointments were not based on the size of the army, and the appointment of a number of shoguns under the Daishogun was never practiced.
  753. However, actual sounds for characters are largely unknown, and there are also different opinions whether they had different phonemes or not.
  754. However, actually most households keep in butsudan a small photograph of the departed, which was decorated at his funeral.
  755. However, actually, the political system removed a daikan who was even slightly ill reputed without delay, so a bad daikan pursuing his personal greed could not exist for a long time in that society.
  756. However, adding hot water to raise the temperature of sake does not mean warming sake, and in that case, it is distinguished by calling it 'oyuwari.'
  757. However, adding of distilled alcohol was not done popularly in old times.
  758. However, admonished by people around him that "the third declination would be irreverent," he was forced to accept the peerage of the count upon the third request.
  759. However, adopting the opinions of such as Rei MATSUURA, Ryoma was not able to enter Kobe Naval Training Center, and was not a leading student of the private school of Kaishu KATSU.
  760. However, advancement of Japanese silk production technology in the 18th century diminished the imports of Chinese products, which had devastating effects on Busan trade.
  761. However, affected by the Showa Depression and the Great Depression, Keihan Electric Railway, which was investing heavily in Shinkeihan Railway, Hanwa Electric Railway (current Hanwa Line) and Nara Electric Railway (current Kintetsu Kyoto Line) among others, ran into financial difficulty.
  762. However, afraid of using the term, 'usurpation of the imperial throne' following the aftermath of Shimanaka incident, Chuo Koronsha used an inaccurate title 'usurpation of sovereignty,' overriding Imatani's opposition.
  763. However, after "Guangya" (Expanded Erya) edited in around the third century, '鮓' (pickled fish) was defined to be the same as '鮨' (salted fish) which had been defined as being different, which showed that '鮓' was not such a popular food.
  764. However, after 1170, money supply increased and thus inflation happened and as a result, the aristocrats came to impose the same labor service as the fixed value of paying cash which was literally diminished as well as regaining the leased lands and assets.
  765. However, after Akitsuna UTSUNOMIYA died, not only Mochitsuna but also Masatuna decided to inherit the head family of the UTSUNOMIYA clan, and therefore, the MUMO clan was taken over by the third son of Masatsuna.
  766. However, after Amenooshihomimi stood on the Ama no Ukihashi (the heavenly floating bridge), looking down the earth, he came up to Takamanohara and reported Amaterasu that 'Ashihara no nakatsukuni is in turmoil, so I cannot handle it.'
  767. However, after Emperor Enyu, since it was not used as goin, it gradually deteriorated, and its functions were transferred to Satodairi (a temporary palace).
  768. However, after Emperor Keitai was introduced, control over the islands of Japan by Yamato sovereignty became stronger, but on the other hand, the trend of advancing to the Korean peninsular became considerably weak.
  769. However, after Emperor Konoe died in 1155, his father, the Retired Emperor Sutoku wished the enthronement of Imperial Prince Shigehito.
  770. However, after Emperor Kotoku died in 654, the capital was moved back to Asuka again, and Naniwa Nagara Toyosaki no Miya Palace was destroyed by fire in 686.
  771. However, after Emperor Sanjo passed away, Michinaga put more pressure on Imperial Prince Atsuakira.
  772. However, after Emperor Shirakawa started his cloister government, the retired Emperor still took the control of politics to use his direct paternal rights after he passed the position to his son, there was no basis for regency government to exist any longer.
  773. However, after Ex-emperor Gofushimi's era, when many temples and shrines were restored, the official duties of the denso were broken into smaller and denso who relayed between the retired Emperor or the Emperor and specific temples and shrines which occupied nationally important positions was established.
  774. However, after FUJIWARA no Yoshifusa erected his betsugyo (villa), Shirakawa-dono Palace, villas and temples were erected one after another.
  775. However, after Gien died, a house for tea ceremony was built in the garden and the garden itself was modified so as to provide circulating walking paths.
  776. However, after Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI died, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who defeated the Toyotomi family, supported Kyonyo and gave land for a temple in Karasuma Shichijo to Kyonyo in 1602, which led to the establishment of Higashi Hongwan-ji Temple.
  777. However, after Hideyoshi died, Emperor Goyozei decided that he did not this idea and that he wished Imperial Prince Hachijo no Miya Toshihito to succeed him on the throne instead, but court officials and Ieyasu opposed him on this.
  778. However, after Hideyoshi's adopted son Hidetsugu TOYOTOMI built Yawata-jo Castle, Azuchi-jo Castle was reportedly abolished in 1585.
  779. However, after Hideyoshi's death from the Battle of Sekigahara on, real power was transferred to the Tokugawa family, and the job of Kampaku was again given to the five regent families.
  780. However, after Hisamitsu returned to the domain, he received several requests to go to Kyoto by the Imperial Prince Asahiko KUNINOMIYA, Tadahiro KONOE and his son Tadafusa KONOE who were confronted with the Sonjo-ha party and the Emperor Komei who criticized the behavior of Sonjo-ha party.
  781. However, after Iemitsu TOKUGAWA, the third Shogun, promulgated Buke shohatto, high-rise Tenshu structures with the name of 'Tenshu' ceased to be constructed.
  782. However, after Junkei's death Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI gave Yamato Province to his brother Hidenaga TOYOTOMI, thus defying the conventional ruling system, and broke up the shuto and Kokumin by compulsion.
  783. However, after Kiyoshi ATSUMI, who played Torajiro KURUMA, became unwell, the "Otoko Wa Tsurai Yo" series, which had been made twice a year, was reduced to one movie a year and, later, Yamada decided to have more scenes with Mitsuo, Torajiro's nephew, and fewer with Torajiro.
  784. However, after MINAMOTO no Noriyori's troops had broken through his line, he resolutely attacked the enemy's camp with his cousin Tsunetoshi and his brother-in-law Kiyosada, three horsemen in all, and was killed in battle.
  785. However, after Masatoshi HOTTA was stabbed to death by Masayasu INABA, a junior councilor, in 1684, Tsunayoshi no longer had a tairo, instead relying on sobayonin (lord chamberlains) such as Narisada MAKINO and Yoshiyasu YANAGISAWA, and kept his distance from the roju (member of shogun's council of elders).
  786. However, after Meiji Period in the Tohoku Region, Taka-gari in the snowcapped mountains using mountain hawk-eagle had spread among the warrior class, rich farmer, and Matagi hunter groups, at an early stage.
  787. However, after Mikotonori (imperial edict) to establish the national parliament was issued in 1881, Iwakura at last agreed to the Ito's policy.
  788. However, after Moronaka ITSUTSUJI (Jusanmi - Junior Third Rank) and Jibusho (the Ministry of Civil Administration) (1487 - 1540) was given the rank of Jusanmi in 1538, the family was added as a toshoke family (hereditary lineage of court nobles above a certain rank).
  789. However, after Moshi entered into court, on the contrary to Emperor Goreizei who did not have any children, she had one son and four daughters such as Prince Sadahito (Emperor Shirakawa), Imperial Princess Tokushi (Emperor Horikawa's Chugu (the second consort of an emperor)).
  790. However, after Murakami found out that Oishi had killed Kura Kozuke no Suke, he committed seppuku at Sengaku-ji Temple where Oishi rests, since he was ashamed of his rude behavior toward Oishi.
  791. However, after Muromachi bakufu lost its centripetal force, wako (Japanese pirates) made frequent appearances and Japan-Korea trade was interrupted for some time.
  792. However, after Muromachi period when the myo system began to dissolve, the distinction between tax bearers and non-tax bearers became unclear, so even non-tax bearers began to be imposed kuji.
  793. However, after Nagaharu killed his loyal vassal Nagafusa SHINOHARA, believing the slanders, the vassals of Nagaharu became anxious and defected from Miyoshi clan.
  794. However, after Naosuke II assumed the post of Tairo (chief minister), the deployment of western-style armament slowed down.
  795. However, after Naoyoshi died, he gradually lost ground.
  796. However, after Nobunaga was killed in the Honnoji Incident, the job of unifying the control of Japan was inherited by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.
  797. However, after OTOMO no Kanamura, who failed in the management of Korean Peninsula, was forced to resign due to the denouncement of MONONOBE no Okoshi, the position of omuraji was only assumed by the Mononobe clan.
  798. However, after Oaza Hirogawara which was near Kyoto City was integrated into the Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City in 1957, this number was reduced to forty-one Oaza in Keihoku Town.
  799. However, after Onin war, the jisha denso became a messenger for In or the Emperor again since political power of the Muromachi bakufu weakened.
  800. However, after Rennyo, who was his father, died, it is said that Jitsunyo, who was Rennyo's successor and Rensei's paternal half-brother, and Rensei didn't get along with each other and Rensei collaborated with Renjun, who was his younger brother, to transfer the head temple to Kaga.
  801. However, after Ryokei ONISHI, the chief priest of Kiyomizu-dera Temple, encouraged him by saying 'If it is so damaged, pulling a single weed or moving a single stone will see you regarded as a restorer. I will help you,' he undertook renovation work.
  802. However, after Sadayo IMAGAWA (Ryoshun) came to Kyushu as a new Kyushu Tandai (local commissioner), Takemasa and his father continuously lost battles to Ryoshun.
  803. However, after Shingen TAKEDA, who had been the strongest enemy of Nobunaga, died from a disease in April 1573, a counterattack of the Oda army began, and in July, his brother-in-law, Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, was expelled from Kyoto; thus the Muromachi shogunate came to an end.
  804. However, after Shinran's death, many people taught doctrines one after another, which were quite different from the thoughts of the Jodo-shin sect 'Senju Nenbutsu' (believers had to only recite nenbutsu without doing any other exercises) which Honen had taught to Shinran.
  805. However, after Shonyo became the head of Hongan-ji Temple, Shonyo and his guardian Renjun (the sixth son of Rennyo and maternal grandfather of Shonyo) adopted a policy of strengthening Ichimon (group of priests of the same sect) regulation by the head.
  806. However, after So Teiho took command of the front line, corrupted discipline in the Tang army receded and they gradually started regaining the fortresses captured by Joshi KOKUSHI.
  807. However, after Taikenmonin in 1124, it became standard practice for Nyoingo to be given regardless of place of residence.
  808. However, after Takakiyo's patron, Toshikuni SAITO, died in 1497, Masatsune re-gained power and forced Takakiyo to flee to Kaizu, the Mino Province.
  809. However, after Tomiko gave birth to a child (later Yoshihisa ASHIKAGA) in 1465 she expressed her desire for Yoshihisa to be the heir to the Shogun, so she asked Mochitoyo (Sozen) YAMANA for his support, because he had the true political clout.
  810. However, after Tsuneie KIKKAWA committed suicide with his sword in near the end of October because of starvation policy by Hedeyoshi and Doyo surrendered the castle to the enemy, he and Harutsugu NAKAMURA were commanded to commit seppuku on the charge of starting the war, and committed suicide with his sword on November 30.
  811. However, after Ujisato, who had been well-known as a great commander, died young, the power of the Gamo clan declined, and even though the clan managed to survive as daimyo of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the family heads died young one after another, and finally the Gamo clan ended due to the absence of the heir.
  812. However, after World War II began it became difficult to acquire fuel for these buses, and the city tried to introduce charcoal-powered buses, electric-powered buses and coalite-powered buses, as well as tried to produce charcoal for the charcoal-powered buses by itself.
  813. However, after World WarⅡmany sects split and became independent one after another, so that today there are more than 50 schools.
  814. However, after Yamashina Hongan-ji Temple was lost during the Tenbun era (1532-1555), Ishiyama Hongan-ji Temple became firmly established as the head temple.
  815. However, after Yoritomo died the following year, Tsunefusa also became sickly.
  816. However, after Yoshiakira assumed the position of shogun, the address was changed to the shogun himself in accordance with the bakufu's policy to reinforce the shogun's power, which had started to be taken when Yoshiakira's father Takauji was alive.
  817. However, after Yoshiharu TAMAKI pointed out the importance of Kohechi in his pioneering works, several reports were published in the 1980's or later.
  818. However, after Yoshikata was killed in 1155 by MINAMOTO no Yoshihira (Yoshitomo's eldest son) for the above reason, he spent all his time in Shida no sho and put his energies into developing the land.
  819. However, after Yoshimichi was assassinated in the Kakitsu Incident, Kyokaku obtained support from the Ochi and Furuichi clans of Yamato Province and entered 已心寺, becoming politically active once more.
  820. However, after Yoshimoto IMAGAWA was killed in the Battle of Okehazama, he became independent, taking the opportunity of the confusion in the Imagawa clan, and expanded his territory as a sworn friend of Nobunaga ODA (in fact a guest general).
  821. However, after Yoshimune succeeded to the Tokugawa Shogun family, he founded Gosankyo (Three Lord: three junior collateral houses of the Tokugawa family) (originally the Tayasu Tokugawa family and the Hitotsubashi Tokugawa family; later the Shimizu Tokugawa family was added); as a result, the lineage of the Kishu family greatly prospered.
  822. However, after Yoshinori ASHIKAGA became the sixth generation shogun Akihide never visited Kyoto - nor did he pay his respects to Yoshinori while the latter was touring Fuji in September 1432 and stayed at an inn in Yahagi which was close to his territory ? and fell out of Yoshinori's favor.
  823. However, after Yoshitaka was executed in accordance with Yoshinaka's defeat, she became a disease of the mind by its shock and lived a dusky life.
  824. However, after Yoshitatsu SAITO suddenly died in 1561 and his legitimate son Tatsuoki SAITO succeeded the head of the family, kachu of the Saito clan began to split.
  825. However, after Yugiri celebrated his coming of age, he had to leave the Sanjo-dono Palace due to Genji's educational policy, while Naidaijin, who noticed that Yugiri and Kumoi no Kari loved each other, forced her to move into his residence, so she felt terribly sad. ('Otome' (The Maidens))
  826. However, after a devastating fire in 1461, the temple virtually closed amid the confusion in the wake of the Onin War.
  827. However, after a group which formed the Seiko-kai due to internal conflict of the Mokuyo-kai (Thursday Association) in 1910 could not maintain the faction and dissolved the following year, some of former members became a member of the 'Independents' so it qualified as a faction.
  828. However, after a high priest did kanjo (praying for a coming of a deity), Inosasa-o gave up such acts of appalling cruelty.
  829. However, after a timetable revision made in March of 2006 (due to the derailment accident on the JR Fukuchiyama Line), trains using these turnouts at Kashiwara once again increased.
  830. However, after a while Kogi felt hungry and took a bait, whereupon he was caught and taken to the officer's house; he was awake when he was killed with a sword in spite of asking for help.
  831. However, after a while he takes a prostitute mistress called Sode outside; he does not return home but instead lives with the mistress.
  832. However, after a wooden tablet with the letters, Tenno, was found in the Asukaike Ruins in 1998, a theory that says Emperor Temmu was the first to use the title Tenno has become predominant.
  833. However, after adopting Takanori, Ujiyori had a son Kamejumaru, later called Mitsutaka ROKKAKU, and died the following year.
  834. However, after all, his fighting back the enemy after waiting for the reinforcements was appraised as an appropriate act.
  835. However, after all, it was after the medieval period that Buddhism was spread among common people all over the country.
  836. However, after being falsely charged by the Sadaijin (Minister of the Left), FUJIWARA no Tokihira, he was demoted to Governor of Dazaifu (the imperial office governing Kyushu) and, before dying there, he cursed the Imperial Court for this series of events and later was enshrined as a god.
  837. However, after being informed of Nobunaga's suicide, Nobutada travelled to the Nijo New Imperial Palace (the former Nijo-jo Castle), where the Crown Prince resided along with his paternal younger half-brother Katsunaga ODA (Genzaburo Nobufusa ODA), Kyoto shoshidai (the Kyoto deputy) Sadakatsu MURAI, and others, to counter Mitsuhide.
  838. However, after being preached about the sin of killing by Enchin, Tamuramaro became a believer of Kannon and donated his residence as the Hondo main hall (main sanctuary) to enshrine the statue of Kannon.
  839. However, after careful discussions the Ministry of Education rejected the request for the establishment of Butoku Kai in August 1955, given the existence of a national organization democratically organized and operating soundly, and which was also a member of the Japan Amateur Sports Association.
  840. However, after conquering Suruga, TAKEDA remade the Koso Alliance (an alliance between the Takeda clan in Kai Province and the Hojo clan in Sagami Province) and on October, 1571, he invaded Totomi and Mikawa Provinces in a large scale, which resulted in the decisive confrontation with the Oda and Tokugawa allied forces.
  841. However, after consulting with his brother Taneyoshi MIURA, Yoshimura changed his mind and reported Yoshimori's rebellion to Yoshitoki.
  842. However, after departure for the Iwakura Mission in November 1871, to Iwakura returned to Japan in September 1873, and Saigo organized the Rusu-naikaku and the policies below were enacted.
  843. However, after discussions they agreed with MINAMOTO no Yoshitaka (Shimizu no Kanja), the legitimate son of Yoshinaka, to be sent to Kamakura to marry Ohime, the eldest daughter of Yoritomo, and concluded peace.
  844. However, after early Edo period, it came to be used to indicate the rate of Koso.
  845. However, after entering into the Kamakura period, as jito (manager and lord of manor) extended their control over the shoen and koryo (an Imperial demesne), jitouke, which awarded the local jito (or the deputy) the contract to collect the nengu, came to be put into practice.
  846. However, after entering the latter half of the Edo period in particular, Kokyu-gaku, Jiuta songs, and So music were intermingled considerably to the extent that they were almost integrated, and the term of Kokyu-gaku almost ceased to be used.
  847. However, after five years, on December 12, 592, Emperor Sushun was assassinated by instruction of Umako and next month, on January 15, 593, Princess Nukatabe, the empress-before-last, was begged by Umako to be enthroned at the Imperial Palace of Toyoura.
  848. However, after he marries Onna San no Miya, he was disappointed to find that she was just a childish girl, and Murasaki no ue was also shocked by Onna San no Miya's marriage out of the royal family that she eventually becomes ill due to stress.
  849. However, after he resigned Udaijin and Ukone no daisho (Major Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards) on April 1578, he did not receive any government post and remained Sani (courtier without post).
  850. However, after he returned to the capital (Kyoto), he served Toshitsune MAEDA, who was the Lord of the Kaga domain in Kaga Province.
  851. However, after he was appointed Izu no kami (Governor of Izu Province) in 812, he was never heard of again.
  852. However, after he was transferred to Sorachi (Asahikawa, Hokkaido), due to the encounter with a good prison guard and other factors, he was consistently an exemplary prisoner, and finally he became so highly trusted that he enjoyed entire freedom of movement on the premises of the prison.
  853. However, after her release, an ominous sign had started to be seen.
  854. However, after his adoptive parents passed away, Dokaku had to move from place to place.
  855. However, after his death the Kasuya family was cut off again.
  856. However, after his death, Chengde and Lulong also surrendered their territories, and thus pacification of Kasaku Sanchin was accomplished.
  857. However, after it spread down to the common people, this suppression was gradually reduced.
  858. However, after it was adopted by Zen temples, dry landscape were created as independent gardens.
  859. However, after it was decided that the direct descendants of Emperor Gokogon would succeed to the throne, antagonism was raised against Emperor Gokogon and the Muromachi bakufu by Emperor Suko and the Fushiminomiya family, and this practically caused a division within the Northern Court.
  860. However, after it was treated as a "musical instrument of the enemy" during the time of the Sino-Japanese War, the gekkin players decreased.
  861. However, after one year pasted, the Princess Numaki iribime lost much of her hair and weight; then, she eventually became too weak to perform the Saishi (religious service) ceremony.
  862. However, after only one year he resigned, and moved into Seijuan in Higashiyama the next year.
  863. However, after playing Yoshisada, it was completely unpopular.
  864. However, after receiving Narimoto, Kaiyo buried him alive and killed him.
  865. However, after receiving the Imperial decree to track down the Kamakura bakufu in Tanba, Takauji ASHIKAGA took the Imperial Court's side and helped Emperor Godaigo to start the Kenmu Restoration.
  866. However, after returning to Kyoto, Kura-no-suke did not even come up to Edo, much less rose to action although the first anniversary of their lord Asano Takumi-no-kami's death had passed.
  867. However, after she moves to the spring section of Rokujoin Palace, she is considered Genji's legal wife both in name and actuality, being called 'Haru no ue' or 'Kita no kata,' and she is praised for her beauty and kind-heartedness, of which she is proud.
  868. However, after such a ban was lifted in the next month (January 1868), he assumed the position of gijo (official post) of the new government and appointed as Captain of institution secretariat.
  869. However, after that, Takeda's forces retreated to Nagashino-jo Castle due to Shingen's illness and did nothing for around a month.
  870. However, after that, in Taiwan and in Korea in the age under the rule of Japan, new ryosei province was not established.
  871. However, after that, it falls on September 22 on leap years and September 23 in other years until 2044.
  872. However, after that, the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), being afraid that daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in western Japan would expand their power, and imposed restrictions on foreign trade in addition to the ban of Christianity.
  873. However, after that, the peasants kept paying the running costs and costs for new pollution-preventing system in the form of water rate which had kept being raised.
  874. However, after that, they sent his Daikan (representative) directly to his Shoen manor (called Ukeoi-daikansei: literally, a Daikan-entrusting system), and there were even cases where a Kizoku member himself went to his Shoen manor to control it.
  875. However, after that, when he accepted a title (from the Imperial court) without the previous permission of his brother, this act offended Yoritomo, and moreover, as he tried to become independent, he started to have conflicts with Yoritomo, and condemned Yoritomo and called him the Emperor's enemy.
  876. However, after that, without enjoying any outstanding promotion, he died at the age of 58 in 1014, prior to the assignments of Akimitsu and Tokimitsu.
  877. However, after the 1860s the wave of internationalization (foreign pressure) flooded into Korea, and the countries of Western Europe began to come over the sea.
  878. However, after the Anglo-Satsuma War, and following Hisamitsu SHIMAZU's (Mochihisa's father) intention, the Satsuma clan started to take a pro-British stance, adopting the British military system and interacting with the British envoy, Harry Parkes.
  879. However, after the Asano clan in the Ako clan was abolished due to the Ako Incident in the Genroku era, the site was officially confiscated by the bakufu, and villages including Hozumi became the territory of the Yagi clan, a Hatamoto.
  880. However, after the Azuchi-Momoyama period, as the Imperial Palace weakened dramatically, the establishment of Seshu shinnoke (Hereditary family) became difficult without financial support from outside of the Imperial Palace, in fact the situation was changed to favorable the Palace.
  881. However, after the Battle of Sekigahara, Kiyomasa KATO arranged provision of a territory to Koreyoshi ASO who was Koremitsu's younger brother and was appointed to daiguji of Aso-jinja Shrine that was revived by Kiyomasa.
  882. However, after the Edo period began there had been few battles.
  883. However, after the Eikyo War, Iezumi was pardoned by Yoshinori ASHIKAGA and returned to secular life.
  884. However, after the Freedom and People's Rights Movement became active, the government of Saccho (Satsuma Domain and Choshu Domain) which was feeling the bitterness tried to control media and promulgated the above two regulations.
  885. However, after the Jokyu War, Kumano betto family's power had declined and they lost control over the competing powers in the Kumano region.
  886. However, after the Jokyu War, shoen in which shokan and jito stood abreast were also seen mainly in western Japan and, as described below, with the beginning of Jitouke (the contract system that manor's owner entrust a jito to manage his manor and pay the customs) the conception of Jito shiki gradually took root.
  887. However, after the Kamakura bakufu collapsed and Emperor Godaigo returned to Kyoto, her title of nyoin was discarded and she was demoted to imperial princess on July 7, 1333.
  888. However, after the Kamakura period, Onosato, Yamashiro Province, became famous for producing charcoals near Kyoto.
  889. However, after the Kyoto Seikadaimae Station opened in 1990 and, for the purpose of double-tracking, the station was transferred to the current location close to the residential area in the south side, where land readjustment had been implemented.
  890. However, after the Meiji Restoration, an Imperial Family Law was passed stipulating a system of permanent Imperial Family membership, and abolishing the Imperial order that had conferred the title of Imperial Prince and the system of the Seshu-Shinno-ke.
  891. However, after the Meiji Restoration, the official recognition given by the Yoshida family became invalid, and in the midst of oppression under the Meiji Government, Miki died on February 18, 1887.
  892. However, after the Meiji period netsuke became highly valued abroad and began to be produced mainly for export, losing its original function and coming to be no more than a pierced small elaborate carving.
  893. However, after the Meiji period the old provincial names were almost never used for administrative purposes; as the result, they rapidly fell into disuse.
  894. However, after the Middle Ages, it was repeatedly attacked and destroyed because of successive conflicts in the area.
  895. However, after the Retired Emperor Goshirakawa died in 1192, the practice of appointing land stewards gradually spread to other territories as well.
  896. However, after the Retired Emperor Sakuramachi died suddenly at a young age of thirty one years old on May 28, 1750, Kaneyoshi came under a hail of criticism for his long-time leadership of the court.
  897. However, after the Sino-Japanese War, 'Bushido' was re-evaluated.
  898. However, after the Sino-Japanese War, Soho turned to Imperialism and his tone of work changed drastically.
  899. However, after the Warring States Period, their status was unclear, and it is considered that they became ruined.
  900. However, after the adoption, Tsunetoki, Akiteru's foster father, had his biological sons, Akomaru (later Tsuneharu HONAMI) and Inamaru (later Tsuneosa KASHUJI).
  901. However, after the army provisions storeroom was destroyed, they were pushed into a desperate situation where the castle would have fallen if reinforcements had not arrived within a few days.
  902. However, after the aunt and Magoemon left for home, Jihe crawled under the kotatsu and was dissolved in tears.
  903. However, after the bakufu collapsed, he regained his lost honor and was posthumously conferred the official rank of Junii (Junior Second Rank) in 1901.
  904. However, after the civil war that followed, two Imperial Courts stood at the same time in the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan), and they were taken under control by the Northern Court, which was the side of the Ashikaga Shogunate, absorbing the Southern Court.
  905. However, after the death of Emperor Tenchi (Tenji) his brother, Oama no Miko (Emperor Temmu), defeated Otomo no Miko in the Jinshin War (the Jinshin Disturbance) and was enthroned.
  906. However, after the death of Hideyoshi, Tokitsune retuned to the Imperial Court in 1598 thanks to Ieyasu TOKUGAWA's mediation, and Noritoshi, who was obliged to split off from the Yamashina family, formed the Inokuma family.
  907. However, after the death of Masako HOJO, he was pardoned and his territory was restored to him.
  908. However, after the death of Nagayoshi (Chokei) in 1566, Hideharu recaptured their headquarters Yakami-jo Castle to become independent as a Sengoku Daimyo.
  909. However, after the death of Sadayori, in the generation of Yoshikata ROKKAKU (who inherited Sadayori), the Rokkaku clan's power began to weaken due to various factors, including its defeat by Nagamasa ASAI at the Battle at Norada in 1560.
  910. However, after the death of Tadamasa, Nobumoto MIZUNO, an eldest legitimate son, formed an alliance with Nobuhide ODA, who was gaining power in the Owari Province and rebelled against the Matsudaira clan that was under the control of the Imagawa clan.
  911. However, after the death of Takakage ASAKURA (the tenth head) and Soteki (宗滴) ASAKURA, the Asakura family was not so powerful as in the past, and the alliance had little significance.
  912. However, after the death of Tamekage, Kagetora NAGAO (Kenshin UESUGI) became Kokushu (head of provincial governors) of Echigo Province.
  913. However, after the death of Tokuta, Wakoku was to be defeated by the combined forces of the Tang dynasty and Silla at the Battle of Hakusukinoe.
  914. However, after the death of Tsurujo MIZUNO who was said to be the last "machi-shisho" (literally, master in town) of the Shinozuka school in 1946, the school was temporally discontinued.
  915. However, after the death of Yoshimochi, Yoshinori ASHIKAGA who supported Otoami (Motoshige KANZE) assumed the position of Seii-taishogun (the commander in chief of samurai).
  916. However, after the death of her father Naritoki, she had weak support, and since Sadaijin (Minister of the Left) FUJIWARA no Michinaga sent his daughter FUJIWARA no Kenshi into the inner palace and made her chugu (the second consort of an emperor), she was easily pushed aside by that power.
  917. However, after the death of his adopted father, he was thrust out of the ONOE family and returned to Osaka where he took the name Enjaku which was the pen name of his teacher Gakujuro, and became Enjaku Jitsukawa (I).
  918. However, after the death of the 7th master, Soju, the Sohenryu school had been without a head for 40 years.
  919. However, after the decree banning the wearing of swords, there were little demand for new swords, and most swordsmiths who were popular lost their job.
  920. However, after the differentiation into two types of yamakasa, doll makers came to arrange ornaments instead of painters.
  921. However, after the downfall of Kanezane, he agreed with Yoritomo's intention to increase the authority of Kamakura bakufu and aimed to maintain the administrative power.
  922. However, after the downfall of Nobumori SAKUMA, Tadamori MIZUNO, the fourth son of Tadamasa MIZUNO, and Tadashige MIZUNO, the ninth son of Tadamasa, each moved back to Ogawa and Kariya, their former territories.
  923. However, after the election, he was not even selected as a candidate for a minister, and thus he left Matsukata and started befriending Hirobumi ITO.
  924. However, after the end of Meiji period, some of even Shoko kazoku sold their family treasures for the financial deterioration.
  925. However, after the excavation of the Kokufu of Omi Province in 1964, the ruins of Kokufu were excavated one after the other, which provided desperately needed change to the research effort.
  926. However, after the exile of Shogun Yoshiaki ASHIKAGA, Nobunaga's government post rose rapidly.
  927. However, after the extinction of the Kadenokoji family line, the direct descendant of the Kamo clan, the Tsuchimikado family (the main branch of the Abe clan), became the leading figure in rekido and forced the Kotokui family, a branch family of the Kamo clan, to come under their control.
  928. However, after the fall of Tokugawa shogunate, he restored his damaged reputation together with other associates of this incident.
  929. However, after the fall of Yoshitsune the property was put under control of Yoshiyasu ICHIJO and NAKAHARA no Chikayoshi.
  930. However, after the first half of the 1990s when children of baby boomers reached the age to participate in the Seijin-shiki ceremony, the actual number of youths entering adulthood has been falling due to the low birthrate.
  931. However, after the government army was reinforced on April 13, both forces did not retreat and the situation remained unchanged until around April 17.
  932. However, after the late Taisho period, this practice declined rapidly, and composition of Chinese poetry and prose was done by only a limited number of people with refined taste.
  933. However, after the logging business was terminated in mid-1960s, the value of the usage of the forest tramlines diminished.
  934. However, after the mass production of sake became possible, barrels were used instead of jars or earthenware pots in order to transport it.
  935. However, after the mid Heian period, it was quoted in many books and a manuscript collection of the major itsubun (a composition that previously existed, but doesn't exist now) was put together before the Kamakura period at the latest (the manuscript is owned by the National Museum of Japanese History).
  936. However, after the mid period of the costume's establishment the attire became closer to that of a grown woman, for example, the hair was worn in 'taregami' (long, flowing hair) style, and the sash became ateobi made of the same material as the kazami.
  937. However, after the middle of the Heian Period when the procedures of the ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code) became relaxed, the case that an appointment was made by the issued appointment letter appeared.
  938. However, after the opening of large-scale commercial facilities such as JUSCO KUMIYAMA, LOC TOWN KUMIYAMA, people came from surrounding municipalities, and commerce was strengthened.
  939. However, after the period of the Northern and Southern Courts (Japan), the Muromachi bakufu dominated Kyoto and took over the government function of the Imperial Court and Innocho, and Myohodo became a mere name and survived only as a study of historical precedents.
  940. However, after the prevalence of plague just after that, the Mononobe clan, the Nakatomi clan, and others told the emperor that the plague broke out because the country's god got angry against 'Butsujin.'
  941. However, after the release of Shinobu ORIKUCHI's thesis, "Haha ga kuni he/ Tokoyo he" (published in 1920), it does not a mere world of the dead, but a Utopia which is considered to exist over the sea or in the sea when you mentioned especially 'Tokoyo.'
  942. However, after the residents who were not under the control of the So clan were cleaned up from Sanpo by the repatriation of 1436, the Sanpo Daikan (local governor in Sanpo) dispatched by the So clan began to govern this area.
  943. However, after the several matters relating to land ownership were drastically controlled through Taiko-kenchi (the land surveys conducted by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI) and other systems in the Azuchi-Momoyama period, Suiko is believed to have been abolished by the beginning of the early-modern times.
  944. However, after the so-called Nixon Shock on August 15, 1971, the United States of America announced the discontinuance of the conversion of US dollar into gold and each country shifted to floating exchange rate system by 1973, which brought the complete end to gold standard system.
  945. However, after the stalemate of the `Barbarian Campaigns` (`Sei-i`), the Chinju-fu post came to control only a part of Mutsu Province, meaning a demotion to a status somewhat lower than the governor of Mutsu Province.
  946. However, after the standard dialect or common language was developed based on a Tokyo dialect in the Meiji period, traditional dialects have been on a declining trend nationwide including Tokyo due to influence of school education, mass communication, etc.
  947. However, after the time of Yoshimitsu ASHIKAGA, the third Shogun, the title of Kubo was positively used as an honorific for the Shogun.
  948. However, after the trend changed to authenticity-oriented coffee and the ratio of milk constituents were kept lower, canned coffee mainly using elegant aromatic 'Coffee tree Arabica' became quite large in number.
  949. However, after the victory of the Minamoto clan over the Taira family, it resumed its sway and expanded its power to the Southern area of Kawachi Province (Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture).
  950. However, after the war he continued to serve the Toyotomi household as an aide to the niece, Lady Yodo.
  951. However, after the war, for the democratization of Japan, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers of General Headquarters (GHQ/SCAP) dismantled the normal school system, which had been a hotbed of the militaristic education, and gave an instruction that teacher training should be done at universities on the U.S. model.
  952. However, after this matter, an assertion to abolish Iaku-joso, revise the government regulations of Army and Navy, and admit the civil officers to become the Minister of military was given inside Rikken seiyukai due to the opposition to the Military.
  953. However, after this, he got frequently bedridden for his poor health and died of disease in Kameyama Castle of Tanba Province on December 10, 1585.
  954. However, after this, the Maeda clan became to be completely integrated into the control of Ieyasu.
  955. However, after three years (in 1301) the Daikaku ji line took back the political control and Emperor Gonijo succeeded to the throne.
  956. However, after turning into 1533, they temporarily broke the besiegement by attacking Harumoto in association with the forces having hard feelings against Harumoto such as Takakuni HOSOKAWA's brother Harukuni HOSOKAWA and Tanemichi HATANO belonging to the sect of Motonaga MIYOSHI.
  957. However, after two tournaments he fell to Komusubi in the May Tournament in 1887.
  958. However, after unifying Japan, he erased this fact from records, and had painters draw his portrait with thumb of his right hand hidden.
  959. However, after 託美Takumi, Yoshitsugu's only son, who was Echizen no kuni no kami (Governor of Echizen Province) was killed by a rebel in Nagaoka-Kyo, the family line came to an end.
  960. However, afterward, the Japanese clothes were westernized at high speed.
  961. However, afterwards the various provinces were compensated for their contributions and, selected individuals (tournament winners) were employed as imperial/military guards as well as being appointed to local government roles upon return to the provinces.
  962. However, again, on November 17th, the Monk-Emperor demanded Yoshinaka to leave Kyoto and warned him that a "search-and-destroy decree" [for Yoshinaka] would be issued if he did not accept.
  963. However, against this affair, the University authorities protested because the Police Division searched the dormitory of Kyoto University without witnesses.
  964. However, agricultural production was in a slump at that time (according to "Nihon Koki" there were seven consecutive years of draught damage, beginning in 817), and due to this situation there was the problem of serious financial difficulty.
  965. However, all agreed with the view of Ryojun being dissatisfied with Monzeki's rank being just a figurehead, and also pressure from the Edo Bakufu.
  966. However, all area of Nishikujo Kitanouchi-cho, Shimogyo Ward is in the railroad premises.
  967. However, all directors did not become familiar with talkie performance easily, and even Takuji FURUMI and Seika SHIBA famous for performances filled with originality failed in talkie and Furumi returned to Kyoto Eiga Co., Ltd. of Furuichi while Shiba to Zensho Kinema of Nara to retreat to silent films.
  968. However, all heads of the family from the sixth to eighth died early one after the other and they were in trouble even to maintain their family business.
  969. However, all mandala works are not necessarily works that express such abstract space since Jodo mandala works express three dimensional space and many of the Shinto Religion mandala works express real scenery from the shrines' holy precinct.
  970. However, all of a sudden they heard someone shouting 'tell us.'
  971. However, all of the cooking methods used for nihon-ryori were not yet provided.
  972. However, all of them have not been proven yet.
  973. However, all of them were persuaded by Yasubei and joined tha radical faction in Edo.
  974. However, all of this fell under the control of the Kyoto Gundai (the Kyoto deputy), who maintained shioki (public administration and administration of justice) over the territory.
  975. However, all officials lower than Kashira did not go to work by saying that 'I am sick' or 'I am not good enough.'
  976. However, all record of this incident ends after February 1 (February 27).
  977. However, all residents in Haino where electric power was not supplied at this time left the village and the village of mountain guardians that had remained also disappeared.
  978. However, all the above lines are located a little far from this station and transfer is not so convenient even in the case of the Yotsubashi Line of the Osaka Municipal Subway, which is the nearest one.
  979. However, all the emergence of bushi could not be explained by the 'kaihatsu-ryoshu' theory.
  980. However, all the pagodas of the same shape, even if other things are stored in them, are called hokyoin-to pagodas.
  981. However, all the private army groups of armed fighters are not said to have been bushi and it must be emphasized that they were not approved as bushi without the social authorization as the bearer of public military police.
  982. However, all the textbooks were about Chinese classics and Chinese poetry of Kidendo (History), which was the main discipline at that time.
  983. However, all the trains of this type reach the final station without being passed by any other train, and in this sense it can be said that they have enhanced their speed (by comparison with the former express trains).
  984. However, all titles that appeared in this section adopted the actual number counting from the first.
  985. However, all were treated equally as subordinates of the Lord of Kamakura.
  986. However, all, except for the red ink, are basically black in color, and these expressions are used to describe the shades of color.
  987. However, almost all clans were granted the kabane ason after Nara period, and therefore Yakusa no Kabane system also lost its meaning and existed in name only.
  988. However, almost all families have more than one Kamon even today, which have been used on ceremonial occasions.
  989. However, almost all of following images that are generally common are wrong.
  990. However, almost all of the Kokyu players are also the players of Jiuta and So players.
  991. However, almost all of the burial accessories had been stolen by grave robbers and only broken pieces of stone coffins were discovered.
  992. However, almost no achievement was made due to the following problems.
  993. However, along the way, he was attacked by a nobushi (unofficial warrior hidden in a forest) in Omi Province (Shiga Prefecture), and died in battle.
  994. However, along with Sung coins, Ming coins, and Ryukyu currency, 66 Keicho Tsuho coins were excavated in the Kango remains in Sakai City.
  995. However, along with the development of civilization, the gradual increase of population, and the establishment of social structure such as countries and land, large wars had occurred all over the world.
  996. However, along with the reinforcement of the seclusion policy, the crackdown on Christianity was strengthened, and a mass execution known as 'mass martyrdom in Genna era' was executed in Nishizaka of Nagasaki City in 1622.
  997. However, along with the slump of onsen-ryokan, these small businesses closed one after another, and some areas are almost completely occupied by abandoned houses.
  998. However, also being Zaichokanjin (local officials in the Heian and Kamakura periods), kaihatsu-ryoshu would remain inside the kokugaryo if they determined it would be advantageous for them to keep close ties with kokuga.
  999. However, also in and after the Meiji period, the Emperor rarely ordered directly and practiced politics.
  1000. However, although Donburimono originated from such Japanese table manners by chance, its introduction provided the opportunity to develop new cooking methods.

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